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Author Topic: Time is good as gold - CH. 43 (MaYuki) | 24/04/2018  (Read 70602 times)

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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH.5
« Reply #40 on: November 11, 2012, 03:06:26 AM »
hahah Chiyuu revenge is so funny
Yuki can be so ,ute~

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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH.6
« Reply #41 on: November 11, 2012, 04:34:00 AM »
                                  ~Time is good as gold~

(Note: This is from that pov and chapter one!! )

*In the hospital*

Yuki looks at the girl sleeping,her eyes were teary but it's funny to her because she has no tears left..

She slowly gets closer and strokes the girl's cheek

Mayu opens her eyes and looked at the object of her affections "I was dreaming about us..since ths first day we met" she says with a weak smile 

Yuki's nose became red and now she can feel the tears but she hold it back by taking a deep breath "that's seems fun!" she says with a weak smile 

"Yuki.. i'm cold" Mayu whispered 

Yuki sad looked at the pail girl in front of her "don't worry i can fix that!" she says as she climbs to bed and hugs tight the younger girl 

Mayu adjusted her body then closed her eyes and smiled "Yuki.. i love you!" she whispered 

Yuki pouted to not cry but her tears finally won,she hugged the sick girl tigher "I love you more" she say before kiss her on her cheek 

Mayu smiled again still with her eyes closed "i know.. that's why i wanna keep dreaming about us.." she says and tears also came out but she wiped her tears before Yuki noticed it by turning her head


*Flashback at the metro sitting next to eachother* 

Yuki looked at Mayu 

"what? what did i do?" The shorter girl asked nervous

Yuki smiled and putted her arm on the girl's neck 

*Mayu blushed*

*Soon the two got out of the subway and walked to school that was close*

The two girls were walking.Mayu was looking down while Yuki has her arm around her neck 

Yuki stopped walking and also Mayu..

"what's wrong?" Mayu asked 

Yuki looked at Mayu "i.. i had fun today!" she says serious 

Mayu looked other way 

Yuko slowly got closer and planted another kiss on the younger girl's lips

Mayu this time wasn't shocked like the first one so she closed her eyes for a moment 

The two girls were kissing but soon Mayu broke the kiss "we can't!" she says sad as she walks ahead leaving behind a shocked Yuki 


"Mayu chan!" Jurina says as she smash a pillow on her roomie's face 

Mayu gets up "what the hell?" she asked 

Jurina pouted "It's getting late!" she shouted as she pick up her things 

Mayu also picked up her things and followed Jurina 

~After changing~ 

"What the hell you were dreaming?" Jurina asked while walks 

Mayu stopped walking and tense up "why?why?" she asked nervous 

Jurina looked at her friend "i guess you were having a nightmare because she were calling Yuki's name!" she says as she keeps walking 

Mayu blushed then putted her hand on her jumping heart "easy.." she whispered then followed her friend 

While the two girls walk the hall a girl came out from nowhere and grabbed Mayu's wrist 

"Are you Watanabe Mayu the cyborg?" The girl asked followed by a bunch of girls 

Jurina stepped "yes,she is! what's wrong?" 

The bunch of girls made an "awwwwwww!" 

"what's going on?" Mayu asked 
"you have to see this!" The girl says as she runs pulling Mayu with her to her classroom 

Jurina also followed 

Everyone on the classroom were looking through the window then they turned around and looked at Mayu 

"so cute!" Everyone says 

"ehhh!" Mayu and Jurina says in unision 

Everyone got back to their seats then Mayu and Jurina looked through the window 

"No way!! who the hell did that?" Jurina asked shocked 

"it's so romantic!" Chiyuu says with a smile 

Mayu looked at the heart shape on the grass with the words "Mayu W. or CG Say yes!!",she could feel how her heart races and her face is so red 

Jurina looked at Mayu "it's looks like sombody likes you very much!" she says with a smile 

Mayu turned her head to look at the 3 empty seats and  got out of the classroom 

Jurina frowned "what's wrong with her?" she thought as she goes to her classroom 

~After a few minutes~

Mayu closed the door of her room and leaned against it "Stupid Yuki don't make me fall more!" she shouts as she gets on her bed and putted the blanket on 

~At the same time~

Everyone were watching outside the window except for this time Rena,Sae and Yuki were on the classroom 

"Wow i can't believe someone did something like this for that ordinary girl!" Tomochin says 

*Yuki was sitting ignoring the whole situation till Tomochin made that comment then pouted* 

Rena smiled "i think it's romantic!" 

