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Author Topic: CHOICES - Possible Polls and Inquiries Upcoming [2/27/2017]  (Read 6902 times)

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CHOICES - Possible Polls and Inquiries Upcoming [2/27/2017]
« on: April 08, 2015, 01:59:02 PM »

All chapters are under construction
- Prologue: The Dream [04/09/15]
- Chapter One: Roommates [04/11/15]
- Chapter Two: Friends [04/14/15]
- Chapter Three (currently in progress)

Author's Note: Please note the recent post and that all chapters are to be rewritten in a way that the chapters you have read may be pushed to later chapters, or disappear completely.

Meet Oshima Yuko, an ordinary girl with a normal life. NOT. Fate's hard on her. After her mother died, she finds herself trying to adjust to a world she thought she could only relate to books. Things would be a lot easier if it weren't for her identity crisis, a witch for a best friend, a crush's constant rejections, and proving to everyone that she is far from ordinary. This is a story of how Mundane Oshima Yuko is.

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Re: CHOICES [04/08/15]
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2015, 02:10:18 PM »

This is interesting! :mon XD:

I hope this is going to be KojiYuu :mon inluv:

'Cause her crush is rejecting her advances right? :hehehe:

No doubt if it's Kojipa. :on gay:



君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


For more gayness and sweetness, visit the FuuMiru Thread and KojiYuu Thread!

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Re: CHOICES [04/08/15]
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Kojiyuu???????????????? :prayers:


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Re: CHOICES [04/08/15]
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WAIT, WHAT?!  :mon star:

she can only relate to books?  :mon XD:
Yuko's relate to books? Hmm~ thats surely rare and interesting~  :mon inluv:

update soon author~  :mon beam:

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CHOICES - Prologue: The Dream [04/09/15]
« Reply #4 on: April 09, 2015, 11:47:46 AM »
@ChibiRine: The pairing is actually undetermined at this moment, but I wouldn't be opposed to KojiYuu since this pair was my second OTP for years now. The plan is to choose which pair you guys want, though I'm rooting for a certain pairing. I'll keep it a secret for now. ;)

@arawche079: Hmm...Let's see, shall we? XD

@yuuchans: Yeah. This is a supernatural story, so Yuko can surely relate to books in the world she's living in. :)

A/N: Thank you guys for the reviews. :inlove:  I really appreciate it. Anyway, just to give you guys some heads up, this fic is AU and was inspired from several fictional novels. Let's see if you guys can find out which books they are. ;)


A gasp left her lips as she tried to move a muscle, her eyes squinting from the pain before focusing as she stared at the murky ceiling of the cave, her shirt getting stickier by each passing second due to the pooling of red liquid underneath her battered body.

Her body felt extremely heavy like lead, pulling her down and preventing her from getting up, preventing her from doing anything but lay there. It’s a good thing there was nothing left for her to do. She had done her job. She has served her purpose.

There was no more point in living.

She played her part well, and all she could do now is to wait for the inevitable— for death to come upon her. She should be scared, she knew that. But somehow, the thought of dying didn't scare her. In fact, she welcomes the thought with open arms.

Everyone was still battling their enemies outside the cave, risking their lives to protect something they care about. Something they love. Something they can't live without. It was all up to them to finish the mess they were all involuntarily thrown into, and hope that everything else goes according to plan, otherwise, all of her effort, her sacrifices, her lies…All of them would be in vain.

Was it all really worth it?

It made her wonder about herself as her body continues to grow colder by the second, her pale skin turning white as sheet. With the inability to move her muscles, her mind drifted to the past, to the deeds that she could have done, the deaths she could have and should have prevented, the time that she could have used to live the life she wanted…before everything became hell for her.

…Before her life only became a movie where she was an actress, playing the role line by line without a chance of escaping the never-ending torture.

A bitter chuckle made out of her throat, followed by strained wheezing as she felt pain all throughout her body, mainly coming from the wound on her chest where a cursed knife stabbed her previously as she fought with the now-dead figure lying meters away from her.

Her role in the realm was already planned, even before she could walk or talk, or even came into the world. Her life was already ruined from the very moment she was born because of a stupid prophecy she was supposed to fulfill. She lost everything—her family, her honor, her friends…her one true love.

Oh how could Fate be so cruel? She had already gone through so much, and yet…She still needed to die. Didn’t she suffer enough?  Smiling bitterly as she let her walls down, she allowed hot tears cascade down her pale cheeks as she closed her eyes.

No one was around as they were too busy fighting outside to care about her own losing battle, much less the tears trickling her cheeks. Besides, she deserved it. She had kept her true feelings bottled up inside for almost her entire life. It was about time that she could let them out, especially when she was lying on her death bed. Or was it death pool?

