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Author Topic: So… There’s A Giant Bag Of Popcorn With A Lightning Rod in a Field  (Read 1518 times)

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Cineplex Entertainment is hoping a giant popcorn bag placed in a field near Tilbury will be struck by lightning.

“What will happen when lightning strikes a giant bag of popcorn? We built the world’s largest popcorn bag, rigged it with a giant lightning rod and placed it in a field near Windsor, Ontario – the most lightning struck town in Canada,” say officials with the company in a statement.

The publicity stunt is part of a contest movie theatre chain Cineplex is running called #WeatherOrNot, where you can vote if the bag will pop or not, should lightning strike.

The nearly 20-foot-tall bag equipped with a lightning rod, can be found between Queen’s Line and Highway 401 between Tilbury and Chatham.

“The Cineplex Lightning Popcorn bag is located right in the heart of Canada’s lightning alley, a likely spot for a strike to touch down,” says meteorologist for The Weather Network, Mark Robinson.

You can watch to see if lightning strikes and makes the popcorn ‘pop’ through a 24/7 #WeatherorNot livestream.

“We’re encouraging Canadians to tune into our livestream to see how this ultimate science experiment plays out,” says Pat Marshall, Vice President, Communications and Investor Relations, Cineplex Entertainment. “While we’re arguably Canada’s popcorn experts, not even the team here knows what will happen.”

You can vote in the contest and see the live stream, here.


I said it would pop....butt wouldn't it get soggy by now?  :hip smile:

only in Canada :lol:

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