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Author Topic: Beyond The Sea(Atsumina,Mayuki,Kojiyuu,Wmatsui,Marimii) [COMPLETED]  (Read 52527 times)

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Who was lighting I really curious. What's happen with auth tama??she tricked rena or sth :( i smell sth dangerous here
WMatsui in my heart <3
Kamaoshi : M.Rena

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Beyond The Sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 22 15/11/15
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@Bakamina_Oshi, @vickystar: Thank you!  :)

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :D

Here is chapter 22  :)

Chapter 22: Case Closed?

In the morning

while Jun is walking around the garden, he sees his aunt, Tamaki

“Aunt Tamaki” Jun calls

“Oh, hi Jun.” Tamaki waves Jun

“Where is Rena, aunty?” Jun asks

“That is what I want to ask you.” Tamaki said in surprise

“I thought you are with her. This morning she said that you tell your servant to call her to meet at the restaurant.” Jun said

“I didn’t order anyone to say that to her. I have an urgent business, so I left from early morning. However, I forget something, so I go back here to get that.” Tamaki said

“Not good” Jun worriedly said

“How long did she go out?” Tamaki said

“Not long, I have to go there now. I have a bad feeling about this.” Jun said and runs

“I should tell Atsuko’s group about this, and ask them to go there.” She thought and rush to Atsuko’s room

At the restaurant

In the room

Rena is sitting and waiting

“What took aunty so long?” Rena thought

“If I know it like this, I will call Yuki to go with me” she boringly thought

“Ah, I’m bore” Rena said

“How about I will accompany you?” the door opens and a man comes in

“Roy, how did you get here?” Rena stands up and shouts in surprise

“You thought that Tamaki invited you here, right?” Roy said and smirks

"You did that?" Rena said

“Yes, I tricked you. I knew that she will go out of town this early morning. Therefore no one will know that is a trick" Roy said and laughs

"What do you want?" Rena shouts and steps back.

"Nothing. I just come here to meet my wife to be" Roy said

"I'm not your wife. Jun will notice and come here to me" Rena said

"Let see about that. I will make Jun regret for going against me, and ruin all my work.” Roy angrily said

“Jun and the rest are looking for you. They will definitely catch you and punish all your sins.” Rena shouts

“Don’t be so sure about that.” He said and goes towards Rena

“What are you doing?” Rena shouts and steps back

“What do you think? Can you guess?" Roy said and smirks

He keeps walking toward her

"Don't come near me" Rena shouts

"Aww don't be like that honey." He said and raises his hand to touches Rena's face

"Take your filthy hand of me" Rena shouts and slaps his face

"Rena, since I step in here, I always try to be gentle to you. However, look like you don't appreciate my work. I will make you regret for what you had done to me. How dare you run away from my wedding proposal?” Roy shouts and keeps cornering  Rena

“I never love you. Why should I have to stay?” Rena shouts and steps back

Suddenly Roy takes Rena’s hands and pins her to the wall.

“I will make you regret for what you just said” Roy said

“Let go of me” Rena struggles


Jun runs as quickly as he could to the restaurant. He rushes to the waiter and asks

“Where is Rena?” Jun holds his shoulder and asks

“Master Jun,” The waiter calls

“Answer me quickly, where is Rena?” Jun shouts

“S..she is in room number 2.” the waiter said

Then Jun rushes to the room. When he is about to get there, he hears Rena’s voice.

“Let’s go of me.”

“Rena” Jun thought and rushes to the doors

He strongly kicks the door

“Rena” Jun shouts

He sees Rena’s hands are pinned to the wall by Roy while Roy is trying to kiss her

Jun rushes to Roy.

“Take your filthy hands off her. You bastard.” Jun shouts while taking him by his collar and strongly punches his face.

The punch makes Roy stumble and fall on the floor

“Jun” Rena calls him and runs to hugs him

“Rena” Jun hugs her back

Her body is shaking because of scare

“Jun, I’m scared” Rena shakily said

“It is ok now Rena. I’m here. No one can do anything to you.” Jun said and pats Rena’s back

Then he takes out his coat to wear for her. Taking the chance that Jun is still comforting Rena, Roy tries to escape once again. However when he gets to the door

“Not too soon buddy.” Yuu stands in front of him and smirks.

“You are such a low creature. You don’t have the right to call yourself a human.” Tamaki said

“All that time you still don’t regret about your action.” Yuki said

"Yuki can you take care of Rena for me" Jun said

"Ok," Yuki comes to Rena

Then Jun comes to Roy.

"You dare to touch Rena" Jun angrily said

He takes Roy's collar.

"You jerk" Jun shouts and punches his face.

Then he kicks his stomach. Roy kneels down and coughs.

"I will kill you" Jun shouts

Then he rushes to Roy again. He strongly kicks his face. He kicks him again and again

“You dare to make her cry. Go to hell” Jun shouts and kicks him at his face

He takes Roy’s collar and punches his face

"It is enough Jun" Minami said

"I'll make him pay for making Rena cry" Jun said

"Jun, I also want to kill him right now for what he had done. However he is not worthy for you to kill. Don't let your hand dirty with that man's filthy blood" Atsuko said

"Jun, I'm also ok now. Let him be punished by his sin" Rena gently said

“Let’s take him back to the Matsui clan for my grandpa. I bet that he will make him suffer a great deal” Atsuko said

"Ok, let's go Rena" Jun said and holds Rena's hand

Then they leave the restaurant.

In Matsui clan

"Throw him into the jail. This evening Taiki grandpa and Taka grandpa will punish him" Jun orders his servants

Then he pulls Rena with him to the backyard

"Rena, are you ok?" Jun looks at Rena and gently said

"I'm fine now Jun. Just a little scared" Rena said and smiles

"I'm sorry Rena. I should have follow you there" Jun said and tear rolling on his cheek

"I'm fine now Jun. Don't be sad. He couldn’t do anything to me" Rena said and wipes Jun's tear

"You were scared. I should go there smhm..."

Haven't let Jun finish his word, Rena leans and kisses his lips

"I'm really ok now Jun." Rena said and hugs Jun tightly

"Rena" Jun hugs back and buries his face on her neck.

In the forest

Atsuko and Minami walk hand in hand around the forest. Atsuko is silent walking beside Minami

"What are you thinking, Atsuko?" Minami asks

“Huh? Why did you ask, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“You are so quiet” Minami said

"I just think about last night." Atsuko said

"You mean the one who saved Roy?" Minami said

"Uh, her voice is familiar with Lightning. She said ''my mighty boss" does that mean Roy is the one behind all of this?" Atsuko said in wonder tone

"Uh, that is correct. However, if he is the boss, then our parent's case won't be any related" Minami said

"Uh, he is too young to do that." Atsuko said

"But, there is still one more person" Minami said

"Matsui Naku" Atsuko said

"Uh, that is him. Still, if he is the big boss, then Lightning should save him too right" Minami said

"Uh, that is the case" Atsuko said

"Anyway, let's wait until this evening, when our grandpas judge him" Minami said

"Uh" Atsuko nod

"Atsuko, looking at you, I can guess that there is still something in your mind other than that right?" Minami asks

"Uh, as expected for the only who understand me the most" Atsuko said and clings on Minami's arm

"It is Yuu, and his strange behavior this morning" Atsuko explains

"So you think and concern about Yuu all day long while walking with me" Minami said in sad tone

"Of course not. I of course always think about you and you only. Really. The way I think about you and him is different. Everyday, if I don't see you, I will miss you. It is just Yuu's behavior this morning really weird. He is my friend, so I worry. That is all." Atsuko hurriedly explains

"..." Minami stays silent

"Minami" Atsuko shakes his arms

“Hahaha, Atsuko, you really don’t know how to joke” Minami smiles and pinches Atsuko’s nose

“Minami, you are meanie.” Atsuko pouts

"You tricked me. You make me worry. I thought you mad at me. I hate you Minami" Atsuko said and walks away

"Wait" Minami holds Atsuko's hand and pulls her into his hug

“Sorry, my wife” Minami whispers in Atsuko’s ear

“Who is your wife?” Atsuko said and crosses her arms

"You. Maeda Atsuko is Takahashi Minami's wife" Minami said and kisses her lips

"Who said that?" Atsuko said

“This said that” Minami said and shows the necklace

Then he hugs Atsuko.

"Sorry Atsuko, I will not that that again" he said and buries his face on her neck

Atsuko hugs him back

"Let continue our walk, Minami" Atsuko said

“Ok” Minami nods

Suddenly Minami shouts in surprise

“Look this way Atsuko”

Atsuko immediately turns to look at Minami. Then she feels something soft touches her lips. Minami kisses her

“Hahaha, you are easy to get trick” Minami smiles

“Baka” Atsuko shouts in embarrassing

Suddenly, they hear someone laughs.

"Hahahaha, what a lovely couple" A black figure jumps down from the tree.

"Lightning" Atsuko and Minami shout

"Hello handsome." lightning said

"What do you want?" Minami stands in front of Atsuko and said

"I want to kill you two" Lightning said

"However, since I really want a handsome like this to be my servant, I will give you second chance" she continues and smirks

"Leave her and follow me. I will spare your life, Minami" Lightning said and winks

"Shut up ugly. I told you before right. I will never be your servant. Go back and dream about that." Minami shouts

"You..." Light shouts in anger but her word is cut by Minami

"By the way, don't call my name like that. Those words coming from your mouth feel disgusted. The only one can call my name like that is Atsuko" Minami said

"Go back now old hag" Minami said and laughs

"You, I will kill you. How dare you call me that?" Lightning shouts

"You all come here" Lightning shouts

Then a group of men in black appear. They kneel down before Lightning

"My wonderful, what can we do for you?" the leader said

"Kill that girl. Leave the man for me" Lightning orders

Then she bends down in front of the leader

"If you can kill her, I will fulfill your wish and give you a wonderful reward" she caresses his face down to his neck and seductively said

"Yes my queen. I will do everything for you" the leader said

Then they rush to Atsuko. Minami takes out his sword and fight them. Lightning jumps between them

"Your opponent is me" Lightning said to Minami

"Don't worry Minami. I will be fine. Those stupids cannot do anything to me. Do your best ok." Atsuko said and kisses on Minami cheek.

"Ok" Minami smiles and kisses her forehead

"Say your last word to each other. Today will be your dead date." Lightning said.

Then she and the men rush to them.

In Atsuko's side

The men surrounding Atsuko. Then they rush to her at the same time. Atsuko jumps out of the circle and kicks the leader by his head. Then she takes out her sword and blocks their attack. Then Atsuko turns and kicks the man behind her by his neck.

In Minami's side

Minami takes out his sword and blocks Lightning attack

"This time I will not take you slightly like that time. Prepare to die." Lightning smirks

"Let see about that" Minami said and pushes her back.

Lightning jumps up and raises her sword to slash Minami from above. Minami blocks her sword and strongly pushes her out. Then he rushes to her and kicks her face. Lightning uses her arms to block Minami kick. Minami turn around and use his other leg to kicks Lightning stomach. Lightning got kicked and steps back a few steps.

*Cough* *cough*

"Not bad" Lightning smirks.


Yuu walks silently toward the deeper part of the forest.


In the morning

When Yuu steps out of his room, he sees a small letter at his doorstep. He picks up and opens it.

“That man’s hand writing” Yuu thought

“Go into the deepest part in the west forest. I have something to ask you” is what was written in the letter

“How did he know me?” Yuu thought

“Anyway, I will go there and find out about that” Yuu thought

End flashback

"What do you want to see me?" Yuu said

There is a figure standing on the tree. He jumps down from it

"Thunder, what do you want from me?" Yuu coldly said

"Where did you get the haft part of this bracelet?" he takes out the other part of Yuu’s bracelet and asks

"How can you have that?" Yuu shouts and rushes to take it

Thunder steps back and then jumps up to dodge

"Who gave you?" Thunder asks again

"It is none of your business" Yuu shouts

Then he rushes to Thunder again. Thunder turns to the left to dodge and kicks Yuu's back. Yuu falls on the ground

"What is your relation with Yuko?" He asks

Yuu widens his eyes in surprise

“Who are you? How did you know my mother?” Yuu asks

“You are Yuko’s son” Thunder said in surprise

"Who give you permission to call my mother name?" Yuu stands up and rushes to Thunder

Thunder still stuns with what Yuu said. Yuu punches his face making him to fall on the ground. Thunder stands up and hold Yuu's arms

"Where is Yuko, now?" He asks

"I said don't call my mom like that. Who are you?" Yuu struggles and shouts

"Answer me" Thunder shouts

He looks directly at Yuu's eyes. Yuu is surprised with his eyes

"Who are you? How did you know my mother?" Yuu asks

“Answer me, where is Yuko?” Thunder shouts louder

"She died when I was four" Yuu said

Thunder loses his grip in Yuu's arms

"She died" he whispers with shaky voice

“Why did she die?” Thunder asks while holding Yuu’s shoulders

“She died because of waiting. She waiting for the man that left her when they just married half year. He left and never come back” Yuu shouts in tear

“That man didn’t even know that his wife is pregnant at that time.” Yuu continues

Thunder steps back

“She was pregnant at that time.” Thunder thought

Then he looks at Yuu

"What is your name?" Thunder asks

"It is none of your business." Yuu raise his voice.

“Answer me, What is your name?” Thunder shouts

“Oshima Yuu” Yuu said

“Oshima Yuu.” Thunder thought


There are a couple is sitting at the shore and looks at the sunset. Their hands are entwined with each others. The girl rests her head on the man shoulder.

“Yuji, in the future what do you want to name our children” The girl asks

“Why did you ask so sudden, Yuko?” Yuji asks

“I’m just wondering” Yuko said

“Uhm...if the child is a boy, I want to name our son is Yuu.” Yuji said

“Why?” Yuko looks at him and said

“Because, in kanji, our names share the same word “Yuu” It shows that he is our son, our love.” Yuji said

“Also I want him to grow up and be a gentle person like you” he continues

“That is a great name Yuji. I love that” Yuko said

End flashback

“Yuu is my son” Thunder thought

“Yuu” Thunder calls and touches Yuu’s face

Yuu slaps his hand and said

“Who are you?” Yuu asks the question once again

“...” Thunder is silent

“I ask who are you?” Yuu shouts

“...” Thunder still stays silent and looks down

“Why did you keep silent? Afraid to say that name to me? Oshima Yuji” Yuu shouts in anger tone

Thunder widens his eyes in surprise.

“So, it is really you. I knew that since the time I picked up a letter from Minoru’s hide out. That is your handwriting. I saw once when I was a kid.” Yuu said and laughs

“You are that unfaithful man.” Yuu said and pushes him away

“Yuu, you don’t understand” Thunder said

“Understand what? Do you know how my mom suffered for all those year. People in town laugh at her. Relatives ignored her. Your family kicked us out of the house. We have to live an isolated life. She had to work everyday until dark. Then she died because of overwork” Yuu takes thunder’s collar and shouts

“Yuu, forgive me. Father didn’t know about that” Thunder said

“Don’t call my name, and don’t you dare to say that word to me. I have no father. My only family is my mother. My father was already dead before I was born” Yuu shouts

“I swore before my mother’s grave that I will kill that man when I meet him.” Yuu continues

He rushes to Thunder and bunches his face. Thunder stumbles and falls on the ground. Yuu bends down and holds Thunder’s collar.

“Do you know how hard she had to face?” Yuu shouts

He keeps bunching Thunder face until his hand sore and blood run down from Thunder’s mouth. Yuu’s tear is falling non stop. He loosens his grip on Thunder’s collar

“She loves you very much. Even though you left her without an explanation, she still told me good story about you. She said ‘don’t hate your father. He always has a good reason for his work’.” Yuu said

“When I saw the letter with your handwriting on it, and the person who wrote it is Thunder. The letter is about delivery people to sell. After that, I heard the name Thunder is the one who works for those human traders. I hope that I was wrong about your handwriting.” Yuu continues

“Somehow, inside me, I still hope that you was one of the victim of those pirate. You was dead when you were on your way back to us. I don’t want my mother to be sad because the man she always trust is a good man is actually a criminal. So tell me what is the so good reason that made you leave her alone without a word” Yuu said

Thunder stays silent

“Don’t stay silent. Say something. Defend yourselves. Or your only reason of leaving her is to work with criminal like this.” Yuu said and punches Thunder once again

Thunder takes Yuu’s hand and stands up.

