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Author Topic: Friend's Lover | "X" (WMATSUI) COMPLETE  (Read 18987 times)

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Friend's Lover | "X" (WMATSUI) COMPLETE
« on: January 18, 2013, 11:19:39 PM »

A/N: First attempt at writing a fic! I apologise for the generic theme of the story but I’ve based it on a song, which is also where I stole the title from. Also a big thank you to the people that helped me out  :bow:


The tranquil street was lined with auburn trees all slowly swaying in the wind, waving goodbye to the leaves. These leaves were the very same ones that gave the towering existence such wonderful life and vibrancy; yet every year, when it reaches its most beautiful prime, it is simply let go. Released to gradually flutter down to the ground, its final resting place where it would be forgotten beneath the footprints of the distracted students. However some may escape such a lonely end and instead be saved by the pPosterioring breeze, left to dance together in complete ignorant bliss of the melancholy fate that the others have suffered from.

I stood there, a solitary statue amidst the swirling shards of ruby, leaning against the grey stone walls of my school gazing up at the lone cloud drifting across the crimson sea in an attempt to pPosterior the time.

“Hey, Jurina!”

I peered round the gate to notice two figures emerge from within the school; one of them had their slender arm outstretched franticly waving towards me. As Rena hurried closer I could see the goofy grin across her face mouth something at me but I was busy trying to work out who the other girl was. She was just taller than Rena and they both had the same dark black hair except the stranger’s raven locks flowed down beyond her shoulders and over the cute maroon scarf that was cuddled closely to her warm rosy cheeks.

“I’m so sorry we took so long Jurina.” Rena spoke up as she approached me.

“No worries, it wasn’t that long a wait but er…” I gestured toward the other girl “Aren’t you going to introduce her?” It was then that I noticed both the girls’ faces turn bright scarlet as they shared sheepish glances at each other.

“Well…erm…” Rena stuttered before announcing “Yuki this is Jurina…” She took a nervous pause “and Jurina I’d like to introduce you to Yuki, my girlfriend…”


A/N: I apologise for it being extremely short and poor but I was eager to get started once I had the idea  :nervous
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Re: 友達の恋人 | Friend's Lover | RenaYuki, Wmatsui| Prologue/Teaser
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2013, 12:31:47 AM »
nori! When you said you got some work in progress, I wasn't expecting you to post it so soon! Anyway, it's a great first attempt at writing a fic. I like what I'm seeing so far. You've painted a nice imagery in the first paragraph which helps to set the melancholy tone of the story right from the get-go. Love your choice of words ("solitary statue," "grey stone walls" and "lone cloud drifting" all in one sentence) to emphasise how alone/lonely Jurina is and will probably be.

Keep up the good work :twothumbs and while you are excited to post this prologue/teaser, don't keep your readers waiting too long for the first chapter! XD

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Re: 友達の恋人 | Friend's Lover | RenaYuki, Wmatsui| Prologue/Teaser
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Can't wait for the first chapter!!!

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Re: 友達の恋人 | Friend's Lover | RenaYuki, Wmatsui| Prologue/Teaser
« Reply #3 on: January 19, 2013, 06:17:19 AM »
Wow, nori; seigus is right, you didn't waste any time!

You've done a great job to set the stage and your metaphors are brilliant.  I wonder, is it just a prop, or is there another purpose behind the gray wall that initially separated the two?  This prologue is chock-full of swell examples of sight, but don't forget sound.  What a character can or cannot hear can have a significant impact on a story.  (Think sighs, heartbeats, awkward silences, etc.)

I probably won't be able to keep up with this, so best of luck in the future!  Keep up the good work!
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友達の恋人 | Friend's Lover | RenaYuki, Wmatsui| Chapter Ⅰ
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@seigus: I hope this wasn't too long a wait  :nervous Thank you so much for your kind words and as for Jurina well she isn't exactly lonely at the moment but I didn't build up that melancholy picture for no reason so you'll just have to wait a little while first  :)

@kahem: Here it is! Hope you like it!

@Hitobo: Ah you went for the grey wall did you? What you're thinking isn't wrong but there's actually a more important metaphor in there, unfortunately I can't tell you ;) I've taken in to account everything you told me so hopefully this is slight better now  :nervous Thank you so much for the awesome suggestions  :bow:

A/N: Hello again guys here's my first ever chapter :) It's a bit of a slow start with very little drama and there's a scene that you guys will recognise but still I hope you enjoy it. As for the next chapter it may take me a while to get it done, cursed exams  :angry:, but I'll get it done as soon as I can. I also feel inclined to say that each chapter is named after a line of the song or a slight variation.

Chapter 1 ~ いつもの帰り道~The Usual Way Home
I stood there on the dimly lit field with a black and white sphere gripped tightly in my hands, preparing to strike. I daintily place the ball on the grass, taking 1… 2 steps away at a slight angle to my left. Precision is everything. I shut my eyes, focusing on the image of the immovable wall standing between me and my target. I feel a lone bead of sweat trickles down my left cheek.

“Top right” I mutter as I step forward and unleash the wrath of my foot onto the ball causing it to pierce through the air with an all mighty force. The ball reached its destination in no time at all, almost ripping a new hole in the top right corner of the net. “Get in!” I shout punching the air with my fist. “Just one last lap and then I’m done.” I told myself as I began my final jog of the morning.

Having finished training I entered the changing room; immediately removed the sweaty clothes that were clinging onto my body and turned on the shower, the chilled water splashing onto my short messy hair before forming a waterfall over my pale back.

As I cooled down under the constant flow of water I began to reflect on previous training sessions, how I could be even better. The semi-finals of the “inter-high cup” are fast approaching and I have to be ready for it. As the ace of the soccer team I have to be prepared to carry the team at the biggest stage, in front of the entire school.

My thoughts were interrupted by a sudden loud ring which echoed through the empty room. “Crap, I’m gonna be late!” I hurriedly put on my uniform and rushed out the door. After sprinting up several staircases and through countless hallways I finally reached the door reading class 1-B

“Matsui Jurina” A voice called from beyond the door.

