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Author Topic: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc](Multipairing) - Ch. 13-A (23/11/17)  (Read 98248 times)

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Yeah another update...

Thank you for the answer of my question.

Can't wait to see more

Thank you again

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what happen to yuko, takamina and haruna?? please update soon

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Do Yuko and haruna have to tell takamina about their relationship yet? :?

Actually I little do not understand about yuko and haruna but I'm curious :D haha

Please update soon :twothumbs

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finally they arrived at tokyo!!  :on woohoo:
are they gonna witness that haruna-yuko-takamina incident???  :shocked
woooaaahh, this what i'm waiting for!  :imdead: what will happen to takamina??
i'm really curious  :on freeza:

update soon update soon  :cow:
thank you author-san  :twothumbs

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga - After Rain [Phase C] (05/26/14)
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I was depressed about what happened yesterday [UTC 8:00 (Philippines)] so I can't able to update it.. Now that they're fine, I'm gonna support them for their fast physical, mental and emotional recovery. And with that, I'm gonna update now my fic....

cisda83: You're welcome.  :) :) :)
kazutoryu: Here it is.  :) :) :)
Kakeru15: Actually this arc only focused much on Atsumina even though that Kojiyuu are there...  :) :) :)
Justqle: This update is your reply.  :) :) :)

And now... ENJOY READING~!!!!!!


Phase C: Kanashimi no Ame (Rain of Sorrow)

Roof Garden, National Armed Force Mansion, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan; Wednesday, 10:40 pm

A seifuku girl, who’s wearing eyeshades, appeared behind the opening door of house-like rooftop exit. Closing the door, she walks on the highest floor of the mansion, filled with green grasses. The blind girl walks to the center of the garden and breathe the incoming fresh air.

“Kaze wa kimochi (The wind feel good).” The girl said.

“For three years of my life as General and living in this mansion, this place never fails to amaze me.” Her eyes went narrow as she tries to remember why she’s here.

“Ahh, I forgot. There something I need to do in here. Now where’s that thing?” The girl uses the wind as her radar to detect something. In an instant, she heard the wind bounces on an unknown structure.

“Ah, I found it.” She went to the unknown object.

A 250 cm shelter standing on the right farther side of the rooftop. The 300,000 square centimeter roof was made in glass-fibre reinforced plastic. The frames including the roof beam and the poles are made in Ti3Al2.5V0.05Pd also known as Gr 18 Titanium alloy.

Below to these advanced materials and the center of this shelter, is a 1960 Steinway D-274 Concert Grand Piano. With the size of 274 cm long and 156 cm wide and weigh about 480 kg, this 188 years old piano still standing in one piece. The reason behind the very old piano remains in one piece, without any decay and destruction and without any sign of breakage even it passes to the 50-year lifespan, is that the shelter has installed with anti-corrosion, anti-radiation and anti-decomposition system. With that, the piano will remain new and doesn’t need a maintenance.

According to Leo General Takahashi Minami, this piano was own by former Cancer General Jo Eriko. The former General bought this at the City of Music, Vienna, Austria on September 15, 1961. After the three Japanese military powers and the Juuniseiza were formed in 1975 and the mansion was created in 1980, General Jo brought her favorite piano and placed it on the right farther side of the rooftop, the same place where the current Cancer General was standing. This metal shelter, with the installation of those mentioned systems, was made also by her to provide the protection of her possession against the cruel ways of the nature and the man-made pollutions.

The girl open the keyboard lid, showed a multitude of black and white keys. She sighed and looked at the most wondrous musical instrument.

“It’s been a while since my last touch with this thing. How many years? I think its seven years. I hope that my piano skills didn’t deteriorate after my very long hiatus.” She sits on the piano stool as she ready herself to play. But before her hand touches the keyboard, she put her hand on her chin.

“Wait, what piece should I play?” Then after a couple of minutes of thinking, the girl snaps her fingers.

“That’s right. Since I’ve heard the the water from the sky. I’m gonna play this.” Her pair of hands finally touched the keyboard.

“Frederic Francois Chopin’s Prelude, Op. 28 No. 15: Raindrop.”

Eastern Tree Farm, Near the Main Gateway, National Armed Force Mansion, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan; Wednesday, 10:55 pm


When the two saw the short girl looking at them, Kojinyan quickly separates herself from Yuko. On the other hand, Yuko can’t look directly at her bestfriend. She felt the guiltiness rising to her mind.

“How could you do this to me?” Takamina said. The midget was ready to give in her emotions now but she forcely fends it from inside.

“Takamina, let me ex..” Kojinyan can’t finished her sentence as she blasted out by the powerful force of the wind. Luckily, Kojinyan uses both of her hands to push the wind and prevent herself from being thrown.

“Explain? Do I need now an explanation? After what I saw the whole thing?’ Kojinyan remove both of her hands blocking on her face and lowered her head.

“Please Takamina, you have to understand.” Yuko’s instinct prevails, instantly dodge another blast of wind.

“Oh sure, I really understand what are you two doing now, Yuko.” Takamina stressed the last word very hard.

“I’m sorry.” Yuko also lowered her head.

“Why should I trust everyone? Why should I love someone? In the end, I’m all alone.” Takamina’s tears flow on her cheeks.

“You’re not alone, Takamina. You have us.” Kojinyan saw another blast of wind and dodges it using flash-step, then she’s reappeared beside Yuko.

