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Author Topic: ✰Adventure48✰ - Heroes - COMPLETED  (Read 68162 times)

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Re: Heros
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Yay!!! A fight for Takamina!!!

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Re: Heros
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Awesome chapter! Two guys fighting over Minami, Yay!

Thank you. I'll be waiting for your next update.

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Heros -- Chapter 6 part 1
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@ d_ruffi : of course you can^^ feel free to go with your imagination o(`▽ ´o)

@ haruhi16 : will try to add more kojiyuu for you (*´v`*)

@ Megumi : I'm sorry for making you confuse.  Haruna = Haruna  and Kojima = Haruna mother (the one who dead). o(_ _o) forgive me.

@ Flean, kahem, Sok : >///< thanks for comment and like my fic ♥ ⊂(´∀`*⊂

Thanks to all for reading my fics ♥ ⊂(´∀`*⊂

(´・ω・`) I think this chapter is somehow boring... but please read and give me your opnion. Thanks.


Chapter 6


“Eh?! You are… prince Ma-…” before Haruna finished, her mouth was pressed by Minami hands.


“Now, I am more worthy to be with her… more than you” Atsuko said to Haruna with proud.

Minami took them inside the bar and began the story. She told Atsuko that Haruna is her childhood friend and his mom is the one who protect her from armies for years. She also told Haruna how she met Atsuko and now is living as an ordinary village girl. Haruna sat there quietly after knowing his mother’s dead, his eyes are teary. Minami hand over the necklace she promised with Kojima to Haruna. He took it from Minami and wore it.

“It’s okay if you want to cry” Minami hand her handkerchief to Haruna.

“I won’t cry… I promised mom, I will never shed a tear…anymore…”

Haruna words made Atsuko remember his past when he has to leave his father. He decided to give them a little private time for the reunion and moved from his place. “I’m going to find Yuko nee-chan and the villagers’ whereabouts. See you, Minami”

“Wait… I think I know where the villagers you mentioned. Wanna go with me?” Haruna said.

“Really? You’re so helpful Haru-kun.” Minami said as she hold Haruna hand closely. Haruna just smiled and put the other hand on it.

Can’t bear to see it, Atsuko went between to break them apart. He hide Minami behind him and stare at Haruna with a fake smile on his face, “Show me the way, please”.

Haruna smirk at him and walk away, “Before we get there, let’s visit your lovely Kuu, Minami-chan”

I’m going crazy Minami… your relationship is so complicated…

Atsuko turn to face Minami with confuse face. Minami feels so happy to see Atsuko going all jealous over her. She shows her famous smirk and went to where Haruna was. Atsuko as always… try to walk between them and prevent Minami talking to Haruna.

Without knowing there is someone watching them from the shadow. A hooded girl smile slyly behind the wall. “Intresting…”

Back hill outside the town

Kuu was checking the engine of his beloved airplane which named “Persona”.

“Okay! You’re as healthy as always. I’ll find the material for you soon… after that you can run as far as you want, fly as high as you want, dive as deep as you want… and we can go hunting all treasures together” Kuu placed his cheek to his beloved airplane.

An airplane is used as air transport and its main function is flying. Kuu want to renovate it to become a multifunction plane which not only can fly but also can drive like car, can dive like submarine.

“Kuu! Look, who is here” Haruna called from afar.

Kuu narrowed his eyes to see clearly those three figures from afar, “Is that…. MINAMI-CHAN~ !!!”
Kuu run down the slide so fast that he fell down rolling… rolling… rolling… and stop right before Minami. He stands up and lift up Minami with bear hug, “My little midget! I miss you! Said how many years we got separate?”

“I miss you too, Kuu. But you have to put me down first, umm… someone is gonna explode…” said Minami pointing Atsuko.

Kuu put Minami down and look at Atsuko, “hm? Who is he?”

“Oh.. he is Atsuko, Maeda Atsuko. We are companions. Atsuko, this is Kuu, Minegishi Kuu, my childhood friend” Explained Minami.

