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Author Topic: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 20 [Update 04/17/14]  (Read 35016 times)

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 7
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Well its' getting more and more interesting... Thank you

Eh... Atsuko is a very understand person.

What's going to happen with Yui...

Can't wait to see the next update.

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 7
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Yuihan... You need to be alright... For Haruka...
Oh yeah, just stopped by to say that I love this fic!

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 7
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Double update for today (or well, on two days since it's just past midnight here in my area) !

Thank you very much for the comments and hope you all enjoy this next chapter! (I felt that it was getting lamer than the previous chapter, but oh well... I'll try harder on my next one.  :fainted: )

[Chapter 8]

"Haruna, please tell me her condition so far."

"Alright Minami... Etto... It looks like the Z-Virus has progressed at a much dangerous rate than I had predicted. The good news though is that Yui is fine and sleeping now. The bad news though is that she's probably going to stay unconscious for a long period of time due to the pain from the sudden abrupt change with her internal body system. So I can't be sure when she'll be awake..."

Haruna was at her office room, sitting behind her desk. Standing in front of her was none other than Takahashi Minami. Her brown hair disheveled from staying up all night both during and after operation, her eyes were seen to have shadows underneath the pair. She didn’t get any sleep and so did the doctor. The two were exhausted to put it in a simple statement. Currently Haruna was trying to explain to Minami about Yui's condition.

When Haruka had to call for the nurse, which Kimoto Kanon luckily was passing by, Haruna and Minami was shocked about the event. Kanon quickly called for Haruna, which resulted in the doctor rushing over with Minami right on her heels. They saw Yui shivering violently on the cold hospital floor, whimpering heard slipping past her opened mouth. Upon further inspection and observation, they were startled to find fangs in her mouth. If it weren’t for Haruna or even Kanon, Yui could’ve suffered far much more than the current condition right now. Yui was placed under a deep sleep and was pumped with as much painkiller medication as possible without overdose. However, the virus inside of her body still continue to torment her.

The Z-Virus. A virus that transforms ordinary creatures into blood-sucking demons. No one knows who it originated from it and what exactly caused it, but the likelihood was from mutations of the virus. Of course. Just like an ordinary flu virus that changes every year, so did these horrendous virus. From Haruna's knowledge, this type of virus takes days, weeks or even months to complete the transformation of any living being. The side effect of the process was the pain of the victim's body trying to accept the change. At first, it'll start attacking its own body but will soon have to admit defeat. Thus why the transformation between one being to another is a painful process despite taking medication. 

Yui's conditions though were a bit different from what Haruna and Haruka had expected. It was progressing rapidly. A little too rapidly to be exact. In less than 24 hours, Yui had turned into a vampire that many feared.

"It looks like her body is still in the process of the transformation," Haruna added. "From the pain monitor, I could see that she's still suffering."

A slam was heard resonating in the air. It startled the doctor and she nearly jumped out of her seat. But it was only the general's hands on top of her desk wooden's surface. Anger was shown beneath her red eyes from crying earlier. Biting the bottom of her lip, Minami then said, "Can you please do something, Haruna? I trust that you can-"

"I don't know, Minami. Honestly, this is something beyond what I had learned." She leaned forth on her desk and brought her hands together into a fist. Her elbowed rested against the surface as she brought her chin on top of her fisted hands. "But all we can do is wait patiently. She's not in any other danger and won't be killed I can assure to you at least."

Silence. Then a long, exhausted sigh from the shorter girl. She removed one hand from the desk and rubbed her temple. "I'm so worried about her... Suffering through the torturing pain… I’m so very very worried…. Gomen."

Haruna shook her head. "Iie. You don't need to apologize, Minami. It's natural for one to worry about their loved ones. Especially one that is close to you."

Minami then shot a look at her, eyebrows raised. "Well, when did you become so wise so suddenly?"

The other girl simply chuckled as she closed her eyes. "You all may consider me an airhead and an idiot, but when it comes down to my actual job, I can't afford to joke around. I have the patients' life at hand."


Mayu was frowning when she saw Jurina trying to get up from the hospital bed. As much as the younger girl had to rest, she's the type of person that hates staying still any longer than five minutes in one spot.

"Mayuyu!" she whined as Mayu struggled to keep her down on the bed. "Lemme go! I wanna get up!"

"No. You. Can't." Mayu sharply spoke each word.

Earlier Haruna came and told Mayu that Jurina had broken about three rib bones in her left rib cage. She wasn't in any critical danger, but she was required to stay within the hospital for a week and is forbidden from going on any mission for a full month. It was needed if she ever wanted full recovery. Jurina however obviously didn't like the news but Mayu felt somewhat grateful for it.

It wasn't that Mayu didn't like Jurina being with her or being healthy. She didn't mind being with the younger girl at all and wanted her to be top notch with her health. She was simply irritated at the attitude she possess. She was irritated when Jurina put herself through danger just to save her life. Irritated with her stubbornness for wanting to always be by her side. What is she, some sort of protector? It's not like Mayu's weak after all. She was always able to slip through most dangerous situation without a single problem.

"I would hate to call the nurses and make them force you to stay down for a bit." Jurina's eyes widen but then squinted. "No you wouldn't."

Mayu rolled her eyes. "Oh yes I can."

"I dare you to."

She then shrugged her shoulders. "Fine, suit yourself." The older girl didn't hesitate to reach over to the red button on the wall behind where Jurina laid to call in the nurse. But before she could even press it, a hand stopped her hand midway. Mayu frowned when Jurina's hand gripped her wrist tightly. Looking at the other girl, she almost wanted to cover her eyes when Jurina pulled off her puppy-eyes technique.

'No no no. Mayu, you need to control yourself. Don't be manipulated by her eyes. Just don't look into her eyes. You-argh, I give up.' She exhaled loudly through her nose and lowered her hand back down to her side. "Fine, I won't. But that doesn't mean won't do it later."

Sparkles could literally be seen Jurina's eyes as she tried to give Mayu a hug. Mayu looked at the other direction with a blush on her face as the younger girl wrapped her arms around her waist. She pressed her face against Mayu’s stomach, causing the girl to blush even brighter. “You smell nice as always, Mayuyu~” Jurina praised as she grinned within the girl.

All Mayu could do was mumble under her breath, words like “Baka” and “That’s not true” heard.

Soon Mayu slipped out of Jurina’s grasp and brushed her clothing. “I need to go to General Takahashi,” she explained to Jurina as she began to take her leave.

“Eh? She already needs you?”