“Us? You’re referring to all of you? You don’t love me nor think of me as a friend. You’ve only think that I’m a garbage. A trash. All of you are the same!”

“We don’t think that way!” Yuko protests.

“Shut up!” Takamina swinged her hands in wide motion creating a deforestating sonicblast.

“縛道の八十一 「断空」 [Bakudou no Hachijūichi: Danku (Way of Binding #81: Splitting Void)]” A translucent wall appears in front of Yuko and Kojinyan.

“You’re just using me, then after that you’re gonna betray me and throw me like a trash.”

“Takamina.” Kojinyan’s trying to get near to Takamina but she’s received another sonicblast.

“Don’t come near at me!” Takamina activated her Gift of Acceleration then disappeared instantly.

“Itai~” Kojinyan tries to stand up but she’s almost stumbled down. Before the tall girl touches the ground, Yuko catches the girl instantly.

“Are you alright, Nyannyan?” Yuko’s face with concern.

“I’m alright, Yuuchan. But we should worry more to Takamina than mine.” The two saw their fellow friends coming to them. Acchan saw Kojinyan’s injury.

“All of those injuries are made from Takamina right?”

“Yeah.” Yuko supports Kojinyan. Then they saw the three Nanatsunorai Generals coming to them.

I saw what happen last time. Don’t worry about that, Yuuchan. And I should thank you for what you did.” Acchan gave to Yuko a smile full of assurance.

“Thank you, Acchan. And I’m sorry from what I did.” Yuko said.

It’s fine. We should worry more to Takamina. Her speed is superbly unbelievable. Even my clairvoyance can’t catch Takamina’s movement.”

Tomochin goes to Kojinyan with her medicine box and tends the tall girl. The Sagitarrius General gave her gratitude to the Capricorn General. The duck-lip girl replies her with a smile as she continues to tend her.

“Gift of Acceleration gives Takamina an unnatural speed. It also gives to her a massive boost to her movement that she can outrace all of us, until Acchan, Kumi and Yuria came. Despite being weak in terms on raw physical strength, she can cover that weakness using hyper-speed attacks. Overall, she’s really a very powerful General.” Yuko explained.

“We should find her as soon as possible or else, bad things come.”

“What bad things?” Mayuyu asked.

“I’ve known about Takamina since we’ve became friends 11 years ago. I found her on the dark alley muttering some words like ‘alone’, ‘distrust’, ‘solitude’. I’ve tried to talk to her but she attacked me with destructive wind. Luckily, my Gift of Hyper-intuition takes over my body and avoiding that or else, I will be into a million pieces.”

“Destructive wind? Are those wind attacks are not destructive enough?” Yukirin asked.

“Those attacks are indeed destructive, but what I’ve experienced 11 years ago is more destructive than now. Those winds are capable of obliterate anything, even the air in the atmosphere.”

“When I looked to her eyes, what I saw is empty.”

“Empty?” All of them said.

“Her eyes are completely empty, as if she has no soul.”

Somewhere in Kanto Region, Japan; Wednesday, 11:00 pm

The midget sits beside the sliced tree. Her unstoppable tears are flowing on her cheeks. The girl was surrounded by the destroyed trees and uprooted grasses.

“Why Nyannyan? Why?” She continued to cry.

“I’m all alone.”

Without the crying girl noticed, an unknown figure walked to her. The figure pats the midget that makes her look up at the figure.

“Who are you?” She asked between in tears.

Living Quarter, National Armed Force Mansion, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan; Thursday, 1:00 am

All of the girls are finding a way to find Takamina. Mayuyu and Rena are in charge in computer while the rest are looking at the holographic map. On the outside, the heavy rain drops from the sky along with the wailing thunders.

“We have to find her as soon as possible.” Yuko said.

“We’re trying, Yuko-chan. However, it’s been three hours and still no Takamina.” Mayuyu said.

“How about you, Yukirin, Yuihan?” Yuko asked.

“We’re searching on every corner of Japan, Yuko-san. Sill the same result, no Takamina.” Yukirin said.

Acchan was the only one who’s not in front of the computer nor searching on the holographic map. By the look, her mind wanders around, trying to think about the situation. In her mind, she’s trying to recollect something that relates to this. An imaginary lightbulb appears on her head. Then she looks at the bulb, which it envelops with imaginary fire then turns into a dust. Then the Aries General went to Yuko for slight interrogation.

Ne Yuko, about what happen in 11 years ago. You said that her eyes are empty, right?


And she muttered some words like ‘alone’, ‘betray’ and ‘trash’, right?

“Yes it is.”

And you said that her attacks are more destructive than now, right?

“Yes. Wait a second, Acchan. Why are you asking?”

Well, by all of your answers. Looks like I know what that was all about.

“What do you mean, Acchan?” Paruru asked. The rest stops from their work and looking at the mute girl.

It looks like we saw Takamina’s doing but that’s not really Takamina’s doing.

“Wait wait wait, I’m confused. Takamina’s doing but not Takamina’s doing? I don’t really get it.” Yukirin said.

All of those things, the destructive wind. The ultra fast movement without being imbues with either gift or her elemental powers, and the attacks that totally focused on the lethal spots, are not really Takamina’s work.

“What do you mean?” Jurina asked.

I also experience that too, although totally different to Takamina. 8 years ago, I was wreaking havoc everywhere that I almost took a village into an incinerating wildfire until Maimai-baachan totally disabled me and bring me back to real world.

“You mean that, all those flames you’ve created last time are not your doing?”