“I also love Yuko more than anything. One day you will understand my action.” Thunder said

“And that day is not so far.” He continues

“What do you mean?” Yuu asks

"When the time come, you will know." thunder said

"Listen to me. Never judge something by its look. Look deep inside it. At that time, you will know what to do” Thunder continues

“Why should I listen to you?” Yuu said

“Stop being stubborn and listen to me. Think about your mother and listen to me” Thunder said

“Here. This is haft part of the bracelet. Keep it careful.” Thunder gives Yuu back the box contains other half bracelet

Thunder jumps on a tree branch. Then he jumps into the forest. Yuu stands there and hold his fists tight.

“What is your so good reason that make you left my mother like that” Yuu thought

Then he walks back to Matsui clan.

On his way

“Yuuchan” Haruna calls him

“I’m looking for you everywhere” Haruna runs to him and said

Suddenly Yuu rushes to her. Then he hugs her tightly, and buries his head on her neck

“Yuu” Haruna calls him softly

“Sorry Haruna. Can we stay like this for a while?” Yuu said with shaky voice

“Uhm” Haruna said and hugs him tightly

Yuu hugs Haruna and cries silently on Haruna’s shoulder

“Yuu, what happened to you?” Haruna thought and tighten her hugs

“Haruna, please don’t leave me. I only have you in my life.” Yuu said sincerely

“Baka, I told you before right. I’m your family, and you are my family. I will never leave you no matter what. We will be together forever.” Haruna gently said

“Thank you Haruna. Thank you” Yuu said

After awhile Yuu breaks the hugs.

“Thank you Haruna” Yuu said

“Anytime Yuu. You don’t have to say that to me” Haruna said and kisses his cheek

“Are you ok now?” Haruna worriedly asks him

“I’m fine now. Thank you Haruna” Yuu said and pecks on Haruna’s lips

“Everyone is looking for you. Let’s get back now Yuuchan” Haruna said and holds Yuu’s hand

“Uh, let’s go Nyan Nyan” Yuu said and pulls her with him

Back in Minami's side

Minami fight Lightning from tree to tree. Lightning jumps behind Minami and kicks his back. He bends down and dodges it. He getting far and far away Atsuko's place.

“Give up already. Your boss was captured by us.” Minami said

“Not a chance. I will save him for-sure. However, firstly, I have to complete the mission that my mighty boss gave me” Lightning said

Lightning rushes to Minami once again. She point her sword toward him. He uses his sword to block the sword. Sudden Lightning jumps up to a branch of a tree.

"Do you know why I named myself Lightning?" Lightning said

"It is none of my business" Minami said

"Because I'm fast. Now, I will go and finish my task. Say goodbye to your lovely little girlfriend" Lightning said and throws a smoke bomb to Minami.

The she rushes back to Atsuko's place

"This is bad. She tricked me" Minami thought.

He tries to get out of the smoke.

In Atsuko's side

Atsuko is still fighting with some of the men left. In the tree far away from her. Lightning is standing there.

"I will not miss this time" Lightning thought and raises the bow at Atsuko

"Bye Bye captain" Lightning said

Then she shoots the arrow. Feeling something strange, Atsuko turns back. However, when Atsuko turns back the arrow is already flying toward her. Because it is too sudden, she is unable to do anything.

"Atsuko" Minami shouts

Suddenly, another arrow is flying toward and hits the arrow that is about to hit Atsuko. It changes the direction of Lightning's arrow.

"Who is that?" Lightning shouts

Follow that is a long silent.

"Maeda Atsuko, this time is your luck. You are able to escape the dead two times. I promise you that next time, my arrow will pierce in your heart. Mark my word." Lightning shouts and

"Atsuko, are you ok?" Minami rushes to her and worriedly asks

"I'm ok, Minami. Someone shoots the arrow to save me" Atsuko said

"Thank goodness" Minami hugs Atsuko and said

"Who is the one just saved my life?" Atsuko thought

"Atsuko, let's go back the Matsui clan now" Minami said

"Uh" Atsuko nods

Then she picks Lightning's arrow and go back to the clan

In Matsui clan

When they get to the gate, Yuki hurriedly rushes to them

"Atsuko-nee, Takamina, we are looking for you everywhere." Yuki said while catching her breath

Atsuko and Minami look at each other with confused look

“Grandpa and Taka grandpa are waiting for you two in the meeting room” Yuki said

"What happened, Yuki?" Atsuko asks

"Roy...Roy...Roy was killed" Yuki said

"What? How can that happened?" Minami asks in surprise

“He was shot” Yuki said

“How can that be? Isn’t he is their boss?” Atsuko thought

Suddenly Atsuko remembers something

“How about Matsui Naku” she asks

“He is fine. After discovering Roy’s dead, Taka grandpa immediately ordered his guards to check on him.” Yuki said

“That is good” Minami said

“Where is everyone?” Atsuko asks

"Nyan Nyan went to look for Yuu. Mariko and Mii go around the house to ask the servants. Jun, Rena, Mayu is at the jaij to check on Roy’s body" Yuki said

“Yuu?” Atsuko thought

"Yuki, can you go to the meeting room and tell grandpa and Taiki grandpa that we will go there later. We will go to the jail first” Minami said

“Ok” Yuki said and leaves

“Let's go check on the jail, Atsuko" Minami said

In the jail

Minami bends down to look at the dead body. Mayu is checking the body

“One shot at heart.” Mayu said

“Impressive. Just through the window, they can shoot accurate like this.” He continues

“This arrow is the same with the one in the island” Jun said

“Lighting and Thunder again” Rena said

“That is Lightning” Atsuko speaks up

Everyone looks at her

“This is the arrow which shot me moment ago” Atsuko said and takes out the arrow

“That is weird” Atsuko thought

“Then, let’s go back to the house and talk about this” Minami said

Then they all go back to the meeting room in the house

In the meeting room

Rena, Jun, Mayu, Minami, and Atsuko walk in

“Atsu, Takamina you two are back” Taiki said

"Gran papa ,Taka grandpa" Atsuko greets them

"Grandpa, Taiki grandpa" Minami greets them

“Where is Mii and Mariko?” Atsuko asks

“Also Yuu and Nyan Nyan, too?” Minami adds

“Mii and Mariko haven’t came back yet.” Yuki said

Then Yuu and Haruna are back

“Hi Yuu, Nyan Nyan, where have you been?” Jun said

“Hi guys” Haruna said

“We just walk around the forest” Haruna continues

Yuu just stays silent. Atsuko notices that

“What’s wrong Yuu? You are strangely silent today” she asks

Yuu looks at Atsuko

“I’m fine. I just don’t feel very well” Yuu said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

“Hi guys we are back” Mii said

“What did you get Mariko, Mii?” Minami asks

“We went around the house and talked with almost all the servant in the house. All of them said that they didn’t see anything suspicious.” Mariko said
“I see." Atsuko thought

“How is Roy, Atsu?” Taiki asks

“He was shot by an arrow and died.” Atsuko said

“Seem like he is not the one behind this. Someone wants to shut him up” Minam said

“I see, I will order more people to investigate about that” Taiki said


That is chapter 22. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :D
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I had a hunch that Thunder was Yuu's father and I guess that I was right! Their past is kinda sad though...   :mon waterworks:

And I wonder what Thunder's words that he said to Yuu meant

But wait... Roy isn't the mastermind then? I wonder who it is then... :mon huh:

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sorry for not commenting the past chapters  :cry: :cry:
let me comment on this one then!
nice update! the story is getting complicated!
Can't wait for the next update!

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Still more mysteries...

Who is the mastermind?

What's the real reason of Lightning action?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Beyond The Sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 23 22/11/15
« Reply #205 on: November 22, 2015, 12:29:06 AM »
@Bakamina_Oshi, @kimseoyeonc, @cisda83: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :)

Here is Chapter 23  :D

Chapter 23

At night

In Atsuko’s room

Minami and Atsuko are talking to each other

“So Roy is not the boss huh?” Atsuko said

“Uhm...that is so weird” Minami said

“Huh?” Atsuko looks at him

“When I fought with Lightning, she said that she will save her boss for sure” Minami said

Suddenly Atsuko and Minami realize something.

“Matsui Naku” Minami and Atsuko stand up at the same time and said in union

“Did you think about that too, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“Uh” Atsuko nods

Then they quickly rush to the jail. When they get there, they see no one guarding at the gate

“Where are the guards?” Atsuko looks at Minami and said

“Let get inside quick” Minami said

Then they rush inside the place. They see the guards were unconscious on the ground. They look at each other in surprise. Minami quickly rushes to the prison room. He opens the door and sees no one in there

“He escaped” Minami thought

Then he notices there is a letter there. He takes the letter and steps out


Atsuko tries to wake the guards

“Atsuko-sama” The guards wake up and kneel at Atsuko

“What happened here?” Atsuko asks

“When we were guarding at the gate, we heard a very loud noise. We quickly rushed in here. Then someone appeared behind us and hit us” The guard said

“He escaped” Minami said

“Matsui Naku escaped?” Atsuko asks again

“Uh” Minami nods

“We are terribly sorry Atsuko-sama, Minami-sama” The guards bow and said

“It is ok. We also didn’t realize this.” Atsuko said

“Go and inform my grandfather about that” Atsuko continues

Then Minami and Atsuko go to the meeting room

In the meeting room

"Atsu, I heard the guard inform me that Naku escaped" Taiki asks

"He did.” Atsuko said

“Also I found this in his jail” Minami said and takes out the letter

“A letter” Atsuko said

“Maeda Atsuko

You will never capture me. No one can capture me, I myself control everything. Let me tell you this little captain. Yes, I’m the one behind everything. I’m the boss of Thunder and Lightning. I’m behind the human trader organization.

I was also the one who ordered Daiki to find assassin to kill your father, Maeda Atsushi because he suspect about me. I never thought that you are still alive. However, rest assured that I will definitely kill you and your precious fiancée. I will make you two pay for ruin my whole plan.

I challenge you, him, and the whole Maeda and Takahashi clan to catch me if you all can.

                                    --------Matsui Naku)

Minami reads out loud the letter

“That man, I will catch him and make him pay for what he did to Atsushi, Nami, kai, and Akiko” Taiki said angrily

“If I think about that possibility sooner…” Atsuko holds her fists tightly and said

"Don't worry Atsu, I will order our people to look for him, and I also will order them to place the wanted notice everywhere here" Takashi said

“Uh, Atsuko, we will definitely find him and revenge for our parents” Minami holds her hand and said

"Another thing Atsu, Minami, tomorrow we will go back to Forbidden Island. You two should go back and rest more" Taiki said

"Ok, we will prepare our thing" Minami and Atsuko said

Then after talking about the incident, everyone returns to their room to rest

At night

In Atsuko's room

Atsuko is sleeping on her bed. Suddenly, her facial expressions change. She is frowning and struggling on her bed. Her expression seems to be very hurt and scared. Sweat covers all over her face.

"No" she shouts and sits up immediately

She breathes heavily

"What is that?" she thought in confuse

Her heart beats very fast, and her body is shaking. It seems like she just experienced something very terrible

"Why did I have this uneasy feeling" she holds her chest and thought while trying to regulate her breath and heartbeat.

After calming down, she lies down to sleep again. However, she can't go back to her peaceful sleep again

In the early morning

Atsuko wakes up early still tired because of her dream. She walks toward the lake and stands there to relax. While Atsuko is standing near the lake and closing her eyes to relax, Minami goes around looking for her. Then he sees her at the lake. He slowly walks toward her and hugs her from behind.

“Are you still thinking about the incident last night?” he whispers

“Minami” She turns around and calls him

“No, just there is something bothering me.” Atsuko said

Her voice seems to be very tired.

"Are you ok, Atsuko? You look so pale" Minami worriedly asks while caresses her face

"I'm fine. I just can't get enough of sleep last night." Atsuko said and smiles faintly

"What's wrong?" Minami asks in worry tone

"I had a very scary nightmare. After that whenever I close my eyes, I will see that again" Atsuko said

"What is it, Atsuko?" Minami gently asks while stroking her hair

"I saw that I was running in a very dark road. I can’t see anything around me. Someone is chasing after me. Suddenly I tripped and fell on the ground. I turn around and see someone’s hand come closer to me. Then I woke up because of scared" Atsuko said with shaky voice

Her body is shaking. She hugs herself tightly

“Sssshhh...Everything will be fine Atsuko. Let forget about that. That is just bad dream. Let forget about it ok." Minami hugs her and said while patting her back

After a while

"Let's me tell you this Atsuko. There is nothing to be afraid of. I will always be with you and protect you no matter what. I will always hold your hand and walk with you to everywhere. Don't worry ok." Minami gently said and pats her back

"Uh, thank you, Minami" Atsuko said and buries her face on his chest

After a while, they sit down on the bank and enjoy their time together. Atsuko rests her head on Minami's shoulder while he is hugging her shoulders. Then someone calls them

"Acchan, Takamina"

They turn around and see Yuu and Haruna walk toward them

"Good morning Yuu, Nyan Nyan" Minani and Atsuko greet them

"Acchan, I have something I want to say to you" Yuu said to Atsuko

"Go ahead" Atsuko said

"I think I can't go with you back to Maeda Clan. I have to go back to my hometown. I have some important business to take care" Yuu said

"I see. Sure." Atsuko said

"However, remember when you are done, go to Forbidden Island to meet us ok. Maeda Clan will always welcome you" Atsuko continues

"Uh, we are waiting for you" Minami adds

"Thank you guys" Yuu said

"You two will go together?" Atsuko asks

"Uh, I will go with him" Haruna said


In the forest

"Haruna, I decided I have to go back to my hometown for a while" Yuu said

"For what Yuu?" Haruna asks

"That is just my personal matter. Since we already solved the problem with those traders, I think I have to go back there" Yuu said

"Your personal matter huh? Ok, go wherever you want” Haruna said and walks away

“Wait Haruna, what wrong?” Yuu asks

“What do you mean?” Haruna coldly said

“You are suddenly acting so strange. I’m worry” Yuu said in worry tone

“You are worry about me? Really?” Haruna said

“What’s wrong, Haruna? Of course I’m worry about you. You are my girlfriend, my family” Yuu said

“So, you still think me as your family huh? I thought I’m a stranger to you” Haruna said

“Of course you are my family. What make you think like that?” Yuu said

“Because you said that that is ‘your personal matter’ Your matter doesn't have me in there. You don't even tell me what really that 'personal matter' is" Haruna said in sad tone

"Of course not, Haruna. I just go back there to visit my mother's grave. You just go to Maeda Clan first. When I finished, I will go there to find you" Yuu said

“See, you still think me an outsider. Why didn't you even think of taking me with you?" Haruna asks

"It just that place very far. I’m worry that you will get tired" Yuu said

"Yuu, I can go everywhere as long as I can be with you" Haruna sincerely said

"You once told me don't leave you. Why did you leave me now?" Haruna said

Tear slowly builds up in her eyes.

"Haruna, I'm sorry. Let's go together, ok. I'll always be with you and you will always be with me. We will not separate" Yuu said while wiping her tear

"Uh" Haruna nods

Yuu pull her closer and kiss her lips.

End flashback

"When will you guys go?" Atsuko asks

"I think we will go now" Yuu said

"Oh, that quick" Minami said

"Uh, because my home town is very far from here" Yuu said

"I see, then let go. We will see you two off" Atsuko said

"By the way, did you find a ship to go?" Minami asks

"I plan on finding it when I get to the dock" Yuu said

"Uhm....then why don't you take our ship? We will go back to Maeda clan by my grandpa ship" Atsuko said

"But...” Yuu said

"Remember when you finish your business, bring the ship to Forbidden Island to return for us" Minami said and smiles

"Ok, I will" Yuu smiles and nods

After a while, they reach the bay. While they are going to their ship, they see Mii, Mariko, Yuki, and Mayu are looking for something

"Yuki" Atsuko calls her

Yuki turns to see who calls her

"Atsuko-nee, what are you doing here?" Yuki asks

"Yuu wants to go back to his home town. We go here to see him off. How about you guys?" Atsuko asks

"We planned on finding a ship first then tell you guys later, but since you are here, we guess we will tell you now" Mariko said

Atsuko and Minami look at each other with confused look

"Actually, we want to go back to my hometown to pick up my father uncle Riku and uncle Ryu" Mii said

"Your grandpa asked us to bring them to the Forbidden Island because he wants to thank them for their work" Mayu said

"Oh, I see." Atsuko and Minami nods

"When will you guys take off?" Yuu asks

"Whenever we found a ship" Mii said

"How about we will take you there, and then we will go our way" Yuu said

"Is it ok?" Yuki asks

"Why not? We also use our ship, so it will be fine" Haruna said

"Ok, then we will go with you" Mariko said

Then the group comes to their ship

"Take care ok, guys. We hope to see you soon" Atsuko said

"Uh, take care" Minami said

"Ok, we will. Thank you for lending us the ship" Yuu said

"No problem" Atsuko said

Then Atsuko comes to Yuki

"Take care ok, Yuki" she hugs her and said

"I will. You also have to take care yourself" Yuki said

Then she turns to Minami

"Please take good care of Atsuko-nee for me. If you make her sad, I will make you pay" Yuki said in serious tone

"Ok, I will. Don't worry" Minami smiles and said

Then they all leave the island. Atsuko and Minami also return to the house. On their way, Atsuko just keeps silent.

