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Author Topic: Prisoner of Love [one. 31.08.2013]  (Read 3889 times)

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Prisoner of Love [one. 31.08.2013]
« on: August 21, 2013, 07:10:46 PM »
Prisoner of Love

Prologue . . .

The red thread that connects the fate of a couple: it is said that this couple is made to be destined lovers, doesn’t matter at which time, place, or circumstances. The red thread that never meant to be broken. . .

[Universe X]

"Saki, are you alright?" Maimi rushed over towards Shimizu Saki, who was surrounded by the rest of Hello Project Kids members.

"I'm alright." Saki forced a smile as tears welled in her eyes. She was really touched by the concerns she received for her fellow generation mates. Miyabi, who has been holding onto Saki's right arm and Chinami, who has been holding to Saki's left, helped the oldest girl towards the nearest dressing chair in the backstage.

"Are you sure you're alright? You could not even recover by yourself from your fall earlier on..." Miyabi retaliated Saki's assurance with her reasoning.

"I'm positive."Saki reassured again with a smile. " Miya, thanks for helping up just now. . ."Saki continued as she thanked Miyabi for her earlier acts. "I'm really fine now. Let's get going and change for the finale." Saki finished.

Just as Saki finished her sentence, the backstage staff came rushing over to the group with the cooling spray. "Shimizu, where does it hurt?"

"Here. . ."Saki pointed towards the impact points she had acquired during her fall earlier on on the stage. As the staff sprayed the cooling spray on her injured points, her face twitched slightly as she winced in pain.

"You don't look alright." Maasa added on from the back of the pack.

"Saki-chan, take the break from the finale and allow yourself to rest." A cutesy voice added on. That was revealed to be Momoko, who had been buried amongst the group of large "kids" members.

"It's just a few more songs to go. 2 for us Berryz. I can do that." Saki was determined. As named to be the most indecisive member amongst the kids, Saki too was one of the stubborn ones. Once she had made her mind on her, she’s going to do it. Nothing can get into her way of her decision.

Before any Berryz members could speak up in attempt to get Saki to rest, their manager cleared his voice and commanded. “Come on girls! Get along and change to the final costume. I will deal with Shimizu.” He ordered.

Seeing that the manager had voiced out, the rest of Berryz members had no choice but to follow as ordered. Giving Saki a gentle pat on her shoulder, the members began to retreat back to their allocated dressing room one by one, leaving the C-ute members, whom have all changed, at the backstage.

“I can make it onto the stage.” Saki voiced out before the manager could say anything.

“Fine.” Seeing her determination, the manager gave in. “But you will have to go to the hospital right after the concert ends, to be sure that you had not hurt any bones and such.” The manager continued.

After gaining the permission to return back to stage by the manager, Saki was helped by the female staff into the backstage changing room, where she began to change into her final costume.

The rest of the C-ute members began to disperse away once Saki was helped into the changing room. And all these while, Maimi has been watching Saki with tones of worries overflowing her facial expression. Her eyebrow furrowed deep as she bit her lower lips. She had grabbed onto Mai’s wrist before the youngest girl could make her way to her position.

“Mai-chan, can I ask a favour from you?” Maimi asked abruptly.

“What is it?” Mai raised an eyebrow in surprise at Maimi’s sudden stances.

“You will be descending on the same side as Saki later on during the last song, isn’t that so?” Maimi continued asking. Mai nodded her head in response, allowing Maimi to continue with her intention. “Can you help to take after Saki? She doesn’t look alright at all. . . I’m afraid she’s going to fall again when tracking off and on the stage.”

Mai gave Maimi a strange look upon hearing Maimi’s request. “What are you saying Yaji-san? That’s something that you do not have to ask me to do. I’d have done it without anyone telling me to do so.” Mai responded and ended on with a childish smile on her face.

[Universe Y]

"Eri! It's time to wake up! You are going to run late for work today if you continue to stay in bed at this moment!" Ai shouted out loud up the stairways to the second level where the bedrooms were situated from her seat at the dining table. Though her statement sounded urgency, her actions did not. She was seated peacefully at the dining table, leg crossed on the seat while dressed in her work clothes as her hands worked on the piece of paper with the colour markers spread across the table. When she had failed to receive any response from the said girl, she began to shout out to the latter again. "Eri! You are late for work! Get your ass out of your bed, right at this moment!"

That sentence made Eri to blurt up abruptly from her sleeping position, with strands of stray hair sticking up due to the static formed during her sleep. "Eh? LATE?!" Eri shot her eyes wide open in realisation. Without have the bother to check the time on her clock, Eri scrambled off her bed in an absolute rush and out of her room and out of her room and into the shared bathroom of the 2 floored apartment house. "Wh-y grrr grrr wake grr up grrrrrr?!" Eri hissed incoherently as she brushed her teeth while seated on the toilet seat, releasing her first batch of urine of the day. "Baka Ai." Eri mumbled under her breath when she pulled the toothbrush out of her mouth.

Just as she did so, Ai sneezed. Covering her mouth and noise up as a hygiene practice, Ai sighed lightly. "Stop scolding me behind my back, Eri! I knew you just did!" Ai pulled her hands away and reached for a piece of tissue paper from the box placed on the center of the table , wiping her hands with it before settling it down at the end of the table. She then took the markers back into her right hand and began to work her way through the pamphlet she was working on.