Exactly. Moreover, by the research that I’ve done a couple of years ago, it looks like I found something interesting.

Each one of us has an own shadow. And I’m not saying about the literal shadow, it’s the shadow in our conscious mind. Now each of our shadow we have starts as an empty vessel and the shadow develops through individual’s mind. The shadow is the sum of all personal and collective psychic elements, which are denied expressions in life. As we grow and change the shadow, also grow and change. The shadow was created depends of every situation what we have. We can encounter our shadow through imagination and dream. The appearance of the shadow is mirror to us, same gender. Their personality was completely different from ours, because all of the shadow’s personalities are the personalities that we completely deny it from our life. The shadow will act as your adviser first, enlightens you to the situation what we have. Be warning, when we experience stressful circumstances, fully indecisive or showing full vulnerability, the shadow will gonna control the person’s body and take command of the will. And take note, because they’re like very same to us, they can also have the powers that mirrors to the original personality but in more powerful version not in darker version.

“So what are you saying is..” Yuko said.

That Takamina’s will was being controlled by her own shadow.

“Hey guys look at this.” Airin interrupts them and points to the holographic video screen. Then they saw a weathergirl holding the umbrella and the mic and stands on the side of the road.

“Minna as you can see from my background, the rain drops heavily. But what was very disturbing is an whirling clouds appeared on my back. By the location, it’s 40 km east of Shimoda, Shizuoka. Despite so far, we’ve currently experience high-speed gusts. Oh my god, there too many flying objects everywhere. We’re going out here now.” Then the video feed turns series of monochromatic lines.

“Minna, I’ve calculated the wind speed of the whirling cloud. Its 300 mph.” Mayuyu said.

“No doubt, we already know who can do that.” Paruru snapped her right hand.

“No mistaken, it’s her.” Yukirin nod her head.

“By the weathergirl’s report. 40 km east of Shimoda, Shizuoka.” Kumi pinpoints the Japan country map using her index finger and stops at the certain area.

“Toshima Island.”

Tsumekizaki Park, Shimoda, Shizuoka, Japan; Thursday, 3:00 am

The gang runs to the very long road until they reached the dead end. Then they saw what the weathergirl’s report, a giant typhoon appears on the top of the small landscape.

“Well, here it is. We’re at the cornerstone of this country. And I thought it’s very near yet it’s far.” Kumi pouted. The wind was so strong despite being far, that their seifuku’s skirts are almost flying.

“Minna, it seems that the typhoon was growing stronger and faster spin. We need to stop before the whole Japan will be erase to the map.” Mayuyu shouted.

I’ll go.” Acchan volunteered.

“Then, we will go too.” Jurina and Kumi said.

No, I’m going alone.


I want to save Takamina. She needs a support and love.

“Go now, Atsuko.” Erica said from behind.


Like you said, Takamina needs a support and love. And I know you’re the only one who can do that.” Erica goes near to Acchan and hugs her, and then the mute girl hugs her twin sister in reply.

“But remember, I want you to get back here alive. Do you understand?”

Wakarimashita, my dear twin sister.” Acchan jumps to the cliff and hovers herself using Ανάφλεξης Ρεύματος Πιδακας [Anaflexis Revmatos Pidakas (Jetstream Ignition)]. She look at the gang’s waving at her. With her motivation and determination, she takes a flight now on the deep sea.

Toshima Island, Toshima, Tokyo, Japan; Thursday, 3:15 am

Acchan tries to look the midget in the middle of the artificial typhoon. Despite the strong wind and the clouds blocking on her way, the mute girl can’t give up. After 5 minutes of search, she found the girl with ribbon standing on the multitude of large sea rocks. The Aries General lands on the large sea rocks and takes her weapons. With the preparation has been complete, she jump on each rocks and trying to get near to her fellow General.

Takamina!” The midget heard that and looked at the source. Acchan swears that she saw Takamina’s change, along with her empty, soulless eyes.

“What do you want?” Even the way of her talk also changes.

Takamina, I want you to come back.

“Come back? Hahahahahahaha.” Takamina laughs hysterically.

“Why should I come back? So you will gonna throw me again like a trash? Betray me again?” By those words, Acchan’s expression changes to anger.

Looks like I was right. I know who you are now, Takamina’s shadow.” Takamina flinched at that statement.

Why are you doing this?

“I’m protecting her for the likes of you. You always throw her like a garbage. You’ve pretended about making friends with her but in the end, you’re simply put her away like a useless trash.”

We’re not like that! We’re consider Takamina not as a friend, but as a family. And as her fellow family, I will gonna save her from the depths of sorrow.” Acchan then she felt a cut on her left cheek and felt a water explosion from behind.

“Enough of those not-so-interesting, makes-me-sleepy words. If you’re here just to hurt her more, then you make me have no choice. As far as I promised to her not to hurt someone, you will be my first victim.” Takamina unsheathes her two katana.

As far as I’m gonna end this in a conversational matter; then I also have no choice. I’m gonna use physical force just to remind Takamina to think straight and get back to her right sense that she’s not alone!!!

Takamina releases a tremendous royal blue colored spiritual aura which Acchan also releases a tremendous scarlet red colored spiritual aura. Their tremendous spiritual auras clashes that makes the whole area shaking from the clashed immense forces.

Then the two dash forward and clash their weapons; creating a star-like light that shines to the whole island.


