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Author Topic: Bittersweet Marriage (Kai x Acchan) chap 19 (LAST CHAPTER) 3-12-2017 - COMPLETED  (Read 16285 times)

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bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 15
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Chap 15


“sorry I bother Sensei again..”

I sighed and shook my head with a smile on hold. I can’t say anything. At first I had decided to no longer meet with Haruna outside of the school, but one night she called me in tears and I had no choice to see her that night. That night I also know that Haruna’s father left home to be with another woman and no longer return. That night I had to persuade Haruna to dissuade suicide. Since then I always see her several times a week to accompany her to dinner or doing homework at the time she was no schedule tutoring after school.

Of course we do so with caution, if the school know, I will not be able to do anything else. We were both going to be in big trouble.

Of course, I also be in big trouble if Atsuko to know I spend time alone with my student who have previously been made almost lost my job. I know Atsuko gets mad at me but I have their own reasons for doing this.

“your wife doesn’t know if Sensei see me?”

As can read what is on my mind, Haruna stop the movement to eat her dinner at looked at me. Again I can only smile. I know that the long brown-haired girl knew the answer.

“what sensei’s wife say?”

I sighed, this is actually not a proper subject for a moment like this. Talking about Atsuko at a time like this just makes me feel that Atsuko at the middle of watching from a distance. Although it is not possible but imagine things like that is enough to make me cringe.


It seems to make a girl sitting of me stopped to ask, I have to answer the question. There is no other choice.

I showed a plastic bag that had been I put next me.

“I said I was going out for a while to buy Ryo milk,” I said, suddenly feeling more guilty because I use my son to be an excuse, “because I couldn’t stay long.”

Haruna put down her fork, “your child name is Ryo?”

I nodded and smiled, talks about the first child could always make me feel better, “a good name right?”

Haruna smiled faintly as she nodded, “I want to meet your son sometimes, can I?”

I can only smile. We were both out, the current situation is already too complicated without it having to meet with the family. I don’t know if reconcile Haruna with Atsuko is a good idea. But somehow I still nodded, “yes, sometime I will bring Ryo to meet you.”

“with your wife too?”

Again, I’m speechless.

Relationship with Haruna is only the relationship between teachers and students, not more. I just meet Haruna because of my responsibility as a teacher. No more. So I shouldn’t be afraid to bring Haruna to meet Atsuko. Anyway I and Haruna wasn’t having an affair. But, somehow, my instincts say that bringing the two is not a good idea.


“call me Haruna, sensei…” she looked at me with sad eyes, “please?”

I sigh, for the umpteenth time this evening, “well, Haruna…” I felt a little awkward to call her by her first name, but I tried to ignore it, “I keep us meeting from my wife because I don’t want her to misunderstand. So I cant possibly bringing her to see you…”

“I liked sensei.”

I was speechless.

Haruna looked at me without expression. I don’t know if she was really serious to say it like it or not. But Haruna is not the kind of kid who would joke with things like this.

I really don't know what to do. I just assume Haruna as a student, of course. I love Haruna, but she was my student. I don’t have a feeling more than that.

My head suddenly felt full. I don’t know what to say or do. I know I have to immediately say something, anything. But I couldn’t find the right words. I suddenly lost the ability to think and speak.

I tried to open my mouth, but closed it again after three second and no word came out of my mouth.

I don’t know what made me confused. I don’t love Haruna, but the difficult part is to tell her that I couldn’t accept her feeling because I love my wife. I can’t say that I love Atsuko to Haruna, not when I’ve never even said it in front of Atsuko. I don’t want the first time I expressed my feeling to Atsuko just in front of the others.

Like to know the confusion that was attacked, Haruna smiled and decided to say something to break the silence that surrounds us.

“I understand,” Haruna’s voice soft and barely audible. I need to sharpen my ears to be able to hear clearly what she says, “don’t have to explain to me, I understand Sensei. . I. . I just wanted to say my feeling on Sensei. I don’t expect Sensei to return my feeling. I understand.”

I looked at Haruna but the girl looked down to hide her face from me so I couldn’t see her face at this time.

“I met with Sensei’s wife.”

I shock when I hear Haruna say, “w-what?”

I don’t believe what I just heard back then but I didn’t say anything, just waiting for Haruna to explain further, trying to calm myself. No, I don’t need to panic. Atsuko met Haruna? How can? So far, she has always been mediocre at home, may not turn out right when she met with Haruna secretly? Anyway, how could I? My head was filled with all sorts of things that made me even more frantic but the girl in front of me it still looks calm.

