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Author Topic: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc](Multipairing) - Ch. 13-A (23/11/17)  (Read 99480 times)

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Finally, updating time.. After a long wait of the site maintenance...
For the replies:

Feat: Thank you for your comment...  :) :) :)
kenjoy12: On Progress.. Hahahahahaha  :lol: :lol: :lol:
shiruba_rein: Hintay ka lang.. Paparating na...  XD XD XD
cisda83: The fight will gonna show after this chapter....  :) :) :)
deguchi: Thank you for your comment....  :) :) :)



Phase E: Why do you hurting me like this?

Flashback, 3 hours ago

Aokigahara Jukai Forest, Northwest base of Mount Fuji, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture; Monday, 4:30 pm

“Wow these cookies are really good.” Sasshi said while munching cookies.

“Hey, you should drink water. I think you will gonna…” Airin’s words were not finished as Sasshi grabs the glass of water and instantly gulps it until the glass empty.

“Yokatta.” Sasshi relievely said.

“Told you so.” Airin smiled. The whole gang laughs which make Sasshi pouts after that she joins the laughter. Acchan take a glance to the garden, and then she noticed a butterfly flying around on the flower.

‘A crimson butterfly? I know who owns that.’ Acchan slowly stretch her hand trying to reach something.

“Acchan, what are you reaching out?”Acchan ignored Mayuyu’s question as she continues to stretch her hand. Then they saw a crimson butterfly lands on Acchan’s palm.

“A red butterfly?” Takamina asked.

“Acchan, it was her right?” Only Acchan knows what Kojinyan points at.

“No mistake, Nyannnyan. I wonder why?” The butterfly went on Acchan’s shoulder.

“What are you all talking about?” Yuko curiously asked.

“It was nothing.” Kojinyan said.

“Did I forget something?” Meetan asked while sips her coffee.

“Yeah, you forgot about them.” Yukarin points at Rena, Jurina, Airin and Yuria.

“Oh yes, I’m sorry for forgetting all of you. Then I will continue it.”

“Ianthinium General Kizaki Yuria and Rubeum General Furukawa Airi, you two are the only being that has no supernatural lineage. In fact, you two are only put in serious alterations.”

“Alterations?” Yuko asked.

“Yes, they are part in separate operations that alters their cellular codes. In short they’ve been put in Genetic Modificaiion and DNA Alteration. But that’s not the reason why you have those powers. For Yuria’s case, she’s been put in Genetic Engineering operation when on zygote process. Before that project puts on her, she’s already had a gift and powers. But according to the doctors her power will consumed her because of out of control. With that, she needed to be put on that operation to ensure that she could able to control her potentials. The operation successed and Yuria was born.”

“Oh, so what about Airin’s case?” Takamina asked.

“In Airin’s case, she’s been also put in Genetic Engineering operation same as Yuria but in separate place.The reason for that operation it’s because she needs to be cured from a life-threatening disease.”

“That’s awful.” Yukirin said.

“Well like Yuria, the operation successed too, but with a price.”

“What price?” Sasshi asked.

“The death of her close love ones, the ultimate sacrifice for the success of her operation.”

“………..” All of them are silent.

“Pisces General Matsui Jurina, like Takamina and Sasshi, your father is also a god. In fact, your father is one of the Twelve Olympian Gods.”

“Olympian God, you mean?” Jurina surprisedly asked. Then she took a glance to the full glass of water.

“If you’re thinking about that God, then yes. You’re father is no other than one of the Three Supreme Olympian Gods, Poseidon.”

“Wow, it so wow.” Jurina whistled.

“Lastly is Aquarius General Matsui Rena. Rena, is it ok if I will tell them?”

“There’s no need to hide it. After all, they will better know it today than tomorrow.” Rena said.

“I don’t know what will be their view to Rena after I will say this.”

“I feared that too, Meetan.” Yukarin calmly said.

“What’s with Rena’s lineage?” Jurina asked.

“Rena is born with a blood of a mortal and a blood of an immortal. The mortal is the being who set foot on this surface, in short it is human. The other one is the being who set foot falling to this surface.”

“Falling to this surface, what do you mean?” Kojinyan widened her eyes.

“You’re thinking it right, Kojinyan. Rena has both blood of human and a demon. In fact she’s a daughter of one of Princes of Hell, Belphegor. And for all of you to be not worry, Belphegor is a demon who rebels the devils and protects the human world from the stray devils.”

Flashback Ends

Entrance Gateway, National Armed Force Mansion, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan; Monday, 7:30 pm

“Yokatta, I thought I’m gonna faint in there.” Yukirin stretched her hands while exiting to the bus.

“Yukarin’s place really amazed me.” Mayuyu followed.

“You’re right, despite the stench of the dead.” Yuko said.

“I want ice cream!” Sasshi shouted.

“Not now, Captain. You have many things to do.” Takamina scolds to Sasshi.

“Mou. Why I can’t be just like Jurina, spoiled by all of you?” Sasshi pouted.

“It’s because Jurina is younger than you.” Paruru said.

“And because I’m the youngest in here, you should treat me an ice cream.” Jurina innocently smiled.

“I don’t want.” Sasshi stuck out her tongue. The girls laugh at Jurina’s reaction.

“Uhhmmm… Minna….” The girls stop laughing and look at the source. They saw pale girl lowered her head and looked to the ground while her she circled her fingers.

“Now that you know about me, I was just thinking if you despise me. Well it’s alright if you hate me, I’ll move to another place.” Rena was expecting for an insult or a slap but instead a slow pat on her head, then she saw Jurina’s hand on her head.

“That’s actually cool lineage, Rena. I don’t think I will hate you for that.” Jurina smiled.

“We have a same boat, Rena. You know that demons and fallen angels are slightly same so we can be agreeing on that.” Yukirin said.

“Actually Yukirin, demons and fallen angels are still angels even that they commit a crime.” Kojinyan said.

“Is that so? Then we three are having the same boat right?” Yukirin cutely smiled.

“Minna, thank you for accepting me.” Rena smiled while in tears.

“Aw, my melonpan-lover cries in tears.” Jurina teased.

