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Author Topic: [script?] saku-chan's Drabbles | ANYONE can post their own! | +300  (Read 210187 times)

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ANATA NO KABAN DESHOU?! - It's Your Bag Right?! Part 1

Sayanee was watching on her Laptop, She was watching 'Bimyo'

In the Skit:

Takamina: Sore... Ano... Atashi no kaban janai desu....

Amalady-Guard: Anata no Kaban deshou?

In that Moment, Sayanee got addicted to the Scene, Especially on what 'Amalady-Guard' Said, The Next Day, Two girls are fighting on their Studio.

Maachun: No! That's not Right! You're doing it wrong MILKY! *Enraged*

Milky: You're the ONE WHO'S WRONG! *Slaps Maachun*

Maachun: grrr... *Secretly in anger* *Slaps Milky back.*

Milky: Yah! *She slapped Maachun, OVER POWERED!*

Sayanee stopped the fight... LIKE THIS...

Sayanee: ANATA NO KABAN DESHOU?! *Goes in the middle of the two*

Maachun: Eh? Sayanee... Nani Sore? *Glare*

Sayanee: *Brings out Milky's Bag* ANATA NO KABAN DESHOU?

Milky: Sore.. Ano... Atashi no Kaban desu...

Sayanee: *Ignored Milky*

*Brings out magazine with a 'Bag' Cover*

*Looks at Milky*

Milky: That is not MY BAG! *Slaps Sayanee with the Magazine*

Maachun and Milky: *Slaps Sayanee together* UZAI YO~

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-Sayaka Yamamoto

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@ GinkoX: just so funny!! :lol:
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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awww kojiyuu and their cure christmas date..

jeje minami you need to satisfaced your wife needs..
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Re: saku-chan's Drabbles | ANYONE can post their own! | PLEASE WRITE NO. OF DRAB
« Reply #303 on: December 14, 2012, 12:28:50 PM »
Nhyooo I like it! It's so cute *.*

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nyahaha XD thats saemayu right?? how happy i'm now XD soo incridible!
thankyuu rukaeru san :bow:
you made my dayyyyyy XD

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owww juribait y yuihan..interesting
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Omg! That was perfect!  :inlove: and Takamina's face/expression was the best hauhauahuahhau

Sorry about my lack of activity... I'm kinda stuck in life...

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yeah rena wverybody knows that..
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Actually this is my entry on sakura's Melon pan event XD


Somewhere at the park..

Acchan:”…mi….I’m hungry..”

Taka: “I have melon pan here.. Rena gave me one..”

Acchan: “Want!”

Taka: “Let’s share.. I wanna taste it too”

Acchan: “No refreshments?”

Taka: “Ok I’ll get some..” *Handed the melon pan to her*

Acchan *Sniffs* “Smells good..”

*Taka going to get some beverages in vendo machine*

Acchan *tempted* “I guess it would be alright if I will bite first”


*presses* “soft!”

*start a bite* “tasty..”

*Taka kickin’ the halt, coin got stuck, drinks won’t pop out*

After few minutes..

Acchan: “Where’s that person, took so long..” *sigh*

*unintentionally bite again the melon pan as a victim while waiting*

*bite again*

*Taka still kickin the stupid machine*

*Acchan biting again*

*and again*

*and again…*

Acchan: *Regain consciousness* “Huh! Oh my..”

*Taka arriving*

*Acchan’s cheeks are bloated with melon pan*

Taka: “Where’s the melon pan?”

Acchan *Speechless*

Taka: “Did you already eat it?”

Acchan *Shook her head*

Taka : “Atsuko! Don’t deny it! It’s obvious!”

Acchan *Attempts to speak but got choke* “cough cough”

Taka "Atsuko..daijoubu?"*Handed her the juice and make her sip*

Acchan *felt relax* “Gomene minami..I didn’t noticed it..You took so long..You know I got bored, I’m hungry and there’s food on my hand..So that’s it”

Taka *pretend to be upset*

Acchan “Hey..” *poking cheeks* “Okay I’ll treat you for eating the melon pan alone..”