“your wife is very pretty,” Haruna smiled, unfortunately I couldn’t see her eyes hidden behind her bangs so I couldn’t read her expression, “Its natural that Sensei loved her very much. She also looked like a very nice lady.”

If the current situation is not being very serious, I would laugh, or at least not snort, to hear someone say that Atsuko, selfish arrogant woman, it seems like a good woman. But this time I was too shocked to be able to laugh or snort. My wife met a girl who had been secretly met, I can’t imagine what Atsuko would do to me.

“when?” I asked in a hoarse voice, very hard for me to speak with sudden throat dry, “how can that be? I mean. . Argh,” I ruffled my blonde hair in frustration, “please explain to me what really happened!”

“last week, I met with Atsuko-san,” Haruna explained, she still didn’t raise her face but I don’t care, I listened to the story seriously, I need to know what had happened between them, “actually I was also surprise to receive an e-mail from Atsuko-san. And finally we met.. Atsuko-san asked about my relationship with Sensei.”

I cursed myself inwardly. Somehow, how to Atsuko knowing about Haruna but I knew she was not going to forgive me.

“and then?” I asked timidly, “what did you say to Atsuko?”

“I told her that you are a teacher and has a lot of to help me, I explained that I was the one that has forced you to accompany me..”

“but you don’t make me!” I protested.

I don’t want Atsuko mad at me but I also don’t want to Haruna lie on Atsuko because I never felt that she had been forced to meet. I see her as my own will.

Again, Haruna smiled.

“Atsuko-san is a good person, she listened to me and gave me advice,” Haruna finally lifted her head and looked at me, “I feel happy to have the opportunity to talk with people like Atsuko-san.”

‘advice’? I don’t know that Atsuko could give advice to anyone.

“Atsuko-san knew I liked Sensei.”

I swallowed.

“Atsuko-san said that I should like Sensei, and that I must convey my feeling to you,” Haruna explained with flushed cheek, apparently despise earlier statement is the idea of Atsuko, “I have to express my feeling on Sensei, not so you know my feeling to you, but so that I know what your feeling to me. And so I don’t misunderstand and expect too much.”

I wrinkled my forehead even though I could feel my cheeks heat up to hear it, “Atsuko said liked that?”

Haruna smiled, she shipped her drink before giving me an answer, “Atsuko-san just said that I have to express my feeling on Sensei, for my own good. And after I tell you, I understand...”

I don’t know what to say so I just quietly listening to anything that would say that girl. I was hard to believe Atsuko has met Haruna, and more so to say things like that at Haruna.

“from your reaction to my statement earlier, I already know, you doesn’t have any feeling to me,” Haruna didn’t look into my eyes as she said, her eyes staring at the cup in front of her which was almost empty, “ah no, actually I already knew from beginning. Sensei only doing good to me out of pity but I hope so. But now I understand. I’m not going to take advantage of Sensei again.”

“Haruna. .”

“both my parents are getting a divorce, Sensei.”

I was surprised to hear that.

“I’m going with my mother to go my grandmother home in Fukuoka, after the new school year, I will submit a written request to change school,” this time Haruna looked into my eyes as she said, “when Sensei was teaching, I mo longer go to school. Because that, before I go, I want to spend time with Sensei,” Haruna face getting flushed and again she hid her face behind her bangs, “however, Sensei is my first love.”

For the umpteenth time, I lost my word tonight. There are many things that surprised me happened tonight. Lucky i didn’t have a problem with my heart.

“so, are you going to move..” I knew I should say something to cheer Haruna but currently empty middle of my head and I couldn’t think clearly to find the right word to make her feel better.

“yes,” Haruna said in a small voice, “I’m sad, but not because my parents to divorce. I’m sad because I had to part with you. I really liked Sensei..”

“I- I. .” I tried to say something but failed, “ah, sorry.”

In the end I can only apologize. I really suck.

Haruna shook her head.

“Sensei not wrong, no need to apologize,” she said explained, “I’m very happy. In the end there are people who are wiling to listen to all my problems. So far, I have always felt lonely and started hating adults. But then I met adult like you and Atsuko-san who opened my mind and changes my views.”

I smiled, “maybe it was because I and Atsuko was immature too.”