“Just in time.” after breathing a sigh of relief I slid open the door and replied “Present.”

“But your late, so don’t bother coming in.” Shinoda-sensei retorted in a dry tone “Also while you’re out there sort your hair out Matsui. You look as if you’ve been dragged through a car wash.” At this point several students were struggling to stifle their laughter. In front of an empty desk and right beside the windows a particular slim girl with black shoulder length hair had both hands clasped over her mouth ssexy beasting away at the monotonous remark. The empty desk is where I should be right now and the girl holding back her laughter is my best friend Matsui Rena; though some friend she is right now.


 “So what is it like, being dragged through the car wash?” Rena gleefully teased me.

“Hahaha, you’re so hilarious Rena.” My reply filled with sarcasm. “Anyway you know exactly why my hair was dripping wet.”

“Of course I do. It’s your bad habit of tipping buckets over your head right?” The stupid grin still plastered across Rena’s face.

“Never mind,” I sighed knowing a lost cause when I see one “let’s just go grab lunch.” I got up and made towards the door.

“Wait!” Rena suddenly stopped me in my tracks “Sorry, it’s just I actually have something really important to do.” She averted her gaze down and started to fidget with the hem of her skirt.

“Sure no problem, but you didn’t have to shout the whole school down.” I stuck my tongue out her, as my petty revenge for earlier. “Still, do you want me to grab you the usual?” These words caused Rena’s face to instantaneously light up.

“Really that would be great Jurina!” she leapt up and gave me huge hug. “Well I better get going. See you in a bit Jurina!” she turned and waved at me as she rushed off out the class.

“Well that melon pan isn’t going to buy itself.” I exited the classroom and joined the hordes of shouting swarming towards the canteen.


Finally I made it out of the battlefield with my spoils of war gripped tightly in each hand. Upon arrival to the classroom I noticed
Rena, her head propped up on her elbow, blankly staring out the window her gaze resting on the pitch.

“Hey” I called out to her “You nervous about the semis as well?”

“Hm...Er...Yeah something like that...” she replied with her head clearly still away in the clouds.

“Hey don’t worry about it I’ll make sure we win. Oh and before I forget…” I reached out and handed her the melon pan “Here the usual good stuff.”

“Thanks Jurina.” she softly lifted the bread out of my hand a small smile forming on her face as took apart the plastic surrounding her treasure.

“By the way what was that thing you had to deal with?” I reached round and brought my chair around to perch down next to her.

“Well about that…” Rena took a pause to lick the crispy crumbs off her lips “After school can you wait for me just outside the gates?” she seemed to be struggling to find the right words “Well I guess, there’s something I want to show you.” She released a huge sigh of relief.

“Sure but—” Before I had a chance to finish a shrieking bell rang out, followed immediately by the cry of “Right you lot hurry up and get to your seats now!” a collective groan echoed through the class as the demon returned. “All of you turn to page 195.” With these words the torturing began.


Immediately after the rescue bell signalled the end of the day Rena left without uttering a single word to me. Strange, I would’ve assumed that she was depressed over whatever happened at lunch but I could swear I saw a grin on her face only dedicated for her beloved melon pans. So I just followed the surge of students as I made my way to the grey stone wall by the gates and waited.

As I stood there I started to think seriously about my best friend’s behaviour. I’ve known her for almost all my life and not once have I seen her act like this. Is she really that worried about the semifinals coming up? She isn’t the obvious footballing type with her thin stature, cute looks and self-controlled nature but many have shared the field with her making this assumption and all of them have suffered the consequences. Within the confines of the pitch Rena became the resolute pillar that supported the team, for the entire 90 minutes her colossal presence reined terror over any foolish enough to oppose her. We formed the ultimate combo. Rena is the impenetrable barrier demolishing anyone foolish enough to attempt to pass her; I am the flamboyant magician, one moment I’m in front of you blink and the ball is nestled in the back of the net. Our reputation as the double Matsui duo was on the line with the inter-high cup and maybe it had got to her. There was also something strange about her scent at lunch it was a lot fruitier then I had remembered it being.

“Hey, Jurina!”

I heard Rena’s voice from over the wall. I looked around to see her waving toward me as she walked along the path with another girl beside her.

“I’m so sorry we took so long Jurina.” As they got closer I noticed that their fingers were interlocked together and an overwhelming smell of peaches.

“No worries, it wasn’t that long a wait but er…” Rena noticed me glancing toward the stranger “Aren’t you going to introduce her?” The two girls seemed to catch each other’s gaze and quickly averted them.

“Well…erm…” Rena Rena stuttered before announcing “Yuki this is Jurina…” She took a nervous pause “and Jurina I’d like to introduce you to Yuki, my girlfriend…”

“Heh…When… Did you just say…?” My mind was struggling to process the words that Rena had just uttered; I just started pointing my finger at the new girlfriend. “Is this the thing you wanted to show me?”

“Ah…Yeah…” Rena gave a small nod

“This was also the thing at lunchtime?”

“Uh huh”

“Also the reason you were—”

“I’m sorry to interrupt” Yuki finally spoke “but could you possibly stop pointing at me like that? It’s rather disconcerting.” I looked across to witness her dainty features shying away.

“Sorry, I was just a little surprised” I quickly drew my hand to the back of my head, as I grimaced.

“No, no I don’t blame you for being so surprised.” She replied waving her hand. “But I guess we should maybe start heading home? It gets dark really quickly this time of the year.”

“You’re right let’s go” The couple began to head off. Just as I was about to follow I suddenly realized the depth of the situation. Normally I would just walk home with Rena but now she has a girlfriend she’d probably want to walk with her. Rena picked up on my hesitation.

“Come on Jurina keep up.”

“But…Don’t you guys want to be left alone?”

