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Author Topic: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Christmas Special] Under the Mistletoe (29 Dec)  (Read 200151 times)

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Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 5.2] Everyone's Insecurities (22 Dec)
« Reply #400 on: December 22, 2013, 07:31:23 PM »
Hehehe~ I've been a silent reader~   :( But it was hilarious though.... That reference from Yukirin's drama made me laugh. :cow: :hip smile: This is why your my favourite writer here XD   

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Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 5.2] Everyone's Insecurities (22 Dec)
« Reply #401 on: December 23, 2013, 02:55:32 PM »
The only thing bad about this fic is the super long wait for the next update.

But that is also why it's so captivating.

Then let's wait six months for the next update :P

They say, jokes are half-meant  O0 God bless us, readers....  ;)
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: [Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Part 5.2] Everyone's Insecurities (22 Dec)
« Reply #402 on: December 24, 2013, 12:31:14 AM »
The only thing bad about this fic is the super long wait for the next update.

But that is also why it's so captivating.

Then let's wait six months for the next update :P

I'm sure we can find ways to motivate you =)

A Ramly to make you happy?

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[Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Christmas Special] Under the Mistletoe (29 Dec)
« Reply #403 on: December 29, 2013, 03:57:51 PM »
A/N: Hi everyone! Looks like you don't have to wait half a year after all! Maybe Prataz's Ramly really worked :lol: Anyway, here's the Dr. Watanabe x Nurse Kashiwagi Christmas Special! (Yes, Christmas is technically over but hey, at least it's not the new year yet.) Thank you to everyone who commented on the previous update! :bow: As I am trying to get this special out before the night is over, I will reply to your comments before the next update (God knows when that will be :nervous).

A belated Merry Christmas to all my dear readers! Hope you had lots of turkey and got high on eggnog! :cheers

Note: This is a genderbend story.


Under the Mistletoe

“M-Mocchi! Hold it properly!” Akicha screamed as she held onto the step ladder for dear life. Said flimsy ladder was swaying precariously with the nurse perched at the very top.

“Oops!” Mocchi grabbed the metal contraption hastily and steadied it as she tore her eyes away from a strapping young man who just walked past.

“Don’t ‘oops’ me!” Akicha snapped. “You were the one who suggested this so you better make sure you pay attention and not make me fall. And stop checking out guys!”

“But you got to admit he’s hot. Look at those rippling muscles under his tee! He came out from Ward 57 where old Igarashi-san is staying. Maybe he is his son. I should ask Igarashi-san to introduce us!” Mocchi retorted with as much zeal as a kid on sugar high.

Akicha rolled her eyes. “Oh please, he looks too young for you. Quit being a cougar.”

“Hey, cougar is the in thing now! Guys these days like to be taken care of while women get the chance to work their motherly instincts.”

“It sounds like you ladies are talking about Yuki-chan and Mayu,” a familiar male voice interrupted.

“Dr. Miyazawa!” Both nurses all but squealed at the appearance of the hunky doctor.

“What are two pretty ladies like you doing with a dusty old ladder?” Sae asked, not forgetting to flash his irresistible pearly whites at them. “You should leave such unglamorous chores to the men.”

“You are so sweet as always,” Mocchi gushed, hands leaving the ladder again.

“Since you are here, can you help me hold the ladder while I hang this? Because if I count on Mocchi, I’m going to fall sooner or later,” Akicha complained, waving a small bunch of something that was green and red.

“Mistletoe?” Sae looked around briefly. “Here?”

“Yup, right in the middle of this hallway. I’ve done a survey over the past two weeks. This spot has the highest amount of human traffic and it is right smack in front of our Nurses’ Counter. This gives us a prime view of all the handsome men heading our way,” Mocchi explained, her eyes twinkling with excitement.

“Basically, she just wants to hook up with someone,” Akicha summed up Mocchi’s intentions in a single sentence.

“I’m doing this for you too!” Her man-crazy colleague shot back. “Do you want to stay single for the rest of your life?”

“Well, no but…”

“Then stop acting like a saint and hang it up now.”

“… Fine.”

With Sae and Mocchi providing support for the creaky ladder, Akicha finally hung up the mistletoe. No words could describe her relief when her feet touched the floor. We really need to get a new ladder.

Sae rubbed his chin thoughtfully as he admired their handiwork. “Why don’t we bless this mistletoe with its first kiss of the year?”

