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Author Topic: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc](Multipairing) - Ch. 13-A (23/11/17)  (Read 98288 times)

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Atsumina x Kojiyuu): Chapter 6: Namida Surprise
« Reply #120 on: June 23, 2013, 05:49:36 AM »
Alam na! Hahaha XD Shock nman daw ako nlagay mo pati philippines.. Hehe.. Ahmmm.. Tawa much :lol:

Kim Taeyeon and her group have alot of criminal records.. Whoa! :O

Now, Acchan and Haruna told to everyone their family hx.. Ehehe.. Uwaa~ MaYuki moments :wub: :wub: :wub: Lol at Mayuyu's reaction! XD

What will happen next? Will the 12 generals able to see what kind of storm will come? Will they able to protect the world? Kim Taeyeon and her group will they get their revenge? Hope everything's goin' to be alright..

I can't wait! :fap This is going to be fun! :thumbsup

Thank you for the update :bow: :thumbsup :twothumbs


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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Atsumina x Kojiyuu): Chapter 6: Namida Surprise
« Reply #121 on: June 23, 2013, 09:03:00 AM »
wtf?!?!?! philippines!? xDD

pwede sa susunod, makati nmn?

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Atsumina x Kojiyuu): Chapter 6: Namida Surprise
« Reply #122 on: June 23, 2013, 02:16:36 PM »
@cross: errrrr..... si Takamina... T_T :mon determined:

yah! Philipppines! xD all the pinoy peeps will assemble here now~ xD ahahahaha of course u had to put it eh...  :mon yeah:
Myao stop talking about Acchan and Kojiharu being  a couple (>_<) lol  :mon speechless:
ahahaha the reaction of the others when they mentioned about Acchan's family  :mon noprob:

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Atsumina x Kojiyuu): Chapter 6: Namida Surprise
« Reply #123 on: June 23, 2013, 03:01:30 PM »
hahaha I love how you put the story into the Philippines  :)
And about the weapon, soo awesome  :D
Hope they have more badass weapons lol

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Atsumina x Kojiyuu): Chapter 6: Namida Surprise
« Reply #124 on: June 24, 2013, 10:17:37 AM »
wtf?!?!?! philippines!? xDD

pwede sa susunod, makati nmn?

Susmeyo. Wag ka na. North Fairview please. XD

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Atsumina x Kojiyuu): Chapter 6: Namida Surprise
« Reply #125 on: June 24, 2013, 10:48:12 AM »
Quezon!!? Cubao!!?

dumaan naman kayo sa Kamuning madaming artista doon hahaha lalo na sa Morato mga tambayan ng mga Artista doon ehh. pagitan kasi yun ng GMA at ABS ehh madami din retaurant doon hehe
hehehe nagulat ako biglang nabasa ko Philippines.... hehehe

by the way thank's for this awesome fanfics :D

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Atsumina x Kojiyuu): Chapter 7-A: Summer Work
« Reply #126 on: June 24, 2013, 08:34:36 PM »
OK, I have a received many comments about the location of the disturbance (which is short in philippines). It's just it only stuck in my mind... TEEEHEEE!!!!! BTW, I actually plan that this fic will having many Crossovers, acting as an antagonist or some of them are protagonist... I assumed that the admins will consider this (Don't worry, the main characters are AKB48) XD XD XD XD XD

@Shinoki: Thank you for reading...
@kurosawa87: It can be... XD
@cisda83: Maimai's room is very secretive that only Acchan and Kojinyan are able to know its secrecy. 'calm before the storm' means that they actually felt quiet but the real danger will come forth.
@kenjoy12: Nagulat ka doon? Hahahahahaha....
@Doko Demo Door: Makati?!?!?!?! At bakit ko naman doon ilalagay? XD XD XD XD
@FlameHazeKatsu: So, tinaraydor mo na pala si Acchan ha... Bad kitty.... XD XD XD XD
@maku: Thank you!!!!!  :) :) :)
@Amakuchi: Isa ka pa ehh... At bakit naman sa Fairview? Para makita mo si 'alam mo na'  XD XD XD
@-gibson-mayulover: Pag-iisipan ko pa kung saan sa Cubao... Baka kasi malapit lang doon sa 'alam mo na'  XD XD XD

ENJOY READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chapter 7: Manatsu no Sounds Good

