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Author Topic: Mr. Genius and Ms. Fisher  (Read 944 times)

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Mr. Genius and Ms. Fisher
« on: April 16, 2017, 10:09:35 AM »
this is my first fic that i make for nmb before i know nogi. and when i know nogi, this fic still haven't finished. so today, finally i can finish it. so, 'ill post it here. please give me a comment.

Prom night

Now let me explain. I’m kinoshita haruna, 17 years old, 3rd year on namba high school. I’m currently single. I already broken with kadowaki kanako my ex. Well, me and kanako already dating for 3 years but our relation didn’t went out really good for this year. Every time we talk, it would only ended to quarrel. The quarrel would lasted for 1 or 2 weeks, sometimes it can lasted for 1 months. Next month is the last one month for school and last week is the last time for us to be together. Because we already broke up. Me and kanako never get a fight like this before not until last week. The day when I broke up with her one week ago.


One week ago
In the rainy Saturday, I was waiting for kanako from the outside of her house. I rang the bell door for a numerous time now. Waiting 30 minutes from the outside of her house just for her to come out. 1 hours just for waiting kanako with the thought to went home as quick as I can, to prevent the cold approaching me. When I’m ready to go home, the sound of the door opened can be heard. Her melodic voice can be heard instantly, “haruna come in, I want to talk to you.” She said. “sure. Why not.” I answered.

Then the two of us enters kanako’s room. Her room was an ordinary room but with comfortable air between it. But the moment we enter kanako’s room the air became so heavy in an instant. Nobody can talk because of the awkward atmosphere and the heavy air with the silence covering us. But eventually kanako is the one who start the conversation. “I think we need to break up.” Kanako said.

The sentence that just come out from kanako’s mouth rung a few times inside my head. “w-wait…y-you must be kidding me.” Haruna said. “I’m serious.” Kanako retorted. “b-but, what’s the reason? I didn’t do any wrong thing to you.” i said. “I’m enough of this all. I’m having enough with the quarrel that we have. I don’t want to place all of the burden to you or me.” She explain. I only can sat in there with the tears that pouring nonstop. “haruna, promise me something.” She begged. “what’s that?” I ask. “you have to be who you are even if I’m not in your side. Can you promise me that?” kanako ask. “I-I’ll try.” I reply. After it she crashed her lips with mine for the last time.

End of flashback

And now here I am in my class with my best friend, shuu, and hazuki with their girlfriend. They are the only person that I can shared my secret with. They always cheered me up when I’m down just what like this time. “one last month until the graduation ceremony and the graduation trip. I wonder if there’s a prom or not.” Yabushita shuu one of my best friend said. “of course there will. Even if there is, you want to dance with who?” kurokawa hazuki one of my bestfriend ask. “of course with nagisa.” Shuu answer while pointing to her girlfriend that currently sitting behind her. “how about you, haru-chan?” ueda mirei hazuki’s girlfriend ask me. “I don’t have any interest in prom.” I said. I have to admit it, my life without kanako is so boring. I missed her a lot. “haruna, it seems that your ex are dating with that kamieda emika from class b.” my classmate suddenly told me once she get in to the class.

In an instant, my heart broken into pieces. And once again my tears pour down from my eyes. I never thought that she will moved on this fast. I really want to be with her again. I am really hoping that, me and kanako can be together again. But it seems that was only an imagination that already disappear. “haruna, are you really okay?” shibuya nagisa, shuu’s girlfriend ask as she saw my tears didn’t even stop. “can you guys leave me alone?” I begged. “b-but, haru-chan the class was about to start.” Hazuki said. “PLEASE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!” I said once again raising my voice. I really need to cool down before the class start. Or else, I will get some problem again.

10 minutes later, the bell rung. Signing that the class was about to start. The 5th period is math and I hate math. So, I am thinking about skipping the class. Well, I am good at skipping lesson without being noticed when the class already start.  Listen to my trick carefully so that you can skip the lesson that you hate.
1.   If your sitting place are in the back, pretend to be sleep when the teacher are explaining about something in front of the class.
2.   If you saw the chance to escape, sneak out quietly from the classroom. But don’t forget to take all of your things.
3.   Don’t let your friend know about your plan. If you escape successfully, go to the place that you want.

That’s all that I can tell you. Usually I always go to the roof and dozed off in there. Actually I’m doing the same for today. But my plan is ruined when I heard familiar voice in there. The voice that I was longing for. “are you sure that you can dozing off in here?” the person ask. “that is none of your business, kanako.” I retorted. “yeah of course. that was none of my business. Because you are not my girlfriend anymore. You are just an ordinary friends to me. Right, haruna?” kanako said blurting out my weakness. “yeah, that’s right. But you’re forgetting something. We broke up without any particular reason. You decide the decision without thinking clear. Do you really realize what’ve you done to my heart?” I ask. feeling that my heart is about to broke again after hearing what kanako said. “that’s right. I made the decision without thinking clear. And all that happen is because of you. That because I can’t make the real decision because I still love you.” Kanako exclaimed.

My eyes widen in shock. She must be lying. If she still love she can’t be moved on this fast. “no. you lied. Please just don’t lie. Don’t lie to my heart.” I begged. I already enough of it. I don’t want to cry anymore. “leave me alone please.” I begged. I just want to be alone for now. “let me warn you haruna, our problem haven’t finished yet. And the reason I do this is for-” “JUST GO LEAVE ME ALONE.” I cut her word. Yeah the good thing is finally she can leave me alone. And the worst thing is my heart broken and I make her cry again.

