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Author Topic: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ !!RETIREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT!! [4/16]  (Read 107155 times)

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE AGP's School (Chapter 11) [5/6]
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Your stories were awesome

Seriously - AWESOME

You are so cool .... :3  :twothumbs
WMatsui lover ....JURINA & RENA

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE AGP's School (Chapter 11) [5/6]
« Reply #161 on: May 20, 2012, 02:56:35 AM »
I am so sorry everyone for not update for so flipping long,
really, I am sorry. I apologize.

It's just it's exams soon for me and I have been having a hard time catching up,
not to mention I've been in an incredible bad mood lately.
Maybe it's pre-exam stress overload, I dunno.
But yeah, there's my reason for not updating for so long.

Anyway, here's an update to make up for it.
I hope you guys like it.
And there will be another update to come later tonight.
It's only 1pm here so I still have time to do an update on AGP, hopefully~

So yeah, enjoy~


The rain seemed to be pouring forever. There was no sign that it was going to stop any time soon. Jurina thought about climbing up to the rooftops and escape the guards like that. It was a good idea, probably the best she could think of, but it was an impossible idea. Without the rain making the wall slippery, then perhaps, Jurina could’ve done it. “Argh…” Jurina held her wounded shoulder with her hand as the pain increased with each pounding step. The girl no longer remembers how long she has been running for, but it must have been quite long since there wasn’t many guards behind her now. She had proven that she had a higher stamina than many of the soldiers. ’Just why can’t these guards give up already!? Why bother to chase someone like me... Argh...’

After running around the city in circles and losing the majority of the guards, Jurina turned into one of the old abandoned houses in the very edge of the city and threw herself on the floor as she tried to catch her breath. For now, she has lost the guards. Even though it was thundering outside, Jurina could still hear the sounds of running guards around her. She threw back her trenched hood and slowly, she released her grip on her own shoulder and observed the bright red cut across her shoulder. It wasn’t a long cut, but it was quite deep. Having never been in a situation like this before, Jurina didn’t know what to do with her wound. The only thing that she knew right now was that she could hardly feel the pain from her wound anymore. The rain has successfully numbed her shoulder.

Jurina froze when two soldiers stopped under the shelter outside the house she was hiding in. “Why do we even need to chase this person in this weather! It’s just a thief! Why can’t we just let him go!?” One of the soldiers complained as he leaned against the opposite side of the very same wall Jurina was leaning against. “It’s not every day you can see someone knock down Captain Sakiko like she’s nothing. Maybe that’s why the emperor especially requested us to chase this man down,” the other soldier suggested. In reply, the complaining soldiers only frowned and mumbled something Jurina couldn’t hear.

Suddenly, hearing a soft scattering sound, Jurina turned around. The girl screamed when she saw a rat running towards her. Then she clamped her mouth shut, remembering that she wasn’t alone. She whipped around and saw the two soldiers staring right at her, surprise on their face. Without warning, the soldiers charged into the house as Jurina turned around and bounded up the worn out stairs that threatened to break under her and the heavy, pounding steps of the guard that was chasing her.

“Come out, thief. Make our job easier and we will treat you better,” one of the soldiers spoke up as he kicked each door open, checking for any sign of Jurina. “You have nowhere to go, there is only one way out of this house, and my partner is already there to make sure you won’t get past.” Jurina held her breathe as that soldier kicked open the door of the room she was hiding in.

Out of the small gap between the doors of the wardrobe Jurina was hiding in, she watched in horror as the soldier opened every cabinet and cupboard that he could see. ’Why did I even hide here? In a place where there is only one way out. That is so stupid!’ Jurina thought to herself as the soldier edged closer to her hiding spot. Before Jurina could figure out what to do, a pair of eyes stared right into her through the doors. Jurina’s eyes widened.



“Let me go! LET! ME! GO!” Jurina yelled as she kicked her unbounded leg around. Her leg successfully caught one of the two soldiers holding her. The man gasped in pain and cursed her as he backed away further enough to escape Jurina’s kicks but close enough to keep her under watch.

“I wouldn’t struggle if I were you. The knots we get trained to tie are ones that tightened even more if you struggle against it. You will only hurt yourself,” a casually dressed female made her way to the soldiers who was holding onto Jurina. As the new comer got closer, Jurina could see something like a bandage behind the back of the female’s neck.

The soldiers gave a small bow, “Captain Sakiko.”

Sakiko held up her hand, “It’s just Sakiko. I’m off duty right now.” Then the female captain turned her attention to Jurina. She looked at cut on Jurina’s shoulder for a few seconds, then she looked up and stared right into Jurina’s eyes. Sakiko smiled, “That’s what you get for hurting me.” The captain waved the soldiers forward, “Emperor Togasaki wishes to see the kid.” The soldiers looked at each other, then nodded at the captain and gave her the rope that was linked to Jurina’s tied up hands before doing another small bow before walking away.

When the two soldiers left, the female captain turned Jurina around and untied the knot on her hands. Jurina stared at the captain who she had previously knocked out as she unbound her hands. “Why release me? Are you not afraid that I will knock you out again and run away?” Jurina asked as she flexed her freed hands and rubbed her sore wrists where the rope had left a burn mark when the soldiers pulled her too hard.

“You wouldn’t survive a minute the moment you run from my sight. Not everyone here is as nice as me. Of course, unless it’s the princesses you run into. They’re pretty nice,” Sakiko chuckled as she coiled the ropes up. “Plus, I would never let you knock me out again. You succeeded before because I underestimated you.” When she was done, she turned around and started making her way down the hallway. “Hurry up, the emperor seeks an audience with you,” the captain said as she walked off.

This was the perfect chance to run away really. Jurina could’ve knocked the captain out again and using her as a shield, Jurina could’ve escape from the imperial palace without one more scratch on her. However, for some reason, Jurina found herself following the captain instead. Jurina didn’t understand why her inner mind was telling her to follow the captain, maybe it was because Jurina was curious at why the emperor wanted to see her. Or maybe it was just because Jurina was feeling too worn out from the long chase previously that she can no longer bring her legs to run again.

Jurina stared at the door in front of her when the captain came to a stop. Sakiko knocked on the door. A moment later, the door slid open silently, revealing a large room with soldiers standing on guard along the middle path. A large man was sitting in the back of the room with his legs crossed and was stroking the katana that was laid on his leg. There were two guards standing on either side of him, their hands rested on the hilt of their swords as they eyed Jurina suspiciously. Seeing the way the guards were standing in a protective manner beside the man, Jurina assumed that the man was the emperor.