“I’m not!” Rena blurted out

“Yes you are.” Jurina continued to tease.

“Ok minna, time to have a night dinner!” Mayuyu shouted. Then they storm inside.

“Yuko, can I talk to you for a while?” Kojinyan asked.

“Sure, about what?” Yuko asked.

“Before that let’s go to the secluded place.” Kojinyan said.

Main Hallway, National Armed Force Mansion, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan; Monday, 7:35 pm

As the rest are rushing to the dining hall for dinner, Paruru, Takamina and Acchan are having fun chatting with each other and don’t join on the run.

“Hey, don’t run too fast or you will be tripped yourself.” Paruru shouted.

“No worries, we can take…..” Mayuyu hasn’t finished her statement as she tripped her foot and lands her face gracefully to the ground. Her scream was heard all across the mansion.

“I told you so.” Paruru said.

Wait a second, I think I forgotten something.” Acchan said as searching on her pockets.

I forgot my pen.” Acchan confirmed.

“Do you know where it is?” Takamina asked.

“Maybe I left it on the railings. You should go first without me.” Acchan then walked away to the two. Before Takamina and Paruru continue their way to the dining hall, Paruru stops her track making the midget looks at her with curiosity.

“What is it, Paruru?”

“I don’t see Kojinyan and Yuko.”

“Maybe they went on their room.”

“I will fetch them.”

“Ok, then I will be going now to dining hall.” Takamina was out of the sight. Paruru then look at left and right, search to the two.

“Where are they?”

Garden of Eden, National Armed Force Mansion, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan; Monday, 7:40 pm

Garden of Eden is the one of the five utopian areas that resides on the mansion; the autumnal scene and the enchanting landscape of this garden making a place for serenity and relaxation. The wooden bridge crosses over the blue pond filled with lilies and fishes. The moon shines to the trees, gleaming like a fireflies scattering to the grass.

Kojinyan walks on the edge wooden dock and sits on the corner of railings while Yuko tails her.

“So, what are we talking about?” Yuko started the talk.

“It’s about you two.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m referring to you and Atsuko.”

“There’s nothing to talk about that, its official.” Yuko looked away from Kojinyan’s stare.

“I know there’s a reason behind it, I can feel it.” Kojinyan said.

“There’s nothing else.” Yuko feel Kojinyan holding her hands.

“I know that you love me. Please Yuuchan, say it.” Yuko looks up and saw Kojinyan’s tears flowing on her cheek. Yuko couldn’t stand looking at her but she holds it.

“I know that you don’t want her to be alone but it hurts, it hurts. When I see you two, my heart started to break apart.”Kojinyan holds Yuko’s hands tightly while her tears falling more.

“I can’t take it anymore.” In desperation, Yuko holds both of Kojinyan’s shoulder that makes the tall girl flinched.


“You’re right Nyannnyan, I love you. I love you ever since I met you on the field. And I can’t take it anymore. I can’t hold my feelings for now.”

Kojinyan couldn’t catch the moment as their lips are contact with each other. She couldn’t believe in an instant, her heart gonna blow apart. She raises her hands, trying to reach her. But Yuko further deepens the kiss, making Kojinyan stops from her doing and savor the passion. After less than a minute, Yuko separates first from the kiss trying to grasp the air. Kojinyan gasp too.

“Just like you said, I love you and I already say it to you now.” Yuko smiled.

“I’m thinking about Atsuko.” Kojinyan nervously said. She felt Yuko cupped her cheeks, trying to calm her down.

“You don’t worry about it; I will say it to Acchan.” Then Yuko continues to kiss her. Kojinyan replied it back with deeper answer.

A figure hides behind the walls, saw everything. Her tears are unstoppably flows as she leans to the wall. Her weeps can’t able to make sound even Yuko and Kojinyan couldn’t hear it.

Now I understand, I completely understand.’ She silently drops to the floor.

Don’t worry about me, Yuuchan. You should worry about Takamina. I would worry more if she find out of this.

Another figure was hiding not to far from the crying girl. She overheard all of the conversation that been made.

“Just as I thought, I know this will not last.” The figure said in very low volume.

To be continued


This is Captain Sashihara Rino's sword. It's actually Miao Dao, a sword resembling to Katana.

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Na.una na yung KojiYuu  :heart: :heart: . . . .

Yuko seemed to have a reason why she was with Acchan . . . . .  and  she fell in love with Haruna for quite some time . . . .

Acchan found Yuko and Haruna kissing . . . . and the other person . . . Takamina? . . .

Thanks for the update!  :twothumbs

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Well I'm happy that Kojiyuu got together but they went about thier relationship was wrong.

They should not have accepted the proposal to be with Minami or Atsuko respectively.

Well who was the other one that heard everything that had happened between Kojiyuu apart from Atsuko?

Is it Minami....?

What's going to happen with the friendship that Minami and Yuko also Haruna and Atsuko?

What kind of troubles this confession between KojiYuu will do to the coming battles...?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Ah finally kojiyuu being honest to each 'bout atsumina..?
Thanks for update!
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga - Announcement for the next chapter!
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Hello everyone~!!!! The updates for the next chapter would be quite working on it.... So here's the little spoiler

Chapter 9: After Rain is the title of the next chapter. This chapter would be the conclusion of Atsuyuu and Takanyan. There would be some fighting scene and I don't want to say it who's gonna fight.

That's all... Please continue to look forward it...  :) :) :)
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Can I say it's AWESOME?!!!!!

Since I don't have much time to read I kinda become lazy :v but don't worry! I finally read it!
And yo, this is my first post here lol xD

I still want zombie action :v
^ maybe now you know who I am xD

The thing that they are half-humans makes it even better!  :twothumbs
I want to know what kind of powers they will have when their other half awakes  :w00t:
But I bet it would be awesome!
I really like it!!!!  8)

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Man, did I miss a lot!!! :shocked

Awesome as always author-san!!! :yep:

I wonder wether they would break up to be together or keep it secret?....go hopefully it would be the first... :panic: :banghead:
It would be less painful for Atsumina.....
Can't wait for the next chap.! :twothumbs :twothumbs
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I need to know what happens to Acchan and Takamina!! :panic:

Will they forgive Kojiyuu? :?