"Are you sad, Atsuko?" Minami gently asks her

"Uh, a little." Atsuko nods and said

"We were always together going here and there. Now seeing them off make me feel lonely. Even though I know that they just go for a while, but still" Atsuko sadly said

Minami holds Atsuko's shoulders and turns her to look at him. His uses his hand to lift her face up

"You will meet them very soon. They just bring uncle Kuu, Riku, and Ryu to our place. About Yuu and Nyan Nyan, I think they will be back in no time" Minami smiles and said to her

"After that you can meet all of them again." He continues

"Uh, I can't wait to see them again" Atsuko finally smiles at him

"Are you feeling better now?" Minami asks

"Uh, thank you, Minami" Atsuko said and pecks on his lips

"I'm so lucky to have you by my side. Just thinking about that makes me so happy. It is my happiest thing. I don't want anything. Just you is enough" Atsuko said

"I’m also very happy to have you by my side. I'm very thankful whenever seeing your smiling face, holding your hand, hugging you, feeling your presence beside me. I love you Atsuko, more than anything in the world" Minami said and kisses her lips

"I love you too, Minami. You are my everything" Atsuko said

Then they continue their way back to Matsui clan


In front of Natsu's room

Jun is called by his grandpa. He knocks the door

"Come in" Natsu said

Inside Natsu's there are also three Elders inside with him. 

"Good morning Grandpa" Jun said and bows

“Good morning Elders” Jun continues

"Good moring Jun" Natsu said

“Good morning Jun-sama” the Elders said

“I heard the servant said that you call me” Jun said

“Uh, I have an important thing I want to tell you. However, sit down first” Natsu said

"Ok" Jun said and sits down

"Jun, I and the three elders already decided. You will be the next head of Matsui Clan" Natsu said

"I'm? But I'm still not good enough" Jun said

"Plus, I didn't know anything about the clan business" Jun continues

"We know. That is just our decision. However, that decision will be official once you know how to control the clan. Right now, you will follow your father and learn from him" Natsu said

"Jun, I trust your ability. Grandpa hopes that you can do that" Natsu continues

"And your parent and I will always be with you" he gently said

"I will do my best grandpa. I won't let you and my parent down. I will help our clan develop" Jun stands up and said

"Thank you for trusting me. I promise I will do my best with my role" Jun bows before them and said.

“Good, that is what we want to hear from you” the East Elder said

After that Jun leaves the room.

At noon

Atsuko, Minami, Rena, and Jun meet up with each other and eat lunch together

"Where is everyone, Atsuko-nee?" Jun asks

"Uh, I didn't see anyone this morning" Rena said

“They left in the morning” Atsuko said

"Yuu want to go back to visit his mother’s grave, and Nyan Nyan is with him.” Atsuko continues

“Mayu, Yuki, Mii, and Mariko go and pick up uncle Kuu, Riku, and Ryu to Maeda clan. Taiki grandpa wants to meet them” Minami said

“I see” Jun said

“Jun, I heard my father said that you is chosen to be the head of the clan, right?” Rena excitedly said and smiles

“Really? That is great” Atsuko happily said

“Yes, this morning grandpa called me to his room and told me that. He said that I will learn how to manage the clan from father. After I can be able to manage the clan by myself, I will become head of the clan” Jun said and smiles

“I see. Congratulation Jun” Atsuko said and smiles

“Congratulation” Minami said

“Thank you everyone.” Jun said

“By the way, talking about Elders, so Naku is the big boss who we are looking for” Jun said

“Uhm...Based on all of the evident, I think so” Minami said

Still in his voice there is some doubt

“Uh, according to Lightning’s words, she said that she will save her master for-sure” Atsuko said

“So, he is also the one who involved in your parents’ case huh?” Jun said

“Uh, he left a letter and confessed everything there including order Daiki to hire assassin to kill our parents” Minami said

“I see. So if we can capture him, the case will close, right?” Rena said

“Uh” Atsuko and Minami said

“Taka grandpa already orders the guards to check on the city bay, so I think he is still in this island.” Atsuko said

“Uh, the only thing now is waiting for Matsui’s guard to capture him” Jun said

“Another thing” Minami said

“What is it Takamina?” Jun said

“Lightning and Thunder. They are very dangerous. If they protect him, I’m afraid that he can escape the guards safely.” Minami said

“Uh, that is the problem” Atsuko said

“I will order the strongest unit in Matsui clan to do the task. They were trained very well. They definitely can fight against them” Jun said

“I hope that we can capture him sooner” Rena said

“Uh” the three nod

“Atsuko-nee, when will you two go back to Forbidden Island?” Jun asks

“Grandpapa said that we will leave this evening” Atsuko said

“I see. After settling everything here, we will go there to visit you” Jun said

“Uh, we will definitely go there soon” Rena said

“That is great, we will wait for you two” Atsuko happily said

Then they continue their talk while eating their food

In the evening

At the ship dock

“Goodbye Atsuko-nee, Takamina. Take care.” Jun said

“Goodbye Acchan, Takamina. We will definitely go visit you two soon. Take care” Rena said

“Ok, bye you two. We will wait for you” Atsuko said

“You two also take care ok” Minami said

“Ok” Jun and Rena said

Then Atsuko and Minami go to the ship and leave

Mean while

In the Elite Island

Inside the forest

"Thank you for saving her life" one of the two hooded men said

"No problem. That is what I have to do" the masked man said

"Also, I'm sorry to hear about Yuko." the hooded man said

"I can't believe that those I called family treated her like that. After all, they just want my money." the masked man said in anger tone

"By the way, will you follow them?" he continues

"We will. I have a bad feeling that they will be in danger when they get back to Maeda Clan" the hooded man said

"Uh, even though, it showed that Naku is behind all of this, I still feel something is not right." the other said

"Uh, me too. The boss is a very smart man. He won't let anyone take of his mask so easily. That is what I feel during those times working under him." the masked man said

"Also, if he that easy to be found, I don't have to spend over 28 years to investigate about him" he continues

"Uh" the hooded men nod

"Plus, I have something I want to tell you" the masked man said

"What is it?" the two men walk toward him

In the ship

In the dining room

Atsuko and Minami are eating with Taiki and Takashi

"So Yuki and the rest are going back to take Kuu, Riku and her father Ryuu, right?" Taiki said

"Yes, Taiki grandpa. They left this early morning" Minami answers

"Grandpapa, thank you for inviting them to Maeda Clan" Atsuko said

"No problem Atsu. However, if you want to thank, you should thank your uncle, Shin. He was the one remind me about that. I nearly forgot to thank all of them for helping you and Minami" Taiki said

"Shin" Atsuko thought

Suddenly her head hurts again.

"Sorry, grandpapa, Taka grandpa. I'm not feeling well. I will go back to my room first" Atsuko stand up and said

"Ok, go and take a rest. You was exhausted after all of this" Takashi said

"Let me take you back" Minami said

"Uhm" Atsuko nods

Then the two leave the room

At night

In Atsuko’s room

Atsuko is running all her mind in a very dark place. There is nothing except darkness. While she is running she turns around to see anyone behind her. She once again sees a hand is about to catch to catch her. Suddenly she falls into a big hole. She can’t move. Her back is at the wall. The hand slowly approaches her.


Atsuko once again is awoken by her nightmare. She breathes heavily, and her heart beats extremely fast. Her sweet covers all her face and wets her shirt. She closes her eyes to calm herself

“That dream again” Atsuko thought

“Didn’t the problem was already solved. Why did this uneasy feeling keep growing in my heart” Atsuko continues

She sits there and stays silent for a while. Then she steps down from her bed and go to the ship deck. She looks up to the night sky and takes a deep breath to relax.

“This is already late. Why are you still awake, Atsuko?” Minami comes closer to her and gently asks

“Minami” Atsuko turns to him

“I can’t sleep” Atsuko tiredly said

“What happened? You had that nightmare again?” Minami worriedly asks

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“I don’t why but it keeps appearing in my head whenever I close my eyes.” Atsuko continues

Minami pulls her into his embrace and pats her back

“I thought that once the case was solved, everything will be normal. However, I can still feel something really weird inside me.” Atsuko said

“Calm down Atsuko. I think you just worry too much because Naku still hasn’t been captured yet. That is why you feel that” Minami pats her back to comfort her

“I guess so” Atsuko said in small tone

“Atsuko, how about I will take you back to your room and watch you sleep, ok?” Minami said

“Uh, thank you Minami” Atsuko said

“Baka, you don’t have to thank me” He said and pats her head

Then he takes her back to her room and helps her to lie down on her bed.

“Now, sleep well, Atsuko” Minami said and kisses her forehead

“Minami, how about you? Don’t you sleep?” Atsuko asks

“I’m fine. I will watch you” Minami smiles and said

“Let’s close your eyes and sleep” Minami continues

“Uh” Atsuko nods and closes her eyes

Minami sits there and looks at her exhausted face

“Atsuko, you look so exhausted. How can I make you feel better?" Minami thought while stroking her hair

In Yuu's ship

After dropping Yuki's group, Yuu and Haruna on their way to his home town

At night

In Yuu's room

Yuu sits in his room and looks at his mother bracelet. He takes out the box and opens it. Then he takes the other half necklace and connects with the one he has. They form the full word "Yuko”

 “Mom” Yuu thought

Suddenly thunder's words flash in his head

"Think about Yuko and remember my words"

"Never judge something by its look. Look deep inside them. At that time, you will know what to do”

Seem to realize something; Yuu quickly takes out the box that keeps the second half of the bracelet. He inspects around the box. He opens the box and look inside

“The inside and outside are not compatible with each other” Jun thought

He uses his finger to knock the bottom of the box

“Empty under it” Yuu thought

He tries to take off the bottom of the box. Finally he can open the box.

"A letter?" he thought in confuse

Then he opens the letter. He widens his eyes in surprise. Quickly he rushes out of the room.

"I have to go to Forbidden Island now" Yuu thought

In a big house

A man walks into the room. He bows before the man sit on the chair. There is a masked woman standing next to him

“Sir, they are on their way to the Forbidden Island” he said

“Good, only two of them right?” the man on the chair asks

“Yes, only two of them. What will we do next sir?” the man asks

“Don’t rush; I have a big surprise for them when they get there” the man on the chair said and laughs

“I can’t wait to see your plan success sir” the man said and bows

“After that you and Lightning will have a handsome reward from me.” he said

“Now, my favorite servant, go and do your job for me” he said

“Yes sir. I won’t let you down” Lightning said

“Good” he said


That is chapter 23. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :)
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If I need to guess who is the big boss

I think it could be Shin

Because atsuko got her headache and nightmare after hearing this name "Shin"

Well what is in the letter found by Yuu

Who are the other hooded men with yuu's father?

Are they the fathers of atsuko and minami?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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The secrets are getting revealed!  :shock:

So Thunder is one of the mysterious figures... I wonder who the other one is...

And what did the letter say that made Yuu need to go to the Forbidden Island  :dunno:

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Beyond The Sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 24 29/11/15
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@cisda83, @Bakamina_Oshi: Thank you!  :)

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :D

Chapter 24: Before Storm

At Hidden Island

Yuki and the rest are walking back to Kuu’s place. Suddenly a group of men appear and surround them.

“Who are you?” Yuki asks

“We will be the one who send you all to hell” a mask man said

“Who ordered you? Is it Matsui Naku?" Mariko said

"Who are you talking about? Who is it?" the man said

"Since you all will die sooner or later, I will tell you that our mighty boss ordered. Lightning-sama delivered his word. She said that they successfully separate you all. We will kill you all one by one" The man continues

The four look at each other in surprise.

"Enough of that talk. Now die" He shouts and they rush to them

Suddenly a lot of arrows fly toward them. Also a lot of men rush to those assassins. In a blink of eyes, those assassins were all killed. Then Kuu, Riku, and Ryuu walk toward them

"Daddy, uncles" Yuki calls

"Uncles" Mariko and Mayu calls

"Dad, uncles" Mii calls

"Who are they, dad?" Mii asks

"They are our servants. The other time because of so sudden, I can't call them. But this time, it is my revenge.” Kuu said

"How did you know about us?" Yuki asks

"Kuu's servant comes back and inform us" Ryuu said

Then they tell Kuu, Riku, and Ryuu about the incident in Elite Island.

"So Minami's and Atsuko's grandpfathers came huh" Kuu said

"Uh." the four nod

"However, I think we should leave now. I think those two are in danger right now" Mariko said

"Uh, those men said thing so suspicious" Yuki said

"You three just stay here. I will take our ship and go there" Mii said

"Ok" Kuu nods

Then the four quickly rush to the bay and take off

In Forbidden Island

After three days

The ship finally reaches Forbidden Island. Atsuko and Minami follow Taiki and Takashi into the city.

"Welcome back Atsuko-sama, Minami-sama" the guards at the gate greet and bow before them

A lot of people gather at the city gate to see the heirs of Maeda Clan and Takahashi Clan, two most powerful clans.

They bow before them when they walk into the city

After a while

They finally reach Maeda Clan.

"Atsu, this is your home, grandpapa is so happy to see you here again" Taiki said in happy tone

"Me too, I'm so glad" Atsuko smiles and said

"Guard, gather all the servants here. I want to introduce Atsu and Minami to them." Taiki said

"Yes sir" the guard bows and leaves

In the meantime

"Minami, after this I will take you to Takahashi Clan. I also have to introduce you to everyone there" Takashi said

"Yes, grandpa" Minami nods

"Grandpa" Minami calls him

"Huh?" Takashi asks

"Can Atsuko go with me?" Minami asks

"Hahaha...Look Taiki, they don't want to separate from each other" Takashi said in playful tone

"I know, right. That is the young." Taiki said

Then the two laugh loudly why Atsuko and Minami look down shyly.

"Of course she can. After all, I also have to introduce my future grandson's wife to the clan" He said and winks at Minami

Then the guard comes back

"Master, I have ordered all the servants gather in the main yard" he bows and said

"Good. Let go" Taiki said

Then they go to the yard. There are a lot of servants, house maids, guards gather.

"Everyone, today is the most happy day to my Clan, and also to our brother Clan, Takahashi clan." Taiki said out loud

"Because Takashi and I finally found our grandchildren." Taiki said

Everyone is surprised and turns around to look at each other

"Congratulation Master, Master Takashi" the crowd yells in happy

Taiki raises his hands to signal them to silent

"Thank you everyone" Taiki said

"Now, let me introduce my granddaughter to everyone" Taiki said

"Atsu, Minami, come here" Taiki calls them

"This is my granddaughter, Maeda Atsuko. Daughter of Atsushi, my dearest son" Taiki happily said

"Welcome back Atsuko-sama" the crowd bows before her

"Thank you everyone" Atsuko said and smiles

"She also will be the next heir of Maeda Clan" Taiki said

"Next to her is Takashi's grandson. Also my granddaughter's fiancée, Takahashi Minami." Taiki introduces Minami

"Welcome back Minami-sama" the crowd bows before him

After the introduction, Atsuko follows Minami and his grandpa to Takahashi Clan. Everyone in the clan happily greet them. Then a young man walks toward them

“Good afternoon Takashi-sama” he greets and bows before Takashi

“Hello Hibiki” Takashi greets him

Then he turns to Atsuko and Minami

"Minami, this is your cousin. He is my brother grandson." Takashi said

"Hibiki, this is Minami and Atsuko who I told you before. As you knew before, she will be head of Maeda Clan, and Minami will be the head of our Clan.” he continues

"Welcome back Atsuko-sama, Minami-sama" Hibiki said and bows

"Thank you, nice to meet you" Atsuko and Minami said

"Ok you two, now is still early, why don't you two walk around the city to play?" Takashi said

"Ok, grandpa. See you later" Minami said

Then Minami and Atsuko go to the market to play. They hold each other's hand and walk around the market. Everyone in the market happily greet them.