“Yes.” Her hand came up to her black bangs and toyed around with it thanks to her bad habit. “It seems like she’s sending me out on another mission.”

She could’ve sworn that Jurina’s eyes were going to bulge out of its sockets. “W-What!? Isn’t that too soon?! You just returned from the mission just barely two full days! And a dangerous one too!”

Mayu shrugged her shoulders and stopped touching her bangs. “It’s nothing much. Going to help the other members to clean up and bury the dead on the shrine's ground now since it’s only nine in the morning.”

“But what if there’s going to be more of those cursed vampires? I can’t afford to let you go out on your own without me.” Jurina tried to push herself up the bed once more but winced at the pain from her movement. Another sigh came out of Mayu’s mouth and shook her head. “I’m going to be fine, Jurina. I know what I’m doing and I think you should worry about yourself more. If you keep pushing yourself like that, you’ll never get better.”

That seemed to have silenced Jurina for she didn’t speak anymore. After a couple long seconds of silence, Mayu then resumed walking out of the room and into the hallway. She clicked the door shut behind her, leaving the stunned Jurina inside.

“I see that your visiting time with Jurina is done.” The general’s voice was heard from the younger girl’s left. Shooting a glance at the source of the sound, she nodded. There was a sound of the boot tapping on the floor. “I see. Remember the mission I told you earlier, Mayu?”

Another bob of her head, earning a satisfied look on Minami’s face. But that satisfied expression immediately was replaced with a stern look. “It’s too dangerous up there since we’re not sure if that same vampire will ever come back. So instead of assigning you to investigate more about it, I want you just to help bury the dead with respect.” Shaking her head, she lowered her head so the brown bangs would cover her eyes. “So many deaths in such short amount of time. The world really is corrupt at this point…”


Mayu had arrived to the shrine's holy ground and had been there till the late evening.The sky has turned orange with the sun from the distance setting.There were countless amount of dead bodies that it seems near impossible to get the area cleaned up. Even with the cleaning crew, which consisted of ten girls, it took them all much longer than they had expected. One by one, each body was buried in a nearby graveyard from the shrine's ground. It was littered with tombstones sticking out from the earth's soil. Each stone representing and marked with the name of the deceased.

"It looks as though we've cleaned up all of the bodies out here, but we need to have someone check inside to be sure the group in there also cleaned up everything," one of the girls, Kuramochi Asuka, requested. Asuka was in charge of the entire clean up crew; captain to be precise. Long black hair flowed down to her lower back as she wore a red cap. Apart from the cap, she wore the same type of uniform the other members were forced to wear around when they were awake. At the moment, there's four members including Mayu staying outside as the others resided inside. Mayu quickly offered herself as a volunteer. "I'll go in and check on them."

Asuka, who had the clipboard at hand, glanced at it for a brief moment before approval. "Alright then. The rest of us will stay out here to check on any remaining bodies we've missed. Be sure to warn the members that they only have an hour left in there." Minami had strictly stated that they were to return to the base before nightfall descended upon them. The general didn't care if the bodies were all not collected. Their health was important and the living always first priority above the dead.

Soon Mayu was inside the shrine with the members scattered here and there. Two of them were on the first floor, carrying bodies in black sack bags. They threw them on top of a nearby wagon. Once it was filled up, the members would push them outside and straight toward the graveyard area. Body counts were filling up rapidly just from the number of bodies seen on the transporting equipment. From what Mayu is seeing, the first floor seems cleared up for the most part.

She then moved on ahead to the second floor. A single member was busy checking in on one of the rooms. "Is every room checked?" Mayu asked as she approached the female soldier. Her head retracted from peeking into one of the rooms. "I have except for that one room down in the hallway. Last room to the right," she pointed out.

"I'll check it out for you then. Just remember we only have an hour left before we leave." With that said, she walked toward the direction where the room was located. The door was already opened, so that was one less action Mayu had to act upon. However, the female figure suddenly paused in front of the room's entrance.

She didn't take a step into the room just yet. It was the same room where she and Yui saw that one monk. The one monk that died before their eyes. This thought circled around her mind. Mayu felt slightly hesitant to enter but forced her body to go inside. The smell of death and blood slapped her across the face upon entering. She resisted the temptation to pinch her nose closed. The need to walk away. Mayu would like that, truth be told.

Taking a deep breath, she examined the entire room. From the right corner of the room still had the deceased man in spot. Mayu didn't feel sad but rather pity him for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Slowly walking over to him, she began to call out to the female soldier from out the hallway for assistance. "I need somone-" Her sentence stopped midway. Mayu cut herself off for she felt a presence from behind. Then in a slow motion, she twisted her neck around to see who or what it was from behind.

"I see that you noticed me," a young, mature female's voice spoke up.

Startled, Mayu quickly drew out her pistol gun and pointed it at the standing figure. To her surprise, it was only a mature young female. Black raven hair reached down behind her back accompanied by her dark eyes. The dark eyes that could draw Mayu into a trance upon making contact. She wore a black dress, merely smiling at the other female. But when she smiled, Mayu could visibly see fangs sticking out from her closed lips. "W-Who are you?" Mayu's voice squeaked while keeping aim at the girl in front of her. Her hands were trembling slightly. Maybe she already had enough surprises from yesterday that it's affecting her at such crucial moment. Maybe she just didn't want to believe that she's possibly seeing a vampire for the second time in her life. Was this vampire just like the vampire she was forced to fight with yesterday? So many questions were swimming around inside her skull.

A chuckle was heard from the other figure. "I'm not going to hurt you, little girl," she said.

Mayu frowned at the statement. Her gun was still up in the air, not adjusting the aim at any other directions. "And how should I know if you're not lying?"

She was startled when the other person then laughed. It wasn't a laugh of mockery or evil. re like the laugh was as though she found Mayu's words to be hilariously funny. The girl then approached to Mayu. Mayu's grip tightened around the gun, finding her body unable to back away. Rather, she felt like she was rooted in her spot despite the temptation to get away. Their eyes were locked onto each others. Upon looking at her eyes, Mayu thought her body was paralyzed. Paralyzed with fear or... was it something more?

Once she stood in front of Mayu, the taller girl leaned in just far enough for their nose to touch each other. She still avoided touching the gun, which was aimed at her chest. The girl inhaled deeply and then exhaled out loudly. "You smell nice," she commented. Mayu doesn't know whether to take it as a compliment or as a threat. Either way, she still did not lower her weapon at hand, afraid.