My friend had recommended me to read this fic and once I started reading the prologue I got sucked into the story XD

Who will be the people that will fight? :doh:

I'll wait for your update~ :twothumbs :nervous Ang galling na story ito~ :thumbup :twothumbs

P.S - I know its a late comment but regarding to the prologue it just came to me that the two people that visited the graves were probably Acchan and Takamina right? :roll:
I do not even want to think to who the names in the graves were! :cry:
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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga - After Rain [Phase A] (05/02/14)
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Sorry for the very late update~!!!!!!!  :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow:

@thelonewolf48: Thank you for reading my fic.. I hope you will still follow it. And I know about that, hehehehehe.....  :) :) :)
@7sam14: You've missed a lot, hehehehe.... Thank you!!!!!  XD XD XD
@River1721: Soon you will know it.. Soon.....  ;) ;) ;)

Well, here it is... ENJOY READING!!!!!  :lol: :lol: :lol:


Chapter 9: After Rain

Phase A: Hageshii Aishuu (Torrential Melancholy)

Office Department, Akiba Headquarters; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Wednesday, 7:00 pm

Today was not a very good day for all of the Generals. The main area is very quiet aside from Captain Sashihara playing PSP, sitting to her comfortable chair and guarding the entrance for unauthorized people. Above the floor where Sasshi is, Mayuyu ran through the hallway while carrying some important documents. She went on her girlfriend’s office to drop some work. Then she went on Rena’s office to deliver paperwork. Then she saw the pale girl busy eating melonpan. Mayuyu scolds her to get back to work, which Rena fastened finish the meal and went back to her table.

After a while, she excuses herself to Rena’s office and walk to the hallway to bringing more documents for work. While she’s walking to the next room, she saw and passed to the girl holding Samsung Galaxy J and Galaxy Note 3 while she’s looking on her Galaxy Gear which worn on her left hand. Then Mayuyu stopped for a while and look at her with curiosity.

“Paruru, what are you doing? And why do you have a phone on your mouth?”  Mayuyu points at Samsung Galaxy S4 SC-04E, which was hold on Paruru’s mouth. Paruru throws the phone on her mouth to air which lands on Mayuyu’s hand perfectly. Paruru thanks the cyborg girl for catching her precious cellphone.

“There are so many important contacts that I need to reply back. Plus I’m looking to the messages for the latest information of weapon deliveries from Russia and Israel.” Paruru said as she still looking on two phones that still on her hands.

“You answered the first one but not the second one.” Mayuyu said.

“You mean the phone on my mouth? I’m calling for a pizza delivery.”

“Pizza delivery? Really huh?”


“And what did you order?”

“Large Hawaiian Delight, I ask them to add pineapples and hams. I also ordered a Nugget Mix and three cans of coke.”

“That’s too many. Are you sure you can eat all of that?” Mayuyu amusedly stares Paruru.

“Too much work is equivalent to hunger. So I can eat all of that.”

“You’re very greedy when comes to food.” Mayuyu shook her head.

“I just don’t let the grace go away. Since the delivery hasn’t come yet, maybe I should wait here for a while. You have to bring those documents to them right?”

“I almost forgot it, thanks for reminding me.” Paruru listened her friend’s footsteps went away then continues to her work. She stop for a while when she heard fluid drops to the ground, producing splashing sound. Paruru look to the window and saw the whole sky has covered by the grey cottons (despite being blind, she can create imagery from her mind by listening to the sounds, as if that she can see things due to her clairaudience).


Rooftop, Sakae Headquarters, Nishiki Street, Naka, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan; Wednesday, 8:00 pm

A certain girl, with red hoodie jacket on her seifuku, sitting above the chain-linked fence. Despite that, the whole building she stood is six-story and the fence that she sat is thin, the girl has no worries. All that the General’s want to do is enjoying her view. The night city has illuminated by several, colourful streetlights, building lights and neon lights. Above the horizontal skyline, is a clear nightsky filled with numerous cloud dusts and bright stars.

“Looks like you’re enjoying everything what you saw.” The girl sought the source of that voice and smile at that person.

“Yuria, what are you doing here?”

“I’m just giving you this.” Yuria showed four cans of coke from her both hands. Then she throwed one to Kumi.

“Thank you, Yuria.” She opened the can and start drinking the content.

“You’re welcome.” When Yuria tries to go back to the door, her skates stepped a small transparent plastic, causing her to trip over and thrown away all her loads. However, she luckily uses her hands as a spring to push up at caught all three cokes at the same time, landed perfectly. Kumi saw that, jump down to the fence, and go to her friend.

“Wew that was a close one.” Yuria said. She saw her friend running to her.

“Yuria! Are you ok?” Kumi asked filled with worries and concern.

“I’m fine, Kumi. I just tripped over and manage to recover back.” Yuria tries to make Kumi’s worries away.

“You sure? I saw that you’ve being slipped cause by the plastic over there.” Kumi points the plastic.

“Don’t worry about me Kuuchan; I can handle this on my own.” Yuria shrugged Kumi.

“If you say so, Yuri.”

“Wow, it’s really unusual for you to fall over like that.” A ponytail girl wearing the same uniform as they’re walks to them.

“I don’t know, Airin. I’m always fall over, but not this kind of fall over.” Yuria shaked her head in confusion. She throws one of the cans to Airin which she catch it with one hand.

“You’re right, Yuri. I’m surprised that you falled like that.”

“I don’t know guys, but I think this is a sign that something’s not right.” Kumi, Yuria and Airin shivered when a cold wind passed through them.

“I’m wearing a jacket here, still it’s so cold.” Kumi commented.

“Maybe we should go to Akiba Headquarters.” Airin suggested.

“You’re right, Airin. I think we should check them.” Yuria cleaned the mess on her dress.

“I hope there will be no bad things coming.” Kumi joined to her friends.

Main Entrance, Akiba Headquarters; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Wednesday, 10:00 pm

“Uwaaa~! Finally, my torture day has come to an end.” Jurina said. Her hands stretch to the air.

“We still have another torture day tomorrow.” Rena teasingly said.

