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Author Topic: Eternity (WMatsui fanfic) - COMPLETED  (Read 18361 times)

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Eternity: Secret | Separation
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kahem: It's what I was thinking when I was writing, but is a innocent love (?

sophcaro: Then is a secret lol still if you want to know how many there are, the fanfic in spanish is called "Eternidad"

The Ray: They're always cute and sweet <3

sadrilim: Oh! glad to hear that is something different, hope you still like it with the pass of chapters, sometimes it will get slow in the story lol

shinigamielf: Ossu! I will!

niineechan: I'm going a little fast with the translations, just that I don't want to publish all one behind the other so fast or it will be a little  to much (?

Ruka Kikuchi: If they don't meet it would be sad and not a Wmatsui lol! still they and you have to wait a little more for that

vickystar: wish granted

Note: and how I said in the past ones, sorry for all the mistakes!


Eternity: Secret | Separation




Humans keep secrets for many reasons, shame, fear, for convenience, for the convenience of others, even we have secrets, we have a very big one, our own existence, is the biggest secret to us, or it should be, just like humans, secrets are something that we keep even among our friends or family.

We aren’t so different from humans talking about that, but the more years you have, the wiser you could be or maybe dumber, but to live so many years, it leaves you the only option of being wiser or at least is what I believe.

Still I also keep a secret, after erasing the memory of Jurina I promised to Yuka and Mieko that I would no see her again, for a few days it was like that, until I began to sneak behind them.

I love art, that was from the time to were I was still alive, all these years I have seen part of the evolution of art and that makes me to love it more, using that as an excuse for my long hours outs, and also know Yuka’s habits, make easier trick them.

Not everything was easy, Jurina was 5 years old when I erased her memory, but when she turned 10 years I was discovered by Mieko, but she understands me, or so I feel, so she started helping me to keep seeing Jurina, I watched over her from the distance, far enough so that an ordinary human couldn’t see me, my visits to the balcony ended and were changed by visits from afar watching her window from the roof of the nearest home from hers.

It’s been two years more since Mieko found me, we run out of ideas on how to deceive Yuka, but that will not stop me to still seeing Jurina, I’m stronger than Yuka, but still I don’t want to betray her, I don’t want to go against her wishes, I don’t know if is because I’m grateful for all the years she took care of me, or because I’m still not brave enough to do something, although I’m betraying her right now…

Jurina has grown very well, is a very lively girl, is the fastest in her sport class, as the same in some of her subjects, in some other isn’t to much but doesn’t mean that she don’t try to be better everyday.

Mieko began to accompany me on occasions, apparently she began to take affection to Jurina, which makes me very happy, I would like to Yuka think alike, but I doubt she would do it sometime.

Sometimes I like to tell Mieko how I imagine me being next to Jurina or tell her about when I talked with the 5 years old Jurina, comparing that little girl with this almost young lady.

After each talk with Mieko I feel even more sad, being so close and still being very far, know everything about her an that she didn’t even know that I exist…

What can be worse than this? I can’t stop thinking about “If” and “If I had”… If I was human, If I was normal, If I had put resistance towards Yuka… but doesn’t help thinking about it, things already happened this way, and nothing will change by simple blame my decisions.

Jurina and her family will go on vacation, and I’ll think about how to escape this time without Yuka knowing, Mieko promised to help me think of something, but we doesn’t have ideas.

“You can say that you will go to an exhibition in another country” Mieko said as she was writing the idea in a notebook, we list several excuses but none convinced us so far.

“If I say something like that Yuka is going to ask about what exhibition, she also likes to go to those exhibitions, she will want to come with me” I replied as I walked around the room.

“Why don’t tell her the truth?” Mieko asked in a soft tone

“You know why, if I tell her now after so many years she definitely will taken it as a betrayal, this time I don’t know what will happen” I replied, Mieko nodded, who best knows Yuka than her, and she knew the response from the start “And… I’m sorry to be the cause if she get angry at you, you know about Jurina and how I had hidden it from 2 years, plus the ones you didn’t know…”

“So… this is what you two had been hiding” a voice behind us surprised us, Yuka was standing right behind us “I thought something was strange, I don’t blame you, I would have done the same as be you, but that doesn’t mean I will forget that you are seeing me like an idiot all these years, I could have expected this from you Rena, but Mieko… you..”

“You know I don’t do things without reason, Yuka understand, you must let Rena commit her own mistakes, don’t over protect her” Mieko said as she placed her hand on my shoulder, Yuka want just to protect me, I know, but her way is unfounded, but she doesn’t want to accept it.

“We have always take care of her like if she were our own daughter!, I will not allow that just because a human she had to suffer or that on some way something take her away of us!” Yuka said enraged, her eyes shifting to a more reddish color.

“We also were humans! I was also a human once!” Mieko said trying to remain calm.

“Don’t confuse things woman! that girl isn’t like you, don’t compare! As for you Rena” Yuka said walking towards me, her aura of superiority that began to oppress the whole atmosphere “You’ll stay with me” she said as took my arm and pulled me out of the place, despite what Mieko was trying to say, Yuka hasn’t the intention to letting me go, much less hear me, and I… I doesn’t know what to do, the last thing I want is to hurt Yuka or Meiko, much less be responsible of any damage to Jurina, but how make Yuka understand without a violent confrontation? I had never attempted to be against her, just that time 7 years ago, and that was the worse, we happened to get hurt, not only physically, but psychologically.

“Yuka, please… listen” I whispered, but Yuka continued to ignore my words “Yuka… give me a chance to talk” I asked again trying to convince her, Yuka stopped her step, letting go my arm.

“Okay, Let’s talk how it was supposed to be 7 years ago, Rena, you lied to me” Yuka said in a wounded tone

“And how you wanted me to talk with you? are you seeing what are you doing right now? it would be the same 7 years ago!” I replied trying to not raise my voice too much, Mieko was right by my side, but didn’t say a word.

“You don’t only lied to me, but you also make Mieko to do it, she has never hidden anything from me…” It hurt me to hear how Yuka was talking, but she was guilty too…

“Yuka, you know very well that sometimes you don’t know how to listen, you want to protect everything you love, you want to make us avoid any kind of danger, but you can’t do it always, perhaps you didn’t learn anything from what happened to me, what happened to us?” Mieko asked Yuka, although I know them from my whole vampiric life, I never knew their story, Yuka transformed Mieko, but I don’t know more than that.

“For that reason, I don’t want to see her go through something like that!” Yuka said in despair “I don’t want to see her suffer like I did”

“Yuka, sometimes is good to feel those things, we can’t keep her away from all that, even if she’s like how she is now, she has the right to live” Mieko said as she approached Yuka and hugged her “Give her the opportunity to experience and give to yourself the opportunity to know that human girl, Jurina is very special to Rena, as I am for you”

Live, that was the key word, that is Jurina for me, I don’t just see how she lives, I see myself living seeing her live, I began to live again when I met her, she was my answer, my reason for being, my reason to continue in this eternity.

“What I less want is to fight with you, or to lose Jurina, just support me on this” I said to Yuka pleadingly, Yuka looked at me a moment.

“Sometimes I get carried away by my overprotective sense, and is something from what I will not apologize, but I will for the stupidity that causes on me, I guess I’ll let you experience more, but doesn’t mean I will not watch over you closely” Yuka said reluctantly, winning being patted on the head by a smiling Mieko, and a big smile on my part

“Thank you, Yuka” I said in an excited tone, didn’t have for what to fear now, and maybe in the future I could reveal again in front of Jurina.

“Well, I guess is a good opportunity to go on a vacation too, and a good opportunity to learn why you like to be her guardian angel” Yuka said with a smile, to which I agreed.

“Sometimes that girl does strange things during sleep, is fun to watch” Mieko remarked smiling, to which I frowned.

“Oh, I want to see that” Yuka commented with a smile, to which Mieko took her arm and started to lead her

“Wait, you’re going to go see her now?!” I asked shocked, Mieko nodded and with a playful smile Yuka nodded too, after that they began to run at high speed, without thinking twice I also ran, but when we were in front of the house there was nobody.

“How strange, I thought they would go tomorrow” Mieko commented watching the house.

“The car isn’t here, they forward their departure” I said as watched the porch.

“Then you should catch them, we will see you tomorrow” Yuka said with a smile “Mieko as for you, I will punish you for lying to me, see you tomorrow Rena” Yuka said smirking, Mieko threw me glances of terror, but I decided to ignore them, I don’t want to get mixed in their weird things.

I know the smell of Jurina and they were already advanced in the road, I will reach them more into the night, but it would be otherwise if I don’t start to move.
The more Jurina’s scent was more strong the more excited I was, little by little the night began to fall and darkness to cover the picture, if it wasn’t for the light of certain houses on the banks of the way everything would be darker, unlike me that it doesn’t affect me, to humans was  different, I could saw cars go on the road with their lights on.
Sometimes I want to buy a car, but I’m faster if I run so it doesn’t makes sense to do it.