There was a sad expression flashing across the other girl's face when she saw the gun. "Looks like you're still cautious of me." Then there was a smirk from the corner of her mouth. Just a small little curve that is barely noticeable. "You need more convincing I'm afraid."

The next scene was unexpected for Mayu. A little too unexpected.

Their lips came together. The taller girl brought them together, closing her eyes during the process. Mayu's eyes widen, her mind blanking out at the situation at hand. She was shocked. The lips on top of hers... Is she really kissing?! Kissing especially another girl?! Then in a couple seconds, the two girls separated.

Unexpectedly, Mayu's face turned bright red. Her grip on the gun's handle were shaking from either embarrassment or shock. The other girl seems to have liked it for she giggled. "You really do taste delicious just as your scent."

Mayu tried to reply back only to find the words caught in her throats. Was it due to being caught off guard? Maybe.

The other girl gave her a wink and stuck her tongue out at the shorter girl. "Watanabe Mayu, I'll be sure to visit you once more in the future." Within seconds, the figure backed away into the shadow and blended in. Soon she disappeared from Mayu's sight.


Nightfall has fallen and the peaceful dark sky was shown up above. Stars and the one huge crescent shaped moon was seen from the distant; its gentle white rays falling upon the earth's surface.

"Kashiwagi Yuki, I told you to stop snooping around those humans."

The so-called girl named Yuki, who is now standing on a household patio, sighed quietly when she heard the voice. The house was located on a mountain nearby the AEF base, hidden from most everyone's view. High up in elevation, no human would be able to come up without traveling for a good couple days in average.

The ikemen girl approached behind Yuki and gave her a hug. Her arms wrapped around her waist, she rested her head on top of Yuki's left shoulder. Miyazawa Sae was her name. She was also a vampire just like Yuki. However, she was special. Unlike the dark vampires, she is the polar opposite. Thus she was able to house Yuki and another resident, Matsui Rena. The two are special, so she wanted to keep any eye out on them for they were neutral vampires (just like Shimazaki Haruka).

For a split second, there was the expression of annoyance flashing across the other girl's face. "Sae, what's wrong with watching over them?" she rolled her eyes. The girl felt Sae from behind arms tighten just slightly. "You already know I love you, so I don't want you out of my sight."

A sigh. Then with one movement, Yuki was out and free from Sae's grasp. A fake smile flashed at the ikemen. "I-I know..." Unknown to Sae, Yuki didn't love her. No. She didn't like her at all. She only viewed her as a friend who provided shelter and a safe haven for her and Rena. However, Sae doesn't seem to get the message or rather still expressed her love to her. A one-sided love one may call it. The only person that caught Yuki's attention however was none other than the human Watanabe Mayu.

That small girl. That cute little military squad member. Oh, how much she wanted to randomly pounce on Mayu and cuddle on her. Yuki really loved everything about her. From her cold but sometimes soft and gentle attitude and 'cyborg' personality to the intelligence and beauty. She is perfect to her eyes.

Yuki remembered seeing the girl a couple of months ago out in the woods. At that time, Mayu was out on a solo mission. Yuki however was out hunting for food. She needed to get just one deer in order to feed Rena and Sae. (Though Rena does the cooking for Yuki is a terrible terrible chef) She was up on the treetops, watching from above as the younger member trended forward with caution. Every now and then, Yuki held her breath when Mayu looked up from above.

This older girl had the ability to blend into the darkness and shadows of most anything aside from moving at high speed. So using the ability, she hid herself from Mayu's view. The younger girl continued onward only to be faced with a couple of zombies coming at her direction. Yuki frowned at the scenario. She felt as though she should jump down and save Mayu from the walking dead. However, she was proven wrong. In a full minute, Mayu was walking back with the gun at hand. The creatures were all left to rot and redie from behind. Yuki was definitely impressed back then. But that was just the beginning.

Over time, Yuki began 'stalking' her more and more often. The only time she didn't get a chance to watch over her was from last night. It was only because Sae held her back and banned her from going anymore out into the human world.

"You know what would happen if you're dark vampire self took over, right?" Sae's voice snapped Yuki back into reality. She was staring at the other girl, dead seriousness shown in her eyes. Yuki gulped and smiled nervously. "Y-Yeah... I know that."

Both Yuki and Rena were neutral vampires, yes. But the both of them were close to becoming a dark vampire. Maybe it was because of their past that had caused them to become like this. Maybe it was from all of the killings and murders long ago before Sae took them in.

Sighing, Sae walked away from the other girl and back inside of the house without another word. She was now left standing alone in the patio.

Her fingers slowly came up to touch her lips. The very lips that came upon contact with Mayu's. Though it must be very startling for the other girl, Yuki truly had enjoyed it. Especially seeing the priceless shocked reaction Mayu had showed. Her lips formed into a curve on both sides upward when she thought about the kiss they had done.


"General Takahashi, there's a visitor wanting to come and see you."

"Hmmhmm... I don't want to see them."

"But General, this person fully requested that she wants to meet you ASAP-"

"Argh, I told you I don't want to see anyone at the moment. I'm busy watching over Yuihan here-"

"It's Sashihara Rino."

"......Wakarimasu. I'm heading over to my office right now."

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 8
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Mayuki!!!  :twothumbs

Yuki is so cute with Mayu,
I just got hooked on your story,
can't wait for more mayuki interaction and maybe a wmatsui too

Hope Yui will be okay and come out as an awesome vampire

Thanks for the update, please update soon.

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 8
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Yui is turning into a vampire...

Yuki is stalking Mayu.... without Mayu knew.... but now they knew each other.... some more they kissed.

Sae is having one-side love for Yuki... and she didn't notice.... dense

Thank you for the update....

What's going to happen next to everyone...?

Can't wait to see more

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 8
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I'll make a short comment since I'm at work and very sleepy ( ... yay like always xD )

I love it *w* ganbatte Yui \o/

Huhu Yuki, I love the Yuki stalkeuse - remember the pv with Yuki who stalk Yui -run away- -

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 8
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Ah... Yuihan turning into a vampire  :(

And.. OH YES! MAYUKI  :wub:
Yukirin you stalker  :w00t:
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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 8
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@nik11: wMatsui will have their moments quite soon! So be patient~

Thanks for the comments! Here's the next chapter of this story and well... It's somewhat short so I apologize about that.  :err:

[Chapter 9]

Sayaka, who was in her human state, stood on top of the cliff. Her eyes were seen staring off into the distant. On the highest cliff where only a couple miles away from behind was where the lair of her clan is located. Wearing a light brown t-shirt with blue ripped jeans, she looked like an ordinary teenager. The view was peaceful. Night sky had many stars scattered around in different parts; not a single cloud was seen. A crescent white moon shined its gentle white light upon earth. And right below the cliff was the lush green forest that extended far beyond her view. Gentle whooshing sound from the night wind blew against the leaves of the trees, shaking them ever so slightly. Not a single daylight creature was out for it was the night creatures turn to rise. That didn't last long though when another werewolf who was also in her human form by the name of Yagami Kumi approached to her with some disturbing news.

