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Author Topic: Saeyaka Fanfic-Fire and Ice  (Read 26631 times)

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Re: AKB48(Saeyaka Fanfic)-Fire and Ice Chapter 5/Side story 2
« Reply #40 on: January 20, 2013, 06:42:48 PM »
Saeyaka story!! I love it so far! I also fell in love with everyone who did the INFINITY musical, but Sae cannot be too genking in that role so I kind of missed that aspect in stories that are based off of infinity. However, Sayaka's portrayal is very nice! And just so you know, Saeyaka is definitely not an unconventional pair -- they are even more popular than Saeyuki! Anyway, the important thing is that everyone learns how gentle and yasashii Sayaka really thanks for the fic!!

I'm more interested in the side-story about Sae turning back to 6 and going to an elementary school. How does a child vamp out?

And please have happy ending for Mayuki!!

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Re: AKB48(Saeyaka Fanfic)-Fire and Ice Chapter 5/Side story 2
« Reply #41 on: January 21, 2013, 03:39:16 AM »
Please don't kill Sae  :cry:

Yukirin at Sae are half-siblings  :twothumbs

Nice chpater  :twothumbs

Thank you for the update  :bow:
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AKB48(Saeyaka Fanfic)-Fire and Ice Chapter 6
« Reply #42 on: January 25, 2013, 03:33:59 PM »
Over 1000 views! :hee: Thank you!
mayuki_daisuki: Thanks for the kind comment. I'll be waiting for more, and I'll support you in your story. :deco:
saeyu: I'm glad I have another Saeyaka shipper! :grin: You totally understand how I see Sayaka-chan, too! :otomerika:
Yuki88: I'm sorry to tell you, and all other Mayuki fans, but Mayu doesn't make another appearance in the series after this. :sweatdrop: (I'm already working on the finale.) But, she will be mentioned again later in the series. ...Sorry :nervous
And, I'm also sorry for the late update. (Writer's block) Don't worry, I'm just fine.

It's time for another great update that will bring everything a bit closer together before the final climax. :nya:

DOUZO!!! :tama-apeshit:

AKB Fanfic-Fire and Ice

Chapter 6

Sayaka's POV

I'm running, faster and faster. It's too hard too breathe.

The smell of smoke...

I can't see a thing in front of me.

Where are those grey flames? Why can't I find Sae?

I have the worst feeling inside me, but I try to keep on running.

"That girl is cursed."

"It would be better if damn people like them never existed!"

"We'll save you... We'll kill him..."

"Hahaha. Her?! If she's anything, she's a monster!"

Who the hell are you?!

I couldn't recognize any of those voices. I tried, but nothing came to mind.

The only thing I had to do was search through the dark and try to find Sae. But, where can be possibly be?


I've given up on where, I just start screaming his name.


Wait, is that him?

I see someone's figure up ahead, but it's so dark, I can barely see.


I finally come to a stop, catching my breath.

"Sae... Thank god you're safe..."

The figure turns and points a gun at me. I'm frozen in my spot as she could shoot at any moment.

"Who... who are you?"

Her eyes glared at me with a serious, but menacing look. She pointed the gun to the ground and shot it.

The sound of the shot echoed throughout the room and the ground was crumbling at my feet.

I look up and see Sae, chained up on a silver cross.

He can't be... He can't!



I run and try to reach Sae, but it's too late. The ground splits open under my feet and I fall into an endless abyss.

I scream, hoping some one would hear.

But, deep down, I already knew...

I was done for.

I suddenly sat up, gasping and panting heavily.

"Good. You're up."

I turn and saw Mariko beside me. I must have fell asleep while I was running and Mariko found me unconscious.


I suddenly feel something cold on my cheek and flinch suddenly. I turn and see Kana handing me a can of coke.

"Wanna drink?"


"Me and Mariko-san were walking home from dinner, when you suddenly ran up and nearly tackled me."

I blushed a bit and drank from the can.

"After a while, you fell unconscious, so I let you sleep on my lap."

"You looked like you were having a nightmare. Are you gonna be alright?"

I gulped down the soda and nodded. She smiled and nodded back, understanding that I was okay again.

After I two left, I decided to walk through the park.

At night, the fountains would light up and crickets would chirp everywhere.

For me, it was a calming sight that I could go to to forget about my problems.

... But, I couldn't forget about what happened before.

I'm a total idiot. Sae was just being nice... I think... But, still, I freaked out like that right in front of him. He must think I'm crazy now...

I stared up into the stars, entranced by the beautiful full moon.

"Sayaka... I'll save you."

Sae's voice echoed through my head again, making me feel so sad and broken.

"I promise. I'll always be here..."




I suddenly saw something. Another memory.

Me and Sae were sitting together on a large tree branch, looking out at the night sky and holding hands.

"Nee... Sae..."


"... You're... immortal, right?"

Sae's eyes suddenly widened, and he stood up a bit.

