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Author Topic: Dropbox: Get 500MB of Free Space for Every 500MB of Photos/Videos u Auto Upload  (Read 1451 times)

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did you see this? Go here for the new build:

Quote from: Red Flag Deals
Here's a great freebie from Roll in the Freebies Forum: Dropbox is testing out their new automatic photo/video upload feature, and while it's in beta, you can get up to 5GB of free space added to your account simply by giving it a whirl.

 To get the free bonus, you will need to download the latest build of Dropbox here (available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linus xB6 and Linus xB6_64). After installing, connect your camera or phone to your computer and the importer should auto-run. Select the Dropbox importer, and your files will be imported to your Dropbox folder.

 You'll receive a 500MB space bonus for your first import (any size), and then an extra 500MB storage bonus for every 500MB of photos/videos you upload thereafter (up to 4.5GB total).

 If you count the 500MB bonus from your first import, you can get up to 5GB of additional storage for free! Since this feature is still in beta, they suggest that you backup your Dropbox files before upgrading to the build. Make sure you read through the notes before trying this out.

Holler if you use it and it works! I'm a try it now but gotta comfess I never used dropbox much - just seen dinny, mal and Amp drop links once in a while, but hey! add me

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This works. Was posted and tested in hwz. Singapore chitchat forums haha

Edit: gave up after trying for Almost an hour. .
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