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Author Topic: Precious One - chapter 6 (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina) 3/12/2015 - DISCONTINUED  (Read 15394 times)

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Hello everyone! The name’s EMPRE33 emprezz48 and this is my first ever AKB48 fanfic  :welcome :D This is my 3rd time writing a fic(1st is kpop and 2nd is anime) but I’m still not very confident about my writing skills. However, I really like this idea that I’m having right now so I hope everyone will enjoy reading this fic called Precious One. This story will mainly focus on THREE pairings~ wMatsui, Mayuki & Atsumina. Also, there will be other pairings along the way like Kuminon, Furuyanagi, Saeyuki & KaixRay (if you don’t know this pairing, please watch Mendol Ikemen Idol ><) There are bits and pieces of other pairings but they’re pretty minor so yea~ Well I know that Kuumin & Acchan already graduated, but I really need them in this fic >< yea… hahaha
YOSH! Let’s start!
  :D :D :D :D :D :D

It’s the year 20xx. This is the century when the human race meets the vampire race. Vampires are rare in Japan, but as much as they seem scary, they are respected by humans. They are the elites of Japan, the ones with wealth as well. Hence, almost none of them go for human hunting and the rate of humans injured or dead due to vampire attacks is nearly 0%. Out of the 30 families, only 1 is notorious for human hunting. Despite that, their attacks are rare, usually during the full moon or Halloween. According to that clan, it was something that “can’t be helped” and hence, the government and police would not go deeper to this case and let them be…
TOP 5 (most well-known/wealthy) vampire families/clans:
1. Kashiwagi
2. Matsui
3. Maeda
4. Yagami
5. Takayanagi

CHAPTER 1: Sisters

My name is Matsui Rena. I’m turning 23 this July and I’ve just started becoming a high school Japanese teacher. 6 years ago, my mother died from an accident. Before her death, she suffered a lot of emotional pain caused by her own husband. What was more shocking is that, on the very same day my mother said her last words, my father got himself another spouse. She was the woman that my father had an affair with which made my mother lost her mind and got her car to collide with a truck. Of course I couldn’t forgive my father for his cruel actions. Apparently, that woman has a daughter from her previous marriage. I didn’t like the fact that I was going to have a little sister at first. She was so rebellious and playful (and still is now) and not to mention, rude. I don’t mind her calling me by my first name without any honorifics, but sometimes, she needs to have some limit. Now, I’m quite used to her and the feeling changed…

I’m Jurina and I’m 17! Currently in high school! When I was 11, mum and dad got divorced. Well, I was younger back then but I could definitely tell what happened. So, mum actually got a new boyfriend and cheated on dad. What’s the reason? Money. That old man (not exactly old but whatever) is rich but he’s too in love to see mum’s intention. Well, I didn’t care, I mean, we’re gonna be rich! Dad didn’t contribute much and he just spent his time with beer so I felt it was a good decision of mum to separate with him. I was introduced to the old man’s family and found out that I would be having an older sister. YAY or NAY? She’s so naggy and often scolds me! I really hated that at first but I got to know that this Matsui family is known for their mannerism and I had no choice but to follow that. That’s what they said! Like hell I’m gonna change my way of life! Well, I’m okay with her now…

Monday, 14 April 20xx


[Rena’s POV]

“Jurina, Jurina! Wake up!!”

“urggghhh… shut up….”

“Jurina! I’m serious here! If you don’t wake up now, you and I will be late!!!” I shook her, trying my best to wake her up.

Ahhhhh, I can’t believe I overslept! There’s no way I can be late today, not when today’s the first day I’m teaching! What’s greater is that our parents are away for my father’s business trip. If I’m alone right now, at the very least I can make it on time but there’s Jurina! This kid just gets into my nerves sometimes!

“JURINA! Can you PLEASE wake up??!!”

My little sister opened her eyes and stared into my eyes. I always can’t seem to break off our stares. Her eyes, they are so perfect.

“Rena-chan, I’ll get up… if you kiss me.”



“Blehhhh! I’m just kidding!!! You just gotta look at your own stunned face! HAHAHAHAHA!!” She sticks out her tongue and just pointed to my face and laughed out loud. 

“J-Jurina!! It’s not funny!! Hurry up and get dressed.” I was so angry and pissed but at the same time felt my cheeks burning.

After 10 minutes, Jurina was done washing her face and putting on her uniform. I was also done putting on light make up and both of us quickly went outside. Jurina was about to get into my car when suddenly…

“SHIT! The tyres!!! They are…. they are punctured!!!!”

I became nearly speechless looking at both the front tyres being flat. Oh gosh, first I woke up late. Then Jurina wouldn’t wake up! Now, I can’t ride the car to school! We’ll be super late now. Oh God, why, out of all days must this happen?

“AH! Sorry, Rena-chan! That was my doing hehe~ I was just tryna play around but I would never expect this kind of things to happen~”

“WHAT????!!!! Ahhhh Jurina, I don’t have time to scold you! Let’s go!”

Surely, I was so angry at her, but I can’t let the chance of being late happened. Immediately, I grabbed Jurina’s hand and sprinted off like never before. My pace slowed down after 30 seconds and I began to feel restless. I felt like giving up already. Why am I not athletic??? Ahhh, this is the worst!! I let go of Jurina’s hand and stopped. While putting my hands to my knees and bending down slightly, I panted and tried to catch my breath.

“Rena-chan, come on! Let’s goooooooo!!!!”


“Forget the details! We only have 15 minutes!”

Ahhhh, this girl is always like this! I let her explain later. Without any more queries, I hopped onto the bicycle and without warning, Jurina stepped on the pedal and cycled in an incredible speed. I could really feel the wind.

“Woohooooo! Ne, Rena-chan! Isn’t this the most epic term ever???”

I just laughed and continued enjoying the wind. We passed by many Sakura trees and by looking at them just made me less panicked.
We finally made it and time check! 0757. SAFE!!! I couldn’t believe Jurina took only 13 minutes to get us here. A normal car would take at least 20 minutes! This girl…

Both of us made our way to the entrance of AKB High School. I bid my goodbye to Jurina as we were going separate ways.

“All of what just happened, don’t think you can escape from this okay??” I turned and quickly walked towards the direction of the staffroom.

I turned back towards Jurina as I heard my name.

“Good luck!”


“Rena, you will be taking the 2nd year’s class, 2-5.”

“Alright, thanks!”

“Ummm, Rena, just so you know, based on last year’s 1-5, they aren’t really much of good students…”

“Ehhh? O-okay, Airi, thanks!”

Ah, Airi was so straightforward! Not too good students, huh? That makes sense. In front of me, the bunch of students looked pretty abnormal. Some boys look like slackers, some look like hooligans and some girls look like they have 500 boyfriends at once. Oh my God this is going to be quite a troublesome class.