*Everyone sighs*

Airin sighed as she looks at Rena smiling 

"I think the headmaster is going to be really mad because of the campus grass!" Sae says as she seats next to Yuki 

Yuki smiled " Did Mayu chan watch it?" she asked 

"Mayu chan?" Sae asked 

"She saw it but then run away!" Chiyuu says 

Yuki get up fast "what??!" 

"Good morning!" Shinoda Sensei says 

*Everyone sitted* 

<The lunch time>

Yuki got up and left the classroom 

"where is she going?" Rena wondered 

Sae followed Chiyuu and grabbed her by her arm "i didn't forget what you did to me!" she says mad 

Chiyuu release her arm "STAY AWAY FROM TOMOCHIN!" she shouted mad 

Sae was speechless while Chiyuu walks away 


Jurina was waiting for Rena on their secret spot *the pool area* 

As soon the older girl showed Jurina shouted "Rena chan!" and went to hug the girl 

Rena gave a charming smile and also hugged the younger girl 

The two break their hug 

"I missed you!" Jurina says with a smile 

Rena tucked Jurina's hair behind her ear "me too!" she says shyly 

Jurina only smirked and stole a peck from the older girl's lips 

Rena blushed and looked other way

~ At the same time~ 

Mayu was under the blanket listening to her ipod suddenly 
a weight was added on her,she removed the blanket from her face and saw Yuki on her 

"Hi!" The taller girl said with a smile 

"Ahhhhh!!! "Mayu shouted and ends up falling of bed but soon got up,she removed her headphones and shouted nervous "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?" 

Yuki got out of Mayu's bed "are you avoiding me?" she asked pouting cutely as she walks closer to the younger girl 

As Yuki comes closer the more Mayu steps back 

"" The shorter girl says nervous as she steps back 

Yuki smirks "You're lying and you're blushing!" 

Mayu soon slips 

Yuki gets down and looks Mayu in the eyes 

Mayu gulped "those eyes" she thought 

Yuki leaned closer as if she was about to kiss Mayu 

Mayu was stunned not knowing what to "she wants that kiss but she can't.." 

Yuki smirked at the last minuted and putted her forhead on Mayu's shoulder 

She sighed "tell me soon.. Mayuyu" she whispered then got up and walked away

As soon Mayu heard the door close she shouted fustrated "Why you have to be too cute!!!" 

The door openned again,Mayu turned her head

"oh i forgot.. i got this so there are no close doors for me!" Yuki says with a smile then closes the door again and stood behind it

"Aaaahhhhh!" Mayu shouted

Yuki smirked then walked away..

~The next day~

Mayu and Jurina walked to their lockers to look for the books of the day..

*Mayu openned her locker and she was shocked looking at it!*

"Mayu let's go!" Jurina says as she closes her locker then turns to look her friend 

"what's wrong?" She asked as she looks inside Mayu's locker

"Everything is burnt.." Mayu whispers 

*everyone in the hall looked at Mayu's locker*

"oh're next!" Sasshi says worried 

"shut up!" Jurina says irritated 

Sae,Rena and Yuki were passing the hallway and noticed the vibe 

Yuki looked at the shocked Mayu then noticed her locker and saw everything burnt 

"Those son of a.." Yuki murmures mad as she takes the  crown that was hanging 

Rena looked other way 

Sae took one burned book "wow they don't like you!" she says smirking 

Yuki broke the plastic crown then looked at everyone "This is... who are those f-ing bitches? tell me!" she shouts mad as she takes a whatever girl and shakes her 

"i don't know! i don't know!" The girl replies scared 

Yuki lets her go "who they think they're to do this kind of shit?" she shouted mad 

Mayu was still processing everything 

*While Jurina being everyone hero try to stop Yuki from punching everyone around*
"Get off me kid!" Yuki shouts and starts forcing with Jurina 

Soon Shinoda sensei separates the two girls and taks Yuki with her to calm her down 

~At teachers room~ 

" Calm down!"  Shinoda sensei shouts and makes Yuki sit

"Those bastards burned Mayu's books!" Yuki shouted mad as she gets up

"who?" Shinoda asked and made Yuki sit again

"The stupid Black Queens!!!"  Yuki shouts mad

"What? they do not exist.. that group was disbanded when their leader graduate!" Shinoda sensei says 

"Do you know who they're?" Yuki asked 

"no,i just heard rumours when i studied here!" Shinoda sensei answered 

"I'm not going to let them hurt Mayu and i'm going to destroy once and for all!" Yuki says as she gets up and walks away 

~At Mayu's room~ 

Mayu was packing..