"Wha-? W-who told you that? That's ridiculous. Why would you think-?"

"I've known for quite some time now."

Sae was a bit surprised for some reason. I guess he didn't want me to know he was a vampire.

He sat back down, still looking down from the scenery.

"No one told me. I just guessed."


I slid closer to him, holding his hand again.

"You are immortal, right?"

He nodded.

"Then, promise me one thing. Never leave me."


"Sae... I love you."

He couldn't mask the surprise in his face after I said that, but eventually he smiled, too.

"I love you, too."

Just as I saw we were leaning in for a kiss, I woke up. The memory flashed away and I was brought back to the park.

"... Sae..."

"Kon-ban-wa, ojou-chan."

Chills ran up my spine as I heard the familiar voice.

It was the same three yankee boys who attacked me yesterday.

Oh crap! Not them again!

"What do you want?"

"C'mon. All we wanna do is hang a bit."

He took one step and I readied myself for anything that could happen.

"I hold a 2-dan, y'know? I can beat all three of you easily."

"Oh, I don't think that'll be a problem anymore..."

He dropped his cigarette and stepped on it hard. As he grinded it, purple fire burst around them.

Smoke blew around us and the three started laughing maniacally. I shut my eyes tight and cover my face.

After coughing a few times, I open my eyes back up.

The yankees in front of me have completely changed. They all looked disoriented and demonic, and the one in the middle gained a giant silver claw on his
right hand.

"Where's your boyfriend now? Not coming?"

What the hell is this?

They're demons...

To be continued...

We're just inches from the climax, as the final pieces of the puzzle fall into place. :luvluv2:
What is the history between Sayaka and Sae? :farofflook: What exactly happened 500 years ago?
 :heart: :heart: Stay tuned as we reach the exciting finale!!! :heart: :heart:

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Re: AKB48(Saeyaka Fanfic)-Fire and Ice Chapter 5/Side story 2
« Reply #43 on: January 25, 2013, 04:01:04 PM »
I'm getting even more curious  :huhuh :cow:
and thank you for supporting my fics and for the update :deco:
love the story keep up the good work :heart: :yep:
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Re: AKB48(Saeyaka Fanfic)-Fire and Ice Chapter 6
« Reply #44 on: January 28, 2013, 03:10:28 AM »
@TTluver497: thanks for the update and I really don't mind that!

It's a SaeYaka story after all it's totally okay with me if you want to focus on that. SaeYaka fanfic (as in the one with them as main pairing) isn't that much here so I'm really glad to read this. Not to mention your writing is good, too!  XD

Now that you've mentioned you already working on the final, you have to finish this series! Don't drop it before you finish it, okay?  I beg you  :bow:
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Re: AKB48(Saeyaka Fanfic)-Fire and Ice Chapter 6
« Reply #45 on: January 28, 2013, 02:16:45 PM »
Oh no! Sayaka!!!  :frustrated:

Sae! Go help your princess :scolding:

Well, Sayaka is pretty strong herself  :on GJ:

I can't wait for the next update  :bow:
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AKB48(Saeyaka Fanfic)-Fire and Ice Chapter 7
« Reply #46 on: January 31, 2013, 04:06:48 PM »
KYAAAAAAAA!!! :mon inluv: The day has finally come!
 :deco: We've reached the exciting finale, and now, all your questions will be answered! :tama-apeshit:
Now, let's all relax today, leave the stress behind, and enjoy this grand finale to such a romantic pair!
 :nya: DOUZO!!! :nya:

AKB Fanfic-Fire and Ice

Chapter 7

"Now then, let's play."

Sayaka was no longer in her ready stance. She was frozen, staring at the transformed boys.

"Hehehe, this girl really is weak!"

"We'll finish her easy."

The middle demon sneared at her and stared at her body with hungry eyes.

"Let's get this thing started."

Sayaka got in her ready stance again as the three circled around her.

"What are you going to do?"

"All we wanna do is make you one of us."

There was silence in the air. Only the sound of the wind was heard.

Then, in a split second, the shortest attacked her.

He grabbed her feet and tackled her by the legs, knocking her down on the ground.

Then, the tallest of the group grabbed her arms. But, Sayaka released her legs and put up a good fight.

"Don't underestimate a girl."

She was strong, but he was even stronger and instantly knocked her back down.

"Don't underestimate US."

The leader's silver claw started glowing and raged in a purple fire. He swung his right arm and the fire slashed the ground toward a fallen Sayaka.

The fire ripped through her sleeve and left three huge scratches on her arm.


Her screams echoed throughout the park and blood was overflowing from her arm. Endless pain spread through her body and tears fell freely from her eyes.

"Now, the seeds can take hold. The roots will spread throughout your body and possess your mind."

The demon unbuttoned her shirt slowly with his claw finger.

"And, you, too, shall become one of us."

"Someone, please... Sae... Help me..."

Her blurry eyes saw his hand slowly reach her cleavage.