“Huh why would we do that?” Rena seemed confused by my words. “Yuki’s house is on the way towards yours so you’d have to walk the same way as us.”

“Oh, right, well I guess if you’re both cool with it.” I broke into a jog and found myself next to Rena in no time. I glance across to see the new item chatting to each other, Rena completely infatuated with her new lover. I strolled alongside them in complete silence still trying to get my head around everything that had just happened. It’s great that Rena has a girlfriend but you can’t blame me for being so shocked, today is the first time I’d ever known of her existence! She seems to be a nice person but I still worry that she will become a distraction to Rena with the semi-finals coming up.

“Um… Jurina-san, can I ask you a question?” A voice beyond Rena called out

“Huh?” I stumbled over the curve; Yuki’s voice caught me completely off guard. I briskly dusted myself down “Sure what is it?”

“Well I was wondering are you my rival?” Her crescent eyes locked onto me with threatening intensity.

“Why would I be your rival?” I stammered, desperately trying to avoid the vicious glare.

“It’s just that on our way out to meet you,” She briefly averted her eyes allowing me a chance to breathe “Rena kept talking about you and how you’ve known each other since you were 4 years old.”

“Calm down Yuki, there’s no way Jurina is your rival.” Rena placed her hand on Yuki’s head as calm as ever despite her girlfriends sudden accusation.

“Then tell me why” Yuki demanded an explanation

“Sorry I must have forgotten to tell you earlier it must’ve just slipped my mind.” Rena stuck out her tongue to tease Yuki

“Just tell me why!”

“Fine, it’s because Jurina here” She put her arm round my shoulder and dragged me closer “is the world’s worst kisser.” These final words were followed by awkward silence. Then the penny dropped

“What on earth do you mean she’s the world’s worst kisser? Are you trying to say you’ve kissed her?” Yuki pointed an accusing finger at Rena then me, her face accumulating with rage and her eyes becoming increasingly large.

“What are you talking about Rena?” I was just as shocked as Yuki was with Rena’s ludicrous words “We’ve never kissed each other, in fact you know fine well that neither of us have had our first kiss yet!” My desperate defense brought an abrupt end to Yuki’s tirade but not in the manner that I expected. Her face was still bright red but now there was a daft grin stretching across her from the corners of her cheeks “Rena what’s wrong with your girl?” I turned to Rena, only to find that she was sharing the same expression as Yuki, only her face was a darker shade of scarlet. It didn’t take me long to put two and two together

“You’ve been going out for half a day and you guys have already kissed?” Yuki gave a silent nod before Rena spoke up

“It happened just after we confessed our love to each other; it was just too perfect a moment to waste...” Rena’s eyes met Yuki’s and I could hear my heartbeat race in panic. I gave Rena a shove before they drifted away to their own world. “Hehe, I’m sorry about that.” Rena’s face was flushed with embarrassment. “Its’ just those luscious lips are so moist” She was getting lost in her fantasies again “Jurina if you turn out to be half as good a kisser as Yu—” This time a loud thump from Yuki brought Rena crashing back down to reality.

“Stop it Rena it’s really embarrassing talking about these things…” she was hiding behind the bag that had just smacked her girlfriend. “Anyway this is my house” she said pointing to the house on the corner of the street.

“Then I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then Jurina.” Rena waved goodbye

“What do you mean Rena your house is further down the road.” I was puzzled by her words.

“Well actually I invited her round to my house today” Yuki said as she wrapped her arms over Rena's shoulders. By this point I wasn't remotely surprised.

“Well you guys certainly don’t hold back, you’ll probably be getting married at the end of the week at this pace!” I stuck out my tongue at the pair as I backed away from them. “Make sure you don’t have too much fun!” I shouted as I rushed off down the street.

Before returning to my house I decided to take a quick detour to visit the shrine a few blocks away from my house. After climbing up the dirt track up to the shrine, I dropped a coin into the box and rang the bell. I stood there, beneath the rattling bell, inhaling the soothing incense with my hands clasped together in prayer. I opened my eyes and sat down on a boulder beside the shrine and began to reminisce about the experience I shared with Rena 11 years ago at this very place.


We were both just 5 years old. Rena’s mum was taken ill so her father had to take her mum to the hospital. For that night we took care of Rena but she just never stopped crying. I decided to do something to cheer her up so I grabbed my prized piggy bank and took Rena to the shrine.

“What are we doing here?” she sobbed tears constantly forming in her eyes

“I am going to make your mum better” I proclaimed popping out the cork from the piggy bank and tipping all my coins into the box.

“Jurina your money…”

“Never mind that Rena, make sure you ring the bell so your wish comes true.”

“OK” Rena shook the rope and clenched her hands together as the bells rang out. Rena finally opened her eyes and uttered a single word “Why?” I simply just smiled in reply “It’s because you are the most precious friend in the whole entire universe.”


Once I returned to my house I immediately greeted my parents with the customary shout of “I’m home” before storming straight up the stairs and leaping onto my bed. I lay there staring at my prized possession perched on top of the shelf. I still collected money in it but I had no idea what I was supposedly saving up for. All of sudden my mobile began to ring out in tune. I reached into my bag to pull out the source of the noise and looked at the flashing screen.

“Strange, it says unknown number” I was completely perplexed as to whom it was calling me but regardless of my confusion I answered the phone.

“Hello this is Jurina speaking.”

“Hello Jurina-san” a recently familiar voice called across the line. “This is Yuki speaking.”



Hope you enjoyed it and any comment is vastly appreciated  :bow:
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Why yuki called her?
Is this love triangle? But jurina seems not love rena in that way...she really fine when she know rena has a girlfriend.

I want to know if mayu will make her appearance or not.thank

Thank for the update


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@kurogumi Replying to one comment feels a bit lonely  XD Yes this will be a love triangle but no I have no plans for Mayu to appear as a main character, she may have a small cameo kind of like Mariko-sensei. I hope that doesn't disappoint you  :cry: As for Yuki's reason for calling here it is.