“Eh! You’re Maeda heir? How did you meet him Minami-chan?”

“It’s a long story, Kuu. I’ll tell you later.”

“Nice to meet you, prince.” Kuu approach Atsuko and lift him up with bear hug just like what he did to Minami and put him down. Atsuko has reached his temper’s limit because of Minami. He just keeps quiet and emotionless.

Kuu felt Atsuko dangerous aura, he step back and whisper to Minami. “Is he always cold like this?”

“Nope… before he met us” Haruna said jokingly.

“Aha… I got it! He’s jealous because Minami surrounds by two ikemen”

“Ahaha… ha… umm… it’s getting dark now. Back to the topic, Haru-kun can you show us where’s the villagers is?” Minami try to break that awkward scene, feelings Atsuko dark aura getting stronger. She decided to apologize to Atsuko later after they found the villagers.

“The villagers from Harmonia? They are in the camp area near here. I can take you there with my Persona.” Kuu guide them in to his beloved airplane.

Inside of the airplane is wide and complete with daily needs. It contains pilot chamber, gathering chamber, bedrooms, meeting room, dining rooms, and Kuu’s private mechanic chamber.

“Wow! Your plane is amazing. You made this?” Minami got excited inside the plane.

“This is my mom masterpiece. I just renovate it.” Kuu open the pilot chamber’s door and invite them in.

“I see… by the way, where is Aunt Minegishi? I haven’t seen her since we got here” asked Minami

“My mom is missing… about five years” Kuu sat down and start the engine.

“I’m sorry…”

“Nope... it’s okay. Sit tight! We’re gonna fly!” Kuu push up the lever.


Next part will be post soon
(´・ω・`) dou ?

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Re: Heros
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Ahahah I like jealous Acchan and Kuu ^^
I just hope that Minegishi mama is not dead


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Re: Heros
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Without knowing there is someone watching them from the shadow. A hooded girl smile slyly behind the wall. “Intresting…”
Don't know why but Mayu n Rena comes to my mind..  XD

This chapter should be entitle : the jealous Atsuko...  :lol:

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Heros -- Chapter 6 part 2
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Thanks for replying kahem & Flean (*´v`*)

@ Flean : wow, you're great. hooded girl is one of them^^ and she will be with Jurina~ guess who?^^

Here's part 2 (*´v`*)


Chapter 6
Part 2

Ten minutes past and they reached the camp area. They got down from the plane and Kuu hide it with his Nen power. He makes the air cover his plane and with a blink an eye, his plane disappeared.

“Sugoi! It disappear?!” Minami rob her eyes several times.

“Hehe… it still there, it just become transparent. I can control air and wind, I just make the air around it combine with my Nen and make my plane transparent” explained Kuu.

Yuko POV

Acchan… Minami… how you doing now? I miss you…
I want to go find you, but I can’t leave. Those villagers need my help, I have to take care their wounds… That jerk mayor won’t let us live inside his town just because we don’t have enough money to rent a land. Lucky, I found this old camp area. Even this area is dirty and sloppy, it can still managed to live.

“Atsuko, Minami, you are back”
“Welcome home”
“I’m so happy to see you again”

I saw people gathering at the entrance and I saw you. I saw you two walk in and greet the villagers. I drop my mixing tools and running over you. Unable to hold myself, I jump and tackle you down to the ground.

“Acchan! Minami-chan! I miss you so so so much!” still hugging and rubbing my check against yours.

“Yuko-neechan! I can’t breathe…” complained Atsuko.

Hate it, but I have to get up from them. As I help they two stand up, I notice two stranger stand in front me. One of them wave his hand and say “Hi” to me,  and the other is MY SAVIOR. Unable to control myself, my body automatically jump to him and put my arms around his neck.

“Nyan… Nyan…” I snuggle my head at his neck smelling his scent.

“Hey, let go of me!” he simply complained but didn’t push me away.

