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Author Topic: Beyond The Sea(Atsumina,Mayuki,Kojiyuu,Wmatsui,Marimii) [COMPLETED]  (Read 58142 times)

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Ara... Atsuko and Minami are together together... before marriage

Shin lost his two good supports Dark and Lightning...

What will he do now?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Beyond The Sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 28 27/12/15
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@Bakamina_Oshi, @cisda83: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :)

Here is chapter 28  :D

Chapter 28: The Mysterious Men


In Maeda Clan

In a secret room

Shin steps in with his scornful face together with Hibiki

“Hello my dear father and Uncle Takashi, how have you been?” Shin said

“What do you want? I already said that I won’t give that position to you even if you kill me” Taiki said

“I’m not stupid. If I kill you, I lose everything. Today, I come here just to show you this” he said and raises Atsuko’s necklace

Taiki and Takashi widen their eyes in surprise

“Atsu, what did you do to her?” Taiki angrily shouts

“Nothing, she is just staying at my house as a special guest right now.” Shin said and shrugs

“You won’t receive anything if anything bad happened to her” Taiki said

“No, No, No, you are wrong father” Shin said while shaking his head

“You are not in the position to threaten me. It is me who can do that” he continues

“Now, decide for yourself. One, standing in front of the whole Clan and give me this position. Two, I don’t know what I will do to your precious Atsu when I get upset.” Shin said

“Think fast, I’m not a patience person” he laughs and said

Taiki holds his fists tightly. Then he sighs

“I agree with you. Tomorrow, I will announce to the Clan that you will be their next head of the Clan, and the ceremony will be held later” Taiki said

“See, if you do that sooner, I don’t need to be so cruel” Shin said

“Thank you for your approval. Now, rest well so that tomorrow you can announce the good news in best condition” He laughs and leaves the room

In the morning

At Takahashi’s secret house

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes after a very good and deep sleep. It has been awhile since the day she has a peaceful sleep. The first thing she sees is Minami's smile. He is smiling at her while stroking her hair.

"Good morning, Atsuko" Minami said and kisses her forehead

Atsuko feels very happy.

"Good morning, Minami" she hugs him tightly and happily said

"See I told you right. I will always be here with you, right” Minami happily said and pecks on her lips

“Atsuko, I promise that I will never leave you alone like those past days ever again" Minami said in gentle tone

Atsuko smiles happily. Tear of happiness fills her eyes.

"Minami" she hugs him tightly and buries her face on his chest

“I’m very happy Minami. Very, very happy” Atsuko said

“I miss you so much” she continues

Minami smiles and strokes her back

“I miss you, too. Seeing you sad, I really want to show myself. However, I have to find out about their plan first. I’m sorry for leaving you hurting like this” Minami said while tightening his hug

“I’m fine. You are fine is all matter. I don’t care about anything.” Atsuko said

"So, Minami, what happened to you on that day? And why did you become Dark?" Atsuko asks Minami while still hugging him tightly

"That all thank to your attitude toward Shin” Minami said

"Because of your behavior toward Shin is very weird, I suspect him” Minami continues


After meeting with Shin and Taiki, Minami takes Atsuko back to rest.

"Minami, I don’t know why, but whenever I see my uncle, I have a very weird feeling in my heart.” Atsuko said while hugging Minami

“Maybe because you haven’t seen him for a very long time. That is normal, don’t worry” Minami pats her back and said

“No, it is not like feeling of seeing some stranger. It just…..” Atsuko pauses

“...I don’t know how to describe, but I feel insecure” Atsuko continues

“What’s wrong?” Minami thought

“Is he related to this or something?” he continues his thought

“Don’t worry Atsuko. Everything will be fine. I’m here. There is nothing to be worry” Minami said

“I have to calm her first. It is no good for her just worrying like that” Minami thought

“Atsuko, close your eyes and sleep a little. I will be here with you” Minami said and smiles at her

“Uh” Atsuko nods

She closes her eyes. Then she opens her eyes again.

“What is it, Atsuko?” Minami gently asks her

“Minami, don’t go anywhere until I wake up, ok” Atsuko said in shaky tone

“Uh, I will be here with you until you wake up. After that we will go out and ride a horse again ok” Minami said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

She snuggles closer to Minami and buries her face on his chest.

“Good night, Atsuko” Minami kisses her head and whispers

At dawn

While Minami is still sleeping, someone knocks the door.

“What is it?” Minami said in small tone so that Atsuko doesn't wake up.

“Minami-sama, Master Shin wants to talk to you” she said

“He wants to talk to me?” Minami thought in doubting

“Ok, I will be right there.” Minami said

“Yes sir” the maid said and leaves

“I have to investigate more about him” Minami thought

Then Minami leaves the room. He comes to the main house.

“Minami-sama” a servant greets him

“Where is uncle Shin?” Minami asks

“He goes to the cliff first. I will take you there now” the servant said

“Uh” Minami nods

Then he follows the servant to the cliff near Maeda Clan.

“Hello Takamina” Shin said

“Hi uncle, I heard the servant said that you want to talk to me” Minami said

“Uh” Shin nods

Then he turns to the servant

“You can go back now.” he said

“Yes sir” the servant bows and leaves

Minami turns and looks at the dark sky

“What do you want to talk to me, uncle?” Minami asks while turning back

“To do this” He said and stabs Minami

“Die, Takahashi Minami” Shin said

However, Minami catches his hand before he can stabs him. Then Minami twists Shin’s hand making him drop the knife. Shin widens his eyes in surprise

“How can you?” Shin said

“I knew that there is something wrong with you. Atsuko’s strange behavior somehow accuses you” Minami said and kicks Shin at his leg

“You are the one behind all of this. You involve in the dead of our parents, right?” Minami said

Then Shin’s expression turns normal.

“Hahaha….” he laughs out loud while standing up

“As expected of the heir of Takahashi Clan. Very clever. Yes, I’m.” Shin said

“Since you will die right here, I will tell you that” Shin said

“I was the one ordered Daiki to find assassin to kill them. Atsushi is a risk to me. I have to erase him” he said

“How can you do that? He is your little brother “Minami said

“I don’t have any brother. He just an adopted son. He doesn't have the right to take that position. It is me. I’m the rightful heir of that position, head of Maeda Clan” Shin said

“You are selfish” Minami said

“I will go back and tell grandpa about this” Minami continues

“Not a chance. Dark” Shin said and calls his assassin

Then a black coat with a hood on his head appears. He wears a half mask on top half of his face

“Yes sir” Dark said

“Kill him” Shin orders

“Luckily, I still have one back up. Because you are a very skilled swordsman, I prepare this man for you. He will be the one escort you to the hell.” Shin said and laughs

“Dark, do your job and I will give you everything you want.” Shin said

“I only want one girl” Dark said

“If you kill him, I can give you as many girls as you want” Shin said

“I only want one. The one I want is Maeda Atsuko. She is cute and beauty at the same time. I want her” he said

“Uhm….ok, if you can kill him, she is yours” Shin said

“I won’t let anyone of you touch her.” Minami shouts in anger

“I still have some business to do. I will leave now. I’m waiting for your good new, Dark” he said and laughs

Then Shin leaves the place. There are only Minami and Dark left on the cliff. Minami takes out his sword and stands readily in front of Dark.

“Prepare to die, Takahashi Minami. After that I can enjoy my prize” Dark said while licking the blade of his sword dangerously

“I won’t let you touch her. Never ever” Minami shouts

“I will have her for-sure” Dark said and rushes to Minami

Minami jumps up to dodge his sword. Then he turns to kicks his back. Dark dodges the kick. They fight with each other equally. Sword against sword. Suddenly, Dark speeds up. He rushes to Minami and slash at his throat. Minami quickly moves back. The sword cause a small scratch on his neck and cut his necklace. However, he didn't notice it.

“He is fast. I have to attack his legs” Minami thought

He jumps back and rushes to Dark again. He turns aside and use his elbow to hit Dark back. Then he uses his feet to trip Dark. Dark loses his balance. However he quickly stables himself.

“Plan on disabling me by attacking my legs? In your dream. You will definitely die in my hand. After that, your cute fiancée will be mine.” Dark said and laughs loudly

Minami looks at him with anger look. He holds his fists tightly. He will never forgive anyone who want to hurt Atsuko.

“Shut up. I won't let you do anything to her. I will protect her” Minami shouts

He holds his sword tightly and rushes to Dark. He is more aggressive now because of anger. He attacked Dark non-stop with a high speed. Dark jumps around to dodge Minami’s sword

“You know what? I never taste a girl like that before, cute, pure, innocent, and strong will. I bet that will be very enjoyable” Dark said with scornful tone

“Shut up, shut up, shut up. I will kill you” Minami shouts in anger

He puts all his power and attack Dark furiously

“If I could, I would leave you alive so that you can witness our time. Her skin must be very smooth and sweet to touch….”

“Shut up” Minami shouts and swing his sword toward Dark

The sword causes a small scratch on Dark’s arm. Dark touches his bleeding arm. Then he raises his hand and licks his blood. Minami looks at him with disgust look

“You are monster” Minami said

“Thank you for your compliment. Where were we? Ah...that is right. Her red lips. Those are once yours, I will claim them to mine. She will cry in hopeless….”

“I said shut up. I won’t let anyone touch her.”

Minami shouts and rushes to Dark. Because he uses too much power, Minami starts losing his flexibility. Dark dodges and kicks on Minami legs making him stumble and fall. He sits up and breath heavily. He uses his sword to support him.

“Hahaha...anyone will have a weakness. Your weakness is your lovely fiancee, my strong swordsman Takahashi Minami.” Dark said and laughs crazily

He drags his sword and slowly walks toward Minami from behind

“Now die.”

He raises his sword to stab Minami. Suddenly a sword pierces through his chest.

“How can that be? You….” Dark said in surprise

It is Minami’s sword. He holds his sword backward and stabs right at Dark left chest

“Did you think that I will fall in your trap and attack you without thinking?” Minami smirks

Then he shoves his sword deeper. After that Minami stands up and turns around. On his left hand, he holds a small dagger. Dark widens his eyes in surprise

“You use that small knife to watch me from behind your back” Dark said

“Correct. As expected of a strong assassin. I was waiting for the time you raise your sword. After that I will stab right at your chest” Minami said

Then Minami strongly pulls back his sword. Dark’s blood puffing around the place. Minami raises his foot and strongly kicks Dark at his knee making him fall down and groans in pain. After that Minami uses his sword to disable both of Dark’s arms. He kicks his stomach strongly.