(Author’s Note: Furukawa Airi is Rena’s close friend since high school. It seems that Airi became a teacher first before Rena. Also, it might also be Airi’s idea for Rena to work here.
Rena: Ummm, author-san, I was just about to introduce myself to the students. Please don’t disturb me.
Sorry Renaaaaaaaaa)

“Good morning, I’m Matsui-sensei. I am a new sensei here and I’m very pleased to meet you all. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”

“Before I do anything, let me set some rules. They are pretty simple so I hope everyone will abide to them.”

I noticed how bored the students were, but for now I mustn’t lose my temper and start scolding them. That’ll just make the situation worse.

“Alright, I want to appoint the class representative. Is there anyone who….” I got cut off by a student seated at the back row.

“Sensei, just give that role to Kimoto! Let that chibi do the job.”

“Well, okay… Kimoto-san? Where’s Kimoto-san?”

Then, I saw a small girl raised up her hand and stood up. She looked very serious with those big eyes.

“Sensei, I will be the class rep.” Without any more words, she got back to her seat. Errrrr, okay I really think this class is weird!

“Sensei, let me be the vice!” Suddenly, the girl beside Kimoto blurted out.

“Yagami-san right? Okay then.”

“Oi sensei! Don’t let this retained vampy girl get the nice role! Heh! You’re 20 yet you’re here!!”

“You got a problem with Kumi?! Don’t you know how to respect??” Kimoto stood up once again and approached the girl at the back. Oh God this is bad! I better stop them.”

“Chibi! You want a piece of me, huh??!”


Ah ahhhh, I raged.


Ahhhhh, today was so tiring. I didn’t expect to be put into a very weird class. Well, Airi was right.

I slowly walked out of the school. If I’m THIS tired today, I really don’t know how to survive for the rest of my teaching years. I walked and passed by the same Sakura trees that we passed by this morning. Ah, so peaceful. I wouldn’t want Spring to end. The Sakura trees are so beautiful and I can’t stop looking at them.


[End of Rena’s POV]

[Jurina’s POV]


ding dong ding dong~~~~~

Yosh! Lessons are over! I stood up from my seat and stretched. Time for club activities!

I’m from the track and field club and I always have to practice every day, especially now since the event we’re participating is coming up. It may be tiring but I enjoy running, so yea it’s fine!

As I made my way to the track, many students greeted me. There were some that went “kya~” and all. HAHA that really made my day! I mean, who can resist Matsui Jurina? AKB High School ace that can capture all men and women’s heart in an instance! Well well well, it’s great to be the popular kid in school!


“Oh, Takayanagi-sensei! What’s up?”

“I need you to help me with something. Can you collect the field trip consent form from the class tomorrow? I won’t be around.”

“Leave it to me~”

Takayanagi-sensei is the homeroom teacher of 2-1, my class. She’s really cute, especially when she talks about her love for birds.”


“Matsui-san??! How many times must I tell you not to call me that? I’m your sensei!”

“Geez, can we not care about this minor detail? Why aren’t you coming tomorrow?”

“It’s none of your business, Matsui-san.”

Ehhhhh? There’s no way I’m going off without knowing her reason. My stubborn side kept pestering an answer for her until she gave up. YOSH ^^

“Come on, you should know about the party tomorrow night, right? My parents are asking me to take leave to prepare myself.”

“Eh? Why would you need the whole day to prepare????!!” I was pretty much shocked when Akane-san mentioned that. As far as I know, Rena-chan doesn’t take that long to prepare herself for such party.

“Now this is really none of your business. I’ll make my move first.”

“Wait! Akane-san~~~~”

Ahh, she ran away.

Party huh? Every year, Kashiwagi clan will throw a party for all the other 29 families for interaction. Also, it includes introducing their children in order to match them up. Most of the time, they are made to get married with the person they’re paired with. Ah, it’s meant for vampires who’re above 16. Meaning, I’ll be going tomorrow! Yoshaaaaa, it’s time for Matsui Jurina’s debut! I wonder if I’ll ever get recommended though since I’m not a pure Matsui. I was human before mum married my current dad. Rena-chan had to bite me and I also had to drink her blood to turn me into her kind. It’s actually fun to be a vampire!

While having the party in my mind, I went for practice.


“Bye bye, Jurina-chan!”

“BYEEEEEEE~” I parted ways with my friends in the track and field club.

Woah, what should I do with this bicycle? Keep it or put it back to where it belongs? Either way I might get caught huh?
As I walked via the usual route, I see lots of Sakura trees. Ah, we passed by them earlier on. So pretty!! The whole area seems so calming, it’s like a medicine to make people smile! I continued walking and she was there. I could tell just by the back of her figure.


When she turned around, for a moment, I saw something much prettier than the Sakura trees. Ah wait no, why the heck did I think of that?!


So cuuuuuuuute! That pale-coloured skin with her cheeks slightly red~~
I ran towards her and we slowly walked.

“Ne ne, Rena-chan? Will you cook hamburger tonight~~??”

“NO! No way! I was almost late because of you so why must I cook something to your favour?”

“EHHHH, but!”

“No buts Jurina! You even stole this bicycle!”

I really want some hamburgers for dinner…. Hmm... It’s time for my irresistible action!

“Rena-tan~~~~ Onegaiiiii~~~?”

“Jurina will promise to return this and also will not cause trouble for Rena-tan again so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~????” Yosh, with a cute tone and showing puppy-like eyes, Rena-chan will have no choice but to accept my request!
Her cheeks became more brighter and that’s really really cute~

“Mou, stop it already! I got it okay? We’ll have hamburger for dinner…”

“YAAAAAY! Rena-chan I love you~~~”

[End of Jurina’s POV]


Rena just finished taking a bath after letting her little sister to use it first. She went out of the bathroom with only two towels, one for her hair and the other to cover her slim body. Stepping on a high quality marble floor, the pale looking lady quickly moved towards her room and a click sound was heard as a sign of locking the door.

(Author’s Note: Matsui family is wealthy right? But have I mention anything about maids and butlers in their house? Yea, there are none! While the interior of the house may seem like it belongs to the rich but the house has regular-sized rooms. Furthermore, they only have 4 rooms + 2 washrooms + 1 kitchen + 1 living room + 1 balcony and so on and so forth. Basically, their lifestyles are quite similar to a commoner.
Rena: Author-san, you’re interrupting me again…
Sorry Renaaaaaaaaa~~~)

“Yo, Rena!”

Rena got startled with the voice she heard in her room. The younger Matsui was there, lying down on the older one’s bed like as if it was hers and reading a random magazine.

“Didn’t I always tell you to not come to my room unless it’s necessary?”

“It is!!”

“I don’t see how this is necessary, Jurina. Go back to your room, I need to change.”
Rena tried to pull Jurina away but the latter was too strong and reluctant to get out from the bed. In the end, the playful girl took Rena’s bare hand and pulled her closer. With not much force, Rena was grabbed by the waist and was put on top of Jurina. That position didn’t last as Jurina rolled in order for their position to be reversed.

To put into simpler words, Jurina was then on top of Rena.