To be continued

Let me rest for a while before I work for the rest update... The incident yesterday makes my blood drain....  :dozing: :dozing: :dozing:
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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga - After Rain [Phase C] (05/26/14)
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When powers tapped on feelings can do great result either positive or negative.

Can help ppl or self-mutilation.  :banghead:

Minami, snap out of it! :banghead: :cry:

Thanks for the update and hardwork. :kneelbow:

(Pahinga din pag may time  :lol:)

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga - After Rain [Phase C] (05/26/14)
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The pressure created shadow..
Whoooo atsumina fight! Hope acchan can save both of them..
thanks for your work :)
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga - After Rain [Phase C] (05/26/14)
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SUBARASHII .... !!!!!!  :mon scare: :mon scare:
Takaminaaaaaa, i can feel you  :on speedy:
i can imagine kinda scene in one piece when Aokiji vs Akainu in the certain island  XD XD
acchan you can handle takamina, ganbatte! make takamina calm down  :(
Thank you so much for the update author-san, i can't believe this is happening .. subarashii  :mon angel:

yosh waiting yoo for the next  :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga - After Rain [Phase C] (05/26/14)
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Ah... Atsuko is so understanding over kojiyuu situation

Poor takamina... The way she reacted was understandable

Wanting to shut down yourself when someone betrayed you emotionally

But would Atsuko able to save takamina?

Did Atsuko reliase her feeling for takamina?

Can't wait to see

Thank you

  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Sorry for the late update, I'm just discharged from the hospital.. But anyways.. Here's is it~!!!!!

kenjoy12: Thank you~!!! (Tapos na rin ako magpahinga  :lol: :lol:)
deguchi: Thank you too~!!!!  :) :) :)
Justqle: Hehehehehe.. Thank you!!!  :oops: :oops: :oops:
cisda83: Thank you for reading...  :) :) :)



Phase D: Akumu no Arashi (Storm of Nightmare)

Part 1

Toshima Island, Toshima, Tokyo, Japan; Thursday, 3: 20 am

The two fighters recoil each other after their weapons clashed. Takamina slashes her two swords, creating a rock slicing airwave coming to the sharpshooter.

縛道の八十一 「断空」 [Bakudou no Hachijūichi: Danku (Way of Binding #81: Splitting Void)]” After casting, Acchan back jumps and plans to cast another kido.

El Escudo (The Shield)” Acchan saw the Danku destroyed but before it hits her, she raised her arm. Then two light green barrier appear on her both arms and blocks the airwave. She swipes both her arms widely, dividing the airwave into two and crashing them to the ground.

Minami, snap it out!” Acchan rushes to Minami, only encounters another airwave, which she successfully evades.

“Over my dead body!” Takamina releases a gust of wind. Acchan doesn’t prepared that attack, which it hits her.

Itai! (It hurts)” Acchan said. Because of blocking that destructive gust using her two arms, she suffers multiple cuts.

’Over my dead body’ my ass!! That’s not your body, that’s Takamina’s.” Acchan regain her composure and charge to the midget.

“I don’t care!” Takamina’s sword covers with wind.

“Via Dolorosa (Way of Sorrow)” Takamina slams her sword, releasing a monstrous-size destructive windwall. Acchan already predicted the nature of the attack so tries to put her theory in action. In Takamina’s vision, the windwall travels very fast and the distance between Acchan is only an inch, and then prepares for the second swing in case she will evade. But to her surprise, Acchan was not on the windwall and instead, she’s already in front of her. The Acchan that was hit on windwall, cuts into two but vanishes instantly like a captured image.

Before the midget gets away, Acchan charges her hand with blue flames and delivers a heavy uppercut directly to Takamina’s jaw that sends her upward. Then she propels herself upward and flash-steps to Takamina’s upper, delivering flame-charged double hammer fist. Takamina blocks the attack but the force makes her throw back to the ground. She uses the wind as a cushion to avoid the impact. Acchan saw the midget was gone and surprised when she saw her on the back. Takamina cuts through Acchan’s back, shows a blood scattering to all direction.

Takamina has not finished yet as she continuously assault the poor mute girl to all directions. The Aries General can’t keep up Takamina’s pace because of her hyper-speed attacks and with an addition to her gift. In response to this, Acchan gathers flame from her hands full of cuts.

If I can’t keep up to you in speed, how about I’m gonna attack in all directions.

Πυρκαγιά Τρικυμία [Pyrkagiá Trikymía (Conflagration Tempest)]” Acchan rotates her body very fast, creating a high-speed flame that surrounds her. Takamina can’t anticipate that move and accidentally let her hand touches the flame. The midget falls back and solidifies the gas particles to make a stepping ground. She looks at her right hand and saw the smoke coming from her hand as well as heard the singed sound.

Acchan stops the attack and use the flame as her hovering booster.

Even you’re just her shadow; you two are both hard-headed.” Acchan saw Takamina’s grip to her swords more tightly.

“SHUT UP!” Takamina rotates her sword very fast.

Hey, that’s new to me. I wonder what the midget’s gonna do?

“Aerea Lamina (Aerial Blade)” Takamina swings her rotated sword, releasing a wind slicer that moves in arc line. Acchan tries to block it using Danku. To her surprise, the win slicer effortlessly cuts the translucent wall and continues to move toward to her. Therefore, instead of casting another barrier spell, she completely evades it.

This thing is like a homing boomerang! Even I completely evaded it, it still on my back! Damn!’ Acchan gets her military knives on her boots. She saw Takamina swings the rotating swords many times, releasing more wind slicers. Acchan’s face says like ‘are you kidding me?’ expression.