" Looking for interested parties in sharing rents of 4R2BLKD apartment house. 2 rooms available. Female parties only. Preferably someone who does not mind staying with a slightly eccentric women. Contact . . .. . "

While Ai finishes up her writing on the paper, Eri had already rushed her way back into her room, where she began her rummage in her wardrobe, in search for her work uniform. "Where is it ? I was positive that Ai had ironed them and placed them in the wardrobe last night." Eri mumbled to herself as her search continued. Just then, an alarming siren echoed throughout her room, catching Eri in surprise, causing the poor girl to fall onto her knees. "What was that?" Eri uttered in shock as she turned away from her wardrobe and towards the bedside - where the siren originated - and finally noticed the time on the clock. "Takahashi Ai!" Eri groaned in anger, with tinge of desperation as she stomped her way towards the bedside table, giving the alarm clock an angry tap on the top.

"Ah Choo!" Ai sneezed again. Taking that as an sign for danger, Ai began to pack the markers up and shoved them towards the center as she fleeted away from the dining area and headed towards living room. Though her attempt to run away, she was not quick enough to avoid the attack that came flying down the stairs and lunged over her back.

"You little chap!" Eri piggy backed herself onto Ai's back and hang her arms around Ai's shoulders.

"What?" Ai shook Eri's off her shoulder and continued her run towards the living. Eri did not leave it as it is. She chased after Ai and toppled the older girl onto the couch, shadowing over her in dominance.

"How dare you trick me?!" Eri continued her scolding as she began to tickle Ai, causing the older to burst out into fits of giggle. "It's barely 8, and you said I'm late?" Eri exposed as she continued her tickling.

"Well, you are going to get late if I did not do that." Ai reasoned, as she wriggled around, trying to get away from Eri's tickle attack. "And isn't that really good, since for once you can have your breakfast at the dining table and not during the walk to the airport?" Ai continued. "You haven't been on time for duty for once when allocated in the morning shifts, have you realised, Eri?" Ai finished.

That made Eri to stop her tickling and came quiet down into serious thinking. 'That sounds true' Eri thought within herself as she recalled back the previous days when she had to run down the long winding street that leads to the airport with a plain piece of bread in her mouth and Ai mockingly laughing at her following behind her.

“That doesn’t only sounds true, Eri. It’s a fact.”Ai teased playfully, seemingly to have understood what had went through Eri’s mind just moments ago. That had earned her a deadly stare from Eri. “Don’t look at me in with that face, Eri. It’s a FACT.” Ai emphasised jokingly.

Eri pouted in response to Ai’s teasing. “You are such a meanie.”Eri mumbled under her breath in response. Then the paper placed in the middle of the table caught her attention. “You got the notice done already? That’s fast!”Eri commented as she picked the paper up to read.

“That’s for sure. I’m not like a certain tortoise. . . “Before Ai could even finish her sentence, the paper Eri was reading came flying to her face in a rude manner.

“Who are you labelling as the “slightly eccentric woman”?”Eri whined as she threw the paper back to Ai, in a jokingly manner.

“Well, you can see who that is from the situation we are having now. . .”Ai responded calmly as she picked the paper that had landed onto her lap in a mannerly way. Shifting her seat backward, she moved out of her seat and walked back into the living room, where her backpack was seated against the wall next to the door. She brought her backpack over her shoulders and put her sneakers.

And what was going to happen next was within her expectation.

“Baka Ai! You are such a meanie!”Eri raced out of her seat as she began to chase after Ai’s shadow. But it was already too late. Ai had made her way out of the house long before Eri had begun her chase. “You are really going to get from me, Ai!”Eri grunted angrily as she reached for her handbag hung next to the door and slipped into her heels before making her way out of the house.

[Universe X]

“I wonder if Captain is back from her visit to the hospital. . .” Risako wondered out loud to Miyabi as she lay on the spare bed in Miyabi’s room. It was after the weekend concerts and to ensure the safety of the members, the management had booked 3 levels of hotel room to accommodate the members.

“I wonder too. . .” Miyabi responded as she snuggled warmly into her bed, with her blanket over her shoulders, ready to fall asleep in any moment.

“Let’s check it out together, shall we?” Risako suggested as she turned over to look at Miyabi, only to find the latter asleep. “That’s fast. . . We were still talking moments ago. . .” Risako mumbled under breath in dissatisfaction about the response she got from Miyabi. She pouted lightly for a moment before getting back on her feet. “I will go alone then . . .”Risako came into her decision. Slipping on her indoor shoes, Risako made her way towards the door and out of the room.

Wandering down the long hallway, she found herself outside Saki’s allocated room. “Captain?” Risako called out in a quiet voice as she knocked against the door, waited a moment for any responses before knocking on the door again. “Captain, are you back yet?” Risako called out again.

She pressed her lips tightly together as she stood outside, waited impatiently for a short 1 minute that had seemed forever to her. ’Maybe she’s not back for the visit to the hospital yet. . .’ Risako came into a conclusion as she waited. ’Could it be that the impact of the fall was way more serious that any of us thought?’Negative thoughts began to fill her mind as worries fill. ’Maybe I should give our manager a call to check on the situation . . .’ Risako continued in her mind as she reached for her iPhone. Just as she was about to make the call, the door she was standing right in front of creaked open.