Leaving me alone when I cried is the most important thing. I let those tears poured down until I ended up on sleeping. I don’t know until when I sleep. But all I know is I wake up in the school infirmary. When I wake up, the first thing is saw is, the white ceiling without blue color in there, the proof that this place isn’t the school roof. Second, I’m sleeping above a white bed with the white blanket. Third I’m not wearing my school uniform instead my gymnastic uniform. Finally I realized that someone moved me from the roof to this room.

When I touch my hair, it is wet. It will be weird if I didn’t heard someone’s talk to me. “good things I found you up there with hazuki, or else you would be sick when tomorrow comes.” The person said. “how can you and hazuki know that I was in the roof?” I ask. “we are skipping the lesson. Just for searching for you, idiot.” The person explained.
“shuu, did you saw kanako?” I ask.
“yeah. She was crying. Did you guys fight again?” shuu answer with some question.
“yeah. It’s my fault again.” I give a quick answer. An awkward air filled the room. But just then shuu concerning about the time.
“haru-chan, I guess it’s better for us to go back to the class now. The last period is about to start you know.” Shuu said.
“eh? Did you just say the last period? How long that I sleep in the roof?” I ask. Since I didn’t believe for what I heard. This is the first time for me to sleep that long.
“more than 4 hours.” Shuu answer. Ehh? More than 4 hours new things.
“haruna, let’s go before that yagura sensei kill me.” Shuu said to me.
“yeah. But unfortunately I can’t go with this uniform.” I said realizing that I was wearing my gymnastic uniform.

Then without saying anything, shuu pulled me into a changing room. “I can lend you mind. But remember to give it back to me.” She said since we have the same uniform size. Then we go to the class. Very lucky that yagura – sensei hasn’t come. We enter the class. So silent. I wonder where is hazuki. “shuu, where’s hazuki?” I ask. she give me a ‘she’s doing it again’ face. Don’t even tell me. That kid. “shuu, I’m going to search for sayanee. She know where’s hazuki right now.” I said then run to search for hazuki. At this time, hazuki probably in the park. “I’m lonely now.” I muttered

I still can’t forget about her.  Missing her is already enough to make my heart hurt. “are you going to ask her to be your prom date or not.” Someone said behind me.  It’s not the two of them.  “maybe not. Not in the state when I still can’t control myself, milky.” I replied. She let out a little chuckled. “it’s not that bad.” Milky said and hug my body. “I’m sorry but, please don’t make me do harsh thing to you.” I said as I begin to remove her hand. “it’s okay. and you must be here to search for haako, right?” milky said and ask at the same time. “indeed I am.” Haruna said. “she’s having a little revenge with kamieda for stealing your ‘ex’.” Milky said. she doesn’t have to gone that far. “thanks.” And after it I dash to 3rd floor, where my and her class is located. Haako must be at the hall.

But unfortunately, she’s not there. Class. if I want to meet her at kamieda’s class, it means I have to pass my own class. AND the killer will found out, that I skipped her class. urgh, just let it be. Only 5 seconds, until she turn her back. And I will use that as that gold chance. 5, 4, 3, 2…. And 1 start.

She turn her back toward the student. I use that as my gold chance. And dash. When I already pass my class, I saw haako and kamieda in front of kanako’s class. I stop and listen for what are they talking about.

“you didn’t know about her true feeling. Let her go and be with that ijiri.” Haako said. if I recall, emika already have a girlfriend.
“but I can’t. I already promise her. I have to fulfill it.” Emika said. what? a promise.
“so if you have a promise with her, is it means that you can steal  someone’s feeling just because of that promise.” Haako said. her emotion begin to take over. and not only that she begin to grab emika’s collar. I don’t want to see my best friend berserks in front of her childhood friends.

I slapped haako’s hand. She look at me with a surprise expression. “since when you’re there?” haako ask.
“you didn’t need to know. Let’s go back to class. yagura will kill me later.” I said to haako. Haako look at emika’s direction with hatred on her face.
“consider that you’re lucky today, kamieda.” Haako said toward emika.
“just shut your f****** mouth, hazuki.” I said with my unusual low voice.

and she started to silence her mouth. I don’t want to be harsh to someone like this, but it’s your fault. you’re the one that making me like this. I still have any plenty time. I still can give her my love. But why would she ended up on avoiding me? Kanako. “haru-chan, we already arrive in front of the class.” hazuki said. I stopped in my track. I slammed open the door. which make all of the student inside the class look at me and hazuki. Then the killer, yagura fuuko look at us intensely. “nice gut that you have there to skip my class, kinoshita-san, kurokawa-san.” She said.

“I don’t care. If you want to punish me then please. And after it, I won’t attend your class anymore.” I said. and this time, everyone look at me. “can’t you divert your eyes to another direction except mine?” I said raising my tone. Everyone let out their cold sweat. I can’t take it anymore. I decided to leave.

“yagura, I’m going to go home first.” I said without using any honorifics. Then after it, I pack my things and ready to leave.
“I really wish that you can forget about her and move on, cousin.” Yagura said.
“I wish I can, but you know it’s really impossible for me to do it, fuuko.” I said then leave.

Fuuko shake her head. When I finally leave the class, I run towards the gate. Only met someone familiar that standing by the wall. “I really wish that I can take her back to me, kanako.” I muttered under my breath, without looking at the person. “that would be only your imagination, haruna.” The person finally said. I stop. “what are you doing here, haruto?” I ask. yeah, kinoshita haruto. My twins. “I’m here to take you back to Italy.” Haruto said.

My heart pounding faster. “please give me a little more time.” I said. I could hear haruto let out a soft sigh. “I’ll give you one month, just for your graduation. But if you can’t do it, I’ll take you by force.” He said. he might be my twins, but kind of harsh too. “let’s go, mom and dad already waiting for you at home.” He said. I nod, then walk home together with haruto. But unfortunately, there must be someone that eavesdropping us. Because I can hear someone sobbing earlier. But it can’t be her right.