“You are my savior. You saved me from bad guys in the market, remember?”

“Oh.. you are that girl. But why did you call me Nyan Nyan?” asked him.

“Because you held a cat doll while saving me. Since I don’t know what’s your name…   I’ve just call you nyan nyan” said Yuko showing her dimple deeply.
“Umm.. can you let go of me. It’s not proper for me to be like this in front of princess Minami.” He grab my hands and push me away.

Princess Minami? Did he knows Minami? What is his relationship with Minami?

I notice Atsuko walked away and followed by Minami, Oh no… love triangle… Acchan, Minami-chan, and this person…hmm… I won’t let you go in between them. You owe me this, Acchan.

End of POV

Atsuko quietly go away and Minami followe him. Haruna saw Minami followed where Atsuko going, he want to follow her but Yuko hug him, prevent him get near those two lover. Then Yuko drag Haruna to the other side of camp area to help her bringing medicine to another patient. Kuu is the only one left behind, cold wind blowing over him.

“Lonely~ I'm so lonely~ I guess it’s better for me to go back and take care my plane.”

At the corner of camp area

Atsuko quietly separate himself from the group and went to corner of the area. He sat there relax himself enjoying the night wind. Minami went to bring some water to Atsuko. She slowly approach him and sat right beside him. Atsuko move a bit to distance himself from Minami. he’s still mad at her for making him jealous.

“Are you mad at me?” asked Minami as she offers the water. Atsuko stay quiet and look away.

“I know you are mad at me. I’m sorry, okay? Haruna and Kuu is just my childhood friend, no more” Minami pleaded. She sat closer to Atsuko and touch his hand. Atsuko still don’t answer.

“Please don’t ignore me. I’ll do whatever you want, but please don’t ignore me.”

“Anything?” asked Atsuko.

“Yes, anything.” Minami smiled.

“I think a kiss will do.” Atsuko move closer to Minami.

“Eh?!” Minami step back few steps.

“You said anything, right?” Atsuko smile mischievously.

“That’s not fair” Minami pouted.

“I give you five seconds. Kiss or not… Forgive or not... depend on you"

Atsuko start to count "5… 4… 3… 2… 1…”



I'm going to sleep now (◎´〇`◎)oyasumi~~

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Re: Heros
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Even as a guy Acchan is so machiavelious ^^
Poor Kuu, he hasn't a partner

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Re: Heros
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Now I get it LoL

@ Megumi : I'm sorry for making you confuse.  Haruna = Haruna  and Kojima = Haruna mother (the one who dead). o(_ _o) forgive me.

“That’s not fair” Minami pouted.

“I give you five seconds. Kiss or not… Forgive or not... depend on you"

Atsuko start to count "5… 4… 3… 2… 1…”

Atsuko is such a tsundere  :lol:

But Yei thank you for your update!  :bow:

Have tumblr have twitter. Just ask ^^

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Re: Heros
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male or female like always acchan teasing takamina is funny :D...

you gonna sleep but we can`t!! T_T what happen ..  takagirl.. kiss your lover like a boss :D

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Re: Heros
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Yay! Acchan teasing Taka.
Thank you for updating.
Poor kuu got no one.


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Re: Heros
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Seriously Atsuko?? Gah!! such a teaser...  XD  Minami, you should throw him a fire ball first then kiss him to make it up~~  :lol:

I feel sorry for Kuu.. but I'll think his partner will come later...  :grin:

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Heros -- Chapter 7
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Thanks Flean, Sok, Haruko, Megumi, kahem *:.。☆(´∀`人)

I want to post image for Kuu's airplane but I don't know how ( ̄□ ̄;)!!
For your information, Kuu's airplane is like Highwind (in FF7 / Advent children) (*´v`*)


Chapter 7

I give you five seconds… kiss me or not… forgive or not… depend on you”

“5… 4… 3… 2… 1…”


A loud explosion can be heard from afar. Trees around the camp area were burn out… they are now trapped inside the fire ring. Many figures out there fire the canon toward them. Yuko guide the villagers to hide under the shelter which Haruna build with his Nen power. Haruna’s Nen prevent those fireball strike directly to them.

