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Author Topic: Unnatural High - chapter 14 part 1 (Multipairing) 04/03/2018  (Read 8741 times)

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Re: Unnatural High:New character bio
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                                                                                                  Miyawaki Sakura 

                                                                                                  SPECIES: Nine Tailed Fox

                                                                                                     TYPE   : Protector

     She grew up in a 9 tailed fox village along with Nana's mother and her best friend Haruka. She looks 18, as a result of her mission that she carried since she was that age along with Haruka. She helped Haruka with her mission because she was weak-hearted then and because of what Nana's mother did, she and Haruka ended up raising Nana and ran to Mariko's village. One day, when they were celebrating Nana's birthday, who turned one years old that day, she and Haruka had a fight about how they should raise Nana, heartbroken, Haruka ran into the woods. Suddenly, the village was suddenly surrounded by The Shadows, she decided to run away but, she couldn't find Haruka anywhere and was forced to flee without her. A few years later, she still remembered the incident, still hoping to find Haruka and even though she couldn't find her, she decided to protect Nana since she couldn't protect Haruka. To this day, she never gave up on Haruka.

                                                                                                   Shinoda Mariko


                                                                                                  SPECIES: Human/Hunter/Prophecy Keeper
                                                                                                     TYPE   : Sadistic Teacher

     She came from a long line of family hunters. Her family are special hunters, they help making the prophecy come true. A few years ago, when she was younger, her village was attacked by The Shadows, causing the village to plunge into darkness. She was saved by other hunters, being the only one from her family to survive, she promised to make the prophecy come true, avenging her village. She was then raised by the hunters who saved her, she grew up with training with other hunters including Matsui Rena, her childhood friend. She then went on to be a teacher, where The Shadows were imprisoned in, hoping to find the five teens in the prophecy.

                                                                                                         Matsui Rena

                                                                                                             SPECIES: Human/Hunter

                                                                                                                TYPE   : Student-Teacher

     She grew up with Mariko, respecting her skills and promised to be a skilled hunter like her. When she was 18, she wandered off into the woods, wanting to enjoy the fresh air. Suddenly, she saw a dog with a broken leg, she pitied the dog and tended it. She would then often went to the woods to visit the dog who she became attached to and so does the dog to her, until one day, she saw a girl with the same cloth she wrapped the dog in. Confused, she asked her who she is, the girl said that she was a shapeshifter and she transformed into the dog that she founded and fond of. And that was how they became important to each other and promised to protect the one another

                                                                                                       Matsui Jurina/Jun

                                                                                                              SPECIES: Shapeshifter

                                                                                                                 TYPE   : Rena's Pet

     She grew up with no family and lived as a smart thief with her best friend Mayu, who was then never to be found. One day, she was caught by someone, using her agility, she ran into an alleyway. She ended up at a dead end, thinking that the man was almost close to her, she wished that she was a rat hoping to be small enough to escape. Her wish was granted and it was later on that she realized that she was a shapeshifter. She learned how to shapeshift on her own with no one to help her and is now an expert. As she was being chased, she decided to transform into a dog, but, she was accidentally hit by a car that hit her, resulting broken leg, barely escaping her death, she dragged herself into the woods, unable to shift back into human form. She thought that she would never turn into her original form again, she became devastated, until she met Rena, the only person who treated with love other than Mayu and soon she fell in love. Knowing that she can shift back, she decided to come clean with Rena and want to be with her. Now, she and Rena became inseparable and she would sometimes transform into a boy form of herself and go on a date with Rena. 
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Re: Unnatural High: New Character Bio
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Hi Authour-san
I've Been Confused About The Mother Of Nana-san
And Just Pm Me For Your Answer
Update Soon
Peace Out✌

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Re: Unnatural High: New Character Bio
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Dear 秀樹片倉-san Nana-san's mother will be known soon as part of the plot

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Re: Unnatural High: New Character Bio
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Dear 秀樹片倉-san Nana-san's mother will be known soon as part of the plot
Thx Author-san

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Re: Unnatural High: Chapter 4: The Team
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                                                                                                     Chapter 4:The Team

                                                                                                              THIRD P.O.V.

                                                                                                          *In a Dark Place*

      "My Lord, we've brought the girl" the three figures in robes said, showing a girl wearing the same robe as them.

      "Come forth girl and tell me your name" the person replied.

      "Kojima Mako desu" she takes off her hood and bowed in front of the person.

      "Because of you, I am released and soon, The Shadows will be the last thing standing. Now, find victims for the shadow to inhabit and raise our army. Start
       with people from the school, that is where they ended my reign and now it will start it all over" the person said.

      "Yes, my lord" the three figures bowed with Mako.


                                                                                                           MARIKO'S P.O.V.

     *BRRNG* I looked at my phone, but it wasn't this phone. I'd never thought that I would have to answer this phone, the one used by the hunter organization.

      "This is Agent Shinoda speaking" I said, hoping that it wasn't what I expected.

      "Agent Mariko, this is Team Leader Takahashi" I heard a worried tone in her voice. I knew it, but I hoped it wasn't so fast.

      "What is the problem, Takahashi-san" needing to know that it is.

      "It is what you are thinking now, The Shadows has been released by someone. Our detector, detected it a few hours ago, but it was too late, it must have gone
       far now"

      "Why are you just telling me this now, you know I wanted to avenge my family" angered that she didn't tell me.

      "I know that you would let your personal feelings drag you to do something stupid. I know what happened to you and as your teammate and friend, I don't
       want to see you get hurt. You're the prophecy keeper, you know the prophecy, use it" I didn't know that she cared for me that much.

      "What if the prophecy's wrong, not only they would get hurt but, the whole world will be ruled by The Shadows" it had bee a long time since fear had struck
       me down.

      "Okay, it's up to you. but remember that you were the one that wanted to make the prophecy come true, no matter how hard it is" her words pierced through

      "I'll do it, you don't have to tell Rena, because I'll tell her, bye"

      "Don't push yourself too hard Mariko, no matter what happens, we'll be here for you, bye"

       I called Rena on my regular phone.

       She picked up the phone,"Moshi-Moshi, Rena?"

      "No, this is Jurina. Rena someone's calling you" strange, why is she answering Rena's phone.

      "Rena?" hoping it was her.

      "Mariko? Why are you calling me in the middle of the night?" she sounded sleepy.

      "Sorry Rena, but this is an emergency. The Shadows have escaped a few hours ago and I've decided to use the prophecy and they are students in my class,
       specifically, 5 people" simplifying it, not wanting to mess with her and 'Jurina's' time.

      "What! How? And are you mad! They're still teenagers, they're going to get hurt Mariko" she said sounding more awake.

      "I'll explain to you tomorrow, because we're gonna meet them" and I don't think none of them know what the other members are.

      "OH NO YOU'RE GONNA EXPLAI-" I ended our talk there, wanting her to know tomorrow and also making her not sleeping by worrying her.

      I hope the girls will accept their destiny.

                                                                                                                 *Next day in Class 2-A*
                                                                                                                     THIRD P.O.V.

       Before Matsui-Sensei's class started, Shinoda-Sensei suddenly came into the classroom.

      "Nishino-san, Kato-san, Murayama-san, Okada-san and Owada-san come see me after school ended" Shinoda-sensei said.

      Matsui-sensei followed her and said "Is it them? Tell me Mariko" Shinoda-sense didn't say anything and left, leaving Matsui-sensei speechless.

      'What did I do wrong' the five people incuding Matsui-sensei thought. The day goes on but they were still remembering what they did wrong.

                                                                                                       *In Class after school ended*

      "Did you drag us into this, Nishino?" said Rena while glaring at Miki.

      "I don't know, I'm still figuring out what I did and where is Sado-sensei" Miki said nervously.

      "I'm here" Shinoda-sensei came in with Matsui-sensei. "And Nishino-san I'll show you what a sadist do" making Miki kneel on her knees and both her hands
      up. "Stand up, the reason I'd summoned you here, probably sounds crazy and doesn't ma-"

      "You know that we're not fully human and you summoned us for it" Nana said coldly. Making them surprised that they know their secrets.

      "I don't know how you know it but, it's true. And the real reason is to ask your help, fulfilling the prophecy" Shinoda-sensei said seriously.

      "What prophecy? And what does it have to do with us?" Nana was the only one who said it since the others were still dumbfounded that their secret had been

      "Destroying The Shadows, and the reason why you were picked is because you are special and not that your not human kind of way" Shinoda said looking at
       each of them.

      "We don't even know how to control our powers yet, how do you expect us to defeat this shadow thing when we don't even know how powerful it is." Naachan
       finally said.

      "You don't have to know how powerful it is for now, all you need to know is how to control each of your powers. I can probably find a mentor who will be
       willing to help you with your powers if I know what they are" still looking at them.

      "You said we're in a prophecy right? So how can you not know our powers if we're mentioned" Rena said, furious that she might have to die young to an ugly

      "The prophecy didn't specifically said what you are, but it did mention your name in the scroll" showing the scroll, the five students including Matsui-sensei
       were shocked by the name imprinted on it. "Now, do you believe me?"

      "I'm not telling who I am first, who knows maybe that you people are playing tricks on me, the class clown extraordinaire" Miki said, raising her hands.

      "How did you even manage to stay in the smart class? Did you cheat?" Shinoda said doubting Miki.

      "Never judge a book by it's cover and I'd never cheated before" Miki said confidently to Shinoda.

      "A witch by my mother's side" Yuria said shyly.

      "Oh, okay. Others?" Shinoda pointed at them.

      "I turned into a vampire this year"

      "Bitten by a special zombie"

      "Shapeshifter" 'Another shapeshifter' Matsui-sensei thought while looking at a tiny Jurina who was smiling.


      "Hybrid? What kind of hybrid" Shinoda asked

      "9 Tailed Fox and a vampire" Rena looked at Nana when she heard 'vampire'

      "Interesting, I've never met one before" Shinoda said, nodding at her. "I can try looking for each of your me-"

      "I can just ask help from my guardian, Sakura, she's also my mentor" Nana said.

      "Good, so I just have to fi-" she was cut off again.

      "I'll be the shapeshifter's mentor" Jurina turned into her human form while raising her right arm.

      "Jurina!" Matsui-sensei said surprised that she had shown herself.

      "Okay, And you are?" Shinoda asked her, feeling betrayed that Matsui-sensei didn't tell her anything.