The awkward silence plus the stare Jurina gave was too absurd for Rena to handle. Jurina’s well-known stare that can make people fall for her is the exactly same stare Jurina gave at that point of time. Rena was able to see how beautiful those pair of eyes her sister owns is.

Slowly, Rena felt like she was being sucked into those eyes.

“Rena-chan still owes me a kiss for this morning.” Jurina whispered followed by a grin.

Those 10 seconds of silence must have felt like 10 minutes, no, 10 hours for poor Rena!

“BLEEEEHHHH! JUST KIDDINGGGGGG~” Jurina had to break it. She couldn’t help it but feel bad when she saw Rena getting flustered and embarrassed by her amazing tease.

“MOU!!!! JURINAAAAAAAA!!!!” Rena seemed to have flipped her switch just like how she did in class earlier on.

“Ok ok, I’m sorry~~~~ I’m here because I really need to talk to you about something.”

Jurina sounded so serious towards the end that Rena managed to settled herself down to be ready to listen to her sister’s explanation.

“Tomorrow’s the party, right?”

“Oh, that’s right I totally forgotten about it. You’ll have to follow too, you know?”

“Of course I know that! I’m worried about something though.” The sentence made Rena giggle as she never heard Jurina saying that she’s worried about something.

Jurina continued, “They will know that I’m not really a Matsui right? They will start mocking me right??? They won’t recommend me to their sons right???”

“HAHA, Jurina! I can’t take it already! You’re too funny!”

“Why are you worried that you won’t get paired up? Do you really want a boyfriend now??”

“AH NO! But, I hate being look down at okay??”

“Jurina, don’t worry. Even if they do know who you really are and try to do anything funny, I’ll try my best to save you from it.” Those words made Jurina tear a little bit as she never expect Rena to care so much.

“Rena-chan will?”

“Sure I will! Don’t start crying because I don’t want to see YOU in that state. Hurry up and get to your room.”

“Good night Rena-chan~” Jurina made her way to the door.

“By the way Jurina, you should stop doing all those stuff earlier. In case you’ve forgotten, we are SISTERS.”

The younger Matsui gave the most confused look she ever gave and replied, “Rena-chan… Do you even understand anything?”

With that, she left the room, leaving it to Rena’s turn to put on a confused look. Trying not to think about her sister’s words, she remained on her bed, having another thought in mind.

“Hmmm… Looks like I will have to reject them again tomorrow. I can’t possibly start dating when my sister is so clingy…”

Thanks for reading! Hopefully this isn’t boring  :( I’ll be moving on to another pairing in chapter 2.
Next chapter: Strangers!
Sorry if this first chapter is too short  :( (I may really be a bad writer after all)

Do follow me on
Instagram: @akb48shippers_fans

See you in the next chapter !!!!!  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 1: Sisters
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Its not bad! Its really interesting!! :k-thrilled:
In case you’ve forgotten, we are SISTERS.
Sure their sisters, but not really blood related siblings. :mon sweat:
Jurina really likes to tease and give Rena a hard time doesn't she? :mon exhaust:
Rena raging on the first day, I wonder if it will be like that from now on. :sweat:
I'm excited to see who the next couple is.  :tama-laff:
Can't wait for next chapter :on drink:

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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 1: Sisters
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Woah new fic and a great one too  :ptam-ok:

Hahaha so like Jurina to tease Rena and the sweet look face   :on drink:

Hmm, what Jurina meant by that?  :dunno:

Keep it up and it is interesting  :hee:
Kami Oshi is Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena and Jurina

WMatsui and Mayuki all the way :D

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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 1: Sisters
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this is too interesting!!!!!

i'll wait for the showtime of mayuki  :twothumbs :twothumbs

mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 1: Sisters
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Kyaaaaaa!!!!! >_<
Jurina is so clingy to Rena-tan... Did I mention that my heart went doki doki when I'm reading it??? It's just so strangely romantic *?!* for me...

Please gimme more my wMatsui !!! (っ ̄³ ̄)っ ~♡

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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 1: Sisters
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“By the way Jurina, you should stop doing all those stuff earlier. In case you’ve forgotten, we are SISTERS.”

i doubt she'll say the same thing a looooong time later.. ;)

The younger Matsui gave the most confused look she ever gave and replied, “Rena-chan… Do you even understand anything?”

i sense that jurina's more than what rena took her for..

“Hmmm… Looks like I will have to reject them again tomorrow. I can’t possibly start dating when my sister is so clingy…”

rena complained about it but for some reason, i think she's actually happy about it :wub:

ps, its not bad! instead, its so good! :thumbsup
cant wait for the next one! :w00t:

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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 1: Sisters
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Is Jurina have ffeling for Rena?!?

I love supernature story!!

Update soon

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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 1: Sisters
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Vampire races

Another supernatural stories...

I always enjoyed Vamp story....

Sisters... Jurina and Rena... having feeling for each other...

Erm....Can't wait to see how is it going to turn up

Thank you for the new Vamp story

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 2: Strangers
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@River1721: Yup, since J & R aren't real siblings, wouldn't some things start happening??  :twothumbs
@Siren: Hmmmm.. I wondered what J meant by that ehhhhhh *hint hint*  :D
@MayuxMatsuixMusic: You're waiting for mayuki? There's no need for you to wait now!  XD
@RenshuChan: OMG my heart actually felt the same when I wrote that ya know??  :wub:
@Kairi65: I wonder what J sees R as ehhhhhh  :D
@Kirozoro: I wonder if J like R *hint hint*  :inlove:
@cisda83: hehe I love vampy stories too!  :lol:

Hey! Thanks for reading this ^^ I’m really happy with all the comments I have heheh so of course I gotta reply to you all!!! So basically, the first 3 chapters will feature 3 different pairings and Chapter 4 onwards will be mixed hahaha so please do bear with me and let me present to you the next pairingggggg~~~

btw, I made a mistake with the year. At the beginning before Rena’s POV, I accidentally wrote the year as 2014 D: IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE LEFT AS A MYSTERY! CUZ I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT YEAR I WANT IT TO BE HHAHAHAH! PLEASE LEAVE IT AS 20XX THAAAAAAANKS!

YOSH! Let’s start!

CHAPTER 2: Strangers

Good day. I am Kashiwagi Yuki and I am going to be 23 years old. My family owns a very huge business company and I am currently working to inherit the company in the future. 6 years ago, my father, the President of Kashiwagi company and the President of Matsui company made a business contract with the intention of buying over that company. Since there won’t be anyone that is going to take over, my father secretly planned to slowly condemn the Matsui. Back in high school, I’ve always been rejecting confessions from the boys. Being called the princess of the house, I always ensure that I put in my best and humble behaviour in every aspect. Two days ago, I was robbed but I was lucky that I was able to see the culprit. To my surprise, it was a young woman, and not a man. However, she ran away and I couldn’t catch up with her. There was no way I could let her off because she took something that is really precious to me…

I’m Watanabe Mayu. Currently 20 years old, I work at an anime shop called AniMie during the day and Night Danso Café when it’s night. 6 years ago, I lost my parents in an accident with a car. It was horrible since they died on the spot. We were really really poor. Even so, after I was parentless, none of my relatives wants to take me. Hence, I had to live by myself and to pay for my apartment rent, quitting school was my immediate action and then went to find a job. I’ve been switching jobs after jobs as the pays were not satisfying. I wanted to satisfy myself with clothes and good food. In the end, I resort to stealing and apparently, it became my speciality. The more I steal, the faster and quicker I became. However, two days ago, I robbed a rich young lady and she wasn’t as easy as I thought. She saw my face already but I fortunately, managed to run. At that point of time, I really felt lucky…

Monday, 14 April 20xx


[Yuki’s POV]

Work, work, work!