Phase A: Summer Work

Security Council Chamber, United Nations Conference Building, United Nations Headquarters; New York City, New York, United States; Saturday, 3:00 am
Aki-p’s right hand man and Secretary Urano Kazumi and Former Leo General Noro Kayo are waiting on the door of the chamber while the meeting is still going on. It looks like the situation is very bad now.
“Hays, why the meeting was so very long that could take years?” Noro impatiently said.
“Maybe they discussed about the major jailbreak on Saudi Arabia Prison and disturbance on Quezon City, Philippines.” Cindy said. They simultaneously sighed as they sitting on the chair.
“Say, you’re still the fastest general even you retired that you could jump from the rooftop of this headquarters in just a second.”  Cindy said.
“And you’re still the most accurately sharpshooter that you could shot perfectly despite many obstacles. No wonder your grandniece is very good at bow, she inherit your traits.” Noro smiled. After a while they chuckled silently.
Finally, they hear the door is open revealing the interior area of the Security Council Chamber. The former generals stand up as they saw Aki-p walking on them.
“What happen now?” Noro asked.
“Cindy, contact the Twelve Constellations and order them to fortify the defense. The council will activate the Grand Fortress multi-layered magic barrier on this headquarters at any moment. Noro, I want you to contact the other former generals, saying that they should come here as we have to talk about this issue. Although the disturbance on Quezon City has stop, we can’t make sure that it is safe to come at that area. We’ve contact the Malacañang Palace a while ago; they said that everything was perfectly fine on their country. I’ve recorded our conversation with the palace.” Aki-p said.
“Will we hear it?” Noro requested. Then they start the recorded conversation.
“There’s no need to be worried about, everything was perfectly fine. Our military forces secure each corner of our country. We maximized the defense, ground aerial and sea. We will make sure that nobody will enter to our country without our permission. Any unauthorized person, intruders and anything in our sight will be shot down and destroy.” The President of the Philippines said on the recorder.
“Hmmm, something’s wrong on the President’s voice and his statement.” Noro said.
“What is it?” Cindy asked.
“His voice is something, monotonous. I will actually predict that He’s in control by someone. And his last statement, ‘shot down’? I don’t think that’s a very good idea.”
“Do you think?” Aki-p said.
“From what He said, it looks like no one will go on the inside in that country and also, no one will go outside. Anything will pass on their territory line will be shot down.” Noro explained.
“And we need to investigate about the Tae-yoen’s group. They’re making a plan now.” Cindy said
“Tsk, I think we need to watch carefully the terrorist now. Sooner or later, they will make their move now.” Aki-p said and walks now on the hallway. Cindy and Noro follow him.

Akiba Headquarter; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Monday, 9:00 am
It’s been a month since Kojinyan and Acchan their promotion into general. They have many funs like teasing each other, stealing foods during break, sparring on training and many more. They have enjoy to each other and their friendship grows more.  Especially on Yuko and Takamina, their relationship seems moving on the next stage.

Takamina was sitting on the stairs in front of the building. Her two hands were on her chin as she thinks very deep. While she’s not on the mood to talk someone, she didn’t feel the presence of her other generals who almost passed her. Acchan, Yuko, Yukirin, Mayuyu, Paruru, and Rena along with Jurina, Kojinyan, Tomochin and Yuihan, while Mariko walking very straight at her office, are looking at her when they saw their President’s ‘not-so-very-good’ look. They arched their eyebrow why she’s doing in there. Then the AKB aces are approach on her.
“Hey, takamidget what’s wrong?” Yuko asked.
“Don’t call me that while you have the same height as mine” Takamina said, still her eyes are focused only on one place.
“Paruru, Mayuyu and Acchan, stop that will you?” She’s talking about their usage of their gift to the midget.
What’s wrong with her?” Acchan asked.
“I don’t know. Maybe she’s having a fever, Tomochin.” Mayuyu said and called Tomochin.
“Hai!!!” Tomochin then put her hand on Takamina’s forehead.
“Nope, she hasn’t a fever. I think she’s in depressed mode.” Tomochin explained.
“I’m not depressed, it’s just like I’m comfortable that I have many friends like all of you. And I will lonely without you all” Takamina said.
“Ahhh, our midget in here was so adorable. Come on now guys; let’s give her a group hug.” Yukirin said. Then the AKB Aces plus Kojinyan, Rena, Jurina, Yuihan and Tomochin are hugging the midget.
“Arigatou~~” Takamina blushed. While their hugging moments are progressing Mariko came back with a paper files on her hand.
“Generals, I think we need to discuss something right now.” Mariko said. All of them are nodding their head and went inside of the building.