Chapter 2 ~君がかけた電話~The Phone Call from You


“Yuki-san!” My face froze in disbelief what was Rena’s girlfriend phoning me for “Why are you phoning me? Wait how the heck do you even know my number?” I couldn’t contain my shock as I yelled down the phone.

“Well Rena forgot her mobile at my house and I was wondering if you could tell me her home’s phone number” Yuki sounded really concerned about what had just happened

“Huh didn’t she tell you her number?” It seemed a strange thing not to do.

“Actually she hasn’t…” Yuki’s voice faded out in embarrassment

“Wait your trying to tell me that you guys have already kissed but you don’t know her phone number?” There was a nervous silence from across the line. “Wow, you guys really go about things at your own pace don’t you?” Then a sudden thought crossed my mind “If you have Rena’s phone why don’t you just find the number on her phone?”

There was a loud gasp in my ear “Why on earth didn’t I think of that! Gosh, I’m sorry for bothering you Jurina-san and I should really apologize for the way acted towards you today…”

“Nah, you don’t have to apologize; it should be Rena apologizing for making that dumb joke.”

Yuki still sounded hesitant “You sure you’re just fine with that?”

“Uh huh” I said, needlessly nodding

“Also the thing that Rena said about you and her kissing” I heard her take a large gulp “It’s definitely not true right?” I sensed some anxiety in her voice

“Of course not” I answered reassuringly “That was just Rena trying to be funny and show off in front of you.”

 “I’m so glad that was just joke.” There was a huge sigh of relief from Yuki as she continued on “I admit that when Rena started to talk about you I felt a little jealous but you sounded like such a wonderful person. Oh, I’m so happy that we can be friends Jurina. I am allowed to call you by your first name right? You can call me Yuki but would you rather me still call you Jurina-san? Wait a second, we’re definitely friends right? Because we don’t have to be just cause I sai—”

“Time out!” I shouted at my phone I became breathless just listening to her “Please calm down a bit Yuki” I panted

“Ah you just called me Yuki! I’m so happy we can be friends with each other Jurina! It is definitely okay for me to call you Jurina right?” Yuki’s motor mouth just kept firing out word after word, where did she get all this energy from?

“Yuki please just stop talking for a second” I finally managed to halt her incessant flow of noise “You don’t want to be the person responsible for my mental breakdown.”

“Sorry I just got a little carried away” Yuki sheepishly whispered into the phone.

“That’s fine since I’m also happy that we can be friends, just try to slow down a tiny bit otherwise I won’t understand a single thing you say”

“Right, I’ll make sure it won’t happen ever again, I promise.” I immediately thought it was unlikely that she would be able to keep that promise but at least it calmed her down for now.

“Well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then, and make sure you find Rena’s number in her phone to call her.”

“Ah, I completely forgot about that.” There was a faint slap in the background “Thanks for reminding me Jurina. Also there’s one last thing I need to ask you”

“Sure go ahead and ask.”

“Well it’s a bit of a silly question but where do you think Rena would take me on a first date?”

“A date, before knowing each other’s phone numbers?” I let out a little chuckle “You two must be the weirdest couple in history.”

“Hey stop being so mean.” Yuki complained “Also what do you know about being in a relationship? You even admitted yourself that you’ve never kissed anyone.” I was certain that Yuki’s tongue was sticking out at this point.

“Well about your date” Flustered by Yuki’s words I hastily returned the subject of the conversation back to the date “I’m not too sure. She might take you to the cinema since she mentioned there’s this new film she wants to watch, but why do you need to know? Isn’t a surprise more romantic?”

Yuki responded with a tut “You’re too naïve Jurina.” I sensed a speech was about to follow “You see with the first date you have to give an awesome first impression and to do that you need to perfectly co-ordinate your clothes with the theme of the date. For a dinner date you wou—” At this point I shut my brain down, only vaguely listening to Yuki and occasionally grunting to feign that I was paying attention to what she was saying. “So you’re absolutely sure that it’s going to be a cinema date?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” I didn’t have a clue where Rena would take her

“That’s brilliant I have the 2 perfect outfits! Oh, but that means I have to choose between them now.” The initial joy in her voice faded

“Well er…do you still want my help?” I was kicking myself as I said those words.

“No this is something I have to do by myself as a girlfriend. I’ve also bothered you with all this so I won’t keep you for any longer.” I was relieved that she had refused my offer. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to help, but Yuki had already proven that she knew a lot more about these things than me.

“Right well I guess it’s good night?” I still wasn’t sure if Yuki was done with me.

“Yes, good night Jurina and thank you so much for your help!” She exclaimed before hanging up. After placing my phone on the desk I flopped back onto my bed, exhausted. I lay there motionless, reflecting on the bizarre events that occurred today. My best friend started going out with a girl that she had never mentioned to me, not only that I then get a phone call from that girl asking me for Rena’s number and dating advice! Even after all that, I have remaining doubts over Yuki. Rena is clearly head over heels for her but I wasn’t sure why, well actually that would be a lie since I have to admit that she is pretty beautiful and on further inspection I could tell her body had been blessed in several particular areas... I shook my head free of any developing image. Rena isn’t so shallow that she would date someone purely on looks; there must be something else, a quirk that I’m yet to notice.

I glanced across at my clock; the small hand had gone just beyond 8. I bolted straight up from my bed. I can’t believe I wasted that much time talking to Yuki!

“Jurina, dear. Dinner’s ready.” My mum called from down the stairs.

“Dammit I still have all my work left do.” I sulked on my way downstairs.


Bang! My head was searing with pain. I opened my eyes to a cloud of dust

“Huh, wha—” I spluttered in panic “I er… Where am I?”

“Hey Matsui” The hairs on the back on my neck shot up “How about I tell you where you should be. The corridor, now” I shuffled away from my desk still groggy from my rude awakening. “Don’t forget the bucket.” I lifted the oversized tin can as I exited the class.
Curse that Yuki! It’s her fault for wasting all that time lecturing me about dates and clothes and stuff. How can someone worry that much about these things? Rounding the corner into the toilet I met eyes with the very subject of my thoughts.

