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Author Topic: [NMB48] Stay With Me - Chapter 2 10/24/15  (Read 3249 times)

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[NMB48] Stay With Me - Chapter 2 10/24/15
« on: September 28, 2015, 04:25:58 PM »
New writer here, please take good care of me. :hip smile:


"Heard about IT?" A tall girl asked to another girl while puffing out a smoke out from her lips. "Sayanee and Milky broke up." She added as she took a breathe and smoked once again; the other girl was spacing out. Until she heard the last sentence.

"Really? I wasn't expecting that to happen. They were supposed to celebrate their anniversary today, then they broke up? Why?" The shorter girl asked as she took the cigarette from the other girl and slid it inside her lips; she took a breathe using the cigarette and let out a big ball of smoke. "Breakups are so overrated anyway, but still, I'm really curious about their breakup."

"Fuuko, Fuuko, Fuuko. You never learn, geez." The other girl said as she took her cigarette and dropped it. "You see that cigarette?" She asked Fuuko while the other girl just nod and looked at the cigarette near their feet. "That's their relationship."

"Oh come on, Kei. That's bullshit." Fuuko said as she sighed and took a sip from her cup. "So you mean, that cigarette represents their relationship? And the fire represents as their sparks; if I step on this cigarette, does that mean that their sparks or trust are already gone?" Fuuko asked which made the other girl smirk and nod.

"Basically, Fuuko." Kei said as she stepped down on the cigarette. The other girl pouted and nodded as she took another sip of her coffee. "Well, who wouldn't break up with Sayaka? After all, Milky saw it all. She saw how Sayaka was having fun with Yui-"

"By fun......" Fuuko said as she gasped while stopping the exciting feeling when she heard the news. " mean, sex?!" Fuuko asked which made Kei nod and smile even more. "I knew it, Sayanee is a player after all. But hey, I heard that this Yui person is dating this girl named as Salt, right? What happened?"

"That I don't know. Ask your girlfriend about it, haha." Kei faked a laugh when she described Fuuko's girlfriend. "Well, Milky was really dumb. She caught Sayaka for like...3 times already. The first time, she caught Sayaka and Nana making out at the Copier Room. The second time, she caught Sayaka and Maachun ripping each others clothes at Sayaka's couch. The third time, she caught Sayaka and Yui doing it....and guess what, they did it at Milky's house. How sick was that?"

Fuuko spitted her coffee when she heard Kei's story. "What?! What the heck?! What the hell?! What were they thinking about?! Poor Milky, now I know why she's so possessive and clingy to Sayanee." Fuuko said as she wiped off the coffee spill thats surrounding her lips.

Kei laughed, Fuuko laughed, but the atmosphere between the two of them turned out to be pretty weird. Fuuko felt Kei's hand traveling on it's way to her cheeks. Kei was breathing very hard, and they both know that Kei was madly and truly in love with Fuuko. "Miru will not witness this, don't worry." Kei said as her forehead got closer to Fuuko's forehead.

But Fuuko stepped away from Kei and took a deep breathe. "I'm sorry, Kei. But I know and you know that I only see you as my older sister. I told you, I love Miru. I wouldn't dare to betray her."

"Mark my words, Yagura Fuuko. You'll be mine." Kei said as she gave Fuuko a flying kiss and winked.

Fuuko caught the flying kiss by using her hands, but she opened her fist and let go of the 'flying kiss' of Kei. A smirk can be seen on her face and she giggled. "So be it, Jonishi."


"I'm so dumb, Shu. I'm so dumb." A girl with a slight chubby cheeks said to a younger girl. "I should've let her go since the first time I caught her. We were supposed to be celebrating our anniversary and the same shit happened, all over again! What do they have that I don't have? I am pretty sure that I have a perfect body!" Watanabe Miyuki screamed as the other girl beside her who is named as Shu didn't know what to do. So she patted the older girl's back and caressed it.

"But hey, at least you're finally free, right?" Shu asked which made Miyuki nod and smile.

The older girl's arms traveled to the younger girl's waist and hugged it. "How about you, Shu? Who are you dating now?" Miyuki asked the taller girl beside her.

"I'm dating Uuka. I'm serious now." Shu said as she grabbed her phone from her pocket and showed it to Miyuki.

"The two of you are so adorable." Miyuki said as she wiped her tears and grabbed a box of cigarette from her bag.

"But I think I'm also dating Jo." Shu whispered, Miyuki heard it and she lightly slammed Shu's head. "What was that for?!?" Shu asked and Miyuki rolled her eyes and shook her head lightly.

"Nothing. Can you pass me the lighter?" Miyuki asked to Shu. The younger girl had no choice but to follow her sister's command.

"You know, you're so lucky no one knows that you, Fuu-neechan, Airi-neechan, and I are sisters." Shu said as she gave the lighter to her older sister.

Miyuki giggled and placed the cigarette to the left side of her lips and lighted it.

"I thought Sayanee told you to stop smoking?" The younger girl asked as she looked down on her feet and pouted.