The night had completely fallen, almost no passing cars, but then it hit me a smell of burning oil or something like that, what scare me most was that the scent of Jurina was mingled with that strange smell, at feel it I get a feeling that something was wrong, so I started running faster.

When I get to where it was the reason for the smell I could saw the worst scene I could have seen, the family car of Jurina, shattered roadside…
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Re: Eternity - chapter 3 (Wmatsui)
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 :OMG: :OMG: :OMG: :OMG: :OMG: :OMG: :OMG: :OMG: :OMG: :OMG: :OMG: :OMG:

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Re: Eternity - chapter 3 (Wmatsui)
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O my, o my, o my!
R, save J, please! Hurry! :@
Thnk u 4 the tense rising, author-san..
N thnk u 4 updating... ::bow::

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Re: Eternity - chapter 3 (Wmatsui)
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OMG, Jurina had an accident  :OMG:
Rena please save jurina :on speedy:

Thanks for update author-san :kneelbow:
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Re: Eternity - chapter 3 (Wmatsui)
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Author-san please save Jurina  !!!!!!! :panic: :OMG: :fainted:
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Eternity: Fear | Savior
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This chapter is short, and I wanted to let you guys know about the accident and what happened after that lol and as always... sorry for the mistakes


Eternity: Fear | Savior





Being almost immortal, with an eternity in front of you, how could you be afraid?…

Fear is characterized by different situations, some sense of danger, real or a maybe, it could be referred to the present, future or even something from the past, there are different ways we can express fear, but the maximum expression is terror.

Terror is what I felt when I saw the wrecked car on the edge of the road, a feeling of emptiness and nausea that ran through my body, I didn’t know where to look or what to do, I was afraid of seeing a reality that I wanted to avoid, my body doesn’t answered my orders, I was completely in shock, but then I hear a whisper.

“Help…” I heard the soft voice, if I had been an ordinary human, probably I wouldn’t have heard it but it was clear enough for me, better yet, that voice made me out of my shock, it was a voice I knew very well, Jurina’s voice.

After hearing her voice almost inaudible, I ran to the car, it was completely shattered and upside down, the parents of Jurina in front and Jurina on the back, the 3 with the belt, from the hood of the car came a black smoke which made put me more alert, the smell of gasoline was to strong.

“Help me” I could listen again, taking my mind of the trance in which I had come at observe the situation, Jurina was there with her arm outstretched towards me, in her arms cuts from the accident and the same was for her face with traces of blood, but she was still alive, her heart was beating faster than normal, I had to get her out of there… “M-my parents…” I hear her voice at the time I approached the car.

“They are alive, relax, I will take care of them but first is you” I replied quietly, the whole family was alive, but I didn’t know how the situation was for her parents, apart that they were still alive.

I took the car door and pulled with force and flung it away from the car, the seat belt was stuck, but it wan’t a problem for me, with a little squeeze I achieve break it realizing Jurina, I took her in my arms taking her out of the car and then leaned her down.

“Save… my parents please” She said almost unconscious, but she had took my arm firmly.

“I will save them” I replied with a small smile, I stroked her cheek and set off to the car again, the oil and gasoline began to leak more and more, when I was taking Jurina’s mother I realized that from the hood car came fire, I had to hurry or all will end badly, I achieve to free Jurina’s mother and took her at Jurina’s side, she was breathing heavily, but still breathing, now it was just her father, I retuned to the car and took him out as fast as I could and just in time before the flames began to consume what remained of the car.

The fire seemed as it was eating the car, it wasn’t explosions, nothing like what I could think would happen, only the fire consuming the metal and furniture, but the family of Jurina and herself were safe, I approached Jurina and sat beside her, her eyes barely open observing me.

“T-Thank you” she whispered, her expression of pain, surely she took hard hits in the accident, if I could take away all her pain I would do it, I rather prefer to feel it than she feel it…

“Don’t strain yourself, the help is almost here, okay?” I said in what I could hear the sirens of the ambulance, someone had warned about a car that had left the road, if I wanted I could take the 3 as quickly as possible to the hospital, but it would be difficult, and I could damage them if they had any serious injury, impotence was eating me, but seeing and observing Jurina breathing as she was watching me calmed me a little.

“you’re like an angel…” she whispered as she stretched her arm to reach my face, I slowly approached her to facilitate her intentions, until I felt the palm of her hand on my cheek and how she stroked it like I had done moments before.

Jurina fainted after that, maybe she didn’t hear the last thing I said, but moments later I had to separate from her because the ambulance had arrived, I had to hide, it wasn’t time to let Jurina know about me.

Mieko and Yuka came to the next day, we were in a building opposite the hospital, from our position we could see Jurina’s room, she was fine, a few scares here and there but no risk, about her parents, her mother needed more time for her recovery  like her father but they were fine.

“Don’t you dare to blame yourself for this, Rena “ Yuka said as she took me by my shoulder

“I know that this isn’t my fault, nor can I blame you or anyone else, it was an accident… but I can’t help it, I feel like if I had failed her” I answered.

“You saved them, Rena, if you hadn’t been there they had died burned” interfered Mieko as she hugged me, at least she was right about that, if I hadn’t been there they had died, but if I had been there from before this wouldn’t had to happen.

But my sentimental mood didn’t last long, the same for Mieko and Yuka, something caught our attention, what Jurina said to her father after seeing him.

“Dad I assure you it was like that, this girl with long black hair, she was the one who saved us” Jurina said firmly

“There was nobody with us Jurina, sure you dreamed” her father answered, she had seen me, I had forgotten that detail…

“I know what I see, I’m sure it was real!” Jurina replied frustrated

“I know someone had saved us, but Jurina, to a woman took the car door and trow it like you say, is something that just a woman couldn’t do alone, maybe you saw her or maybe not, we can’t know, when the people from the ambulance found us we were alone”

Jurina didn’t discussed more, I don’t know if she had accepted what her father said or if she just decided to don’t argue anymore.

“It seems that you were seen” Yuka said thoughtfully “You should go to erase her memories again?”

“I don’t think it’s necessary, she doesn’t remember clearly, I just need to avoid being seen again” I answered watching Jurina’s room, yet it wasn’t time to reveal me to her, Yuka and I knew it.

The next time I stand in front of her I want to appear as if I were human, not seeing her afraid for what I am, and when time pass, tell her my secret, I don’t want to make the same mistake 2 times, I don’t want to see her eyes watching me with terror like the other time.

“When you’re ready to stand in front of her, I want you to tell me” Yuka commanded, I didn’t questioned her desires, so I just nodded.

I had saved the life of Jurina, from now on, I wanted to keep my promise for real and not leaver her side again… Little I knew at that moment that the promise would be broken again.

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Re: Eternity - chapter 4 (Wmatsui)
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I believe J's heart is longing for R..
Aah.. I have this mixed feelings because of u, author-san.
Not able to show urself to ur love is just.... Aaaarghhh...
Thx 4 updating. :bow:

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Eternity: Past | Present
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Here's the chapter in where I introduce the villain, hope you like it and as always, sorry for the mistakes.


Eternity: Past | Present





All human past is a sea of memories, good and bad memories, but if for a human is a sea of memories for us is a universe, but at the same of humans, there are good and bad ones.

The difference that distinguishes us is that many of the people we meet we see them born, live and die, but if is someone like us, we continue to seen them for all the eternity, maybe it takes many years to find them again, but we find them, all of us live in one world after all.

It’s like when they say that fate makes two people met, but we have so many fates then, in different decade, century or millennium.

The accident of Jurina and her family stayed in the past, a past that goes back three years ago, the small 12 years old Jurina is now 15, she isn’t small anymore, but for me she will always be, after all I’ve have many years more than her.

After that day Jurina keep asking about me, but at see that  no one knew anything dropped the subject after a few days. Now Jurina is a lively young lady, I love watching her play, laugh, have fun, it’s a very interesting young lady, is very good at sports, but somehow also loves art like me, but she prefers only to watch, I’ve seen many times how she tries to draw, paint or sculpt… but nothing of those works for her, it’s fun to see her expression frustrated to se that she can’t do anything of that, but she’s still trying sometimes, although the result remains the same.

The days were peaceful, but lately I felt as if someone was watching me, a feeling that I didn’t like…

“It happens that you sink into your thoughts, Rena” Yuka said smiling

“What are you saying?” I asked puzzled

“You think to much about I don’t know what, that you didn’t realize that your little “pigeon” already go flying from home” she said as she smiled pointing to where Jurina was going, which was already several blocks away

“Oh… sh**!” I said to myself as I stood to follow her, Yuka doing the same and started to following me.