It’s still early yet I’m already in the office. There’s no way I can let my guts down even once. This big project is coming to its deadline so I have to quickly wrap things up. Only then will be father be proud of me…

I put my hand into my bag and began digging for my new phone.

Ha… Will I really get to find my phone again?

There are so much important things in there. There were contacts of past clients, some necessary documents that I didn’t manage to save it elsewhere and lastly, photos.

The photos… They were so precious to me… Why must my phone be stolen away from me??

As I subconsciously daydream, I didn’t realize someone entering my office.

“Hey! You’re early today huh?”

“Sae! You scared. I would like to ask you the same question here.”

(A/N: Miyazawa Sae is also a vampire but her family does not rank at top 5, hence her family works FOR Kashiwagi and not WITH them unlike Matsui.

Sae: Oi! Don’t interrupt people when they’re talking!

*bows down 90 degrees* I am so sorry Sae-san!!)

“Well, I have some work to be completed. If you don’t mind, can I have you to leave the room?”

“Haha! Yukirin, why do you always have to talk about work?? Why not relax once in a while eh??”

Her words struck me hard… No no! I can’t let my guts down so easily.

“Just so you know the work ‘relax’ does not exist in my dictionary.”

Silently, Sae just walked out of the room like she knew I didn’t want to be disturb and just as she was about to close the door, I said something I find later unforgivable.

“By the way, I don’t wish to be called Yukirin ever again.”

With that being said and without having regrets then, I carried on focusing towards work. It was absolutely silent until the sound of the use of keyboard was heard as I started typing madly and accurately.

I thought I could continue this peacefully for at least an hour. It has only been 15 minutes since I started yet I already got disturbed by a phone call.

“What is it?!”

A piece of good news was heard from the other side of the line.

“We managed to find her.”

“Great, keep following her. I’ll be there.”

At least for now, I’m able to find an excuse for leaving work. I really had to go. If not, I’ll lose the chance of getting my phone back.

I got out of the building and my chauffer was there, ready with the car. As I gave him a nod, I didn’t waste any more time and got in.


I was brought to the place 15 minutes later where my men found her. For a moment, I wondered where I was. The place seemed so busy. When I looked around searching for a signboard or something, all I could see was cafes and shops meant for…. anime lovers.

So this is Akihabara…

“Where is she?”

One of my men pointed towards an outstanding shop called AniMie. From afar, I tried looking for a familiar face through the glass door. Even though it’s still early, the amount of people in the shop was incredible. There she was, at the cashier area.

Just as I spotted her, that thief faced my direction. As expected, she had a really shocked reaction and also tried to avoid eye contact with me.

Before I knew it, she got out from the counter and headed towards the entrance of the shop. EH! She’s running away.

As I was standing quite far from the store, she managed to run away instead of being caught. Immediately, I ordered my men to follow her. Of course, I too, was chasing her.

She was running too fast for a human. I’m a vampire but I almost couldn’t catch up with her! I can’t depend on my men right now, I mean, they’re all way behind me!

Just as I thought I would lose her, suddenly, a figure appeared on the right of that thief and grabbed her before sprinting off to an alley.

What was that?!! Soon after, I followed them. Was it her accomplice or something?? No.. Can’t be… I smell the scent of a vampire. That speed, it’s definitely one of my kind. The scent got even stronger. Maeda?!

The chase ended when we reached the dead end. Panting, I tried catching my breath while looking out to who that person is. Maeda is a really big family so I might not know every single one of them.

All I could see was that the girl I’ve been chasing was being pinned against the wall while the vampire was about to… BITE HER?!

“AAAAAHHHHH!! H-help meeeeee!!!”

[End of Yuki’s POV]

[Mayu’s POV]


Today is just like any other day. It’s Monday so I’m really expecting a lot of customers in AniMie.

Everything went fine for the last 30 minutes that I was here. I had no customers to attend at the counter at that time so I went to daydream instead.

Right now, there’s an expensive looking phone in my pocket. Exactly after robbing that phone two days ago, I actually went to look into the content of it.

So plain. There are simply no games or interesting apps. Just contacts numbers, emails and “junk” documents. What was I expecting from a rich?

I was curious enough to even check her photos. Unexpectedly, there were a lot of photos.

Wow… She looks beautiful. Somehow, I felt like I’ve seen her face in TV before. Is she an actress or an idol? Nah, can’t be.

That must be her family right? They all looked really happy here. I could tell these photos aren’t taken recently. It was probably when this rich girl was in her middle school years judging from her uniform.

What a happy family…

Ahhhh, I shouldn’t be saying all this…

I was broken away from the daydream when a customer went into the shop. From where I was standing, I greeted the usual way “welcome~”

Of course, I was facing the door of the shop when I greeted. When I did that, I saw a figure not too far yet not close enough to see the face super clearly. That person seemed to be watching suspiciously inside here. As I looked closely…

WHAT THE??!! It’s that rich girl!!! Talk about coincidence!

I tried not to look at her at all but I guess it was too late. She caught me. Ahhhhh, gotta get out of here!

Using the opportunity that she was still quite far away, I got out of the shop without noticing my manager and started running away like as if a bunch of ghost is after me. Thank god I can run!

Crap! She’s chasing after me! And woah, what speed she has! I thought I was really fast so how can she be even faster??

At this rate, I’ll be finished! Nezumi will be finishedddddddd!!

(A/N: Mayu refers herself as Nezumi (mouse) from time to time because of her small size, her quick and mischievous act of stealing, etc…

Mayu: Author-san, I’m impressed that you’re able to say that in such a calm manner when we’re IN A TIGHT SITUATION HERE!

Not sure whether that’s a compliment here, but thanks hehe lol)

As I was too focused on running ahead, I failed to notice a strange looking person that was beside me. Before I could react to that person, I was being grabbed by the wrist. That person had a really strong force and managed to pull me into an alley and ran off!

“Who are you? Let go of me!!”

I really tried to stop but my effort in trying didn’t bring me anywhere because this person here is too strong!

We ended up facing a wall which meant the end of the road. I wasn’t even given the time to look at my surrounding when the person brought me to lean on the wall. I was never this scared before! Then, that person went really close to me.