“No one can harm my Atsuko. I won't let anyone who want to harm her alive” Minami said in anger

“You dare to think of her like that. You dare to think about harming her. You dare to do that. I will make you pay” Minami said

His eyes turn cold. Anger filled in them.

“Unforgivable, unforgivable” He said while kicking Dark all over his body.

Dark can’t do anything. He just lied there and groan in pain.

“Die” Minami coldly said

Then he raises his sword to cut Dark’s throat.  After that Minami stabs Dark right at his heart. He strongly shove his sword into dark heart.

“No one can harm my Atsuko. No one” he shouts

Dark dies right away. Minami still stands there and looks at the dead body with anger look. Then some idea appears in his head.

“I can disguise as him and investigate more about Shin” Minami thought

After finished disgusting himself, he throws Dark’s dead body into the sea. Then he leaves

End flashback

“I see. I'm glad that you can kill him without any harm, Minami” Atsuko said

“When I came there, I only saw your necklace. At that time, the world to me turned dark. I can't see anything. My heart was about to explode. I want to die right away so that I can be with you. It was hurt a lot. The most painful thing to me” Atsuko said in shaky tone

Even though that is not real, she still scared. The feeling of that day floods back to her. Her body is shaking

“Atsuko, don't be scared. I'm here now. I won't let you feel like this ever again.” Minami gently said

“When I came back to the cliff to pick up my necklace, I saw you hurtfully shouting my name under the storm. I really really want to rush to you right away and hugs you tightly in my arms. However, I knew Shin has a big plan for something. I can’t fight him openly.” Minami said while tightening his hug

“So, you were the one who brought me back to Maeda Clan?” Atsuko asks him

“Uh.” Minami nods


After Minami brought his bloodied clothes back to report to Shin in Dark’s identity, he quickly returns to the cliff because he realizes that he dropped his most important item, the necklace. When he is near there, he hears Atsuko voice. She shouting his name with hurtful voice.

“Atsuko” Minami thought

He rushes there immediately. When he gets there, he sees Atsuko kneeling down on the ground and hitting the rock with all her mind

“I will make you all pay." Atsuko shouts in anger while strongly hitting the hard rock.

“Minami, come out please” she shouts in tear

"Minami, are a liar." Atsuko weakly said

"You said that you won't leave me. But now you left me here alone. Liar, liar, liar" Atsuko said in tear

“Atsuko” he whispers her name

He wants to rush to her, but he has to stand there and looks at her hopelessly. It hurts his heart very much. He holds his fists tightly. Tear rolls down on his cheeks. She weakly calls him and faints

“Atsuko” Minami whispers her name

Then Minami quickly rushes to her. He looks at his lover pale face.

“I’m sorry, Atsuko” he whispers in tear

The he carries her back to Takahashi secret house. He gently puts her down on the bed and takes care of her hands.

“Minami, Minami, Minami” Atsuko calls his name unconsciously

“I’m here Atsuko” Minami whispers and kiss her lips

He sits there and looks at her face

“I want to keep you here with me, Atsuko. I know that place is very dangerous for you. I really don’t want to bring you back” Minami strokes her hair and said

“However, I know if you don’t come back, our grandpas will be in danger. I also don’t know what will Shin do at that time. He is a crazy man.” he continues

“I will alway by your side to protect you from him ” Minami said

“I miss your hug so much, Atsuko” He whispers and kisses her lips

After Atsuko’s condition is normal, Minami brings her back to Maeda Clan so that Shin didn't suspect anything. He carries her through a secret passage which connected to each room in Maeda Clan. This passage was created prior to protect Maeda important people. He carries her back to her room and gently puts her down.

“I will put my necklace with you so that you will not feel lonely” Minami thought

“Atsuko, I will always be with you. Just wait for me a little more.” he whispers and kiss her forehead.

Then he leaves the room

End flashback

“Seeing you sad hurting me a lot Atsuko” Minami said in sad tone

“In that dungeon, I felt myself so hopeless. Seeing you weakly stood there and bearing all Shin’s torture, I wish I could kill them all there and save you. I was angry at myself because I leave you alone that time.” He continues while tighten his hug


At midnight

After visiting Atsuko in her room, Minami goes back to Takahashi Clan to investigate Hibiki because he heard Hibiki and Shin conversation. It looked very suspicious. When he gets to the house, he sees Hibiki suspiciously goes out of the house.

“He looks suspicious looking all around and sneakily like that” Minami thought

“I should follow him”

Then Minami follows him from behind. However, he keeps his distance so that Hibiki won’t know. Minami follows Hibiki into the forest deep in the west side of Takahashi Clan.

“What is he doing here?” Minami thought

Then he see a carriage waiting for Hibiki

“Carriage? He will go somewhere farther than this?” Minami thought

“I have to follow him somehow” Minami thought.

Taking the chance that Hibiki is talking to someone, Minami sneakily goes behind the carriage. He carefully slides himself under the carriage. He holds the carriage tightly so that he won’t fall. Then Hibiki goes into the carriage.

“Perfect” Minami thought

Then the carriage starts moving. It is about dawn. The carriage is moving until noon. Then it stops at a forest. In front of the carriage is a big rock.

“It looks like uncle Kuu’s secret lab” Minami thought

Then he sees Hibiki steps down. Hibiki walks toward the wall. He taps slightly on his left side, then the stone open

“Huh? I see” Minami thought

Waiting for Hibiki to go inside, Minami slowly gets out from under the carriage. He stands in front of the big rock

“How can I get in?” Minami thought

Suddenly he hears a lot of noise. Quickly Minami jumps up to the tree to hide. He sees a group of people walk toward the place. There are two men carry sword. One goes in front, and the other is at the back. Between them is a group of people. Their hands were chained together.

“They properly their victims.” Minami thought

“However, what are they doing?” He thought

Minami stands and thinks. Suddenly something flash on his head

“Maybe I can use them to get in” Minami thought

Then he jumps down from the tree to prepare for his plan. He rushes to the group of people. He hide behind the tree near them

“How can I distract them?” Minami thought

Then he picks up a small stone. He aims at the guard at the back.Then he throws the stone at him.

“Who?” the man at the back shouts

“Hey, what is it?” the man at the front asks

“I don’t know, someone just throw something at me” the man at the back said

“Who? You properly just imagine thing” the man in the front said

Then Minami tries to make a lot of foot step and noise by his feet and sword

“What is it?” The front man said while looking around

“See I told you” he said

“Ok, stay here and watch them. I will go and check” The man at the back said

“Ok” the man at the front said

Then the man go toward Minami’s hide place. Minami hides behind the tree and wait for him. Waiting for the man to complete out of the other’s side. Minami quickly covers his mouth and breaks his neck

“Luckily, those men wear mask. I can disguise them easily” Minami thought and smirks

Then he disguises himself as the man. After preparing everything, Minami steps out as normal

“That’s weird, I didn't see anything there” Minami said

“You just imagine things” The front man said


“No but, let go back there quickly” the front man said

“Ok” Minami said

After awhile

They finally reach the cave. Minami waits for the man to open the case. Then he successfully go inside

“Great” Minami thought

Then he follows deep into the cave. At there he sees a big weapon factory

“They are making weapon” Minami thought

Then a man walks toward them.

“You” he points and calls Minami.

“Yes sir” Minami answers

“Bring all young men go to other side of the cave to train them. The rest leave here to make weapon.” He orders Minami while pointing at the place

“Yes sir” Minami said

Then he leaves with some men.

On his way

“Why did he want to train army?” Minami thought

After awhile he reaches the place. He comes in with the captured men.

“This place” He thought in surprise

He sees a lot of young men are training with weapon. Then he hears a voice

“How is your training going?”

“Hibiki” Minami thought

“Yes sir. The training is very well. I’m confident that they will be an invisible troop.” another man said

“Good, Master Shin wants everything to be perfect. After taking over Maeda Clan, he wants them to conquer other Clans for him. Therefore, they have to be perfect” Hibiki said

“So that is their plan” Minami thought

“I should act quickly before everything get worse. I think now is time to let Atsuko know.” he continues his thought

Then he sneakily gets out of the cave

End flashback

“However, when I got into your room, you are nowhere to be found. That time, I was so scared. I scold myself for leaving you. If something happened to you, I don’t know how I can forgive myself” Minami said while tighten his hugs

“I’m sorry Atsuko. I can’t protect you that timmhm..”

Haven’t finished his words, Atsuko leans up and presses her lips on his lips. She kisses him lovingly. Then she breaks the kiss and smiles at him

“I’m fine now, Minami. After all, you were still able to save me. Thank you for saving me, Minami” Atsuko smiles and said

Minami smiles back at her gently.

“From now on, I won’t ever leave you alone, Atsuko” Minami gently said

“Thank you Minami, I love you” Atsuko said and buries her face on his chest

“I love you too, Atsuko” Minami said while stroking her back

They stay silent and enjoy each other present.

After awhile

Atsuko speaks up

“So what shin say is truth huh? He said that he wants to be the ruler of all the Clans in this region” Atsuko said

“Uh, it seems so. He orders Hibiki to secretly training a lot of people. He also making a lot of weapon.” Minami said

“So after forcing grandpapa to give him that position, he will attack other Clans.” Atsuko said

“Uh, that is a serious problem. If we can’t stop this, there will be a very big war” Minami said

“Then we should find a way to save our grandpas and destroy his plan” Atsuko said

“Uh, I think so.” Minami said

Then they get up and prepare their things.


At Shin’s office

“What? She escaped and Lightning was killed” Shin shouts in anger

“Yes sir. Dark is an imposter” Lightning’s underlying said

“Takahashi Minami disguised him” he continues

“What?” he shouts

“Takahashi Minami. How can that be?” he thought

“Do you know where are they?” Shin asks

“Sir, I have one place in mind” Hibiki said

“Where?” Shin said

“When I look at some old paper in Takahashi Clan, I found out that Takahashi Clan has a very old house deep in the forest. That house is used as a hide place for Maeda important people to evade danger” Hibiki said

“Really? I didn't know about that. That old man” Shin said

“Hibiki, lead your strongest troop there and capture them for me. Keep they alive. I want to torture them” Shin said

“Yes sir” Hibiki said and leaves

“Takahashi Minami, you want to go against me. Not a chance. I will take Atsuko. I won’t let you have her even if I have to kill her. Even dead, I won’t let you two die together, never” Shin shouts in anger

Back in Takahashi’s old house

After preparing everything, Minami and Atsuko leave the room. When they reach the main house, suddenly two men jump in front of them.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Minami shields in front of Atsuko and said

“You two were the one who saved me before” Atsuko said

She remembers them

“Uh, it is us” a man said

“His voice” Atsuko thought

“Can I see your face?” Atsuko said

“Why?” the other speaks up

“Their voice so familiar” Minami thought

“Your voices are so familiar. It is very familiar. I don't know how to explain that, but it feel so dear to me” Atsuko honestly said

“That is what I felt too” Minami said

“Ok, we will show you our face. However…” he said

“What is it?” Minami asks

“Come with us to another place. This place isn’t safe anymore. Shin’s people are about to come here” a man said

Minami and Atsuko look at each other. Minami nods at her and smiles

“Ok we will go with you two” Minami said

Then they all quickly leave the place.