“About what was you thinking that you distracted at such level as to forget about Jurina?” Asked Yuka curious

“Lately I feel like if someone is watching me” I replied without looking at her, but after a few seconds I realized that Yuka wasn’t behind me anymore “Is something wrong?” I asked at see how she stopped

“I… I remembered that Mieko wanted something, I’ll see you later, don’t neglect your pigeon” She said in a nervous tone, which one I didn’t pay much attention

Little I know about what Yuka was hiding…

Without me knowing what was happening, Yuka and Mieko were talking about a matter in which I was completely wrapped…

“She’s back, Yuka, she found her” Mieko said as she hugged Yuka

“How the hell she found her?” Yuka asked surprised.

“She followed us, she knew that sooner or later we would meet Rena, I’m afraid that she can do something to hurt her” Mieko replied worried.

“We will not allow something like that, we have to take her with us and leave this place” Yuka said with authority.

“We can’t do that Yuka, she’s with Jurina, we can’t separate her from Jurina, we must find another way and fast”

Mieko and Yuka were trying to protect me from someone, and I know very well that someone, she’s very dangerous.

“One of my guys said me that one of her servants is near, she still doesn’t know about Rena, but one of her servants knows” Mieko said nervously.

“We must stop that idiot before he said something to her, once she knows where Rena is… the only option left will be fight with her” Yuka commented thoughtful “First we need to find that servant, you know where Rena is?… is a stupid question, she’s with Jurina, right?…” she told to herself smiling

“We can take advantage this weekend, Jurina and her family will go to visit a relative, that time is valuable, we can take care of that idiot on that moment” Mieko said thoughtfully, Yuka nodded and kissed Mieko

“Everything will be fine” She assured with a calm voice.

That weekend I followed Jurina and her family how I had been doing for the past 15 years, this time Yuka and Mieko had decided don’t came, which was nothing unusual, sometimes they come and sometimes not, but something told me that this occasion was different from the others,  and it seemed that I didn’t learn to start following my instincts, still I leave the city and followed Jurina and her family.

“It looks like  we found the servant” Yuka said in a cold tone.

“Yuka Sama…” whispered a vampire surprised

“Airin had sent you, right?” Yuka asked as she approached the vampire

“Yuka sama, I implore not to cast against Airin sama orders” said the vampire without showing fear

“I seem that I don’t impose respect like before” commented Yuka to herself.

“If your desires are agains Airin Sama I will have no choice but to fight” replied the vampire full of confidence.

“I expected no less of a servant of Airin, that damn girl can’t just forget about Rena, so big is her fascination for her?” Asked Yuka frustrated.

“With your visit it confirms me that this young vampire who have I been following in fact is Rena Sama” the vampire said with a smile

“You didn’t know how Rena was?” Asked Yuka surprised if that was the case then she had made a mistake by presenting in front of this vampire and discuss about Rena with him.

“I must say no, I was sent to search her but I had never seen her, I only know her for words that described her, but I confirmed that indeed she is, Airin Sama will be very pleased to know that her beloved Rena Sama has been found” The young vampire said smiling even more openly.

“And what makes you think that I will let you tell her?” Yuka asked threatening.

“I knew that I could meet you at some point of this, who would say that you would confirm my suspicions, but as I said, if their desires are against Airin Sama I will face both of you, so I will implore again to don’t go agains Airin Sama” replied the vampire

“Then you’ll have to be quick to beat me, I will not allow Airin to know where Rena is, not today, not tomorrow, much less in the near or distant future” Yuka said menacingly, her eyes had become reddish and her fangs protruding from her mouth.

“It leaves me no choice then” answered the young vampire showing his fangs and his reddish eyes too.

Mieko kept her distance from both vampires, seeing if there was someone else apart from that servant, which seemed like he was alone, but she was distracted when she heard a loud sound, Yuka has been dropped on the floor, the servant was stronger than both had believed.

“It looks like you’re not just a servant” Yuka said as she stood slowly

“Indeed, I’m not, I’m a elite vampire, but like 100 years younger than you” replied the smiling vampire

“I don’t imagine that someone like you will fulfill Airin orders” commented Yuka surprised.

“Airin Sama is more than you could imagine, her strength is not proportional to her young age, is more than I can even think, it’s a great honor to serve her and I will not hesitate to fight anyone who wants to go against her” the vampire said as he was running towards Yuka

“In the same way you protect Airin I protect Rena!” Shouted Yuka as she was running against the vampire too.

Both fighting on the same level, blows were hitting each other, but none yielding a single step, Mieko wanted to interdict, but she knew that if she did could hurt the pride of Yuka, so she watched the fight expectantly.

“I don’t expect less of you Yuka Sama… but this ends here” commented the vampire at have cornered Yuka

“That’s my line” Yuka replied with a smile, in one fluid motion and graceful, she achieved to place behind the servant, took the head of him and then twist his head with force ripping it from the rest of the body

“I was seriously thinking of getting into the fight” Mieko said as she approached Yuka

“The good thing is that it wasn’t necessary, this vampire didn’t even know how Rena was, if is another servant of Airin close maybe he’s in the same situation than this one, I think I know how to keep them away for more time” Replied Yuka in which she threw the vampire’s head away from her.

“What’s your plan?” Mieko asked to her eternal companion

“We’ll make Airin believe that Rena discovered her servant and she killed him to then run away to an unknown destination” replied Yuka

“Then we must send this false report to Airin”

Without knowing a war had been avoided, without know an imminent danger had been surrounded, Yuka and Mieko are the closest to be a family to me, they are as if they were my parents, teaching me and protecting me since they found me.

Airin was part of my past, and even if I doesn’t want, she would be part of it for eternity, but my present is Jurina, and even if Airin appeared in my life again, for Jurina I would do what I haven’t done for fear…

Face who introduced me to the darkness and eternity…


It seems that you have been avoiding me my love, fooling me for 3 years since I did lose one of my most faithful servants…

Fascinating creature, I didn’t mistake by becoming you once I met you, Rena… you’re perfect, so perfect that just makes me think of taste your blood again, the sweetest blood I’ve ever had taste in my entire life…

But I’ve found you, and this time you will stay with me forever…

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Re: Eternity - chapter 5 (Wmatsui)
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what's happen if Airin found Rena  :shocked :shocked:panic:
so interesting... cant wait for next chapter :bow:
WMatsui in my heart <3
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Eternity: Danger | Distance
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vickystar: you will know now lol
Tupi: Wish granted lol

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Eternity: Danger | Distance




The danger is a situation that threatens your life or someone else life, it can be latent, which makes it potentially dangerous but that doesn’t affect anyone more than yourself or the person, or at least not yet, it can be potential, which is in the point to affect other persons, and finally the danger active, this time is when the danger is causing harm to people right in the moment.

At the time when I saw that person would be when my life and potentially Jurina’s life, would be in latent danger.

“I found my beloved Rena” I heard a whisper that was like when you said words to the wind and they are lost in the distance, so I didn’t put to much attention on that, maybe just my imagination.

Jurina with her 18 years, she was beautiful, every day it was more difficult to stay away from her, you’d think seeing somebody grow will make grow only your feelings of maternal love or brotherhood, but on the contrary, my feelings were changing from want to protect her with the pass of years, until I realized that more than just wanting to protect her, I wanted to love her.

Search for someones love was something I had never experienced, not in my long life, but now I felt that I wanted Jurina to look only at me, knowing that at have her in my sight could bring problems to her eventually, still I wanted to surround her body with my arms.

To my surprise, wanting to take her blood had never crossed my mind, even thinking about it caused me disgust, I don’t know if was because she’s the only human that doesn’t attract me because of that, or maybe because of my love for her and that I only wanted to protect her from any harm or simply because her blood doesn’t raise me appetite, whatever was the reason it was unthinkable to even think giving her a pinch, any cause of pain for her, was an enemy to me.

Today was the sport festival in Jurina’s school, her last sport festival on this school, she will be collage student now, for years behind I saw the sport gift she had, and to be her last festival she didn’t hesitate to participate in any event arising.

She was from the least persons to retire after a long day and as usually I was following her at the distance, I hadn’t seen nothing out of the ordinary, many people approach her, she is very social, not only with her classmate, but with neighbors and people who usually she saw at her way to school too.
And that was why I didn’t noticed the approaching danger…

A person with a hat that covered half of her face and dark glasses approached Jurina, even being that person so oddly I decided don’t put myself in high alert, I just put more attention to what was happening, but ready for anything dangerous it could happen.

“It seems that I finally have the chance to see you face to face Jurina san” said the figure with soft voice, but still I could understand, silly me who didn’t recognize who was, knowing so well that voice and to not recognize her…

“Who are you?” Jurina asked in a firm voice, but she walked a few steps back, both felt it, that person was unreliable.

“Oh it isn’t necessary to you to know it, right? Rena?” I was surprised to hear my name, but I hadn’t time to be surprised for long, the figure had turned in my direction, her smile showing her fangs.

“Airin” I whispered with obvious fear in my voice

“Rena? seems that you had confused me” Jurina said ignorant of the danger in which she was.

