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Author Topic: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 30/05 <END>  (Read 36734 times)

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 23/11
« Reply #80 on: November 23, 2011, 08:53:30 PM »
It's breaking my heart imagining MaYuki like this~

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 30/11
« Reply #81 on: December 01, 2011, 11:24:38 AM »
                               REMEBER ME 
                              20.WEDDING DAY
Sorry for making you wait too long! ^^

(It's been two weeks since..things had changed a lot..Mayu is not working in Yuki's company anymore and got back to her old routine: *eating,sleeping,dreaming,reading a manga* Sasshi and Lovetan are still hanging out and Yuki been busy with her wedding) 
Yuki chan is you wedding day..Congrats! Sae and Sayaka shout while hug Yuki tighly
thanks.. i guess! Yuki murmures looking other way
hey you bride and a bunch of people that i don't know! Sasshi says while looks all the people in the room (make up artist,dressers,assistants,hair stylist)
not my idea! Yuki says 
-Sasshi's phone ringed..she got out of the room-
you're dad and Ren! Sae says with a sigh
(Yuki nods)
so beatiful dresses! Mariko says while see them with Miichan 
when they got here? Sayaka asks
i don't know when i knew they were already in love with them!! Yuki says with a sigh 
(=Sasshi's conversation=)
You know i bought tickets for super owesome movie called twilight Team Edward! Lovetan shouts happy 
what?!? wait a minute.. first i don't like that movie is so stupid and second you can't like that dude.. he's blood sucker! Sasshi says 
so what love has no boundaries! Lovetan says 
so i don't care.. i'm not going if you're going to see that blood sucker! Sasshi says 
what the werewolf? Lovetan says srmirking on the other line 
what the dog? don't come at me with that? Sasshi says leaning on the door pouting 
the dog? so who you want me to like? Lovetan asks 
i don't know but not them because i'm not going if you do! Sasshi says mad 
who says that i was going to invite you? Lovetan asks still smiling from the other line 
you can marry and kiss your blood suker dog..i don't care! Sassho shouts mad and hangs up 
what?!? you're not going to hang up on me Sasshihara Rino! Lovetan says while dials Sasshi phone.. you change your mind little Lovetan? Sasshi says smiling while picks up
what?!? (Sasshi asks pretending to be mad)
beeep beeep beeep (Lovetan hanged up xD)
you kid! Sasshi shouts and call her to hang up on her
but Lovetan already turned off he phone! 
what a kid? Sasshi says growling while enters the room with a mad face
what haooened? Miichan asked 
Lovetan! Sae says smiling 
as soon Yuki heard Lovetan she sighed..
sorry! Sae says
it's fine,i'm fine! Yuki says while gets up and goes to the bathroom 
hey Kashiwagi san! You can't're going to ruin it! the hair stylist shouted 
i don't care..i need to pee! Yuki shouted and went to the bathroom 
<In the bathroom> 
Yuki washed her face and looked herself in the mirror then murmured 
"i need you but you're not here anymore!" 
i don't know how she's going to react to the new! the doctor says to Yuki's dad 
Kashiwagi san! Kashiwagi san you're up! the nurse says smiling 
Yuki.. i was so worry about you! Yuki's dad says crying holding her hand! 
huh? who's Yuki? she asks confuse 
what? what's this means? Yuki's dad asks 
sir i'm afraid that she lost her could be temporary or not! the doctor says 
what? no! Yuki's dad says crying 
Yuki was on didn't know what to do so she just kept quiet and lookee around 
i lost them both! Yuki's dad says sobbing 
(*knock* *knock* )
hey i need to finish with your hair! the hair stylist shouts mad 
Yuki sighs and opens the door to get back to the people that she doesn't understand and don't want to see..that she never wanted to see!
