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Author Topic: Unnatural Events  (Read 10913 times)

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Re: Unnatural Events
« Reply #60 on: August 15, 2015, 03:38:41 PM »
Me   : Rena! Where are you going??
Rena: I'm gonna save Yuki, moron!
Me   : Wait! Don't leave me... I'm in... :on speedy:

Yeah also don't forgot to kiss her passionate when you save her xd
Yeah.. And being tortured by Gekikara... :fainted:

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Re: Unnatural Events
« Reply #61 on: September 14, 2015, 07:51:34 PM »
Sorry for not posting up for a long time, i know you guys are all waiting for the next chapter. but i promise you that i will post it up within the next week or within a few days so please hang on, i did not abandon this story and thank you

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Re: Unnatural Events
« Reply #62 on: October 02, 2015, 01:17:26 PM »
update soon!!!!!!!!! :inlove:

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Re: Unnatural Events
« Reply #63 on: October 23, 2015, 06:00:12 PM »
Chapter 12

After everybody left the hospital room, Rena got up and went outside the room, she felt a sharp pain go through her body but at least it wasnt like from before, she kept on shuffling her way down the hall until she bumped into one of the doctors.

"Ah e-excuse, me" Rena said weakly, the doctor shook her head

"iie, its my fault..." the doctor said, then Rena had a sudden deep grin, like if she planned something, which she did. Immediately Rena grabbed the doctor and took him to an empty room. There, she knocked the doctor out and changed out of her clothes, where she snucked out of the hospital. Yui noticed that she forgot her gun so she ran back towards the room and noticed that Rena was gone. Quickly, Yui called everybody back and to their surprise they also noticed that Rena was gone.

Rena walked quickly towards the HQ, which was kind of far but at least she didnt run into any trouble, when she was finally there she noticed that the place was shielded. (Huh guess the fallens tried to attack this place) Rena thought. Rena entered in the password and went inside, nobody was inside the HQ

"Hm? Why isnt anybody here, i mean its a safe place" Rena said. Rena then walked towards the training room and took out the card that Vice-prez gave her and slide it through the crack. The 2 doors opened and Rena walked to the weapons area, she reached out and grabbed the same black box and opened it up. Rena grabbed Infernal and walked out of the training room. But as soon as she walked out 3 fallens came out from no where and started to attack. Rena held out Infernal and swunged it from one side to the other, thus creating a red stream of fire, but it was only for a few seconds before it went away.

The fallens then dispersed into a red, fire-like ash. Rena just continued on without wincing a bit. Soon enough she got outside only to be surrounded by even more fallens, and i know this is a bit too much but hey this type of fanfic needs some action anyways, Rena dashed towards the fallens and did a clean cut inbetween their bodies, making them split into halfs and dissolving into nothing.

Rena continued on towards outside in the city, once she did, she was like batman, hiding in the dark and sneaking up on the fallens.

"So this one hunter was so scared of this one illusion i did that he actually peed his pants HAHAHA!" One fallen said, the rest of the fallens around him laughed.

(Tch...thinking they're so great...) Rena thought, quickly she moved into the shadows and started to take them one by one, obviously this attracted their attentions, so, being on guard, the fallens did an illusion. Rena, who only saw darkness, was being followed by a light. Quickly she tried to escape it but soon enough another light came, then another popped up. Later the darkness went away and Rena saw millions of fallens.

"Oi...if it isnt Matsui..." one of the fallens said among the crowd, the fallens started to clear and go away, once they did there was only one fallen left. It was Ota Aika

"How`s your wound?" Aika said as she walked slowly towards Rena, Rena shot a cold glare at her

"Where's Yuki..." Rena said

"Ara? Who's she the one who you shot?" Aika said in an questionable manner, Rena just continued to glare at her

"I guess so! Anyways shes fine, Rie-sama is happily playing around with her, if you know what i mean" Aika grinned in an evil manner. Rena then ran towards Aika and grabbed her by the neck, other fallens tried to help but were dismissed by Aika

"Im serious, where is she!" Rena said, Aika just laughed

"Ahh you're fun to play with, but i cant tell you where she is..." Rena grabbed Infernal and made a cut on her

"OUCH! Oi! I wasnt finished!" Aika yelled in pain

"...tell me!" Rena said, Aika sighed

"Fine, first set me down"

"Alright...but do anything wierd, for i will kill you" Rena puts Aika down

"Phew...anyways i cant tell you where she is because Rie-sama disappeared"

"What? Why?"

"I dont know, its like she abandon us...well if you want some info, then listen to this, the last time i saw her was with your partner. She was knocked out and Rie-sama carried her towards a portal" Aika said

"Take me to it" Rena replied

"Wait what? Me take you towards our leader just so that you can hurt her?" Aika said

"Yeah so?"