“No, of course not, I know very well you’re the one I’m looking for”Airin said smiling, putting full attention on Jurina again “It’s you who is trying to steal my Rena” she continued talking with a threatening tone, Jurina noticed it and gave another couple of steps back, but at high speed Airin took her neck, lifting her a few centimeters from the ground “I’ll kill you unless human”

“NO!” I screamed loudly, my reaction rate made me to reach them at the time that Airin had taken Jurina’s neck “Get away from her!” I yelled while hitting Airin, causing her to let go Jurina, but not causing her to move more than a few centimeters

“Rena… you had hit me?” Airin asked surprised

“Stay away from her” I said ignoring anything Airin have said, at that moment I was between Jurina and Airin, Jurina was on the floor gasping for air and although I would like just to ignore Airin and give my full attention to Jurina and see if she was okay, the reality was that doing so wasn’t an option.

“Stupid human, what have you done to my beloved Rena? her eyes looks different from what I like!” Airin said in frustration “I leave you freely for a few years just for this? so that you can walk like a lap dog behind a human?”

“Airin, you and I haven’t a relationship, and you don’t have right to do something to her” I said in a threatening tone.

“We have more than a relationship Rena, remember and as for your human, I'll kill her” Airin replied with a playful smile as she avoided my eyes and looked at Jurina, following her line of sight I saw Jurina, her expression of terror and lack of understanding.

“I will not allow you to touch her” I said as I watched Jurina, trying to make her feel safe, at hear my words Jurina saw right into my eyes, those eyes that had years without looked me.

“But I did touch her seconds ago” Airin said laughing “I nearly killed her a few moments ago, and I plan that in my next attack I will kill her for real”  she said the latest in an even more serious voice.

Without thinking much I took a few steps back until I could take Jurina’s hand and helper her up.

“Jurina, just don’t walk away from me” I said in a serious tone and felt how her hands were shaking “I’m sorry” I said before hearing how Airin was approaching us at high speed.

“Stay away from that stupid human!” Airin shouted demanding, her speed and strength are something to fear, even among older vampires she’s respected.

Having Jurina in danger make that the only feasible thing to do was defend, and more than defend myself, was to defend her, so all I could do was dodge and receive blows before they could reach her, a blow for her would mean dead.

“Damn it Rena, I don’t want to hurt you” Airin screamed in frustration.

I could barely stand, if breathing was still vital for me, surely would be something difficult to do at the moment, but Jurina hadn’t been grazed by Airin hands.

“I told you that I will not let you touch her” I said still with determination

“Rena… okay, but this isn’t the end and the next time I will kill that human, doesn’t matter if you like it or not, you are only mine, and you have to look only at me” were the last words from Airin before disappear.

Luck was at my side, keeping that pace for longer and it would mean let me out of combat in a few minutes more which would leave Jurina helpless.

I still feel pain and fatigue, and those things took over my body at the time I didn’t felt the presence of Airin, I let me fall in the ground kneeling, the blows I had received became noticed in my face, probably I will need a good amount of blood tonight if I wanted to recover quickly my force…

“A-are you okay?” I heard the voice of Jurina behind me, my body tensed to listen her, I don’t feel prepared to see her and less after everything that happened, the next time I wanted to saw her was supposed to be under other circumstances and again I had her in danger…

Without even saying a word I nodded, after that I notices how she walked to stand in front of me, at see her I set my look to the ground, but she knelt in front of me and took my chin, forcing me to face her.

“I don’t know who you are and I know that I could easily confuse this with a bizarre dream, but you saved me, thanks” she said with a smile on her face, one very warm, as warm as how I remembered.

“I’m sorry” I said as I turned my face to get rid of her touch and slowly got up from the position where I was, for more than I wanted to keep talking with her, this was a mistake

“I feel that I know you” I heard her and then saw how she was seeing my face in a curious way “Seriously I think I know you but I don’t remember from where”

“I don’t think you know me” I answered a little nervous, but I couldn’t stay with the doubt of whether might or might not recover her memories, so I had to make the painful decision to eraser her memories again, eraser this moment…

To her surprise I put the palm of my hand on her forehead, it was like reliving that moment when I erased her memory for the first time, now more painful than before.

“I’m sorry to do this again” I said apologetically, it passed a few seconds and I was waiting for Jurina to faint, but it didn’t happen, I felt how she took my wrist and separate my hand of her forehead.

“Perhaps you want to know if I’m so scared that I have fever or something like that?” she asked puzzled, I couldn’t help but to see her surprised, I couldn’t erase her memory

“You still remind me” I whispered surprised.

“Of course, you saved me a moments ago, I still feel I know you, and by what you just said then I could tell that we know each other, or not?” she asked in a tone of curiosity, but I ignored her question again and put the palm of my hand on her forehead again, and likewise she took my wrist and separated my hand from it “Seriously, are you okay? maybe all those blows caused you something on the head, I think you aren’t a normal human, the same as the other woman, but all those blows should hurt you” she said worriedly.

For more joy it could cause me for know how she can worry about me, this was something new, I couldn’t erase her memory, now what? I can’t protect her form the shadows now, Airin know about her and want to kill her, and now Jurina know about the existence of both, Airin and me, and knowing the curiosity of Jurina she wouldn’t stop trying to know more about me, the worst thing is that the more easily thing to do is stay away from her, but Airin will want to kill her if I do that, so stay away from her wasn’t an option, for the contrary, now I need to be more close to her.

I couldn’t think clearly at the moment and have Jurina so close to my face made it even more difficult…

“Could you get away from me? is uncomfortable” I said in a cold tone, if I couldn’t get away from her, at least I could keep a distance, that way it would be easier not to fall into temptations with her.

“You’re cute, you know? like an angel” and as if was a flood of memories came one memory after other, when Jurina was a child and said that I was her guardian  angel “Although by how you come dressed you would be more like a black angel”

“Right, I’m a black angel, and be near me is dangerous, so stay away”  I said keeping my aggressive tone, I tried to turn and go but she stopped me taking my arm, being so weak at the moment was more annoying now, I couldn’t go at high speed because I hadn’t energy left for do that

“I will not let you go, I want to know before that, what was all this?, I can’t let you go after being almost killed by an unknown woman and although you have saved me and I appreciate it, I want you to tell me what you have to do on all this, because for what I understand of all, I’m involved and I don’t know neither you or that crazy woman” Jurina said firmly

Now what can I do? knock her out and run away from here?… no, that wasn’t an option, I couldn’t hurt her in any way… but there was the answer, scare her, I would take her away from me and what could be better than to frighten her, maybe I will regret it later but it sounded good right now

“I don’t know if you’re aware that you don’t have any right to demand for answers, not if you are just a simple human” I answered, but now turning to see her “If you don’t want that the one who kill you could be me, is better to let me alone” I continued saying as I showed my teeth and my eyes were becoming red, Jurina released my arm and stepped back

“I-I’m not afraid” she said shuttering, it was clear that she was afraid, her reaction was funny and I couldn’t help but to laugh.

“And you say that you’re not afraid of me? you hear how you stutter?” I asked mocking her reaction

“See, you’re not as bad as you try to look, your smile is cute” thanks to all the Gods blushes aren’t recorded on our faces, but she had leave me speechless “You will try to scare me more? you saved me, you must have a reason, and I don’t feel malice from you” I couldn’t do more than watch her giving in to it, but I couldn’t tell her anything, at least not yet.

“I can’t tell you what you want to know” I said, trying to sound as neutral as possible “Maybe after some time, still I will protect you from that woman who wanted to hurt you, that’s a promise, but I don’t want you near me, don’t look for me”

“You want me to continue with my life as if nothing had happened, at the time a crazy woman is trying to kill me and another crazy woman defends me behind my back?…I can’t promise anything” she answered as she pouted

“I didn’t expect to receive your cooperation… but I was hoping for it… I will just keep my distance, but I will be around to protect you” Jurina was watching me with disapproval, but the more she knew the more she would be in danger.

“I’ll let you go today but just because my mom will get mad at me for being so late, but next time you will not escape… but… mmmh… can you come with me?… I’m still a little afraid” she said the latest in a whisper with a soft reddish color on her cheeks, again I couldn’t help but to smile at her actions.
“I’ll be closer than you think, it’s always like that, don’t be afraid and continue as if nothing had happened” I said with a smile, forgetting that I wanted to act aggressively to keep my distance.

“You better don’t lie to me… you’re like a guardian angel, one black and beautiful, I like you already Rena, hope to see you soon… in a situation where my life isn’t compromised” she said with a smile “I will discover what comes all this, so don’t get rid of me!” said and ran off leaving me standing in the same place, but I’m her shadow after all, so I started to follow her form a distance, her face had formed a smile.

I had to maintain a safe distance, but how I will keep it if now I could stand in front of her again? she doesn’t fear me, not after seeing what I was, but still she didn’t knew what or who I am, still she doesn’t showed me fear, rather than at the beginning…

Airin was danger, one that I should overcome, what she planned for us in the future was unknown, and because of that I was afraid, still I will give everything to protect Jurina and if was necessary to sacrifice me, I would do it.