Haruna chuckled, “no, that’s not true. I want to grow up to be adults who like you and Atsuko-san. You want to talk to the kid without condescending.”

I smiled back to her, I don’t think she is thinking like that and I’m glad to hear it.

“thank you, Haruna.”

“thank you too, Sensei,” Haruna said as she reached her hand to shake to my hand, she smiled with tears in her eyes when I shook her hand smaller than my hand, “goodbye.”


“tadaima,” I muttered, putting a plastic bag containing milk cans for Ryo on the table in the kitchen, I glanced at Atsuko through the corner of my eye as I took of the jacket that since I’ve been wearing.

“ah, okaeri,” she answered without looking at me in the slightest.

I tried to learn it, but the look on her face when I didn’t see anything strange on her. She looks normal and ordinary. No different to her. What she really has to know about Haruna? Since when? Then why did she let me lie to her and act as if nothing happened anything and still look cool? Or maybe this is not significant problem for her?

I swallowed. Somehow I’m afraid to ask her even though I wanted to know the answer.

I was debating with myself to ask her when Atsuko decided to turned to me and surprise me with a question that is actually quite normal if only I didn’t just hear that she actually had to know things that have kept from her.

“you got the milk? You bought that for zero to six months, right?”

I nodded and lifted the plastic bag that had been placed it to show it to Atsuko, “I’ve asked the shop keeper, and he gave a formula suitable for Ryo.”

Atsuko nodded to hear it, she look calm and normal, “I feel guilty at Ryo should give him a formula.”

I was trying to act casual and walk towards Atsuko and sat next to her, “so be it, your breast water doesn’t come smoothly,” I reached the television remote and replace with a re-broadcast television shows football games, “Ryo already sleeping?”

Atsuko reclaim the remote from my hand and went back to change to a romance drama which was being watched, “Ryo rather fever so he was a little fussy but now gone to bed,” Atsuko said as she looked back at the TV screen, she shifted a little to improve the position of the seat and leaned her head on my shoulders casually.

“tomorrow we take Ryo to the doctor,” I said as I flinched, worried about my son, but also feel awkward at the same time as Atsuko leaned her head on my shoulder.

“mmm,” Atsuko muttered while remaining focused in the direction of the television, “hopefully tomorrow morning Ryo’s fever has gone down.”

I nodded even though Atsuko couldn’t to see it, “but we still bring Ryo to the doctor. As a precaution in case there was nothing.”

“mmm,” Atsuko muttered again, but after that she didn’t say anything else and looked serious watch her favorite drama.

Of distance and our current position is so close I could smell the cherry gentle shampoo to use. I don’t know why Atsuko could seem so comfortable with this position and I desperately need to refrain looked uncomfortable in front of her. I don’t want her to know what this time I was nervous because of her.

Know since when Atsuko know about my silent meeting with Haruna. So far, she always looks natural in front of me.

While I’m not sure if I could be natural in front of her. After all I was a biology teacher instead an actor. I’m not good to be pretending. I wouldn’t be surprised if know Atsuko already know about my feeling for her that I keep from her.

I was silent for a moment, suddenly realized that maybe Atsuko indeed have known about my feeling. Atsuko is not a fool and I’m not a person who is good at pretending. Maybe this time Atsuko actually have known about my feeling but pretend not to know.

Wait a minute.

If she did know about I feel to her, and why she didn’t do anything about it? Why does she behave as if nothing happen

I stared back at her, but from a position like this is hard for me to see her expression.

Beyond expectation.

After a long to know all about it, but apparently I was wrong.

I don’t know what came over me. Maybe I was inspired by what was Haruna said to me earlier. Maybe I remembered what Atsuko said at Haruna. Maybe I can’t stand keep it to myself anymore. Maybe I just wanted to say.

Before I could think far I have opened my mouth and call upon the Atsuko name.

“hey, Atsuko. .”


She still didn’t look at me.

Maybe I just wanted her to see, really see.

“I love you.”


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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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YEAH confession!!
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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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WOW!!!! sudden confession!!!! :shocked :shocked :shocked
will acchan say yes to kai?
i hope she open her heart for kai :oops:
acchan!!!! open yours eyes and see kai there for u!!!!

thank for updating yuko-san  :kneelbow:

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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confession !!!? Oh yeah !!! :farofflook:
waiting for the next update  :onioncheer:

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bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 16 UPDATE
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Chap 16

Atsuko POV

“I love you”

Once again he said three words which have never said that to me. I don’t know what to say so I’m just staring at the open-mouthed. I must have looked foolish at this time but I don’t care. Takahashi Kai, my childhood friend, the man who impregnate me and destroy my future. Men who also my husband.