1 week had passed after she move on. I’m still trapped on my imagination world. The world where she is still exist in there. Everything is really different from what I have in the reality world. And in this one week, I avoid all of my friends and family, COMPLETELY. Today, I have a special meeting with some of the school organizer, because of my family company that want to give some sponsor to this school and about my graduation beforehand. I decided to make my graduation faster, so that I don’t have to cry and spend my night, just to think about her.

But sure it really make my heart ache too much. Just for hearing that they are going to engage in such a quick time. It doesn’t matter anymore, because I’m going to get married with my parent’s best friend’s daughter, Shiroma miru. she also is the niece of the school organizer. And when I arrive at class, everyone is looking at my direction. All of their gaze is really annoying. One of them stand up and ask from where I come. It really doesn’t a matter for them. So I decided not to answer their question. But not until one finishing question come that would make me really, really, annoyed. “why would miru-sama come to search for you?” alright, that’s the limit.

“does that really is your matter?” I ask.
“indeed it is really matter haru-chan. Miru-sama is the niece of the school organizer.” Nagisa said from her seat. I decided to ignore her. I know if I answer her, it can involve shuu, hazuki, and mirei.
“answer us, haru-chan.” Nagisa plead.
“i-I’m sorry but I can’t. you will only take her back, if I said about this.” I said.
“it’s okay. you can tell it to us when you want to.” Mirei said.

Just when I was about to speak, the class door open. Revealing a beautiful girl with slightly taller than me. It can’t be other than Shiroma miru, my fiancé. “haru-chan, uncle is looking for you.” She called. I smiled. “I’ll be there in a few minutes.” I said. she come to my direction and give a little peck on my cheek. “don’t be long. Uncle will get angry.” She said. And after it, she leave. Leaving me alone stunned by her action. And once again, the student’s eyes are laid on me again. And not only that, shuu’s eyes looking at me demanding for an answer. “that’s our relation. You have to find the other clue by yourself.” I said then leave the class leaving my friends at the class. I don’t want to do it, but I don’t want my heart broke again. I don’t want to be betrayed by love twice.

I run from the hallway towards the organizer office. Miru’s uncle is my father’s bestfriend. Hoping that I’m not late. The door is in front of my eyes. Am I safe? That’s what I’ve been thinking since earlier. I stand up. Fixing my body posture. I fix everything to be in the right position. I knock the door. when I heard the voice that commanding me to come in, I open the door and enter.

3 man sitting there. I only recognize the middle one. Cause the middle one is miru’s uncle. “alright, haruna-kun. About your graduation file. I already give it to haruto-kun.” The man said. I can only nod my head. I don’t know if I should say this or not. I want to cancel my relation with miru. “and one more thing.” He said. “what is it, sir?” I ask. he paused a little bit. Unsure to speak or not. I look at him. After 5 minutes, he speak up. “about your relation with miru, I want you to cancel it.” Eh? It should be me that saying that word. “I’m okay with it, but what about her?” I ask. he fell into silence for a while.

“it’s fine. I’ll engage them with your cousin, yagura fuuko.” He said. fuuko huh? The difference of our age is 4 years. But no problem. I’ll take it. “okay. I’ll tell this to fuuko.” I said. but was retorted after it. “no need. I already told her to come right now.” After he said that, I heard a knocking sound from outside. “it must be the two of them. And the two of you, if you could, I want you to get out from this room. I want to talk privately with her.” He said. the two men beside him went toward the door and got out. Miru and fuuko enter the room. “hi, cousin.” I said. she smiled at me.

“so uncle, what do you want from me?” miru ask.
“I want to cancel your engagement with haruna.” He said. I can tell by miru’s face. She doesn’t like it. Fuuko only can lowered her head.
“instead I want you to engage with haruna’s cousin beside you.” Fuuko and miru look at each other. “why?” miru ask. fuuko lowered her head again.
“if you don’t want it, how about I engage you with haruna’s twin?” he ask. don’t joke. Haruto doesn’t want to get engage with miru.
“never mind. Just engage me with fuuko.” Miru said. after it, she leave.
“then if you may, we’ll be leaving too.” Fuuko said. then we leave.

Fuuko, she’s down. “be nice with miru. I’ll help you to get closer with her.” I said to fuuko.
“what should I do? I hurt her heart once.” Fuuko said.
“don’t worry. I know that deep in her heart, she still love you. I can know with by looking at her eyes.” I said.
“I’m going to the class. you’re going or not?” she ask.
“you know my daily routine.” I said.
“as always. See you later.” She said then she went to class. I went to the rooftop.

This feeling. What should I do with it? I already cry for this feeling. I have enough of it. I went toward the railing. Looking down toward the road. The sky is cloudy and dark. I’m waiting for the rain to wash myself. And finally it has pouring down. My tears fall to. I should leave her alone. Give her happiness that I can’t, emika. I just want to be like this. I don’t care if I still hoping for her or not. even if I engage with miru, I’ll end up hurting her and make myself in mess.

“you think standing in the middle of the rain can take away all of your pain? Think it one more time haruna.”
“I already think a numerous time already. But still, I couldn’t forget this feeling. It will only remain. I don’t even know what I really have to do. If it’s you, shiraishi-san, what would you do?”
“I will think about it clearly. Try to forget it first. But I will do everything, in order to take nanase back.”
“nishino-san must be lucky to have you by her side.”
“you only have 1 month right. Then do what you really have to do. She’s waiting.”
“thanks, shiraishi-san. I’m sorry to make you come from nogizaka to namba.”
“no problem. I only heard from yamamoto-kun that you have problem with her. I guess, my duty here already finish. Please think it clearly. You have to find the answer in this 2 weeks. Time is precious. You can’t rewind it anymore.”