“Rena-chan~! I’m trying to comfort myself. You know how it’s hard to stay in very close space environment in 6 hours right?”

“I know, I know. I’m only just teasing you.” Rena stuck out her tongue to Jurina which the young girl replies the same thing too and they start blabbering like there’s no tomorrow.

They saw Takamina’s rushing out to the building.

“Hey, Takamina. What’s with the rush?” Yukirin asked.

“Oh, I just want to buy somewhere. Hey did you see Nyannyan?”

“I think she’s went home first before us. Why do you want to know it?” Mayuyu asked the midget with narrowed eyes.

“Well, I’m gonna ask her to a date, since she’s already home. Maybe I should visit her.” Takamina said.

“Oh, our midget in here is so sweet.” Mayuyu smiled.

“I’ll take that insult as compliment.” Takamina glared at cyborg.

“Mah mah, maybe you should go now since you need to buy something right?” Yukirin reminded the midget.

“Oh I forgot. See you guys!” Takamina’s running very fast that she leaves afterimage.

“Well, Mayuyu. Shall we?” Yukirin holds Mayuyu in bridal style.

“What are you doing?” Mayuyu struggled and blushed at the same time.
“Well, I’m just want to show you the whole skyline. So let’s go?” Yukirin said. She showed her jet-blacked wings to Mayuyu for the first time, expanding with Yukirin’s order.

“Wow Yukirin, your wings. It’s wonderful.” Jurina compliment.

“Thank you. Now Mayuyu, shall we?” Yukirin jumps as her wings make a wide flap, enables her for full lift-off and shooting up to the sky.

“KYAAAAAAAAAA~!!!” Mayuyu screamed for her life as she holds Yukirin. The fallen angel then flies at supersonic speed, creating a vapor cone on their trail.

“Maybe we should go home now.” Rena said. All of them nod and went out to the headquarters.

‘Yuko’s gone too. Maybe she’s with Nyannyan now.’ Acchan’s face turns more melancholic. Only Paruru noticed the mute girl’s expression and she knows the whole situation. Then the blind girl looks up the sky.

‘The clouds are forming now. Soon the sadness will start to fall down.’

Eastern Tree Farm, Near the Main Gateway, National Armed Force Mansion, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan; Wednesday, 10:30 pm

The tall girl walks in the midst of many trees, looking for someone. Her eyes stared on the human shadow behind the inclined tree. When the girl saw whom she’s looking for, she walked to the source of the shadow.

“Seems you’re know that I’m looking for you, Yuko.” The girl spoke.

“My instincts tell me so. But anyway.” Yuko pulls the tall girl and fastly pins her to the tree.

“Haruna, what I said last time, I love you.” Haruna tries to avoid Yuko’s stare but she holds the tall girl’s chin.

“My feelings are real, so please love me too.” Yuko then press her lips to the tall girl, claiming her thing. Haruna was trying to release herself from the restrain but the Yuko’s hold is very strong. Then her mind started to go disrupted, as her mouth tasted Yuko’s lips. Without thinking, she unconsciously moves her hands to Yuko’s neck as she savors her new lover. It makes her realize that she really loves Yuko and want to be her forever.


Yuko’s instinct tells that something’s wrong. Haruna completely heard that and acknowledged it who owns that voice, so she fastly loosens her hold to Yuko. Their eyes widened as their assumptions are correct.


(To meet you someday, was the last thing I will wish for.)
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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga - After Rain [Phase A] (05/02/14)
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AAAAHHHHH!!! Cliffhanger!!! :OMG: :scared:

So... Kojiyuu will happen.... how 'bout Atsumina?!....  :pleeease:

looks Acchan already knew.... :glasses:

I always say this.. but i still would..

"Awesome as Always Author-san!!!"

can't wait for the next Chap.!!

'More Support from a reader!' XD
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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga - After Rain [Phase A] (05/02/14)
« Reply #230 on: May 02, 2014, 08:14:44 PM »
finally an update!! omg i'm waiting this day to come!!  :mon beam: now i can die happily  :mon angel: *noooooo*

holykaw kojiyuu got busted, again??!  :mon spit:
first acchan, and now takamina. oh man things got screwed up there..

but guess it's okay, so they can be with their respective partner soon  XD
i mean, takamina herself attracted to acchan in the first place, rite?  :smoke:

but yeah, you guys got your love after passed the rough road for sure..
oh gosh i'm blabbering over nonsense here  :on lol:

anyways, i'm really glad for this update.. when will the next show up, author-san??  :mon misch:
incredibly curious of what will happen and what's coming next  :oops: tee~hee~

thankyou for this awesome story  :kneelbow:

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga - After Rain [Phase A] (05/02/14)
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hwaaaaaa update update update ............
finally an update after a while  :wigglypanda:
wohoooooou, amazing story  :ding:

Paruru so cool!!!  8)
why Kojiyu betrayed Atsumina? after acchan discovered about yuko and NyanNyan now Takaminaaaaa  :frustrated: :gyaaah:
will takamina ask NyanNyan fro explaination? or maybe breaking up?
and how about acchan and takamina in the future?  :mon runcry:

I'll be waiting for the next chapter Author-san  :mon tantrum2:
Thank you  :twothumbs

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga - After Rain [Phase A] (05/02/14)
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First of all, I don't get why AtsuMina and Kojiyuu date each other instead of asking out the person they are attracted to in the first place? That will always be in my head...

Secondly... Who was the figure that hide behind Atsuko when she found out about Kojiyuu?

Thirdly... Kojiyuu should have done something instead of letting Minami found out about it this way.

Hope you update soon :)
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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga - After Rain [Phase A] (05/02/14)
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Well good that Yuko and Haruna got together but poor takamina

To be honest, 1st they said they had a crush on one another's supposing love partner now they love the opposite ones.

I think the one behind Atsuko when she found out about kojiyuu is Paruru (maybe)

Would there be a fight for this betrayal?

Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next

Thank you for the update

  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga - After Rain [Phase A] (05/02/14)
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Good day! New reader here! :D

I'm happy that Yuko and Haruna are together now but how could they!
Hurt Atsumina like that is not nice! :(
And I don't understand why Atsuyuu and Takaharu have come together if they love someone else? I don't get it :P

Nice story author-san! At first I was very surprised how interesting and exciting your story was.
But in the middle I wanted to stop because I thought that it's all about Atsuyuu and Takaharu! You really hurt me with it because I'm a big Autsumina shipper... But Thank god you chance it.

Your story is really awesome! Pls update soon, I can't wait. I'm so curious :)

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HELLO EVERYONE~!!! IT'S TIME TO UPDATE~!!!!!  :lol: :lol: :lol:

7sam14: Hehehehe, not my fault for being cliffhanged  :lol: :lol: :lol:
atsukojiyuu_C: Nah, I'm also talking nonsense too, so we're on the same boat.. Just wait and see, ok?  :nervous :nervous :nervous
Justqle: Paruru is so cool, that she has THREE SAMSUNG TOUCH PHONES and ONE SAMSUNG GEAR~!!!!!  XD XD XD
lezperv: Soon, my reader.. Soon  XD XD XD
cisda83: Yeah, expect there's a fight everywhere...  :roll: :roll: :roll:
iLeo221: I'm actually a Kumiyuri shipper, but I'm also an Atsumina shipper.. And don't lose hope, because the there will be a good ending.. Or so I thought  :lol: :lol: :lol:

Now that's all for the replies.. Thank you for reading this fic...

Now.... It's time for some SKE48 ACTION~!!!! LET THE WAR BEGINS~!!!! :onionwhip: :onionwhip: :onionwhip:


Phase B: Kisetsufuu Kurushimi (Monsoonal Anguish)

Part 1:

Before the event in National Armed Force Mansion

Fushimidori-Sakuradori intersection, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan; Wednesday, 8:15 pm

“Ne, Yuri. We have to buy ticket right?” Kumi shouted.

“We don’t need. I already have.” Yuria showed three JR Central Shinkansen and three base fare ticket.

The three Generals of Nanatsunorai are trying to make their way to Tokyo. They felt that something’s wrong and they must go there to investigate. To do that, they need to rush to the next Shinkansen train on Nagoya station. Although Yuria’s roller skates can reach at the maximum speed of 270 mph and Kumi’s skateboard at the maximum speed of 280 mph, they can’t able to reach to Tokyo fast. Kumi’s skateboard can only hold one person when in maximum speed so it’s a bit troublesome if Airin’s join in to the ride. They have no choice but to catch the next stop.

As soon as they’re reach in Nagoya station, Yuria distribute the ticket to Kumi and Airin. Before some of the security guards tries to stop them for inspection, they show their identification card. When the numerous guards saw the ID with four golden star imprinted, instead of stopping them, they make the way for the highest command. In fast motion, they’ve insert the ticket and pass the first ticket gate at the same time, and in the second ticket gate, (Shinkansen has two ticket gates, regular ticket gate and Shinkansen ticket gate).

“15 minutes, and we’re arrive at the Nagoya station Shinkansen platform. And I can see our ride now.” Yuria points at the fast moving bullet train, which it quickly stops in front of them.

“Nozomi Shinkansen?” Airin asked.

“Well I’ve been planned to visit Acchan again, so I chose this fastest train.” When the door opens, they walk inside through the green car.

“Really huh? Two seats and you two will seat together while I’m in separated seat?” Airin said with sarcasm.

“Unless you’re gonna invite Churi sitting beside you.” Kumi smiled.

“Not funny.” A coach attendant checks them and saw of their belongings.

“Excuse me, ma’am. But bringing weapons and skateboards are forbidden as well as wearing roller skates.” In an instant, the three gives their ID to the coach attendant. When the attendant saw the contents, she quickly bows down and apologizes. She gives back their ID’s and welcoming them to enjoy the ride then leaves to check the other customers. Yuria saw Kumi’s worried expression.

“Ne, Kuuchan. Are you alright? Is the train gives you motion sickness?”

“I’m fine, Yuri. It’s not the train I’ve been worried.”

“Then what is it?”

“I’ve felt that something’s not right.”

“Yeah, I know. That’s why we should go back to Tokyo for that.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about, Yuri.” Kumi felt uneasiness.

“Then what is it?”

“Do you not feel it?” Kumi looks at Yuria. Then it was the younger girl who felt uneasiness right now.

“I don’t know, Kuuchan.” Then suddenly they surprised by Airin’s shout.

“OH SHIT!” Airin tries to stand but the whole coach suddenly scrambled causing them to out-of-balance. The train manages to get the balance and continues to run at maximum speed.

“Where are we?” Kumi asked. Airin checks her technological multi-purpose watch. By saying, “Hologram Expansion”, the data on watch’s screen will becomes sensory-sensitive 3D holographic display with many choices. When she found the sphere with many axis, she points it. Then the 3D hologram change into 2D holographic map.

“It looks like we’re in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.” Airin reported. When she said “Hologram Compression”, the holographic display went back to the watch.

“Hamamatsu? Tsk, we’re still far from Tokyo. And worst of all, we have intruders.” Yuria said.

“I’m gonna go to train operator and ask him to continue to operate the train. Yuria go to outside and take care of those intruders. Airin go to the crowd and make them to evacuate at the front coach, I felt the aura from the last coach.” With that, they separated to their duty. Kumi go to the driver’s room, when the operator saw her, he respectively salutes the girl.

“General Yagami, what are you doing here?”

“Operator, you should continue the train on-run. We need to make it in Tokyo right on schedule.”

“But how about the passengers?”

“Don’t worry about the passengers, General Furukawa will ask them to evacuate to the front coach. I felt the aura surging on the last coach and I fear that there will be a battle inside the Shinkansen. In addition, as of the rest, we will take care of the intruders; just continue on your job. General Kizaki and I will gonna support the train from the outside. Do you understand?”

“Wakarimashita (I understand), General Yagami.” Then with that, the train remains its speed and Kumi went out to the driver’s room.

“Maybe I should help Airin taking care of the passengers.” Kumi went to the next car.