“Yuki!” the metal canister slipped out of my hands “Owww, what the heck are you doing here?” She pointed at the bucket filling with water as her other hand covered her gaping mouth “Ahh, sleeping in class” Yuki only managed a mere nod in reply her eyes waging in a battle just to stay open, serves her right “Same here.” I started filling my own bucket.

“I’m sorry about yesterday” Out of nowhere Yuki apologized “You should’ve just hung up me on me yesterday. It wasn’t fair on you to listen to me drone on yesterday.”

“Nah don’t worry about it, I’m not that bothered” Hell no, it wasn’t! I only had 5 hours sleep cause of that phone call!

“Well thanks to you it only took me 3 hours to pick out a dress.” She lifted her fists proud of her achievement. Wait, is that really something to be proud of?

“Right er… yeah anytime.” I gave an awkward nod worried about what was actually happening in that girl’s head, or maybe it was the lack of activity. “Well I better get going back to class.” I needed to get away before Shinoda got pissed even more.

“Sure let me come with you.” Yuki made an attempt to follow me but her bucket stayed rooted to the floor. “Erm… Jurina could maybe you help me?” I turned to see Yuki giving me the puppy eyes, replying with the roll of my own.

“Here, I’ll take it.” I lifted the bucket up and turned in one fluent motion “Which way is your class?” I asked stepping out of the toilets.

“It’s down this way.” Yuki stood next to me and pointed toward my classroom.

“What are you talking about that’s my classroom, you’re pointing at.”

“Huh, is it?” I stared at disbelief at Yuki’s confused face. Is this girl really this much of an airhead? “Well it’s the one next to it, class 1-A”

“Wait, you’re in the class next to mine?” She replied with a small nod. “Then how have I never seen you before?” I must be as oblivious as her when it comes to noticing things that weren’t related to football. “Anyway here you go” I set the bucket down next to her class.

“Thanks so much for this Jurina.” Yuki dipped her head in apology

“Don’t worry about it; it’s good extra training for me” No it wasn’t it just made my arms are just left aching. I dragged myself a few more steps down the corridor to my room. I sighed slumped against the wall. Thank goodness it’s almost lunch.


“Hey Jurina let’s go grab some food!” Lunch time had only just started and Rena was already dragging me off to the cafeteria.

“Slow down a bit Rena.” I stumbled along past the door with “1-A” written across it. “Wouldn’t you want to eat with your girlfriend” I bounced off of Rena as she suddenly stopped in the middle of the corridor.

“You’re right but I don’t really want to take Yuki through that hellish café.” Rena was desperate to be with Yuki but at the same time she did need her daily dosage of melon flavored bread.

I let out a huge sigh, I’m going to regret this “Well why don’t you go up to the roof with her and I’ll go through hell for you.”

“Awesome. Thanks Jurina!” Rena immediately entered the class room.

“Wait you accepted it way too quickly.” I was merely shouting at thin air. “Great that’s now two days in a row that I have to endure being kicked around.” I made my way down the stairs grumbling to myself. Soon I found myself at the gateway to hell. Why am I putting myself through all this for those two?


“Argh, damn that stupid guy and his elbows” I nursed the fresh bruise on my ribs as I climbed the final set of stairs leading to the roof. As I approached the door leading outside, I noticed that it was completely silent up here. Strange, I would have thought Yuki and Rena would have been chatting about something while they waited. Maybe the other two weren’t up here yet. Upon opening the door I realized I was wrong on both accounts. The couple was in fact sat there in front of me with their lips too occupied for any idle chatter between them. The door behind me was slammed back into place causing the pair to separate in shock, both blushing with unease.

“Sorry Jurina, didn’t notice you there…” Rena spoke up first prodding her fingers together.

“Hmm, no I’m sorry for interrupting you.” My face was almost as red as theirs “In fact I’ll just leave you. Here’s your melon pan and—”

“Please stay Jurina; we didn’t realize you would be up here so quickly.” Yuki grabbed a hold of my arm “Plus what kind of breads did you buy?”

“Well, let me just get them out first.” I shrugged off her hand and pulled out three packets from my bag “I bought ann pan, melon pan and curry pan but Rena always has the melon pan so which do you want ann pan or curry pan?”

Yuki frowned “I don’t really like the other—” She was interrupted by her gurgling stomach.

“Sounds like you haven’t got time to be picky.” Rena gave a huge grin, patting Yuki’s stomach “Here, have my melon pan.” She handed her melon pan over to Yuki; my jaw plummeted to the floor. Rena never gave up her melon pan to anyone, ever. “Hey Jurina I’ll be taking the curry pan then.” I was in too much shock to notice the piece of bread slip away from my grasp. “Jurina, you’re not going sit down and eat?”

“Oh, right yeah.” Recovering from the shock I sat down opposite Yuki and Rena, and started to bite away at my lunch. This is all still too strange for me. Is this really my best friend in front of me? This can’t be the very same person who refused to speak to me for a week after I ate her last melon pan. Just how much does Yuki mean to Rena?

“We better get going back to class now” Rena stood up and offered her hand Yuki which she duly accepted “You wouldn’t want to be sent out by Shinoda-sensei for being late again.” Rena had her tongue poking out at me.

“Nah I’ll just stay up here and sleep then she won’t have to send me out.” Yawning as I lay down on the ground, I was just too tired to endure the stupid hags ranting. “Just tell her you haven’t seen me or whatever.”

“Fine, suit yourself then.” I held my eyes open long enough to see Rena spin away with Yuki and shut the door behind them.


When I finally woke up the sun was already starting to hide beyond the horizon. “Wow I must have been asleep for a while” I reached up to the sky clutching at the air to pull myself up. “Better get going then.” I exploded through the door and rushed down the stairs towards the school hallway.

