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Author Topic: You're not here Anymore (Wmatsui) (Completed) (Update 05/02)  (Read 42667 times)

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Hello Guys here is my wmatsui fanfic, it have some KumiNon, KumiYuri and FuruYanagi so I hope to you all enjoy and sorry for the grammar mistakes.

----------------------------------------- // -----------------------------------------

----------------------------------------- // -----------------------------------------

You're not here Anymore.


Two girls holding hands were waiting the train, The older of the two breathed with difficult when the young in silence just stared the floor. They stay there in this way for minutes, crying and holding hands. Then the bell signaling that the train was leaving sounded. The older girl suddenly stood up and turned to the young one, tears could be see in her face but she forced a smile and said.

''Thanks For Everything! ''

Quickly she turned to the train and ran. The other girl got surprised when she feel the contact with the hand of other girl be break. She stared the wagon of train that the other girl entered close the doors.
Seeing the train start to moving broke the girl's trance and then she start running behind the train, at the same time she was crying what turned more difficult her chase. With no more forces, the girl fall and watch the train gaining speed and leaving her behind.
Crying the girl whispered the confession that she hasn't been able to tell before.

''I love you…. Rena''


The video and the music who inspired me to start write this history are these:

The music that play in the video and my principal font of inspiration:'' Mou kimi ga inai by Funky Monkey Babys''

To make the prologue, I get some things that the music say and I write, so the prologue is like a song fic.

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Where did rena go?!

And this a Wmatsui!!! Yeah!! Since there are to many YukiRena fic in this forum, Wmatsui is refreshing too read. Kekekeke

Pleas update the chapter one. :3 will wait for it. And don't worry.. as long as the readers can understand, it's okay~ :D
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ehhh?? jurina and rena is seperated..why??
why did rena have to go??

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  • Hey....I Love WMatsui...Just Wmatsui
This Fics is So Sad

The Video Is Sad Either ...

Why Rena and Jurina have to Separate !!!

Please Continued this FICS
WMatsui lover ....JURINA & RENA

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Eh? What's wrong with Rena? Did something bad just happen? LOL. If something bad just happen, then could you make a flashback of it, please? xDDDD
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Renaaaaaaaa!!!~ Please don't leave!!~~~  :pleeease:
Please update the next chapter~ But you don't need to rush with it~  So don't worry we'll wait for it~  :mon thumb:

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 :gyaaah: :gyaaah: sad intro

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Thanks everyone for the coments they make me really happy  :mon cute:
Don't worry, I'll said why the reason make Rena go away, but not in this chapter :kekeke:
And a really special thanks to Akinyan who is help me how a beta reader, your help make the history being more readable and better.  :mon love:
You have my eternal grateful and credits.   :bow:   :mon cute:
So here is the chapter, I hope you all like ^^

Chapter 1

A girl suddenly sat up from her bed in the middle of night, with heavy breathing and tears all over her face. Even after 4 years, the memories of that day still continued to chase her in her dreams, and she still wakes up crying. 4 years, and the pain was still there.

''I can’t believe I still cry whenever I remember that day, this is stupid.''

She, Matsui Jurina, who was known as the most mature girl from her class and for her mature appearance, was crying for something that happened years ago, at times like this, Jurina couldn’t help but feel like she was an idiot.

After wiping the tears in her face away, she looked at the clock which was marking 6 AM.
She sighed after looking at the time. She still has some time left to sleep before school and the sun was still down. So she decided to lie down on the bed again and tried to sleep. But after a few minutes, she gave up.

You have to be kidding me…

Even though she was feeling exhausted because of the activities from the other day, she still couldn’t fall asleep.

Noticing her attempts were useless, she looked at the clock again. 6:45 AM.
Defeated, Jurina stood up from her bed and decided to take a bath, but just as when she was walking by the corridor, she stumbled onto something, making her curse in a low tone as soon as she met the cold ground. She turned her head to the object and after seeing what it was, she screamed the name of the owner of that object.


She angrily stood up and walked towards Mizuki’s room but soon stopped just before she could open it.
It was still early and everyone in the house were still sleeping, most of all, she didn’t want to be scolded by her mother for making a ruckus, so she decided to talk with Mizuki after she eat her breakfast.

------------ // -------------

After taking a bath and putting her clothes on, Jurina walked down the stairs and turned to the kitchen. There, she found her mother preparing for breakfast, who smiled after seeing that her young daughter was already awake.