Meeting Chamber, Akiba Headquarter; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Monday, 9:30 am
“We have received news coming from the United Nations Headquarters in New York.” Mariko said.
“What is it?” Kojinyan asked.
“There is a massive jailbreak in Al-Ha’ir Prison at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They said that the world’s most wanted criminal, Kim Tae-yoen escaped along with her group.” Mariko explained.
“The world’s most wanted criminal and also the most dangerous group are escaped. Tsk, this is not really good.” Paruru said.
“But how did they escape? That prison is a Super Maximum Prison right?” Jurina asked.
“There is someone who helps them escape, right?” Rena asked
“Yeah, but we don’t have any information yet since its activation of the security system of headquarters.”
Grand Fortress Multi-layer Barrier System” Acchan said.
“Acchan, do you know what it is?” Yukirin asked.
Yup, I stayed at the U.S. military for 5 years. And I’m became also the temporary guard of that headquarters. It’s an underground system connected by the several circuits in form of circle. Once activated, even the most powerful thermodynamic weapons will not able to level the headquarters. But in price of massive defense, anything on the inside cannot able to go ou since the purpose of the barrier is to stop anything from moving onto the line. In short, even communications device will not able to connect from the outside source.” Acchan explained.
“Well, aside from that, there is major disturbance at the Philippines. According to our satellite, the area looks not having a problem. But I think something’s fishy. And I don’t know what it is.” Mayuyu said.
As the generals are talking about the Grand Fortress issue, they are suddenly interrupted by a call.
Kojinyan press a enter button on the holographic keyboard on the table, and then a holographic display appears. The image reveals Colonel Minegishi Minami, Taurus General Mariko’s assistant. The girl’s background looks like she’s on the large road.
“I’m sorry if I disturbed your meeting, but this is a very urgent situation.” The girl said.
“What is it Miichan?” Kojinyan asked.
“There’s a massive destruction on the northern part of Aomori Interchange, particularly between Aomorikyoritsu Hospital and the gasoline station meters away, luckily nobody injured.” Miichan explained.
“What is the main cause of the destruction?” Takamina asked.
“Our witness said that they saw many black riders starting to shoot everywhere. Our CCTV cameras saw that they trying to catch another black rider but his bike are different from the other bikers. They said that the color of the the bike was green and red while the others who catching him was purely black. We’ve trying to stop the pursuers at Owani-Hirosaki Interchange, but they suddenly destroy the barricade and shoot down many soldiers and police that trying to shoot them.”
“Ok Miichan, where are they now and what’s their next destination?” Yukirin said.
“Apparently, they are now on Kosaka Junction base on the report of our forces that station there.” Miichan answered.
“Tohoku Expressway, Japan National Route 4, that’s my prediction.” Yuihan said.
Actually you’re correct. Based on the locations of destruction, I assumed that the escaping biker needs some space to avoid the attack of his pursuers and to minimized impacts and crashes.” Acchan said.
“Ok, Miichan. Send some troops on the remaining Interchanges to stop the pursuers from destroying many areas.” Takamina said.
“Yes, Ma’am, Going out.” And the image disappeared. Kojinyan type something and a image appears revealing another officer.
“Major Umeda Ayaka, I want the surveillance cameras on every road online and record the pursuit. We need to investigate this.” Kojinyan commanded.
“Yes Ma’am.” The image disappeared.
“Ok, girls we need to move out now. The situation has been worsening. They need our support.” Takamina said.
“Uhmmm, Takamina, since this is a highway battle. I think that only the fastest among of us will able to confront them.” Tomochin said.
“You have a point. Okay, the one who will volunteer, please raised your hands.” Takamina said. The one who raised their arms are Rena, Yukirin, Acchan, and Mayuyu.
“I have an idea. Yukirin, Rena Acchan and Mayuyu will gonna pursuit these black riders while protecting the green rider while Yuko, Takamina and me will wait on them on the end of that highway to stop them.” Kojinyan said.
“Ok, we will stick to that Kojinyan’s idea, any objections?” Takamina asked. Then a silent occurs.
“If not then let’s move out, dismissed.” The generals went out of the meeting room and went on their respective duties.