"Who is she to stop my old habits?" Miyuki asked whilst the girl next to her just looked at her. "She is just another person that I wasted 4 years of my life, anyway."

Shu sighed and nodded. "I agree...I guess?"

"After all, we're just workmates. She's just working here in our company, but I will not fire her; because I am not bitter. Out parents taught us to move forward even though we will face a lot of problem." Miyuki said as she took a breathe from the white stick and let out a round air. "Hehe, circle."

Shu was just drinking her soda and nodded. "And by problem, you mean Fuu-neechan's problem?" The younger girl asked as she bit her lips.

"Yup. It's not like Fuuchan is abnormal or something. But her memories are fading every time something bad will happen. Like 6 years ago, she forgot that she's already dating someone. 4 years ago, she got lost in Tokyo. And now, she doesn't know that we're her sisters. But if she will get involved to another accident, she will remember us; as her sisters. But I'm scared, she might forget something that is precious to her." Miyuki said as she took another breathe and let out a smoke. "I'm scared for our little Fuufuu."

"I feel sorry for Mirunee if something bad will happen." Shu whispered as she took out her phone and tapped it.

Miyuki was too busy playing with her cigarette, until Shu gave her phone to the older girl. "What the fuck is this, Shu?" Miyuki asked as she dropped her cigarette and coughed.

"To prove you all that Sayanee is not the only player here in our office."

It was Miru and another girl from Department M. Miyuki closed the video and gave Shu the phone. "Since when?" Miyuki asked.

"I think...hmm...yesterday?" Shu said as she opened her phone once again and showed Miyuki her video collection of the happenings in their office. "Neechan, may I just remind you. I am the eyes of this company, I know the movements of our employees here."

"As expected from a Watanabe." Miyuki said as she patted her younger sister's head. "Let's go downstairs, I want to check out Fuuchan." Miyuki said as she wiggled her eyesbrows. But deep inside, she's still mad, broken, and sad. Mad because of Fuuko's girlfriend, Shiroma Miru. Broken and sad because of her ex-lover, Yamamoto Sayaka.


"Oh come on, Fuuchan." Kei said as she held Fuuko's hands and caressed it. "Just one kiss, pleeeeaaaseeee?" Kei asked, but Fuuko ignored her.

"Shh, Keicchi. I think Mirurun is here, and no. Like I told you, I will not betray her because I love her." Fuuko said as she grabbed her bag, but her eyebrows started to twitch when she can't find her keys. "Here, hold my coffee." Fuuko said as she handed her coffee to Kei.

"I don't understand you, Fuuchan. It's only 10:54 AM, and you suddenly went home. Why?" Kei asked which made Fuuko giggle and let her tongue out.

"I don't know, but Miru told me that she's sick. So she skipped work. That's why I decided to bring her some foods, you know? Like get well soon, because we will have some crazy memories to make." Fuuko said as she felt her keys on her hand.

"Well, I think that's crazy." Kei said which made Fuuko laugh and placed Miru's apartment key to the keyhole.

"I don't understand you, Keicchi. You told me that you love me and you want to kiss me. But I keep on telling you "NO." because we both know I have a girlfriend." Fuuko said which made Kei nodded. The shorter girl successfully opened the door and grabbed the key from the keyhole and putted it inside her bag.

"Fuuchan, I am like that because I know how to wait patiently." Kei said as she handed Fuuko her coffee.

Fuuko opened the door and giggled. "That's why I told you, I will always say no; because I only love Miru and you know that." Fuuko tiptoed inside Miru's apartment and she saw clothes that are scattered down on the floor. "The fuck is this?" She asked herself as she felt her heart beating too fast. "Keicchi, I think it's better if you will wait here." Fuuko said as sweats were already rolling down on her cheeks.

"Fuuchan, you're already sweating." Kei said which made the shorter girl just nod.

"Just, wait here." Fuuko said as she closed the door and observed the clothes that are laying down on the floor. She saw a different kind of bra and pair of panty. Fuuko knows the styles of Miru's undergarments. "This can't be happening to me." She whispered to herself as she felt waters on her hand. It wasn't sweats anymore, it's already tears.

Fuuko tiptoed on her way to Miru's bedroom, it was quiet and really peaceful. Until she opened the door; her hands dropped the hot coffee on the floor when she saw the disgusting

She saw Miru and another girl, bare naked. Fuuko's heart stopped as her eyes widened; she was crying as she closed her fist very tight. She saw Miru having fun with another girl. Fuuko saw it. Fuuko saw how Miru was having fun.

"YOU MONSTERS!" Fuuko shouted as Miru and the other girl stopped.

The younger girl stopped as she saw her girlfriend in front of her. She saw her girlfriend how broken and fragile it is. "Fuuko! It's not what it looks like!" Miru shouted as the older girl looked at her.

"Fuuchan?!" They heard another voice, it was Kei. Kei got inside Miru's room and she saw Miru's body, naked. "Whoa. Whoa. Whoa." Kei said as she covered her eyes quickly when she got inside the room.