"So....i want in"


"You heard me  i want in! Its pretty simple"


"Because its for leaving us to die here!" Aika then quickly regretted what she said

"What do you mean?"

"Nope cant!" Rena then grabbed Aika and started to pierce the blade into her stomach,

"GAHHH OKAY OKAYY IMA TALK IMA TALK!" Rena stopped and smiled in delight

"Geez, anyways so within 4 hours a giant meteor will come and destroy this place"

"Okay… so how do we stop it?"

"Cant unless...hmm...i dont remember"

"How can you not remember!"

"Hey! I was eating yakuniku when i was being told this"

"MAJIDE?!...tch baka~”

“said something?” Rena shook her head

“ only Rie knows how to stop this right?" Aika nodded

"Okay then take me to the portal" Aika nodded and the 2 set off to towards the portal, they soon got towards the main area where the fallens looked like if they were dead, and i meant it they were all so pale and their wings were now black, and the grey palace was now red.

"Oi what happened here?" Rena said

"Without the power of the leader, everything will be in the hands of the demon lord" Aika said

The 2 continued to walk towards the red palace, they walked past many of the fallens who were either dead or powerless. Aika and Rena soon got closer towards the palace's gates but suddenly they were blocked by a gigantic troll

"What...the...hell...." Rena said

"Tch...Ya'know just cause your not under the reign of Rie-sama doesnt mean you can do whatever" Aika said towards the troll, the troll just growled and screamed towards the 2 making bits of drool and spit fly everywhere

" know this thing" Rena questioned

Aika nodded "yeah he was guarding our gate"

The troll sneered amd screamed again this time actually landing huge parts of spits all over the 2

Rena froze while Aika was wiping off the drool

"Thats it....youre going down no matter what!" Aika shouted as she raced towards the troll, Rena felt another blackout. When she opened up her eyes, she saw Annin, Non-chan, Miyuki, and Yuria, and also herself. They were kids, and they had been playing by an old fashioned Japanese home.

“NEE~ NON-CHAN!” Little Rena shouted out as she was kicking a ball, Non was behind her and she was giggling, on the other hand Yuria was sitting on the porch and eating ice cream, Miyuki had spilled her ice cream all over her and Annin was cleaning her up

“mou…I told you not to get so many scoops” Annin said as she was taking some napkins and dabbing at Miyuki’s shirt

“teehee~…you’re like an otona Annin” Miyuki said, Annin blushed a bit. Soon enough a soothing voice could be heard

“Hai~ Minna, get ready to go to the creek”

“HAI~” everybody said as they went inside, soon enough the “vision” changed and they were at the creek, Annin, Miyuki, Non, and Yuria were all in the water while Rena was playing with her parents

“Okaa-san~ Oto-san~” Rena said, then it hit her. The real Rena soon had a headache, those “visions” were going all fuzzy, and switching from one good memory to one that was filled with fire. Rena then heard a slight ringing noise, the last thing she saw were her parents, who were smiling at first, then were covered in blood. Aika smacked Rena, which woke her up from her black out

“OW!” Rena said as she punched Aika

“AH! Jeez now is not the time to go hitting people, If you want to hit something then go destroy that troll” Aika said

“You mean you haven’t killed it yet?!” Rena said in frustration

“No! besides, my power is useless against him so its up to you” Aika said, Rena grabbed out Infernal and dashed from one spot to another, the troll tried to hit her but she kept on dodging. Rena then was able to get close enough towards the troll and landed a cut on the troll’s leg. The troll roared across the field. Rena then landed another cut on the troll’s other leg, soon making him fall towards the ground. And within the last minute, the troll was laying there, not moving, or trying to get up. Rena had taken her handkerchief and wiped the blood off her sword.

“OOH~ NICE~!” Aika said all grinning and smiling towards Rena, Rena rolled her eyes. The 2 then continued to walk towards the palace.

“so where’s the portal?” Rena asked, Aika pointed towards the brown door that was by many other doors, Rena just stared blankly towards the portal

“so…that’s the portal?” Rena questioned Aika


“and that little door right there, is suppose to take us to an all time powerful leader whose gonna destroy the city?”

“yup” Rena just stared aimlessly towards the door but soon regain consciousness and started to walk towards it. Aika followed behind Rena and off the 2 went, they opened the door and found themselves inside a pitch black room.

