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Author Topic: Kate's OS Box ~ Untitled [SayaMilky] - Update (15/5/16)  (Read 138248 times)

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  • My heart beats for Yukirin <3

daichi matsui: I’m glad that you enjoyed it so far :)

vickystar: Haha, I’m glad that you enjoyed it!

Raizel: You’re certainly interested in this thing. LOL. Technically you can be injured and still fight, and sorta pray that your opponent is not a type that wants to hurt you or something. For the mysteries…let’s see.  Jurina could be injured from training/accident, which is bad enough to give her a chronic injury. Why Rena and Jurina moved to Akiba High? Just think of a normal school transfer, so there’s actually nothing behind it (MAYBE :P). Ahem, so for the kendo levels...

Common language:
Kyu = Non-black belt
Dan = black belt

Thus, automatically means that Dan grades are higher than Kyu grades. Are you familiar with Taekwondo and Karate? The color of belts indicates their grade, but for Kendo there is no such visible indication like that (SKILLS!!!). Its slightly weird but basically goes from Kyu 10 to 1, and then Dan 1 to 8.

Kyu 3 - [LOWEST]
Kyu 2
Kyu 1
Dan 1
Dan 2
Dan 3
Dan 4
Dan 5 - Considered “Sensei” [HIGHEST]

This just a sample, it actually goes to Dan 8, doesn’t stop at 5th. For someone to be called “sensei”in dojo, In Japan you need to be godan (5th Dan). While in Korea to be considered Master you need to be yondan (4th Dan). I hope that answers your doubts :) Feel free to ask more.

Minami-chan: I’m glad that you like and enjoyed it!

RenshuChan: Oh thank you, glad you like it! :) I hope you look forward to the next one. I’m confident that it will be good.

niineechan: Glad you enjoy it :)

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Thanks for the explaination.. :twothumbs
Yeah since back then I really like sword play and kendo one of them,
but I can't play it cz in my country its not a popular sport so not many place offering to teach kendo.. :banghead:
I just watch and read something that contain kendo then, haha.. :sweatdrop:

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ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!! TIME TO COMMENT ON THIS MASTAHPISS! LOL get it? masterpiece = mastah piss? you're my mastah? and you pissed? get it? get it? hahahahahahahahaha //slapped like a bitch

Ok, that was a really bad joke. but it was punny right?! LOL get it? punny? pun + funny? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! //slapped like a dog

Forgive me. now back to business... I think you know how long I've been waiting for you to finish this kendo fic right here? This was supposed to be my birthday present, which happened to be 10months ago LOL. but then again, you finished it and I'm so proud of u mastah!

First, I wanna say thank you for this wonderful fic as it was definitely an eye opener for someone who doesn't know anything about kendo before this. Now, I'm just like "MEEEEEEN! KOTE MEEEEEEN!! DOOOOUUUUU!!!" every single day. There was once I even used a stick and pointed it at my mom while screaming "MEEEN!" at her face. Then she was like "Dafuq, stop screaming and put that down!". Then I was like "MEEEEEN!!!" once again. I ended up on the ground within the next second. T.O.T.A.L.L.Y W.O.R.T.H I.T! My mom is a badass so don't judge. She took me down with a single slap across my fab face.

Alright, back to topic, I have to say separating my comments into smaller parts can be really troublesome so I'm just gonna stuff everything into this single LOOOOOOONG comment.. And here we go~!!

Part 1

So the beginning shows just how Wmatsui are already quite close to one another~ I like how Jurina is so clingy towards Rena while Rena is just so tsundere. It's like "Notice me, Rena-chwaann~" and Rena be like "stfu and go sleep, J. You're drunk." Rena, Rena... You should know Jurina likes you a lot. Why must you be so tsun tsun?!

And the mom asking “So are you dating Yuki-chan or Rena-chan? Both of them are cute aren’t they?”

LOL AUNTY! Jurina is definitely going after Rena and not Yuki. After all, Yuki is super hyper mega S. The one that will lick the dirt off your face instead of using a tissue, and only Mayu loves it. So, NO WAY IN HELL JURINA WOULD WANT LICKS ON HER FACE, AUNTY LOLZ Just look at Rena. She's cute and pretty.. Very suited for someone like Jurina.

However she couldn’t help but to look back and see Yuki and Jurina again…but they were gone already. She wondered was that just an illusion or it was real…even though she would wanted to chase after them, she had an important meeting she need to do today with Mayu. All she knew was that she was called out to help her with doing Takamina’s favor. She felt that she needed to focus on what she need to do, and not about Yuki and Jurina right now… Despite she tried to lie to herself, the more she tried to deny it the more she could never erase that painful feeling that was growing inside her heart. It constantly burned permanently into her heart…that image of Yuki getting all cuddling with Jurina. She felt annoyed, it was the first time ever she felt annoyed like this…and she didn’t like how it was at all. She is not happy at all.

BOY IS RENA JEALOUS OR WHAT LOLZ!! Stop looking at them, Rena. You don't like Jurina RIGHT? RIGHT? At least that's what she thought in the beginning. HAH! Now you're beginning to feel it? Jurina went through all your rejections and lived with it. Now, you merely see them together and you're annoyed? Why are you annoyed? From what I remember, you rejected Jurina. If you don't feel happy seeing Jurina with another person, why did you reject her in the first place???

So, part 1 is pretty much all about Wmatsui and some kendo introductions so that's all I can talk about for now.. This part was where I learnt the new term "MEEEEEN!" lolz

Part 2

The first time I read this part, I was confused at the beginning because for some fucking reason, I read 'Rambutan's Market'. Then I'm like ok? So, they're going to a market that sells only rambutan? Oh, for those who don't know, this is rambutan. It's a really yummy fruit lolz

After some head scratching, I read it again and then it hit me. "Rabutan's Market." and I'm like "OHHHHHH RABUTAN! NOT RAMBUTAN! OMGROFLLOLZWHYDIDIEVENREADITASRAMBUTAN" Why didn't you use Lovetan instead LOL. Well, anyways, back to the story..

“Ignore that lame name, just follow me.”
HAH! What did I say lolz.

So, Jurina is out with Yuki and Mayu is out with Rena. What is with this formation? It smells weird here. O wait. That was my fart LOL. So there's nothing wrong with JuriYuki and MayuRena. It's just me. BUT! We all know Wmatsui and Mayuki is life so they're just friends hanging out.

The flashback of Yuki being lovey dovey with Jurina made her heart ached again. Those images burned into her head and she couldn’t control the frowning expression she was making. Takamina could feel the change in Rena’s surrounding air as well as her expression, which strongly indicated to her that something was wrong with Rena today. Also, she had a funny feeling that it must be related to Jurina.

Rena you naughty naughty girl~ You little tsun princess~

“You’ll understand what’s the true source of those disturbing feelings. Just remember this…even though you don’t understand yourself, don’t let go of that person that’s important to you, okay?”
Some wise words from Takamina sensei lolz. If it was me, I'd just be like "Hey, Rena? You should stalk them and then kidnap Jurina and make her yours." Then Rena be like "wtf go away."

AND EVEN AFTER ALL THAT PAIN YOU FELT!!! You still rejected her lolz. You never learn. If you don't want her to slip out of your grasp, then at least start by NOT REJECTING JURINA!

“Die in training, and shine in shiai*”
You're god damn right about this. This is just like real life exams. We study like mad, lose sleep, stressed out and in the end shine during the exams. Except for me. I study till my lung protruded out of my eye and yet I still get shit results LOL. This is what I'd like to call "Die in studying, still die in exams" -Kevin 2015

This chapter shows a kendo match in slight detail. And I can totally tell that Rena was trying her best to score against Yuko. But as expected of the short squirrel, she's an extremely formidable opponent lul. Who do you think she is? She's the infamous red tiger of akiba lolz. And after I watched all those kendo videos, I kinda have a rough idea about their movements, their kiai and all.

Part 3

Silence before the storm... I already like it. lolz

Once again, Jurina and Yuki are out dating lolz. And Yuki found out that 'secret' Jurina had been hiding all these time. WHAT SECRET YOU ASK? some secret la. you know, i know lolz. Yukirin the psychiatrist is totally unimaginable. Knowing her super hyper mega S personality, she's more suited to be a psycho than a psychiatrist lulz.

AND OOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! IT'S HERE! Jurina confessed yet again and Rena was speechless this time! She was actually contemplating about it.. Isn't it wonderful~~~ Rena has finally opened herself up for Jurina~~~~~~~~~~and then she slammed the door at Jurina's face. Jurina knew she wasn't getting the usual response so I bet she was like "dafudge just happened"

OMG Rena... You don't know why you're panicking like this? "Ah.....this feeling....uh...." THIS FEELING IS CALLED LOVE and no it's not complicated. You made it complicated. And NO! You do understand it! You just don't wanna bring yourself to accept it! Ya ya ya.. Heart bursting out of your chest. If you had not slammed the door on Jurina and instead gave her the answer you both wanted so badly, you wouldn't be like this.....

I can totally tell how powerful Takamina is from the way she's literally destroying Ikoma. Poor girl. She won of course, coz Takamina let her LOL. If she was to fight for real, I think the match would be over within a second. Just like how my mom ended me. LOLZ

This part, the kendo matches were more in detail and to tell truthfully, I was more interested in the fights than the fluffs LOLZ. Tho I still wanna see fluffs, those kendo actions were just too good to ignore. All the Dous... All the Mens... All the Kiais... Preparing themselves to enter the real battlefield....

Part 4

Watched those videos before but watched it again LOL.. Dat Matsumoto and Won match was just too WEEEEEEWW~~!!! LIGHTSABER!! PAPAPAPAPPAPAAPAK!!

Back to the story~ Now they're all preparing for the competition~ I can totally imagine them swinging their shinai, talking to themselves, and all.. I kinda wanna cheer for Ikoma like mad coz this is her first competition ever and she might be feeling the pressure of the competition like mad. I know what she's thinking right now. "I wanna go home...." but I know she can do well!

AND IT STARTS!!!! tho it's sakae vs sakae... WHO CARES! GO YUI!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW~~!!!! YUI YUI!!! GO YUI!! PARU IS HERE TO CHEER YOU! GO GO GO!!!! boo suda... boo jonishi GO YUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEW!!! KIAI KIAI KIAI KIAI KIAI KIAI!!!!

As expected from the great ham, she's the winner of pool 1..

It's kinda cute that Ikoma was confused with this and that, keep asking questions like a little kid lolz.


Miyuki was busy raping the others like nobody's business LOLZ and not surprising that she won the pool lolz. She is supposed to win. Come on. She's a Watanabe. We all know how badass Watanabes can be.

Poor poor Rena. She has to face the super hyper mega S Yukirin. Dat cold stare scares even me lolz. Tho it's scary, at the same time, she's so cool. It's like EHMERGERD stahp looking so cool, Yuki. you're gonna make my ovaries explode. BLACK TIGER LOLZ. Those Black Aura~~~ It's kinda interesting to see the cute Yukirin from the beginning of this fic being so damn sadistic right now. It's like a 180degree turn. IT'S COOL LIKE EHMERGERD MY OVARIES!

