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Author Topic: Bittersweet Marriage (Kai x Acchan) chap 19 (LAST CHAPTER) 3-12-2017 - COMPLETED  (Read 16360 times)

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Atsuko POV

I never thought that things would be like this. All that has been my plan until today so messy, that all because of my own fault. I should not be that stupid, I should be more use my brain, but so be it. It seem like destiny toying. All that has been dreamed-that should be realized slightly longer-destroyed because of silly mistake I did.

I someone who always put perfection. Since the first should not be anything wrong with my life, everything has been planed it carefully. I work harder than other to be accepted to top university, I tried to keep my apperance to make it look attractive and get a lover of the above, I try harder than anyone else to be happy.

Since childhood I have always praised as beautiful and smart girl. During school I was popular in the eyes of my friend and also my teacher. I’m perfect. Everyone will look at me with a look of envy and adored. Once I finished school, I went to a famous university and date with handsome young man from rich family who is also my senior in college. My life as a princess in a fairy tale. Supposedly, like other fairy tales, my life was ended with the sentence ‘... Happily ever after’. Suppossed all goes according to plan.

A mistake I did changes everything into a very bad nightmare. This time I had delay from college, when I should be graduating next year. I also had to break up with my boyfriend who has a relationship with me for almost two years. Not only that, worse than that, I had to marry with someone who doesn’t love me and I also didn’t love him.

Both my parents were shocked when I and Kai decided to get married but they do not mind. If i may be honest, maybe compared to my parents, i was more surprised by this decision. I don’t love Kai. Not at all.

Me and Kai did it only once. We did it once, without love. At that time, we both were under the influance of alcohol and the next morning we couldn’t remember what had happened overnight. Happened that night was a big mistake in my life. One mistake that destroy my life and my dreams into pieces.

That night we make not only one mistake but two. We not just sex, we also do not secure, and to cover up mistake that ironically we cover it whit another error. Married. I and Kai married even though we didn’t love each other.

I don’t hate Kai, but i don’t love him too. We both just playmates since childhood. We’ve known each other a long time and do not love each other, that’s it! I always dreamed to be able to live a high life as a princess and Kai knew it. By marrying, all just a dream was shattered.

Kai doesn’t love me, of course, he had long knew and know what i really am. He never think of as a woman-as i never think of it as a man-if only night that we were not too drunk, this all would not have happened. We don’t love each other, but we should get married. How pathetic.

I had to break up with my boyfriend, rather he was furious and left me when he found out what had happened. There’s nothing i can do. I should be married with Kai. I know, Kai was very upset about this, but of course ha can’t blame me becuase this is an error that occured two people and both of us must take resposibility.

Our marriage lasted simple without a party. We registered our marriage in registry office without reception or honeymoon. We even did not anything on our first night. No dance or wine. Two of us quite traumatized after the incident that night and we have made an unwritten agreement that we shouldn’t not drink alcoholic beverages while being alone.

We combine all our saving for down payment of an apartment and live together even tough we were still sleeping in separated rooms. We don’t hate each other, before all these events our relationship is fine. Our first pretty good friend during school but now we got married just getting away. A marriage without love is being big mistake, but having sex without contraception with someone who does not love is also a mistake.

Sleeping with childhood playmates is one thing. Married to man who is not loved is also one other thing. But compared to both, there is one thing that still foreign to me : pregnancy.

I was carrying the child of my childhood playmates and it all seemed strange to me. I’m not so fond of small children and now there is a fetus in my stomach that slowly grows into baby from men who do not love. Kai and I do not need this child. I don’t love them.

I fall into the hole that is my own making. I’m only twenty-one years but I’ve been married and soon have a child. If only i had the courage to abort then i do not have to be stuck in this situation. We do not need to get married and Yuu doesn’t need to know that i had been betrayed. Unfortunately i was too afraid to do so.

“Toast again?!” Kai half muttered grumpily staring at his breakfast with frown on his forehead. He snorted see that i made breakfast for him this morning: a special toast-Atsuko style. Toast delicious savory butter coated..
“Don’t talk to much !” I snapped, pulling up a chair and sat down in front of him
“This baby kept kicking my stomach when i’m going to cook something. Try to feel yourself how to cook with baby in your belly. I’m not a kangaroo!”

Kai snorted. He looked at me in disgust,
“Don’t make a joke!” he said curtly
“Your pregnancy age just four months, which could probably kick your womb? Don’t fool biology teacher”
“Hah!” I replied sarcastically, “If you good biology teacher, you should not do stupid mistake like this,” I muttered as I poured coffee into my cup, “I know it’s your first experience, but you should learn a lot of porn. Do you know what a condom right?”

“Enough!” Kai stood with his face flushed restrain angry, he tightens his tie with annoyance, “If you’re already experienced, you should prepare the pill or other contraceptives! Just a stupid woman who let herself impregnated man who is not her lover without stop!”
“You think I cheap?” I threw my cup which is now almost empty on the table. Most contents splashed to tablecloth that i like. I stood and stared at Kai who stare back at me from the other side dinning table. I sigh and massaged my forehead.
“Come on, a virgin is boring. No wonder there is never a woman wants a relationship with you. If you had to sleep with ten woman, will probably be ten woman who would come to claim your responsibility.”
Kai pounded the table in front of me, surprised me.
“Enough!” he said with a face completely red. He walked away from the table, grabbing his coat with coarse.
“I’m leaving!” he still sounded angry, “I’ll be home late. Not dinner at home.”
He stepped out and closed the door violently.
I sighed and sat back in my chair, ‘at least he says he not going to have dinner at home, i didn’t not bother to cook.’

Incident this morning was my daily routine since we married. We always argue and fight, after a long time I was familiar with this situation. Although it seem a bit odd considering we were old friend first, after we got married just acting like a mortal enemy. Maybe, we just can’t accept the fact that we had to marry each other, not with the people who really we like. I have not been accustomed to live life as a housewife. Maybe I’ll never get used. I’ve always aspired to be a career woman, chores such as cooking and taking out the trash.
I snapped out of my reverie and immediately looked at the clock . I groaned when i saw the little hand was on number nine. Bad! I forgot that today is the day the garbage disposal!

In my neighborhood, the garbage disposal only once a week is Wednesday every week. Because do not want to trash ruffled crows then we can only put out garbage in the garbage disposal on the clock when garbage collection trucks come. if I did not manage to throw it today then it means I have to live with the garbage-trash this week for another week. Ugh.... I don’t want to think of it!

I pulled a large black plastic bag containing garbage from the kitchen. I took it out of the apartment with difficulty. Our room on the second floor so i had to go down the stairs with a big bag of trash, and it was not easy.
While half ran I prayed that I didn’t miss the garbage trucks. Painstakingly, I dragged the trash along the road to the place where the garbage collection garbage truck will be waiting.
“Ah, wait!” I shouted, trying to catch the truck started to leave.
“Wait!” I shouted again, dragging the garbage bag. Quite a long time I chased the truck until the truck driver was aware that a thin woman with a somewhat distended abdomen were running after the truck by dragging a large trash bag with a vengeance.

After successfully taking out the trash out the trash, I walked wearily back to my house. Since officially declared to contain, somehow slightest activity capable of making me tired. And also angry.

Hours as this is still quite crowded streets. I looked around. There are adults who go to the office, the children go to school, the student left for college... While I have to go back to the house. How ironic. The fate of the mother-housewife is like this. My world was boring. I was to young to get stuck in hell mothers.

If I try to think positive there may be some things that benefit the young married. While the other friend sleepy in class, listening to the lecture and the nagging thought of report that must be collected, I can relax at home. Lying in front of the TV while eating a bag of chips. Ah but I missed all my classes. I was a great candidate for attorney-my teachers always said so. I know I’m going to be a great lawyer. Unfortunately I have lost my chance and got stuck in this situation.

When I got home I looked around a little sadly. This is where I am now. Not in the classroom or behind a desk. I looked at my stomach, it is still not too big, but in three months I would have ballooned by container trucks. If so what else is left to me this?
I sighed and walked toward the kitchen. A cup of tea and a can of crackers seems to fit with my mood today...

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bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 2
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When you hear the word “marriage” what comes to your mind? Feast? Sex? Cake? Family?
I looked at myself in the mirror reflection in the bathroom. Young male figure with frowning face staring at me from the mirror behind. The man’s face look some miserable with eyelids and the skin dull due to work related stress suffered in recent months. The young man in the mirror it was Takahashi Kai, myself.

I complained as he put on me. This morning I felt unwell but what may make me have to keep teaching. A few more week midterms, I have to finish some of the subject matter before next week. If I may be honest I never thought that being a teacher would be busy. I smoothed my blond hair and sighed. Initially I chose to become a teacher is because I think being a teacher looks fun, at the time the student holiday, the teachers were able to vacation and relax. It’s not like that. I was naive, since I’ve always miscalculated and failed. Even before my friends often call me a loser. I know they are right. So far there is not good thing that happened to me, including the marriage.

I looked at the figure of the man in the mirror again, her face looks like want to cry this time, so pity.
Let me introduce the man in the mirror, his name is Kai, early age of twenty years, since the fall of last year he taught at a private secondary school in tokyo, has been married with his childhood playmates and about to become father.


I shook my head. Although i am a teacher and often surrounded by children, i can’t imagine myself as a father. I mean, I love children and I love to play with them, but playing with the kids and have a child are two different things.

I straightened my clothes once more before he left the bathroom. Since growing up I was always thinking about marriage and starting a family. Since childhood I have been orphaned because of that I crave a warm and happy family. I did want a family-wife and children-but not this way.

I’ve dated few time before this but everything always ends up in matter of months. I was never doing more than merely a kiss with the woman who became my girlfriend at the time, not because I put a moral or follow a particular religious stream, but because previously there was never a suitable opportunity to do so. When then the opportunity came, I never thought that it would do with my childhood friend, Maeda Atsuko.

I’m not someone who is conscientious and always be careful in doing something. Often i make mistake, but only this time i did a fatal error. Mistake this time, can only repair by doing other error.

When you hear the word “marriage” what’s in your head?


I wrinkled my forehead while up in the kitchen. My wife, who also wrinkled forehead looked at me with a look of dislike, every morning she would me with her dislike face and it makes me feel very upset. She always treated me like an enemy. As if all happened was my fault alone.

What she had never heard the proverb “it take two people to dance”?

Before all this happened, much earlier, we were both quite familiar. We used to play together. I still remember the first Atsuko often play pretending to be a princess. Even now, she is still entangled with her obsession to become princess. That is one reasons why she was so upset by the fact that she has to marry me, because I’m not a prince who wanted.


Give me a break.

“Toast again?” I half muttered, pulling up a chair in front of me and sat down. Atsuko did not like to cook but every morning she always prepares of toast for me. If it does not like to do should she not bother to make breakfast for me. Somehow I feel annoyed stare bread was slightly charred.

I heard my wife sighed.

“Don’t talk to much,” she said curtly, she looked me in disgust, “This baby kept kicking my stomach when I’m going to cook something. Try to feel yourself how to cook with a baby in your belly. I’m not a kangaroo!”

Again, she used her pregnancy as a shield. Silly reasons.

“Don’t make a joke!” I said with a tone that is slightlly higher that that I actually I mean, “your pregnancy age just four months, which may be able to kick your womb? Do not fool biology teacher.”

This morning ritual begins again, as usual, Atsuko always insulting me and threw me rant. I know she hates me and blame me for all that has happened, but even though I knew I was wrong and I was a man in our relationship, I still couldn’t prevent her word hurt me. Everyday she would issued rant insulting my dignity as a man, and every morning I would go to work anyway in anger.

Today I kicked off our dinning table to end our debate. I went off to school with mixed feeling. Women are one that always knows how to hurt my pride as a man.