Mocchi gasped, hands flying to her mouth. “You don’t mean…”

“Yeah, you know it.” A smirk stretched across Sae’s tanned mug. Without a second’s delay, he pulled her close and tipped her body back with the confidence of a seasoned dancer. “Merry Christmas,” he whispered and planted a wet one on her lips. The nurse’s vision blacked out and she went limp in his arms. “Oops, I think that was too much for her,” Sae said sheepishly and handed the unconscious woman to her friend, dropping her in Akicha’s hands like a hot potato. In a flash, he zipped away before Akicha could utter a word.

“How am I going to carry her and the ladder by myself?” she cried. “Now I know why Yukirin never fell for his advances. Irresponsible cad!”


“No way is that stick going to take these away from me.”

“Who?” Mayu looked up from the patient file that he was poring over. It was midday and he was feeling a little drowsy after just a light lunch. He blamed the bad case of insomnia he suffered the previous night. His former mentor huffed as she settled a large pastel pink paper bag on her desk.

“Who else is a stick here?” she answered none too kindly. Mayu’s mouth formed a small ‘O’ in realisation and he went back to scribbling something on his document. From the corner of his eye, he watched as Yuko took out a dark brown paper box with exquisite gold trimmings from the bag. Her face lit up with gluttonous glee the moment she lifted the top flap. Yuki, who was tidying up some stationery behind Yuko, paused in her actions when she caught a peek of the box’s contents.

“Isn’t that a bit too much, Yuko-san?”

“Too much? This is nothing compared to the amount that idiot has thrown away.” Yuko’s face contorted with suppressed rage when she mentioned “that idiot”.

“But still, it’s a lot for one person.”

“Oh?” A smirk found its way onto Yuko’s dimpled face. “Are you afraid that I won’t share these treats with you?”

“No!” retorted Yuki without a moment’s hesitation.

“To be a good wife you first have to be able to make good food. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” The doctor entirely ignored Yuki’s exclamation and entered her preaching mode, bestowing pearls of wisdom upon the unamused younger woman. Glancing at Mayu who was trying hard to focus on his paperwork, she pointed an accusing finger at Yuki. “And it seems like you aren’t doing enough. Look at how skinny Mayu is. You’ve got to fatten him up!”


“But since it’s Christmas today and we should all partake in the spirit of giving, I did buy a heavenly dark chocolate log cake for everyone. Count yourself lucky that you don’t have to burn your kitchen to bake a cake for Mayu this year.”

A loud clack sounded as Mayu slammed his pen down. “Yuko-san!”


All Yuko received was a death glare from Mayu before she felt an oppressively gloomy aura spreading throughout the room. To her side, Yuki’s head was bowed, her bangs falling over her eyes.

Crap, I forgot this is a sensitive topic.

“I almost poisoned Mayu last year…”

“H-Hey, it wasn’t your fault. That stupid boy just has a weak stomach,” Yuko quickly said, desperate to do some damage control before Yuki’s dark vibes killed the jolliness of Christmas.

“I almost destroyed Mayu’s house…”

“He was a cheapskate to buy such a lousy oven that spoilt easily,” blabbed Yuko. Mayu’s brow twitched.

“I can’t be a good wife…”

“Oi Mayu, say something!” Yuko hissed when she realised nothing she said was working. Lips curling in irritation, Mayu fought back the urge to dump the cakes on a certain neurosurgeon’s behalf. He stood and made his way around the desk to where Yuki was.

“Don’t listen to Yuko-san.” He took both of her hands in his. “She’s spouting nonsense. You don’t need to be a wonderful cook to have my heart. Your signature banana mayo sandwich is enough. It’s the best.”

“Really?” Yuki peered up at him with glistening doe eyes.

He nodded with a smile – that appeared somewhat strained – and added, “I can eat that every day.”

Disbelief filled Yuko’s eyes. The power of love!

“Really?” repeated Yuki.

“Cross my heart.”

“Okay, then I’ll make it every morning for your breakfast!” The nurse’s face brightened like the star atop a Christmas tree. Yuko nearly burst out laughing at the instant change in Mayu’s expression.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to make it every day. I don’t want you to tire yourself out.” Beads of perspiration formed on Mayu’s forehead and he prayed that they wouldn’t roll down his face. Yuki broke into a jubilant beam and threw her arms around Mayu who took the chance to wipe his damp forehead before she noticed his nervousness.

“You are the best, Mayu. I love you.”

“I love you too,” Mayu muttered rather absentmindedly, very distracted by the sight of Yuko slapping her thigh repeatedly in an attempt to contain her laughter. “Yuki, remind me to look for Shinoda-san later.”

Yuko froze.

“Why?” asked Yuki. If her memory didn’t fail her, the Emergency Department was not handling any cases that required neurosurgery at the moment.

“I just remembered that I have something to discuss with him,” Mayu replied wryly.

“Mayu, you traitor.”