“Κόπτης Πλάσματος [Koptis Plasmatos (Plasma Cutter)]” Acchan downwardly swings, slices the first wind slicer coming to her back using her plasma-blade infused knives. Acchan dashes to the rest, slices the incoming two wind slicers. She performs butterfly twist to dodge the incoming wind slicer coming from below and rotates on the mid-air to destroy the rest. Acchan swings her two knives at high speed, destroying all of them. She looks around to make sure that those were already gone.

Wow, those things are very dangerous. Finally, they’re all gone.

“I don’t think you should let your guard down.” Acchan saw Takamina raised her rotated swords.

What are you planning to do, Minami?

“Turbine Dividendo (Slicing Cyclone)” Takamina instantly appears in front of Acchan and throws her sword.

Oh shit. This thing is heavier than those flying air blades!’ The thrown sword rotates very fast and the sound is like a saw cutting through the metal. Acchan’s plasma sword clashes to the thrown sword filled with countless microscopic wind blades. But the force was too much for her to handle that makes her skid backwards. Another flying rotary sword passes in front of her then it curves back to Acchan, which the mute girl uses another one plasma sword to block it.

Something’s wrong, I can feel it. Minami, what are you planning to do?’ Acchan saw Takamina’s in front of her. The midget points her inder finger to her.

“縛道の六十一「六杖光牢」 [Bakudo no Rokujuuichi: Rikujoukourou (Way of Binding #61: Six Rods Prison of Light)]” Takamina’s finger generates spark of yellow energy, divided into six thin, wide beams and slams into Acchan’s midsection, holds her in that place. Then the two rotary swords go back to Takamina’s hand.

What the hell? Binding Kido?

“縛道の七十九「九曜縛」 [Bakudo no Nanajuukyuu: Kuyou Shibari (Way of Binding #79: Nine Sunlight Traps)]” Acchan was being surrounded by eight black holes with purple outlines, and the ninth black hole on her chest.

Two binding Kido? Masaka? (What do you mean?)’ Acchan saw Takamina putting her right arm forward.

“千手の涯, 届かざる闇の御手, 映らざる天の射手! 光を落とす道, 火種を煽る風! 集い手惑うな, 我が指を見よ! 光弾・八身・九条・天経・症宝・大輪・灰色の砲塔! 弓引く彼方, 皎皎どして消ゆ!”

Romaji: Senjū no hate, todokazaru yami no mite, utsurazaru ten no ite! Hikari wo otozu michi, hidane wo aoru kaze! Tsudoi temadō na, waga yubi wo miyo! Kōdan, hasshin, kujō, tenkei, shippō, dairin, haīro no hōtō! Yumihiku kanata, kōkō toshite kiyu!

Translation: Limit of the thousands hands, respectful hands, unable to touch the darkness. Shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky. The road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my orders. Light bullets, eight bodies, nine items, book of heaven, diseased treasure, great wheel, grey fortress tower. Aim far away, scatter brightly and cleanly when fired!

Oh shit. That Kido!’ Acchan saw ten pink energy points around to Takamina.

“破道の九十一「千手皎天汰炮」 [Hado no Kyuujuuichi: Senjuu Kouten Taihou (Way of Destruction #91: Thousand-Hand Bright Heaven Culling-Sear)]” Takamina fires them all to Acchan, resulting in an exceedingly devastating explosion that shakes the whole island. After the explosion was gone, Acchan appears behind on the smoke, full of burnt skin including on her face. Her knees shaken very weakly due to enduring the explosion. Her hair half-cover her left face. She glares to the midget, which change into widened eyes. Takamina’s closed index and middle finger generates a black energy. Acchan gritted her teeth in annoyance.

You’re kidding me.’ Acchan can’t move her weak body nor raise her hands to use a defensive Kido.

“滲み出す混濁の紋章. 不遜なる狂気の器! 湧き上がり否定し! 痺れ瞬き! 眠りを妨げる! 爬行する鉄の王女! 絶えず自壊する泥の人形! 結合せよ! 反発せよ! 地に満ち己の無力を知れ!”

Romaji: Nijimidasu kondaku no monshō. Fusonnaru kyōki no utsuwa! Wakiagari hiteishi! Shibire matataki! Nemuri wo samatageru! Hakōsuru tetsu no ōjō! Taezu jikaisuru doro no ningyō! Ketsugōseyo! Hanpatsuseyo! Chi ni michi onore no muryoku wo shire!

Translation: Seeping crest of turbidity. Arrogant vessel of lunacy! Boil forth and deny! Grow numb and flicker! Disrupt sleep! Crawling queen of iron! Eternally self-destructing doll of mud! Unite! Repulse! Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness!

“破道の九十「黒棺」 [Hado no Kyuujuu: Kurohitsugi (Way of Destruction #90: Black Coffin)]” The black energy on Takamina’s fingers disappeared followed by the massive torrent of gravity envelops Acchan. The sky darkens; multiple boxes of black energy appear, each one of them tops off with cross-shaped spears, and multiplies rapidly, closing the weakened girl. Then the spears pierce the box, lancerating inside from head to toe.

The black box disappears, revealing the weakened girl with burnt skin and multiple cuts. Every ounce of her strength has gone, that makes her body lying drop to the ground. The midget walks to the weakened girl, with her sword envelops with the wind. In Acchan’s vision, although blurry, saw Takamina standing beside her and raise the wind-enveloped sword.