I walked slowly toward the station. I left fifteen minutes earlier than it should. All of this because again Atsuko start fight with me. Know since when the shoulder length hair young sweet girl who lives next door to my house it grows into selfish woman who casually.


“Marry me”

She looked at me in disbelief.

That day we were sitting in a cafe near the station. Her face was pale and her eyes were swollen. Her voice trembled as she said for the first time to me. I know that maybe my decision to ask her to marry was a bit rushed. We both did not kid anymore, but we are still young. Although we’ve grown, but we still do not know how to solve the problem like this. I know I should think it through, but this girl sitting in front of me with quivering lips and pale face. I couldn’t leave it alone.

“Atsuko,” I said again, “marry me.”


This marriage was mistake but to kill the baby and get on with life as if nothing happened is a mistake that much larger. I always wanted a family and now despite the unpredictable was I get a family. A little difficult, but actually slowly I fix everything. The child has the right to be happy. Although I didn’t love each other and Atsuko but I’m sure our children will always abudant love of both parents.

When you hear the word “marriage” what’s in your mind?

I want a family, this maybe initiated from a mistake but i wanted to try to build a family with Atsuko. I mean what I intend this but somehow every time I opened my mouth to start a conversation, she always responded with harsh words. That make my ears hot. Maybe Atsuko didn’t want to form family with me, I can’t force it, but still it feels all too depressing.

Unconsciously I took a deep breath and exhale.

“Takahashi-sensei, are you okay?

I looked up and saw a girl with long straight brown hair standing in front of me and looked me without expression. The uniformed girl put a stack of notebook on my desk. I smiled at her.

“Thank you Kojima-san,” I smiles, I just remembered that earlier before the clock expires lesson I asked her to collect notebook classmates and bring it to my office, “You can go home now.”

Although I allow her to go, she still stood there and looked at me, eyes that seemed to be able to read everything in my mind a little scared me. This girl is very pretty and have good personality but some time she can guess my thoughts as it scares me.

“Sensei okay?”

I nodded, a student who worrying her teacher sounds very sweet, “Of course, don’t worry, Kojima-san, I was just daydreaming..”

Then for no reason that can understand her face suddenly flushed, “ All right, then,” she said as she hastily bent, “You’ll excuse me, sensei.”

Before i could reply she was already running to classes left. Actually there rules that prohibit students to run in the corridors but I just smiled to see it. A girl like Kojima Haruna that could be flushed without reason looks very sweet.

Suddenly I remembered young shoulder length hair girl and for some reason I feel annoyed. Atsuko’s beautiful face, it’s just a pity behavior is not at all sweet. I glance at my watch, it’s six o’clock, the school building was already almost empty, only few student who are still following the sport club or art activities. For several days I went drinking with colleagues of other teacher after teaching but unfortunately today after the other teachers at the same time have their own affairs so inevitably I had to go home early. I don’t really like to drink because I am who easy to drunk. This marriage also came from a drinking event, because I’ve learned a lot in order to keep from getting drunk. I don’t like to drink but I don’t like to go home early too. Actually I don’t like being at home. I don’t like to have a fight with Atsuko, she doesn’t just hurt me but also my self-esteem.

I and Atsuko sleep in separate room. Every time I go home at night, Atsuko had locked herself in her room and not come out again until morning. Each day we only met in the morning at dinner table. For a new bride, of course, our relationship is classified as very sad, but so be it.

I don’t have nowhere else to go so I decided to go home. The journey from the station to the hour takes 8 minutes but I chose around the garden first. As much as possible I don’t want to get home quickly.

Red sky and raven fly back to their nests in some trees in this park. I bought a canned coffee drinks vending machine and sit on a park bench. After finishing my coffee, I’m going straight to home, so my intentions.

On the front there is a sand play area children, a boy who was playing was picked up by his mother to go home. The boy was about five years ols. His hands ware covered by sand hold his mother’s hand all the way home. With cheerful he tells what he did earlier in the day of his mother.

I smiled at the sight. Soon I will have a child. I will see my son learn to walk, then teach him to ride a bike and on Sunday we will play ball or just walk to the park. Boys could definitely be invited to play football or baseball. Maybe I’ll take him fishing. But if a daughter, i’ll take her out and bought ice cream for her. Without realizing I had a big smile. I want a family.

I stared at the empty cans of coffee

Fisrt of all, I have to try to make peace with Atsuko.

With hesitation I reached into my pocket and pulled out my cell phone. I dialed our phone number and then press the call keys. My heart beating faster as i hear the dial tone.

“Moshi-moshi, Takahashi residence here.”

Hearing the voice of Atsuko somehow my courage and my resolve a little torn. What if she laugh at me? What if she actually yelled at? My hands I used to hold the phone began to sweating. I couldn’t speak.


Atsuko began impatient. I swallowed hard to moisten the dry throat. These action probably wrong but if I don’t try I’ll never know.

“Uh, hello.. Atsuko, it’s me.. I’m going to get home.. Why do not we have dinner at outside?”

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bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 3
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We both opposite. A small table standards limiting family restaurant sat us both. His eyes had been fixed behind the a large glass window next to us which restricts us to outside world. I tried to trun to my cell phone. I refuse to start a conversation with him although I have to admit, it become more awkward with our mutual silence like this.

Oh may it be better if we were both silent , because if we talk then we likely have a fight. We are like that. It could be trigger slightest quarrel between us.

On the table between us there was a glass of strawberry milkshake is mine and hot cup of cappucino belongs to him. We equally have not touched our drink. Next hand riffling purple drink with straw, making a sound that I like.

If the other see we were just sitting quietly without taking to each other, even without looking at each other, waiting for orders, maybe they’ll think we as lovers in the middle of a fight. But when one of us start a conversation, and then provoke an argument between us.. From the way we fight, then most likely people will think we are a married couple who had been married long.

I sighed and wrinkled my forehead when a small indicator light blink indicating cell phone battery residual twenty percent. I turned off the phone and put it back into the pocket of a jackey that i wear.. I tried to distract the other things in the room. Not easy because there is nothing interesting in that room.

Secretly, I keep my eyes on the man sitting in front of me. His chin resting on his hand, his eyes still focused on the streets out there. Brilliant brown eyes appear slightly grayish tonight. His hair was little messy though this morning before leaving for work he had been smoothed. His face loke more mature. Know since when, whiny boy who lived next door to my house grew to be a man who.. Uh, good-looking?

Compared with Yuu calm and cool, of course, Kai is not nothing. Yuu, however, is the man of my dream. Unfortunately I could not marry him.

Since childhood, I never imagined that one day I will marry with Kai. Kai doesn’t look too bad when compared to the average Japanese man, but I want so far nothing on him.

I watched Kai face. Kai faced quite handsome if silent. It’s just that he almost never silent. The comments are always annoying flung me reluctant.

“sorry for wait”

I quickly turned away so that he didn’t realize my eyes when a waitress arrived wit our order.

“spicy curry rice, fries and beef burger,” said the waitress was cheerful while placing our order on the table , “enjoy the food”

I turned my attention to the dish containing my beef burger. When was suddenly called me and invited Kai eating out I was a little surprised. Since getting married, this is the first time he asked me to go to dinner outside. Although as I’d expected, which meant the dinner outside is in a family restaurant just few block from our apartment.

“enjoy your meal,” Kai muttered as he spooned his curry and began to eat.

I paused for a moment and looked at him. Unfortunately, he was aware of my eyes. Kai stop the movement , “what?”

I shook my head, “ah, nothing,” I muttered, grabbing a knife and fork to cut my burger, “Itadakimasu”

Back when I was still with Yuu, we always had dinner at an expensive restaurant and classy. Every time he would pick me up at my apartment with his car and took me to an expensive restaurant that often appear in life style magazine.

It will come with rose and opened the car door for me. Yuu didn’t talk much but he treats me like a princess. He doesn’t talk much but always listening. Occasionally he would chimed story with comments.

Yuu voice always made me feel comfortable around him. His hand were large and always feels cold remedy, each holding my hand.

I slapped my face hard in my mind. This time I was having dinner with my husband and I even recall memories with my ex-boyfriend. This time I have to admit that I was a little too far.

I don’t know exactly what the reason Kai suddenly took me out to dinner. Until last before he left for work, we still fight. Looks like his mood suddenly changed. I don’t understand what exactly planned, but if he wants to make peace, maybe i should just take it. After all, he is the father of the baby in my belly now.

“why you not eat that?”

I realized that since I had just cut up the meat on my plate without eating it. In front of me, Kai looked at me with a frown.

I sighed, normally I would throw bitter word that would then ignite a quarrel, but for some reasons this time I don’t want to quarrel with him.

“ah, I was just thinking,” I said, eating a piece of meat, “and now it is finished, I’m going to eat.”

Kai grunted but didn’t say anything to more. I think he was trying to avoid a fight with not say anything that will provoke debate.

“So..” I swallowed my food while trying to start a conversation, “how do at school today?”

Kai went on eating, “normal.”

We fell silent. Topics that I picked up was a few second second after I said.

“Uh..” this time he tried to start a conversation, “how in the house today?”

I frowned, thinking for a few second about how I should answer this question. Finally I just lifted my shoulders, “just like usually”

We were silent again and the atmosphere become awkward. I chew my food slowly because I felt so I wallowed my food I have to say something to start a conversation. We are newlyweds and we don’t have ideas for our talk, so pathetic.

“Uh, your stomach....”

I squinted to hear the word ‘stomach’ but didn’t say anything so that he could continue his words.

“looks like it’s getting bigger.”

I pursed my lips, don’t like to hear it, “you mean I’m fat?”

Kai raised both eyesbrows, stop the movement who want to feed the food to his mouth. “Fat? What you talking about? You’re pregnant, it’s natural if you gain weight, right?”

I wanted to beat the guy in front of me, “you mean I should not say anything insulted like this?”

“Insulted? I didn’t insult you!” Kai put the spoon in his hand back to the top of the plate, his face looks desperate, “Okay, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to fight this time. Okay?”

I still wrinkled my forehead but didn’t say anything more.

Kai sighed as I didn’t say anything else for two minutes.

“I just want to know about your condition and, uhh..our baby.”

My resentment started feeling a little fade whe he calls ‘our baby’, some how the words sounded wonderful in my ear.

“Umm, all fine , I said as he continued eating, sitting in front of me Kai nodded, “as you say, in the present age is not much I can feel”

“still sick?”

I nodded, “sometimes..”

The he didn’t ask anything more and we continued eating. In my heart I felt a little strange, talking about unborn condition with him like this is the first time and to my surprise, it feels very natural.

Maybe we can do something about our wedding.

“On Friday of this week,” I stop my movement when Kai come back to say something, I looked at him and our eyes met, “I’ll take off all day.”

I was silent, still don’t understand.

“We equally to the doctor to get checked your pregnancy.”

I blushed and something churning in my stomach.

He looked at me and smiled.

Ah, of course..

“all right,” I nodded. “I’ll call the doctor and make an appointment.”

Our wedding can still be saved.

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bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 4
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Today, for the first time my wife and I sat at the table opposite and spend our breakfast without glaring at each other mutually. At least we are not shouting this morning. If you ask me, this is fairly rapid progress. I mean, just yesterday morning we were still shouting over backward to each other and try to refrain from strangling each other. Apparently, after dinner, we managed to reach an agreement in writing not to make peace with each other.

I believe, we can do something to save our marriage. We didn’t love each other, but that does not mean we can’t be friend right? However, before this incident was actually our friends quite well.

I feel happy, because at least the atmosphere in the house is better than ever. Once in a while I do have ti refrain heard her words fairly painful. But I think, as a man I have to be more restrained. Pregnant woman and her hormones are not the enemy explosion lightweight, better yield.

The conversation at the dinning table this morning were able to make me feel better. It was the second time we could speak well without yelling at each other after dinner the night before. This time it feels natural and light. I smiled remembering conversation.