OMG QUARTERFINALS~!!! 1st match is Yui against Yuko.. I love them both. I'm not sure who I should root for. Maybe Yui? But she already has Paru... Yuko? She already has Kojiharu... So...... GO YUIKO!!! WEEEEEW! I combined their names, so don't question me lolz. This match was good. I can tell it was quite a close match. The kiais! In the end it was Yuko's win but hey... Yui did a great job against the Red Tiger of Akiba.. It's not everyday that someone gets a chance to fight someone like her so be proud lolz. And so, Yuko is off to the semifinals...

Next match is Miss Lemon against 'stabu stabu' Miyuki and obviously, Miyuki won. Like I said earlier... She's a Watanabe. She can't lose lolz. And the Russian monkey won against Umeda!

AND NOW.... THE TIME HAS COME FOR RENA TO DIE-I mean time for the most awesome match of the century lulz. YUKI VS RENA!!!! Seriously, this was one of the match I wanted to read SO BADLY coz WHY THE HELL NOT!? This would be the time where people learn just how super hyper mega S Yuki really is.. ALL THE KIAIS! ALL THE BLOCKS! ALL THE KOTE DOU YAME HAJIME! and damn did Yuki just make fun of Rena? And those words SAAAANNK DEEEP inside Rena. She must be feeling like "dis lil bitch just said wut about me? imma teach you a lesson bitch." and she went in recklessly and almost got stabbed in the neck lolz. Rena Rena... Always impatient. Come on! Do it right and destroy your love rival once and for all!! But of course, who am I kidding? It's the S Yuki we're talking about. Of course Yuki won the match.

After that, Yuki just turned back to her usual self like wtf. Does she has double personalities or something? lolz. One second, she was playing around with Jurina. Next second, she gave Rena the death glare. Then now, she gave Mayu the smile. Like wtf, Yuki? Plan to be a psychiatrist? Gurl, YOU need a psychiatrist. But that match made me go

Wmatsui were having a moment and then the judge just had to shout "MEN ARII!!!", destroying the moment. AYY MAN GIVE THEM SOME PRIVATE TIME!

Judge : But that's my job.
Me : I dun care. I wan Wmatsui.
Judge : But this is one of the best fight in this competition!
Me : ....
Judge : ....
Me : I wan Wmatsui.
Judge : Once upon a time, Rena and Jurina kissed. The end.
Me : yay.
Judge : Now watch the match.
Me : wut it's over already? o.o

Yuko lost. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT YUKO TO WIN!! I actually want you to win, Miyuki. I love you so much like EHMERGERD HAVE MY BABIES OH NO!!! I WANTED MIYUKI TO LOSE! Oh well, Miyuki is a Watanabe after all. Yuki won against the Russian monkey as expected. Watcha gonna do now monkey? Throw your bananas? Summon your gorillas? LOLOLOLOL omg wait... Why is Akimoto Sayaka suddenly running towards me with bananas lol.

O.O I bet this was Rena's reaction hearing all the moans LOL. Weeeeew~ The first appearance of Mayuki lolz. Kissing passionately like wtflolz. Rena must be like "ehmergerd i'm just here to get yuki and wtf u guys r disgusting /covers eyes/"

I get it. Yuki needs lots of energy for this final battle against Miyuki. So, she used her super hyper mega S kiss to suck the life out of Mayu's lips like SLUUUUUUUURPPPPPPP~!! But still Yuki lost... Seems like she sucked too much energy from Mayu lolz. Though, she gave Miyuki a really tough fight. The amount of kiais were of wtf  level lolz.

AND THAT PECK! DAT WMATSUI PECK! PECK PECK PECK PECK!! But she didn't kiss Rena on the lips coz of her fear of rejection. AND WHO IS THE CAUSE OF THIS? WHO MADE JURINA LIKE THIS? YES, I'M LOOKING AT YOU, RENA! You see? This is what happens when you keep rejecting the some person over and over again. Now she has this fear of rejection..


Part 5

And now it's time for the team matches~~~!!! First up is Sakae against Namba.. GOOOOO SAKAAEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWW!!!!!! boo namba GO AKIBAAAA!!!!!!!! wait wtf is akiba here.. GOOOOOO SAKAEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! The third match ended within 20seconds wtf lolz MIYUKI YOU ARE A MONSTER! A cute monster lol. AND TEAM SAKAE WIPED NAMBA CLEAN OFF THE GROUND!! SO CLEAN YOU CAN SEE THE FLOOR GO BLING BLING!

Next up, Hakata vs Akiba. Pfft.. We all know who's gonna win this match but no matter~ It's PAPAPAPAPPAK! I was really cheering for Ikoma. She did really good for her first competition. I really really wanted her to win. I wanted her to feel how victory tasted like but how unfortunate... She got injured in the match and had to sit out. Aww.... She cried coz she didn;t want all her senpais hard work to go in vain. And suddenly Mayu punched herself on the face lolz. Did she like become a super hyper mega M because of Yuki?

A NEW CHALLENGER HAS APPEARED!! wtf is this, am i hosting street fighter or something lolz. THEY FINALLY HAVE A WATANABE IN TEAM AKIBA NOW! HAH! You think Miyuki was the only Watanabe capable of fighting but no~! Mayu too is a Watanabe! And all Watanabes are badasses!

OHOHOHOHOHO......... Jurina's appearance in Team Sakae shocked them all badly especially Rena. AND LET THE FINALS BEGIN!!!!! KIAI ALL THE WAY! Rena and Miyuki's match interest me a bit. How fast Rena was adapting to Miyuki's movements and all.. She's a prodigy definitely. She lost, but if she continue training, she would eventually beat Miyuki. And I love how Yuki 'obliterate' her opponents in a flash lolz.


Ended with a draw... Aww........ I thought someone would come out on top. Though the match was WEEEEEEEWWWW~!!!

Mayu offered herself to satan, eh? I mean offered herself to fight against Miyuki, eh? THE SPIRIT OF RIVALRY BURNS BRIGHTLY WITHIN HER! But come on. You're both Watanabes. She's family. Cut her some slack lolz.

It's interesting that we finally get to see Mayu and Miyuki's relationship in the past lolz. OH, NOT ONLY AS KENDO RIVALS BUT AS LOVE RIVALS TOO! Settling the problem with a kendo match wtf lolz

AWWWWWWWWW~~~~~ THE BIRTH OF MAYUKI~! It's so sweet!! :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco:

At least you both are fast to catch on. Unlike Rena LOLZ

Enchou for 20mins WTFLOL So in the end, the winner is Team Sakae.... BUT NO WORRIES! THERE'S STILL THE OPEN TEAM EVENT! I BELIEVE IN YOU, AKIBA!

It's funny to see Miyuki being all chill about Mayuki like "nah, i'm cool. /winkwinkwink"

Rena still cares for Jurina even after hiding everything from her, aasking about her ankle and all. Yeah, you should, Rena. You almost let her slip past your grasp once again. So don't make the same mistake like before aite or imma have to stab your throat with a shinai. So let's skip skip skip skip to the match! THE FINAL COMPETITION! I notice Yuko love to obliterate her opponents like Yuki as well.. I wonder who will win if Yuko and Yuki went against each other? lolz.



I was like watafak to Yukirin and then I was like YIZYIZ BITE HER to Jurina LOLZ.

“…I love you, Rena. Not just a childhood friend…but as a woman, romantically.”
THIS, PEOPLE.. THIS.. no need for words..

ALAS WMATSUI BLOOM LIKE THE FLOWER IN MY GARDEN!!! wait.. i don't have a flower nor a garden...DUNDUNDUN!!!!!!!!!!!!


“…and…I love you too, Jurina.”
tch- It's about time...

Pfft... Yuko and Yuki's conversation is funny. They're rivals indeed. I can totally imagine them being like

Yuko : I'll beat you!
Yuki : Meh.
Yuko : I said I'll beat you!
Yuki : Meh.
Yuko : Giraffe!
Yuki : Potato.
Yuko : Mamimokkori!
Yuki : Boob monster.

Two months later, Mayuki and Wmatsui still going strong.. I mean, it's just two months lol. They should still be going strong. AND YUKI PLZ STOP THIS NONSENSE AT ONCE BEFORE THE POLICE CATCHES YOU FOR RAPING LEL

Well, that's all I'm gonna write. It's kinda long and I took like 3 hours to type this so BE HAPPY WITH THIS OR ELSE IMMA ASK YUKIRIN TO LICK YOUR FACE. I love this fic a lot. The actions were WTF level. It made me wanna cheer as well lolz.

 :pen_read: :pen_read: :pen_read: :pen_read: :pen_read:

This is Kevin signing off~

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ AKB:Kingdom ~ Epilogue - Update (18/8/15)
« Reply #463 on: August 18, 2015, 10:44:47 AM »

Raizel: I'm glad to explain things to you. Aw, awesome! someone's interested in kendo XD That's so unfortunate, I hope you'll have the chance to learn it! :)

kevinwkl: LEL, i should stop with this fanfic bday cuz I doubt I'm capable of it, LOLOLOL. Long and entertaining comment as usual (as expected from my apprentice laaaaa) good good LOLOLOL glad you like this fanfic  :thumbup its the hardest f*cking fic i wrote in my life man, LEL. PA-LEASE, all those fighting scenes are crazy UGH. Anyway, yah.

PS. I know its BEEEN SOOO LONG for this epilogue to come up. I wondered I should even update it but I already wrote 75% of it before resuming again so...might as well just finish it. Also, i feel like I didn't complete the story if I don't upload it too. I won't be able to move on to other OS if I don't upload this. So...  big apologize to those that were actually waiting for this ^^" It's been ages I updated the epilogue for this short OS series.

AKB:Kingdom ~ Epilogue


“I want to meet uncle…where is he?”

“He’s a little busy with work but he’ll definitely come by to visit you.”

The longhaired beautiful brunette lady smiled to the young boy that was sitting on her lap and she was holding him closer to her with utmost tender. Meanwhile,  the older man was sitting opposite from the two of them and was doing some paper works in the luxurious covered carriage for all of them to sit in as they were heading towards Roseus Kingdom…for a certain wedding banquet. That lady sighed softly while watching her man was still stressing over the paper works even though they were away from their kingdom

“Kai, you should take a break from your work for a while. It’s been stressful lately isn’t?”

“Well…yeah…there are a lot of things to catch up after since my father came down from his throne. I didn’t know he had to deal with this much workload.”

“You might want to keep your stuffs, since we’re here now.”

“Huh? We are?”

“Yeah, I heard the sound of the fountain just now…so in few seconds we should be…”

The carriage stopped and then the chauffer said that they had arrived at Roseus castle as they were invited to come over. Kai was amazed with how his wife’s precision but it was because this place was her home after all. The door opened and then the young boy got out first followed by the young lady and Kai. The butlers and maids along with the cooling breeze welcomed them to this kingdom. Atsuko looked up and the sky was as blue here, and the gardens were filled with her beloved red roses too.

“It’s our honor to welcome you to Roseus Kingdom…King of Vitis, Takahashi Kai, and Queen of Vitis, Takahashi Atsuko.”

The butler that came to welcome the two of them used to be Atsuko’s private butler and it made her smile out of relief that he took this position to welcome her back home to this castle. She approached him and gave a warm friendly smile to her closest butler.

“I’m back home, Genji-san”

“…Welcome back, my queen.”

“Hehe, that feels a little funny.”

“You’ll get used to it soon, my queen.”

