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[Atsumina's OS collection] Power of Love (Atsumina) Part 12 28/05/2016
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@Jkugang, @AI712, @black_maa: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is part 12  :D

Power of Love

Part 12

In the patient's room

Everyone looks at Atsuko with surprised look

“Minami, who are they?” Atsuko asks him again in confused tone

“Atsuko, don't you remember us?” Rena walks toward Atsuko and asks her

Atsuko shakes her head. Jun walks to Atsuko and said

“Atsuko, stop this game. I will take you back no matter what” Jun holds Atsuko's hand and said in serious tone.

“Who are you? Let’s go of me” Atsuko said in scared tone while trying to withdraw her hand

“Atsuko” Jun calls her seriously

“Don't you raise your voice at her like that” Minami pulls Atsuko behind him and said

“Minami, they are scary” Atsuko holds Minami's shirt and said in scared tone.

Suddenly the door opens. Ken walks in with his bodyguard.

“Dad” Jun said

Ken turns and looks at Minami coldly. Then he orders his guard

“Take him away from Atsuko”

“Yes sir”

They come to Minami

“What do you want?” Minami shields in front of Atsuko and said

Three of the men take Minami hands and pull him away

“Let's go of me” Minami struggles and said

However the bodyguard of Ken are very strong. They are a lot stronger than Minami. Then one of the man holds Atsuko's hand

“Please come with me, Atsuko-sama

“Let's go of me, Minami, Minami” Atsuko calls him while crying

“Ken-nii” Mariko said

“Don't interfere Mariko” Ken said

He pulls Atsuko to Ken.

“Atsu” Ken calls her while holding her shoulders

Atsuko looks at him scarily

“Atsu, stop playing. Daddy comes here to take you back with me” Ken said

“Who are you? Let's me go. I want to be with Minami” Atsuko said and chokes

“Atsuko” Minami struggles

“Hold him down” Ken orders

One of the men kicks Minami’s knee and pushes him down

“Atsu! That is enough. Now go back with me” Ken said while pulling Atsuko with him

“No, I don't want to go with you. You all are scary. I want to be with Minami. I don't want to go.” Atsuko said while struggling

She finally withdraws her hand from her father’s grip and runs to the corner of the room. She sits there and covers her head

“I don't want to go. I don't want to go. Minami, Minami, Minami” Atsuko shakes her head

“Atsuko” Minami struggles

However he is held down by the guards

“Atsuko, don't be stubborn” Jun said while walking toward Atsuko

“Dad, Jun, she is really panic. Don't force her” Rena said

“Let's me” she continues

Then Rena walks toward Atsuko. She bends down in front of her.

“Atsuko, don't be scared. We are your family” she gently said to her

Rena raises her hand to hold Atsuko's shaky hand. Her hand is very cold because of scare

“Atsuko” Rena calls her

“I don't want to go. I want to be with Minami. I want to be with Minami” Atsuko just keeps repeating her words while shaking

“Atsuko” Minami calls her in worry tone

“Mr. Maeda don't you see that Atsuko is scared.” He shouts

“Shut up, Takahashi. I don't need a traitor and killer to tell me what to do” Ken turns and shouts


“Ken-nii, don't force her.” Mariko shouts

She is at her limit

“Why did you so stubborn about the past? Takamina is Takamina. His family is his family. They are innocent” she said

“Mariko, I didn't talk about you yet. Why did you accept him to work here?” Kenji said

“This is my hospital. I can hire anyone I want. Now release him. Only he can calm Atsuko down” Mariko said

“She is just being stubborn. I won't ever let him be with her” Kenji said

“You two take Atsuko-sama to the car” he orders

“Atsuko-sama please come with us” they said and take Atsuko's hand

“No, let's go of me. I don't want. No, no” Atsuko shakily said

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

Atsuko coughs heavily.

“Atsuko” Minami thought

He gathers all his strength and pushes the three men who is holding him down. Then he rushes to Atsuko.

“Atsuko” Minami hugs her tightly while patting her back

“Minami, I’m scared” she holds his shirt tightly and said

“I’m here, Atsuko. I’m here” he pats her back and said gently

“What are you all doing? Take him out” Kensaid angrily

“Ken-nii” Mariko stand in front of Atsuko and Minami and said in seriously

“Don't you see her conditions right now? Do you want it get worse than it is right now?” She said

“She is just being stubborn. That man taught her this. My Atsu is a very good girl” Ken said

“You are her doctor or I’m. I knew her conditions. She is like this because of you two.” Mariko shouts while pointing at Jun and Ken

“You two forced her too much that made she lost. She doesn't know what to do. Therefore her brain decided it for her. It unconsciously lock all the sad thing in her head. If you want her conditions get worse, then continues forcing her.” Mariko seriously said

Ken stays silent. He turns and looks at Atsuko. She calmed down now because Minami is with her. He strokes her hair and comfort her.

“Don't be scared Atsuko. I’m here” Minami said while wiping her tear

“Minami” Atsuko calls him while sobbing.

“Ok, I will leave like this. However, I won't ever approve this.” Ken said

Then he turns to Jun and Rena.

“Jun, Rena, I leave Atsu to you. Take care of her. Until she gets better, I will take her back to Canada” Ken said

When he is about to leave, he turns to Minami

“I will never approve this. ‘'The clan of traitor and killer’.” Ken said and leaves the place

Mariko looks at him and sighs

“Why is he so stubborn?” she shakes her head and thought

Then Rena comes to Mariko and asks

“Auntie, can Atsuko go home, now?” she asks

“Uh, she can leave now. Remember to take good care of her” Mariko said

Then she turns to Jun

“And don't scare her again” she said while emphasizing her words

Jun keeps silent and walks out of the room

“Like father like son” Mariko said and sighs while looking at the door

“Minami, I don't want to go with them. They are scary. I want to go home” Atsuko holds his shirt tightly and said in shaky tone

“Uh, don't worry, Atsuko. I won't leave you. We will go home” Minami pats her head and gently said

He wipes her tear and smiles lovingly at her. Atsuko also looks at Minami and smiles. Rena stands there and looks at them. She sees how caring Minami is toward Atsuko.

“He really loves her, Rena. I knew that. Atsuko is also love him very much too.” Mariko said

“Uh I can feel it.” Rena said

“Poor Atsuko. I wish that Dad and Jun can really see this side of him not just what his last name is” she continues

“Uh, if they keep like that bad thing will definitely happen.” Mariko said

“Uh” Rena nods.

Then she comes to Atsuko.

“Atsuko, let's go home” she gently said to her.

Atsuko holds Minami’s shirt while shaking her head

“Don’t worry Atsuko, Takahashi-san will go with us” Rena pats her head and said

Atsuko turns to look at Minami

“Uh, let’s go home together” Minami smiles and said

Outside of the hospital

Minami takes Atsuko to his car

“Atsuko will go in my car” Jun said

“Jun” Rena holds his hand

“She just calmed down a little. Don’t scare her more, Jun.” She said

“He will also follow us, but Atsuko has to be in my car” Jun insists

“Minami” Atsuko holds his hand

“Takahashi-san” Rena looks at Minami as apology

Minami turns and smiles gently at Atsuko.

“Don't worry, Atsuko. I'm right behind you” he pats her head and said

“Promise” Atsuko said

“Uh, promise” Minami kisses her head and said

Then Rena takes Atsuko to their car. Minami follows them from behind. On all the way, Atsuko knees on her seat and looks behind to see Minami.

“Atsuko, it is dangerous” Rena said

However, Atsuko still looks at the back and keeps silent

After awhile

They finally reach Atsuko’s house. When Atsuko sees the house, her head suddenly gets hurt

“Dad wants you to end your relationship with him”

Atsuko holds her head and bends down

“What's wrong, Atsuko?” Rena asks in worry tone

“I...I’m fine” Atsuko said

Then Jun park his car in front of the house. At the same time, Minami also reaches the house. Rena opens the door for Atsuko to come out. However, Atsuko refuses to go out.

“No, this isn't my house” she shakes her head and said

“What are you saying, Atsuko? This is your house” Jun said

“No this is not” Atsuko said

Minami parks his car. Then he opens the door and walks toward Jun’s car. Seeing Atsuko strange behavior, Minami calls her worriedly


Hearing Minami's voice, Atsuko quickly goes out of the car and rushes to him

“Minami, I want to go home. Why did they take me here?” she said while hugging him


“Jun, let's me talk to Takahashi-san” Rena stops Jun and said

She know that Jun is a hot headed person, and she doesn’t want to startle Atsuko anymore. Rena walks toward Minami.


“Just call me Takamina.” Minami said cutting her words

“Ok, Takamina, why did she said that this isn't her house?” Rena asks

Minami stands and think for a while. Then he remembers their house.

“I know.” he said

Then he turns to Atsuko

“Let's me take you home, ok” Minami smiles and said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“Maeda-san, can you tell him to follow me. I know where Atsuko wants to go” Minami said

“Ok” Rena nods

Then Minami leads them their house on the mountain outskirt of Tokyo. They drive for 1 hour until they reach the mansion. Jun drives slowly through the big gate. Rena turns to look at Atsuko and sees that she is smiling widely while looking at the house

“This is my house” Atsuko turns and said to Rena in happy tone

Rena smiles when seeing Atsuko's innocent smile. Minami parks his car and quickly rushes to Atsuko

“Minami” Atsuko rushes to hug him tightly

“Minami, this is my house” she said

“Uh, this is our house, Atsuko” he pats her back and said

At night

After finishing their dinner, Minami asks Atsuko while wiping her mouth

“Atsuko, do you want to go and see fireflies. In the forest behind our house, there is a lake. At night, there will be a lot of fireflies there”

“Really Minami. I want to see. I want to see” Atsuko said to him happily

“Ok, then let's go.” Minami said and holds Atsuko's hand

Then he turns to Jun and Rena. You two want to go?” he asks

“Of course, I have to watch over my sister. I don't believe you” Jun said

“Whatever” Minami turns away and said

Then they all walk out of the house. When they get outside, Minami asks Atsuko

“Atsuko, let's me carry you on my back, ok”

“Yeah!!” Atsuko said happily

Then she hops on Minami's back. Suddenly something flashes in her head again

“I want you to carry me on your back forever”

Feeling Atsuko is so silent, Minami asks her

“What's wrong, Atsuko?”

“Nothing Minami. I’m fine” Atsuko said and hugs his neck.

Then they go together to the lake. Rena and Jun follow them from behind. When they get to the lake, Atsuko sees a lot of fireflies. They are flying around the beautiful lake and light up a wide area. Atsuko looks at the lake with amazed eyes

“Minami, it is so beautiful” she said excitedly

“Atsuko, do you want to play with them?” Minami asks

“Can I?” Atsuko asks

“Uh, there are a lot of rock there. I can step on that, so you can get close to them” Minami said

“Yea!! Let’s go” Atsuko said

Then he goes near the fireflies. Atsuko smiles happily while playing with them.

“Minami, this is so fun” Atsuko laughs happily and said

“Uh.” Minami said

He jumps around from rock to rock for Atsuko. She is playing very happy on his back.


Rena stands there and looks at them while smiling happily. This is the first time she sees Atsuko this happy. She turns and looks at Jun. His face doesn't change, but his eyes turn soft.

“I believe that you can feel his love for Atsuko, right Jun?” Rena asks

Jun keeps silent and walks away. Rena looks at him and sighs.

After playing for a while, Minami takes Atsuko back to the house. On their way, Atsuko fell in sleep on his back because of tired.

In Atsuko’s room

Atsuko rests her head on Minami laps and sleeps soundly. Minami strokes her hair while looking at her sleeping face. He touches the bandage on her head gently

“You must be very scared, Atsuko” he said

“I always said that I will protect you, but I’m so useless. Looking at you, crying and shaking, my heart is very hurt.” He continues while tear rolling down on his cheeks

He takes a deep breath. Then he wipes his tear and said

“However I’m still happy because I can hear your happy laughter when we were at the lake. I want to see that face of yours day by day and forever.”

“I will definitely protect you, your smile, and your happiness. Protect you from everything. I will fight against everything to keep you by my site Atsuko, and I will show your father and brother that I really love you.” he continues in determined tone

Then he bends down and kisses her lips. After that he continues stroking her hair while his other hand holding her hand tightly

Outside of the room

Jun is standing there and looking at Minami and Atsuko. Rena steps out of their room and sees that.

“Jun” she calls him

Jun looks at her. Then he walks down stair. Rena comes to the room and looks at the small gap of the door. She smiles when seeing Minami is taking care of Atsuko gently. After looking at them, she goes outside to see Jun. He is standing at the garden and looking at the starry sky

“Jun” Rena calls and walks toward him

“Jun, he really loves Atsuko, and I believe that you know that too, right?” She said

“Please don’t let thing in the past cause the pain now, Jun” she turns to look at him and sincerely said

“...” Jun just keeps silent

He remembers Minami’s eyes when he looking at Atsuko. How happy Atsuko is


Suddenly Jun remembers his father’s words when he was young

“Jun, remember this. There is no one good in Takahashi. They are traitors. It was them that stole our family’s property in Japan.”

Then the accident that year flashes back in his head. He sees Rena with blood on all over her face and clothes lying unconsciously.

“Rena, Rena, please open your eyes”

“No, no one in that clan is good. He just acts because he knew we are here” Jun said

“Jun” Rena calls him

“Rena, I do this for Atsuko’s own good. He just acts in front of us. His intention is hurting Atsuko” Jun said

Then he walks back to the house. Rena turns to look at him and sighs

“Jun, why did you try to not understand this? You and dad are the one who really hurt her” She thought while shaking her head

At dawn

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. She looks up and sees Minami is leaning his back on the head of the bed sleeping.