      "Matsui Jurina desu. Rena's girlfriend/boyfriend. I'm also not her sister, I took her last name since I didn't have one. And you people are?"

      "Shinoda Mariko or Mariko, I'm Rena's teammate in the hunting organization and childhood friend"

      "Nishino Miki or Miki"

      "Murayama Yuiri or Yuiri"

      "Owada Nana or Nana"

      "Okada Nana or Naachan"

      "Kato Rena or Rena"

      "Hmm, nee Kato-san? May I call you Renacchi, you do have the same name as my Rena." said Jurina, making Matsui-sensei blushed.

      "Um, sure, I guess?" said a confused Renacchi.

      "And even though there are two Nana's. One is called Naachan and the other one is Nana" Jurina said while looking at Nana.

      "Your point is?" Nana asked.

      "My point is, I'm going to call you Naanya." Nana was about to protest when Jurina interrupted her "Even though you say no, I'm still gonna call you that. So,
       will the others, to make you comfortable" getting 'sure' 'okay' 'it's cute' from the others. Naanya then agrees to it.

      "Where will we practice?" Naachan said.

      "We can practice at my house, Sakura usually puts a barrier so that no one can hear what's going on inside the house and I don't actually mind you going
       there" Naanya said, receiving compliments because of her cool attitude.

      "So it's settled then. I'm gonna call the organization to see if they can help find mentors" Mariko said.

      "If you're done? I'm gonna head home with Rena to rest" said Jurina while hugging and kissing Rena's cheek.

      "I guess we are done, we'll practice when I had found the mentors" said Mariko before she left them.

      Soon everyone left the classroom to go home. 

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Re: Unnatural High: CHAPTER 5
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Chapter 5
*Friday at the Headquarters*


      I can't believe I'm going to the headquarters. Urggh, it's not like I have a choice, I'm the one who agreed to it. Well, here goes nothing and I took my first 
      step into it.

      "Shinoda-san? What are you doing here?" The receptionist asked surprise by me being her, 'what? I can't come in here? I'm a stranger' If only I can say that,
       but instead

      "I need to see Takahashi-san. Is she in her office?" I was looking at her every move.

      She picked up the phone and called Takahashi "Ano, Takahashi-san?... Shinoda-san is here to see you... Should I sen-...But, Takaha-" there must be an   
      argument. "Hai, Takahashi-san" she put down the phone and said to me "Shinoda-san, Takahashi-san will see you in her office" I walked away but, I couldn't
      help feeling that someone was glaring at me.

      Here I am, in front of her office. I knocked on her door "Come in" I opened the door to see her with a cat on her lap. "I've been expecting you Mariko" she
      said as she was petting the cat.

      "Mind if I ask something, Takamina?" I said.

      "Ask away, Mariko"

      "Why is a midget, holding a munchkin?"

      "Is that why you came here? To say I'm a midget?" she said as she put the cat down.

      "Well, you can't deny that it's true" I smiled at her. "You know why I came her, so don't pretend you don't know" she nodded.

      "Fine, here's the file" she went to take the file and put it on the table. I looked at the file.

      "Watanabe Miyuki, a pureblood vampire, she overheard the mentor conversation and volunteered herself" strange, why would she volunteer herself to a
       hunter and most importantly, how did she our conversation. A vampire, I mentally slapped myself.

      "Sashihara Rino, a special zombie, first of its kind. Was caught by the hunters when it was hunting rabbits for food" talk about ironic."Is forced to be a mentor
       because, well she was the first one and is now with the organization"

      "Maeda Atsuko, a witch. Known to be irresistible, playful and beautiful" Did Takamina wrote this? "Is now a mentor after some 'negotiation'" so, Takamina did
       wrote this.

      "Mariko" she asked me.

      "Yes?" I replied, not looking at her.

      "You said there were five people in the prophecy right?"


      "How come you only asked for three people? What about the other two?"

      "One is a hybrid of a vampire and a 9 tailed fox,her mentor is also her guardian. The other is a shapeshifter, her mentor, well, why don't you ask Rena?" Well
       Rena didn't tell me, now she's in trouble for not telling anyone.

      "Wait Rena? And aren't 9 taile-" I'd cut her off, knowing she would ask that.

      "Forbidden? Yes" I wonder if Naanya knows who her parents are? "Well, I'm gonna tell them we're ready to start training"

      "I'm coming with you"

      "Eh?No way" I can't believe she just said that.

      "You're not gonna stop me. Plus I need to keep an eye on Sashihara, also, I want to know who they are" and you also want to meet the 'irresistible' Maeda.

      "Fine, Saturday, my house, 8 a.m. sharp and you alone"  'roger that' was all that I got from her before I went home to tell the teens.


      "Wakatta, arigatou Shinoda-sensei" I ended the conversation and went back to the dining room to finish my dinner.

      "Nana, who's that?" Sakura asked looking at me.

      "Just my class teacher" I answered as I took some meat.

      "Did you get in trouble?" I can't believe she would think of me that way.
      "No, she said that she and a couple of my classmates will be here for the class project" and by project I mean saving the world by shadow who we don't even
       know how powerful they are?

      "Oh, in that case, I'm gonna need to clean the house" please don't over decorate.

      "I'm gonna go get some sleep"

*Next day*


     Naanya was at the school, waiting for them to arrive. 'Where are they' she thought. "Naanya!" she heard someone said while waving at her. "Hurry up will you"
     Naanya said.

     "Where's Mariko and Rena" Miki asked looking at them.

     "I've told them my address, so they should arrive later with the mentors" Naanya said and making them follow her.

*In front of Naanya's house*

     Miki: :OMG:

     Naachan: :stoned:
     Yuria:  :imdead:

     Renacchi:  :hee:

     Naanya: :dunno:

     "Naanya" Miki asked


     "Is this your house?"



     "My house is bigger, what are you standing out here for? Let's go inside. Naanya opened the door to her house.

     "Tadaima, Sakura" Naanya suddenly froze. The house is like a cute wonderland.

     Miki: :mon thumb:

     Naachan:  :mon scratch:

     Yuria: :gmon blonde:

     Renacchi::mon suspect:

     Naanya:  :mon angel:

     Sakura:  :gmon sing:

     "Sakura! you said you were gonna clean the house only" pointing at her

     "Sorry, you must be her classmates" pushing past Naanya. They all nodded. "How about some strawberry cake" Naanya's eyes suddenly sparkleat the sound of
     it. Sakura brought the cake to the dining table. Everyone got a cake each.

    "Nee, Naanya?" Renacchi asked

    "Un, what?" she said with cream on her lips, realizing it, she licked her lips. 'kawaii' everyone thought except for Naachan, because that's her inner gayness's

    "Naanya? Ohh, if they're calling you that, I'm also gonna do it" Sakura said, earning a 'whatever' from Naanya.

    "Naanya, so you like strawberry?" Renacchi asked. Naanya nodded while taking another bite of the cake.

    "She also likes cute things" Sakura said, making Naanya's cheeks flushed. "Let me guess, she's different than what you thought" making everyone nod including   
     Naanya herself" *Ding-Dong* "I'll get the door" 'They must be here' the girls thought. The girls to see the mentors.

    "Sorry we're late" Mariko said. The girls arrived to where they are and someone caught Renacchi's attention.

    "You!" she said pointing at a girl in a cute dress.

    "Why don't we go to the living room to chat" the girl who was bring pointed at said while smiling. They went to the living room, Renacchi not taking her eyes off
     the girl. They all sat down, the said first,

    "My name is Watanabe Miyuki or Milky, I'm a pureblood vampire and I'm the one who turned Rena" the girl said smiling at her.

    "Wait, vampire? Owada Nana, you need to explain to me right now what's happening" Sakura said to her. 'Oops, I forgot to tell her' Naanya thought.

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Re: Unnatural High: CHAPTER 6 Part 1
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     She is so in trouble for not telling me. "So? Explain NOW!" She doesn't know how furious I'm feeling now, I can feel my blood boiling.

     "Sakura, your eyes" I looked at her. "They're blue" knowing the situation I calmed down and my eyes turned back to normal."I know you're mad at me" You
      don't know half of it. "But, I can expla-"

     "You must be Sakura, Owada-san's guardian" the tall girl with short hair said. I simply nodded.The vampire girl simply just smiled at me.

     "You?" It's not fair if I'm the only one introducing.

     "Shinoda Mariko desu, I'm Owada-san's teacher and also a hunter" What did she just say?

     "You're a hunter?" she nodded. I can't believe it." What are you doing here?"

     "I need to make a prophecy come true."

     "What prophecy?" clearly I'm the only one who doesn't know anything.

     "To defeat The Shadows once and for all" No it can't be.

     "NO! I'm not letting you" I looked at her and said "Nana go pack your bags we're leaving"

     "Sakura-san, we need her to help defeat it" Doesn't this woman know when to stop.

     "I said no" my eyes must be turning bright shade of blue right now.

     "It's her destiny, it's in the pro-"

     "I don't care. I've already lost someone to it, I made a promise not to lose Nana too" I'm reaching my limits.

     "You think I don't understand how you feel? I've lost my whole family to it" Hearing that, I've calmed down a little, I didn't know about her past. "So, will you let
      her help us"

     "I need to think about it first" I ran up to my room. I held up her picture. *knock knock* "Do you mind if I come in" that person said. "What do you want?" I
      didn't look to see who she was.

     "It's her isn't it, Haruka" It must be Nana, I looked at her and nodded "What happened to her?" she asked nicely, probably not to hurt my feelings.

     "She was also supposed to be your guardian along with me" Her eyes were wide, guessed I should've told her before. "It was the day of your first birthday, we
      had a little argument on how to raise you. I wanted you to grow up in the current village and help control your powers" She still had a shocked expression.
     "While, she wanted you to grow up like other normal girls" I felt a tear running down my cheeks, as I was remembering that day "I opposed her idea, normally
      I would agree with her, I think she felt betrayed so she left " I felt her patting my back "If only I... apologized to her...earlier, before The...Shadows...came"
      I released all of my bottled up emotions and literally cried a river. "I made a promise, not to lose you too, and letting you live a normal life"

     "Sakura" I heard Nana spoke while she was soothing me. "Other people will lose their important people too if I don't help, I don't want them to go through the
      same phase as you and Mariko did" I heard the sincerity in her voice, Haruka and 'them' would be proud with how she grew up into a mature girl.