"Sayaka no baka!"

Sayaka's POV

There was a sudden thunder crash echoing in my head. Time froze and visions of the past once again filled my mind.

I grasped my chest tightly, my heart pounding like crazy.


Sae? Is that him?

"That day... The night of the roaring thunders... You took your life for me..."




"**yak** *** Say**ka **yaka!!!"


Where is he?

"Sayak**!!! SA**AKAAA***!!!!"

He was running, faster and faster, until he stopped at a large area covered in ice.

The ground was frozen and the hunters laied on the ground unconscious.

It was cloudy, thunder lowly roaring through the sky.

"No... *Gasp* Sayaka!"

He ran up toward me.

I was standing in the middle of the road, turned from Sae's gaze. He grabbed my shoulder and made me turn.

"Sayaka, what happened? Sayaka!"

When we looked down at my hand, I was holding a small card.

"No... You didn't..."

He looked so sad when he saw it. It was a spell card. A forbidden one.

For some men I grieve; some men hate me; and this wretched world, To me, with all my despair, is a pitiful place...

That was the poem written on the card. A spell that would take the reader's life to use it's power.

"I'm sorry..."

I suddenly collapsed, Sae still holding me close. He held my head close to his chest, letting me feel the warmth of his heart.

"Sayaka... Why?"

"B-because... I wanted you to protect me..."


I grabbed his hand tight and came closer to his chest, hearing his soft, sweet heartbeat.

"I'll be reborn... I know I may not remember you... but, I still... want you to protect me. No matter what..."

His eyes filled with tears, watching me slowly die in his arms.

"Promise me... you'll do all you can to... help me remember..."

"... Of course. I'll always be right beside you."

He held my hand again and leaned closer to me.

He started crying again, holding my head close to him.

I felt his lips touch mine. This was the final kiss we shared that moment.

That one moment, until my last bit of energy slipped away, and I died in his arms. As he parted, my body went cold and lifeless, and my eyes were shut tight.

He hugged me tight, and soon fell asleep, holding me for the last time.

End of Flashback
End of Sayaka's POV

Sayaka was crying, remembering that last moment Sae held his beloved friend. It was her, all along.

"I'm sorry... Sae..."

All those times, Sae wanted to protect her, because they both loved each other so much.

He made a promised because she took her own life for their love's sake. Even though she knew what would happen, she still did it.

"Maybe, if that never happened in the past... we could still be together..."

The demons stared at her as her breathing got harder and her tears kept overflowing.

"She's resisting..."

"Interesting... But, this is no time for games."

He reached out again, ready to encarve a scar into Sayaka's chest.

But, suddenly, he stopped.

"Well, well, well. Took you long enough."

Sayaka turned and saw Sae and his sister, Yuki, standing behind them.

Yuki used her magic to push him up against a tree. His two companions ran over to his side.

Sae brought her arm up and slowly bit the scars, sucking her blood to get the seeds out. She slightly twitched a few times as some of her blood left her body.

He took his mouth from her arm and spit the seeds out on a towel.

"Yuki." He held his hand out and Yuki handed him a bottle of a cream colored elixer.

He drank from the bottle, not swallowing the elixer, and bit Sayaka's arm again. He licked her wounds and let the medicine sink in.

He slowly raised his head, wiping off the extra blood from his mouth.

"Thank you, Yuki."

"I'm gonna head back. Good luck here."

Yuki walked off, and Sae stood up ready for battle.

"B-b-boss, i-it's that kid again..."

"D-do 'ya think we c-can t-t-take him?"

The middle slowly got up, more hyped up than ever.

"Are you kidding? In this form, we could beat him in our sleep!"

Sae wrapped his cloak around Sayaka, covering up her exposed chest and abs.

"You wanna go? I'm right here."

"Sae. That claw is dangerous."

He turned his head back to meet her eyes again.

"Don't worry."

He went head on, and his claw instantly scratched his chest. Sae fell to the ground. He was groaning in pain, trying to heal his wounds, but the blood kept flowing out and staining his outfit.

"Why aren't the wounds healing?"

"It may take longer than you think." He brought the claws fingers to Sae's chest again. "This hand is made of pure silver. And you know what happens to vampires when silver hurts them badly enough to kill them."

Sae looked down and slowly bit his lip.

The demon was about to stab him with the claw. Sayaka held onto the cloak tightly, preparing for what was about to come.


Sae's vampire reflexes kicked in, and he instantly stopped the thrust of the claw.

His eyes were now glowing brightly in a bright blue fire.

He threw a hard punch at his face, making him fall to the ground. Sae's fist turned and kissed the pavement.

A heated battle raged on between the three, all picking on a good fight.

In the end, the demons were knocked on the ground.

Sae took out the black cross necklace he had and chanted a spell in front of the unconscious boys.

The yankees reverted back to normal, three seeds coming out of them. Sae pulled out one of Yuki's familiars, Ume-chan, and let her eat the sealed seeds.