Yuki glanced between the two doctors in confusion, sensing a growing level of animosity. She frowned from the loss of warmth when Mayu slipped out of her embrace.

“Mayu?” she called softly, detecting something off in his gaze.

He simply shook his head. “I’m heading out for a bit. Call me if there’s anything.”

And he left the office without another word.

Yuko raised a brow, bewildered by the sudden dip in mood. “What’s with him? He’s especially touchy today.”

Biting her inner cheek, Yuki checked the hands on her wristwatch. “It’s almost time.”

“Time?” Yuko frowned, having a bad feeling that there was something important which she had forgotten.

“His parents’ time of death nineteen years ago.”


A blast of freezing winter air slapped his face as Mayu swung open the heavy door that led to the hospital’s rooftop. The noon sun was shining brightly – blazing even – but it did little to thaw the pangs of loneliness in his heart. Many of the patients had gone home to enjoy the Christmas and New Year holidays with their families; only those who were critically ill or had no families stayed, spending the festive season within the cold walls of the hospital.

Mayu flinched when he laid a bare hand on the metal railing, having forgotten that he was not wearing gloves. In fact, he was underdressed for the near-zero temperature in only his blue cotton scrubs and grey thermal underwear. His doleful dark orbs gazed into the far distance. He spotted a blithe young child holding the hands of his parents as they crossed the road. A bitter smile tugged the corners of his lips.

Mum, Dad… I miss you.

Yuko once questioned him why he didn’t take leave on his parents’ death anniversary to pay his respects to them. His reply was simple yet so heart-wrenching.

“I don’t want my patients to spend Christmas alone like me when I was young.”

He breathed in deeply, allowing the frosty air to fill his lungs. The rush of biting chills was oddly comforting. He dared a look at his watch.

One more minute to go.

A single tear burnt a wet trail down his cool cheek. It dried almost immediately from the harsh winds. Something thick and warm fell upon his shoulders from behind.

“You’ll catch a cold like this.”

Mayu spun around to find Yuki draping his black woollen trench coat over his slightly shivering frame. He was half-expecting her to chide him for not taking care of himself but she kept quiet and just stood by his side instead. He closed his eyes, and counted down in his heart.

One minute passed.

Opening his eyes, he exhaled, watching his breath transform into a whitish puff.

“Thank you, Yuki,” he turned and said to his patiently waiting fiancée.

She merely smiled back, shaking her head lightly. “I didn’t do much.”

“You are here. That’s more than enough.”

“Let’s go back,” she took his hand, wincing slightly from the icy touch. “If you fall sick, you can’t save any lives, right?”

He returned her smile, relishing the warmth radiating from her body. “You are right. Even one life can make all the difference in someone’s world.”


Yuko mentally slapped herself for being an insensitive prick to Mayu earlier as she made her rounds.

How could I have forgotten such an important date? I’d better make it up to him later.

“That’s a pretty ugly face you are making. Need me to call up the cosmetic surgery department for you?”

Yuko stopped in her tracks. There it was – the voice that made her stomach coil in disgust. Shoulders hunching in a defensive stance, she stalked towards the proud figure round the corner.

“Is your brain malfunctioning due to old age? We don’t have a cosmetic department here.”

Mario folded his arms across his chest. “That obviously shows how lacking this place is… considering how much work your face needs.”

“How about you get some silicone muscle implants before you talk, you scrawny stick of a scarecrow?”

“At least that is all I need while Miss Shorty here still needs to go for a leg-lengthening procedure.” Mario stared down at her to emphasise his point.

Yuko snorted with as much grace as a wild boar. “At least I’m not a coward like someone.”

“Coward?” scowled Mario.

“Yes. I’ve been looking all over for you the past week but you never seemed to be around. You dared to throw away my stuff but don’t dare to face me?” She stomped closer to him and jabbed his chest with a finger, forgetting that she was supposed to steer clear of any male species, especially those of the Shinoda kind.

“Oh, you mean those cakes?” His mouth quirked upwards.

“Yes. What’s the big idea, huh?”

“I thought you looked bad enough already. If you gained weight and started looking like an overstuffed turkey, you are going to be an even bigger eyesore.”

“What kind of screwed logic is that? No one’s a bigger eyesore than you.” She shoved him back with all her might, almost stumbling herself from the sudden exertion.

“Watch it!”

Yuko picked up on the flash of anxiety in his eyes and a sense of triumph bubbled in her chest. “Oops, I forgot this old stick can’t withstand a little push.”

“It’s not that.” Mario rebutted, feeling the urge to strap her to a chair so she would stop making reckless actions.