     "You have to follow everything i say" Her eyes lit up and she hugged me tightly.

*While Sakura and Naanya were upstairs,the people in the living room*


     "You must be Maeda Atsuko-san?" Takamidget already made her move on her. Maeda nodded and said "You can call me Acchan if you like"

     "Why does it have to be you?" Renacchi asked. "Didn't I told you you that we will soon meet again, last time" The girl said, smiling.

     "Nee, Mariko?" Miki asked, receiving her full attention. "Why did Sakura's eyes turn blue?" she asked with a small voice, not wanting to be called stupid if she
      doesn't know. "I think it's because she's a 9 tailed fox?" Mariko said. "It's when we're we feel the wanting to fight or really furious or to threaten someone"
      Sakura said as she came down the stairs with a smirking Naanya.

     "So, what's your answer?" Mariko anticipating her answer.

     "Why not? I haven't felt like this since my training days and fighting Naanya's parents" Sakura said to Mariko. "But, if anything happens to her or the kids, it will
      be your fault" Her eyes turn blue as a sign of threat.

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Re: Unnatural High: CHAPTER 6 Part 1
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Ooh, looks promising!  :)
I've actually been always a pretty silent reader, but since the newer gen members are really growing on me, I needed a fic to get my fix. ‎
I sense some future Naachan x Yuiri action going on! /inserts inner yuunaa fangirl scream here/
But what I'm most interested in is Haruka's whereabouts, Nana's parents, and how the prophecy's gonna play out.‎
I shall follow this fic, author-san! :D
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Re: Unnatural High: CHAPTER 6 Part 2
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     "Now that we settled that problem, let's start the introduction except for me and Miyuki." Mariko said. "Anyone wants to start first?" she pointed at everyone.
     "Let's start with the mentors first" She pointed at Takamina.

     "Oi, why me?" she said but she stand up anyway. "Takahashi Minami desu, or you can call me Takamina, I'm not actually a mentor but Mariko's team leader"
      she looked at Acchan, blushing. 'She's making it obvious' Mariko thought.

      Acchan stood up "Maeda Atsuko desu, but you can call me Acchan, I'm a witch and I'm a part-time model" Takamina was in awe. 'I really shouldn't have   
      brought her here"

     "Matsui Jurina desu, I'm a shapeshifter and Rena's full-time lover" she hugged Rena "So, if any of you make a move on her, I'll make sure you'll never be seen
      again" she smiled at everyone, giving them the chills.

      Sasshi knew it was her turn "Sashihara Rino desu, or Sasshi for short, I'm a special zombie and I work at the Headquarters as a prisoner" They all tried not to
      laugh because of her seriousness.

     "Miyawaki Sakura, I've been taking care of Nana since she was little and I'm a 9 tailed fox" looking at Naanya. "How old are you?" She looked at Sasshi. "You
      look like a high school student, where are her parents?" "I've stopped aging since I was this age" she didn't bother answering Sasshi's last question.

     "Now that we're done with the mentors, it's your turn" pointing at the teens.

     "Murayama Yuiri desu, I'm a witch" She saw Acchan smiling at her, she then returns the smile shyly. Naachan was staring at Yuiri and Jurina saw her.

     "Okada Nana desu, I'm a shapeshifter, I only know how to shapeshift into simple stuffs" 'and I like Yuiri-san' She sneaked a peek at her. "Looks like my
      protege already has a crush, well it's up to me to teach on how to get her" Jurina said to Rena, who said "Let them do it themselves"  Jurina pouted at her.

     "Nishino Miki" "AKA Gorilla" Renacchi said. "No, it's not, I'm a zombie and the funniest one" making a funny gesture like this  :wigglypanda: everyone's
      expression was like this  :huhuh

     "Kato Rena or Renacchi, I didn't actually agreed to this at first" She made the situations worse "But, I'll help out and I'm a vampire" She looked at Milky who
      just smiled at her. 'Weirdo' she thought.

     "Owada Nana desu, but Jurina asked me to be called Naanya" Everyone looked at Jurina who made an innocent face. "I'm a hybrid" everyone's eyes except for
      those who knows were wide. "What type of hybrid may I ask?" asked Acchan "A 9 tailed fox and a vampire" before she can sit down Milky said

     "You must be her child right? The vampire who broke the most important rule just for true love. Of course I helped her" "You knew my parents?" Sakura knew
      what's gonna happen next. "One of them is my best friend" "Was it my father or mother?" "Father? Mother? She never told you the real truth did she?" she
      looked at Sakura with amusement. "What do you mean? They are opposite gender right?" Naanya looked at Sakura who didn't say anything.

     "Since you already who each other are, let's get training" Mariko said, breaking the awkwardness between the two girls.

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Re: Unnatural High: CHAPTER 7:Bonding
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Chapter 7: Bonding         

              Third p.o.v

"You are given an hour to bond or train. We will start official training with everyone when Takamina finds us a base" Mariko said


     Maeda-san and I were the first to train. So, Maeda-san's a model, she's seems like a doll. "Ano, Yuiri-san, have you ever tried to do magic before?" I was flustered by her sudden question. "This is my first time, I did only learn of my powers recently” I wonder how was she was when she started.“It must have been a shock when you first found out. I’ve been doing it since I was 5” That’s a long time, I wonder how old she is. “How old are you?” I quickly put my hand over my mouth. Why did I just said that.“I’m 23 this year” She’s older than I expected her to be.
     “You didn’t seem to hesitate with the question” She looked at me. “Maybe it’s because I feel comfortable talking to you” Or maybe the fact that you’re also a
witch ?. “Ano, Yuiri-san?” I looked at her and nodded. “I don’t know why but, you kind of reminded me of myself when I was your age” My eyes were wide at
what she said “You’re trying to make me feel comfortable” She’s definitely one of the popular kids “No, it’s true. I wasn’t the most sociable person” She seems
to be telling the truth. “What were you like?” I asked her curiously. “I didn’t talk much with other people or rather I don’t have much confident to start a
conversation and I wore glasses” I giggled a little when she made a glasses gesture. I’d never know we’d have so much in common.

     “Do you want to know the real reason I’d accepted the offer to mentor?” I nodded, the curiosity made me speechless. “It’s because of Takahashi-san” My eyes
were wider than before. “I didn’t want to do it at first, but then she came. I don’t know why but, she reminded me of someone I used to love, so I took the job
to know her real identity” She must have loved her so much, I hope I could find someone special too.

     “What about training?” I asked.“Let’s start from the basic first, that is to learn about the five elements” She handed me a book “Read it, it will be a lot easier
when you know what the elements are” The rest of the time left was used to read the book. “You’ll learn to use magic the next time we meet” She flashed a smile at me before we went out.


     “Nee, Naachan ?” I looked at her. “I’ve noticed that you’ve been eyeing Yuiri-chan?” She winked at me. “What a-a-are talking ab-about?” Why out of all people she’s the one who noticed it ? “Hmm, so you don’t mind if I spend more time with her?” Now, she’s raising her eyebrow, I need to do something fast. “I thought you’re dating Rena-san ? ” If she wants to provoke me, I’m paying it back. “Rena actually doesn’t mind, as long as I don’t do” She made a gesture wanting me to get closer “*censored 18, so I’m leaving it to your imagination*” me :shocked, inner pervert :nosebleed. “I see we have a lot in common” I raised an eyebrow. “But it seems that you’re holding a lot of it inside, why don’t you just let it out” Don’t let her get to you.

     “Aren’t you gonna teach me how to shapeshift ?” I know that I’m great at controlling it but, there is still more to learn. “I’m not gonna ask you what you know, instead what you don’t know” Huh, what is she talking about? “Have you ever shapeshift into any living things before?” “I’m confident with plants” I’m also a green-thumb “What about animals ?” “Just insects” “That would actually ease my burden since that’s the only thing left and the hardest one to do, of course I manage to do it in one try before I know I was a shapeshifter”

     Aside from the boasting, she is sort of helpful. She clasp her hands together and said “In order to turn into any animals, you must imagine it first in your head and focus really hard and don’t forget it’s special features, so try now” “Now ?” She nodded her head. I imagined a cat and focused on it’s features, I can feel each of my body transforming.

    “How do I look ? ” Hoping I did well.“It’s my first time seeing it” I opened my eyes to see her mouth open in awe. Mirror, I need to find a mirror. In the corner of the room I saw it. Carefully walked with two feet, wait two feet? I’m a cat, I’m supposed to walk on four legs. To think about it, why am I almost the same height as Jurina-san ? “You finally noticed ?” I heard her said.

    I ran to the mirror and saw that I’m still the same but, I now have cat ears and a tail. “It is the most difficult one you know ?” Why didn't she warn me? “How do I change back ?” “As you always do” “Okay, that won’t be hard” I tried to change back “If you manage to shapeshift correctly” Correctly? “Since you didn’t manage to do it, you’ll stay like that for 2 hours” I looked at her with pleading eyes to change me back. “I don’t make the rules” She raise both her hands. Guess we have to end this session earlier than expected.
     “What happened to you?” Miki said before they all started laughing except for Yuiri-san. “Daijoubu desu ka ?” she said. I simply nodded. Feeling calm by her words.


      Till now I’m still laughing at the sight of Naachan. “I wonder if it’s gonna be like this everytime we train ?” It’s really not so bad after all. “Nee, Sasshi, how did you turn into a zombie ?” She screamed, guess I jumpscared her. “Sorry, it’s just that this place is sort of creepy” “Naanya did said that they didn’t have enough time to clean this place and the fact that she forgot to tell Sakura” I heard a tiny hiss... From behind us. “Kyaaaaaaa” We both screamed at what seems to be a small spider, we just realized that we were hugging each other so, we let go.

     “Are you alright up there?” We heard Mariko. “We’re fine it’s just this huge tarantula, don’t worry we got rid of it” I said to her. “I’m not good with this sort of place” Sasshi said “Me too” “Look there, at the corner” I looked in the direction Sasshi pointed at. “it doesn’t look so creepy at all” We both ran there when we heard another hiss. We sat on an empty stool

     “Did you ask how I became infected ?” I nodded at her cuz I was curious. “Believe it or not, I used to work in a lab” “You must be amazing , what did you do ?” I’m seeing suddenly her in a different light. “It was the most important job yet” She’s not amazing, she’s amazeballs. “I was a HUMAN LAB RAT” WTF? “I’M TAKING MY COMPLIMENTS BACK” And here I thought she was amazeballs-approved by me. “It was ‘important’, if it’s deadly, I could be dead you know ?” She’s got a point. “Although it was unknown to the public, the lab knew of the zombies existence” “What about the other beings like vampire ?” “That, they didn’t know” “So they only knew about zombies ?” She nodded.

