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Author Topic: A Seashell Love Update Chapter 2  (Read 2814 times)

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A Seashell Love Update Chapter 2
« on: January 27, 2012, 01:40:04 PM »
Chapter 1
Kashiwagi Yukirin

watanabe mayu a ordinary 16 y/o girl
is now dreaming again about the person
she love How lovable her dream was she was
with the one she loved having a wonderful picnic
in a peaceful place until she heard a voice.
"mayu!, mayu! wake up we were be late at school
shouts yuko, her bestfriend and dorm mate.
as she gets out of the bed she accidentally falled.
she is really clumsy you know!
Yuko cannot hold anymore gets mayu's camera
and pictured the embarrassing position of mayu after she fall
Oh kawaii! yuko shouts!
Oh yuko thats not fair thats my camera!
Give me that!
Not a chance yuko teases mayu and continue taking pictures
hurry up or ill shoot more pictures ! warns yuko
she take picrures of mayu eating, dressing getting things until she finished
preparing to school.
hurry up! shouts yuko at the door
Im sorry yuko ill be there right away!
yuko and mayu was in the otachibana high school
the school was on the top of the hill
so there is a long stair you need to take before
you can enter the school
the bell already rang
mayu and yuko was hurrying so that they will not be late
in their next class
but mayu being very clumsy slip in the stair!
mayu's pov
oh no i lost my balance!
its very high i may die if I fall
wth mayu she is already falling
i cant catch her at time!
mayu wach out! yuko shouts
suddenly a gentle hand gets mayus hand!
pulled her and hugs her then  holds her waist to secure her
all the students in the staircase blushed beacause the one who
catched mayu was yuki-sama!
yuki-sama looks more beutiful everyday! a studebt shouted while blushing
who's that girl i dont know her! gossips the other girl
yuki while still holding mayu, mayu was on yuki's breast!
mayu was blushing , yuki asked "are you okay? you didnt hurt yourself didyou?
mayu blushed even more!
mayu mumbled
I!!! no!
mayu seperate the hug still blushing she bows at yuki saying
yuki bows to get her bag but mayu while panicking also grabbed
yuki's hand so accidentally they hold each other hands
then mayu get the then dust it(yukis bag became dirty bacause she throw it to save mayu)
 bag and handed it to yuki, sorry for that!
Have a nice day Miss watanabe, yuki says
she passed mayu and she whispered to her ear
then after the whisper
have a nice day too yuki-sama! mayu says

(in mayu's classroom before bell)
yuko:  you are so lucky!
lucky I tell you!
So haw did she hug you
LIke this? or this? yuko demonstrating kinds of hug to mayu)
Its like im hugging her myself!
the whole class stared at them
mayu: com-on yuko its not like that!
you're exaggerating things that was not kind a big thing!
yuko: you dont thing it was a big deal!
She came from the most distinguished family!
Excels in academics and sports!
shes like a perfect woman!
she has the intensity of summer
the elegance of autumn!
the nobility of winter
and the kindness of spring!
the shining star of our whole academy! our own yuki-sama
miss yukirin kashiwagi!
she receives countless of love letters and proposals from both SEXES everyday!
this week alone her suitors was a school council president a tournament representative
a daughter of a ceo a millionaires brother and sister and 6 others who attempted but failed!
who-evers brave enough to confessed to his/her feeling today will be considered a hero!
or that youre still sleeping
how dare you that little
(while patting mayu)
mayu: ok im sorry for that
yuko: ok as long as you gotten the message
besides if theres anyone who can even came close to  yuki-sama
theres only one who would made the cut he ranked first in all standardized tests
and hes an all around star athlete
Jun matsui the prince of this academy
Im supposed hes the only possible candidate for yuki-sama
mayu: youre right those two will make a perfect match
(yuko and mayu looking at bulletin board with jun and yuki holding hands
jun accepting defeat from yuki in tennis national competition)
mayu's flashbacks the statement this morning yuki-sama whispered to her
yuki: at noon, at rose garden met me their
mayu blushed , yuki passed
end of flashback