Ume-chan was specialized for eating the sealed demon seeds, so they wouldn't corrupt and re-open.

"Ume~e! This is the BEST!!!"

"Arigatou, Ume-chan."

"... Thank goodness."

Sae heard Sayaka softly crying from her position.

He turned his head and saw her wrapping her arms around herself in the cloak.

"... I'm so glad... you're safe..."

Her voice was constantly interrupted by her crying. She was no longer able to contain her tears.

"I understand now. You've always done your best to protect me... You've endured so much, just for me..."


Sayaka wiped her tears away, now blushing more than ever.

"This is embaressing. If none of this happened in the first place, I wou-"

Sae used his super speed to rush toward Sayaka, placing one finger over her mouth, telling her to be quiet.

Then, before she knew it, he softly kissed her lips.

It was a gentle kiss, very soft to the touch of her own. Sayaka had never felt this way in all her life.

"My first kiss... With Sae, too..."

Sayaka closed her eyes and kissed him back. More, sweeter memories flashed into her, making her heart overflow with warmth and love.

They were all alone in the park, with nothing but the clear starry sky and the full moon witnessing their kiss.

As they slowly parted, Sayaka smiled. And Sae smiled right back at her.

"If we never met, if none of this ever happened, we would never feel such warmth. In all our lives, we've waited for just this."


Sae handed her the blue rose, which she gradually accepted, then wrapped herself around him in another kiss.

That point on in their lives, they vowed they would be together. No matter what came along.

The End
Series 2 coming soon!

Yes! There's no way I'm stoppin' here! :wahaha: I've got BIG plans for the rest of the story!
 :on woohoo: :mon squee: Please support me, look foward to my upcoming stories, and stay tuned for Series 2!
:byebye: :heart: See you soon :heart: :byebye:

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Re: Saeyaka Fanfic-Fire and Ice Chapter 7(Series update!!!)
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so sweet  :heart: :heart: :heart:

 :yep: :yep: :yep: nice ending  :love: :love: :love:
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Re: Saeyaka Fanfic-Fire and Ice Chapter 7(Series update!!!)
« Reply #48 on: January 31, 2013, 06:30:24 PM »
thanx for the update :cow:
glad yuki helped sae :yep:
love sae's and sayaka's kiss :heart:
i still can't get over what happened to miichan :cry:
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Re: Saeyaka Fanfic-Fire and Ice Chapter 7(Series update!!!)
« Reply #49 on: January 31, 2013, 07:21:02 PM »
love sae's and sayaka's kiss :heart:
i still can't get over what happened to miichan :cry:
The perfect ending to a perfect story, right? :twothumbs

And, don't worry. I'm sure things will get better soon. :thumbsup
For now, we can just pray for her safe journey back to the top :heart:

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Re: Saeyaka Fanfic-Fire and Ice Chapter 7(Series update!!!)
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What a way to finish this story... all I want to complain is.....

IT IS WAY TOO SHORT  :shocked :panic:
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Re: Saeyaka Fanfic-Fire and Ice Chapter 7(Series update!!!)
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I promise, there's more to come :on cny1:

Just wait a bit longer, please :on cny2:

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Re: Saeyaka Fanfic-Fire and Ice Chapter 7(Series update!!!)
« Reply #52 on: January 31, 2013, 10:43:15 PM »
Oh! I almost forgot! :panic:
One more sweet picture I drew of the two

 :deco: ~Mero~ ~Mero~ :deco:

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Re: Saeyaka Fanfic-Fire and Ice Chapter 7
« Reply #53 on: February 21, 2013, 08:03:39 AM »
I love this fanfic!  :wub: :wub: :wub:
SaeYaka *love love love*
I look forward to the second season!

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Saeyaka Fanfic-Fire and Ice Special Chapter(2S)
« Reply #54 on: March 29, 2013, 12:50:51 AM »
That's right, people. I'm BACK!!!! :wahaha:
 :hehehe: ...Well, I'm sure some of you have read my other stories. :hee:
But, now I'm starting back with a short and special chapter(a two-parter) of Fire and Ice to kick-off the new season!!! :onionwhip:
(Again, this was supposed to take place in Christmas, so use the winter weather as your guide in this season. :cool1:

 :k-great: Now let's get right along! :k-great:
DOUZO!!! :heart:

AKB Fanfic-Fire and Ice (Special)

Part 1

It's been 6 months since Sayaka and Sae have been going out for real.

Sae confession came on her suddenly and repeatedly, but Sayaka finally accepted after her true feelings reawakened.

Today was December 24th, Christmas Eve, and the two were on a date together at a local cafe.

"Nee, Sae?"

Sae was drinking a bit of coffee, when Sayaka suddenly started a conversation.

They didn't talk much after meeting up at the station, so whatever she had to say must have been important.


Sayaka took a sip of her hot chocolate and looked up at Sae.

"Do you... remember what happened a few days after you saved me?"