“Don’t make excuses for yourself. Anyway, I’ve got the cakes under lock and key now. You aren’t getting to them anymore.” With a victorious huff, the emergency doctor stormed off.

Running a hand through his immaculately styled hair, Mario sighed in exasperation.

That stupid woman doesn’t know what’s good for her.


At the Nurses’ Counter, Mocchi stifled a yawn. It was a slow afternoon as majority of the wards were left with just a few patients.

“Looks like your plan isn’t working too well,” Akicha commented next to her as she sorted some files. Her longtime colleague rested her forehead on the countertop, rolling it along the surface with a despondent groan.

“Where’s my eye candy? I would even risk being skinned alive by Yukirin just to steal a peck on Dr. Watanabe’s cheek,” Mocchi quipped to Akicha’s horror. “Why hasn’t the morning team returned from the emergency call?”

“Don’t even think about it! And I am not going to drag your corpse to the morgue. You are heavier than you look!”

“Tch, you are no fun.”

Akicha chucked a random file in Mocchi’s face, laughing when the other nurse choked on her own spit. She surveyed the corridors, feeling a little bored herself. Then, a certain lean figure caught her eye. She quickly nudged Mocchi who slapped her elbow away, still upset at being hit by the file.

“You’d regret if you miss this. It’s Dr. Matsui!”

“Where?” Mocchi shot up, eyes wide and searching.

“At ten o’clock.”

“Oh, oh! He’s going to walk straight under the mistletoe. This is my chance!” Mocchi bolted from her seat and hurried round the counter. However, before she could get within a five meter radius of the unsuspecting man, a cheery voice called out.


Mocchi skidded to a halt, almost crashing into a wall. Catching her breath, she observed Ren’s interaction with the vaguely familiar young woman.

“Jurina?” Ren couldn’t help his surprise as the officer jogged over to where he was. Her face bore a large delighted grin. “Don’t you have work today too?”

At the question, she scratched her cheek sheepishly. “We were carrying out an investigation in the area so I asked Itano-senpai if I could pop by here for a while.”

Doubt brewed in his stomach from her fidgety behaviour. “You didn’t sneak off, did you?”

“No!” blurted Jurina. “Itano-senpai would make me run twenty laps round the field if I dared to pull a stunt like that!”

“That sounds like torture.” The frown on Ren’s face deepened with disapproval.

“It’s actually not that bad but,” Jurina shot him a sly look, “it’d be hell for a weakling like you.”


Silvery giggles rang in his ears, reminding him of the clear bells he often heard during Christmas and he could not bring himself to be mad at her.

“Anyway, what are you doing here?” he asked.

Her laughter hitched in her throat as her eyes darted around. Shifting her weight from her left foot to her right, she fished out a small box wrapped in navy blue paper from her sling bag and thrust it into his hands.

“Merry Christmas, Ren.”

He blinked, unable to find the words to respond to her gesture. Staring at the package, he felt an immense sense of guilt swallowing him up.

“I… I didn’t get you a gift…”

He thought he caught a flicker of disappointment in her gaze but she was quick to cover up with one of her usual impish smiles.

“You still have a long way to go, you hopeless man.” She punched his shoulder.

The gears in his head whirred to life as he tried to think of a way to save the situation. “How about supper after work tonight? My treat.”

Her sharp eyebrows rose in amazement. “Not bad. That’s quite an improvement.”

“Credit goes to you for always keeping me on my toes.”

“You are funny in a weird way.” Her words caused his cheeks to pink. “I’d better get going now. See you tonight.”

“I’ll call you when I’m done,” he said with a smile which she returned before jogging off. Suddenly, she turned around and sprinted back to him.

“Just in case you go back on your word, I’ll take this as down payment.”

She yanked him down by the collar and crushed her lips against his. Despite being a fleeting kiss, it was more than enough to crash his system. She stepped back and winked at the flabbergasted man. “Can’t deny the spirit of Christmas.” As his line of sight followed where her finger was pointing, he discovered he had been standing under a bunch of mistletoe all along.

“Goodbye for real this time!” she said and disappeared down the corridor.

Behind the wall, Mocchi wailed inwardly. First, Dr. Watanabe. Now, Dr. Matsui is taken too?!


The red light outside the operating theater dimmed. The huge doors swung open, revealing the doctor who headed the operation.

“Doctor! How is my son?” An elderly woman with greying hair rushed up to the bespectacled doctor. She was accompanied by another man who appeared equally anxious.

“He’s out of danger now,” Mayu informed after removing his surgical mask. “We managed to give him a blood transfusion in time. However, as he suffered a heavy blow to his head, he may be in coma and I can’t guarantee when he will come to.”