“Damn! They’re Matsui armies” Atsuko have incredible eyesight which allows him to see in the dark. He can clearly see the outfit and recognize them as Matsui armies. Minami cast her power to fight against them but Atsuko stop her.

“Minami, you’re element is fire. Fire against fire is useless. Mine is water… water always win against fire, let me handle this. You take them to out of here.” Atsuko commands.

“Please be careful” Minami followed Atsuko’s order and went to where Yuko and Haruna were.

Atsuko hurry went the centre of the area and call out some water to dim the fire. “God of water… grant me strength… grant me your power… SHIVA!” A huge rain pour down and extinguishes the fire.

A figure from afar laugh, “Hahaha… I think I underestimate you. But your rain has no effect on my canon. They have water resistance. The engine still works even you pour a ton of water into it… Hahaha… KEEP FIRE”

“Nee-chan! Take them away from this place. I’ll buy you some time” Atsuko charged into the armies and attack them one by one. His sword is gleaming in light blue under the moonlight. He stabs, thrusts and slays continuously at the enemy. No one can stop him coming closer to the commander who stands behind inside the shadow. Suddenly some tiny glowing things flying toward Atsuko and aim his left arm.

“Minami-chan, you take them to Kuu’s plane. I’m going to help that brat.” Said Haruna.

Minami did what Haruna told, she commands the villagers to follow her. Haruna take back his Nen power and was about to go help Atsuko but Yuko pulled his arm and kiss him on the cheek. “Come back soon, I’ll be waiting at the plane” she gave a wink to Haruna then go to where Minami was.

Haruna blush and slightly touch his cheek where Yuko kiss him.

 “Agghhh!” Atsuko left arm feels weak after being shot by those tiny things. He is hard to hold up his sword now, his left hand is trembling, he can only dodge the attacks from armies. Ten armies surround him in a circle and about to thrust those sharp spear toward him.


An attack comes from Haruna make the armies stand back, he help Atsuko to stand up, “Don’t die here. I still have a fight with you.. over Minami”

“Don’t worry, I won’t die here” Atsuko stand up again and cast his power.

“FIRE” a canon fire to Haruna from his back. Atsuko saw it and went to shield him.

“Don’t!” Haruna push Atsuko away and casting his Nen to blow it, but it’s too late. The fire ball aimed directly to Haruna’s chest. They are being thrown away a few metres. Smokes everywhere cover that place like fogs.

A light shining through the fogs. Haruna figures slowly walks out from it, lightning lines glinting all over his body and his sword. With just one slay, the canon broke in two. “HYAAA” Haruna run in lightning speed and take down forty eight soldiers in one shot.

“Damn!” the commander secretly disappear from the scene.

In Persona (Kuu’s airplane)

“Sorry to trouble you.” Minami apologize to Kuu.

“Nah... don’t say that. You are the princess. I’ll do whatever you told me to.” Kuu bowed with a gentleman gesture.

“I have settled them into the gathering chamber” Yuko report to Kuu.

“Osu! Now, let’s go snatch Haruna and that prince” Kuu throw his fist up ( just like how he does in mendol)

Kuu go to the pilot chamber followed by Minami and Yuko. The pilot chamber is broadly enough for ten people. Two seats at the very front for the pilot, sofa and table are in the middle. The glass are wide so that they can see their surrounding clearly.

Just a few minutes, they’ve reach where Haruna and Atsuko fighting place. Kuu communicate with Haruna through the headphone he told Haruna to wear. He told Haruna that he’s gonna drop down a ladder and they must hurry grab it and get inside.

Kuu launch the gun machine each side at its wings attacks the armies. Haruna and Atsuko takes this chance to flee and grab the ladder. Kuu drive the plane high up to the sky and flee away.