"You mean your confession?"

She blushed a little after hearing that. But, in a way, he was right.


Sayaka's POV
It was about 5 months ago when it happened. Me and Sae were going steady, but we haven't gone on a REAL date yet.

That day, I was at my dance lessons with my friend, Yuka.

"Ah! Das right!"

Yuka suddenly screamed and stopped the music.

"Hm? Why'd you stop?"

"Sayaka, is it true y'all 're goin' out?"

Ususally, when Yuka gets excited, she starts speaking in a Osaka dialect. What could have her so hyped up?


"You and Sae-kun! It's true y'all started dating, righ'?!"

"Uh.. well, yeah, but..."

But, we never went on an actual date...

"I think I know the perfect thing for y'all's first date."

Whenever she says that, I get a little worried. But, it's not like it matters. I know what she's gonna say every time.

"... What?"


That can be for YOUR first date.

Yuka packs up her stuff, since she has to leave early.

"I gotta go. Later, Sayaka."

"Later, Yuka."

As she left the building, I heard her scream, "LE'S GET SOM' TA-KO-YA-KAY!!!" Just hearing it said like that made me crack up.


My cell phone goes off in my bag, so I go ahead and take a break.

I look at the I.D., and it's Sae.



"Sayaka, is that you?"

"Are, Haa-chan?"

Katayama Haruka, or Haa-chan, was one of Sae's closest friends.

Why is she using Sae's phone?

"I'm here, too~!"


HE'S here, too?! What the hell is happening here?!

"Anyways, you NEED to get over here."

"Eh? Why?"

"It's Sae. He suddenly collapsed out in the field during the game."

Sae was a part of the school's soccer team, so it was natural for the sun to, maybe, burn his skin.

But, collapsing? That's worse!

It must be because of that silver claw.

"I'll be right there!"

Once I got to the school, Haa-chan and Riku were waiting outside.

"So, what exactly happened?"

"We were just playing and Sae said he started to feel sick. He said he could go on, but then he collapsed during the game."

"I felt his head and he had a major fever. Maybe, it was heatstroke."

As the two kept talking, I just felt my heart skip a few beats.

It was because he protected me that he's hurt.

I ran into the school and left the two others behind.

"Wait, Sayaka! Where are you going?!"

"Infirmary!" That was practically the only word that came out.

I rushed down the hall to the infirmary.

The first thing I saw was Sae, asleep in one of the beds. We wasn't covered up and had a towel on his forehead to calm his fever.

I removed it and felt his forehead, and, luckily, his fever did go down a bit.

I wonder... if he's really okay...

Flashback (on a flashback)

"Hey, Sae?"


"Is your chest alright? You look like you got stratched pretty bad."

"Yeah, I'll be fine. It wasn't too bad."

"Um... Sae..? What happens to a vampire when they're killed by silver?"



"Generally, what I heard is, vampires who are killed by silver stakes will be reborn with a human soul."

Vampires killed with silver die, and can come back as humans.

End of Flashback (on a flashback)

I lifted up his shirt. The marks on his chest were really bad.

If he doesn't treat them right away, it could worsen.

I decided to help by placing some disinfecting medicine on the scratches. He twitched a bit, but not too much, so I could place the medicine on properly.

I lowered his shirt back and decided to keep watch of him. I sat down in a chair beside the bed and quietly watched him.

He was sleeping so peacefully, and his sleeping face was so cute.

It just made my heart tug to see him like that.

I unconsciously took my right hand and caressed his cheek.


I couldn't help myself but smile as I carefully took his hand and held it tight.

"I'm here, sweetie."

"Sweetie." I actually called him that!

After a while, I started getting tired and fell asleep.
End of Sayaka's POV

Sae's POV
Once I woke up, I realized I was in the school infirmary. I slowly got up and held my head.

Ugh... I got a headache...

When I looked down, my hand was firmly held by Sayaka's, and she was fast asleep.

"Are, Sayaka?"


She wouldn't wake up when I lightly shook her, so I leaned over and kissed her forehead. Her eyes opened, feeling the touch of my lips.


As she slowly looked up, I was captured by the brightness and beauty of her eyes.

"Two of the fairest stars in all the heavens, having some business, do entreat her eyes to twinkle in their spheres till they return."


"Ah! Nothing."

Damn it! My Shakespeare slipped out again...

I heard Sayaka giggle a little at my embaressed expression.

"Don't laugh!"

"But... it's so cute, I couldn't help it."

I clenched my fists a little.

Deep down, Sayaka really cared about me. But, I don't want her to get hurt.

I looked at her a bit, she was smiling and thinking about how sweet I always was.

"You really think that?"

"Eh? Y-you can... read my thoughts?"

I snickered a little while Sayaka repeatedly pounded my shoulder.

She stopped suddenly and looked deep into my eyes.

"Sae... I really do like you..."

I looked down a bit, her holding my hand tightly.