“Hey Matsui! Stop right there!” Halfway down the hallway I screeched to a grinding halt to see a small body in a tracksuit come marching towards me “You know you’re not meant to be running down the corridors.” She turned her head up to give me a stern look.

“Sorry about that Takahashi-sensei” Bowing as I apologized “But you must be pleased about how fast I was going just then coach!” I gave her a wide feline grin.

“Yeah and what am I supposed to tell the rest of our team when you injure yourself running down the corridor? You know I have to keep you fresh for the semi-finals.” She reached her arm up around my shoulder and started walking me out of the building and took me to the gates. “Make sure you stay fresh Jurina. I understand it’s a lot of pressure but you’re more than good enough to handle it.” She gave me a reassuring pat on the back.

 “Will do coach!” I gave her a salute and dashed off into the sunset. The scenery was rushing by me as I sprinted through the streets on my way back to my house. Upon arrival at my doorway my ringtone went off. I took out my phone to see it was an unknown number. “Crap I must’ve forgotten save Yuki’s number.” While holding my head in one hand I answered my phone.

“Hello this is Jurina speaking.”

“Hey Jurina we need to talk now!”


A/N: For any of you wondering ann pan is bread filled with sweet red bean paste, I think the other two breads are self-explanatory XD

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Eh wow,its still me...just me?? LOL

Its fine nori san,
Oh i love this chapter too,but how it suposse to be love triangle?like i said before,jurina seems not love rena in that way,but yukirena couple kinda weird~ something is off...

Could it be,that rena the one who will cheating?i mean rena,she seems have a feeling toward jurina too,but also for yuki.ah i dont know,
I will wait the next chapter

Thank for the update~


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Oh God poor Jurina  :rofl:

Yuki the princess, ahaha.  :rofl:

Seriously, i don't have more words to comment, so thanks for the update!  :twothumbs
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Wooow I want to know what happen!!
Very interesting.

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I like how you portray Yuki! She's so girlish in your story  :P
Ah, Jurina is such a good girl, ne?
Anyway, I like your fic! It's well-written, a bit unusual... I like it!
Thanks for the update!

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@kurogumi:Thank you for the comment again! And the love triangle will start to reveal itself this chapter so I want spoil it for you now  :D

@Yuki88: Just you leaving a comment makes me really happy no matter how long it is

@Minami-chan: Glad you found it interesting and you get to know what happens

@fffff: I always think of Yukirin as a girly type and well Jurina is a good girl now but she gets into trouble soon XD Also I'm curious to know why you think this is unusual but since you say you like it must be a good thing :) 

Chapter 3 ~いつから君を気づいていた?~ Since When Did I Notice You?

“So what you’re telling me is that although you had fun on your date it was ruined because the clothes you wore didn’t ‘co-ordinate’ with bowling?”  Having entertained Yuki for so long that I had to leave to eat dinner and phone her back now.

“Perfect, that’s exactly what I mean. I’m so glad you understand Jurina.” Yuki’s voice rang out from my phone.

“Sure I totally understand.” I decided I have to tell her exactly what I think this ridiculous charade “Basically you’re saying that I ruined your first date since it was me who told you the Rena would probably take you to the cinemas. Well I’ll say this now, what on earth were you expecting from me? I’d never talked to Rena about that sort of thing before and I’ll be sure to tell you the day I’m able to read other people’s minds!” My breathing became very heavy; I was panting slowly trying to regain my cool. There was only silence on the other side of the phone until I heard a faint sobbing.

“Jurina…” She was struggling form her words between each sob “I would never think such a horrible thing. I was so happy when you helped me and in the end it was me who chose my outfit not you…” She continued to cry. I should be the one feeling sorry for myself here having to cope with silly requests all while trying to prepare myself for the greatest stage of my life. However I still felt terrible, having made another girl cry.

“Sorry Yuki. I thought you were just phoning so you could complain to me. I didn’t think that you were this sad about your date.” There was something awkward about trying to be sympathetic to someone across the phone line. It’s nothing to do with not being able to talk in a sensitive way to comfort them. It’s just that when I know someone is sad I want to reach out to them, give them a shoulder to cry on, talking into a phone just isn’t enough. Still I tried my best to console the sniffling Yuki. “Hey come on it couldn’t have been that bad.” Still no reply “Look is there anything I can do to make things better?”

“Well there is something…” A small muted response.

“Sure what is it you wanted me to do?” I unconsciously crossed my fingers hoping her request wouldn’t be too crazy.

“Well you remember how you said Rena would take me the cinema since there was this movie she wanted to watch.” Argh, she’s not bringing that back up again is she?

“Look I already said I’m sorry about that, but what was I meant to say?” I began to defend myself from any forthcoming barrage of blame.

“No I’m not blaming you for that. It’s just she mentioned it to me so I went ahead and bought tickets to watch it tomorrow.” She seemed strangely unsure about this.

“Well then that’s great.” I didn’t understand how this involved me “You can ask her to go watch it with you tomorrow.”

“It’s just that’s the problem, I’m way too…” Her voice faded into a low mumble

“Huh what exactly is the problem? I couldn’t hear what you just said.” At that moment an idea came to my head and a grin to my face. “Wait I know what it is. You’re too nervous to ask Rena to go to the cinema with you even though you’ve already kissed her and done whatever else.”

“I’m not nervous about asking her to come with me!” She shouted at me, flustered by my accusation.

“Then what do you need my help for?” I yelled back at her frustrated at Yuki being so difficult.

“Well I bought a third ticket so that you can come but as payment for the ticket you have to invite Rena for me.”

“Why don’t you just do it? You’re going to meet her before I do tomorrow morning.

“Look you are the one that asked me if there was something you could do!” She did have a good point

“Alright I’ll do it but by doing this you’re admitting that you’re too scared to invite her yourself.” I was never going to let Yuki forget this.

“Fine” She was definitely pouting at her phone “I, Kashiwagi Yuki, am too embarrassed to ask my own girlfriend to the cinema. You happy now Jurina?”

