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Author Topic: Kesshou no namida - chapter 1 (SayaMilky) 29/12/2016  (Read 2235 times)

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Kesshou no namida - chapter 1 (SayaMilky) 29/12/2016
« on: October 08, 2016, 10:23:52 AM »
Kesshou no namida - prologue

It was night time in Osaka.

Soft lights from the lampost and nearby building illuminating the streets in beautiful colors. Low murmur of passerby's conversation and laugh echoing in the air.

One lonesome girl sat on the bench, staring aimlessly at her surrounding. None of the people walked there spared her a glance. The girl stared at the sky above, it was pitch black starless sky.

She pouted.

The air was a bit chilly tonight, cold air prickling her pale skin.

She tightened her scarf to keep herself warm.

'I'm thirsty...'

She didn't really like the tangy taste lingering in her mouth, nor the foul aftertaste after her feeding. But when she remembered the memory of warm liquid coursing down from her throat to the rest of her body, usually it's enough for her to keep looking for potentian feeders. Not to mention, her dependance to it.

It's not like she's an addict or anything near it, but unfortunately since that fateful night her needs change a bit. She tried to keep her thirst in a tight leash. As tight as possible. She didn't want to rouse any suspicion and definitely she didn't want to trigger any hunt in this city.

She looked around once more and sighed. 'Another uneventful night, huh?'

"Hello there beautiful."

The girl saw a young good looking man sat beside her. "How come such a lovely young lady like you sit here on her own?"


"Would you like a company through the night? We can have dinner and then go karaoke or something." The guy offered her a charming smile.


The girl flashed him a bright smile. "Ara, just about time."


"Mmmh..." the girl moaned as she relished the warm liquid coursing in her throat.

The dark alley surrounding them giving her the best camouflage. If people come across them, they'll pass as a young couple who's making out in the middle of an alley. Not too uncommon in this day.

Her little fang embedded in her prey's neck, sucking the life slowly but surely. The flesh itself was quite tender, but the liquid's taste a bit disappointing. It was a bit sour for her taste. Probably due to too much alcohol consumption, or smoking tendency.

But beggars can't choose, can't they? At least this will last her for few days. It was enough for her, and worth enough for her to endure his advances and groping earlier.

After filling her needs, she let the body sank in the dirt. She lower herself to check and ensuring that the man's still breathing. The slow rise and down from his chests confirming that the man indeed still alive.

Smiling with her work, the girl started to rummage the man's clothes and finding the wallet secured in his back pocket. She opened it and take any cash she could savage before throwing the rest of the wallet to nearby trashcan.

It was then she heard another sound besides the sound of a wallet hitting the trashcan bottom.

It was a sound of backpack hitting the ground.

The girl panicked and looked over to the alley's entrance. Her posture relaxed considerably after she find out that it's just a boy stand still near the entrance. His backpack stilled near his legs, and his face looked like he was about to be eaten by a predator.

Actually, the latter may be not far from the truth.

Smiling sweetly, the girl made her way to the stiffenes boy near the entrance. Such lucky day.

Said boy's skin was pearly white, with a hint of red adorning his cheeks either of cold or embarrasment. And hopefully his blood will taste better than the prvious guy.

The girl grabbed they boy's hand and tugged him so he stumbled into her.

'Soft.' The girl took a whiff of his scent and small smile graced her lips. 'And fresh.'

Without any hesitation the girl ducked in to steal a kiss and luring the boy into her lair. It's a good thing that the boy is just a bit shorter than herself. She can play her beautiful sexy onee-san role to bait him.

What shocked her was a high-pitched girlish shriek from the boy...his voice is a bit higher than normal boy around his age.

The unexpected respond made her recoiled back a bit.

Despite the awkward situation, the girl chuckled as the rosy cheeks in front of her has set aflame this time.

"Ara~ are you not interested?"

"You shouldn't wander into shady area at night alone~ Big bad people will eat you up." The girl finished her sentence and sensually licked her lips. Which made the boy blushed even more and avoiding eye contact.

His awkward innocent respond made her pitying the boy, maybe he was a virgin? Virgin blood tastes even better. Tonight's hunt went even better by seconds.

"Nee, which high school did you go?" She tried a more casual route.

After hesitating few seconds, the boy finally look up to face the girl.

"...Namba Jyogakuin..."

"Araa~~ you're a girl?" Surprise didn't even start to explain her expression. The expression that made the boyish girl went red again, either from embarrasment or anger, or both.

"How rude!"




Hello there! I'm back with new stories! And I think most of you already know which pairing will be dominant in this story  :lol:

So let me know what do you think about the story *^^*

Have a great day!! :cow: :cow: :cow:
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Re: Kesshou no namida / prologue oct8
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2016, 08:42:25 AM »
おたのしみ~ :nya:

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Re: Kesshou no namida / prologue oct8
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2016, 04:12:23 PM »
Nice~ A vampire fic! ^_^

I wonder what pair it is! Who is the girl who the vamp mistook for a guy? x3

I can't wait to see!