Fuuko slapped Miru, very hard. "That's for breaking my heart." Another slap was heard. "That's for breaking my trust." And another. "That's for making me sad." And another. "That's for making the fool out of me." Fuuko said in a very calm voice. She quickly ran out from the apartment and left Kei there.

"Hey, Fuuko!" Kei shouted as she tried to stop the shorter girl, but no. Fuuko didn't respond.

Miru didn't call nor hesitated to chase her girlfriend. Her hands held her right cheeks where Fuuko slapped her, that slap didn't hurt her. But the way she broke Fuuko's heart hurt her the most.

"What an idiot you are, Shiroma." Kei said seriously as she walked out from the apartment and slammed the door.


Fuuko got inside the car as she furiously drove it, she can't get out the disgusting scene when she saw her lover having fun. Having fun with someone else. Someone else that is not her.

All those thoughts can't out of her head, until....


Yamamoto Sayaka can be seen walking around the streets of Namba until she heard the loud sound, she saw the smoke came from. So she ran on her way to the location of the smoke as fast as she could.

She reached the location and she thought the other car was familiar to her, until she saw the driver of the car. "Fuuko!" She shouted as she ran on her way to damaged car, but the car was upside down so she laid down on the hot road and opened the door. She soon got inside the car and removed the seatbelt of Fuuko. Sayaka grabbed the younger girl as fast as she could in a quick and gently way. But it was hard because Fuuko was unconscious and blood was spilled all over her car, Sayaka's tears were slowly falling down as she successfully got Fuuko out of the crumpled car.

Sayaka laid down Fuuko's body on the road as she tried to wake up the unconscious girl. "Fuuko! Wake up! Wake up!" Sayaka shouted as she heard the loud sounds of the ambulance.


Kei got back to their office, looking for her friend. "Hey, have you seen Fuuchan?" She asked her workmates and her workmates told her they haven't.

Miyuki and Shu saw Kei. "Keicchi, have you seen Fuuchan?" Miyuki asked which made Kei's heart beat even more.

"That's what I am going to ask you. Nope I haven't seen her 3 hours ago, I went to her apartment and no sign of her." Kei said as she clenched her fist and sighed.

"KYAAAAAAAAA! YAGURA-SAN!" Shibuya Nagisa shouted while she was watching the News Update.

"What the heck just happened?!?" Miyuki shouted as she ran on her way to their lounge. She saw the news, she saw her sister and her ex-girlfriend. "No. No. No." Miyuki said as tears started to fall down on her cheeks. "Please, Fuuko. No." Miyuki said as she hugged Nagisa and started to cry even more.

Shu and Kei caught up with Miyuki. "What happened to Fuuchan?!" Both of them asked. They saw it on the television. They saw how crumpled Fuuko's car was. They saw the blood Fuuko just lost, and they saw how Sayaka saved Fuuko.

Kei was trying to stop her tears, but pride was winning over her. So she dialed Miru's number as tears fell down on the floor. Miru answered the call and Kei began to rage. "You hideous creature! Look what have you done to Fuuko! Go on! Check the TV!" Kei said as she dropped the floor and punched the wall. "Fuuko. Please, be safe." She whispered as she started to close her eyes and pray for Fuuko.

(A/N: Hi! I'm a new writer here, please call me Irene. I'm not really good when it comes to writing 3rd POV, so please guide me and take care of me as well. Comments are also welcome so that I will know if you all liked it or not. This fict is filled of NMB48 members only, or maybe I might add some members from 48G and 46G. So please, tell me what I must do. Also, please help me to give this crappy fict a title. OTL Thank you for reading it! :D )
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Re: [NMB48] Untitled - Prologue 9/28/15
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Fuuko and her karma for gossiping about her own sister's break-up. Then Sayaka conveniently happened to be near the accident site.

Interesting setup and I can't wait for the continuation,
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Re: [NMB48] Untitled - Prologue 9/28/15
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Shiroga!!!! You posted it! OMG. XD

Well, nice setup of the story. I like the angst-y feels here.  :)

But damn, Fuuchan though.  :banghead:

Waiting for the next update! :mon bye:


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Re: [NMB48] Untitled - Prologue 9/28/15
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Whoa... The heavy atmospheres and the girls' relationships... I was just like... whoaaaaa  :shocked
Nice job! Continue this please, I'll be waiting for the update~ haha  :D

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Re: [NMB48] Untitled - Prologue 9/28/15
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Woowww, what a long Prologue
But i think it's fine
Cause this fic caught my interest

So Please UPDATE author-san

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Re: [NMB48] Untitled - Prologue 9/28/15
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Wooaaaaaah. I held my breath when I read it.

Gonna wait the first chapter><
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[NMB48] Stay With Me - Chapter 1 10/03/15
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Chapter 1

While Miyuki was trying to catch her breathe, Shu opened a bottle of water and handed it to her older sister. "Here, drink this." Shu said as a deep sigh was heard by three girls.