"Welcome back Atsuko-sama, Minami-sama." they said

They also give them a lot of food and gift

"Master Taiki and Master Takashi helped us a lot. We are very happy to stay in this island" a man said on behalf of the residents in the city

Atsuko and Minami look at each other and smile happily

"Thank you everyone. We hope that we can be like our grandfather and help you all" Atsuko and Minami said

"Nice to meet all of you" They continue

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Atsuko-sama, Minami, sama

Then Atsuko and Minami continue their walk happily.

"I'm very happy Minami. Everyone here is so nice" Atsuko happily said while smiling brightly

"Uh" Minami nods

He looks at her happy face and smile happily. Those past days, Atsuko look so tired. He is very worry about her

In the early next morning

At Maeda Clan

Minami wakes up early and goes to Maeda Clan to take Atsuko to some places to help her more relax.

"Good morning, Minami-sama." The guards greet him

"Good morning" he said

Then he goes to Atsuko's room. When he is about to open the door, Atsuko opens it.

“Good morning, my love” Minami smiles and said

“Minami? Good morning” Atsuko greets him

“Do you get enough of sleep?” Minami asks her while caressesing her face

“Uhm, a little” Atsuko answers

Her face still shows the tired expression. Minami looks at her worriedly

"By the way, why are you here so early, Minami?" Atsuko asks

"I miss you. Haven't meet you the whole night until morning makes me miss you a lot" Minami said and pulls her to his embrace

"I miss you, too" Atsuko said

"The second thing is, let's go Atsuko" Minami said and pulls Atsuko with him

"Where are we going?" Atsuko asks

"You will know about it later" Minami smiles at her and said

Then he takes her back to Takahashi Clan.

"Good morning Minami-sama, Atsuko-sama" the guards greet them

Then they go to his house's horse stables.

"Why are we here Minami?" Atsuko asks

"Have you ever ridden a horse, Atsuko?" Minami asks her

"No." Atsuko shakes her head

"Then today I will show you. It is really excited to ride one." Minami happily said

"Really? That is great. I thought about it before, it must be really great" Atsuko excitedly said

"Uh, let's go inside and choose one of them" Minami said and pulls her with him

Horses in Takahashi Clan are the fastest and strongest horses. They are trained by a lot of experts. Minami and Atsuko walk around the stable

"Which one do you like, Atsuko?" Minami asks

"I don't know. It is really hard to decide. They are all look strong and fast" Atsuko said

Then she sees a brown horse with a white mane.  It has very strong eyes. 

"Minami, I want to ride that one" Atsuko said and point to the horse

"As expected of Atsuko-sama that is a very strong and fast horse." the stableman compliments her

"Ok, take me that horse" Minami said

"Yes sir. Right away" he said and goes toward the horse

After the stableman prepared everything for the horse, he leads the horse to Minami. Minami hops on the horse and pulls Atsuko to sit in front of him

"Goodbye Minami-sama, Atsuko-sama. Have fun" The stableman said and bows

Then Minami control the horse and ride out of the house. The horse takes them to a big field which cover with only green color. Then he control the horse to slow down and walk slowly through the field

"Do you like it Atsuko?" Minami asks her

"Uh, it feels very relaxing. When he accelerated his speed, I could felt the wind pass through face. That feel so refresh and good" Atsuko smiles and said

"I'm glad that you can feel relaxed. When I traveled around, I also used to rent a horse and running around with the high speed to relax." Minami said

"I see" Atsuko said

She relaxed herself on Minami's chest and closes her eyes.

"Minami" she calls him softly

"Huh?" Minami asks

"Thank you for doing this" Atsuko said and smiles

Minami laughs softly.

"You don't have to say that. I will do everything for you." Minami said

"Seeing your exhausted face and eyes makes me very worry and sad. I don't know how I can make you happy again. I'm glad that I remember this. Also, I'm glad that I asked the servants about this field." Minami said

"Uh, look at its greenness makes me feel much better. Like all my worry was blown away with the wind" Atsuko said

"That is good" Minami said and kisses her cheek

Then they slowly come to a big dandelion field. Suddenly, a breeze blow through them

"Atsuko, look" Minami calls her

Atsuko opens her eyes and sees a lot of dandelion fly around the field. They color the whole place with their white color

"They are so beautiful Minami" Atsuko happily said


In Elite island

In Matsui clan

A guard quickly rushes to Jun's office. He knocks the door

"Sir, I have an urgent report" he said

"Come in" Jun said

Then the guard opens the door and comes in

"What is it?" Jun asks

"We found Naku" the guard said

"Good, did you guys capture him?" Jun asks

"We carried him back here. He is in the basement" The guard said

"Carried?" Jun said in confused

"We found him in the deep side of the forest at the waterfall. His body was stuck between two big rocks." the guard said

Jun widens his eyes in surprise

"He was dead?" Jun stands up and asks

"Yes, he was killed" the guard said

"He was killed?" Jun asks

"Yes, a cut at his throat. One cut and die right away" the guard said

Jun furrows his eyebrows to think.

"He was killed? Who did that? Many days ago, he escaped with a challenging letter. Why is it?" Jun thought

"Take me to him" Jun said

Then the guards lead him down to the basement. The guard opens the white cloth for Jun. The body is smelled and is about to decompose. Jun bends down to look at the body.

"According to its state, he was dead at least 4-5 day" the guard said

"5 day? That mean he could be killed right at the day he escaped." Jun thought

Then Jun looks down at his hand. He is holding something in his hand very tight. Jun picks his hand up and tries to open it.

"Is he holding something?" Jun thought.

Finally, he can open it. He widens his eyes in surprise when he sees what is in there. Quickly he takes the thing and rushes to his grandpa's place

In Forbidden Island

In the forest

There is two shadows that chasing after each other. They jump from tree to tree with a high speed. Then the shadow behind jumps over the first shadow. It blocks the others way

“As expected, you are traitor” The woman said and points her sword to the shadow

“What are you saying, Lightning?” the man said

“Don’t play dumb with me Thunder. Master and I suspect you all along.” Lightning said

“Do you think that I don’t know about your action? I just wait for you to show your tail. After that I will catch it” Lightning said and smirks

“What did you get?” Thunder said while crossing his arms at his chest

“The explosion incident, I knew that you are the one that take out the explosive powder in Maeda Atsuko’s room, right?” Lightning said

“The explosion was supposed to be started at her room so that she will die immediately there. However, some of my men reported that her room didn’t explode. The only one can do that without anyone notice is you" Lightning said

"Hahahaha...." Thunder laughs loudly

"Thank you for your compliment." Thunder said

"But that doesn't mean I was the one did that" he continues

"What else did you find out? How can you be so sure that I'm the ''traitor' like you said" Thunder asks

"Recently, you were the one who save Maeda Atsuko's life second time right?" Lightning said

"The one who can shoot the arrow that can change my arrow direction is only you." Lightning said

"I did that because Master ordered to stop killing her. I just helped you to avoid his punishment" Thunder said

"Hahahahahaha.....Thunder, where did you hear that?" Lightning laughs out loud and said

"That order came after that incident. Master secretly told me that. We knew that you eavesdropped our conversation. Therefore we make a little scenery as I got scold by Master. You were tricked my strong Thunder" Lightning said and smirks

"Now, prepare to receive punishment for a traitor." Lightning said

"With only you. Don't underestimate me that much" Thunder said and smirks

"Me and some help from my faithful dogs" Lightning said and claps her hand

Then a lot of men rushes out and surround Thunder.

"Their strength can compare to a lowest chef guard of Takahashi Clan. You knew well about Takahashi and Maeda Clan right, Maeda's dog" Lightning said

"You knew my identity too. That is unexpected" Thunder said

"You are Oshima Yuji. Maeda Clan's secret agent. That information, I just found out recently through your old friend who is now swimming around with sharks in the middle of the sea" Lightning said

"You..." Yuji shouts in anger

"Now die, traitor" Lightning shouts


In Yuu’s side

Yuu and Haruna finally reach the Forbidden Island. After parked the ship, they rush into the city to find information about Maeda and Takahashi clan. While they just got in the forest, they hear fighting sound. Then they hear a shout

"Now die traitor"

"What is it?" Yuu thought

Then he rushes to the sources of the sound. Haruna also follow him. When he gets there, he sees a lot of dead bodies around the place. He widens his eyes in surprise when he sees Yuji is badly injured. He uses his sword to support himself. Then Yuu notices that Lightning rushing to Yuji to kill him. Immediately, Yuu takes out his dagger and throws at her. Lightning blocks the dagger and jumps back. Yuu jumps up to catch his dagger. Then Yuu and Haruna rush to Yuji

“Haruna, check his injuries for me” Yuu said while standing in front of them.

Although Haruna doesn't understand the situation, she still does as Yuu said.

“You annoying thief and that pirate. I thought you two already left to your hometown. Why did you come to this place” Lightning shouts in surprise

“So that we can stop you and your boss plan” Yuu said and smirks

“You read my letter huh” Yuji thought

“Hahaha….don’t be that confident. This time I will leave you like this. Next time you all will die” Lightnight said and jumps into the forest.

“Yuu, what happened?” Hanura asks

“Take him to some other place to treat his wound first. I will explain everything later” Yuu said

“Not far from here, deep inside the forest, there is a small abandoned house. Take me there” Yuji weakly said

*cough* *cough* *cough*

Then Yuu carries Yuji on his back and rushes to the place

“Yuu” Yuji weakly calls him

“I won’t let you die until you tell me the reason why did you left my mother” Yuu said in serious tone

After awhile they reach the place.

“Nyan Nyan, take care of him for me a little. I will find some herbs to treat his wound” Yuu said and leaves

“What is going on?” Haruna sits down and thought


In the ship

While Haruna is sleeping in her room, she hear Yuu calls

“Nyan Nyan, I have an important thing to tell you” Yuu knocks and said

Haruna quickly opens the door for him

“What’s wrong, Yuu?” She asks

“We need to go to Forbidden Island right away. Maybe, Acchan and Takamina are in danger. Naku might not be the one behind the dead of their parent.” Yuu said

“What? How did you know Yuu?” Haruna asks

“Someone warns me about that. However, I didn't realize that until now. When I open the box, I saw the letter. The letter said that ''Protect the heir of both Maeda and Takahashi Clan. Maeda Atsuko's uncle might be the culprit" Yuu said

“Then I remember uncle Kuu story about the night that Acchan’s father ship was attacked. Her mother was killed by a knife with Maeda crest on it. ” Yuu said

“I see. Then we need to be quick” Haruna said

End flashback

In the evening

In Elite Island

At Matsui clan

In Jun’s room

Jun sits in his room and looks at the thing that he found in Naku’s hand

“We were tricked.” Jun thought

“That is very clever of you. However, I won't let you get what you want”

“I need to get to Forbidden Island as quickly as I could.” Jun said


At Forbidden Island

After playing around for a while, Minami takes Atsuko back to Maeda Clan. Atsuko sits on the horse and leans on Minami chest. She is sleeping soundly. Minami looks at her and smiles happily. Finally he can see his fiancee peaceful face. When the horse reaches Atsuko's house, he calls her gently.

"Atsuko, we are home"

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes


"Did I fall in sleep? Sorry Minami. I suppose..."

"Sshhh...having you by my side is enough. Seeing you sleeping so peaceful I'm very happy." Minami said and smiles

Then he hops down from the horse. After that he helps her down. They hold each other hand and walk into the house

"Atsuko-sama, Minami-sama, you are back" a maid bows and said

"Master Taiki is waiting for you. Master Shin is also back from his business"

"Shin..." Atsuko thought

Then her head aches again.

"Atsuko, are you ok?" Minami worriedly asks

"I'm fine, Minami. Let's go inside" Atsuko said

Then the two go into the main house. Taiki is sitting at his seat, there is a man standing in front of him. Minami and Atsuko only see his back

"Atsu, Takamina, you two are here." Taiki said

"Are you two having fun?" he continues

"Yes, we are. Thank you Taiki grandpa" Minami smiles and said

"Atsu, go and greet your uncle. He is the one who found out where you are." Taiki said

Then the man turns around to face her.

"Hello Acchan. I'm happy that you are still alive" he smiles and said to her

Seeing his face and his smiles, Atsuko's head sudden hurt again. When he comes closer to her and raises his hand to her, she feels dizzy and about to fall back. Minami catches her

"Atsuko, are you ok?" Minami worriedly asks

"Atsu, are you ok?" Taiki walks toward her and asks in worry tone

"I'm fine, Minami, grandpapa. Don't worry. Maybe, I just feel a little tired." Atsuko said while holding Minami's hand tightly

"Lets me take you back to your room ok" Minami said

"Uh" Atsuko nods

"I'm sorry grandpapa, I can't talk to you" Atsuko said

"It is ok Atsu. Rest well. We will talk some other time" he said and pats her head

Then Minami takes Atsuko back to her room. He helps her to lie down and covers her with a blanket. When Minami stands up, Atsuko holds his hand

"Don't go Minami" she said

"Don't worry Atsuko, I will be here. I just want to take some tea for you" He said and kisses her forehead.

After helping her drink some tea, he puts her down.

"Let's rest a little Atsuko" he gently said

"Minami, can you hug me?" Atsuko said

"Of course" he said and lies next to her

He pulls her closer to him while Atsuko snuggling close to Minami. She buries her face on his chest and hugs him tightly

"Minami, please don't go anywhere until I wake up, ok?" Atsuko said with shaky tone

Her voice seems like she is scared about something

"Uh, I will. I won't leave you." he said while stroking her back

"You promise, ok" Atsuko looks up and asks

"Uh. I promise" he said and pecks on her lips

"I don't know why, but I don't want him to leave" Atsuko thought

Then she slowly falls in sleep because of tiredness. Minami still lies there and pats her back to comfort her

At dawn

The sky is covered by gray clouds alarming a very strong storm is about to appear.

On the cliff

Minami stands on the cliff and looks at the scenery in the early morning. The sky is about to have a big storm. The gray cloud gathers into a big black blanket cover the whole island with dark color. Shin is standing not far behind him

“How is Acchan?” Shin speaks up

“She is fine. She is still sleeping in her room.” Minam said

“She probably is exhausted after a long trip” Minami continues

“I see” Shin said

“The sky is about to have a big storm, right?” Shin said

“Uh. It seems so” Minami nods and said

Shin slowly approaches Minami. He puts his hand inside his coat.

“I’m glad that you two are safe. Also found each other” he said

“Uh, I’m happy that I found her” Minami said

Inside Atsuko's room


A big thunder appears. Then follow it is Atsuko's shout


She shouts Minami's name and sits up. She breathes heavily while looking around the room.

"Where is Minami?" she thought

Then she quickly steps down from her bed and rushes out of the room. On her way, she sees a maid is coming to her direction. She rushes to her

"Atsuko-sama" the maid bows and said

"Where is Minami?" Atsuko holds her arms and asks

"Master Shin called him out to talk with him" The maid said

"Shin." Atsuko thought

"Where are they?" Atsuko half shouts

"I don't know. It is Master business. I'm just a maid, I can't ask about that" The maid said in shaky voice

Then Atsuko rushes out of the house.

"Atsuko-sama" the guards greet her

"Where is Minami?" Atsuko asks them

"Minami-sama went out with Master Shin" one of the guard said

"Where are they?" Atsuko lost all her patience.

"We saw they went to that direction" he said and point to a big forest

"They probably went to the cliff behind that forest" another guard said

Then Atsuko rushes to the direction that the guard pointed

"Minami, Minami" Atsuko thought while run all her mind

“Minami, please be safe. I already lost my mother to him. I don’t want to lose you again. You are my everything Minami.” Atsuko thought while running

On the cliff

Shin is now standing right behind Minami

"Uncle, what do you want to talk to me?" Minami said

Then he turns to Shin.

“To do this” He said and stabs Minami

“Die, Takahashi Minami” Shin said


That is chapter 24. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :D
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 :OMG:  No Minami! I hope that he is safe and that Acchan will come in time...

But what did Jun find in Naku's hand? And is Shin the ultimate mastermind behind all this?

I feel like the story is reaching it's climax soon~

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oh... what's going to happen next?

Will Minami be able to save himself?

What about Yuji?

Is Shin really the mastermind?

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Beyond The Sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 25 06/12/15
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@Bakamina_Oshi, @cisda83: Thank you!  :)

Thank you everyone for reading my fict  :D

Here is chapter 25

Chapter 25: Lost

At dawn

Inside Atsuko's room

Minami is still lying next to Atsuko and hugging her tightly. Then someone knocks the door

"What is it?" Minami said

"Minami-sama, Master Shin wants to talk to you" the maids said

“Maeda Shin?” Minami thought

"Ok, I will be right there" Minami said

Then the maid leaves.