Another hoarse chuckle came out of her lips as she laughed at her own joke and winced, wishing that she would stop tormenting herself just before she dies. She was dying for Guardians' sake. The least she needed was to further cause herself more pain.

But then...after everything she had done. After all the pain and suffering she had inflicted upon everyone...She does deserve to die. She deserves the misery, the loneliness, the guilt…She deserved them all. Does that make her masochist?

At least she can now die, though there are still some things she needed to repent for. She wondered if she has enough-



Probably not. There wasn’t even time for her to repent for her wrongdoings.

She coughed from the blood rising to her throat, grimacing as she felt painful tremors wreck her body as blood dripped from the corners of her mouth. She gasped desperately for air, gulping at it greedily when her throat cleared for a moment.

Letting out a shaky breath, she opened her eyes to let them take in the last thing that she would ever remember before her soul enters the Spiritual Realm. The cave wasn't a pretty sight, considering the damp atmosphere and the puddles of blood on the floor.

But then, it could have been worse. She could have been dying on the flooring of the dungeons during a torture, or maybe fed to the reapers, who would happily do the honors of sucking out the life of her pathetic soul while making sure she experienced every painful second.

Yep. A dirty, bloody cave was definitely better.

Knowing that her time was almost up, her ears perked up, trying to listen to whatever was happening outside the cave. The shouting had stopped and she could no longer hear the sounds of people dying. Was the battle over? Did they win? Did they lose?

For Guardians' sake, she hopes they won.

"Have you seen her?" a distant, yet familiar voice shouted from what seems like the opening of the cave.

A few responses were heard and she raised her arm, or tried to as she mumbles out a reply to alert them. However, all that she was able to do was let out a gurgled moan, the blood blocking her lungs and reducing her ability to speak as they entered through a punctured wound from an earlier battle.

Oh well. It was better that way. She doubt that she had the energy to do anything besides wait for her own death, lest deal with them. Relaxing her muscles as the numbness reached up to her upper torso, she swallowed the blood in her mouth and licked her dry lips and closed her eyes, easing her breathing.

It's time.

The coldness was there and her vision had dimmed to the point that she could no longer see anything due to the blur and darkness of the corners in her sight. She could no longer feel any of her limbs, lest swallow the blood she was helplessly wheezing out.

As the darkness quickly enveloped her vision, she heard a yell from one of the people outside, followed by the rushing of footsteps to where she lay waiting for her death.

A few gasps were heard and she would have rolled her eyes if it weren't for the fact that she was incapable of doing so, as well as taking everything out of her dwindling energy. A warm hand reached out to touch her cheek and she opened her heavy-lidded eyes, a smile making its way to her face as her eyes took in the form of three familiar figures, or what seems to be like it. She doesn’t know. Everything was a haze.

The last time she had seen them, a scowl was plastered on her face— a mask she had perfected to fulfill the prophecy. This was the very last time she would be able to see them, and them see her alive and breathing. A watery smile was the only thing she could offer them as compensation for everything she had done.

Her vision had gone blurry and she coughed out blood once more as she tried to figure out who was touching her, groaning as she felt her body being lifted up to prevent her from choking on her own red liquid. Feeling her almost-lifeless body carried by two strong arms, she nestled her face into the crook of the person's neck, inhaling the last scent that she would ever smell.

And then she died.


Next update - Chapter One: Roommates

A/N: So...That was the prologue. Shorter than I actually expected, but still. Thanks for reading guys.  :byebye:
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Re: CHOICES - Prologue : The Dream [04/09/15]
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..... wait  :? ..... WHAT!!!! :shocked NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! dont die on me whoever you are  :panic:
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ALL THESE HUGS ... i want one :cry:

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Re: CHOICES - Prologue : The Dream [04/09/15]
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UGH, thats  REALLY  a sad way to die, but wait...

So much mystery going on :panic: :panic:


cant wait to know whats this prophecy all about.... :twothumbs

And who is the one that died??

Waiting for the next update~  *`ω´)~\\

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CHOICES - Chapter One : Roommates [04/11/15]
« Reply #7 on: April 11, 2015, 08:17:59 AM »
@jenzybenzy: Do you have an idea on who died? Take a guess. :bingo:

@yuuchans: Yeah, that was a miserable way to die. Bet you didn't expect that for the first update.  :glasses: As for the one who died, I think you'll have to find out for yourself.  :hehehe:

A/N: Hey guys, I'm back for the second update. :) I guess you might have some guesses about who died in the prologue, but it wouldn't be fun if I told you guys rather than have you read it for yourselves right? Anyway, here's the update I promised.

Chapter One: Roommates

And then she died.