“W-Will he forget us when he wakes up?” The woman gripped Mayu’s hands shakily, worry adding more creases to her aged face.

“We will only know after he regains consciousness. For now, we can only wait.”

The old man peeled his wife’s hands away from Mayu’s. “Listen to the doctor, dear. We should be glad that Nobuo is alive.” Turning to Mayu, he said, “Thank you for saving our son’s life. You are a kind and capable young man. I’m sure your parents are proud of you.”

The last sentence triggered a severe ache in Mayu’s chest. Maintaining an impassive front, he performed a polite bow and excused himself, leaving the rest of his team to take over. He headed to the Staff Lounge, thankful that it was empty upon opening the door. He promptly made himself a mug of strong black coffee and slumped onto the welcoming couch. The heat from the ceramic surface travelled to his stiff hands, relaxing the previously growing tension. Bringing the mug to his dry lips, he took a small sip of the rich contents, not caring if the hot liquid stung his tongue. The sharp bitterness swirled in his mouth, seizing his senses just as he had hoped it would distract him from the agony swelling in his heart.


“It’s not good to drink coffee on an empty stomach.”

He didn’t need to turn to know who the voice belonged to. A familiar presence settled down beside him, her arm pressing lightly against his. A slender hand eased the mug out of his grip – he made no move to resist – and placed it down on the coffee table with a soft thud.

“I heard what Nobuo-san’s father said to you,” Yuki began. “He’s right. I’m sure your parents are proud of you.”

Mayu ground his hands against each other as his jaw tightened. “They died because of me, Yuki. They died because I said I wanted to see the Christmas sights. If only we had just stayed home, they wouldn’t have…”

She wrapped her hands around his and pulled them close, forcing him to look her in the eyes. That was when she realised his eyes were red with unshed tears. “It was an accident, Mayu. No one could’ve predicted that.”

“My mother used her body to shield me. I should’ve been dead with them.”

“Mayu!” The anger in Yuki’s voice shocked him. “Don’t you say that! By staying alive, you have saved hundreds of lives, including mine. Your mother saved you because she knew you would make a huge difference in others’ lives. She didn’t see you as a mere child. She saw your future.” Her hands moved to his face, smoothing the fine lines at the corners of his somber eyes. “And you proved her right by striving hard to become a respectable doctor.”


“Don’t blame yourself anymore. It hurts me to see you so depressed every year during this time. You may not have your parents with you physically but I’m certain they are watching over you somewhere up there. And you still have me, Yuko-san, and so many people who care about you.”

A melancholy smile adorned his weary features. “I will try. I’m glad you are with me.”

“You can’t chase me away even if you want to,” she joked. Turning to her other side, she presented two wrapped sandwiches from the spot on the couch. “Here, eat something. There’s still an hour to go before the Christmas caroling session.”

Mayu glanced at his watch, surprised that it was already seven in the evening. Their shift was supposed to end an hour ago but Nobuo’s surgery took longer than expected.

“What sandwich is this?”

“Smoked turkey ham. Don’t worry, it’s not banana mayo,” she assured in a teasing tone. “I know I’m the only one who likes that so I was just kidding when I said I would make it for you every morning.”

“Looks like I’ve been caught,” he muttered rather guiltily.

“But you still have to eat it when I feel like making it.”

“Yes, my lady.”

The little exchange seemed to have lightened up his mood when a heartfelt smile found its way to his lips. She leant forward and gave him a quick peck before they enjoyed their simple Christmas dinner. At about twenty minutes to eight, she left the room to prepare for the caroling session with the other nurses. Before she stepped out though, she said something which aroused the curiosity in him.

“I have a surprise for you later.” That was all she revealed; she refused to give any hints.


The melodious harmony of vocals brought Mayu to one of the larger wards which housed poorer patients with terminal illnesses, mainly cancer. The group of nurses were huddled in two rows and wearing lovely Santa dresses in the brightest shade of crimson complete with fluffy Santa hats. At the front of the pack stood Yuki whose voice took center stage while the others provided backing vocals. Her crisp and soothing singing brought a smile to Mayu’s face and as he scanned the patients in the ward, he realised they too, were mesmerised.

“She’s an angel,” an elderly man sitting up on his bed marveled in awe. His words caught Mayu’s attention. “My late wife used to sing like that too.”

At that moment, Yuki happened to look in the two men’s direction and waved at them, all the while sending her most radiant smile Mayu’s way. She sneaked in a discreet flying kiss before turning back to the front with a glowing blush spreading across her cheeks. The frail patient eyed Mayu with a knowing grin.

