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Author Topic: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc](Multipairing) - Ch. 13-A (23/11/17)  (Read 101287 times)

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Love Rectangle) [05/20/13] Chapter 4-D: Aftermath
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It's starting~ :mon lovelaff: It's starting~  :mon lovelaff: It's starting~  :mon lovelaff: LOL ...but it is though...t-t-the romance is starting~  :mon inluv:
and...and...their battle is also starting~!  :mon star: that will be something exciting to see~  :mon yeah:  :mon yeah: :mon yeah:
Takamina!!!!!! u were so close.... :mon misch: so close.... :mon noprob:
Acchan y u move...  :mon ghost: *sigh* well...there's more opportunity right?  :mon evillaff: hahahaha
looking forward to the next chapter~!  :mon thumb:

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Love Rectangle) [05/20/13] Chapter 4-D: Aftermath
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Acchan... Takamina...
Atsumina coming to life~

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@arrow27: Thank you for your compliment.  :) :)

@Chichay12: Thank you for your compliment. You will really love it so much.  XD XD

@Amakuchi: Yeah I will gonna do it now. XD And there is no such a word in dictionary (you're just a grammar nazi but i'm a spelling dictator)  XD XD

@kurosawa87: This first part will reveal the powers of the first two combantants.

@cisda83: Thank you for your waiting. Looking at the others profile more than a hundred times was not a normal crush.  :lol: :lol:

@den_takacchan: Thank you for your compliment.

@FlameHazeKatsu: You're right, Acchan ruin the moment.  :lol: :lol: :lol: Thank you for waiting.

@Shinoki: This first part is the scene of the two combantants. Thank you for waiting.



Chapter 5: Arashi no Yoru ni wa

Phase A: Atsumina “Kajiarashi”