the bell rang the class started
(now lunch time!)
girl 1: i cant find find yuki sama where do you think she could be? iwanted to have lunch with her
girl 2: yeah, she always disappears durin lunch

mayu in front of a wall with her lunch filled with rose crawls in the secret passage below part of the wall
at the other side of the wall she find yuki-sama with a picnic like lunch peafuuly drinking her tea
mayu blushed
mayu's pov
shes very beautiful shes like a goddes!
yuki: pls sit
mayu smiled get a camera and took picture of beautiful yuki(her hobby is photography)
mayu: im sorry to make you wait but if you will be patient a little longer I can
show you the pictures I taken today!
yuki: i see im looking forward to it
(since junior high mayu and yuki already seeing each other during lunch and any other time
they are both free and secretly meeting each other, they are secretly bestfriends, yuki dont
want others to know that she adore mayu so much because she know many will become jealous and might bully mayu)
yuki caught mayu staring at her aks
yuki, whats wrong?
mayu: well, yuki-sama imean yuki youre always super busy all the time right?
with the students council at sports practice, tea ceremony so why do you always come here to met me?
yuki:because this is the only chance i have to spend a little time with you like this is that bad?
mayu: NO! NO! not at all of course not!
yuki:  if it really bothers you then i could stop. we dont have to met like this anymore(with a sad tone)
mayu: no dont say that s not how i feel being us together like this makes me very happy! iswear! really!
yuki: mayu youre tea is ready
mayu: you know its just that youre so amazing youre so passionate and youre good at everything you do
youre like a real princess you know that so thats why
yuki: but the thing is none of that was true its just not true
(while staring at heaven)

(mayu running having her flash back)
yuki:anyway this is for you
mayu:Is that an invite to your birthday party?
where all the students and famous people attened?
thank you but i already had an invitation.
yuki: that party is for the kashiwagi family,
but this party is only for the two of us, 
mayu: two of us (smile) RIGHT FOR US!

the next chapter birthdays!

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Re: A seashell love
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2012, 02:08:44 PM »
pulled her and hugs her then  holds her waist to secure her
yuki while still holding mayu, mayu was on yuki's breast!

I'm blushing myself when I read and imagine that scene.... :wub:

mayu's flashbacks the statement this morning yuki-sama whispered to her
yuki: at noon, at rose garden met me their

Awwww.....I was wondering what was Yuki whispering to Mayu.

(since junior high mayu and yuki already seeing each other during lunch and any other time
they are both free and secretly meeting each other, they are secretly bestfriends, yuki dont
want others to know that she adore mayu so much because she know many will become jealous and might bully mayu)

Go go Mayu.......
Fight for your love....!!!
You don't have be afraid even though you must face all those bullies....... :cow:

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Re: A seashell love
« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2012, 04:28:21 PM »
O.o Mayuki~~ XD
Somehow the starting reminds me of Candy Boy~!!
Didn't watch the whole thing though, only the start :nervous

Thanks for the Update! :)
Please Update Soon :bow:

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Re: A seashell love
« Reply #3 on: January 27, 2012, 07:32:49 PM »
Oh it's like kannazuki no miko and I like it!!!!!!

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Re: A seashell love
« Reply #4 on: January 27, 2012, 11:12:46 PM »
yeah! Kannazuki no Miko AKB ver~!!!

Please update soon~

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Re: A seashell love
« Reply #5 on: January 28, 2012, 04:58:00 AM »
Kannazuki no Miko + AKB.. I see what you did there ;D

LOL good job! please continue~! (O w O)v

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Re: A seashell love
« Reply #6 on: January 28, 2012, 05:35:03 AM »
yeah  actually it was really patterned to kannazuki no miko but I decided to change some parts of the story..
to be more beautiful!!!!
I will update as soon as I formulate the story...