"Akimoto Sayaka, that vampire has made his strike once again," Kumi grave spoke. She tugged on the end of the blue collar of her t-shirt and brushed any debris off of her black sweat pants.

"Again?" Sayaka turned her body around so she was able to properly face Kumi. The other girl nodded her head nervously. "H-Hai..."

She frowned. "What has he done this time?"

"Well, he has made his attack on the human's society and destroyed the holy ground nearby the Akihabara Elimination Force's base." The taller girl of the two bit the bottom of her lip and sighed loudly. Bringing her left hand up to touch her chin, she mumbled, "I see... These humans really are weak..." Then she closed her eyes. "Especially if it's against THAT vampire..."

"Ano... I also have to add something, Sayaka," Kumi hesitantly spoke up. She knew that Sayaka probably wouldn't like the next news she has to tell at all. Known to be protective of the humans and despising the vampires greatly, Sayaka had a huge grudge against them ever since they wiped out her family. "He also managed to turn a fellow squad member into one of his kinds..."

Sayaka's eyes fluttered open without a second to waste. Her eyes widening, she stared at Kumi. "Is that true?"

"Sadly, it is." She growled under her breath, flashing her teeth and grumbling even more under her breath. "This is a serious issue to deal with... I even heard that the vampires themselves are having problems dealing with this man." Basically everyone was having problem with this one man. This certain vampire has been causing major ruckus among citizens and creatures of all sorts. Destruction was what he was best at doing. Bloodshed were always produced from both the warriors and the defenseless. Not a single survivor is left behind. No one knows exactly his name or who he's related to (if he ever does have any living relatives or friends). He seems to always be alone, so one can come to a conclusion that he's alone.

Sayaka shook her head with worry. "Do you know who exactly got... bitten by him?"

Kumi nodded. "Squad member Yokoyama Yui. At the moment, she's unconscious and will most likely stay in that state for quite a while." Brushing a lock of her black hair aside from her shoulder, she yawned openly. "At least this is what Kanon had told me." Kumi was, yes, a werewolf. But she has maintained close relationship with not only Sayaka as her only trusted partner but also AEF military member and nurse, Kimoto Kanon. The two met at a special predicament and have been very close ever since. Since they were far away from each other, Kanon would usually fill in the details to Kumi via communicator. This is proven vital for the werewolves and Kanon in general.

"I see then..." The other girl tore her gaze away from Kumi and back out into the wilderness. Crossing her arms, the corner of her mouth twitched. "We'll just have to keep an eye out on that certain cursed vampire and hope we can prevent his next move."


"Mayu? Mayu. Mayuyu~ ...Oi! Mayu-chan!"

The voice that was desperately trying to call out to her attention finally made the cyborg girl snap out of her trance-like state. In front of her, Jurina was sitting on top of her hospital bed, arms crossed. "What were you thinking? Staring out into space like that is usually something you don't do." The older girl was visiting Jurina once she had finished cleaning up the ground of the shrine since this morning. She's heard that Jurina would not stop making such a fuss once Mayu had left her behind for her work. Seated nearby on a wooden stool, her left hand unconsciously trailed up to her lips. Fingers brushing lightly against the soft pair, she remembered vividly the vampire that had just touched these sensitive parts of the mouth with her own.

"Mayu-chan~ Back to earth please~"

"E-Er... R-Right..."

Jurina's eyes squinted when she saw how awkward Mayu was acting. She wasn't her usual self definitely. Ever since the girl had returned from her mission, she hasn't been acting the same like before she left. And the way she was touching her lips... A little anger mark could be imagined seen on the side of Jurina's head. It's not surprising for her to become irritated. "Did something happen while you were doing your small mission?"

"Nothing happened!" Mayu stiffened up on her seat, flashing a fake smile at the younger girl's direction. A couple seconds passed by and the older girl decided to take her leave. She felt like right now is not the right time to be hanging around Jurina too much. Then quickly getting up from her seat, she excused herself out of the room without another word spoken. And this all happened in less than one minute. When the door clicked shut behind her, Jurina blinked dumbly at the situation at hand. 'Did I say something wrong?'

Meanwhile, Mayu was just right outside of the door, leaning her back against it to brace her body. The taste of the vampire's lips still lingered on hers. As much as she wanted to get rid of it, it still stayed stubbornly. What surprised her the most was how the vampire knew her name when the two have never met together. After they had met just barely an hour ago, Mayu was completely stunned in her state and still is. Unable to snap out of her thoughts, she wondered if that vampire would see her again in the future due to her words.

As the shorter girl stood outside, pondering with her thoughts, Jurina was left inside with a sad expression on her face. Sighing softly, she laid back down on the bed and crossed her arms behind her head. Her eyes were trained upon the white ceiling of the patient's hospital room up above. Fixed at the one spot. Soon it closed. 'Mayuyu... I'm really worried about you...'


Haruka sat on the wooden stool, watching sadly over Yui's motionless body on the hospital bed nearby on her left. She swallowed, having difficulty ignoring the constant beeping sounds from the vital machine that kept track of the unconscious girl's heart beat rate. The girl's breathing could be heard exhaling loudly through the oxygen mask. Pale body from the huge lost of blood and the transformation occurring within her body. Haruka felt terrible. It was like she's being tortured emotionally, feeling her heart string tug painfully when Yui's expression on her face showed sign of being in agony.

Her hands slowly reached over to Yui's right hand. Upon contact with her skin, coldness was felt. Colder than Haruka's normal body temperature. "Yokoyama-san..." she whispered faintly and weakly. The thumbs ran up and down against Yui's hand. Though no tears were formed in Haruka's eyes, she was nowhere near being alright or even 'fine.'

"If only I could come a little sooner... Then none of this would've happened." Haruka is a weak neutral vampire, yes. But she would be willing to lay down her life just to save Yui, especially from this ill-fate. Willing to do anything just to keep her safe. Anything even if it means she has to die. For her to remember vividly how lifeless and close Yui was to being dead in her very arms terrified her greatly. Scarring her. Hating herself for that. If only she wasn't so weak... If she only traveled a day earlier...