When Minami removes Atsuko's arms from him, Atsuko hugs him tighter

"Minami, don't go"

He turns to look at her

"She is sleep talking" Minami thought

He bends downs and kisses her forehead

"I will be right back" he whispers

Then he steps down from her bed and leaves the room

Inside the room

Atsuko is woken up by her mother

"What happened mama?" Atsuko rubs her eyes and asks her mother

"Atsu we should go now. Our ship is under attacked." Nami said

Then Nami picks Atsuko up. When she is about to go out of the room, she hears someone is running to the room. She puts Atsuko in the closet

"Hide here, don't go outside or make any noise ok, Atsu" Her mother gently said

"Mama" Atsuko calls and sobs

"Don't worry Atsu, everything will be fine" her mother said and kisses her forehead.

Then she closes the closet's door. When she turns around, a man appears before her. She steps back and tries to close the door as nothing happen.

"Who are you? Why are you attacking us" Nami asks

"Why are you here? Where is that little brat?" the man asks

"What do you mean? Wait....your voice..." Nami pauses a little.

"You are Shin" Nami shouts

"Huh, as expect from my childhood friend." the man smirks and takes off his mask.

"Uncle Shin" little Atsuko though in surprise when seeing Shin through a small hole of the closet

"Why did you do that to us?" Nami shouts

"Atsushi is your little brother. Why did you want to kill your own family?" Nami angrily asks

"Because I hate him. Why did he have everything that I want while he is only adopted son?" Shin said.

"I'm the only real Maeda, why he is the one become the head of the clan. He is just a stranger. It is unfair" Shin shouts

"I'm stronger than him. I'm better than him in every aspect. Why did they choose him not me?" Shin continues

"That is the decision of dad and the eldest. It was not his fault" Nami said

"Shut up" Shin shouts at Nami

"Ever since we were young, you were always taking his side. What did you see in him that I don't have?" Shin holds Nami's arms and shouts

"Why did you choose him over me?" Shin continues

"Get your hand off me. You disgusting" Nami said and slaps him

"Because I love him not you. He is the nicest and the most gentle man I have ever seen. I love him more than anything." Nami shouts at Shin.

"That why I hate him. Where is his daughter? I came here to kill that brat. I want him to feel the pain of losing his most precious one." Shin furiously said

"Atsuko is my daughter. I will protect her no matter what" Nami said

"Nami, because I love you, I will give you a chance to live." Shin said

"Tell me where that brat is, and then accept to be my wife" Shin said and bends down to kiss Nami's hand.

Nami strongly withdraws her hand from him before he can kiss her. Then she slaps him again

"You are despicable. How can you talk to your brother's wife like that? What more you told me to kill my own daughter, in your dream" Nami furiously shouts.

"I would rather die than become your wife and betray my most precious family" Nami said

Then she takes the knife from Shin's hand and stabs her heart

"Mama" Atsuko shouts in her mind

Suddenly thing around little Atsuko went blank. Then Atsuko sees herself running again in a dark street. She trips and falls. She turns around, and there is once again a hand approaching her. Then a man rushes and stands in front of her

"Minami" she calls him

Minami turns around and smiles gently at her

"I will always protect you" he said

Suddenly the hand catches him and pulls him far away from Atsuko.

"Minami" She shouts while chasing him


"Minami" Atsuko shouts and sits up.

She looks around and didn't see Minami anywhere. After asking the servant she rushes to the cliff immediately. The rain starts falling, and it getting heavy every moment

“Minami, please be safe. I already lost my mother to him. I don’t want to lose you again. You are my everything Minami.” Atsuko thought while running

She runs as fast as she can to the cliff.

After a while

Atsuko finally reaches the place, but she sees no one there. There are only the sign of a big fighting here. Blood scatters on the ground

“Minami, Minami, where are you?” Atsuko runs around and calls him

“Minami" Atsuko shouts louder

Then Atsuko notices something shining near the big rock. She quickly rushes there.


Atsuko screams his name when she sees his necklace in a middle of blood

“Minami..." Atsuko rushes around the place again while shouting his name

Rain starts falling very heavy

"Please don't hide Minami. Please come out here" Atsuko shouts in tear

She runs to every corner of the forest and the cliff. She looks for him everywhere under a big storm.

Then Atsuko falls down because of exhausted. Her eyes now blurry because of tear. Her throat is now hurt because of shouting. And her heart is now in pain because she can't find the most important person in her life anywhere.

“Minami, Minami” Atsuko shouts in tear while holding his necklace tightly

“I will make you all pay." Atsuko shouts in anger while strongly hitting the hard rock.

She uses her fists to hit it and keeps hitting it, until blood comes out from her hands. However, seem like she doesn't know the pain anymore because her heart is in the most painful state. Her blood keeps dropping down from her hands.

*Pant* *Pant* *Pant*

She is panting because of tired

"Minami, are a liar." Atsuko weakly said

"You said that you won't leave me. But now you left me here alone. Liar, liar, liar" Atsuko said in tear

She keeps hitting the rock. Then she faints.

In Matsui Clan

Jun ordered his servant to call Rena. She comes to his office and knocks the door

"Come in" Jun said

"Hi Jun" Rena smiles and greets him

"Rena." Jun smiles back

"I heard the servants said that you want to meet me." Rena said

"Uh, the servant found Naku's body" Jun said

"Body? Naku is dead" Rena said in surprise

“Uh, he was found at the stream inside the forest. He was dead for at least 4-5 days. A knife cut his throat” Jun said

“What does this mean? Isn’t he is the big boss?” Rena said

“We all were tricked. He is just a distractor who the big boss uses to make we think that he is the one.” Jun said

“Distractor?” Rena said

“Uh, Rena, look, I found this in Naku’s hand. He holds it very tight” Jun said and gives the item to Rena.

“That is the crest of Maeda Clan” Jun continues

Rena widens her eyes in surprise.

“That remind me, uncle Kuu once said that Acchan’s mother was killed by the knife with Maeda clan crest on it.” Rena said

“Uh.” Jun nods

“I asked my grandpa about this crest. He said that it was made by gold, decorated by a lot of diamond. Only people with highest position can have that.” Jun said

“Who could that be?” Rena said

“Wait, the person who hinted Acchan’s grandpa to find us was her uncle Maeda Shin” she continues

“So that big person could be Maeda Shin.” Jun said

“If so, then Acchan and Takamina are in danger” Rena said in worry tone

“Uh, I guess we should go there right now” Jun said

“Uh” Rena nods

In Forbidden Island

After a while

Yuu comes back with a lot of herbs which use to treat injuries. Yuu takes the herbs and treats Yuji’s injuries. He bandages his wounds. Yuu also makes medicine for Yuji. After finished his work, he comes and sits together with Haruna

“Yuuchan” Haruna calls him

“What is it, Nyan Nyan?” Yuu asks

“Who is he?” She asks

“He is the man who I mentioned to you before. The one who abandoned me and my mother, Oshima Yuji” Yuu said

Haruna widens her eyes in surprise.

"He is also Thunder who works for human trader organization" Yuu adds

Haruna is now speechless.

"It is a surprised, right? I also can't ever imagine this situation." Yuu said and sighs

"The person who left my mother after they got married for half year is there. Not only abandoned his family, but also associated with criminal. Many days ago, I met him. He didn't even know that he has me as his son. What a funny reunion" Yuu said and laughs bitterly

"Yuu” Haruna hugs him tightly

“Thank you Haruna” Yuu hugs her and said

Sudden, a voice speaks up

“That is my most regret thing in my life.”

Yuu and Haruna turn to the direction

"You are awake" Yuu said

"Uh, all along. I heard all your conversation" Yuji said

“Let’s me answer your question the other day. The truth is I'm Maeda Clan's secret agent. Or more precisely, I work under Maeda Atsushi."

Yuu and Haruna widen their eyes in surprise

“What do you mean by secret agent?” Yuu asks

“I’m a secret agent for Maeda Clan since I was 18 years old.” Yuji said

“I used to be a thief like you. I hate those greedy and selfish. I stole money from them to give to the poor. One day, a greedy Mayor caught me. Atsushi and Kai helped me. They saved me from him after they caught him because he fraud people's money to enrich him. After that they offer me to become Maeda clan’s secret agent. I accepted their offer and became their secret agent” Yuji continues

Yuu and Haruna look at him with surprise look

“My job is investigate about people or groups who do illegal things. I helped them solve a lot of difficult cases until this case. This is the first case I have to disguise as one of them to investigate. However, after many years investigating, I still cannot find out who's behind those human traders. Moreover, I didn't even know their plan of killing Atsushi and Kai with their family. That is my regret” Yuji said

“10 years ago, I found some clues that the big boss is from Maeda Clan which also lead me to suspect Maeda Shin. However, I can't find any evidence to take him down.” Yuji said

“I want to inform Atsushi’s father, but no one knew about me. Luckily I found their children. That time I decided to secretly protect them. At the same time, I tried my best to find evidence to put an end for his evil act” Yuji continues

“You knew that Shin will harm Acchan and Takamina. That is why you gave me that box and some hints” Yuu said

“Uh, I want you to follow them and protect them. I knew that when they get back to the clan there will be a lot of traps waiting for them. Too bad, that I cannot openly say that to you. I know that there are some spies follow me” Yuji said

“That is my fault. If I think about your hint sooner, they won’t be alone here. Just because of my stupid stubbornness” Yuu said and slams the table.

“Calm down, Yuu” Haruna said while holding his hand

“One more thing, I heard Lightning mentioned about stop killing Atsuko-sama. There is something fishy about this” Yuji said

“Stop killing Acchan? What did Shin want?” Haruna said

“Anyway, we should get going now to Maeda Clan. Maybe Acchan and Takamina are in danger now.” Yuu hurriedly said.

“Thai right. We should go now” Haruna said

“Wait, there is a place, I want you two to go first. There are people who you all will be surprised when you meet them” Yuji said and stands up

“Where?” Yuu asks

“I will take you there” Yuji said

“But your injuries…” Yuu said

“I’m fine. I won’t die until you forgive me” Yuji said

“Plus I also have to finish this case. Because of it I lost my precious family.” Yuji continues

“Ok, just rest for now. We will go there tomorrow” Yuu said

In Maeda Clan

“Minami, Minami don’t go” Atsuko is chasing after him and shouts

Minami is slowly slowly fading away from her. Despite how hurt her call is, how hurtful her voice is, he is not going to stop.

“Minami, don’t leave me” Atsuko calls in begging tone.

Suddenly, her body feels heavy. Her legs are hurt because of running. She falls on the ground helplessly.

“Minami, Minami” Atsuko cries and calls his name

Then a pair of hands wipes her tear. The warm, she misses a lot.

“Don’t cry Atsuko, I’m here” a gentle voice said to her

She looks up and sees Minami is in front of her smiling. The face, she misses so much. Minami pulls her to him and hugs her tightly. He pats her back to comfort her. She breaks the hug and looks at Minami.

“Minami, is that you?” Atsuko asks

“Yes, this is me” Minami smiles and said

Then he helps her to stand up. Suddenly a sword pierces in his chest from behind. Minami's face turns pale.

"Minami" Atsuko calls in surprise

He slowly drops down on the ground. Behind him is Shin. He stands there and laughs haughtily. Then she turns around, the scenery turns into the cliff. She bends down at Minami

"Minami, Minami, are you ok? Don't scare me" She touches his cold face and said.

Then Minami closes his eyes and lies still on the ground.

"No, Minami, Minami, please wake up" Atsuko shakes him and shouts

Then his body slowly fading and turns into enormous dot of light. The only thing left in her hand is his blooded necklace.

"Minami" Atsuko shouts hurtfully


"Minami" Atsuko sits up and shouts

She holds her chest tightly while panting. She looks around the place with her lost eyes.

"Where am I?" Atsuko thought

Then she realizes

"This is my room. How can I get here? Did everything just a bad dream?" she thought hopefully

Suddenly she feels a very sore feeling from her hands. Then she looks down, her tear unconsciously drop on her hands. She sees that her hands are bandaged. That is how she knows that everything was real. Suddenly she remembers Minami's necklace. She turns around to look for it. She looks into her clothes. It is there inside her pocket. She looks at the necklace and cries harder.

After awhile

Atsuko finally calms down. She holds Minami's necklace tightly in her hand. Her eyes turn cold.

"Maeda Shin, I will make you pay" Atsuko thought angrily

“Come to think of it, how can I back here?” Atsuko thought in confuse

She goes to her door to opens the door and walks out. On her way, she meets a maid who walks toward her

"Atsuko-sama, you are back” the maid said

"You left from very early until now. We were very worry." The maid smiles and said

"They didn't know I'm back? So how can I get back?" Atsuko thought in confuse

Suddenly the maid gasps in surprise

"Atsuko-sama, your hands? What happened?"

"I'm fine. Just some scratches" Atsuko said

"Where is my grandpa? I want to talk to him" Atsuko asks

"He is in his room with Master Takashi." the maid said

"I see." Atsuko said and leaves

"Atsuko-sama" the maid calls her

"What is it?" Atsuko asks

"Mr. Hibiki from Takahashi Clan just ordered a servant here to inform you that Minami-sama will go to do some business for a month. Because this is an urgent business, so he can't tell you" the maid said

"Is that so" Atsuko said while trying to keep herself calm

She holds her clothes tightly at where she keeps Minami's necklace

"Thank you" Atsuko said

"No problem, Atsuko-sama" the maid bows and leaves

Then she goes to Taiki's room

"That Hibiki guy, he definitely involved in this. I will make all of you pay." Atsuko angrily thought

"Minami" she whispers

In her voice, it is very hurt.

After awhile,

Atsuko reaches the room. She knocks the door

"Grandpapa, can I come in? I have a very important thing to tell you" Atsuko said

"Atsuko" Taiki said in surprise

"Sorry Atsu but grandpapa is busy right now. Can you come back another time?" Taiki said

"But grandpapa, this is very important" Atsuko said

"Atsu, be a good girl and go back. Grandpapa will talk to you later" Taiki said

"But Mina..."

"I know that Minami is on a business trip. I know you miss him, but that is an urgent. Takashi told me that already" cutting Atsuko's word, Taiki said

When Atsuko is about to say, she realizes something.

"I understand grandpapa. I will go back to my room now. Goodbye grandpapa, Taka grandpa" Atsuko said

"Uh, rest well Atsuko. Grandpapa is sorry" Taiki said in sad tone

"It is ok grandpapa" Atsuko said and leaves

Then Atsuko goes back to her room

At night

In Atsuko’s room

Atsuko sits on her bed while remembering what she heard this evening


“Grandpapa is acting very weird. His voice is so strange.” Atsuko thought while walking slowly back to her room.

“There is definitely something going on there. I should check on his room” Atsuko thought

Then she stealthily walks around Taiki’s room. She hides and secretly looks into the room to see what is going on there. She saw Shin and Hibiki

Inside the room

"Good job old man. You weren't disappointed me." Shin stands in front of Taiki and Takashi

"Don't worry, I won't kill your little Atsu." he said

"Why did you do that Shin?" Taiki asks

“Because you treat me unfair. Remember old man, I’m your son, your only son. However, you gave the head of the clan position to a stranger.” Shin said

“Atsushi is my son, your little brother, not stranger.” Taiki said

“He is not. He is only an adopted son. More precisely, he was an orphanage. You picked him when you went to business. However, you love him more than me. You are really stupid” Shin angrily said

“That is why I want to kill him and I did. 20 years ago, I can finally erase Maeda Atsushi out of this world” He continues and laughs

“You…” Taiki slams the table and shouts

“Now did you regret because giving that position to him not me” Shin said

“Never, I never regret my decision. Not a bit. He was a good son and nice person. Not like you. I feel ashamed when you are my real son not him. If I give you the position, Maeda Clan would be destroyed by you.” Taiki said

"You are greedy and selfish. You are cruel. I don't want Maeda Clan to be destroyed by you" Taiki said

“You…remember that old man. I will make you say that you give this position to me by yourself” Shin said

“Never, even if I die” Taiki said

“Don’t worry father, I won’t let you die that easy. You still remember your little Atsu, right?” Shin said and smirks

“You dare to do anything to her. I will kill you” Taiki shouts

“Now, now...don’t be so hyper like that. I won’t do anything to her...for now. Who know. Depend on your cooperation” he said and pats Taiki’s shoulder

“Well, my best buddy, Hibiki, do you have anything to say to your mighty head of Takahashi clan?” Shin said

“Oh yes, I have a ton of thing to say to that old man too” Hibiki said

Takashi still stays silent

“What’s wrong Takashi-sama? Still sad about your precious grandson’s dead? Too bad huh? You just found him days ago” Hibiki said

“Hibiki, I never thought you will betray me like this” Takashi said

“That because you are too old and stupid” Hibiki said

“For all those years, who is the one helping you manage the clan? It was me” Hibiki said

“I spend all my power and time to help you, but then, one day you found your dear Minami. After that you throw me aside.” Hibiki said

“He doesn’t have the right to receive that position. It is me, the rightful person for that position” Hibiki said

“He is my grandson. His father is the head of the Clan. Obviously, he will be the head of the clan. I knew you do very well with your position. However, you will never be a good head of the clan and help it develop” Takashi said

“What did you say? Why?” Hibiki shouts while holding Takashi’s collar

“Because you are greedy. You like benefit but you don’t care of process. You work with no brain. Just a puppet of Shin” Takashi said


When Hibiki is about to hit Takashi, Shin said

“Stop buddy, he just wants to make you angry. Let him be.”