He recently stated in love with me. After a year of marriage and twenty years be my friend, he has say it now. Wait a minute, I never even knew that he love me. I mean, what he really love me? How can?

Ah wait a minute..

Suddenly I lost for words. I can’t even make a sound in the slightest.. Something wrong. Kai loves me? He really say that, right? No, today is not the first of April, this is not an April Fool’s joke, right? If any of this really just a joke, that is not funny. I...


“what do you mean send me the photo to me?”

The man sitting in front of me was so handsome. Dark brown hair contrasting with his white skin is not well organized as usual. Under his eyes, dark circles sign of lack of sleep. Today he doesn’t look like as usually. Dimly, I can’t smell the alcohol from him. Oshima Yuu, a man who always discipline on himself, today he doesn’t look like as usual. I don’t want to speculate about the reasons behind his appearance today. My goal is to see him today is want to end it all. Of course, in fact it’s all over between us since last year when I decided to marry Kai and gave birth to my son. This time, I just want to make clear to him that I have chosen and I choose not him.

I tried to smile, Yuu sharp eyes makes me hard to breath, how ever he is a man who ever fill my life before, man I ever loved.

“I think it’s clear what I mean” I said slowly, “I’m happy with my family this time, I can’t see you again. I could be friends with you, but I know that’s not what you want, Yuu, so I was forced to say that I can’t see you anymore.”

It’s first time I saw Yuu’s expression like that. Suddenly I felt free. I’m no longer sure whether this is a decision that I took the right decision or not. . I feel uncertain when I suddenly thought of Ryo, my baby who is currently at my mom home, while I went to see Yuu. No, this is not the time to feel free.

“you don’t love Takahashi,” Yuu said with both hands clenched on the table,”you can’t force yourself to live together with people who are not you love! Acchan, I love you, I will receive you, I will accept your son.. I promise I will treat him like a son to me.. Please, give me a chance...”

I shook my head.

Yuu is a young man who educated and intelligent, but it seems he doesn’t understand. Marriage is not as easy as it could be terminated only because one of the parties was not satisfied. He didn’t understand.. At first I didn’t understand, but after almost a year to get married and have a children, I finally realized that marriage is not just about me. I can’t be selfish just because I don’t feel satisfied.

“Yuu, I’m the one who decided to leave you and marry Kai,” I tried to explain, Yuu is a smart man, he should understand, “if now I’m leaving Kai to come back to you, are you not sure that someday I won’t leave again for with others?”

Yuu paused. His eyes were still staring at me, I know there are many who want him to tell me but he chose to remain silent and let me continue my words.

“you’re right, Kai is not a perfect man. He often pisses me off. He also not the man of my dreams,” I smiled, trying to convey what I mean at Yuu, “we also often quarrel. . Anyway, lately it seems that he often met with his student quietly. .” Yuu seemed want to say something but I hurried on my words, “but, I’m also not a perfect woman. I’m also aware, I was often upset him. Maybe I’m too much of this type of dreams,” I chuckled before continuing, “and I also meet secretly behind him.”

“Acchan. .”

I raised a hand to cut his word off, I’m not finished with what I wanted to say, “listen to me, I’m not satisfied. I knew that I could get more if I choose to be with you, but I’m just a human, I’m will never be satisfied. If I’m constantly looking for better satisfy me, then I will not ever be grateful for what I have today.”

Yuu paused. He closed his mouth that was open as if to say something. Slowly he turned his gaze away from me. Frowned and I could see his jaw. He was holding himself, I know it.

“Kai is not perfect, but I’m also not perfect. Maybe that together we will be able to cover each other disadvantages of each. I want to learn to maintain what I have today,” I looked at Yuu with a look apologize even though he doesn’t see the current middle, “I’m sorry for you, because I feel sorry. I have made a mistake and I don’t want to do it again.”

Yuu finally back looked at me, “you’ll be sorry..”

I smiled, “maybe. .” I stared back at him, “but for now I’m happy like this.”



Kai call me again.
Wait a minute! I can’t say anything, wait a minute. .