Her eyes widened open as she jerked into awareness, her chest rising up and down rapidly as she gasped for air, trying to calm her heart from the deprived oxygen. Despite being wide awake, her body remained in its sleepy state and all the brown-haired could do was wait for it to attempt waking up on its own pace, allowing her eyes to focus on the white ceiling above her for the meantime as she slowly flexed her fingers, realizing how she was clutching the bed sheets as if her life depended on it.

“Bad dream?” a familiar voice snapped her out of her reverie, cutting her off completely from the land of dreams as she slowly relaxed on her bed, its soft and smooth sheet an absolute contrast to the rough and damp surface of the cave’s flooring— something her mind only started to comprehend.

Turning to the source of the voice, the brown-haired blinked the sleep out of her eyes and nodded, grunting as she sat up and leaned against the headboard of her bed, wiping at the sweat that has formed on her forehead. “I think so?” She grimaced at her raspy voice.

She knew it was the same dream that she had been having ever since she was young. And matter how many times she had the recurring dream, she can't seem to remember what happens in it, or why she would end up awake, crying and sometimes, completely soaked in tears. All she could feel was the lingering regret. But…regret for what?

Rubbing her tear-streaked face with the blanket, she tried to remember what she was dreaming about to end up in such a state, only to sigh in defeat when she found herself at a loss once again for the nth time. Glancing at her roommate, the brown-haired ran her fingers through her brown locks  before rubbing the side of her throbbing temple.

“You know, you can take a Dreamless potion.” the midget, as the brown-haired like to refer to her at times, suggested. “You actually woke me up with your thrashing, Yuko.”

Oshima Yuko flashed her roommate a sheepish look as she scratched the side of her face, chuckling as before she offered her an apologetic look. “Sorry about that, Takamina.”

Takahashi Minami, also known as Takamina to her friends, merely gave her a dismissive wave of the hand as she turned back to their vanity table, her hands carefully tying her long hair up into a ponytail before clipping a huge ribbon atop it to complete her signature look.

“I didn't say that I was complaining.” she shrugged, her eyes shining as she stared back at the girl on the bed from the reflection of the mirror, “Just telling you.”

Yuko flashed the girl a look of disbelief as she stood up, stretching out her limbs before crossing her arms across her chest. “Is that so? I seem to recall someone waking up just from a mere intake of breath when I became her roommate.”

“It's because I've been trained to be alert at all times, Yuko.” the ribbon-haired girl rolled her eyes, sticking out her tongue afterwards as she received a snort from the brown-haired. “I've actually learned to sleep through your snores, so it's fine.”

“Hey!” Yuko cried out indignantly and huffed. “I don't snore!”

Takamina merely let out a chuckle as she stood up from the chair, keeping her mouth shut afterwards yet keeping a mirthful glint in her eyes as she hummed, knowing that even though the brown-haired had the last statement, she had won their childish banter.

“What's your first class?” Yuko asked after a while of realizing that no matter what she says, the younger girl wasn't to tell her the truth that she doesn't snore at all. She knew she didn’t.

Takamina's smile faltered the instant the words left her roommate's lips. “Charms.”

Despite the amount of effort the younger girl tried to put in keeping her smile on her face, Yuko knew better that it wasn't the case. If there was something she had learned about her roommate after living with her for almost half of the year, it was that she despised the very subject.

Okay, despise may have been too much of a word, but the older girl knew that if there was any case for the shorter girl to change her subject with any other core subjects for their year without her parents' knowledge, she would have done so the very moment she saw their curriculum.

“Are you okay?” she asked in concern, fingers fidgeting as she tried not to reach out and further make her roommate uncomfortable at the moment.

Takamina gave another dismissive wave and turned, her attention focusing on the bag by her own side of the room as she replied nonchalantly. “Of course, why wouldn't I be?”

“You know the very reason why, Takahashi.” Yuko frowned, crossing her arms over her chest before staring at the said girl sternly. “Don't try that ' I'm okay ' crap with me.”

An exasperated sigh was heard before the room was enveloped in silence, the sound of books being shoved into a bag breaking it soon after. Yuko watched as the younger girl's shoulders slumped, a defeated sigh leaving her lips as soon as she turned to face the brown-haired. “I hate it.”

Okay, so she was right. Takamina despises it.

“The spells are getting harder to do and I don't know when everyone is going to finally realize that something's wrong with me!” she said in frustration as she threw her Charm’s textbook to her bed, a distasteful look on her face replacing the smile that was there a moment ago as she glared at the book like it was the one at fault for all of her distress.