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Re: A Seashell Love Update Chapter 2
« Reply #7 on: January 28, 2012, 12:10:25 PM »
chapter 2
Chapter 2
Mayu still running
mayu: Im gonna miss the bus if I don't hurry up!
mayu at the bus stop running after a bus.
mayu: bus wait don't leave me
ohhh I miss it!
(Jun came riding a motorcycle stops in front of mayu takes off his helmet)
Jun: Watanabe is something wrong?
mayu: jun its you(dont have emotions)
jun offered mayu a ride and in the middle of the ride)
mayu: you see I had my mind set having some shopping in town( she will buy yuki"s birhday gift)
I i runned late and miss the bus
by the time the next bus came all stores will be closed!
jun: dont worry youll make it you see!
mayu: thanks jun! sorry about this
Its not a problem dont worry about it!
(they are driving during a beautiful sunset)
(jun having a flashback)
jun: I still remember that day when we have it out to the ocean
( jun and mayu both 7y/o riding  a bicycle jun is the driver and
during the sunset just like their position now)
we wondered so many hills on that bike paddling against nthe strong wind
I thought if I could make watanabe smile again like that Id be willing to go tho the moon
thats how I felt and and I still the same way until now
(end of flash back)

(at kashiwagi palace yuki is trying dressess for her birthday party with her servant sae)
yuki: this might be fine but the color is too bright makes me look childish
sae:then we have a mermaid line up too would you like to try it on?\
yuki: sure
(sae undresses yuki exposing her undergarments)
sae: but this is rare
yuki: rare?
sae:you usually leave dresses to me
Ive never seen mistress stress over a dress before
yuki: I guess youre right
(yuki goes to the large glass window)
tommorrow is a different party from the other ones
just thing about tommorrows party I cant stop this heart ache.
sae: mistress
yuki: a really special day