That is chapter 28. I hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :)
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Minami finally revealed what happened to him  :gyaaah:

Thank god that he didn't trust Shin whatsoever...

Are the mysterious people finally going to show their identities? Can't wait to find out!

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@Bakamina_Oshi: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :)

Here is chapter 29  :)

Chapter 29: The Real Heir

After leaving the house, Atsuko, Minami, and the two masked men hide on the tree not far from the house to observe the house. Moments later, they see a group of men carrying with them weapons, leading by Hibiki, and rush into the house.

“So they came” Minami whispers

“Uh.” Atsuko nods

“Let’s go” the men said

Then they leave the place. Minami and Atsuko follow the mysterious men into the deep forest. They come to a big waterfall.

“Follow me” the man said

Then the two hooded men jump into the waterfall. Minami and Atsuko widen their eyes in surprise. They turn and look at each other.

“Let go, Atsuko” Minami smiles and said

Minami holds Atsuko’s hand tightly. Then they jump into the waterfall. To their surprise, behind the big waterfall is a big cave

“Behind that is a cave” Atsuko said in surprise

“Uh, that is impressive” Minami said

“Let’s go” the man said to them

They follow him go deep inside the cave. They walk for a while. Finally, Atsuko and Minami reach the bottom of the cave. It turns out the cave is a big tunnel. It leads them to another place. When Atsuko and Minami get there, they see a big green field with a lot of tree.

“Wow, Minami, I never thought there is such a beautiful place like this behind a big waterfall” Atsuko said to Minami with impressed tone

“Uh, me too.” Minami said

“We are about to reach my place” one of the man said

“Ok” Minami and Atsuko nod

Then they continue following them.

After a while

They finally reach a big house.

“Let go inside. There is something that I'm sure you will be very happy when seeing that” the man said to Atsuko and Minami

“Ok” Atsuko and Minami said while looking at each other with puzzled look

They walk into the house. They widen their eyes in surprise because they see Mariko, Mii, Mayu, and Yuki inside

“Atsuko-nee” Yuki calls while rushing toward her

“Yuki?” Atsuko call in surprise

“Everyone?” Minami said in confused tone.

Then they look at two mysterious men.

“Before we explain everything to you two, let us take off this mask” the man said

Then the two slowly take off their mask. Their faces slowly reveal. Suddenly something flashes on Atsuko’s head

“What do my Atsu want for her birthday?”

“Papa, I want to play with you, mama, Minami, uncle, aunt.”

“Papa” Atsuko whispers

The man walks toward Atsuko.

“Atsu, I thought I would never see you again. My baby, Papa misses you so much” Atsushi said to her in tear

“Papa” Atsuko hugs him and cries

At Minami’s side

Seeing the other man’s face, he remembers something

“Dad, I want to become as strong as you”

“Son, if you want to become stronger, you have to know why you want to become stronger. For what reason. To me, I become stronger to protect people who important to me”

“I want to become stronger to protect Acchan, mom, dad, and everyone around me”

“Dad” Minami whispers

“Minami, you are strong now. I'm so proud of you” Kai pats Minami's shoulder and said

“Dad, I'm so happy that you are alive” Minami smiles and said to him

There is tear of happiness on his eyes

After a while

“Papa, uncle, how did you escape that night?” Atsuko asks

“Also, how did you know where we are? And why did everyone is here?” Minami adds

“Another thing, how can you escape, Yuki?” Atsuko said

“Sit down and I will tell you everything? Atsushi said

“That night…”


“Who are you? Why did you attack my ship?” Atsushi said while dodging Black’s sword

“Don't ask me that question. You, yourself have to know what good deed that you did making me to take revenge” Black said and attacks him

Kai comes between and block Black’s attack

“I'm not a perfect person. However, I can say that all my life until now, I didn't do anything wrong” Atsushi said

“Don’t act so highly mighty to me. Murderer” Black shouts and attacks Kai and Atsushi with full power

Kai and Atsushi jump back and forth to fight and dodge Black’s attack. They fight each other despite the explosion around the ship.

After a while

Atsushi and Kai are already exhausted. Both of them are badly injured. Black stands there and looks at them with cold eyes

“Now die, Murderer” Black said

“Wait” Atsushi shouts

*pant* *pant* *pant*

He pants heavily

“What is your last word? Regret because of you action?” Black said

“No, I didn’t do anything wrong” Atsushi firmly said

“I only have one question” He said

“What is it?” Black asks

“After all, what did I do to you that making you attacks my ship and my family?” Atsushi shouts

“You still don’t know your sin? Then let me tell you” Black said

“You killed my family” Black shouts

Kai and Atsushi look at each other with surprised look

“I didn’t kill anyone” Atsushi said

“Yes, he didn’t. He only helps people” Kai said

“Shut up. You are his body guard. You just defend for your Master” Black shouts

“I tell the truth. However, did you see him do that?” Kai shouts back

Black is taken back by Kai’s words. Then he shouts

“If I were there, you would protect my wife and daughter from you. My friend saw you. He told me everything. How can you be so cruel? You threw my child into the sea. She only two at that time” Black shouts in anger

“I didn’t do that. I will never kill an innocent kid like that. Who is your friend? Tell him here to say that to me” Atsushi said

“Do you want to kill him? He nearly got killed by your people when he investigates you for me. Thanks to the help of his boss, I finally are able to find you. Now pay for your sin” Black shouts and rushes to them

Suddenly a big explosion appears right between them.

“Atsushi, let’s jump into the sea” Kai said

“Uh” Atsushi nods

Then they quickly jump into the sea

End flashback

“Taking the chance of the explosion we escaped from Black” Kai said

“At that time, we thought that we would definitely die. Luckily we were saved by my little brother” Atsushi said

“Little brother? What do you mean, Papa?” Atsuko asks him

“His name is Yamamoto Arata. He is an orphan. He was sold as a worker in a mine. Kai and I saved him from there. After that he asked me if he can be my little brother. I accepted.” Atsushi said

“Uncle, you said Yamamoto. Last time we were saved by Yamamoto Sakuya.” Minami said

“Uh, he is Arata’s son. He sees me as his real uncle and Atsu as his cousin.” Atsushi said

Atsuko widen her eyes in surprise.

“When he saved you, we were there too” Kai said

“However that time was not the right time to reveal ourselves to you two, so we just follow you two from afar” Atsuko said

“I see” Minami and Atsuko nods

Then Atsuko turns to Yuki

“Yuki, how can you escape from Shin?” Atsuko asks

“Father and Uncle saved me” Yuki said

“Uh, when we investigated around Shin’s house to find evidences about kidnapping and selling people, we overheard some of his guards’ conversation” Kai said


Kai and Atsushi sneak around the house. When they reach a room, isolated from other places in the house, they hear some voice

“Where are you going? Aren’t you guarding that pirate in there?”

“She is still unconscious because of the hit. Plus, she was tied very tight in the chair. She can’t escape.” the man said

“I see.”

“Pirate” Kai and Atsushi look at each other

They wait for the guards left. Then they step out

“Who is the pirate that they talked about?” Atsushi said

“Maybe one of the kids. Let’s go inside” Kai said

“Uh” Atsushi nods

Then they sneak into the room. When they get in, they see Yuki is unconscious there

“Yuki” Atsushi said in surprise

Then he rushes to check on his daughter

“Let’s get her out of here before those guards back” Kai said

“Uh” Atsushi nods

Then they left the room by window, and quickly rush into the forest

End flashback

“That time, I planned on taking her back to this place. However, I saw you all go toward Shin’s house.” Atsushi said

“We then put Yuki down for you all to take her back. After that we will meet you all and bring you all here” Kai said

“I see. I’m so glad that Yuki is ok.” Atsuko said

“I’m happy that you are ok, too, Atsuko-nee” Yuki smiles and said

“Why are you two here, Jun, Rena?” Minami asks

Then Jun tells them about Naku and his suspicious toward Shin.

“Because of his dead, I suspect that you two would be in danger. That is why I came here” Rena said

“I see. Thank you you two” Minami and Atsuko said and smile

“No problem. I see you two as my family. Helping you is normal” Jun smiles and said


In Maeda Clan

At the big hall

Taiki is standing at his seat which located at the highest place. A lot of people gather at the place. They all look at Taiki and Takashi

“Everyone, today I have a big announcement” Taiki said

Everyone stays silent waiting for Taiki to continues

“I will resign from my position, the head of the Clan in three days.”

Everyone widens their eyes in surprise

“My son, Maeda Shin will be the next head of the Clan” he continues

The crowd starts talking to each other. They are very confused.

“Master, why did you resign? You still look very healthy” a member of the clan said

“Also Master, isn’t the heir of this clan is Atsuko-sama?” another one said

“Talking about Atsuko-sama and Minami-sama, that is our misery.” Hibiki steps out and said

“What do you mean?” a man asks

“Master Shin and I found out that Maeda Atsuko and Takahashi Minami are imposters. They lied about their identity. The real Atsuko-sama and Minami-sama were dead long ago. Their real identity is pirate” Hibiki said

The crowd once again whispers a lot of questions

“Hibiki is correct. They also are responsible for a lot of kidnapping cases in this island. When I found out about this, I quickly go there. However, they already escaped. I order Maeda guards to look for them now.” Shin said

The crowd once again widens their eyes in surprise.

“Master because of disappointed and painful of losing Atsuko-sama, he wants to take some rest. That why he decided to resign and give Master Shin this position” Hibiki said

Taiki and Takashi just close their eyes and stay silent. They can’t do anything because they are afraid that he will do anything to Atsuko. Taiki holds his fists tightly to hold his anger

“Atsu” he calls her name silently

Back to Atsushi’s secret place

While they are talking, Yuu, Haruna, and Yuji rush in.