Trivia: Kajiarashi (火事嵐, Japanese for “Firestorm”) – An intense and destructive fire (artificial or natural created) in which strong currents of air (tornadoes, cyclones, and other strong winds) are drawn into the blaze, making it burn more fiercely. [Intense flame + violent wind]
The fight has been start, as the four disappeared from the battlefield. The generals watching outside are waiting for the others to reveal themselves. They only hearing clashing sound of metals and seeing flashing strike to any directions. Mayuyu and Rena continuing focus on the computer and analyzing the battle. Tomochin readies her medical supplies in case of emergency while her glaring eyes were locking on Mariko. Yukirin and Paruru were watching calmly and their eyes following the battlers’ high speed moves.
“I know that Acchan and Kojinyan will able to hold our two generals” Paruru said.
“You’re right, I can see that.” Yukirin replied.
“But you know that Takamina and Yuko are not only one element they can use right?”
“Yeah, and that makes the two in disadvantage situation. Takamina were using wind manipulation and sound manipulation while Yuko were using electric manipulation and magnetic manipulation. ”
“Unless Acchan and Kojinyan can be able to use more than one element too, as far as I know, Acchan using flame manipulation and Kojinyan using light manipulation but I don’t seeing using another one.” Yukirin confirmed
“Maybe they will show that to us now, let’s watch about it” Paruru said. Yukirin nodding in agreement and continue to watch.
Back on the battlefield, Acchan and Takamina fastly clashing their weapons while dodging some of their each attack. Acchan’s dual gun was holding on Takamina’s sheathed katana. Takamina sidekicking Acchan in which she blocks it with her left elbow. Then Takamina perform low roundhouse kick fastly. Acchan cannot react fast and fell down. She saw Takamina preparing to axe kick on her, so she performed starfish kick-up to block Takamina’s axe kick which Takamina surprised. Then she performs rising windmill which makes the midget defend her side. Acchan’s first kick hits on Takamina’s face and the second kick hit on the midget’s side that makes Takamina fell down. Before Acchan low roundhouse kick on her, Takamina do reversed kip-up and backflipping herself away from Acchan.
Takamina wipe her lips and saw some of her blood. Then she smirked at Acchan.
“Not bad. I’m just testing you if you’re strong enough to fight me seriously. Now that I know you’re strong, I shall fight you now in full force” Takamina said. Then she unsheathing her sword from her back using her left hand and removing the scabbard from her other sword.
Here it comes’ Acchan thought.
“Via Dolorosa (Way of sorrow)” Takamina slam her sword on her right hand to the ground, creating a wall-type wave of wind, moving at the high speed. Acchan was confused so she side dive roll on the right side. Takamina already know that she could dodge it so she sends another wave using her left hand to finish her technique. Just before Acchan regain her composure after dodging the first strike, she didn’t avoid the second one. The second wave directly hit on Acchan, sending her flying away.
Acchan stab the point of her assault rifle to slowing her down from getting away. The rifle was slowly sliding from the ground and stop just before reaching to the line. Acchan then disappeared and reappearing on Takamina’s back in split second.
"Στολιδάκι Σατανικών (Stolidaki Satanikon)" Acchan’s punch release a column of flame, firing to Takamina. When Takamina saw that, she’s starting to spin her sword like a fan from the palm of her hand at high speed.
“Caelum Volvuntur (Revolving heaven)” then the spinning sword fires a widening vortex of wind, clashing to the column of flame. The two different elements contact each other for seconds and explode violently. She repeats her technique by using another sword from her left hand then another vortex of wind fires toward to Acchan. Acchan was thinking fastly and she starts now to stand straight facing to the whirlwind that moving to her at quick pace.
‘What are you doing? You might get hit.’ Takamina thought. Then she saw Acchan just smiled at her which earning a confused look.
縛道の八十一「断空」[Bakudō no Hachijūichi: Danku (Way of Binding #81: Splitting Void)]” A large translucent rectangular wall was form in front of Acchan, blocking Takamina’s attack. This was earned by the shock of all spectators, especially the generals and also Takamina, who was very surprised.
‘That was Kidō. How could this girl do that?’ Takamina thought with a surprised look.
On the side of the arena, the generals are starting now to complaint.
“Hey, that was Kidō right? How could Acchan do that?” Yukirin asked.
“I don’t know.” Paruru answered.
Back to the battle, Takamina move forward quickly to Acchan and swing her sword. Acchan block it using her assault rifle. They exchanging strikes to each other, so very fast that even the eyes of the audience cannot follow the movement of their hands. When their final strike clashes, it creates a massive wave and recoils the two fighters away.
“You’re not the only one who using Kidō.” Takamina said. She point her palm on Acchan
“破道の三十三「蒼火墜」 [Hadō no Sanjūsan: Sōkatsui (Way of Destruction #33: Blue Fire, Crash Down] then a blue wave of energy was discharge from her palm firing toward Acchan but she use Shunpo to dodge it. Takamina has not finish yet as she use one of her second element’s technique.
“Sonus Flamenus (Sonicboom)” Takamina smash her sword through the air releasing a focused powerful compression wave with destructive volume of sounds directing to Acchan. Instantly, Acchan uses Shunpo to evade the attack and reappears in front of Takamina, much to the midget’s surprise. Then the short-hair girl performs butterfly kick on midget. Takamina was cannot able to respond immediately and for the second time, her face was being hit again and thrown several meters. Takamina was getting up and wipe her mouth. She saw her blood for the second time. Acchan feels midget was getting more irritating and pissed than last time. She prepares herself in very dangerous situation.
“You know that was the second time you hit me on my face. It’s time to end this piece of shit.” Takamina said harshly with her angry looks worn on her face.
Acchan attacks Takamina with smashing her rifle. But the short girl already expected this and starts to swing her sword.
“Deus Iratus (Wrath of god)” then a circle of violent winds was release from below of the ground, surrounding Takamina and reaching into the air. Acchan’s rifle hit on the circular air wall and recoils her back. When Acchan was staggered and the midget’s technique was stop, it was Takamina’s chance to attack.
“Ventus Ire (Wrath of the wind)” Takamina flap her swords, creating a gust of wind in front of Acchan. Acchan then receives multiple cuts from the series of wind attacks. She uses Shunpo to get away from the line of attack and start cocking her guns.
Takamina charges at Acchan with full speed in which Acchan readying her position. Then Takamina disappeared near in front of the girl, much to Acchan’s surprise. Then Acchan feels that the midget was behind of her but it was too late. Takamina swing her sword and slashes at Acchan’s back. Then the midget performs low reverse roundhouse kick that makes Acchan stumbled back. Before Acchan’s back touches the ground, Takamina perform a powerful axe kick on Acchan’s abdomen that sends her to the ground with crash force. Takamina has still not done yet and delivering a downward punch to the area where Acchan was inflicted. When the punch hit on the girl’s abdomen, it creates a massive aftershock and makes Acchan coughed a blood.
Takamina raise her left sword from the air. Then a highly dense vortex of air surrounds the sword at high speed. Takamina looks at Acchan with pity.
“It’s time now to bring your suffering to an end.” Takamina calmly said.
“Ensis Tempestas (Storm blade)” Takamina swing down the sword to Acchan and explosion occurs. The explosion replaced by a smoke. The smoke slowly dissipates, emerging Takamina first from the smoke. The spectators thought it was over but suddenly Takamina was frozen. She was shock at what she’s looking at.
“I-i-impossible” Takamina exclaimed. Then a figure below Takamina was smiling and shown an orange thing on the foreground of the figure’s smiling lips.