Grabbing a stick from her nightstand, the ribbon-haired gritted her teeth as she inspected it—a wand about fourteen and a half inches long that was passed down to her by her grandparents. A humorless laugh escaped her lips. “Everyone will surely have a good laugh after finding out that the Great Takahashi Minami fails at the very subject she's supposed to be excellent in!”

“If my parents find out that their only daughter is having such a hard time casting a Severing Charm, they'll most likely disown me!” Takamina let out a frustrated cry as she threw the object in hand angrily to the bed, her chest rising and falling as she tried to catch her breath from her outburst. “A Severing Charm,” she scoffed in disbelief, “one of the most basic spells!”

Meanwhile, Yuko could only stare at her friend and roommate from across the room, the frown that was once on her face softening to one of sadness as she realized the likely truth in the younger girl's words. It was a well-known fact that all the great wizards and witches came from the Takahashi family, which was unsurprisingly a long family line of wizards and witches.

With her roommate being the only child of the recent heir of the family, all of the pressure and expectations have been forcibly shoved to her, much to the younger girl's dismay. The brown-haired knew that everything would have been alright if it weren't for one particular thing – Takamina has trouble with magic.

It wasn't that she has an overwhelming amount of magic coursing through her very veins due to the powerful line of wizards and witches she descended from, or that she was enticed by the dark arts like some black sheep in their family. No, that wasn't the case. The thing is...

…Takamina can't cast spells besides the basic ones.

And that meant a huge amount of shame to befall upon her family if anyone was to find out of her secret. After all, can you imagine the next heir of the Great Takahashi Family being close to a squib—one that isn't or partially magical, yet born to at least a wizard or witch parent?

The mere word means eternal humiliation and suffering for any non-magical wizard or witch, considering the unlikeness of it, hence the amount of shame it would befall Takamina's family if anyone found out that she was having trouble with magic. So if anyone were to find out she was having trouble…Well, Yuko doesn’t even want to think about it.

This was the very reason why the ribbon-haired threatened to cut off her tongue to keep her silenced for the rest of her life about Takamina's secret when she made a joke about her being non-magical, unknowingly hitting the nail on the head.

“Maybe you're a late bloomer?” Yuko suggested, hoping that it would help in a way to soothe her. “I mean, there is a lot of late bloomers right? You can't be the only one. Besides, with your parents, it's impossible for you to be a...” she grimaced, noticing the other girl flinch at her next word. “...squib.”

“Thanks for trying, Yuko...” the younger girl sighed with a weak smile as she went to pick up the book she threw and put it in her bag. “But I'm turning eighteen in two weeks, and there are no late bloomers after witches and wizards reach that age.”

“I should have at least gotten the signs that I'm not a squib a month ago, but there hasn't been any. Let's just face it, I'm a squib!” she gave a bitter laugh as she continued on with her self-loathing. “I’m worthless and useless, and the best thing I’m good at is failing. Can I get a reward for being the Greatest Failure, Yuko?”

“There's still two more weeks till you turn eighteen, Takamina!” Yuko said in exasperation, grabbing her by the shoulders after taking three great strides from across the room to reach her roommate. “I know you, and you're everything a witch should be, so there's no way for you to be a squib!”

“I don't have to be a witch to know that you have what it takes to be one, so don't just give up.” she smiled assuringly when she saw the younger girl open her mouth to protest, her voice softening as she loosened the hold she has on her roommate. “The Takamina I know wouldn't fail at something several times just to give up in the end.”

Sending a weak punch to the ribbon-haired's shoulder, she added. “Besides, weren't you the one who told me that failure is merely a step closer to success? You’ve always failed, and you’ve always bounced back. Now tell me, when was the last time you’ve succeeded without failing or even close to it?”

For the next few seconds, silence filled the room as the brown-haired stared into black eyes, in search for the spark that she had seen just before she ruined the morning with her question. It took some time for her to see a flicker of life come back, but when she finally did, Yuko took a step back and smiled widely, relieved that the words finally sunk in, even if it was just for the meantime.

“Thanks, Yuko.” the ribbon-haired said softly, earning her a pat on the head from the older girl who went on to tease her to diffuse any remaining sadness.

Yuko grinned. “No problem, midget.”

“You're a midget yourself, if you haven't noticed.” Takamina huffed in indignation.

The older girl merely waved a finger at her and smirked. “But when it's just the two of us, you're the midget.”

“Yeah, well ‘this’ midget,” the ribbon-haired air-quoted, “is going to get some breakfast.” Putting on a teasing expression on her face, the shorter of the two smirked. “If you don't want to be late for your Skinship, I suggest you go shower before your stench kills me and everyone else with a functional nose.”

“Hey!” Yuko glared as she turned around with a huff, though smiling that her roommate was back to normal as soon as her face was out of sight. “I don't smell.”