     “The reason they wanted to do the experiment was to research on how to change them back” I’m understanding so far “What does that have to do with you ?” I scratched my head “I’m getting there” I raised my hands in surrender. “They needed human blood, me. I was there for them to take my blood, I was actually scared of needles” “Why did you agree to it ?” “The pay was high and my rent was due the next day” I can sympathize with her. “Suddenly I heard screaming, and the zombie outbreak began” I’m getting shivers down my spine.
     “Before I was bitten, I accidentally drank this chemical, although I wasn’t the only one.” “There were more of you ?” “How do you think you were bitten?" “Continue” I said. “Where was I, before I fainted from being bitten and sort wet myself” Whaaat. “I saw this one person who also drank it, I guess and ran out” “And the nex-” I heard whisper calling our name, it was white and“Kyaaaa” we both screamed when we saw it.

    “Mariko-sensei send me up to say that the one hour is over” It was Naachan who was wearing a mask to cover up her you know. “Looks like we can’t survive this only us both, cuz we’re definitely gonna faint before we start” I can’t believe we’re both scaredy-cats.


    The clowns were screaming a lot, I don’t wanna know what they saw. More importantly why is she staring at me, smiling. “Nee, Renacchi” I looked(glared) at her. “Why are you looking at me like I’m an intruder ?” Why is she acting like she doesn’t know. “Well, why did you turn me into a vampire ?” “I only had male vampires, I thought that I would change it for once and get someone cute” I can’t believe it. “You turned me just for fun” Se just continued smiling. “I thought you would be thankful, not many people get eternal beauty, especially at your age. You do like what the transformation did to your beauty right?” I hesitated at the thought of it. “I didn’t change you just for fun” I’m listening. “I knew there was potential in you and your blood was sort of calling to be turned” Now, she sounds like a stalker.

    “Who would of known I was right, now you’re fulfilling the prophecy” She’s really creeping me out. “But, it doesn’t mean I want to do it” “You’re an immortal now and you c-” I cut her off “BUT IT DOESN’T MEAN THAT WE WILL MAKE IT OUT ALIVE” I think some of them heard it. “But, you can help other people from being a victim” She had a serious face on. There was a long silence between us.

     Suddenly, I saw a smile on her face. “I never taught you any of the vampire rules did I” I shaked my head. “Ooh, I found a pen and paper, now I don’t have to waste my breath” and I don’t have to waste my time remembering it. She handed me the paper.

                                                                          VAMPIRE RULES THAT SHOULD BE OBEYED :)

                                                                              1) Do not hunt for human blood everyday
                                                                              2) Limited number of human is three
                                                                              3) Do not make yourself visible when hunting, if seen kill them immediately
                                                                              4) If people are getting suspicious, move away
                                                                              5) If fallen in love with someone, you need to turn them into a vampire
                                                                              6) The most important rule is to NEVER FALL IN LOVE WITH NON-VAMPIRE AND MATE WITH THEM

     “Do I have to hunt?” I don’t want to ruin my outfits. “Don’t worry, I’ll provide blood bags as usual” At least I don’t have to worry about it much. One rule caught my eye though, number 6. She noticed me looking at it. “Because they were scared of the punishment, no one dared to do it” But, I know there’s more to it. “There was someone who broke it and made a child that the vampire council feared” Only one I know is a hybrid. “It’s Naanya isn’t it” I never knew her past. “Even though she was never raised by her parents, she had both of their personalities” Milky said before we went downstairs.


     I never knew this day would come, usually if I asked her she would turn me down. “It’s weird huh” I looked at Sakura who laughed a little. “What ?” “Despite being your mentor all these years, I teaching you at the age of most rebels” I actually didn’t give much of a reaction to her. “You really are her daughter” Now, this is the part that I want to know about. “Everytime I make a joke, she didn’t give much of a reaction to me” Guess I have to tell her the truth. “Maybe, cuz I don’t know how to react to it” “That was also her excuse”
     I really want to know about my parents. “How did you meet my ‘9 tailed fox mother’” I’m really curious of my parents gender. “you’re still hung up over what Watanabe-san said ?” I nodded shyly. “You’re so cute” She then proceed to pat my head. “I sort of grew up with your ‘mother’. I always dreamt of defeating your mother in a duel” She ‘dreamt’ ?. “How strong was she ?” “She was the strongest in the village, despite all my hard work, I always lost. How can I win when she’s more experienced” This is the most information I had about them.

     “Well, what should we learn ?” I almost forgot what we came here for. “Since you don’t know, how about we learn how to control your chi” “Chi ?” “The more you can control it, the more power you can control” I can almost imagine a long mustache on her when she said that. “Nee, Sakura ?” She looked at me. “I’ll try to help you find Haruka, I mean you can’t find her alone” “Maybe she’s already g-” “There are no traces of her found, she must be alive. You made a promise to protect me, now I’m making a promise to help you find her” I tears rolling down her cheeks and then she hugged me. “Arigatou, Naanya, looks like I raised you well” The hug went on for a long time.

     “Ano, Sakura ?” “Hai” she responded. “What about controlling my chi ?” We broke the hug. “You should relax yourself, think of everything that makes you smile” I thought about meeting my family. I looked and saw a small blue light and it disappeared. “It didn’t work” “It’s always hard the first time, you try it” I did it again and failed. I sighed. “We do live in this house” “Meaning ?” I asked. “You can come here again and practice all you want. I smiled at her.


     “Tomorrow, we will have dinner at Asobina Restaurant” Takamina said. “This way we will get to know each other” Mariko said. Everyone agreed before they left Naanya and Sakura’s house who later that night had dinner. Yuiri studied the five elements, Naachan shapeshifted but failed again, Miki was too scared to go to sleep because of Sasshi’s story, Rena did her usual night routine and Naanya was happy cuz she can make one chi ball but, give up when she failed trying to do it again.

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Re: Unnatural High: CHAPTER 8: Introduction to the Shadows
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Chapter 8: Introduction to The Shadows

*Next day at Naanya’s house*


     We all arrived at Owada-san’s house. I took out all of my stuff as soon as we went to yesterday’s training place, and asked for Maeda-san’s help. “Maeda-san if you may” she nodded. With a few incantations, the place suddenly turned into a classroom.

     *rustle**rustle* I heard someone near my bag. I saw the ‘zombie’(Sashihara) and the ‘gorilla’(Nishino) playing with my stuff. “Nee, Mariko , your bag’s like a never ending hole. *plak* My whip fell on the ground. “Mariko, just what is your hobby ?” Takamina pointed at the whip. I picked it up and said “How about I show you an example” I smirked, playing with it. They all gulped. “Although, I’m not into men” the smirk on my face never left. “Oi, I’M NOT A MAN” We all looked at her with suspicion. “Why don’t you prove it then” We all looked at her body. She covered her body. “Why don’t you get started what we came here for anyway” I forgot.

     I wrote something on the chalkboard. “In..tro..duction to the Sha..dows ? Why ?” asked Nishino. “Three words. Know. Your . Enemy. “Why ?” I facepalmed. “In order to fight an enemy, you need to know all about them before you do something”

    “The Shadows are mist-like creatures from the Shadow Realm, they need a body to inhabit.”
     “Do they just inhabit anybody?” The dog (Jurina) asked
     “For humans yes, but for non-humans and specially trained hunters, they need to be at they’re hearts weakest point or heart-broken” I saw a little sadness in       
     Miyawaki-san’s eyes when I said the latter.
     “Do they still have their personalities” asked Owada-san.
     “Most of them are their’s but they also have the shadow’s personality”
     “There are four rankings for them” Takamina continued.

      I wrote on the chalkboard:

                                                                                                    Shadow King

                                                                                         Status: The leader/king

                                                                                          Powers: Unknown

                                                                                     Weakness: Unknown
     “Know your enemy?” Kato said. “We only managed to seal it at the weakest point, but we don’t know what it was” Takamina answered.

                                                                                                Shadow Queens

                                                                                      Status: Second in command

                                                                                    Powers:-Inhuman strength
                                                                                               -What their host can do
                                                                                 Weakness: Unknown

     “Most likely are non-humans or strong humans. They are in charge of finding the host for the Shadows” Rena said “Why ?” asked Okada-san “They know whether the host is a threat or not. ” She answered.

                                                                                             Shadow Puppets

                                                                                      Status: Underlings

                                                                                   Powers: -Inhuman strength
                                                                                                -What their host can do

                                                                               Weakness: Dragofier

     “What’s a Dragofier ?” asked Nishino. “I’ll get to that later”


                                                                                             Status: Minion
                                                                                            Powers: Inhabiting the host

                                                                                        Weakness: Sunlight (Can only go in the night)

                                                                            “They can only inhabit with the Shadow Queens permission”


                                                   A type of amulet that can vanish the shadows from the host when they are beaten

“Any questions ?” “How did the ‘Shadow Queens found their host ?” the zombie said. “They can do it freely, unless they lose their host, they cannot inhabit others”

“Will their host feel pain or have bruises ?”Maeda-san asked

 “Unless the host died, no”

“How do we know if they’re a shadow ?”Owada-san asked

 “They have a slight dark aura around them, it depends on the host, if they’re strong, the aura would be harder to detect and needs to be near to know them”

“Is that for all of them ?” Okada-san asked
 “Unfortunately, no. The Shadow King and Shadow Queens can hide it and makes it harder for us, unless we have the Deep Stone, we can detect it”

“ Don’t we have it ?” the dog said

 “No, it’s location is unknown to the point that it might be a legend”

“I’m gonna go home first, to find clothes to wear for tonight” the vampire (Watanabe) said. 

“Even though I don’t like her that much, I have to agree on this one, and I don’t want to be beaten when it involves fashion”
“Sit back do-”

“I actually have to meet my friend at the game center”-Nishino-san

“I need to babysit my cousin”-Murayama-san

“I need to study”-Okada-san

“I’m showing Maeda-san around the headquarters”-Takamina

“I need to be experimented on”-Zombie

“Me and Jurina are going to the amusement park”-Rena

“If you are all leaving I need you out”- Miyawaki-san

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Re: Unnatural High: CHAPTER 9: Asobina
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Chapter 9: Asobina

*Asobina restaurant*


“So you really own this restaurant ?” Miki asked with her eyes wide open.