"Mayu you can't go!" Jurina says worried 

"They're dangerous so i think is better for her to leave now!" Rena says coldly 

"Rena chan!" Jurina says 

Mayu thought about Yuki when she grabbe the tennins ball

"i really thought you were part of them" Jurina says looking at Rena 

"well Sae,Yuki and me are not part of it!" Rena replies

Mayu smiled "that's a good news after all!"

Soon somebody entered to the room 

"What are you doing here?" Jurina asked mad 

*Rena took Jurina's hand to control her* 

Yuki pouted "i'm not visiting you so leave!" she says annoyed 

"ahhh!" Jurina says mad 

Rena pulled Jurina with her "let's walk a little!" she says with a smile 

"but.." Jurina retored but Rena ignored her and took her with her 

Yuki sighs "she's so annoying!" she says as she puts her back aside then notices Mayu packing 

"Hey what are you doing?" Yuki asked mad

"i'm going to leave the school!" Mayu replies not looking at Yuki 

"what?!  no!" Yuki says and starts taking the clothes to put it back to the drawers

"Yuki what are you doing?" Mayu asked 

"i'm letting you go!" Yuki retored mad 

"what stop!!" Mayu tries to stop Yuki 

Yuki takes Mayu's hand and pull her for a hug 

Mayu blinked a few times 

"I'm not gonna let anyone to hurt you.. ever,i'm going to protect you but please don't run away!" Yuki whispers 

Mayu blushes and somehow her arms took life on their own and hugged Yuki also 

After a few minutes..

Yuki breaks the hug and pulls out some books from her big bag 

"what are you doing?" Mayu asked 

"i bought you new books!" she says with a smile as her bag gets slim

"Yuki..  you don't *Shut up!* the taller girl says 

Mayu looked down

"This are not free since my french is bad,you can help me with that so we'll be even!" Yuki says with a smile

Mayu sighed and sitted on her bed 

Yuki looked at her then sitted next to her "i'm serious don't go!" she says as she takes her hand 

Mayu looked other way..


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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH.6
« Reply #42 on: November 11, 2012, 05:52:03 AM »
This is a sad chapter  :( from the pov of chapter one, it makes me cry  :cry:
Curse those Black Queens!!!!!  :angry:
Yuki has completely fallen for Mayu  XD, Yay!!!! Yuki please protect Mayu from those people  :twothumbs

Thanks for a great chapter, cmze-san.

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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH.6
« Reply #43 on: November 11, 2012, 06:31:31 AM »
Nhyoooo Yuki turned to be a cute and romantic person. *.*

Hueheuh so the reason Chiyuu bought Sae was because she was jelous of Tomochin huahuahua

Yeey, Jurina and Rena have a fake incestuous relationship ;p

Mayuyu, surrender to Yuki, she already got you ahuahuauahh

And, it's kinda sad the situation at the hospital ;.; felt so sorry for Yuki T.T

Good chapter,I loved it o/

Sorry about my lack of activity... I'm kinda stuck in life...

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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH.6
« Reply #44 on: November 11, 2012, 08:27:53 AM »
It's really an angst fic...made me cry..LOL they say i love you in the hospital that really....ah sorry my tears come up again...LOL

Rena seem suspicious...

 That black queen,i though its yuki's but its seem not her..

Yuki totaly in love with mayu..she's not letting mayu go..awww sweet..she's so sweet

Lets see what's will yuki do to protect her mayu's...LOL

And looks like yuki trying to get mayu make mayu fall for her..

Sweet sweet~  it sad but sweet...

Thank for the update cmze-san...the next chapter will be doki doki?