“Minami” she thought

Then she sits up slowly, careful not to wake him up. She pulls the blanket to cover him and caresses his face gently. Then she bends and kisses his lips lovingly

“I love you, Minami. I really don’t want to be separated from you, and I won’t. I will definitely make daddy and oniichan change their mind. I will show them how good you are, Minami” Atsuko whispers while caressing his face

Suddenly, a voice speaks up

“When did you regain your memories, Atsuko?”

Atsuko is startled. She quickly turns back and sees that Rena is standing at her door

“Rena” Atsuko calls scarily

She looks behind her to see if Jun is there. She is scared that Jun will force her to leave again. Rena closes the door and walks slowly toward Atsuko.

“Don’t worry, Atsuko” she pats her head and said

“Jun left early to pick up dad. They will come here later” Rena said

Atsuko sighs in relief. Then she looks at Rena sincerely

“Rena, please don’t say this to Jun. I don’t want to be separated from Minami.” She said

“Uh, don’t worry, Atsuko” Rena nods and said

“When did you regain your memories, Atsuko?” she asks her

“When I came here.” Atsuko said

“Minami bought this house for us. He took me here after he proposed to me. I was so happy because of this, and the house becomes my precious place. Therefore when I came here, a lot of memories between me and him return to me slowly.” she explains

“I see” Rena said

“You know what Rena” Atsuko calls him

Rena looks at Atsuko

“I was very happy when Minami asked me to marry him. My head immediately think about daddy, oniichan, you, and auntie, my one and only family. I really want to tell you guys right away how happy I’m at that time especially daddy and oniichan.” Atsuko looks down at her ring and said

“Mom died when I was born. Daddy and oniichan take care of me very careful. I know they love me very much. Their love and care filled up the missing feeling of mom inside me. I love them very much. When Minami proposed to me, I thought they will be happy for me. However….” Atsuko pauses

A tear drop down on her ring

“Rena, I really, really want them to approve this. I want them to accept Minami for who he is” she said while tear rolling down on her cheeks

“Atsuko” Rena thought while looking at Atsuko

Suddenly Atsuko feels a pair of arms wrap around her waist

“Don’t worry, Atsuko. I will make them accept me” Minami whispers

“Minami” Atsuko turns and looks at him

Minami wipes her tear and smiles gently at her.

“We will definitely change their mind” he said

“I will do my best to help you two” Rena said

“Thank you, Maeda-san” Minami

“Just call me Rena as Atsuko” Rena said and smiles

In the afternoon

Jun takes Ken to Minami’s house. Mariko also comes there to check on Atsuko. After checking on Atsuko, they all come to the living room for serious talk. Atsuko sits next to Minami silently. Ken sits opposite of them and looks at Minami seriously

“I decided” Ken speaks up

Everyone turns their focus to him

“Jun told me everything. He told me how caring you are to my daughter, how happy she is when she is with you. Plus, I can see that yesterday, too” he continues

“Mariko is correct, I shouldn’t hold the grudge in the past. You are you. Your family are your family. So…” he pauses

Minami looks at him nervously

“I accept this marriage” Ken said

Mariko, Rena, Atsuko, and Minami look at him with surprised look

“You really changed your mind, Ken-nii?” Mariko asks

“Uh, I don’t want to see Atsu sad. Also I promised to her mother to take good care of her.” Ken said

“I hope you will love her and take good care of her, Takahashi Minami” Jun adds

“Yes, I will. I will always love Atsuko forever” Minami happily said

Then he stands up and bows at Ken and Jun

“Thank you, thank you for your approval” He said happily while holding Atsuko’s hand tightly

“I do this is all for my daughter. I hope you will love her” Ken said

“I won’t let you down, Mr. Maeda” Minami said happily

“Good” Ken said

In the evening

Minami takes Atsuko around to play with him. He holds Atsuko hand tightly while driving

“I’m so happy Atsuko. Your father and brother finally realize my love.” He said

“Uh, I’m very happy Minami” Atsuko said

“I will slowly show them that my memories finally returns” She continues

“Uh” Minami nods

Suddenly, Minami's phone rings. He picks up his phone


“Hey Yuu” Minami said happily

“You came back to Japan?” Minami said

“I see. Ok, I will go there” he continues

Then Minami hangs up. Atsuko turns and asks him

“Who is it, Minami?”

“My cousin. They came back here to visit me” Minami answers

“They told me to go to the coffee shop where we used to go to meet them.” he continues

“I see” Atsuko nods

“Now I will take you there. I want to introduce you to them” Minami smiles and said

After awhile

Minami and Atsuko reach the place. After parking the car, they go into the place.

“Takamina” Yuu waves and calls him

Minami waves back

“Let's go Atsuko” Minami holds her hand and said

“Hello buddy” Yuu greets him

“Hi Takamina” Haruna and Miichan greet him

“Hi” Minami said

Then he turns to Atsuko

“Atsuko, those two are my cousin” Minami said while pointing at Haruna and Miichan

“Her name is Minegishi Minami. Next to her is Kojima Haruna”

“The man sits next to her is Oshima Yuu. He is her husband who also my childhood friend” Minami introduces them

“This is the girl I talked to you guys before. Her name is Maeda Atsuko. She is my fiancee” He introduces Atsuko happily

“Hello everyone. Nice to meet you all” Atsuko smiles and said

“Hello Maeda-san” they said

“Minami, I will go to the washroom a little. I’ll be right back” Atsuko said

“Ok” Minami said

“Excuse me “Atsuko nods at the three and go to the washroom

Minami sits down happily

“So what make you guys want to come back here?” he asks

“I heard your problem with uncle” Haruna said

Minami expression changes when hearing that

“What do you mean?” he asks seriously

“My father told me about the grudge between Takahashi and Maeda. He said that people from Maeda always want to revenge us because our great grandfather took away their company and property in the past” Miichan said

“I know all of that. Atsuko's auntie told me everything. So what?” Minami asks

“We just have the same wonder as uncle. You know they hold their grudge for so…”

“Enough, if you three come here to congratulate us, I thank you. If you keep saying about the past and stuffs like that, I will go now.” Minami said

“Atsuko's father already forgot about that grudge. He accepts our wedding. Why did you all still like that? Hold onto the past” he continues

At the same time

Atsuko comes out. Suddenly Minami holds her hand and pulls her out with him.

“What's wrong, Minami?” Atsuko asks on confuse

“Takamina” Yuu calls him

Minami ignores their calls and leave the place. He takes Atsuko to the beach to relax. They sit down on the white sand and enjoy the sea. Atsuko is sitting in Minami embrace while leaning her back on his chest. Their hand entwined together

“Atsuko, I’m so happy that your father finally accept me” Minami said

“Uh, I’m also very happy about this.” Atsuko said

Then Atsuko turns and looks at Minami with worry eyes

“How about your family Minami?” she asks him

“Don't mind about him. He didn't see me as his son anyway. Plus, I believe my mom in heaven will be very happy because I finally found a perfect girl for me” Minami said

Then he bends down and seals his lips with her. Atsuko closes her eyes and kisses him back. He hugs her waist and kisses her passionately.

“I love you, Atsuko” Minami breaks the kiss and said

“I love you, too Minami” Atsuko said while caressing his face

At night

In a big room

Ken is sitting on his desk while looking at the picture in his hand

“Miko, I believe that you will also agree with me, right? This is all for our Atsuko's happiness” he said while caressing the picture


Hope you guys enjoy reading this  :D
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At least one family accept it, but what about other...?
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update soon :D

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Waaahhhh...I'm sensing that atsuko's father being acceptable was an act...or am I wrong?  :?
Haha! Anyway, an update!!! :wriggly: :nya:
I can't wait for the next one!
Keep up the good work author-san!
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[Atsumina's OS collection] Power of Love (Atsumina) Part 13 04/06/2016
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@black_maa, @AI712, @Jkugang: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :D

Here is part 13  :D

Power of Love

Part 13

In the morning

At the mansion

In the room

Minami is preparing to go to the hospital. Today he has to go to the hospital to work. Atsuko still stays at home to take some more rest.

“I have to go to work now, Atsuko” Minami said

“Uh, see you later” Atsuko said and pecks on his lips

“By the way, today you will go to the wedding dress store with Rena, right?” Minami asks

“Uh, after you leave for work” Atsuko said

“Aww!! How I wish I not work today so that I can see you in the wedding dress” Minami hugs Atsuko and said while resting his head on her shoulder

Atsuko smiles at his word

“You will eventually see it in our wedding” she said lovingly

“But I want to see it now” Minami said and pouts

“How about I will send you a picture?” Atsuko looks at him and asks

“I can’t wait for that” Minami kisses her lips and said

“Bye bye, my love” he said

“Bye Minami” Atsuko said

Then he leaves the house.

1 hour later

On the car

Rena and Atsko are on the way going to see the wedding dress.

“Are you excited, Atsuko?” Rena asks her

“Uh, nervous too” Atsuko smiles and said

When the car just drives out of the mountain, Atsuko realizes that she forgot her phone and purse at home.

“Rena, I forgot something at home, can you return to the house a little?” she asks

“Sure” Rena said

Then she turns the car around and goes back to the house. Rena parks the car in front of the gate

“Wait for me here. I will be back real quick” Atsuko steps out of the car and said

“Ok” Rena nods

When she goes into the front yard, she sees a lot of cars

“Maybe daddy comes to see oniichan” Atsuko thought

Then she opens the door and goes to her room. When she walks by the living room, she hear Ken’s voice

“Did you send him the message, Jun?”

“I will send him later. I will ask him to come home early this evening and go to the cliff near this house to talk about the wedding”

“Huh? Talk about the wedding” Atsuko thought

She slowly walks toward the door to hear what her father and Jun talking about

“Dad, you really want to do that?” Jun asks him

“Uh, I have to do this. This is all for Atsu’s own good” Ken said

“How about her condition?” Jun asks him in worry tone

“We will take her back to Canada. She will eventually forget about him” Ken said

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprise

“I can't leave her with that family. They are all traitors and bad person” he continues

“Uh, you are right. They also very hate us because of that accident even though the one who at fault is that jerk Takahashi Kohei.” Jun said

“I’m glad that he died in that jail.” he continues in anger tone

“Today I will end everything. Only this way I can make her forget him” Ken said

Atsuko tries to look inside the door to see what her father and brother doing. She widens her eyes when she sees her father holding a gun in his hand. She covers her mouth because of surprise.

“Daddy wants to…”

Suddenly a voice startles her

“Atsuko, what took you so long?”

Rena's voice also surprises Ken and Jun.

“Atsuko” Jun said

Then they quickly rush to the door and open it. They see Atsuko is looking at them with surprised look

“Daddy, oniichan” she calls him hurtfully

“You want to kill Minami” She said in cracked tone

“Atsu, you remembered me” he said

“Daddy why did you do that?” She said while tear keeps rolling on her cheeks

“Atsu, I do this for your own good.” Ken said

“I already choose a good person for you in Canada” he continues

“I won't marry anyone. I only love Minami” Atsuko shouts

“Atsuko” Ken said in loud tone

“I won't let you harm Minami” Atsuko said and rushes outside

“You all stop Atsuko-sama for me” Ken orders his bodyguards

“Yes sir”

They rush to the door and block it.

“Step away” Atsuko shouts

“Atsuko, we do this is for you” Jun said

“Jun, dad I thought you two changed your mind.” Rena said

“Rena, we do this is for Atsuko's sake” Jun said

“Uh, there is no good person in the Takahashi. She will suffer if she marries him” Ken said

“Daddy, why don't you ask me what I really want?” Atsuko turns and asks

“You are still young to understand this world. It is full of lies and filled with dark color. We are protecting you Atsuko” Ken said

“I’m not a kid anymore. I know what I’m doing, daddy, oniichan” Atsuko said

“Atsu, you are still very naive. This world is very dangerous to you.” Ken said


“Take Atsuko-sama to her room. Don't let her go outside until we go back to Canada” Ken said

“Daddy” Atsuko calls him in tear

“Remember to take her phone too.” he continues

“Jun, dad” Rena calls them.

“Please think about it again. Atsuko really loves Takamina. It will hurt her a lot dad, Jun” Rena said

“She will be fine, Rena” Jun said

“Maeda will never be one with Takahashi” Ken said


“Rena, you don't need to say anything. This is our decision. You should go up stair to take care of Atsuko” cutting Rena’s words, Jun said

Rena shakes her head and walks up stair

“Wait Rena” Jun said

Rena turns to look at him

“Can you give me your phone, too?” Jun said

“Jun” Rena said in disappointed tone

She gives him the phone and turn to walk up stair. When she is about to go up, she turn to look at Ken and Jun once again and sighs sadly.

“Jun, dad please think about this carefully. The only person who is hurt the most here is Atsuko.”

Then she goes upstairs to Atsuko's room.


Inside the room

“Please open the door for me, daddy, oniichan” Atsuko hits the door and shouts

She hits the door until her hands hurt, but no one answers her

“What should I do now? What should I do now?” she thought in panic

"I'm so useless" she said angrily while kneeling down.

Suddenly Atsuko looks up and wipes her tear

“No, I can’t just sit here and do nothing. I have to find a way to get out of here” She stands up and thought

After that Atsuko rushes to her window. She tries to find a way to get out of her room from the window. Although her room is in second level, she doesn’t care. Minami’s safety is what important to her. However, when she opens the window, she sees a lot of bodyguards standing there. She kneels down on the floor and cries because she knows that her father will harm Minami, but she can’t do anything.