Flashback, seconds ago (Acchan’s POV)
“It’s time now bring your suffering to an end.” The midget said to me as her sword enveloped with massive wind was ready to turn me into dust.
I can feel my body tremble in fear. This is the first time I feel this fear on my lifetime. I feared that I’m going to die and going away without something that I will do. My body trembles more as the midget said her technique and preparing to smash me. But suddenly everything around me was frozen. In fact the time and space was really frozen. Then a figure was walking nearer to me. I know who is that figure.
‘Grandma?’ I thought. The figure smiled at me in agreement. I saw the figure beyond my expectation. My grandmother’s appearance was in beautiful youth form, the youngful General Oshima Mai.
“Yes my dear. It’s me, your beloving grandmother.” Then she reaches her hand to me in which I accept it. Then she lifts me. I suddenly hug her while my eyes flowing with tears.
‘I thought that you died’
“Yes my dear, I’m already dead you know.” My grandmother chuckled
‘But why are you here?’ I suddenly confused at my grandmother.
“I have given a chance from the above to talk to you. Come to me for a while. Don’t worry about the battle, it will just for a moment for a conversation.”
Then suddenly she brings to me to a white light. Then after we proceed, I amazed from what I saw. A Beautiful green field fills with several colorful flowers scattering around. I saw many birds from the sky. In front of as was a beautiful gazebo with a table filled with silverware and glassware utensils. We went to the gazebo and sat down.
“Would you like some tea, my beautiful granddaughter?” I blushed at her compliment as I nodded at her. She gives me a cup of tea and taking it from her. I was sipping quietly at the tea as watching this tranquil place. Then Acchan face her grandmother.
‘Why did you bring me here?’ Acchan thought.
“Before you will back to the reality, I just have to talk to you for a moment.” My grandmother said and sipping her tea.
“I know that you’re fear to die, is that right?” she said. That questions flinches me and looking at her with narrowed eyes.
“It’s ok to fear something. It will make you stronger.” She continued sipping her tea.
‘How does the fear can make you stronger?’  I asked
“Fear is just like the creation of your thoughts. It only acts as a defense mechanism against for you which you are uncomfortable with the things that can harm you. Your fearing to die means that you cannot let yourself to be killed, is that right?” I nodded at her.
“But if you realize that your fear is just your mere thoughts and understands its nature, then you can use your fear as your strength. You can do that by forcefully challenge yourself, don’t just run away or escaping it.”
I suddenly realized what was my grandmother said. She was right there’s nothing to fear about, it’s just my mere thoughts. Instead of escaping it, I could use it as my strength for me to push harder to my limits.
‘Thank you for your advice.’ I walk to her and kiss her cheeks.
“Ahh, looks like it’s my time now to go.” Now that makes me sad. She noticed my expression and smiling at me.
“Don’t worry; I will watch you from afar.” Then suddenly the scene turns blurry as my grandmother said her final statement.
“Just remember. Your fear will become your strength and your weakness will become your sword.” That was the last statement that I’ve been heard from her as I’m being suck down to the reality.
Back to the reality, I was lying on the floor still on the pain. Then in front of me was a midget with a wind-coated sword still on the air ready to strike me down. Then my grandmother’s voice was still on my mind, reminding me that statement.
‘Remember. Your fear will become your strength and your weakness will become your sword.’ I smiled as my thought still reminds me of that statement.
‘Thank you for everything, grandma.’ Then I’ve started now to move fast.
I’ve reach the bayonets which was hidden from my boots. Once I took the two knives, I saw that the small general started now to swing down her sword.
“Ensis Tempestas”
I quickly think something while my dual bayonet readies to block the attack. Then an explosion occurs and smoke was coming after. Then the smoke dissipates and I smiled as I saw the midget’s reaction to my doing. The dual bayonet was covered by a high-intensity condensed ionized gas flames, blocking midgets high-dense vortex of wind.
“I-i-impossible.” The midget exclaimed.
“Κόπτης Πλάσματος [Kopis Plasmatos (Plasma cutter)]” I said on my thought.

Flashback ended (Acchan’s POV ended)
Takamina was still in surprised state as Acchan blocks the wind attack using ionized gas attack. Then Acchan swing her left hand which Takamina’s sense back to reality and trying to block but no avail. She’s sent several meters away but she stabs her dual sword to stop her flying. Acchan shut downs her technique and kip-up so she could stand.
On the side of the arena, the generals are totally surprised at what they saw.
“Is that a flame?” Yukirin asked.
“No, it’s plasma.” Mayuyu reply.
“I’ve heard what she said. It’s a Greek for ‘plasma cutter’.” Paruru said.
“How do you know about Greeks?” Mariko asked.
“All of her techniques are named in Greek language. Mine is Italian language and Yukirin is Spanish language. I’ve studied Greeks about 3 years ago so I can understand some of her techniques.” Paruru explained.
“For example, Mariko’s technique ‘obelisk rockets’, as she explain of her technique, was being turn into ash by Acchan’s intense flame-coating bullets. She called that technique as ‘Dynamic Incineration’.” Paruru said which all of generals only nodding.
“And it looks like that ionized gas was her second element.” Mayuyu said.
“What do you mean Mayu-chan?” Rena and Jurina asking at the same time.
“Based on my observation, Maeda-san can use Blue-flame manipulation and Plasma manipulation; both are very compatible to each other. Her other element, plasma, is the fourth state of matter. She can able to ionized gases, creating ionized charge particles. Partnering to fire creates high-temperature compressed flames. She can able to create any plasmatic energy, even lightning.” Mayuyu explained.
Back on the arena, Takamina finally stand up and look at Acchan with confused face. Through her dense mind, she finally understand what was the energy released from the knives. She’s laugh very loud.
“So, that was your second element? You’re a Plasma manipulator?” Takamina asked whici Acchan respond with a nod, still plastered her smiling lips from her face.
“Our strength is now even. Let’s do this.” Takamina said.
“Eximius-sonus Acceleratio (Supersonic acceleration)” Takamina was covered with aerodynamic particles to lessen air friction and charging at the high speed.
Εκτοξευομαι Τρέχων [Ektoxevomai Trechon (Sprint launcher)]” Acchan using plasma flames on her feet to further pushing herself and covered by flame to reduce friction and also charging at high speed.
Then the two disappeared as their second elements clashes, creating a super firestorm as the audience are started to cheer.