“My lord,” Sakiko stepped into the room and bowed at the man sitting down. The emperor looked up at Sakiko. “Matsui! Have you already recovered from the knock down?”

The female captain bowed again, “I have, my lord. Thank you for your concern.”

“Your recovery was much faster than the healers said. As expected of from one of my best captains,” Togasaki laughed as he set aside his katana. “So,” the emperor clapped his hands together, “what brings you here, Matsui?”

“I have brought you the person you seek.”

“Oh?” The emperor raised an eyebrow, “The boy who tried to steal from my garden? Already?” Sakiko nodded.He nodded, “Very well, bring him in.”

Sakiko turned around and looked at Jurina, beckoning for her to come inside with her hand. Jurina stepped inside and looked around. She had never been in the imperial palace before, let alone the room of the emperor. Jurina’s eyes widened as she took in the beauty of the emperor’s room. From his bright armor in the corner to the katanas placed on the stand, from the hanging paintings on the wall to the neatly stacked scrolls on the tray in front of him. Everything in his room was more than perfect in Jurina’s eyes. It was exactly as perfect as she had always imaged an emperor’s room to look like. Jurina stared as something caught her eyes on one side of the emperor’s room.

Togasaki chuckled when he saw Jurina stare at his favourite katanas. The emperor stood up from his spot, his guards stepped forward in order to keep him protected but he just held up his hand and ordered them to stay. Togasaki walked over to his katanas and picked up the first one, “This is my favourite.” Jurina watched as the man unsheathed the katana and rolled the katana in his palm. Jurina watched the light occasionally reflects of the pure silver blade. And suddenly, the emperor whipped around and held the shining blade against Jurina’s throat. The room gasped at the sudden action of the emperor while Jurina just stood there as if nothing happened. “You afraid of death, my child?” Togasaki asked as he observed Jurina’s expression.

Jurina won’t deny the fact that she was surprised too, at the emperor’s sudden move. But even with the cold metal pressed up against her throat, threatening to break the skin under, Jurina felt no fear for unknown reasons. There was only one thing that was boiling inside her blood: Excitement. ’Am I?’ Jurina asked herself as she thought over the emperor’s question in her mind. Was she afraid of death? Jurina wasn’t sure herself. She felt nothing towards the word death but hate. It was that very same word that took away her father. And it was the very same word that is threatening to take away her mother too. That feeling of the possibility of death, that feeling of feeling death but is not dying, that feeling? That feeling excited Jurina. Reaching a conclusion with her thoughts, shocking everyone in the room, including the emperor, Jurina shook her head.

Togasaki laughed and pressed the blade harder against Jurina’s throat. A trickle of red slid down the blade. “You are a strange child indeed. I have not met a single man in my entire life that does not shake when it is I, who is holding a weapon against them.” Slowly, he retrieved his katana and after wiping the blood on the shirt of one of the guards standing by, he sheathed the weapon and placed it slowly back onto the stand.

The excitement still lingered in Jurina’s mind when the contact between the metal and her skin broke. The corner of her lips curled upward at the emperor’s not-so-obvious compliment and when the emperor faced her again, she threw back her hood, not fearing the emperor any longer. “That’s because I’m not a man,” Jurina spoke as she wiped the blood on the small cut on her neck with her hood. She couldn’t help but grin when she saw everyone stare at her in surprise as they register Jurina’s true identity in their mind, ’So even the emperor is not an all-knowing after all...’

When the man recovered from his shock, Togasaki laughed again. “A girl! And such a young and beautiful girl as well!” He chuckled as he cupped Jurina’s chin. Jurina tensed and frowned at the sudden unwelcomed contact but did not pull away as she did not want to anger the emperor in anyway. She might not fear death, but that doesn’t mean she wants to die. “What is your name?” Togasaki asked as he looked closely at Jurina’s face. The more he looked at her, the more familiar the face of Jurina looks. Yet Togasaki could not remember what it was that was so familiar about her since, obviously, the emperor had never seen the girl before.

“Jurina. Matsui Jurina,” Jurina replied, confidence clear in her voice. Jurina could have sworn she heard a few surprised gasps someone around the room, but the sound was so small that Jurina wasn’t sure whether or not she misheard it. Jurina decided that she had just misheard the sound after thinking for a while since there was no reason for anyone to gasp at her name. Or at least none that Jurina knew of.

The emperor raised an eyebrow at the response, but the action was so brief Jurina once again became confused at whether or not this was her imagination. While she was thinking about that, his face had already changed and was now staring at Jurina with an amused face. “Another Matsui? The Matsuis’ sure are making their mark in this world right now. Say, Matsui Jurina, are you by any chance a relative of our captain Matsui?” Togasaki asked as he pulled his hand back from Jurina’s face and pointed at Sakiko who was standing a few feet away from Jurina, surprised yet again at Jurina’s reply to the emperor’s previous question.

“The only other family member I have is my mother who is sick in bed,” Jurina frowned as she thought back to her mother, sick in bed and then to the horrifying memory of her father dying in front of her. Jurina shut her eyes as if to shut out her disturbing thoughts. “I only met the fair captain today.”

“Ah, yes. When you knocked her down,” he chuckled as he returned to his seat at the back of the room, following closely behind, the female captain. Jurina followed. Once the emperor settled, he waved his arm and dismissed the others in the room. Everyone hesitated at first, but when the emperor mentioned for Sakiko to stay behind, everyone left without a word. “You two leave as well,” Togasaki said to the two men standing behind him. They were about to say something back when he held up his hand and stopped them, “I have Matsui. She is more than capable of defending me when the need arises.” Knowing the reliability of the female captain, the two guards nodded, bowed, and disappeared through the door, closing it behind them.

“So, you are a Matsui,” the man stated the obvious. Jurina nodded. “You have a father?” He asked.

Jurina stared at the emperor, wondering if that was a trick question. Does she have a father? Of course she has a father. Or at least she HAD one. Why was the emperor asking a question like this? Did he spend so long catching her just to ask her if she had a father? The emperor cleared his throat, indicating his impatience. “Everyone has a father. You do, the captain does, the guards does. Everyone does. I am no different,” Jurina answered, trying to keep the pain caused by the topic of this conversation away from her mind.