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Re: Kesshou no namida / chapter 1 dec 29
« Reply #3 on: December 29, 2016, 07:15:25 AM »
Kesshou no namida - chapter 1: That fateful night, meeting you

Sizzling sound can be heard rather crisply as a girl flip the scrambled egg to perfection. It's golden brown color and delicious fragrance made her stomach growl a little.

Humming a simple tone from the past, she brought the egg to a table near the pantry and begin her breakfast. A bowl of rice, scrambled egg, and miso soup to last her until lunch time. Easy to prepare, and preferable since she lived alone.

The girl glanced at the photo of three in the cabinet and smiled.

It's been quite awhile since her last meal together with her parents. She really missed them, but it's not like she can do anything about it.

She'll just have to keep being a strong girl.

Like always.

Her smile turned into a thin line as she clapped her hands together.




"Yes?" The short haired girl turned back to see a fellow classgirl jog into her. "Maachun?"

"Nee, after school want to hang out together with everyone from owarai-bu?" The girl called Maachun looped her arms around the other girl and snoop closer, close enough so the only person who can hear her whisper is the other girl. "Pssst~ At that place."

"Why are you whispering? You make it sounds like we're doing something illegal." Sayanee giggled, yet she decided to tagged along, "Well...on a second thought, maybe it's true that we can't tell people about that place~"

Sayaka wrapped her arm around Maachun and whispered back, "...Our secret base~"

The crease of Maachun's eyes as she grinned and blushing a bit made Sayaka laugh. Loudly. Well not that loud, but definitely a bit too loud than normally a prim and proper girl should laugh.

"You should look at your face, Maachun! Why are you blushing like a giddy high school girl--oh wait, you ARE a giddy high school girl~ Hahaha~"

"Sayanee, you're too loud!" Maachun pouted and slapped Sayanee's arm, reprimanding her.

Realizing her mistake, Sayaka immediately fake a cough and stopped her laugh. Girls around her that was caught off guard with the sudden laugh resuming their activities as Sayaka and Mayu bowing their head lightly apologizing for the ruckus they made.

"But really, your face is too funny! Hehe--itai!"

"Talk more and I'll pinch you harder." Mayu warned as she released Sayaka's right cheek. "And your face also looked ridiculous when I pinched your cheek."

"Mou, you'll damage my skin if you pinched me that hard." Sayaka rubbed her cheek and hoping that her friend's rage didn't left a mark there.

"Hai hai, Ms. Popular, sorry for damaging your handsomely beautiful face. Hopefully it didn't lessen your incoming love letter."

"Haha, very funny."

"I mean it. And what's with the glasses? You look like those diligent student who spent their time studying."

"Hey, I am a diligent student, though I didn't spent my time always studying." Sayaka stopped her stride and folded her glasses neatly. "It's a reading glass, and I have a reputation to uphold, thank you. Ms. Popular, remember?"

Sayaka place her glasses back to its case and turned to Mayu, "Now, do I look better?"

Mayu nodded her head vigorously while sporting a smile that almost split her face in two.

"Yes-yes, you look so cool it almost made me want to confess to you inmediately."

It was supposed to be a joke, a simple laugh for these two best friends, but...


A girl ran and shoved a small envelope to Sayaka's chest. The girl shut her eyes tight not daring to met Sayaka's shocked one, else the courage she mustered will crumble down easily. She blushed so hard it reached the tip of her ears, it makes people wonder whether she'll be okay...?

"Um, you are...?"

"Please, accept my feelings!"

The girl's hand trembled slightly. And when she didn't receive any reply from Sayaka, the girl opened her eyes saw a soft smile from her beloved senpai. It made her heart flutter, and maybe this is the feeling people often said 'butterfly in your stomach'. Such wonderful smile can only--

"Thank you, it really makes me happy to know that you regards me with such affection. But I'm sorry I can't reply with your desired answer." Sayaka softly takes the girl hand and guide it back to herself. "I'm sure there's a person out there who deserves your feelings much more than me."


*sniff* happened again, here we go...

"Don't cry." Sayaka wiped the tears with her thumb. She didn't really like this kind of reaction. It made her feel guilty for making this younger girl sad. "Please?"

The girl wiped her tears and ran past Sayaka and Mayu without saying anything else. Following the girl with her gaze, Sayaka sighed as she saw few girls, probably her fellow classmates, huddle around the girl. Probably trying to comfort and console her failed confession.

"Way to go, Ms. Popular Heartbreaker. It's already the third confession you got this month. Not to mention the love letters you got." Mayu said as she and Sayaka continue their journey to the clubroom. "And your answer getting smoother, by the way."