"I think it's better if we're going to check her at the hospital." Kei whispered as she clenched her fist; tears couldn't stop streaming down on her cheeks. 'You'll be mine again, Fuuko. I will not hurt you like Miru did, I will take care of you.' Kei thought as she gulped and clenched her fist very tight.

"You think Fuuko will remain her old memory, Kei?" Miyuki asked to the other girl, Kei just looked at Miyuki and sighed once again. "You think she will remember you as her girlfriend? Or she will just remember you as her best friend?" Miyuki asked once again to Kei. The youngest girl held the hand of her older sister and shook her head.

"Don't." Shu said as she caressed the hands of her sister. "But I wish that she will remember us, her sisters." Shu whispered as she cried and looked down on her feet.

"If she will remember me as her girlfriend, 6 years ago; I will make sure that nothing bad will happen to her, again. I will never leave her." Kei said as she started to catch her breathe. "After all, I am just hiding the pain that's been killing for the past 3 years."

"You're right, Kei." Miyuki said as she stood up and walked towards Kei. "I admire you for hiding the pain, every time you will hangout with Fuuko along with her girlfriend, Miru. I admire you for your strong personality. If she will remember you as her girlfriend, then you have my trust. But if she will remember you as her best friend, then work hard." The cheeky girl said as she patted Kei's shoulder and smiled weakly at her.

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye~!

A song was heard by the three of them, until Miyuki realized; it was her phone that's actually ringing.

Miyuki picked up her phone from her pocket and she saw the caller, it was Yamamoto Sayaka. Miyuki bit her lips as she looked at the two girls facing her, "You two, go to the car already. I have an important call." Miyuki said as Shu and Kei just nodded and walked out from her sight. Miyuki sighed and picked up the phone. "What do you want, Human Sword?" Miyuki said as she heard Sayaka panting and catching her breathe. "Are you okay, Ago?"

"First of all, let's just forget about our breakup. For the mean time, let's think about your sister. We're here at Namba Private Hospital. I already paid for the medical expenses, so don't worry about it. The room that Fuuchan's assigned is Room 487A. I'll see you later, she seems okay." Sayaka said which made Miyuki sigh in relief.

"Is she awake?"

"Let me check on her, wait." Sayaka said which made Miyuki walk on her way to the car parking. "Fuuchan, are you awake?"

ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘

"Fuuchan, are you awake?" Sayaka asked to the girl that's laying down on a hospital bed as she placed her hand to the younger girl's neck and forehead. "She seems okay to me, Miyuki." Sayaka added.

The younger girl that's laying down opened her eyes. "Sayanee?" Fuuko called Sayaka which made Sayaka smile a little. "Where am I?" Fuuko added as she looked at her surrounding and the machines that are next to her. "Don't tell me another accident happened?"

"Yeah, you were pretty lucky that I saw you." Sayaka said which made Fuuko smile and laugh. "By the way, I'm talking to Miyuki, want to talk to her?" Sayaka asked and handed the phone to Fuuko.

"Hello? Milky-nee?"

"Fuuchan! You're lucky that Sayaka was there! I am so happy right now that you're alright." Miyuki said as she cried and didn't notice that she missed her car.

Shu opened the car window and shouted, "Milky-nee! You missed the car!"

"Ah! I'm sorry!" Miyuki shouted back as she walked back to the car that she missed. Kei opened the door for Miyuki as she got inside the car. "Jun-san, please drive us to Namba Private Hospital."

"Neechan, is Shu with you?" Fuuko asked which made Miyuki hand the phone to Shu.

"Eh? Sayanee?" Shu asked and Miyuki shook her head.

"Fuuchan." Miyuki whispered which made Kei look at the phone.

"Neechan!" Shu shouted as she cried once again. "I'm so glad that you can remember us! I'm also glad that you're okay! Thank goodness!"

While Shu and Fuuko was talking over the phone; Kei was just staring outside the car as they traveled and left their office. She grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator of Miyuki's limo and opened it. Shu noticed how off Kei was, so she handed the phone to the older girl. Which made Kei look at the phone and gulp, she sighed heavily and returned the cap of the bottle and closed it. "H-Hello?"

"KEICCHI!!!!" Fuuko screamed which made Kei smile bigger.

"Hey, Fuuchan. How are you now?" Kei asked to the other line as she heard a giggle.

"I'm okay, Keicchi. I can't wait to see the three of you." Fuuko said which made Kei bit her lips and nod.

"I'll see you later, okay?" Kei said as Fuuko just laughed.

Kei returned the phone back to Miyuki and ended the call. "I'm glad that she's okay."

ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘

"Thank you for saving me, Sayanee." Fuuko said to the girl that's next to her; Sayaka just smiled and nodded. "I am so lucky that you're part of our family. If it wasn't for you, I think I will not make it here, alive." Fuuko added as she felt Sayaka's hand on her head and patted it.