When I woke up from reverie, my student laughing at me. My face immediately turned red when it hit me that I’d been daydreaming in the middle of schoolwork. My students were flushed cheering omissions d. I know I was wrong, day dreaming when I’m teaching is not to be proud of.

“daydreaming huh, Sensei?”

My students back tease. Since the beginning I was taught in high school of this country, my students do tend to often tease. Perhaps because of my age are not to far adrift upon them. Five or six years above they may still be considered too young.

I just laughed awry, scratching my back of my ear that doesn’t itch. I was in front of the biology lesson, waiting on my students who are busy doing exercise that I gave. I should not daydreaming.

“Sensei must have been filthy daydreaming !” said one boys brunette laughter from the class, “Sensei, it’s being middle hour lesson!”

“miss your wife, right sensei?”

Back laughter I could only laugh embarrassed.

“just because the newlyweds!”

I just smiled, “shut up! Go do your duty!”

My student still laughing but slowly they are busy with their respective duties. I looked all over the class until then my eyes met one student bluish long brown-haired woman with an expressionless face staring at me.

I smiled at her. But she didn’t smile back. I can’t interpret her eyes. Our eyes met for a few second before she looked down and re-do her jobs as if nothing happened.


Lunch hour i spent in the staff room, check the students notebook on my desk. My lunch right now is curry bread that had been bought before departing in front of the station and can of coffee milk.

My eyes were riveted on one notebook belonging to my students. The name is written in the book it was Kojima Haruna. Suddenly I remembered the incident in class.

Kojima Haruna..

Haruna is one of the smartest student in her class. Note performance above average and attitude often praised the teachers. I don’t really know about her family background, but it seem she is not troubles students. I’m little curious, why is she looking at me like that?


I turned and smiled at fellow teacher who was standing near my desk, his hand holding lunch box.


“Your lunch is bread and coffee again?” Math teacher asked who was not far adrift from me that.

I laughed, “I like bread.”

Shinoda Mario snorted. He pulled up a chair and sat beside me. He put his lunch box on the table.

“newlyweds like you, your wife should make provision for you..” he opened his lunch box and smiled proudly when viewing the content of the box lunch prepared by his wife, “Ah, my wife made too much for me, want some?”

I smiled and shook my head, refusing to put it mildly.

Mario lifted his shoulders, “all right, then.”

His face look happy while eating his wife’s artificial provision. I just sighed and re-focus on my job to check the records collected my students.

See Mario’s face look happy every time talking about his wife whom he married three years ago that made me realize, married since ‘want’ and get married because ‘must’ it’s two different things. Ah, of course.. Married and love are two different things. I’ve been able to accept the fact that married not be based on love. There are other things more important that should underlie the wedding.

Such a commitment.

I realized , I had committed to marry Atsuko, and whatever happens I have to keep that commitment. Although without love..

Ah, I feel dizzy every time I think about it. State has become better in between us but that doesn’t mean now the situation has become not awkward at all. Last night, before go to bed, i was still thinking hard. Until when? Marriage is, supposedly, only once in a life time, right? And at this rate, what I have to undergo a loveless marriage for life?

Reverie stopped hearing the bell marks the lunch break is over. Looks like I have to stop this habit of daydreaming.

Today I picket duty, which means that after school I was assigned to check each classroom and ensure that no child who live in he building after school learning activitie. I’m in charge of locking each room and make sure all the windows have been closed.

Six o’clock, all students are required to have left school, with the exception of students who are still following the sport club activities and the arts. I started around from class to class and hopes to soon finish my job to get home soon. My head was little dizzy and I want a hot shower today.

This morning I’ve been told Atsuko that I’ll be home before the dinner time, and that she prepare for me a bath of hot water. Unexpectedly, she didn’t sound mind doing it.

I stop in front of one of the classroom. Person standing in front of the classroom window, turns to me. A girl with long hair.

Hey, who’s there?” difficult to recognize her as a window facing west made her face hidden golden sunlight, “it’s time all the students go home”


My forehead wrinkled as I realize that student take the middle turned to me was Kojima Haruna. I was a little surprise to realize she was crying. I don’t understand why she was crying but my gut as teacher told me that I should do something,

“what is it, Kojima-san?” I tush over to my student, a little less confident that I could calm her down, but I still closer to her.

I stopped a few feet in front of her. A girl who was several inches shorter than me looked like hide her tears. Her hands were clenched tightly in her chest. I still don’t understand what really happened to her.


She didn’t answer me.

I was just going to get closer to her when she ran past me and left the room. I only can pause and follow it with my eyes. Wrinkled my forehead confused. What is it?

I also decide to talk to her tomorrow.


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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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Woah, sounds interesting :3

Can't wait another chap^^

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bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 5
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Today, for the first time my husband and I sat at the table opposite. Not only that, we also do it twice this morning for breakfast and for dinner tonight. It feels a little strange, because usually I always eat alone. Normally I would make a sandwich and bring it into the room or ordering ramen at my favorite ramen shop to delivered to the house. It feel a little weird to eat together with someone, especially if that person is the husband who doesn’t love you, but I have to honestly say if I don’t hate it.

Before the incident a few days ago I never dreamed that I and Kai could do this kind of truce. Previously I guess I’ll have dinner alone forever. Dinner together like this was not bad either. I’m still not good at cooking but I’m happy because at least Kain has not protest about my cooking. Maybe he just doesn’t want to start a fight with me, but whatever the reasons, I really appreciate it.


Kai raised his eyes from the plate of pasta and looked at me with a puzzled.

“How was school today?”

For a moment, Kai not knowing what to say. I hastily added, trying no to sound embarrassed, even tough I’m really embarrassed, “I just thought, the couple usually like to talk about this at the dinner table?” I asked, pretending to re-focus on my palte, “So? How was school?”

I heard Kai sighed, but next time he says something he doesn’t sound rude and angry, and I was glad of it, “everything is as usual..” suddenly he pauses, “ah..”

I looked up and looked at him confused, “Ah’ what?”

His forehead wrinkled as if the middle remembering something, “Today, one of my student cry.”

I laughed, “you made her cry in class? I don’t think that you are the type of teacher that is fierce with yor student”

“Not so,” Kai sighed, “she didn’t cry at teh hour of my classes. I, rather, caught her crying”

I shrugged my shoulders, to be honest I’m not so interested, a teenager crying is not a big thing, “and then?”

“When she saw me she ran.”

I twist my spagetti with my fork, “maybe she was tricked another student? Lately I’ve seen on TV on a few school bullying often occurs in some students..”

Kai shook his head, “In the school where I teach there is no such thing. Anyway, Kojima-san is a clever student and I knew she was never in trouble with anybody.”

“then it’s definitely a family matter,” I concluded, “none of your business, right? Problem families each pupil’s not the responsibility of the teacher.”

“I don’t know..” Kai smiled weakly, “I don’t know why I’m little worried.”

I have never and will never say directly, but at times like this I always felt that Kai is someone who is very dedicated to his work. Perhaps it was because Kai possess a tender heart, although perhaps he didn’t realize it. I always knew that he always easily touched by little things.

First Kai often do dangerous things to help me and his friend. Once he had fallen from tree for trying to save our friend cat. As a result he had to suffer a fracture and was treated for a month . I’m sure even now he still has not changed.

That night I dreamed about our childhood. At that time I and Kai was about seven years old and we are still quite close. At that time my parents took Kai went with our family to the zoo. I dream of how we both cried when my parents did return. At that time, we both promised a day when we’re older we would go together to the zoo without my parent so that we can have fun longer.

When a awakened from my sleep that morning, I felt a little wondered if Kai still remember the promise we made hat day. Of course I didn’t get my hopes up because it was fifteen years have passed since that day. I don’t even remember about it if not for the promise of the dream.

The morning after Kai left for school, I received a call from my mom. My mom is a housewife, so she has a lot spare time just like me, sometimes she would come to visit for tea and eating cake with me or call talk like today.

“what is the your pregnancy condition?”

“Tomorrow I and Kai will see a doctor for a routine check-up,” I explained to my mom, “but so far I don’t see anything strange. Sometime I still feel nauseous but otherwise I feel fine.”

“Kai-kun will accompany you to the doctor? What about his job?”

“He have a day off,” I said with a sigh, I walked into kitchen and picked up a box of cold milk from the refrigerator, “when in fact it is not necessary.”

“what do yo mean ‘not necessary’!?” she scolds, “of course he wants to be with you to the doctor. It’s about the health of children and his wife, of course he would feel anxious.”

I rolled my eyes. I grab the phone with my shoulder and my cheek, pouring milk into a glass. I never like milk before pregnant. But for some reasons lately I could spend two liters of milk. My mom says, i was lucky because milk contain nutrients that are good for the unborn.

“So when are you going to stop by the house?”

I drank my milk while walking toward the couch in front of the TV. Next to the hand holding the glass while the other one holding up the phone. “I don’t know.. What’s wrong?”

My mom sighed, “Since you married, you never came to the house. Me and your father a little anxious, you look not so along ahead of your wedding.”

I sat on the maroon couch with carefully, “Calm down, we were fine.”

“Why don’t you two have dinner with us tomorrow? And sleep over!” Suddenly she sounded excited, “Kai-kun tomorrow take off all day, right?”

“But on Saturday he had to go back to teach..” I muttered, looking at the empty glass in hand with frown, I know what my mother. If once she has insisted there no need to argue.

“The distance from home to the work place is not far away. Never mind, just in case you don’t want to tell Kai-kun, I will call him with myself”

Right? My mother was very stubborn.

“Why all of sudden?” I asked finally relented.

My mother sounded happy because she knew I had to give up, “No nothing, just overnight I have dream about your childhood.. Suddenly so miss..” she laughs, “Oh, I had to take fliers to neighbors. Take care of yourself and immediately contact the house if there is anything. Bye.”

I took a deep breath when she finally break our conversation. Again, my mom managed to decide unilaterally. My mom, too, one of the reasons why I accepted Kai proposal. Somehow my mother really like Kai. From the first, when we were little my mom always said that I would be Kai’s wife someday. Even when I started going out with Yuu, she still often said if she would agree if I’m going out with Kai.

I threw myself on the couch and straighten my leg. My pregnancy is not too big but I easily feel tired. Currently still show at eleven o’clock and I was feeling very tired. Ki have to eat something for lunch but somehow I felt very sleepy. There are still a few hours before lunch. Nothing wrong a short nap.

I didn’t take long for me to fall asleep on the couch in front of the television. And I dream about Yuu.

It is said that if you dream about someone, there are two reasons. First you miss that person, or the person who was miss you. i don’t know why I dream about my ex-boyfriend, I can’t remember clearly what the dream at that time. But when I woke up that afternoon, I became aware of two things when you check your cell phone screen to see what time it was.

First, I only have a little time to prepare dinner

Second, I receive an e-mail from Oshima Yuu.

Of course the last thing that made me forget the first thing. I was a little shaky when deciding to read the e-mail. After a few months, this is the first time Yuu sent me an e-mail. Could he have forgiven me?

Fill in the e-mail was very brief, but enough to make feel weak.

'I want to restore some of your think left in my place. When did we can meet?'

Met with ex-boyfriend, its looks like it’s not a good idea.

I have decided to try maintain a relationship with Kai. Things like this... Maybe I should not have to reply to an e-mail from him. Ah, or maybe I just need to write back and say I don’t want to meet him.

I must be firm.

It’s over between me and Yuu.

I ...

Suddenly I remember the dream that I saw when I sleep this afternoon. I vaguely remember what happened in my dream.

Finally I decided to reply to the e-mail.

Hopefully, what I did was not wrong.

'Sunday in front of the station cafe at 2 o’clock'.