I really didn’t know how to react to that but I was pretty sure I was trembling in fear. The eyes, they were red like as if they were burning. The person’s mouth was open, showing fangs!!! What the hell! Am I going to die????? It was about time I call for help.

“AAAAAHHHHH!! H-help meeeeee!!!”

I had my eyes shut. I was really preparing for the worse. Ahhh, is this my punishment for stealing?? URGGHH but I never really thought that I was going to die by a vampire!

I felt the breath of the monster.

Inside my heart, I was screaming for help. I don’t want to die yet!

Eh? I didn’t feel anything. Am I already dead?? That was really fast. Oka-san and Oto-san, I am coming to you!

I took my time to open my eyes as I was about to experience Heaven (or Hell, I don’t even know!). My vision blurred at first and I couldn’t really guess where I was. When I looked properly, all that was in front of me was a familiar back of a person.

I’m not dead!!

“As expected, you’re a Maeda.”

“Hmmmm? Those thick eyebrows, you must be that b*tch Maeda’s younger sister right?”

“Don’t call Onee-san that!”

“If you don’t want to turn into dust, you better run away from here.”

I don’t really get how related they are (because I don’t really care about the vampires in this country) but what I do know is that if a vampire die, their body will disappear into dust, leaving almost no trail behind. I wouldn’t classify that as scary. It’s more like a mystery that cannot be solved.

Anyways, was I saved by this rich girl?

“Thanks.” It was the only thing I could say. I just want to get back to work, hoping that she’s not here for the phone.

“I didn’t save you for nothing. I want it back and you know exactly what I’m talking about.”

Her stare was really cold and dark it almost sent shivers to my spine. I tried to cover up my fear.

“Relax, princess. Someone like you shouldn’t waste her beauty with that serious look.”

“I have no time listening to such nonsense. Do you want to die?” She showed her fangs this time round. This lady is serious, isn’t she?

“I don’t think you would want to harm me. It’ll just stain the name of your family, am I right, Kashiwagi-san?” Yes, that’s right. No wonder her face is familiar. She’s the daughter of that f*cking rich company. Super elite vampire family.

When I said that, I was totally expecting some reaction from her but it seemed like her facial expression is not gonna change.

“For someone like you, why do you care so much about a phone that cost nothing to you? Just let me go this time and you go get yourself another one. Simple.”

“Are you desperate?”

“I’ll be lying if I say no.”

She’s right. If I sell this phone, I might be able to live a little bit more luxurious than now.

There, right in front of me, the princess of the wealthiest vampire family, went to her knees.

“What does the word precious mean to you?”

[End of Mayu’s POV]


“What does the word precious mean to you?”

Mayu froze and became speechless. Yuki’s actions and words had made so much impact to the younger woman. She couldn’t answer such a simple question. She didn’t know that such a question could come out from the cold princess’s mouth.

“To me,” Yuki continued, “the word precious means something or someone that you love the most and you’ll never want to lose it till you die.”

“Those photos in that phone, I call them precious.”

“So, I beg you, please give the phone back to me.”

For the first time after so long, Yuki broke down. For the record, this is definitely her first time in front of a total stranger.

Mayu only wondered why those family photos are something precious to this rich girl. It was not like as if her family is gone, just like Mayu’s. What the little Nezumi didn’t know was that there’s a very deep story behind it.

Not knowing what else to do and instead of just watching Yuki on her knees and bowing, she whipped out the phone from her jean’s back pocket, carefully putting Yuki’s precious item on the floor and escaped the place as fast as she always does.


At this timing, Mayu, as usual, was working at her other workplace, Night Danso Café. As explained by the name of the place itself, Mayu has to cross dress as a man, or more specific, a waiter.  Of course this anime lover enjoys her job, being able to become an ikemen (handsome man) and impress the customers.

However, tonight, Mayu wasn’t being like herself. Of course she still puts on her cheerful self but she had been caught daydreaming several times.

Even when it was Mayu’s turn to take a break, she just went to sit inside their resting room and stare into space.

Well, her mind was fully working and thinking about something. Or should I say, someone?

The incident that happened early this morning kept replaying in that waiter’s head. From the chase, to her experience of nearly dying, the part where she got saved and finally, the scene of Kashiwagi’s daughter’s breaking down.

When Mayu thought about the last part, a grin on her face was followed.

“Kashiwagi Yuki… She’s so weird and mysterious. It just makes me interested.” She thought silently.

Meanwhile, at Kashiwagi’s residence, Yuki was resting on her queen-sized bed, wearing a fashionable PJ.

The day hasn’t been great for her. She was mostly out of control and got pretty annoyed very easily. Thanks to the stupid incident that happened in the morning.

It was embarrassing. It was such an embarrassing moment for Yuki to be begging with tears to a total stranger.

All for the sake of getting her phone back.

Yuki began swiping her phone to the photo gallery and kept staring at all the family and friends photos. Just like what Mayu guessed, the photos were taken way back when she was a middle schooler. 

It was when her father slowly got successful. Slowly but steadily, the company grew bigger. Initially, her father was a really nice man and father. All the love her gave to his one and only child was something Yuki missed till now. It was gone. Her father was taken away by the thing people call ‘money’.

There was no happiness. Even Yuki’s mother became blinded by money.

There was no love. Her friends only came to her due to money. They were there for her not because of their friendship but rather, due to money. It blinded all the people around her.

It killed her slowly until she couldn’t shed any more tear (not exactly lol). Slowly, the coldness and darkness came to her, making her life nearly black. The only thing that could save her is her precious thing.

Before Yuki knew it, she went into quite a deep slumber with her phone placed towards her chest.

Hello guys! This is chapter two so I hope you all like this Mayuki story hahaha! Next up will be the last main pairing (you guys might know hehe). Sorry if this is so skimmpy and all cuz you see... I'm depressed that Takamina.... is graduating  :( :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
Anyways, I've written chapter 3 halfway ^^ but I can't wait to type out Chapter 4 cuz I have so many imaginations for wmatsui  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
Anyways, I apologize if this chapter is short. I think it's slightly shorter than the wmatsui chapter...  :( :( :(
See you guys in the next chapter!
Next chapter: Friends!
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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 2: Strangers
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Please update soon!  :bow:

I want to know more about mayuki  XD

I think two of them so lonely...  :cry: 

yuki has a full family, but she always alone and mayu parents die in accident :cry:

I hope two of them will be together XD

Thank you author-san :)
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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 2: Strangers
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Poor Yuki hasturn into like this....Mayu u have new mission, the misiion is to heal Yuki

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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 2: Strangers
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Woah, so thats how Mayu met Yuki  :bingo:

Poor Mayu and Yuki have the same problem that is loneliness  :err:

Can't wait for the next chapter and chapter four  :ding:

Gambatte author-san  :on GJ:
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WMatsui and Mayuki all the way :D

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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 2: Strangers
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cant wait to read more!

update soon! :w00t:

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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 2: Strangers
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Hey all! This is NOT an update but rather, I'm just replying to your comments :onioncheer:

@Kairi65: Thanks for reading! I'll most probably update by the end of the week!  ^-^

@Siren: Yup... they're both lonely now but who knows, they might actually overcome it someway or another *hint hint*  :D

@Kirozoro: Hmmm I wonder if both of them are gonna help each other instead! It's gonna be interesting eh?  :wink:

@fath107: It's sad how the two of them have their own pain  :( but don't worry! Things will work out later in the fic!