''Good morning! You woke up early today… that dream again?''

Jurina just rolled her eyes with annoyance; she really hates it when her mother or other people start questioning her about that dream or things related with her past.

In silence, she sat down and starts eating. Seeing Jurina’s response, her mother sighed.

''Come on! Stop acting like a crying baby, Jurina, I know that you hate talking about this, but that was 4 years ago, you should just forget it and move on''

''What’s happening here?''

Jurina and her mother in this moment looked at the kitchen door and saw Mizuki with an expression of boredom all over her face.

''What are you two are arguing for first thing in the morning?''

Mrs. Matsui smiled at her older daughter and made a signal to her to sit with them and eat breakfast.

'' I was just telling your sister that even though she has this mature look, she still acts like a kid and should grow up''

Mizuki turned to Jurina with an expression of disbelief.

'' That dream again?''

After hearing Mizuki’s words, Jurina once again got annoyed. What’s the problem with her family today?

''Okay, if we’re here to complain about each other’s defects… Mizuki how many times do I have to tell you to not just throw your things in the middle of house?
This morning I stumbled on your backpack with the school books, and last week was your clothes that for some strange reason had an imp of garden in the middle!!!''

Mizuki tried to defend herself in reply,

'' It’s not my fault that you never watch where you walk, and I already said that I can’t talk about the imp.''

Mrs. Matsui just watched her daughters discussing and wondered in amusement when this happen. She decided to look at the time, and after doing so, she decided to stop the fight.

''Okay, you two, stop fighting and finish your breakfast. If you don’t hurry you will be late for the school.''

In an instant, the sisters stopped arguing and started eating. As soon as they finished their breakfast, they hurriedly went back to their rooms to change and ran down the stairs after changing. Jurina stopped by the door and said her goodbye to her mother.

''We’re going!''

''Okay, take care and have fun in school''

Jurina then makes her typical cat-like smile and winked at her mother before closing the door, leaving Mrs. Matsui laughing by herself.

''These girls are so full of energy''

Jurina and Mizuki took their bikes and started making their way to Aichi High school.

After arriving there and parking their bikes in its proper place, they start running for their classes. Mizuki went to the 3rd floor while Jurina went to the 2nd; they were in different years after all, because Mizuki is one year older than Jurina.

After arriving in her class, Jurina immediately saw her two friends, Yagami Kumi and Ishida Anna near her desk. The girls, after seeing Jurina approaching them, started whispering something to each other and smiled.

''Ohayou Kumi-chan, Anna-chan''


Surprised with the girls’ reaction, Jurina stared them with a scared expression.

What’s the problem with these two today?

Amused with the funny face that Jurina made, the girls started laughing, making the young girl glare them.

''Sorry… Jurina... but your reaction was too funny''

Kumi said as she tried to keep her breathing normal again, Anna, who already stopped laughing just stared at Jurina who now was looking at them suspiciously. What does these two want with her?

Anna, seeing how uncomfortable Jurina looked decided to finally talk.

''Someone wants to see you in the rooftop once we have our break.''


Anna looked at Kumi who smiled widely and said,

'' We can’t tell you who it is, but you know this person and she’s in the same class as your sister, Kuwabara-san.''

''Hum… okay.''

Jurina just arched her right eyebrow up and started thinking.

Why would someone of the same class as my sister want to talk with me?

The teacher soon arrived in the classroom and everyone sat in their desks. Jurina simply passed most of part just thinking who this person who wanted talk to her was, but to her dismay, she still couldn’t guess the answer. Finally, lunch break came and Jurina, wanting to know who it was, decided to go to the rooftop.

As soon as she got there, the girl was surprised; the person who wanted talk to her was Churi, who smiled as soon as she saw her.

''Hello Jurina.''

''Oh Hello Churi, so… why’d you call me up here?''

Akane just blushed and remained in silence. All this mystery was making Jurina annoyed.

''Hm.. well Jurina it’s because...''



''What’s wrong Churi?''

''It’s because I love you!!! Please go out with me!''



Whoa Churi sudden confess to Jurina,
What's gonna happen ?
Jurina will accept ? and What's about Rena?
You all will discover in the next chapters

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akane <3
just say YES,jurina!!
hehe..i know it's a wmatsu fic,but i ship churijuri also :D

update as soon as you can.i want to know whether jurina accept or reject akane's confesion..