“That was excellent Kashiwagi-san” I was having fun teasing her. “So tomorrow morning meet me in the changing rooms so I can take Rena and my movie ticket off of you.”

“Right then I’ll see you tomorrow, Jurina.” She gave a shrill chirp before the phone line got cut. The clock was reading “22:30”

“Better go to sleep now.” I stripped down to my underwear before putting my head thorough an oversized football top, then I buried my head in my pillow and shut my eyes. It’s actually quite sweet that Yuki gets nervous over asking Rena to the cinemas, the two have already kissed each other before and have been on a date before, yet she still got flustered over asking Rena to a movie. Hearing her fussing over something so simple, it was cute. I projected a picture of what Yuki would be like pouting on my eyelids and that was the last thing I saw before finally switching my brain off.


Water dripping from every inch of my skin I walked across the room toward my uniform ruffling my hair with the towel draped over my head. Door suddenly shook on its hinges and Yuki came bursting in.

“Hey I brought you the tickets Juri—” Not giving her a chance to finish I launched my towel and hit Yuki square in the head. “What the..?”

“Don’t you dare lift that towel off your head!” I roared at the top of my voice “If you do I’ll have some bad news to tell Rena.” The towel nodded trembling at my sudden threats. Having pulled the second grey sock up to my knees I walked over to Yuki and lifted the towel off her head only to find that she had fallen asleep. “Hey Yuki wake…” My voice trailed off as my eyes caught a glimpse of her lips. “So these are the luscious lips that Rena was raving about” I mumbled to myself still transfixed to the soft shade of pink. I found myself reaching towards it wanting to see for myself the touch that drove Rena to be so love-struck. My finger shaking as the space between it and the smooth curve became increasingly close. Shutting my eyes I felt a squishy sensation at the end of my finger.

“Hmmm…” My eyes flashed open to witness my finger pressing into Yuki’s cheek “What are you doing Jurina?” I leaped away to the other side of the room as Yuki woke up confused by my odd actions.

“Me?” I pointed to myself panicking, desperately trying to think up an excuse. “I was doing absolutely nothing. Well not actually nothing but well I… Just ignore me…” I backed away into the corner wishing I could melt away into the shadows of changing room.

“Right then here are the tickets.” She pulled out two slips of paper

“Just leave them on the bench there I still have a few things left to do.” I was still scared by the thought of being near Yuki at this moment.

“Fine well I better get going to class then” Yuki put the tickets down and gave me a confused look as she left the room. I slumped down on to the ground releasing a large sigh.

“What the heck was I doing just then?” Still dazed by my own strange actions I picked myself up grabbed the tickets and set off for class. Just as I got to my class I noticed Rena approaching the door. “Hey, Rena! You’re free after school today right?” I caught up with her getting on with the mission Yuki had just set me.

“Yeah I guess I am, unless Yuki wants to—”

“Well that’s great let’s all go see the film you wanted to watch.” Rena opened her mouth to interject, I didn’t let her. “Don’t worry I met Yuki this morning and she said she would definitely come so here take your ticket.” Having pulled the ticket out of my pocket I shoved into Rena’s hand and entered the class immediately slouching at my desk head buried in my arms, I was just desperate to get this favour over and done with.

“Jurina you haven’t told me what time we’re going to meet up.” Dammit this is the first time I rue sitting so close to Rena. “Also you sure you won’t to see this film?”

“Of course I do it’ll be awesome!” I didn’t even know the name of the film “Since the film starts at 5 so we’ll meet at quarter to. That ok?”

“Sure I’ll make sure I’m not late” Rena sat down to face the black board only to turn back with a concerned look “Jurina are you feeling unwell?”

“No I’m feeling perfect never felt any better.” I faked a sheepish smile. I didn’t feel unwell but I certainly didn’t feel good either, I just needed to be left alone some time to calm down. “Look I’d better shut up otherwise Shinoda will chuck me out of the class again.” I rolled my eyes before averting them away from Rena, she didn’t look satisfied with my answer but thankfully she didn’t pursue the issue any further.


With school over I headed straight home to prepare for the cinema date with Yuki and Rena. Wait why did I call it date? Well it is supposed to be their date; I’m just being dragged along by Yuki due to her inability to ask Rena on a date. Well I guess I should still try to enjoy the film, maybe this would be a good chance get some ammunition on the couple that way I can constantly tease them. My spirits were lifted by the thought being able to pester the two of them and I started humming away to myself as I sifted through my clothes. Eventually I chose to wear a simple combination of a black top with denim shorts and jacket. After putting on my sneakers I made sure my black knee-length socks were at the right height and grabbed my red knitted hat before setting off out through the door.
Rushing through the streets I looked down at my watch “Crap I’m already late.” I picked up the pace and started to sprint round the last few blocks before arriving at the meeting point only to be greeted by a bemused Rena.
“You tell us to be here fifteen minutes early and hear you are with only five minutes before the film starts!” She started scolding me for my tardiness.

“I’m really sorry guys but if we’ve only got five minutes left then shouldn’t we get going?” I started to head into the cinema deflecting the attention away from my delay. We entered the film room to find that there was no one else there to watch the film. “Guys, it looks like we have a private screening today.” I kicked back in my seat resting my legs on the seat in front of me. Yuki then sat down between me and Rena whispering into my ear.

“Do you have any idea what the film is about?”

“Nope I have no idea but you should, you were the one who bought the tickets.”

“That doesn’t mean anything. Though I do know that it’s called The Woods or something like that”

“The Woods? Kinda sounds a little boring.”