“You are a lucky chap,” he said. “You’ve got yourself a good catch.”

Mayu simply gave a small nod of acknowledgement before returning his focus on the dazzling nurse who had captured his heart. After the group finished their special medley of Christmas songs to rousing applause, Yuki ran over to Mayu.

“You are beautiful,” he complimented, clasping her hand.

“I’m glad you made it.” Reaching up, she removed her Santa hat and plopped it atop his head. “There, now you are all set. Did you bring the gifts?”

He raised his right hand which was holding a red sack. “Do I really have to wear the hat?” He peered upwards with a frown.

“Yes. The kids will be excited to see Santa Mayu Onii-chan. Don’t disappoint them.” She poked his nose goodnaturedly.

“Fine. Let’s go.”

The group made their way to the children’s ward and per Yuki’s prediction, the kids were over the moon to see Santa Mayu who never failed to give them presents on special occasions. The seemingly aloof doctor would remember the children’s birthdays and sneak them their gifts late at night when they were sound asleep. He kept them anonymous but Yuki, the only one who knew of his deeds, would expose what he did to the overjoyed but baffled children, and then ask them to keep it a secret from the other adults. After all, she knew all too well that Dr. Watanabe preferred to maintain a low profile.

“Mayu Onii-chan!” a chirpy voice called out as ecstatic footsteps pattered towards the doctor who had just distributed all the gifts. Mayu spun in the direction of the voice and dropped the empty sack in his hand.

“H-Hikari-chan?” Without a doubt, it was the girl he saved during the earthquake at Ginza. Ever since her discharge a few months ago, he had not seen her. The little bundle of energy pounced towards him, almost making him stumble back from the impact. “What are you doing here?”

“Yuki Onee-chan asked me to come today!”

The nurse shrugged with an innocent smile when Mayu stared at her questioningly.

“And Yuko Onee-chan drove Mummy and me here!”

Mayu lifted his gaze ahead and found the two said women trailing after Hikari.

“Hikari-chan was so excited to see you that she ran all the way here after alighting from my car,” Yuko said in between wheezes, her palms resting on her knees. She was still dressed in her medical scrubs, a sign that she had rushed off once her shift ended to pick up Hikari. “Even I couldn’t keep up with her.”

Mayu looked at all the smiling faces around him and suddenly felt that he wasn’t as alone as he had thought. The children were happy; Hikari still remembered and adored him; Yuko helped to make the surprise possible; Yuki planned this just for him.

“How are you, Hikari-chan?” asked Mayu as he studied her left arm, or what was left of it. The stump appeared to have healed nicely.

“I’m good! See my right arm?” She flexed her right arm like a bodybuilder in an attempt to flaunt the tiny bicep. “It’s so strong now because I do everything with it!”

Mayu let out an unrestrained laugh, startling the other nurses in the ward.

“Am I hearing things? Dr. Watanabe is laughing.”

“I think not because I’m hearing it too.”

Mayu ruffled Hikari’s hair. Her positive outlook on life amazed him all the time. Never once had he heard her complain about missing an arm. While they chatted, or more like Hikari talked while Mayu listened attentively, Yuko went up to get the cakes she had bought earlier and distributed a piece to all present, ending the night on sugary note that had everyone feeling warm and fuzzy from the joy of giving and sharing.

Afterwards, as Mayu and Yuki walked Hikari and her mother to the porch where a cab was waiting, the contented girl stopped in front of the Nurses’ Counter and gestured for Mayu to squat down. Though puzzled, he complied with her request and was suddenly given a kiss on his cheek.

“Mummy says we can kiss under the mistletoe. I want to marry Mayu Onii-chan when I grow up!” Hikari declared unabashedly to her mother’s mortification.

“Hikari-chan! Oh gosh, I’m so sorry!” Hikari’s mother quickly pulled the girl away and bowed deeply to both Mayu and Yuki. She was well-aware of the doctor and nurse’s relationship. “I was just explaining to her about the mistletoe the other day when she saw a couple kissing under it. I didn’t expect her to… to do this to Watanabe-san.”

The couple exchanged looks and chuckled, waving off her apology.

“It’s fine,” Mayu reassured before he crouched down in front of Hikari. “I’m sure you will find someone like Onii-chan or someone even better when you grow up. Onii-chan is already taken by someone else,” he said, glancing briefly in Yuki’s direction.

Hikari pouted, looking somewhat crestfallen at his words. “Is that person Yuki Onee-chan?”

Mayu nodded slowly, apprehensive of her reaction.

“Then it’s alright. I like Yuki Onee-chan too!” Hikari broke into a toothy beam. “I want to be pretty like Yuki Onee-chan when I grow up so I can marry someone like Mayu Onii-chan!”