“Risako? What are you doing outside my room at this time?” Saki asked in a surprised and quiet voice, so as not to disturb anyone living down the hallways.

“Captain! You are back from hospital!” A smile finally crept onto Risako’s face upon seeing Saki standing right before her.

“I just reached here about 10 minutes ago . . .” Saki responded. “What are you doing here at this time? Is there anything that you are looking me for?” Saki continued as she opened her door wider, revealing her body and the fact that she was still wearing the same jersey she wore when she left the concert hall.

“I – I . . .”Risako stuttered for a moment but nothing came into her mind. A blink of an eye reminded her of a good reason she could give for her being there at that time. “I was just thinking if you would like to review the dance choreography for the music video shoot of our new single. . . But I just remembered that you are still recovering from your fall, I shouldn’t be disturbing you at this time. . .”Risako reasoned and backed a few steps away, preparing to leave for her own room.

“It’s alright, come in, Ri-san.” Saki grabbed onto Risako’s wrist, pulling the girl right into her room. “I’m all fine. The doctor checked and said that I had not hurt any of my nerves nor has any broken bones. Just a couple of big bruises that will follow me for the next couple of weeks.” Saki reassured with a smile. “Just let me have my shower first. . . “ Saki continued as she sat Risako on the other single bed.

“Oki.” Risako responded with a sweet shy smile as she settled down on the spare bed and watched Saki make her way into the washroom. But it seems like her state of relieve intensify the tiredness accumulated from the span of week of work. It took her less than 5 minutes for her eyes to close and tumble down into the thick sheets of the bed.

The sound of running water continued to echo through the room. 20 minutes had passed since Saki had entered into the bathroom and soft knocks on the hotel room door could be heard from the toilet. “Risako?” Saki called out, expecting the younger girl would assist her with the guest at the door. But it seems like nothing she had expected had happen. So she hurriedly dried herself and put on the bathing suit. Before she made her way to the door, she peeked over to the inside and found Risako sound asleep on the bed she sat on previously. ’As expected from the baby of Berryz Kobo. . .’ Saki smiled at that thought.

The continued knocking of the door brought her attention back to her intention. Making her way to the door, she peeked through the pin hole and saw Maimi standing outside her door. ’ Mii-tan?’ Saki revealed the identity of the guest in her mind. Hastily, she pulled the door open, taking the party on the other side of the door in surprise.

“Saki. . .”

“What are you doing here?” Saki showed Maimi her elated smile as she asked.

“I’m here to check you out. Feeling better already?” Maimi replied and asked in concern.

“I’m all well. I guess it’s all due to the milk I had drunk in my teenage years. . . in hope to grow much more taller. . .”Saki jokingly responded as she leaned her back against the ajar door, forgetting the fact that she was still dressed in her bathing suit.

“Just washed up?” Maimi was asking the obvious, but it brought Saki back to consciences of her current state. Saki nodded her head sheepishly as she rubbed her wet hair. “You are going to catch a cold if you don’t dry your hair up.” Maimi stated. “Can I . . . I will stay over at your room tonight to keep a look out for you.” Maimi suggested while Saki hesitated at the suggestion. Maimi saw her hesitation. “What’s wrong?” Maimi asked in concern.

“Risako had come over earlier on, wanting me to go over the rehearsal videos for our music video shoot tomorrow. . . But it seems like tiredness had took her over and she’s now sound asleep on the bed.”Saki replied truthfully as she shifted her attention back into the room, back still against the door.

“Ah. I see. . .” Maimi stuttered in response. “If that’s the case. . . other day then. . . Rest early, Saki.” Maimi continued as she patted the head of the older girl. Saki nodded her head in response. Before Saki knew it, she felt a something at her cheek. “Good nights.” Maimi whispered into Saki’s ear as she pulled herself away from Saki’s face, after she had planted a gentle kiss on the latter’s cheek.

[Universe Y]

“Ai, my phone is ringing! Can you take that call for me?” Eri called out to Ai as she crossed her leg on the sofa, eyes fixed on the television, mind engrossed in the drama programme that was aired on the television.

Ai narrowed her eyes at her lazy friend who was just seated right beside her. They were both watching the same programme and this best friend of hers had just ordered her to answer her call such that she would not miss any details of the drama. “That’s mean, Eri. You are so going to get it from me.” Ai threatened as she got off the sofa and headed to where their phones were place – the dining table- and grabbed Eri’s ringing phone before returning back to her seat.

“Hello?” Ai responded upon answering the call. “Yes this is. . . You are calling in regarding the notice you saw at the pin board? Sure, I’m Takahashi Ai.”Ai continued the phone conversation. Just as Ai was listening attentively to the other party on the other side of the call, her own phone rang. She turned around and looks at Eri, asking her to answer her phone call through the calling of her eye expression.

Eri on the other hand, decided to brush that favour from Ai away. “That can wait. My television programme is more important.”Eri responded.

That, had earned her a kick from Ai, and caused her to fall from the sofa and onto the ground. “Answer the call.” Ai mouthed the words as she continued to listen to the other party on the phone.