“Yeah, yeah. Tell that to someone who doesn't have a nose.” Takamina rolled her eyes as she slung her bag on her shoulder and headed out for the dining hall. “Anyway, I'm off.”

“Save me a seat, midget!” she shouted after her, only to receive a wave of the hand in acknowledgment just before the door closed. A few seconds passed, she muttered to herself. “I don't smell, right?”

Raising her arm up, Yuko smelled herself and smiled in relief, giving a nod of satisfaction to her own reflection from the vanity mirror, before grabbed her towel and headed to the Girls' Bath with a chuckle. Trust her roommate to tell her that she smelled.


A/N: So...yeah. That's pretty much the first chapter. Yuko's rooming with Takamina, but can you guys guess about the others? What about the dream? What do you think is the reason Yuko kept dreaming about it? Much less not even remember it? So many questions left unanswered. But hmm...those spells seem awfully familiar. :glasses: Anyway, thanks for reading and reviewing.  :hee: :byebye:

Next update - Chapter Two: Friends
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Re: CHOICES - Chapter One : Roommates [04/11/15]
« Reply #8 on: April 11, 2015, 09:12:53 AM »
TakaYuu roommates YAY~~  :cow:

at first i thought by reading books it becomes real in yukos dreams or something like she able to see the past by reading books/notes

but now im not sure ..... well imma wait for your next chapter  :thumbsup
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Re: CHOICES - Chapter One : Roommates [04/11/15]
« Reply #9 on: April 11, 2015, 09:47:06 AM »
Whahaha!!!!!  I like this........

woah wmidgets ...... :cool1:

Her dreams....

is about.... :on study:

Yuko's ? ? ? ?

I give up!!!!! :depressed:

hehe....  I think I have to wait for  your next update...

Update soon!!!! :on drink:

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Re: CHOICES - Chapter One : Roommates [04/11/15]
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Love it wmidgets for the win love it so far

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Re: CHOICES - Chapter One : Roommates [04/11/15]
« Reply #11 on: April 11, 2015, 06:00:05 PM »
Woahhh.. Nicely done I would say. ~\(≧▽≦)/~
Im hoping for Kojiyuu though.xDD
And Takamina being Yuko's roomate is good. I always see them as very very good friends, giving one another advices and all.
Update soon author. ≧∇≦
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Well basically the mainstream pairings. :33

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Re: CHOICES - Chapter One : Roommates [04/11/15]
« Reply #12 on: April 12, 2015, 04:36:56 PM »
Yuko was the one that died in her dream of past memory

Who were the three people that were in the presence of dying Yuko?

Eh... Takamina unable to cast even basic spell?

What's going to happen with her progress as a magician?

AKB crossover Harry Potter is it?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the updates

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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CHOICES - Chapter Two : Friends [04/14/15]
« Reply #13 on: April 14, 2015, 04:29:49 PM »
@jenzybenzy: TakaYuu as roommates is not that unexpected as I thought when I mindlessly matched them. XD And to clear things for you, what I meant by the phrase "a world she can only relate to books" was that the world or realm she was currently residing in was like from a fiction novel. Hope that helps with your confusion. :) By the way, don't count out what you've guessed, about the ability to see the past through reading notes or books.  You never know that what she might be seeing is actually her past or something. By the way, I love your gifs! AtsuYuu, KojiYuu, and even TakaYuu! That somewhat relieves me, since there's no certain counterpart for Yuko here at the moment. YET. Let's just say it'll be Yuko-centric for quite some time.

@arawche079: Yuko is just that amazing. You can pair her up with Haruna, Takamina, Atsuko, and so much more. As for the dreams, we'll just have to wait and see~

@XxRoByNxX78: WMidgets FTW. Those two together is just comedy.

@JoeYee: Thanks for the compliments. :) KojiYuu is an amazing pairing and definitely in my Top Five Ships, but I'm quite open to other pairings. We'll just have to wait and see. I'm not saying that it'll be KojiYuu, but I'm not also saying it won't be. ;)

@cisda83: I'm afraid that your question about the three people will have to wait. Can't really tell you without ruining the surprise in the chapters up ahead. And yes, it has been heavily influenced by Harry Potter. I just love those books.

A/N: Hello everyone! Sorry for the wait, but I had to enroll for my fourth semester in college, so I had to put off writing for some time. Thankfully, I already had a draft and needed to polish it a few more times before it can be posted. Thank you for reading and the time you've spent to review it. Appreciated it quite a lot. Anyway, an insight into the next chapter...well, Friends pretty much says it, I think? Hahahaha Oh, and just to tell you, there will be borrowed terms from J.K Rowling's Harry Potter.