“It’s actually my aunt’s, but she gave it to me” Gloated Takamina

“Still that’s amazing” said Miki with more excitement

“Why did you stay as a hunter, when you own a restaurant?” Asked Sasshi

“I can’t leave all that training behind, ‘Hard work will definitely be rewarded’”

“Those are great words” Said Acchan

“Get used to it , she has a book full of them” Sneered Mariko, she then took a sip of her drink

“The name of the restaurant is one of them” Rena, stating the fact

“You can’t stop creativity” Everyone looked at her

“But you can stop growing” Replied Mariko, Takamina felt an arrow piercing through her chest

“There’s still a chance for me to grow” Said a hopeful Takamina

“Do you have any spells that help people grow Maeda-san ?”

“No, but Takahashi-san is great the way she is” You can see Takamina’s face blushing brightly “It’s adorable” A cupid arrow went through her chest, pushing out the previous arrow ‘She thinks I’m adorable’ Takamina thought.

“Ano, Takahashi-san” asked Maeda

“Just call me Takamina” She said ‘coolly’ She was also the number one danso in her former school

“Hai, Takamina” Takamina nodded “Do you by any chance have a twin sister ?” Yuiri suddenly looked at her.

“No, why ?” ‘why, tell me why’

“Nothing, just wanted to know”

“Did you dated someone like that before ?” Asked Rena, feeling pity for their team leader

“Does anyone know where the vampire and Kato-san is ?” Mariko changed the subject, not letting it turn into one of those romance dramas

“Just call me Milky” She magically appeared in front of them “I was late to pick up my favorite underling’s weekly need”

“I’m not anyone’s underling” Renacchi walked in stomping her feet “Sorry I’m late”

“Why were you late ?” Milky asked

“Do I need to answer you ‘Master’ ?” She said sarcastically

“Then you don’t want this then” she showed the blood bag. Renacchi just stared at it, wanting to end this pause Milky gave it to her.

“Aren’t I nice ?” asked Milky

“Whatever” answered Renacchi

“Now, that everyone’s here, let’s play a game” Jurina was standing on her chair “Come on let’s play” she made her puppy eyes that Rena couldn’t resist.

“Rena, could you take care of your ‘pet’ here” Said an annoyed person

“Onegai Mariko, she never has this many people to play with before”

“If she does anything weird, it’ll be the last time”

“Juripuppy will obey” Jurina made a dog pose “Let’s play truth or dare ,I’ll start first”

“Truth or dare, Murayama-san”


“Do you have a crush on someone” She shyly nodded, making Naachan curious, Jurina smiled, Acchan proud of her student and the others stare at them weirdly

“Maeda-san ?”

“Hmm.. Truth”

“Why did you decided to become a model ?”

“I stumbled on it when I wanted to find out who I wanna be” Acchan had a flashback



“I dare you to stop calling Takamina a midget for a week” ‘Is she flirting with me’ Takamina thought ‘Is she flirting with her’ Mariko and Rena thought while looking at each other

“Yes, no one’s gonna call me a midget for a week” Takamina was proud

“No I won’t, Bakamina” Until this moment she was

“Of course there’s that” Knowing the insults will never end

“Bakamina, I dare you to kiss on of the person beside you” Takamina didn’t hesitate and kissed Acchan on the lips

“Aren’t you supposed to pick truth or dare first” Takamina was shocked with what she did “Looks like I forgot” Making an innocent face

“I’m so sorry Maeda-san” She said it 100 times

“You were nervous what to choose, I understand and just call me Acchan” *dokidoki* another arrow hits Takamina, this time a premium cupid one

“Rena ?” She asked timidly remembering what she did earlier


“Before Jurina, did you ever had a crush on someone”

“No” she said with a straight face

“Rena-chan” Jurina said while wiping her imaginary tears



“I dare you to not be affectionate on me for the whole game”

“Did I said dare I meant truth”

“Rules are rules” Said Mariko

“Naachan, choose your destiny” Jurina holding both her hands to her face


“I’m gonna have a lot to teach you next time” she made a dissapointed face

“Why ?”

“Why first of all, no student of mine, pick truth over dare”

“Fine, dare” she said quickly not wanting to hear the rest

“I dare you to tell me the truth, do you have a crush on someone and to be specific is that person from your school”

“That’s the same as the truth”

“But, I ‘dare’ you to tell me the truth”

“I do” She answered shyly, making sure Yuiri didn’t hear it

“Miki, truth or da-”

“I choose dare”

“I dare you to do a gorilla dance”

“Easy” It was so similar that I can’t put it to words on here

“Sasshi, what will it be”


“How much were you paid when you were a lab rat” she made a money gesture

Sasshi was thinking for awhile before she answered

“Around 100194 yen (1000 dollars) per experiment”

“All you have to do is just sit there” Miki didn’t believe it

“They touched my body, my innocence” Sasshi touched her body as if there were scars

“And now you have none left” Mariko said, ending everyone everytime she opened her mouth



“Why, a dare seems much fun” said a smiling Milky

“I don’t want to ruin my reputation, what if someone from school sees me” still the school number one she is

“How would you rate the people at this table”

“Of course I’m first, then Maeda-san, Naanya, Yuiri , Shinoda-sensei, Rena sensei and Jurina-san second, the others are meh, and ‘Milky-san’ is last”

“That’s an interesting, list” Milky still smiling “I’ll do a dare”

“I dare you to tell me if you ever fell in love with a non-vampire”

Milky hesitated for a bit, making you think she did




“I dare you to tell me which side of Naanya is stronger, her vampire side or her 9 tailed fox side”

Everyone went closer to hear it

“Hmm..Both, I guess ?”

“Naanya, you choose ?”

“I think a dare ?”

“Let me think for awhile” “I dare you to call me Sakuratan for a week”

“Hai, Sakuratan” Naanya felt embarrassed

“This is fun, let’s start another round” Said Milky


“Kojima-san ?” a girl asked a figure

“Oyasumi, Komiyama-san” the figure answered while slowly moving towards the girl.

“What are you doing here, and more importantly why are you dressed like that” She pointed at the robe

“Oh, I just wanted to introduce to you my new ‘friends’” Three figures came out of the dark to meet the girl

 “Kojima-san, are you in a cult” “Come on, let’s get you home” She took Kojima’s hand and said “What’s your address number”

“Home ? Why that’s where me and my friends are heading” She looked at the girl “There, you will meet the most important person” Kojima gripped the girl’s hand tightly.

“Kojima-san, let go of me, you’re sca..ring me” She managed to set herself free but was caught by the three figures

“I have some great news for you”

“What ?”

“It seems one of my friends likes you and wants to get ‘closer’ with you”

“I actually forgot, that I need to go home right now, bye” She tried to escape again but failed

“I’m not gonna let down my friends and most importantly I’m not gonna let down my ‘Master’”

“Master ?! You really are in a cult!” Her eyes wide with surprise

“Let me go” She tried and tried again but no luck

“Don’t worry it’s gonna be over and you’ll never remember any of it and probably won’t wake up from it” One of the figures said while releasing the mist to the girl

“Ready for your first task ?” Figure number 2 asked

“Yes my Queens” The girl answered while grinning evilly
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Re: Unnatural High: CHAPTER 10 : First time (part 1)
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Chapter 10: First time (part 1)

*Next day*

 Mariko came in with a pair of sunglasses. “Ohayou, Shinoda-sen-” Mariko put her finger on her lips “Shh, just sit down, do self-study and don’t make noise” She rubbed her temple as she sat down on her chair. “What happened last night, after we left ?”Naanya asked her neighbor, Yuiri.

 Apparently, a lot happened last after the kids left. The adults decided to have some fun, so they played games with a few shots that turned into a few bottles. You can imagine how drunk they must be to even knock out Mariko. “I hope they’re fine” Yuiri responded.

 They did as what they were told to do, knowing what Mariko would do if they didn't listen. What they didn’t know was that a certain shadow was looking at them.


 The girls decided to have lunch together, minus Renacchi.“Nee, did you get a feeling of being watched during class” Miki asked as she took an egg roll from Naachan’s bento. Not that Naachan cared anyway, she was trying to understand what Miki just said.

 “Now that you’ve mentioned it, I felt a slight chill” Naachan said

 “Maybe it’s a shadow” said Miki with her mouth full.

 "Stop stealing someone else's food" Naachan hit Miki's head lightly

 "I'm hungry" Miki had tears in her eyes

 “If it is the shadows, we need to talk to Shinoda and Matsui-sensei” Renacchi whispered

 “What did you just said Rena” Her friend questioned


 “She’s right, we’ve only trained for one day only, how do you expect us to fight anyway” Naanya said, eating her strawberry

 "Umm, strawberries for lunch ?" Miki pointed at them

 Naanya who just kept eating them said "Yeah, so ?"


 “What if it was a student” Yuiri looked at them

 “We have no choice but to fight them, I guess” Naachan responded while looking at her *Inner perverted Naachan* 'She's so cute with her worried expression'

 "What if they get hurt" Yuiri said in a small voice

 “It’s not like we’re gonna kill them, we’re just gonna fight what’s taking over them”

 “Should we go to the rooftop tomorrow ?” Naanya said

 “Why ?” Miki said as she came back from stuffing her mouth with the other classmates' lunch

 “It’s way more easier to talk about the shadows without being eavesdropped by one”

 “What about Renacchi”


 They phones got a text


  I’ll tell my friends that I have an appointment every lunchtime   

 “Looks like that problem is solved” said Naanya


“FIRE!!FIRE!!FIRE!!” They heard someone yelled

 "What’s going on" One of the classmates said.

  “Shinoda-sensei , Matsui-sensei , what’s happening” said Naachan who was relieved to see them

 Mariko puts her hands on both of Naachan's shoulder and said “Someone set a fire near the school, I want you guys to go to the field”

 Naanya just remembered something and asked the girls  “It might be related to what we were sensing”

 Rena who heard them said “Sensing ? Is it a shadow ?”

 “We think so”

 “How come I didn’t sense anything” Mariko questioned them

 Miki responded “Maybe, if you weren’t dru-” Mariko glared at her  “Sorry” Miki just hid behind Renacchi

 Mariko took something out of her pocket and showed it to the girls “Here, take this”

 The girls took it and Miki asked “What is it ?”