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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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NEW AUTHOR~, WOOOOO  :otomerika:
welcomeee ~

ur fic is good :3

i really want to read more lol  :wub:

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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woahh ~ I really like it  :thumbup Good job !! can't wait for next chapter

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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Ah... so Kai and Atsuko didn't love each other

Well Kai might want to learn to love Atsuko... he did like her when they were young even only as best friends

But Atsuko is still dreaming... always wanting to be a princess so she wants to always be spoiled I guess

Going to classy restaurant, open the door, to be listen all the time...

What's wrong with Haruna?

Did she have feeling or problems that she wanted Kai to help her out?

Eh... she wanted to meet with Yuu

Would Kai know about it?

Would their meeting leads to something?

Honestly, they should just get abortion or just be friends that share their custody or give to the one that wants the child.

Anyway, what's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the new story

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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Hahahawesome! I love kind of this story, it touches my emotion.
U did a great job. Pls update soon

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bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 6
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thank you for the comment, minna-san :), sorry for my bad english anyway  :bow:



Today after ending the lesson, I call Kojima Haruna and asked her to meet me after school. Her face didn’t show any reaction but I knew, she would understand why i called her. I don’t want too meddling in the lives of my students, but I also can’t leave it alone.

When I returned to the teaching staff, some teachers who were preparing to leave teaching to each class smiling at me. When I got to my desk and put my stuff, in the room was just me and one grade math teacher, Shinoda Mario. He also recently  finished teaching like me and there is no teaching schedule again after this.

“Hey, I heard you took the day off tomorrow?” The brown light-haired man asked as he open a can of coffee and drink it.

I nodded, “Itano-sensei will succeed for one day, I would accompany my wife to the doctor to check her pregnancy.”

He nodded, “I hope everything goes smoothly. Already know the gender?”

I shook my head, “Ah, I don’t know yet.. But it’s better if I were a surprise, right?” I smiled

After that we were both silent. Mario sat drinking coffee and checking his notes while I was silent, thinking about how I should start a conversation with Kojima Haruna later.


Mario stop the movement and stare at me , “Yes?”

“Err..” I don’t know whether to ask teacher was right thing or not, “about Kojima-san..”

“Kojima? Kojima Haruna? What about her?”

“What’s past is nothing strange about her? I mean, from what you see in your class..”

Mario looked thoughtful for a moment, “Kojima is a good student. I understand that she has no problem with other student. She is also popular among boys.”

I nodded, so far, it’s also what I heard about Kojima Haruna. There is never a negative rumors about her.

“Why?” Mario asked, “Did she have a problem in your class?”

I shook my head quickly, “ A.. Ah no!” I rush to cover my nervous with my laugh, “I just want to know...”

Mario looked curious but he didn’t say anything else.

I’m just going to grab the newspaper today who have not read when the phone rang.

I flinched when I saw the name on the screen.



I narrowed my eyes at the sound of her voice, I’m not accustomed to receiving from her call. I hope nothing bad happens.

“what?” I asked without mince words. I knew she could call me because just missed.

“My mom just called,” She also unceremoniously, her voice didn’t sound curt as usual, “She said, she wants us to have dinner at home tomorrow.”

I sighed, mother-in-law is someone who I known since childhood. Nature doesn’t vary much with Atsuko, It’s impossible to resist her desire, “Why not? We have not been right?”

“The problem,” Atsuko muttered, “My mom also wants us to sleepover.”

I don’t see anything wrong with it.

“Why not?”

To my surprise, Atsuko sounded surprise, “you agree?”

“Of course..”

When she spoke later she sounded happy, “Thank God! I will call home, then. Ah yes, you’ll go home before the dinner hour, right?”

I looked at my watch, I no picket schedule today. Talking with Kojima Haruna will not take long..

“Yes, I’ll be home on time, wanting to buddy something?”

“Ah no, then I’ll be ready!” Atsuko sounded cheerful, I couldn’t resist that smile doesn’t expand, “Let us eat tempura shrimp tonight!”

“Sounds good,” I aid, still smiling.

She laughed, Well, bye”


I tried to ignore the stares Mario as teasing. I knew he would tease me about this new couple again so I choose to avoid.

For a moment I forget about Kojima Haruna. Today for the first time I felt getting married was not too bad either.

When the school bell rang sign, in the blink of school buildings that been deserted become rowdy. The students eagerly settle their stationery and prepare to go home or club activities that they follow.

Most of the teacher who don’t have a picket schedule and not a pub club mentors getting home. i despite not having a picket schedule today, still in the teacher’s lounge. I tidied up my gear and lock the drawer of my desk.

I said goodbye to the teacher who still survive in the staff room and headed biology lab space where I asked Kojima Haruna meet me after school.

I was little surprise to see that she had been there before me.

Her face didn’t show any expression. She looked at me briefly before returning down, avoiding my eyes.

I sighed. This is the first time for me to call a student meet me after school hours.

“Kojima-san,” I said , trying to smile, “Thank you for coming.”

She just nodded.

I allowed her to sit in a chair while I sat on the desk in front of her.

“You know why I call you?”

She nodded again.

I sighed and smiled, I don’t want to scare her, “then? Is there a problem? If this is a problem in school, you can tell me. I’ll help as much as possible..”

She shook her head without looking at me.

I flinched, “then?”

She bit her lower lip and install the expression as if to say something, but feel free. I decided to wait until she says something.

“Sensei,” she looked up slowly, brown colored eyes met with my eyes, “Sensei was marries , right?”


I don’t understand the meaning of the question but I decided to nod answer that question.

“Is sensei happy?”

Again, I don’t know what to say. I looked at her confused. Marriage problem... It has nothing to do with the problem he faced middle right?

Before I could answer, she shook her head again.

“Both of my parents... They never look happy”

I was speechless.

I began to understand the problem that her faces.

“Your parents, have a fight?” I asked cautiously. I don’t know if a teacher need to intervene to problem like this or not.

She nodded.

“My parents, they still retain their marriage because of me. But every day they always fight,” she looked at me with an expression that is difficult to understand, “they say for the sake the child. In fact, they were married, right?”

I can’t say anything.

Maintaining a marriage for the sake of the child, it’s the thing that I done today.

“sensei, why people should marry someone who didn’t love?” Haruna asked, still staring me. Beautiful eyes seemed to glisten, “It is not only going to hurt the feeling of those around him? Is not that lying to me with their feeling?”

Again, I lost my word.

“Both my parents.. They said they were not separated even though it is not love each other, because they think of me. If they really thought they were not going to fight my feeling constantly... I ...” She began to sob, “I ...”

I don’t know what to do when he saw the tears at my student face.

Suddenly, Kojima Haruna, a student who has always been mature and admire the teachers fellow students sobbed in front of me.

Without thinking I put my arm around her slender body and hugged me.

“ssshh,” I don’t know what to say anything so I just hugged her, patting the back of her head.

“Adult are selfish..” she said on the sidelines of her sobs.

I didn’t answer anything.

Maintaining a marriage with person who not lover for the sake of the child.. I can’t tell Haruna but I was the same with her parents.

She was right.

Adult are selfish.


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bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 7
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I looked at Kai who was eating dinner with a blank stare. I don’t know what he was thinking but I know, when the head is filled with something. He chew food slowly. His forehead flinched. There something bothering him. I’ve known him long enough to be able to guess what’s in his head this time.

Although I would not admit it directly in front of me, but I know that, though stupid, Takahashi Kai is a good person who often participate dizzy at the thought of someone else problem. In the past, not just once or twice, he was troubled by the problem created by his friends. This time even I could tell that he was thinking about problems in the workplace are likely to have nothing to do with it.

“you know,” i said, biting my tempura mushroom, my eyes don’t look at him but I knew I had managed to get his attention and he was looking at me, “if you don;t like my cooking, you don’t need to force yourself to eat it.”

“N-no,” the blond was hastily explained, “is not so, your cooking tasty... I just.. I ...”

Is stifled a smile at his reaction but I maintain my cold expression, “I was not good at cooking ar taking care of the house. I was totally in competent. I’m not a good wife.”

“No, I ... “ I glance back at him through the corner of my eye and almost laughed at his flushed face, “dinner is very good, I don’t think you can cook .. Uh i mean, I’m happy ... Oh uh ...” his face getting flushed, “thank you”

I wrinkled my forehead and looked at him, “then? Why you dont eat wtih a frown face like that? As should be forced to eat my cooking..”

He sighed and shook his head, “I;m sorry, but it is not so ... I was just thinking about something...”


He shrugged and continue eating, “business. Not a big thing.”

“there is a problem at school?”

He shook his head.

I rolled my eyes both. I know he won’t explain any further that that. I was not going to force him. Anyway, I don’t want to interfere with his business too.

We continue our dinner without saying anything. Every now and then I glanced at his sitting across the table. He didn’t look at me but this time he didn’t look like he was daydreaming again.

“tomorrow, we’re going to the hospital at what time?” Kai asked me suddenly, I was little surprise because it didn’t suspect that he would start conversation with me, “I think it was twelve o’clock, right?”

I nodded, actually I didn’t think that he would remember my schedule with my gynecologist. I’m little happy because at least he was little concerned with the child in the womb is.

“After the doctor we had lunch outside huh?” He said while drinking orange juice, “then maybe we can stop the pastry shop for a gift for your parents. Do you have a restaurant you want to go?”

I shook my head. Again, I was surprise. I don’t think it will take me to eat outside. It’s not a big thing, but...

“what?” he asked as he realized expression, frowning, “you okay?”

“No, I’m okay..” I said trying to act casual, “Okay, so tomorrow don’t forget to bring bag to stay huh? I’ll set it up. Ah, but I still have clothes in my old room, you can use pajamas my father right? So we don’t have to carry a lot of stuff..”

He smiled, “yes, don’t think about it”

“ah, about the restaurant for lunch tomorrow, that remind me, I know that is good, then I read in a magazine! The place should not be far from hospital..”


When the doctor’s waiting room was filled with the woman who were waiting in line to enter the examination room. Unfortunately, at that time none of the were accompanied by their partners. Perhaps because it is a working day so that their husband could not accompany.

I glance at Kai who sits on the couch next to me. O’m little afraid that if he felt uncomfortable being in this place but I was surprise to see the expression on his face looked mediocre and not disturbed at all.

“Kai...” I called softly.

He turned to me, “Huh? What’s wrong? You need something.”

I nodded, actually I feel thirsty. My turn is still quite long. And we’ve been waiting for more than half an hour.

“I’m thirsty,” I said with a pleading, since childhood I always use a gaze like this when wanting something from my parents or anyone else, and I know Kai can never resist this gaze, “buy me a drink?”

He didn’t seem to mind one bit, “something to drink?” he hastened to add, before I open my mouth, “do coffee!”

I pursed my lips, “then chocolate milk”

He nodded, “Okay”

He stood up from his seat and started to leave when I pull the ends of jacket he wore made him turned to me.

“what?” he asked with one eyebrow raised.

“don’t be too long, you want to come into the examining room and met with the doctor, right?”

Kai smiled and patted my head with one hand, “don’t worry, I’ll be right back with your chocolate milk.”

I nodded and let go of the end of the jacket so that he can go buy me a drink.

I was just going to open up a magazine that is available in the reception area to get rid of boredom when the two woman also there in the room spoke.

When I looked up, two woman, who looks a bit older than me and the other one looks like my age or maybe younger.

“Hey, my name is Kashiwagi,” said who looks older than that, she was a woman in her late twenties who is very pretty. Her long hair color combination of brown and orange reminds me of autumn. A pair of hairpin-shaped blue flowers adorn her hair. She was smiling at me, “this is the first time I saw you here..”

I nodded, “ah yes, this is my first visit, I Maeda, ah I mean Takahashi..”

Long-haired young woman brown that looked at my age was smiling cheerful, her petite but she seemed very excited, her stomach looks already quite large, “I Matsui,” she said cheerfully, “nice to meet you, Takahashi-san!”

“that was the husband?” Kashiwagi asked.

I nodded.