Chapter Two: Friends

The sound of footsteps with a spring in each step echoed throughout the hallway, the figure from which it came from quickly making her way to the dining hall, where majority of the school's population can be currently found having their first meal of the day, or night, or whatever time it was.

Without any clock to look at, the brown-haired found herself unaware of the time that had passed during her shower in the Girls' Bath. It took the grumbling of her stomach to remind her of how she was supposed to meet her roommate and the rest of their friends, which then led her to rushing her way to her room and hastily putting on her long black robe over her clothes.

Upon reaching the great doors that separated her from the food, Yuko slowed down and calmed her breathing, knowing that appearing flustered would do her no good. It took her a bit more time that expected to slow the pace of her beating heart, but when she finally did, the brown-haired stood up as straight with her head held high and pushed the doors open.

The delicious aroma of food almost made her drool, but after sensing the hundreds of eyes set on the person who decided to join them at a late time, Yuko kept her composure. She walked quickly to the table she saw her roommate currently seating at and took the empty seat beside her, a sigh of relief escaping her lips when everyone went back to their food as conversations resumed.

Seeing the bemused expressions on the faces of the occupants of the table, the newly-arrived gave a sheepish smile as she took her utensils into hand. “I lost track of time.”

“You know, after spending an entire year here in Akiba, you would have at least gotten a clue on the time here.” Takamina told her as she offered her roommate a plate filled with food. “The only difference between the Muggle Realm and the Mundane Realm is that our sky is normal.”

“You mean, how the Mundane Realm has a sky filled with two suns?” the brown-haired raised a brow at her friend. “If you ask me, with how crazy cool this realm's sky is, there's nothing 'mundane' about it.”

“That's because you come from the realm that is different from us, so of course you'll find our realm as how you Muggles would call it...abnormal.” a voice suddenly spoke out, startling the two and the other occupants of the table.

Turning their head to the direction of the voice, everyone saw a girl with long black hair towering above them, her goddess-like facial features glowing and captivating those who had yet to experience spending time with the girl.

“Y-your Highness!” A girl, with short hair and height as tall as the giant (well, for Yuko) towering them, cried as she burst through the doors, interrupting the meal for the second time that day.

Raising a brow at the sight of the flustered girl quickly making her way towards the one standing by their table, Yuko looked at her with a smile, a chuckle leaving her lips. “It looks like you left your knight, Sayaka.”

Loud gasps filled the room as the use of familiarity and lack of respect for the girl reached everyone's ears, reminding Yuko of just who she was talking to at that moment. Receiving a jab of the elbow from her roommate seating next to her, the brown-haired immediately stood up and lowered her head.

“My apologies, Your Highness.” she said, fighting the strong urge for her to roll her eyes at the reactions of her schoolmates. “I meant no disrespect.”

“Raise your head, Oshima Yuko.” the tall girl ordered, her voice obviously sounding annoyed, but not at the reason that everyone besides the ones sitting at their table thought for. Looking up, the brown-haired stared at the towering figure trying to mask her irritation. “You are my good friend, henceforth there will be no need for you to address me with such regal terms.”

Turning to the student body gaping at her statement, Sayaka glared and spoke—her voice thundering throughout the hall. “Mind your own business!”

Almost at once, everyone fearfully resumed their activities before the interruption and sounds of conversing filled the hall once more. No one wanted to get on the bad side of the girl before them, nor receive the glare that she had sent them once more.

“Thanks, Sayaka.” the brown-haired sighed as she took her seat, scooting to the side to give the new arrivals some space for them to eat.

Akimoto Sayaka, heir to the throne and daughter of the school Headmaster, merely gave her a weary smile, a sigh of her own soon leaving her lips as she began to eat the food laid out in front of her. “I just wish they'd stop acting like that.”

“Well, it's hard not to.” Takamina told her as she chewed, swallowing before she ate another piece of bread. “You are THE Akimoto Sayaka.”

“And you are THE Great Takahashi Minami.” the princess retorted, chuckling when the ribbon-haired grumbled under her breath how she was nothing in comparison to the taller girl. Yuko could only chuckle as she nudged her best friend whilst saying, “Touché.”

“And it doesn't help that you're a vampire.” a girl from their table chirped, laughing when that earned her another weary sigh from the regal.

Sayaka frowned. “Precisely.”

Minegishi Minami hummed, to which Yuko only looked at her in confusion as she stared at the shifter in confusion, at a loss as to why that would be the case. “What about being a vampire, Miichan?” she asked.

Miichan took a huge bite off of her bread. “Vampires are like, the big deal.” She answered in a tone that implied like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “They’re rare and all because unlike Wizards and Reapers, Vampires are balanced. Other than that, anyone who’s a Vampire is royalty because that’s just the way it is.”