I looked at him but my mouth and my tongue like locked suddenly dumb. He was waiting for an answer from me but I can’t say anything. Anyway, what I really need to answer that? What he really serious about what he had just said? The words and the same question kept circling in my head like a broken record. Damn you Kai. This is too sudden. He would have been happy to have succeeded in making me look like a fool today.

“Atsuko. .” this time Kai sounded impatient, “do you hear me, right?”

I took a breath and count to three in my mind.


Kai raised his eyebrow, “what’s the ‘yes’? You haven’t answered my question just now.”

I paused for a moment to think of the word he was saying.


Suddenly, as I realized everything was enlightened, I smiled enjoyed Kai expression that change was not sure. My husband seems to have fallen in love with me, this is not bad thing at all.

I decided to tease him a little bit, “which one? You don’t ask any question had been right?”

Kai’s face grew pale, “ah. . What?”

I used my index finger to accuse his chest. His face was staring to panic when I put myself to him. Slowly I leaned toward him, still sticking my finger in his chest. Naughty smile still lingering on my face. Seeing the confused expression that immediately turned to panic gave me satisfaction. When I finally got back to say something I accidentally lowered my voice and wrinkled my forehead.

“you don’t ask any question to me, how can I answer?”

“I-I. .” Kai instantly realized his mistake, he looked at me with a look awry.

Ah, why did I just realized it now?

I love him.

Yes, I’ve been afraid to admit it. I have fallen in love with him, either since when. Initially I thought sucks but slowly began its existence meant to me. I never thought of it before, but this time I always depend on him. From the first, when were children, until now, I still rely on him. I need him. Perhaps our marriage is preceded by mistake but this time, if someone gives me a chance to turn back time, I would keep repeating mistake that time.

It took so long for me to realize it, I had fallen in love.


There something different from the girl. Her skin was pale and her eyes looked like shrouded in fog, it looks like it has the ability to read what is in my mind just by looking at me. I shudder to imagine what she would say if she finds out what is on my mind today.

The girl look dismal, like the girl who almost never touched by sun. Her face was expressions and her eyes blank.

I find it hard to find right words for her.

She gorgeous. Bleak, but beautiful. Her finger were long and slender, graceful as she holds a cup of tea. Somehow in my eyes it looks like the kind of girl that would make Kai fall in love. Think of like that somehow makes my chest hurts. This girl. . She was young and beautiful. Besides, she also looks elegant and smart, much different from me. Could Kai like her?

“I’m sorry. .”

I was surprised when I heard her voice for the first time.

Her voice was soft and beautiful. I can just hear her swallow. In contrast to my voice loud and high, her voice softer.

“I. . My name is Kojima Haruna, I Takahashi-sensei student,” she said.

She was a smart girl. I think she knows the reasons why I suddenly said that I wanted to meet her. In my heart I feel salute to her because she didn’t refuse to see me. Perhaps it is nothing between her and Kai. Maybe I just worry excessively.

“greeting, Haruna-chan,” I smiled, “I’m Takahashi Atsuko.”

I don’t nee add the words that I was the wife of a teacher, she was a smart girl, I’m sure she could conclude that without me get this straight.

She nodded, “I know. . . I. . .” she looked hard to find the right word to say, “I’m sorry.”


“because I had casually asked Sensei to see me.”

I took a deep breath. Just by looking at it I know. This girl falls in love with Kai, my husband. For reasons I can’t explain, somehow I don’t feel anxious or scared. Of reaction and expressions, I could see that there was nothing between them. The girl loves Kai but has not expressed her feeling.

“you like Kai?” I said immediately ascertain.

Her face flushed. She was panicked, “I-I. . . No, I. . . I mean, ah, Sensei. .”

I chuckled. Suddenly I felt calm.

“it’s okay. Fair for girl in your age to fall in love,” I said, raising my cup and shipped my tea. When I put the cup back on the table I smiled at him, “I am proud to have a husband who is loved by many people.”


“I, I love you, Atsuko,” Kai said again, he looked at me as if trying to make me understand, “I have long loved you.”

I smiled, “oh yeah? Since when?”

“ever since we were little,” he finally admitted, “I always loved you. I’m always annoyed because I could never be a prince that you want. I. . When you say that there is nothing between us to your friends, I was disappointed. I always thought special but you don’t think of me like that. .”