While she was blaming herself mentally for the state Yui is currently in, there was a knock on the door from outside. A small pause. Then Haruka answered, "Who is it?" She retracted her hands away and twisted her body around to the person that now opened the door. Pushing the door forward was none other than Kitahara Rie. A white patch was on her right eye, hindering her from being able to see with both eyes. "It's just me, Shimazaki-san."

Haruka simply acknowledged her presence and allowed her to enter inside of the room. Now the two girls were sitting by Yui's bed, watching with worried expression. "I'm scared of what is to come to Yuihan," Rie admitted. Her lips stiffen as her hands formed into shaking fists. "That vampire should be taken down for harming Yui like this."

Despite being on the same wavelength with this girl, Haruka felt slightly... awkward when she began talking about Yui. But she stayed silent and let her express her negativity about the situation at hand. It's natural for humans to express their concerns of such serious case like this. She turned her attention back to the sleeping figure and sighed. 'Yokoyama-san...' Many thoughts ran through her head, loading it up with each passing second. She knew that a dark vampire would be very very VERY difficult to tame let alone even keep under control. Yui may be known to be a great soldier and member of the AEF doesn't mean that she might be able to control the urges of destruction and blood in her new form. As she stared at Yui, something suddenly clicked inside of her head.

'I know what I should do.' Suddenly without warning, she got up from her seat and nearly knocked over the stool that she sat on. Rie from the other side of the bed glanced up and saw Haruka standing. "Is there something wrong, Shimazaki-san?"

Completely ignoring Rie, Haruka quickly walked out of the room and closed the door from behind. Leaving the confused Rie to focus back on Yui's condition, Haruka decided to see if back in her village there was any books referring to the dark vampire's state. In her village, there was one house that held all of the books ranging from novels and short stories written by many famous authors to herbal medicines guide and dark magic.

'I need to go back to the village and see if there's anything that can help Yokoyama-san. Anything that can at least keep her from becoming a crazed vampire.' Then with that thought in mind, she walked towards the elevator. But before she left, she saw Kanon passing by with a clipboard at hand. "Ah, excuse me," she caught the younger girl's attention for a brief moment.

"Yes?" Kanon replied. "Is there something you need, miss?"

"Let Takahashi-san and those that ask of my presence know that I'm returning to my village right now. I probably won't be back for another couple weeks."


Minami sat behind her desk, staring straight at the person across from her. Her eyebrows scrunched together and hands folded neatly together placed right below her nose, covering her mouth. Atsuko was standing right beside the general's right, arms by her side. Though she may be calm, her eyes were like a hawk, observing the other girl with caution. Tension filled the uncomfortable atmosphere to the point that any normal sane human being would want to get out of the room.

"So I see that you have returned, Sashihara Rino." There was a hint of anger within the tone of her voice as she spoke. Minami is holding suspicion against the girl in front of her. Dressed in a white lab coat and a metal, silver suitcase on the ground next to her, she looked like a professor ready to perform his lab experiments. "Where were you this entire time?"

"Ever since the incident that was created back in Australia, I had a secret hide-out in Japan here."

The general rubbed the side of her head as Atsuko sent a questioning glance at Rino. "Aiya... Even though you're the one that caused the virus, you don't even know how to even cure it..."

"Stop reminding about the past, Bakamina. I know my mistake and plan to fix them as soon as possible."

Minami scoffed. "Well you better fix it fast because the number of death tolls are climbing within every passing second; every breath we take so to speak."

Rino shrugged her shoulders and brushed aside her comment. She then decided to engage into another topic; another matter that she wanted to get at hand with Minami here.

"I want to speak to you about the many viruses that has been identified currently."

"I know there's the X, Y and Z viruses running around in this wrecked-up world of ours."

"I'm sure you might want to know more information on them..."

Before Rino could speak any more, Minami stopped her by raising her left palm into the air. "Wait. If you want to surely speak more about this virus, you might as well want to talk to the rest of the members here in the force. They have the right to know more about the world around them." The other girl raised one of her eyebrows upward but didn't have any complaints. "Alright then."

I think it's time we let Rena, Yuki, Jurina and Mayu to be in focus for the next chapter.  :glasses:

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 9 [Update 02/14/13]
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Aha Sasshi caused all the problems.

Yay, WMatsui and MaYuki on next chapter, can't wait.

Thanks for the update! Your story just keeps on getting better  :twothumbs

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 9 [Update 02/14/13]
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Nice chapter there!  :thumbup

Update soon can't wait to read it!!!!

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 9 [Update 02/14/13]
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nice update!   :on GJ: :on GJ:

wmatsui and mayuki focus on the next chapter? yeey can't be patient to wait  :cow: :cow:
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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 9 [Update 02/14/13]
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*w* Go write the next chapter please ! **

I loved that chapter **

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 9 [Update 02/14/13]
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Nice fic as always....

Mayu Jurina moment is so nice....

Minami is so leader-ly... so cool

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 9 [Update 02/14/13]
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Hi, I'm so glad to see and read your fic. It is really good. I really like it. I like the flow of the story. I find Mayu and Jurina here very cute. When are WMatsui meeting? I'm excited with Mayuki's next meeting. And Sasshi caused the virus? That was totally unexpected. I'm also looking forward for more members popping up. Keep it up! I'll be waiting for your next chapter. Gambatte!

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 9 [Update 02/14/13]
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@nik11: Thank you for the compliment! And yes, Sasshi is the one that caused the entire problem~  :glasses:

@K-PopJ-popAWESOMENESS: Thanks!  :hee:

@Llyloo: Hai hai, here's the next chapter~  :on lol:

@cisda83: Takamina is definitely cool! And here's the long-awaited update!  :stuffed:

@hikari_043083: wMatsui is meeting like, in this chapter. Same with Mayuki~ And more members will definitely pop up and/or have a bigger role (like Kanon, Sayaka, Takamina, Sayanee, etc.) Thanks for the compliment and hope I meet/exceed your expectation!  :kneelbow:

Not much to say other than last triple-update for today! I just HAD to get this out and I'm not sure if it's well written/plotted, but hopefully it's okay.  :sweat:

[Chapter 10]

"Rena? What are you doing here?"