“Oniichan. Please opens the door for me please” she continues shouting while crying

Suddenly Rena hears the sound of the door opens. Atsuko quickly turns to look at her door and sees Rena walking in. Atsuko quickly rushes to her

“Rena, please help me” she said in pleasing tone while holding Rena’s arms tightly

“Please Rena” Atsuko said in tear

“I’m sorry, Atsuko” Rena looks down and said sadly

Atsuko falls down on the floor.

“Why did daddy and oniichan have to do this? Why?” Atsuko whispers hurtfully

In the hospital

While Minami is working, he receives a message from Jun

“Jun?” Minami thought in confuse

Then he opens the message to read

“Mr. Maeda wants to talk to me about the wedding?” He thought

“Maybe I will ask auntie to go home early today” he said and stands up

At Mariko's office

Minami is standing in front of Mariko’s office. he knock the door

“Come in” Mariko said

Minami opens the door and comes in. Seeing Minami, Mariko smiles and said to him in teasing tone

“What can I do for you, Mr. Groom to be?”

Minami blushes with Mariko’s words. He coughs and said

“Auntie, can I go home early this evening?”

“Sure, but why? Going out with your bride?” Mariko asks

“No, Mr. Maeda wants to talk to me” Minami said

“Ken-nii?” Mariko thought

She has a very weird feeling about her brother action. However she doesn’t know what is it. Seeing Mariko stays silently, Minami calls her in confused

“Aunt Mariko”

His call snaps her out of her thought. She looks up at him and said

“I see. Ok you can go home early”

“Thank you auntie” Minami said

Then he leaves the room

Inside the room

Mariko closes her eyes and thought

“Why did he want to talk to Takamina?” She thought

In the evening

After finishing all his work, Minami packs his stuffs and leaves the hospital.

In the car

Minami thought

“I wonder what Atsuko is doing? She didn’t text me or send me the picture of her.”

“Maybe she is shy. She definitely want to surprise me” He smiles and said

Then he keeps driving back to his house

At the hospital

In Mariko’s office

She is still wonder about her brother action. She is wondering because she knows that her brother is a very stubborn person. He even more stubborn when it come to the grudge between Takahashi and Maeda because of the taught from their father. Now how can he accept this so easily

“I have to go there too” Mariko thought and stands up


In Minami’s house

“Jun, you stay here and watch over Atsu for me. I will go to the cliff and solve this problem” Ken said

“Yes father” Jun said a little hesitant because of what Rena said

When Ken is at the door, Jun calls him


“What is it, Jun?” Ken asks

“Uhm...we are doing the correct thing, right dad?” Jun asks

Ken looks at Jun and nods

“They all are bad people. That is what your great grandfather and grandfather told me. The accident that year proved their words. We shouldn’t leave Atsuko in their hand” He said

“I understand dad” Jun nods and said

Then Ken leaves the house

At the cliff

Minami reaches the cliff. He opens the door and comes out

“Mr. Maeda isn’t here yet” Minami thought

Suddenly he sees a lot of black cars rushing toward their place. He recognizes those cars

“Father” Minami thought

Then those cars stop in front of him. His father steps out with his step-mother. In the other car, Yuu, Haruna, and Miichan step out

“Why are you all here?” Minami asks

“That is what I want to ask you. What are you doing here, Minami?” Tachi said in anger tone

“This is my house. I live here with my love” Minami said

“Also we will get married soon. Atsuko’s father approved for us” He continues

“Maeda Ken is a sneaky person. He definitely planned something when approving that.” Tachi said

“Mr. Maeda is an understanding person that is why he approved this for us” Minami retorts

“You are a stupid son. The Maeda is our deadly enemy. They only want to take revenge on this house. I won't approve for you to marry Maeda Atsuko. If those three didn’t told me this, you will destroy this house” His father said angrily

“You guys” Minami looks at them angrily while holding his fists tightly

“We just want to help you, Takamina” Yuu said

“I don’t care. I don't care about your grudge. I love Atsuko, and I want to be with her.” Minami shouts

“This is the problem of the whole clan. How can you say that you don’t care?” His father shouts

“Calm down, Tachi. Let's talk to Minami gently” Ayumi said

“Look at him. He dared to talk back to me. Those people in Maeda hate our clan. They will do everything to take revenge. I’m definitely sure that she just uses him to take revenge. He is so stupid to not realize that.” Tachi said

“I’m not stupid, and Atsuko will never trick her. I love her, and she love me too” Minami shouts

“I don't care. You people take him to the car now” his father orders his bodyguards

“I won't go anywhere” Minami said

Suddenly a voice speaks up in dangerous tone

“What is the Takahashi doing here?”

Minami turns around and see Ken with his bodyguards

“Maeda Ken” Tachi said while frowning

“We meet again Takahashi Tachi.” Ken said and smirks

“The last time we met is at the court in Canada where I throw your criminal son into jail” he continues

“Maeda Ken, you seem to be very happy when doing that huh?” Tachi said

“Of course I’m. However not only me, but also for a lot of people” Ken said and laughs loudly

“You…” Tachi shouts

“What is your intention this time, Ken?” he asks

“I want your son not to bother my daughter anymore” Ken said

Minami widens his eyes in surprise

“What do you mean, Mr. Maeda? You already approved for us” Minami said

“I just do that, so Atsu’s condition will be stable. After I get rid of you here, I will take her back to Canada forget everything here” Ken said

“I knew it. I knew that you are aiming to something” Tachi said

“So what, you still can’t do anything to me here” Ken said

Then his bodyguards completely took control of the place because Tachi didn’t bring much people. Minami looks at Ken while holding his fists tightly

“Where is Atsuko?” he shouts angrily

“I don't need to tell you my daughter where about. Just know one thing, today, I will kill you. That is the only way to stop my daughter from finding and following you.” he said and takes out his gun

Then another car stops at the cliff. Mariko opens the door and rushes out

“Ken-nii” she shouts

“My suspicion is correct. Why did you do this?” Mariko said

“I have to do this for Atsuko’s sake” Ken said

“Those people are all traitor and killer” he continues

“Ken-nii” Mariko shouts

“Mariko, I know what I’m doing. You just stand back” Ken said

Then two of the bodyguards stand blocking Mariko

“This grudge, I planned on just drawing a boundary between the two clans. However one of your son harmed my family, and this one keeps bothering my daughter. To stop everything, I know I have to act now.” Ken said

“Look at this Takahashi Tachi, I will kill your son, the only blood of Takahashi in front of you all to revenge for my grandfather, father and a lot of people in Maeda family” Ken continues

“Please, don't do this Ken-nii. He is innocent. Everything is in the past” Mariko said

“Never.” he said


At the house

In Atsuko’s room

Atsuko opens her eyes and quickly sits up from her bed. She unconsciously fell in sleep because of the tiredness from crying. She quickly jumps down from her bed and rushes to the door.

“Oniichan, Rena, daddy, please open the door. Please” Atsuko shouts while hitting the door

“Please onniichan, Rena. Please let me meet him. After that I will go back to Canada. Please” she continues in tear while keeps hitting the door

“Please, please” Atsuko said

“Atsuko, stop hitting the door, you are hurting yourself” Rena holds her hands and said

“No, I have to call them. Minami is in danger” Atsuko said

Then the door opens. Jun walk in

“Atsu, don't be stubborn. I won't let you go there to meet him. Tomorrow, you will go back to Canada with us” he said

“Please oniichan. Release me. I promise I will listen to you and daddy. I only want him to be safe.” Atsuko said in tear

Jun coldly stays silent

“Oniichan, this is the first time I beg you for something. Please, I will just save him. Then I will leave with you, forgetting everything about Minami, and accept whoever you two choose” Atsuko kneels down and said

“Please oniichan, Rena please” she said while shaking her brother’s hand

“I only want him to be safe” She continues

Rena turns to Jun and said

“Jun, please help Atsuko. I can understand the pain when you can't meet the person you love or he is in danger.”

“If I knew that you are in danger right now, and I’m unable to save you from that, it is very painful, Jun” She continues

“Jun, I believe that you understand this pain too, right?” Rena asks

Her words remind him the time of the accident. He still can remember every little thing at that time. He can still remember his pain when seeing Rena lying palely on the hospital bed. Jun looks at Atsuko’s painful face

“Please, oniichan. Just this time. Only this time” Atsuko bows deeply at him and said

“Ok, I will take you there.” Jun said

“After he is safe, you will leave with us to Canada. Never come back here or meet him again” he said

“Yes, I will. I will listen to you and daddy” Atsuko said

“Then let's go” Jun said

Then Atsuko follows Jun and leave the house

Back to the cliff

Ken raises the gun toward Minami. Minami looks at him angrily

“Kill me. If I can't be with Atsuko, I would rather die” he shouts while closing his eyes

“Ken-nii, please. Everything is in the past. How about Atsuko? She will be hurt” Mariko said

“She will soon forget about him. I already found a good place for her” Ken said

“This is the only way to finish everything” he continues

Then he turns to Minami.

“Any last word?” he asks in cold tone

“My only regret is I can't see the love of my life one last time.” Minami said

“Atsuko, I love you forever” Minami shouts loudly while holding the ring in his hand

“Then die” Ken said and pulls the trigger

“Minami” Atsuko shouts

*Bang* *Bang*

She rushes in front of Minami and shield for him two shoots. Minami widens his eyes in surprise

“Atsuko” he shouts in pain

Atsuko slowly closes her eyes and falls down. Minami rushes to hug the girl he love the most into his arms.

“Atsuko” Mariko shouts in tear

“Atsuko” Jun and Rena shout in surprise

Ken freezes with what just happened. He drops his gun on the ground and kneels down. He just shot his own daughter, the little daughter who he loves the most.

“Atsuko, Atsuko, Atsuko” Minami hugs Atsuko and calls her in panic

“Atsuko, please open your eyes and looks at me, please Atsuko” Minami calls her name in tear

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes and looks at Minami

“Mi….na...mi I’m...glad...that I...made” she weakly said and smiles at Minami

Her blood dyes her shirt in red. There is some blood run down from the corner of her lips. She coughs painfully

*Cough* *cough* *cough *

“Atsuko” Minami hugs her

“Baka. Why did you do this?” he said in tear

“Because I want to protect the person I love.” Atsuko said in whisper tone

“Daddy...and oniichan *Cough* I love them...very much, and I…always want them to approve for us. However, it…is…very difficult to do that…Minami. I tried, but failed” Atsuko said in tear

“When…I promise to…oniichan to forget…about you so that I can…come here, my heart…is torn apart. I can't..ever...betray for you, Minami. *Cough* I love you...with all my..heart, and I..want to be with you forever. This is the best...solution for everything” Atsuko smiles at him and said weakly

“In this…way, I can be with…you forever…” she continues while caressing his face by her cold hand

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

Then she coughs again, and her eyes slowly closes.

“No, No Atsuko. Open your eyes. Please. Don't close it” Minami said while caressing her face.

Atsuko opens her tired eyes again

“Minami...when I, I heard your...voice said love me. I’m very...happy. That is the happiest...thing to me., fell in love...with you, and by my...side. I’m so *cough* lucky” Atsuko smiles weakly at Minami

Her blood just keep dropping

“Atsuko….I will take you to the hospital now. Please hang in there” Minami said in tear

“No Minami” Atsuko shakes her head

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

She coughs again. Her face shows more painful, and she breathes heavily

*Pant* *Pant* *Pant*

“If living...means being...separated...from you, I would...rather that I...can be..with you forever” Atsuko smiles weakly and said

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

Atsuko coughs again. Minami looks at his lover in tear.

“Minami…..Minami...I want you…to hold me. Hugs…me *Pant* tighter. I only….need you. I don't want to go…anywhere. Be by my side, Minami” Atsuko said

Her voice gets weaker, and her face turns paler. Blood from her wound just keeps dropping. She feels tired and want to close her eyes. Minami bends down and buries his face on her neck

“Atsuko, I will go with you” he whispers in her ear

“No, Minami. I want you to live. Live in my part too and be happy” Atsuko said

Her eyes slowly close

“No, without you, this life mean nothing to me. You are everything to me, Atsuko. Please don't leave me” Minami said in tear

“Baka” Atsuko said breathlessly

She raises her shaky hand and flicks his forehead

“Who said…that I will…leave you? Minami, I…won't leave…you. I will….never leave…you. I will always be with…you no matter…what” Atsuko smiles and said

She coughs again and holds her wound because of hurt

“Atsuko” Minami calls Atsuko painfully

“I love you, Minami” Atsuko said

Then she holds his face to pull him down and kisses his lips one last time.

“Please be happy, Minami” Atsuko breathes out

Her eyes slowly close, and her hands fall down on the ground.

“NOOOO…..ATSUKO” Minami shouts painfully

He hugs Atsuko and calls out her name loudly.

“Atsuko, Atsuko, ATSUKO”

Tear keeps running down on his cheeks. An unbearable pain that he is experiencing.

“Atsuko” Mariko shout and rushes to them with Jun and Rena.

When rushing to them, Rena accidentally kicks the gun to near Minami. Minami picks the gun at his foot. Then he looks up and shouts in anger while pointing the gun at them

“Don't come near us”

“Calm down, Takamina. Let's me help Atsuko” Mariko said while walking slowly at them

“I said don't come near us” Minani shouts

Then he shoots one shot up to the sky as warning

“Takamina calm down. Let’s us help her” Yuu said

“Don’t lie to me. You people just want to separate us. Don't come near us. Atsuko is mine. She is mine. We are belong to each other” he shouts while shooting another shot to the sky.

Then he looks down at the small figure in his arms. He kisses her forehead gently.

“I can promise to you everything, Atsuko but not this time. Living without you in this world is meaningless. I will go with you, and we will be together ok. I know you will feel lonely without me, right? I won't let you feel lonely, Atsuko. I will come to you, and we will always be together” Minami whispers in her ears

“Let's go, Atsuko. We will always be together” he kisses Atsuko's lips and lifts her up.