Her next response got my attention, as she slowly came closer.

"... I love you."

She brought herself over and kissed my lips. It was filled with passion and love, deeper than any we've ever shared.

It was also the first time Sayaka truly approached me into a kiss.
End of Sae's POV

Sayaka's POV
As we hugged, I could feel tears running down my face.

"You know it'll be difficult."

As we parted, our eyes met again, with a more serious look.

"As long as you're with me, there will be more danger... But, I will protect you... No matter what."

I nodded and sat down in the bed beside him.

"As long as you're here, I'm not afraid."

He hugged again and layed in the bed together.

"I love you so much, Sae..."

"I love you very much, too, Sayaka..."
End of Flashback

"Yeah, I remember."

It was such a long time since I've felt this way for someone.

There were times where I had a little crush on a boy, but none of them were like Sae. He was amazing and strong, always standing by to protect me.

He even waited for me for so long.

I guess no one CAN compare to Sae.

"... Is that so?"


Was he reading my thoughts again?! Frickin' pervert!

He giggled a little, then slowly kissed me again.


Mou, Sae. You're just too sweet.

We silently continued our kiss sitting beside each other in the cafe.

"Ha! I knew it!"



"What the hell are 'ya doing here?!"

Yuko was spying on us while taking a few pictures of us kissing.

"Hehe, I knew you'd kiss him before the time this date would end."

Yuko, you frickin' perv! Can't you leave me and Sae alone for once?!?!?!

"Anyways, that's not why I'm here. I wanted to invite you and Sae to my family Christmas party tonight."

"A party?"

That is NOT a good sign...

To be continued...

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Re: Saeyaka Fanfic-Fire and Ice Special Chapter(2S)
« Reply #55 on: March 29, 2013, 12:13:24 PM »
yay sae confessed :cow:
lol sayaka called him sweetie :hehehe:
so if sae gets stabbed through the heart with silver, she will be reborn as human?  :huhuh that would be nice but I still like sae as a vampire :heart: :yep:
haha yuko always butting in, i don't she would be able to leave anyone alone :lol: XD
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Saeyaka Fanfic-Fire and Ice Special Chapter(2S-Part 2)
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:dizzy: UWAA~ :dizzy:
 :OMG: I've been so busy I've completely forgotten about this! :OMG:
 :onionwhip: I need to hurry and wrap this up soon, or people will forget about it! :cool1:

AKB Fanfic-Fire and Ice(Special)

Part 2

Sayaka's POV

"I guess this is the place."

Me and Sae were invited to a party at Yuko's. She and her dad were alone, so she invited us and a few other people.

Sae's older sister and my dad also came, just so they could check up on us.

Yuki was a bit overprotective over him, and Dad probably either wanted to keep a good eye on me or wanted to drink Yuko's father's beer.

Nacchi, Kana, Riku and the others were also able to come.

They're families were all out on Christmas vacation, and Yuko said lonely people need to stick together.

So, I guess she thought it would be important to invite some friends. At least it brightened up the atmosphere.

But, considering mine and Yuko's dad were a bit drunk, it would get crazy.
End of Sayaka's POV

Sae's POV

A bit later, Yuko insisted we play "Truth or Dare."

A bunch of weird dares kept coming up. Nacchi had to prank call her old friend, Noro Kayo, Kai and Kuu drank a bit too much and became strippers, and Yuki was forced to kiss me.

But, Sayaka was probably the one who had to endure the most.

Yuko dared her to shot down one cup of saki, and Sayaka's never drank before, even though she was already 18.

"I feel like I've been waiting for this all my life! The day I finally get to have a drink with my daughter!"

I guess her first drink is an important thing to Sayaka's dad.

"This is your first time drinking saki, right?"

"Yes, it's a new experience for me..."

She took a whiff of the cup and made a grossed-out expression.

"Sayaka, you don't have to force yourself."

"No, I'll drink at least one cup. I have to. ...For Dad's sake."

Even if Kana tried to calm her down, Sayaka still took up the offer.

"Sayaka... You don't know how proud I am to call you my daughter."

"Man... This'll be awesome!"

Yuko, what do you plan on doing?

"He shouldn't feel that over something like this..." Since me and Yuki were vampires, the alcohol didn't affect us.

"Here I go..."

She lifted the cup all the way and heavily drank it down.

"Whooo! Just look at her go!"

After she let the cup down, her face turned completely flushed and she started swaying a little.

"Sayaka, are you okay?"


She looked over at me with tired and spacey eyes.

"...ey, Sae... You're so far away, why 're you spinning..?"


She crawled over a bit and leaned herself up against me.

"I like you up close, yeah..."

"You're completely drunk."

"I am not drunk! How dare you!"

"That's what people always say when they're drunk."

Sayaka looked down for a bit. When she looked up, her eyes were completely sparkling, as if she was deep under love's spell.


I couldn't hide my surprise over her expression.

"You two are so lovey-dovey." Yuko was giggling over the little scene Sayaka was making.