Outside of N700 Series Nozomi train, Toukaidou Shinkansen Line, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan; Wednesday, 9:03 pm

As Yuria opens the second airtight, a funneled wind gust meets her face resulting from the aerodynamic design of the train. She hangs to the side and closes the airtight door.

“Turbocharger activate!” When Yuria heard a surging sound coming from her roller skates, she jumps from the train. Her skate’s wheel landing to the grassy land has followed by loud jet thrust sound. The lower part of her skates emits a green exhaust flame. After the turbocharger activated, Yuria suddenly boost out and accelerates very fast, overtaking the Shinkansen train. Then she went to the railings and performed railslide, retaining the high-speed.

“There they are.” Yuria saw four attack helicopters, ready to destroy its target.

“Heavily-armed Boeing AH-64E Apache attack helicopter? Since when they have those advance vehicles? And their speed, 300 knots (345 mph)?” Yuria’s speed now reaching 270 mph as she was trying to prevent those helicopters to attack the train.

“Well, well, well. Time now to use my Vacuum Manipulation.”

To start the epic railway battle, one of the helicopters turn around still not decelerating, and fires the chaingun to Yuria. Yuria replies by fast somersault, which it deflects all the bullets. She runs fast, overcoming the maximum speed of her roller skates. She flash steps, instantly appears to the helicopter that attacks her. The soldiers points at her and start shooting but she evades them. In response, her skate’s wheels rotates very fast creating vorpal vacuum on each wheel.

“Förkrossande Slag (Crushing Blow)” Yuria slams her feet to the tail rotor and destroys the maneuverability mechanism. The helicopter’s out of balance and crashes to the forest and afterwards, it explodes.

Yuria flash steps back to the railways and continuously dodge the bullets at the same time deflects them when they try to shoot the train. When she saw the missiles fired, she immediately kicks in wide motion to each missiles.

“Virvlande Svalla (Whirling Surge)” A series of vacuum waves were created from each kick, hitting to the rockets and destroying them before they’ll make contact to the surface.

“Don’t mess with me punks. I’m not became a General just for being a weak and do nothing.” Yuria saw another seven AH-64E Apache Helicopters.

“You’ve disturbed my Yuria Piisu (Yuria Peace). Now all of you will be my Yuria Piisu (Yuria Piece).” The Ianthinium General smirks.

Inside of N700 Series Nozomi train, Toukaidou Shinkansen Line, Makinohara, Shizuoka, Japan; Wednesday, 9:26 pm

Airin calms down the passenger and tells them to evacuate to the front coach. She also said to them to bring all of their belongings if the situation becomes worst. After all of the passengers were transferred to the front coach, Airin make sure that no one’s left in here.

The Rubeum General stops as she felt the evilness environment. She takes her crossbow that slings on her back and rotates the bolt magazine. When the magazine was locked, she aims it at the very back corner of the coach.

“Kinetinis Strėlė (Kinetic Bolts)” Airin fires her crossbow. The bolts explode upon a sudden contact to an unknown object, or either human.

“I’ve taken the bolts’ potential energy and charge them with kinetic energy, which accelerates the molecules and making the bolts volatile, so blocking them is a mistaken choice. Now for the question, who the hell are you?” Airin still pointing her automatic crossbow to the unknown person.

“He he he he. So you’re the one that recently became General, Rubeum General Furukawa Airi.”

“Wait a second; I know who owns that voice.” The smoke has dissipate reveals a long hair girl holding a long zweihander. Airin widened her eyes, as she knows who that person is.

“Gamma General Yokoyama Rurika.”


To be continued

New skills updated at this link: Techniques
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are you in the mission to promote samsung? lol just kidding  :lol:

wooah,  the Generals of Nanatsunorai can be that cool, huh ..
not losing to Twelve Constellations  8)
why they rushed to tokyo? what will happen there? oh i'm really curious about that  ..
anyway what about takamina when she saw kojiyuu??

yohohohoo, waiting yoo for the next chapter  :twothumbs
thank you author-san  :twothumbs

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  • Hellyeah mighty SQUIRREL! <3
ah so this part 1 is about SKE, they got some great actions there  :w00t: i really like yuria's roller skate hhahaha
so what's next? NMB? lol jk

is something bad gonna happen in tokyo?? is it related with atsuyuu-takaharu relationships??  :dunno:
getting too curious about them..

well i'm glad you updated, thankyou author-san  :twothumbs
as you said, i'll wait and see for more  :on drink:

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Ah... Someone trying to prevent them from reaching Tokyo

Would they success escaping from the trap?

Would all of them be able to escape unharmed?

What's going to happen next?

Thank you

  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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KONNICHIWA~!!!!! For the reply...

Justqle: Nope, just saying....  :lol: :lol: :lol: The Nanatsunorai (Seven Thunders) and Juuniseiza (Twelve Constellations) are very cool  8) 8) 8)
atsukojiyuu_C:Lol, only Yuria's roller skates??  :lol: :lol: :lol:
cisda83: Thank you for the comment, this is the answer..  :) :) :)

The Part 2 of SKE48 Action... OH YEAH~!!! ENJOY READING~!!!! :onionwhip: :onionwhip: :onionwhip:


Part 2:

Outside of N700 Series Nozomi train, Toukaidou Shinkansen Line, Yaizu, Shizuoka, Japan; Wednesday, 9:35 pm

Outside of the moving high-speed Shinkansen train, the Ianthinium General still in front of the train and battles the incoming AH-64E Apache attack helicopters while jumping the incoming horizontal highways and roads that blocks her way.

“Damn, how can they able to send more of them? These things keep coming like a virus rapidly multiplies.” Yuria send another vacuum wave to the incoming missiles.

“Shit, at this moment, we’re gonna coming to the populated city.” Yuria saw the lights coming from the very far in front of them.

“I guess I have no choice.” She jumps on the top of the train.

“縛道の八十一 「断空」 [Bakudou no Hachijūichi: Danku (Way of Binding #81: Splitting Void)]” Yuria said it three times, causing three translucent wall appears on the front of the train, blocking all the bullets and the missiles combine.