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Re: Eternity - chapter 6 (Wmatsui)
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WMatsui~~~  :mon inluv: :mon inluv: :mon inluv: :mon inluv:

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Re: Eternity - chapter 6 (Wmatsui)
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Rena couldn't erare Ju's memory! This is new!
Keep it up, author-san! :bow: :twothumbs

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Eternity: Memories | Truth
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Eternity: Memories | Truth


Mes Salutations



Memories  are situations you’ve lived before, sometimes can fail to recall them, but it doesn’t mean that there haven’t been, and sometimes those memories you can only see them again in dreams…

“I don’t think you’re bad being so pretty”

“You’re like my guardian angel! right?”

“My name is… and I will always be here for you Jurina”

The memories flowed in Jurina’s dreams as it were presented on a cinema, but the face of so-called angel stood in the shadows, only the long and straight hair could see clearly as the same as the porcelain white skin, something told her that she knew who was that angel, every time that her child self would pronounce the name a distortion prevented her to hear.

From the day she met Rena those dreams were present, but wasn’t the first time she had them, she remembered those dreams from other occasions, but more present was the time from the accident a few years ago, after waking in the hospital she couldn’t help but to think on her guardian angel and these dreams began to appear.

But, why those dreams had to appear now? it could be because Rena reminds her that angel in her dreams?… but Rena wasn’t an angel, a black angel was better to describe her, the memories unsubstantiated  those dreams, they doesn’t had anything to do with Rena, for her tusks and eyes, was fast to Jurina imagine what dark creature would be… a vampire…

Still, rather than worry about the dangerous creature that was Rena, what worried her most was that other vampire, Airin, not because it could hurt her like the day before, the other day she was in a situation of life or death, but Rena came to save her, still, she just watched helplessly as how Rena was beaten and she was unable to do something about it.

It worries her that Rena could be at risk, but why had that feeling for a stranger?… but Rena wasn’t a stranger, Jurina knew that she knew her from somewhere… When she though about it is when those dreams reappeared… and if it wasn’t just a dream? and if in fact… those were memories?

Jurina was now in a time were she doesn’t know what to think or do, she had to look for answers and the only one who could give her those answers was Rena, but how to know where she was? she didn’t know anything about her except her name.

“I’ll be closer than you think, like always”

Those words echoed in her head, always closer to her? where?… if Rena wanted her alive and was close to her, that means that maybe if she was in danger or something like that,  Rena maybe would appear magically, but that could be dangerous and she could be killed in the try and don’t get anything… she would just make Airin’s job more easy.

Jurina’s head just formulated stupid plans where the common denominator was put herself in mortal danger or in a situation which could get hurt, nothing good comes when she thinks about something too much.

Without want to think more about all this mess, Jurina decided to took a day off from school and go to the only place where she could think and be calm, the museum, maybe she wasn’t good doing art, but she knows how to appreciate it.

Without knowing, Jurina was followed by the cause of her mood, Rena.


Jurina was heading to the museum, it had much time since I saw her go there, I followed closely as always since the attack of Airin I had been more attentive to what happens around her and although I felt better when I saw her surrounded by people, Yuka and Mieko had shown me that a situation like that doesn’t claimed anything.

But unlike that time, now they were on my side, Yuka had been paying more attention around us since I told her about Airin and the same was with Mieko, who accompanied me avery time she could in my normal routine to monitor the welfare of Jurina.
With stealthy step I followed Jurina from a distance through the museum, although I want to star far, it was impossible in such place or I could lose sight of her, something I couldn’t afford to do…

Paintings of several artist of my time, as beautiful as I remembered, just a little more opaque or with missing parts, but it doesn’t took away how beautiful they still were, not realizing it I had been watching them for a few minutes, deep in my memories, in the time when I was still breathing.

“They are beautiful right? Sometimes I wonder what were thinking the artist when they were pointing” said a voice at my side, to which I smiled.

“Pure nonsense, money was what sometimes motivate them, or feelings of spite” I replied still smiling, after finished speaking I heard a melodious laugh “Jurina?” I asked surprised

“It seems that I hadn’t to put myself on the edge of a bridge about to jump into the void to see you again” she said with a smile that I loved seeing

“You better never think about something like that or who will end up killing you will be me or maybe you will just make me to kill myself too” I said with a bitter smile, but Jurina took my hands

“Never think about giving something as precious as your life for someone else, theres always another way to do things right” she said with a worried expression to which I laughed again

“Of all people in the world, I didn’t expect such a life lesson from your part, but you do stop to think that I haven’t have a life to lose?” I asked as I took away my hands from hers.

“You’re just in front of me, touching the same as me, I can feel your touch… a little cold, but I can, that means you’re living like I do, I don’t know if I can say the same about the breathing, but you’re alive, exist, so yes, you have something to lose” she replied with determination, no doubt why I fell in love with this interesting human, since she was a child I knew she was something special.

To think I met her in the search of knowing why I was still here, know her gave me a reason to still be here, to live, to watch her live, and now she said to me to live, she didn’t knew what that means to me, but those words makes me really happy

“You’re very interesting” I said with a smile

“Yeah, but you’re more and although you don’t want to answer my doubts, I will keep asking”  I knew she wouldn’t drop the them… Jurina couldn’t stay with the doubt to know what happened… “Let’s watch all the museum exhibit, you don’t have to say me anything, just move your head to say yes or no to my questions, you accept that?” she asked with a playful tone.

“If that way I can improve your life… I don’t think I have another choice, and if you watch me with those eyes I can’t say no” I replied giving in to her desires… as always.

“Okay!” Jurina shouted as she took my hand, to then cover her mouth with her free hand “I forget we were in the museum, well, you’re a… vampire right?” she asked in a tone of doubt, which I nodded, I couldn’t dare to see her expression, my eyes were completely put in the paintings that were being exhibited

“Woah… I never really thought about these things and I would doubt your words but for what I saw that day I can’t… I thought vampires would be more fearsome” she said thoughtfully.

“Something like deformed creatures that can’t be under the daylight and only live to drink human blood?… I mean… like monsters” I asked without still see her

“Yeah…” she replied nervous “I have a doubt apart from that one… I had dreams of my childhood, including a woman who appears on them, she reminds me you, but I can’t know who she is” what most I feared,  I didn’t knew why, but my powers didn’t works with her again, even worse I  now realized that they didn’t fully worked the first time.

“That’s something that can’t be answered only with a nod” I said trying to turn the matter.

“You are the one of my dream?” she finally asked… “If you tell me that you aren’t for the tone of your answer I will know if is true or not, but if you doesn’t answer anything then I will take it like is true that you are the one from my dream” she said after noticing my silence

“There are certain things that I would like to tell you under other circumstances… we had met 2 times to be honest, apart of this one, but in the second one you didn’t see me very well” I finally answered, though I would like to don’t say anything, I didn’t had reason to deny things, I could not erase her memory, and her memory had began to return without even breaking the seal, sooner or later she would going to remind me, accelerate the process had nothing wrong.

“When I was a child…” she whispered

“That’s right, we met when you were five years, you said that I was you guardian angel” I said with a smile “You were lovely… you still are” I finished saying then turned to  her, a reddish hue all over her face

“It’s unfair to say things like that you know… ahem… I will not ask why you erased my memories, but when was the second one?” she asked curiously, I don’t know in what moment happened, but Jurina now was hugging me by my arm.

“In the accident” I hadn’t to say more, just at mention that Jurina stopped and stared me

“You are who save us…” she whispered “You are the one who save us, right?” she asked loudly, it wasn’t necessary to say anything, I just nodded and Jurina hugged me tightly “Thanks… not just for me, but for my parents too”
Jurina cried as she hugged me, I felt how her embrace became stronger as the seconds passed, if my heart still was beating, it would be beating a mile a minute, but I had no heart to do it and I was grateful for it, that way she wouldn’t notice my feelings, it wasn’t time yet…

“I don’t want to ruin this moment, but it’s everything you wanted to know?” I asked trying to break this time, if she was still hugging me I don’t know if I could control my desire to kiss her

“No… it isn’t everything” she reply as dried her tears “I think you had see me as how I would never wish someone would see me” she said with a embarrassed smile, I fell more for her with that smile, but I said nothing, I couldn’t, what could I say her anyways? I love how you smile? I love everything about you? Can I kiss you?, I think that would never come out of my mouth, so better no say anything, seeing my silence she cleared her throat and continued “Since when?”

Simple question but with a deep answer, “Since when?” it could be understood in many ways, but I knew what she meant very well, since when I protected her?…

“Since always” I answered with those two words, a soft smile across her face lighting up everything around her.