“Big new, big new” Yuu shouts

“Yuu, Nyan Nyan” Atsuko and Minami call in surprise

“Why are you two here?” Atsuko asks

“Hi Acchan, Takamina, glad you two are ok” Yuu said

“Hello, Acchan, Takamina, that is a relief that you two are safe” Haruna said

Minam looks at the man next to them. Then he sees his sword

“Wait that sword, I know you. You are Thunder” Minami said

“Why are you here? What do you want?” Minami said in caution while shielding in front of Atsuko

“Calm down Takamina. He is in our side” Yuu said

“How can I trust him? He is Shin’s follower” Minami said

“Yes, that is right. Why did everyone believe him?” Atsuko asks

“Calm down Atsu, Minami. He is really in our side. He is my secret agent. His name is Oshima Yuji” Atsushi said

The two look at each other with surprised look

“Wait Oshima” Atsuko said and looks at Yuu

“Yes, just as what you think. He is my father” Yuu said

“Wow, we missed a lot of thing” Minami said

“Let me fill you in” Yuu said

“Firstly, we are here because I got my father’s secret message that you two will be in danger. That is why I quickly rush here” Yuu said

Then he tells them how he met Yuji

“I see, so the person who saved me from Lightning’s arrow is you” Atsuko said

“Uh, I’m glad that I came on time” Yuji said

“Thank you for saving me” Atsuko bows and said

“Atsuko-sama, you don’t have to do that” Yuji said

“Then Uncle Yuji took us here” Haruna said

“That time I was very surprise” Yuu said

“I see” Atsuko and Minami nod

“By the way Yuu, what is the big new that you mentioned earlier?” Jun asks

“That is right, we disguised ourselves and went to the market to investigate. We heard a big new” Yuu said

“Big new?” Mariko asks

“What is it?” Minami asks

“Acchan’s grandpa just announced that he will resign and give the position head of the Clan to Shin” Haruna said

“What?” Everyone shouts in surprise except Atsuko and Minam

“As expected” Atsuko said

“Uh, he uses that to threaten our grandpas.” Minami said

Everyone turns and looks at them

“What are you two talking about?” Yuu asks

“Shin took my necklace. I guess he takes that to force grandpapa to give him that position” Atsuko said

“No wonder he did that” Atsushi said

“When will be the date of ceremony?” Minami asks

“3 days from now” Yuji said

“What are we going to do now uncle, Papa?” Atsuko asks

“We will stop that ceremony. That position has to be returned to the rightful heir” Kai said

3 days later

In Maeda’s clan

Taiki and Takashi are walking on the hallway toward the main hall to announce about the hereditary. After them is a group of men wearing Maeda Clan clothes. They face are covered by mask because they are special agents. However, they aren't belonging to Maeda Clan. They are Shin’s men. Their job is guard them, and not letting them out of their sights

After a while

They reach the hall. There are a lot of people gather there, from small servants to important people in the Clan

“Master Taiki, Master Takashi” they bow and greet them

“Hello father, uncle” Shin bows and said

“Hello Master Taiki, Takashi” Hibiki behind him also bow and said

The guards walk toward and bow at Shin

“Did they protect you well, father?” Shin asks

“Very good” Taiki said

“So good that we thought we are their prisoners” Takashi said in mocking tone

“Don't say thing like that uncle. I just want to protect you two from dangerous outside. I’m afraid that there will be some worms try to do something to you two.” Shin said

“Yes, that purely comes from Master Shin’s feeling of wanting to protect you two” Hibiki said

“Enough” Taiki said

Then he comes closer to Shin

“Today, I give you this position. You better not do any harm to my Atsu. If not, I swear that I will kill you by my own hand” Taiki said in anger

Shin smirks

“You can kill your own son just because of a little girl that completely unrelated to you. I’m impressed more and more about you every day” Shin said

“She is my only granddaughter” Taiki said

“I don't have a heartless son. Don't think that I didn't know what you are doing outside. Just because I still think of you as my son, I cause misery to a lot of people.” He continues

“Don't blame everything on me old man. Did you ever look at me? In your eyes, there is only Atsushi, a son who you picked up somewhere.” Shin said

“I’m very disappointed. I have never imagined that you turned into a monster like this.” Taiki shakes his head and said

“Don't be like that. I promise that I won't do anything to you two. I will take good care of you” Shin said and pats Taiki’s shoulder.

“Now, father, don't let me wait any longer. Go there and give that position for me” Shin whispers

Taiki looks at Shin with anger eyes. Then he walks toward the highest place in the room. Those bodyguards still follow him

The hall is very noisy until Taiki sits on his chair.

“Everyone” he speaks up

The hall turns silent. Everyone turns to Taiki’s place.

“Today is the ceremony day. I will give this position, the head of Maeda Clan to my son, Maeda Shin. At the same time, I will resign from my position.” Taiki said

Everyone stays silent. They still confuse why did Taiki resign and give that position to Shin. However, no one dares to say a word. They don’t want to go against Shin because from now on he will be the most powerful person in this region. If they make him upset, their life will be very miserable.

“Maeda Shin, please come forward” Taiki’s assistant calls.

Shin walks toward the place with very scornful face. He turns to look at Taiki and smirks slightly.

“Kneel down” Taiki said

Shin kneels in front of him

“Shin, today I will this position to you. Receive this ring and manage this clan wisely. I hope you can develop this clan more in peace and wise.” Taiki said

“Thank you father. I will” Shin answers

Then he takes out the ring in his hand. That is the ring of the head of the clan. He shakily takes out his hand. He takes it out slowly and slowly. Shin looks at him with impatient look.

“Quickly old man” Shin thought

Then Taiki takes it out. She raises the ring and said loudly

“This is the ring which holds the power of Maeda Clan. Anyone who holds this ring will have the power to control the whole Clan. That person will either helping the clan or destroying it completely”

Then he stands up and raises the ring higher

“Shin, you will never be the rightful heir for this position. If I give you this, you will destroy this clan” Taiki said

“I rather throw this away than give it to you” he shouts and throws the ring to the very back of the hall

Everyone is very surprise. Shin is also very surprise. He stands up and shouts angrily

“What are you doing, old man? Don’t you worry about your dear grandchild, Maeda Atsuko?”

Everyone looks at him with surprise look. Hibiki quickly rushes to Shin

“Master” he whispers

Realizing what he just said, he turns to look at the crowd. They have a confused look on their face. They turn and whisper to each other

“What’s wrong?”

“Why did he shout at Master like that?”

“What’s wrong with Atsuko-sama?”

“What is going on here?”

A lot of questions were asked.

“Master Taiki, what happened?” an elder asks

Shin looks down

“Hold them” he orders

Then the guards from behind catch Taiki’s and Takashi’s hands. They hold and push them down on the chair

“What are you doing, Maeda Shin?” the chief guard shouts

“Watch your manor. I’m your Master now” Shin said

“My only Master is Master Taiki. Now, I know why I can’t see Master these days. You imprison him. You are traitor.” The chief guard shouts

“Then Atsuko-sama, what did you do to her? She is the rightful heir in this position” He continues

Everyone turns and whispers to each other again

“So, he is traitor”

“Did he kill Atsuko-sama?”

“Kill him, Hibiki” he said slowly

Quickly Hibiki rushes to the guard and kills him immediately. Everyone is terrified with the scene. A lot of screaming and shouting. The hall is like a chaos

“Shut up now.” Shin shouts

“Look at him. He is a traitor. If anyone goes against me will have the same fate as him” Shin continues while looking at them with dangerous look

The whole Hall falls in deadly silent.

“Good. You all should listen to me because I’m the head of this clan now” Shin said

“Never, you will never be the heir of this clan. You don’t deserve that.” A girl voice said

“You are murderer, kidnapper, human trader, and a heartless criminal. The only thing you deserve is the dead” a man said

Everyone turns around to look at the sources of the sound. They see two black coat figure standing there. One of the figures holds the ring in its hand.

“Who are you?” Shin shouts

“Did you forget our voice already? It is only a few day didn’t see each other” the girl said

Then they slowly pull down their hood. Everyone widen their eyes in surprise

“Atsuko-sama, Minami-sama” a maid said in surprise


That is chapter 29. I hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :)
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Woah so the mysterious people were Atsushi and Kai all along...

And thank god, Taiki doesn't give Shin the ring otherwise who knows what might happen ... :err:

Is it finally going to be the final battle next chapter? I wonder what the fight would be like..

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@Bakamina_Oshi: Thank you! Yes, this is the final fight. :)

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :D

This is chapter 30, the final chapter. Hope you guys enjoy reading this  :D

Chapter 30: Final Fight

In the Maeda’s hall

Minami and Atsuko walk toward Shin. People in two sides stand back leaving them a clear way.

“Guards, catch them. They are imposter.” Shin shouts

They keep walking toward Shin.

“Guards kill those imposters” Shin shouts

Maeda guards rush out and surround Atsuko and Minami.

“Imposters, what do you want?” the chief said while pointing the sword at Atsuko and Minami

“I’m not an imposter. My name is Maeda Atsuko, daughter of Maeda Atsushi. The heir of Maeda Clan” Atsuko said confidently

“Me too, I’m Takahashi Minami, son of the strongest swordsman, Takahashi Kai. The heir of Takahashi Clan” Minami said in confident.

“The one that should be arrested is him, Maeda Shin” Minami shouts and points at Shin

“He is a murderer, a human trader, a kidnapper, and a traitor of Maeda Clan.” Atsuko adds

The crowd starts whispering about Atsuko and Minami

“Did they tell the truth?”

“They are also resembled the little Atsuko-sama and Minami-sama.”


“Did Master Shin do all of those things like they said?”

“If they are real, then they tell the true”

The guards are also confused. They look at each other

“Did they tell the truth?” they said to each other

“Sir, what will we do now?” a man asks on behalf of the rest

The leader looks at them. Then he turns to Taiki and Takashi

“Master Taiki, Master Takashi, please give us your order” he said and bows

“Don't listen to them. I didn't do anything wrong. They are imposter. My father and Uncle Takashi were tricked by them. Therefore they said something like that.” Shin said

“Arrest them” he continues

Then he looks at the crowd

“Everyone, please call your men to help me. Also helping our clan” Shin said

“How can we trust you? You just shout at Taiki-sama moment ago” a man speaks up

Shin is surprised about the question. He turns and bows deeply at Taiki

“Father-sama, I'm very sorry for shouting at you like that. However, I did that because I can't stand seeing you were tricked by that girl. I want you to realize that I did everything is for this Clan” Shin said

“How about killing my comrade? He is the one of chief guard of Maeda Clan.” Another chief guard said

“That is…That is because he is the traitor. He is one of them” Shin said

“Liar. He is the most faithful servant, an admirable friend and comrade to me” the man said

The crowd once again whispers to each other in suspecting.