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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH.6
« Reply #45 on: November 11, 2012, 08:38:49 AM »
I can't tell i that!! i really depends on my mood!  :grin:

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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH.6
« Reply #46 on: November 11, 2012, 04:00:06 PM »
at the first of the chapter was soooooooooo sad  :cry:
I knew that she will say f4  :angry:
don't go mayu yuki will protect you   :deco:
I hope Mayu wont rejet the kiss oncr she wants to do it  :inlove:
don't die mayuuuuuu  :catglare: :( :cry:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH.6
« Reply #47 on: November 12, 2012, 02:40:55 AM »
omg this fanfic is waayyyy too cute T^T it makes my kokoro go doki doki  :heart: pls keep writing!

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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH.6
« Reply #48 on: November 12, 2012, 02:41:25 AM »
My face was so hurt because of smiling when i'm read the part Yuki protecting Mayu hahhahahaa so cute ><

And I also laugh when imagine who those Black Queens are lol i have no idea why i'm so happy even this part suppose to be sad XP

Well it was sad at the start but near the end i only smile lol

Thank you for writing it, I'm looking for the new chapter ><

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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH.6
« Reply #49 on: November 13, 2012, 02:07:10 AM »
So cute~
Yukirin is cool like that ^^

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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH.6
« Reply #50 on: November 13, 2012, 04:22:35 AM »

This is amazing!  :twothumbs
This is my new favorite now! MaYuki is so cute in here!

I thought the black queens are Yuki, Rena and Sae.  XD

Yuki is so sweet in here. I love her character!  :deco:

Thanks for this new MaYuki fic cmze-san!  :bow:

 :) :peace: I just read this story last night, and i'm all smile while reading it!!  :deco:
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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH.6
« Reply #51 on: November 13, 2012, 11:21:08 AM »
nice update,
so the black queen is Yuki's fans,
Yuki was so romantic,
what will Yuki do to those black queen??

looking forward for the nxt update..

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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH.6
« Reply #52 on: November 13, 2012, 12:11:09 PM »
Hello! It was a really sweet chapter.

Yuki is so sweet~! She want protect Mayu! I think Mayu wanted to use the fact that she is attacked to go away and left Yuki because of her disease...
Mayu don't leave her please!
Black queen... something bad

And I start my fanfic...
Mayuki = Cutest couple

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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH.6
« Reply #53 on: November 13, 2012, 05:01:00 PM »
czme thank you for this fanfics i read all your other fanfics but i have to say this and my sister's girlfriend are my fave please update soon  :jphip: :yep:
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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH.7
« Reply #54 on: November 14, 2012, 01:23:21 AM »
                                  ~Time is good as gold~

~In a dark room inside the school~ 

(A picture of Mayu and Yuki are on a table with some candles around them)

"So she dares to insult us.. it's time to give her a lesson and show her who's the boss" A voice in the dark says while other voices agree 

Somebody entered to the dark room and kicked the table 

"what the hell?" One of the voices says 

A laugh can be hearing echoing in the room "Are you mad?" a girl asked 

"Gekikara sama" Another voice says

The smiling girl  walks to them,she looked at all the persons inside the room that were wearing black hoodies to not show their face "so now you do things without telling me!" she say completely changing her playful face to a serious one 

"She insult us in public so now she has to pay.." One of the girls say as she gets down and takes Yuki's picture to start burning it 

Gekikara pouted "i'll take care of them by myself don't get involve in this.." she says as she turns around and starts walking away 

"Gekikara you're our leader so make us look good!" The same voice says as she is still burning Yuki's picture

Gekikara kept walking ignoring the girl statement..

~ After class~ 

"Finally friday!" Jurina says happy as she walks the halls with Mayu 

"Yeah.." Mayu says not so happy 

"what you're not going back home?" Jurina asks 

"i wish but.." Mayu looks back then sighs and see Yuki pretending talking to someone to hide the fact the she was following Mayu the whole morning 

Jurina looked at Mayu "hey,what Yuki wanted last night?" she asked 

"ohh well *Mayu blushes* she asked me to stay.." Mayu answers nervous 

"Really?" Jurina eyes open wide 

"she doesn't know french and she wants me to teach her!" Mayu says fast as she walks faster leaving Jurina behind 

Yuki fast walked behind her 

Jurina observe the situation "so weird..well who cares i'm going back home with Rena chan YAY!!" she murmures then shouted the last part 

*everone looked at Jurina* 

Jurina smiled then walked away embarrased 


Mayu looked back and saw Yuki following her "stop doing this!" she murmures as she walks faster 

"Why you keeo running away?" Yuki wondered as she fallows the shorter girl 

Suddenly somebody got on her way..