Matsui Rena, dressed in a black leather jacket on top of her red t-shirt and black pants, was standing atop of a tree branch. Yuki was standing on the far left side of her on another tree branch. The two were located within the forest in between the shrine, AEF base and the other part of the unnamed village Haruka resides in from a faraway distance. Wildlife creatures and nature alone. This is the only wood that manages to contain such lively atmosphere in such depressing time period.

At the moment, the two girls were located at the edge of the forest, near the military force's base. Among the tree top where they were standing, they were able to view clearly upon the grounds of the base. Members were walking around. Some were standing in guard at their position; others wandering around with their teammates. The quiet and peaceful wind blew gently against the two figures. A smile was on Rena's face. "I wanted to see someone."

"Someone?" Yuki questioned, turning her head to Rena. "Who?"

There was a small pause before Rena spoke up. "I-I... don't know her name to be honest. But once I see her, I'll be sure to ask her of her name and tell you." Yuki nodded in understanding at her statement. Then turning her attention to the scene in front of her, she too smiled. 'Then that means I might also get a chance to visit someone that I wanted to see... It has been a while since we last met...'


Two weeks has already passed. Things have been slow at the moment.

Sashihara Rino was the cause of the entire outbreak. However, only both Minami and Atsuko carried the knowledge around with them. If they were to let everyone know, there would be chaos. So rather than revealing that Rino is the cause of the entire problem, they welcomed her to continue her research in the base.

She's a scientist. Rino wasn't well-known but was Minami's classmates when they were in high school back in the old days before the outbreak. Very smart, she could be considered a genius. However, there was one lash back and that was being an accident prone girl. It was no surprise that she would cause trouble unintentionally. But no one expected her to cause such a huge problem that might as well bring the world's fateful end at such a rapid pace. After escaping from the province of Australia, she now resides in her hidden and private laboratory here in Japan. Minami expects her to find the cure for these viruses as soon as possible.

As for the others, Jurina and Rie have fully recovered from their injuries. They now resumed back to their active status. Resumed back to the activities they did as their jobs. At the moment though, Minami doesn't seem to allow the two of them to go on such rigorous missions that require more than a day to complete. Not to mention that they all involve at least three members in total for each mission. The general is very cautious and doesn't want to send out anymore of her force members either solo or even on a duet. She simply didn't want them to end up like Yui or even worse.

Right now, Yui has still yet awaken from her deep coma-like slumber. Her condition is stabilizing so far and seems to be suffering less and less over time. The skin color remained pale however as though she was born with that type of skin. Fangs were permanently residing inside of her mouth and her heartbeat rate is beginning to decrease below normal human range. The unconscious girl is doing well, but what worries everyone the most is what would happen once she wakes up. Will she go wild and start attacking everyone in her sight? Will she become a monster? Must the members be forced to put her down and end her misery?

This is what worries the general the most. As a person who cares for both Atsuko and Yui the most, she is not in the mood to be speaking to anyone like she used to. Normally she would be energetic, optimistic and overall a leader that everyone admires and respects. But at the moment, she isn't anything like that. Minami isn't optimistic anymore. She still leads, of course, but was becoming very paranoid. Sometimes on random days, she would disappear from her office without even her closest partner, Atsuko, knowledge. Some days she would come back in less than 24 hours. Then there are some other days where she doesn't return until three days after. Always returning back looking disheveled and emotionless. No one knows exactly what she was doing, but one can predict that she was slaughtering infected creatures whether nearby or afar.

Possibly she was angry and wanted to let out her anger through killing the enemies and opposing creatures. Who knows. All everyone knows is that Minami isn't herself. That made Atsuko very very worried about her.

" yeah. I guess since we just came back from our mission from today, it doesn't look like we'll have any in quite a while," Mayu stated as she and Jurina stood on top of the rooftop. Late in the night and leaning against the railings; talking about their thoughts out loud as usual. Feels like everything went back to normal for those two.

The taller girl next to her shrugged her shoulders and smiled. "Well, I'm glad to hear that. That mission was slightly tiring with all the walking and such."

"And here I thought you were athletic."

"Hey! You know I still can't push my body too much! Though my bones have been healed, Nyan Nyan warned me not to push too hard!"

Mayu stuck her tongue out and waved one of her hand in the air. "I understand, I understand. No need to get all defensive, Jurina." The two girls stared at each other for a short moment before bursting out into laughter. "I'm sorry about that, Mayuyu," Jurina apologized, suddenly leaning against Mayu's body.

The shorter girl wasn't cold at all. But once she felt Jurina's body, hers instantly warmed up from the touch. It felt... nice to have someone this close. A small smile shown on her face, she felt arms wrap around her waist. Before she knew it though, her body was twisted around to the point that they were both facing each other at close approximation. Breaths just barely felt on each others faces.

"E-Eh?" Mayu didn't know what was going on. Unconsciously her face brightened in a red color; blushing at such action from the younger girl. Their eyes were connected to each other. She could see Jurina staring deep into her eyes.

"Mayu, I... I really want to confess to you that I love you."

This wasn't the first time Mayu has heard Jurina told her that she has loved her. But this time though... She felt there was something more than just the words alone. There’s emotion in them. She could feel them. More than usual. Still keeping her eyes fixed on Jurina, she doesn't know exactly what to say. For a few seconds, Jurina looked down at the ground. It seems that she is a little surprised at how bold she just confessed out her feelings like that. Will Mayu accept it? They've been together ever since they first met. The feelings that has built over time. She wished for Mayu to understand or at least accept them.

Though the two girls didn't say anything, Jurina made her first move. She leaned forth slowly. Merely a couple of centimeters were their lips to come to contact. Mayu knew what was going to happen in a few seconds and closed her eyes. For once, she understood what Jurina has felt towards her and was willing to return it back to her.

Then there was a forceful push that made her stumble backward.

Startled, Mayu snapped her eyes open only to find someone she never expected to see again. Standing in between both her and Jurina was the tall, raven-haired girl from the shrine a while ago. Still in the same dress as before, the tall figure had a presence of both danger but at the same time, easiness. The two girls shocked, they could only gap at the scene in front of them. "W-W-Who are you!?" Jurina's voiced out as she took out her revolver. Aiming it at the girl standing in between her and Mayu, her fingers were itching to press the trigger. "I know you're not normal!"

There was a slight chuckle coming from her direction before giving smiling. "I'm Kashiwagi Yuki. A neutral vampire for further clarification."

"A-A-A vampire?!" Jurina did not lower her firing weapon down, glaring at Yuki. "Gaaah... First that dark vampire and now this? How many vampires are we going to contract within this month!"