“Of course you do,” Togasaki chuckled Jurina’s words. It was so rare to hear someone talk to him without addressing him properly. Yet, surprisingly, he didn’t find it at all offending like he usually would. Perhaps it was because he was in a good mood. Or perhaps it was because Jurina reminded him of another Matsui that used to work under him. “Your father’s name, what is it?” he asked again, feeling curious about this familiarity between Jurina and the previous Matsui that he know.

“My father’s name was Yuusuke. Matsui Yuusuke,” Jurina hissed between her teeth as she felt anger boil up inside her at the emperor pricking at her emotional scar unknowingly.

Togasaki blinked. It WAS the same Matsui after all. ‘So he have already married and have a child so beautiful yet dangerous?’ The emperor thought to himself. “Was?” He raised an eyebrow at the word.

The anger inside Jurina burst. No longer did she care whether or not the man in front of her is an emperor. She shouted at him nonetheless, “YES! WAS! MY FATHER IS DEAD! AND MY MOTHER WOULD BE SOON IF I DON’T GO HOME! WHY ARE YOU ASKING THIS ANYWAY!? DID YOU GET YOUR MEN TO CHASE ME FOR SO LONG JUST SO THAT YOU CAN ASK ABOUT MY FATHER!? IS THIS YOUR WAY OF WASTING MY TIME!? YOU MIGHT HAVE A LOT OF TIME TO WASTE, BUT I DON’T!” Jurina pointed at the emperor with her finger as the last words left her lips. Her other hand clenched into a shaking fist as she tried to gain control over herself.

Sakiko jumped at Jurina’s disrespecting outburst at the emperor and tried to clamped her hand over the girl’s mouth but Togasaki stopped her. “I am truly sorry for your loss. Your father was a great and loyal man,” he said as he recalled the good memories he had of the man.

“You don’t even know my father,” Jurina frowned.

“Oh I do, my dear. I do. He was much more closer to me than you think, girl.” The room echoed with his short and deep laugh. It troubled Togasaki slightly, at the fact that Jurina’s father never told her of the work he did for him. It made him think that the man was never proud to work for him and that, annoyed him. The man should’ve thought it an honor to fight side by side with him. But Togasaki couldn’t blame him, after all, he did remove the man from his position of power to a lowly farmer after the man spoke up against him in a meeting, disagreeing with his idea.

“However, we are indeed getting off topic now and we shouldn’t be since your mother needs you right?” Togasaki stated as he steered the conversation back into the right direction. “You are pretty brave to steal from me. Not much people have the nerves to do that. Are you not afraid that I will kill you?”

Jurina relaxed slightly at the change of topic, yet the frown was still on her face at the forgotten fact that her mother and Airi was still waiting back home. “If you wanted to kill me, you would’ve done so before and wouldn’t waste so many peoples’ time to chase me down.”

“Indeed. I could have. But I didn’t want to because you are special, my girl. You,” he pointed at her, “managed to knocked down one of our best fighters in the army and that is all the reason that is needed to keep you alive.”

“I only did what I needed to do in order to survive.”

“Why didn’t you kill her then? In fact, why didn’t you kill all the men that were chasing you before? If you did, you would have never been caught,” the emperor asked.

Sakiko frowned at the tone of Togasaki’s voice. The way that tone sounded, it was almost as if he cared nothing of the lives of her men and herself. Although Sakiko is used to the horrible man treating everyone like that, she still couldn’t help but be annoyed at the emperor’s attitude every time. It annoyed her to no end. But, she had a job to do and until the end of that job, she knows she has to endure all of this. Otherwise, all those work and effort put into this job so many years ago, it will go all into waste.

“Because death was never part of my intention of stepping a foot on your land. I am only after what I need and I took only what I need, nothing more, nothing less,” Jurina stated as she untied her money bag from her belt and showed the emperor scarce amount of grass in it.

Togasaki stared at the grass for a while then rubbed his chin and chuckled again, “Why, you truly are a strange kid. I like it. I like your attitude. It is not normal for someone to not fear death and have such amazing fighting skills. Tell me,” The man leaned forward, “Did your father teach you to fight?”

Jurina frowned again at the mention of his father, but this time, she only felt her anger bubble and didn’t burst, “No. My father died many years ago. We taught ourselves to fight. Fighting only requires experience.”


“Me and my friend.”

“Ah~ Well, seeing that you are stealing, am I right to assume that you are in need of money?”

Jurina looked at the emperor. Was this another trick question? Jurina debated in her head for a moment, trying to decide whether she should tell the emperor that she was in need of money or whether she should just say no. A conclusion was reached when her desperate side took over. Perhaps telling the emperor will mean that he will help her family? Jurina nodded in reply to the emperor’s question.

Togasaki nodded then surprising Jurina but not Sakiko, he gave an offer to Jurina. “In that case, would you like to do a job for me, my dear?” Seeing Jurina’s hesitation, he continued, not wanting to lose this perfect chance of gaining an advantage over his opponent, “Since you can fight so well, would you like to get paid to fight?”

Jurina’s eyes widened at the offer. She wasn’t stupid. She knew what this offer meant, yet she couldn’t be sure if that was what he was implying. “Are you asking me to be a hired blade?” Jurina asked.

“Asking you to be a hired blade? No, of course not. I’m just asking you to be a problem solver for me. A problem solver that solves things physically,” he gave Jurina a smile that send chill up her spine.

Jurina didn’t know whether or not it was a good idea to accept the emperor’s offer. But she knew she was desperate for money. Her whole family was. Jurina wanted to accept it, but she knew after she accepted the offer, there will be no turning back and Jurina wasn’t sure if she was to have her future set on such a path. “I need time to think about it,” Jurina replied as she decided that she was going to ask Airi about this. Airi always comes up with the best solutions.

“Of course,” Togasaki smiled. He waved the captain over who quickly stood by the emperor’s side, leaving Jurina alone, still lost in her own thoughts. “Matsui, give her a sack of rice and a bottle of the potions that the healers made from the dragon fruit,” he whispered only to the captain.

“But, the potion is for y-“ Sakiko was cut off by the emperor.

“But the girl’s mother needs it. And I need the girl. Just go do it,” he commanded.

Sakiko bowed and existed the room and quickly looked for any idle servants, “As you wish, my lord.” It didn’t take long and only after a short moment, Sakiko returned to the room and laid the items next to Jurina who stared at her, confused.

“For you from the emperor, you are free to go,” Sakiko said as she stepped back from the items. Jurina turned to look at the emperor.