~~~~~~~~~~~At Mayu's home~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
c'mon Mayu chan let's go to the cinema! Lovetan says trying to cheer Mayu up
today it's her wedding! Mayu says murmuring looking through her window and clenching the invitation that was in her fist 
how you got one of those? Lovetan asks 
this..was on my table 7 days ago! Mayu answers sad
Lovetan looks at Mayu with sad face "let's go to the cinema Mayu chan!"
i said NO..leave me alone! Mayu shouts mad looking at Lovetan 
i'm sorry Mayu..i'm not a good friend! Lovetan says with tears on her eyes 
Lovetan i'm sorry..i just *sighs* i just need to be alone sorry! Mayu says and got back look through her window (waiting for Yuki to come look for her)
~Mayu's Flashback~
(At Yuki's work parking lot 7 days ago)
who are you? a guard asks to a young girl with a pink hood on a school uniform and with a baseball bat 
the young girl who just smirked at him 
the jump girl jumped on a car and started smashing it with the bat 
what the hell are you doing? the guard shouted 
"the girl made him a sign that he'll come closer she was going to bat his brain out!"
the guatd gave a step back and called the owner of the car and the police..
the owner of the car was in the oarking lot walking to her car..he things fell on the floor because of the impression..
stop her! the guard shouts feeling safe with other guards around 
stop! the owner of the car says to the guard 
but kashiwagi san..she's destroying your car! the guard said 
let her! Yuki answered and looked at the girl while she destroys her car...
"Mayu chan" Yuki murmures...
it's wednesday so i said that i was going to update on thursday but i couldn't resist..anyways is going to be a part b! xD

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 30/11
« Reply #82 on: December 01, 2011, 02:47:05 PM »
Yea!! Thanks for the Update :cow:

Yuki is getting married...... :cry:
NO!!!!! :angry: Don't let the wedding happen!!!! SOMEBODY STOP IT!!!!!!!!!! :panic:

As usual, Lovetan and Sasshi are really cute and funny :lol:
 :wub: They are both so childish XD

Thanks for the Update :thumbsup
Please Part B soon :peace:

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 30/11
« Reply #83 on: December 01, 2011, 08:07:14 PM »
 :smhid Yuki...
 :smhid Mayu...

they are hurting each other... and me LoL

Sasshi&Lovetan are so

Thank you for your update!  :bow:
Have tumblr have twitter. Just ask ^^

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 30/11
« Reply #84 on: December 01, 2011, 09:21:23 PM »

Thanks for updating~

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 30/11
« Reply #85 on: December 02, 2011, 08:06:44 AM »
Mayuyu OMG why? The car is expansive!!!

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 01/12
« Reply #86 on: December 02, 2011, 12:40:23 PM »
                        REMEBER ME 
                              20.WEDDING DAY
                                        (B side)
Kashiwagi san stop moving! the hair stylist said while tries brush Yuki's hair 
*Yuki sighs*
hey Yuki is it true that Mayu destroyed your car? Miichan asks while see all the dresses 
Miiichan! everyone says in a loud tone of voice 
it's fine girls *sigh* yes,she did! Yuki answers holding back her hair 
Kashiwagi san stop it! The hair stylist shouted 
sorry,sorry! Yuki says 
what happened? Sae asks curious and everyone stares at Yuki wanting to know why
well..i don't know! Yuki says 
ehhhhhh! everyone says 
i swear when i hot there she was almost done! Yuki says looking other way
Kashiwagi san we need to stop her! one guard says while the other were staring at Mayu who was busy destroying Yuki's car 
it's okay! Yuki says with her arm in the way to not let the guards pass 
Mayu got tired of hitting Yukirin's car and stopped then she jumped off the car grabbed her bag and started walking away 
the guards were confuse "why Kashiwagi san let this happen?" other guard asked while Yuki just was staring to the thing that seemed to be a car just for the for wheels because everything else doesn't exist anymore 
"so this is how damage is your heart!" Yuki murmured then walked away from the place 
~~~End of the flashback~~~
Earth to Yuki! Sae says several times but was only the sound of her fingers snapping that brought Yuki back to reality
hey where were you? Mariko asks 
nowhere! Yuki answers 
god i love all these dresses! Miichan says smiling 
you can take anything you want! Yuki says 
really Yuki chan? Miichan asks 
yes,i'm not kidding! Yuki says looking other way (Yuki doesn't really care if Miichan takes them all) 
         ~~~~~~~~~At Mayu's home~~~~~~~~
honey.. you need to eat! Mayu's mom says worried 
mom i'm not hungry! Mayu answers 
c'mon today is Yuki chan's wedding day don't you wanna come? Mayu's mom asks 
no,i don't to see her marrying someone that she doesn't love!  Mayu says 
what?!? i don't think that's your business! Mayu's mom says
of course it's my business..because she loves me and i love her! Mayi says mad 
what?!? Mayu's mom asks in shock
what you heard! Mayu says
ok you better keep that off your mind..she's not in love with you and you're not in love with her..she's going to marry with a guy! Mayu's mom says 
i'm feeling sick okay please mom let me sleep! Mayu says while covers herself with the blanket 
 ok! Mayu's mom says while walks away
(weeding <- was the only word stucked on Mayu's mind even if she didn't want to hear about it she might think about it so she decided it was better once her parents go to "damn wedding" she will go for a walk..)