Yuki bumped her friend..

"Rena chan.." She murmures as she gets up 

Rena looked at her serious "we need to talk.." 

Yuki smiles like an idiot "sorry i'm kinda busy now!" she says as she looks at Mayu walking away 

Rena took her arm "what do you have there?" she asked as pulls out a piece of paper from Yuki's blazer pocket

"Huh?" Yuki looked at the piece of paper 

"Let's start the game.." Rena read loud 

Yuki smirked "those idiots.. this shit works with these people not me!" she says looking around 

Rena held Yuki's arm tigher "don't think this lightly" she says serious 

Yuki smirks again "They are bunch of f-ers that don't show their face,why should i be scared from people like that?" she asked then released her arm and walked away

"What's wrong with her?" Yuki thought as she walks 

Rena sighed then looked around and noticed many faces looking at her,she pouted and walked away 

~After a few minutes~ 

Mayu entered to her room then  sighed "she doesn't look strong at all but damn she can walk fast!" she thought as Jurina looks at her 

"what's wrong?" The short haired girl asked 

"Nothin.." Mayu replies as she throws herself on bed

Jurina's phone ringed  "okay,i'm on my way!" she say with smile 

Mayu only looked at her 

"Mayu chan see you on monday!" Jurina says happy as she leaves the room 

"See you on monday.." Mayu murmured "i should better call my parents" she thought 

~The conversation with her parents was about why she didn't come to spend weekend with them? Mayu lied saying that she had many things to do! and also if she taking her pills and also she has a date with the doc on thursday!"~ 

*Mayu soon fell sleep but not before changing her clothes*

~Meanwhile~ WMatsui on their limo 

Jurina looked at Rena "Rena chan spacing out so much! what's wrong?"she asked 

Rena got back to earth then looked at the younger girl and held her hand 

Jurina smiled "let's have fun this weekend!" she says showing her best smile to Rena 

Rena smiled also "Yeah.. hey Jurina btw do you know why Mayu is staying still in the school?" she asked 

Jurina smiled "you're not going to believe this but Yuki asked her to.." 

"What?" Rena asked not so happy

"yeah i was like that too,she said that Yuki asked her to teach her french!" Jurina replied 

Rena took a deep breath then looked through her window 

~Back to school~ 

Yuki entered to her room and found everything destroyed "WTF?" she thought as she sees all the things on the floor destroyed 

She saw a note on her desk "Have a nice weekend!",she squeezed the note then throwed to away and got out of her room 

"That's not going to ruin my mood.." She thought as she goes to the CG's room

(Note: not many students are staying at school,there are no more than 20 spending the weeked there)

<At the CG's room>

Mayu was still sleeping but soon she felt some weight again on her,she opened her eyes and saw Yuki on her AGAIN!! 

*This time she didn't fell of bed but Yuki did because Mayu pushed her*

"It hurts.." Yuki says as she gets up 

Mayu got out the bed "what are you doing here?" she asked looking at the smiling Yuki 

"that's a surprise!" Yuki says as she gets up then takes Mayu's hand and drags her out of the room 

"where are we going?" Mayu asked as she's being dragged out 

"I can't tell you!" Yuki says with a smile 

"at least let me put my shoes!" Mayu retored 

Yuki stopped walking and looked at the shoeless Mayu,she smiled "sorry!" she says and both got back to the CG's room

Once Mayu got ready the two girls walked to the campus 

"where that shinning is coming from?" Mayu asked as she looks at two trees with mini lights on them (gold) with a white table and two white chairs separating the trees side to side 

"Oh my.. this is so pretty" Mayu whispers then turns to look at Yuki who was still holding her hand

Yuki looked at Mayu also then smiled 

The two had eye contact for a few seconds..

Mayu smiled weakly as she looks at those pretty lights and the beatiful way that everything is set "why you do this?" she asked a little sad 

Yuki looked other way "i don't know.. is just this weird warm that i feel whenever i see you that makes me smile and makes me wanna do this things" she answers as she puts her hand on her racing heart then turns to look at Mayu again

Mayu blushed and heart was racing bit she could nothing but walk away 

"Mayuyu." Yuki called and grabbed her arm 

"stop showing me your beatiful heart!" The shorter girl shouted as she release her arm and walks away 

Yuki sighed "Mayu.." she murmures 

~The next day~ (Saturday)

Mayu spend her day studying then soon her eyes were tired for so much reading so she decided to take a walk "why i keep thinking about you? just get out of my head!" she thought as she walks 

"It's already 19:00 pm and you haven't call or get into my room,maybe you finally gave up..that's sad but good!"