I tried to cover my shock. It was the first time I heard about it from him. I never knew that he had loved for so long. I even had forgotten that such a thing never happened before. . I bite my tongue to keep from saying anything, try to give him a chance to explain whatever he wants to explain.

“I decided to stay away from you but I still think about you, I’m always thinking about you. .” the blond man’s face was turning red as he continued, “I love you. That’s why I never could have done with another woman. . That night when see you were drunk. . When I take you to my apartment. .” his face grew red, but he still went on to explain, “i very upset. I’m jealous of your boyfriend that time. I. . That night, we. .uh. . You never said that what happened that night was not based on love, but I . . Uh. . That’s not true, I mean, I love you, so. .”

I could out my hand and wrapped it around his neck and threw me toward him. I held tightly. This man. . He loves me and I don’t notice it at all. I’m the most stupid woman in this world.


Kai looked confused but slowly he put his arm around my waist and pulled me toward him. He hugged me tightly.

“Baka,” I muttered, burying my face in his shoulder, breathing in the fresh scent of his body, “you just say now?”

He sighed and tightened his arms, “I’m sorry. .”

“I love you.”

I could feel Kai’s body stiffened but he didn’t hear him say anything just tightened his arm.


sorry for late update minna, and sorry for my bad english

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 16 UPDATE
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Finally my kaiAtsuko confess them feeling :') I'm so glaad ! Thanks for update author-san can't wait >_<

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 16 UPDATE
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Atsuko here is dense but mature enough to handle Kojima.
Yuko and Haruna as the third party. The characters were awesome.
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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 16 UPDATE
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It's toooo daammmn goooooddd. Uyeah!
this story is too reeeaall for meeee. Ulele ~

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 16 UPDATE
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Argh! I love this chapter!!!
U just too great!!!
Please,please continue.
Now i addicted to this story  :love:

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 16 UPDATE
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I rather go for the awesome plot but poor english than good english but lousy plot.

You got me reading all the way and loving the characters. It's a nice slow but sweet development.

And the last part... makes me wonder when can I find love like that

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 16 UPDATE
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 :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: I love you author-san~~~ 

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 16 UPDATE
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Ah.. Been a while....

Yeah... Atsuko loves Kai, same with Kai loves Atsuko

Great Atsuko... break things off with Yuu, no longer hoping to be with Yuu

Poor Haruna for getting her heart broken...and she understands Kai only help her for she is his student

But at least she didn't need to hear her parents fight all the time.

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to see

Thank you for the updates

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 16 UPDATE
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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 16 UPDATE
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Chap 17


I never thought like that thing would be like this.

Until a one year ago my life was. . Perfect? Ah, not really. With all the boring routine, I almost didn’t feel anything. My life. . Indifferent. I can’t say that my life is boring because I actually managed to get a job just a few moments after I graduate from collage, and again it was a job that long since I want. I was lucky because I have steady job and a quite life. My life is ‘normal’. Nothing more, but I also don’t lack.

At least I try to think like that.

There are lacking in my life, of course, I’m just reluctant to admit it. Something, or rather ‘someone’, which is missing in my life. I didn’t expect too much, I have repeatedly reminded myself not to expect to much. To not expect at all. Because if I don’t wish, then I will not be disappointed.  So I said to myself that until whenever the love that was not delivered will never happen.

Of course at that time I didn’t think that one night I will meet Atsuko in front of the bar. I never thought that Atsuko, who was in a drunken state, will come with me to my apartment. That night, I never thought that I would make love for the first time.

I made love for the first time, and I do so with a woman who had been secretly love to her.

Fate like playing with me. I’m married to the woman I love, but the woman didn’t love me. So what a good thing? I love her so much but know that she hated me and loved another man feel very painful. Living together under one roof, but I can’t touch her at all. It was not easy.

I had to use my ability to hold myself. I’m just a normal guy with a woman who has been loved for more than ten years without being able to touch even though we have been in the marital bond is very heavy for me. Let alone to touch her, kiss her, or do anything else to her, even to tell her about what I felt was I couldn’t.

A few months later my relationship with her has improved. We are no longer mutually cursing and yelling at each other every morning to blame each other. We are friends again. I don’t want that everything will turn awkward just because I expressed my feeling to her.

Of course, I have to bear the risk that I must continue to live under the same roof with her without being able to touch her. I think something like this would last forever. .

Therefore, this evening, when at last I could hug her, this time in conscious, i felt difficult to believe. .