Parking Zone, Akiba Headquarter; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Monday, 10:00 am
Finishing preparing their weapons they move out now on their rides. This is the first mission that Acchan have now. All that she can do was to finished papers. She was so excited about this moment. This is also Mayuyu’s first mission after 5 months of rest.
“Yukirin will come to me. Mayuyu you will come on Acchan.” Rena said.
“Mou~, I want my Yukirin.” Mayuyu pouted.
“Don’t worry, just for this now ok?” Yukirin said.
“Ok only now.” Mayuyu said.
“Are you ready Yukirin?” Rena starts her BMW S1000RR Sports Bike. Then she checks two hilts that rested on her left waist.
“I’m ready.” Yukirin holds her scythe on her right hand.
Mayuyu ready now?” Acchan asked. She reloads her G3A3A1 and her SIG SG 553.
“I’m ready.” Mayuyu cocked her Denel NTW-20 and her Cheytac Intervention M200.
“Let’s get this hot pursuit started.” Rena said. Then she over-revved her bike, forcing it on sudden acceleration, making the front wheel rise up as it accelerates on the parking lot. Luckily Yukirin holds Rena very tight.
Acchan suddenly release the brake while pushing the accelerator on her right feet, making it racing on the parking lot.
Then the roaring sound of the vehicles heard from the Akihabara road.

To be Continued


This is her ride:
Matsui Rena - BMW S1000RR

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Atsumina x Kojiyuu): Chapter 7-A: Summer Work
« Reply #127 on: June 24, 2013, 08:46:05 PM »
^ So shall I be in half-shock? :lol:

They have their hands filled with all the events happening around the globe and within their own territory.  I wonder what will happen next :nervous
Random Thought:


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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Atsumina x Kojiyuu): Chapter 7-A: Summer Work
« Reply #128 on: June 24, 2013, 09:05:48 PM »
LOL medyo, d b halata? :lol: Ahaha :peace: Heehee Feels like i'm having hemorrhagic shock here due to lack of english words! :banghead: :peace: TagLish muna.. :oops:

Anyare kay P-noy?! Bakit ganun ang order nia? Something's wrong.. I can feel it! Ahahaha :oops:

Watta! Ngdradrama si Takamina! Awww.. How sweet~! :wub: Let me join the hug too.. :oops:

Uwaaa~ I get to see some action! Ohyeah! :fap Whoa! Rena cool ride! Me want it! :w00t:

I can't wait! Hope they catch the bad guys! Gambatte minna! Imma goin to watch from here.. :nervous Hehehe :oops:

Thank you for the update :bow: :thumbsup

NICE~ :twothumbs
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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Atsumina x Kojiyuu): Chapter 7-A: Summer Work
« Reply #129 on: June 24, 2013, 09:15:29 PM »
yay! wow, the dialogue sounded so cool somehow
it seems so pro

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Atsumina x Kojiyuu): Chapter 7-A: Summer Work
« Reply #130 on: June 24, 2013, 09:32:16 PM »
Great update!!! :D

The group hug was cute lol, nice they're all so close :3

& great teamwork on deciding a plan and splitting the job. They def have a lot of responsabilities so hopefully things will go well :)

Looking forward to the next chapter!

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Atsumina x Kojiyuu): Chapter 7-A: Summer Work
« Reply #131 on: June 24, 2013, 11:16:45 PM »
yun un oh hahah nakakagulat n mabasa ung Quezon City at Philippines
grabe galing mong magsulat idol!!!

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Atsumina x Kojiyuu): Chapter 7-A: Summer Work
« Reply #132 on: June 25, 2013, 12:51:52 AM »
Lol. Alam mo namang labs na labs ko yan e. xD
Birthday niya Kahapon dre. XD

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Atsumina x Kojiyuu): Chapter 7-A: Summer Work
« Reply #133 on: June 25, 2013, 02:13:29 AM »
@cross: oi,oi,oi (>_<) yung choice ko...that was like choosing between something "un-choosable" o.o ...mula sa simula... Takamina oshi yah... atsumina ang gusto ko si Acchan...hehehehe  ah...gomen ne Acchan...hounto gomen ne...  T_T

YEAH!! A FIGHT!! woooooooooo~  :ding:
and lol the "group hug"  :on lol:

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Atsumina x Kojiyuu): Chapter 7-A: Summer Work
« Reply #134 on: June 25, 2013, 11:27:12 AM »
Thank you for explaining the 'Calm before Storm' mean.... But I knew it already...

What I meant in my comment was that I am looking forward to the troubles that they would come across...