Taka *pouts* “But I want the melon pan that Rena gave..”

Acchan ”I’ll ask Rena chan to have another one!”

Taka “okay..”

Acchan “But..”

Taka “But what?”

Acchan “Let’s eat that together next time..”

Taka “Where?”

Acchan “In my house?” *smirks*

Taka : O_O!

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Why Honmayan lives in a planet separate from us...


One day, Honmayan was attending school when the teacher required them to use pencil...

Teacher: Ok guys! You have to draw! Now use pencils first. ^ _ ^

Honmayan: Pencil? O w O *pokes seatmate*

Seatmate: Hmm? O w O

Honmayan: Ne, may I borrow your pencil? O w O

Seatmate: A-ah... *looks at his pencil case* *sees 10 pencils but doesn't want to lend them* Uhm... I don't have any... :(

Honmayan: Zettai uso yaro... > _ > I saw 10.

Seatmate: Sorry... I don't want to lend any... :(

Honmayan: > _ > I hate liars... HONMAYAN BEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAM! > _ > *shoots his seatmate with 5 more classmates who just lied*

Teacher: Honmayan, what did you do!? DX

Honmayan: Nothing. > _ >

At the store...

Honmayan: > _ > I want to buy 5 sacks of rice.

Store owner: We don't have that right? *winks at his workers*

Workers: Y-yeah! ^ _ ^' (There's actually 20.)

Honmayan: Zettai uso yaro... > _ > I saw 20...

Store owner: But it'll be used for other customers who want it. :(

Honmayan: I don't care. I HATE LIARS. > _ > HONMAYAN...... BEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAM! > _ > *shoots the whole store with Honmayan beam*

Police: *facepalm* = _ = This is it. Call NASA. Tell them to put this damn spandex guy in his own planet. = _ ='

And thus... Honmayan was transferred to a planet. All the crews of the NASA expedition died after the ride because they lied to Honmayan and Honmayan killed them as well. XD


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When Honmayan was just a toddler, his father left him on his Mother. And that's why on the last episode of Honmayan in BIMYO, he's been doubting if that guy is his father. So this is why Honmayan's mother has not been shown in Bimyo...

Honmayan: Where's Dad, Mom? > _ >

Honmayan's Mom: U-u-uhm... ^ _ ^' He's overseas working.

Honmayan: Zettai uso yaro? > _ > I heard you quarreling with him. He also said that he'll be leaving us.

Honmayan's Mom: S-sorry, Honmayan... :(

Honmayan: I hate lying and liars. > _ >

Honmayan's Mom: H-honmayan? O _ O

Honmayan: HONMAYAN... BEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM! > _ > *shoots his Mom with Honmayan beam*

*Honmayan's Mom died*

And that's why his Mom didn't make it to the TV episodes.


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aww atsumina..
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#175  :cool2:

Complicated Feeling

At the theater there is seems Sae, Mayuyu and Rena has been trapping Yukirin to explain about her feeling and forcing Yukirin to make her decision which one that she’ll be choosing based from her heart.

Sae: “Yuki-chan! I want you to make your decision right now! Which one that you’ll be choosing? Me, Mayuyu or Rena?!” (asked Sae in angry tone)

Mayuyu: “Yeah!! Choose!” (agreed Mayuyu while crossing her hands)

Rena: “Tell us the truth! I want to know which person that you love the most?!” (frown + look at Yukirin)

Yukirin: “…………” (only give over reaction face + silent)

Suddenly, someone is running to them and interrupting the conversation between them.

Yuihan: “Yeah! I also want to know that! Who will you chose!”