He smiled to her and it made her happy that her butler was still friendly with her despite of his position. He guided both the king and queen of Vitis into the castle and to their assigned room that the prince of Roseus prepared for them. HE made sure that Atsuko had her old room and everything inside was maintained just like how it was when she left here to be at Vitis. Since the queen always slept on the king sized bed, her king could share the room with her instead or staying in another room. Their son would still want to feel the family love as much as he could. Therefore, Atsuko would always make sure that they sleep together, every single night.

“Your room was prepared next to her queen, if you needed it.”

“Thanks, the room might come in handy while we’re here.”

Kai took the key from the butler and then he turned to both of them to let them know if they need anything they just needed to call him using the vintage phone that’s on the table. He would come straight to them since he’s their assigned butler. He would serve them while they were still in Roseus Kingdom.

“Thank you Genji-san…I’m letting you taking care of me again.”

“It’s always my pleasure to serve you, ever since you’re young until now, and forever.”

He smiled before he bowed before he was about to leave. However, the queen stopped him and asked for her brother’s whereabouts. She seemed to worry a little after haven’t meeting him for a year already and so many things had seemed to change. However her butler told her that there’s nothing to worry because prince Jun was making sure everything was perfectly in order for them and for the incoming guest from Crystállum. It made Atsuko feel more relieved to know that prince Jun was doing good but he’s just very busy to meet with them at the moment.

“He said he would be coming over to greet you all as soon as possible when he’s done with some few things.”


“Ah, the call of the devil.”

The butler smiled and went to open the door as both the queen and king witnessed a young adult prince in front of them whom seemed to be slightly exhausted from rushing over to see them. His hair grew out a little longer and he’s able to make a little long ponytail behind his head.

“Thanks for escorting them here Genji, leave all the rest to me.”

“As you wish my prince.”

He left the room and it’s only the prince and his guest from Vitis. As soon as the door closed, everyone was so relaxed that the young boy rushed towards Jun and hugged his legs tightly. He seemed to be so happy to be able to meet with his uncle after a year. The boy kept getting toys and things from him every now and then, and he cherished everything prince Jun sent him too. He sure loved his uncle so much.

“Uncle Jun! I always wanted to meet you, I miss you!”

“Aw, I miss you too Akihiko. You’re getting bigger little boy!”

Jun ruffled his head and gave an energetic smile to the young boy. That was when the mother came up to him and smiled out of utmost happiness…they both looked at each other and Atsuko couldn’t believe how much Jun had grown up. He used to be this little selfish kid and a playboy…but now he’s such a mature grown up man that’s about to be married in few days from now.

“It’s been a while Jun.”

“Yeah…I’m glad to see you doing great sis, and glad to meet you again King of Vitis.”

“Jeez cut some slack Jun, I’m technically your brother-in-law, so when its just us…our family, just call me Kai.”

“If you insist, bro.”

It was as if they have a little family reunion in the room. However, Jun just realized that he had to go back to work again because the King and Queen of Crystállum were going to arrive shortly. He had to leave and before he did he turned to them and lowered his head a little.

“First of all, thanks for coming to this wedding banquet. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here. To the king, queen, and the little prince charming of Vitis.”

He smiled happily before he left the room. Atsuko just watched him from behind and realized how his surrounding air seemed to change. He’s much more gentle and kind just like how he used to be since he’s a young kid. She was happy to see that side of his once again and then Kai wrapped his arm around his wife’s waist.

“He had grown up a lot, didn’t he?”

“Yeah, he’s my brother after all. He’s much more capable than what you think!”

The Vitis family had their private time in their room and make sure to keep their little son occupied for the time being. He probably wanted to look around in his mother’s room and see all the her old photos back when she’s still a princess of Roseus and lived in this kingdom.


The raven-haired girl was sighing as she was sitting in the carriage with another prince. She was sighing and hoping to not get motion sickness from this. The prince sitting opposite from her seemed to be worried and so he closed his working file and went to sit at her side. It seemed the young queen was not good with the carriage anymore. Another raven-haired princess that was sitting beside her realized it as well and was worried about her friend.

“Yuki…are you okay? You look really pale.”

“It will take a while to arrive at Roseus, you should sleep.”

“Uuuugh…stupid motion sickness…”

“Can’t helped it, maybe sleeping will help you. Let me get you the pillow and adjust the seats for you.”

The young king adjusted his seat to extend out a little more for someone to sleep comfortably. Since he always sleeps in his carriage he made sure the carpenters set up this function for him. He took out the pillow and blanket from underneath his seat for his lady. He smiled and went to hold her hand so she could come to his side. He sat down in a proper position so that she could sleep on his lap.

“Here, you should get some sleep.”

“Ugh…yeah…I guess.”

She went to her husband and lied down onto the seat, and as the man put the pillow on his lap…but then she pushed it away and made him slightly frustrated on what to do to not annoy her even more. Even another raven-haired princess was nervous and didn’t know how to help her younger brother from his own wife.

“I don’t want that stupid pillow…blanket…”

“Y-Yes ma’am.”

Mayu opened up the blanket and put it on top of his wife as she was sleeping on his lap quietly. It didn’t take that long before she went into deep sleep and that allowed him to sigh with relief. Of course, his sister was chuckling softly opposite of him and made him grumbled softly.

“That’s not nice neechan…Yuki is scary when she’s moody.”

“Hehe, it’s funny to see this side of hers. But…it hints her cuteness in there.”

“…Hehe, yeah…just typical Yuki.”

Mayu smiled like an idiot and was stroking his wife’s head while his hand rubbed her arm gently. He knew that she just wanted to sleep on his lap and not the pillow, but her way was just so aggressive that it made Mayu frustrated and panic at times. As for his older sister, she could see how her brother was so happy with his wife. After a year later, Mayu went through coronation ceremony and officially became the new King of Crystállum. Furthermore he was the youngest king to go through coronation ceremony (at age of 21). Without further ado he paid a visit to Vitis Kingdom where he officially proposed to have Yuki as his queen and that was how Yuki officially became part of Crystállum. It seemed Kai wasn’t that surprised with how his sister accepted Mayu’s marriage proposal…because he knew that Mayu would be the one for her and the one capable of handling Yuki’s aggression. They didn’t have a big wedding banquet because Yuki was just too shy to make such an announcement to everyone…just typical her. She always was being such a shy girl and didn’t like admitting her love for Mayu in front of people. Of course, the young king would only see and feel Yuki’s affection when they’re alone…just between the two of them. It had been a year since they were married and they always fight each other every now and then. Obviously Yuki would always win the argument with her king.

“Aren’t you excited neechan?”


 “…Finally you’re getting married, you always wanted kids. But Jun is still young though, I wonder would he be able to catch up being a father or not.”

“C-Cut it out Mayu!”

“Shhh…! Please don’t wake up Yuki…”


Mayu was grateful that his wife didn’t wake up and their conversation continued about Rena’s future in Roseus after she’s married to prince Jun. Officially the prince was at the age he could ascend to the throne, or he could either wait until he’s 25 like Takahashi Kai. Until Mayu, he had one year of preparation before inheriting his kingdom from his father who was recently ill.

“Anyway…I’m happy for you neechan. Being engaged for two years, I can’t even wait that long. I don’t have that enough patience.”

“Hehe, if you really have to wait…I know you will for her.”

He blinked a little and turned to look at his princess sleeping on his lap. He wondered if he could wait that long or not but the answer was just so easy for him. It is obvious he would wait as long as he needed to in order to be with his beloved Yuki. He didn’t go back to work and actually fell asleep with Yuki on his lap. Rena was the only one that was awake and it was funny watching both couples sleeping like a log. She only giggled to herself and looked out of the window and saw the deep blue sky across the horizon while her mind was drifting off and constantly thinking about her fiancé.



The young prince rushed down from the castle to the entrance where the royalties from Crystállum to arrive at anytime soon. Such a perfect timing, he saw the carriage with the blue crystal symbol on it to indicate that Mayu and others had arrived at the castle. As it parked in front of him, he waited patiently for the door to be opened by the butler allowing the first guest to come out…and it was his best buddy, Watanabe Mayu, and he was carrying his wife in his arms in a bridal style. Before Jun could greet him, he got slightly worried about queen Yuki since she looked really pale.

“Oh hey prince Jun, it’s been a long while! Nice of you to come welcome us up.”

“Don’t worry, you’re my guest after all, but hey…is your highness alright?”

“Just having a bad motion sickness, but she should be fine after she wake up. Instead of giving your attention to me, it should be at your future wife instead.”


Jun got a bit blushed and then Mayu moved to the side to let him witness his princess getting out from the carriage to stand right in front of him. Looking into each other’s eyes, Rena smiled softly and it made him smile back at her too. They did have a moment of silence between and then Mayu just seemed to feel really awkward for it to happen here right now at this timing.

“Ahem! I think we should save it for later?”

“O-Oh! I’m sorry, let me escort you three to the rooms I’ve prepared. Please follow me…and do you need help with princess Yuki?”

“She’ll be pissed if anyone touches her, I’ll be fine.”

Mayu simply smiled back and then Jun had lead the way for them to their respective room that he prepared. The butlers and maids took the stuffs out from the carriage to move it to their room and Jun was able to have his chitchat time with his best buddy as well as his fiancé while they’re on their way to their room.

“It’s sure busy for you Jun.”

“Yeah, but not as much since king and queen of Vitis just arrived earlier today. That would be the end of my special guests and I just need to organize some few things before the wedding banquet.”

As for Rena, she was just walking by Jun’s side and then he held her hand gently to grab her attention to him. They looked into each other’s eyes for a short while before he bent in to kiss her forehead with love for her. It seemed the childish Jun had grew up to become a mature prince, but to Rena…he would still be the innocent and honest boy that she knew.

“It just be a long trip here…I miss you.”

“Mmm, I miss you too.”

Rena held his hand back and both of them smiled to one another with pure content. Obviously they were engaged for two years…and in few days they would be marrying to one another officially. Rena would no longer be affiliated under Crystállum, but as princess of Roseus…who would become the next queen of Roseus in the future along with her future king. Mayu just let the two of them being in their own world as he had his world being so occupied by his wife that was still sleeping in his arms at the moment.


“This will be your room with princess Yuki, and another one beside is for Rena. These are the keys and feel free to treat this as your home.”

Jun passed the keys to Mayu and Rena as they had got their own respective room. Obviously Rena wouldn’t want to interrupt husband and wife’s private time in their own room. Especially Yuki, a mad dog, would need her private space from everyone else…while only Mayu could get close to her.

“Thanks Jun, so when will you be free again? We need some catch up with King of Vitis too. It’s been a while since I met him…my brother-in-law.”

“Hehe, he’s my brother-in-law too! We’re becoming one big family aren’t we?”

“Yeah, it seems we are.”

The three kingdoms were forming an eternal alliance with one another, and by royalty blood too. Jun had to leave as he still got work to do as a prince of Roseus as well as organizing his wedding banquet. But before he left he gave Rena a kiss on her hand and left without waiting any further replies. He left her blushing alone in silence and her heart pounding faster. Then the young king decided to put down his wife before she would wake up. Last time when Yuki woke up while Mayu was carrying, somewhat she was angry and she gave him a good hit on the shoulder.

“I’ll take care of her for the time being, if that’s alright with you.”

“Don’t worry about me, Yuki would need a lot of rest…and have you told Jun and others about it yet?”

“Shhhh… Well, I plan to surprise everyone later during the private gatherings between the three kingdoms. I would also have to ask for her permission too.”