( mayu in her room on the study table looking at her pictures with yuki)
Mayu: yuki chan( while looking at her collection of yukis pictures)
beautiful, strongkind and fine yuki chan(stopped at their pictures yuki hugging her from behind
mayu totally blushing in the picture) Im really glad  that i met , that i became friends with you
(mayu blushed laughs alone then closed the album) 
ohh,( gets her gift for yukis birthday tommorrow)
I hope yuki-cahn likes it
Morning came, morning of yuki and mayu's birthday
there was a total solar eclipse was covered in a total darkness
(at mayus dorm mayu and yuko looking at the sky by the window)
yuko: whats this a solar eclipse?
there wasnt any news about that is thre?
(kashiwagi palace at the terrace yuki and sae also looking at the sky)
sae: mistress what could this be?
jun at their garden looking at the sun had demon speaking to his head!
voice: the time has come all orochis in this world(orochi-dragion in archaic japanese)
by my law of cause and effect by the bit of my black flute RISE! DESTROY! THE SOLAR PRIESTESS
after that voice
souma: ahhhhhhhhhhh( holding his head then faints)
shinoda:  jun! hold yourself
(gets him up)
(jun having dark red eyes like possess)
jun: kill the priestessess!
(gets up release a dark aura and teleports!
shinoda: How terrible!
whoever thought i would come true like this!
( a top ao the hill was pierced it flew over the city, all the people take a look at it with a shocked faces)
( at mayus dorm)
yuko: it looks bad!
lets run mayu!
came on!
( at kashiwagi palace)
(yuki look like she remember something suddnly run!)
sae: where are you headed mistress!
(at the top of the pierced top of the hill there is a sword at the stone having a inscribed "fire dragon" in the handle this is where jun ha d teleported
he holds the sword and removed it from the stone the top of the hill were halved exposin a dragon inside it it came out of the stone roaring the pieces of the
top of the hill goes to the city having like a stone rain destroying many now jun is inside the dragon controlling it using the sword A  sign now appears in juns head "fire orochi" it says )
the dragon caused panic everywhere includin mayus drom now yuko and mayu is the the middle of great people at the dormstairase wanted to godown then suddenly yuko remembered in side the dorm she forgot yukis present now goin back to the dorm)
yuko: mayu no!
( yuko wants to stop mayu but suddenly a girl lose her balance and fall  it was kojima haruna yuko helped her to go down and yuko just pray will be okay)
mayu: yuki chan presnt!
(yuki rode her favoriete horse[she was like a night] going to mayu's dorm she was worried about mayu)
(the dragon also headed to mayus dorm)
(now mayu is in her dorm again )
mayu:it is there
yuki:( in front of the dorm building)mayu run awy!
(too late when she heard the voice she was already captured by the hand of the dragon!)
(yuki stopped the horse)
yuki: how dare you!( at the dragon) put himeko down !
(the dragon almost crunched mayu's body with his hand!)
(yuki shoots the dragon hand)
yuki: HIMEKO!!
(The dragon stopped shieding the arrows when jun the controller of the dragon heard the word himeko, yuki kep t shooting on the dragon hand  it took 10 arrows to make the dragon hand free mayu's hand)
( now mayu is falling from a height of 100 ft. yuki like a knight catch mayu and now holding her like a bride!)
now both fall yuki-secured mayu now mayu on top of her then she felt something on her head talking!
now on yukis head(awken said the vioce  , an image of her and mayu in kimono facing each other, then she saw a gate on the moon voice: day and night in the human world girls who shine universally (now her image with mayu again in kimono holdin and hugging each other havin a magical cord that keep them together in hand voice: priestesses of sun and moon! then she saw a phoenix! then her image kneeling full of blood in her body holdin a sword, while this happens yuki didint know that mayu also seen what she saw in her mind and body marks on their body a sun on mayu's chest and a moon on yukis back below the neck had shined very brightly making souma scream and gets off his dragon)
after that , yukis back on her senses seeing mayu still not awake and had terrible body damage)
yuki: mayu, pull yourself together, mayu!
(yuki put her head on mayus chest for her heart beat it is beating but slow)
yuki: im sorry(teared mayus blouse exposing her undergarment)yuki blushed holds on of mayus breasts for a while then pushes her chest for a cpr note(no mouth-to-mouth)then mayu coughed
yuki: oh mayu!
(then she noticed that jun is going to their direction, holding his sword, yuki gets up also get her sword, and fight jun,)
YUki: jun, fight, fight with the demon inside you dont you recognize me?, mayu? shes your friend right?
then when yuki beats him he get back to his senses.
jun: what happened to mayu?
yuki:lets talk later theres another dragon coming!
jun : i will fight that pls thake care of mayu!
yuki: i will
( yuki knows mayu need medical attention he held her with her arms then mayu spoke her eyes closed too weak to open tit)
mayu: yuki? is that you?
yuki stared at mayu full of pasion, held mayu's head making their heads nearer, now yuki's lips is half-a inch far to mayu she said
yuki: happy birthday mayu
(then kissed her at lips gently mayu suddenly opens her eyes very shocked at what happened! )
yuki's pov
youre lips are very sweet
I loved you since the day that we met,
I know that you only looked at me as a friend
and I hope you will not be angry of me beacuse of these)
mayu's pov
WHAT??yuki kissed me, impossible
but i can taste her lips now its very sweet!
(they continued while jun defeated the other dragon that destroyed the city)
jun:from now on I will protest Mayu!!!!

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Re: A Seashell Love Update Chapter 2
« Reply #8 on: January 28, 2012, 05:05:52 PM »
Yay!!! Kiss!!!!!
There is a scene which broke my heart in kannazuki no miko I wonder if you will put it

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Re: A Seashell Love Update Chapter 2
« Reply #9 on: January 29, 2012, 12:07:08 AM »
YAY you update~!!

at MaYuki scene~

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