“霊武器、発動! [Reibuki, Hatsudou (Spirit Weapon: Invoke)]” A whirling surge of wind surrounds Yuria with no air inside the eye. Then the wind focuses its rotation to her lower legs at the high speed. Then the tornado dissipates revealing a calf-length white boots with zipper on the back. It has two loosen white straps circling on the boot’s collar and one strap on the tongue (lower front shaft of the boots). It has a half wing tattoo on the opposite sides of each boots. The wheel frame still integrates to the boot’s sole, the heel brakes shape like a reverse right triangle with small exhaust on the inclination.

“Vacuum Regalia: Sleipnir.” Yuria jumps very high and skates to the air at high-speed as if the whole sky is like the ground. The Ianthinium General charges through the enemies, creating a blast of vacuum winds on its wake.

Inside of N700 Series Nozomi train, Toukaidou Shinkansen Line, Yaizu, Shizuoka, Japan; Wednesday, 9:40 pm

Multiple sound of clashing metals strikes everywhere. Airin continuously fired non-kinetic bolts at the girl but she only deflects them. Then the Rubeum General pulls the retracted sword on her waist and flash steps in front of the girl. She quickly swings it but the other one deflects it using her zweihander.

“I know that the Gamma General uses dual hooksword, this is the first time that I’ve seen you using zweihander.” Airin pushes the Gamma General.

“I know my dear, but as for the starters like you. I would like to use this beginner weapon.” Rurika smirks.

“Don’t play me around! And don’t call me ‘dear’.” Airin gritted her teeth.

“Aw don’t be too serious, young General. Soon you will become part of us.”

“Shut up!” Airin fires ‘Kinetinis Strėlė’ to the Gamma General.

“縛道の三十九「円閘扇」[Bakudou no Sanjuukyuu : Enkousen (Way of Binding #39: Round Lock Fan)]” Rurika hands releases a spinning disk of condensed energy, blocking Airin’s attack.

”Now my turn.” Rurika raise her zweihander. Airin saw a yellow aura coming from the blade.

“Отруйній Різання: Кислота Форма [Otruyniy Rizannya: Kyslota Forma (Venomous Cutter: Acid Forme)]” Rurika swing the zweihander downward, creating a yellow wave that moving toward to the Rubeum General.

“縛道の八十一 「断空」 [Bakudou no Hachijūichi: Danku (Way of Binding #81: Splitting Void)]” A translucent wall appears in front of Airin and blocks the wave but the girl knows that something’s wrong as she heard a hissing sound. When she looks at the sound source her eyes widened, the wave that makes contact to the wall creates a smoke. What was the more surprising is the wall started to crack and it spreads widely. In panic respond, Airin side steps to the chair as the whole translucent wall shatters like a glass.

“Shit, that attack is acidic.” Airin watches the wave continuously move forward until it reaches the most alarming of all.

“Damn, not that area!” Airin tries to reach the front corner but it was too late, until.

“Díraonta Teorainn (Boundary Diffraction)” Another translucent wall appears in front of the train door.

“Another Danku again? You’ve seen the result right?” Rurika groaned in frustration.

“So the dark-side Rurika has been frustrated now huh?” Kumi stands on the chair near to the front door.

“But saying that wall is another danku? You’re insulting me right?”

“What do you mean?” Rurika asked.

“Although their similar, this technique is not a danku. This is my personal technique, especially against this kind of attacks.”

“Kuumin!” Airin surprised by Kumi’s sudden appearance.

“This technique is an Irish phrase for ‘Boundary Diffraction’. It can block most of the attacks and it has an ability to hold them for a while. As shown in this.” Kumi points at the acidic wave that was completely held by the wall.

“You’re a lifesaver~!!!!” Airin hugs the Hyacinthum General.

“You’re welcome, Airin. As you can see, Rurika. You’re corrosive attack was being held by my technique. With that, I could use any held attacks, either projectile or melee and physical or magical, to either reflect back to them, or this.” Kumi waves her hand.

“Lánpháirtiú Comhbhrúiteach (Compressive Integration)” The acid wave was being compressed into a tiny globe and disappeared into an air.

“You and you’re Vector Manipulation.” Airin rolled her eyes.

“Don’t tease me around, Kinetic Energy Manipulator. You can block those with yours right?” Kumi glared at the otaku.

“I forgot that. I’m sorry.” Airin innocently smiled.

“Nevertheless, you shouldn’t underestimate her. She’s an Acid Manipulator so watch out of those corrosive attacks.”

“Wakarimashita (I understand)”

“I think I should go outside now, I sense Yuria uses her Reibuki now. I need to help her.”

“Don’t mind me; I can hold her off here.” Airin locks the bolt magazine to the crossbow.

“Oh, I forgot something.” Kumi stands in front of the door.

“Bacainn Frithchaiteacha (Reflective Barrier)” An invisible wall blocks the door. Then Kumi rotates her skateboard and when she catches it, she flash steps to the outside.

“Thanks for the reminders, Kuumin.” Airin flash steps in front of Rurika and melees her which the Gamma General parries the attack.

“So that another General gave a guidelines eh?”

“Nope, she only gives me an advice. And with it, that gives me a brilliant idea.” Airin smiled.

“And what is that, may I asked?” Rurika smiled.

“This.” In an instant, both Rurika and Airin disappeared from the train.

Outside of N700 Series Nozomi train, Toukaidou Shinkansen Line, Shizuoka, Shizuoka, Japan; Wednesday, 10:00 pm

Airin and Rurika appears on the top of fast moving Nozomi Shinkansen train. The Rubeum General pushes the Gamma General away, which Rurika flash steps back away. Airin saw two AH-46E Apache attack helicopters, pointing at her. Airin shoots two bolts and catches them very fast.

“Sarvamuse Kulka (Armor-piercing Bullets)” Airin throws the bolts to each helicopter’s main rotor, which the attack helicopters crash-landing to the traffic-less road. Then the crashed helicopters explode.

“Now it’s my turn.” Airin takes another crossbow that slings on her back then activates ‘Kinetinis Strėlė’.

“This only just a support. This is what I’m gonna use on you.” Airin rotates her two crossbow then points at Rurika.

“Ultragreitis Audra (Hypervelocity Storm)” Then a salvo of kinetic bolt fired from each crossbow.