"Well, I think it's true that people said 'practice makes perfect'?" Sayaka sighed again.

"How about the love letter you received in your locker? Did you read them?"

" But I did dispose the letters on my way home. I never throw it at the school or any location around the school. It would dishearten them."

"Whoa. That's kind of cruel and caring combination. You're scary."

"I just didn't want to gave them false hope...hey, don't look at me like that."


Sayaka grinned as Mayu grimaced when she punch her arm playfully.

"Come on, just drop it already."

"But why didn't you try it? Love life, I mean."

"Hmm~ I just don't feel like it."

"Ehhh?? Why???"

"Why indeed, you two are late!!"

Both of Sayaka and Mayu jumped a little as their club president screeching and flailing around.



"What took you guys so long! And who're you calling obaa-san?!"

"Hai! Gomenasai Nana-baachan!" Mayu saluted. "Ah just now there's a kouhai confessed to Sayanee. The poor souls' heart was broken to pieces when this Ms. Heart breaker turned her down."

"Who're you calling Ms. Heart breaker?? Maachun you're being ridiculous. Like always though."

"Ahh, the joy of being very popular with girls, right! I sincerely hope the poor soul will find peace." Nana said, clasping her hands exaggerately. "And please don't make Sayanee's became haughty despite the neverending confession! ...lest her chin will get bigger."

"Buchou! Now you're just making fun of me!"

"Hahahaha! Sorry Sayanee, I just can't help it!"

"Soo, have Maachun told you about the plan later after school? I have a big announcement!"

"About that...actually, gomen!"

Both Mayu and Nana surprised of the sudden outburst. Sayaka lowered her hand and fidget a little, her eyes didn't leave the floor tiles.

"I have to visit my parents... it's been 3"

Mayu looked at Nana who nodded slowly, and smiled. Mayu looped her hand around Sayaka shoulder, "Ne, mind if we tagged along?"

"But, the plan-"

"We can rearrange the schedule." Nana stopped Sayaka before she can decline, "Right, minna?"

Sayaka didn't know when but at the time she's being the center of the attention. A little smile made its way to her face. They rarely mind the upperclasmen and underclassmen status, and fire off the joke -sometimes- almost absentmindedly. But it's what makes the club members felt like a second family to Sayaka.

"Thank you." She answered softly.

The club captain hugged Sayaka, followed by several club members made a group hug.

"Really, thanks."


The sky went gray within hours, and the wind started howling. The wild flowers dancing in the open, waiting for the rain that yet to fall on them.

Sayaka placed the bouquet on the grave in front of her and clasped her hand. The incense smell lingering on her nostrils. She clasped her hands and offered a silent prayer.

"Otou-san, okaa-san, it's been awhile." Sayaka said, a small smile graced her lips, though the smile didn't reach her eyes.

"Don't worry, I'm well. It's a bit lonely though sometimes," her breath hitched, "But I'll manage, somehow. I'll be okay."

"Besides," Sayaka glanced at her back where the others stand. "I have great friends, so you don't have to worry from the heaven." She finished with a big smile.

Nana walked and crouched besides Sayaka, "Yamamoto ojii-san, obaa-san, we promise we'll take care of Sayaka here, whether she like it or not, we'll be there for her." The buchou finished with a grin, it brought a joyous laugh from the girl beside her, joined by the giggles of the girls behind them.

"Saa, what now?" Sayaka stood, and adjusted her coat. "It's getting a bit chilly."

"You're right, let's go back. The sun's setting." Riho said, as the group walked away.

Sayaka, being the last one, gave a last glance to the grave before joining the others leaving for their home.

The group chatted along the way until one by one they arrived to their station.

The last one was Sayaka and Mayu.

"Well then, see you tommorrow?" Sayaka said, as she headed towards her exit.

"See you!" Mayu beamed back as the two departed to their exit.

As she climbed the stairs out of the subway station, Sayaka was greeted by dark, starless sky, that enveloped the skies of Osaka. Yet around her, the luminous and lights of surrounding building made a point to the city liveliness.

As soft growl rumbled from her stomach? It's already dinner time apparently, and definitely her stomach will be more than angry should she wait until she got home and preparing something. Sayaka made a beeline to the nearest convenience store to appease her hunger.


A strange sound, like something dropped and hit the ground. Something that's quite heavy...


Followed by a rather loud sound of something hitting a metal surface.

The sound made Sayaka stopped suddenly at the alley just few meters before her destination.

She never meant to peek, but thanks to her good reflexes, she witnessed a person slumped inside the alley. In front of him, stood another person.

Was it a mugger? Well, definitely it's not her business, but maybe it's a good decision to call a nearby cop...


Another sound, this time, it's too near... Sayaka glanced down, don't tell me sound just now is....her own bag that's dropped down.

Uh. Oh.

