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Author Topic: [2013/03/10] Berryz (Chinami, Maasa, Miyabi) at Japan Festival 2013 in Myanmar  (Read 1453 times)

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Let's GO!!!

via Japan Festival 2013 in ミャンマー Berryz工房メンバー出演決定!!

Berryz工房メンバーが、ミャンマー最大の都市ヤンゴンにて開催されるJapan Festival 2013 in Myanmarに出演することが決定致しました!!

出演者:Berryz工房メンバー 徳永千奈美、須藤茉麻、夏焼雅
日時 :2013年3月10日(日)現地時間14:00~
会場 :ミャンマーコンベンションセンター(MCC)Japan festival 2013内ステージ
内容 :詳細は後日発表致します。

■Japan Festival 2013 in Myanmar 概要
期間  :2013年3月9日(土)~11日(月)現地時間9時00分~18時00分(最終日は16時00分まで)
開催地 :ミャンマー・ヤンゴン
会場  :Myanmar Convention Center(Min Dhama Street, Mayangon Town Ship,Yangon, Myanmar)
主催  :ジェトロ・ヤンゴン事務所
後援  :在ミャンマー日本国大使館(予定)

Cast members decided workshop Japan Festival 2013 in Myanmar Berryz!!

It appeared in Japan Festival 2013 in Myanmar Berryz Koubou members will be held at Yangon, Myanmar's largest city has been decided!

Cast: Chinami Tokunaga members Koubou Berryz, Maasa Sudo, Miyabi Natsuyaki
14:00 local time (Sunday) March 10, 2013 Time:
in stage (MCC) Japan festival 2013 Myanmar Convention Center venue
announced at a later date more content: will.

■ Outline of Japan Festival 2013 in Myanmar
Period: (Last day 16 hours, 00 minutes) to 18 hours, 00 minutes, 00 minutes at 9:00 local time (Mon) 11 (Sat) - March 9, 2013
Venue: Myanmar Yangon
venue: Myanmar Convention Center (Min Dhama Street, Mayangon Town Ship, Yangon, Myanmar)
organized by JETRO office in Yangon,
Myanmar Embassy of Japan在(tentative): sponsored
be considered for entry into Myanmar and domestic sales area: Exhibitor referral services for the domestic market and general consumer goods home appliances, machinery, vehicles, supplies, food, etc. Ru
about 120 Booth Booth: Japanese companies

Tickets to come. Who gonna go??!?

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