I couldn’t sleep.

No, my body feels tired and my heart feels full, honestly my eyes felt heavy, I need to sleep, but I don’t want to sleep. I’m afraid that if i fell a sleep then I would wake up and realize that this all was a dream. I don’t want to fall sleep, I would like to spend more time looking at the sleeping face of my wife who now sleeping next to me.

I lay staring at my wife who has been asleep since half an hour ago. Still naked wrapped in a white blanket, she was lying her side facing me with eyes closed, beautiful. I watched her face with happy feeling fulfill my chest cavity. She is so beautiful, yes I know I’ve said it many times but it was never enough, she was too pretty. I don’t understand why a woman as beautiful as she like someone like me. I am far from the figure of prince who had been wanted. I who had ‘betrayed’ and lied to her. I am that nobody is.

She was too pretty.

Brown hair straggling touching the shoulder and cheek. Even with her eyes closed as she still looked so appealing. I had to restrain myself not to kiss her. I’ve pretty much kiss her tonight. I don’t want to wake her. She looked tired and she needed a break. Mainly I was the one who had made him exhausted.

My face heated up remembering things we did tonight. This is not the first time we had sex and this time we’ve officially become husband and wife, and we have expressed our feelings to each other. Of course there is nothing wrong with doing that. But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel embarrassed.

This is a new thing for me. Things like this.

Maybe I feel like this just because I’m not used. From now on I will slowly get used to the real life husband and wife.

I couldn’t help but grin when I realized that from now on we will do things like this more often. Once I know Atsuko feeling to me, I felt there was something that changed me. As someone who has let go of a rope that had bound me tightly. I don’t need to bother to hide my feelings. I don’t need to laboriously refrain.

My hand involuntarily moving and touching Atsuko face. Gently I get rid of a few strands of hair from her face. My hands don’t necessarily leave her face. I stroked her cheek gently as possible, I enjoy touching her warm and soft cheek, but I also don’t want to wake her. I was lucky, Atsuko apparently too tired so my touch didn’t make her wake. She still asleep.

“I love you,” I whispered, I still didn’t want to wake her.

Yes, I love her very much.

I finally repeatedly said that while I hugged her. I was finally able to express what I felt to her over the years, through words and action, and I’m happy because she replied..

I was busy looking at the face of my wife sleeping when I heard the cries of a baby monitor. I and Atsuko decided to put the baby monitor on our baby’s room which is connected with our room so we could keep track of our baby to sleep in the room next to it. I quickly turn off the speakers that are on the table next to me before Atsuko woke up. But too late, Atsuko has awakened behind me. She wiped her eyes with small yawn. Her face looked tired.

“Ryo crying?”

“yes, but don’t worry, I’ll take care of him, you go to sleep again,” I smiled at Atsuko.

Atsuko looked at me with a little doubt, “are you sure?”

I chuckled and kissed her cheek briefly before looking for shorts on the floor and put them on, "calm down, Ryo just hungry, his fever had gone down, right?"

I can hear Atsuko evaporate, “milk in the fridge, warm it, okay?”

I smiled, “of course, I know..”

Then I hurriedly left the room before Atsuko back saying something as if I didn’t know what to do to deal with a crying baby. Since I was 'off' from school, I spend more time with Ryo. I’m more than just knows how to take care of the baby.

Ryo still cry when I entered the room. I turned on the lights and rushed towards him. My son was crying loudly, his face flushed and his eyes closed. I chuckled as I grabbed him and lifted him from his cradle. Cries slowly subsides as I hugged him, patting his back gently to calm him down. I touched my forehead with his forehead and was relieved when I felt that fever has gone down.

I looked into Ryo face who still sobbing, “are you hungry?”

Of course Ryo didn’t answer. I chuckled and still hold him while I walked out of the room and into the kitchen. Ryo seemed to open his eyes still wet with his tears, but he wasn’t crying anymore. I hold Ryo in my right hand while I turn on the kitchen lights with my left hand and walked toward the kitchen. There were two bottles of milk that had been Atsuko prepared. Lately her breast milk doesn’t come out smoothly so she had to use a special pump to draw of her breast milk. Atsuko insisted that she didn’t want to give formula to Ryo until he was at least ten months, even more. She bit so hassles, because although it is still a few months old, Ryo has a big appetite. My baby seems almost always hungry.