“Take these, I know you need them. I will be waiting for your reply back in this room. Come see me when you have decided.” Jurina nodded.

“By the way,” Togasaki’s words stopped Jurina’s movement, “Are you not curious at your father’s relationship with me?” Throughout the whole conversation, Jurina had not questioned the emperor about her father once. It sparked up Togasaki’s interest. It wasn’t exactly normal for a girl whose father died early to not question about her father when someone tells her they know their father and have a close relationship with him.

“If you and my father was close, he didn’t tell me. And what he don’t tell me, he don’t tell me for a reason. If I needed to know, he would’ve told me. If he didn’t, that probably means I don’t need to know.”

Togasaki nodded at the mature answer and dimissed Jurina, “Very well, you may go now. Give my greetings to your mother.”  Then he turned back to admiring the katana that he had placed aside at Jurina’s appearance.


How was it? Was it okay?
I hope it is, because this was suppose to make up for not updating for so long.

Anyway, I'm going to get my head working on the next chapter for AGP~
So, please look forward to it!
And once again, I am so sorry for not updating for so long.
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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 3) [5/20]
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t h i s   i s   i t ! ! ! !
   :on gay: :luvluv1: woooooooohhhhh!!!!! :luvluv1: :on gay:
 I will convert this in document in my phone since I am grounded
 side story.....
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 and taran!!!! :mon beam:  I am here.....ahahahaha well it's only 30 mins. so that's it
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 end of the side story.....
 takecare always!!!! by the way I will read you The Perfect Bodyguard [Ongoing]
  :hehehe: I am so curious about the pairing 
[wish it's mariharu :wriggly: ]
 yeah!  :guitar: :rockon: :guitar: that's all!!!! wooooohhh!!!!


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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 3) [5/20]
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 :onioncheer: gogo triple matsui.. all the matsui are the strongest..
like the story and now wondering which side Jurina will choose..

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 3) [5/20]
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Hum that emperor is really suspicious. Jurina is so cool! My favorite part is the one where she said that she is a girl ^^

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 3) [5/20]
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 :twothumbs Awesome!

ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 3) [5/20]
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Whoa this chapter was excellent  :mon star:
I love the part when everyone being surprised after they discover that Jurina is a girl     :wahaha:
TPB turn into my N:1° in my little list of fanfics that I'm reading, I'm loving the direction this history is taking  :luvluv1:
good work Ohayou-san I'll be waiting for the next updates   :mon pray2:
and good luck with your exams ^^

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Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ I Like Nightmares (KumiNon) [5/27]
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Sneaking out of the house to the computer shop!?
That's bad, flameeyes-san~
You shouldn't do things like that!
Bad flameeyes-san! xD

And about TPB pairing~
Give it one or two more chapters~
They will be revealed soon.


Hehehe~ I'm glad you liked it.
And TPB t-turned i-i-into Juribait-san's n-number 1?

Sorry for not updating for so long, as usual.
This new school is much less free than I expected...
Especially during exam periods....

Anyway, this is not an update for AGP...
I'm stuck on writing the chapter since it's focused on a pairing I don't usually write about.
But then maybe it's just because my mind is too focused on exam...
Stress turns my mind upside down after all...

So yeah, to make up for it,
since I think I said I was going to do a double update last week,
I wrote a very short OS just to make sure you guys know I'm still alive.
After exam, the update will definitely be AGP. (Hopefully)
And... yeah...

I Like Nightmares [KumiNon]

Kumi jumped when she heard a soft scream come from the other side of the room. Having being pulled out of her own dream world, Kumi sat up from her bed and looked across the dark hotel room to the dark shadow that was also sitting up from the other bed. A soft sniffing sound reached Kumi’s ears.

“Non-chan? Are you okay?” Kumi asked while she tried to search through the dark shadows with her eyes. Hearing no response from the young girl, Kumi slowly reached over the bedside table and flipped on the dim lights. Instantly, the room was filled with a soft glow.

Looking over at Kanon who was now visible, Kumi saw the girl shaking. Concern immediately flooded Kumi’s mind. She slipped out of bed, wrapped around herself the jacket she laid on the side of her bed and made her way to Kanon’s side. “Non-chan? What’s wrong?” Kumi asked as she sat on the edge of Kanon’s bed and pulled the covers up to cover the girl’s thinly dressed body, not wanting the girl to catch a cold.

“Non-chan, what’s wrong? Did something happen?” Kumi asked again when she saw tears around the brim of Kanon’s red eyes. It was clear the young girl was crying, as much as she was trying to hold it in.

Finally realizing Kumi was by her side, Kanon threw herself onto Kumi, hugging her tightly as she let the water drops roll down from her eyes. “I saw these weird shadows, they were going to take me away, and then you wanted to help me but they took you away too. It was so real... It was so real!” Kanon cried into Kumi’s shoulder, soaking the girl’s jacket wet.

Kumi smiled gently and patted the girl’s back, “It’s okay, Non-chan. It was just a bad dream. I’m still here aren’t I? There’s no shadow here.”

“But it was so real...” Kanon cried again.

Kumi pulled away from the hug and softly wiped the tears from Kanon’s face. “But it was just a dream,” Kumi repeated. “I’m here now, don’t worry, everything is fine,” Kumi whispered as she gently lowered Kanon back onto the bed and pulled the blankets over to cover the girl’s shoulders tightly. “Go back to sleep now, we still have work tomorrow,” Kumi said as she gave the girl a small kiss on the forehead and slipped back into her own bed, closing her eyes immediately as the tiredness of today’s work overwhelmed her senses again. Then remembering that the lights were still on, Kumi reached over and fumbled for the switch, wanting to turn off the lights but was too lazy to re-open her eyes.

Just before Kumi flipped off the switch, she felt her bed shifted and her eyes snapped open at the sudden invasion into her own warmth. “Non-chan! What are you doing? Go back to you bed and get some sleep,” Kumi said as she watched the youngling sit on the side of her bed, looking at her with those lovely puppy eyes that she adores.

“Please don’t turn off the lights, I... I’m scared to go back to sleep with the lights on...” Kanon mumbled as her arm tugged at Kumi’s, begging her to pull back her hand from the switch.

Kumi sighed and looked away from Kanon’s eyes, knowing that if she looked even for one more second, she would give in. “But I can’t sleep if the lights are on.”