“Takamina” Haruna and Micchan calls him

“Minami, please” Ayumi calls him in tear

“Don't come near us” he shouts again in hatred

“You all are heartless. What did we ever do? Why did you people want to separate us? Why?” Minami shouts painfully

He slowly walks toward the cliff.

“Takamina, please calm down.” Mariko shouts

“Shut up” Minami shouts

Then he continues walking. Then he turns around and looks at his father and Atsuko's father. Those people are the one separate them. He looks at them with anger eyes.

“Are you all happy now?” Minami shouts in anger

His heart is broken, and he is in pain

“Do you feel happy with this revenging?” he continues

Minami turns to his father

“Look at Atsuko now father. Did she use me? Did she need to shield for me 2 shoots if she use me” Minami shouts angrily at his father who is now look down in regret

“She loves me with all her heart. She sacrificed her life for me. Don't you see that? Why did you always like that? You are always so blind because of doubting and hating. Why did you always afraid that someone will take down your fortune? You are always selfish with everything” he continues in tear

Then he turns to Atsuko's father and said

“Mr. Maeda, I thought you are an understanding person when you approved for us. I was very happy. I admire you a lot because of your tolerant. However I was wrong. I was really wrong. You are no better than my father. You are also blind with revenge” Minami shouts

He takes a deep breath and said

“Let’s me ask you this. What did you get when you taking revenge? Look at Atsuko right now. Remember all the times that you forbid and separate us. Did she happy? Did she ever smile any happy smile since that time?”

“If revenge is you all eternal goal, then witness this. The dead of us. Remember this...” Minami pauses

“We died because of your selfishness. You all are the one who kill us” Minami shouts in anger and jumps off the cliff

“Minami” Ayumi shouts and rushes to the cliff

“Takamina” Yuu, Haruna, and Miichan shout

“Atsuko, Takamina” Mariko shouts

“Atsuko” Jun and Rena rush to the cliff

“Atsu” Ken speaks up

“My Atsu” he rushes to the cliff and kneels down

“I’m wrong, Atsu. I’m really wrong” He cries while hitting the ground

Mariko turns and looks at Jun and Ken with anger eyes

“I told you two before, Ken-nii, Jun. Don't let revenge blind you. They are innocent. They love each other. Don't separate them. Now, did you two see that? It was you two who pushed her into a corner, a dead end. You two are her family. She loves you two very much that her heart is torture between love and family. She is at lost. She doesn't know what to do. She doesn't want to go against you two. At the same time, she doesn't want to give up her love just because of a grudge that already in the past for so many decades” Mariko said

“Tell me, big brother. Tell me what did you get from revenging big brother? Tell me, tell me.” she shouts in tear

“Don’t you remember father? Even though he lives in Canada, all he thinks about is revenging the grudge of grandfather. Did he ever happy with that thought? And you too, big brother. That incident already passed for so many decade, and you still think about that. Look down there, big brother. That is what the revenge give you.” Mariko shouts while pointing at the cliff

“Another thing, did you see him, Ken-nii. His doubt and hatred just kill his own son, too.”

“Do you see it? What good about revenging and hating? What did revenge and hatred give you? Happiness or the painful dead of Atsuko. Why did you let this thing happen, big brother. Why did you two try not to understand it, Jun, Ken-nii?” She shouts painfully

Then she takes a deep breath and wipes her tear

“I said what I have to say.” Mariko said

Then she leaves the cliff

“Rena, I’m really wrong. I’m really wrong, Rena. My stubbornness caused the dead of my little sister. I should listen to you, Rena. I should listen to you, Rena” Jun said in tear while hugging Rena tightly

Rena can’t say anything. This is so much painful to all of them. The little girl they love dearly. Just because of stubbornness and selfishness, they caused this painful consequence

“Rena, why did I understand it too late like this? Why did I too slow? This is so painful, Rena, Rena” Jun said

“Jun” Rena tightens her hug and cries harder

Tachi drops down on the ground and speechless.

Under the cliff is just cold sea. No sight of people. The sky is grey. Rain starts falling as crying for a tragic love.


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Why they die?????????
Their family are very stubborn that caused both of them die.
This is not the ending, isn't it? What will happen next?

Thanks for your update
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Why they die?!?!!  :cry: :cry:
................... Wait..... It is not ending right..?  :?
"TBC" :O did I read it correctly??? :O
So if this is not ending.....
Um... What if... Lets say.... What if they are just acting planned by Mariko-sama?? :O
I think perharps Mariko-sama knew that Atsuko's father was just pretending to accept Minami to be her boyfriend....
So Mariko-sama decided to plan those.....?
In order to escape from their families and start new life together, what if this is it?! :O
Although i dont know if this is it.... I dont like sad ending....  :cry: :cry:

Please update ASAP!  :panic: :banghead:
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Too much drama lately

It is not good for my heart  :cry:

Keep the good work author san.  :cow:

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 :OMG: :hip cry: :fainted: :mon waterworks: uwaaaahhhhhhh!
Author-san! You made me cry! My heart please!  :ptam-wub: :ptam-hbk: it can't take more pain anymore...
Haha! Anyway, waaaahhhh! Thank you for the update, though this chapter was heartbreaking I hope they can find happiness, uwahhhh! Can't wait for the next update! Please continue your good work author-san! :kneelbow: :on GJ: :ptam-kiss:

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update soon :D

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[Atsumina's OS collection] Power of Love (Atsumina) Part 14 11/06/2016
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@yocelin17: Yes, that is not ending. :D

@korin48: that is not ending. Me too, I’m also not a fan of sad ending. :D

@sadrilim: Thank you!  :D

@Jkugang: Thank you!  :D

@AI712: Thank you!  :D

@black_maa: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is part 14  :D

Power of Love

Part 14

3 years later

In a very small village

At a small elementary school

There is a man walks into the classroom.

“Good morning Takahashi sensei” the kids said in usion

“Good morning” he smiles at them

“Today, we will learn about addition and subtraction” he said

“Did you all do your homework?” he asks

“Yes sensei” they said

“Good” he smiles and said

Then they start their class

After class

Minami leaves the school and goes to a hospital near the village. He walks in the hallway and stops at a room. In the front door, there is no name tag.

Minami opens the door and come in. There is a person standing in the room looking at the girl on the bed. Hearing the door opening, the person turns and smiles at him

“Hello Takamina. Your school is over?” she asks

“Hi auntie Mariko.” Minami smiles and greets her

“You came here to visit her?” he asks

“Uh, I have some business around here, so I come here to see her a little” Mariko said

"I see" Minami said and sits down near Atsuko's bed

"How is she, Takamina?" Mariko asks while sitting down on the sofa in the room

Minami strokes Atsuko hair and shakes his head

"Still sleeping stubbornly" he said

"I see" Mariko said, a little disappoint

"However I believe that Atsuko will wake up, very soon" Minami caresses Atsuko's face and said

"Uh, I hope so" Mariko said

“It is time. I have to go now. I have a meeting with the staffs here. See you later, Takamina” She continues while looking at her watch

“Uh, see you later auntie” Minami said

Then Mariko leaves the room. Minami turn and looks at the small figure lying on the bed. She looks like she is sleeping, a very good and deep sleep. He looks at her and smiles. Then he holds her hand and said

“Wake up soon, sleepy head. You already sleep for 3 years, you know that”


3 years ago

At a private hospital

In a patient room

Minami slowly opens his eyes.

“Where am I?” he thought while looking around

“Atsuko” he whispers

“If living...means being...separated...from you, I would...rather that I...can be..with you forever”

“Atsuko” he shouts and sits up immediately.

“You finally awake” he hears someone's voice

He turns and sees a young man sitting there.

“Who are you? Where am I? Where is Atsuko?” Minami asks the man a bunch of question

“Calm down. You just wake up. You should relax” he said

“Where is Atsuko?” Minami shouts angrily

“Why did you save me? Let's me die with her” he shouts again while standing up

“Takamina calm down” he hears a familiar voice at the door

He turns and sees Mariko. He quickly rushes to her and holds her arms tightly

“Where is Atsuko? Where did you take her? Why did you separate us?” Minami said angrily


Mariko slaps his face to calm him down

“I said calm down you hot headed” she said while frowning.

Minami releases her arms and steps back. He laughs bitterly while sitting down on the floor.

“I really don't know why did you save me? Do you want me to suffer the pain of missing Atsuko? Why did you all don't believe me? I love her. I love her with all my heart. It is not my fault that my last name is Takahashi. My last name is that doesn't mean I’m a bad person. Why did you all have to separate us? Why did you all force us to the corner? Why did Atsuko have to sacrifice her life for me? Why did I have to be alive?” Minami said in tear while hitting the ground

“Takamina, I told you to calm down. I didn't say that Atsuko is dead” Mariko said

Minami looks up in surprise.

“Atsuko isn’t dead” He thought

Then he quickly stands up and rushes to Mariko

“What do you mean, auntie?” he asks her

“Mayu, lead us to her room. Yuki is checking on her there, right?” Mariko asks

“Yes sensei. She is there” Mayu said

“Follow me” He continues

Then he takes Minami to another patient's room. Mayu opens the door for Takamina and steps aside

“The person you want to meet is in there” he said

Minami quickly rushes into the room. He smiles while tear of happiness roll on his cheeks when he sees the girl he loves the most.

“Atsuko” he whispers

“My Atsuko” he calls and rushes to the bed


Yuki is checking on Atsuko's condition. Minami’s action surprises her.

“Yuki, just leave him with her” Mariko said

Yuki nods and steps back.

“Atsuko” Minami caresses Atsuko's face and calls her happily

“I miss you so much” he whispers and kisses her forehead

“Takamina” Mariko calls him

He turns and looks at Mariko

“Let's Yuki tell you about her condition” she said, and Minami nods

“The two shots are very severe. Plus she was underwater for too long. Although I was able to save her life, with her condition, I don't really know if she will wake up or go into vegetative state.” Yuki said

Minami feels pain in his heart by each of Yuki’s words. However, Atsuko is still alive is all matter. He wipes his tear and smiles

“I believe Atsuko will wake up. I will definitely call her until her wake up.” he said in confident

Mariko looks at him and smiles

“That is what I want to hear from you” she said

Then Minami turns to Mariko and asks

“How can I be here? How did you know here? Did Atsuko’s father know this?” he asks worriedly

“Don't worry, no one knows that you two are alive except me. You were saved by them.” Mariko said and points at Mayu and Yuki

“Yesterday, when Yuki and I went to the beach to relax, we saw you two lie unconscious there. Your hands still holding each other very tightly. When I check on Meada-san, her pulse is very weak. It is almost like it going to stop in second. Then we quickly take you two back here” Mayu said

“Mariko sensei is our teacher. She is also the director of this hospital. She once told us about her niece. I can recognize her face after I did the surgery for her. That is why I called her here” Yuki said

“I see” Minami said

He stands up and looks at Yuki and Mayu

“Thank you very much for saving her life. I’m forever in your debt” Minami kneels down and said

“Takahashi-san, please don't do that. Mariko sensei told us everything about you two. We are glad that we can help you” Yuki said while helping him up together with Mayu.

“I believe that it is your love saved you two” she continues and smiles at him

“Takamina, do you want to work here in my hospital?” Mariko asks

“No, I don't want to do thing that reminds me of that past. I will just find some other thing to do” Minami said

“But Minami, you are a very talented doctor.” Mariko said

“Until Atsuko wakes up, I won't wear the white coat again” Minami said while caressing her face

Mariko looks at him. She knows that Minami is very tired because of everything that happen to them. He only want a normal life with Atsuko, a very simple wish

“Ok, I have a friend. He is the principal of a small elementary school in the village near here, do you want to be a math teacher there?” Mariko asks

“Yes, thank you, auntie. I owe you a lot too.” Minami bows and said

“Baka, you don't have to say that. Atsuko is my niece, and I also see her as my daughter, so you are my family too. Therefore don't thank me anymore” Mariko pats his shoulder and said

Minami smiles happily at them

End flashback

Minami holds Atsuko's hand and kisses it

“You have been asleep since that day you know. Atsuko please wake up and talk to me again” he whispers

“Please, I miss your voice very much, Atsuko” he said in tear

Then he rests his head on her hand and buries his face on her hand.

“Please Atsuko. Please wake up and smiles at me like before” Minami said in shaky tone

For 3 years, he is waiting for her. He waits for her to talk to him again, to smile at him, to caress his face, and give him a loving kiss on his lips. He misses this girl a lot. However, she is still stubborn and refuses to wake up. He holds her hand tightly and cries silently.

“You know what, Atsuko. Every day, I miss you so much. Whenever I does something, your face always appears in my head. I miss you so much, Atsuko” He whispers tearfully

Suddenly, Minami feels Atsuko's hand holds his hand. He quickly looks up. He smiles brightly when he sees a pair of beautiful eyes looking at him

“Atsuko, you wake up. You finally wake up” Minami happily said

“Mi….na….mi” Atsuko calls him

“Yes, I’m here. I’m here” Minami said while caressing her face

“I’m so glad, Atsuko” he wipes his tear and smiles happily

Atsuko smiles gently at him.

“Wait for me, Atsuko. I will call Yuki here” Minami quickly said

He is so happy right now. He storms out of the room toward Yuki’s office. While Minami is running in the hallway searching for her, he spots Yuki, Mayu, and Mariko. He quickly rushes to them. Seeing Minami in hurry, Mariko asks in worry tone

“What's wrong, Takamina?”