I heat the milk for Ryo by using the microwave, as the doctor ever remind me I'm not too long heating. See? I told you I was a father figure who can be relied upon. I don’t understand why Atsuko sometimes seem not to believe me. I love my wife and my son, I love my little family, and I will do the best thing I could do for them.

After replacing the milk bottle cap for Ryo, we both went back to his room. Ryo noises like 'Guu' or 'buu' during a trip back to the room to make me smile. For babies age Ryo very chatty. Of course, for me it makes him increasingly looks adorable.

 I sat on the chair next to the bed with Ryo in my arms. I touched the tip of the bottle to direct Ryo tiny lips and he smoked vigorously. I watched his face that looked very hungrily drank his milk. His lips and cheek twitching, I couldn’t help grinning happy to see it. The boy who handsome and adorable this is my son, I was the luckiest man in the world.


Ryo finish his milk in fifteen minutes, but even after he is still not satisfied look sleepy. A pair of brown eyes innocently looked at me as if to say, 'Dad, what we're going to play now?'. I chuckled imagine Ryo actually say words like that. This is not the first time I imagine the conversation with my son. Sometimes I would ask him to talk even though he may not understand what I said to him.

"It's late," I muttered trying to explain to Ryo are still looking at me, "we play tomorrow huh? Now your time to sleep ..."

Ryo didn't answer but he still looks not sleepy at all.

"Look, maybe you not sleepy, but I'm sleepy," I said again, smiling, "so have mercy on your handsome father and go to sleep, huh?"

I was surprised when I heard the sound of laughter from the door that let open. When I turned around I saw Atsuko stood in the doorway with a smile broke across her face still looks tired. I swallowed hard as I realized that she was wearing a shirt that is a bit oversize fro her. She looked sexy like that.

“who’s that handsome?” she asked with a laugh, she walked up to me and Ryo. She knelt beside me and her hand touched Ryo’s forehead. Ryo seemed to not mind the touch of his mother. Atsuko smiled at Ryo and kissed his cheek, “thank God, Your fever gone down, Ryo-chan.”

“is not I told you that you should go to sleep?” I wrinkled my forehead middle chatting with my wife saw our baby was, “I can take care Ryo myself.”

“I know,” Atsuko looked up and smiled at me, “I just miss Ryo.”

I smiled and leaned slightly forward to kiss her lips, “you’re a good mother.”

Atsuko licking her lips as she looked at me with that look tempting, “and good wife too?”

My smile turned into a grin, “of course.”

Atsuko smiled back, “I love you.”

My chest feels warm to hear the words expressed by Atsuko. I’m still not used to hearing it, but every time I hear a strange feeling that meets my chest. I can’t explain with words. I love Atsuko, a long time ago when we were kids, and I really love her. Knowing that she loves me, though not as deep as my love for her. I would never expect more than that.

Suddenly, like realizing that his parents ‘busy’ with themselves respectively, Ryo yawning. I and Atsuko turned toward Ryo which slowly closed his eyes in my arms. Atsuko smiled softly and rubbed Ryo forehead using her thumb.

“good night Ryo..”

Looked at the sleeping face of my son, I was smiling again for the umpteenth time this evening.

I love my family, and it was great to know that they love me..

sorry for late update

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 17 UPDATE!!!!!
« Reply #55 on: February 04, 2015, 04:54:42 PM »
 I can imagine Ryo as a really cute baby.
Atsumina couple, finally together.
I hope you won't break them apart since marriage is full of hurdles.

Thank you for the update.  :rock:
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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 17 UPDATE!!!!!
« Reply #56 on: February 04, 2015, 05:33:35 PM »
Ah Kai able to be real husband and wife now.

Nice development.

Ryo is such a cute kid

What's going to happen next?

Would their be other troubles coming their way?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 17 UPDATE!!!!!
« Reply #57 on: February 05, 2015, 12:53:18 AM »
I think Kai isn't  a father figure but super father figure :)

Great update author-san^^

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 17 UPDATE!!!!!
« Reply #58 on: February 05, 2015, 05:43:27 AM »
super cute ryochan
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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 17 UPDATE!!!!!
« Reply #59 on: February 05, 2015, 12:25:16 PM »
Aw.....their family so adorable, i love it!
I want see ryo-chan in real life,is it possible?  :P
Well good job author-san,i still waiting for some drama here  :hehehe: :kekeke:

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