 Mariko scratched her head “I forgot to give the Dragofier to you guys yesterday”

 Renacchi had her eyes wide open“You mean you want us to fight”

 Rena stopped Mariko “Mariko they’re still beginners”

 Mariko just walked past her “They can do it, I know they can”

 Naanya  questioned her teachers “What about the fire, the other teachers will know we’re missing”

 “I’ll handle that, just go find the shadow” Mariko said before she and Rena went to the field

 The girls went to find the shadow. Naanya then accidentally ran into Mako who was heading towards the gym. “Ah, Gomen” Naanya hurried toward her friends. Mako just smirked. "Looks like the game has begun" 

  “Naanya hurry up” Miki said to Naanya who was running towards the gym. They saw someone on the stage.

  The person opened her mouth and said “Mou, you’re late, I thought you would be here quicker”

  Naachan who was bewildered said “Komiyama-san”

 The girl just smiled “You’re almost right”

 Naanya raised her voice and said “She’s a shadow”

 Komiyama still smiling and said “Shall we begin ?”

Part 2 is tomorrow

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Re: Unnatural High: CHAPTER 10 : First time (part 1)
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Chapter 10 Part 2

The lights went out and back on again. Komiyama disappeared from their sight.

“Where is she ?” questioned Miki.

“Ahhhh” They heard a scream and saw that Miki fell down.

Komiyama reappeared in front of them. Renacchi tried to hit her but failed. Instead it was Miki that got hit.

Miki was holding her stomach and said “Again ?!”

“You’re a zombie” Renacchi tried to remember her.

“She’s right” Naachan voiced out, making everyone confused

Komiyama yelled “HURRY UP”

Ignoring her, Naachan said “We’re not fully humans”

“And that means we have powers” said Renacchi

Miki raised both her hands to her shoulders “That we don’t know how to use”

Naanya took Miki’s hands, making them fall down“We know the basics”

“Except for me” retorts Miki

“We just need to work together” Yuiri finally speaking

Naachan looked at “Naanya! Get ready to swing me” 

Naanya held Naachan’s shirt right before she shapeshift into a baseball bat. Komiharu charged for them not seeing Naanya holding Naachan

“NOW!!!” Naanya swing Naachan with all her strength at Komiharu

Komiharu got hit and flew across the gym

She stood up like nothing happened.Not having other plans. Each of them was hit. They all stood up weakly.

“I could really use some water right now” Said Miki with her hand on her throat
Yuiri saw a fire hose near the stage. She suddenly remembered the book that Acchan gave her. And the line that said ‘The water element is the easiest one to control’ She focused on it and tried to focus it on Komiharu.

Water blasted like a cannon at Komiharu, throwing her far and knocking her down long enough for them to think of a new plan.

“Nice one Yuiri” said Miki. Yuiri muttered a thank you

Miki huddled them“Let’s hurry before she wake up”

“I don’t know what to do” said Renacchi

Naachan had an idea “What about the thing that Shinoda-sensei gave us ?”

Miki hold up the Dragofier “This?”

Naachan took it“It’s meant to get rid of the shadows right ?” Everyone nodded

“Let’s try it”

Yuiri was worried “What if it doesn’t work”

Naachan reassured her“It’s the only option we have”

“Guys” They all looked at Miki  “Where is she ?” They all looked everywhere

Suddenly, they heard a scream and saw that Naachan fell down

“Guys, I think we found her” said Miki

Komiharu smiled but this time it’s evilly “I’m guessing it’s my turn”

“Psst, Naanya” Naachan grabbed Naanya’s hands while the the others were distracting Komiharu. Naachan wanted to discuss the plan with Naanya

“What ?”

“Can you assist Yuiri and Renacchi ?”

“Huh ?”

“If we can get close to her, we can knock her down on the spot”

“How are we gonna do it”

“Can you perfect your chi ball ?”


“How about throwing it ?”

“Not really an expert”

“Well, you’re gonna have to be”

“When Yuiri will blast her with water, I want you to throw your strongest chi ball at her”

“What about Renacchi ?”

“She’ll punch her to knock her down since she wouldn’t fall for the water blast twice”

“Where’s Yuiri ?”


“You ready ?” Naanya nodded

Yuiri used her powers to blast Komiharu while Miki was keeping her busy. Again, she blasted, but it doesn’t look like she was about to get knock down. Naanya from Komiyama’s side threw a really powerful chi ball. She was about to fall down, when Renacchi punched her, making sure she wouldn’t wake up for a while.

“Hurry get the Dragofier” Naachan instructed

“It’s not doing anything” said Renacchi

Miki looked at it “There’s writing on the back ‘Qui tecum versatur in umbra perfringam' "  (I dispel the shadows that is within)

A mist came out from Komiyama’s body and went into the Dragofier

“It’s gone” said Yuiri, relieved

They all hug each other

Renacchi pushed them “Umm, space guys, give me some space”

“Even after all of this, you’re still you” retorts Miki. Everyone laughed, even Renacchi

They started walking away, but they seem to forgot something

“Hello, where am I ?” a voice said

“I knew we forgot something” said Renacchi

Miki waved her hands in front of Komiharu “You’re in a dreamland”

Renacchi hit her lightly on the head

Naanya helped her up “You’re in the school gym”

Naanya goes back to the others. Komiharu finally standing, “What am I doing here, last thing I remembered, I was in a dark place with.. Oww”

She held her head in her hands and Miki caught her before she fainted

“Are you okay ?”

There was a voice “It might be one of the side effects of having rid of the shadows, it’s really common for them to forget who the culprit is”

“Where’s Shinoda-sensei ?”

“She’s at a staff meeting”

“What about you ?”

“I’m a teacher-in training, now let’s take her to the nurse’s office” Rena and Miki helped her to the nurse’s office.


Sorry for the late update, been busy for school, also sorry for the lame fight scene cuz I'm really bad at fighting scene and I'm a lover not a fighter.

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Re: Unnatural High: CHAPTER 10 : First time (part 2)
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Sidechapter: H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N (NIGHT) Part 1

This is a story of a team that is going to have a party at a hunters headquarter. It was a dark, stormy night at-

Figure:Isn’t it a little cliche ?
Author:It’s my story Miki
Miki:Hey, you’re the author here
Author:Thank you, now where was I
Miki:Well you could’ve made my fight sequence a bit cooler
Author:I don’t know any awesome action scenes
Miki:I’m not complaining, but it was how you put it weird
Author:Wanna know what it’ll make it interesting
Miki:Ooooh, What ?
Author:Me, killing you off
Miki:HEY, That hurts
Author:Can you let me continue my sto-

*Phone ringing while playing Bulldok’s why not (p.s you should listen to it and also Matilda’s Bad)*

Miki:What did it say?
Author:Oh My God
Author:It said it wants you
Miki:ME, WHY ME?!
Author:And it’s from an unknown number

*Phone rings again*

Miki:It’s sort of catchy (I was not sponsored for advertisements)
Author:AHHH (Threw the phone down)
Miki:What’s wrong ?
Author:The phone, it says
Black figure:NOW!!!
Author and Miki hugged each other, the figure dragged Miki
Black Figure: For you to get in costume
Naachan:Let’s go
Miki and Naachan went to get in costume

Author:*sigh of relief* Now where was I, yeah

It was a dark and stormy ni-

Miki:Still cliche
Author:Just let me do my thing okay

It was a cloudy Halloween day. A team was having a discussion on what to wear during the Halloween party.

*Naanya’s House*

They were sitting on the couch, discussing away. “I wonder what I should wear tonight?” said Miki while looking at mirror

Renacchi stepped in front of the mirror covering Miki and bluntly said “How about a zombie? You are one anyway”

Miki reached out her hand to take her cup of tea and sipped it before saying “But it’s so overrated” They’re jaws dropped at her comments but they soon agreed with her

“Yeah, with Walking Dead and Train to Busan, vampires and werewolves just not in anymore” Naanya said nonchalantly while touching her fangs.(She is half vampire)

“This year, the zombie thing is all over the place, even dramas”

“Un, like that show…what was it again?” Miki was scratching her head. “You mean Crow’s Blood” said Yuiri. Miki snapped her fingers “That’s right, Crow’s Blood”

“If only the kissing and turning into one was real” Miki pouted “That means every person you’re gonna kiss” Naachan pointed out. Miki looked out the window “It’s not gonna happen anyway” Silence filled the room, 1..2…3.. Laughter can be heard from all of them

A door opened “Tadaima” Sakura came in and goes to the kitchen to put the groceries down. “Wait…Wait…Wait” Miki whispered “What ?” Everyone goes near Miki to hear what she said “Doesn’t Sakura looks like Maki from-” Miki and Naanya stood up and said “CROW’S BLOOD” “You’re right, I lived with her all these years and didn’t notice it until now, she’s like her only a less creepy smile version”

Going back to the earlier discussion. They had only 6 hours before the party starts.“What are we gonna wear ?” Miki sounded like she was about to give up. “We?” Renacchi repeated, still looking at the mirror. “Yeah, we. We’re a team remember”  Renacchi tried to fight back but gave up… This was Miki.

Naachan had an idea “Maybe we can dress like characters from an anime or a drama”  Yuiri just smiled at Naachan’s idea and decided to give her own “Nee, wouldn’t Naachan look great as Ram from Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu” “She’ll look so cute”

While they were all discussing all the animes and dramas they watched, Yuiri said “How about Majisuka Gakuen?” Miki suddenly stood up “Yes, Naanya can be Zombie, Naachan can be Katabutsu, Yuiri can be Candy, Renacchi no offense but Dodobusu and Sakura can well be Sakura” Renacchi finally stopped looking at the mirror and walked to them “I don’t really like the character Dodobusu,but the actress is really beautiful”. “Let’s go” Miki suddenly remembered something. “What about me?” Everyone was back to discussing and Yuiri gave another fantastic idea “Maybe that girl from the musical,Uribou” “Well I am the only one who can do it, what are you waiting for let’s GO!” Pushing them out of the house.


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Re: Unnatural High: Sidechapter- H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N (NIGHT)
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OMG I love this so much!

I also cracked up when you made the reference to Crow's Blood. PLEASE let that become a thing they pester Sakura with! lol

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Re: Unnatural High: Sidechapter- H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N (NIGHT)
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This comment is super overdue, but I only got a chance to do it now.