“Fine!” Eri rubbed her back as she stood up from the floor and stomped her way towards the dining room, where she answered the in an almost rowdy tone. “What do you want?” The caller winced in fear for a moment before continuing her intention of the call. “You are interested in the share house?” Eri echoed, with an 180o change in her attitude, “Of course it’s still available!” Eri hurriedly made her way to Ai’s side as she gave Ai a smile that expressed her excitement. “You’re ready to move in tomorrow? Even without having the need to look at the environment?”

“You would like to move in tomorrow evening? Of course that’s not a problem to us. . . .”It seems like Ai was having the same situation as Eri was having. “Michishige Sayumi. Alright. I will be expecting you 7 in the evening tomorrow. . .”

“Niigaki Risa. 7 in the evening? Sure no problems! I will see you then!”

And the duo ended the call at the same time. “I just can’t believe this!” Ai and Eri screamed out in excitement as she climbed up the sofa and jumped on the springy seat. “I just can’t believe this luck we are having!” The duo echoed in unison again.

“It’s only less than a day that we had placed the notice up and we got the spare room filled up! I think lady luck is on our side today!” Ai exclaimed in joy as she grabbed onto Eri’s wrist while jumping on the sofa.

“That’s right! And this means that we can finally have some good food!” Eri continued. The stress of having to pay the rents of a whole house has been putting pressure on the pocket of both girls.

“That’s right!” Ai agreed as she began to calm down and settle down properly on the sofa. When she did so, Eri follow suit. “I wonder how our new housemates look like, and how easygoing are they. . . “

“Me too. . .”

“But you know what surprise me the most?” Ai asked suddenly. Eri tilted her head in response to Ai. “What surprised me the most is the fact that, even thought I had written the requirements “Preferably someone who doesn’t mind living with a slightly eccentric woman”, people are still willing to take up this challenge. That’s what surprised me the most.” Ai ended with a rather devilish teasing laughter.

“Thank you for reminding me about that!” Without giving Ai a change to retaliate, Eri plunged forward and grabbed Ai on her wrist, pinning the shorter girl into the sofa. “I had not got back to you on that. How dare you say that I’m an eccentric woman?!” Eri demanded.

“Well you are!”

“I am not!”

“Yes you are!”

And the bickering continues. . . .


But. . . what will happen. . . when it’s more than two person is connected by the red thread?

[Universe Z]

Sixteen of them, all clad in their white dress, are connected by this red thread in one way and another. What lies ahead of them, no one knew. The fate of the red thread. . . Where will that bring them to. . .

After being missing for nearly 8 months, I'm back! with a new story =X
I know I have been neglecting my stories, especially, SP and Devolution :( I will try to finish them up as soon as I get ideas on how to continue them!

Back to this story. . . It's gonna be my first time writing Kids together with gorokkies. First attempt, hope it will go well.
I'm not gonna to reveal the pairings. . . (since I have no idea how the ending would be for most part =X)
so stay back and try to enjoy (??) heheheh

de wa, until the next time then!
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Re: Prisoner of Love
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Cai's back~! Yay! Will read and be back to comment later.

EDIT: Okay! Well, this certainly looks interesting to start with, especially considering the alternate universes. Man, I can't wait for more from you Cai!
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Re: Prisoner of Love
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The opening is very interesting. I like it.  :w00t:
And about saki ..and maimi!!?  :shocked: How come? Did she ever know that maimi have feeling for her?

I can't wait for the next chapter now.:twothumbs  :bow:

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Re: Prisoner of Love
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yesssssssss! Cai IS bakk XD my eyes werent tricking me!!!

this story is starting off super strong!!! man i cant wait for the next chapter  :yep:

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Re: Prisoner of Love
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This is really interesting. i can't wait to read the rest!

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Re: Prisoner of Love
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daaaarn it!!!! i thought that comment ^ was a chapter update :sweat:

*sadly moonwalks outta here*  :mon whimper:

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Re: Prisoner of Love
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[Universe Z]

Girl S.S and Girl M.Y, hands interlocked. There on their little fingers of the interlocking hands was a single red thread that connects the two individual.

[Universe X]

“That’s really cunning of you, Mii-tan. . .” Saki responded to Maimi’s sudden kiss on her cheek as she grabbed onto the taller girl’s wrist and pulled her closer to herself, not giving Maimi any chance to slip away before she return the goodnight kiss the taller had given.

“It’s a consolation prize for me, Saki.” Maimi reasoned as she wriggled Saki’s grip off her wrist and pulled the shorter girl into her embrace. “Since we are unable to spend the night together.” Maimi continued.

“Is that really enough as a consolation prize?” Saki asked suddenly as she titled her head up and met Maimi in her eyes.


Without giving another second for Maimi to react to the statement made by Saki, she felt a soft warm touch on her lips. Blinking her eyes in surprise, the next moment that was capture in her eyes was a puppy eyed Saki giggling at her with her childish smile. “This is then a better prize for you.”

“And now, who is the cunning one over here?” Maimi teased for a moment as she leaned downwards, allowing her nose to touch the Saki’s nose.

“I don’t know?” Saki giggled again. She snuggled her face into Maimi’s shoulder and slipped her arms onto Maimi’s hip. “I’m sorry for making you so worried about me. . . I will be more careful the next time on stage.” Saki continued, this time with a serious tone as she was truly apologetic about she herself being clumsy and causing so much trouble and worry to the ones around her.