Then she left. She come to this place only for this. But her habit calling sayanee never change. I will do what I have to do. Haruto, thanks for the time. I really appreciate it. Thanks too, shiraishi-san. I guess it’s not bad to try. I clenched my fist. Then turn it into normal again, wiped off the remaining water on my face. I went back to the locker room. Alright, I’m dripping wet. I have to change my clothes.

Inside the locker room, I search for my locker. When I finally found it, I took out my uniform and change my wet uniform. The time has come. I have to do this. After I change my uniform, I went to my class. but, I can’t see fuuko’s figure inside. “shuu, where’s fuuko?” she shrugged her shoulder. Oh come on. I come here only to meet her. But maybe I know. I exit the class and went to miru’s class. she might be there.

And indeed, she’s there. But there are only the two of them. What are they doing. Miru…she pinned down fuuko? Not a joke. All I remember, miru and fuuko already broke up because of fuuko cheat on kei. And because of that, miru hate fuuko. But now, maybe it’s the reverse. Miru is starting to rape fuuko at her class. I opened the class door. raising my right eyebrow for what they’ve done.

“where do you think this place? A brothel?”
“you ruin our time, haru-chan.”
“so, you want to continue? Then please.”
“you want to join? I’ll mess you first.”
“no please. Just do it to the person behind you.”
“so, what are you doing here?”
“I just want to say that I have decided to take her back.”

Fuuko smiled. “I’ll leave fuuko on your hand miru. Don’t mess with her again fuuko. Then pardon me.” I said then leave the class. 2 weeks huh? Not bad. Oh yeah, that’s it. 2 weeks again is prom. Why not. sayanee, I really owe you for calling shiraishi-san to namba. She really save me. I went back to my class and sit patiently on my chair. I take out my phone, searching for my twin’s number.

Once I find it, I tap the call button. I keep on waiting for haruto to pick up the call. Not too long after I tap the call button, haruto pick up the call. I smile.

“hi twins.” I call. But can’t listen the owner’s voice.
“haruna…don’t mess. I’m driving.” He said from the other line.
“how’s your study in Italy?” he is my twin. But smarter than me.
“fine. Not like my twin.”
“haruto…don’t mess. I’m studying.”
“do what you like. So what do you want?”
“I just want to ask for your help for prom.”
“I want to give a surprise. Can you help me?”
“sure I can. What do you want to do?”
“I want to propose her. What do you think?”
“nice. I’ll help you.”
“thanks. I’ll hang up. I have to study.”
“study well, haruna.”

Haruto might be harsh or rude to be exact, but behind that attitude he is actually a nice person. Okay, 2 weeks. I’m grateful that he really want to help me. Alright study for your national exam. Study, study, and study. That’s the only thing that make me busy, preventing shuu, nagisa, mirei, and hazuki to disturb my mind.

3 hours later. I wonder I have study for how long. When I look at the clock, I’m surprise to find me studying for 3 hours. Can I really concentrate? I look at the question on my book. It’s all correct. But I don’t remember to make someone mark my book. Who is the one that marking my book?

“hard to believe that you’re a real genius. 3 hours for 500 question.” I jerk my heads up to meet the person’s eyes. That eyes…is that…
“haruto.” My twin.
“you don’t have to look at me with that eyes.”
“hahahaha. Just slow down.”
“you’re a real genius. You even defeat me.”
“well, I don’t know if this is real or not. I just think that I never focus on study.”
“but all of your score are always perfect.”
“alright, let’s go home. I already got all of my things.”
“you drive your own car right?”
“I do. And you already got the thing that I need right?”
“of course.”
“let’s go.”

After finish packing my things, I walk together with my twins to the parking lot. Well, not too many student walking around the school because it’s already pass the go home time. But if some of them left in the school, they might be wondering. Why would I walk with boy? You guys have to know. I have a trauma toward a boy. Because of my father. But now, the trauma has gone. That’s what make me become like this.

I walk toward my silver Ferrari and get inside my car. I drive my car out from school. My national exam will start from this Thursday until next Monday. And the last week will be the prom. Still have time, so don’t be worry about it. When I drive my car, usually never open the mp3 player. But maybe, only for this time, I’ll open my favorite song. I smile when the intro started.

Hontou wa kanojo to…

But just by hearing the intro, I felt like, why it have to be her. I really want to cry now. I swept off that feeling and focus on the road. Still 2 weeks left. Keep fighting for her heart. 30 minutes later, me and haruto arrive to our house. After parking our car in our family’s garage, finally we enter our house. Inside our house, as always it is so quiet. “mom, dad, we’re home.” We shouted from the living room. But there’s no one answer our greeting.

“ah, haruto, haruna, you guys finally come home.” Someone said from our behind. When we turn, haruto couldn’t hide his shock expression. It’s her. She’s back to us again.

“riichan…” Haruto finally shed his tears. Kondo rina. That is the person that greet us earlier, and not to forget, she is haruto’s lost lover. Riichan open her arms inviting haruto to enter that warmness that he lost for almost 2 years. “I’m going to my room first. Call me when dinner already finished.” I Said as I start to climb the stair to the second floor where my room and haruto’s room located at.

Inside my room, I laid my body on the bed as soon as possible. 2 weeks. I know my face and haruto’s face are same. but the problem is my hair. I took out my phone and open the chatting application that we usually use, “LINE”. When I open the application, the notification really make me want to reply it immediately.