“Everyone, don’t listen to him. He is one of them too” Shin said

“Then do you have any evidence to prove that they are pirate and imposter. If you want us to help you, show us then.” a man said

“Yes, he is right.” another said

“Yes, show us” The crowd said

Shin slams the table and shouts

“Enough. I don’t have to show anything to any one of you here. I’m the head of the clan. I’m the Master here. You have to obey me. If you don’t want the smooth way, I will do it in rough way”

Shin is very angry now. He turns to Hibiki

“Call them here.” Shin said

“Yes sir” Hibiki said

He claps his hand. Then they see a lot of men rush in. They surround everyone in the Hall. They disable all the guard of Maeda Clan

“Not only those in here, outside my men already surrounding this place” Hibiki said

“Now, you know who the boss is, right?” Shin said in scornful tone

“Finally, you take you your mask huh, Shin?” Minami said

“So what, don’t you see that you people are in my hand now? Obey me or die” Shin said

“Yes, you all here should listen to Master Shin. He is the ruler” Hibiki said

Then Shin said

“Hibiki, kill those two first. They will be the evidence for me to show those idiots who is the boss here”

“Shin, I gave you the position. Keep your words” Taiki shouts while standing up

“Did I say that? I don’t remember that” Shin said

Then he turns to Hibiki

“Kill them” He said coldly

“You…” Taiki shouts while pointing at Shin

“Hold him down” Shin said

“You better be good, or I will kill you together with them” He continues

“Hibiki, kill them” Shin shouts

“Yes, Master” Hibiki nods and said

“You all kill that Maeda Atsuko and Takahashi Minami now” Hibiki shouts

Then a small group of men come and surround Atsuko and Minami.

“So, Atsuko, do you feel regret for going against me now?” Shin said and smirks

Atsuko looks at him and laughs out loud

“Regret? Don’t make me laugh. I will never regret about that” she said

“The person who should feel regret is you, traitor” Minami said and points at Shin

“You are very confident huh? Can say that even in this condition” Hibiki said

“Give up already. You two will never win against me” Shin said and laughs

Atsuko and Minami look at Shin and smirk

“Do you think that we are stupid enough to come here without any preparation?” Minami said

Shin looks at them

“What do you mean?” he said

Atsuko turns to Hibiki

“Thank you for your cooperation, Hibiki.” Atsuko said and smiles at him

Shin turns and glares at Hibiki

“Master, please don’t trust her. She wants to separate us” Hibiki said

“It is enough Hibiki. You don’t have to act in front of him anymore. Our people are here. We’re good now” Minami said

Shin looks at Hibiki while frowning

“Shut up Takahashi Minami. Don’t try to deceive my Master. He knows my loyalty” Hibiki said

He turns and looks at Shin with scared eyes. Then Shin turns and looks back at Atsuko and Minami. He laughs

“Nice try but I won’t fall in your trap.” Shin said

“Hibiki, I’m very impressed with your act.” Atsuko said

“Yes, that is correct. Shin is a very cautious man. However, Hibiki can make him trust him completely. That is impressive” Minami adds

Shin feels a little doubt about Hibiki

“Shut up. I didn’t betray Master” Hibiki shouts

“Kill them now” He shouts in anger

However, his men don’t move a muscle

“Hibiki, I told you that you don’t have to act anymore buddy. They won’t fight us. You introduced us to them at the secret cave in the west of the island, remember?” Minami said

“The cave? You took them there huh?” Shin said in anger

“Please Master, trust me. I didn’t show them that cave. I don’t know how they knew that, but I didn't show them anything” Hibiki kneels down and said

“By the way Hibiki, thank you for hiding my identity and saved me from Dark. If not you, I would die at that cliff” Minami said

“Also, you helped Minami to save me from that dungeon. We are so grateful” Atsuko said seriously and bow

“Hibiki” Shin shouts in anger

“Master, I didn't do that. Please trust me” Hibiki said

“Enough, don’t try to deceive me.” Shin said

“To make you more obey to me, I have to use your dear grandfathers” Shin said

“Grandpapa is your father. Are you that heartless to kill him?” Atsuko said

“My dear Atsuko. Thank you for thinking good about me. However, you are so wrong. I’m that heartless.” Shin said while his voice turning cold

“I don’t have to see him as my father since he didn't consider me as his son” he continues

“Hold them” Shin orders the guards behind Taiki and Takashi

The guards walk toward Taiki and Takashi. They come closer and closer and they passed them and blocking Shin with the two old men

“What are you doing? I said hold them” Shin shouts at them

“Too bad, we aren’t your servants, Maeda Shin. I only listen to Master Hibiki” one of the guard said

“What are you? You want to betray me?” Shin shouts

Then he turns to Hibiki

“What does this mean Hibiki? What are your men doing?” Shin shouts

“I...I...I...don’t know Master” Hibiki said

“It is enough, Hibiki. He is in our hands now. You can go back to our side now” Atsuko smiles and said

Shin looks at Hibiki with anger look

“Hibiki” He calls his name in anger

“Master, please don’t believe them. They lied. I didn’t do anything. I’m only loyal to you” Hibiki bows down and said

“Master, I will show you my loyalty” he said

“You all, kill Maeda Atsuko and Takahashi Minami, right now?” Hibiki turns and shouts

“Yes, sir” they answer

Instead of advance toward Minami and Atsuko, the guards turn back and point the sword at Shin

“Traitor, die” the leader said

“Hibiki” Shin shouts angrily

“Master, please calm down. I don’t know why they turned this way” Hibiki said

Shin look at Hibiki with anger look. Hibiki kneels down in front of Shin

“Please Master, please trust me” Hibiki said in begging tone

Shin bends down and helps Hibiki up

“Hibiki, don’t say that.” Shin said in gentle tone

“I know you. You are my most loyal servant.” he continues while patting Hibiki’s shoulders

“Master, thank you” Hibiki happily said

“You’re welcome, buddy” Shin said and hugs Hibiki

“Thank you, Master” Hibiki said

“You’re very welcome” Shin said while his eyes turn cold

“Mas...ter..” Hibiki calls in surprise

He pushes Shin out. He is holding his bleeding stomach. Shin stabbed a knife on Hibiki’s stomach

“Why…” Hibiki weakly said

“I can’t leave anyone who betrayed me alive” Shin said coldly

“I…am...not” Hibiki weakly said and falls down

Shin bends down and checks on Hibiki. He smirks

“Anyone who dared to betray me has to end up this way” Shin said coldly

Atsuko and Minami look at Shin with disgusted look

“Shin, you are really monster” Minami said while shaking his head

“In this world, if you are so nice to anyone other than you, you are rude to yourself. Selfish is the most necessary thing to survive in this world” Shin said

“Monster” Atsuko said

“Shin, I never thought that you became this heartless” Taiki said

“When did I ever teach you that?” He continues

“Shut up old man.” Shin shouts

“Shin, let’s me tell you this” Minami said

Shin turns to Minami

“What is it?” Shin said

“You just killed your most faithful servant” Minami said

“Correct, that is just our trap for you.” the man in disguised said

Shin is surprised. He turns around and looks at those guards in front of Taiki and Takashi. They slowly take off their mask. Shin widens his eyes when seeing faces behind the masks. The guards are Jun, Rena, Yuu, Haruna, Yuki, Mayu, Mariko, and Mii in disguise

“ are those pirates” Shin said

“Yes, this is us.” Yuu said

“How can you? Where are my guards?” Shin said in confuse

“Let’s me be generous and tell you about that” Jun said


In the early morning

There is a group of men wearing Maeda guard come toward the place where Taiki and Takashi are imprisoned. Unknowing to them there is someone follows them. When they turn into the corner of the Maeda Clan garden where usually no one will come, Yuu’s group jumps out and attack them. They hit those men at their necks making them lost conscious.

“Just as uncle Atsushi said.” Jun said

“Step one successfully complete” Yuu said

“Let’s tie them and hide them” Mii said

Then they tie them together

“Ok, let’s take their clothes and disguise quick” Rena said

“Uh” They all nod

Then they wear their disguise and continue the routine to Shin’s place

“Master” Yuu and the rest bow at Shin

“Good, take them to the Hall for me.” Shin said

“Yes sir” they said

“I’ll go there first. Do your job properly. If something happen, you know your fate, right?” Shin said

“Yes sir. We will do our best” The group bows

End flashback

Shin is speechless because of surprise.

“I see, a great plan to protect those two old men huh?” Shin said and laughs

“Of course, how can I leave my grandpapa and Taka grandpa alone?” Atsuko said

“Also, the secret cave where you secretly training your troop, we already destroyed it, and released all the victims that you kidnapped there.” Minami said

“Let me tell you one more thing” Yuu said

“There is someone told us about your selfish characteristic” he said

“You are a selfish person with a very suspicious characteristic. You don’t trust anyone except you” Jun said

Shin looks at them with surprised look

“Who is the one behind this?” Shin said

“I’m sure that you will be very surprise when seeing them” Rena said

“It is us” a unison voice speaks up

Shin turns and looks at the sources of the sound. There are two hooded men walk in

“Who are you? Why did you interfere with my plan?” Shin shouts

“Did you forget my voice, my dear brother?” Atsushi said while taking off his hood

“ can that be?” Shin shouts while stepping back

“Atsushi, you are alive” Taiki stands up and said in happy tone

Looking at the figure next to Atsushi, Takashi stands up

“Then you are…” he said in hopeful tone

“Yes, this is me, father.” Kai said while revealing his face

The crowd is very surprise when seeing the two people who supposed to die in the shipwreck 20 years ago

“Are you surprise, Shin?” Atsushi said

“How can you?” Shin said in surprised

“We survived after that night. We are here to take revenge” Kai said

“I will make you pay for what you had done to my Nami. How can you force her to dead?” Atsushi shouts in anger

Shin laughs out loud and smirks

“That is what she deserved for denying my offer.” He said in scornful tone

“You…” Atsushi looks at Shin with anger look

“I also will take revenge for Akiko. You attack us just because of your selfish desire.” Kai said while looking at him with hatred look.