Hey Sasshi! Akicha says a little mad
Sasshi feels shivers all over her body "hi" she says shyly..she didn't want cause any trouble
how ypu been? Akicha asks
fine! Sasshi says with a smile and goes behind Miichan to avoid Akicha
Ackward! Miichan says 
Are you okay Yukirin? Sae asks 
my head hurts! Yuki says rubbing her forhead 
oh darling that's normal it's because of the wedding and because that handsome man out there! the hair stylist said happy 
Yuki pouted (he/she was talking about Ren)
okay we have stop saying the "wedding"! Sae says (she can see Yuki's face everytime that anyone says that word) 
would you leave me alone? Yuki asked 
huh? everyone? Mariko asks while everyone is looking at Yuki 
yes,everyone! Yuki says 
you sure? Sae and Sayaka asks concern 
yes,just 10 min please! Yuki says 
ok! everyone out! Akicha says as Yuki's assitant 
(everyone gets out of the room)
remember that the wedding it's at 20:00 and it's 19:15 we gotta at the church 19:50! Akicha says
ok! Yuki says with a smile..
now everyone is gone..Yuki sighs and gets up to see the dresses..
She looks herself on the mirror with the dress on.."he has really good taste!" Yuki says 
Yuki chan we're going to grab something to eat be back soon! Miichan shouts 
Yuki scares and somehow she slips causing her to hit her head and get knocked out 
~~~~~~~~~~~~Yuki's dream~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Yuki chan.. the class is over! a girl says 
huh? really i fell sleep! Yuki says smiling 
kinda noticed! The girl says smiling 
i should go home! Yuki says while gets up and get her things..
hey remember that tomorrow we're going to your house for the science project! the girl says 
yes,i wouldn't forget about it! Yuki says smiling while walks away
bye! the girl says
Yuki was standing in the school door.."oh i almost forgot my mom is not home yet,i gotta meet her at her work! Yuki told to herself 
Yuki starts running after a few blocks..."huh!" she looks up "oh no raining is falling!"she stops running to pull out her umbrella "Much better!" Yuki says with a smile and keeps running to her meeting 
hmm what's wrong with her? she can't feel the rain or what? Yuki thought staring at the little girl with black hair (two tails) and eyes closed 
Yuki moved a little closer "she's so cute..what should i do maybe? she doesn't have an umbrella!" Yuki thought and then looked to her umbrella "My mom's work is few blocks away maybe..maybe i can run!" 
you're going to get a cold! Yuki says 
the litlle girl doesn't feel the raindrops so she opens her eyes and sees Yuki smiling at her 
the taller girl takes the little girl's hand and makes her take the umbrella..
take it don't need it! Yuki says 
the little girl was all red Yuki still has her hand her's "i can't take need it the little girl says" (what a cutie! Yuki thought) 
don't worry just give it back someday ok..! Yuki says while runs away leaving the little girl standing there with the umbrella
          ~~~~~At Yuki's mom work~~~~~
hello mom! Yuki says smiling 
where were you? why are you all wet! Yuki's mom asks worried while takes off her jacket and puts it on Yuki to warm her up 
is.. ju- just.. tha-the-there was a-a cu-cute little girl with out her umbrella so i gave her mine! Yuki says stuttering and shivering 
oh my baby! Yuki's mom says 
let's go home before it gets worst! Yuki's mom says 
what about your meeting? Yuki asks
Yuki there are things that are more important than others in life like family,love.. the business can wait and you my love can't ..if you stay in those clothes you can catch a cold and for me you're more important than millions of yens.. so let's go! Yuki's mom says 
(Driving the car) the weather wasn't good! 