To be continued

New skill updated are on this link (Including Kido Spells): Skills


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Atsumina fight~o!
Plasma... interesting... Acchan... Maimai
Mayuyu commenting...
me: worries a bit about characters wellbeing though obviously they aren't going to die so easily

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after I've read your update i was like  :shocked with all the fighting scenes ! takamina and acchan was so epic in this with all the action . i was tense in the moment where takamina will put the final blow but acchan counter attacked and blew takamina's blow  :twothumbs that was so good .!!  really. haha .. takamina is strong but i think acchan is more strong. now i wonder who wold win. hehehe btw. thx for the update! please do update as fast as you can :D  XD

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wait! :OMG: :frustrated: what!  :on blackhole: nooooo!!! :pleeease: and I was getting really really really...hooked up to it....gahhhh....  :fainted:
The fight was intense!  :cool1: dammit... I went crazy reading this update  :on gay: nyahahaha... wonder who'll win...  :smoke: ...diko alam pero...gusto kung manalo si souchan...   :sweat: hahaha
Well I'm eagerly waiting for the update....  :dizzy:  :imdead:
thanks for the update~  :kneelbow:

P.S. please reply to what Shannen asked for from PA xD lol I wanna know too :3 wahahahaha   :mon inluv:

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mayuki want mayuki

great fic


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Incredible on the action.

That moment where Acchan had her chance to speak to her grandmother was a surreal point.

This will only get more exciting
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The fight between Yuko, Minami, Haruna and Atsuko was so intense and amazing...  :thumbsup

Nobody could see their figures at all... there were just flash here and there....   :heart:

Mariko was being glared at Tomochin because Chiyuu was injured by Mariko in the previous tournament...  :sweatdrop:

Great fighting scene between Takamina and Atsuko...

Kidō, Shunpo... like in 'Bleach' anime... Great input...

It seems that Takamina was weaker than Atsuko...

She kept getting beat by Atsuko when Takamina was just normal...

Ah... I guess Atsuko was going to the Ace here...

Wah.. Atsuko also had another power...

So it's going to be a fair fight between the two of them....

How about Haruna... would she also has another power?

Well can't wait to see how the fighting between Atsuko and Takamina is going to be concludeed...

And also the fight between Haruna and Yuko going to develop and conclude...

Can't wait....

Thank you for the update

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I will try to update as fast as I can....  8) 8) 8)

@Shinoki: You don't have to worried about, even they will have very severe injuries, they can able manage to take care of themselves.

@den_takacchan: Hahahahahaha, Thanks for your comment. Actually Takamina was slightly stronger than Acchan but Acchan can able to match equally on Takamina despite that slight difference.

@FlameHazeKatsu: Wag ka muna gumawa ng conclusion, Inuunahan mo na ako ehhh... Just wait ok?  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

@kurogumi: There will be some Mayuki scenes. Just wait for it.

@Amakuchi: Sorry nephew, no time....  8) 8) 8)

@kurosawa87: Thanks for your comment.

@cisda83: Eventhough Takamina was beaten by Acchan in her normal state, it doesn't mean that she was weaker than Acchan (remember she was the president). About Haruna and Yuko's power will be revealed on this part.



Phase B: Kojiyuu “Taiyō arashi”
Trivia: Taiyō arashi (太陽嵐, Japanese for “Solar storm”) – A magnetic burst of solar wind and magnetic fields rising along the solar corona or being released from the space. Scientifically, they are called as Coronal Mass Ejection. [Magnetic field + solar luminescence]

At the same time, After Maeda Atsuko cast Bakudo #81 Danku (Splitting Void)
On the same side of the arena, Kojinyan and Yuko were exchanging strikes to each other. Kojinyan rapidly roundhouses kick on Yuko but the midget blocks it using her tonfa. Before Yuko regain her composure from blocking the attack, Kojinyan surprisingly dropkick in front of Yuko which she recoiled back.
But Yuko stop her recoil, and charge directly on Kojinyan. She punches on Kojinyan’s abdomen and starting to raining kicks. Kojinyan was trying to block all of them but the last kick was hitting on Kojinyan’s chest (luckily it didn’t hit on her breast). But in return, Kojinyan hold Yuko’s foot using her left hand and slamming her on the floor. Then she giant swing the midget and throw her several meters away.

Kojinyan back out for a while and pointing her bow, with arrow loaded, to the sky.
“Meteoren Regen” Kojinyan release an arrow and flew to the sky. After a while, a barrage of shards was raining toward Yuko. Yuko saw that and she rotates her tonfa and pointing it in front of the raining shards.
“縛道の三十九「円閘扇」[Bakudō no Sanjūkyū: Enkōsen (Way of Binding #39: Round Lock Fan)] Then a large energy spinning disk was formed on the spinning tonfa., blocking a massive waves of falling shards. Kojinyan was not finished yet as she took another arrow and setting to point on Yuko.
“Rayleigh Streuung” Then she release an arrow which break into dozen of streaming shards and bombarding on Yuko.
“Momentant Utladning (Instantaneous Discharge)” Yuko punch her tonfa to the ground, creating a massive discharge of electricity, successfully repel all of the bombarding streaming arrows.
Kojinyan was surpised while Yuko was only smirking at her. Kojinyan replied it with her smile as she points her palm to the squirrel. Yuko was aware of her next move as she started now to panic.
“破道の八十八「飛竜撃賊震天雷炮」 [Hadō no Hachijūhachi: Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō (Way of Destruction #88: Flying Dragon-Striking Heaven-Shaking Thunder Cannon)] then releasing a gigantic beam of electrical energy from Kojinyan’s palm and firing it to Yuko.
All of the generals are surprised on the scene they’ve been watch.
“What the hell? She cast a high-level Kido without incantation!!!” Yukirin said.
“And remains very powerful despite short casting.” Paruru said.
“Then this means that Kojima-san is really powerful.” Mayuyu commented.
“Despite of that, she has a no match for Yuko-san.” Rena said.
“But she can able to make on par with Yuko-senpai.” Jurina said.