Anyways, like I've mentioned, I'll most likely update chapter 3 by Sunday! I've written the chapter half-way already but I haven't been free enough to continue...  :depressed:
Besides, I've also typed out chapter 4 halfway!!! YAAAAAAY! The length of chapter 4 right now is quite equivalent to chapter 1 and since I'm still half-way there, Chapter 4 is gonna be DOUBLE the length of chapter 1! YAAAAAAY!!! Please do look out to it okay? I promise you all that you'll see chapter 3 updated by this weekend!  :) :twothumbs

Till then, bye bye~  :byebye:
ps. hoping for more comments ! It makes me really motivated to continue  :roll: also, it shows that I need to keep improving on my writing skills hahaha :nervous

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Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 3: Friends
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Hey all! As promise, I'm updating to you chapter 3 of Precious One :D To be honest, I was pretty busy since Thursday so I've finished writing this chapter at 3am Zzz Nah, it's not cuz of you guys! I really couldn't sleep hahahah! Anyways, this chapter is slightly longer (3456 words) than chapter 1 (3000 words) and chapter 2 (close to 3000 words). I don't think I'm able to write as long as 40 pages, but I'm really hoping to give a longer chapter in the future :lol: :lol: :lol:


CHAPTER 3: Friends

Hello! I’m Takahashi Minami! Ah, I mean… Yo! 23 years old Kai here! I’m an idol from Persona along with two other members. Actually, it may seem obvious now, I’m a girl but a lot of things happened and that’s why I’m disguised as a guy. It’s been 5 years since Persona debuted and yea, being an ikemen idol is tough. Not only do I have to prevent my identity from being exposed to the public, I have to maintain it whenever I’m having my private time with Ray, my girlfriend and one of the top diva in Japan. Well, she can’t know my secret too. Despite being busy, there’s one thing that I can never forget. The promise I made with my best friend 6 years ago is broken. I suddenly “disappeared” after moving to Osaka and trained there to become a male idol. Afterwards, I went back to Tokyo and debuted as Persona. Till now, my best friend doesn’t know about my whereabouts which made me feel guilty until I met her one day…

My name is Maeda Atsuko, 23. I’ve graduated from AKB College and have become an actress. Since young, I’ve wanted to become an actress. I knew that with the support from my family and peers, I’ll be able to achieve that dream of mine. Talking about friends, I’ve always been thinking about the promise my best friend made when I was in my 2nd year of high school. It really bothered me. She was leaving to Osaka and promised that she’ll come back to Tokyo once vacation starts so that we can spend time together. However, she didn’t come. The last time we texted was when I told her how excited I was when vacation was coming. I waited and waited for every vacation but I failed to see her. She seemed to change her number and that was when we lost contact. Of course this upsets me. I felt betrayed until that day came. I saw her at a family restaurant in Tokyo and without any thoughts in my mind, I approached her table…

Monday, 14 April 20xx


[Minami’s POV]


Uhhhhh… What time is it???

All I knew was that today is Persona’s rest day.

I sat up from my sleeping position and looked around. Meh, no one’s around. Maybe I should sleep back.

“Oi! Takamina, get up already! What time do you think it is huh?”

“Miichan, today’s the only time I can get some sleep!!” Yup that’s kinda true. Ever since I debuted 5 years ago, I’ve been depriving for sleep. We always wake up pretty early to get dressed from women to men and we only get back in the evening. Sometimes, our work ends late till midnight!

Moreover, I have no idea how I got into this situation but, ever since I made Ray my girlfriend, things became more and more tiring! Most of my rest days turn into dates with that songstress diva.

Miichan seemed like she wanted to scold me more but was disturbed by a voice on the door.

“Takamina! Miichan! Maririn wants to see us.”

(A/N: This is for those who didn’t watch Mendol Ikemen (you should watch it though since I’m not gonna put the entire plot here. So basically, Persona is made up of this 3 girls who dress up as men: Takahashi Minami(Kai), Minegishi Minami(Kuu) & Kojima Haruna(Riku). The President who created this is Saeko & her secretary is Maririn. Anyways, Kai & Kuu are called Takamina & Miichan respectively when they are girls and when they are together cuz I don’t wanna confuse ppl. Other than that, Takamina will be referred as Minami.

Haruna: Author-san, you’re so rude for interrupting me!

Ahhhh…. So sorry Kojiharu!!)

I was so sleepy, I felt like I had to be dragged downstairs. Obviously, I wouldn’t really want to be dragged so I sloppily moved my feet and brought myself to the living room. Maririn was there.

“You girls! The president and I decided to give you all a treat tonight~”

"Wow! A treat! Yoshaaaaaa!!!!!"

The three of us were 'yay-ing' and shouting like mad girls. After many years in Persona, this is actually the first time that L president is treating us. Finally, we're able to experience this!!!

"But you know.. The two of us won't be able to join you three tonight. So here's the money and go buy whatever food you want okay?" Miichan gladly took the money.

"Ehhh? Why aren't you two joining?" Miichan asked out of curiosity when receiving the money.

"Don't ask Miichan... They're definitely making use of the night to be L-ing..." Before Maririn answered, Haruna explained something which seems to be true.

"Hehe, that's not for you girls to know~ ok, I need to leave now so have fun~!"

Maririn sprinted off towards the door and afterwards left us alone in the house.

"Yoshaaaaaa! No Ls for the night!!!!!!"

"Ne ne~ We don't even need to wear our male clothes tonight as well!!!!" Haruna was overjoyed.

Yes! Finally, we're able to have a good rest outside of this house while wearing legit female clothes. Haruna was probably the most excited since she really prefers female clothing over male. Everyone could tell by her elated expression on her face.

"Look! They left us with THIS much money!" Miichan shouted, like as if it's her first time holding cash.

"Wanna go to that family restaurant that we saw yesterday?? I mean, they have good reviews about their cleanliness and quality of food!" Miichan continued. This time round, she's the one who's the most excited. Probably because she just finished counting the amount of money we're given.

We spent the rest of the afternoon chit chatting, watching some movies while eating a whole lot of junk food and thinking about what we're going to do during the next off day.

It's been 5 years since we three got together. Honestly, I wouldn't want to tell you how we actually became like this so I'm just leaving the author to tell you more.

We got closer each year till the fact that we feel lonely when one of us is not around due to solo work or something. It's sad that we have to not leave with our families anymore but it's more upsetting and painful to be separated from those two. That's how bonded we've become.