“How about we tell him a nice story about his precious grandson?” Shin continues

“Great idea there” Hibiki said

“Do you know how your grandson dies?” Hibiki asks Takashi

Takashi holds his fists tightly

“Master Shin’s strongest assassin reported that he was stabbed in his heart. Plus a deep cut at his throat. He also threw your precious grandson down to the sea. Maybe he now becomes fish food” Hibiki said with scornful tone


Atsuko holds her fists tightly. Because she is holding her hands too tight, the wounds on her hands are bleeding again. She grits her teeth tightly to hold her anger. Tear unconsciously rolling on her cheeks

“Minami” She screams his name in her mind

“I swear I will make you pay for all of this even if it cost my life, Maeda Shin, Takahashi Hibiki.” Atsuko thought in anger

Back in the room

“My poor cousin. Minami-sama.” he said and smirks

“You lied” Takashi shouts in anger

“Then let me call my assassin here for you.” Shin said

Then he claps his hand. A black coat man with a hood on his head and a mask on his face appear.

“Let me introduce my assassin to you two. Dark, give them what they want to see” Shin orders

Then the man throws Minami’s coat which covered with blood to Takashi. Takashi takes it with his shaky hand.

“Minami.” he calls him in tear

“Good, you can leave” Shin said

Then the man disappears in no time.

“We will leave now. Enjoy your sadness” Shin said

Then he and Hibiki leave the room


Atsuko quickly rushes back to her room in tear

End flashback

In a big room

“Now, we already eliminate Takahashi Minami thank to your good assassin. The only one left is that little girl. What are you planning to do to her?” Hibiki asks

“I have my own plan for my little unrelated niece. You don’t have to bother about that” Shin said

“However, she seems to doubt something. She is not a stupid girl” Hibiki said

“I know. I have my own plan to deal with her. I can’t do that too openly because servants in Maeda Clan only obey that old man and their so called new heir.” Shin said

“I know that. I also had that problem with the servants in Takahashi Clan too. However, I can still deal with them” Hibiki said

“That is good. Wait for a little more. The day you become head of Takahashi clan is not far” Shin said

“Thank you sir. I will leave now” Hibiki said

Inside the room

“Maeda Atsuko, I will make you beg for me and obey me.” Shin said and smirks

“You are mine” Shin continues and laughs


That is chapter 25. I hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :D
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What !!! :shocked is minami really dead ? :cry: :OMG:  :err: :frustrated:
What will happen to Atsuko (?)  :? :gyaaah: :mon cry:
Can you update soon  :bow:
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Woahhhh... Minami can't be dead... He'll probably end up surviving somehow...
But why don't they just kill Acchan now? Why does Shin want her to be alive?
The other crew members are coming back for the big fight I'm guessing.

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Ah... Shin did not want to kill Atsuko because she is a resemblance of her mother

What's going to happen next?

Did Minami really die?

Will the others able to help Atsuko kill Hibiki and Shin?

Can't wait to see it

Thank you for the update

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Beyond The Sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 26 13/12/15
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@AI712, @Bakamina_Oshi, @cisda83: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :)

Here is chapter 26

Chapter 26: Painful Heart

At night

On the west side of the island

In a big house

There are two men sitting and talking to each other

“Minami, did Shin kill him?” A man angrily said and slams the table

“Calm down, we still can’t find his body yet. Let hope that he will be fine” Another man said

“I should come here sooner. If anything happen to him, how I can face Akiko in front of her grave” the man said

“Let’s go back to that cliff and look around once more time” the taller man said

“Uh” he nods

In the forest

There is a hooded man standing on the tree branch and look up at the moon. Then a woman approaches him

“It is rare to see you standing and enjoying the scenery like that Darky” she said

“Lighting, what do you want?” Dark said in cold tone

“Nothing, just come here to check on my boyfriend” she said and shrugs

“If you don’t have any order from him, then I will leave now” Dark said and jumps out of the place

“Wait” Lightning said

However Dark already leaves the place

“I don’t understand you at all. One day, you be nice to me, then the other day, you will treat me coldly. And this time you treat me so cold.” Lightning sighs

In Maeda Clan

At Atsuko’s room

Atsuko cowers herself in the corner of her bed.

“I will make you all pay. I will make all you pay. Minami, wait for me. I will take revenge for you” Atsuko whispers in tear

She looks at Minami’s necklace on her hand

“Atsuko, I love you”

“I won’t leave you alone”

“Everything for my lovely girlfriend”

“You are my everything, Atsuko”

“I will always hold your hand and be with you no matter what”

“I will always stay by your side”

She remembers all her memories with him.

“Minami, I miss you” Atsuko whispers in tear

“If I remember about him sooner, thing will not be like this. It was all my fault.” she sobs

“What did I do wrong? Why did everyone around me one by one go out of my life? Papa, Mama, Uncle Aki, and now the most important person in my life is gone, too. What left for me in this world?” Atsuko said and laughs bitterly.

“Maybe I shouldn’t be born in this world after all.” Atsuko hurtfully said

“Minami, Minami” she buries her face on her knees and cries in silent


There is a figure standing at her window and looks at her in silent while holding his fists tightly

At midnight

After Atsuko fell in sleep because of tiredness, a figure steps into the room. He stands there and looks at her sleeping face. There are still some tear in corner of her eyes.

“Minami, Minami” Atsuko unconsciously call Minami’s name

The figure notices that in her hand, she still holds the necklace very tight. He bends down and moves the hair that covered her face.

“Don’t ever say that. You always have me in your life.” The figure whispers

Then he raises his hand to caress her face and leans to kiss her forehead. Atsuko’s face is more peaceful, and she forms a small smile on her face.

He sits on the edge of her bed and looks at her for a while. Then he stands up and leaves. Suddenly, Atsuko catches his hand

“Minami don’t go. Minami” Atsuko said

The figure is surprised.

“Atsuko, I…” He turns around

Then he realizes that Atsuko is still sleeping. He smiles and slowly takes her hand off him. He pulls the blanket to cover her. Then he goes out of the room.

At Jun’s side

Jun’s ship is still on its way to Forbidden Island. Jun is standing on the ship deck and looking around with his binoculars.

“I hope Acchan and Takamina are safe” Rena said

“Uh, I hope so too.” Jun said

Then his servant rushes to him

“Master, our ship is getting near Forbidden Island” he said

“Good, find an isolated part of the island and park there. Don't let anyone suspicious about us” Jun said

“Yes sir” his servant said

The he goes back to control the ship to the west part of the island.

In a big house

“Sir, they are getting near the island” a man said

“Good, as I expected. They will find suspicious and come here.” Shin said

“Go and take some men with you. Remember, I only want Kashiwagi Yuki. Think of something to lure only her here. That is an important trump card in my deck” Shin said

“Yes sir, I won't disappointed you” the man bow and said

In the early morning

Yuki is standing on the ship deck with Mayu.

“Mayu, I’m worry about Atsuko-nee. I don't know why but I always have some uneasy feeling. Like she is in some kind of danger. This feeling I have never had before.” Yuki worriedly said

“Atsuko-nee will be fine, Yuki. She is a pirate. There is nothing that she didn't experience. I believe that she can handle everything.” Mayu reassures her

“Don't worry ok. We are about to get there soon” Mayu pats her head and said

“Uh, thank you Mayu” Yuki said and pecks on his lips

After awhile the ship reach the island. While parking the ship, a group of men come to them. They wear Maeda clan guard outfit.

“Yuki-sama, Atsuko-sama knew that you are back. She orders us to escort you home. She misses you a lot” one of the men said

“Then Atsuko-nee is fine.” Yuki thought in relief

“Ok, I will go with you guys now” Yuki happily said

“Yuki wait for us a little. We are about to finish our preparing” Mariko said

“Ok” Yuki nods

After awhile

They finished their preparation. Then the four follow the guards. They lead Yuki's group to a big house. Then they leave.

“Please come in our guest room” a servant comes out and said

“Uh” they nod

“Please have a seat; I will prepare tea for you.” He said

“Yuki-sama, Atsuko-sama is waiting for you in her room.” A maid comes into the room and said

“Ok, I will go with you” Yuki said

“That's weird” Mariko thought

“Wait, why don't Acchan come here to meet us?” She asks

“Atsuko-sama is sick. Therefore she can't go out here.” The maid said

“Atsuko-nee is sick. Let's go to her room now” Yuki worriedly said

“Then we will go there, too. We also want to visit her” Mariko said

“But Atsuko-sama said that she only want to meet Yuki-sama” the maid bows and said

“Don't worry we are all her friends. She won't mind about it” Mariko said

“But we can’t go against Atsuko-sama order. I’m terribly sorry about this, but I can't do that. If Atsuko-sama upsets, I will be punished. I still have parents to take care. Please forgive me” she scarily said and bows

“That can't be helped. Mariko, I will go in first and tell her that you three also here, ok” Yuki said

“Uh, I think so. We will wait for you here” Mii said

Mariko still looks at the maid with suspicious look. Then she pulls Yuki and whispers in her ear

“Yuki, don’t you feel weird?”

“I know, but I want to check on Atsuko-nee. That maid, I felt her voice very familiar. You guys must be careful” Yuki whispers so that only she and Mariko can hear

“But that is so dangerous” Mariko said

“I will be fine. I’m worry for her” Yuki said

“Ok, guy. I will meet Atsuko-nee. I will tell her that you guys also here” Yuki said

“Let’s go” Yuki said

“Yes, Yuki-sama" The maid said

Then they leave the room. After awhile, they reach a big room.

“Please come in Yuki-sama” she said

Then the maid suddenly pushes Yuki into the room and slams the door.


“Done” she thought

“Now I will deal with those three” she said

“That brat. If I'm not disguise, I, Lightning will kill you for talking back to me like that. Such a clever brat” lightning said

“Now, I will make you never talk to me like that again” she laughs and goes back to the guest room.

Inside the room

Because of the push, Yuki falls on the ground.

“So Atsuko-nee is really in danger now” Yuki thought

She stands up and looks around

“Where am I?” Yuki thought

Then she sees Shin steps out

“Welcome back my long lost niece” he said and smiles

Yuki looks at him with confused look

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Maeda Shin. I’m your adopted father’s older brother.” Shin said

“Hello uncle” Yuki bows and said

“What happened? Why the maid suddenly pushed me in here? And where is Atsuko-nee? I want to meet her” Yuki said and looks at him with doubting look

“Don't rush Yuki, you will meet her very soon” Shin said

Feeling something weird, Yuki steps back and asks

“Where is grandpa? I want to meet him” Yuki said

“Yuki, Yuki, Yuki, don't rush. I promise that you can meet them soon. Don't be that caution with me. You make me sad” Shin shakes his head and said

“I want to meet my sister now” Yuki takes out her sword and said

“Don't be that hot headed person like your father, Yuki. Don't you see what is the consequence of a hot headed person can cause? Take your father's case is an example. Because of his characteristic, he indirectly killed Maeda Atsushi, Takahashi Kai and their wives. So tragic” Shin said and comes closer.

“How did you know that? Only grandpa knew that” Yuki said

“I knew that because…” He comes closer and whispers to her ear

“I was the one ordered Daiki to K.I.L.L his F.A.M.I.LY” Shin said and emphasizes his words

Yuki widens her eyes in surprise. When she is about to react, Shin hits her neck making her lost conscious.

“Take a good nap Yuki. You will meet her soon” Shin said

Then he bends down to take off the ring on her hand

“This will be a good tool for me” Shin smirks

In the guest room

Lightning opens the door and walk in

“Now my preys…”

She stuns because the room is empty. She sees her servant lies on the floor.

“Wake up” she kicks him to wake him up

The servant wakes up and kneels down before Lightning

“Where are they?” Lightning asks in anger

“I’m terribly sorry Lightning-sama, they escaped.” He said

“What? How can they escape?” She asks

“They notice that I put something on their drink. They hit my neck, and then when I woke up, I only see you here” he bows and said

“Useless” Lightning shouts and kicks him

Then she claps her hand. From the door, a group of men rush in

“What can I do for you my wonderful?” The leader said

“Catch those three for me” she said

“Yes, Lightning-sama” they said and leave

In the afternoon

In Maeda Clan

Atsuko walks out of her room. She wants to go to the cliff once again. The place she lost her most important person. When Atsuko walks to the main hall, she meets Shin. Atsuko holds her fists tightly

“I can’t go against him openly by myself.” She thought

She takes a deep breath and walks toward him

“Good morning Acchan. How are you doing?” Shin smiles and said

“Good morning” Atsuko said shortly

Then she walks past him

“Acchan” he calls her

Atsuko turns to look at him.

"What can I do for you, uncle?" Atsuko said in calm tone

"I just want to ask where are you going." Shin said

"I just take a little walk around here, can't I" Atsuko said and smiles slightly

“Of course you can. Anything here is belong to Maeda Clan. You can go wherever you want. I just want to know that because I'm afraid that you might get lost since you just came back" Shin said and walks slowly toward Atsuko

"I see. Thank you for your concern, uncle. I will be careful.” Atsuko bows and said

“Can I go now?" Atsuko asks

"I still have once more small thing to tell you" Shin said

"What is it uncle?" Atsuko asks

"I want to invite you to my house for a small dinner as celebrating for your back” Shin said

"That is also your grandpa idea. He wants you to talk more to me because you seem to be scared of me" Shin said while caressing a ring on his hand

He tries to emphasize the word "grandpa" to Atsuko. She notices that. Then she looks down at his ring

“Yuki’s ring? How can that be?” Atsuko thought

“He got grandpapa, Taka grandpa. Don’t tell me he got her too.” She continues her thought

“Uncle, your ring look so special. Where did you get that?” Atsuko said

“This?” He points at the ring and asks

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“I got it from a very special person this early morning. Maybe that person is with father and Uncle Takashi right now" Shin said

"Can I meet that person?" Atsuko said

"If you come to my small party, she will definitely be there to meet you" he said and emphasizes each of his word

"Of course, I will come. That is my uncle's party after all. Plus, you make that party for me. You also ask me very nicely" Atsuko said with a friendly but coldly tone

"That is my niece. I promise that you will not feel disappointed when you come there tonight" Shin said

"I'm so looking forward to it" Atsuko said and smiles slightly

"Now, please excuse me" she continues and turns around

"By the way, Acchan" he calls her

Atsuko stops but doesn't turn around

"Don't go too far, or do some unnecessary things. Just enjoy your walk. Therefore, we can have a happy party tonight with that special guest" Shin said with a slowly tone but dangerous sound

"Of course, I know" Atsuko said in monotone and walks away.

Shin looks at Atsuko’s back and smirks

Atsuko walks as quickly as she could out of the big house. The house once she thought will be her house, a warm place for her. However, now, in there, there are only selfish and greedy people. Anger, hurt, pain, sadness, hopeless, a ton of depresses feeling invade her.

No one stays by her side to comfort her. No one hugs her and said to her that ‘everything will be alright.’ There is no shoulder for her to lean on. She is all alone. She has to face everything by herself. Her grandpa was captured. Her sister is held as hostage. She is at lost.

She speeds up her pace and rushes to the cliff where separated her and the person she loves the most forever. On her way, everything she eavesdropped last night floods in her head

“He was stabbed in the heart”

“His throat was cut”

“He threw him down the cliff”

Each memory makes Atsuko’s legs weaker. She can't bear this hurt. It is so painful. Her heart is going to break. She kneels down at the cliff and cries silently.

“Why did they do that to you, Minami?” Atsuko whispers and chokes

“Why? Why? Why? Why?” She said while using her still injured hands to hit the ground.