“Thanks Rena…” She said with a tone of nervousness, to which I smiled “I guess that means you’re in love with me since I was a baby! wow! you are a pedophile!” she could just stopped her sentence in the “Thanks Rena”…

“NO!” I screamed in my defense, drawing out my words to remember we were in a museum “I’m not in love with you just like that, I began to fall in love just a few years ago” I continue saying almost in a whisper, avoiding her gaze, but I could imagine her smile full of egocentrism in her face

“Oh.. the point is that you’re in love with me, so in love that you put your life at risk for me, right?” she asked trying to look at my face, but I avoided her eyes.

“If is necessary, and although it doesn’t like you, I would give my existence for you”I answered honestly, it was something I decided from the beginning, and now with the danger that was Airin, it had made me think that it could be a reality.

“Why are you doing all this for me?” Jurina’s voice sounded serious, so I decided to look into her eyes, and her voice sounded as how was her face.

“I’m 315 years old, I stopped aging at age 23, without knowing about love, without knowing about a lot of things, during the last 200 years I had questioned why I’m still existing until I say you in that hospital, the only small child that highlighted among others, at see you I decided to protect you, to see you grow made me feel alive again, to meet you gave me a reason to go ahead and now, I do experience for first time what love is, these are sufficient reasons, don’t you think?” I said calmly, letting her know about my feelings.

“I didn’t expect an answer like that… sorry for not share the same feeling with you… at least not for now” she said hiding her face, but couldn’t prevent me to realize how red it looked

“I’m not searching to you to love me the same way I do, to know that you don’t fear me and that you’re okay, that’s enough, you have to continue with your life” I said with a smile, more painful smile couldn’t being done, but was something I had to say, I’m just a supernatural stranger being that followed her from the shadows, I don’t have right to ask her to see me otherwise, but thinking it isn’t as painful as it was…

“I don’t have anyone who cause me that class of feeling, let’s just see what happens, maybe I feel in love with you too” she said me with an innocent smile

“Whatever the things turn out, for now I must protect you from Airin, I feel greatly sorry for dragged you into this… if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t be involved in things that you were completely unaware” I apologize to her, it was something I wanted to do for so long, Yuka knew this would happen and warned me but I ignore her, it was time to accept my responsibility

“While that crazy woman who is trying to kill me doesn’t beat the crazy one who is trying to protects me, I guess is fine, I owe too much to you to be angry about something like that, let’s say that is the price to pay for having you as guardian angel” she answered me with her beautiful smile, taking everything as unimportant.

“You trust very easily in someone who is stalking you since you were born” I said with a smile

“But you’re not just a stalker, you’re my stalker angel” she replied with a mischievous smile, which could easily cause a heart attack

“That’s very kind of you” I said without being able to think of something smarter with which to answer

“You… you just don’t will bite me, right?” she asked in a tone of fear that it was showed was false.

“I don’t, the smell of your blood causes me nausea” I answered as I made a expression of disgust

“Hey! it’s not supposed that I have to look palatable to you? don’t you love me?” she asked with a surprised expression

“You’re a cruel human, rubbing my feelings for you in my face” I said in an offended tone

“But that’s what I’ve seen in movies…” she answered embarrassed, I couldn’t help but laugh at the scene

“I don’t know why I love you, the same I don’t know why I couldn’t erase your memory again” I said thoughtfully

“That’s what you tried to do when you touched my forehead?” she asked curious to which I nodded “Maybe you doesn’t want to do it in first place, that’s why you couldn’t erase my memory”  she said with a playful smile

“As much as I want to try to deny that… it’s a good reason” I replied causing her smile to be erased from her face, I was feeling normal to her to bullying me.

“Boo… you don’t bother at my words, it isn’t funny anymore” she said in a bored tone as she walked out of the museum

“As much as I want to please you in everything, and saying everything means everything, I can’t do it always” I said as I walked by her side

“Will you accompany me to my home?” she asked as she changed the subject, I don’t know how many times had passed today, but her face was completely red

“Sure, I don’t see why not” I answered with a smile

The truth, though was just half of it, has been revealed to Jurina, she knew about my feelings and that I had been following her the last 18 years, Airin had remained quiet and even though I knew it wouldn’t last long, I should enjoy these days of tranquility beside my little human.

Maybe the future doesn’t look clear, but having Jurina beside me I know that I can overcome everything, including Airin, who pursued me since she changed me…

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Re: Eternity - chapter 7 (Wmatsui)
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haha, rena is pedophile XD

give me more wmatsui!! :D

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: Eternity - chapter 7 (Wmatsui)
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kehehehe... :lol:
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Eternity: Persecuted | decision
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Finally more Wmatsui in this chapter, in the next one more about Rena's backstory, and how I said every time, sorry for all the mistakes.


Eternity: Persecuted | decision





When you have a trauma caused by some unpleasant experience, let’s say for example a young soldier who went to war, they can develop certain schizophrenia, where you feel persecuted or maybe is just paranoia where you could doubt any person or for someone that can make you suspicious, everything because you feel they can hurt you or even kill you.

Let’s say that I’m a little paranoid, but since I knew that Airin was back and worse she just wanted to kill Jurina, my alert status was more active than before and the paranoia appears when I feel like if someone is watching me at every step I take.

The positive thing about Jurina confrontation, and have explained her certain things, is that I can be more closer to her, not allowing Airin to approach her, but Airin isn’t trying to do something, she just watch us as a tiger who watches her prey, waiting for the moment of distraction to attack.

Sometimes I just wanted her to come out of the shadows and attack, if I had to die in my mission to protect Jurina, so be it, but uncertainty remained, the nights and days consuming all my attention but no signs of Airin, just that feeling of someone watching me.

“Rena, I have been informed for  a friend that Airin is near” commented Yuka keeping calm, but it was obvious her concern, she being a vampire with great status had loyal servants and friends who began to monitor Airin since she appeared, I was already aware of the sacrifices which have both Yuka and Meiko have done for me since the start when they knew about Airin, and I was thankful, but now I was unturned into the dilemma of what to do.

“You knew this would happen sooner or later, if it wasn’t Airin who appeared, would be another vampire, whether known or not” Meiko said realizing my silence.

“I know, I had thought about this moment, that’s why I wanted to wait a little longer to reveal myself to Jurina, have more strength to protect her, but I didn’t count with Airin so early, even when you two make her to delay the time when she could find me, I needed more time, after all is Airin…”

“Yet your feelings for Jurina have became stronger as time passed and now they are growing more faster than before, right?” Yuka asked with a smile, I couldn’t deny it, for some time it was true that I had accepted my crush with Jurina, but now I not only accepted it, I had confessed and although Jurina had given a negative answer, it was true that she had not taken away all hope.

“Jurina knows I love her, and begins to accept me as a friend or at least as someone special, the least I wanted is to leave her now, but sometimes I don’t have the courage to look into her eyes, not knowing that I’m the reason why her life is at risk” I said with a bitter smile.

“Well, the decisions made have their own consequences, you already knew about the consequences of your decisions and accepted running the risk, it’s not the time to repent and although I was reluctant at first, I began to take a liking to that human, if you treat her as an equal then I take her as a family, that means I protect her” Yuka said avoiding contact with my eyes.

“Oh Yuka, you are more soft now since you help Rena to watch Jurina, so much you like Jurina now?” Mieko said mocking

“Shut up, it’s like watching a puppy and do you saw how lately she follows Rena everywhere when she saw her? is cute and interesting see that” Yuka said watching me with a grin on her lips

“Sure, just like how you was with me, unlike Rena and Jurina where the vampire acts as watchdog and the human is the one who follows like a puppy, you’re the vampire who acted both as a watchdog and puppy” Mieko replied causing me to laugh at Yuka, to which Yuka pouted and turned to avoid looking at us.

“Whatever!” shouted Yuka changing the subject “Whatever you choose we will support you”

“My decision was taken since I saw Jurina for the first time, be afraid or not that will not change my decision”


“Lately I see you a little distracted” Jurina commented worried “It’s for Airin? she did something?”

“N-nothing, it’s just that I feel weird to be talking with you like this” I lied, I lied but just in part, I just hide my insecurities about Airin.

“If you say so… but if something happens with Airin, she’s my problem too now, so I want to know about everything you know” she “ordered”, from one time to another Jurina had begun to have some claim to know about me or anything that happened to me, even began to know me better than myself, she realized any change of mind I had, for minor it was, but if we talk to know each other, she couldn’t hide anything to me.

“For some time to now you are more demanding, perhaps you care so much for me?” I asked mockingly “You fall in love with me?” I waited for her answer but I didn’t listen anything, Jurina had fallen silent.

“I’m not sure if is love or not, I worried for you if someone hurts you, it wasn’t nice to see how you were hit in front of me and I couldn’t do anything” she answered after a few minutes of silence, with her face flushed, but her eyes showing how much she cares for me.

“If I had the ability to blush I would be like that right now, thanks for worrying about me” I replied as I patted her head.