Kashiwagi and Matsui exchange long before then both smiled knowingly. I don’t understand what the purpose of their smile. I’m little worried. What bring the husband to come this place was a mistake? No wonder since last I saw no one who accompanied her husband.

“Ah, don’t worry,” Kashiwagi said, laughing when she saw my expression, “we just feel a little jealous.” she tried to explain, “my husband is also a doctor at the hospital, in part precisely surgery, but he was never able to accompany a check-up.” she frowned and looked a little annoyed, “when I contains the twins,” her hand pointing toward a pair of twins about three years old was playing on the other side of the waiting room, “he was always busy.”

“Ah, Jun also not been able to accompany me..” Matsui said, folding her arms across her chest, she sighed and explained, “I understand he had to work hard to prepare money for the birth of our son, but stll..”

I don’t know what to say. At first i didn’t think to much about it, but it’s trivial as it can mean big for other.

“what your husband work? Kashiwagi asked with a smile. Her eyes occasionally supervise the twins who seem still busy playing.

“ah, he is a teacher.” I said, “He was a biology teacher in high school”

“teacher?” Matsui said surprise, “instead of working day today?”

I nodded, suddenly my cheeks felt hot. “Umm, he took special day off today.”

“Wow...” Matsui looked at me in awe, “How lucky...”

“You are very loved right, Takahashi-san,” said Kashiwagi sound the same admiration with Matsui, “my husband is a good husband, but the husband obviously love you so much.”

I can’t say anything. When other say that Kai loves me, I don’t know what to comment anything. For I know, I don’t love each other and Kai at all.

Not long after Matsui called into the examination room. I talked with Kashiwagi until then Kai returned with my drink. He apologized for a long time. Apparently the drink vending machines in the hospital ran out of chocolate milk so he had to buy it at the hospital canteen in other parts of the hospital. I just drank half my drink when then my name was called to enter the examination room.

The doctor who examined me still relatively young. He wearing a mask that covered most his face, but his eyes I can tell that he is a handsome man. His short hair disheveled and he yawned several times but judging from the number of patient who made appointment with him it seem he is a good doctor and quite liked the patient.

After checking my blood pressure, he asked me to lie down foe an ultrasound. I lay in bed that has been provided and the doctor was applying type of cream that feels cold to the skin of my stomach. Kai is standing next to me watching me with a frown sign of anxiety, but he didn’t say anything.

“Well, Takahashi-san, you can see, this your baby.”

I and Kai stared into the screen which was next to my bed. On the screen that appears strokes of black and white vague from an image. It.... My baby?

“At twenty weeks gestation, had a lot that we can see,” said the doctor Miyazawa, explaining, “this is your baby head, and you can see, the fingers of your baby has started to form..”

I looked at the picture on the screen with look disbelief. It was.. It was... My baby?

“Kinda hard to tell the gender of your baby now, your baby seems very shy,” joked the doctor again.

“Ah!” Kai said startled me, he pointed towards the monitor, “he sucked his fingers!”

Dr. Miyazawa and nurses in the room was laughing.

I stared into the screen and sure enough, the baby seemed to be sucking his thumb. When I turned to fig Kai, he looked so stunned at the video of our baby’s development. Unconsciously I smiled to see it.

“All right,” said the doctor miyazawa, “now let me explain”


“I can’t eat this much.”

I looked at the food served at the table in front of me. There are various type of foods that meets the table. I looked at Kai who sat across from me in disbelief as he had ordered the food as much as this.

“I can’t spend all of this,” I protested.

Kai looked at me with his brown eyes, “instead you say you want to eat at this restaurant?”

“of course.” this restaurant is a restaurant that was recently covered in my daily lifestyle magazine, has long I want to try to eat at this place, “but I can’t possibly eat this much!”

“You heard say what Dr. Miyazawa said, right?” Kai asked without waiting for an answer, “you have to keep intake your nutrition. During each lunch you just eat instant noodles, right? From now on you have to eat right!”

“but that doesn’t mean having to eat as much of this as well, right?”

Kai instead on looking at me, “eat!”

I sighed. This time I couldn’t do anything about it.


I don’t remember how in the end I could spend all the food that was Kai ordered for me. What is clear currently out of the restaurant that I feel very satisfied.

We both don’t directly to my parent’s home, but go to the pastry shop to buy a gift for my parents.

“I’ll take this and this!”

Kai looked at me with astonishment, “I think before you say you are full and don’t want to eat anymore?”

“it’s for later!” I said reasoned without taking my eyes from pieces of opera cake and pie tempting fruit that looks fresh chunks peaches favorite.

Kai sighed as he was watched the clerk who was wrapped up our order.

“you have to remember what the doctor said your sugar levels.”

I wrinkled my forehead without say anything, pretending not to hear what he had just said.

Take him to the doctor’s check up was apparently not the right choice because since we got back from the hospital there was all he said advice for me.

When we left the pastry shop has shown four in the afternoon hours. We walked down the sidewalk toward the station. My parent’s house within four station from here.

On the road I saw a lot of couples who also road side. In my heart I imagine, when people see us whatever was on their mends. Do we look like any other normal couple?

We don’t hold hands, my hands in my cardigan pocket that i wore today. Kai walked beside me with one hand in his jeans pockets and a hand holding a cardboard box of cookies for gift my parents.

Until when we finally sat down on the train, we still have not spoken to each other. Only this time is different from the usual, our silence is not because of a fight. This time though w didn’t speak to each other in the air around us is not heavy, even feels comfortable. I won’t say it directly but I like the feel of existence next.

Suddenly, I feet sleepy. Unconsciously I was asleep with my head resting on the shoulders of Kai.

I don’t remember what the dream, but when it was warm and comfortable.

When we arrived at my parent’s house, she greeted us with a beaming face. She seemed to have waited for us earlier. He immediately ushered us into the living room and asked us to sit down while he hurried to the kitchen to make drinks for us even though I’ve refused and said not to bother because we are not thirsty.

“there is a need help you?” I asked as I turned on the TV.

Kai sat down beside me. Leaning on the back of the couch, his eyes were focused on the apparently being broadcast television sportscaster.

“No, you sit down. Oh yes, Kai-kun, you want tea with cream or not?” my mother asked from the kitchen.

“No cream, thank you,” Kai said without taking his eyes off the television.

I picked up a magazine lying on the floor and flipped through several pages before the decided that there was nothing interesting to read. I also turned my attention to the television and flinched. I don’t like sports news. I also grabbed the remote and change the channel of the TV talk show guest star afternoon with my favorite actor.

“Hey!” Kai protested, looking at me but he didn’t say anything else. His forehead wrinkled as he took the magazine and flipped through the pages magazine dated last week it.

Not long after, my mom returned from the kitchen with three cups of tea and cake before we take it as a souvenir.

My mother put the tea and cake on the table before sitting on another couch that surrounds the wooden table.

“Where is father?” I asked, still staring at the television screen.

“still in the office,” she said as she took her cup of tea, “take it easy, he will return quickly. He was very happy to know you are going to stay.”

I didn’t say anything. I could feel Kai sitting next to be a little tense when he heard about my father. I quite understand, because even though my father allowed us to get married, he still cast a few blows in the direction of the first Kai knew that I was pregnant with Kai.
Actually, my parents have long known Kai and they seemed quite happy to have son like Kai, but I also understand why my father hit Kai then. After all I was his only daughter. It certainly was not easy for my father, releasing her beloved daughter into the hand of other men.

I took a small plate of cookies were served by my mother . I already feel hungry again though earlier I had sworn I would not eat again today. It looks like a baby in my belly always makes me hungry.

“so how was it?” my mother asked me after putting back the teacup on the table in front of her, “the doctor said what about your pregnancy condition?”

“ah, healthy baby. Entering the twentieth week, no problem after all,” I said , “today we also perform an ultrasound and the baby looks healthy. He sucked his fingers all the time.”

My mother sounded glad to hear it, “then what about the gender?”

I shrugged, “i don’t know, we don’t know.”

My mother seemed very enthusiastic, “ah, I can’t wait to shop for baby gear. You’ve been setting up the nursery?”

I and Kai exchanged glance. My parents knew that the apartment where we stayed had two bedrooms but they don’t know if we sleep in separated rooms. We decided without word that they don’t to know.

I shook my head, “it’s too early for that, right? There are still four to five months before the baby was born.”

My mother flinched, “which can be so ! You don’t underestimate them ! You have to think about it from now on. Having child is not to be taken lightly!”

“all right,” said Kai mediate, after a long stay close to my family, Kai knew the woman in the Maeda family very stubborn and if not stopped now then it will be a long debate, “we will start o prepare next week. We will begin to buy items such as cots and diaper.”

My mother seemed satisfied with Kai’s words, “if you need help, you can call anytime.”

I glanced at Kai with disgust. He returned my look with a look that seemed to say “so be it”.

I snorted in disgust.

Today it is still not over. My father still join us. I have a feeling that tonight will be a little in convenient for me.


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bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 8
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Chap 8


Today I saw my son for the first time. Well, not really see it but there is a faint image on the screen in doctor’s office it was my son. Still very small but are starting to resemble a human baby, with arms, legs, and tiny finger. I could see it moving and writhing in the Atsuko belly. He even sucked his thumb!

Atsuko and I don’t know what the sex of our baby but even so , I’ve fallen in love with a baby who was not even born yet. I know, from now on, we will continue to grow the baby in Atsuko belly until finally born into the world. I can’t wait to meet up with my first baby was.

The first baby?

My face heated imagine the word ‘second baby’ and the next. I and Atsuko didn’t love each other and our marriage is happening because of a mistake. I and Atsuko equally don’t want other error occur. There will be no ‘second’ or ‘third’ time. I and Atsuko have reached and agreement unspoken. We have decided to make peace but that doesn’t mean our feeling have changed. I know, deep in the corner of her heart, Atsuko still blame me for all this.

I opened my eyes and stared at the Atsuko room ceiling. We were both lying on the bed in the room they occupy before she married and moved into our apartment. Rooms lights have been turned off so that the only light in medium size room was only moonlight came through the sidelines of her window blinds that were on the other side of the room oppositee the bed.

In beside me, my childhood friend fell asleep. Her body was to me. Vaguely I could hear the sound of regular breathing. I can smell the soft scent of strawberry shampoo hair. Since we got married, the first time we slept in same bed. I and Atsuko didn’t want to make her parents anxious and decided to behave normal cuople to please both, including by way of sleeping in the same bed.

Although this is the first time I slept in her bed, but this is not the first time I was in the Atsuko room. First, as a child, I often come play in Atsuko room. We will coloring picture book or doing summer homework. Atsuko mother will go in when go in when we’re busy doing something and brought us a cake of fruit and drinks. On rainy days or when the snow was falling thickly, at the moment we can’t play outside, Atsuko’s mother would make hot chocolate for us. I and Atsuko will play cards or puzzle to pass the time.

In the past, been a few time Atsuko will fell sick and couldn’t play out of the house. At the time I would come to visit and be with her. Atsuko would lie in bed with a fever compress plaster embedded in her forehead and thick blanket wrapped her body while I read a book-lined room floor carpet or playing a playstation alone. When Atsuko was already asleep I remain there, until she woke up and saw me, I would ask what she was feeling better before they leave home.

I smiled at the memory of my childhood. I and Atsuko close enough yet. I’ve considered orphaned as a child by the Atsuko parents. We are very close to exceeding siblings. Our first taste almost never fight at all. Know since when we started to move away.

I closed my eyes, trying to remember the reason we stay away. During our junior different class, but it was like when it was occasionally we still often go home together.

I opened my eyes suddenly. I remembered now. The reason why I and Atsuko suddenly away from each other mutually.

I smiled at the thought of the reason. At the time we are still very young. Too young to be able to cope with small trouble as happened at the time.

Ah no. Even now we are still immature. Until this time was no different. I and Atsuko still put our selfishness. And soon we will be parents and should set a good example for our children later.