“If he wants that position, why doesn’t he just kill me right away? Why did he do that to you? Why did he have to capture Yuki? Why did he imprison grandpapa and Taka grandpa? Just kill me” Atsuko said

“Minami, I wish you were here for me” Atsuko whispers

“Please Minami, please tell me what should I do now” she looks at the necklace and said

Her tear doesn't stop.

“If I could, I would jump down from this cliff to meet you, to be with you right away.” Atsuko whispers

She lies down on the ground under the cold wind. She looks up to the sky.

“However, I have some important thing to do first. I have to save Yuki and our grandpas. Also taking revenge for you. I will fight with him. I will definitely do that even if it costly by my life.” Atsuko thought

“Minami, give me your strength. Please wait for me. We will meet each other soon” Atsuko whispers

She closes her eyes and lies still.

At the west side of the island

Jun reaches the island. He parks at the most isolated part of the island. He turns and said to his servant

"Go back to Matsui Clan and prepare a lot of skilled fighter for me. Then takes them here and wait for me" Jun order his servant

"Yes sir" They answer

“Remember, everything have to be secret” Jun said

“Yes sir” they said and leave

Then Jun and Rena go into the forest. They plan on finding some information from people who live around the city first. Suddenly he sees someone rushes toward them. Behind them is a group of men.

“Kill them, don't let them escape” the man shouts

Rena furrows her eyebrows trying to look more closely to the three running. Jun does that too

“Mariko, Mii, Mayu” Rena and Jun said in surprise

Then they rush to help them. Seeing them, the three are very surprise

"Jun, Rena? What are you two doing here?" Mariko asks

“Talk about that later. Why did Maeda guards chasing you three?” Jun asks after seeing their outfit

“They are imposters. They are Lightning’s servant. I will explain later” Mariko said

“Ok” Rena and Jun nod

After awhile, they defeat all the faked servants. They rush to the deep forest to hide. The found a cave and rush inside. They sit there and begin their talk

“What happened to you guys?” Jun asks

“They tried to poisoned us” Mii said


In the guest room

“What’s wrong, Mariko?” Mii asks

“Their act is so weird. Plus, I know that Acchan will not act like that” Mariko said

“Uh, come to think of it, you are right?” Mayu said

Then the door opens

“Sorry for making you all waiting” the servant said

“Please enjoy the tea” he said and bows

Then he puts and cups on their table. Mayu takes the cup and smells it

“Something weird in this tea” he thought

Then he signals Mii and Mariko.

“Please enjoy your tea” he said again

“We know” Mariko said

They fake drinking the tea and drop on the table

“Hahahaha, Lightning-sama’s plan works very well” the man laughs and said

Suddenly Mariko stands up and hits his neck. He falls on the floor and lost conscious

“We better gets out of here” Mariko said

“How about Yuki?” Mayu worriedly said

“Yuki properly is in their hands now. We will save her later” Mii said

Then they all rush out of the house

End flashback

“After that is what you two see” Mariko said

“I see” Jun said

“That’s mean Acchan and Takamina are also in danger now” Rena said

“Uh, I guess so” Mariko nods

“By the way, why are you two here?” Mayu asks

"We on our way to Atsuko-nee place." Jun said

"We suspect that Acchan and Takamina are in danger right now" Rena adds

"You think that too?" Mariko asks

"You guys feel the same?" Jun asks

"Uh, we were attacked when we reach my home. We felt something strange so we quickly come here" Mii said

“However, when we reached here, and heard the servants said that Acchan ordered them, we thought that she is ok. However the incident at her house makes me change our mind. What is really happened?” Mayu said

"My servant found Naku dead body. We suspect that he was killed by someone in Maeda Clan" Jun explains

"That person also hold a very high position. The person we suspect is Acchan's uncle Maeda Shin" Rena adds

"Maeda Shin?" the three widen their eyes in surprise

"Uh, my grandpa said that Shin is a greedy person. Taiki grandpa doesn't trust him much. He also was very mad when Atsuko-nee's father became head of Maeda Clan" Jun said

"I see" the three said

"If so, we should go there quickly. Maybe Yuki also is in danger right now." Mayu said

"Wait, we have to have some plan first. We also have to wait for my reinforcement" Jun said

"You have your men with you" Mii asks

"No, not yet. they are on their way now. They will come here in three days. My grandpa told me to come here and take a look first. If I bring too much people, they will suspect" Jun said

"I see" The rest nod in agreement.

In the evening

Atsuko comes to Shin's house not far from Maeda Clan's house

"Atsuko-sama" the guards greet her

Atsuko silently walks in. Shin happily steps out

"Welcome to my small house, Acchan" Shin said

"Stop that act. Now I'm in your territory. Just take off that mask" Atsuko coldly said

"Don't treat me like that Acchan. You make me sad" Shin said

"Enough, where is Yuki?" Atsuko said

"Don't rush. Just follow me" Shin leads her to his guest room.

There is no one inside the room. Atsuko is getting impatience. She takes Shin’s collar and shouts

“Maeda Shin, where is Yuki?”

“Don't shout at me like that. You make me sad. And you know what? When I'm sad, I will want to kill someone” Shin said in dangerous tone

Atsuko slowly withdraws her hand. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breathe

“What do you want? The person you need is me right? Then I'm here. Release her now" Atsuko said

"Of course, I will release her. You are the only one I need. Just because you are too hard to get that is why I did this" Shin said

"However, firstly, let drink this together to celebrate" Shin said and gives Atsuko a small cup

“If I drink this, you will release her right?” Atsuko said

“Yes, I will. Definitely” Shin said and smiles

Then Atsuko takes the cup and drinks it up without any hesitation. Dead to her now means nothing. There is nothing left for her in this world.

“Don't you scare that I will poison you” Shin said

Atsuko laughs out loud

"I don't care. Minami is gone. I will be happy if it is poisoned. That way I can meet Minami sooner" Atsuko said

“Takahashi Minami again. All you think was him” Shin shouts

“Don't worry, I will never let you and him be together. Never” he continues shouting while holding her arms tightly

“Let go off me" Atsuko shouts and struggles out of his grip

Suddenly, she feels dizzy. Her sight slowly turns blurry. Then she falls on the floor. Shin stands there and smirks. He bends down next to her

"Good night my Atsuko." Shin said

In the forest

In the cave

"Yuki, help me. Yuki, help me" Atsuko is tied by a big chain and said

"Atsuko-nee" Yuki calls while running toward Atsuko

However, the more she runs to her, the further Atsuko from her is. Then suddenly, Shin appears in front of her. Then he takes out a sword and stabs Atsuko

"No...." Yuki shouts


"Atsuko-nee" Yuki sits up and shouts

Mayu and the rest are woken up because of her shout. Mayu rushes to her

"Yuki, calm down. Everything will be fine" Mayu hugs her and pats her back to calm her down

Yuki slowly calms down. Suddenly she realizes something

"Mayu, Everyone? How can I get here?" Yuki asks

"Don't you remember anything Yuki?" Rena asks

"I just remember that I was tricked by Shin. He hit me, and I lost conscious. When I wake up, I'm here" Yuki said

"I see" Jun said

"When we were about to investigate around Shin's house, we saw you unconscious behind a big tree" Jun said

"We immediately took you back here. I'm glad that you are ok" Mayu said and sighs in relief

"Uh, we thought you will know something." Mii said

"Seem like there is someone follow us around and help us" Mariko said

Then the dream flashes on Yuki head

"Atsuko-nee" Yuki whispers

"Everyone, I believe that Atsuko-nee is in danger right now. That Maeda Shin plans on doing something to her" Yuki worriedly said

"Then we should hungry" Rena said

"Uh" Jun nods

When they are about to go out of the cave, 5 figures walk in.

In Maeda Clan

A shadow jumps into Atsuko's room


When he is about to call Atsuko, he notices that there is no one in the room. He suddenly feels something isn't right

"Atsuko, where are you?" he thought in worry

He quickly rushes out of the room. At the same time, a maid walks toward his direction. He immediately rushes to her and places a knife on her neck

"Where is Maeda Atsuko?" he fakes his voice

"Please don't kill me" the maid scarily said

"Answer my question" he repeats

"Atsuko-sama is at Master Shin's house. He invited her there for her welcome party." the maid said

"This is bad" the figure thought

Then he release the maid and jumps out of the Maeda Clan

He quickly rushes to Shin's house

"Atsuko, I shouldn't leave you alone" he thought while rushing there

In a dungeon

Atsuko is tied by chains. Her two hands were chained and hung by two big chains which attacked on the wall. Her legs also were chained by two big chains which attach to two big metal balls. She is still unconscious because of the sleeping poison.

In front of her, Shin is sitting comfortably on his chair.

“Did you found her?” Shin asks

“No sir, we are looking for her everywhere.” a man said

“Who release her? Can she escape by herself?” Lightning looks at Shin and asks

“No, she can’t” Shin said

“You people are stupid, useless, cannot even guard a girl.” Shin slams the table and shouts

“My plan was nearly ruined because of your stupidity” Shin shouts

“Sorry sir. We also didn’t know why she disappeared. I just went out a little. When I came back she was nowhere to be found” the man said

“Useless, idiot, useless” Shin shouts while slapping each of his servants

“We are terribly sorry sir” they said in union

“Get out of my side.” Shin shouts

Then they rush out of the dungeon

"Please calm down sir. Even without Kashiwagi Yuki, you still are able to capture Maeda Atsuko” Lightning said

“She is really a naive little girl. Easy to get trick" Lightning said and laughs

"No, don't underestimate her. She is a very smart little girl. It is just that her mind is now unstable.” Shin said

“She has to bear the pain of losing that man, Takahashi Minami. Plus, I pressured her by her beloved sister, Yuki, her grandpa and Takashi old man. That is why she easily fell into my trap” Shin said

“That is because you are a great person, my wonderful Master. They are like little mouse run into your trap” Lightning said

“What do you want to do with her, my Master” Lightning asks

“I have a lot of thing to do with her. I also need her so that I can talk to that old man. She is a very important card. I have her which means I have the entire Maeda Clan” Shin said

“Then I will congratulate my Master first for your success, a future head of the most powerful clan. Additionally, soon will become the ruler of all the Clans in this region” Lightning said

“Good words. When that day come, you will be my most trusted and loyal servant.” Shin said

“Thank you sir” Lightning said

“I will never forget you. When everything is done, I will reward you a big award, Lightning” Shin said

“Thank you sir. Just being able to be your servant is my luckiest thing. You don’t have to reward me. Giving me the opportunity to be your servant is my big award” Lightning said and bows

“Good. Hahahaha…” Shin said and laughs

“I still have one question left” Lightning said

“What is it?” Shin asks

“What about her friends, and that traitor, Thunder?” Lightning said

“I’m not worrying about them much. They cannot do anything to me. I will find a chance and kill all of them” Shin said

Then he stands up and walks toward Atsuko

“Maeda Atsuko, you are finally in my hands now. I will make you obey me completely” Shin said and laughs


That is chapter 26. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. :)
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Ah Atsuko is being captured

Who will save her?

The person that was visiting her late at night in her room, is it minami?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Whew, at least Minami is safe  :farofflook:

But who helped Yuki escape? And how will the others save Atsuko?

Thanks for the update!

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Beyond The Sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) Chapter 27 20/12/15
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@cisda83, @Bakamina_Oshi: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :)

Here is chapter 27  :D

Chapter 27: The Reunion of Two Hearts

In the dungeon

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. She sees a strange place. Then she remembers that she was trapped by Shin. When she moves her hands and legs, she realizes that each of her hands is tied by the chains. Each of those chains is connected with the wall at two side of her. Her legs are also tied by the chain. At the end of the chain is a big metal ball. Atsuko tries to struggle from the chain

"You finally awake my lovely Atsuko" a man said to her

Atsuko looks up

"Shin" Atsuko said in hateful tone

“No, no, no, Atsuko. Manner, watch your manner. How can you use that attitude to talk to me?" He said while shaking his head

"I don't have to be nice to a person who killed my mother, father, and my fiancée" Atsuko said

"You really are a heartless monster. How can you kill your little brother like that? You also think about my mother in improper way. She is your brother's wife." Atsuko continues

"Shut up. Don't mention him in front of me" he shouts at Atsuko

"He stole my hereditary. He also stole my Nami. If he were not exist, Nami would be mine" he said

"My mother will never be yours. In her life, she only loves my father. The one and only man she loves is Maeda Atsushi" Atsuko shouts at him

"Shut up. Don't mention his name in front of me" he shouts and while holding Atsuko’s collar

"Another thing, you said you love my mother. However you were the one that force her to death. You forced her to committed suicide. You killed her" Atsuko shouts

"Shut up. I told you to shut up. That was what she wanted. She chooses to betray me. That is what she deserved." He shouts

“Shut up. How can you say that she betrayed you since you are nothing to her other than a brother in law? She denied you and chose to die because she didn’t want to betray her family and my father who she loves the most” Atsuko shouts back.

“Shut up. I told you to shut up.” he shouts angrily and slaps Atsuko’s face

There are some blood runs down from her mouth. Atsuko looks at him with anger looks. Suddenly he changes his tone

"Sorry Atsuko, I was so angry. Are you hurt?" He asks and touches her face

"Take your hand off me." Atsuko shouts

"Why did you treat me like that? I do my best to treat you nicely. Why did your eyes only look at another man? Why don't you appreciate me?" He said in creepy tone

"Nami and now you. Since the day I saw you at the Elite Island, I stopped my intention to kill you. I forgave you and your interference in my business. Do you know why? Because looking at your smile, I knew that you are meant to be mine, and I want you to be mine. Why did you only look at that Takahashi boy? Why did you betray me?" he holds her shoulders and shouts

"Are you crazy? You are my uncle. How can you say thing like that to your niece?" Atsuko shouts

"I'm not your real uncle. That man is only an orphan. My father adopted him. However, he didn't think about his position. An adopted child like him dared to steal Nami from me. He also stole my place. He deserved to die." Shin said

"That Takahashi boy, too. A son of a bodyguard like him dared to steal my Atsuko away from me. He deserved to die too." Shin said

"One day I will kill you to take revenge for Minami." Atsuko shouts

"Minami, Minami, Minami. Why did you always think about him?" he shouts and scratches his head like a crazy man.

He turns and looks at Atsuko.

"Because I love him. He is my fiancée" She said

"Look at me. Everything of you belongs to me not him" He said and strongly turns her to face him.

"Your face, your lips, your eyebrows, your voice, everything of you is perfect just like Nami. Those belong to me" he said while touching Atsuko's face

"You disgusting. Don't use your filthy hands to touch me." Atsuko shouts

He then releases his hands and steps back.

"Atsuko, I will give you a chance like I did to your mother. I will..."

"In your dream. I will never follow you. I will never accept any of your offers" cutting Shin's words, Atsuko said

"Don't you worry about your beloved sister?" Shin said

"Hahaha...." Atsuko laughs out loud

"Do you think that I didn't hear what did you say to Lightning?" Atsuko said and smirks

"See Lightning, I told you right. She isn't easy to get trick." Shin said

"Yep, she escaped. However, she isn't the only thing I can force you" Shin said

"How about your grandpa and your Minami's grandpa?" Shin said

"I bet that you don't dare to kill them since you need them to take the position that you want so badly for all those years." Atsuko said

"Hahaha....good good good. It is true.” Shin said while laughing and clapping his hands

“Yup, I need those old men for my plan, just because those people in this clan only listen to them." Shin said

"That is why I need you. Cooperate with me, and we will become the most powerful couple" Shin continues

"Too bad. I'm not yearning for that." Atsuko said

"Then, how about this?" he said

Then he takes out his knife and makes a small cut on her arm. Atsuko frowns because of hurt.

"Human being is a creature that desperately looking for survives. Accept or I will leave you like this until your blood drained" Shin said

"I rather die than accept your stupid offer and become a heartless monster like you" Atsuko

"Let's see about that. I will wait for you to beg for my mercies. To bow down before me" Shin said

"In your dream" Atsuko shouts

"Just wait and see when the blood slowly ran out. Feeling hungry and thirsty invades you. Let see what you will do." Shin said

"Hahaha...let bet with me." Atsuko laughs and said

She gives him her "I don't care" face and laughs loudly. Suddenly something flashes on his head.

"Just wait my Atsuko. I will have a great way to torture you. Just wait and see" Shin said and laughs

"Let's go Lightning" Shin said

Then they leave the dungeon

In Shin’s office

“Lightning, I want you to call Dark here for me” Shin said while sitting at his chair

“Yes sir” Lightning said

Then she leaves the place.