“Ensis Tempestas (Storm Blade)” Violent storm surrounds to the sword, ready to destroy any targets.

It happens again. Shit, I can’t move my body anymore now. Is this my life ends today? I’m very weak person. I can’t save my twin sister in the accident. Now I can’t save my most important person that I’ve loved. I’m such a useless human being.’ Her vision darkened as Takamina swinged down her final attack. The whole time slows down, in Acchan’s consciousness.

And what do you think you’re planning to do? Giving up?

Maybe, this will end my pain.

Moron! That’s why I’m here right?

Wait a second. You! What the hell are you doing here?

Man, you’re a pain in an ass. I don’t want my light disappears instantly. Therefore.

Chotto matte! That’s my body!

I borrowing it for a while, dude. Don’t worry; I will not make ruckus again, thanks to your grandmother. And also, I’m gonna punish that thing for hurting my light physically, mentally and emotionally.


Sooner or later, you will know how to use a shadow like me.

Takamina swings down her sword, initiating a finishing moment.

Ensis Exsequens. (Executioner’s Sword)” In an instance, Takamina’s sword recoils from a blast followed by the appearance of a double drop kick coming to her face that sends her several meters away. Takamina use the wind to stop her from being thrown away and spits out the blood.

“What the hell was that?” Takamina saw Acchan standing behind the smoke.

Ensis Exsequens is a Rank-S spell which can be cast by the hand covered in magical energy in form of a sword. The true effect of this spell is to cause damage via instant matter conversion from solid or liquid to gas in violent phase transition. The temperature of this spell is very low, approximately 100 Kelvin but instead of freezing and solidifying, this spell vaporizes anything.” After Acchan’s explanation, she showed her right hand, enveloped with an eighty-centimeter long energy sword.

That’s for hurting my Acchan and for making her suffer.

“Who are you?” Takamina lands to the ground.

Me? I’m Acchan’s shadow and have violent personality, Hinako desu!


To be Continued
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Great action there...

Now both Minami and Atsuko have other personality...

What's going to happen to Atsumina next?

Can't wait

Thank you

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hwaaaaa i could tell that's a deathly fight :shocked
i thought acchan would die there  :nervous
then now takamina shadow vs acchan shadow??
that'll be most thrilling!
will takamina and acchan know how to control their shadow?
waiting yoo for the update  XD XD

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so acchan's white and takamina's black..
seems takamina the one that can bring acchan's hiding power
nice chap! Thanks!
Please continue~
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Shadow Takamina vs Shadow Acchan  :shocked
please update :bow:

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Hello minna~!!!! Sorry for the late update... Now for the replies:

@cisda83:Here's the answer...  :) :) :)
@Justqle: Soon they will know.. Soon...  :lol: :lol: :lol:
@deguchi: Thank you....  :) :) :)
@Kate21: Here it is....



Part 2

Tsumekizaki Park, Shimoda, Shizuoka, Japan; Same time, same day

While the battle’s raging on, the girls, who are still oblivious to the happening to the island, are monitoring the situation. While many of them are busy on the electronic gadgets they’ve prepare, Yukirin calls the group as she points something.

“Minna look.” The girls stop their work and looking where Yukirin’s pointing. They saw the flames burting out from the storm and it seems growing violently more.

“Tsk, this is getting worse than we have been expected.” Mayuyu looks at the laptop that shows the infrared satellite imagery view of the storm.

“What is it Mayuyu?” Paruru asked.

“The storm increases its size as the time progressed and its keep getting larger at abnormal rate. The maximum sustained wind is also increasing at alarming rate too, about 200 mph.”

“Wait, wait, wait. Wait a second. Did you say mph? As in miles per hour?” Yukirin widened her eyes.

“Let’s pretend it is kilometers per hour. Yes, it is Bakarin it is miles per hour. And it’s still increasing its speed by 0.5 mph every 10 seconds!”

“It’s like a tornado hurricane-version. Speed of tornado and size of hurricane.” Jurina said.

“What was Acchan’s doing? She should able to finish this right now.” Kojinyan annoyingly said.

“Takamina is not a president if she’s being finished very fast. Judging from those flames appearing from the island, I know that Acchan was having a hard time to calm Takamina down.” Yuko replied.

“I suggest someone will go there, in case everything is getting worse.” Mayuyu said.

“Well, I think that’s my job. I can just surf to that place.” Jurina said.

“Not you Jurina. We need someone who can stealth his or her powers while spectating and observing the situation. Possible chance is the above of the storm since the wind only appears in the storm’s vicinity, mainly below the moving clouds.”

“Why?” Erica asked.

“Because going to that place is equivalent to suicide. Two reasons: being sweeped by the storm or Takamina will notice you and literally, she will tear you apart. So I suggest someone that can go there without being noticed by Takamina.”

“I think I can do that.” Yukirin volunteered.

“We will go too.” Kumi and Yuria raised their hands.

“No, only I can do that. Stealthing is my specialty and only Acchan can see me clearly.”

“Yukirin’s right. With her Gift of Stealth, she can able to spectate the area without being noticed by the midget.”

“Stealthing you say? I think someone who can fill this vacant seat too.” Airin said while her hand is on the chin.

“And that would be?”

“My assistant.” Airin gets her phone in the pocket and start dialing to call the person.

“Really, Airin? Her? Do you think that it’s a suicide times ten?” Yuria asked.