Our son...

Suddenly I thought of Kojima Haruna, one of my student who suddenly cried in front of me. I don’t know what happened to her but somehow I feel sympathy for her. When viewing the tears when I felt compelled to do something to stop it. Perhaps, as a teacher, this is beyond my responsibility but I couldn’t let hher sad like that. I wanted to do something for her. I want to make her feel better.

I don’t know what’s going on in her family, but I’ve seen, Haruna has lot of hurt because of her parents. During Haruna is reliable model student I never thought that the real in her she was injured like that.

Maybe I’m too meddling but as a teacher is not already a duty to help his student? I don’t know what but I want to do something. Maybe I’ll talk to her. By becoming interlocutor maybe I can help ease the burden.

Suddenly, I felt sleepy. I don’t know what time it is but I have to teach tomorrow morning. I shouldn’t wake up late tomorrow.

I wipe my eyes with one hand before turning around so that her back Atsuko’s body. I’m a small yawn before my eyes closed.

“good night, Acchan.” I whispered before then let sleepiness grabbed my consciousness.

When I woke up the next morning I was alone in the bed. I wrinkled my forehead, trying to gather my consciousness. Window curtain in front of me had parted but the sun still looked embarrassed. It shouldn’t have been too late. I squirm before finally sitting up straight and stretch my muscle are stiff.

The digital clock on the table shows that this is still six in the morning, Atsuko not usually get up so early.

Unless she woke up feeling nauseous.

I feel anxious, I know Atsuko often feel nauseous in the morning and spent nearly half an hour in the bathroom just to remove all contents of the stomach through the mouth. I walked downstairs to feel a little anxious. At least, in this house there are two parents, if there is anything they must be doing something.

In the kitchen there is only my mother in law who was preparing breakfast, it looks like my father in law is not up yet. Quite reasonable when considering how many bottles of sake he spent last night at dinner. Lucky I managed to refuse his invitation to drink too much last night with reasons to teach today, otherwise maybe I was lying in bed this time.

Mother in law to stop her movement which was chopping something and turned to me. She smiled at me before returning to work.

“Kai-kun, morning. You wake up in the morning. You still can sleep up to seven, right?”

“err.. Where Atsuko?” I asked, decided not to answer question my wife’s mother.

“she woke up a little while ago because of nausea and after throwing all her dinner last night she said wanted to run in the morning...”

“running in the morning?!” I said don’t believe, what’s in that woman’s mind? I also don’t believe my mother in law to let her go jog alone!

I immediately turned around and headed for the main door. If anything happened to Atsuko. If anything happened to our son..

Just as I walked a few steps, the main door opens to reveal the figure of Atsuko wearing a red shirts. Little bit wet towel hanging aroung her neck. Her short hair little wet because of sweat.

“you awake?” she said with a casual tone when she saw me. She crouched down to take pff her shoes, not realizing look taht accompanied the wrinkles in my forehead to him.

“where are you?” I asked with furrowed brow still, behind me, mother in law to stop the cut, seems to want to overhear my conversation with Atsuko, I don’t care. Right now I’m annoyed at the married woman.

Atsuko put her shoes on the shoe rack at the end of the corridor before walking toward me and walked into the kitchen to see what her mother had cooked for breakfast. I followed her from behind, still insist on getting an answer from her.

“I just ran in the morning,” said Atsuko as she saw a plate of fried shrimp on the table and take one to eat. She turned to me and said with her full mouth, “I woke up too early and I think it would be a nice morning run for me. I have not exercising.”

“Atsuko..” I sighed and massage my temples with one hand, she doesn’t know how panic I said, “you don’t need to exercise, you’re pregnant! Don’t push yourself to doing that don’t need!”

“sport is important!” Atsuko said as she took a piece of shrimp again and eat it, “just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I have to stop the activity. I don’t force myself. I know the limits of my endurance. Anyway I just jog in the park near here. Don’t be too excessive.”

“if there is anything in the way, who will help you?” I asked annoyed, “if you want to do something you could do something more safe. Something that can be done indoor. At home!”

Atsuko put her hands on her waist, a pose she always did when she was ready to argue, “look, I just ran in the morning and it was not dangerous! Stop patronize me, I’m not a disciple!”

“Atsuko,” scolds mother in law, who had been silent listening, “your husband only worried about you. Don’t be like that...”

“but he treats me like disable!” Atsuko said pointed at me.

“I just don’t want you to act recklessly! You have to remember that you are pregnant this time!” I said that began to be provoked, “don’t be underestimated. The condition of your body can change suddenly on the road. If that happens you think who would bother?”

“what? So that, huh?!” Atsuko turned to her mother before going back to look at me, “see? He doesn’t worry about me, he just didn’t want to bother!”

“not like that!” I was just going to raise my tone when I saw the tears started rolling down her cheeks. I swore to myself. Great, now I made her cry at her parent’s home, in front of her mother!

“he just think I’m a troublesome,” Atsuko began to sob.

Pregnant women and her crazy hormones..

“listen, it’s not what I think,” I sighed, I glanced at the mother in law and she just gave me a look sympathy. I was a little relieved because my mother in law seemed to understand that all of this is only because of excessive estrogen in her daughter, “ I didn’t mean it like that..”

“then what do you mean?” Atsuko challenge me still with her tears in her eyes.

I slapped my forehead in my heart and reminded me to be careful when talking to pregnant woman in the future. I can’t deal with woman who was crying. I wanted to smack myself.

“I’m sorry,” I said more gently, “I’m just worried about you. I don;t want anything to happen to you in the street.”

Atsuko turned away but didn’t say anything. Of wrinkles on her forehead I knew she was still not forgiven me. I sighed. Apparently I have to try better.

My eyes met the gaze of the my mother in law who stood not far behind Atsuko. She smiled sympathetically at me as if giving spirit.

I tried again, “I tell you, next time if you want to run in the morning, wake me up, okay? So I can be with you. How’s that? Agreed?” I don’t know what to do if this doesn’t work, “Atsuko?”

Atsuko snorted.

I looked at her.

“all right.”

I looked relieved to hear.

“there, there,” said the my mother in law intervened, “see what time is it? Kai-kun should be getting ready and we have breakfast together! Atsuko, wake up your father for breakfast!”


I went to school with different paths today. I boarded the train from the station near Atsuko house. Atsuko decided to stay longer at home and spend time with both parents. Before dinner, father in law will take her home by car.

Actually I was happy because Atsuko spent time at her home. At least not at home there are two laws that could watch her so I don’t need to worry. Atsuko is not a feminine girl who can sit still. I always worried about when to leave her alone at home. She could have accidentally burned our home when I left her alone.

I often feel irritated because Atsuko clumsy personality but after the events of the day I learned to be more careful when talking to her. I shouldn’t raise my tone when reprimanded.

When I think of it, before we often fight and she has never cried like that. What might she cry behind me?

Suddenly I was feel guilty.

I sighed as I entered the school gates. It seemed suddenly I felt tired. Being a husband and father of candidates was not easy.

Or rather be the husband of a woman who is pregnant is not easy.

“Takahashi-senseeeeeeeiiiiiiii, ohayou!”

Some girls ran across the gates towards me. They all are student of grade two.

One of the advantages of becoming a teacher at a young age is, I quite popular among students, especially girls. Though because I don’t have such authority like Mario, often times my students prank. I don’t really mind. I think it’s just the way my students showed me their love.

“ohayou,” I said with grin on my students who is now running on the between me with a giggle, “you seem excited so early?”

One curly haired student laughed, “ah sensei, yesterday I saw sensei in Shibuya area during lunch hour!”

I wrinkled my forehead, “what are you doing in Shibuya?”

My students were just laughing, “instead of that, what a beautiful woman who shared sensei then? The short-haired young?”

I nearly choked on my spit myself. I have never hidden the fact that I was married at work, instead of the whole school would always tease me that my status is new bride, but I never even introduce my wife to my colleagues. And now a student of mine saw me with my wife.

I know it will spread throughout the school and become a subject for a week or maybe even more.

“sensei’s face flushed!” my students tease me

I can’t say anything in response.

“so it’s true she is sensei’s wife? Sensei’s wife really pretty, you know!” my students said again, sounding so excited to hear confirmation from me will be the question.

“yes, that’s my wife,” I muttered, accelerating pace, these little devils will continue to ask embarrassing question if I don’t immediately break away from them.

“sensei tastes is good..”

I can’t hear more than that, I quickened my pace almost ran leave are still laughing at my reaction. I was lucky bell rang to mark the beginning lessons so that they are not longer followed.

I know, my quite life in school for a while to be disturbed.


“Takahashi-sensei, I heard yesterday you skip to date with your pupils, huh?” one of a history teacher who is much older than me tease me during recess and lunch.

I sighed, I knew it. Rumors will spread rapidly in schools. Only I didn’t think that the teachers are using this opportunity to tease.

I tried to hide my red face, “I’m not ditching, sensei, I filed a day off to accompany my wife to the doctor.”

Mario who sat not far from me come to tease me, “hey, next time introduce your wife with us. We’ve never meet your wife, right?”

“ah, good idea, Takahashi-sensei what if the next time you invite us into your home so that we can met your wife?”

“I hear your wife is very pretty, huh?”

“well, you are very lucky, Takahashi-sensei!”

Because it doesn’t take it anymore I immediately stood up and left the room, blushing. If I keep in there I’m sure the teachers will continue fad-kept prank.

I can’t go to the cafeteria to buy bread because there the disciples will definitely tease me so I decide that lunch time is enough to drink a can of red beans.

I bought a drink at the vending machine in the back of the school building to avoid the students and fellow teachers are nosy.

I just took my drink when I saw that someone was sitting reading a book under a tree in the back yard of the school.

Kojima Haruna seemed to be reading a book while leaning against a tree trunk. It seems that she was not aware of my presence there.

I was just going to be turned away before then I remembered what I was thinking last night. Maybe this is a good opportunity for me to know more about Haruna. Who knows slowly she opens herself to me and wanted to tell me about her family problems.

I took deep a breath and counted to ten before i stepped closer toward the quite girl with long hair.

“Kojima-san, what are you doing here?”

Haruna looked startled, she looked up from the was she reading. I smiled at him as our eyes met, her face flushed and she immediately turned her gaze to the book she was reading.

Without asking first I was sitting next to her and see what she was reading a book. Apparently it is a world history textbook.

“at the sixth lesson is the history of the world,” she said in a low tone, I almost have to get closer to her to hear what she was saying, “I have not learned overnight, therefore I learned now..”

It was quite surprising to me. A student like Kojima Haruna not prepare for the exam the next day.

“last night, my parents were fighting again,” said Haruna as if she could read what was on my mind, “their voice too loud. Instead of studying, I also didn’t sleep all night.”

 I couldn’t hear her voice. At least this time I was lucky because Haruna didn’t cry when she said this.

For a moment, Haruna is still silent. Her eyes were glued to the existing page lesson book in her lap.

“I heard Sensei’s wife very beautiful.”

I was surprised to hear it, again my cheeks flushed. Rumors are circulating already uncontrollable apparently. If students like Haruna to hear this sort of thing mean the whole school had heard.

“ah” I don’t know what to say, “I think so..”

“how can sensei know her?”

I thought for a moment, I don’t understand why suddenly she was interested in this issue, “uh, she is my playmate since childhood.”

Haruna was silent for a moment. I don’t know what she was thinking. Her eyes were riveted on her book, but I know she was not being read.

“are you love your wife, sensei?”

I don’t know how many times my students this one surprised me with her attitude and her words this week. I never thought that such a question would come from her.

If the question was coming from the other students I could respond with a joke. But Kojima Haruna different from other students. I know, when she asked like this, there are other things in her head she was thinking.

“sensei certainly love her, right?” Haruna mumble again, she was smiling but her eyes looked sad, “lucky.. She was definitely loves you.”