"It was nothing, Piglet." Sayaka said as both of them laughed, but Fuuko pouted her lips and rolled her eyes. "But there is something that I need to tall you." Sayaka said as Fuuko looked at her.

"What is it?" Fuuko asked as Sayaka gulped and looked at the younger girl's eyes.

The door of Fuuko's hospital room suddenly opened, they saw a tall girl panting with a white plastic bag on her right hand. The tall girl got inside the room as she dropped the plastic on the table. The tall young girl dragged her feet towards the girl that's laying down on the bed; her arms wrapped the other girl. "I'm glad that you're okay, Fuufuu."

"Miru." Sayaka called the young girl's name. While on the other hand, Miru was just crying and brushing the other girl's hair.

Fuuko was speechless, she doesn't know what she's going to do. Until her arms traveled to Miru's waist and she hugged it. She doesn't know who is this girl, but she feels very loved and warm when this girl suddenly showed up. Fuuko's arms was still on the younger girl's waist, but she lifted her face and she observed the girl that's hugging her.

"Ahem." Sayaka faked a cough as she took Fuuko and Miru's attention. "I'm going to get out of the room, I don't want to hog your attention or something." Sayaka said as she slowly went out the room.

Miru looked at Fuuko as she kissed the older girl's cheeks and caressed its hands. "I know that you can't remember me, but I will take care of you. I will make sure that what happened earlier will not happen again, because I love you." Miru said as she kissed Fuuko's forehead.

"I may not know you as of now, but I want you to be here right beside me." Fuuko said as she felt Miru's hand caressing her cheeks.

Miru sighed in relief as her hands grabbed the plastic, she took out a pack of cups, spoons, and a gallon of vanilla ice cream. "I know that you're hungry and stressed, so why not eat an ice cream?" Miru said as both of them laughed.

"So, how come we're so close? How'd you know that ice cream is my favorite?" Fuuko asked to the younger girl, Miru opened the tupperware of the ice cream as she scooped 3 big circles of the vanilla flavored ice cream and putted it in the  cup; as she extended her arms; she handed the ice cream and the spoon to the older girl.

"You see, I work at your company. You're my boss, but we got along pretty well so I know some details about you." Miru said as she sat down to the hospital bed; facing Fuuko. Her hands brushed the pinkish cheeks of Fuuko and pinched it. "I'm your lover."

"Now that's why you're too attached me, right? When you arrived, I felt my world turned into slow motion." Fuuko said as she ate a spoonful of ice cream. Both of them smiled to each other as Miru grabbed a wet wipe and wiped it to Fuuko's lips.

The younger girl grabbed another one as she gently wiped Fuuko's face. "You're still a baby after all." Miru said as she chuckled and a smirk can be seen on Fuuko's face.

"No wonder why you're my lover, you like to take care of me." The older girl said as the younger girl looked at her eyes and nodded.

"You're correct." Miru said as she threw the wipes. "Though, there is something that I need to tell you."

"What is it?"

Miru laid down her body next to Fuuko's body as she held the hand of the older girl. "You see, I think the reason why you're resting here in the hospital, was because of me." The taller girl said which made the shorter girl twitch her forehead. "Earlier, you thought I was having fun with someone, but no. I wasn't. I cheated, yes. But that was only one time. The first one, I was drugged. The second one, I woke up and I saw a random stranger sleeping next to me. So I thought, "Fuuko will never witness this." I know, I'm an idiot and a monster for breaking your heart. Fuuko, give me a chance. I will do anything just to regain your trust."

Miru saw Fuuko crying, she quickly wiped it using her thumb. Neither both of them quickly responded, so Miru got out of the hospital bed and bowed down.

"I'll be going now, Fuuko." Miru said as she walked towards the door.

Fuuko's tears couldn't stop streaming, she thought the pain of her body will hurt for a few days; but she was wrong. The pain of her heart will hurt her even more. "No, Miru." Fuuko whispered as Miru looked at the pale girl. "Stay with me."


@Yuki88: Thank you for having the time to read my fict.  :bow:

@ChibiRine: I know you like it~  :deco:

@jubethehare: Well, I like to twist some things, thank you for reading it!  :twothumbs

@Redyta_Sas: Thank you for finding it very interesting. XD

@junchan48: Were you able to catch your breathe? XD

(A/N: And that's the 1st Chapter~ I hope all of you enjoyed it! Since I've been listening to Sam Smith's Stay With Me; I thought it was a good title. :mon XD: Thank you for supporting my fict! :mon inluv:)
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Re: [NMB48] Stay With Me - Chapter 1 10/03/15
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Waaaah! :farofflook:

YOU SLAY! :mon zoom:

That SayaMilky moment though, even though they broke up they still communicate. (Thanks Fuuchan  :wub:)

But the FuuMiru moment broke my heart and made me happy at the same time. :mon inluv:

How about Keicchi though? What is she going to do about it? :dunno:

'Cause Mirurun told everything to Fuuchan. :ding:

Waiting for the next update! :mon bye:


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Re: [NMB48] Stay With Me - Chapter 1 10/03/15
« Reply #8 on: October 03, 2015, 03:18:15 AM »
yas! mirufuu! don't change the pair ;^;
miruuu! don't let keicchi have fuu back  XD
please update it soon~

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Re: [NMB48] Stay With Me - Chapter 1 10/03/15
« Reply #9 on: October 03, 2015, 07:26:45 AM »
One word to describe this story.......... Beautiful ^ω^
More FuuMiru and Less FuuKei onegai :inlove:
By the way, how did Miru got drugged when she was "sick"  :?