Sae+Mayuyu+Rena: “Ehh….??!! You too?!” (shocked)

Yuihan: “Unn!” (nods + innocent face)

All of them: “Now, Yukirin! Choose!!” (in unison + look at Yukirin)

Yukirin: “Nani?!” (widen eyes + shocked + don’t know what to do)

All of them: (waiting + frown + look at Yukirin)

While they’re waiting for Yukirin to answer,

Yukirin: “Haaa!!!” (pointing to someone that passing by in the theater)

All of them: “What?!” (curious + look at their back)

Yukirin: “JURINA~~~~~” (happy + running to Jurina)

All of them: “WHAT!!!” (shocked + jaw droppped)

Jurina: “Haaii~~~ Yuki-chan~~ Chuu~~~” (want to kiss Yukirin)

Yukirin: “Mou! Don’t do that in front of peoples…it’s embarrassing!” (playfully slapping on Jurina’s face)

Rena: “Tsskk!! That kissing monster! I’ll punish her after this!!” (angry + frown)

Others: “Why there will always be a complicated feeling in AKB48 group?!” (sigh)


 :on gay:

Tsk tsk tsk. I'm starting to think that Yukirin beats Jurina when it comes to pimping. :hiakhiakhiak: But oh well~ :bigdeal: That make things more fun! XDD
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

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*unintentionally bite again the melon pan as a victim while waiting*

Poor melon pan!
so funny as ever mia!
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nyahaha XD thanks rukaeru san :bow: but i wanna know what kind of punishment that yuki give to sae XD

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jeje yeah Saeboy is a player!
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A Leader's Concern

It was Sunday at Japan,Tokyo and it's my day-off in AKB48 so as usual I'm using it to sleep!aAAAALLLLLL DAY!that's what I do when I'm on a day-off!

SLEEPING!is a Takahashi family tradition! well that is only my way of saying it to others!  :nervous

but suddenly it change in a single phone call...

I was Sunday morning when that thing happened.I was eating food(As usual..) and after some minutes passes I was ready to sleep again but my cellphone rang and I opened the phone call. "Ah!It's Yuko." I said in front of my cellphone seeing the "Yuko" logo on my phone and clicked the answer logo.

"Moshi Moshi?"


I was shocked by the thing I just heard,Yuko was in danger!I quickly respond to her SOS and said,

"YUKO?!W-Where are you?!What is happening?!!"

"Mi-Minami!Help me!!!I'm at the park Central Square at Tokyo!!"

"Park Central Square?( I just made some things up  :smhid )uh ok...But what is happening???!"

"Minami! I'm going to get ra-"


"Wha...she hang up."

I quickly wore my civilian clothes and rush to the Park Central Square that is near to my home."Minami I'm going to get ra-" Yuko's last word to me was so interrupting to my head.She's going to get what?ra-?as in

as I thought of that kind of thing,my speed of running turned to be must faster than usual.My mode was ready to save Yuko from her being....yeah you know what it is but I suddenly thought.

"Wait...Yuko?Being raped?at the Park Central Square?at a bright daylight?" and as I arrived to the park,I saw Yuko holding her laughter.

"YUKO!!!" I rapidly approached her to give her a big pat in the back and I mean really hard!let's just say A PUNCH.

But before I eve give her what she deserves she suddenly hugged me.

"Oh Minami~ such a concern leader~ I am justgoing to get raspberries for us to eat when you are going to arrive here~"She said while she's patting my head.

"Yu-Yuko!!!stop pranking me!THIS IS FOR THE 10TH TIME ALREADY!!!"

"Don't you mean 12th time?"

"grahh!!!"I pushed Yuko away from me.

"You lost my trust to you Yuko.....I'm leaving."

"Minami!Don't be such a pussy!"

I didn't bother Yuko with her little teasing to me and even if reach home Yuko kept following me but as I was about to open our front door Yuko reach for my hand and there I looked in front of her and straightly looked at her sparkling brown eyes that was coming closer and closer to my vision.


I was shocked by Yuko's sudden approach.Her lips were attached to mine but unexpectedly her lips were so soft and so tempting to kiss even more but then I pushed Yuko away from me.


"Yuko please stop this."

"But...You liked that kiss...didn't you Minami?"

 "as AKB48's leader I must not be biased to anymore AKB members..."