If a different situation I would have laughed. The idea that Atsuko loves me is one of the silliest joke ever uttered on this earth.

“everyone has his loved ones and who love them,” she said, “except me.”

I wrinkled my forehead, for some reasons I don’t like to hear that. I wonder what made her think like that but I knew it was not true. Girl like Haruna inappropriate to thinks like that.

“that’s not true,” I said, “your parents love you.”

“my father has mistress, that;s the cause of their quarrel last night, “ said Haruna surprise me, “last night they quarreled loudly. I heard everything.. My mother also had a special relationship with her superiors at her work.. I heard all the..”


She didn’t say anything more. I can see her shoulders trembled and she bit her lower lip to keep from crying.

I know at this time she was feeling sorry to herself. I know she was alone. I wanted to do something for her. Whatever it is.

“actually,” I slowly trying to make sure that she was listening to me, “my relationship with my wife is not smooth. We fought a lot. This morning I made her crying.”

She lifted her head and looked at me but didn’t say anything. The look in her eyes as if asking me to continue my story.

“our relationship is complicated enough, before this we always fight. I don’t know how often I made her cry, she never cried in front of me. Except this morning,” I sighed, relieved that she was listening to my story, “we got married instead because of love, because it is far too difficult for us to adjust to each other.”

“sensei..” Haruna was about to say something but I cut her off.

“listen..” I said, “my situation is different from your family situation, but please listen to me..”
Haruna nodded.

“my wife and I don’t love each other, but we still try to maintain our wedding. Even though this is not based of love. What your parents do are very reasonable. They try to maintain their household, which is base on love. Because it is hard for them to release all just like that..” I sighed, “may be the way they are wrong. Maybe they failed and in the end all be like this.. I can’t judge them, I don’t understand their situation, but they have tried..”

I looked at Haruna. I wanted what I said really understood her.

“Kojima-san, despite the fact that in the end they hurt you, your parents love you.. Maybe they fail to be a good husband or wife, but they are always trying to stay can be a good parents for you..” I pat Haruna head and grinned, “that they are trying to survive so far, it is evident that they love you. So don’t ever say that you are not loved.”

Haruna blinked


She nodded.


I laughed and ruffles her hair.

Haruna smiled at me, “thank you, sensei.”

I smiled, “anytime if you want to talk, you should contact me, okay?”

She nodded.


“yes, hello?”

I’ve arrived at the station near our apartment when Atsuko call me. I stepped out of the station as I received a call from her.

“where are you?” she asked me without preamble, as usual.

“I just got out of the station,” I said, slightly flinched at the sound of my stomach says, “I’m hungry, are you at home?”

“yes, incidentally, mom told me to bring her cooking, this evening we will eat curry and fried chicken,” Atsuko said, “could you please buy honey in the market?”

I raise an eyebrow hear my wife’s request, I don’t mind at all to stop by the market and buy something, but why should the honey?

“honey for what?”

“for curry.”

My throat, “for what? Curry? Honey?”

Atsuko growled, “I don’t much wonder, but it! I’m not going to mix into yours anyway. I’m going to eat it, don’t worry!”

“that’s not the problem!” I protested, “where there are people who eat curry mixed with honey!”

“then I’ll be the first!” she said curtly, “just don’t forget to buy me a honey!”

Then she hung up.

I often hear about pregnant woman who want to eat weird but this is the first time Atsuko asked for something as strange as this.

I was just going to turn to the market to buy honey surrogate Atsuko when my phone rang again incoming e-mail sign, I thought it was from Atsuko again. I was surprised to see that the message from Haruna.

Today I exchange e-mail addresses with Haruna so that she can reach me anytime she needed someone to talk to. I don’t think she was going to send me an e-mail as soon as this.

‘sensei, thank you for today’

I smiled reading the short message from my students. I felt what I had don was nothing but I’m happy because I have made my student feel better.

With a sense of excitement I typed a reply message to Haruna.

'equally, Kojima-san! Ganbatte!'

I hit the send button, smiling.

The next mission us to avoid anger at my wife with a way to buy honey for her!


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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
« Reply #13 on: January 27, 2015, 03:40:59 PM »
Great update :on GJ: u deserve this one :on slopkiss:
If there will be a drama, pls don't make them getting hate more each other

Sry for my bad english XD
I really love this story!

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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Honey with Curry...

Not looking forward to eat that... But then Atsuko is pregnant...

And they tend to have weird cravings...

Ah.. luckily, Kai able to help Haruna a bit.

Next chapter... would be about the date Atsuko and Yuu would have

What's going to happen on the date?

Can't wait to see

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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very interest...  harunyan likes kai ? make takanyan sweet momment please xD *run
i wonder if kai have 2 wife ? lol ...

please update as soon as possible....

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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Hi author-san!
I think this first time i read ur story so....yoroshiku ne ^^
I just start read ur story today and..... i love it!  :heart:
Its been awhile seeing atsukoxkai pairing so im happy u make one   :)
Please continue,im waiting ^^

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bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 9
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thank you for reading :kneelbow:, I won't make they hate each other  :on asmo:

takaharu sweet moment ? I'll think about it later :hehehe:

Yoroshiku ! thank you for reading, I'm happy you love my fic  :shy1:
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at first, i little strange too about curry mixed with honey hehehe, anyway thank you for reading

here there are, chapter 9. enjoy it

Chap 9

Atsuko POV

I know what I’m doing, ah exactly ‘going’ I do, this is not true. I mean I was married and over again my husband and I will soon be a parent, but I actually intend to meet my ex-boyfriend today. Of course i don’t intend to do strange things with it, we just met because he wanted to return some stuff left in his place. This is not cheating. Yes, i don’t need to feel afraid or uncomfortable on my husband, didn’t do anything wrong.

I know I’m not wrong but it is also not true. I feel bad to Kai because I see Yuu quietly but I certainly can’t say to him I would meet Yuu right? I mean, what kind of wife asked her husband for permission to see her ex-boyfriend?

Ah no, normally, a wife will not see her ex-boyfriend quietly behind him.

Yuu and I broke up because I have to get married with Kai. When we parted he was very angry at me. I distinctly remember the moment his expression. His face is usually quiet and rarely shows the mean reaction, that day he punched the glass table in front of him until shattered. For the first time since I’ve known him, I felt frightened at the sight.

Yuu is handsome and educated is the ideal figure of a man who always wanted to marry. At the time, when I saw his eyes full of anger at me, I know, he will never be able to forgive me. I know, it’s too late, I could never be with him.

For the first time, at the time, I learned to let go of something so I wanted.

“you want to go?”

I was standing in front of a long mirror in the living room and saw the reflection of myself in the mirror when Kai who was lying on the couch in front of the television and read newspapers take his eyes from the paper in his hand and looked at me.

Typically, before this, he never asked me anything. This is the first time he asked something like this to me. From the look in his eyes I knew he was serious adn want answers from me.

I swallowed. Why should it now. I don’t know if I could lie to him or not. How did he already know me long enough to know the signs when I lie.

But I tried to relax, I must not look suspicious.

“I have an appointment with my old friend,” I’m not entirely lie, Yuu also include old friend, right?

Kai who was lying on the couch and put his newspaper is now sitting on the table in front of him, “where? I’ll drive you.”

I hastily flick of my hands, trying not seem to panic, “no, we’ll just eat cake in the cafe just opened in front of the station next to the city. I’ll be back before dinner.”

Kai frowned but didn’t say anything. Somehow I felt he was considering to let me go or not.

“I promise I will only eat piece of cake to keep my sugar levels,” I said, forcing myself to smile, Kai still looked at me without saying anything, “and I take blood booster supplements the doctor just in case, okay? My friends will teased me if they see me will come delivered by you!” I laughed nervously.

Kai sighed, “well, don’t forget, pick the train at six o’clock to go home.”

I nodded, secretly relieved that managed to go without supervision and felt a little guilty for lying to him.

“well, I go first, okay?”

I hurriedly left our apartment before he changed his mind.

I turned once in the direction of our apartment building and sighed before stepping away from the building that has not been year it has become my home.

Actually, I feel strange. A month ago, I would not feel guilty at all when lying to Kai. I will not bother asking his permission to leave the house.

I think, a moth ago, Kai was not going to bother about where I’m going and what I would do outside the home. It’s was strange, because in a month’s time, we were both changed. It feels like we have ourselves back once while still friends.

I walked to the station while remembering what causes we both changed. I feel that lately I feel more comfortable around Kai. Perhaps now we can begin to make friends again like before.


I chuckle with that term. Make friend with your husband is a thing that sound ridiculous.

When I was on the train, I looked at my watch. Time show at half two in the afternoon. Way to the next town take twenty minutes, I will arrive on time. I was relieved because Yuu didn’t like delay. He was always on time and he hopes that everyone around can be just in time to make an appointment to see him.

I still remember when I was delayed half an hour from the time an appointment because my professor who wishes to add our class hours. When it took all our dinner to apologize to him. I really love Yuu but at certain times he almost made me cry with violent attitude.

The first time I met Yuu was when my friend invited to gathering with young lawyers from a firm. That’s where I met him. He looks striking than the other with his dark brown hair and white skin. His face was very handsome and made me fall in love at first sight to him.

I was very happy when he came up and asked me to get acquainted. We then chatted and exchange phone numbers. Three days after the gathering that he sent me a text message to ask me out to dinner. Of course I was very happy!

We ate out a few times. Every time he would take me to a place of luxury and class and treated me like a princess. He doesn’t talk to much, but he listened to me carefully. In our fifth date, he asked me to be his official girlfriend. Of course I don’t have reasons to reject a man like him.

Handsome, rich, have confident and smart, although he little short, but it’s doesn’t matter. What I want from all man it’s in Yuu. I like winning lottery when it became his girlfriend. Many girl jealous of me, I guess I’ve become like Cinderella, managed to steal the heart of the prince.

I snapped out of my reverie when an announcement over the loudspeaker announced that the train will enter the station for a while longer. I was getting ready to go down.

My chest was pounding when I got off the train and walked out of the station. It has been almost half a year I have not met with Yuu, I don’t know what to put face like what is currently dealing with him later.

I took deep breath and prepare myself. I know since I gain weight containing eight kilograms. Suddenly, I wanted to turn away and go home.

I am now definitely look fat at all compared to the first. What if Yuu was so disgusted with me?

Suddenly I panicked but I tried to calm myself. I don’t need to worry. I tried to convince myself that I’m married and Yuu opinion of me doesn’t mean anything.

Place I promise to meet with Yuu just five minutes from the time the train station. In an instant I was in front of the cafe. A cafe terrace with French-style design. The place is quite popular to date.

I saw him.

It didn’t take long to find Yuu. He looks like sparkling among others.

He sat there while drinking a cup of coffee. Black coffee without cream and sugar. I know his habits. He looks very handsome with red polo shirt and faded gray jeans.

My breath as interrupted when he looked at me and waved briefly as a sign that I approached.


I swore to myself.





“What will you order?”

I took the book list the menu while checking the list of menus available while Yuu uses his hands as a gesture to the waiter came to our table.

“can I help you? Asked the young waitress who is old enough and look neat.

“ah, I order beef pepper rice and peach tea.” I smiled at the waiter. Then I turned to Yuu, “you didn’t order food?”

Yuu shook his head.

“let me repeat your order, one beef pepper rice and one peach tea?”

I nodded.

The waiter smiled politely before then asked us to wait a bit before going to leave us.

“long time no see you,” I said, opening the conversation after the waiter was gone from our sight, “how are you?”

“I’m fine,” said Yuu with regular expression alone, he doesn’t look awkward or excited, “how are you?”

“I’m fine, as you see.” I laughed.

He looked at me with eyes seemed dark and cold. For a moment I was afraid that he would say something cynical and sharp, but then he surprised me with a smile.

“your stomach started grow.”