Sayaka nodded. “Vampires have always ruled the Mundane Realm.”

“Haven't you started on your reading, Oshiriko-chan?” another girl piped in, looking at her incredulously, as if her question was the most surprising thing she has ever encountered. “I thought you would have read the books a dozen times by now for our third year.”

“Unless she finally realized that she's no match for your sister.” Miichan smirked, ducking her head as she hid her snickers when Yuko shot her a glare.

After throwing a ball of napkin at her, Yuko turned her sole attention to the twin tailed-haired girl, whom she dearly loves like a sister for they both share the same love for butts. “Shiriri-chan, I was actually planning to read them before you started talking to me about Skinship.”

Watanabe Mayu—the girl Yuko referred to as Shiriri-chan—raised a brow at her friend as she took a bite from her crepe, her lips quirking to a smile before she spoke out in an almost nonchalant tone. “That's a shame then.”

“I think Atsunee may already have read her books.” she added, chuckling when she saw her friend look at her in surprise, before she turned to her roommate and grabbing the ribbon-haired by the wrist as Takamina was about to take a bite off from her rice ball.


Yuko pleaded. “Please tell me what Shiriri-chan told me was just a lie.”

“It's a lie?” Takamina repeated in a questioning tone, her eyebrows knitted together. Biting the inside of her cheek, she glanced at the twin tailed-haired before she added. “But I think that she only skimmed through them or read them for a light reading, right Mayuyu?”

As her fellow butt lover nodded her head in affirmation, the brown-haired groaned out in frustration, her fingers running through her hair as the others sitting at the table only looked at her in bemusement as she berated herself for not bothering to read her books before classes started for that day.

“I'm a bit curious.” the tall short-haired suddenly spoke up, causing everyone to look at her, including the girl that was beating herself down.

“You can ask, Sae.” Sayaka motioned for her to go on and speak, noticing how the equally tall girl looked at her for permission. Nodding her head sheepishly for being reminded by the royal that she didn’t need to turn to her whenever she needed to do something, the short-haired scratched the side of her cheek. “Why are you so hung up on beating her? I mean, the others keep telling me things, but what’s the real reason?”

At the mere question, Yuko felt her blood boil as she remembered the first time she met Mayu's older sister, causing her to grit her teeth in annoyance. To say that the following times the two of them met caused some rivalry for them was the best explanation she could offer.

Just as she was about to start explaining that to Miyazawa Sae, the shifter sitting across the table spoke up first, interrupting her even before she could open her mouth and launch into her usual rants about her rival. “Atsuko told her that she didn't belong here in our realm and should just go back to where she came from.”


“And that’s putting it mildly.” Yuko grumbled. Now everyone looked interested in knowing what else happened, much to Yuko's irritation. She wasn't comfortable with being the main topic of the group, especially when it had something to do with her rivalry with a certain girl.

“Atsunee was just worried about you, Oshiriko-chan.” Mayu told her as she placed a hand on one of the brown-haired's arms, but the weakness of the smile that was supposed to comfort her made Yuko believe that even her friend knew it was far from the reason why her sister had really acted that way to her on their second meeting.

“That…” Miichan spoke, swallowing the food in her mouth before she continued on, “plus the fact that you caused her suspension on her birthday AND tackled her best friend like an animal in heat the moment you woke up in the infirmary.”

“Ahh…so Atsuko hated her for a reason.” Sae hummed, smiling afterwards before she patted the brown-haired on the back. “I thought it was odd that she would say something like that to you, knowing how she is. I guess it’s your own fault, Yuko.” The short-haired shrugged her shoulders. “You obviously got on her bad side.”

Yuko frowned and leaned against her chair, giving a huff of indignation as she crossed her arms across her chest. “But all of those happened several months ago!” Careful to keep her voice low, she hissed to the people at their table. “Even Takamina and Miichan forgave me!”

Slamming her hand down onto the table, the brown-haired frowned. “I know that she thinks that I don't belong here just as much as she does. Well,” she scoffed, “I'm going to show her!”

Everyone sent one another a knowing look, a silent sigh each escaping their lips as they allowed Yuko to continue on with her plan of beating their friend to show Acchan her place. As far as they know, Yuko has been rattling about her great rivalry with her and how she was almost close to winning for the past months.

“She's going to eat her words about me not belonging here!” Yuko grinned. “Then she'll finally admit that she was wrong and join us here in the dining hall!”

Everyone shared a final look. The first one was already easier said than done, and if they know the black-haired as much as they think they do...The second one coming true was more likely to be impossible, because as far as they can remember...
The girl could barely stand being in Yuko’s presence without a scowl marring her face.