Back on the arena, Yuko forcefully using a Kido before it’s too late.
“縛道の八十一「断空」 [Bakudō no Hachijūichi: Danku (Way of Binding #81: Splitting Void)]” A rectangular translucent wall was blocking the Hado, creating a massive explosion. When the explosion was gone, Yuko was suddenly appeared in front of Kojinyan and attacking her which the she forcibly defend herself by using her bow to block midget’s tonfa. Kojinyan insert condensed light energy on her arrow
“Seele Schneider” Kojinyan swing it on Yuko which only blocked by the tonfa’s head but staggered due to the strength. Kojinyan take it a chance and use Shunpo to get away from Yuko.
‘This general is more dangerous than I’ve been expected. I should watch her move carefully before she lands me an attack.’ Kojinyan thought.
“Based on your eyes, you are trying to analyze me.” Yuko breaks Kojinyan’s thought as Yuko laugh hysterically.
“I like you now. You’re a very interesting girl.” Yuko was flirting on Kojinyan which she blushing furiously.
“Hehehehe, you’re blushing. So cute~!!!!” Yuko said.
“Mou~~!!! Stop that.” Kojinyan was cutely pouting.
“Ok, ok, I will stop now. So shall we continue?” Yuko said. Then a high massive dense of electrical energy was charging on her right-hand tonfa and materialized into a giant spear.
“Torden spyd: Gungnir (Lighning Spear: Gungnir)” Then Yuko swing her right hand, firing the spear to Kojinyan at alarming speed. Kojinyan then pull an arrow on her quiver and rapidly charge light energy on the arrow.
“Rechte Schieten” Kojinyan release the arrow, firing a blast of light energy. Yuko’s spear clashes on Kojinyan’s energy blast. But Kojinyan was alarmed when her blast was being pushed back by Yuko’s spear. Then the spear went to Kojinyan, causing a large explosion. When the explosion was gone, Kojinyan was still standing only her left arm bruised as she blocking the explosion using Enkōsen.
“Hmmm, good thinking although your left arm was injured because of that explosion.” Yuko commented.
“Tsk, that was close one. If I didn’t cast one, I will gonna blast out in a second. And that spear was very fast that I don’t be able to use Shunpo away.” Kojinyan whispered. She was holding her bruised left arm while holding her bow.
“You know, you should give up now. You’re having an injury and also, you have no match for me.” Yuko said.
“And why is that?” Kojinyan tilt her head.
“Just like I said, you have no match for me. And I don’t want your beautiful skin to be scarred by my hands.” Yuko calmly replied.
“My answer is this” Kojinyan breathe heavily. ‘Nulpunt Ilvan (Zero-point Raid)’ Kojinyan cast it on her thought.
“NO!” Then she flicked her finger. In an instant a series of arrows suddenly appeared on Yuko in point-blank range at alarming speed which the midget surprised and explodes violently. Kojinyan watch as the explosion was subsided and replaced with smoke. The cat-ear girl thought that it was over and sighs deeply, but she was wrong as she heard a sparking sound coming from the smoke.
“Elektrosjokk Induksjon (Electroshock Induction)” Then large lightning bolt was appeared from the smoke and directly and instantly struck on Kojinyan, shocking her violently and screaming loudly in pain. Then when the shock stop, Kojinyan dropped on her knees, panting rapidly, as her body was releasing smoke and covered with burns injuries.
When the smoke was dissipates, Yuko was seen with many cuts and burns too.
“Not bad, you manage to land an attack and able to injure me without noticing it. But I think play’s over, I will show you my second power” Yuko said. Then she uses her said second element: Magnetism.
“Metalliske Regndusj (Metallic Rainshower)” Then a black metallic fragments are started to appearing from the ground and floating around Kojinyan. Then starting to rain down at the girl which she screaming in pain and creates a smoke. When the smoke disappeared, Kojinyan was seen lying on the ground.
“It’s so sad that you will die now but your death will not in vain.” Yuko apologized.

(Kojinyan’s POV)
Is this the end?

Is my life really gonna end so easily?

Am I gonna die now?

Will my pain disappearing instantly?

No, this is wrong. This is not the end. I have friends that supporting me.

I will not die now, not on this place. I have many things to do.

I will endure this pain no matter what.