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Woah~ This just gettin' Interesting! Did Akane just confessed to Jurina? LOL. I don't care whether Jurina accept it or not, But I want to see WMatsui! :yep:
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Where did Rena-san go meow???
Don't leave behind your Juri-puppy!
How could you!? COME BACK!

WOW to Churi's sudden confession lol~~~
What's Jurina gonna say~ What ya gonna say, Juri~~~~?

Awaiting for your next update meow~~~ :cow:

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L... LOVE IT!!!!! UGYA!!!

Jurina then makes her typical cat-like smile and winked at her mother before closing the door, leaving Mrs. Matsui laughing by herself.


i can die peacefully now. LOL

Jurina!!! Gya~ whay are you so cute!!! #lolicon


WHAT?! Churi?! i wonder if i should support them or not..

but i don't think jurina will accept her..


it's good that if she can moved on.. but.. what will happened to rena?!


ChuriJuri and Rena..

one thing that i can predict..


i will wait for the next chapter! :3 *cat smile like jurina. LOL
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@yukofan: No problem, I ship ChuriJuri too, but Wmatsui is my n°1 OTP , and I really happy in see you coment here yukofan I really like you're fanfic; Love will find you  :D

@Nakamii:I hope that this chapter grant your wish with Wmatsui things  :hee:

@ohayou: Ohayou-san!!! I'm so happy seeing that you're reading my fanfic  :mon cute:
It's a honor have one of my favorite Fanficwrite reading my story   :mon cute:

@bochang: I'm happy that you love it  :on gay:
and don't die yet, I still not finish the story LOL
And yes a little drama will come.  :kekeke:


Thanks to all who commented, put a thanks in the posts and read, you're making me happy.
And again a special thanks to akinyan  :bow:
Your help is really precious and make this fic more readable.
Here is the chapter 2 I hope you all like ^^

Chapter 2
Jurina's mind went blank, she didn’t know what say to the other girl, and she never imagined that Churi would come to like her. It’s true that Jurina was always kissing and hugging Churi but she did that just for diversion and because she thought the older girl was cute; nothing more but a game. After she saw Churi stare her with a fear of rejection reflecting in her eyes Jurina decided to say something,

''Well... I don’t know what say Churi, I’m really surprised.''


Jurina, seeing that Churi was about to cry, tried to think of something, she didn’t want hurt Churi’s feelings just because she wasn’t sure of what to answer.

''Churi, can I give the answer on another day?''

Akane looked at Jurina with an expression of surprise in her face.

''Another day?''

''Yes! You really surprised me and I need to think before give you any answer.''

Akane gave Jurina’s words some thought, it didn’t sound that bad; having her feelings accepted after waiting for some more hours or even days seemed better than rushing the younger girl and in the end, get rejected. At least it gave her more hope.

''Hum, no problem Jurina, I’ll wait.''

Happy that Akane gave her some time to think about it, Jurina suddenly hugged the older girl without thinking,

''Thanks Churi!''

Churi blushed at Jurina’s sudden action and smiled as she returned the hug. After some seconds, Jurina broke the contact, leaving Churi with an expression of disappointment on her face.

''Well I have to go, would you like for me to bring you to your class, Churi?''
''Ah, you don’t have to do that Jurina, I have to meet with your sister at the cafeteria anyway.''

''Alright, if you say so, bye Churi.''

Jurina was about to open the door from the rooftop when she decided to turn back to Churi one more time.
''Churi I forgot to ask, when do I have to give you the answer?''

Akane started to think in silence again, staying this state for some seconds. She then sighed and said,

''3 days, you have three days until you have to give me your answer. Nothing more and nothing less.''

At that moment, the young girl thought of how kind Churi was to her, letting her have some time before she has to give her the answer- actually, three days sounded more than enough for her.
''Ok, three days is perfect, ja nee Churi and when we see again three days from now, I’ll make sure to give you my answer”

Jurina said her goodbye to Churi and made her way to meet Anna and Kumi who were waiting for her in the school garden.  Arriving there, Kumi and Anna immediately bombarded Jurina with questions.

''How was it?''
''Did she confess?''
''Did you accept it?''

''Did you two kiss?''