"Wow! This place looks awesome!" Without knowing, I left my mouth open, totally amazed by the beautiful interior of the family restaurant. It's one of a kind.

"You two, look outside!" Haruna kept pointing to the window.

No words can describe how fascinating the view we got to see. This is a family restaurant we're talking about, people!

After getting over with the scenery, both Miichan and I quickly took our orders. Of course, after that Haruna joined us as well as we picked a lot of dishes and desserts.



Time flies when we were eating. Before we knew it, the bill came and for a period of time, I had to keep blinking and rubbing my eyes whenever I looked at the price.

Didn't knew we ordered THAT much!

"Phew! So glad that this is a treat!"

"Ahhh, need the toilet!" Miichan ran like a person who's about to miss their train.

"I guess I'll go too." Haruna also stood up and walked towards the same direction Miichan went.

Well, I didn't felt like going. So here I am, waiting for those two to be out.

To kill sometime, I just took out my phone and start playing some games. I was too engrossed into the game because I jumped out a little from my seat when I felt a tap on my shoulder suddenly.

I had to turn. Who the hell just scare the hell out of me?!

She was there standing, looking pretty shocked as I do. That innocent looking face, it's really her...


[End of Minami's POV]

[Atsuko's POV]

A shooting of a drama just ended. It really drained out my energy! It's my first time given the lead actress role so I wasn't used to the long period of shooting.

It's also my first action drama and seriously, it's so fun! I get to do some cool stuff like kicking people's asses (not literally, duh.).

Ahhh I'm hungry~ Maybe I should bing some food home. I would love to cook for myself but I'm just too lazy by the fact that I got to buy ingredients.

I took my time driving around the area near where the shooting earlier took place, hoping to get some good food.

I kept wandering and wandering until I don't know where I went. However, right in front of me was a family restaurant. It was crowded for such a peaceful place like here.

Hmmmm... I guess I might get something nice here.

I was greeted by nice employees here and straightaway, I went towards the take away section. When I queued up, something really caught my eyes, causing me to get away from to get a closer view.

Wow!! I'm amazed by the scenery here! I didn't expect to see a lake nearby. It was full of trees and colourful flowers that I can't take my eyes off the view.

Atsuko! You're here to get food! Aren't you tired?? My mind started talking to me.

I just had to sigh. Certainly, I wish to stay here longer but I've been outside the whole day without drinking any blood. No one will know when I will suddenly go berserk and attack anyone of the humans here.

I was about to approach the take away section once again when a familiar small figure was caught from my right eye. The person had her phone glued to her hand. That homemade phone strap that’s similar to mine…. It’s definitely her.

Should I approach her? What if I got the wrong person??? I would then just embarrass myself... But I don't think I'm wrong at all. They phone strap is can't belong to anyone else except for the two of us.

As nervous as I can be, I gave her a light tap on the shoulder. Her reaction to that gave me a big shock.

When she turned around, she had a startled face. Not sure whether it's because I'm here or the fact that she got shocked by the tap.

"Minami..." I called out her name.

It's been far too long since I last saw that face. It felt like a dream being able to see her again.

I'm waiting, waiting for her to call my name back. All I could do was to smile, hoping that she still remembers me.

My heart was beating like as if it's giving a tempo to a fast and upbeat song! A lot of questions kept popping in my mind, leaving me no choice but worried by the fact that she might forget me. How negative I am!

She stood up, still having the same expression as earlier. It was like as if she was loss at word. Does this mean????


She remembers me!

Almost immediately after Minami called out my name, I pulled her to an embrace. It was something I really longed for.

Before I knew it, my vision became cloudy as tears formed.

"Minami, I miss you..."

In this situation, without any doubt, Minami wailed like a small kid, attracting people's attention. However, we both couldn't care less about those minor things.

"I-I miss you t-toooooooo!!!" In between her sobs, Minami managed to say a sentence.

I have no other words to say. I just wanted to be in her embrace. We kept crying, of course Minami the crybaby was crying loud while
I kept mine silent.

Tears just kept falling. My best friend who I haven't seen for 6 years is finally in my arms, wetting my sweater.

It was long before we got interrupted by a voice.

"Takamina, what are you doing??"

"M-Miichan, Atsuko... H-here..."

"Hello, are you two Minami's friends?" I wiped off the remaining tears left and decided to greet the two strangers since Minami isn't going to say much.

"Yea, I'm Kojima Haruna and this is Minegishi Minami."

"I see. I'm Maeda Atsuko, Minami's long lost friend."

"Ahhhh, you're the person who Takamina's always talking about eh? Nice to meet ya~ and Oi Takamina! How long are you gonna cry?!"

"B-but... A-Atsuko... See... H-her..."

Minami's cry is just so funny I can't help but gave a little giggle.

"How about this Maeda-san? I know Takamina wouldn't want to let go of you right now, so do you mind if we leave her to you? I'm sure the two of you need some catch up."

"Hmmm okay sure. Thank you Kojima-san."

"No problem. Takamina, Miichan and I will leave first. See you later."

"Yea, see ya!"

Minami didn't say anything to her friends and continued crying on me. Well, this will be long!

"Relax Minami... Stop crying already~"

(A/N: #nowplaying No3b - Relax

Atsuko: .... Author-san....

What? Did I do anything wrong?!)



I brought Minami to the lake nearby the family restaurant earlier to calm her down.

Now that she has stopped sobbing and ready to do some talking, I needed her to answer my questions.

"Minami... When you were in Osaka, why did you suddenly change your contact number??? Why didn't you tell me? I was really upset you know??"

"I'm really really sorry Atsuko... I... I'm not ready to tell you yet."

"Why???" I was so persistent. For 6 years, we didn't meet. So I really want to know.

"Please, I can't say it right now. Just give me more time, I'll answer to you."

I get it. She must be a little awkward with me after 6 years of not talking. I mean, we both are adults now and we were teens when we were super close.

"Ok then... When did you get back to Tokyo??"

"A year after that.... My family wasn't too comfortable there."

"Then why didn't you tell me???! Minami! I miss you okay?!! Why?! Were you trying to stay away from me?"

"Atsuko, it's not what you think..."

Suddenly I felt burning hot. The anger got into me and I also shed a year out of frustration.

"Minami, why???? Is it because I'm a blood sucking monster to your eyes? Is that it?!"

"Atsuko! Enough! It's not about that. I accept the way you are. It's not about you. It's just me... And I really can't explain to you yet. I'm sorry, this isn't getting us anywhere."

When Minami said that, her eyes were serious. I calmed down shortly after that and respected her decision.

"Atsuko, I really miss you.. I'm really sorry for leaving you behind... Please... Forgive me.. I... I've always been thinking about you! Trust me!"

"Minami..." I wanted to cry again so I just went to hug her. Of course I forgive her. I just didn't want to lose her again.

"So, urmmmm, what have you been doing? Did you get accepted to that college?"

"Yea, I did! And I managed to graduate well! Finally Minami! My dream has come true! I'm an actress now!"