Namba Girls

Ybshtashuu : guys
Ybshtashuu : guys
Ybshtashuu : guys
Ybshtashuu : guys
Ybshtashuu : guys
Ybshtashuu : guys
Ybshtashuu : guys
Ybshtashuu : guys
Ybshtashuu : guys 
Haako_0805 : shuu, shut up
Sayanee_milky : argh, shuu. Can you just shut up?
Ybshtashuu ; hey, why haru-chan doesn’t appear?
Knst_hrn : what?
Ybshtashuu : so cold…
Knst_hrn : just spit it out. I want to sleep
Sayanee_milky : just spit it out. I want to sleep (2)
Haako_0805 : just spit it out. I want to sleep (3)
Ybshtashuu : let’s danso for prom.
Knst_hrn : just do as you like
Haako_0805 : just do what you like shuu
Sayanee_milky : I don’t care about what you want.

After the last sentence that sayanee let out, I close my phone and went to sleep without changing my clothes. God, only this time please granted me a dream where we haven’t broke up. Please granted my selfish dream. Only for this time.

2 weeks has passed. My national exam already finished, and you guys know what? I got the first rank for the national one. That makes mom and dad really happy and appointed me as the next CEO for the head of kinoshita Even if I said that I have a trauma toward boy, I just can’t forget about the hard work that he did for my family.

“haruna, have you done already? I want to lend you my tuxedo.” Haruto called from outside. Currently, I’m still fixing my hair because my best friends want to do danso. Huh.
“I’m finished. You can come in.”  I said a little bit louder. My room’s door are open as soon as I said that.
*haruna, this is my-... what the-...* I realized that weird expressions from haruto.
*am I that weird?* I ask him while checking my appearance from the mirror.
*you’re…handsome.” Haruto said to me as he led me to chair and fix my hair. When I look at the mirror, I just notice.
“hey, our appearance is just the same,” I said to haruto. He smile and stop fixing my hair.
“we will be the same. if you use this hair gel and my work suits.” He gently said to me.
“our clothes size are same?” I ask. he nod as the answer. Thanks, haruto.
“hurry up. The party is about to start. If you’re done, I’ll be right in front of the gate.” Haruto said as he left my room.

I change my clothes as fast as I can. Because haruto is going to take me to the party tonight. And he will help me to propose her tonight. Oh yeah, have I told you that haruto already got married? Hahaha. It is really funny if I told you guys. Anyway, from now on riichan is my young sister in-law. When I already finish, I went toward the first floor to take my mask, my invitation, and to wear my sneakers. After I finished, I got out from my house and directly went to the gate. Just like what haruto said, as soon as I got out from my house and the gate, a black Porsche is waiting for me. I open the passenger’s door and enter the car.

Around 30 minutes, finally I arrive to the party hall safely. I got out from the car and wear my mask. Not forgetting to say thank you to haruto for helping me this time. I walk in toward the hall’s lobby with mask on my face to hide my identity. After showing my invitation card, I enter the party hall with shuu, sayanee, and hazuki that already wait for me to come.

Just when we enter the ballroom, everyone start to whispered.
“oh my god, they’re so handsome.”
“I want to be their girlfriend.”
“is that the NG?”
“oh my holy goat... they’re more handsome than that kinoshita momoka.”
“is that kinoshita haruto? Why would he here?”
“are you fool, it’s really obvious that, the middle boy is kinoshita haruna.”

Everyone is whispering that word. But not with the girl that using crystal blue dress. It’s her. Kadowaki kanako. The girl that really can make me forget about my current self.

“hey haruna, let’s have a dance.” One girl start to ask me when I’m looking at kanako.
“I’m sorry. I can’t. I already have someone to be my date.”
“oh come on, just for this time.” This girl is so persistent.
“like I said, I already have someone to be my date.” After raising my voice, I start to look around. I can’t even see her presence.

A little bit irritated because I can’t find her, I push that annoying and persistent girl a little bit hard, so that she ended up on the floor with butt down. She really serves it. I run around the ballroom. But she is not there. I remove my mask, because I really can’t see if I put this mask on my face. If I really can’t find her inside this ballroom, I really have to find her outside.

But, before I could take a step, I found her. She’s being alone there. She look her surrounding and finally back to the window again. I put on my mask again. Fixing my clothes, my messy hair, before I approach her. Ah yeah, I forget that I can’t speak to her. Hah, another challenge. I walk toward her direction and stop behind her. It looks like, she doesn’t even realize my presence. I tap her shoulder to make her face me.

When she turn, I can feel that my heart is pumping 10th time than usual. I want to say in front of her that she’s really pretty tonight. Her dark brown hair, that hazel brown eyes, her little bit tall nose, and the last, her pinkish lips. All of her face parts are really tempting. I really want to attack her now.

“hey, are you okay?” she ask. I remember that I can’t answer her. So I nod as the answer. She smile. Oh my god...her smile has changed. It becomes more beautiful. Kanako, do you know that I really miss you. Unconsciously, I lure my right hand to her. She frown. Oh god, she’s cute if she keep being like that.

“you want me to be your date tonight?” she ask. I smile. She won’t know if this is me. I nod again. At first, she hesitated for a while. But, after I give her my smile, she take it. I pull her toward the center of the ballroom. As soon as we arrive at the center, the music start and everyone start to dance. It’s been a while for the two of us stay close like this. I don’t know how, but maybe if I put this happiness into words, it will only be 4 words. I am really happy. In the middle of the dance, I don’t know what’s gotten inside me, I place my lips onto hers.