Sorry for the misunderstanding...

Ah.. so Philippine was being controlled already...

Ah... disturbance in Japan...

Who is this green rider?

What's going on with these riders pursuing this green rider?

Does this whole thing have anything to do with Kim Tae-yoen?

Can't wait to see some action...

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Atsumina x Kojiyuu): Chapter 7-B: Hot Pursuit
« Reply #135 on: June 26, 2013, 09:54:48 AM »

@kurosawa87: I don't know?  :lol:
@kenjoy12: Feeling mo ba? At wag ka na makisali sa yakapan nila  :lol: :lol:
@Shinoki: Thank you!!!  :) :)
@arrow27: Thank you!!! :) :)
@dark48: Gusto mo sa Marikina?  :lol: :lol: :lol:
@Amakuchi: Alam kong birthday niya... Batiin mo  :lol: :lol: :lol:
@FlameHazeKatsu: Traydor ka kay Acchan!!!!  :lol: :lol:
@cisda83: Philippines was in controlled now, but the culprit is unknown...



Phase B: Hot Pursuit

Kazuno-Hachimantai Interchange, Tohoku Expressway, Japan National Route 4, Kazuno, Akita; Monday, 11:00 am

(Black Biker with green-and-red bike POV)
I just ride this motorcycle avoiding much traffic and blocking cars. On my back are five dozen, no, seven dozen of bikers carrying high-caliber guns and destructive weapons. Their bike was equipped with several arms like machine gun, homing missiles and many more. Luckily, this bike that I’ve been stole for escaping was equipped with shield armor system. My only weapon that I’ve been carry was ultra-sharp Uranium/Diamond alloy five-foot Nodachi.
Tsk, these bikers are very good. They can able to catch me despite having many ways to escape them. It’s because these bikers are not ordinary ones, they are my friends and my comrades. They are brainwashed by that group and make them slave. They are chasing me because I saw that moment and of course because of my gift, the Gift of Resistance, capable to immune, resist and counter anything that will influences me, physically, mentally and emotionally. Because their brainwash didn’t affect on me, they order my friends to attack me so I have no choice but to escape.
Damn it, I need to find her right now.

(POV End)