"Woah! Atsuko, congrats!!! I'm so proud of ya!"

Our conversation kept going and going until we didn't keep track of time.

[End of Atsuko's POV]


"sanbyou mitsumeru dake de
otoshite miseyou ka"

Minami's ringtone broke the best friends' conversation.

"Isn't that the popular boy band, Persona? Minami, you're into them??" The cheerful vampire asked a question regarding her friend's ringtone.

Startled at what to reply, Minami had to lie, "Eh??? Ah, yea.. Hold on, let me answer this."


"Hello? Hello my ass! Takamina, where are you?!" Her group mate, Miichan was on the other line.

"Woah woah! Chill.. I'm with Atsuko."

"You're still what?! You need to get your ass back here right now because the Ls are coming back!!!!"

"What??!! Shit shit shit! Ok bye!" And she hung up.

"Atsuko, I really needa leave now. I'm so sorry, we'll chat some other time okay???" Minami was rushing through her words, hoping that the other girl was able to catch what she said.

"Ah, okay then..."

"Bye bye!" With those last words, Minami was about to run away from the place when her arm was grabbed, causing her to stop whatever she wanted to do.

"Minami, I've wanted to say this to you since high school. Can I say it now?" Atsuko held Minami back, like as if she didn't want the latter to go.

"Eh? Ah go ahead!"

"Minami, you know, actually.... Actually..."

In Minami's thoughts, she really wanted her friend here to hurry up and say her words because every time wasted means every step closer to punishment.

"Minami... I li- Ah never mind! It's not important! Sorry, you can go now!"

"Ahhhh, alright... Bye bye!"

Atsuko felt that she should just say it another since Minami looked like she really need to rush.


Minami was lucky enough to reach the house earlier than the president. Even though it's their off day, the Persona members have a curfew at 11pm. Despite being adults, they have no choice but to follow that curfew or a punishment will be given.

After a long sprint, Minami managed to land herself on her bed. Sweaty as hell, she panted hard while staring at the ceiling.

"Geez Takamina! You're so lucky that the Ls are still on their way!"

Minami couldn't afford to reply to Haruna. She exhausts herself from the run and was still having a hard time catching her breath.

After cooling down for 15 minutes, Minami was still staring at the ceiling except that she was no longer panting.

She remembered that Atsuko was about to say something to her.

"Ahhh, I feel bad for not making her complete her sentence. She looked really eager to tell me something!"

Minami tried recalling that scene in her head.

What Minami could only remember was that the vampire she was with earlier on had a slight blush on her cheeks.

To her, there was only one thing to describe that: cute.

Minami honestly couldn't remember any word Atsuko said earlier so guilt came running to her.

She only knew the best thing to do is to give that girl a text.

To: Atsuko~

Hey, Atsuko! So sorry for earlier.. What is it that you want to say to me?

She tried her best not to sound too formal in that text. Well indeed they are best friends since high school but since it's been 6 years, there's a little awkwardness between them. The small lady could only wish that could disappear!

While waiting for a reply from her dear best friend, Minami placed her phone on her stomach as she slowly closed her eyes....

"Takamina!!!! Go and take a shower! You stink..."

"URGHHH! Miichan, that comment is totally not needed!"

Meanwhile, Atsuko was driving her way home. After that exhausting day, she just wanted to lie down on her bed but another thing was bothering her a lot. Her long talk with Minami made her forget to buy her dinner! That vampire was not only hungry for food but she was in need for some blood.

Putting that aside, her night was awesome. To be able to meet Minami again was something that Atsuko wished for for a very long time.

Without her knowing, a smile was plastered on her face when she thought about Minami. Coincidently, her phone started vibrating, indicating that she received a message from... Minami.

She quickly pulled over her car to the side, wanting to read the message as soon as possible.

"Hehe..." Atsuko slightly laughed to herself when she read the message from her beloved best friend.

Redness started to form on her cheeks, implying that she's obviously quite embarrassed to reply.

Her heart then started beating fast again, this time not out of nervousness but out of embarrassment.

To: Minami <3

It's okay~! I don't think I'm able to say it here.. I'll just wait for another opportunity to say it~ And once I got the chance, you should also tell me your reasons for your disappearance for 6 years okay? I'm really glad I met you today! Good night~

It was definitely a great night for both the cheerful vampire and midget human. Though they got together again, both have something to say to each other. Will they be able to say it or not?? Or will they just end up breaking each other's trust?

The friendship of Atsuko and Minami has a very long journey that awaits them...


Now that I've finally finished all 3 intro chapters, it's time for some extra info that may or may not be useful to know. (cuz y not)

Vampire is a species that feed on human blood for survival. Their appearance is very similar to humans, expect that they have fangs. Vampires possess a strong fighting ability and they are close to being called immortal. Although they can get injured by normal weapons like a knife or gun, they can heal their wounds 50 times faster than humans. They will only heal slowly if they get attacked by vampire weapons that are sold by anti-vampire association. The association are like vampire hunters, but they don't hunt often due to low crime rate of vampire attacks. A vampire's body will stop growing at the age of 21, so they'll look as young as 21 until they die. Some stronger families have abilities of an element, eg. Fire, Water, etc. Weaker vampires can die by incidents that human can die, eg. Car accidents, terminal disease. When vampires die, they'll turn into dust and only their clothes, accessories and any other stuff they have with them remains. To sum it up, being a vampire is cool!

Matsui Rena
Japanese teacher in AKB High School
Loves Melon bread
Hates physical activities

Matsui Jurina
Student in AKB High School
Loves Rena
Hates being called a kid

Kashiwagi Yuki
Vice-President of Kashiwagi Company
Loves darkness
Hates Maeda clan

Watanabe Mayu
Cashier in AniMie and "Waiter" in Midnight Danso Cafe
Loves Anime
Hates vegetables

Takahashi Minami
Male idol
Loves male clothes
Hates her height

Maeda Atsuko
Loves acting
Hates lies

Furukawa Airi
Art Teacher in AKB High School
Loves Anime
Hates anyone who hurt(or attempt to hurt) Rena

Takayanagi Akane
73 (and this is NOT a mistake)
Home Economics Teacher in AKB High School
Loves birds
Hates being called old

Yagami Kumi
Retained Student in AKB High School
Loves Heavy Metal
Hates Maeda clan

Kimoto Kanon
Student AKB High School
Loves Kumi
Hates people who mess around with Kumi

Miyazawa Sae
Secretary in Kashiwagi Company
Loves money
Hates Yuki's current behavior

Well, the term "love" doesn't really mean like literally love that person or thing romantically. It's something that comes into their mind first I guess (it's all in my imagination~)
Anyways, this is the end of Chapter 3, I hope you like this Atsumina chapter~~ Honestly speaking, this is a difficult pairing to work on because I've always been reading mainly wmatsui, mayuki & kojiyuu fics hehehe~ Nevertheless, I put my best in this~
Next chapter: Party
I'll be waiting for comments~~~~~
Till then, bye bye~~~~

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