Around 30 minutes dance, sayanee pull me away from the crowd and make our way toward our sacred stage. Huh, this guy’s always do their things without telling me beforehand. They even put me in front of the dance formation. Geez, they really have to pay me for this. The light suddenly went off when we already on the stage. Before the lamp went off, I can see that kanako is looking at me. Then before I know it the song start. And the light is back. But it’s not white, it’s blue, green, yellow, and red.


hontou wa kanojo to...
TAKISHIIDO no TAI wo yurume
haibokukan ajiwatteru boku sa
sasoou to omotte
neratteta no ni
sono yuuki ga nakattanda

amari ni utsukushii KUIIN wo
tameiki tsuite mitsumete itara
sou konya no PAATONAA ga
"gomen ne" tte

When that part already come, we, the namba girls remove our mask. Well, the one that dance is not only for namba girls. There’s more girls like ishizuka akari, yoshida akari, okita ayaka, Yamagishi natsumi, and the last, my senpai, kishino rika. After we remove our mask, I can see kanako’s surprised face. And after that I sing the lyrics that I really like. I hope that she can realized why I sing this song for her. I hope that she can realized it.

boku wa saitei no otoko kamo shirenai
soba no dareka wo kizutsukete
jibun dake ga koi wo shiteru
boku wa ai shiau shikaku nante nai
dare mo shiawase ni dekinai
boku wa EGOISUTO da
jikokeno ni ochiiru
yurushite kure

hontou wa kanojo to...

samishisou ni kimi wa utsumuite
sonna koto hajime kara wakatteta
kanojo no koto
suki datte koto
sasotte kurete ureshikatta

anna ni utsukushiku wa nai kedo
kore demo oshare wo shite kita no yo
sou konya sasotte moraete
"arigatou" tte
kimi wa naita

boku wa saitei no otoko kamo shirenai
soba no dareka wo kizutsukete
jibun dake ga koi wo shiteru
boku wa ai shiau shikaku nante nai
dare mo shiawase ni dekinai
boku wa EGOISUTO da
jikokeno ni ochiiru
yurushite kure

When it almost reach the last lyric, I run toward the backstage and get the things that I really need. There I met haruto that already standby while holding my bouquet and my propose ring. I got out from the backstage and run toward kanako that still can’t process anything. I can feel that my tears are going to burst. But still I don’t want to cry, unless she gave me her answer. I knelt in front of her while sing the last part for her.

boku wa imasara nani ka ni kidzuita
boku no hontou no KUIIN
kanojo yori chikai hontou no PAATONAA
konna boku wo ai shite kureru hito ga ita
yasashisa ni tsutsunde kureta
ai wa kumiawase da
kimi ni oshierareta
saa odorou

I really let my tears out from my eyes. This is the second time I cried in front of people. The first time is when I ask kanako to be mine. And this is the second time. I cried in front of her after 3 years. Now I stand, and hand her the flower bouquet. I don’t know how to speak anymore. She takes the bouquet and smile. “don’t cry anymore, babe.” My eyes widen in shock when she suddenly kiss me. Without breaking the kiss, I slip the ring that haruto already bought to her left ring finger.

Around 5 minutes in that position, finally I parted my lips. “will you marry me?” I ask almost in a whisper. Without giving me answer, she kiss me again. Oh come on, she already kiss me twice. That should be me the one that kiss her. She parted her lips again. “I will, haruna.” Only that answer that I want. Only her that I want. Finally I can hug her again.

At least, you’re mine again. And I’ll never let you again. From now on, until the last day of my life, I’ll always make you happy and you’ll remain as mine.
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And now here I am. At the beach that we usually visit. Ever since that day, I rarely go to this place anymore. This place will only bring out the memories about us. I watch this beach alone, miyuki. How about you? You watch this beach with who? Your ex, your best friends, or your families? It’s been 4 years right? Time goes quickly without me noticing. Today is our 9th anniversary as a lover and 4th anniversary as a wed couple. Our child is being fine too. He really look alike with you. Miyuki. I really miss you. Without realizing, this tears poured down. I know that I should forget about you and you want that too. But I know I can’t. The memory about us being together will always coming out. Help me forget this feelings miyuki.

If only I can stop the time for us, I will stop at the first day we meet. The day where I, yamamoto sayaka, meet the girl with name watanabe miyuki. The girl that can make the ice cold princess’s heart melt against those fiery spirits.

10 years ago

Today is just the same boring day ever. I forget that today is the day for me to enter my second year of high school. Not to forget that I really have to attend the welcoming ceremony for the first class’s students. Well, it’s okay for me, the chairman of the student council to skip the ceremony, if there’s no teacher that caught me luring around when the ceremony is about to start. Moreover, I really have to do a speech in front of the newcomers. It’s not embarrassing. But sure, it’s really troublesome.

Around 15 minutes after giving speech to the newcomers, I leave the school hall and went directly to the music room. But unfortunately. I don’t know if this is my fault or not, suddenly I bumped into someone until that person fall with her butt down. I lure my right hand to the person. Ah, the person is a girl. To be honest, this girl is more beautiful but in a cute way. And this girl is way too different with my cousin’s girlfriend. She takes my hand and I pull her to stand up.

“Lost?” I ask in a simple way. She nod.
“Newcomers?” I ask again.
“Y-yes, senpai.” She finally answer after I gave her question with demanding tone.
“Follow me.” I said. And she obediently follow me to the school hall like a little puppy that always follows its mother whenever it’s going.
“What?” I ask.
“m-my n-name i-i-is wa-watanabe miyuki. How abo-” She couldn’t finish her sentence because I cut her before she could answer.
“yamamoto sayaka.”
“You’re the daughter from yamamoto shouhei?” I thought that she will afraid to me. But in fact, she’s smiling when she know that I’m the daughter from the famous yakuza boss. I don’t want to answer her anymore, because we already arrive at the school hall.