“Agh, don’t say things so easily fool! you make me nervous” she said as she moved my hand from her head causing me to react as if I had done something bad

“Sorry…” I said as I walked, maybe is the age, but I hadn’t seen Jurina so volatile, not with her friends or parents, that side is one I can only see when she’s with me

“You’re angry?” she asked with a soft voice, unattainable to a human ear, but not for me, she wasn’t following me, she just stood watching me with sad eyes

“I’m not, why I should be? you only go through the late teens and you’re still experiencing mood swings” I answered as it was a fact

“Seriously Rena, to be a woman who is in love doesn’t understand anything” she said as pushed my forger with two fingers causing confusion on me.

“What has that to do with this?” I asked as I watched her walk in front of me

“About you making me be the tsundere here, but relax, soon I will be the one who makes you be tsundere towards me” she replied with a mischievous smile on her face “Still… you will tell me if something is bothering you, right?” she asked in a serious tone

Watching her worried about me made me happy, but it also made me think that this wasn’t right, I’m the one who should be worried and not her.

“If is necessary I will” I replied after a few seconds, her face showed disapproval at my response

“I know very well that you are hiding something, and I’ll find out sooner or later, specially if it’s about Airin, I don’t think she will just go for you” she said keeping her expression

“I’m hidden more than you think Jurina, I always had doing so and I don’t think I will stop doing it, just remember that I do that for your own good” I replied, trying to sound calm

“Sometimes I feel that you really are a cruel vampire, hope I’m not making the mistake of my life to trust you” she said taking a steps away
With just a word can make me feel happy, but equally with one word can hurt me deeply

“I only care about you because… I love you… or something like that… just trust in me a little more please” she said with a soft voice but still giving me her back

Almost never I’m speechless, but this was one of those moments in where happened…


“They are aware of you presence” commented a vampire who was bowing

“That’s what I expected, knowing that I’m close, but even knowing that not being able to see me or do something is a kind of torture for them” Airin replied with a smile

“We have then watched, including Yuka Sama and Mieko Sama, we’re waiting further orders” said the vampire

“To be honest the plan is simple, just distract Yuka and Mieko, these two are the ones that could cause me problems, after that we must distract Rena Chan a little and in that moment I will take care of that human, wait for my order to attack, don’t let be discovered by them, if that happens and they doesn’t kill any of you I will kill all of you myself” commanded Airin

“As you wish Airin Sama” replied the vampire and then leaves

“I just have to wait for a good moment, everything will end sooner than you think Rena…”


“You like to just drop the bomb and don’t see the damage?” I asked surprised by the confession of Jurina

“You are the one who drop bombs and more than bombs you drop nuclear bombs!” Jurina replied showing up her face “You just show up like a phantom, protecting me from a supernatural and crazy vampire who tries to kill me who knows why, I was just an innocent and young human, with nothing to fear until it appears the murderous supernatural crazy and my stalker pedophile supernatural savior, to end my kind teenage drama book for pubescents, except that you don’t sparkle in the sunlight, the stalker vampire declares her love for me, perhaps you want me to maintain calm knowing all this?, but theres one more thing, now it results that for some reason I accept all this in such a natural way and begin to fall in love with the crazy stalker!”

I was surprised, Jurina had said more than what she had previously said, how should I react to all this? although she was right in all to be honest, the had a good point…

“When I confessed my love and everything you know until now I didn’t know how you will react, I just said it without think about anything else, seeing that you took all in a good way I just continued talking with you normally although I felt strange, and although I know you very well for obvious reasons, I think that… I don’t know you as much as I thought…” I said frankly

“And there you go again… but well, I feel better now that I told everything I wanted to say, to say it makes me know that I actually love you Rena, no matter you’re a pedophile, vampire, stalker, crazy or above, in the end I owe you more than my life” Jurina said with a smile causing me to stay in shock, to my shock Jurina took this opportunity and approached me “And I think you’re looking forward for this just like I am” she said in a soft voice taking off my mind of the shock.

But I didn’t leave the shock as fast as I thought, Jurina was kissing me, her lips on mine, just how I have imagined from long ago, even though I knew we were going to fast, after waiting so long I realized that being patience was my virtue but now that stopped to caring, Jurina was kissing me and I had her in my arms how I always wanted to have her, separate her from me and remain patient wasn’t something I really wanted to do but I couldn’t let this escalate more than a kiss, I was thankful to finally feel her lips, but as the same time I was thankful to not be in a room just the two of us.

“You don’t know how much I waited for this” I said at the time she separated her lips, I could go on with the kiss forever, but she needed to breathe.

“More than me is obvious” she replied trying to breathe normally

Her smile so innocent and pure, and she not knowing that Airin could come at any time…

“Rena, seriously, you can tell me everything, you will protect me better if I know what we’re facing” Jurina said as the time she hugged me tenderly

“Okay… I will tell you about Airin… and me”

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Re: Eternity - chapter 8 (Wmatsui)
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Re: Eternity - chapter 8 (Wmatsui)
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ahh!! can't stop fangirling XD XD

don't let airin ruin wmatsui moment!!

give me more!! :D haha

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: Eternity - chapter 8 (Wmatsui)
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You got Jurina's lips, PedoRena XD
YukaMieko moment is cute too~
And thanks for make WMatsui realize their feeling^0^/
Rena-san, beware of Airin's attack!

I'll wait for the next chapter, author-san!^^
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Eternity: Rena and Airin
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Chapter 9, story about Rena and Airin... so is RenAirin lol


Eternity: Rena and Airin

1700, a year that began a new century, life at that time was so elitist that if you didn’t belong to a well know family it would be difficult to have a prosperous future, you were treated like the worst thing that could step on the earth.

Life and education were difficult if you hadn’t money, it could get worse if you won the hatred of some wealthy or influence people, but in my case, the life always has seen me with good eyes, so far at that moment I hadn’t suffer hunger or house, my life was perfect.

I was part of a family which kept from long ago a fortune, by different means the family was making money, whether good or bad methods, but they did. as the second daughter who was at the head of the family in general, everything seemed fine, my older brother was prepared to keep the family business and I was educated in the best way to mingle with people from our same level social and power, in that way, I would find a future husband.

It was a relaxed time in general, with art in all its splendor thanks to the completion of the Baroque movement and the beginning of the Rococo movement. Basically it was a year of transitions.

And it was the year of transition for me too.

Living in a so powerful family as mine, I should keep a good status and therefore find a good husband, therefore, at that date I hadn’t been in any kind of relationship, but my social relationships with other families were going well.

I went to parties almost every week, and even had times where I was attending parties almost daily, between all these parties was where I met her…

Airin was beautiful and could attract the attention of everyone for the sake of reaching a place, move a little, or it could even for just being breathing, but her personality was completely closed, she didn’t spoke to anyone but she attended every party or gathering, and was always accompanied by a group of 5 men well dressed and behaved, that at any sudden movement or aggressive intention could kill you or leave you badly hurt.

Although you could say that being surrounded by those guardas was what prevented someone to approach her, it was quite the contrary, she was always surrounded by people, but she didn’t addressed to them a word or answer, it was occasional when that happened, and it was just as simple to say yes or no.

And she didn’t have reason to change, to be honest the persons who followed her was for being the richest person in the whole city and I knew that, so I could understand why she behaved like that, but everything changed in one of those parties.

It felt cold at night being the first days of winter, but being surrounded by people who only think about money can be just tired, so regardless of the cold of the night I went to the garden.

Among the moonlight that allowed me to see the beauty of the garden I could manage to see the figure of Airin sitting in one of the central banks, her eyes staring into the sky and her guards without making an appearance, but I felt as if I was invading her personal space by the mere fact to stand in the same garden in which she was, so I decided to just make my presence known.

“Mind if I’m here?” was all I could think to ask as I approached her to be in her field of vision, but obviously at a safe distance

Airin looked at me straight in the eye, and even if I have seen her so many times before was the first time I could see her so close, her gaze was empty, no brightness and her expression completely straight, which didn’t allow me even to try to understand what she was thinking.

With a smooth motion she nodded at my question to which I could only respond with a nervous smile.

Her haze had caused me a great impression, and although I was trying to ignore her, after seeing her eyes I couldn’t avoid giving furtive glances at her direction, as the time I was trying to cover them with the activity I was doing, which was observe all the garden flowers or those beautiful sculptures that adorned the beautiful view, but soon I had observed all the place so I started doing the same thing Airin was doing, I sat on a bench a little away to her and look at the sky, it was a clear night, that was only disturbed by the white light of a full moon.

The silence that had prevailed in all that time kept and only at the distance could be heard the music of the party and the voices of people who was in the great house of the host, but Airin broke our silence, a voice that I thought I would never forget.

“The sky is beautiful, as black as the soul of many people, if the moon wasn’t there it would be perfect” she said in her soft voice, surprised momentarily to hear her voice for the first time makes me to see her “Don’t you think?” she asked now looking into my eyes again.