“縛道の八十一 「断空」 [Bakudou no Hachijūichi: Danku (Way of Binding #81: Splitting Void)]” The transparent wall appears in front of Rurika and tries to block the wave of bolts. However, the explosion of each bolts can’t hold the wall too much, as it shows the cracks from everywhere. Rurik had no choice but to dodge them while the wall was destroyed.

“What in the world?” Airin was held to the floor, stopping her attack.

“Who did that?”

“Oh my, it looks you’re total disadvantage here, Rurika.” Airin saw two figures appeared behind the Gamma General.

“Chaerin-sama, SunYe-sama.” Rurika bows to them.

“Shit, Lee Chaerin and Min SunYe.” Airin tries to move but the invisible restrain makes her immobilize.

“This girl is really powerful; we could make use of her.”

“You’re right SunYe, shall we start the conversion?”

“I’ll gonna do it, CL.” SunYe raised her hands to the air.

“Hypnopsychosis Inversion Circle: Start!” A circle appears below Airin and starts electrocuting her, preparing for the conversion.

“Damn you! I’m not giving up!!”

“Too late my dear, soon you will join to them as our puppets.” Chaerin grins evilly.

‘Is this over now? Minna, I’m sorry.’ Airin close her eyes to meet her end. Suddenly.

“Don’t ever think you’ll gonna give up in front of me now, Airin!” A voice shouts at her that makes Airin open her eyes.

“It can’t be.” Airin said.

“Réimse Veicteoir! (Vector Field)” An invisible field surrounds Airin, breaking both of the circle and the restrains, and then disappeared. Airin can move now her whole body with her own control. Then a girl appears in front of her, holding a skateboard.


“Airin, that’s the second time I’ve help you.”

“I’m sorry.” Airin lowered her head.

“It’s fine, Airin. We Generals make a mistake too. However, a mistake should be use a stepping-stone to make things right. And I admit that the Hypnopsychosis Inversion Circle is really dangerous, Even Yuria will be fallen to that too.” Kumi gritted her teeth. They saw Rurika swing again her zweihander, firing the ‘Отруйній Різання: Кислота Форма [Otruyniy Rizannya: Kyslota Forma (Venomous Cutter: Acid Forme)]’ to them.

“Stormväder Ryttare (Windstorm Rider)” A drill-like tornado appears behind from Hyacinthum and Rubeum General and clashes to the corrosive wave. This clash then results the explosion. Afterwards, Yuria appears beside Kumi and Airin.

“Finally, those things are gone for good. So these are the left?” Yuria fixes her hair.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Kumi glares at them.

“We need to finish you off one by one.” Chaerin said.

“So we can get the power source.” SunYe said.

“Power source? What do you mean about that?” Airin points at the enemies.

“Eight corners connected each other by three axes. Four dimensions merged into one space. Two elements blended as true physical existence. One power can change anything.” Chaerin said.

“What do you mean about those words?” Kumi shouted.

“You will know the answer once you solve that riddle.” Then suddenly a Mil Mi-8AMTSh armed transport helicopter appears behind the enemies.

“Shit they are trying to escape.” Before the three Generals charge them, the helicopter fires the multi-barrel gun at them that makes them tried to block the bullets. They only watch the helicopter flies away from them.

“Tsk, damn them. Why they want to kill us all?” Kumi asked.

“I don’t know. Nevertheless, for now we need to deal the situation here. Let’s go.” Airin said.

After a half-hour, they safely arrive to the Tokyo station, which the medics and police are waiting on the platform. They carefully take all the passengers inside the Shinkansen train. The Generals go to the chief police officer whose standby beside the ticket gates and drinks the coffee.

“Are you the head of the response police units?” Kumi asked.

“Yes, and who are you?” The police officer asked.

“I’m Hyacinthum General Yagami Kumi. On my right side is Ianthinium General Kizaki Yuria and on my left side is Rubeum General Furukawa Airi.” This makes the officer spits his coffee then respectfully salutes at them.

“The three Generals of Nanatsunorai? I’m sorry for my sudden behavior to you.”

“It’s fine. By the way, you should take care of the passengers.” Yuria said.

“Yes, ma’am!”

“And take this report.” Airin gives the police officer the report papers.

“What will I do to these, ma’am?”

“Take that as a part of investigation. Moreover, make sure you create another copy and give that copy to the Flavenium (Yellow) General and Indicum (Indigo) General. Do you understand?” Airin said.

“Yes ma’am!”

“We’re leaving now.” The three Generals walk away to the train station.

“We need to move fast.” Yuria said.

“Do you deactivate your Reibuki, Yuri?” Kumi asked.

“I’ve already deactivate it, Kuuchan.” Yuria

“How I wish to get that.” Airin then gets up to Kumi’s skateboard.

“You will have that too, Airin. Soon.” Then they’re racing now to the street of the night city.

Eastern Tree Farm, Near the Main Gateway, National Armed Force Mansion, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan; Wednesday, 10:50 pm

Kumi, Yuria and Airin arrive now at the mansion to check something.

“Looks like we’re arrive now and it’s too quiet in here.” Kumi said.
“Maybe it’s just our hunch.” Yuria said. Before they go back, Airin accidentally stepped something. Then she picks the thing.

“A bouquet of blue roses?”

“Look there’s a letter.” The three reads the letter inside.

“This flower is from Takamina-san and she wants to give it to Haruna-san.” Airin explained to them.

“Maybe today is their monthsary.” Yuria said.

“T-t-takamina?” Kumi, Yuria and Airin heard the familiar voice.

“Hey it’s that Haruna-san’s voice?” Airin asked.

“You’re right it’s onee-chan’s voice.” Kumi said. Their eyes search for everywhere until they stops at the inclined tree. Then they try to focus the vision and saw three persons near the inclined three.

“Oh shit, we’re too goddamn late.”


To be continued

New skills are updated on this link: Techniques

BTW, about this riddle:

“Eight corners connected each other by three axes. Four dimensions merged into one space. Two elements blended as true physical existence. One power can change anything."

This riddle will be revealed on the update.. For now, you can guess the answer if you want....  :) :) :)
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