That person looked up and Sayaka felt like their eyes met, even just briefly.

There's no good light source in the alley, just a bit of stray lights from the streets and a scarce of moonlight to light the entire alleyway. The lack of light made Sayaka can't quite make the face of the assaulter, but the silhouette looks slender, not to mention the body language is...almost feminine?

A soft beat of thok, thok echoed in the darkness. That person is approaching! Sayaka's brain screamed to run, but her legs kept herself rooted on the spot. 'It's an entrance of alleyway, hopefully nothing harmful will happen since it'll attract an unwanted attention from the people.', Sayaka reasoned with herself. 'Keep calm.'

As that person nearing the entrance, finally Sayaka can take 'her' appearance.

Short bobbed style brown hair. Pale white skin. Her face looked young, maybe around her age, or maybe a bit older. Her smile is sweet enough it made a blush crept to Sayaka's face. Oh and her skin is also soft...what? Soft??

Before she know it, the brown haired girl tugged her until she stumbled into her. So close. So close that she can smell her perfume. Too close.

Sayaka looked up to met her captor's eyes. But all she saw is a pair of red lips descending down. She did what the first thing appeared in her brain.

She screamed.

It made the brown haired girl recoiled back a bit, her lips shy away from hers and landed just briefly on the side of Sayaka's quivered lips.

Sayaka looked like a deer caught in the highlight. What on earth just happened? Her mouth opened a bit but no voice came out. She just stared to the brown haired girl who stared back with a puzzled expression.

Despite the awkward situation, the brown haired girl chuckled as the rosy cheeks in front of her has set aflame this time.

"Ara~ are you not interested?" She teased.

What. WHAT?! What the hell??!

"You shouldn't wander into shady area at night alone~ Big bad people will eat you up." The brown haired girl finished her sentence and sensually licked her lips. THAT made Sayaka blushed even more and avoiding eye contact.

Huh? It sound so wrong...somehow.

"Nee, which high school did you go?"

Huh? Oh this time thanks the heaven it's a normal question.

After hesitating few seconds, Sayaka finally look up to face the girl.

"...Namba Jyogakuin..."

"Araa~~ you're a girl?" Surprise didn't even start to explain her expression. The expression that made the Sayaka went red again, either from embarrasment or anger, or both.


"How rude!"

Sayaka picked up her bag and walk briskly leaving the confused brown haired girl.

Well yes, she has a short boyish hairstyle. And apparently her face also has a good combination of cute, handsome, and beautiful features mixed in, which made her so popular at school with her androgynous appearance. And her clothes? Her navy colored coat is a bit long, yes. Long enough to make her leggings can be mistaken for a really skintight pants, not to mention the lack source of light...and certainly she also didn't have a feminine air like the brown haired girl, but! It's just...annoyed her that someone mistook her for a boy.

Despite her anger, the blush that adored her cheeks didn't leave until much, much later.



Ta-da! Chapter 1's here!

Oh and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!  :cow:

I miss Sayamilky so badly, not to mention the lack of their fanfic *sigh* any recommendation?

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Re: [Sayamilky] Kesshou no namida / chapter 1 dec 29
« Reply #4 on: December 29, 2016, 08:31:57 AM »
SAYAMELKEHHHH (yeah there're only a number of sayamilky/nmb ficts here including mine sad huhu lols)

Next chapter pls  :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

that cool sayanee personality (makes me want to confess and be broken hearted too)

that miyuki is making me more interested. (in addition that i miss milky as heck right now  :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: )

looking forward to your future updates.  :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Re: [Sayamilky] Kesshou no namida / chapter 1 dec 29
« Reply #5 on: December 30, 2016, 03:25:18 AM »
Nice fanfic.
I can make one OS,  if you want.   :lol:
I owe somebody SayaMilky fanfic too.   :lol:

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Re: [Sayamilky] Kesshou no namida / chapter 1 dec 29
« Reply #6 on: December 30, 2016, 07:13:29 AM »
I'll do my best to update regularly haha
I have the skeleton draft almost until chapter 9, but to write the chapter itself apparently takes quite a time  :nervous

Thank you!
Ah please do so, actually, the more the better hahaha
Please don't limit it to only 1 OS  :lol:

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Re: [Sayamilky] Kesshou no namida / chapter 1 dec 29
« Reply #7 on: January 26, 2017, 08:30:06 PM »
I really like your premise!!!

Sayaka the unsuspecting high school student and Miyuki the dangerous vampire eh?

I'm really curious to see how this will unfold!!
Looking forward to the next update!   :twothumbs

If you would like to check it out, I actually literally just posted a SayaMilky fic! :3

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Re: [Sayamilky] Kesshou no namida / chapter 1 dec 29
« Reply #8 on: May 02, 2017, 02:45:34 PM »
Now this is interesting.
Please do continue it.
Looking forward to the update.

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