“Guys be quiet the films starting now.” Rena hushed at us and we obediently turned to see the curtains part. As soon as the film started it cut to a gruesome scene of a strange creature devouring the corpse of a teenage girl. I shrieked and grabbed a hold of the nearest thing to me as a deep red fluid splattered across the screen. Keeping my eyes firmly shut I clutched onto something for my dear life. This ‘thing’ that I was holding onto felt extremely warm and soft and my head rested snugly on top of it hiding my eyes from the horrors on appearing on the screen.
The entire way through the film I didn’t dare move myself from this position. I was too scared to watch what was happening in the film but I was also happy with the position I was in, I felt like I was in a safe embrace and there was this wonderfully delicious scent flowing into my head causing my mind to feel a little dizzy. Eventually the movie finished and I peered out through my eye lids to learn the identity of the warmth I held so closely for the past hour. Yuki’s face was directly in front of mine. The very lips I tried to touch this morning, dangerously near my own.

“Kyaa!” I let out a scream and fell over backwards out of my chair whacking my head against the head of another chair. It then dawned on me that I had been holding onto Yuki for the entirety of the film, with Rena sitting beside her. I picked myself up worried about what the others would say.

“Why did you get tickets for that film Jurina; didn’t you know it was a horror?” Rena said just as we left the cinema. “I mean I had fun but I must’ve been the only one since you were too busy crying Jurina and Yuki’s arm was being crushed by you.”

I shyly glanced across at Yuki “I’m sorry about that” She only managed a blush in reply, she clearly found the whole thing awkward and wanted to avoid any interaction with me. “I didn’t realize it was that sort of film.” My eyes were still blood shot from all the tears. I was easily scared by things and I particularly hated horror films. The last time I went to watch one of these with Rena I ended up hiding under the chairs and this time round I managed to end up hugging my best friend’s girlfriend for the whole time. Although I was mortified by this I have to confess that I probably enjoyed it far more than I should have…

“Well you guys I have something urgent to do so I’ll have to go ahead.” Rena turned and waved at us.

“Wait Rena I’ll come with you” Yuki grabbed a hold of Rena’s arm, she must be desperately trying to avoid being with me.

“I’m really sorry Yuki but you can’t.” Rena took ahold of Yuki’s hand and stared into the other girl’s eyes as their faces neared each other’s. Before I knew it they were sharing a deep passionate kiss in the middle of the street. I was hypnotized by the silk lips that were constantly lapping over each other fighting for supremacy over the other. Eventually a winner was declared and a velvet tongue emerged for a split second only to vanish between the other pair of lips. After what felt like an age the two finally separated, a giddy smile appearing on both faces. “Now you’ll let me go?”

“Fine” Yuki pouted “Only if you give me one more.” She leant in and stole another kiss off of Rena.

Rena let out a giggle then turned to me. “Jurina will you walk Yuki home for me?”

“Uh, sure…” Great this is going to be one exciting walk back.

“Well see you two tomorrow” Rena had a new spring in her step as she waved back at us.

“Let’s get going then.” I merely mumbled to Yuki and started to walk ahead of her. Everything about this journey back was uncomfortable, the lack of conversation was killing but to be honest I didn’t know what to say. I could hardly mention the film or Rena to her after my actions today.
“You and Rena have that football match sometime soon don’t you?” Yuki finally broke the silence, I replied with a nod unsure of where she was going with this. “How important is it to you guys?” What’s with her sudden interest? Man she must have been desperate to talk about something.

“Well for me this is the most important thing ever in my life. As for Rena, I’ve being playing with her for as long as I’ve known her so I’d guess it’s quite important.” I gave an honest reply though I probably shouldn’t have made it sound like Rena finds a sport as important as her girlfriend.

“Okay then…” We plummeted back into awkward silence and neither of us made another attempt to talk as we approached Yuki’s house.

“Well I’ll see you later then.” Not waiting for a reply I went to walk off. Without warning I found my arm held back by the delicate fingers that were wrapped around my wrist.

“Thanks for inviting Rena for me I…” At this point time stood still and I no longer heard anything Yuki was saying. Having avoided it all the way back home I was mesmerized by Yuki’s appearance. Her hair rippling in the wind as her pure white dress glowed under the lustrous sun set. Yet amidst all this beauty my gaze was being drawn back to the plump moist lips. An intense thumping came from my chest filling my ears with its clamor. Shivers were sent down my spine, this thrilling sensation scared me. I need to wake up.

“I’m also sorry about today.” I blurted out cutting off Yuki. “I shouldn’t have gotten in your way in the cinema like that but I was just so scared and I just grab—”

“Jurina calm down. I actually thought it was cute that someone so cool like you could be such a scaredy-cat.” My face turned bright red. “Jurina are you blushing?”

“Wha— no I’m not.” It only grew brighter as I got flustered. “It’s the just the light from the sun set!”

“Sure it is.” Yuki rolled her eyes and let out a giggle. “See you tomorrow Jurina!” The door shut behind her leaving me in the middle of the street, a nervous wreck. I rested my hand on my chest to find my heart was pounding.

“Whatever this feeling is, it can’t be good.”


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Jurinaaaa don´t fall in love Yuki!  So crazy
Very good chapter. As Jurina still like this she is going sick....

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JuriYuki?? But...but the title this fic is RenaYuki Wmatsui...
How can this happen?


Thank for the update,its interesting


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YAY an update~
noo!! Jurina you belong with Rena..  :tantrum:

what's going to happen next?!  :on blackhole:

Good Chapter! Thanks for updating it~

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Oh my holy fuckin' rainbows, this is the most unique thing I've ever read!

Unique pairing too xD Never knew YukiJurina could be amazing and cheesy!

But somehow, I wonder why you didn't write YukiJurina in the title.

Or maybe this is some sort of plot twist...

Update soon :3
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Omfg what kind of unexpected development is this? Jurina falling for Yukirin? :w00t:

Definitely interesting to see where this is going.  XD

I wonder if Rena then becomes jealous of Jurina while at the same time of Yukirin, too  :nervous
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Lol what a funny triangle!

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Nice twist of event in Chapter III  :)

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So funny!!

Why I can't take JuriMayu bu I can for the JuriYuki...

And the YukiRena scene WOW
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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