“You didn’t know? She has a toy that can able to do that job.”

“Toy?” All of them asked.

“Yes. Her toy, an ultra-high cutting edge jet fighter equipped extremely state-of-the-art technology.”

After a several dial tones, someone on the other line pick the phone. Airin heard the very long yawn from the other line

“Moshi moshi?” Ther person on the other line in sleepy voice.

“Hello, my beautiful assistant. Sorry for waking you up in this not-so-good time.”

“Thank you for waking me up, Airin. You’ve disturb my dream. I was dreaming about many birds and suddenly my phone with Aishiteraburu! ringtone suddenly burst one in my room.”


“Anyway. By waking me in this not-so-good time means this is very important right?”

“Yes as you can see, the storm increasing its monstrosity at alarming and abnormal rate.”

“I can see from the window. My god, if this continues, it will eat the whole country by this morning.” By the background sound, Airin knows her assistant was taking her shower.

“Can you fly here? We need your help.”

“Ok, General Furukawa. Give me some time to go there.” After that, Airin cuts the line.

“My assistant will come here at any moment.”

“How long your assistant will gonna make it here?” Yuko asked.

“Well.” Airin looks from left to right and above.

“About 10-15 seconds with 20 seconds of preparation. And 15 minutes of taking bath since she just wake up.” This makes everyone widened their eyes.


“Her jet fighter, which is a tenth-generation jet fighter, is made with depleted uranium alloy sandwiched by carbon steel armour plate to decrease being destroyed due to high aerodynamic flight. The jet equips with Pulse Detonation Engine combined with Hyper-X X-43D scramjet booster and variable-sweep wing. And also, her precious jet, has a super-intelligent AI inside, made exclusively by her.”

“What the hell is that technology?” Mayuyu asked.

“Oh and by the way, 10 second is just my prediction. The maximum speed of her jet fighter is actually very imaginable and what I said is just an approximation. In atmosphere, Mach 5.1 (6248 kilometers per hour) and when in vacuum, Mach 9.5 (11638 kilometers per hour). And I hope her plane doesn’t create a massive shockwave or not approaching hypersonic speed, about Mach 1.3 (1593 kilometers per hour).” After Airin, explain about her assitant’s toy, a booming sound was heard out of nowhere.

“Really? That fast.” After a booming sound, it follows a jet propulsion sound. Then Airin looks to the sky that was being covered by the clouds, and saw a triangular-like shadow above those floating cottons. The shadow disappeared and no movement has been seen.

“Where’s the jet?” This makes everyone confused and wondered.

“Tsk, that silly girl. Why did she use Tachyon Particle Accelerator?” Airin sighs in annoyance.

“Your girlfriend slash assistant slash partner-in-crime possesses that technology? Just how that bird-brained girl has an intelligence equivalent to Stephen Hawkings?” Yuria asked.

The flying object suddenly appears above them. Despite moving very fast, it didn’t create a sonic boom.

“Are you ready, Yukirin-san?” Airin jumps to the tenth-generation Mitsubishi F-27 Hayabusa variable-sweep winged hypersonic jet fighter.

Yukirin shows her beautiful jet-black wings to the spectators, flapping it for gliding action.

“I’m ready.” Then Airin knocks the plane.

“Hey, don’t go to hypersonic nor supersonic speed.” Airin commands.

“How about subsonic?” A voice came from voicecom was heard.

“Much better. And we should be above the storm.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

“Let’s go.”

Toshima Island, Toshima, Tokyo, Japan; Thursday, 10 minutes later

Takamina charges to Acchan and swing her sword but was being intercepted by Acchan’s gun. With her free left hand, Acchan rapidly draw her handgun and start shooting at Takamina’s lower extremities. Two bullets hit on each lower leg part, the rest are evade. Then Acchan separates herself from Takamina’s hold and delivers a high knee to the midget’s chin, sending her backwards.

But Acchan was not finished yet. As soon as Takamina’s still on the air, Acchan suddenly appears below her, perform handstand then delivers an upward kick to her back. Then she kicks Takamina’s leg, turning the floating girl 180 degrees with the midget is in front of the ground. Acchan jumps toward Takamina, grabbing her head in a three-quarter lock while parallel to the ground and slamming Takamina’s face to the ground, into jumping cutter.

Before Acchan will recover, Takamina flips to Acchan’s side and pulls her. In Acchan’s peripheral vision, she’s in Takamina’s shoulder. Takamina runs and leaps, then rolls over, slamming Acchan’s back to the ground. Then she separates to her, goes back to her sword and tries to slashes the downed girl. However, Acchan recovers right on time before the blade touches her neck. Takamina then tried to slash her but only parried by Acchan’s rifle.

Tsk, this is getting harder than I thought. No wonder she’s the president of the Twelve Constellations.

“I’m impress about your resilience, Hinako. You’re far stronger than your original counterpart.”

Is just me imagining something or this thing is complimenting me?

Oh, I forgot to ask about your name. May I know?” Acchan (Hinako) smiled at the midget.

“I don’t have any names, and I don’t need those.”

Oh sou desu ka? Jaa, I will give you a name. Your personality and powers are very violent as giant waves crashing to the stone. How about I called you ‘Nami’ means waves, what will you think?

“Do what you want.” Takamina (Nami) said. Then she’s disappears from where she stands.

Here she comes.’ Using her clairvoyant vision, she can see the midget moving three times the speed of sound. Despite blurry, she saw the next move.