Anyway, they've completed their first mission, which is great! Yuiri's pretty awesome here.
I hope Renacchi opens up to the other girls more in the future, though. But it's nice to see her like she is now to contrast with Miki XD

Died at the Crow's Blood reference. Poor Sakura.  :lol:
Hope to hear more from you soon! c:

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Re: Unnatural High: Sidechapter- H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N (NIGHT)
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@Ruka Kikuchi: Thank You, well Crow's Blood is what makes me so into her and also the 'team'

@_bakunawa:As a Hotdok(Bulldok's fanclub) and kpop fan I feel the need to spread and what way is the best than with my favorite thing, AKB48 Fandom. A lot of popular girls find it hard to open up but she will eventually, when she found that someone special  :hehehe:



Naanya twisted her house’s doorknob and they all stepped inside, holding their costume bags.“Sakura, tadaima” Said Naanya. Sakura puts down her cup and answered “What did you guys bought?”. “Costumes for tonight”Miki replied.  Naachan showed their costumes to Sakura, holding it in front of her“Themed costumes to be exact”. “Hmm.. Majisuka Gakuen” Gaining Sakura’s interests.Yuiri takes out something out of the bag“We also have one for you”. Sakura looks at the costume closely and said “Thanks but I already have a costume” Naanya heard her answer and said to her “It’s not that pierrot one last year right”. Sakura shakes her head to deny it “Nope, this one will leave you speechless”. Yuiri, looks at her phone to look at the time “Yabai, we have 2 and a half hours left”. Naanya said “I’ll change first” before she went up the stairs to her room.

After Changing

“Huh, we really pulled this off” They looked at themselves in front of the mirror and and each other. Naachan looked at Miki who’s putting on crayon makeup “Especially Miki”. “So, Naanya” Renacchi said as she puts on her makeup “Who’s gonna pick us up?”. “Shinoda-sensei said that she’ll be busy helping Takamina-san, so Matsui-sensei will be the one who’ll take us”. “I wonder what Sakura’s costume is” Yuiri voiced out.“I don’t know, but she always play the part well all these years”. They continued perfecting their costumes while waiting for Rena.

*Ding Dong*

“That must be Matsui-sensei, I’ll get the door” Naanya went towards the door and opened it. “Sorry I came late” Rena stepped inside the house. She puts her fingers to her mouth and starts biting her fingernails and said “Nee…Okotteru?”. Miki was scared and quickly replied “No,no,nope”.

Gekikara Rena looked at each of the and opened her mouth “You also dressed up as Majisuka Gakuen”. Naachan felt the need to say “We’ll have to thank Yuiri for that” earning her a blush from Yuiri herself.

Naanya stretched her hands “I’m actually glad she gave that idea”. Making Rena curious “Why’d you say that”. “It’s the show that got me into AKB48 and Itano Tomomi-san”. “You really like her don’t you”. “I even went to her handshake event for Dear J”. Rena is also a lolicon “Aww, it’s sort of cute imagining Naanya with her little feet going to her idol”. “Shut up” Rena still think she is cute since she said those words while her face is flushed from embarrassment. Seeing them missing Sakura, Rena said “If you are going as this, what about Sakura?”. “This” Sakura said as she went down the stairs. She’s dressed as you guessed it,Maki. ‘It’s identical’ is was they all thought. Rena clasped her hands together. “Now that everyone’s ready”. She was interrupted by Miki “It’s PARTY TIME!”


They all arrived at the Headquarters.Miki looked around like a lil’ kid and like every lil’ kid she said “Woah, this place is huge”.They all walked towards the elevator. Renacchi looked at everyone “Everyone is in costumes”. They stepped into the elevator before Rena pressed the button she said “Not everyone”. The elevator door closed. Naachan looked amazed “Some of them are real?”. “How do you differentiate them?”. “Easy, look for the people who looks most normal in their costume” Miki made a joke “Does for vampires, they say bleh…bleh…bleh?” Unfortunately, she offended our two vampires “We don’t say bleh…bleh…bleh!”. She quickly apologized and hit her head once “I’ve been brainwashed by hollywood movies”. Sakura was into her character during this time.

Halloween Venue

They have arrived at the place in time. They admired the decor. Renacchi looked at the place as a whole “This place is really creepy”. Naanya looked at the cobwebs around the corner “How did you get the details?” admiring even the smallest of details. Rena was quiet before saying“We didn’t”. “It’s always been this way”. They suddenly felt a wave of depression.

They looked at everyone at the party. Naanya pointed out “Somehow, this doesn’t seem like a Halloween Party”. Jurina was Center, Acchan was Maeda, Takamina was Takadeka, all characters from MG. They looked at Sakura and Naanya scolded her like a boss “Why didn’t you just change into the costume we gave you”. Sakura walked past Naanya and after a moment of silence she said, “She’s too…Serious”. Leaving everyone speechless and only a gush of wind can be heard.

Everyone felt cold after her remark and Renacchi pointed out to Sakura “But, you would have Naanya obeying you all night” She stops for a while and flashed a smile towards Naanya, “Zombie is Sakura’s underling and listens to her every word”. Naanya knowing what she’s doing, stops Sakura from making a bad choice “On second thought, I’m glad you didn’t, you look better as Maki”. Everyone else was only watching in total silence. Sakura replied to Naanya “It’s not gonna happen anyway” She smiled and puts her face closer to Naanya at an almost kissing range but stopped to say, “Zombie is cuter than Naanya”. Naanya pulls her face away, she blushed a little from the sudden ‘attack’. Everyone is still silent. Naanya finally got her grip together and fought back, “Well, ‘Sakura’ is better in fighting than you”. Lame comeback was what everyone thought.

A passerby heard what they were saying and decided to stop the ‘fight’, “Let’s stop this”. They were too occupied by Naanya-Sakura and didn’t seem to notice the person except for Yuiri, “Who are you?” She said. Everyone finally realized the person’s presence.Rena, who knew her responded, “This is Oshima Yuko, the one who will provide weapons for the team”. Miki pointed at herself and the others “You mean us?”. Takamina who was near responded her question “Yeah, everyone who is here is in the team”. Naachan asked “So you’ll fight with us?”. Yuko Flashed a chipmunk smile and answered, “Sometimes”.

They were busy talking with Yuko. “AAAHHH” They heard someone screamed. They heard the person said “You really look like the idols in MG”. It was someone they knew “You’re Wota”. It was Sasshi. Sasshi explained her costume “It really fits me, I was actually a big Hello! Project fan”

For the past the past 10 minutes or so it was all she talks about and they were all relieved when she finally changed the topic. “Where did you bought your costumes?” “At my uncle’s costume shop”Miki was proud of her uncle as you can see. They heard a voice “You’re the only ones in this place you’re the only one who bought it there” That person walked closer to them. “Kobii?” One of them asked. She still smiled. Still smiling she said “Yes, all of us bought ours at the new shop at Akihabara” Miki still being proud of her uncle, “It doesn’t actually mess with quality of the costumes”.

While they were busy chatting, Milky only looked at Renacchi “Heeeh, Dodobusu?” She questioned. Renacchi was obviously mad at her answer back “What are you on about” Milky puts her hands up as if she did nothing wrong, “Nothing, I just think the character really suits you”. Another ‘fight’ was about to appear. Yuko again,stopped another fight, “Come on, the Party’s about to start”

They gathered at the party room, music was blasting really loudly and there was a lot of fooood. Someone called them with a megaphone “Okay, everyone”.It was Takamina, she started with “Let’s have fun at this party” She took a deep breath “On the count of three, we’re gonna start this” After she gained everyone’s attention.With her fingers and her megaphone, she counted “Okay, 1…2…3-”

All the lights went out “What’s happening” “Takamina-san!” “ARGGH” Someone screamed “Shhh… Miki.. it’s just me, Naachan” “Naachan where are you?” “Over here!”.The lights went back on.

Everyone except for the teens were lying on the ground. “Did they faint?” Yuiri sounded worried. They checked all of them to see if they were alright. They checked every of their pulse. Naachan reported, “They’re still alive”. Naanya still didn’t understand and asked them “Why is it only us that didn’t faint”. Naachan shaked her head , saying“I don’t know but I have a bad feeling about this”.

They were busy finding out what’s wrong. Miki found something out, “Guys” she called to them, Renacchi responded to her “What, Miki”. She pointed somewhere. “Where did they all go” The people that were in the room were gone.

They checked the room that they first arrived. “There they are”.They finally found them. “You guys scared us” One of them said to a person across the room. “Who are you guys?” That person responded. Naanya tried to make her remember, “We’re your friends/teammates remember”. The person coldly replied “I don’t need friends” Naachan burst out “What are you blabbering about?” Yuiri tried to calm Naachan down and found out what’s going on.

“Wait come over here” Yuiri gathered all of them to a room they were in before. They went to the party room. Naachan couldn’t believe what’s going on, “What’s wrong with Acchan? She doesn’t seem like herself”. Miki also responded with “And did you see her eyes, like a black hole” Naanya agreed with them and pointed out “Also, her words, I knew I heard it somewhere”. “Or from a drama that we’re wearing right now” “Yes” “Maybe that’s just her”.Naanya didn’t want to believe what Yuiri is saying. Yuiri tried to make them agree with her “No, I look at the others they’re also the same”. Renacchi finally said something “Then, why aren’t we affected?” “Remember what Milky-san said” They tried to remember, Naachan stood up, finally remembering “They all bought it at the new place at Akihabara”. This time Miki was the one who stood up “Just like that one Halloween episode from Buffy The Vampire Slayer”.

Naanya’s face was serious, everyone looked at her “If they’re affected then that means all of people in Tokyo who bought it”. They all knew what she was going to say “Might act the same”. Naachan sternly said “It seems that we’re the only ones that can help”. “Before that, let’s make sure” Naachan looked at people in the other room, the ‘infected’ “They don’t go anywhere”. Yuiri went to a nearby phone and picked it up “I’ll ask the security for help” She dropped the phone in disappointment “Can’t… There’s no line”.

Naanya stood up“I’ll run there to the receptionist, to ask them for help”. She went out but came back “Dammit”. They think it’s a bad news “What’s wrong?”. “The exit’s locked” They all stood up and Naachan said “Let’s find another way out”.