Kanon looked down, “Oh... Well... I don’t want Kuumin to not sleep well....” The girl pulled back her hand, knowing that there was no way she would be able to sleep in the light tonight. Suddenly, the old idea crossed her mind again and instantly, her eyes shone.

Kumi looked at the girl and saw Kanon smiling at her. “Non-chan?” Kumi called, surprised at the sudden change on Kanon’s face. The change was so quick that Kumi was almost sure that it was just her tired eyes playing tricks on her. But of course, that was not the case.

“I can sleep with the lights off, I guess... If only,” Kanon grinned at the words she was about to say, “If only I have a teddy bear.”

A confused look spread across Kumi’s face. “B-But I don’t have a teddy bear...” She mumbled to herself as she thought over Kanon’s words. Kumi can never sleep with the lights on, unless she is so tired that she fell asleep without turning the lights off. But right now, she doesn’t have in her possession a teddy bear that she can give to the girl so that the girl will let her turn off the lights.

Frowning at the fact that Kumi didn’t understand what she was trying to say, Kanon climbed into the bed of one surprised Kumi and pulled the covers over herself. Before Kumi had the chance to react, Kanon slipped her arms around Kumi’s waist and held onto her while she whispered, “A teddy bear can be of any size, Kuumin.”

Upon hearing Kanon’s words, Kumi mentally facepalmed herself for not knowing what Kanon wanted before. This wasn’t the first time Kanon had a nightmare while they stayed over at the hotels. And every time will refuse to go back to bed unless she had someone to hug to sleep, which in this case now, was Kumi herself, again. Blaming her own tiredness for not remembering, Kumi shifted over slightly and gave Kanon more space. In a whisper, Kumi asked, “You could’ve just asked directly, Non-chan. You know I would never say no.” Kumi smiled when she felt Kanon’s arms around her tightened and the girl held her closer.

After letting Kanon settle comfortably in her bed, Kumi looked down and asked, “Can I turn off the lights now?” Kanon nodded and Kumi reached over and flicked the switch, allowing the darkness to wrap around them once again.

Just before Kumi’s mind drifted off, she heard a soft whisper, “I think I’m going to start liking nightmares now.” And the arms around her tightened as Kanon snuggled closer.

Kumi smiled and pulled the cover tighter around the two of them. ’I think I do too,’ Kumi thought to herself as she closed her eyes and drifted to sleep with the sound of Kanon’s calm breathing.

My first time writing on KumiNon....
How was it?
I love all these SKE pairings~
Perhaps I should start writing OS on these pairings~
But then... I suck at writing OS...
Anywayz, hoped you guys like it!

Now I shall stop procrastinating and study for my Japanese exam tomorrow!
*disappears from computer*

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ I Like Nightmares (KumiNon) [5/27]
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Kumi y kanon!
my ske couple favorite!!

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ I Like Nightmares (KumiNon) [5/27]
« Reply #169 on: May 27, 2012, 04:15:44 AM »
Kanon and Kumin~ :D

OMG those two are so adorable.. #aishiteraburureplayinginmyhead.

and Kanon is sooo cute!!! I also want to be your teddy bear!!  :cathappy:

please hug me, non~ :p

Sorry for lurking around in this thread and never commented before ohayou-san. :D
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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ I Like Nightmares (KumiNon) [5/27]
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I can't help it

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>>> Ohayou-san

I can't help it you know.... ahhahaha

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Just In case only hehehehe

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 :cat: well thanks for this story I Like Nightmares [KumiNon]!!!!! :cat:

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take care always and keep your good work  :thumbsup

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ I Like Nightmares (KumiNon) [5/27]
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kuminon <3

it's so sweet..

kuumin as kanon's teddy bear..ah~ cuteness overload..

i ship this pairing <3

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ I Like Nightmares (KumiNon) [5/27]
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KumiNon was so cute and adorable~~  :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff:

In TPB, is Captain Sakiko the cousin that Rena mentioned?  :mon huh:

Good luck with your exams~  :mon beam:
Also I added you to my circle in G+ and i already +1 your post for the grand prix~ Good luck~ Oha-chan~  :mon beam:
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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ I Like Nightmares (KumiNon) [5/27]
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Nonchan!! I can imagine how adorable Kanon when she asked Kuumin to become her teddy bear  :luvluv1: :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff: :luvluv1:

Thanks for writing this fic :twothumbs

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ I Like Nightmares (KumiNon) [5/27]
« Reply #174 on: June 02, 2012, 04:54:36 PM »
Hahahaha~ That song is growing on me~
I love it too much~ waaaaaay too much~

And gaaaah, if only Non was that tiny bit older~
Then I wouldn't feel like one too xD

And it's okay, bochang-san~
Whether bochang-san comments or not (ofc, it would be incredibly nice if bochang-san did)
as long as bochang-san enjoys what you read,
I'm happy (^^)

Good, you better not do it again, flameeyes-san~
It's bad, and if I find out you did it again,
I'll..... I'lll.....
Stop writing
hide in a hole and not come out until the end of humanity.

And btw, must I say, I love your use of emoticons~
I love seeing these monkeys and the onion guy (he's an onion right?) xD
Just love them.

A KumiNon shipper!

Captain Sakiko is Rena's cousin?
I dunno, *grin* you will have to read on and find out xD

And I seeeeeee you~
Thank you for the +1 meow~
And I too also added you on Gugutasu meooooooow~

And sure, I guess~
Oha-chan is good (^^)
Just don't accidentally call me oba-chan~
Considering the "h" key and the "b" key are right next to each other xD

Pwoper-san is welcome~
I'm glad you liked it~ (^^)

So tired and so happy at the same time!
Though next week would be horrifying, since we get our results back...
And I did miserably in my exams~ (except for Japanese and... and..... science?)
But yeah~

Anyway, it's an update!
I finally got an update done on AGP!
WOOHOO to myself meow!
It's 2:40am according to the time on my laptop,
and I'm still all hyper from the face that Imade Mai have a twitter account now.
Allow me to repeat, IMADE HAVE TWITTER NOW!

Anyhoo, here's the update~
Hoped you guys liked it~
Next update, TPB~


The ringing of the lunch bell snapped Airi back into reality, where she was supposed to listen to the teacher talk about the important test that was coming up next week. Lazily, Airi threw her books into her bag and made her way out of the door, not even noticing Rena staring after her.