“You don’t have to be sorry about that. . . It’s out of your control, given the fact that the shoes they gave you are almost 1/9 of your height. . .” Maimi consoled as she tried to cheer the older up with a small joke. And indeed it did. A small smile was plastered on Saki’s face as she heard Maimi’s statement about her given shoes. “You should go back and get your hair dried before you catch a cold.” Maimi continued as she released her hold on Saki’s waist and took a step backwards when Saki released her grip on her. “Good nights. I will see you at the next Hello concert.” Maimi finished as she patted on Saki’s forehead.

“Good nights. . . “ Saki waved her hand slightly as she watched Maimi down the hallway and to the elevator as the latter’s room was at the other level. After watching Maimi entering into the elevator, Saki then returned back to her room where she went over to check out on Risako.

’Such a silly girl. . .’ Saki thought in her mind. ’She’s going to catch a cold with this state of sleeping position.’ Saki thought in concern. Risako had fallen asleep on top of the blanket. Saki saw the younger girl squirming up into a ball and that told her that the younger girl was feeling cold from the air conditioner. She tried pulling up the blankets, but had failed due to the sleeping girl on it, so she went over to the other bed and rolled the blanket up, carried it over to where Risako slept and covered it over her. ’That’s better now. . .’ Saki thought to herself.

Just as she covered the blanket over the younger girl, she heard Risako mumbled something under her breath. “I want to eat . . . Hamburger . . . again . . . “ That brought a smile to Saki’s face. ’She’s sleep talking again . . . Last time round it was bulgogi. . . Now it’s hamburger. . . It’s seems like she had not went on to treat her issue of sleep talking. . .. ‘

With the smile still on her face, Saki turned around and made her way back into the toilet where she began to dry her hair up with the spare towels and not the hairdryer as she did not wish to wake Risako up. So it took her a little more than half an hour before her hair was dried to a favourable state.

When she returned back to the room, Risako had already shifted out of her crouching position and was now lying on her back, still sound asleep. Saki made her way to the bed, where she prepared to slip in to the little space between the wall and Risako since she had took the blanket of the other bed for Risako, the only place she could sleep for the night was that little space. As she climbed onto the bed, she heard Risako mumbling again.

“Like . . . Like . . . “

A gentle smile wiped passes Saki’s face. “Ri-chan, good night . . . It seems it’s still a little more while away that you may solve this issue of sleep talking. . . “ Saki whispered out as she snuggled into the blanket.

“Like . . . Like. . . “

While Saki was getting to fall asleep, Risako continued to sleep talk. It took the older girl less than 15 minutes to fall asleep due to the fatigue accumulated throughout the whole week. As Saki fell asleep, Risako still continued to talk in her sleep. This time round, there were something more.

“Like. . . I like you, Captain. . . . . . When will I ever have the courage to tell you that. . .”

[Universe Z]

On the leg of Girl S.S was another red thread, connected to another girl, Girl R.S, who was seated alone at the corner of the space, looking out afar to where Girl S.S stood.

[Universe Y]

*Boooommmmmmmmm boooooommmmmmmm*

Ai tried to block the loud sound that had been echoing into her room for the past 15 minutes out of her ears by hiding her head under her pillow. “What time is it now?” Ai mumbled in irritation as she held the ends of the pillow and pressed it down, trying to muffle the sound out of her ears. “Rather, what’s that sound in the first place?” Ai pondered out aloud.

Though her actions, the volume of the sound did not decrease. Instead, it had gotten a lot louder than what it was 15 minutes ago. Suddenly, her door went wide open, bringing the noise to blast out 100% to the max.

“Argh!” Ai groaned as she sat up in an annoyed state. She sent a noxious stare to her guest at the door, who was so intrigued in her task of vacuuming the floor that she had failed to notice the treatment the owner of the room was giving her. Ai turned her attention to the alarm clock that was placed at her side table and she was surprised by the time she saw on the clock.

“Did the sun just rise from the west today?” Ai thought out aloud.

Eri stopped the cleaner as she could not hear Ai. “What did you just say?” Eri continued asking.

“I said, did the sun just rise from the west today?” Ai repeated herself for Eri.

“What do you mean? Doesn’t the sun rise from the west?” Eri was absolutely clueless about what Ai was teasing about.

“No my dear girl, the sun rises from the east and sets to the west.” Ai narrowed her eyes a little, as she couldn’t stomach the fact that her beloved housemate had a really bad common knowledge.

“Is that so?” Eri was genuinely amused and silence filled the room before Eri spoke again. “So why then did you ask whether the sun just rose from the west today?” Eri looked over at Ai with a confused look.

Ai sighed deeply, completely hopeless at her friend’s stupidity. “What time is it now, Eri?” Ai blurted out, as she begins on her explanation.

“6 in the morning?” Eri answered. “Ah, no. That’s the time I woke up. I think some time has passed since then. Maybe 6.10 in the morning?” Eri continued as she corrected herself.

“And what’s the usual time you wake up?” Ai continued with her attention fixed on Eri.

“I don’t know? You are the one who usually wakes me up. . . “ Eri innocently answered.

“I usually wake you up at 8. . . “ Ai enlightened Eri the time she usually wakes the latter up.