“Atsuko….Atsuko…” Minami said while painting

“What’s wrong with Atsuko, Takamina?” Mariko asks him hurriedly

“Atsuko...Atsuko finally wakes up” he looks up and said in happy tone

Mariko, Yuki, and Mayu smile happily at each other. Then they all quickly rush to Atsuko's room. When they come inside the room, Atsuko looks at Mariko with surprised look. Minami strokes her hair and said

“Don't worry, Atsuko. Auntie and those people helped us.”

Atsuko looks at Minami with confused look

“I will tell you everything later, ok” he gently said

Atsuko smiles and nods at him. Then Yuki comes and checks on Atsuko's conditions.

After awhile

Yuki stands up and said

“Maeda-san is ok now. However, she needs more rest” the doctor said

“Thank you Yuki, Thank you” Minami bows and said

“No problem, Takamina. I'm glad that she finally awake.” Yuki smiles and said

“Atsuko, I’m so happy that my precious niece is ok, now. Get well soon ok” Mariko sits on her bed and said

Atsuko nods and smiles at her

“Thank you auntie” she said to her

Hearing Atsuko's voice, Mariko’s tear unconsciously rolls on her cheeks

“I'm so happy that I can hear your voice calling me again, Atsuko” she said

Atsuko smiles at her.

“Ok, we will leave now. Leaving time for you two” Mariko said

“Thank you” Minami said again

Then they leave the room. Minami comes and sits on Atsuko’s bed. He looks at her and smiles happily

“Welcome back, my love” he said while caressing her face

“I’m back” she said and smiles sweetly at him

“I miss you so much, Atsuko” he said in whisper tone

Then he bends down and kisses her lips lovingly while caressing her face. After that he breaks the kiss and leans his forehead on her head.

“I miss you so much, Atsuko. Those 3 years like torture to me. I miss your voice, your laughter, your hug, and everything about you” Minami said

Tear of happiness rolls down on his cheek. Atsuko smiles at him.

“I miss you too, Minami.” She said

Then Minami bends down and kisses her lips again. He send all his longing and missing her into the kiss. Atsuko hugs him and replies his kiss lovingly.

6 years later

At a very beautiful mountain

In front of a big mansion

There is a flashy car parks there. Minami steps out from the car and opens the door for Atsuko. Then he opens the back door. Two little kids jump out of it excitedly

“Wow this place looks so cool” a little boy said

“Yeah!” The little girl behind him said

“Let’s go look around, Tami” the little boy said

“Ok, let’s go.” Tamiko said

Then they rushes to behind the house into the forest

“Be careful you two.” Atsuko said

“Don’t go too far” Minami add

“Yes daddy, mommy” the two kids said in usion

They smile while looking at their children. Then Atsuko turns to look at the beautiful mansion

“So this is the house that aunt Mariko found for us huh?” Atsuko said and leans her head on Minami's shoulder

“It looks so peaceful and beautiful” Minami said while hugging Atsuko's shoulder

“Uh, this place didn’t changes a bit. It just more beautiful.” Atsuko said

Minami looks at her with surprised look

“You knew this place before, Atsuko?” Minami asks her

“Uh, daddy…” Atsuko pauses

“Daddy used to take me here before when I was a kid.” She said in sad tone

“Atsuko” Minami thought

He turns and pulls her into his embrace

“Atsuko” He strokes her back and calls her gently

“What is it, Minami?” she asks while burying her face on his chest

“Do you want us to come back there?” He asks her

“No” Atsuko shakes her head immediately

“I just want to live a peaceful life with you and our children here, Minami.” she said

“Me too, I also want to live a life like this here. With you, Tamiko, and Katsuo.” He said and strokes her back

“I love you, Minami” Atsuko whispers

“I love you too, Atsuko. More than anything” Minami said

He bends down and kisses her lips gently.


Tamiko and Katsuo run into the forest.

“This place is so cool, Tami.” Katsuo is running around and said

“Yes, it is so great that we move here.” Tamiko said while picking some flowers on the ground.

Suddenly she sees a very beautiful hummingbird.

“Hey Katsu, there is a very beautiful bird” She said

“Where?” He asks and rushes toward her place.

Hearing Katsuo’s voice and foot step, the bird flies away.

“Hey wait for me” Tamiko said and chases after the bird

Katsuko also follows her

“Don’t go too far, Tami” He shouts

They run for a while. Then Tamiko doesn’t see the bird anywhere. She stops and looks around

“Where is it?” she thought

“Tami, mommy said that we shouldn’t went too far” Katsuo catches up with Tamiko and said while painting

“I’m sorry, I was so attracted with that beautiful bird” Tamiko said sadly

“It is ok. Now let’s get back before mommy and daddy worry about us” Katsuo said

However when they turn around, they realize that they are in the very deep forest now.

“Where are we? What should I do?” Katsuo thought while looking around

Seeing Katsuo worried face, Tamiko asks in scared tone

“Katsu, did we lost?”

“D...don’t worry, I will take you back, Tami” Katsuo said

Then they walks together aimlessly. They walk for a while. Then they see a big flower field

“Wow!!” Tamiko and Katsuo shouts in amazed

“This is so great” Tamiko and Katsou shout while rushing toward the flower field forgetting that they have to go back home.

While rushing around the field, they see an old man. He is taking care of the flowers

“Katsu, there is someone here” Tamiko said

Katsuo turns to where Tamiko said.

“Let’s go there” he said

“Ok” Tamiko nods

Then they rush to his place to greet him. The old man is Ken, and he is watering some flowers. When he looks up, he sees two little kids rushing toward him. He widens his eyes in surprise when realizing how resemble they are to a person, a person he loves dearly. However because of his stubbornness, he killed her.

“Daddy, I picked a lot of flowers here”

“Daddy, I made this for you to wear daddy. You are the king”

“Uh, and my Atsu is my princess”

He whispers


When the two reach his place, they bow and greet him politely

“Good morning, Ojii-san”

He doesn't know why, but his heart feels so warm when hearing their words

“Good morning” he smiles gently and said

“Ojii-san, do you live here?” Katsuo asks innocently

“Uh, my house is over there” Ken said gently to them while pointing to a simple looking house

“Is this flower field yours, Ojii-san?” Tamiko asks

“Uh, I planned them” Ken said

“Do you like them?” he asks while bending down in front of those two

“Yes” they nod happily

“They look very beautiful” Tamiko said

Then she looks at Ken with innocent eyes.

“Atsu” Ken thought while looking at those innocent eyes

They are so much resembles Atsuko's eyes.

“Ojii-san, can we take some flowers? We want to give this to daddy and mommy” Tamiko asks innocently

“Sure” he said and smiles at them

“Thank you, Ojii-san” Katsuo said and smiles brightly

His smile reminds him about her again.

“Why did they look so much like her?” he thought

Ken smiles gently while looking at Tamiko and Katsuo who are happily picking flowers.

After a while

They rush to him with flowers in their hands.

“Ojii-san look, I chose a lot of beautiful flowers for daddy and mommy.” Tamiko said

“Me too” Katsuo said

Ken pats their head and said

“You two are very good. I believe that your parents will be very happy”

Then he takes out his handkerchief and wipes their sweat. After that he asks them

“I forgot to ask. What is your name?”

“My name is Katsuo. This is my twin sister, Tamiko” Katsuo said

“I see. You two have very cute name” Ken said

They look at him and smile brightly. Then he asks them another question

“Are you two live here?”

“Uh, from today on. We just moved here this morning” Katsuo said

“I see. So we are neighbor, right?” Kun smiles and said

“Yes, we are happy about that” Katsuo said

He smiles gently and asks them

“Are you two thirsty?”

“Yes” they nod in usion

“I have milk in my fridge. Let's me bring them here for you two” he said

“Thank you Ojii-san” they bow respectively at him

Ken smiles and pats their head. After that he walks back and takes out for them two bottles of milk. They drink the milk happily. Ken doesn't know why, but he always see Atsuko's image in them. He thinks that maybe because he misses her so much. Suddenly Katsuo realizes that they went out for too long

“Tami, we have to go back. We went out for too long” he said

“Yes, I almost forgot” she said

Then they turn to Ken and said

“We have to go back now Ojii-san. See you later”

“I see.” Ken said

He feels a little sad when hearing that.

“Ojii-san, can we come here to play with you tomorrow?” Tamiko asks innocently

“Yes, can we Ojii-san?” Katsuo looks at him and asks

Ken looks at them and smiles happily

“Of course, you two are welcome here anytime. Tomorrow, I will bring some snack for you two” he said

“Yatta!! Thank you Ojii-san” Tamiko and Katsuo said happily

Then Katsuo asks him

“Ojii-san, we forgot how to get back to the lake in the forest. Can you show us to there?”

“Of course, let's me show you” Ken said

Then he takes their hand and walks toward the lake


After settling everything, Atsuko and Minami come to the backyard to find Tamiko and Katsuo. However, they didn't see them anywhere.

“Where are they, Minami?” Atsuko asks in worry tone

“Don't worry Atsuko. I think they just go around near here to play. Let's look for them" Minami said

“Tami, Katsu” Minami and Atsuko calls them loudly

“Mommy, daddy” Tamiko and Katsuo rush to them.

“Tami, Katsu” Atsuko and Minami calls them happily

Atsuko hugs Tamiko in her arms while Minami lifts Katsuo up in his arms

“Where did you two go? We were so worry” Minami said

“Yes, we were so worry” Atsuko said while hugging Tamiko

“We are sorry” Tamiko and Katsuo said

“We were playing at the lake near here, and then we lost. After that we met Ojii-san with a big flower field” Katsuo said

“Ojii-san?” Atsuko and Minami said in confuse

“Uh, he is very nice. He allowed us to take some flowers. He also gave us milk” Tamiko said while showing them the bottle of milk and the flower

“Mommy, daddy, we picked these flowers as present for you two” Tamiko and Katsuo said while giving them the flower

“Daisy” Atsuko thought in surprise

“Daddy, this is Atsu’s present for you”

“Wow!! Daddy love it. Thank you Atsu”

“Daddy” Atsuko whispers

Hearing something, Minami turns to Atsuko. He sees that Atsuko is spacing out. He holds her hand and asks

“What's wrong, Atsuko?”

His voice snaps her out of her thought

“Uh-uh, nothing, Minami” Atsuko smiles and said

Then Atsuko bends down in front of her children

“What a beautiful flower. Thank you for your flowers. Daddy and mommy are very happy” Atsuko smiles and said

“Uh, thank you for your beautiful flowers” Minami pats their head and said

Tamiko and Katsuo look at them and smile happily

“Let’s go into the house, Tami, Katsu” Atsuko said

“Ok” they nod

Minami bends down and said

“Let’s daddy carry you ok” 

“Yea! Yea!” They shout happily

Tamiko jumps on Minami's back while Katsuo clings on his arm. Atsuko looks at them and smiles happily

In Tokyo

At Mariko’s hospital

“How is dad auntie?” Jun asks in worry tone

“Uhm...his condition is stable now, but not so good.” Mariko sighs and said

“If he still stubbornly refuse to take the surgery, I’m afraid…” She sighs again and said in worry tone

Rena sighs

“We tried a lot of things to convince him, but he still refuses to take the surgery. Since the day Atsuko…” she pauses

“Since that day, he refuses to do anything. He said that his mistake caused her dead. He doesn’t care about anything anymore” she continues in worry tone

“I will try to convince him again. I won’t give up. If Atsuko is still alive, I believe that she will definitely against his stubborn action” Jun said

“Uh, do your best to convince him as soon as possible, Jun” Mariko said

After Rena and Jun left, Mariko takes out her phone and calls someone

(Hello auntie)

“Hello Atsuko, how is your new house?” Mariko asks her

(That is very beautiful auntie, Minami and the kids are very excited. I also like it.) Atsuko said in happy tone

“I see, I’m glad that you two like it. I will visit there later” Mariko said

Talking to Atsuko for a while then she hangs up

“I hope you can see him soon, Atsuko. Only you can change his mind” She thought

At night

In Atsuko's and Minami's room

Atsuko lies on the bed, but she can't sleep

“Daddy, Atsu want to plan a big flowers field here.”

Atsuko closes her eyes and remembers all her childhood in this mountain. The daisy reminds her a lot of thing. Suddenly a pair of arms hugs around her waist. Minami hugs Atsuko's waist and pulls her closer to him

“You are thinking about your father, right Atsuko?” Minami buries his face on her neck and whispers

Atsuko turns to him and hugs him back.

“You haven't slept yet, Minami?” she asks while burying her face on his chest

“How can I sleep when my wife is still awake?” Minami said and kisses her forehead

“I’m sorry, Minami” Atsuko said

“Baka” he pinches her nose and said

“I just worry about you.” Minami said

“Coming to this place reminding you of the past huh? He asks

“Uh, but I’m ok. Don’t worry Minami.” Atsuko smiles and said

“Just knowing that he is always ok from auntie Mariko is all I need” she continues

Minami looks at Atsuko. He hugs her and strokes her back. Then he said to her gently

“Atsuko, if you want, we can go back to see him. This time I will definitely make him change his mind. I’m confident about this”

Atsuko immediately shakes her head

“I don’t want to go back Minami. I don’t want the past to repeat again. I don’t want to lose you” she said while burying her face on his chest

Minami hugs her tightly. Then he turns and puts her beneath him. He looks at her lovingly

“We will never separate, Atsuko. I won't let that thing happen again. So if you miss him wmhm…”

Haven't finishing his words, Atsuko hugs his necks and kisses his lips lovingly.