Ever since this morning, after breakfast, Rena had already started to notice something wasn’t right with Airi. Though she haven’t quite figured out what exactly was wrong yet, but Rena kind of have an idea that it might have something to do with something that Airi wanted to say before while the two of them were standing outside the dining hall. During class the whole morning, Rena couldn’t focus in class, just like Airi. One minute she was worrying about Airi and the next minute she was worrying about her own stiff back which still had a small throbbing pain. Ignoring the back pain, Rena quickly packed her bags, avoided the big crowd that was surrounding Jurina and Akane and slipped out the door, following after Airi.

Airi took her time walking to the boarding facility, not worrying about the long line that will be lining up at the dining hall if she was late. She had much more things to worry about, for example, Rena. When she decided to tell Rena this morning about what happened yesterday, she was fully determined to get it over and done with. But when Kanako came and interrupted, Airi found that the confidence she had at that time to tell Rena was all lost. After breakfast, Airi spend the whole morning in class, spacing out, trying to think of the best way to apologize to Rena without her getting mad. But of course, as usual, Airi could never think of any good ways.

“Airin! Wait!” A voice shouted after her.

Airi’s eyes widened at the familiar tone of the voice and jumped when she felt a hand grab onto her shoulder, restricting her from moving any further. “Re-Re-Rena-san?” Airi looked at the girl who now had one hand on her knee and was bending over, trying to catch her breathe. “W-What are you doing here?” Airi asked.

Rena stood back up when she felt like she could finally breathe a little again. Running was still after all, one of the things that Rena was the worst at. “Are you okay, Airin?” Rena asked as she looked at Airi.

“Huh? What do you mean am I okay? Shouldn’t I be asking you that? Why did Rena-san run after me?” Airi asked, confused at the question being asked. Why would Rena ask her if she was okay when Rena was the one who just ran from the class to catch up to her and was now still trying to breathe normally again?

Rena placed her other hand on Airi’s other shoulder and turned the girl around to fully face her. Airi froze at the sudden extra contact and her mind immediately tuned into the two hands that was firmly holding onto her shoulders. “You know what I meant, Airin,” Rena sighed, “I saw you in class today, everyone did, you have been spacing out during class the whole time. What’s wrong? Although I’ve only been in this school for a few days, I see that you are always listening to the teacher closely during class and you never lose focus during class. You didn’t even realized the teacher asked you a question until I poked you with my pen.”

Finally understanding why Rena was here, Airi couldn’t help but mentally slap herself. Was this thing troubling her so much during class that even Rena, who was new to the class, could tell that something wasn’t right? “Rena-san... I...” Airi’s determined mind to apologize to Rena blanked out as Rena’s concerned eyes looked at her, waiting patiently for her to continue. The words were stuck in Airi’s throat. Seeing how Rena was so concerned about her made Airi felt million times worse. At the same time too, Airi didn’t want Rena to stop caring about her after she tells her what she did. So doing the simplest thing, Airi shook her head and tried her best to force out a smile, “N-Nevermind! I’m fine. Just a bit tired, that’s all.”

Rena’s grip on Airi’s shoulders refused to let go when Airi wanted to turn away. Rena looked pleadingly into the girl’s eyes and said, “Airin, maybe it’s because I’m new here and isn’t that close to you yet and maybe that’s why you don’t trust me enough yet, I don’t know. But what I do know, Airin, is that I know something is wrong. It doesn’t matter if you don’t tell me what is wrong, but can you at least tell me if something IS wrong?”

Airi quickly shifted her attention to objects behind Rena, looking everywhere but Rena’s eyes. “I trust you, Rena-san! It’s not like that! It’s just... Nothing is wrong! Really! I’m fine!” Airi waved her arms around, trying to emphasize her point.

“Airin,” Rena called, stopping all movements of the girls with a single word. Seeing that Airi once again have her attention to her only, Rena continued, “Can you really look at me in my eyes and tell me that nothing is wrong?”

The lies refused to come out, as she stared at Rena. She wanted to tell Rena what was troubling her, really, she does. But Airi is so scared of what will happen afterwards that she just want to lie to Rena and tell her everything is fine. Even though Airi felt like it wasn’t right to make Rena worry like that, she couldn’t afford to lose Rena, someone who could make her heart jump out of her chest every time just by calling her name.

“I just want to help, Airin. That's all,” Rena whispered as she slowly dropped her arms back to her side and backed away. Seeing that Airi still wasn’t speaking, Rena assumed that perhaps Airi just didn’t trust her enough to tell her of her problems.

“It’s not that, Rena-san. It’s not like that. You don’t understand,” Airi frowned at the lost contact with the warmth of Rena’s hands.

Rena looked up, “Then tell me, Airin. Tell me what’s wrong so I can understand. Tell me what’s wrong so I can help you.”

“You can’t help people that are feeling guilty towards decisions that they shouldn’t have made!” The words slipped out of Airi’s lips in a tone that somewhat sounded like an angry shout. Airi clamped her hand over her own mouth as she realized what the tone of her voice sounded like.

“Airin feels guilt?” Rena looked at Airi, confusion spread across her shocked face. “Guilt to who?” Rena asked as she tried to recover from Airi’s voice that suddenly increased in volume. Perhaps Rena really was annoying Airi too much by pushing her to tell her something that she didn’t want to talk about. But Rena was so worried about Airi, she didn’t even think she would annoy her. Not to mention Rena never thought Airi would be the type of girls that could actually be annoyed, considering how Airi is always so nice to everyone. Even to some of the annoying girls in the class who picks on her just because Airi spends three quarters of her school day in her own little 2D world instead of the 3D students around her.

Airi stayed silent for a while and had a mental conversation with her mind when she realized what words had slipped out of her lips, ’The words are already out. I might as well as tell her right....? But... wouldn’t Rena-san stop talking to me if she knew I left her behind to be beaten just because I was too weak?’ Gathering her courage, she said in a really small voice, “You.”

Rena stared and blinked. Completely lost at where the conversation was heading. “M-Me?” Airi nodded, her head hanged low, afraid to meet Rena’s eyes. “What do you mean? What did you do to me that made you feel guilty? I don’t recall you doing anything wrong at all!” Rena exclaimed.

“It was my fault that you got hurt yesterday by the girls,” Airi did a 90 degrees bow to Rena and apologized, “I’m sorry!”

Rena stared at Airi in surprise, “What do you mean?”

’She’s going to get mad... She’s going to get angry...’ Airi’s mind kept repeating the same phrase over and over again inside her head..