Back into the plane

“Acchan! You’re hurt!” Minami told Atsuko to sit down and take care of his wounds.

Yuko want to take care of Haruna too... She grab Haruna arms but ended up getting shock of the lightning power that still left around Haruna. “Ouchh.. Haruna. Are you okay? Your body is full of electrics….”

“Wow! Since when you can control lightning. You never show me before” Kuu leave his plane in auto pilot mode and come join the others.

Atsuko gesture Minami to follow him. He took out his necklace and went closer to Haruna. When Atsuko get closer, Haruna’s necklace also shinning along with Atsuko’s.

“Inside my necklace is the magic crystal – crilyst. Your mother’s necklace response to mine, it means inside it has a crilyst too” Atsuko explained.

“Crilyst… I though there’s only three crilyst in the world” Haruna was surprised.

“Yes, it should be only three left in this world. Each of them was hold by Maeda, Takahashi, and Matsui. But those are common sense. My father told me that actually there are five or more crilyst in this world. It’s just sealed in somewhere and waiting for its holder.” Yuko explained.

“The five elements I know are water, fire, earth, wind, lightning. But there was to be said that there is a dark crilyst which grant great power of darkness and an unknown elements was sealed deep in forbidden city.” Added Atsuko.

“Minami-chan has fire, prince Atsuko has water, and now Haru has lightning… somehow it seems like it’s destiny who bring us here and we are fated to beat down that Jerk Matsui! Yay!” Kuu jump and dance happily about his own calculation.

“Yeah… you make sense… and that’s why they keep pursuing us” Yuko agreed.

“Kuu, didn’t you said that you can control wind and air? You have a crilyst too?” asked Minami.

“Eh?!” Kuu slipped down and his face hit the floor. He sat up and rub his nose, “sorry.. I don’t have any. As you know, I can control wind since I was kid. Still remember how I fly you up into your chamber?”

“Yeah… it seems so. You are a natural user of wind.” Minami put his finger under her chin and deeply in thought.

“Let’s make a team then!” Yuko said in loud voice stunt everyone there. “We have three crilyst here… we just need to gathered the others or finding another crilyst, we’ll definitely surpass that Matsui’s power.”

“You’re right. But nee-chan, besides power we need forces too. We can’t depend only at our power, we need armies too” Atsuko add in.

“About army forces, I can help you. My mother was a great general in Takahashi Kingdom before and I can help you to create new forces with my mother’s relationships and fame” said Haruna.

“For the next, you will need a place to gathering and live! I have traveling for years and if you need a castle, I know there’s a dull old castle northwest from here near Akihabara Sea” said Kuu.

“Let’s talk about it tomorrow, I believe they need rest after the fights” Minami suggested.

“Now you mention it. I’m sleepy… hoooaaaammmm” Kuu walk in to the pilot room.

Since the plane is full for the villagers, five of them decide to sleep inside the pilot room. One by one get in to the pilot room. First is Kuu, followed by Yuko clinging at Haruna, next is Minami, and the last is Atsuko. Before Minami step into the room, Atsuko pulled her and give her a quick kiss on lips.

“I forgive you now. Sleep tight and please dream about me” Atsuko smiled proudly and went in while Minami stare down at floor to hide her blush and went beside Yuko.

As the sun rise up next morning… a new journey will begin…


Dou ? ♪( ´▽`)

(o_ _)o Feel free to comment

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Re: Heros
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Hihihi Atsuko didn't give up on the kiss ^^

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Re: Heros
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jajaj atsuko you can`t resist minami`s charm right.. you need to kiss her :D and gain some points over haruna :D..

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Heros -- Chapter 8
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Thanks kahem & Haruko (*´v`*)

Here's the chapter 8...
Hope you it won't boring you.. (´・ω・`)


Chapter 8


It’s a full moon tonight…

In the middle of the forest, there’s a man with baggy short hair in no sleeves blue outfit sleeping on the branch of a big tree. He slept with the bag under his head and a hand holding a rod.