While they were finding another way out, someone called to them “Where are you guys going?”. They were approached by… “Yuko-san?”. Another person in came wearing fur coat and playing with a kendama“You must have a death wish coming to Rappapa’s place?”. “Rappapa?”. Somethings’s wrong. They turned away from the two people and was stopped by a creepy laughter and the sound of nail biting “Nee…Okotteru?”. Another person came, this one took off her glasses “Majidayo”. A girl flashed a cat-like smile “I’ll rise to the top as Center”. Grilling sound can be heard “Don’t mess with Team Hormone”. This one just smiled “When I hit you just  remember I never stop smiling”. This one had a creepy smile “I’ll make sure everyone is like me”. And the last one “Asobina..Asobina” ‘The last three aren’t even Rappapa’ They thought.

A microphone was being tested “HAHAHA… Will you defeat your friends”.They heard dark voice “Are you the Shadows?”. “No, but I am person you need to break the enchantments on them”. Renacchi nonchalantly said “We’ll just have to defeat you”. The dark voice replied “But it won’t be easy”. “You see, I have my own Team that’ll protect me” The people from before stepped in front of them. Yuiri was on the edge “We can’t defeat them”. Naachan mentioned “They’re our mentors, they know our every moves”. “If it’s to save the world from that psychopath, then I’ll defeat Sakura” She also added “Plus, her smile is really creepy”. Miki agreed with her “Please hurry, I’m afraid that she’ll start kissing us”. The dark voice boomed “Let’s start”

And so, they started figh-

Miki:I’m Baaaack
Author:What now
Miki:Tsk..Tsk..Tsk, You don’t know how to garner the reader’s interest
Author:And you know how?
Miki:Let it end on a Cliffhanger
Author:Wouldn’t that leave people hanging on the edge
Miki:You’re coming with me (Takes the Author’s hand to go out the door)
Author:But, my story
Miki:We need to fix you first
Author:See you in Part3 (Waves other hand)

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Re: Unnatural High: Sidechapter- H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N (NIGHT) Part 2
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OMG they all became like their Majisuka character! XD

And I loved the appearance of Geki~ :3

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Re: Unnatural High: Sidechapter- H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N (NIGHT) Part 2
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FINALLY, I'M almost done. Been busy with school and finding ideas.



Naachan: It’s been a long time, so I’ll tell the story

*Door opens*

  Author: Why are u telling the story ?
 Naachan: Why are u here late?
  Author: Pulling Miki into the world u can never get out
    Miki: KPOP
 Naachan: KPOP? So you’ve been watching KPOP this whole time ?
  Author: How can I not with Blackpink’s comeback I need at need at least a week to
       recover and then there’s Mamamoo, you don’t know how hard it is.
Naachan: But why did you drag Miki?
Miki: I accidentally watched it and now that you know, you also need to watch it
Author: Yes (holding Naachan)
Naachan: Nooooo

A few videos later

Naachan: I…I’ve been slayed
Author:Now back to the story

And so they started.

The teens ran away first. The adults followed them, and picked one of the teens that they want to fight. The teens were in front. Miki asked "so, do they still have powers or not". Naanya answered "I hope not". They ran into a dead end. The adults caught up to them. And the real fight began.


"Acchan, I don't want to hurt you" begged Yuiri. Maeda’s eyes were cold, "You killed Minami". Yuiri’s face showed fear, "I don't know what you're talking about". Maeda was angered at her remarks, she tried to kick her and succeeded. Making her fall. "I didn't kill anyone" said Yuiri weakly. "LIAR". "It's the truth". "I saw you hitting her" "No" she said, still weak. Acchan punched her in the solar plexus. Yuiri had trouble catching her breath and was lying on the floor.
"YUIRI!" Naachan saw what happened and tried to be by Yuiri's side.


Center pulled her, "You're not going anywhere". "Let me go" said Naachan, brushing off Center’s hand. Center stood in fron of her,"You need to go through me first".  Naachan wasn’t calm, she was annoyed, "Why won't you let me go" walking past her. Center grabbed her by the hair, "You're at the top and I'm here to take the center" she said before knee kicking Naachan on the stomach.


"Nee, jab-jab shiyou" smiled Kobii. "I think I have no problem hitting you" said Renacchi, half smiling. "If that's the case, I won't hold myself back and dissapoint Antonio" They both at the same time charged at each other. Renacchi with her fist, to powerfully punch Kobii with superhuman strength was distracted and didn't see Kobii who neck chopped her. She flew back a few meters.


Miki and Wota seemed like they were playing tag. "Why are coming after me" said Miki, running from her. "I need someone to buy the foods". Miki stopped running to ask, "Why me ?". Wota also stopped chasing Miki, "The other Team Hormone members aren't here to buy them". Wota held out her hand "Give me your hand". Miki did what she was told to do and gave her hand. Wota gave her money. "Buy me some delicious hormone". Miki ran as fast as she could to buy them.


"Don't worry, I'll make you my friend" Maki smiled at Naanya.  Naanya pulled her fist back, ready to punch her, but Maki was faster. She held Naanya's fist from behind and back hugged her. "We'll be friends forever" Maki kissed Naanya on the lips. Naanya's legs became weak. She was on her knees thinking 'my first kiss ' while touching her lips.

The teens gathered and decided to ran away for ideas.They catch their breath at a hallway. They found an empty room and went inside, far from the adults.
"They're too... strong" said Naachan in between breath. Renacchi found it hopeless, "We can't possibly fight back". Miki stuck her bottom lip out, "And I can't buy Sasshi her hormones". They all looked at her. "She gave me money to buy them". Miki said "They really are like their characters". In a flash, Miki thought of something, "I've got an idea". "We're listening". Did you watched all of the Majisuka Gakuen episodes" "Now's not the time for that" said an annoyed Renacchi. ", they're acting exactly like their characters". Renacchi looked at Miki. “So, the only way to fight back is". "By using the fighting moves in some of the episodes" Miki had a proud face on. “Let's give it a try". Naanya stopped them, "Wait a minute". "Why ?". "Don't you guys remember". They tried to remember what she was talking about. "Maki's a zombie hellbent on making the world like her and getting revenge on the dad". Naachan nonchalantly said, "Just hold her off  until we find something". They went out of the room. Naachan stopped halfway and said to Naanya, "And don't let her kiss you". Naanya mumbled to herself, "It's too late for that".


Maeda threw punches at Yuiri who tried her best, avoiding them. Maeda threw another punch, but it just stayed in the air. Yuiri unexpectedly caught it. Without thinking, she head-butted her. Maeda held her forehead. The head-butt only slowed her down for awhile. Taking this chance, Yuiri one inch punched Maeda. Not knowing she had that much strength, she was confused for awhile. Finally she conjured up a rope and tied up Maeda who was on the floor.


Center pointed at herself, "I'll take the center". " Sorry, but I can't let you have it". Center then, tried to do a dropkick on her. Naachan, having fast reflex, caught it. "Don't waste your breath" Naachan threw her. "I know all your moves". Center stood up. "We'll see". Center did a spinkick, but Naachan easily dodged it. She was proud at herself that she didn't see that Center punched her from behind. "Thanks for telling me that information". "It's not over yet", Naachan immediately stood up. "You're quite amusing", Center was in her fighting stance, "Come at me". Naachan uselessly tried to kick Center who easily dodges it. She grabbed her ankle. "And I thought you were better than that". "And so did I" Naachan then smiled and kicked Center with her other leg. She spinned in the air for a few second and gracefully went back on her two feet. Naachan said,"You probably didn't see that one coming did ya" she added, "You probably won't see this one either". Naachan looked behind Center. Center followed where she was looking at. Before she had a chance, she was knocked down by a 'barrel'. "Nice one Yuiri" She proceeded to high five her. "Here's the rope". "Hurry, before she wakes up" They tied her real tight, making sure she won't escape. They put her next to Maeda.


Kobii still grinned at Renacchi,"You've sure got guts". Renacchi replied, "A lot more than you do". Her grin turned into something devious, “I'll be sure to enjoy it". "And I'll make sure you lose that grin". Kobii swiftly grabbed Renacchi's hand and hold her by the collar, "It's unfortunate that I have to damage this face of yours" One hand cupping her chin and lifted it. It’s Renacchi’s turn to grin, "It's unfortunate you won't see this coming" Renacchi kicked Kobii’s shin, Kobii released her. "I really didn't see that one". "Enough talking" Renacchi spin kick her leg, making Kobii fall. She quickly punched Kobii repeatedly using moderate amount of her superhuman strength. She kept punching her non-stop until Naachan and Yuiri arrived with the rope. "Took you long enough" said Renacchi, who was still punching her.


Maki pointed at the space beside her,"Why don't you come next to me". "What if I don't want to". "Then I won't be gentle". "Bring it" said Naanya. Naanya hurriedly grabbed a nearby bat and hit Maki. It broke. Naanya yelled for her friends "Umm GUYS?!". Naanya was distracted, so Maki punched her, "Guess you can't do anything without help". Maki continued, "Don't worry, I'll help you be stronger", she hold out her hand. Naanya ignored it, "Don't need it", she hurled at Maki, pushing her to the wall. Maki smiled at her attempt to defeat her and said "You really need me after all." Naanya shook her head, holding up a remote and pushed a button. It turns out, Naanya attached her to some sort of rope that can lift anything it was attached to. In a few seconds, Maki was above the ground. The others arrived. Naanya stopped them, "I got this". "Let me down!" said Maki, trying to reach the rope. "Okay", With a push of a button, Maki came speeding down. They tied her up before she had a chance to stand up. "Let's find Miki".


"Are you sure u wanna do this" Wota looked at Miki. Miki arrogantly said, "There's no stopping it now". "Think again". The others came running to her, "Miki ! Need any help". Miki didn’t look at them and instead locking her eyes on Wota, "No thanks, I've already come so far". Renacchi bluntly commented, "She said it herself, let's leave". Wota also didn’t look at them, "Very well then, let’s continue". Miki raised her hand "UNO!". "Dammit! I was only three cards away" said Wota, throwing her cards away. "Looks like I've won this battle". "Never once I've lost this game, you sir, earned my respect". Wota and Miki left them speechless, except for Yuiri, "Can someone explain to me what's going on". Wota explained to them, "Well, we saw what you guys did and decided that we didn't want to be hospitalized, so we settled this by battling in a classic game". "Of, Uno?" Renacchi was baffled. Miki replied. "It's the only game I have on me.
Right when they thought to move on to the boss level, Gekikara, Yuko and Takadeka appeared in front of them "We're still here".

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