Eri nodded her head to Ai, acknowledging the response Ai gave her, following which was a moment of silence before Eri decided to speak again. “And what has it to do with whether the sun had just rise from the west?” Eri asked innocently.

Ai sunk her head back into the pillow upon hearing the response from Eri. “Eri!!” Ai groaned. “Why are you so clueless?” Ai continued in desperation. “I was just trying to say that it is so rare for you to be up so early in the morning, what’s more doing the housework.” Ai explained to Eri a single word by single work in emphasis.

Eri took a moment to digest what Ai had just said. Her eyes shot big as realisation struck. “So that’s what you were trying to mean!”

Ai gave Eri an uninterested look in response as she felt total helpless about her friend’s stupidity. “I’m going back to sleep.” Ai declared as she pulled the cover over her head, making the decision to shut Eri’s existence in her room, and her reasons for waking up so early in the morning.

“No you are not going back to sleep!” Eri dropped the vacuum cleaner on the ground and rushed forward to Ai, pulling the cover off her head and body. “Since you are up, you are going to help me out!” Came the command from Eri as she pulled Ai up from her bed.

“But why?” Ai whined like a little child.

“Well, the new tenants are coming in today. . . Of course we have to make the place to the best to leave a good impression in them! Then there will be no chances that they are going to back out in their decision of renting the place from us. Then we will be able to afford more things rather than having to cut down our expenses due to the rents we have to pay for this house.” Eri reasoned to Ai while the latter’s eyes remained closed like a straight line. Ai nodded her head in response to Eri with her eyes still closed. “Wake up!” Eri called as she shook a couple of times in a vigorous way.

And Ai gave in, knowing that once Eri was determined to do something, she would make sure that that happens. Ai dragged herself off her bed and began to help Eri out with her task, starting with the packing of the spare rooms and changing to the bed sheets.

They were done with all the things Eri wanted to do in just an hour’s time, with Ai’s assistance. And after they were done, the duo slopped themselves onto the living room couch, all sweaty and tired after all the tasks they had done.

“I’m tired.” Eri stated as she rested her head on Ai’s shoulder. Ai held her breath as Eri did so.

“You should go get wash up and prepare to get to work, Eri.” Ai suggested. However, she received no response from the other girl. Diverting her attention to her shoulder, she found Eri lying on her shoulder, eyes closed. “I guess you are really very tired.” Ai suggested to herself. “A short nap won’t hurt, I guess.” And so, she allowed Eri to sleep on her shoulder as her eyes wandered around the living room. Soon before she knew it, she was too deep sound asleep, with her head resting on top of Eri’s head, who was resting on her shoulder.

An hour had passed before Ai opened up her eyes again. The hour felt like minutes so when Ai realised the time, she was utterly shocked. “Eri?” Ai startled.

“Hmmm?” Eri stirred slightly from her rest on Ai’s shoulder.

“I think you are really late this time round.” Ai continued as she stared at the big round clock that was hung on top of the television.

That statement made Eri shot her eyes big. “Oh my!” Eri scrambled off the sofa and hurried her way up the stairs, only to trip herself on the steps and causing herself to fall forward. Thankfully, her reflexes were fast enough to prevent herself from gaining any major injuries.

“Are you alright?” Ai concerned.

Eri nodded her head in reassurance. “I have to hurry up. I still need to catch a shower before heading off to work!” Eri rumbled out. With that, she got back onto her feet and began to climb up the stairs, 2 steps each time, and back into her room.

A gentle warm smile embraced Ai’s lips as she watched Eri’s moment of panic and rush. ’She hasn’t changed at all, isn’t that so?’ Ai thought in her mind. ’And this part of her. . . Is the reason why . . . I had fallen in love with her. . .Her innocence, her stupidity. . . it just makes me want to protect her even more. . . ‘

[Universe Z]

Girl A.T had her right arm linked Girl E.K’s left arm. Between them was a loose red thread wrapped around their ankles.

[Universe X]

“Yaji-san, Good morning!” Members of C-ute greeted as the oldest girl in the group entered the rehearsal studio.

“Good morning!” Maimi returned the greetings. “What are you all gathered together so early in the morning?” Maimi asked in interest. “Is there any important news that I had missed?”

“Of course not!” Chisato reassured their leader.

“We are just discussing about the cheese bagel MV that was uploaded to hello station last week,” Mai added on.

“The effects and the editing was really great, isn’t that so?” Airi continued. “You really can feel the sense of happiness emitting out from the MV. . . “

“Yeah! Especially the part where Yaji-san and Nacky were bitting off the bagel at the same time.” Chisato continued on from where Airi ended as she directed her attention towards Maimi and Nacky.

“Really?” Maimi rubbed the back of her head shyly as she placed her bag at the corner of the room and settled down beside Airi.

“That’s real!” Mai nodded her head feverously in agreement to what Chisato had just mentioned. “It almost felt like you were a pair of real couple.”

“What are you saying, , , “ Maimi slapped the Mai slightly on her shoulder as she laughed in embarrassment. The placement of her as the centre of attraction is making her self-conscious of her surroundings. “We were just acting out what the director had asked us to do.” Maimi continued as she tried to explain for herself.