Inside the room

“Let me see how strong you are” Shin thought

On the other side

A man is rushing around to find a girl he loves

“Atsuko, where are you?” He thought

“I shouldn't leave. I shouldn't follow Hibiki.” He continues his thought

His head now went blank. He cannot think about anything. He continues stealthily rushes around Shin’s house to look for her.

Suddenly he see firework on the sky

“Shin summons Dark” he thought

Then he quickly jumps into the forest

In the next evening

There is a black coat man standing at the cliff. Lightning walks toward him. She tries to hug him from behind. However, the man turns and jumps behind her.

“Mission?” He shortly said

“Darky, why did you treat me so cold these days? Don't you remember our relationship?” Lightning seductively said

Dark stays silent and jumps to the tree branch.

“I don’t understand you at all.” Lightning complains

“Did you call me all the way here just to whining about that?” He said coldly

“If you don’t have anything, I will go” He continues

“Master wants to meet you tomorrow evening” Lightning sighs and said

Then Dark jumps back

In the evening the next day

In the dungeon

“Hello my Atsuko, how do you feel after two day?” Shin said and smirks

She is a little weaker than because of hungry and thirsty for whole two days. Plus, blood from the small cut on her hand still slowly dropping.

“I'm very good.” Atsuko looks up and said

“You really are stubborn huh? Let me see how long will you last?” Shin said

“Dark, come here” he orders

Then Dark comes into the room.

“Dark? You are the one who killed Minami. You took away my important person.” Atsuko shouts while struggling

“So, you knew about this, too. I'm impressed.” Shin said in surprise

“Yes, that was him. He killed that man” he continues.

Atsuko looks down. She holds her fists tightly

“Why?” Atsuko whispers weakly

“Why did you do that?” She continues

“What did he ever do to you?” Atsuko looks up and shouts angrily

Her tear is rolling on her cheeks.

“Who give you the right to take away other life like that?” She shouts

“Now, now, calm down. Don't be so angry like that.” Shin said

“Now, you can see how strong I’m, right. I can kill anyone I want by just one order. You should bow down before me now.” Shin said

“Also you have no one in this world. Your parent, your friends, your fiancée, no one is here for you. Only me, only I am with you here. I need you. Only you can make me a powerful person. Accept me. Be mine and the world will be ours.” He said to her

“You are the strongest” Atsuko whispers

“Yes, I’m the strongest” He nods and said

“The world will be ours” Atsuko repeats his words

“Yes, we will be the most superior” Shin said

“I have no one. I can't defeat you. I only have you” Atsuko whispers

“Yes, my dear. That is correct. Now accept my offer” Shin smiles and said

Atsuko closes her eyes and thinks.

"Ok, you win, Shin. I accept your offer. I will cooperate with you, and we will become invincible." Atsuko said in a soft tone

" I'm hundred percent sure that you are a smart girl." Shin said and claps

"Then please release me. I will talk to grandpapa about that" Atsuko said

“Ok, of course, my dear” Shin said

"You guys unlock the chains for her” He orders the guards

“Sir,” Lightning calls

“What is it?” He asks

“Maybe this is just an act” Lightning said

“Don't worry Lightning. My Atsuko won't do anything to me, and she also is unable to do that” Shin confidently said

All this time Dark just stands there and looks at Atsuko. He holds his fists tightly. Then the men come and unlock her hands and legs. Atsuko slowly walks toward Shin. She bows down in front of him

“Thank you” Atsuko said respectfully

"Good, good, good. My lovely Atsuko. You don't need to do that to me. You and me are equal" He said

“Let me say this. I want to officially say this to you, Shin” Atsuko said in soft tone

“Ok, I will listen carefully” Shin said

"I, Maeda Atsuko, will always be loyal to..." Atsuko said while bowing

Taking the chance, Atsuko takes out her small dagger under her sleeve

“...To myself” She shouts and stabs Shin.

However, Lightning notices. She catches her hand before it goes further into his chest. She kicks Atsuko's stomach making her flies and hits the wall

*cough* *cough* *cough*

Atsuko bends down and coughs.

"I knew that you will have some plan" Lightning said while pointing her sword at Atsuko.

"Master, are you ok?" Lightning asks

"I'm fine. The dagger just causes me a scratch" Shin said

"Atsuko, I knew your intention, but I still give you a chance. You betrayed me" Shin shouts while throwing away the dagger

"Today, I knew that I cannot go against you by myself. That is just my answer for your question. Don't try to bribe or threaten me. No use." Atsuko said

Then she takes the sword’s blade and stabs on her heart.

"Lightning, don't let her die that easy" Shin shouts

Lightning pulls back her sword and shoves on Atsuko's shoulder.

"You, tie her on the chains again." Shin orders

"Atsuko, let me see how strong your will is" Shin said

Atsuko struggles from the chains while looking at him with hateful eyes.

“Let me see how strong you are under my new torture. I bet that you will bow down before me soon to help you escape from that hell” he comes closer to her and said

The he holds the necklace on her neck and strongly pulls it.

“What are you doing? Give it back to me” Atsuko shouts in anger

“No, I need this one so that I can have a friendly talk with those old men” he said

Then he turns to Dark

“Dark, as promise, you killed Takahashi Minami. Now, I give her to you. You can do whatever you want to her just don’t kill her.” he said

Dark nods at Shin

“I’m glad you remember it. I’m about to ask you that” Dark said in scornful tone

“I always keep my words” Shin said

"Deal? So, she is the reason you treat me coldly huh?" Lightning said

"Of course, look at her, she is so cute and young. Way different from you" Dark said

"You..." Lightning angrily said

"What is it, Lightning? Are you not happy with my decision?" Shin asks in cold tone

"Of course not sir. You are always right" Lightning bows and said

"Good" Shin said

Then he turns to Atsuko

“That person, he is really a jerk. I don’t know what he will do to you. However, rest assured that it will be very painful in both physically and mentally.” Shin said

Atsuko looks at him with her anger eyes

“That is your fault, Atsuko. If you accept me, you won’t be tortured by him” Shin whispers in Atsuko’s ear

Then he takes her chin and lifts her face up.

“Thing that I can’t get, I will destroy it. I won’t give you a chance to meet your Minami. I will make your life like hell until you kneel down and beg for me” he continues with dangerous tone

“Let’s go Lightning. I hope you enjoy your prize, Dark” Shin said and laughs out loud

“Thank you. I’m sure I will” Dark with a very deep tone

Then Shin and Lightning leaves the dungeon

Outside the dungeon

“Lightning, tonight, I will visit my mighty father and his best friend. Guard her carefully” Shin said

“Yes sir” Lightning said

Inside the dungeon

“You all get out. I will stay here to guard her” Dark said

“Yes sir.” the guards said and leave

“Enjoy sir” a guard said

“I will” Dark said in scornful tone

Then they all leave the place.

After they all leave, Dark locks the door and comes back. He stands in front of Atsuko silently

“What do you want? Just kill me already, or I will kill you to revenge for Minami.” Atsuko shouts at him weakly

She feels a little dizzy now because of hungry

Dark stays silent and walks closer to her

“Don’t come near me. I will kill you if you come any closer.” Atsuko said

He keeps silent and walks closer to her. He raises his hand and strokes her hair

“Don’t touch me” Atsuko shouts

Then he caresses her face by his both hands

“I saimhmm…..”

Haven’t finish her words, Dark already presses his lips on her. Atsuko struggles from his grip. Tear rolls on her cheeks

“Get away from me” Atsuko tries to said hopelessly

“Minami” Atsuko calls Minami name in tear

Suddenly, she feels something

“Why does it feel so familiar?” Atsuko thought

However, she quickly shakes out her thought and struggling from Dark. She bites his lips. He steps back and looks at her

“What are you doing? You jerk” Atsuko shouts hurtfully

Her tear keeps rolling on her cheeks.

“Why did you do that?” Atsuko shouts weakly

Atsuko's sight turns blurry. She feels weak and dizzy because of the wound on her shoulder, and the feeling of hungry and thirsty

“Minami” Atsuko whispers his name and slowly lost conscious.

Dark walks toward her again and hugs her tightly

“I’m here. Everything will be ok, my love” he whispers gently

While he is hugging Atsuko, someone rushes down

“Sir” the guard kneels down and said

“What is it? I said don’t bother me” he said in irritating tone

“I’m very sorry sir. However, Master wants to meet you a little” the man said

“Ok, I will be right there” he said

Dark looks at Atsuko once again. Then he goes out

In Shin’s office

Dark silently steps in the room

“What with that attitude? Am I interrupting your good time?” Shin said and smirks

“What do you want?” Dark said shortly

“Now, I will go to see those old men. I want you to guard her carefully” Shin said

“You don’t need to say that. I won’t let her out of my hand” Dark said

“I know” Shin said

“Now, you can back to whatever your business is” Shin said

Then Dark leaves the place.

On his way

“This is my chance” he thought

At the dungeon

Dark steps down. He sees that Atsuko still unconscious. He caresses her face and whispers her name


"Minami, wait for me. Wait for me" Atsuko whispers unconsciously

His heart feel tighten when hearing her hurtful voice. He quickly uses his sword to cut the chains at her hands and legs. Atsuko falls down on the floor. Minami quickly catches her in his arms. He shakily hugs her. It is very hurt when seeing his lover in this state

"Atsuko, I'm here to save you. I'm sorry I'm late." Minami whispers and kisses her lips

Atsuko opens her tired eyes. She is too weak to see anything clearly. However, she recognizes his voice

"Minami, is that really you? I finally meet you" Atsuko said

"I miss you so much" she continues and smile weakly

Then she faint

"Atsuko" Minami calls her

Immediately he puts her on his back and carries her out. He stealthily rushes out of the secret dungeon and jumps into the forest. He quickly rushes back to his secret place. Suddenly a figure jumps out and blocks him.

“Lightning?” Minami shouts in surprise

“I knew it. I knew there is something strange with Dark. I suspected you a long time. ” Lightning said

"Today, your word in the dungeon accuse you. Dark will never say that to me." she continues

“I see” Minami said

“Where is he now, Takahashi Minami?” Lightning said

“That time your “Darky” tried to kill me, but he fail. Then I killed him the way I describe to your mighty Master” Minami said and smirks

"It was his fault. How dare he think of my Atsuko in unappropriated way?" He continues

“You...I will kill you to take revenge for him” Lightning shouts

“I also want to kill you right now. How dare you and Shin treat her like that?” Minami said in anger tone.

Then Minami gently puts Atsuko down. Her back rests on a big tree. After that he takes out his sword and turns to Lightning. He looks at her with his furious eyes. He holds his sword tightly and rushes to her. Lightning also rushes to him. They strongly fight each other. The sound of sword against sword echoes through the forest. Lightning moves with fast speed to behind Minami. She shoves her sword at his back. Minami quickly reacts. He barely dodges her attack. His left hand is injured. Taking the chance, Lightning jumps up and kick Minami at his stomach making he steps back a few steps and coughs.

*cough* *cough* *cough*

“She is fast” Minami thought

Then Lightning turns to the unconscious Atsuko. Her eyes are now fills with rage

“I will make you feel the way I feel right now, the feeling of losing someone precious. I bet you will be hurt more than me" Lightning said and smirks

She rushes to kill Atsuko.

"I won't let you do that. I won’t forgive anyone who tries to harm my Atsuko" Minami shouts in anger

He rushes to her with fastest speed. He catches up with her and uses his sword to block her attack.

"I will not let anyone hurt her, ever again" Minami shouts in anger

He strongly pushes Lightning out and kicks her face. Lightning falls on the ground. She stands up immediately. She rushes to attack him once again. Minami uses his sword injures her left shoulder.

Then he takes her right hand which still holding her sword. He strongly twists her hand to stab her own sword in her heart. Minami pushes Lightning toward a big tree and shoves the sword harder. Lightning struggles and died. Because he pushes with a lot of strength, the sword shoves deep inside the tree. She died and pinned on the tree.

Minami eyes are still very angry. He looks at Lightning dead's body with very hatred eyes.

“That is what you deserved for hurting Atsuko and did a lot of bad things” He said

Then he turns back to Atsuko. He gently caresses her face and picks her up on his back

"Let's go to my place, Atsuko. We are finally together again." Minami whispers

Then he rushes back to the secret house of Takahashi Clan which his grandpa showed him many days ago.

In Takahashi’s old house

He takes her to a room and gently puts her down

"Water, water" she unconsciously said

Minami quickly rushes out of the room to take some water for her. Then he quickly rushes back. He gently helps her up and feeds her water. Then he treats her wounds. After finished everything, he sits down and looks at Atsuko.

"You must be hurt a lot" he thought while caressing her face.

Feeling someone touching her face, Atsuko opens her eyes. She is startled when seeing a masked man in front of her eyes.

“Dark, what do you want?” Atsuko shouts while sitting up

However the injury at her shoulder causes her to frown in pain

"Atsuko, you shouldn't sit up so fast. Your arm still hurt" Minami gently said while holding her shoulder

“Get away from me. Don’t touch me” Atsuko shouts and struggling

“Atsuko, calm down. This is me, Minami. I killed Dark already. Don’t you recognize my voice” Minami gently hugs her and patting her back

Feeling the gently voice and the familiar warm, Atsuko slowly calm down

“Minami, are you really my Minami?” Atsuko breaks the hugs and asks

“You can take off my mask, my love” Minami said while stroking her hair

Atsuko slowly raises her hands to take off the mask. Her hands are shaking because of scared. The mask slowly takes out showing the face that Atsuko missed for so long. Her tear unconsciously fall. She can’t describe her feeling right now.

"Minami," Atsuko whispers in tear

"Yes, this is me." Minami said and smiles at her

"Minami, I’m not dreaming right? This is reality, right?" Atsuko said while caressing his face

"Uh, I'm here. This is not a dream. Sorry for making you sad for so long, Atsuko" Minami holds her hands and said

"Minami, I miss you a lot" Atsuko hugs him tightly and cries out loud

"Sorry Atsuko. I'm here now. Everything will be ok" Minami said while patting her head

"I thought you were..... Minami, I'm so happy" Atsuko said while burying her face on his chest

"I'm sorry for making you sad. You must be very hurt. I'm sorry" Minami hugs her tighter and said

After awhile

Atsuko finally calms down. She looks at Minami and asks

"You said you killed Dark already. Then the one who kissed me is..." Atsuko said and blushes

"Uh, that is me" Minami said and smiles

"Minami, you make me so scare. I thought..." Atsuko said and sobs

"I'm sorry, Atsuko. Just because I miss you so much that I can't control myself. I just want to hug you in my arms and feel your kiss. I forgot that time I'm still in Dark identity" Minami said while patting her back

Then Atsuko looks up

"How can you escape? How can I be here?" she asks him

"Atsuko, I will tell you everything later. Now, you need to rest." Minami said

"Now, lie down and sleep a little" he continues while helping her to lie down

"No, I don't want to sleep" Atsuko said while hugging Minami tightly

"Why? You are still not in good condition" Minami pats her back and said

"I'm scared" Atsuko said

"About what Atsuko? There is nothing to be scared of. I will always be here to protect you" he said and continues patting her back

"I'm scared of losing you again. I'm scared that this is just like that time. When I wake up, you are not beside me anymore. I'm scared that this is just one of my dreams. I'm scared that when I wake up, I have to face the cruel truth that everything is just a dream. I actually lost you forever" Atsuko said in shaky tone

Her arms and body are shaking. She tightens her hug, buries her face on his chest, and cries.

"Atsuko" Minami tightens his hugs

He pats her back and head to comfort her. Then he pulls out so that he can look at her face. He raises both his hands to caress her face and wipe her tear

"Atsuko, this is not a dream. I'm still alive, safe and sound." he gently said and smiles at her

"I will always be here with you" he continues

Then he leans and kisses her lips. Atsuko closes her eyes and replies his kiss. Minami hugs her waist and pulls her closer to him. Atsuko also rounds her arms around his neck to deepen their kiss. Their kiss soon turn into more passion and intense. Minami gently pushes her down on the bed, and he is on top of her still kissing. He slips his tongue inside her mouth to explore every part of her mouth while slowly undressing her.

That night, after all the painful and hurtful feelings of missing and losing each other, their hearts finally reunite and become one.


That is chapter 27. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :)
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Yayy, Atsuko and Minami are reunited again  :mon XD:

I'm glad that Lightning died, she was always really annoying.

What will happen when Shin finds out? And when will the entire crew meet up again? Can't wait to find out!

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