“What do you mean, Airin?” Rena repeated, seeing that Airi wasn’t answering her. Why did Airi feel guilt? Why would she ever feel guilt? Airi never seems like a girl who would do something so bad that she would feel guilty about it. Or at least in Rena’s eyes, that’s what Airi seems like. “What do you mean it was your fault that I was hurt? What are you talking about?” Rena asked.

Praying in the back of her mind that nothing will happen to the friendship between the two of them, Airi took a deep breath and started explaining, “Yesterday, when you were in the hallway surrounded by the girls, I saw you and Akane-san. I knew the moment I saw the girls, that they were going to hurt you two. I knew it! A-A-And I could have helped you! I should have stopped them before they started hurting you guys! B-B-But I was too scared! I didn’t know what to do!” Airi flailed her arms around.

“A-Airin...” Rena whispered as she watched glistening drops started to gather in the corner of Airi’s eyes.

“I wanted to help! B-But I didn’t know how! S-S-So I went out a-a-and looked for Jurina... and then asked her to c-come and help you. I’m sorry! I s-should’ve helped you! I shouldn’t have gone off! If I helped you the m-moment I saw you, then you wouldn’t have suffered those injuries! I am so sorry...” Airi trailed off as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Rena stepped forward and held Airi’s face. Wiping her tears away with her thumbs, she said with a small smile, “Is that what you were worried about the whole time?” Rena’s hands worked like magic against Airi’s tears, instantly putting them to a stop. Airi sniffed and nodded in answer to her question. Rena let out a small giggle and looked at Airi directly in the eyes as she smiled, “It wasn’t your fault, Airin. None of this is your fault. It was just unlucky of us two to run into the girls on our way back. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“But I-“ Airi started to speak again only to be cut off by Rena’s fingers on her lips.

“Shuuuuu, let me finish, Airin,” Rena shushed the girl with her fingers and continued to speak when Airi’s lips stayed sealed, “Don’t you dare feel guilty about that unfortunate thing that happened to me and Churi. You did nothing wrong. In fact, you did everything right. You helped, even when others students didn’t even bother, and that’s all that matters. Having Airin helping is more than I could ask for. To be honest, I’m glad you didn’t come help and went to look for Jurina. Though I think it would’ve been a better idea to call a teacher instead. Because I don’t think I can bare to see Airi get hurt for helping me. Now that, would make me feel guilty.”

Airi slowly looked up at Rena and as she felt Rena’s hands on her own cheeks and listened to every word the taller girl was saying to her. Airi was shocked. Not only was Rena not mad, she was actually happy? This was way beyond what Airi thought Rena’s reaction would be. “So... Rena-san doesn’t want me to get hurt... But you don’t mind Jurina-san getting hurt?” Airi asked, thinking that Rena had forgotten that Jurina was actually the one who helped them.

A soft giggle escaped Rena’s lips, sounding like bell chimes to Airi’s ears. “That’s not what I meant. I just don’t need to worry about Jurina considering she is strong enough to protect herself, as everyone can see,” Rena pointed out as her mind flashed back to Jurina’s angry face in the dining hall on her first night at school and then the scene of Jurina holding the girl up against the wall appeared again. Rena shuddered at the memory. “Anyway, really, Airin, you have to stop worrying about things like these. You can’t let small things like these distract you from your classes. Would I be correct if I say you probably don’t even know we have a project due next week?” Rena asked when she saw Airi’s face deep in thought.

“But this is Rena-san we’re talking about! People hurting Rena-san is not small...” Airi mumbled. Then, as if a lightning bolt suddenly struck her, Airi jumped and her eyes widened, “WHAT!? WE HAVE A PROJECT DUE NEXT WEEK!? B-B-BUT NO ONE TOLD ME!”

Rena laughed again at Airi’s reaction to the news, “The teacher explained it just then, Airin. Just before the lunch bell rang.” Rena couldn’t help but pinch Airi’s cheeks when she saw how cute Airi looked even when she was frowning, “Aaaaah, how can Airin be so cute even when she’s frowning? Don’t worry, Airin, I copied an extra set of notes on the project, you can have it if you want,” Rena pushed the two corners of Airi’s lips upward and smiled at the girl who looked slightly happier now, “Now, turn that frown upside down and smile.”

Airi jumped again when she felt Rena pinch her cheeks. It wasn’t a very hard pinch, in fact, it felt quite different from the pinch that Kanako used to do to her cheeks before she asked the girl to stop. ’No, it wasn’t a hard pinch at all... It felt... kind of nice, to be honest... Pinch me again, Rena-san! That felt so nice~ Pinch me ag- What the heck am I thinking!?’ Airin mentally facepalmed herself as she pushed away those thoughts. Finally, for the first time that day probably, Airi gave a small smile.

Seeing a small silence has developed around the two of them as they walked slowly to the boarding facility, Airi decided to speak up again, “S-Say Rena, san...”


“Where did that girl go?”

“What girl?”

“T-The girl that um... hurt you yesterday...” Airi scratched the back of her head, trying to come up with a way of describing the girl exactly mentioning her. Although Rena seems to find no problem with what Airi did about the event yesterday, Airi still couldn’t get over the fact that she could’ve helped.

“Oh. Her.” Rena stopped walking.

Hearing no more footsteps alongside of her own, Airi stopped and looked backward. Then she started panicking and questions started to fill her head. Did she say something wrong? Why wasn’t Rena walking or talking anymore?

“I’m not sure really. I didn’t see her this morning at breakfast,” Rena thought for a while then looked up and continued to walk when she realized she had stopped. When Airi caught up, Rena continued, “However, I do remember Jurina saying something to the girl yesterday. Something about reporting her to kouchou sensei or something. I don’t know. Jurina was quite far away when she said that so I couldn’t hear properly. But who knows, maybe the girl is just too scared of Jurina and didn’t come to school,” Rena shrugged at the last few words, showing clearly no sympathy to whatever happens to the girl. Anyone who hurts her friends deserves to suffer. Perhaps, if the girl apologized, Rena could at least feel a little sympathy for the girl. But unfortunately, the girl hasn’t. And it sure doesn’t seem like she will be doing that anytime soon, if she is still in this school that is.

Airi nodded and silently breathed out a sigh of relief. It was good to know that there won’t be anyone at school anymore that will want to hurt Rena. And as long as nothing happens to Rena, Airi is fine. But since when have Airi cared so much about things like this? Why did she care about Rena so much? Why is it that her heart skips a beat whenever her hand brushes past Rena’s hand while they’re walking? Airi has still yet to figure out the answer to it. Then out of the blue, Airi whispered again, “I’m sorry, Rena.”