“That was your misfortune. If you were not there, your family wouldn't be in this situation.” Shin said carelessly

“I don’t know what words can use to describe you now Shin.” Takashi said

“I can’t believe this is my son, my only son.” Taiki sits down and sadly said

“Now, prepare to pay for you sin, Shin” Atsuko said

“You are lost now” Minami said

Shin stays silent and looks down

“I’m lost” he whispers

Then he looks up

“I’m lost. Oh no, I’m lost” Shin said in panic tone

He bends down and covers his head. Suddenly he stands up. He looks at Atsuko, Minami, and the rest with challenging eyes. Then he laughs out loud

“Do you two think that I will behave that way?” Shin said and smirks

“Of course not. We knew you crazier than that” Minami said

“Good. Credit for understanding me.” Shin said and claps his hands

“Actually the one who got trapped in here are you people. I have a very great back up plan for me already. I just was surprised to see that my dear little brother is still alive.” Shin said

“What do you mean?” Atsuko asks

“My dear Atsuko, what do you think about my acting skill?” he asks Atsuko

Atsuko looks at him

“Hibiki, stands up. Our show finished now. The one behind those kids finally showed up” Shin said

“Yes, Master” Hibiki said and stands up

Everyone widens their eyes in surprise

“Surprised huh? Can't believe in your eyes now?” Shin smirks

“I actually noticed the strange behavior from those guards. I set a backup plan to lure the one behind you out” he said

Then he uses his foot to tap on the floor. Suddenly, a lot of masked men come out from some secret passages in the Hall. They surroundings Atsuko’s group

"My dear Atsuko, let’s me tell you this. I knew that my old training place was discovered. Those men are my brand new troop. Stronger than the one you all released” he said and comes closer to Atsuko

“Stop right there. Don't you dare to come here any closer” Minami said while standing in front of Atsuko

“My-my, you are about to die and still have this confident tone” Hibiki said and smirks

“Know your place little boy. Maybe I will spare your life if you make me please such as kneel down and kiss my feet.” Shin said

“Sorry to disappoint you, but that thing will never happen” Minami said

“What can you do? You all are surrounded now.” Hibiki said

“If anyone of you agrees to follow me, I will spare your life and give you superior position.” Shin turns to Yuu's group and said

“Guys, did you hear what he just said? What do you think?” Jun said in mocking tone

“A great deal for some cowards like that guy over there.” Rena said while pointing at Hibiki

“You…” Hibiki shouts in anger

“To us, we have our dignity. We will never betray our families and friends” Yuki said

“Good words. Then I will let you all die here. You people will be a great example for those people in this clan” Shin said

“Wait, don’t rush Shin” Atsushi said

“That is just the beginning” Kai said

“Do you think we only have that?” Atsuko said

Suddenly a lot of men rush into the Hall. However, they didn’t wear any mask. Atsuko and Minami look at them and smile

“Do you think that we stupid enough to come here with just that plan?” Minami said

Then a man walks in

“Nice timing, Sakuya” Atsuko said

“Can you take people here out of this place? It is dangerous here” Minami said


Sakuya smiles and gives them a thumb up

Shin is very surprised. He shouts

“Who are you?”

“Me?” Sakuya said and smirks

“My name is Yamamoto Sakuya. Acchan’s cousin. I came here to take down a traitor from Maeda Clan” Sakuya said

“Cousin? What do you mean?” Shin said

“My father is her father’s adopted brother.” Sakuya said

“Stupid.” Shin said

“Anyhow, Shin, give up now. You are lost” Atsuko said

“Sakuya brought his men here and surround all over this place. You lost” Minami said

“Not a chance. Our men were trained as a Takahashi fighter. They won’t lose” Hibiki confidently

“I’m not saying that my men is the strongest, but they can compete equally with all of your men. Moreover, you are at the passive state now” Sakuya said

“No choice, I will fight with you to see who will win this fight” Shin said

Then he and Hibiki take out their swords

“Kill them” Shin orders

Suddenly, another group rushes in

“Master Jun, we are here” a man said

“Good job. Now attack those masked men” Jun said

“Yes sir”

The amount of men in Atsuko’s side is out number of Shin’s troop. They take them down and disable them easily

“Surrender now Shin, Hibiki.” Atsushi said

“Never.” Shin shouts angrily

“Then I'll fight with you.” Atsushi said

“Papa.” Atsuko calls in worry tone

“Don't worry Atsu. Papa will be fine. I have to take revenge for Nami, my love, my wife” Atsushi said

“I won't die. I still have to see you and Minami wedding, right? Also my grandchildren too.” He continues and laughs while patting Atsuko’s head

“Papa.” Atsuko calls him shyly

“I also have to clean up the trash in Takahashi Clan” Kai said

“Hibiki, my father trusted you. You betrayed Takahashi Clan. Receive your punishment now” He continues while pointing his sword at Hibiki

“Let's me see about this” Hibiki said

“Dad, be careful” Minami said

“Don't worry, as Atsushi said I also have to be alive to see that too” Kai smiles and said

Then the four rush to attack each other

In Atsushi’s side

Shin and Atsushi are fighting with each other.

“Why did you change like this, Shin” Atsushi said while dodging Shin’s sword

“That is your fault. If your weren't exist in this world, everything of you would be mine. Nami wouldn't have to kill herself” Shin shouts while continuing attacking Atsushi

“You still didn't know you fault, you're wrong, huh?” Atsushi said

“You always blame other for your action. Why don't you realize your sin? You kidnapped a lot of people for so many years. You sold them. You caused a lot of misery to a lot of people from places to places. Don't you feel sorry for them?” Atsushi shouts

He injures Shin’s shoulder and kicks his stomach

*cough* *cough* *cough*

Shin bends down and coughs. He looks up and smirks

“I don't think that I'm wrong. I just did to fulfill my need. I want to enrich myself. By doing that I can enrich this clan too” Shin said

Atsushi slaps his face

“Shut up, you selfish.” He shouts angrily

“You are a member of a superior clan. Your mission and responsible is to protect and help other. You embarrassed Maeda Clan.” He continues

“Then kill me. I'm in your hand” Shin said

Atsushi raises his sword. Shin closes his eyes waiting for his end. Atsushi looks at Shin while frowning. His eyes show his hesitation. Then instead of killing Shin, Atsushi kicks him at his stomach once again.

*Cough* *cough* *cough*

Shin coughs and opens his eyes

“That kick is for Nami. I can’t kill you, and I think Nami also doesn’t want me to do that too.” Atsushi said

“Accepting or not, you are still my older brother and son of the person who saved me and give me this life. I won’t kill you. I will throw you into the jail for you to reflect about your act for all those years” he continues

Taiki looks at Atsushi with his teary eyes. Atsushi smiles and bows at Taiki. The he turns and goes back to Atsuko’s place. Shin slowly stands up. He takes out a knife in his clothes

“Atsushi, this is your stupid decision to not killing me” Shin said and rushes to Atsushi

“Papa” Atsuko calls in worry

Suddenly a sword pierces through Shin’s left chest. He turns around to see the person who stabbed him

“Father” he whispers

“Dad” Atsushi calls in surprise

Taiki pierces his sword on Shin’s chest. His eyes are full of tear.

“Why?” Shin asks weakly

“Because you don't deserve to live. Atsushi spared your life, but you still didn't regret about your action. This is the only way to stop you from killing others. I told you before that if you do anything harm to this family, I will kill you by my own hand.” Taiki said in tear

“Father you are so unfai…” Shin breathes out and falls on the floor.

Taiki drops his sword and drop down on his knees

“Dad” Atsushi calls and rushes to him

“Grandpapa” Atsuko also rushes to her grandpa

They help him up and go back to his seat

“Are you ok, grandpapa?” Atsuko worriedly asks

“I’m fine. Don’t worry, Atsu” he pats her head and said


At Kai’s side

Kai is fighting with Hibiki

“Traitor, I will kill you, trash of Takahashi clan” Kai said

“Kill me if you can.” Hibiki said in challenging voice

“You don’t have to challenge me.” Kai said

The he raises his foot and kicks Hibiki stomach making he flies and hits hard at the wall

“Did you forget that I’m the strongest swordsman in the clan?” Kai said

Then he rushes to Hibiki and puts the sword on his neck

“Any last words?” Kai said

Hibiki looks at him. Sudden, he bows down.

“Please Kai-sama, please spare my life. I was forced to do this. Shin forced me to do this. Please think about my father. I’m your cousin. Please give me a chance. I will stay in the prison for the rest of my life to reflect about my action. Please” Hibiki said while bowing at Kai furiously

Kai looks at Hibiki’s pathetic action.

“You aren't worth to die under my sword.” he said and turns back

Hibiki smirks secretly. When Kai just turns back, he takes out a small dagger to stab him. However, Kai notices. He turns his sword backward and pierces the sword strongly at Hibiki’s stomach.

“I gave you the chance to live. It was you who threw it away” Kai said and pierces the sword deeper

Then he takes out his sword. Hibiki’s blood is puffing all over the place. He falls on the floor and dies. Takashi slowly walks toward Kai. The son who he thought he lost forever

“Kai” he calls him

“Father” Kai rushes to him and kneels down

“I’m back father.” Kai said happily

“I’m so glad” Takashi said

Atsuko, Minami walk toward the rest. They bow at Sakuya

“Thank you for helping our clan Sakuya. I’m so glad that you came all the way here to give us a hand” Minami said

“Yes, please accept our humble appreciation” Atsuko said

“Don't do that Takamina, Acchan. Acchan, you are my cousin. Although not blood related, I see you as one. In the past, it was uncle Atsushi and uncle Kai saved my father. I deeply appreciate them, so I see them as my family. I’m glad that I can help you guys.” Sakuya said

Atsuko and Minami smile at Sakuya

“Miyuki misses you a lot, Acchan. This time she asked me to bring her with me. However, this time is for serious business and dangerous, so I left her home. Next time, we will visit you for sure” Sakuya said

“We are waiting for you two” Minami said

Then they turn to Jun, Rena

“Thank you for lending us a hand Jun, Rena” Atsuko said

“Without your help, we won't win this battle” Minami said

“Don’t say that. I told you two before, right? You two are my family. Helping you two is a necessary thing” Jun said

“Uh, we are family” Rena smiles and said

When Atsuko and Minami turn to Yuu, Haruna, Mii, Mariko, Yuki, and Mayu, Yuu speaks up

“Ok, stop that thanking. We helped you because you are our friends and family.” Yuu said

“If you say a word of thanking again, we will mad” Mariko said

“Yes” Haruna and the rest said

“That is correct, Atsuko-nee. Maeda Clan is also my family. Saving it is obvious” Yuki said

Atsuko and Minami smile at each other. Then everything back to normal.

In the wedding day

Maeda Clan hosts a very big wedding ceremony for 5 couples, Minami and Atsuko, Mayu and Yuki, Jun and Rena, Yuu and Haruna, Mii and Mariko.