“I don't want to go back. I don't want to risk losing you again, Minami. I'm so scared with that feeling” Atsuko said while hugging him tightly

“Knowing him good is enough. I believe oniichan and Rena will take care of him very good” She continues

“How about we will ask aunt Mariko about him again tomorrow?” Minami smiles at Atsuko and said

“Ok” Atsuko smiles brightly and said

Minami smiles when seeing Atsuko is more relaxing with his suggestion

“Now let's go to sleep my queen. We have to wake up early to clean up this new house.” He said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

Then Minami bends down and kisses her lips lovingly

In the morning

Tamiko and Katsuo wake up early. They rush to Atsuko’s and Minami’s room and knock

“Daddy, mommy” they call them

Minami opens the door for them. He bends down and picks them up. He brings them to their bed and puts them down

“Why did my prince and princess wake up so early today?” Atsuko asks

“We want to go to the flower field and play with Ojii-san” Katsuo said

“Huh? This early? Does Ojii-san wakes up yet? Don’t bother him, Tami, Katsu” Minami said

“We didn’t bother. Ojii-san said that we can come there anytime. He wants to play with us too” Tamiko said

“Really?” Atsuko asks

“Uh.” They nod

“Ok, go to the dining room and wait for daddy and mommy ok. After eating breakfast, we will take you there” Atsuko said

“Ok” they said

Then Tamiko and Katsuo jump down from the bed and rush out of the room. After finishing their breakfast, Atsuko and Minami take Katsuo and Tamiko to the field. They want to see the person who playing with and thank him for taking care of their children yesterday.

After a while

They reach the place. Atsuko is very surprise when seeing the big flower field. Suddenly she sees a person at the middle of the field. He is standing under a big tree. Atsuko once again is very surprised when realizing who the person is. Minami also widens his eyes in surprise. He quickly turns and looks at Atsuko.

“Daddy” Atsuko whispers

“That is Ojii-san, let's me call him here” Tamiko said

“It is ok, Tami, Katsu” Atsuko catches their hands and said

“You two go there and play. We will go back home now.” she said

Tamiko and Katsuo look at Atsuko with confused look

“Daddy and mommy have something to do, so we can’t go there. You two just go there and play. Remember to be good and don’t bother him, ok” Minami said

“Ok” They nod and said

Then the two run toward Ken’s place


Hope you guys enjoy reading it!  :D
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Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) (Completed)

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Oh.. after so many years... but at least, they are still alive..  :roll:
Hmm... Ken is near too, but.. yeah.
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  • But I think TakaHarem is not too bad either ^~^
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Thanks God they are alive :O

And also Thanks God that you are not fan of sad ending \ (^o^) /

I somehow feel pity for Grandpa Ken :'(  but at least he learnt the lesson....

Update soon! /o/
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  • your heart will tell you~
they are together :)
and alive :D

update soon :D

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They're alive! :farofflook: they have twins now  :mon inluv:
What will happen to grandpa ken?
Will atsu learn about his condition?
Will they see each other?
Will they accept their relationship for real this time if they meet? now that they have children
Aaahhhh...too much question...hahaha! Anyway, can't wait for the next update! :mon trannie: :on GJ:

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@black_maa, @korin48, @AI712: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic.  :D

Here is the last part.   :D

Power of Love

Part 15 - Final

At the flower field

Ken is standing under a big sakura tree. He caresses the tree and recalls his memory with his dearest daughter


Ken carries little Atsuko on his back up to the top of a mountain.

“Daddy, are you tired?” Atsuko asks him

“No, daddy will never feel tired when carrying my little princess” Ken said

After a while

They reach the top of the mountain.

“Wow!” Atsuko runs around and said excitedly

Ken stands there and looks at her happily

“Atsu, let's plan the tree first” he said

“Ok daddy” Atsuko said and rushes back to him.

Ken puts the tree down and lifts Atsuko up

“Where does Atsu want to plain this?”

“Uhm….” Atsuko looks around while thinking

“Let's plan it there daddy, in the middle of those flowers” Atsuko points at the place

“Ok” Ken said while looking at the place

“However Atsu, this tree will grow very big. We can't plan it in the middle of those flowers or this tree will kill those flowers”

“Oh, so we have to plan it outside? But Atsu wants these flowers around it” Atsuko said

Ken looks at the flowers and thinks.

“How about daddy will plan this three first. After that I will pick those flowers and plan them around the tree in a good distance, ok” he looks at her and said

Atsuko smiles at him and nods

“Let's do it, daddy. Atsu will help you” Atsuko said

The Ken starts planning the tree and flowers around it with a good distance. They do that until noon.

“Ok, perfect” he stands up and said

“Ok perfect” Atsuko also copies what he did

He looks at his daughter and smiles

“Now Atsu, let's water them” he said to her

“Ok” she smiles innocently at him

Then they start flowering the trees. While watering them, Atsuko asks Ken

“Daddy, what are these flower?”

“They are called daisy. They are also the symbol of new life and beginning” Ken explains

“Oh” Atsuko nods

Then she turns and looks around the mountain

“Daddy” she turns back and calls him

“What is it, Atsu?” He asks her

“Atsu wants to plant a lot of daisy here. I love daisy. I want to grow a big field of daisy around this tree” Atsuko said while running around

Ken laughs at her innocence.

“Ok, we will do it, but not now. We have to go back to Canada next week. Therefore if we plant too much flower now, no one can take care of them” he said

“Next time when we come back here to visit auntie, we will do it, right daddy?” Atsuko asks

“Uh, we will definitely do it” Ken nods

Then Atsuko turns and asks him another question

“Daddy, can we come here tomorrow to check on this little tree?”

“Of course. We will take care of it until we go back to Canada” Ken said

“Yeah!!! I can go here and play again” Atsuko is jumping around happily

End flashback

Ken stands in front of two tombstones. On there are pictures of Atsuko and Minami. Then he sits down next to them

“Atsu, I told you that I will plant a big flower field for you, but I didn't do it. I was always busy with my business. However, you were never once complain about that. Now I do this for you. However it is already too late now right?” He said while wiping the tombstone next to him

“Atsu, why am I so stubborn? Just because….just because of my stubbornness, I hurt you like that. I should listen to your auntie. I should listen to you. I shouldn’t force me thought on you.” He said and cries silently

Suddenly he hears two innocent voice call him. The calls that warm his heart a lot


He stands up and turns around. He sees Tamiko and Katsuo running toward the sakura tree where he is standing. They smile happily while waving at him. He smiles when seeing them.

“Ojii-san” They stop in front of him and said in happy tone

“Hello Katsuo and Tamiko” Ken smiles at them and said

“How are you two doing?” He asks them

“We are very good” They smile happily at him

He smiles back

“Did you two eat breakfast?” Ken bends down and asks them

“Yes, we did. Mommy and daddy made cereal for us.” Katsuo said

“I see, that is very delicious right?” He asks

“Yes” They nods

“Do you want milk, snack, or ice cream? I bought for you guys a lot of snacks” Ken said

“We just ate breakfast, so we still feel full. Can we have ice cream later, Ojii-san?” they ask him

“Of course. Tell me whenever you want” Ken said to her


Atsuko is standing there and looking at the old man under the tree. He is her dearest family. She realizes how thin he is, how his face only show sadness. Suddenly a pair of arms hugs around her waist. Minami pulls her closer to him

“Are you ok, Atsuko?” Minami asks her in whisper tone

Atsuko stays silent. She wants to say that she is ok. However, seeing her father looks so sad, she can feel pain in her heart. Minami notices that.

“Atsuko, let's go there and meet him” he whispers

“Minami” Atsuko turns to look at him

Minami smiles and wipes her tear. Now that she realized it. She cried

“I will make him accept me no matter what Atsuko.” he said to her gently


“Shh…” Minami puts his finger on her lips

Then he bends down and kisses her lovingly

“You don't believe in your husband” he asks while pinching her nose.

“Also look, he loves our children very much. They are his grandchildren. Therefore everything will be fine, Atsuko” he pats her head and said

“Now let's go, Atsuko” Minami takes her hand and said

When Minami is about to go, something sudden flashes in her head

“I will never accept the Takahashi.”

Atsuko holds Minami's hand back

“Don't go, Minami” Atsuko said

“I'm fine, I was just surprised to see daddy here.” She explains

“I always thought that daddy properly went back to Canada. I never thought that he stays here. The place where he used to take me. He does thing that I told him long time ago, and the tree that he is standing under is the tree that we planned before” she continues

“How about we stand here and look at him for a while?” Minami asks

“Uh, thank you Minami” Atsuko said

“Baka, he is your father, then he is mine, too. Also I want you to be happy. Not this sad face” Minami said lovingly

Back to the field

Katsuo and Tamiko are playing under the tree with Ken. Because this is noon, they have to stay under the tree to hide from sunlight. Then they see that Ken is doing something. They come to him

“Ojii-san, what are you doing?” Tamiko asks him

“I plant some more flowers around the tree” Ken answers

“Can we do that?” Katsuo asks him

“Of course, but this is a little tiring” he said

“It is ok, we want to help” Tamiko said

“Ok, let me show you” He said

“Firstly you have to dig a hole to put the flower down” Ken explains

Then he takes the hand shovel and digs a small hole on the ground. Tamiko and Katsuo look at what he does seriously.

“After that place a little garden soil down in the hole. This will help the flower grow healthier” He continues his explaining

“I see” They said

“After preparing everything, we will place the flower down. Then we will put the soil to cover it. Remember to cover all its root. After that we will water it” Ken said and smiles at them

“Now can you two do it?” He asks

“Yes, we will help” They said happily

Then they start helping Ken planting the flowers.

1 hour later

Ken, Tamiko, and Katsuo finished planting flowers around the tree. Then they see a two tombstones near it, and Kent is taking care of them. Curious they come closer and look at them.

“Ojii-san,” Tamiko calls him

“What is it, Tamiko?” He turns to her and asks

“Why did you put mommy’s and daddy’s picture here?” She asks him

Ken widen his eyes in surprise. He turns to asks them, but suddenly he feels pain in his chest

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

He coughs heavily while holding his chest tightly. Tamiko and Katsuo rush to him

“Ojii-san, are you ok?” Katsuo uses his small hand to stroke Ken’s back and asks

“I..*Cough*...Katsuo…*Cough*...” He said while coughing

“What is it, ojii-san?” Katsuo asks

*Pant* *Pant*

“These pictures...are your...parents” He asks while panting

“Yes, mommy and daddy.” Katsuo nods

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

Ken coughs heavier. He feels a very strong pain in his chest. He wants to ask them more, but he doesn’t have enough strength.

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

He coughs more and more

“Ojii-san are you ok?” Tamiko asks him worriedly

The twin keeps patting his back while looking at him worriedly. Ken’s sigh slowly turn blur.

“I….*Pant*...*Pant*...I…” he whispers weakly while panting

Then he faints

“Ojii-san, ojii-san”

The twins is very worry. They don't know what to do

“Ojii-san, Ojii-san” they shake his arm and call him in tear


Atsuko and Minami are standing and watching Ken and their children. Suddenly Atsuko and Minami notice his strange behavior

“Atsuko” Minami turns and calls Atsuko in hurried tone

“There is something wrong with daddy” Atsuko said

Then they see he faints on the ground

“Daddy” Atsuko rushes to his place with Minami

At Ken’s place

“Ojii-san, Ojii-san” Kamiko and Katsuo keep calling them

Then they hear their parents’ voice

“Tami, Katsu”

They turn and see Atsuko and Minami rushing toward them. The twins stand up and rush to their parents

“Daddy, mommy, what's wrong with ojii-san?” Tamiko asks in tear

“Let's daddy see” Minami rushes to Ken

He bends down and checks on his pulse.

“Mommy is Ojii-san, ok?” The twins ask her in tear

Atsuko bends down and pats their head

“Don't worry, Tami, Katsu. Ojii-san will be fine” she said

Her voice is shaking because of scared

“Your grandpa will be fine” Atsuko thought while hugging her children tightly

“Minami, how is daddy?” She asks him

Tear is rolling down on her cheeks

“His pulse is unstable. We have to take him to the hospital, right away” Minami said

Then he takes him up on his back and takes Ken to his car. Atsuko takes Tamiko and Katsuo and quickly follow him.

In the hospital

Mariko is sitting outside of the operation room waiting with Tamiko and Katsuo. Jun and Rena rush to her place

“Auntie, how is dad doing?” Jun asks hurriedly

“He is still in the operation room” Mariko said

Rena and Jun look at each other in confuse because Mariko is his doctor. They are confused why she is sitting here.

“Auntie, don’t you go inside?” Jun asks

“Don’t worry, there are two doctors that are better than me in there” Mariko said

Jun and Rena look at each other in confuse.

“Anyway, let’s take a seat first, Rena” Jun said

“Ok” Rena nods

Because of too worry for Ken, they didn’t notice two little kids next to Mariko. Waiting for a while, Katsuo looks up at Mariko and asks

“Great aunt, is Ojii-san ok?”

“Great aunt?” Jun and Rena look at each other in surprise

“Ojii-san will be ok, right great-aunt?” Tamiko asks

“Uh, he will be fine. Mommy and daddy will definitely make him better” Mariko pats their head and said

“Tami is worry about Ojii-san” Tamiko said

“Don’t worry Tami. Ojii-san will definitely be ok. Great aunt is positive about that” Mariko said

“Auntie” Jun calls Mariko

“What is it, Jun?” Mariko asks

“Who are they, aunt Mariko?” Rena asks her

“Uhm….they are…” Mariko doesn't know what to say

“Why did they call you great aunt?” Jun adds

“Because great aunt is mommy's auntie” Tamiko innocently said

“Mommy's auntie?” Jun and Rena looks at each other in confuse

When Jun is about to ask more, the light of the operation room turns off. The door opens and there are two doctor walking out. Then twins quickly jump down from the chair and rush to them. They rush to them and hugs their leg and asks

“Mommy, daddy, how is Ojii-san?” 