"Does this really count as 'lovey-dovey' to you?"

"Hey, Sae!"

Sayaka's sudden loud voice startled me a bit. When I turned, she had an angry, but childish look on her face.

"Eh?! Yes?!"

"I see you lookin' at Yuko. You cut that out!"


Is she... jealous?!

"Yeah, Sae-kun! Like, whatza big deal?"


I saw Yuko drinking a cup of her dad's beer.

"Oh, great! You got Yuko drinking, too! That's perfect!"

"Oh my, could it be you've taken an intrest in lil' ol' me, Sae-kun?"

"Is that what it is, Sae?!"

The others decided to back away like there was a real fight going on, some of them still a bit drunk.

Yuko and Sayaka's father were just watching all the "action" going down.

"Whoa, here comes 'da cat fight."

Riku, still a bit tipsy, screams, "Hey, one o' them's my girlfriend y'know!"

"C'mon, Sae, who d'ya like better?!"

"Oh~, is he gonna confess his love to me?"

I try to calm Sayaka down a bit, when all the sudden, her dad screams, "Pick Yuko! Her boobs are bigger!"

Huh?! I don't give a damn!

I faceplant on the table while Sayaka gets closer to me, more upset than ever.

"Hey, buddy! What're you getting so flustered about, huh?"

"That's just proof he likes Yuko."


"So, you don't like me?"

"Wha-? No! I like you, as a friend, but-"

"EEH?! So you admit it?!"

"GUAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! What the hell did I do to deserve this?!?!?!"

The room completely filled with laughter, except for Yuki and Kana, who weren't under the influence of the alcohol.

"Alright, Yuko. I think we can stop teasing now."

"Yeah! Besides," Riku said while sliding close to Yuko, "you got me."

Yuko pushed her dad and Riku away from her.

"Oh, I wasn't teasing that time. I think I might be interested myself."

Sayaka, Yuko, and Riku's comments were echoing throughout the room, while Yuki and Kana were thinking, "We're the only normal ones here..."

"Ah~, I'm so tiring. Even for me."

Yuko, her dad, and Sayaka's dad were passed out from partying too hard, Riku, Nacchi, and the boys left early, and Yuki's probably either at the house or hunting for food.

And, by that, I mean blood from animals.(She wasn't used to the whole "drinking from humans" thing yet.)

"That was bad. I could've caused a real scene if Sayaka didn't calm down."

Luckily, she went into the kitchen cause she was hungry, and has probably been stuffing her face since.

I left my jacket and cloak at the entrance, so I was just wearing my black long-sleeve shirt and black leather pants.

Yuko said it was alright for me and Sayaka to sleepover here, as long as we didn't bother her "party."

"Well, whatever."

As I slid under the covers, about to go to sleep, I turned my body a bit to the left. My hand accidentally touched something.

Something soft.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Sayaka laying in the bed, wearing a sexy black lace pajama gown.

"Sayaka?! I had no idea you were... Huh?"

When she got up, she was still a bit dizzy and fell in my arms. I could instantly smell the alcohol all around her.

"D-don't tell me you're still drunk."

"Sae-chaaan~" She slowly raised her head and met my gaze.


"Sae-chan, this SUCKS!"


I could tell she had drank a bit more than she was supposed to. Her eyes were glistening, her face was flushed, and her voice was a bit slurred.

"Your sister went home early, Yuko and my dad are completely unconscious, we're the only ones here."

Well, I guess that's a good reason...

"We've been through quite a lot together, though. Having such warm feelings within us..."

"Saya-?" She suddenly placed one finger over my mouth. She looked at my lips, then stared straight back into my eyes.

Something at that time was different. Another part of her awakened.

... Her other self.



"Nee... You know... you know what we should do, baby?" The sound of her voice changed, too. it became seductive and almost sadistic.

She drew herself in closer, about to make her move.

"We need to... become closer... And, share these feelings between us."

"Sayak- N!"

She kissed me and pressed her body against mine. I tried to push her off, but the kiss drained my energy.

It was really deep and intense. It was a long time since she kissed me like that.

Or, was it really that long ago?

After a while, she stuck her tongue in and deepened the kiss.

"N.. Sa... yaka..."

She parted from me, as I was trying to catch my breath.

"Someone might hear us, or walk-" She shut my lips up with another kiss, not wanting to hear another word.

A few minutes into the kiss, she practically devoured me.

I was no longer resisting and let myself touch her, and let myself get kissed and touched in various places by her.

She broke the kiss and started removing my shirt.


She stopped suddenly, obeying my response. We both sat up from our positions, Sayaka still holding on to my shirt.

She looked down a bit and bit her lip, nervous about what to do next.

"Just tell me when you wanna stop. But if you don't soon, I might not be able to resist myself." She continued pulling my shirt up until it was no longer on me.
She slowly lifted my hand and started sucking on my finger.