The school hall that earlier full of noise become silent when I stepped my foot on the hall’s floor. “kinoshita haruna, kishino rika.” I call for my cousins that have the position as my vice and the head of disciplinary committee. “Don’t punish her. She’s lost.” I said which make everyone there surprised. Even I can’t believe if I really said that.

“Looks like someone in love..” haruna said loudly. If that’s true, then I might be falling in love at the first sight.
“Said to yamada-sensei that the new girl will be the second vice chairman.” Kishino said to haruna.
“I’ll going first. Just remember to watch after the ceremony. Do your things out right or you’ll be kick out from this school. Nice to work with you, miyuki.” It’s true. I fall in love at the first sight. And I fall to that girl.

End of flashback.

That’s 10 years ago right. We both still young that time. Around…16 maybe? And now, our age is already around, 25 and 26. How could I forget that today is your birthday? September 19th.  The first day you were born in this world, the day we first met, the day we date, the day we decided to get married, and the day you finally left me alone. All of our moment are save inside this date. The day that really left me with all of your shadow. All of our moment are recorded at this day, right miyuki?

Ah yeah I remember. Only you. You’re the only person that can make me feel comfortable inside the crowd. If I’m not mistaken, one year after I met you, I ask you to date with me right. And once again that sweet memory popped again and that always make my tears pour down again. I wonder why this relation is very complicated. The beach wind, blow my hair and force me to remember about that day.

9 years ago

Yeah, finally I already third year now. The freedom season finally come. But if I said I’m happy to be free, to be honest, I’m not that happy. Because everyone from yakuza family know. When his or her son or daughter already reach the adultness period, they will become the next head of the yakuza family. It’s really complicated.

“Hey, sayaka. What’s your next plan? She already broke up with her ex.” Haruna ask when she come to my house.
“I don’t know, haruna. I’m too tired to face this all.”
“Tomorrow is her birthday. Ask her out.” Haruna suggest.
“But…how?” I ask. I ever date with 5 girls before. But sure this time really make me blank and nervous.
“Seriously. The famous player, yamamoto sayaka doesn’t know how to ask a watanabe miyuki to go out? This is surely new. I have to report this to rika-chan.” Haruna said while taking out her phone.
“Hey, don’t tell it to rika. She’ll be mad later.” I said a little bit panicked. Rika always try to give me the best not to date with someone. But I broke that. She know that I’m only playing with that girl. That’s why she doesn’t let me to date someone.
“Fine. I won’t tell it to rika-chan. But if you think it clearer, rika-chan become like that isn’t because she wants to. It’s because of you sayaka. You’re the one that force her to be like that.” Haruna said.

But if I think it clearly, it’s true that I’m the one that make her to be like that. Hah. But this time I’m really sure that I really love miyuki without any lust. I don’t know if my Antonio will wake up or not. She’s special. I bet. When I’m with miyuki, I never struggle with Antonio and I never change into that cruel alter ego. I guess she’s the right girl that can make Antonio locked down. So that she won’t come out again.

“ah yeah. I remember. You ever write 3 songs right. I only know about yuki koi. You didn’t tell me the other two.” Oh that’s right. I even forget about that three songs. As what you know. I, yamamoto sayaka, is a singer. Even if I’m a yakuza daughter, singing is my hobby. And writing song is my favorite job.
“the other two is ima naraba and tsukikage.” Actually that two song is my new song that I write by my own self. This three song is the one that I wrote for miyuki.
“sing that yukikoi. It’s really match with your condition right now.” I nod at her and take my guitar at the right corner of my room. I start to strum the strings of my guitar so that it could make the right melody of my songs. But I don’t want to play it now.
“haru, can you leave my room?” I ask.
“I’ll wait until you can get her. Bye. When you already date with her, make sure you be honest with rika-chan.” Haru answer. I nod.

I take out my phone and look at the time. It still 08.00 pm. I open the screen lock and search for miyuki’s contact in my phone. I decided to call for miyuki. Even though I know if this is already the time for miyuki to sleep. After a few time, finally miyuki pick up the call.

“nani, sayaka-chan?”
“are you asleep already?”
“still can’t sleep. Something is bothering my mind.”
“you’re thinking about what?”
“about someone.”
“oh. Now I remember something. Can you meet me tomorrow?”
“at xxx park. At 10 o’clock. I have something to tell you okay.”

Then I hung up the call and laid my body to my bed. I will say it to her. I look at the clock above my study desk. 8.30 o’clock. It’s too early to sleep. But I have to wake up early so that I could give her a surprise by the time she arrive at the park. I close my eyelids and decided to sleep.

Today, I already wake up around 5.46 o’clock. I get ready at 8.30 o’clock. I call haruna and her fiancé to help me for today. Around 30 minutes, finally I got out from my room and head to the dining room for breakfast with my parents. “I heard from haruna that you’re going out with her and kanako. Is that true?” I nod for the answer.