The three adults erupted into hearty laughter upon her naïve declaration.


That night, as Mayu and Yuki prepared for bed, Mayu embraced her from the back, resting his chin on her shoulder. He basked in the sweet scent of the shampoo she used to wash her hair.

“Thank you, Yuki,” he whispered.

“Hmm?” She leant back into his chest as she played with his hands which were wrapped around her tummy.

“For making this Christmas so memorable. I haven’t felt so happy on this day in years. Thank you. You are truly an angel sent from heaven.”

She turned around in his arms and met his loving gaze. “Anything for you," she uttered and moved forward to capture his lips in a chaste kiss. He sighed in contentment as they parted.

“There’s no mistletoe above,” he chaffed.

“We don’t need it to kiss,” she countered before pressing her lips against his again, parting her mouth to allow him entrance. Without breaking the kiss, he gently brought them down to lie on the bed and hauled the covers over their tangled bodies.

It didn’t take long for the exhausted doctor to fall asleep. Yuki traced her fingertips along his handsome features, from his brows to his cheekbones, to his well-defined nose. The ends of his mouth curled to form a peaceful smile.

What are you dreaming about? I hope you get to meet your mother and father in your dream.

“Merry Christmas, Mayu,” she wished in a tender whisper and shifted towards him, bringing his head to rest against her bosom.


The End.

Thank you very much for reading! As always, reviews are greatly appreciated :deco:

I doubt I'd be able to make a New Year Special of any sort so let me wish everyone here Happy New Year in advance! Here's to a wonderful 2014! :cheers
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I don't know what to say. My heart is crying inside, Merry Christmas Mayu...

my hat is off. saluting.

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Mayuki feels~~~
Seigus thank u so much for this  :on slopkiss: :on slopkiss: :on slopkiss:

Happy holidays :on gay:

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Ok Lets meet up for Ramly Burger for real one day.

Or maybe some satay / BBQ Stingray / Bak Ku Teh etc.

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arrgghhh  :inlove:
thank for update  :twothumbs
I really really liked your FF :heart:
and this is one of my favorite FF :inlove: :wub:
I really liked Wmatsui & Mayuki :heart:

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 :cow: :cow: :cow: :panic: :cow: :cow: :cow:
I ´m so happy that you up a special Xmas chapter.
Thank! And have a nice new year!

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  • oshiri~~!!!
thank you for updating this

a late merry christmas to you and happy new year  :D :lol: :)

forward to your updates :bow: :bow:
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Seigus-san!~
I LOVE THIS FIC!!~ :heart: :yep:
Yes Mayuyu don't say things like that about being dying :smhid otherwise you wouldn't be with Yuki!~ :yep:
and yes you still have many people caring about you! Yuko cannot replace her Oshiri partner in crime! :lol:
omg I love the end and the kiss!~ :inlove: Yuki so caring holding Mayu close to her like that!~
thanx for this :cow: :bow:
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Oh boy... I don't know exactly how I can formulate a good reply at the moment, but I'll do my best! I must apologize ahead of time though for the late comment in both the Christmas special one shot and the updated part of Dr. Watanabe and Nurse Kashiwagi series. But I guess it's better late than never, right? And I apologize once more if the reply is much shorter than usual (which... isn't good for me since I'm including two updates that you have done on this comment).

Anyway, I'll first comment in regard to the updated chapter. :)

I see that, well... Mayuki love is blossoming yet again. Ah, Mayu and Yuki... You both are lovely together with your romantic moments. And to give each other love bites... :inlove: But hm... It seems that Mayu really wants to face Ren. Can't blame him considering the fact that another person had just forcefully kissed Yuki despite knowing that she is already engaged with Mayu. I sense this rise of tension from the scenario. Let's just hope that Yuki knows how to take care of Mayu when he might go a little out of control.

Then it zips to Ren. At least he's with Jurina right now. I honestly couldn't help but chuckle at this scene:

“Someone’s got to be sober to lug your drunk ass home,” she countered, the teasing twinkle in her eyes not missed by Ren. “And I’m underage.”

“Pfft. Right.”

Oh you Jurina. You know how to play it well.

But on a more serious note, a drunk individual is someone that shouldn't really be messed nor met with... Especially when it's with Ren and his tumbling feelings over trying to move on. He should know that introducing alcohol into the equation is only going to make things worse... Personally I'm glad that Jurina is there. The moment Mayu and Yuki entered into the picture, yikes! Mayu did not hesitate to swing a punch right at the other man! Thankfully his fiance had calm him down before things got a lot worse. And of course, drunk Ren is blabbering his mouth about assumptions and jumping to conclusion that is just based on his paranoia and jealousy. Oh that man... Guess that alcohol really did make you tipsy and prone to anger.