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Re: [NMB48] Stay With Me - Chapter 1 10/03/15
« Reply #10 on: October 04, 2015, 06:47:24 AM »
Shirogafuri-san, Yahallo~

SayaMilky  :on cigar:

FuuMiru must prevail! It's a MUST.  :on thumbb: :on_puddle:

LOL. Keicchi is for Akarin. :on hypto:

Anyways, please do write freely. I'm not dictating you to write FuuMiru. If you want it to be FuuKei, so be it.  :hee: I'll wait for your next update~

I'll support this story! It's really interesting.  :on GJ:

What will Kei do now that Miru has told Fuuchan everything?

Will Sayanee begin to get serious with Milky?

Will Milky forgive Sayanee again?

What will Mirurun do to regain Fuuko's trust back?

What will Fuuchan do? Who will she choose between Kei and Miru?

Whoa! I'm excited for the next update!  :wigglypanda:

P. S. Thanks to ChibiRine-sama for recommending this. It's definitely a must-read.  :snsdhyo:

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Re: [NMB48] Stay With Me - Chapter 1 10/03/15
« Reply #11 on: October 11, 2015, 11:11:01 AM »
FuuMiru.... :on cloudeye:
Update, soon, author-san. :bow:
Jaa... 48 is about skinship

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Re: [NMB48] Stay With Me - Chapter 2 10/24/15
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Chapter 2

"Ehh?" The younger girl said as she dragged her hand down away from the doorknob. "Y-You're not mad?" Miru asked as she faced Fuuko and walked towards the older girl. "After what happened, you want me to stay with you? Why?" Miru added as she laid down next to Fuuko.

The older girl was crying and nodding; Miru grabbed her handkerchief from the pocket of her coat and wiped off the tears of the older girl.

"Crying doesn't suit you very well." Hearing what the younger girl just said made the older girl try to stop her own tears and tried to smile. "Smiling suits you even more." The older girl nodded as she placed her hands on the younger girl's waist and rested both of their bodies on the hospital bed.

"I want you to stay with me because I know that I can trust you. Yes, there may be a damage that you did or something. But I know just by looking at your eyes, I know that you're regretting about all those stupid things that you did earlier. You told me something that would've break my heart, but at least you're honest about it. You're fighting for our love, and I respect you for doing such thing that will only make you nervous. I admire you for doing that." The older girl said as Miru's hands traveled on Fuuko's head and brushed her hair.

"Really?" The younger girl said as she chuckled and sighed.

"Just by feeling you by my side, I feel the goose bumps. It feels like déjà vu." Fuuko added as she saw Miru smiling at her. "What are you smiling at?"

"Nothing. I'm just shocked." Miru said as both of them giggled and smiled to each other. "I know why you're feeling the goose bumps and the déjà vu. You're feeling it because this is our favorite position every time we will watch a movie, listen to music, read a book, and before we sleep."

After hearing what Miru just said, Fuuko felt her head aching.

The younger girl saw her partner scrunching her head and nose, which made her worried. "Hey, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just some funny reactions after accidents, that's all." Miru observed the older girl as she pinched it's cheeks and nose.

"Don't worry, after you get out of this crappy place; I will take care of you." The taller girl stated as she sighed and sang a song to the older girl. The older girl rested her head to the younger girl's chest, Miru brushed Fuuko's hair. The shorter girl took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Miru closed her eyes as well, she continued to sing until she heard a light snore from the older girl; Miru opened her eyes as she smiled and lightly pinched Fuuko's cheeks. "I will do anything, just for you. I am willing to give up everything, just to be with you. Let's run away, Fuufuu."

"Promise me that we will run away? Away from my family?" The older girl asked Miru; the younger girl was shocked when she heard what Fuuko just asked her. "Away from Kei?" Fuuko added which made Miru look at her lover.

Fuuko opened her eyed and looked at the girl that she's resting at. "Even Kei, Fuuko. We will run away and escape away from them. We don't need anyone or even everyone that's around us, we just need each other to be happy, right?" Miru asked, and Fuuko just giggled and pouted.

"I have a confession." Fuuko said as Miru looked at her and nodded. "You idiot. You thought I lost my memory and you thought that it's back to zero again?" Fuuko slapped Miru's cheeks. "You think I can forgive you because you cheated on me?"

"Ehehe, sooooo, you can remember me?" Miru asked and Fuuko nodded while she's frowining.