Hanamaki Junction, Tohoku Expressway, Japan National Route 4, Hanamaki, Iwate; Monday, 2:00 pm
As the highway has only a minimum traffic, the roaring sounds of the vehicles are heard on the south of the road. On the aerial view shows the black Koenigsegg CCXR Edition was racing on the highway at the highspeed with the sky blue BMW S100RR tailing on them.
Rena was looking at her front environment while Yukirin put her retractable scythe on her back. Their helmet was equipped with wireless speaker with microphone and tracking sensor, installed with voice recognition system.
On Acchan’s car, Mayuyu was checking the area for the direction of their prey. Acchan input some coordinates on the monitor touch to check their distance.
Looks like I’ve found them.” Acchan smirked.
“Where is their location?” They heard Yukirin’s voice from the car’s intercom.
“Apparently, they are on Nishine Interchange, 50 km away, and they will pass on us withing 5 minutes.” Mayuyu said.
Once we and they were reaching on Shizukuishigawa Bridge, we will gonna make a sharp U-turn and the hot pursuit will start.” Acchan said.
“Wakarimashita, let’s do this.” Rena, Yukirin and Mayuyu simultaneously reply. Then Rena and Acchan dash their cars while counting the remaining kilometers, timingly for the massive sharp U-turn.
35 km… 30 km… 25 km… 20 km…
“We are near now!” Yukirin said. Then she pulled her scythe and detracting it. Rena pulled the twenty-centimeter hilt on her left waist while her hand was on the motorcycle handle, only the hilt reveals bladeless. Then she presses the button and a four-foot solidified beam of light appeared on the hole of the guard.
So your weapon was superheated plasma high-energy photon-emitter lightsaber sword.” Acchan slightly surprised.
“Yup. Since it can compatibles to my elemental powers.” Rena said.
Suit yourself.” Acchan smiled. Rena replies it with a smile too.
“Ok guys, we’re reaching now on the bridge and I can see them from very distance.” Mayuyu said.
“Get ready.” Yukirin position now her scythe. They are reaching now on the bridge.
10 km… 5 km… 2 km…
“Now!” the four shouted in unison as they reach now on the bridge. As the seven dozen bikers, those chasing a biker riding on a green-and-red bike, and generals are only just ahead of them, Acchan suddenly pulled the handbreak as she rotate the steering wheel three times, then she pushed the handbrake and she step the accelerator. Rena activates the gravity system then pulling the break so hard that her bike was skiing on the road but the bike was on equilibrium thanks to the gravity system, then she revved the handle as they accelerate on the bikers. The screeching sound of tires was so loud, that makes the bikers surprised a little as they thought that they’re just a travelers. Then they saw that the two vehicles that passing by are chasing them at the high-speed.
‘I sensed that I know that biker. But I don’t know where.’ Acchan shook her head and starting to put her car in fifth gear, about 200 mph.
“Rena, go in front of them. I have to do something.”  Yukirin said. Rena nodded her head and starting to put her bike on maximum speed (this is customized so its top speed is 250 mph), passing on the other bikes and Acchan’s car. When they reach on the front, Yukirin pats Rena’s shoulder. Rena knows this is the signal and activates the gravity system and starting to oversteer her bike, drifting on the road. Although the bike is in dangerous position that it will skids on the ground, the tires are heavier than the frame due to massive gravitation, acting as a balance, making the bike in dangerous slant while drifting on the road.
Yukirin stand on the side of diagonalled Rena’s bike as she started to charge her scythe with dark particles. Then she swing it reveals a black crescent waveslash.
“Colmillo Noche (Night Fang)” then it collide on the half-dozen of bikers and explode while the others are evading it. Then they start attacking Rena’s bike and Acchan’s car. Rena use her lightsaber to blocks the bullets. Then she sensed a familiar aura and looks on the bikers, finding that familiar aura. Her eyes widened as finally found that presence.
“Yukirin, go to Acchan’s car and protect them. I have something else to do.” Yukirin already knew that Rena says. She used Shunpo to transfer herself from Rena’s bike to Acchan’s car. Then she swings her weapon very fast, blocking incoming bullets.
“I know that you’re there.” Rena stands up on her bike. Then she turns off her lightsaber and pointing at the biker on the last line.
“최고 충격 [Choego Chung-gyeog (Maximum Impact)]” Rena sends a trail of explosions, that release from the lightsaber guard, toward the biker on the last line. The biker saw that and evades it, which the other tailing bikes behind him was hit and destroys their ride.
Rena went back on her sit and put her bike on normal stand. Then she went on that biker and starting to attack him.
“Tsk, I can’t believe that you’re here.” Rena said and swings her lightsaber on the biker, only to be block by the sword.
“I don’t know what you are talking about, stranger.” A girl’s voice was heard.
“Did you remember the Incident on Unhwa Village three years ago?” Rena asked.
“Oh you mean that village I almost destroyed entirely. So you’re the girl who almost decimates my men for just protecting those weaklings.” The biker girl said.
“Oh you’re not completely destroyed that village. I really can’t believe you’re attack your own country.” Rena said.
“I don’t need that country; we need to make this world ours.”
“You’re still having that greedy ambition, Sandara Park.” Rena said. Then they clash their swords as their bikes racing on the road.
“Tsk, Sandara Park, the one that half-destroyed the one village at South Korea three years ago.” Yukirin said.
“Yukirin, I think you should concentrate on blocking those bullets while we firing back at them.” Mayuyu said.
Tsk, these bikers are not normal ones, they are very good.” Acchan commented.
“Yukirin, Rena and Acchan, get ready.” Mayuyu point her Denel NTW-20 on the bunch of bikers. Rena saw that and she backs away from Sandara.
“What are you doing?” Sandara asked.
“Say cheese.” Rena said.
Sandara look at the car and her eyes widened as she saw the gun was pointing at her.
“Say goodbye to your world.” Mayuyu said.
“伽玛排放核爆炸刺激诱导系统 [Jiā mǎ Páifàng hé Bàozhà Cìjī Yòudǎo Xìtǒng (Gamma Emission by Nuclear Explosion Stimulate Inducing System) (GENESIS Cannon)]” Mayuyu fired a huge gamma-ray beam, annihilating half of the bikers and almost on Sandara but her bike was not lucky as it hits by the beam, making her bike broken and stops completely.
“Tsk, my bike was half-detroyed but I don’t think it will work now.” Then she flipped her cellphone and calling on someone.
“Yubin, my ride was destroyed and my target was getting away. My men will gonna chase her but there are some strangers who getting our way so I don’t think I can able to get her. We need to move our plan to the next stage but we need that thing so I think it take a couple of months. Ihae, I will come back.” Then she ends the call and looking at the chase. Sandara remove the helmet and smirks evilly.
Back on the chase, Rena, Acchan, Yukirin and Mayuyu continue the pursuit as the half bunch of them was eliminated. Rena stands on her bike and takes another lightsaber from her right waist and blocks any bullets that coming on her.
“자연폭발 [Jayeon Pogbal (Spontaneous Explosion)]” Rena flicks her finger and then a series of random explosion created, destroying several of them.
Forty down, thirty-two to go.” Acchan accelerates her car. Then she looks at Mayuyu knowing that her mind was read. Mayuyu arched her brow.
“Are you sure we gonna do that?” Mayuyu asked. She only answers with a nod.
“I understand, let’s begin.” Mayuyu reload her anti-materiel rifle.
Acchan’s car was on the front now on them as Yukirin curious what’s going on. Mayuyu send a message on Yukirin, telling her to go back on Rena as they have planning something. Yukirin agrees it and uses Shunpo to get back on Rena. Rena was curious too.
“What’s happening? What are they planning?” Rena asked.
“I don’t know.” Yukirin just shook her head.
Once the car was in front of them, Acchan made a dangerous move. She suddenly turn the steering wheel to the right making her car goes to the right but swift turning it to the left making her car drifting while she activates turbocharging system to accelerate the speed of her drift. Once she has the position, Acchan flicked her finger to create flames. Then she looks at the floor of road and put her hand below.
Ανάφλεξης Ρεύματος Πιδακας [Anaflexis Revmatos Pidakas (Jetstream Ignition)]” Her hand release a rocket-like propulsion, pushes them from the floor. The car suddenly lifted from the right and flipped on the air many times. Then Acchan and Mayuyu fired at many bikers while the car flips, exchanging its position. Rena and Yukirin surprised that move.
“Wow, what a move!” Rena whistled while yukirin just smiling at her.
After the car makes a ten 360 degrees flips, it successfully landed on the ground.
“Tsk, only fifteen has been disabled.” Mayuyu said while reloading her weapon.
Daijoubu, we still have time to disable them. Kojinyan, Takamina, Yuko and Paruru are waiting at the end of expressway right? So we could fully disable them before they reach on Tokyo.” Acchan fully steered the wheel to get her car in normal position.
“We still have 200 km left before we reach on Kawaguchi Junction. We’ve been chasing them for an hour.”  Rena said.
“I’m afraid they will able to reach on that where Takamina and others are there. These guys are really good.” Yukirin said.
I’m afraid so. But even they pass on Takamina’s line, we still gonna catch them.” Acchan reload her weapon while driving.
“Hai!” The three said simultaneously.