Φωτιά Τοίχο: Επιθετικός Φόρμα [Fo̱tiá Toícho: Epithetikós Fórma (Firewall: Offensive Form)]” Acchan (Hinako) swing her hand, creating a wall of fire. Instead of protection purpose, the wall of fire moves very fast and tries to charges Takamina (Nami).

Atsuko, we need to end this right now, I don’t like this.

What will happen?’ Atsuko replied on their mind conversation.

If this will gonna continues, your precious Takamina will be plunged into the darkness of her mind for eternity and will replaced by that ‘shadow’. And that ‘shadow’ will gonna creates destruction if we’re careless of this.

Ehhh? Then what should we do?

I have a plan.

Back to the reality, Takamina tries to dodge the wall of flame but it continues to catche her. Frustrated, she slams her sword to the ground, creating a violent gust of wind that disperses the fire.

“My turn.” “Via Dolorosa (Way of Sorrow)” Takamina (Nami) slams both of her swords to the ground creating two semi-black colored walls of wind that moving towards to Acchan at the speed of the sound.

Plan A, initialize.” Acchan (Hinako) lowers her legs, her right hand holding her dear G3A3A1 and her left hand combs her long hair. She closed her eyes, trying to remove any disruption and only focus to one point. Her breathing slows down but synchronizes to her heartbeat. Activating her Clairvoyance, she readies to make a highly risk move that a single tiny mistake will end her life. However, for the sake of her original personality, she will gonna do this once and for all.

“Let’s end this.” Takamina only stands, watching the two black walls of wind going to Acchan, ready to slice the girl apart. The wall of wind is only one centimeter away from Acchan’s forehead, almost cutting her hair. She questions herself why Acchan doesn’t move, as if like she’s willing to be hit by her attack. Then realization hits to Takamina as she finally knows the answer when she saw Acchan uses her rifle to clash with the wind. The mute girl uses ‘Ensis Exsequens’ for double effect and coated them each with fire for additional support. Despite of what she got, the walls push her, skidding all the way to the rock on the far side. Nevertheless, for the sake of this plan, she will not give up that her forcely gaining momentum, stopping the wind from pushing her. Then with her final effort, she destroyed the walls.

Yatta! Now continue to the plan. This technique has a second round with delay time. I need to go there as fast as I can.

Before Takamina readies for the second round, her eyes widened from what she saw.

Acchan (Hinako) was already in front of her, holding the two raised hands and not letting the technique to be completed.

You’re right, Nami. Let’s end this. Let’s end this madness right now.

Let’s end this lies and delusions, saying that you’re alone. Hell man! You have family that worries for you! Friends that cares for you! And someone that loves you, saying that you’re not alone! And that someone does everything what she can just to save you from this despair!” The last sentence makes the midget flinched.

In Acchan’s mind.

Acchan. Now it’s your turn.’ Hinako pats Atsuko’s shoulder. Then she walks and disappears through the darkness and that only leaves Acchan, alone in the black room.

Thank you, Hinako. I guess need to stick to the plan. Plan B, initialize.’ Acchan opens the white door and walks through the light.

In Takamina’s mind.

‘Why? Why do you still doing this? Why you’re trying to sacrifice your life. I don’t understand. I thought you don’t care.’ While her mind is still processing on so many questions, that leads her to breakdown, someone pats her shoulder. This makes her look at that owner.

‘Takamina?’ Takamina suddenly hugs Nami.

‘That’s enough, Nami. You don’t need to push yourself too hard.’ Takamina gives her ‘shadow’ a reassurance hug that this makes her calm.

‘Thank you but I think I’m gonna settle this.’

‘Ehhh?’ Nami cried.

‘Don’t worry about me. I finally realize now. Ja, nee.’

Back to Reality

Both of them resurface to the physical world. Takamina can feel the wind blowing at her. Acchan can able to move her hands. Now she need to finish this.

Plan B, initialize.’ In an instant, Acchan went behind to Takamina, grabbed her around her waist. Then she lifts her up and readies to German Suplex the midget.

Takamina! Anata wa bakayarou!” Acchan slams Takamina to the ground. Then she releases her hold as her body feels the heavy pain result from the consecutive hado attacks. Acchan feels her body getting heavier and lastly, loses her consciousness.

“You’re right, Acchan. I’m an idiot. I’m an idiot to not realize that you’ve loved me. I’m sorry that I’ve gave you this pain for saving me. Thank you, Acchan. And I love you too.” Before Takamina loses her unconscious, her hand finds Acchan’s hand and holds it as if she owns that. Then she looks to the sky lighten by the rising sun.

“Every rain or storm has a rainbow waiting to be shown.” Takamina closed her eyes.

Stratosphere, 3000 meters above Japan; Thursday, 7:00 am

The girl slightly opens her eyes, her vision still not clear. She saw the clouds moving very fast and the sun continues to rise. Then she loses her consciousness.


To be continued.

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Lame Story ahead!

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Awesome figth! Atsuminaaaaaa <3 and so hinako and nami XD
churi's toy WoW
thank you for update~
just love to read alot of fiction story

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great fighting scene....

Yeah... Atsuko's love for Minami is acknowledged by Minami

What's going to happen to them?

Would they be official?

Can't wait to find out the next chapter

Thank you for the update

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Yo master, thanks for letting me copy those SKE48 paraphernalia XD  :thumbup

Till next time!

Lame Story ahead!

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GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!  :w00t:
JUST WOW  :shocked
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Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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