(Kojinyan’s POV ended)
Yuko saw that the girl was still struggling to stand up, despiting many injuries she has taken.
“Don’t worry girl, your pain will be gone instantly.” Yuko said. Then a high electrical charge was seen on head of the Yuko’s tonfa where she points it at the standing girl.
“Lynnedslag Kanon (Lightning strike Cannon)” A wide highly concentrated beam was shot from Yuko’s tonfa firing to Kojinyan.
“Sayonara.” Yuko said.
Kojinyan’s head was still looking down as she took an arrow from her quiver. Then she looks at Yuko with her eyes wearing determination which gives Yuko a confused look.
“You’re not the only one who has a second element.” Then she input light energy on the arrow.
“That move again.” Yuko said.
“Nope this is the new one.” Kojinyan smiled. Yuko sense that the arrow was not only light energy, that the girl inserted, was not normal as she saw the grass below on Kojinyan are starting to wilt at fast rate. Kojinyan then started to point her bow at the electrical beam. Kojinyan breathes deeply and start to chant her technique.
“Gammastraal uitbarsting (Gamma-ray Burst)” Then a wide extreme concentrated light energy of beam are fired on Kojinyan’s bow after she release the arrow and clashing on the beam. When Yuko saw that her technique was started to push back, she cast a Kido.

“縛道の八十一「断空」 [Bakudō no Hachijūichi: Danku (Way of Binding #81: Splitting Void)]” A rectangular translucent wall was formed in front of Yuko.

Yuko’s technique was finally pushed back by Kojinyan’s technique but blocked by the midget’s invisible barrier. But the midget sense something’s wrong as she felt the invisible heat is starting to burn her skin. When Yuko cannot able to hold that heat, she forcibly to use Shunpo and went on the other side. The beam shatters the invisible wall and continues to move forward until it reaches on the energy force field. The audience is starting to feel the heat too. The beam was finally subsiding and the heat they felt is also disappeared.
“Wow, what is that? That’s not a normal light.” Yuko said.
“Gamma Radiation” Paruru answered back.
“You’re right. My computer detects a high massive of excited particles on the beam. I will assume that it contents radioactive waves. And from my computer, it seems that it is short-wavelength and tremendously high frequency radiation. From my description, I would say that’s a Gamma Radiation.” Mayuyu explained/
“So that’s why the audience is starting to get sweaty, because of Kojinyan’s attack” Yukirin said.
“Exactly, but still I can’t believe that this girl has a highly dangerous second element although I finally saw it.” Mayuyu exclaimed.
“What is her other power, Mayu-chan?” Jurina asked.
“Radioactive Manipulation, another power that can cause a horrible aftereffect when released, aside from Takamina, Yuko, Paruru, Yukirin, Rena, you (referring to Jurina) Maeda-san and mine.” Mayuyu explain.
Back to the arena, Yuko was panting while gripping her tonfa tightly.
“From what I saw, I could say you’re a Radioactive Manipulator. That’s a really dangerous power aside from your friend.” Yuko said.
“Yours too, that was really dangerous power, Magnetic Manipulation.” Kojinyan said.
“So to make it short: you, me, Takamina and that short-hair girl. Our second elements are very dangerous when using it.” Yuko said.
“But it’s too late now to stop it right?” Kojinyan was nodding her head.
“Even we have serious pains, shall we continue?” Yuko asked.
“Torden spyd: Gungnir.”
“Rechte Schieten.”
At the same time, both of them are casting their techniques and firing to each other while moving at impossible speed, creating an auroral effect.

To be continued

New skills updated on this link: Skills


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doki doki! that was epic~
kojiharu vs yuko~
yuko = flirting during battle, but still strong and serious...
ah... yeah... superhuman ppl~~

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@cross: Try ko... :sweat: hahahaha meron akong isan linggo na mag survive.. xD lololol ...until then I'll wait for your captivating conclusion~  :on lol:
kung hindi ko makita...  :badluck: wala na...  :on blackhole: patay na ako....  :on polter: lololol...(exaggerating much)  :fainted:

Yuko... u must really flirt during battle eh... lol  :on lol:
Haruna blushed~ oooooooo~ (well that's the start of somethin')  :kekeke:
well can't wait to see the conclusion of this too~  :smoke: hehehehe...
I'll be looking forward to the conclusions~~~~~  :on gay: :on GJ:

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 :panic: :panic: it's amazing!! *-* pleaase Updatee!! *A*

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This battle is crazy awesome

Both in a back and forth battle maybe to the death
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Haruna was also a strong fighter...

Would she be able to win against Yuko?

Eh.. Yuko would still tease Haruna around... or flirting with her...

Great action plot as usual

Ah... Here Yuko nearly won...

But Haruna also had a second power...

Now the fights would be getting more and more interesting... for both KojiYuu and Atsumina

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Finally updated..... WEW IT SO HARD!!!!!!

@Shinoki: Thank you for your comment

@FlameHazeKatsu: Aba parang iisipin ko na malapit na ang iyong kamatayan ahh.... Hahahahahaha.... Malayo pa yung hinihintay mo, Just wait ok?  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

@Nab: Thank you for your comment

@Amakuchi: Thank you for your comment nephew... Your really a die hard fan of Bleach  XD XD XD

@kurosawa87: Thank you for your comment.

@cisda83: Thank you for your comment.