“You’re just being too nice. I’ll have a rest for a while in my room.”

Rena left and entered her room, leaving him alone. Then Mayu went into his and observed the room, which was decently huge. The king sized bed in the room that was neatly prepared for them since they were husband and wife that could sleep together on the same bed and room. He gently put his princess down and then it seemed he had woken her up from her sleep.

“Nnngh…where am I?”

“We’re at Roseus already, and in our room that Jun prepared.”


“Are you feeling okay? Do you need anything?”

“Sit down.”


Yuki ordered him to sit by her side on the bed and she grabbed onto his sleeve so to indirectly tell him to lie down by her side. She automatically scooted away to give space for Mayu to lie down…and her indirect hints was enough for the husband to know what his wife wanted. He only smiled before she lied down beside her and had his arm around her before kiss her forehead gently.

“Let’s sleep together? I guess we’re tired from the workload we have right before we left Crystállum, and I’m tired too.”

“Nnngh…Mayu…hug me.”


He pulled her closer to his chest and kissed her forehead again with utmost love and caring. The princess slowly went into her sleep again due to the warmth from her man’s body. She seemed to be very tired as she had slept most of the time in the carriage and now again.


After Rena had a short nap, she got bored and went out to walk in the rose garden in the castle. She couldn’t stop thinking that she would be living in this very place and it would be her new home in few days from now…and she would no longer be known as the princess of Crystállum, but princess of Roseus…and the wife of prince Jun.  As she walked in the garden, these beautiful red roses were not common in her land; in fact it couldn’t be grown due to the vegetation and climate. She loved roses…since it always reminded her of her beloved prince.

“Ah~ Isn’t that Rena-chan?”


Rena turned around and saw the young queen in front of her along with the little boy next to her holding onto her dress. Of course she knew who that queen was. She just became the queen of Vitis, and was the wife of the current king, Takahashi Kai. In terms of family, she would become Rena’s sister-in-law since she’s engaged to her younger brother.

“Q-Queen Atsuko, I didn’t know your presence is here in the rose garden. I-I’m sorry—”

“Oh cut it out Rena-chan! Just call me Acchan like you always do…we’re going to be a family soon aren’t we?”


Atsuko walked up to Rena and then patted her boy’s head before she reminded him who Rena was. They met each other before but that was last year when he came to visit Crystállum right before Kai and Atsuko became the leader of Vitis. The boy was just so young he might not remember princess Rena.

“Akihiko, do you remember princess Rena? That’s uncle Jun’s fiancé?”

“Hmmmm…Ah I remember! Aunty Rena~”

The boy seemed to remember Rena and ran up to her, hugging around her legs tightly. He was happy to be able to meet with Rena again and it made her happy. So then, Atsuko invited Rena to have a sit since she would want to have a private time talking to her younger brother’s future wife before the wedding banquet. The queen let the young prince ran around the rose garden as he wanted and so he wouldn’t disturb their conversation.

“Hey, don’t stress out! I’m not trying to intimidate you or anything!”

“W-Well…just a little nervous about what you want to talk to me?”

“Hehe, it’s just about looking after Jun in my place. ”

Atsuko went on about how she was worried about her brother after she got together with prince Kai. Things did went down hill since then and Rena remembered that well since it was back to two years ago when Jun paid a visit to Crystállum. Then Atsuko thanked Rena for everything she had done for him and thanked her for loving Jun. Because of Rena’s love for him, that made the real Jun came out from his shell and grew up to be an admirable succeeding king of the kingdom.

“Thank you for everything Rena-chan, and please look after my silly brother.”

“Yes I can promise that to you, Acchan.”

The two exchanged smiles with one another and had a women talk while walking through the royalty’s rose garden with the young little boy. After they had one good round in the garden, it was about time king of Vitis came to pick up his wife and son after his catch up with the current king of Roseus. It seemed Atsuko’s father wanted to see her and his first grandson, prince Akihiko. Rena left the family to spend their time together and wonder what should she do until tonight’s wedding event…her wedding night.


She walked down the corridor while heading back to her room to rest from the long journey she had today. Meanwhile, she accidentally saw Jun from a distance away and he was busy with organizing everything for tonight. While looking at him, the thought that she would spend the rest of her life with this man made her heart beat with contentment. Fortunately, the man spotted his fiancé and without further ado he rushed up to her with a huge smile across her face.

“Rena-chan! I’m so sorry I’m busy, you must be bored.”

“No not at all! I’m just about to go back to my room…I’m still tired from the long journey so I plan to go back to have a nap.”

“Alright, rest well.”

Jun bent in and pecked on Rena’s forehead before he left with a smile across his face. His little actions made the young virgin girl’s heart fluttered and blushed quietly. She decided to head back to her room and obviously she expected a bed for her return but there was someone waiting for her to return back. She was the person Rena least expected to be here…and that is her sister-in-law. At times that she would come over to Rena’s room would be when her younger brother pissed her off…and that somewhat made the raven-haired princess worried about the two of them.

“Did Mayu get on your nerves?”

“No. I want us to have a talk.”

“Sure. Are you okay? I mean…are you feeling well?”

“Yeah don’t worry. I took some medicine already.”
Rena went to sit by Yuki’s side on the bed and somewhat waited for another raven-haired girl to speak up instead of her initiating the conversation. Rena would be more concerned on what Yuki wanted to talk to her about and so she decided to wait until her sister was comfortable enough to talk about it.

“Don’t get pregnant, it's the worse feeling.”


“Morning sickness, headache, mood swing, irritation, pain…UGH! It’s just bloody annoying and it’s endless for 9 months!! Don’t sleep with your husband.”

The virgin princess had a moment of astonishment when her friend / sister-in-law was literally ranting how women getting pregnant was the worse thing that can happen to them. Somewhat, Rena wasn’t sure it was the mood swing that was doing this or Yuki was actually serious about it.

“Isn’t that a little inevitable?”

“You’ll regret it. =3=”

“Haha! Saying from someone who’s pregnant with her husband.”

“Oh shush Rena. Give me a break with my role as “that idiot’s” wife. Sometimes I still feel wanting to go back and be a single lady like you.”

Rena couldn’t help but to laugh at her friend with how she’s just being very casual and still have such a young tough heart before she’s married to Rena’s younger brother. However, she understood Yuki’s intention of mention this up…and she appreciated it.  However, she couldn’t stop teasing her about Yuki’s swelling belly and obviously that made Yuki annoyed.

“Oh stop it Rena!”

“Don’t lie to me Yuki, I know you’re happy about this more than anyone else.”

“S-Shut up.”

“Aw~ Sometimes I wonder who’s the younger one here.”

Rena patted Yuki’s head and that made the young princess grumbled under her breath, but yet she wasn’t resisting that pat from her friend at all. Both of them shared a very valuable time together for one last time before Rena would no longer be single and a virgin. After Rena was done with teasing her…it was Yuki’s turn to tease the virgin princess with the inevitable upcoming situations that she personally experienced it.

“So~ the next day when I meet you, you’ll no longer be a virgin right?”

“W-What?! Yuki! Stop!”

“Oh c’mon why are you so shy? Isn’t that a little inevitable?”

“Hey don’t use my words back against me!”

Yuki couldn’t help but to keep tease her sister-in-law about her first night with her husband, and kept telling her that young teenage boys these days would have high desires due to being at their most fertilized stage of life. The more Rena listened the more she blushed horribly…because she was actually imagining the situation Yuki was elaborating.

“T-This is embarrassing! T-That means you slept with Mayu on your first night right??”

“I can’t hear you~ Let’s focus on the bride today.”

“Don’t avoid my question! Jeez Yuki!!”

The two girls couldn’t help with lowering their voice because they were surely enjoying their moments together before they might not have this chance again to have such a young girly talk about marriage like this. The next time they have a lady talk would be about how tired it was to raise a child and carry such heavy responsibility as the queen of their respective kingdom.  After they had their moments together, Yuki gave Rena a hug and it made her eyes grew wide slightly with surprise.


“I’m happy for you that you find your man. I’ll miss you Rena.”

“…Me too. We definitely have to have our moments without any boys around.”

“Haha! I like that. Promise?”


The two had a pinky promise that even after they would be horribly busy with their work and family, they would find a way to spend time together. They’re close friends after all and they’re officially sisters too. Time obviously flew by so fast and before they realized again, it was about time Rena had to get ready for the wedding banquet. Queen of Crystállum ensured that she was with her sister-in-law the entire time and Rena was finally ready for the event. She wore the red long dress with a rose on her chest, as the prince prepared it for her.


While waiting anxiously for the event at her room with Yuki, her younger entered after he was fully and formally dressed up. He looked more like an actual king of Crystállum than to be a young prince. Rena couldn’t hold back her smile and went up to him to give Mayu a big sisterly hug.

“Aw Mayu! You look like a king.”

“Oi sis, I AM the king of Crystállum! Anyway…are you anxious?”

“A little I guess?”

“I’ll escort you down the hall. Don’t worry…I’m happy for you, sis.”

He held her hand and Rena couldn’t back her smile at all. She hugged him tightly while reminiscing the days they shared together when they were just little kids. However, they’ve grown so much and it was the time they would have to go on their own path right now. The raven-haired princess was certain she would miss being with her protective older brother.

“Mayu…I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too sis, but I won’t be too worried anymore since I’m sure Jun is capable of looking after you in my place.”

“Aww~ you sweet little brother. I know Yuki will be able to take care of you in my place.”
The siblings shared their moments together before one of Roseus’s butler came to pick the king and queen of Crystállum along with princess Rena. That made them realized that it was about time for them to head out to the banquet hall for the marriage ceremony. Rena was passively nervous and Mayu could see her sister’s hand shaking. As he was walking by Yuki’s side behind Rena, he let her know that he would be back as he had something to do first. He rushed up to her side and held her hand tightly.

“It will be fine sis.”


“I’ll walk with you to the entrance of the hall okay?”


Yuki watched from a distance away and couldn’t help but to smile with how the two of them were so close unlike her and her brother. Somewhat she envied their relationship and while feeling so she touched her belly while having some few thoughts running inside her mind…but that is not necessary right now because she wanted to focus on the wedding more. They stood in front of the hall and waited for the signal for them to enter, but only Mayu had to be there because he’s the bride’s blood-related family. Yuki went in first to the special royalty seats that were prepared for her and her king. While the two were waiting outside the door, Rena couldn’t help but to be utterly anxious…and Mayu kept holding her hand the entire time until she managed to calm down.

“Hey sis, I love you.”


“Thanks for always looking after me and protecting me from everything. I won’t forget all the things you’ve done for me. Right now, I can take care of myself and those around me. I do love you a lot, so I wish for your happiness the most. Be happy, always.”


“I know you’re the one for that dude, and he’s the one for you.”

“It’s about time now ma’am.”