“If as you say the sky is as black as is the soul of many people, then the moon that illuminates is twice beautiful by enlighten those souls, maybe in that way those souls can stop being so black as you say they are” I replied using the same metaphor and not even turning my attention elsewhere other than her empty eyes, and I could see after that an almost invisible smile spread across her face.

“Interesting answer, but you know what I mean, all those people there in is nothing more than a completely dark sky, which is not saved nor for a miserable star, that’s why you are here, right? out of all those people you’re different, as white as the moon and I’m the opposite of you, so dark that I should stay away from those who want to believe they are like me”

Airin was someone completely different to anyone I may have met in my life, I was left speechless because of her that I couldn’t do more than watch her and without realizing our conversation turned to all the things we knew, about those people who just wanted to be with us for what our family was.

Her form to view the things was so negative but at the same time so realistic that astonished me, for me it was all white or black, but black always could, somehow, at least turn gray, always looking for ways to see the positive side of everything, and airin was different, to her the gray was nonexistent and although she was cataloged in the black side by herself, I though she would suite better in the white side, her way of seeing things even it was always negative, had the sense of truth.

That night marked the beginning of a friendship between her and me, from that time I began to attend any party that I was invited because I knew that Airin will be there, once I arrived she was already there, and although at first I let her to call for me, with the pass of time it became customary to just walk to where she was.

That, of course, won that many people started to see me with envy and even seek to harm my family, but Airin always told me that everything would be fine, she would protect me because I was her only friend, although I knew she did hide something, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t trust her.

With the passage of time, I began to know more about her, and even I could met her house, it was big and imposing, the people who attended her were serious and their eyes gave the same impression that Airin, though not as impressive, and thanks to our close relationship I could ask her to teach me all about how to talk to those class of people who we hated, this of course, was because she said me that I was very innocent and anyone could take me for a fool and hurt me or my family.

Spending so much time at her side I realized that Airin was a young lady seeking to have attention, she lived surrounded by people who only was looking to take advance of her and because of that she built a wall around her so she wouldn’t get hurt.

That made me take more attention to her, her eyes twinkle every time I came to see her and to see that light in her made me smile, I was the only one who knew that Airin, the real one, which was like a little girl full of innocence.

But I didn’t know the consequences it would bring me, I didn’t knew what she was hiding, and although that was something I didn’t care at that moment, I was curious, I was curious to know about it, I just knew she had a unimaginable amount of money and hadn’t family, it was just her and all her servants with her four guards in who she trusted, and now also she trusted me, other than that everything else was confused and I could’t dare to ask about it.

Although my curiosity was very strong, I would rather not know anything…

We saw each other almost every day, so one day I get to her home and I was going to stay with her, my family would go on a business trip, it would take about a week to them to return and Airin was very happy to have me at her home during that time.

After dinner she apologized to me because she had to go and attend a business matter so she let me walk around the house doing what I wanted to do, I already knew every one of her servants and her guards were in different entries of the house, and I only greeted them when I was passing in front of them.

Although I knew very well her house, there were certain ways I had never taken, being bored and knowing that Airin will take long to be with me again, I began to explore the unknown parts, one of the corridors went to her office, I had never been there, so I couldn’t help but to see what was there, it was a place that resembled the office of my father, a big desk at the back with a chair that combined with decorations and paintings on the walls, many books everywhere, I knew that Airin would not bother to see me there, but I felt like if I was doing something wrong, so when I hear noise I ran to hide behind a curtain, which was long enough to completely cover me, I heard steps and looking a little for the side I could peek to see the truth that Airin was hiding.

Airin had a men by the neck, but what scared me was seeing how blood ran down the neck’s men, with my hand I cover my mouth to keep me from making any sound, but it wasn’t enough, I didn’t knew in that moment, but it was obvious that she knew I was there, Airin released the man who fell to the ground causing a loud sound from the impact of his body against the wooden floor, her eyes red as rubies and her mouth full of red blood of the man, her teeth like a beast that had only seen in books and paintings which talked about demons and evil beings, their fangs protruding from all others warning me of the danger in which I was, hidden behind the curtain I was waiting between fear and how was trembling every part of my body, that Airin moved the curtain.

Her steps so slow that every time they made contact with the ground, the sound echoed in my ears, the silence was horrible, made that everything like an slow motion and the sound of her footsteps at the same as my breathing, which for more than I was trying to control I couldn’t, were all it could been hear.

After seconds that seemed like hours I could saw the shadow of Airin through the curtain, she took the curtain with her hand and slowly moved it to look at me, her eyes with her normal color at the same her hidden fangs, but the blood was still adorning her face making me remember what I had seen a few seconds before.

“I didn’t want you to realize how dark was my soul like this” she said in a soft voice as she tried to touch my face with her hand, but instinctively I tried to take a few steps back

“Don’t touch me!” I yelled without realizing it, fear making my voice tremble and causing surprise in Airin which stopped the advance of her hand and watched me with a sad expression, her eyes showing her sadness but there was no signal of tears in them.

“I don’t want you to fear me… not you” she said in a whisper

But even though I knew she wouldn’t hurt me my body reacted differently, all I wanted to do was run away, get away from her, but I couldn’t do that, overcoming my fear I had to discover everything.

“Why you hide this? what are you?” I asked in a small voice, my hands shaking and my eyes who couldn’t see at hers.

“I’m a vampire, I think you’ve heard about them… Rena, you’re the only person worth having, you’re the only person in this damn world that I want to have at my side”

I accepted her, her lies, her love, I accepted to stay at her side.

I realized that maybe I loved her, maybe I was in love with Airin, no matter what she was, maybe I loved her.

But Airin had other plans, she was obsessed with me, it took short time to her to take me away from everyone I loved, even my family, I couldn’t socialize with anyone, especially with men, with the passage of time I was completely isolated and Airin controlled every aspect of my life, I could have everything I wanted, but without my family it didn’t matter anymore, my life was empty.

I tried to talk with her, but she refused everything and she bagan to behave more aggressively, shouting that I wanted to leave her and that if I wasn’t with her she preferred me dead, hear her talk like that maked me feel scared, I saw her kill a person once, I knew she could kill me at any moment without even allowing me to make a move.

That selvage me to try to run away, and that decision was the one that made my life change completely… Airin discovered me, among struggles and screams, something went wrong and I end up falling down the stairs of the house, causing to hit my head repeatedly and which could cause me the death… but there was Airin.

That day I was converted, she condemned to eternity.

But that would only bring more problems, Airin had planned to do this sooner or later but still she wasn’t ready to do so, her plans went ahead, taking advantage of my new strength I tried to escape again, I wanted to see my family, although I wasn’t the same Rena I wanted to see them, Airin knew about it and showed me how cruel she could be and how wrong I was to think that she was good… she killed my family, all my family and she said it to me with a big smile on her face.

“You don’t have a reason to run away now, I’m all you have now”

Those were the words she used, and are the words I will never forget, I remember them every time I have time to think about my past, every time I see a family living together happily, I remember them every time my mind is silent…

From that moment I couldn’t forget her, but I knew her intentions weren’t really bad, but her obsession with me was, to know me made her darker side show up, she wanted me only for herself and no one else.

She had already done me too much damage and it wouldn’t be the last thing she would do, I had to get away from her, even being what I was now…

“You will not stay away from me! never!” she shouted when I tried to escape again “You don’t understand? you are only mine, want it or not, you are mine!”

“I’m not yours!, I’m not from nobody, you will never have me or my love, I’m only an obsession for you and nothing more!”

The discussions became more frequent and also my attempts to escape, until one day it climbed to worst.

“Shut up fool! you’re mine!” Airin was furious, and without thinking she hit me so hard that sent me to fly a few meters, it didn’t kill me but the pain was amazing, her strength was monstrous and for the first time I was grateful that I wasn’t a human anymore, if it wasn’t for that I would be dead.

Blinded by the rage that gave me to be hit like that and ignoring the pain I lunged towards her, was then when I discovered my great speed, which Airin didn’t expected, and thanks to that I achieved to hit her face, although my blow was with all my strength, I could only move her face a little.

Airin took my arm and squeezed it hard, her face showed surprise, anger and disappointment.

“You will be mine always, maybe not now, I had gave you everything and if you need me to hurt you to realize it, I will, from now on you will live as you can and I wouldn’t do anything to help you, nor those of our own species or those humans who could know you and help you, at the end you will eventually return with me” she said as she pushed my arm, her eyes showing her power, and after that she turned and left.

After losing the protection of Airin I haven’t where to go, I hadn’t family, all the people believed me dead, Airin had taken from me all my life and happiness… what happened next is fuzzy, wandering aimlessly, avoiding people, because I knew that sooner or later I had to kill… everything was a mess until I met Yuka and Mieko, which saved me, taught me everything theres was to know about this way of life, helped me to keep going and thanks to them I could trust in someone again.

Airin is completely obsessed with me and having you at my side… she can repeat my story again and if that happens I think I will can’t stand to lose you, or lose what I love again.

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