I blushed, I didn’t expect he would say something like that with a smile, “ah yes, has entered five month so it’s starting to look.”

“ah, sou dayo..”

I didn’t say anything else. My fingers are linked to one another and my eyes focused on my fingers it. Suddenly I wanted to go home. I guess come to see Yuu today is not wise.

I bit my lower lip, slowly looked up and stared at Yuu who seemed drinking a coffee.

“err, you say you want to restore my stuff?” I tried not to look panicked. The final thing I want now is Yuu know that I feel awkward nearby.

“ah, gomen,” Yuu said with a sigh, “I was setting up but instead left on my desk. I’ve got here when I realized.”

This time my turn to sigh. The way I came to this place and had to lie to my husband, without anything ?

I don’t think that Yuu would be so careless.

“what do you want to return the goods?” I asked, “if it’s only small thing is not important, just throw it..”

Yuu shook his head, “I can’t throw it away. You remember you lost earring that time ?

I nodded.

“I found it in my room,” he explained to me, his face didn’t show any expression, I can’t read what it currently in his mind, “ you really like that earring, right?”

Again I nodded.

“sorry, I’ll give it to you next time,” Yuu said quietly sipping his coffee.

I stared at him in disbelief.

‘next time’? This means that I have to see him again?

Suddenly my stomach churning, I was feeling bad about all of this.


Lunch with Yuu initially stiff. I can’t be indifferent in front of Yuu. How was he so upset when we broke up one time. Although today he didn’t mention Kai and marriage at all, I still feel bad.

But after a while, the stiffness of us began to melt. I was relieved that Yuu was no longer angry with me. He is being mediocre to me. He didn’t try to seduce me or ask me to go back to him, or show signs as if he intends to return with me. Not that I expect it.. It’s just..

Yuu offered to drive me home but I refused. I still want to talk to Yuu but I don’t want Yuu meet with Kai. The last time they met was involved in fisticuffs between the two and I don’t want that to happen again.

I sat on the train alone after lunch with Yuu, again, my head filled with memories of the past are suddenly awakened after what happened today. If I had to choose, ah if I may choose, without hesitation, of course I would choose to marry Yuu. I mean, I love him and he has everything I want. Foster home with a guy like yuu, will definitely be better than the joint Kai. I mean, Kai is my best friend and I love him as a friend but I can’t possibly spend the rest of my life with someone who doesn’t love me, right?

I sighed. The return journey by train this time was very long.

Ever since I entered high school I hardly ever hear anything about Kai. Although our house was near but we are no longer adjacent ever met, he was no longer come to my house and I longer ever called him to ask him to play with me. We slowly grow older and getting away.

I still don’t remember what the reasons why we suddenly no longer speak, but when entering university I ever had met with Kai. He decided to get out of the house and live independently since leaving school and since then we have never met at all until five month ago. I don’t think our meeting that night able to change everything.

That day I was the middle of a fight with Yuu. I want forget my problems with drinking, but all of my close friend are busy. I also decided to go drinking alone.

In a state of half-drunk, when out of the bar, I collided with Kai.

Fate began toying us since that moment.

Kai couldn’t let me go home alone drunk, and I didn’t want to go home. After I forced him drunk, he took me to his apartment. There are accompanied me back to drink while listening to all my complaints about Yuu. Starting from there, I can’t remember anything else. I remember, the next morning I suffered extreme headaches and woke up in a naked and Kai in also naked.

I still remember clearly the expression on Kai’s face when he woke to the sound of screams.


The trains finally arrived at the station where I had to go. With a sigh I rose from my seat. My back sore though I only sat for twenty minutes away. Actually there are many factors that make me feel tired today.

I walked out the train while was thinking about what I’m talking about with Yuu.

We didn’t talk much, I realized that as long as we sat together for a few hours before we didn’t tell each other a lot. We’re just going to eat our order without a lot of talk. Every now and then our eyes will meet and one of us will start a minor topic in few minute will end up just like that.

I feel comfortable when I was near Yuu, rightfully so, right? All because I love Yuu, right?

I shook my head vigorously to eliminate the thought out of my head as I stepped out of the station. Then my eyes glued to the figure of a young man who was standing, leaning on of the pillars of the light that is in front of the station. His hands were in his pockets, his gaze directed towards me. When he notice me, he pulled his hand from his pocket and waved it casually as if it were the most natural thing on earth.

I trotted up to him with an eyebrow interlocked.


“yo..” he said casually.

“what?” I asked, watching him with a confused, our house is not too far from the station, I don’t see any reasons why Kai to effortlessly come to pick me up. Not that I don’t appreciate his efforts to pick me up, otherwise I actually think that what he did is pretty sweet. Although I feel little guilty, he even bother to pick me up after I lied to him to meet my ex-boyfriend.

I tried to shake off the feeling of guilt. I told myself that I should not feel guilty at him this will not hurt him. I’m sure he will not mind if he knew I went to see Yuu, I mean for what he felt objection?

“I think sometimes we could eat outside, right?” Kai said with grinning broadly.

I wrinkled my forehead while walking two step toward him, “not lately we’ve often eaten outside?”

“I know that delicious ramen shop around here,” he said with a grin as if still not listening to me.

I sighed, “ahh.. Well.. Well... Ramen for dinner huh? On which side stall?”


I will update as soon as possible

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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Did yuu still love acchan and taking back acchan from kai? :V *i hope no*

Please update soon^^

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bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 10
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Chap 10

Atsuko POV

Maybe what I’m doing is wrong, ah no, what I do is definitely wrong. I wonder what’s in my head until I exist in this place at this time... Oh wait, what if Kai know? No, Kai wouldn’t know. Beside what if he knows?

After all, I’m not having a affair.

“so what your order?”

I sighed, since before my eyes on the menu but didn’t really read it. My head is full of the other thing.

Hastily I mention the top menu that are on the list. I’m not even hungry at this time.

Actually, why am I here?

I look at the man in front of me while squinting my eyes. Why would I when he asked me to meet me again today? Ah yes, he said he would return the earrings this time.

I should go immediately after receiving earring but Yuu wouldn’t let me go before eating. He knows i can never resist.

Maybe all sound confusing. It all started this morning, while I was busy watching a morning talk show on TV suddenly my phone rang.

I don’t think that Yuu would call me, saying taht he was around my house and asked me to meet. Again he reasoned want to restore my earrings. I also don’t think, before I had time to think, my mouth already agreed Yuu invitation to meet. And I know, this is not the right thing to do.

We met at a family restaurant within a few blocks from my apartment. I’m little worried that there are neighbors who caught us both.

Somehow I feel guilty.

I don’t understand why Yuu still want to see me. I recall when we first broke up it really upset em. I’m not sure he will forgive me. Today too I don’t know what is in his head. Could he still hates me?

I squinted earring in my hand.

“it’s not my earrings.”

He smiled, “oh yeah?”

I looked at him confused, “it’s not my earrings. I can’t be wrong.”

Yuu just smiled while eating his salad. I still wrinkled my forehead. I don’t understand, what this really is.


“it does not your earring, i just bought it.”

I raised my eyebrow, “for what?”

Yuu put his fork. His eyes looked straight into my eyes, “I want you to come back to me.”

I was speechless. Yuu still looked at me seriously. I tried to wait a while, hoping he would laugh and say that everything he said was just a jokes to make me laugh. But unfortunately for a joke, what he just said was not at all funny, and for one thing I also know that Yuu is not the type who like to joke. What he just said was really serious and I don’t know what the response should provide.

I opened my mouth to say something but no single word come out. For a moment my mouth open and close without being able to say anything, to the person at the table across from us I must have looked like a fish that is placed outside the tank. I don’t understand why Yuu can seem so calm during and after saying something like that.

After all this time why should it now?



I took a deep breath before saying, “okaeri..”

I tried to be as normal as possible in front of Kai. I know we don’t love each other but somehow we were married, and I don’t intend cheated on him.

The word ‘cheating’ itself has sounded horrible in my ear.

I walked out the kitchen towards Kai who just threw his body on the couch after release his coat. I stood not far away still thinking how to behave in front of him tonight after was has happened today.


I looked at each other with Kai. We just sighed simultaneously. I blinked my eyes, as well as my husband’s. He stopped his movements are being loosened his tie. His eyebrows drew together as he looked at me anxiously.


I shook my head, brown eyes looked into my eyes, look for signs that I was lying or hiding something , “no... You?”

He hurriedly shook his head but I know that he was hiding something from me. I moved toward him and pointed to his chest with my index finger. He took few step when I forward direction.

“Kai...” I hissed, “you’re hiding something, right?”

“n-not important..”

“oh yeah?”

I knew he was lying with her eyes avoiding my gaze.


“w-well I’ll tell you later..” Kai said finally, “only if you tell me what’s wrong with you.”

I flinched.

A pretty dodgy deals. I folded my arms across my stomach bulge that had been thinking that my husband submitted bids. Of course I still have another alternative that is pretending to sulk until he tells what happened to him, in any way to be pregnant woman with her hormones are ready to explode at any time provide a distinct advantage for me, but I dismissed that possibly. The only option if I wanted to listen to what my husband long sigh behind it is to give him reason why I sighed.

A difficult choice. But this is life.

I don’t know how Kai will react later.


Either I should feel happy or sad. Or both at once?

First person ever taught me that every thing that happens must have positive and negative aspects at the same time, just how we react to it. And this time, how should I respond?

I glanced at Kai who still silent beside me. Apparently I’m not the only one among who lost for words and didn’t know what to do. Actually, I was surprised by what he had just told me. Actually, when asked to tell what he was hiding something from me before, i don’t imagine that it is something like this.

“so...” I swallowed, “you lose your job?”

Kai shook his head, “I was not fired,” he tried to laugh but his laugh sounded not powered, “only ‘rested’ until the new school year in April.”

I wrinkled my forehead, “Okay, I understand. But why?”

Again, brown eyes refuse looked into my eyes.

“Kai.....” I’m getting frustrated because since he had not yet talked with clear and I need to know. When my husband lost a job because something, I as a wife is entitled to know why, right?

Kai sighed deeply. For a moment he hesitated but then finally he opened his mouth to tell me, “there are rumors if I had special relationship with one of my students.”

“what?!” I stood up from my seat.

I looked at my husband who was still sitting on the couch we were in disbelief. I never saw Kai as someone who could be having affair, especially with his students. Kai probably not the smartest man I’ve ever met but I know he was not stupid enough to having affair with his own student. But still, men still male. We never know when they will be tempted by another woman... Wait, of course he would be tempted, wouldn’t he just marry me because he had to. But.... If he thinks this kid certainly he would not do anything like that.... Yeah, right?

“Atsuko... Do you hear me?”

I blinked my eyes and realized that Kai apparently was trying to talk to me.

His eyes looked at me anxiously, “are you all right?”

I shook my head, hand massaging my temples that suddenly felt dizzy. I sat down again, but this time shifted slightly away from him.

“I don’t understand,” I muttered, “why all of a sudden?”

“my students, one of my girl student, is in a trouble...” Kai told me again, “I take the time to listen her problem, and then somehow strange rumors...”

I shook my head, “I still don’t understand, the school can’t go around it..”

“never mind,” Kai suddenly laughing, when I threw an angry glare at him, he looked at me apologetically, “good thing, we can take a vacation as you want it, right?”

He always like this. There is always a ‘good thing’ of all things. Yes it is one of the thing he taught me. I throw breath and shook my head. It seems useless as well to be angry about this.

“so..” Kai looked at me timidly, “what about you? What are the thing that had been bothering you?”

I gasped. Suddenly I remembered about what Yuu had told me. Yet for a while before I managed to forget it as a problem that Kai told me.

When seeing how Kai looked at me, somehow I feel say that is not right to do.

Looks like this time I have to lie anymore.

“ah, I was just thinking about our next vacation..”


sorry if too short  :bow: :bow:

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