Yuko suddenly looked at my eyes really close than our usual distance.

"Anymore?What do you  mean by that?"

I didn't respond to Yuko's question but just looked straightly at the ground but she hold my chin for my face to look straight again to hers.

"Is this because of Atsuko's Graduation?is this the reason that you don't want to love someone anymore?The reason why your heart is as hard as rock?"

"I was scared Yuko...."


"I was scared....that if I will love someone again.....he...or...she...might leave me..."

I can't control it,the tears i my eyes suddenly overflow through me and Yuko looked at me with a worried face.A minute passes,Yuko wipe my tears and gave me a warm hug.

"I can love you love for you might not be strong as Atsuko but I will try my best to not let you be on this state..."

" wont leave me?"

"I will leave you silly!"


"I'm just kidding~"


"hahaha! Right now I wont Minami but this thing is not permanent, someday we, AKB members will have our own separate ways and when that happens I want you to not look like a crybaby!I don't want you to cry when I graduate! or even to the other members!"

"Why are you saying this Yuko?Are you really leaving me?"

"And what if I do?"


A that time I pulled Yuko's dress and kissed her soft lips.

I will chase you..."



"That was a weird line..." Yuko said plainly.

"You could have just said "Then I will rape you~" or some other dirty things~ my heart will throb for that~!"

"OH Shut up Yuko!"

*Shutting door sound*

"Hey!Minami! I'm just kidding!"
"I know I know! go home It's my day off!"


"Next Sunday!"


"Let's.....Have a date..."

I saw Yuko smiled on the small hole on our front door.She leave our house like a small little dust.Many minutes passes when I was ready to go to bed but then my cellphone ringed and there I opened the message and it contains,

"Expect A big kiss for tomorrow~ *wink* -Yuko"

After that I can't sleep at all while having a pure red face all over me.


Is this even a drabble?I wonder~  :lol: well I have nothing to do and it's my first time writing a story in jphip! so nice to meet you all and I hope you all wont get mad of me writing a weird fic.  :(
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Takayuu ~ I love more and more this pairing *w*. They're so cute. Thanks !

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OM, TakaYuu is one of the couples I recently ship, so~~~

 :wub: :wub: :cathappy: :cathappy: :deco: :deco: :bow: :bow:

Thank you~~

And  :welcome
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The LOVELY conversation of the royal couple on the phone



Sae: *just finished her pimpy convo with Chyuu* *texting Yukirin now*

Sae: [Hey Babe ;) Watcha doin? ;3]

Yukirin: -23 minutes later- [;3]

Sae: *thinks* 23 minutes of waiting and it's only an emoticon!?

Sae: *texts Yukirin* [Are you busy? ;3 Or... Am I too sexy for you to that you don't know what to reply? ;P ]

Yukirin: -3 minutes later- [:*]

Sae: *thinks* She must be busy.. *replies* [Ja.. Since you're busy.. I won't disturb you then.. D: Cya..]

*Yukirin's POV*

Yukirin: *replying Sae* [You texted at the right time my lovely Prince.. :* I miss you soo much!] -text failed-

Yukirin: *replying Sae but it keeps failing* *tries to send an emoticon* [;3] -text sent-

Sae: [Are you busy? ;3 Or... Am I too sexy for you to that you don't know what to reply? ;P ]

Yukrin: *relplies* [Gomen.. I kept the text can't be sent just now.. But still, you're always sexy my prince! :* ] -text failed-

Yukirin: *sends another reply after failing lots of replies for the past 3 mins* [:*] -text sent-

Sae: [Ja.. Since you're busy.. I won't disturb you then.. D: Cya..]

Yukirin: FUUUUU!!!! Stupid phone!! -throws phone strongly causing it to break-

-Yukirin went to Sae's house-

Yukirin: *knocking on Sae's door*

Sae: *opens door* Y-Yukirin? Watc-

Yukirin: *cuts off Sae by kissing her wildly*

*censor* *censor*

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