Mayu sighed and then just sitted on the grass 

"Mayuyu.." A voice called 

Mayu turned her head "ehhh how?" she wondered 

Yuki smiled "what? don't tell me you were missing me?" she asked 

Mayu got up "of course not.." she says looking other way 

Yuki frowned "don'y worry i don't give up so easily!" she says with a smile and takes Mayu's hand 

"let me go!" Mayu says forcing 

"okay!" Yuki says and let her go which cause Mayu to fall

"it hurts.. idiot! why you let me go?" Mayu replies as she gets up 

"ok i won't let you go!" Yuki says with a smile and takes Mayu's arms again and pulls her with her 

"what are you doing?" Mayu asked 

"what you told me.. not letting you go!" The taller girl answers as she keep walking 

Mayu sighed "i'm never going to win!" she thought as she looks the taller girl smirking 

~At Mayu's room~ 

"what are you doing?" Mayu asked as Yuki is front of the blueray and turning on the tv 

"We're going to watch the walking death all night!" Yuki replies smirking 

"what?!? why?!" Mayu asked 

"i like watching horror movies,i would do it on my room but it's under construction now and also Sae and Rena went home so i don't wanna watch alone"  Yuki replies as she takes the remote and climbs to Mayu's bed 

"That's my bed!" Mayu says 

Yuki shows her best smile and pats the side next to her 

Mayu sighed and sitted tense up "why me?" she thought while Yuki is next to her smiling

Soon the two girls were meddle in the movie..

"what?!? get the hell out of it!!" Mayu shouts 

"OmG!! they're going to kill him!" Yuki shouts and covers her eyes 

Mayu in other hand was already face down watching more closely to the tv "Anime is cool but this is also really cool!" she says 

*Yuki looked at Mayu then smiled warmly*

~After a few hours~  1:30 am 

"The end of the first season!" Mayu says then turns to look at her partner who was already sleeping 

Mayu smiled "you really know how to my world!" she thought as she looks at the girl then noticed their linked hands 

Mayu leaned and kissed the taller girl's cheek "of only i wouldn't..i would totally accept your feelings!" she whispered 

Soon Mayu also fell sleep next to Yuki,the taller girl in her sleep hugged CG which cause her to smile 


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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH.7
« Reply #55 on: November 14, 2012, 02:04:59 AM »
Those Black Queen's leader is Gekikara? Is it Rena or another person?
Mayu you should be honest with your feeling :D
Thanks for the update

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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH.7
« Reply #56 on: November 14, 2012, 02:41:00 AM »
I knew it!! I knew it!! It's rena right?? Gekikara...

I knew it's rena,she's so suspicious...and i know its not her doing that,its the other black queen,her underling

But why mayu and yuki?well i know if yuki get involved because she's insult them in public...but mayu's?'s because mayu have a lot of attention from yuki?...or maybe the CG its too genius LOL
maybe the member black queen jealous or something..well maybe..

and rena as the leader,she's just take control,she's still a good girl anyway...LOL
I wonder how rena resolve this problem so she's not hurting yuki...,hope rena know, hurting mayu..hurting yuki too

Aww yuki is just too sweet...
Mayu..please accept her! If you don't cause your illness, well you said you wanna do a normal thing before dying,so do it...

Thank for the update cmze-san this chapter awesome as always!


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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH.7
« Reply #57 on: November 14, 2012, 05:34:58 AM »
mou~ I dont like the Black queens!!!

Even if Rena is there.....she shouldnt be bad! Rena is sweet!!

Yuki do something!
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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH.7
« Reply #58 on: November 14, 2012, 01:43:25 PM »
Yuki is so sweet!!!
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: ~Time is good as gold~ MaYuki CH.7
« Reply #59 on: November 14, 2012, 01:44:34 PM »
aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww yuki so sweet  :love:
mayu you know you wanna be with yuki :yep:
and i agree i dont want rena to be bad :( :smhid
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