One of the maids informed Rena and Mayu about their entry and it was just few seconds that the door opened. Her younger brother guided her through the red carpet until she almost reached the steps to where Jun was waiting for her. Rena could see other people in the banquet hall staring at her, which made her extremely nervous…but with her brother beside her at least calmed her heart down. The high priest of Roseus was the witness to their marriage along with a number of guests at the banquet hall. In a wedding ceremony, the head priest needed to recite the ancient wedding ceremony poem while the groom and bride performed the ceremony. Prince Jun was given two rings, one for himself and one for his bride. He put on his first and took Rena’s left hand before putting that ring through the ring finger without a single word uttered from his lips. Without further ado he went down onto his knees and kissed on the glimmering red gem gently before he looked back to her face. That moment Rena saw his smile…it reminded her how they performed this same ceremony two years ago at Crystállum castle’s balcony. It reminded how young they were back then…and how much they’re serious about one another. She couldn’t hold back her smile and slowly retracted her hand back to her lips and kissed on the exact same spot Jun did. That served as a signal for him to stand up and cupped her cheeks before he gently kissed her forehead. Few seconds later after the priest finished recited, he gave the final announcement to the audience who were the witness of this sacred ceremony. 

“Through the sacred wedding ceremony, I hereby announced you two as husband and wife for eternity until death do part them.”

The witnesses, the crowd applauded for the newlywed couple.  Also, that was when the big feast began and as the two walked around the hall, their guests would keep congratulating them. Thankfully Jun didn’t invite a lot of people so it didn’t take that long before Jun and Rena finally had their own time with their ‘big’ family. The king and queen of VItis and Crystállum came up to the wedded couple and without further ado Atsuko went in and gave her younger brother a big hug.

“N-Neechan?? Why are you crying!”

“I’m very happy for you Jun! Finally…my little brother is finally a man.”

“C’mon…I’m 20 already.”

“You’ll always be my little brother no matter what.”

After the older sister was done giving a hug to her brother, it was Jun’s buddy’s turn to come in and offered a handshake. The young prince took that offer and grabbed onto his hand tightly and firmly with a confident smile across his face.

“Take care of my sis. If not I’ll come haunt you.”

“You can trust me for that!”

“I’m glad for you Jun.”

Kai entered the picture and the three male royalties from each kingdom had a very friendly talk with one another while the three female royalties had their own little conversation too. Queen Atsuko and Yuki were grateful for Rena now that she’s finally wedded. While the young ladies were talking, Yuki flinched and bent forward as if she was having a heavy stomach pain. Obviously Atsuko didn’t know what was wrong with her unlike Yuki, and that made her startled with shock.

“Y-Yuki-chan, are you okay??”

“Yeah…I’m alright. I’m good.”

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

“I-Its nothing Accha—”

Atsuko placed her hand onto Yuki’s stomach, and her eyes grew wide with surprise. She obviously could tell what was wrong with her…and in that instant Yuki pressed her index finger against her lips to tell her sister-in-law to not blurt it out. She was in shock and wanted to scream with happiness at the same time, but Yuki stopped her from doing it. Rena realized the situation was quite funny and decided to give Yuki a little push by grabbing her brother’s attention.

“Mayu. Don’t you think you should let everyone know?”

“Know what?”

That got Jun and Kai to be curious, and as Mayu glanced over to his wife…he realized that she was having her usual cramps in her tummy from being pregnant…he glanced over to his sister and it made him nervous. He slowly diverted his eyes to his wife to get her agreement and she just gave him a shrug. It seem she didn’t mind everyone knowing the truth that she was hiding within her womb. That was when Mayu turned to everyone who was utterly curious with what he and Yuki were hiding from them.

“Well…Yuki is pregnant, and our nurse said that she’s going to have a twin.”


Everyone was caught off guard, especially Jun. His best friend was going to become a father of a twin. However, he couldn’t believe that he would get laid with the scary intimidating princess that terrified him in the past. That actually made him so curious how things actually went within Mayu’s love life. However, he could see how queen Yuki went to his side and leaned towards her husband while holding his hand. It seemed marriage and pregnancy softened her up so much to the point that it made Jun shocked. Atsuko and Kai went to congratulate both of them and Yuki was seriously embarrassed about it. Jun just watched from a distance away and realized how everyone was being so connected to each other: Roseus, Vitis, and Crystállum. About two years ago…Roseus and Vitis were sworn enemies with each other but now they became alliance through royalty marriage. Just the same as it was with Crystállum and Vitis…and today, it was with Roseus and Crystállum. He felt someone held onto his hand and the moment he turned he saw his raven-haired princess beside him.


“We’re becoming one big family, isn’t that nice?”

“…Yeah, it is. Do you want kids?”

“E-Eh? That’s quite out of blue?”

“I’m curious? Tell me.”

Jun smiled while holding onto Rena’s hand tightly. She simply blushed softly before she nodded silently to him. Obviously that was more than enough response for him to get excited about their future marriage life together. However, it wasn’t fair for Rena that Jun knew her answer but she didn’t know his yet. She asked him back and only a cheeky smile appeared across his face.

“Of course, I want to have kids with you~”

“J-Jun!! Hey!”

“I’m not lying! I do want to see mini Rena-chan running around.”

“This is embarrassing…”

“Now the newlywed couple is getting it on.”

Mayu spoke up and that was when both Jun and Rena realized everyone was actually watching the two of them being all lovey-dovey and talking about having kids with each other. Mayu couldn’t help but to tease his older sister and Jun wondering what was wrong with their topic.

“What’s so wrong with it? Children are cute.”

“How much do you plan to have though Jun?”

“A couple of them? The more the merrier isn’t~”

“True! It will definitely be fun and exciting for my neechan! She’s in your care.”


“I’ll take care of her! Don’t worry.”

Rena was blushing horribly out of embarrassment and many things. She wondered whether Jun got the hint from Mayu’s message or not but she hoped that he didn’t understand it. Everyone enjoyed their time together before everyone started separating back to their respective room. Kai and Atsuko had to take their son to bed, while Mayu took Yuki back to their room since she still need more rest. That left Rena and Jun alone…he wanted to take Rena to this once place before they went to bed. They came out to the balcony, despite the designs and the scenery was different…it gave them the same feeling of when Jun proposed to Rena at Crystállum castle…

“It was just like that night when we had a talk at the balcony…”

“Yeah, I remember that well…the day that a dream became real.”


He walked up to her and brought her left hand up to kiss on the ruby ring he gave to her when they vowed their vows to each other. He smiled with happiness to be with the person he wanted for the rest of his life…and it was as if he was reliving that day back again…the day he proposed to Rena.

“I really can say it with confidence…that I love you. Only woman I want to be with for the rest of my life…will be you, Rena.”


“May I kiss the bride?”

“…You idiot.”

Rena smiled softly and finally she could tell her feelings to him freely…without being hiding it anymore. Her dream became real, and right now, she would be spending her life with the man she loved until she dies.

“…I love you, Jun, I always do…and will always do.”


He moved in and slowly cupped her cheeks…Rena knew what was going to happen and slowly closed her eyes. Slowly and gently…she felt those lips pressed against hers and it gave her butterflies in her stomach. She held him back in reflex and he did the same to her too…Jun pulled her in and kissed Rena passionately with utmost love for her, and the two slowly broke off while blushing with embarrassment and excitement.



“I-I really do love you. I really do! I promise I will take care of you…always.”

“Aw silly, I know you will. I love you too…Jun.”

She cupped his cheeks and he blushed even more. Despite he had grown up so much within the past two years, he would still be the sincere innocent prince that Rena knew and loved. Age wasn’t an issue between them at all, it was as if they were meant to be together. She rested in his arms and embraced him without any words needed. He held his wife back and promised to himself that he would never left go of her until death do part them.



PSS. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR PATIENCE! My next piece is going to be MaYuki, and very very very intense. I personally like it so I think you guys will enjoy it too LOL XD
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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ AKB:Kingdom ~ Epilogue - Update (18/8/15)
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*save spots

*reappeared with kendo mask

kuro_black29: LOL sexy mayuki action :D Jurina and Yuko fighting each other would be very interesting ^^ Hope you enjoy this too!

Un~..definitely enjoyin these~


“Aw, I miss you too Akihiko. You’re getting bigger little boy!”

awwww~...i suddenly remember kayaba

PSS. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR PATIENCE! My next piece is going to be MaYuki, and very very very intense. I personally like it so I think you guys will enjoy it too LO

hoho..veryx3 intense~sound fun~~ and If kate san said it like that~~ we be sure to enjoy it~~

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Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
Live in the land of Wmatsui and Mayuki...
World of fantasy..World of Lalaland~

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Tend to forget things but not mah fav author and fics

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ AKB:Kingdom ~ Epilogue - Update (18/8/15)
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Ah.. good news all around

Thank you for the update

Nice happy ending....

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ AKB:Kingdom ~ Epilogue - Update (18/8/15)
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thank you Kate san, your story is really heartwarming  :deco: :deco:

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ Light of Darkness [MaYuki] - Update (17/1/16)
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Raizel: I'm glad that you enjoy reading my stories! ^^ Hope you'll enjoy this too :)

gek geki: Hi.

purnamazaki: LOL, glad you enjoy the story :)

niineechan: Glad you enjoy the story XD

kuro_black29: Glad you enjoy the story! XD This is not the MaYuki I promised (that is an intense one), this is just out of my boredom and got some inspiration from a short manga I read.

cisda83: Glad you enjoy the story :)

mirurunky: Aw, thank you! Glad you enjoy it.

A/N: This is a short story that I got inspired from a short story I read. So its pretty much out of boredom, if you guys enjoy it, then sweet! LOL The theme is a bit dark, heavy, and touching quite sensitive topics in a way. Just so you guys know before you start reading it :)

Light of Darkness
~Pairing: MaYuki~


The young teenage girls sat around the table having a girl chat with each other. All of them were talking about this pervert man been groping and molesting girls on the train. They seemed to be very worried about this incident, but it didn’t seem to bother this cyborg-looking girl at all. She had been staring at her cellphone the entire time and didn’t seem to be pay attention to the little gossips going on in the group.

“Mayu, are you talking to a guy again?”

“…None of your business.”

“It seems “Mayuyu” picked a rich chicks?”

Their topic seemed to change in an instant to about getting some rich lonely ladies for money. It was one of the dark secrets among Mayu’s group of school friends…that they were basically teenage hostess that sought rich lonely ladies for money. It wasn’t that they wanted to do, but they needed money to live.


Matsui Jurina, her mother left her for new man and her father used all the money savings for gambling and drugs. She would avoid being with her father who would constantly rape or physically abuse her due to his overwhelming depression towards her biological mother. Despite all the darkness in her life, she didn’t lose hope. She was invited by Miyuki to become a hostess at a gay night bar and she was doing very well due to how she’s naturally a handsome young girl. She moved out and live with Watanabe Miyuki and Watanabe Mayu, and they shared the rent together. She worked at a 24/7 convenient store close by to the apartment to pay her living expenses, school fee, rental fee, and necessary stuffs.

Watanabe Miyuki, both her parents died in the accident. None of her relatives would take her in or support her, so she began working in the hostess bar exclusive for ladies. Also, she worked in a normal hostess bar as well for extra income as well. She seemed to not care about how other would judge her for being bisexual and sleeping with both rich women and men for money. She lived in the same apartment as Jurina and was the one that supported others that are in a tough situation like her, Jurina, and Mayu. She was the one that got Mayu out from the prostitution business.

Sashihara Rino, she actually had an intact family…but her younger sister had a heart disease and needed transplantation. However, they’re not a rich family that could afford all those medical expenses. So Miyuki lent her the money to pay for all those bills, but in return she had to pay all those cash back to her. She started working in the hostess bar along with Jurina and Miyuki, however she didn’t offer her body to entertain her clients. At least, Miyuki was complete against it because she had no reason to give up herself for money like Miyuki, Jurina, and Mayu. She secretly worked without her family knowing the truth. She was the only one that didn’t get dragged into the darkness of sexual industry…or not?