Phase C: Dairiki Tōitsu

1 hour and 30 minutes later

(POV's: Maeda Atsuko, Kojima Haruna, Takahashi Minami, Oshima Yuko)
The arena was covered with colorful blasts as the four combatants clash their techniques.
Acchan perform butterfly kick on Takamina with her flame but the midget dodges it using Shunpo. Takamina was trying to attack Acchan on back using her sword but Acchan blocks it with her G3A3A1.
On the other side, Kojiyuu was trying to block Yuko’s barrage of attacks using her bow. Kojiyuu saw Yuko’s attacks are getting faster, she evade all of it. Yuko was trying to punch Kojinyan but Kojinyan blocks it. Kojinyan feel her hands are numb as she blocks the attack that envelops with electric. Kojinyan look on the two figures on the other side. Kojinyan push back Yuko, drawing her bow and pointing it on the midget who was fighting on her friend.
“Rayleigh Streuung” Then a streaming shards fired on the two combatants.
When the two saw the streaming light, Acchan then jumps back. Takamina spin her sword like a fan then pointing it on the shards.
“Caelum Volvuntur” Takamina fires a wide tornado on the shards, throwing them away. Then the tornado continues on Kojinyan but she dodges it using Shunpo. Her landing was in wrong timing when she saw Yuko on her side, ready to strike her with electrical spear.
“Torden spyd: Gungnir” Yuko was about to strike her spear to Kojinyan but Acchan suddenly appears in front of her.
Κόπτης Πλάσματος (Koptis Plasmatos)” Acchan’s plasma cutter successfully blocks Yuko’s electrical spear.
“You….” Yuko said. She pushes back Acchan and throws her spear on her. Acchan then avoids it before the explosion contacts to her. When Acchan was in the midair, she saw Yuko on above with her tonfa charged with electricity.
“Musserende knuser: Mjølner (Sparkling Crusher: Mjolnir)” Yuko smash her tonfa on high force. Acchan was trying to block it using her plasma charged blade but due to the massive weight of Yuko’s attack, she was pushed back and crash on the ground.
“Acchan!” Kojinyan shout. She saw Takamina was nearing at her; forcibly defend herself from the attack. Takamina’s was covered with wind.
“Ensis Tempestas” Takamina swing her sword on Kojinyan but she fastly cast her technique to counter it.
“Seele Schneider” Kojinyan blocks Takamina’s wind sword with her light arrow.
The two exchanges their attacks while dodging at the fast pace. The audience cannot see their hands move because of their fast attacks.
Acchan suddenly appears on Yuko’s back, causing the general widened her eyes.
‘What? She is still moving?’ Yuko thought as her eyes still looking on the ground but her intuition was telling that the girl is still on her back.
Acchan activate her plasma cutter technique and trying to slash Yuko’s back. Luckily, Yuko quickly turn around and block the attack. Acchan suddenly disappears from Yuko’s sight which confuses the squirrel. Then in an instant Acchan appears from Yuko’s left side. Yuko was trying to attack her but she only hit nothing. The squirrel finally realized that it was just an afterimage. Acchan uses Shunpo very rapidly that she leaves afterimages, surrounding Yuko and confuses her more. Acchan suddenly appears on top of Yuko, performing axe kick on the top of her, sending Yuko to the ground. Then she uses herself as a meteor directly kicking on the crashing Yuko. But Yuko perform one-hand freeze, her feet stops Acchan’s kick, creating a aftershock on impact.
Kojinyan and Takamina are still exchanging very quick attacks to each other. On the final strike, the two hold each other weapons. Their weapons create sparks as it made contact with each other.
“I’m impressed that you can able to block my attacks using the arrow with your left hand while holding the bow on your right hand” Takamina said.
“Thank you for your compliment” Kojinyan said. Then she pushed back Takamina and starts to charge her arrow in high power.
“Rechte Schieten” Kojinyan fires a light energy blast at Takamina. The midget evades an attack using Shunpo but Kojinyan was not finished as she disappeared and suddenly appeared behind of Takamina and charging arrow, much to the midget’s surprised. Kojinyan fires her same technique at Takamina’s back in point-blank range. In desperation, Takamina swing her sword, slicing the blast into two, getting Kojinyan’s attention with shocked face.
“Impossible.” Kojinyan’s surprised words. Takamina delivers a massive barrage of slashes on Kojinyan. Kojinyan’s blocking efforts were useless as she can’t keep up the speed of each strike that some of them passing through her and enebles to cut her.
Acchan saw that her friend was in danger. She pushed her foot on against on Yuko;s foot, acting as a spring then use Shunpo, appearing in front of Takamina and successfully stop her attacks. Takamina was amazed about that.
“How could you block that?” Takamina asked. But Acchan only answer her with a smile. Then she pulled Kojinyan away of the midget.
Yuko suddenly appears on Takamina’s side, panting very hard as a result of Acchan’s sudden push on her that creates a crater where Yuko was there.
“Yuko are you alright?” Takamina said with concern look.
“I’m ok. Don’t worry about me.” Yuko replied.
Kojinyan, are your body still intact?” Acchan asked.
“Do you think my body was in disarray?” Kojinyan asked her with sarcastic looks.
“Ne~ Yuko, these girls are really strong.” Takamina said.
“Yeah, I can see that. They can able to injure me so far.” Yuko nodded.
“I think it’s time now to use this.”
“Takamina, are you sure about that?” Yuko asked.
“I’m sure about it. Besides, this brings back the memories about it, right?” Takamina smiled.
“Ok, let’s do it.” Yuko said.
Kojinyan and Acchan saw that Yuko and Takamin are standing there. Kojinyan wonders what are they doing but Acchan knows that somethings wrong.
“Ready.” Takamina said.
“I’m on it.” Yuko replied.
Takamina start spinning her sword like a plane turbine as Yuko preparing to generate highly-voltage electricity around them. Then a magic circle was appeared on the spinning sword
“Acchan, I know that skill.” Kojinyan warns on her friend.
I already knew it.” Acchan mentally hummed.
Takamina spins her sword faster that the audience cannot able to see its rotation while Yuko generates more electricity.
“大力統一 [Dairiki Tōitsu (Grand Unification Force)]” Takamina and Yuko said in unison.
竜巻 [Tatsumaki] 雷雨 [Raiu] (Tornado Thunderstorm)”