Upon hearing the words 'dark vampire,' Yuki's eyebrows scrunched together. 'Dark vampire? Did something happen a while ago and I've missed it?' Then deciding to ignore Jurina, she glanced over her shoulder to see Mayu frozen in her spot. She could see that the shorter girl was shocked to see her once more. "It has been a while, Watanabe Mayu," she stated. Hearing her voice, Mayu began stuttering. "I-I-It has been!"

She did expect for this vampire to come back and see her once more. But not this soon! Not to mention at such wrong timing!

" 'Been a while'? Mayu! You know this vampire?" Jurina questioned, bringing both of their attention back to her. She still hasn't budged from her position. Gun still up in the air. "I demand to know why you are here!"

There was a sigh coming from Yuki. "Yes, Mayu here has met me before," she answered in Mayu's place. Then in one swift movement, she was now seen standing behind Mayu. Her arms wrapped around the younger girl's waist and rested her chin on top of her right shoulder. "And I came here just to let you know that Mayu is mine. Mine only."

The corner of Jurina's mouth was twitching from both shock and anger. Forcing herself not to pull the trigger since Mayu is in her grasp, she tried to calm herself down. "You know that I love Mayu and there can't be a relationship between a vampire and a human. Isn't it forbidden for one to have such relationship due to the treaty?" A small pause. What Jurina has said is true. From the treaty between the vampires, humans and werewolves, they also included and all agreed to an extent that none shall fall in love with another type of being. Simply put that they are all afraid of causing disruptions and chaos once more between the three races.

"You are right about that, but I don't care." Nuzzling into Mayu's neck, she muttered, "As long as I get to have Mayu by my side, then I don't care."

"But what if she doesn't want to be with you?" Jurina frowned, able to see that Mayu was uncomfortable with such closeness from a person that she had just met for the second time. Was this vampire... really in love with Mayu? Maybe even obsessed?

A smirk was seen on Yuki's face. "I'll just have to persuade Mayu over here then. Even if force is necessary." That sort of answer scared both Jurina and Mayu. Both of their eyes widen. Was she serious? She can't be. Mayu from her grasp wanted to get away from her. However, she could only stay rooted in her spot, unable to move an inch. Was it because of Yuki’s iron grip on her? Or was it something more…? Jurina then quickly snapped out of her shocked state and moved towards the two figures. "Let go of Mayu, you vampire," she growled. "Don't you care how Mayu feels at the very least?"

Taking this challenge from Jurina, Yuki then gently pushed Mayu aside and too approached up to the youngest of the three. "Ever since I had first seen her, my eyes was set on her. I've always watched her every movement. I wanted her; wanted her all to myself. And since I saw you confessing your love towards Mayu and attempting to kiss her, let me give you a warning that you stay far away from her. Even when I'm not around." The aura around Yuki was different. It wasn't gentle anymore. No. The two girls can sense that she was becoming dangerously ticked off.

In a blink of an eye, Jurina's weapon was flying in the air as Yuki stood right in front of the girl. The revolver was heard clattering in the ground behind them. Jurina glared at Yuki, still keeping her ground even though she is defenseless. Not a single weapon in hand, it would be reckless for one to go against such powerful creature. Yuki raised her eyebrow and grabbed the collar of her uniform roughly. She lifted the younger girl into the air a couple inches off the ground. Mayu's voice was heard in the background, calling out to Yuki to stop only to be sadly ignored. Jurina was struggling in her grip, kicking in the air. "Let go of me!" she snarled without breaking her stare at Yuki's eyes.

Yuki didn't grant her request. Her grip instead tightened. "Just remember that you keep your hands off of my Mayu. If I see you lay one finger on her once more, I'll-"

"Yuki! What are you doing?!" Another female's voice came out of nowhere. The voice did not belong to Mayu or Jurina in her grasp. Unfamiliar to the two human girls, they suddenly saw a figure appear right by Yuki's side. In one move with her arm, Yuki dropped Jurina and backed away a couple of steps. "Keep your hands off of her!" the same voice scolded in an angry tone.

The figure almost equal height with Yuki glared at her with such fearsome eyes. Then quickly turning her attention to the fallen Jurina, she extended her hand out. "I'm so sorry about that. Yuki can get very... jealous and possessive.... if you understand what I mean." Jurina at the ground blinked in confusion. She just stared at the pale hand that was offered towards her from above. Then looking back up at the girl, she noticed how beautiful she is. Like a princess that came out of a book, she was dressed in black leather clothing. Long black hair flowing along the same direction as the wind that blew against it. "Um... Who... are you?"

The other girl hesitated before answering. "I'm Matsui Rena. Let's just say I'm the same as Yuki here... Except a bit more… sane if you get it." She didn't have to say anymore. Jurina just bobbed her head and took her hand. Pulling her up to her feet, she made sure that the younger girl was alright. "You're not hurt anywhere, are you?" she asked, worried. Jurina shook her head, still not smiling.

"Iie. I'm not hurt anywhere,” she responded back while staring at the taller figure in front of her. “Um, excuse me, but do you mind not to tell anyone about us?”

Jurina raised one of her eyebrows. “And why should I do that? How should I know you both aren’t here to kill us?” She had the right to be suspicious. Especially when two vampires suddenly pop out of nowhere. The vampire didn’t change her expression but rather softened it. “I can tell you that we’re not going to do anything to hurt you even though Yuki over there acts rashly. She's just jealous, so please understand.”

The two girls looked over from behind and saw Mayu standing in front of Yuki with her arms crossed. Looking at the two, it looks like Mayu isn't happy one bit at the taller girl. "Kashiwagi-san, you know that it's wrong to do that to my close friend!"

"But you both were about to kiss!" Yuki countered. "You have to know how I feel about you!"

"I do know right now! However, don't just go in and attack my friend!"

Yuki was about to throw back some more words but held them back when Mayu expression darkened. The vampire didn’t know exactly how to express how much she wanted to be by Mayu’s side. How much she despised anyone who would lay a finger on her or even beat Yuki in confessing their love toward the girl. But just when she was about to open her mouth again, they all heard a bell ringing throughout the entire base. The two vampires were confused what it was ringing for, but both Mayu and Jurina knew exactly what it was.

"Crap! It's only five minutes till midnight!" They both yelped together. They knew that if one wasn't back in their room by curfew time, the general would punish them the next day with menial task and forbid them on any missions for a specific amount of time. The two looked at each other and then at the two other figures. "Er... We have to go now..." Jurina muttered. Throwing a glare at Yuki's direction, she then came over to Mayu's side and tugged her arm. "Let's go now."