“When is she going to get it?” Miichan whispered to Takamina, who only sent her a shrug as she swallowed her food. Leaning close to prevent her best friend from hearing a word, the ribbon-haired sighed. “Just let her rant like usual. Sooner or later, she’ll stop being so hung up on Atsuko.”

“Let’s hope she does soon.” Sayaka grumbled, stabbing her food with her fork as she discreetly sent a look to Yuko. “I don’t think my ears can take any more of how she’s going to beat Atsuko in different ways.”

Everyone nodded in agreement, each mouthing a word of thanks to Takamina when the short girl discreetly waved her wand to form an invisible barrier around Yuko, quickly ceasing her rants and finally allowing the group and the rest of the students in the dining hall some peace.


A/N: So there it was. Now that you guys have met the rest of Yuko's friends? What do you think? Who think it was predictable that Acchan was Yuko's rival? Raise your hands and yell AYE!  :hiakhiakhiak: Yeah. I think it was predictable as well. *snickers* Thanks for reading guys, and please review about your thoughts. Would love to hear about what you guys think!

Next update - Chapter Three: Mundane History

Additional news: Unfortunately, since college is starting next week, I don't doubt that my updates will be slower than before. It's such a shame that I had to have posted the fic on my last week of break. Can't promise it since my major is engineering, but I'll try to update.

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Wait.... I thought you said... Minami was bad at magic...

But here she could put barrier around Yuko to block her rumblings?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Teehee nothing better than atsuyuu rivalry
now i gotta wait for tsun tsun kojima and well.... more yuko  :drool:
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WMidget friendship and AtsuYuu rivalry  :wub:
Somehow, I miss AtsuYuu so much these days  :cry:
Can't wait for the next chapter  :thumbsup

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Yes I know author-san, she is really great....

Takayuu=bestfriends /roomates




I want to know Yuko's abilities in  magic

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AKB48 in magic school? interesting
princess sayaka and Knight sae? saeyaka? ^^ although I dun think u will develop this line hahaa ^^ ganbatte nei~ ^^

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Hello everyone,

And no, this is not an update. As you can see, I have stopped updates despite reassurances of it two years ago. (Thanks, Captain Obvious) And for that, I apologize.

Some comments from the readers have made me realize after pointing out some things. There were inconsistencies such as Takamina not having magic or being able to control it, making you readers confused. After analyzing it and rereading the plot that I have written down, I decided to rewrite some things. Some things will change, some will not. This fanfiction has been decided to be based on focusing on the characters that brought me to the fandom, and I doubt that I will include the ones I'm not familiar with. Yes, yes. They will act OOC in this AU, but for entertainment purposes and for the course of the plot. I will try, however, to include their personality traits or what made them them in real life, such as Oshima Yuko's tendency to be known as the pervert back in the old days.

I'm still in the process of cleaning up and fixing my mistakes, rewriting entire chapters that I would have posted but forgotten to remember the essence of the plot because once you write, well...your fingers and plot bunnies can change everything. As it has been a long time, I am trying to familiarize myself once again with the characters, so I'll be depending on your opinions through polls and inquiries for things like how you saw them, what made them stand out, and such.

Now...Why write or continue to bother when I don't even remember the character traits of the people the story is based on? Well, it's because this had been sitting in my laptop (the plot, the chapter timelines, the major events, etc) for at least five years. It all started out fun and something I just wanted to share, but then comments here and there change some stuff. I'm glad for the criticism that made my grammar better in some way, but realized that I was trying too hard to make it seem like a book. Too much information or description, but not enough dialogue or wit. There's something missing. I want to show everyone the plot that just bombed right in my face.

So, rest assured if you still are interested in reading the story, I do plan on posting it despite the characters having already graduated from AKB48 or other sister groups. The question is, when will I get to it? That, I'm afraid to say is something I do not know the answer to. It will depend on the amount of information you might be able to provide me, as I'll be taking your opinions into consideration. I have created a family trees  researching about government or monarchy. Heck, I've even created a religion for this Alternate Universe by researching and mixing ideologies of current religions. And as of now, I'm in the process of creating a map for the supposed Mundane realm.

But why bother telling you this when I'm not posting a chapter or update anyway soon? Probably to assure you that I am serious about this. So yes, I am really depending on your questions and answers to whatever inquiry I may have. I have rambled far too much and some may not have finished reading this post, so best to get to it.

If you did read the entire post, I may not have a potato to give you but here's a butt  :shakeit:
And  :panic: to show how this story is making me feel.  :lol:

KDP out!

Questions that I hope you might be able to answer:

If the following people can shift into any animal based on their personality or traits, what would they be and why?
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