(you know the rest)
Yuki wake up! Sayaka says 
what happened? Yuki asks while the girls help her to get up
well you knocked yourself! Sasshi says laughing 
what time is it? Yuki asks 
19:45! Sae says
we should get going btw you looks beatiful! The girls say and also the bunch of people that were in the room before 
i fell sleep all that was a dream! Yuki thought
let's go Yuki your future handsome husband is waiting for you! Miichan says 
i'm not going! Yuki says 
what?!? everyone says 
i didn't say yes..he can marry my dad if he wants..they never asked me..if i wanted to marry all i know is that i woke up and they told me too! Yuki shouts mad 
well you know we support you! Sae says smiling (she was happh for very first time in long while Yuki was doing what she wanted!) 
i need to go,Sae chan keys!  Yuki says 
Sae throws the keys to Yuki who grabs them and goes away
all day making up on her,brushing her hair,dressing her for nothing...she's not going to be in the newspaper and that's less money for me! The hair stylist says 
i think someone needs to call Ren! Sayaka says 
everyone gives a step back..
(Sasshi was first)
what?!? me! why? Sasshi asks mad 
well if he talks to you..he's not going to yell us..he thinks you're retarded and that we're brain washers so it's better that you talk to him! Mariko says 
it's not fair,i'm not retarded! Sasshi says pouting 
Yuki went to Mayu's house but there was nobody there..she tried to call Mayu but for some reason she didn't pick up but then it came to her mind that Mayu could be somewhere else..
she run to the car and started driving to the entrance of that place that Mayu loved the most..
there she was waiting for the lights to change to cross street with her eyes closed 
"she's not the little girl of the two tails anymore" Yuki thought and got out of the car leaving it there with the keys and on 
Mayu chan! Yuki said and caressed Mayu's cheek
Mayu opened her eyes for the voice that called her na
me and the sudden touch 
(everyone was staring Yuki she looked beatiful on that dress) 
"Yuki chan!" Mayu's tears came out..she couldn't see that bride and decided to run to that place that she loves to hide and to not hear that painful words 
Mayu chan wait up! Yuki shouts and runs after her 
once she had the chance she jumped on Mayu..
Yuki putted herself on top of Mayu to not let her run
what do you want? hurt me more? GO AWAY WITH YOUR HUSBAND! Mayu shouts mad and crying 
(Yuki kisses her to shut her up)
I missed you! Yuki says between kisses
 Mayu bites Yuki's lips to make her stop kissing her
ouchhhh! Yuki says 
let me go! Mayu says 
why are you so mad all the time? Yuki asks
you just married another man and you're here kissing me! Mayu says while pulls out the invitation from her jacket's pocket 
who ever thought Mayu chan can't read! Yuki says laughing 
what's so funny? Mayu asks mad 
it says that my wedding it's at 20:00 and it's 20:15 so i don't think that it's possible to be at two places at the same time! don't you think? Yuki asks pouting cutely 
Mayu blushes "you're telling me that...*yes,Mayu chan i'm all yours!* Yuki finishes the phrase and breaks in tears 
i love you! Mayu says and hugs Yuki tighly..
i love you too! Yuki says crying
what are we going to do? Mayu asks 
why you're asking me that? Yuki asks 
because my mom know about us and i don't wnat to be away from you ever again! Mayu says hugging Yuki tighly
i don't want to separate either ever again! Yuki says 
then what we do? Mwyu says 
whta if you come to live with me? Yuki asks 
you want me to move in with you? Mayu asks 
yes, i want! Yuki replies 
i will love to! Mayu says hapoy and kisses Yuki

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 01/12
« Reply #87 on: December 02, 2011, 01:14:01 PM »
FINALLY they can be together~!

Are you going to continue the story?

Please do!