To be Continued

New Skills will be updated on this link: Skills


This is Matsui Rena's weapon (Dual Lightsaber Sword):

Wow, Rena's technique are named in Korean and Mayuyu's technique are named in Chinese (Mandarin?  :P)

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Atsumina x Kojiyuu): Chapter 7-B: Hot Pursuit
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sandara park? XD
Did i read it right? xxx? XD
Omg!this fic is hilarious!
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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Atsumina x Kojiyuu): Chapter 7-B: Hot Pursuit
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Yeah an update again...

Ah... Rena had grudged against Sandra...

Ah... so the other chasers were not at fault...

They were being brainwashed...

What kind of plan was Sandra and her team are trying to cook....?

Would Minami and the others able to prevent it...?

Who is the green rider....?

Who is the person that she wants to find...? Atsuko?

And Atsuko seemed to recognize her somehow... but dunno where...

What is their relationship?

Would Minami and the others that are waiting in the last line be able to stop the chasers and save the green rider?

Can't wait to see what's going to happen next?

Thank you for the update

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Atsumina x Kojiyuu): Chapter 7-B: Hot Pursuit
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the development is becoming...
really interesting...
hrm, despite being chinese american, I can't read it... lol~

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Atsumina x Kojiyuu): Chapter 7-B: Hot Pursuit
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Mou~!  :(

Uwaaa~ :w00t: So cool! :fap An.galing! IDOL~! :thumbsup Akalain mo nga nman Sandara Park.. Hehehe X-overs with kpop idols huh..  ;)

This is going to be fun! Can't wait~! :fap

The pursuit not over yet! More action to come! Yey~!

Thank you for the update :bow: :twothumbs

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