The five couples stands in front of Taiki and Takashi waiting for their blessing

“Today, you all will become husbands and wives. Remember to always love and respect each other” Taiki said

“Yes we will” they said

“Minami, Mayu, Jun, Yuu, Mii, you are the man. You have to protect your wife and your family. Don't let them suffer or sad.” Takashi said

“Yes we will always protect them” the five said

“Good, congratulation you all” Taiki and Takashi said happily

Then they all turn to their own parents for their blessing


“Mii, from now on, you have to take good care of Mariko. If I hear any news about you making her sad, I won't forgive you even you are my son” Kuu said

“Don't worry father I will always love her with all my life” Mii holds Mariko hand tightly and said

“Congratulation, you two. Best wish for you.” Kuu said

“Thank you father” Mariko bows and said

“Also, I'm waiting for my grandchildren” Kuu said and winks at Mariko and Mii making they blush


“Mayu, I'm so happy that you found a very good girl to be your wife” his mother said and sobs

“Thank you Yuki for loving him. I wish you two happy” she said

“No, mother. Thank you for raising him to be a great person. I'm very happy to be his wife and your daughter in law.” Yuki bows and said

“Mayu, remember to always take good care of Yuki” his mother said

“Yes, I will definitely take good care of her” Mayu said confidently

Then they turn to Atsushi and Ryuu and bow at them

“Mayu, I entrust my daughter to you. Take good care of her and don't make her cry.” Ryuu said

“Yuki, I'm happy for you. I wish you two happy” Atsushi said and smiles

“Father, I owed you a lot. I'm so thankful that you adopted me. I'm very happy to have your bless and dad’s bless on my important day” Yuki happily said

“Don't worry, father, dad. I will always love her and protect her” Mayu said


“Yuu, you now have your own family. Remember to do your best to protect them and love them with everything you got” Yuji said

“I entrust her for you Yuu, don't make her sad or cry or I will make you regret” Riku said in serious tone

“Yes I will. I will love her and protect her. Making her cry or sad will never appears in our life. I promise that I will make her happy forever” Yuu said


Jun holds Rena’s hand tightly, and they bow before Rena’s parents and his parents

“Jun, I entrust my only and precious daughter to you. Please make her happy” Rena's father said

“Yes father, I will always make her happy” Jun bows and said

“Son, remember to always protect Rena. Don't make her cry or sad no matter what” his father said

“Congratulation, you two. We are waiting to see our grandchildren.” Rena's mother said happily

“Thank you mom, dad, father, mother.” Jun and Rena said

“You will definitely have some adorable grandchildren.” Jun said jokily

“Jun.” Rena calls him shyly while hitting his shoulder

“What I tell the truth, my dear wife” Jun said

Then he pulls her closer and pecks on her lips

“Jun, we are still standing in front of our parents” Rena said shyly

The two parents look at each other and laughs happily


Atsuko and Minami are standing in front of Atsushi, Kai, Taiki, and Takashi for the blessing. They are holding each other's hand tightly.

“Minami, I entrust Atsu to you today. Please always love her and take good care of her” Atsushi said

“Yes, I will father. I promise that I will always love her and love her forever” Minami bows and said

“Minami, Atsu, you two are husband and wife now. From now on remember to always love each other and respect each other. Always create a happy and harmony feeling in your family” Taiki said

“Yes, grandpa, we will” Minami and Atsuko bow and said

“Minami, you have to protect Atsuko from now on. She is your most important person now” Kai said

“Yes, I will definitely protect her no matter what” Minami confidently

“Lastly, Atsu, Minami, we are waiting to see our great grandchildren and grandchildren soon” Takashi said

Atsuko and Minami look down while blushing

“Yes, we are waiting.” Atsushi, Kai, and Taiki said

Then they all laugh happily

“Hello, Takamina, Acchan, and everyone I hope we didn't late” Sakuya said

“Sakuya, Miyuki welcome” Atsuko and Minami said

“Congratulation to you all” the two said

“Thank you guys” The five couples happily said

At night

In Minami's room

“Minami, I’m so happy, right now” Atsuko sits on Minami embrace and said

“Me too. After all that obstacles, you finally become my wife, Atsuko” Minami said while burying his face on her neck.

“Minami, I still have one thing, I want to do” Atsuko said

“I know” he said

“You do?” Atsuko asks in surprise

“Of course, how can I not know what my wife wants? However, firstly let’s enjoy our night” Minami said and pushes Atsuko on their bed

Atsuko is blushing while looking at Minami. He smiles gently at her

“I love you, Atsuko” Minami said softly

“I love you too, Minami. A lot” Atsuko said while caressing his face

Then he bends down and kisses her lips gently

In the morning

The servant rushes to the main hall. Everyone gather there. The only people who haven't there yet are Atsuko and Minami

“Master Taiki, Master Taiki” he calls panicky

“What is it? I ordered you to call Atsu and Minami here, right?” Taiki said

“Atsuko-sama and Minami-sama are gone. They left this letter with Maeda and takahashi clan rings” the servant said

“What?” the rest shout in surprise

However, the four old men seem to be not surprise

“Those two. It is really like them” Atsushi said

“Read that letter for me” Takashi said

“Dear fathers and grandpas

We decided to go to where we really want. Sea is where Atsuko grew up. It is also where we met each other again. A free place for us to explore. We want to live like that.

Since our fathers still very healthy, we return our position as the head of the clan to you two.

We promise that we will come back to visit you all

Also, grandpas and fathers don’t worry. We will keep our promise about your great grandchildren and grandchildren

Lastly, we hope everyone be happy

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ------Atsuko and Minami----”

The servant reads out loud the letter

“Those two are really something” Yuu said

“Yea, they are just like that and left for their own world” Mariko said

“So, Kai. Here is you ring. Those two won't let us retire” Atsushi said in teasing tone

“How about give it back to the original owners?” Kai said jokily

“No, we already retired. That is your job not us” Taiki drinks his tea and said

“I guess this job is ours now” Kai said

Then they all laugh

On the ship

“Minami, how did you know that I want to freely travel around like this” Atsuko asks while leaning on Minami chest

“I told you that I know what my lovely wife wants, right” Minami smile and said while tightens his hug at her waist

“Minami” Atsuko calls

“Huh?” Minami asks

“You are the best. The coolest husband ever” Atsuko said lovingly

“Of course I’m. I’m your Minami after all” Minami said proudly

“Yes, I know. And I’m your Atsuko, right?” Atsuko said

“Of course you are my cutest wife” Minami said

Minami turns Atsuko around to look at him. Then he bends and kisses her lips

5 years later

In Forbidden Island

Today is the birthday of Master Taiki. The city is very crowded and lively. There is a couple walking hand in hand into the market. They are wearing hood on their head. There is a little boy sleeping on the man’s back

“Wow, today the market is very crowded” she said

“Of course honey, today the Master of Maeda Clan birthday after all” the man said

“This place changed so much, right?” she said

“Uh” he nods

Then they hear some people talking to each other

“Dr. Mayu is a really great doctor. Yesterday, I was sick really bad and after he gave me some medicine. Today I feel much better”

“So Mayu became a famous doctor now” the man said

“Let go and check on them” the girl said

“You miss Yuki, right Atsuko?” he said

“Of course, Minami. I haven't meet her for 5 years” Atsuko said

Minami looks at her and smiles. Then they go to Mayu’s clinic. It is a very big house. It is not far from Maeda Clan

“Welcome, what can I do for you?” a girl greets them

When they about to say something, they see a little girl rushes out

“Yumi, stop running and eat your food” a young woman chasing after her

“Yuki” Atsuko whispers

“Uh” Minami nods

“Mama chases me” the little girl said

“So that is our niece” Atsuko happily said

Then they hear someone voice

“Hello Yuki”

They turn to see who it is. They see a couple walk in between them is a little boy

“Jun, Rena” Minami whispers

“Hello, Rena, Jun.” Yuki happily calls

“Hi Ren” Yuki bends down and said

“Ren, greet auntie Yuki” Rena said

“Hello auntie Yuki” Ren said

“Ren, let’s play together”

Yumi pulls Ren to play with her

“So we have a nephew” Minami whispers

“Uh” Atsuko nod happily

“Hi Jun, Rena” Mayu steps out and greet them

“Mayu looks so mature now” Minami said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“How is your job as a head of Matsui clan, now?” Mayu asks

“So he inherited that position now” Minami said

“That is great, right” Atsuko whispers in happy tone

Because of too focusing on the four, they didn't hear the maid call

“Excuse me” the maid call Atsuko and Minami

They turn and look at the girl

“Sorry. We want to buy some herb that good for old people” Minami said

“Ok, please wait” the girl said

Then Atsuko and Minami sit down at the chair opposite with Yuki. They secretly watching them

“He is still sleeping?” Atsuko asks while hugging their son down from Minami’s back

“Maybe he is exhausted. He didn't sleep much last night because of so excited about going here” Minami said

Then another couple walks in with a little girl

“Hello, Yuki, Mayu, Jun, Rena” a man happily greets them

“Hi Yuu, Nyan Nyan.” They greet

“Hello little Haruka” they greet the little girl

“Haruka, greet uncles and aunties” Haruna said

Then Haruka comes and greets the four. After that, she joins the play with Yumi and Ren

“Yuu, Nyan Nyan, long time no sees.” Jun and Rena greet them

“How are you doing” Jun asks

“We just got back from the island nearby. We investigate some cases there for Maeda Clan as always” Yuu said

“So he is like his father working as investigator for Maeda clan.” Atsuko said

“Wow, we missed a lot of thing in those five years” Minami said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“Hey, look our great inventor come” Yuu said while pointing at the door.

There are two kids rushing in. Then a couple walk in

“Maki, and mako don't run around like that” a man said

“Mariko, Mii” Minami said

“Wow, they got a twins. That is cool” Atsuko said

“Uh. He is also a real inventor as his dream, too” Minami whispers

“Wow, I never thought that just sitting here, we can see all of them” Atsuko said

“That is a great coincident” Minami whispers

Then another couple walks in

“Hello, Sakuya, Miyuki” Yuki greets them

“Mayu, today we have a lot of guest” Yuki happily said

“Uh” mayu nods

“Sayaka, come and greets uncles and aunties” Miyuki calls

Then a little girl rushes in

“Wow that is great. We can meet those two here, too” Atsuko said in surprise

“I guess they come here because of grandpa’s birthday” Minami said

Once again, because of too focusing, they didn't hear the maid call

“Excuse me” she calls louder

Her call makes Yuu and the rest look at Atsuko and Minami

“They are…” Yuu thought

“Sorry” Minami said

“Here is your herb” she said

“Thank you” Atsuko said

When Atsuko and Minami are about to leave, Yuu said out loud

“Hey guys, today we have with us very big guests.”