Then a severely violent tornado was released on the magic circle followed by a covered with high-voltage of lightning moving very fast at Acchan and Kojinyan. The two avoid the blast before it touches on them as they saw rocks on the tornado’s path are suddenly disintegrate and turn into ash. The two midgets fired again for the second time on Kojinyan. Because of the blast, Kojinyan accidentally tripped her feet and drop herself on the ground.

“Oh no, this is the end.” Kojinyan fearfully said.

Then she saw Acchan was in front of her. Acchan draws a line from the ground and starting to shoot of them.
Φωτιά Τοίχο: Αμυντική Φόρμα {Fotia Toicho: Amyntiki Forma (Firewall: Defensive Form)}” Then a solidify wall of flame appears in front of Acchan, successfully blocks the attack. But Acchan knew that her wall of fire will not be able to protect them for a long time as she knows that the combination attack is too strong. She needs a plan.

Ne Kojinyan, I think we should do that too.” Acchan said on her mind.

“What ‘do that’?” Kojinyan blankly said.

Grand Unification Force.” Acchan said.

“Ohh, you mean that way.” Kojinyan asked with a statement sentence.

Yes that way.” Acchan smiled.

Then the wall of fire destroyed creating a smoke. When the smoke was gone, the two were seen nowhere.

“Where they are?” Yuko asked.

“On our left-flank” Takamina replied.

Takamina and Yuko saw Acchan and Kojinyan on their left side.

“Do you want to surrender now?” Yuko smirked.

“You know, you have no chance for this, since we combine our powers to create a destructive technique.” Takamina calmly said.

“We will not surrender no matter what.” Kojinyan determined said.

“I guess we have no choice.” Yuko lonely said.

 “竜巻 [Tatsumaki] 雷雨 [Raiu] (Tornado Thunderstorm)”

Another lightning-charged tornado was fired toward Acchan and Kojinyan.

“This is the end.” Takamina said.

Acchan points her G3A3A1 and Kojinyan point her bow with arrow loaded, on the tornado (they doing that by standing back-to-back to each other).

Then a magic circle was appeared on the side of the two where they are pointing at.

“大力統一 [Dairiki Tōitsu (Grand Unification Force)]” Kojinyan and Acchan, who was simultaneously talking voicelessly using her mouth while saying it on her mind, said unison.

“What?!?!?!” Yuko and Takamina surprisely asked.

焼け付く[Yaketsuku] 光線 [Kōsen] (Searing beam)”

Then an orange condensed gigantic laser, surrounded by a corkscrew-like aura, was fired on Atsunyan’s magic circle. The laser clashes on the tornado,
creating a massive discharge on sparks within each other. Then creates a explosion which shakes the whole arena that even generals feel it very hard.

“Wow that was awesome.” Yukirin amazed.

“You’re right. I can’t believe from what I saw.” Paruru said.

“Yeah me too, even I was surprised at that moment.” Mayuyu said.

The explosion creates a huge smoke on the whole arena. When the smoke was dissipate, reveals four combatants that was standing on the arena, having their same condition as they had before.

“So, you two can able to use it too.” Takamina said not able to remove her surprised face. Acchan and Kojinyan nodded simultaneously.

“You’re really formidable opponents.” Yuko smirked.

“So it’s decided.” Takamina said.

“You two will be promoted to become the official generals of Twelve Constellation.” Takamina announced.

“Maeda Atsuko promoted into Aries General. Kojima Haruna promoted into Sagittarius General. Congratulations to both of you.” Takamina congratulate, but before the two midgets walk away.

This isn’t over yet.” Acchan send her message on the two that makes them stop from walking.

“Yeah, we haven’t reached the conclusion of our fight.” Kojinyan agreed.

“What do you mean about that?” Yuko confusedly asked.

“I mean that our fight cannot be end like this.” Kojinyan said.

“Do you still want to end this? Despite having given to you now the award?” Takamina asked.

“Save that award later. But for now, we must end this once and for all.” Kojinyan said.

“As you wish, we will use our strength in full capacity. And we will not hold it back now.” Takamina seriously said.

Then the four release a tremendous aura that nearly suffocates the spectators (excluding the generals since they can able to withstand the pressure) but thanks to the force fields. They ready now to reach the decisive conclusion.

To be Continued.


New skills and techniques updated are on this link: Skills and Techniques

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I'm assuming that they will all end up in the infirmary after the fight or extremely exhausted  :nervous

Impressive fighting :twothumbs
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they wanna fight more to end this battle?
wow... yeah... me: wow... they're so awesome...
oh... using different color fonts, smart~~

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