Annoyed, Jurina screamed,


In an instant, Kumi and Anna stopped asking things and instead, stared at Jurina with puppy eyes, they knew that Jurina could never resist cute things, after all.
''Please tell us what happened…”

Defeated, Jurina sighed.
''Okay, okay I’ll tell you, but first let’s find a place to sit down and eat our bentos.''
After finding a good place, the three of them sat down and began eating as Jurina told them what happened.
''Ehh!!! Why did you do that? Isn’t making Churi wait a little bit unfair for her part?''
Kumi complained while looking at Jurina in disbelief, Anna on the other side sighed,
''You didn’t say yes? You were always hugging, kissing and saying how cute Churi was, so I thought that you liked her…”
''I do like her but... it’s different Anna, I like her just as a friend, and you know that I act like towards all girls that I think is cute, I don’t love Churi the same way she loves me.''
Kumi gave a little jump of surprise after hearing Jurina words,
''You don’t love her!!?? Wait, don’t tell me…''
This time Anna looked at Kumi with curiosity, she didn’t understand what the girl was implying. Kumi decide ignore Anna’s reaction and kept talking,
''You still love Rena!?''
Anna who as drinking juice at that time almost choked after hearing what Kumi said, Jurina who was lying on the grass and staring up at the sky, stood up and glared at Kumi.
''What?! I’m just saying the truth.''
Anna looked at Jurina who now had her eyes locked on the ground

''She’s just kidding, right?''
Jurina continued to keep quiet.
'' You just must be kidding me, it’s just unbelievable that even after 4 years, you’re still not over her, come on Jurina, You were just 12 year-old at that time and she was just your first love. In that time you two were still kids, think of it as a puppy love and nothing more.''
''I know Anna, Kumi’s just imagining things, of course I already forgot about Rena, and Even I don’t know why I decided to answer Churi on another day, I should have just said yes.''
Anna hearing Jurina words sighed in relief, this history with Rena has already gone too far, now with Churi to occupy her mind, Anna was certain that Jurina would forget this bitter memory once and for all.
'' Okay, so the first thing you will do tomorrow when you arrive the school is say yes to Churi and put an end to all of this.''
After seeing Jurina agree with her, Anna sighed again. The bell rang afterward, warning them that the break was about to end. The girls hurriedly packed their bentos and went back to their class. The time passed by really fast before Jurina’s eyes, and before she realized it, the young girl was already in her home lying in the bed, wearing her most comfortable clothes. She decided close her eyes for a moment and then memories from the past started to flash in her mind.
* Flashback*
Jurina, Mizuki, Anna, Kumi and Rena were staring at the ocean from a little cliff with Mizuki and Anna jumping down from it without any second thoughts, immediately falling down towards the beautiful ocean, their other friends who already did the same thing, Nishishi and Yukko returned to jump again, All of them were having fun, laughing and joking around at the beach.

Now almost all of the girls already jumped down from their spot. Some of them were swimming when the other returned above the cliff to jump again, the only one who hasn’t jumped yet was Rena; she was wearing a red dress above her bikini.
''Nee, Jurina isn’t it a little bit dangerous to jump from here?''
Jurina who returned to the cliff was messing her wet hair as she smiled to Rena.
''No, you can jump Rena-chan, it’s safe! See? I already jumped and I’m still here well and alive.”
Rena once again turned her head towards the ocean, taking in the height she had to fall on.
''Mou, trust me Rena-chan, I would never let you get hurt.''
Rena blushed with Jurina’s words, finally finding some courage from it. She flashed her a smile before finally jumping down.

Jurina smiled and jumped after Rena.
''Wait, I’m coming too!''
 -------------- // ------------------
Night time already came and both Rena and Jurina were holding hands as they walked around the sandy beach. They were staring at the beautiful starry sky when Jurina decided to look at Rena, only to see the sad look in her face.
''Rena-chan, how is your mother?''
Hearing the question Rena, looked at the younger girl, surprised.
''She’s getting better… I hope… the doctors said that they’re going to try a new treatment for her but... If ever it won’t do any good, my father said that we will move to Tokyo to have her check from a specialist…”

In an instant, fear took upon Jurina.
Move to Tokyo?
Seeing the young girl’s reaction, Rena smiled and hugged her to calm her down.
''But this is just if my mom’s still not cured after that new treatment, don’t worry Jurina, it’s not like it’s already for sure that I’m going to leave you.”