“Of course we knew about that, Yaji-san. We were there at the scene as well.” Mai teased.

“Alright girls! I think it’s time for us to get our warm up and stretching done! The rehearsal is starting soon!” Nacky, who remained all silent all these while since Maimi entered the room, cleared her throat and informed, prevented the ongoing conversation to get anywhere else.

“That’s right!” Maimi came into agreement with Nacky, who was already up on her feet and heading towards the centre of the room, where she stood right before the huge mirror and began on her warm up exercises and stretching. “The dance teachers are going to come in any minutes from now. It’s better that we get prepared before they get in.” Maimi continued as she stood up and began to go around pulling the rest up on their feet.

Nacky’s attention had never left the reflection of Maimi which was captured by the mirror. The innocent smile on Maimi’s face brought a wave of sadness to the younger’s heart. ’Everything had change since that day. . . that night where we almost kissed. . . But it seems like it hadn’t affected her as much as it had affected me. . .  Well, that’s because Mi-tan is being Mi-tan. . . the absolute airhead amongst us. . . . There’s no way she could have realised, . . this unrequited love I had for her. . . ‘

[Universe Z] 

Girl M.Y was attached to Girl S.N by a tangled and knobbed red thread by their arm.

[Universe Y]

Ai stood alone outside near a glass door of the airport, arms crossed and back against the glass wall. She looked around her surroundings and checked the time on her watch occasionally, eyebrows furrowed each time she saw the time. ’Where is she?’ Ai wondered silently in her mind as she looked at the time on her watch again.

A vibration from the pocket of her baggy pants brought her attention away from her watch. Slipping her hand into her pocket, Ai pulled out her mobile phone –the source of the vibration- and checked on it. ’Ah, a mail from Eri.’

{Ai, my shift was extended for an hour. I can’t meet you up at the entrance at our usual time. So I guess you should get home first and get prepared to welcome our new housemate. Please make sure that you welcomed them well. They are our hope for a better life.– Eri.}

Ai chuckled lightly at the message Eri sent her. She picked up her backpack where she had placed against her leg and slung it over her shoulder before making her way back home. It took her about a half an hour walk before she reached the district where they lived. As she approached the main gate of the rented house, she saw a brown middle length hair girl, seated on a huge luggage with another smaller one by her leg, waiting outside her gate.

“Hi?” Ai shyly greeted as she was unsure who that girl was. “You are?” Ai continued asking as she approached the girl.

Upon seeing Ai nearing her, the girl stood up from her luggage. “I’m Niigaki Risa. . . Are you Kamei Eri?” Risa introduced herself to Ai before affirming the identity of Ai, whether or not she was the one who had answered her the night before.

“I’m not Eri. I’m Ai, Takahashi Ai. Eri and I have known each other since our years in university and have been renting this house to stay together since our graduation. It was until lately that the landlord had decided to increase the rents to an unreasonable figure that we had decided we should get more people to share the rents, since this place is really close to our working place.” Ai began to introduce herself, and without her knowing it, she had already revealed the reasons for them to put up that notice yesterday morning.

“Ah, I see. . .” Risa trailed off into silence as she answered. An awkward silence began to fill the space. Risa was stealing glances at the shorter girl, only to find Ai staring at her. That made Risa even more nervous and began to divert her attention all over around but not to Ai.

Ai, sensing the awkwardness in the atmosphere, cleared her throat and spoke up. “Shall we move your stuffs in first? Then I may show you where your room is. . . “ Ai suggested with an angelic smile, hoping that would ease the tense and awkward atmosphere between her and her recently met new housemate.

“Sure.” Risa smiled a reply before she bent over and try to lift her luggage up, only to fail as she stumbled forward.

“You need some help?” Ai offered as she made her way towards Risa’s side. Without waiting for the latter’s reply, Ai wrapped her hand over the handle of the large luggage and began to lift it up the short fledge of stairs that leads to the main door of the house.

Risa was surprised by the amount of strength Ai had as she was able to carry the luggage up the stairs without much effort or stumbling. Her shock did not last long as she realised her need to catch up with her new housemate.

When she did managed to catch up with Ai as she struggled to carry her smaller luggage, she was already in the house with Ai making her way down the main stairway. “I have placed your luggage in one of the two empty rooms. You can come up now to choose which of the one you would prefer.” Ai informed as she made her way to Risa’s side. As she did, she took over the smaller luggage Risa was struggling to balance in her hold. “I’ll help you with this too.” Ai offered her help again. She then took a few steps forward. “Let’s go?” Ai turned her head back and looked at Risa.

Risa hurriedly nodded her head in acknowledgement as she rushed forward to Ai and followed closely behind her. “You are really strong, aren’t you? Do you go to gym or?” Risa could no longer contain her curiosity and asked Ai.

Ai giggled slightly at Risa’s question. “No I don’t. I guess it is part of the requirement of my job that I had gradually built up all these strength.” Ai answered to Risa’s curiosity just as they reached the second level. “These two rooms on the left belongs to Eri and I. The empty rooms are on the right side.” Ai began to lead Risa to the room she placed the latter’s luggage in. “Feel free to look around and make your choice.” Ai finished.

“I’m pretty easygoing with such stuffs. . . Since my belongings are in this room, I will take this then.” Risa made her decision to stay as it is.