Jun and Rena also rush to them.

“How is my father, doctor?” Rena asks

“His condition is stable now. However, he has to take the surgery within this week” Minami said

“He will be taken to special room for special care” he continues

“This voice?” Rena thought

She feels the familiarity in the voice. Rena looks up and asks to see if they can go to visit can

“Can we…”

However, she stops her words when she sees a pair of familiar eyes. They're too familiar to her. Jun also realized those eyes now.

“You are…” Jun said

Atsuko and Minami slowly take off their mask

“Atsuko, Takamina” Jun and Rena said in surprise

“You are….you are still alive, Atsuko” Rena said while tear rolling down on her

Atsuko smiles and nods at her

“Atsuko” Rena hugs her tightly and cries happily

Then she breaks the hug and asks Atsuko

“Atsuko, how can you be alive? What happened? Where were you for all these years?”

“Let’s come to my office, and we will talk about everything” Mariko said

“Ok” they all nod

In Mariko office

“So what is the first thing you guys want to talk about?” Mariko asks

“What happened that year?” Jun asks

“That year after they fell into the sea, my old students found them by the sea and saved them” Mariko said

Then she told everything to Rena and Jun

“After three years, Atsuko finally awoke from her coma.” She said

“I see. Then why didn’t you come back to see us, Atsuko?” Jun looks at Atsuko and asks

Atsuko looks down. Minami holds her hand tightly

“Because we don’t want to be separated again” He said

“Do you two think about us? Dad is very sad about that. He gave up everything. He even denied to take surgery even though he is very sick, and the surgery is the only way to save his life” Jun said with loud tone

“In 10 years, he only stays at that mountain and refuse to go anywhere. Every day, he lives in pain and regret. Do you know how hurt he is? He is very old now. He needs to be taken care, but he only wants to live alone there without anyone. Do you ever consider his feeling?” he continues while looking at Atsuko with teary eyes

“Jun, don’t say that” Rena holds his hand and said

Minami and Atsuko look down sadly.

“I’m sorry oniichan” Atsuko said while tear dropping down on her hand

“Atsuko” Minami holds her hand and wipes her tear

Tamiko and Katsuo are sitting on Minami’s laps. Seeing Atsuko’s sad face and tear, they quickly jump down

“Mommy, don’t cry” They said to her while holding her hand.

Then they turn and rush to Jun

“I don’t like you. You are a bad person. You made my mommy cry” the twin said in tear

“Apology to mommy now” they continues

Mariko stands up and walks toward Tamiko and Katsuo. She hugs them and pats her back

“Sshh...Tami, and Katsu don’t cry. Great aunt here. I will scold him, ok” she said

“Great aunt, he is bad guy. He made daddy and mommy sad” Tamiko said

“I know, don’t cry Tami, Katsu” Mariko pats their head and said

Then she turn to Jun and asks

“Jun, then did you ever consider her feeling?”

“Did you forget what did you and Ken-nii do? Did you forget why did those two have to hide the fact that they are still alive? Did you forget it was you and Ken-nii push her into this corner, this dead end?” She continues while frowning

Then silent fill the room. No one say a word. Then Mariko continues

“How did you know that they don't care about Ken-nii?”

“They asked me every day how he is doing. It was me who didn't tell them that.” Mariko said

“I introduce for them the house on that mountain because I knew Ken-nii there. I want them to meet him and slowly heal the gap between them” she explains

Then another long silent fill the room.

“I’m so happy to know that you and him are still alive” Jun speaks up

Everyone turns their attention to him

“I just...I don't know. Just some crazy feeling in my head. I want to see them. I’m so worry about dad. I just...say crazy thing” he continues while holding his head

“Jun” Rena holds his hand to calm him down

He takes a deep breath and said

“I knew that was dad’s and my fault. I knew that it was because of us that Atsuko was hurt. I knew that it was because of our stubbornness that she was nearly dead.”

“Every day I scold myself for my mistake. I hate myself for my selfishness.” Jun said while holding his fists tightly

“Jun” Rena calls him in tear

Then Jun stands up and walks toward Atsuko and Minami. Seeing that Tamiko and Katsuo quickly rush in front of him blocking him from Atsuko

“You are bad person. We will protect our mommy” the twin said in usion

“Tami, Katsu, come here” Minami calls them

“No, we have to protect mommy. Daddy has to protect mommy too” Katsuo said

“Katsu, Tami come to daddy. Uncle won’t do anything to mommy.” Atsuko said

“But…” The twins said

“Don’t worry. Now be good and listen to mommy” Atsuko kisses their forehead and said

“Ok” They nod

Then they slowly walk toward Minami.

“Atsuko” Jun calls her

“I have something I want to say to you. I held it for 10 years. I thought I have to go to the other side of the world to say it.” He continues

“Atsuko, I’m very sorry for hurting you” he bows at her and said

“Oniichan” Atsuko stands up in surprise

“You don't have to do that” she said

“Atsuko, let him do that. He regretted about what happened that year a lot. If he didn't do this, he won't release him from his pain same goes to dad” Rena walks toward her and said

Then he turns to Minami and bows at him

“Takamina, I’m sorry for my stubbornness that year. I caused you a lot of trouble. I’m very sorry. I shouldn't look at you as your last name. I should listen to Rena and see you for who you are.” Jun said

“It's ok, everything is in the past now. I hope we can get along well from now on” Minami smiles and said

“Jun, nice to meet you brother in law” Minami extends his hand and said

“Nice to meet you. Please love her and take good care of her like you always do” Jun said and shakes Minami's hand

“I will” Minami said

“Ok, that is good. One problem is solved.” Mariko happily said

“About daddy, I will be the one who talk to him. I will convince him to take the surgery” Atsuko said

“Atsuko and I will do the surgery for him” Minami said

Jun and Rena smile happily

“Thank you, thank you Atsuko, Takamina” Jun and Rena bow and said

“Jun, Rena, you don't have to do that” Minami said

Then they sit down and start talking to each other. Rena looks at the two little kids, little girl is sitting on Atsuko's laps and little boy is sitting on Minami's laps. She looks up at Atsuko and asks

“Who are those two little cuties?”

“They are our children, Katsuo and Tamiko. They are twin.” Atsuko happily said

“Come on, Tami, Katsu, go there and greet uncle and auntie” Minami said

“Uncle? / Auntie?” Katsuo and Tamiko look up at Minami and asks in confuse

“Uncle is mommy's big brother. Auntie is his wife.” Minami explains

“Mommy's big brother” Tamiko and Katsuo said

“Uh” Minami and Atsuko nods

“Come on, let go there and greet them” Minami said

The two jump down from Atsuko's and Minami's lap and walk toward Jun and Rena. However they only come to Rena

“Hello auntie” they bow and said politely

“Hello, Katsu, Tami” Rena pats their head and smiles happily

“Tami, Katsu, greet your uncle too” Atsuko said

“No, uncle is bad.” Katsuo said in pouting tone

“Uncle made mommy cry, Tami doesn't like uncle” Tami pouts

“Tami, Katsu” Minami calls them

They just stay silent and pout. Rena looks at their cute face and laughs

“Jun you are in big trouble. Their characteristics are just like Atsuko. Now uncle, do something to gain your credit from them” Rena said in teasing tone

“What should I do now” Jun said

He stands up and comes closer to them. Then he sits down in front of them

“Katsu, Tami, uncle sorry ok”

They stay silent and turn away

“Now I really sure they are your children Atsuko.” Jun said and sighs

Jun looks at them and scratches his head. Mariko also looks at them and then Jun face and laughs

“If you made they mad, it is very hard to gain back you credit.” she said

Jun looks at them and thinks for a while. Suddenly he got an idea.

“Tami, Katsu, do you two want to go with me to pick up my son, your cousin, at school?” Jun said

The twins turn back and look at him in curious

“Near his school, there is a very good restaurant with super delicious food. You two can eat whatever you want there” he continues and smiles at them

Hearing that, their eyes turn brighter

“Can we go with you, uncle?” they asks

“Of course, I said I will take you there” Jun said

“Can I eat sushi, uncle?” Tamiko asks

“Can I wat Katsudon, uncle?” Katsuo asks

“Of course, anything you two want” Jun smiles and said

“Yay! Tami love uncle” Tamiko hugs his neck and said

“Katsu also love uncle” Katsuo hugs his arm and said

They all look at them and laugh

“They are just like you, Atsuko. Easy to bribe” Rena said

“Certainly” Mariko nods

Then they all laugh again. While they are talking, they hear the knocking sound

“Come in” Mariko said

The nurse comes in

“Dr. Maeda, the patient is awake” she said

“Let's go there” Mariko said

Then they all come to Ken’s room.

Inside the room

Atsuko, Minami, and the rest open the door and step in. Ken is lying on the bed closing his eyes.

“How do you feel now, dad?” Jun asks him

“I’m fine.” Ken said

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

Then he coughs


“You guys don't need to say anything. I won't take the surgery.” cutting Jun's word, Ken said

“I have to pay for my terrible mistake. I caused the dead of Atsu” he whispers while tearing rolling down on his cheeks.

“I want to meet her. I want to meet her, really want to meet her” he whispers in tear

Atsuko stands and looks at her father in tear. Tamiko and Katsuo are standing there and looking at him. Then they come to his bed and climb up. They raise their little hand to wipe his tear and ask

“Ojii-san, why did you cry?”

Ken is surprised when hearing their voice. He quickly opens his eyes.

“Tami, Katsu” he calls them in surprise

“Ojii-san, are you ok?” the twins smile and ask him

Seeing their shiny smile, his heart feels warm again

“Uh, Ojii-san is ok” he nods and pats their hear

“Why did you two here?” He asks them

“You are sick and coughs a lot. Daddy and mommy took you here and treat for you” Tamiko said

“Don’t be sad ojii-san. Daddy and mommy will make you feel better” Katsuo said and point at his parents

Ken looks at the direction of Katsuo’s finger. He widens his eyes in surprise when realizing who Katsuo is pointing. He quickly sits up and calls Atsuko in whisper tone


Atsuko comes closer to him and calls him


“You are Atsu, right?” he asks in shaky tone

“Yes, daddy. This is me. I’m still alive” Atsuko said in tear while hugging him tightly

“I’m not dreaming, right?” Ken said in tear

“No, daddy. This is real. I’m right here with you” Atsuko said

“Atsu, my daughter, my dear daughter” He tightens his hug and said

Then Atsuko breaks the hug and said to him

“Daddy, I’m sorry. I didn’t call contact you in those 10 years.” Atsuko said

“It’s ok. It’s ok. I’m happy when you are alive, Atsu. Daddy is sorry about that year.” Ken said happily

Atsuko smiles brightly at him. He smiles back with happy smile.

“Mr. Maeda” Minami slowly steps up and said

“You are Takahashi boy” Ken said

“Yes” Minami nods

“Please Mr. Maeda, I want you to accept me. I love Atsuko, and we want your bless” Minami bows deeply and said

“Jun, Rena” Ken calls them

Jun and Rena come and help him to step down. Ken steps down from his bed and walks closer to Minami. He holds Minami’s hand and takes Atsuko’s hand. Then he puts Atsuko’s hand in his hand

“I entrust my dearest daughter to you, Minami. Please love her with all you’ve got” Ken said

Minami looks at Ken happily

“Thank you Mr. Maeda” He said

“You should call him dad now Takamina” Mariko said and smiles

Ken looks at him gently and nods

“Thank you dad” Minami said and bows

Atsuko smiles happily because her two dearest family finally accept Minami. Then she calls Katsuo and Tamiko

“Katsu, Tami, come here with mommy”

“Yes mommy” they said in usion

They rush to her and hugs her legs. Then Atsuko turns and calls Ken

“Daddy, let’s me introduce to you those two.”

Ken turns to her. He smiles when realizing what she wants to say

“Daddy, they are your grandchildren.” She said

Ken’s tear unconsciously rolls down on his cheeks.

“Katsu, Tami, come and greet grandpa” Minami bends down and said

“He is mommy’s father” He continues

The twins nod and rush to Ken

“Grandpa” The calls him happily

Ken bends down and hugs them tightly

“Katsu, Tami, my grandchildren” He said happily

After a while

Jun helps Ken return to his bed. He turns and calls Katsuo and Tamiko

“Katsu, Tami come here with grandpa”

They come to him and climb on the bed. He smiles when hugging him in his arms

“Daddy, I scheduled it. Two days from today, Minami and I will do the surgery for you” Atsuko said

“...” Ken stays silent

“Dad, Atsuko is still alive. Please don’t deny this” Jun said in pleasing tone

“...” Ken still stays silent

The room falls in silent waiting for Ken’s word. The twins turn and look at their grandpa

“Grandpa, daddy said you are sick. You have to let him treat you” Katsuo said

“Yes, grandpa, you are sick. You have to be good and let’s daddy and mommy treat you” Tamiko said innocently

“You quickly get better so that we can go there and play again” Katsuo said

Ken looks at his grandchildren and smiles

“Ok, grandpa will listen to you two” he pats their head and said

The rest and look at each other and laugh softly

“We convinced him for so many years, but still can’t convince him.” Mariko said in teasing tone

“Yes, Just three powerful words from Katsu and Tami, he already nod his head” Jun said

“Yes, it is as powerful as their mommy” Rena said

Then they all laugh again

1 year later

On the top of the mountain

There is a BBQ party there. Ken is sitting down on the bench under the sakura tree. He looks at the group who are happily talking with each other. This is the happiest thing to him. Seeing his family happy together. Then he sees three little kids rushing to them. They call him happily


He smiles at them. The three come to him and sit on the bench with him

“Ren, Katsu, and Tami, are you three have fun?” He asks them

“Yes, grandpa. Dad and mom call you to go there and eat” Ren said

“Ok, let’s go” Ken nods

Then he comes back to the table with the three

Meanwhile at the cliff

Atsuko and Minami are standing there and enjoy the view. Atsuko leans her head on Minami’s shoulder and hugs his waist tightly

“Minami, I’m very happy right now” She said happily

“Uh, me too.” He hugs her waist and said

“I’m extremely happy because I have you by my side, Atsuko” He continues and kisses her head

“You also give me two adorable children.” He whispers in happy tone

“Minami, I love you. I love you forever and ever. You are my everything, Minami” Atsuko looks at him and said sweetly

“I love you too, Atsuko, forever and ever. I love you from the bottom of my heart. You also are everything to me” He said and kisses her lips gently

Atsuko closes her eyes and replies his kiss sweetly

The End

That is the last part. Hope you guys enjoy reading it!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :D

Once again thank you \ (^o^) /
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  • your heart will tell you~
eh.. its already end ?
but thanks for the happy ending :D
waiting for your other story :D
thank you

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  • My Kamioshi is Takamina. Atsumina is love.
Your stories are quite cute! Atsumina are so great together. Nice work!
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[Atsumina's OS collection] Escape (Atsumina) Part 1 25/06/2016
« Reply #159 on: June 25, 2016, 04:16:21 AM »
@AI712, @maxhallard: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic. :)

Hello everyone! Here is a new story. I hope you guys like it  :)

This is part 1  :D


Part 1

7:30 p.m

On the road

There are a lot of police cars chasing after one police car. The road is lightened up by all the light of the police cars. Also the sound of the cars echoing through every corner of the city.