The matter did end on a safe note though aside from Ren getting punched once upon the duo's arrival. And Yuki giving the scariest and her infamous 'Black' aura towards Jurina... Then dealing with a completely random male stranger that wanted to dance with both Yuki and Jurina... But saved by both Ren and Mayu... Yeah. I guess we all can be reassured that both Mayu and Yuki are tightly knitted together and won't be pulled apart easily. They have each other to run to and protect each other from any sort of danger, especially in regard to their relationship.

It looks like when Ren came back to the hospital and did his usual work, he and Yuki made up. It's so adorable! I'm glad to see that the two are still caring for each other like brother and sister. And of course, Mayu on the other hand is nervously watching them from the distant as Yuko is right beside him. Not surprised that he's keeping an eye out on his soon-to-be wife, haha.

Then... poor Yuko. Her cake is thrown out, LOL. Oi! You shouldn't be eating so much junk food when you're pregnant, you squirrel!

Alright, moving onward to the Christmas special.

It's cute to see that Mayu, Yuko and Yuki are in the same room together and conversing with each other. The moment that Yuko brought up the topic of cooking, poor Yuki! I laughed and smiled like a doofus from that scene:

“I almost poisoned Mayu last year…”

“H-Hey, it wasn’t your fault. That stupid boy just has a weak stomach,” Yuko quickly said, desperate to do some damage control before Yuki’s dark vibes killed the jolliness of Christmas.

“I almost destroyed Mayu’s house…”

“He was a cheapskate to buy such a lousy oven that spoilt easily,” blabbed Yuko. Mayu’s brow twitched.

“I can’t be a good wife…”

Wow Yuko. Just... wow. You've done it this time, LOL. Watch what you're saying next time! Words can be quite damaging and taken on a much more serious tone than you imagine dear squirrel.

And poor Mayu. That day was the very day his parents passed away. It's really affecting him... But Yuki's right. As much as he really regrets living, he still has a reason for living. I understand that feeling of losing someone dear to you (doesn't help when the deaths are in multiple successions and short time span between each one) and regretting about it. Every life does count and make a difference in this world. Like if I weren't here, I wouldn't be able to type my fictions nor enjoy the possibility of reading and meeting great writers on here for example. And here on Mayu's part, he wouldn't be able to save countless lives if he wasn't alive. Good job Yukirin on cheering up and giving Mayu a good reason to not be sad on such day.

The nurses are at it again. They really are desperate to find someone they can kiss, LOL. Well... They have Sae for a bit, but... Wow Mocchi. You just passed out upon earning a kiss. Poor Akicha, LOL. Having to drag both the unconscious girl and the ladder back to its respective place. And to see that both Mayu and Ren are taken... Too bad you both. There will be another time perhaps?

The ending is simply adorable! Hikari coming to greet Mayu and Yuki! Then confessing to him under the wrong impression and meaning of the mistletoe. Oh you're too young anyway to fall for the doctor, LOL. I'm sure you'll have another great guy in the future to meet, talk and fall in love with. And of course, to end the fiction with a Mayuki moment. So sweet~ Especially when they fall asleep. :deco:

I apologize for the lack of emoticons in this post. Probably because I actually am a little lazy to click the emoticon buttons or something... But anyway! I'm glad to be able to finally catch up reading the two updates and be able to comment them! Patiently awaiting your updates as always and hope the year of 2014 treats you well, seigus-san! I'll always follow your work as a loyal fan. :deco:

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This fanfic keeps getting better and better which each passing chapter. I don't know how you do it,but well done!
No,really. Every time a chapter is posted I get so excited *lol*
The MaYuki pair is perfect as always.
 I'm getting really curious about Yuko and Mario's relationship. They interaction is hilarious. Also,where will Haruna enter in all of this? x3
It'd algo be interesting to see Sae more often. I wonder if he'll ever find his perfect girl *laugh*
I'll wait eagerly for your next update!

PD: the xmas special was so cute!
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Don´t forget usssss!!!!  ;) ;)

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This is so sweeeeeet! story!

at first I didn't like the Genderbend stroy much and try to ignore it
but this fanfic make me change idea!
I in love with it  XD So lovely !

Thank for this wonderful fanfic!

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the time is now

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its been awhile~ been silently reading this fic all over again~ update pleaseeeeeeee~  :wub:

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Oh i missed you seigus

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I've read this fic until the last chapter and its really good!!
And then, it's been a long time since your last update,

Hope you can update soon !!

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