I clenched my fist, still trying to decide about what to do.

She got a bit impatient and suddenly bit my finger, sending a sharp wave of pain through me.

"Ow! Sayaka, don't do that!"

She released my finger and signaled me to turn my head.

"Can I tell 'ya somethin'?"

I had a bad feeling about what would happen, but did it anyway. She held my head in place, then started biting my ear.

"Ow! Stop! I don't like that!"

"You liar."

I could feel her warm breath running down my ear canal.

"You like it, right? ...The pain."


"Because you're a vampire, you can endure pain. But, because you don't feel it as much... this becomes less intresting."

Hold on, is she... sadist? Or, is this the alcohol again?

She removed my tank top from my body and started kissing me again.

The alcohol! Definitely the alcohol!

I could even taste the lingering saki on her tongue as she went farther into it. She broke the kiss again and planted soft pecks on my neck.

As she started sucking and licking my neck harder, the atmoshpere in the room became more intense.

The walls echoed with mine and Sayaka's soft moans, and it became hotter under the blankets.

She raised her head again to my ear.

"I love you, Sae..." She was using a sexy tone in her voice, which made me all the more nervous. "Please... let's have a little fun..."

I hesitated upon answering, but realized that this was something Sayaka wanted herself, even if she didn't show it.

"C'mon, sweetheart, just this once."

I nodded, which signaled her to roll her head over, pushing aside her long hair.

"It's your turn."

I nodded again and planted soft kisses down her neck. As I trailed down to her collarbone, she let out more moans, becoming more excited.

I blindedly started pulling down the straps on her dress, revealing more of her cleavage.

She hugged my back tightly as I gently massaged her breasts.

We kissed each other more and more, and eventually my head went blank.
End of Sae's POV

The next morning, Christmas morning, Sayaka woke up, the WORST feeling in her stomach. Her heavy eyelids were still blurry from last night's incidents.

"Ugh... Dammit... That is the LAST time I drink that much..."

She facepalmed herself, her head pounding hard.

Then, everything came crashing back into her. Her eyes opened wide with terror as she remembered what had happened with her and Sae.

"Oh god. That had to be a dream. Please just be a dream..."

When she looked down at herself, she was completely naked. She quickly covered her exposed body in the covers.

She looked around, seeing the contents of her and Sae's clothes on the floor.

She was shaking a bit, then slowly turned her head. She saw a figure underneath the covers.

"Do I dare look...?"

She slowly lifted the covers, revealing Sae's head and sleeping face. She looked completely under the covers and her face turned blood red.

"OH DEAR GOD! IT WASN'T A DREAM! I ACTUALLY DID THAT?!?!?! Why?! Why?! How could I do that to SAEEEE?!?!?!?!?!?!"

Sayaka turned her head and went into full on panic mode, not giving a damn about whoever else was in the house.

"This is bad! Sae will HATE me now!! I should just disappear, I can never look at him now!! Sayaka no baka!!! SAYAKA NO HENTAI!!!!"

Moments into Sayaka's freak-out session, Sae slowly started to wake up. He sat up and rubbed his tired eyes, watching her flip out without noticing him.


Sayaka froze, covering herself again with the covers.

"Sa-Sae! I-I didn't mean t-to d-d-do that..! la-last night, I-uh... I was j-just..! I'M SO SORRY~!"

Sae had an embaressed look on his face, rubbing the back of his head.

"That was... quite a Christmas present. Hehe."

"Don't say that! It was terrible! Just... please, don't hate me."

"No, I couldn't."

He slowly leaned toward her again, wrapping his arm around her neck.


"I love you too much to do that. What happened between us only strengthened our bond."

He brought himself over and kissed Sayaka again.

She didn't exactly know what to make of it, but she felt she had been forgiven. They parted and hugged each other tightly as the cold winter air blew a few snowflakes in.

"Merry Christmas, Sae..."

"Merry Christmas..."

That night...



It's finally ready. The stake is now perfect.

Now, we can create the best Christmas present of all.


This time, we will kill that evil vampire, and save Sayaka...

Once and for all...

The End
Stay tuned for Series 2

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Re: Saeyaka Fanfic-Fire and Ice Special Chapter(2S-Part 2)
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Interesting story you have here, TTLuver497

'Fire and Ice'

I have just read them.... so far it's been nice and straight forward...

Can't wait to see the next chapter....

Thank you for telling me about this fic... I appreciated

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Re: Saeyaka Fanfic-Fire and Ice Special Chapter(2S-Part 2)
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^ ^Thanks, glad to hear you like it. I'll warn you though, it only gets crazier~! :twisted:

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Re: Saeyaka Fanfic-Fire and Ice Special Chapter(2S-Part 2)
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Three times reread the special.
KYAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~  Sae and Sayaka... Finally!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :wub: :wub: :wub: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :deco: :deco: :deco:
Thank you for this wonderful story!  :bow: :bow: :bow:
I look forward to the second season!
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