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 01/12
« Reply #88 on: December 02, 2011, 04:05:28 PM »
Yea!! Yea!! Update!! :heart:
It's so nice and sweet :wub:
 :thumbsup Yuki good job telling Ren to marry your dad instead :lol: and back to Mayu again :inlove:

LOL Sasshi so unlucky XD

Thanks for the Update :thumbup :thumbup

Is it already the end?? :cry:

Sasshi and Lovetan's part still hasn't finish yet :bow: Please Update More :bow:

Don't say it's ending yet :cry:

But this Update was a Marvelous Update!!! :wub: :twothumbs :inlove:

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 01/12
« Reply #89 on: December 02, 2011, 08:06:35 PM »
who said is the end?

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 01/12
« Reply #90 on: December 02, 2011, 08:23:47 PM »
Finally, Yuki!!!! Don't let Mayuyu go anymore!!!

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 01/12
« Reply #91 on: December 03, 2011, 03:33:22 AM »
Yay!  :on woohoo: :on woohoo: Update.

They're finally together!  :stuffed:

Can't wait for the next update.  :on gay: :tama-laff:

Thank you.

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 15/12
« Reply #92 on: December 15, 2011, 06:30:45 AM »
                                  REMEBER ME 
It's been 2 months since Mayu left her house to go live with Yuki,She still talks to her parents but just once a week for at leat 1 min..she just say that she's okay and that she loves Yuki..
Yuki lost her job,her dept because everything were gift that her dad gave her ...she works in a caffetery as waitress ..

Yuki eneters to her home to find an sleeping Mayu 
"shit i came late again!" she murmured while looked her watch "1:30 Am!" 
She looked to the CG sleeping and took the blanket to cover her more..Mayu fell the warm and opened her eyes and saw her girlfriend sitting next to her,looking at her..
welcome! Mayu says while brushes her eyes 
 go back to sleep,you have school tomorrow! Yuki said smiling 
no! Mayu replied and putted her arms around Yuki's neck and pulled her for a kiss
"Mayu!"Yuki said between kisses 
please Yuki i miss just work and can barely see you! Mayu replied devoring Yuki's mouth and sending her hands under Yuki's shirt
Yuki felt kinda guilty she knew what Mayu was saying it was true..she had to work everyday and over time to support Mayu (pay school,food,rent and all that stuff for Mayu's sake) 
Mayu putted herself on top of Yuki sitting on her stomach..
Yuki chan i love you! Mayu said blushing looking other way and taking off her shirt
Yuki just stare to the CG for a moment "I love you too Mayu!" she said after a moment,she putted her hand on Mayu's chin and made her look at her "you're so beatiful..i'm sorry i been a fool!" Yuki replied and proceed to kiss her..
Mayu chan! Mayu chan! not again! Lovetan says with a sigh and shaking Mayu 
what? Mayu replied waking up 
you fell sleep again! Lovetan replied mad 
i know! Mayu says smiling 
you don't care that you slept on your test! Lovetan says shouting 
nop! Mayu says with sigh while stretches
what am i going to do with you? Lovetan asks moving her head side to side 
give me more Yukirin! Mayu says happy while streches her arms
(there was nobody in the classroom everyone went home alredy) 
huh? what's that? Lovetan asks and sees closer to Mayu's neck 
what? Mayu asks 
this Lovetan says while pulls out a mirror from her bag and show it to Mayu
Mayu blushes and looked other way
did you see what she had done to you? Lovetan asks pointing to hickey 
what? she didn't do this to me! Mayu says blushing even more
so who else did it? Lovetan asks 
i asked her to! Mayu says 
what? you told her...Are you crazy? Lovetan asks 
why? Mayu asks 
because you're seventeen,you don't leave with your parents anymore,you're in love with someone that you just met and you already had sex with her and it's a girl! Lovetan shouts
i don't care i'm in love and it's great that is the only thing that matters to're just in bad mood because you can't say what you feel because you're scared for what people is going to think about you..what's the point of playing safe? if i'm going to have a boring life with someone that i don't love? you know what?  i have to go! Mayu says while gets up 
Lovetan was in shock
bye Lovetan say hi to Sasshi! Mayu says smiling and walks away
Lovetan woke up from the shock when she heard the word or name "Sasshi" 
Lovetan pulled out her phone and dialed Sasshi's number but then hanged the call 
she run to Sasshi's dept 
(In Sasshi's dept) [Sasshi's Pov]
[Lovetan called me! should i call her? well maybe she wants to check on me..A promise is not enough?]