“Catch him, don’t let him escape no matter what” A voice commands through the radio.

In the car that being chased, there is a man driving it. He is injured at his arm. He looks at the mirrors and frowns

“I need to get away from them no matter what” he thought

Then he makes a sharp turn at the corner of the street. The sudden turn makes some cars on the road to stop. The honking sound and the sound of the friction between tires and the road creating a very loud noise on the road. Some of the police cars can follow him. Some are lost their balance and hit the road or other cars.

In one of the car that can't follow him

“Man!!” The man hits the steering wheel and shouts angrily.

Then he takes out his phone and calls other police

(Yes sir) The other side said

“Catch him. No matter what” He said

(Yes sir) the man said

Back to the chased car

The man speeds up his speed and makes some sharp turn. He turns to left, right, left in order to cut the chase of the police. Then he sees a hospital. The man quickly turn to the parking deck. He quickly parks the car and rushes out.


At the Maeda’s private hospital

In director office

There is a young girl sitting there and working on her paperwork. On the table, there is a desk plate with the name Maeda Atsuko on it, and her position is hospital director.

After a while

Atsuko leans back on her chair and stretches her arms

“Finally done” she said

“Now I need to put them back to the document room” she thought while standing up

When Atsuko looks at the window, she notices a lot of light outside of her window. She walks there to see what’s happened.

“What is it?” Atsuko thought when seeing a lot of police cars

Then she turns and looks at the clock. It is already 9:00 pm.

“It is very late. I have to put them back and go home now” Atsuko said

She yawns and thought

“What a tiring day”

Then she takes the files and leaves the room.

At the same time

The police cars reach the parking deck by tracking the GPS in the car. A man steps down and looks around.

“Sir, he got away” a police reports to him

He holds his fists angrily

“He can’t escape that fast. His arm also injured. He must hide somewhere in here” He said seriously

“You, lead a group and go into the hospital and looks for the criminal" he orders

Then he turns to the rest

“Spread around and look for him around this parking.” he said

“Yes sir” they said

Then he turns to the group behind him

“You all, block this place for me. Calling the security here for cooperation” he commands

“Yes sir” they said

Then the man walks toward the elevator and goes into the hospital to ask for cooperation.

Back to Atsuko

Atsuko leaves her room and turns left. Just a few steps, she reaches the elevator because it is not far from her room. Atsuko looks at the elevator. Then she turns and walks toward the stairway.

Atsuko opens the door and walks into the place. When she is about to step down the stair, Atsuko sees a man rushing up. Suddenly he catches her hand pushes her to the corner between the wall and the door

“Wh…” when Atsuko is about to said, the person presses his lips on her

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprise. When she is about to push him away, she feels something cold pointing at her stomach. Then he whispers in her ears

“Stay silent”

Atsuko nods her head in agreement. When the man is about to step back, he hears some footsteps. He whispers to her

“Don’t move”

Atsuko nods again. The man slowly walks toward the stair and carefully look down. He sees two policemen running up toward his place. The man quickly pushes Atsuko back to the wall and said

“Listen to what I said” he said, and Atsuko nods

“Use your lab coat to cover me and stay still” he said

Minami guns still pointing at her. Atsuko has no choice. She raises her hands and hugs his neck while spreading her coat wrapping around the man. The man's face is very close to Atsuko's. Just like their lips will touch each other, and Atsuko can even feel his breath on her face. The closeness makes Atsuko's heart beats very fast.

The policemen runs up to the place. Seeing a couple is hugging each other and kissing, they shake their head

“I can’t believe. In this kind of place” one of the men said

“Ignore them, let’s go up to another level and look for the criminal” The other said


They stay like that the man hear the foot step slowly disappear. Following that is the sound of the door closing. The man steps back. Atsuko stands there and looks at him while the man looking around

“The police probably is still outside. How can I get out of here?” he thought

Then he turns and looks at Atsuko

“Show me where can I hide?” He commands

Atsuko nods and points at the door.

“Go out first, and don’t you dare to run away” he said while frowning

Atsuko keeps silent and opens the door. She looks around and said


“Wait” the man said

Atsuko turns back

“Give me your lab coat.” he said in small tone

Atsuko nods and gives him the coat. The man wears her coat. Then he takes out a mask in his pocket and wears it.

“Thank you” He said

Atsuko looks at him with surprised look. Then she turns around and takes him to her office. Atsuko opens the door and let’s him in. The man walks in the looks around making sure it is safe. After feeling safe, he sighs in relief. Atsuko looks at him. Then she walks toward her desk and sits down

“You seem to be pretty relax for a ran away criminal” she said

The man turns and looks at her.

“Let's me tell you this. This is my room and next to my desk is an alarm button. Just one click at this button, a lot of security will rush in here.” she said while pointing at a red button

However, his face doesn't show any afraid. Atsuko notices that

“Don’t you afraid?” she asks him

The man looks directly at her eyes seriously and smiles. Atsuko is very surprised with his smile

“Why did you smile?” she asks him

“Because I know that you won’t do that” he said in relax tone

“Why?” Atsuko asks

“Because I can feel that” he said

“Feel?” Atsuko thought

She looks at him with confused look.

“You feel?” Atsuko said in confuse

“Uh, I felt that you won't turn me in.” he smiles and said

Then the man puts back the gun in his pocket. After that he bows deeply at her

“Please helps me out of here” he said to her sincerely

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprise

“You are a criminal and asking me to help you escape?” she said in amused tone

“I’m not a criminal. I’m innocent. That is why I need to escape from them and find who the real criminal is” he said

Atsuko looks at him

“Tell me, how I can trust a person who just stole my first kiss and pointed a gun at me?” she asks while looking at him

“Your first kiss” The man looks up and shouts in surprise

His words make Atsuko blush. She realized she just said an unnecessary thing. She coughs and said

“Anyway, tell me how can I trust you?”

“I’m sorry for my rudeness moment ago. I just in a rush and don’t know what to do if you shout out loud. I’m really sorry” He bows deeply and said

Atsuko looks at him. Suddenly she hears a knocking sound

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

The man quickly turns around and looks at the door worriedly. Atsuko stands up and walks toward him.

“Keep silent” Atsuko whispers

The man nods. Then she turns and walks toward the wall next to her working desk. The man looks at her with confused look. Next to the wall is a big bookshelves. Atsuko raises her hand and pulls one of the books. Suddenly a secret door inside the wall opens. The man is very surprised with that

“Come in there” she said in whisper tone and motions for him to get in the room

The man looks at her with confused look

Then another knocking sound appears

*Knock* *Knock*

“Excuse me, Ms. Maeda” a voice said

“Give me a second” Atsuko said

Then she turns to the man and whispers


The man nods and rushes into the room. Then she closes the door. After that Atsuko look around the room making sure that there is not any trace of him.

After everything is perfect, Atsuko returns to her desk and unlocks the door by a remote

“Come in” She said

The door opens and a security man walks in with a man.

“What can I do for you?” Atsuko asks

“I’m sorry for bothering you, Ms. Maeda. It just that it is very late, and I see that there is still light in your room.” the security man said

“There are something I need to do” Atsuko said

“I see. Also, this is…” When the security man is about to introduce the man next to him, the man stop him

He walks slowly towards Atsuko’s desk and said

“Hello, Ms. Maeda, my name is Takahashi Koji from Tokyo police department.”

“Hello inspector Takahashi, my name is Maeda Atsuko, director of this hospital” Atsuko stands up and said while shaking his hand

“Nice to meet you, Ms. Maeda” he said and bends down to kiss her hand

Before he kisses her hand, Atsuko withdraws her hand and said

“I’m sorry. I’m not used to this kind greeting” Atsuko said

“It’s ok, I’m sorry for my careless.” Koji said

“So what can I do for you, inspector Takahashi?” Atsuko sits down and asks

“We are chasing a very dangerous criminal that just escaped before we can capture him. Then we found that the car that the criminal used parked in the parking of this hospital. I immediately block all the ways out of the parking deck. The only place he can hide is in this hospital.” Koji explains

“So…?” Atsuko asks

“I asked for cooperate from your hospital’s security. After that we looked for every corner of this big hospital, but we still haven’t found him. The only room in this level that we haven’t checked is your office.” the man said

“So you want to check to see if that criminal is hiding here?” Atsuko asks

“Yes” Koji nods

“As you can see, although this room is big, there is nowhere to hide. Plus I stayed here since the evening until now, if anyone burst in, I will see right away” Atsuko said

Koji still looks around in suspicious look. Atsuko notices that

“Unless, you think that I hide him from you” she adds while looking directly at him

“Of course not. I’m sorry for my rudeness. I guess he can’t get in here after all.” Koji said

“Then I will take my leave now. Thank you” he continues

When he is about to walk away, he turns around and said to Atsulo

“Before that, here is my card, it has my number on there, if you see any suspicious thing, please give me a call”

“Ok” Atsuko takes the card and said

Then he turns back and walk away

“By the way, Mr. inspector” Atsuko calls

Koji turns to look at Atsuko

“Please, when you and your people looking for him, please remember that this is hospital. Please don’t bother my patients” Atsuko said

“Ok, I will.” Koji said

Then he walks out of the room. When seeing they already leave the room, Atsuko sighs in relief. She locks the door and reopens the secret door. The man walks out

“Thank you, Ms. Maeda” the man bows and said

“You don’t have to do that” Atsuko said

“Now let’s go” she continues

“Let’s go?” the man said in confuse

“You want to get out of here, right?” Atsuko asks

The man’s eyes turn brighter.

“Thank you! Thank you very much Ms.Maeda” he keeps bowing and said

“Ok, ok that enough. Let’s go quickly” Atsuko said

However the man looks at her hesitantly.

“What’s wrong?” Atsuko asks when noticing his uneasiness

“How can I get out of here while all the police is searching for me in every level, every corner of this hospital?” He asks worriedly

Atsuko looks at the man’s worried face and explains

“The place that I just told you to hide is my parent’s secret lab. This hospital is belong to my family. My father is not only a doctor. He used to study architect, and this office is exclusively designed by him.”

“There is a lot of thing here that will surprise you. Just follow me. I promised that I will take you out, and I will definitely do that” she adds

The man looks at Atsuko with surprised look

Atsuko takes him to the secret lab again. There is an elevator in there. Atsuko pushes the button and the door opens.

“Come in” Atsuko said

The man nods and walks into the elevator. It is a very unique elevator. It is very big and around it is pictures of buildings just like outside. The elevator take them to a special parking. There is only a white sport car that park there. The man looks around with confused look

“Let's go” Atsuko said

Then they go to her car

“Sit there, and don't worry. The window is special made that no one can see what inside this car.” Atsuko said

The man nods and steps in. Then Atsuko goes to the driver seat. When she is about to drive, the man said

“How about the police? Even if I can escape from the building, the police already block every exit”

“Do you see that this parking is exclusively for only me?” Atsuko said

“So what?” the man asks

“That means I don't have to go out that way if I don't want to” Atsuko said

“What do you mean?” he asks her

“You will see” Atsuko sighs and said

Then she pushes the button to start the car engine. After that she drives out of the parking. However not in the gate direction, but at a different direction. She presses the button in her car, and another garage door opens

On the road

Atsuko just silently driving her car while the man sitting next to her looking at her

“Thank you for helping me, Ms. Maeda” he said again

Atsuko sighs

“You said this to me a lot of time now. And don’t just calls me Ms. Maeda, Ms. Maeda. Just call me Atsuko or Acchan” she said

“O...Ok, Atsuko” he said shyly

Atsuko smiles slightly when hearing his voice

“Excuse me” Atsuko said

“Yes?” the man asks

“May I know your name” Atsuko asks

“I...I’m sorry for my rudeness. My name is Takahashi Minami. You can call me Minami” Minami introduces himself

“Takahashi?” Atsuko said in surprise

“Uh, the inspector who talked to you moment ago is my big brother. Plus I’m also police in Tokyo police department” Minami said

“You are a police too” Atsuko said in surprised tone

“Yes” Minami nods


Hope you guys enjoy reading it!  :D
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