Lastly… Watanabe Mayu, she also lived with the Jurina and Miyuki as well. However, she seemed to have quite the most absurd tragic story than everyone else.  Her older brother was a psychopath that was madly obsessed over her and would do anything to protect and keep Mayu close to his side. One day when got back from school and came to find the hideous gory scene of her family. Her brother was in the middle of sawing off their parents’ body into pieces to put into a trash bag. Her older brother locked her in her room ever since then and she barely ate anything that he gave her. He would molest, attack, and rape her out of his obsession over her. It took about a week before the police officers would break into the apartment they’re in and saved the poor girl from her psychotic brother. He was then taken into juvenile detention center because he was just 16 years old…and Mayu, who was left with nothing told her distant aunt and uncle that she would live with her friend and work to pay everything instead. None of them cared about her wellbeing, but at least they help paid her school fee, but only for a year before they suddenly disappeared out from her life… She was like a stray cat that was in needed for a huge sum of money. She was a hooker for rich wealthy man for a while before Miyuki picked her up and invited her to working in the hostess gay bar along with other girls that went through a harsh life like her. At least her mature appearance made her able to work despite back then she was still a middle school student. It had been 4 years ever since that incident, and Mayu’s brother was currently in the psychiatric prison and would possibly be in there for the rest of his life. 

Among the four of them, Mayu appeared to be the most heartless one and everyone was able to understand why she would lock her heart away. She saw her brother cutting their parents into pieces and being oppressed by him in every kind of form for 7 days 7 nights. It would be very hard for a 12-year-old girl to go through with such a positive strong heart. The fact Mayu didn’t commit suicide and still struggle to live was more than enough willpower. All four of them understood each other’s pain and life and would do anything for one another to keep all of them alive and strong. Others outside the circle would see them as just teenage prostitutes…without knowing or trying to understand what all of them have to go through before they’re came down this path.


Christmas was coming soon, and this semester was about to end by next week. Miku and Aika were discussing about their money issues once again as it was the end of the semester…that they have to pay for next semester’s school fee. They applied and intended to be working more shifts and other temporary jobs during Christmas holidays. Jurina and Miyuki hoped that it would be enough to cover their rental fee of the month and their semester’s school fee. They’re still waiting for the places they applied to respond back to them. On some days, the four of them would finish their shift at 5am, and they would have to get ready for school by 9am. They tried to get enough snooze during their breaks, but it could be too overwhelming for them. That was when Miyuki turned to Sashihara and brought up the conversation regarding Christmas holidays that were coming up soon.

“Sasshi, I’m certain you’ll spend your Christmas days with your family right?”

“Yeah, I requested for a day-off already. At least I’m grateful that boss Takamina allowed me to.”

“It’s all because of that Jurina and I take your shifts instead, idiot. Well~ It’s good for me since it means more money for me.”

“Haha…thank you to both you, Miyuki, Jurina.”

They seemed to continue their conversation regarding the Christmas holidays and then Jurina suddenly received a message from someone and she quickly checked her phone and it was the one that she expected. It made Miyuki curious and she had to ask Jurina whom it was. It seemed Watanabe enjoyed teasing Jurina who seemed to have some special feelings for that this client that would always visit her at the night bar.

“Who? Is it that halfie-girl that was quite in love with you?”

“Yeah, it’s her.”

“Oh! Are you going to meet up with her?”

“…She got money, I guess that’s my fish for the semester to pay my school fees.”

“Aw Jurina-chan~ If you really like her you should date her.”

“I got more things to worry about than dating and her. I still need to get my shit and life together first.”

“How hard could it be? There are plenty of lonely ladies and men that are lonely during Christmas.”

Miyuki replied bluntly and it made Jurina glared back at her. At least one of Jurina’s client from the bar actually took her seriously and had been calling her for dates about once a week or fortnight. Despite all these conversations going on, Mayu was still busy on her cellphone and it made others curious whom she was talking to.

“Mayu, what’s your plan during Christmas? Any intentions to come home?”


“Oh! Did Mayuyu have plans? What kind of big fish you hooked up this time?”

Miyuki added in with interest and Mayu only gave a cold shrug to them. It seemed only Haruka had a good eye and was the only one that knew who was Watanabe talking to for this entire time. She chose to remain in silence because she didn’t want to get into unnecessary fight with the cold emotionless Watanabe. Actually, Mayu didn’t tell Sashihara what was the situation but the girl accidentally met Watanabe having a date with her client, which was an older woman.


Right after the school was over, Mayu grabbed her belongings and walked up to her group of friends before she would leave the school ground. Despite it was snowing outside, it didn’t stop Mayu from leaving at all. It seemed she was keen to leave to go to some place, and it made everyone curious with another Watanabe had been doing.

“I’m leaving, I won’t be back home tonight.”

“Eh~ Again? Why won’t you tell us already who are you seeing? I bet it’s that same person you’ve been seeing for the past months!!”

“See you.”

“O-Oi, Mayu—! Jeez, and she just left us.”

Jurina and Miyuki sighed with utmost curiosity with about the person Mayu was seeing. Who would be this person that would take a like on the expressionless broken cyborg girl? Aside from their curiosity, they were actually worried about Mayu’s wellbeing. She went through a lot of things and hoped that this person she was seeing would be someone that could heal the poor girl’s broken heart. That was when Rino felt like she should enter the conversation to at least make the two girls’ mind rest at ease without worries.

“Don’t worry about Mayu, she’ll be fine. That person is really nice.”

“Oh that’s great—WAIT, you knew who it was!?”

“It’s not like Mayu told me, but I accidentally saw her on her date. I’m certain when the time is right…she’ll let us know.”

“Boo! That’s unfair~ I want to know!”

Jurina and Miyuki seemed to be a little jealous that Sashihara knew about the person Mayu was seeing. They packed up their school bags and headed off to go do their extra job at the department store. At such a high season like this, many temporary jobs became available to students like Jurina and Miyuki. Just like any other days…all of them had things they have to do to keep them alive through this filthy world.


Mayu walked through the snow and could see couples walking down the street with such a happy smile across their face. She wondered when was the last time she was able to smile like that. She kept on walking to her destination, which was quite far away from where she was living in. She turned at the corner of the streets and both sides of the street were filled with tall huge luxury condominiums. This was basically the residential district for overly rich people. The young cyborg girl went into one of the buildings and the guard recognized her. He bowed with a smile across his face, as he seemed to be familiar with Mayu.

“Good afternoon.”

“…Good afternoon sir.”

She used the keycard to access the door and walked passed the lobby before entering the elevator alone. She scanned for the number and softly pressed on this gold colored button said ‘PT’, which meant Penthouse. It was know that only wealthy people could purchase an apartment in this district…but those who lived in the Penthouse floor was in a complete different level than all of them. They’re mainly millionaires or billionaires of the country. As soon as the elevator door slowly opened, there were a number of guards standing at the front and sides of the corridor and that was when they had to check for Mayu’s identification, as it was part of the security. However, the moment the guards saw the young girl approaching them, they saluted to her before opened the path for her.

“Good afternoon ma’am.”

“…Thank you.”

She walked passed all of them to the end of the corridor and that was when she stopped in front of this huge door. It had this huge number ‘1’ made from gold on the wall adjacent to the door. Even more, the door could be open with two ways. This special door could only open from inside, or use the registered fingerprint of that particular penthouse number. So only registered people of the penthouse could enter without requiring assistance of individuals inside the penthouse. The young student placed her finger onto the little pad next to the door and the green light of approval beamed out as its response before the door automatically opened for her. She entered casually and closed the door right behind her quietly. The cyborg could see a single pair of high heels at the entrance and she sighed softly before she removed her shoes to enter the house. There was ONLY one person that lived in this place, aside from Watanabe.

The soft noise of Mayu removing her shoes and coat brought someone to the entrance and her long raven-haired caught the student’s attention. She beamed out such a radiant smile before she walked up to Mayu to give her a big warm cuddle. She had a long black hair and was in a tight formal white T-shirt and long black tights. It seemed she just came back from some formal meeting and didn’t have time to change to her casual clothes. Everyone in Japan will definitely know her name; she is Kashiwagi Yuki, the CEO of Kashiwagi Private Medical Laboratory that was created by her grandfather and was passed down onto her. Also, it was renowned to be in the top 10 medical laboratories of the world.

“Mayu, you came~”

“…Didn’t you ask me to come?”

“Hehe, right. Have you eaten yet? I ordered too much food and I couldn’t finish it…you can finish it. There’s a box of spaghetti meatball and french fries. I still have some more work to do so…I’ll get back to you, okay?”

“Go finish your work.”

“Don’t worry, I will.”

Yuki gave Mayu a kiss on the forehead before she skipped happily away into her office. She left the young girl blushed quietly before Mayu make herself at home. She went to the kitchen and had some leftover food that Yuki ordered, Watanabe don’t usually have lunch at school because she was trying to save every coin and put into her savings. Despite her being such a cold cyborg girl, she was very picky on how she used her money. She would only eat if its free food or if she’s starving to death. Yuki knew about that and so she intentionally ordered more than what she could eat. She would always have kept aside a number of takeaway orders for the young student to eat whenever she comes over.

She went to the living room and brought out all her homework and books to do. This soft sofa would always be her main spot whenever she studies. Mayu could never forget to do her assignments and be studious. She planned to apply for scholarship for her university so that she wouldn’t have to pay as much for her education. She wasn’t as smart as Jurina, Miyuki, and Rino…but she’s much more hardworking than anyone else in the group. Whenever she went into her study mode, she put on her reading glasses and earphones to zone herself out from her surroundings. She kept reviewing this week’s notes and wrap up her current and future assignments until Kashiwagi would come out from her office. It was a routine every single time when she came over to the woman’s place. She lost track of time due to how focused she was with her studies and Mayu’s body was suddenly nudged forward by this heavy weight placed on her back. Also, that was when she saw those long slender white arm wrapped around her neck gently.

“…You’re done with work already?”

Mayu removed her earphones and placed her notes down onto the table. However, that was when she was pushed down onto the sofa before that Yuki’s body climbed over the sofa and sat on top of her. She looked into Mayu’s eyes passionately before removing those glasses away onto the adjacent table. She pressed her body against the young girl’s before she stroke Mayu’s head gently with a warm smile across her face. Watanabe did anticipate some sort of kiss from her, but then Yuki just flopped on top of her body and cuddled tightly as if Mayu was a teddy bear to her.

“I miss you so much today…and you?”


Mayu hugged her back and rested her head against Yuki’s before she suddenly pushed herself away and stared right into Mayu’s eyes with tinge of worries. The younger one stared back with confusion before the older one bent down and kiss her lips softly. Watanabe automatically reciprocate it and held onto her tighter with yearning for her presence…but unfortunately it was just a quick peck before the older one pushed her lips away and vague smile.

“You sound so lonely in the text message, it made me worried the entire day.”

“…Not really anymore. Sorry to make you worry.”

“Do you want more hugs?”


Yuki bent down to kiss Mayu’s lips in a teasing matter before she gave such a seductive stare. She licked her lips and then whispered softly against the younger one’s ear in such a lustful voice.

“Or…you want more than that?”

“Y-Yuki, stop teasing me!!”