Knock! Knock! 
god..i can't rest for one day! Sasshi says while gets up from the sofa and opens the door 
Akicha! Sasshi says scared 
[what the f is she doing here? god stop stalking me..i'm not that unforgetable]
hello baby! Akicha says with a kiss 
Sasshi pushes her and breaks the kiss "he..hey! what are you doing here?"[WTF? Lovetan is going to kill me! why you do this to me? since i promised to Lovetan that i'll become vegetarian YOU KEEP SENDING MEAT!]
i missed you baby since Yuki doesn't work in the office you don't visit me anymore! Akicha says while plays with Sasshi's shirt [stop! stop! There's no doubt that Lovetan is going to kill me..huh? wait a minute "am i dating Lovetan?" what the hell i can do whatever i want]
hahahah i been bu-bu-busy! Sasshi says nervous [no,Just go away bad thoughts "i made i promise go away bitch!] 
so you don't miss me? Akicha asks with a pout and takes off her jacket 
[of course i don't go away..damn hot Akicha! please help me out on this] 
Akichan didn't close the door..someone entered to the dept 
Lovetan! it's not what it looks like! Sasshi says and puts hersefl behind the sofa just in case black Lovetan would come out
What is she doing here? Akicha asked mad 
Lovetan walked right where Sasshi was 
they facing each other 
i swear Lovetan i wasn't doing any-----
Sasshi couldn't complete her sentence because Lovetan's lips were on hers 
no way! Akicha says while picks up her jacked and walked away 
Lovetan and Sasshi broke the kiss but their forheads were connected 
what was that for? Sasshi asks 
to remind you who's the boss! Lovetan says smiling 
both girls smile

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 15/12
« Reply #93 on: December 15, 2011, 08:17:50 AM »
Ow Mayuki, I wanna hug them~
LOL Lovetan is the boss hahaha

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 15/12
« Reply #94 on: December 15, 2011, 12:42:15 PM »

Finally Lovetan kissed Sasshi~!! way to go Sasshi!

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 15/12
« Reply #95 on: December 15, 2011, 04:15:42 PM »
Yea!!! I so love this update!!! :inlove: :wub: Although I love all of them :P
Woah!!! Sasshi and Lovetan moments!!!! :wub:
They kissed!!!!!! :inlove: :twothumbs

Thanks so much for the Update :thumbup :thumbup
Please update soon :thumbsup

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 15/12
« Reply #96 on: December 15, 2011, 04:19:21 PM »
OMG!!! Sasshi and Lovetan kissing!!!! Lovetan :thumbsup
Show her who's the boss :inlove:

Thank you for this wonderful update :twothumbs :twothumbs
Please update soon :bow: :bow:

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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 15/12
« Reply #97 on: December 15, 2011, 05:26:29 PM »
Aw, so sad take Yuki lost everything well except Mayu.
Sasshi's and Lovetan's kiss.  :mon crazyinlove:
Thank you for updating.  :kneelbow: Can't wait for the next.  :gmon tears:


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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 15/12
« Reply #98 on: December 16, 2011, 01:41:01 PM »
Mayuki.......JUST GET MARRIED ALREADY....... :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Yuki lost everything, and she had to work her a*s off to support Mayu......
They already looks like a husband and wife.......

And I just read that in her real life, Yukirin used to wake up in 4 AM in the morning. She's really a hardworker.
That makes me respect and adore Yukirin even more.
And I'm so ashamed of myself because I barely able to wake up early.

Back to the story......
Well......I'm so in love with this story......... :heart: :heart: :heart:
This is really a heartwarming story. A chicken soup for my soul.

More Mayuki please...... :bow:

cmze, thanks for updating's great.. :thumbsup  :twothumbs
I'll update mine too....
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Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 15/12
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Hello everyone!

i just wanted to say THANK U..for reading me and don't hate for the next chapters...

NEW (DRAMA COMING but just for 10 chapters more i think...7 good chapters and 3 bad )

as you know i can't write properly because english it's not my thing.. so don't hate me and THANK U AGAIN!

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