There’s a girl calling me. A girl in one piece white dress…
Her long black hair flowing gorgeously along with the rhythm of the wind…
Her eyes… make me feel like I’m being hypnotized all the time…
Her appearance brighter than the stars…
She’s so beautiful…


She’s calling my name again…
She gets closer to me and touches my cheeks with her hands.
Her hands are so cold… she seems so lonely…

Where have you been, Ruka… I’ve been waiting for you all this time… for 250 years…

I reach my hand to touch her, but the light coming from her back is so bright and making my eyes in pain… I shut my eyes and…


That man jumped up and fell to the ground with his butt bumped first, “Ouch… What the hell is that! How dare you ruin my dream!” He runs to the place where that loud sound coming from only saw a plane on fire and people shouting.

“Is that… persona… the coolest multifunction plane in rumor…?” He amazed by the size and designed of the plane in front him. He then smirk as something come up in his mind.

At the same time

In Pilot Chamber

“We’re almost there!” said Kuu excitedly. He drives the plane to the dull old castle he said before.

“Yay! Team Rapappa! Go! Go!” said Yuko.

“Nee-chan, Rapappa is weird. Why don’t we use dragon… Team Dragon! It’s cooler than Rapappa” Atsuko complains.

“Nah… dragon is old-fashioned. Rapappa is more cooler, unique, and great name!” said Yuko.

“Yeah… yeah… I agree with Yuko. I prefer Rapappa than dragon.” add Kuu.

“Minami, said a word. You agree with me, right?” Atsuko asked Minami.


SRREEET (door open)

Haruna walk in with a supper set on his hands. “Minami-chan. I make you supper. Come and eat”
The supper contain special ramen with a heart-shaped fried egg and a glass of green tea.

“Where’s mine?” Yuko run towards Haruna and give him puppy eyes.

“Umm…. I just make one for Minami-chan.”

“NOT FAIR!” Yuko complained.

“Yeah.. not fair! I want too~” Kuu joined.

“I’m not hungry yet. You can have it, Yuko nee-chan.” Said Minami.

“Hooray! Supper handmade by Nyan Nyan… thank you.” Yuko kiss Haruna on cheek and take the supper. Haruna stunted for a while.

“I’m hungry too. Yuko, let’s share it.” Kuu join Yuko.

“No! I want to share it only with Nyan Nyan. Let’s eat.” Yuko drag Haruna to the coffee table and feed him. “Say ahh…”

“I should be sharing this with Minami… not with this person…” murmured Haruna.

“Did you say something?” asked Yuko.

“No.. ermm… you can have it yourself. I’m not hungry.” Haruna get up and about to walk, Yuko grab him and put him down to sit.

“Come on, my hands are getting tired. Nyan Nyan, say ahh…” Yuko still don’t give up want to feed her nyan nyan.

Kuu get between them and eat the ramen. “Hmpphh… blueekkk… this is awful…”

“That can’t be!” Haruna offend.

“Hey! I’m not feeding you. It should be for nyan nyan. Get back here!” Yuko want to hit Kuu but he run away. Yuko chase him around in the pilot chamber. Atsuko and Minami laugh at the scene.

Suddenly the plane is shaking and the alert device active. Bip bip bip bip bip…

Kuu hurriedly turn on the monitor and saw some aircrafts attack them. The aircraft have Matsui’s logo printed on its left wings. Kuu push some buttons to release machine gun to attack those aircrafts. About 20 minutes those aircrafts finally gone but persona’s left wings got crushed with one of the aircrafts and persona lost its balance. Persona is unable to maintain its balance and falling into the forest. Kuu managed to land down without getting crash but still, they have to dim out the fire on the left wings or else the plane will explode. Atsuko ordered one of the soldier to calm down the other people in the plane while they go to dim out the fire.