But before they were able to leave, the two girls were pulled aside by the two vampires. “I'm... sorry about earlier..." Yuki admitted her mistake, bowing her head down. "I-I was... probably not thinking straight when I saw you two like that..."

It was somewhat… understandable. Imagine when someone you love in the shadows suddenly gets taken away by someone else that too loves them? It’s not surprising overall that Yuki would overreact in this manner. Jealousy was easily seen in her eyes and actions. However, Jurina doesn't seem to want to forgive the other girl. First threatening her to stay away from Mayu and now apologizing? Is she bipolar or something? But knowing that time is precious at the moment due to curfew, she just waved her hand into the air. "Yeah yeah, I will forgive you, but I won't forget about it." Her grip on Mayu's arm tightened just slightly. "If you really want to have Mayu, then you'll have to get through me first."

Then they dashed away. However, Rena's voice was heard once more before they entered back into the building. "What is your name?" she asked Jurina. Stopping in her track for a brief moment, she glanced over her shoulder and responded back. "Jurina. Matsui Jurina."

Once they finally were gone from their view, Rena then smiled. 'Matsui Jurina huh? I hope we meet again in the near future... Only under better circumstances.' To be honest, she was sort of glad that Yuki intervened with the two human girls who were just about to kiss. She also felt slightly... off and ticked off when Jurina confessed her love towards Mayu. But she wasn't like Yuki, who would carelessly express how she feels about the situation. Rena stayed quiet and simply wished for Jurina to change her mind.

Maybe she really does love Jurina, even if the other girl doesn't know it unlike Mayu.


"Yuki! What exactly has gone through your mind?! Are you CRAZY???" Sae scolded at Yuki when the two girls returned back to their safe haven. It was foreseen that this would happen, so they had no choice but to sit through it all. The two girls had their heads hanged, guilty of their actions. It was past midnight when they have returned and Sae was impatiently waiting for them in the front entrance. Her hands on both of her hips, she shook her head. "I already told you to stay away from those humans! And you, Rena! I'm very disappointed in you. How can you follow Yuki?!"

"Sumimasen..." they both muttered under their breaths. Sae was seen grabbing one side of her head with one of her hands and sighed out loud.

"What am I to do with you both..." There was silence between the three of them before Yuki decided to speak up. "Sae? I remember hearing the girls that we visited said something about a 'dark vampire.' Is there something that has happened that I didn't know?"

Rena standing nearby raised her eyebrow in confusion. It looks like this too is her first time hearing about it. Sae in front of the two swallowed in nervousness. Her eyes slowly trailed to the right and avoided having eye contact with them. "Do you really want to know? I was hoping that you both, especially you Yuki, wouldn't hear anything about it."

Yuki felt something was off and was suspecting that she knew who that dark vampire is. She's afraid that it might be the person that she had in mind. The person that she hoped not to hear from ever again. She nodded her head along with Rena. There was a long pause before Sae answered them.

"It's your brother, Yuki. He's the one that caused destruction upon this area."

It felt as though time has stopped for Yuki. "N-No... It can't be..." she muttered, backing away from her spot with a step. Her head was shaking left and right in denial. "He's really... back?"

"I'm afraid so."

The three vampires here knew exactly who Yuki's brother was. Kashiwagi Yuzi was his name. Older brother of Yuki, he used to be someone that everyone has respected. A vampire with a human younger sister due to the fact that he has been contracted with the Z virus. A neutral vampire to be exact. Until he fell towards the dark side that is. Now a dark vampire, he has turned his entire life and revolved it around darkness, destruction and bloodshed. Yuki remembered in her past that he disappeared one day and never came back to the city of Akihabara they use to live in. Never did she expect for him to fall for the dark side. However, that was five years ago. He hasn't been heard since then, but now he has returned here, that frightened her greatly.

"Was he the one that caused the destruction of the nearby shrine?" Rena asked.

"Yeah. Not to mention he didn't leave any survivors aside from the military members that came in on that day. Unlucky for them, one member was bitten and the others were injured." She motioned her right hand in the air, trying to brush aside the topic. "But that was two weeks ago."

"Who was there exactly at the day of the scene?"

"Hm... If I remember clearly on that day along with the information Akimoto Sayaka has provided, there was Kitahara Rie, Yokoyama Yui, Matsui Jurina and Watanabe Mayu."

The last two names took both Rena and Yuki by surprise. "W-WHAT!?" they both yelled in unison.

"No wonder why Matsui Jurina doesn't seem too healthy the last time I saw her..." Rena commented, finally realizing what was the cause of her condition. For Yuki, she was furious at such news. "Why the hell did my brother decide to come here? For what purpose? And to hurt Mayu... That's unacceptable."

Let's have the next chapter shift viewpoint over to the werewolves (since we need moar Sayaka's and Kumi's moment, neh?)  :on woohoo:

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 10 [Update 02/26/13]
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Haha, finally Yukirin makes her move... and Rena, too!  :w00t:

And... wuttt Yukirin's bro is the dark vampire  :shocked

And still wondering what yuihan will be....  :huhuh

Thanks for the update!
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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 10 [Update 02/26/13]
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Finally im falling in love with this fic~The story became more interesting

Thank for the update~


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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 10 [Update 02/26/13]
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Ah... so Sashi is the cause of all the chaos that happening in the world...

Yeah... Sashi should get rid of the virus that she created...

Atsuko and Minami thought were right to keep the person responsible for the creation of the virus a secret... it would not help anyone in long run...

May be after Sashi invented the anti-virus then people can know.

Ah... Jurina confessed to Mayu.. what about Mayu's feeling... does she likes Jurina as a good friend or more than that?

Yuki is such an uncontrolled monster... willing to kill her competitor for Mayu's lvoe

At least Rena able to come in-time to stop Yuki from causing any permanent damage toward Jurina...

Rena has feeling for Jurina... Yeah... Jurina seems to find Rena very attractive...

Yuki is related to the dark vampire...

What's going to happen next...

I can't wait to find our more

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 10 [Update 02/26/13]
« Reply #38 on: February 27, 2013, 07:47:11 AM »
thanks for the update :D

you had made my day for updating all your fic.. :nya:
thank you :kneelbow:
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Re: The Virus [Multiple Pairings] - Chapter 10 [Update 02/26/13]
« Reply #39 on: February 27, 2013, 11:04:02 AM »
Bwahahaha Jealous Yuki is scary **

I want the next ** - (and the next of Wandering Ship  :D)

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