“ara, ara look who came?” the dark room became lit and within it was Rie holding Yuki, who was all tied up and gagged

“looks like Matsui came back to get her partner~ how interesting” Rie said

“Let her go!” Rena said, Rie laughed

“HAHAHA~ ‘let her go’!? you must be joking…she’s simply my captive, who helped me killed Matsui!” Soon the light went out again. Rena felt someone kick her in the stomach, then afterwards she heard Aika screaming

“Aika!” Rena shouted,  she then felt something hit her, she didn’t know where it was coming from but all she did know was that it hurt

“hehehe~ this fun, getting to beat you up…hm but something seems off, I know” The lights switched on again

“how about you fight back~” Rie said happily, Rena looked at Rie

“…how about…we play game” Rena asked, this intrigued Rie

“hm sounds pretty interesting~ I guess so…but~ to a game theres gotta be a bet right?” Rie said, Rena smirked

 “alright fine, but I make the bets here” Rena said, Rie just simply nodded

“let the games begin~” Rie said smiling in the most creepiest manner ever

Rena and Rie met face to face, Yuki was blindfolded and out in an cage made out of hollow chains

"so whats the bet?"

"if i am able to stab you with this blade the you let Yuki go and stop the meteor from hitting the city"

"alright...but if i win...i will take you, let your friend die, and let the city be destroyed~" Rena nodded

"so what game will we play"  Rena asked

"a game of death~" Rie said

"sounds interesting~ how do we play?" Rena said

"do you know that one scene from Harry Potter where Harry and Ron were playing chess?"

"the one with the life-size chess piece, and the 2 were playing each other?" Rie nodded


'thats how we are going to play it~ except... this will be like war"

"i still dont get it" Rie snickered

"you'll see what i meant" Rena and Rie then walked over towards a black and white checkered floor where soldiers were standing on the tiles,

"ah i see, so you're using your own soldiers..." Rie shook her head

"they are not mine, ya see they belong to a good old friend of mine, General Sae that is" Rena glared at the soldiers then back at Rie

"you mean you're risking human lives over a little game?" Rie laughed again then she stopped

"i guess so but come on lets just play"

Rena, being white, made her first move and it went on towards Rie, it was like this for what feels like forever but really it's been an hour

"so looks like it just you and me" Rie said, Rena was tired from stopping enemy attacks and having to flee from one side to the other

"y-yeah..." Rena said,

"...seems boring how bout we lighten things up a bit~" Rie said, some reason Rena got a slight chill from this

"okay so how bout instead of chess, let this be just a fight between the both of us~" Rie then came in rushing after Rena, Rena quickly grabbed out infernal and blocked the attack

"ouch...well that stinged..." Rie looked down at her arm and saw that it was burnt

"wonder how that happened well that doesnt matter anyway, all that matter is just finishing this off" Rie then came in and the 2 were fighting each other off. soon, Rie backed off, she was filled with cuts and burn marks while Rena had bruises and cut marks as well.

"that sword is very powerful, must be lucky to have it" Rie said, she was all tired and was sweating like crazy

"uhn..and you seem powerful as well..." Rena then ran towards Rie with all her might and was able to stab her

"...OW!" Rie screamed, Rena took out the blade from her body

"...did i win?" Rena asked

"" Rena puts away her blade and grabbed Rie and started to carry her out

"what are you doing...'

"you still got a deal to complete" The 2 finally made it towards where Yuki was, and Rie stopped the meteor while Rena got Yuki. After that Rie sat down

"go...i'll stay here and die peacefully" Rie said

"...fine...but do you have any last words?" Rena asked

"Tell Love-tan to make everything peaceful"

"wait i thought that she got taken away?"

"she did, i took her away from this place and back into the fallens realm"

"alright..i'll tell her" Rena was dragging Yuki towards the door

"ah and last request..slice the door down" Rena waved as a sign of yes and left, after that she did as she was told and found Aika

"oi..Aika" Aika was laying on the ground of the palace


'Rie said to make everything peaceful...though i dont know what that means..."

"i do" Aika smiled

"uhm okay?" Rena said

"well whatever...just go, your friend looks like she's about to die" Rena nodded, soon enough Rena and Yuki made it out towards the city where everything looked like its normal self.

(good to be back..) Rena thought, She took Yuki towards the HQ's hospital, while she was at the HQ everybody was there surrounding her and hugging her and saying how they missed her.

Afterwards, everything was normal, despite all the unnatural events that happened.


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Re: Unnatural Events
« Reply #64 on: October 23, 2015, 11:23:00 PM »
 I will probably make some short stories about the past AND future of Unnatural Events, so please stay tune :cathappy:

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Re: Unnatural Events
« Reply #65 on: October 24, 2015, 04:14:34 PM »
:shock: This is .... the end??? I didn't see that coming.
Actually I was hoping to see a wilder war between them. But this's ok, I guess.  I Love that Harry Potter's chess scene. Nice pick! :mon thumb:
And yes! I want to see the future. YukiRena moments please.... :bow: :bow: :bow:
Anyway, thank you for creating this fic, postttmater-san... and for finishing it... :kneelbow: this means a lot to me... Really!! :cry: :cry:

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