Kuu brought out his maintenance tools while Haruna and Yuko use their Nen power to make a barrier to prevent the fires spreading to another plants. Minami try to control the fire from growing. However, Minami can control fire and create fire but she can’t vanish it. Atsuko in other hand, focused in his Nen hoping he can bring some water from other place to here. After minutes, finally the fire dimmed out.

“Fiuuuhh… my persona.” Kuu cleaning the burnt area with rags while having tears all over his cute face. “I’m sorry… persona… I’ll fix you soon.”

KRAAKK  (sounds of someone stepped on branches)

Atsuko see through the dark area across them and dash into it. He takes down that person and brings him to the others. He kicked that man’s legs to make him kneel down. “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

They can’t let their guard down after what happened just minutes ago. This person might be spy from Matsui. The atmosphere becomes tense. That man in blue outfit keeps struggling against Atsuko.

“Let me go! I’m just a hunter here.”

“Then, what are you doing here. It’s suspicious for you to be here in this late of night.”

“What the hell is going on you guys, I’m tired after travelling for days and sleeping here on the branch of that big tree. All of a sudden, you guys appear with that loud explosion and making me fall from the tree. My butt’s hurt you know! Look! Look!” That man shows his bruise and scratch on arms as the evidence he fell down from sleep.

“Well… I’m sorry” Atsuko apologize.

“Apologize accept.” Said that man with a bright smile. “Umm.. is that persona – the multifunction airplane rumored in the folks’ story?” he walks to touch the plane.

Kuu revive from his broken heart and put his arms around that man’s shoulder. “You have a good eyes, dude and yes… this is persona in the rumors.”

“So, it really can fly as plane, drive as car, and dive as submarine?” asked that man excitedly.

“Currently… no” Kuu answered with a smile face.

“EH?! So. It’s a lie?”

“Nope. It’s true. It just, I’m still missing one material to make it functioning.” Explained Kuu.

“Looks like you know well about persona. Where do you come from?” asked Haruna.

“Haha... sorry. I’m too excited to see this masterpiece. My name is Miyazawa Sae, a treasure hunter from Northsun village. Nice to meet you” Sae introduce himself.

“You are a treasure hunter? Me too! I am Minegishi Kuu. Just call me Kuu.”
“Ne, Kuu. Where did you get this persona?” asked Sae curiously.

“Well, this is my mother’s masterpiece. She passed it to me after she’s gone. Let’s get inside, it’s cool outside here.” Kuu invited Sae into the plane. The others follow them.

// Heheheheh…. It’s so easy to earn their trust. Wait till I stole this plane and sold it. Hahahahah… I’ll be rich for a life time…// said Sae in his mind. // But this man called Acchan seems hard to gain his trust… I have to distract him watching over me.//


Hope this is not boring you (´・ω・`)
Thanks for reading (*´v`*)


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Re: Heros
« Reply #55 on: December 03, 2011, 12:53:22 PM »
So... haruna like Minami too~~  XD  Interesting... nyahaha~~ and LOL... Ruka~~ Sae want to steal the plane...  :lol:

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Re: Heros
« Reply #56 on: December 03, 2011, 03:50:33 PM »
Oh now Sae is in da place! And I'm sure he can control an element too ^^

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Re: Heros
« Reply #57 on: December 03, 2011, 04:02:13 PM »
jajaja sae yeah!! but its a bad person? aww..

jajaj i love kojiyuuu.. so tsundere nyanyan.. but we know you cant resist for so long about yuko`s charming

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Re: Heros
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 XD Acchan getting jealous :peace:
Then stealing a kiss from Minami :wub: :inlove:
Haruna in love with Minami??!!! :w00t:

Thanks for the Update :thumbup :thumbup
Please Update Soon :bow: :bow:

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Re: Heros
« Reply #59 on: December 04, 2011, 01:25:18 AM »
Yay! Update! Thank you.
Whoa. Haruna in love with Minami?
Sae wanting to steal Persona?

Can't wait fo the next chapter.

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