"Yeah. I'm proud of you, because you were too honest."

"FUUKO!" Miru shouted as she embraced Fuuko's body tightly. "I've been so worried about you! Oh my gosh." Miru said as she planted her lips on Fuuko's forehead.

Fuuko giggled and pouted. "I can remember everything now." The short girl gave the younger girl's lips a peck. "So, let's run away. Okay?"

"We will." Miru rested her head on Fuuko's head as she sang another lullaby. But she stopped when she heard someone opening the door

"What the fuck is going on?!"

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

"So, Sayaka? How's my sister?" Miyuki asked as she took a sip from the cup of her coffee.

"She's fine, both of us are too lucky, y'know? I managed to save Fuuchan, I was really sad that time but I managed. Heh." Sayaka said as she stretched her arms and her legs. "By the way, Miyuki. About our breakup, let's pretend that we didn't breakup-"

Miyuki spitted her coffee as she coughed and tried to catch her breath. "Are you nuts?! After having sex with someone at my house, you think it's okay for me to move on so easily and get back with you?!" Miyuki asked with her loud voice, Sayaka moved next to Miyuki and her hands covered the younger girl's mouth.

"Be quiet!" Sayaka said as she lightly hit Miyuki's crown head. Miyuki bit the older girl's finger which made Sayaka groaned because of the pain; Sayaka chuckled because it reminds her of the sweet but bitter memories of her and Miyuki.

"You thought it's easy to move on? After all you've done to me?" The younger girl asked while the older girl just sighed and nodded. "It's not easy, Sayaka."

"I know, Miyuki. But, you know that I'm regretting this time." Sayaka said as she took Miyuki's hands and caressed it. "I realized life without you is like a dying flower. But for the sake of your sister, please. Please." Sayaka added as she looked down on her feet, trying to stop her tears.

Miyuki saw Sayaka's face, tears started to drop from her eyes. Her hands wiped of the tears and she held the older girl's chin; their eyes got stuck to each other and they both gulped. Miyuki's face got closer to Sayaka's face; the next thing they know, they were already kissing. Tears started to form on Sayaka's eyes once again, as her tears reached on her cheeks, Miyuki wiped the tears once again. The younger girl caressed the older girl's cheeks, while Sayaka's hands are on Miyuki's waist. The two girls pulled out for their kiss and they were panting. Luckily for them, nobody was around. Just the two of them. "Sayaka you idiot!" Miyuki said as she stood up from the chair and grabbed her coffee from the coffee table.

Sayaka scratched her head and sighed. "Here we go again." She stood up from the chair as well and chased Miyuki.

Miyuki was just smiling like an idiot, it has been a long time since the two of them kissed that way.

Sayaka caught up with Miyuki and she saw the younger girl smiling. "As always, you're an idiot." Sayaka said as she grabbed Miyuki's hands and held it. "So, are we officially together, again?" The older girl asked and Miyuki pouted.

"No." Miyuki said and Sayaka just rolled her eyes. Though Miyuki didn't remove her hands away from Sayaka; Miyuki stopped walking which caused Sayaka's feet to stop walking as well. The younger girl got close to the older girl's face and she gave the older girl a quick peck. "By the way, happy anniversary, Sayaka." Miyuki said as she grabbed the older girl's hands and walked again.

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

Kei was with Shu, the younger girl opened the door. Kei clenched her fist when she saw Miru and Fuuko resting at the bed. "What the fuck is going on?!" Kei asked which made Miru stop to sing. Fuuko opened her eyes and she saw Kei outside of her room. "Fuuchan?"

"Hey, Kei." Fuuko responded as she held Miru's hands very tight.

Shu got inside the room and she saw how Kei and Miru's eyes are getting intense. "Could the two of you please stop staring to each others eyes in front of my sister?" Shu said as she got closer to Fuuko's bed and her lips landed on the older girl's forehead. "Are you okay now?"

Fuuko nodded while smiling. "I'm okay now, thanks to Miru." The older girl said as she looked at the girl who's resting next to her. "Oh, I remember everything now, Shu. So yeah, my memories are back. Finally." Fuuko said as Shu gasped and smiled. Her hands landed on the pale girl's waist and hugged it's body.

"Neechan!!!" The youngest girl shouted as tears started to form on her eyes. Fuuko chuckled patted the younger girl's head.

"I'm okay now, Shu." The older girl said as she looked at Miru who is laying down next to her. "I'm okay now."

The two girls on the hospital bed smiled at each other. While the oldest girl was just there, staring at the couple. Instead of running away, her feet moved her body towards the hospital bed. Her hands took Fuuko's hands away from Miru's right hand; Miru looked at Kei while she clenched her left fist. "I'm glad that you're okay, Fuuko." Kei said as she caressed the pale girl's hand and kissed it.


The door of Fuuko's hospital room opened, and they saw 2 older girl's holding each other's hands. "What's going on?" Miyuki asked as she looked at Kei and Miru.