“Okay.” Ai smiled back to Risa. “Let me show you around the house. . .”Ai continued to orientate the new girl around the house, starting for the shared bathroom to the living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, and lastly, the backyard. “This is where we like to hang out during autumn nights. . . “ Ai finished her orientation and turned her attention back to Risa. “Any enquires or such?” Ai asked as she blinked her eyes and smiled.

Risa shook her head in response as both of them settled down on the outdoor bench swing. Silence began to fill the atmosphere yet once again with Risa playing with her fingers nervously.

Ai broke the silence as she sensed the growing anxiety in Risa. “Why not let’s introduce more of ourselves to each other?” Ai proposed. Risa nodded her head feverously in agreement, absolutely elated that Ai was helping to break the ice between them. “What do you work as?”

“Ah.” Risa was startled for a moment. “I’m a nurse in a paediatric ward in the hospital in downtown. . . “

“Downtown?” That caught Ai’s attention. “That’s really far away from this place. . . “ Ai continued while Risa rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. “How did you managed to know this offer then? We placed it on the bulletin board near the airport. . .” That sparked Ai’s curiosity.

“That. . . “ Risa trailed off. “I have just returned from a trip overseas and had just happened to see that notice. . . “ Risa explained.

“Ah. . . . I see. . .” Ai pouted her lips slightly as she nodded her head in acknowledgement.

“So . . .Are you working near the airport then?” Risa mustered the courage to overcome her shyness as she asked.

“I’m working in the airport.” Came the reply from Ai. “I’m working in the engineering department as an aircraft technician.” Ai further elaborated.

“Eh?” Risa was genuinely surprised. “That’s – that’s cool. . . “

“Surprised?” Ai guessed from Risa’s reaction. Risa smiled awkwardly and nodded her head lightly. “Your reactions speak your thoughts.” Ai teased.

“That’s what everyone told me too. . .” Risa embarrassingly acknowledged to Ai’s statement.

“You don’t have to feel embarrass about that. . . I think it’s really cute to have your thoughts expressed through your expressions. . . At least you are being truthful about –“ Before Ai could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by an hungry growl of a stomach.

“Ah, excuse me. . . that’s me.” Risa’s cheek blushed in fresh shade of red.

Ai checked the time on her watch only to realise that it was already 30 minutes past 7. “Woah, it’s 7.30 already. . . Time really flies. It’s no wonder that you are hungry. . . “ Ai realised. “Let’s get in and let’s see what we can order for dinner. Maybe some pizza would be a good choice for dinner tonight. . .” Ai recommended.

“I’m fine with that plan.” Risa nodded her head in agreement.

With that, the duo stood up from the bench swing and began to make their way back into the house. When they were back into the house, Ai retrieved her mobile phone from her bag and dialled the number for delivery. “Should I get the share for the other new girl as well?” Ai wondered out aloud to herself. “Rather, why isn't her here yet?” And the concern grew. She checked the time on her watch again, and it was 7:35 pm. ’She said she will be here at 7 . . .’

It was like speaking of the devil. Just as Ai had thought of the absence of the supposed arrival of the new housemate, the doorbell rang. “It should be the new girl. Eri has keys.” Ai thought out aloud again as Risa sat on the couch and watched her. So Ai made her way to the door and pulled the door open, only to find a black haired girl, hair all up in a bun and dressed in an air stewardess uniform, panting to breath before her. “Are you –“

“Sorry I’m late! I was called up to cover one of my colleague’s duties while packing. So I have leave now since I’m running late for the meeting before flight. I will leave my belongings here. I will be back in 3 days time.” The black haired girl gave Ai no chance to neither speak nor introduce her own self. She rumbled off what she had wanted to say and had rushed off with her cabin luggage before Ai could respond to her in any way.

As the girl rushed down the down winding road, she bumped into another girl who was hurriedly making her way up the road.


[Universe Z]

Now surround Girl A,T and Girl E.K was another two girl, Girl R.N and Girl S.M. They were looking at each other at their eyes, looking right into each other souls as their story strives to begin.

An update!
Still trying to build the relationship lines over here. . . . so it may read dull =X hehehe

@ rndmnwierd : Yupps, I'm back! hehehe Glad that you had took interest in the story line. It's my first time writing in such a style. . . Hopefully it won't turns too much complicated. :) 

@ twintt : I'm glad that you like it :) hehehe because Captain and Maimi stirred my emotion =X looking at the two shots they share on their blog, it always gives me a different view . .  hehehe

@ darkacex99 : Yupps ! I'm back! You're eyes aren't tricking you :) hahaha. and I updated! hehehe hope you would like this chapter :)

@ H!PShipper : Thanks for the comment! Hope this chapter is interesting to you too ^.^

De wa, until the next time then! :)

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Reminds me of Kataomoi Finally, but more amped up. :ptam-aww: :ptam-shy: :ptam-psst: :ptam-kill: :ptam-...: :ptam-cry: :ptam-wub: :ptam-hbk: :ptam-kiss: <--- Something like that.

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 :panic: OMG the love polygons~!~! This is certainly going to be interesting.

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whoa interesting. universe z, I can almost see as a drawing or a scene where the girls are just spread about with threads of red strings interlacing them all together.Thats a pretty awesome image. overall this is great so far. 

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