“But you’re just so cute, can’t I give my girlfriend a little tease?”

“…Jeez, I can’t believe you’re actually 28.”

“And aren’t you too mature for a 16 year old, you should act more like a normal kid.”


“Aw! Don’t pout please. Ah right, I bought chocolate from that hotel you liked.”

That instant, Yuki believed that if Mayu had cat ears, it would point straight up with excitement. She could see that surprise and happiness in Mayu’s eyes before it made the older lady cracked up with a smile. She got out from Mayu and went into the kitchen to get her girlfriend’s favorite chocolate before dropping herself down onto the sofa next to her.

“I made sure I got your favorite dark chocolate too!”

“…T-Thank you.”

“Let’s eat it together.”

Yuki quickly unwrapped the box and picked the first piece of chocolate to feed her girlfriend. Mayu obediently opened her mouth and let Yuki popped it in. She ate it peacefully like a little child and Yuki couldn’t help but to love Mayu’s peaceful face more than anything else in this world. Just when she was about to feed her another piece, Yuki popped it into her own mouth and signaled Mayu to come get it out herself.

“That is not going to stop from picking other chocolates in the box…”

“I know, but you would leave me hanging?”

Yuki started to chew on it and it began to melt inside her mouth…but Mayu didn’t want to waste this chance. She scooted in closer and pressed her lips against Yuki’s with some hint of embarrassment. Mayu pushed her tongue in and licked the melting chocolate inside her mouth…and she couldn’t hide her blush as kept exploring inside Yuki’s mouth. Things seemed to get a little hotter and then the older woman pushed her girlfriend down onto the sofa and they began to kiss passionately with lust for each other’s presence. Mayu gasped through each kiss as Yuki started to become the aggressive one and she was losing her breath…


“I love you, Mayu. So stay with me, and only me. Okay?”

“I know that… I-Idiot.”


They fulfilled each other’s desire and it was the only time Mayu would show her emotions out…when she was around Yuki. The older one would always tease her and make sure she wouldn’t be able to hold back her voice. Kashiwagi would always bully her girlfriend, but she made sure she gave Mayu the reward that she deserved after being teased before they made love.  After their intense love session, Yuki would usually go take a shower first to let Mayu have a moment of rest after the strenuous activity. However, the older woman would always tease the poor cyborg whenever she could.
“Do you want to shower together? It’s been a while isn’t?”

“N-NO! I almost fainted in the shower last time! We’re taking different showers, you perverted beast.”

“Hehe~ I can’t help it, you’re just too cute.”

“Go shower! I want to shower now…”

“Okay princess, I won’t be long.”

Yuki usually don’t take long showers because she didn’t want to make Mayu wait for too long on bed. She would never complain it to Mayu and that showed how much compassionate and care she had for her girlfriend. After Mayu cleaned everything on her body, she went straight into her pajama and came out to the living room where Yuki was waiting for her. Kashiwagi’s radiant smile would always make her heart skipped and the moment the older one opened her arms, Mayu quietly walked up to her and sat in between her legs to allow Yuki to embrace her. 

“You’re so adorable~!”

“You could never stop tease me…huh?”

Yuki cuddled her tightly but then she remained oddly quiet and it made Mayu slightly worried. It would be a very odd thing for someone talkative and lively like Kashiwagi to remain so quiet like this. It made Watanabe realized that something was off and she had to ask her with worries.

“…What’s wrong? You’re oddly quiet.”

“Hey Mayu… you haven’t been sleeping with other people…right?”


Kashiwagi actually knew about Mayu’s situation and what she’ve been doing for years before they met. She was one of Mayu’s clients, the lonely billionaire that sought out for companions…and that that was when she met with Mayu at the hostess bar. She just wanted to make friends and have someone to talk to to go through the lonely night. She could remember the eyes of a lone wolf that had no emotions in it at all…it was so lonely, that it made Yuki’s heart ached every time she saw those hollow eyes.

As days became weeks…and became months, Yuki kept bringing Mayu out for dates to get to know her. She knew Mayu did all of this because of money and everything about her tragic past too. They went through so many things together and came this far before they shared mutual feelings for each other. They have been dating for three months already, she couldn’t help but to worry whether Mayu was still seeing other clients for money or not.

“…Yuki, you’re jealous?”

“S-Shut up, I told you I don’t like others to put their hands on my stuffs.”

“…You can be so cute sometimes.”

“I’m serious!! I…I don't know that you’re still doing that kind of business or not…so I…”

Mayu remained in silence and she didn’t need to turn around to see how much pain Yuki was in. She could already tell from her voice that the older woman was trying to hold her voice so it wouldn’t crack. Watanabe sighed softly and leaned back against Yuki’s body before she decided to reply back to her.

“…I probably have, if it is the old me.”


Watanabe turned around and saw that Yuki was at the verge of crying, like a little puppy that was about to be abandoned by their owner. She couldn’t help but to let out a laugh and made Yuki startled. She pouted at Mayu for laughing at her when she was pouring her heart out to ask Mayu about this matter.


“T-That’s horrible! Why are you laughing at me?? I’m being so serious here and you’re just being so mean to me!”

“…Jeez, you idiot.”

But that was when the cyborg kissed her lips softly before retracting away with those red burning cheeks. She grabbed Yuki’s hand and placed it on top of her chest where her heart was pounding so hard against her ribs. It was so hard and strong that Kashiwagi could feel each heart beat and looked into Mayu’s eyes that were embarrassingly staring at her.

“Ever since that day, I lost my heart…and I don’t want to make any commitments with anyone. I’m afraid of losing people I love and care for again.”


“I was a lone wolf…until this certain idiot picked me up from the trash. I don’t really know I deserve this kind of treatment and love from you or not—”

“Of course you do!! I love you, Mayu!”

“…I know, idiot. You’re the only one…that can make my heart go this wild.”

Mayu let out a smile of comfort and it made Yuki blushed horribly. She kissed her young girlfriend with heartfelt love for her. The younger one allowed Yuki to dominate and wrapped her arms around her neck to keep the intensity on. After Yuki had enough expressing her love and emotions to her Mayu, she slowly broke off the kiss and they huffed against each other’s lips.

“I can never cheat when you make me crazy like this…bakarin.”



“…Y-You’re TOO cute!!!!”

Yuki hugged Mayu so tightly before she flopped onto the sofa on her back. The young cyborg ended up lying on top of Yuki and the older one enjoyed every second she could feel Mayu’s warmth against her body.

“Jeez…you’re such a kid.”

“Mayu, live with me, forever.”

“Huh? What is this out of a sudden?”

“…I promise that I will never leave you, I won’t disappear…so it’s okay to be head over heels for me.”

Mayu froze on the shot as Yuki hit the bull’s eye. She could see so much confidence in those eyes that was looking straight into her heart and soul. Mayu was moved by her unwavering determination and that smile filled with high self-esteem. The young one couldn’t help to blush so badly and looked as if she just dumped her head into a bucket of red paint. Yuki chuckled with so much confidence in her love life with Mayu and embraced her girlfriend a little tighter.

“So…are you head over heels for me now?”

“How narcissistic you are, Yuki.”

“I’ll make you fall in love with me so hard that you can’t give up on me…because I’m so head over heels for you~”

“…I know, idiot.”

Mayu allowed her body to relax on top of her girlfriend before they enjoyed each other’s warmth in the middle of this cold winter. The young one wondered whether her life was actually cursed or not. If her brother wasn’t a psychopath and didn’t kill their parents, then she might not have met with Yuki…and she would meet some other prostitutes instead of her. Just a thought of that made her heart twitched with anger and annoyance. She realized…maybe this was the path that was meant for her after all. Despite the filthy dark path was the only path she could walk…she encountered the light that came in and gave her a whole new meaning of life to her. That evening, they both slept in Yuki’s bed and the younger one wasn’t able to sleep yet. She watched her girlfriend snoozed peacefully and couldn’t hold back her smile. She brushed off Yuki’s hair that was covering her beautiful face before she muttered softly so that she couldn’t only hear her own words. She knew that if she said it right in front of Yuki’s face, she would be teased until the world ends. She knew this would be quite unfair to the poor woman, but she knew that even though she didn’t say it…Yuki would know her feelings for her.

“…You don’t have to make me fall in love with you when I’m already madly in love you, Yuki…and I’m glad that you found me…”

She poked Yuki’s face and she grumbled softly before she turned over towards Mayu. It made the cyborg expression disappeared and a warm loving smile appeared across Mayu’s face. It seemed this lady in front of her healed the girl’s broken heart…or it is more of that she gave Mayu a brand new heart instead?

While she was smiling to herself, it seemed Yuki was moving her hands around to grab onto something to hug. Mayu moved in closer and let Kashiwagi held onto her and embraced her tightly. She allowed herself to drift into sleep in Yuki’s arms and held onto her light without any intentions of letting her go.


Everyone had their own stories that were yet to be told to anyone. There were so many secrets that shouldn’t be shared out to the public’s eye. Nothing better would happen if others know. They would only receive pity from others…and that’s just it. Hollow and fake feelings from the public’s eyes for the young pitiful teenagers that had to suffer such a dreadful life. However, none of them would be bothered to help them. They’re just one out of the entire world’s population. No one would give them justice unless they fight for one themselves. Despite how filthy the path the girls had to walk down…they didn’t lose hope. They struggle to survive and live on with the pride of a living…just like any other humans in society around them. The problem wasn’t about ‘what they had to go through’, but it was about ‘what they choose to do from there onwards’.

One might find a light that shone into their darkness…
One might still have to struggle to survive…
One might have supports from their love ones to fight through…
One might have grasped and cling onto their light desperately…

Life is indeed a journey filled with chaos…yet beautiful.


…On December 26, after school and Christmas was over. Mayu’s gang decided to have a post-christmas party and updated about their life with each other since they were yet to hear from Mayu’s side. At night, Rino finally arrived Jurina and Miyuki’s apartment along with the food that her parents made for them. While everyone was making simple preparations with limited budget, they heard the door opened and realized that it was Mayu.

“Oh Mayu is here!!!”

Everyone ran out from the kitchen to the entrance, and it seemed someone came with her too. Sashihara immediately realized that older woman as she carried quite a number of bags of food for today’s post-christmas party. The other two was wondering who this person was and Mayu seemed to be refusing to say anything.


“You’re Sasshi is it? We meet again!”


Sashihara was in quite shock and Mayu only looked away as Jurina and Miyuki interrogated her. The young girl just walked passed them and dropped bags of takeaway food for the party onto the kitchen counter. That made the two girls walked up to Yuki instead and the older woman introduced herself to everyone.

“I’m Kashiwagi Yuki, nice to meet you all.”

“I’m Matsui Jurina.”

“And I’m Watanabe Miyuki, we’re all Mayu’s friends…and you are?”

“I’m Mayu’s girlfriend!”


Yuki replied with such a lively smile but it made all three of them in a moment of pause. However, the ones with the worse reactions were Jurina and Miyuki. They both yelled with shock before rushing up to Mayu to interrogate her with more questions. As expected, the cyborg girl refused to say anything…only up to the point she couldn’t hold it and had to yell back at them.

“Oh shut up and stop asking!!”

“How could we!? Since when you dated with Kashiwagi-san!?”

“This is WHY you ditched us! You got into a relationship!!! Traitor! No wonder you denied ALL ‘requests’ after working hours!!”

“Mind your own business!!”