Rena sighed and stopped, making Airi look back at her. There was a small frown on Rena’s face, and Airi didn’t like it. “Airin, can you please stop apologizing? Stop saying sorry when you didn’t do anything wrong ok? It’s not your fault,” Rena repeated for the nth times that day.


Rena placed a finger on Airi’s lips again. “No buts. You didn’t do anything wrong. End of story. Now stop apologizing and don’t you dare to ever think about this ever every again. Okay?” Airi slowly nodded and felt her mind spin slightly from the small contact. Suddenly, a loud grumbling sound rolled across where the girls were standing. Rena felt her cheeks burned up as she clenched onto her stomach. This was the second time her stomach has protested in public. “Airin, what do we have for lunch today? I want to eat something that is good enough to stop my stomach from embarrassing me in public any further.”

“I think...” Airi’s fingers went up and stroked her imaginary goatee, “Melonpan? Or was it yakisoba pan? But yeah, it’s some kind of bread. That’s all I remember.”

Rena’s eyes lit up in an instant. “Melonpan!? I’m hungry, Airin. The line is going to be long isn’t it? Let’s go get there before everyone else does! Can’t have everyone taking all the melonpan away!” Rena squealed in joy as she grabbed Airin’s hands and ran towards the boarding facility, suddenly remembering exactly how to get there.

Airi just smiled and watched as Rena’s face suddenly brightened. No, that was not a metaphor. Airi actually saw Rena’s face brightened. As if someone shone a torch on her face. That happy face that Airi saw on Rena when she mentioned melonpan, it was a face Airi don’t think she could ever forget. That smile, those eyes, that voice. It was all too unique and beautiful for Airi to ever forget. No 2D characters on a page could ever match that face of Rena. Airi registered every little detail into her 2D-filled mind as she followed after Rena, feeling the warmth of Rena’s hand in hers.

As the two girls ran to get their lunch, Airi could swear she feels her heart jumping out of her chest. Perhaps it was from the fact that she was running. Or more likely, it was probably because she could feel Rena’s hand holding onto her own. Or perhaps it was just because the soft sweet scent of Rena was brushing past her face like wind as Airi ran behind her. Airi didn’t know for sure. But for now, all she knew was that Rena didn’t get angry at her and was still happy to stay friends with her. That alone, was enough to put a smile onto Airi’s face for the whole week.


Was it okay?
Sorry this update took so long...
I was so stuck on how to write this chapter......
Anyway, that's done now~ And there's more to come meow~

There, hopefully, should be an update tomorrow, after I wake up.
And now, I shall finally sleep in peace~
It's 2:50am now~ The house is so quiet lol~
Except for me singing out loud to keep myself from falling asleep xD

Anyway, jyane~~~
See you all for tomorrow's update~
And please comment meow~
I'm looking forward to everybody's comments~
But if you don't comment, it's okay lol~
I'll just have to make sure my next update is so good that it can drag any lurkers to out into the sunlight and comments xD
Hahahaha~ Not like that's ever gonna happen though~
But yeah, good night~

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Yessss an update! Loved it! Can never get enough of RenAirin ;D :wub:

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haha Rena being happy just because of melopan  :D
good work ohayou-san I'll be waiting for the next updates  :twothumbs

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That beautiful couple!
Airin and Rena are lovely.
Hopefully Rena's back isn´t nothing serious.

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I'm gonna comment again! I just realized that I haven't checked up on your thread, and there has been some updating I wasn't aware of! ARGH!!!  :depressed:

*will re-edit this comment*

How could you think that this avid reader/lurker of yours is going to abandon such an author?!  :OMG:
I was just....  :err: feeling some lazyness. So...sorry. :kneelbow:
And yeah. But I guess that it was my fault. I should comment and stop lurking to make you stop thinking of such things.
Gomenasai: :kneelbow:

Hmm~ Nicknames...Jaa~ I'll call you Jen-chama! :3
In return...You call me Rin! or Rin-chan!  :bingo:
And that's not fair! Using that to blackmail me!
But...Since that I'm going to call you Jen-chama....That's settled? XDD

And besides~  :cool1: Jen-chama's comments make my day since she's one of my TOP fav authors!
It's like how you might be feeling when I don't comment on your fics!

You're lucky that I'm not as crazy... *cough* as before about Rena-sama, due to school and all.
I really would have stayed as a lurker. XDD
And the darkness is calling me~ It's calling me to become a lurker! Mwuahahahaha~

And WAIT! Imade-san is going to graduate?! WHAT?!  :frustrated:
Just when I wanted to know more about her! Stay!!! Make her stay!

The bodyguard...I'm not sure really. XDD
Just gonna pretend that I never read the chapter updated below. :hiakhiakhiak:

And...pass out? PSH! I would probably be like... gaping at her.
Staring in awe that I was at the same place as her.
With my eyes wide open, and my mouth unable to form any coherent words.
But then...I just might hide from her due to the light she's emitting. Haha XDD

Comments for the chapter on the previous page!

The Perfect Bodyguard: I can't believe it... Jurina got caught. And after that fight she did to get away from Sakiko and the guards! Haha XDD
But she HAD to be caught. If she wasn't, then she would never have met the emperor.
So...Good job at being caught for screaming over a rat, Juritan! :hiakhiakhiak:

I still can't believe that she'd scream over a rat. Since she seems to be unafraid and all. XDD
That was hilarious to imagine. HAHAHAHA!
But really... *shakes head* She's not afraid of dying at the hand of the emperor by his katana.
And got startled by a RAT.

Haha. A rat. :hiakhiakhiak:
I can't get over that!
For some reason, I imagine Mayuyu as Nezumi...Crawling in the dark and frightening her!
:hiakhiakhiak: Bwuahahahahaha!

And what's this? Togasaki fired Juritan's father JUST for disrespecting him in a meeting?!
Even after being such a loyal subject to him?!
GAAH!!!  :frustrated:
Stupid emperor!

And he is so uncaring for his subjects. *frown like Sakiko*
How can he be like that?! Argh!
I don't like him. =3=
Yep. I don't like him.

Anyway...That was a great update, Jen-chama!
On my way to comment onto the other updates~
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Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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It's kind of scary how you put WMatsui and RenAirin with no pairing is dominating the story..

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