''Mou! Don’t scare me like that again!''
''Sorry, I promise not to do that again.''
The girls then broke the hug and stared at the sky again, out of nowhere a shooting star passed by. The girls then looked at each other in surprise before hurriedly making a wish. After wishing, they turned to each other again,
''What did you wish for, Jurina?''
''I… Wished for Rena-chan to stay with me forever”
Flustered, Rena gave Jurina’s shoulder a punch,

''Hey, that hurt!'' The young girl pouted.
''Stop being such a flirt Jurina.''
 Hearing Jurina laugh in response, Rena laughed along, immediately turning the once sad atmosphere around them happy.

*End Flashback*

Jurina opened her eyes. She was crying again.
''Ah, not again…''
After wiping the tears on her face away, Jurina decided to go to her room’s balcony and looked up at the sky. The night sky was starry and beautiful- just like the one in her memory. Much to the young girl’s surprise, a shooting star passed by. In an instant, Jurina made a wish,

I want to see Rena-chan again!
After realizing what she just wished for, Jurina face palmed herself.
''Out of all the things I could have wished for, I wished this!''
She sighed in defeat and decided to go to the kitchen to eat something. The last time she wished for something, it didn’t come true anyway. So there was no use putting any hope in this one.

------------ // -------------
The next day began in a rather bad way for Jurina. She slept too much and forgot about the time, thus leaving her with herself rushing through the school’s corridors, hoping that she wouldn’t miss the first class.
Shit! Anna will kill me for arriving late today!
Finally Jurina in front of her class room and to her dismay, she could hear her teacher’s voice from inside.
''....Okay everyone sit down, today we have a new student...''
Oh, God, please help me… I’m doomed.
''Sorry, I’m late...''
In the exactly moment Jurina opened the door the teacher announced the new student’s name.
''Please take care of your new classmate: Matsui Rena.''
Time seemed to have stopped as soon as Jurina locked her eyes towards the girl in front of her...


Whoa the wish of Jurina come true.
What's gonna happen.
This gonna change her answer to Churi?
You all will see in the next chapters

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I'm so happy to read your fanfic too meow~~~ (^^)
It's incredible~ (^^)
Me love this fanfic!
So gooooooood~
And wMatsui! And ChuriJuri!

Never keep someone waiting as cute as Churi waiting, Jurina!
You should've given an answer straightaway!
But then, you still love Rena-san right?
I see... and understand....
Poor Churi~~~

Lol at Kuumin and Anna bombarding Jurina with tons of questions xDDD
Those two are sooooo nosy xDDD
And then Jurina giving into the puppy eyes the two girls were giving her!!!!


Is Jurina going to burst out in tears and hug her?
What's going to happen during break time?
What about Churi???
What's Jurina going to say to Churi now!?
Churi is going to be so heartbroken... (T~T)

Please update soon, Juribait-san!
*awaits impatiently for your next update*

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Wmatsui yaaai..

Rena-chan comeback!!!

Feel sad for churi..but but..
Curious about what happend in 3 day after churi confess...
What,jurina answer...(Well hope the result is the heartbroken churi)


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OMG! They met each other! But, Poor Churi~ So, 4 years ago, Rena move out to Tokyo, and now she come back again as a transfer student? I'm still confused about WMatsui's Past. Btw, Thanks for the update.
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OMG!!!!!!!!  :on lol: :on lol:

Thanks for the update!!!!

I really really love your fic.....!!  :ptam-shy:

Especially the part of ChuriJuri!!!

I'm very interested on how Rena will affect Jurina's answer to Churi...!!  :wahaha:

Please continue to update!!!   :on gay: 

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hohoho..rena is the new student..
poor churi..jurina is still can't forget about rena..i wonder what's rena feeling toward jurina now..

waiting for your update..

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OMG!! but Rena is back..

But jurina know is with churi wow.. troubles troubles everywhere..

come rena fight for your wife...

yeah WMATSUI!! love this couple :D and this fic too

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  • You can't love another if you don't love yourself.
Just found that you've updated.. TT.TT i'm late... ( ≧Д≦)

Jurina!! Don't felt guilty if you don't love churi, don't say yes!!!!! You will hurt yourself and hurt churi  at the end.. trust me.
It's my true story..
Be true to yourself!!! (U・x・U)

And rena just showed up!!! Gya!!! Wmatsui FTW!!
Wonder what will come next :3

Thankyou for the update~
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