Shu moved away from the bed and took her phone, not minding the business of the older people. "I'm texting Airi-neechan. I'll tell her that Fuu-neechan is here at the hospital." Shu said as she sighed.

"There's no need for that." Another voice was heard, Shu gasped and smiled when she saw her other sister who's wearing a white coat. "Hey there, Fuuchan. How are you now?" Airi said while walking towards the hospital bed. "The two of you, get away from my sister."

Miru and Kei did what Airi commanded the two of them.

"So, how's my piggy sister?" Airi asked as she patted Fuuko's head and combed her hair. "I checked your bone, and we're lucky. Your memories are finally back, all of your memories are finally back, Fuuko." The doctor said as she took off her glasses and sat beside her sister. "But I don't need someone who keeps on shitting my sister's mind." Airi said as she looked at the two girl's who are in front of the hospital bed. "I don't need someone messing up with my sister's mind, and I don't want all of you to stress her."

"Hey, Airi. Cool it down, they just want Fuuchan to be happy." Miyuki said as she pulled Sayaka with her towards Fuuko's bed. "Hey, Fuuchan. I am so happy right now, because you can remember me. Well not only me, but all of your memories." Miyuki said as she kissed the younger girl's forehead.

Fuuko smiled and chuckled. "It was all thanks to you."

Kei just sighed and observed Fuuko's smile. "You're still the same after all." Kei whispered to herself.

The younger girl beside her thought that she said something. "You were saying something, Jonishi?" Miru asked and Kei just looked at her. Both of them rolled their eyes and looked at Fuuko again.

Airi looked at the two girls, and a smirk can be seen on her face. "You two, outside, now." She said as the three of them got out from the room.

The two other girls gulped and sighed.

"Listen, the two of you should need to go easy on yourselves. I know that the of you both love my sister, I know that. But please, stop acting like a child in front of her. Kei, I know that you love her. It's been 6 years, Kei. 6 years. Miru, I know that you love her as well, you're her present girlfriend, so act like you know nothing about Kei's feelings."

"But that's bullshit, Airi." Miyuki said as the three girls looked at her. "Anyway, I'm going to borrow Miru for a while. Something to do with business." The cheeky girl said as she pulled Miru away from the two other girls.

As they got far from Fuuko's room, the two of them looked at each other.

"You have it?" Miyuki asked and Miru nodded.

The taller girl handed a brown envelope to the older girl, the two of them smirked and nodded.

"I'm sorry you had to taste drugs because of me. You know, business stuff." Miyuki said as she bowed.

Miru bowed as well. "If it's serving for my Princess Fuuko, I'm will to do everything."

"But seriously, I said use your lips; bot your body." The older girl said and the younger girl just smiled and chuckled.

"It was only the wise decision that I can do. Plus, it's not even fun. I mean, I had to lie to Fuuko because it's for the best. Plus, I can't believe I brought that person to my apartment. Yuck."

"At least, everything is okay now. Thank you, Miru." Miyuki said as she smiled and walked away from the younger girl.


@ChibiRine: Hehe. You liked it~ :mon inluv:

@sidny48: We'll see about that. :hehehe:

@Centernezumi: I wonder why? :dunno:

@ametakarano: I think Fuuko already chose Miru? Maybe? :on gay:

@faanpal: Thanks for waiting! Here's the update! :ding:

(A/N: ChibiRine and I are planning to write an OS, we don't know when are we going to post it. :hehehe: We're gonna try our best to finish it ASAP. Thanks for reading my fict! :glasses: )

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Re: [NMB48] Stay With Me - Chapter 2 10/24/15
« Reply #13 on: October 26, 2015, 09:27:34 AM »
AAAAAAAaah~! Update! > W <
It's so fun reading this~~

I've been waiting for so long xD

Anyway, awesome writing, new senpai  :luvluv1: SayaMilky and FuuMiru ftw <3 <3

Can't wait for the next update + that OS of yours w/ Rine-senpai :on woohoo:

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Re: [NMB48] Stay With Me - Chapter 2 10/24/15
« Reply #14 on: October 26, 2015, 11:47:58 AM »
Thanks for the update.

I'm glad Fuuko remembers everything. Felt a bit of pity for Keicchi, though.

I'll wait for your collab OS with Rine-sama.  :hip smile:

Goodluck, author-san.  :deco:

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Re: [NMB48] Stay With Me - Chapter 2 10/24/15
« Reply #15 on: October 29, 2015, 10:59:55 AM »
Woah..finally an update.. :D
I’ve been waiting for this  XD
So Milky went too easy on Sayanee,huh?  :smhid
Feel pity for Kei,hope she would fight for Fuuko  XD
But yeah,Fuuko is fate to be with Miru  :lol:
Shu and Milky’s dialogue in the Chap 1 and also Miru and Milky’s dialogue in the end of Chap 2 are so suspicious.  ;)
And yeah,if you don’t mind can i request for a dash of NagiShuu’s affair (maybe)?  :D
Waiting for your next update,see ya Shirogafuri-san  XD

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