“Who is it, Yuu?” Everyone turns to Yuu and said

“The guests that we haven't met for 5 years” Yuu said

“He noticed us” Minami whispers

“Let's go” Atsuko said

“Excuse me, can we talk for a while” Yuu stops them and said

When Minami is about to say something, their son wakes up

“Papa, Mana, are we at great grandpas and grandpas house yet” he said in sleepy tone

“Not yet, son. But we are near” Atsuko gently said

“This voice” Yuki thought

“Atsuko-nee” she stands up and calls in surprise

“Our covers are blown” Minami said

Then they take off their hood and smile at them

“Hi guys, how are you all doing?” Atsuko and Minami greet everyone with a smiling face

“Don't hi us. Missing for five years and now back in disguise like this” Mariko said while crossing her arms

“Yea, missing for all those years. Where have you two been?” Mii said

“Atsuko-nee, Takamina, we miss you two so much” Jun said

“Sorry, we just want to make you guys and our fathers and grandfathers surprise at the party” Atsuko said

“Uh,” Minami nods

“Plus, although we didn't come back we still send you all letter very often, right?” Minami said

“Stop defending yourself. Tell us where have you two been?” Yuu said

The little boy in Atsuko arms look up and asks

“Mama, who are they?” He asks

“They are Papa, Mama’s friends and families who we told you a lot before” Atsuko said

“Acchan, he is Takai, right?” Rena asks

“Uh, he is Takai, 3 years old”” Minami said

“He looks just like you two” Haruna said

“Takai, let's Mama introduce uncles and aunties for you ok” Atsuko said

Then Atsuko introduces them to him, the rest also introduce their child to Atsuko and Minami.

“Atsuko-nee, how are you doing for all those years?” Yuki asks

“Very good, we travel around from island to island. We helped people who need help and enjoy our time together” Atsuko said

“We came to a lot of new place and met a lot of new people” Minami adds

“That sound fun.” Sakuya said

“Uh, really fun” Atsuko and Minami nod and said

They stay there and talk for a while. Then all of them go to Maeda Clan for Taiki’s birthday. The four old men are very happy when seeing their grandson and great grandson. Then they happily celebrate the party together.

After a long journey with a lot of hardship, they finally be together with their destiny happily forever and ever.

The End

That is chapter 30, the last chapter. I hope you guys enjoy reading this chapter!  :D

Lastly, Thank you everyone for reading my story. I hope you all enjoy this story!  :)

Thank you!  :wub:
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wooohooo... that's very great happy ending. if takai didn't say anything. their disguise will be succesful... thank you author-sama for this great fanfic. ホンマにありがとうm(_ _)m :thumbup :bow: :bow: :twothumbs

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Nooooooo  :fainted:  :imdead:

I'm not even done reading this.....  :depressed:




Ok, ok, I somehow managed to get to chapter 30 in 2 or 3 hours, I'm actually quite thankful to my fast reading...  :hehehe:

Want me to tell you how I grabbed a box of kleenex and cried? I actually did, I'm really emotional.  :mon cry:

IT'S SO HEARTWARMING!!!!  :mon waterworks:

The's just perfect. They got children and they were all reunited again.  :on woohoo: :mon fyeah:

This is how stories are supposed to end, and you did a great job doing it author-san!  :on GJ:

I'm glad I read this fanfic. Oh no, I'm getting deep, but thanks anyways.  :kneelbow:

I'm sure everyone else feels the same, thank you for writing this fanfic!  :mon thumb: :mon bye:
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Finally it's happy ending for every couples, everyone. Thank you for this long fic of yours. I really love it.
WMatsui in my heart <3
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As expected!!!! Best fic EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job at the last chapter :on GJ: :on GJ:

But im sad that it ended  :on speedy: :on speedy: :on speedy:


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Such a great ending  :farofflook:  :on GJ:
But I'm so sad that it's ended now... this was one of the best series I had read and now I have to go find something else  :fainted: :err:
Thanks for your continuous updates all this time... I gotta start readings your other fanfics soon...

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This is so cool  XD

I really love it  :inlove:

But it's so sad that it already end  :cry:

But thank you for always update  :thumbsup

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Thankyou for completing this FF author-san!  :bow: :bow: :bow:

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wooohooo... that's very great happy ending. if takai didn't say anything. their disguise will be succesful... thank you author-sama for this great fanfic. ホンマにありがとうm(_ _)m :thumbup :bow: :bow: :twothumbs
Thank you for reading my fic. I'm glad that you enjoyed reading it!!

Nooooooo  :fainted:  :imdead:

I'm not even done reading this.....  :depressed:




Ok, ok, I somehow managed to get to chapter 30 in 2 or 3 hours, I'm actually quite thankful to my fast reading...  :hehehe:

Want me to tell you how I grabbed a box of kleenex and cried? I actually did, I'm really emotional.  :mon cry:

IT'S SO HEARTWARMING!!!!  :mon waterworks:

The's just perfect. They got children and they were all reunited again.  :on woohoo: :mon fyeah:

This is how stories are supposed to end, and you did a great job doing it author-san!  :on GJ:

I'm glad I read this fanfic. Oh no, I'm getting deep, but thanks anyways.  :kneelbow:

I'm sure everyone else feels the same, thank you for writing this fanfic!  :mon thumb: :mon bye:

Wow, you are fast  :twothumbs. I can't finish 10 chapters in 2-3 hours.

I'm very happy that you feel that way when reading my fic. I'm so glad that you enjoy reading this story, too.   :wub: :D

Thank you very much!!  :D

Finally it's happy ending for every couples, everyone. Thank you for this long fic of yours. I really love it.

Thank you very much for reading and liking my fic. Thank you!!  :wub: :D

As expected!!!! Best fic EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job at the last chapter :on GJ: :on GJ:

But im sad that it ended  :on speedy: :on speedy: :on speedy:


Thank you so much for liking my fic. I'm very happy.  :inlove: :)

Yes, it is a little sad that it ended already.

Thank you!!!  :wub:

Such a great ending  :farofflook:  :on GJ:
But I'm so sad that it's ended now... this was one of the best series I had read and now I have to go find something else  :fainted: :err:
Thanks for your continuous updates all this time... I gotta start readings your other fanfics soon...

Thank you so much for reading my fic and liking it!!!  :wub:

I'm so glad to know that you enjoy reading this.  :inlove: :D

I hope that you can enjoy my other stories, too.  :)

Thank you very much!!  :D

This is so cool  XD

I really love it  :inlove:

But it's so sad that it already end  :cry:

But thank you for always update  :thumbsup

Thank you very much for reading my fic. I'm so happy that you love it.  :wub: :inlove:

Thank you!!!  :D

Thankyou for completing this FF author-san!  :bow: :bow: :bow:

Thank you for reading my fic!!!  :inlove: :wub:


Thank you everyone for reading and liking this story!! :inlove: I'm very happy  :D
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     +[Short Story] My Lovely Ojou-sama (Completed)
     +[OS] Perfect Valentine
     +[OS] Our Love Story
     +[Short Story] Power of Love (Completed)
     +[Short Story] Escape (Completed)
     +[Short Story] My Feeling for You (Completed)
     +[OS] Miracle of Christmas
     +[OS] Christmas Wish

Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) (Completed)
Beyond The Sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) (Completed)
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Thank you for the story

It has very good ending...

I enjoy reading it...

Thank you for the updates

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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I have just found this story! *shamefully hides in a corner for being so late* though...well I'm kind of happy because I can read it whenever I can and the fact that the story is complete makes me jump around with joy *figurative speaking*   :)  either way... I have already read 7 chapters and will carry on when I'll have more free time. Thank you for writing this, so far so good  :w00t:

Thank you for reading my fic!!!  :)

I'm glad that you like it!!  :inlove:

I hope that you enjoy reading the rest of the story!  :D

Thank you!!  :)

Thank you for the story

It has very good ending...

I enjoy reading it...

Thank you for the updates

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

Thank you for reading my fic!! :D

I'm very happy that you enjoy this story.  :inlove:

Thank you very much!!  :wub:
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Atsumina's OS collection
     +[OS] Forever and Ever
     +[Short Story] I Love You (Completed)
     +[OS] Promise
     +[Short Story] My Lovely Ojou-sama (Completed)
     +[OS] Perfect Valentine
     +[OS] Our Love Story
     +[Short Story] Power of Love (Completed)
     +[Short Story] Escape (Completed)
     +[Short Story] My Feeling for You (Completed)
     +[OS] Miracle of Christmas
     +[OS] Christmas Wish

Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) (Completed)
Beyond The Sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) (Completed)
Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) (Completed)

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I've just finished reading this in one sitting and wow, really. I just got into the akb/48g fandom last december and is catching up with as much as mayuki fics (and multipairing fics as long as mayuki's in it) I can find and was really glad to have found this out  :mon squee:  What more is it's already completed yay! I've read a lot of fics and unfortunately/sadly, some have been dropped, on hiatus, and deleted already T__T Love the theme of the story, the fact that they would go on various islands and help people who are in danger and need of help as well just give justice and essence to their pirate characters ⚔️ The focus might be AtsuMina but this fic didnt make me feel like that at all, every pairing is given their own time, moments, story and importance as much the main pair and I really appreciate that  :heart:
Love the well-roundedness of the whole fic too, kinda makes me feel like I'm with them on their journey. We got to see bonus TomoTomo and SayaMilky, encounter different problems and mysteries on every island, have each pairing's stories after their separation from the explosion, meet other people from the past and new villains, know the characters' histories, uncover the truth and dont forget the surprises-- Yuji, Ryu, Atsushi and Kai! Appreciate how you didnt change Takamina's name to fit his male character too lol, often he's always Kai in genderbender fics  :mon fyeah:

Since Jun's comeback to his island and clan, I've actually wondered how their lives will go on after they've dealt with Shin and his human trader dealings since some of them are heirs to their respective clans and have men to be responsible of... they've all been living together in the ship and seeing them going on on separate ways is a little sad and heartbreaking but looking at the ending, I guess I dont have to worry since everything is well and great.

It's really good to see they still keep in contact with each other for the past 5 years. They might not all be together in one ship anymore and have their own lives and children already but indeed, a family is a family no matter where you are afterall~

Love how AtsuMina decides to go for what their hearts want and live on the sea and continue helping people they met along the way as well, the Sea has been Acchan's home since forever and it's a part of who she is. *sighs in content and smiles like a proud mom*

I'm so soft for this part  :shy1: :mon cry:

We decided to go to where we really want. Sea is where Atsuko grew up. It is also where we met each other again. A free place for us to explore. We want to live like that.

I guess this is the end then. Aaaaaah, would definitely miss the adventures and journey of 'The Legend' Crew 💕🙂 Thank you for this wonderful fic author-san *bows 90 degrees* Beyond The Sea is such a great fic, I enjoyed reading it  :twothumbs  I would really love to read more from you *runs to your next story*  :mon rush:
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