Kashiwagi couldn’t help but to laugh with how lively Mayu was with her friends. Only Sashihara was calm enough since she actually knew about Yuki before others, but what surprised her was that Mayu brought her here to meet with everyone. They all started the party and both girls couldn’t stop asking Yuki countless questions with how and what happened that made the two of them get together despite their huge age gap. It seemed Yuki was enjoying burning Mayu right in front of her friends and Watanabe wished she could sink deep into the ground. Sashihara only could give her friend a friendly pat on the back as her support. That was when Miyuki started to tease the poor cyborg girl, she just had to do so in order to see Mayu’s true reaction.

“Wah~ Kashiwagi-san is super rich! Lucky Mayu…oh and if you’re bored of Mayu, you could always call me! I was known to give good service to women—”

“Don’t you DARE touch Yuki—!!!!”

Mayu yelled out loud at Miyuki and that was when everyone remained in silence before she blushed horribly…realizing that she revealed her true feelings out. It made Jurina and Miyuki ran up to her and teased Mayu for being very possessive over Yuki. After hearing that Kashiwagi couldn’t hold back her smile and had to move in closer to her girlfriend, who was still arguing with her friends.

“Aw so cute Mayu!”

“Wah~ Mayu is growing up! I’m so proud of you!!”

“Shut up you two! SHUT UP!!”



The moment Yuki called her, she kissed Mayu right in front of everyone and that was a pure witness of their relationship in front of them. Watanabe blushed horribly and both Jurina and Miyuki encored for the two of them. After that, each of them told their updates of the week to one another and Jurina actually got a job. She was offered a job from the halfie boy she constantly went out with. She didn’t wish to go into much details but she told everyone that his company would pay her education and living expenses until she graduated, and then she would have to work in his company as his secretary.  Everyone was very happy for her and Aika couldn’t help but to tease her.

“Eh~ It seems someone is falling in love with this halfie girl.”

“It is Rena-san, not halfie-girl, she has name. Just so you know.”

“Oh! Now you’re calling her by her name basis eh~?”


“Awww~!!! Congrats Jurina~!”

Miyuki gave Jurina a big hug and it was her turn to update it with everyone. She didn’t have such a drastic life changing like both Jurina and Mayu, but she was offered to come to an audition for modeling. So she thought of giving it a shot because if she managed to get into that industry, she would get loads of cash and wouldn’t have to go sell herself to men and women anymore. No matter how hard life was, Miyuki would always be the one to always smile and cheer everyone up whenever everyone’s down. Sashihara and Jurina were both excited for her opportunity to get out from this nightmare…

“You can do it, MIyuki. We’re cheering for you.”

“Will definitely let you guys know how it goes~ so its your turn Sasshi.”

Rino told everyone that her family was much more united after that incident. Also, she decided to show her friends the picture of this lady she had been meeting quite often. She was one of the clients that went to the hostess bar to just see Sashihara. It turned out that the two of them seemed to have an actual relationship with each other. Love was in the air and Miyuki couldn’t help but to tease everyone, who found love in their life.

“Jeez, everyone is in love? Now I’m the only one left!”

“Whatever, Miyuki.”

Mayu bluntly spoke up and made the sweet face girl ruffled her head so hard that it made the cyborg girl pissed. Before Mayu could say anything, Miyuki flicked her finger onto her forehead and flashed a congratulation smile to her.

“Make sure you don’t let go, okay?”


Mayu understood Miyuki’s indirect message and she ruffled her head. The quiet cyborg didn’t respond anything and avoided eye contact with Miyuki because she knew that her friend would tease her whenever she could. The post-christmas party went on and Mayu went to the balcony to cool down after having few glasses of soft alcohol drinks. Others were getting drunk and were singing like a crazy freak…and then she saw her girlfriend came to join her at the balcony.

“Aren’t you cold?”

“I’m getting a bit hot from the alcohol. I need some snow to cool down.”

“Aww~ I was about to say if you’re cold you can make use of my warm hug.”

“…You flirty.”

“Haha~ only with my Mayuyu~”

Yuki chuckled with that big childish smile across her face. Sometimes Yuki acted more like a child than Mayu…but that didn’t stop the cyborg for loving that CEO lady at all. Thankfully to the alcohol was making her face red already, she didn’t have to worry about hiding her blush. She only sighed softly before she beckoned her to come over to her.

“…I guess it's a bit too cold outside here.”

“Awww~!! That’s so cute of you.”

Yuki wrapped her arms around Mayu from behind and rested her chin on top of Mayu’s head. The warmth from the older lady’s body comforted Mayu in this winter night. Despite she already felt too hot to be in the room, she would tolerate the heat just to feel Yuki close to her.



“You’re okay with someone like me, to be by your side?”

“…Of course. I’ll say as many times as you want. You’re the one and only person I want to be by my side…forever.”

“You’re not going to regret? I’m defiled, and slept with many people for money and everything I want. I’m no different from being a prostitute.”


“Even that…you still want me to be in your world?”

“Whatever you did in the past doesn’t really bother me, it is not like you intend to go back to it again, right?”

Yuki hugged her tighter and her voice was filled with confidence and trust in Mayu. She gradually held the younger one’s hand tightly and brought it up to her face to kiss it out of unconditional love for her. She continued where she left off and hoped that she could get rid of Mayu’s doubt with being with Yuki.

“When people are being cornered, they will fight and do whatever it takes to survive…right?”


“Isn’t that what everyone does? We all struggle to survive. We all have our ways to fight thought our life. I see you as an admirable person, Mayu.”

“W-What? How??”

“No matter how much life dragged and drowned you into the darkness, your eyes are still filled with determination to live with pride. Unlike me, I don’t have any purpose to survive…until you gave me one.”

Yuki kissed Mayu’s forehead and hugged her closer to her body. Mayu didn’t say a word and listened to what Yuki had and wanted to say. Their silhouette connected as one and Mayu slowly turned around to look into her girlfriend’s eyes. No words were uttered between them and she held onto Yuki’s coat.

“Pride of the living, that's what you taught me. Let’s live and fight together, because I don’t want you to be alone…and I don’t want to be alone too.”


“I don’t regret loving you at all. Do you love me?”

“D-Do you really have to ask?”

“Of course~ because if you do…I want to give you this.”

The CEO lady held her hand and gave Mayu a simple beautiful silver ring, with a small shiny sapphire on it. Her eyes grew wide with misbelief and stared back at Yuki with that dumbfounded face. She didn’t want to believe her first gut feeling, but Kashiwagi’s smile just reassured her that what she thought was right.

“I know it's a bit early since you’re still underage. However…I want make a permanent reservation before anyone would even have a chance. ”

“Y-Yuki, t-this is—”

“If you love me too…please do wear that ring. I don’t care what awaits for us, but all I know is that we can fight and survive together.”


“So, what would your answer be…?”

Mayu stared at the ring in front of her and at least her face was still red from the alcohol. She still doubted whether it was okay for them to be together despite how different their world was. Like black and white that couldn’t possibly blend together as one…but because of their difference that made them couldn’t let go of each other no matter what. She looked up to her girlfriend who was waiting for her reply, and she could feel Yuki’s hand trembling. She was anxious for the answer from Mayu…and she’s obviously afraid for the younger one to reject her too. However, she spoke and stood there strongly even with fear.

“You meanie…”


“You’re not giving me any choices at all.”

“What do you mean—”

Yuki stopped in the middle of her sentence as her eyes started to dilate with surprise. While she was speaking, Mayu wore that ring on the fourth finger of her left hand without any hesitation. The younger one looked away and avoided any kind of eye contact with Yuki before her heart would explode out of embarrassment. The CEO lady blushed horribly and wasn’t able to arrange any words in her head upon what she witnessed.

“How could I refuse you when you asked me like that? But it’s still too early!! I’m still 16!! I’m still a high school student!! B-But…I don’t want to reject this…n-no matter what.”


Yuki cupped her cheeks and forced her girlfriend to look into her eyes. They stared into one another quietly before the older one couldn’t resist that temptation to kiss the younger Watanabe. It was a kiss filled with utmost joy and love for one another. Despite, Mayu didn’t exactly say she loved Yuki…her action was more than enough prove to Yuki that the younger one requited her love. As they shared a kiss under the winter night of post-christmas…and after they proved enough to each other, Mayu could see all of her friends that were watching them from behind the glass window with that ridiculous smirk. Yuki turned around and realized that others were watching them and she couldn’t hold back her laugh.

“Ah~ we’re being eavesdropped.”

“Y-You—Y-You’re ALL dead!!!”

Mayu was blushing horribly with embarrassment before she barged back into the apartment and pulled Miyuki and Jurina’s cheeks with anger. Sashihara was spared because she never bullied Mayu with her relationship with Yuki. However, they couldn’t stop teasing her for accepting Yuki’s proposal and they’re expecting to be invited to the wedding as well. The more they teased the cyborg Watanabe, the more she just ignored everyone. The post-Christmas party continued on and both Mayu and Yuki would be sitting next to each other the entire time. While others were chatting except for Mayu, the young cyborg thought about her decision she just made a minute ago. She wondered she would regret it or not…but she didn’t want to let go of Yuki, her light of hope. Even though she was defiled and a trash of society…she couldn’t give up on this CEO lady at all. It wasn’t about money or status at the slightest. The only thing Mayu desired was not to be alone. She wondered Yuki would regret choosing someone like Mayu to be the love of her life…but every time Yuki said she loved her, Mayu couldn’t help but to love her CEO girlfriend even more too. While her mind was drifting off into her world, Yuki held her hand tightly to get her attention once again before she bend in closer to whisper against her ear. She diverted her eyes to Yuki and Mayu witnessed that utmost joyfulness in those orbs. Somewhat, it just made all her doubts vanished away and she held her hand back tightly as her respond. She let out a soft smile filled with life and Yuki couldn’t help but to burry her face onto Mayu’s head.


“…Mayu, if you smile like that I wouldn’t be able to hold back.”

“E-Eh—N-Not here!! You pervert!!!”




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I......I........Imma speechless

nevertheless its mayuki  :nya: :nya:



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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ Light of Darkness [MaYuki] - Update (17/1/16)
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You make my mayuki's shipper side go wild, and now i can't wipe off my grin. I really love your story, please continue to make story
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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ Light of Darkness [MaYuki] - Update (17/1/16)
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All your mayuki stories are just so cute!

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very cute, tank you very much!  :bow: :thumbsup :thumbup :peace: :rock: 8)

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Re: We will meet again… [OS] ~ Epilogue MaYuki Ver. [Update ~ 18/7/13]
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Happily ever after! SWEEEEEET~! :wub: :wub: :wub:

Thank you for the OS you shared :bow: :twothumbs

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ Light of Darkness [MaYuki] - Update (17/1/16)
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I'm not a giant fan of Mayuki but this fic was super fluffy and cute.

Keep it up  :twothumbs
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ah, you're the best! this mayuki os of yours is great. it made me smile. c:
thanks for sharing this one! will be looking forward to read more of your works soon!  :deco:

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Ah~~~~ such a long time since my last comment, and I just have to do it bc this fic was awesome  :bow:
Mayuki are just too cute here, and good thing is that Yuki able to pull Mayu out of the darkness and give her life some hope   :cry:
And I really want to know what Yuki have done to make Mayu fall for her, it would be an interesting process though  XD
Thank you so much Author-san  :twothumbs

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