“dad, do you know someone that have a surname ‘watanabe’.?” I ask to dad.
“now you tell me about it. I have.” Dad answer.
“does he has a daughter?” I ask again.
“sayaka, what’s happening to you?” mom ask.
“I just want to ask.” I answer.
“watanabe family consist of 4 people. Watanabe miyuji as the head of watanabe clan. Watanabe yuki as his wife, watanabe miyuki as their first child, and watanabe miyuto as their last child. Now you know it. So answer my question. Why you’re that obsessed with watanabe family.” Dad explain and ask at the same time.
“I’ll answer it, but please don’t be angry.”  I said.
“go on.”
“Antonio never appear when I’m with miyuki.” I answer honestly.
“are you sure?” mom ask.
“I’m very sure, mom. There’s a time when I struggle with Antonio, but miyuki locked it down.”
“it means that only miyuki that can control Antonio. Is that what you want to say?” I nod.
“she’s your soulmate.” Mom said.
“I know that you must have some feelings toward her.” Dad said which make me choked out my food.
“how can you know?”
“it’s easy to read sayaka.”
“can I date her?”
“I only allow you when you can promise that you won’t play her feelings.”
“I won’t, dad.”
“then it’s good. Better keep that promise for me and miyuji’s family.”
“okay. I’m going first okay. bye mom, bye dad.” I kiss their cheek when I leave the house while taking my guitar.

I run toward the park because that park is a little bit far from my house. Around 15 minute maybe. I arrive at the park. Haruna and her fiancé already there. The park is fully decorated. Ah I forget to tell this. Actually that park is the one that my father build for me when I still live around this resident. I sit at the nearer bench while panting. Haruna and kanako walk toward my direction and sit beside me.

“it’s already 09.58. she should be here in a few minutes.” Haruna said.
“she’s already here though. But still can’t find you.”
“we’re going first. Tell me if something happened.” Then they left me alone sitting here with my guitar. Just at the same time, miyuki phone me. I smile.
“sayaka-chan, where’re you?”
“at the park of course.”
“but, I can’t see you.”

 I decided not to answer her whine. I just place my phone beside me and put my guitar strap on my shoulder.

“nee, sayaka-chan. Can you hear me?”
“ah. What is it?”
“why I feel like you’re really close with me.”
“why don’t you walk toward the big tree.”
“which one? There’re 3 big trees here.”
“behind you miyuki.” I finally said while standing in front of her with guitar in my hand.

I could see her surprise expression. I just smile and strum my original song that I write for her. But before it, I talk to her first.

“hey there.”
“um, hi?”
“no need to be like that, miyuki.”
“miyuki, can you close your eyes?”

Without saying any words, she closes her eyes and I pull her toward somewhere that haruna already decorate. At that place, I take the flower bouquet and flower’s crown that kanako make. I place it on miyuki’s head. Because I’m slightly higher than miyuki, my lips touch her forehead unconsciously. “you can open your eyes now.” I smile when I look at her appearance now. I hand her the bouquet from kanako. “happy birthday, miyuki.”

“thank you, sayaka-chan.”
“just like what I said yesterday, I have something to talk with you. But I before I say it, I want you to hear this song.” I can see her frowning expression. And it’s really cute in my eyes. I start strumming the strings from my guitar.

nantonaku wakattetanda
kono basho ni zutto wa irarenai koto
tameiki de miageta sora hitohira no yuki fuyu no nioi ga shita

machi wa nigiyaka ni kirameku
boku wa kioku no naka no kimi no egao sagashita

dare yori kimi no koto wakatta tsumori de
atarimae ni soba ni iru to omotte ita
boku no mune ni sasatta ya wa nukenai mama
itami nokoshi samenu netsu wo kanjite iru ima demo

zutto wasurerarenainda
kimi no koe tsunaida te no nukumori mo
matsuge ni tsumoru kesshou namida sura nagasu koto mo dekinai

itsumo to onaji kaerimichi
futari narabu hazu datta ashiato wa hitotsu dake

dare yori kimi no koto tada itoshikatta
atarimae ni onaji kimochi to omotte ita
umerarenai kodoku wa yukiba wo nakushite
tada hitasura boku no kokoro mushibande iku shizukani

furitsumoru omoi wa kono yuki ni magire
yagate tokete isso subete kiereba ii
itsuka itsu no hi ka arukidaseru ka na
kiete kurenai kimi no netsu wo boku no mune ni nokoshite


I stop strumming my guitar and put it on the grass field. I walk toward her and grab her hands. “as you can hear. That song is the one that I presented for you. If you remember what haruna said when the first time we met, it’s really true. I fell in love from the first time I saw you. When I heard that you’re dating with that scum, my heart broke in an instant.” Miyuki just stay silent but from the way she grab my hand, I know that she’s been holding her tears since the first sentence I say. I loosen my grip from her hand and place it to her fluffy cheek.

“watanabe miyuki, I never say this to you but, today I’ll say it. It’s been 1 years pass 2 minutes since the first day we met. I love you from the first time we met. Will you be my girl?” I ask her while linking our hand together. There’s a time gap before she answer my question. But eventually she answer my question with a nod. When she answer that, my heart feel like a blooming flower. I hug her while taking out something from my pocket. After a while, I broke the hug and place the something on her hand. The thing that I give her is a white gold necklace with half heart shape pendant.

“that’s the necklace that match with mine. My father give me that when I’m still 10 years old. He told me to give that necklace for my soulmate.”
“soulmate? What are you talking about?”
“I have a double personality or the simple one, alter ego called Antonio.”
“alter…ego?” she ask
“yes. And that soulmate is someone that can lock down my alter ego. And this alter ego can’t appear when I’m with that person. I ever fall in love with 5 person at different time. But none of them can lock down Antonio when she want to appear. And when I’m with you Antonio never appear. That’s why I can tell that you’re my soulmate.”
“so it’s true that Antonio is your alter ego.”
“yes. And this feelings is true. I know it. We’re bond to be together.”
“thank you, sayaka-chan. I love you.”
“I love you too miyuki.”

End of flashback

I still can fully remember about that day. The day I finally found my true love and close my heart for anyone except you. The day I finally found the true meaning of happiness. The ice cold princess that people usually scared off, now become the spring cherry blossoms. Thanks to you miyuki. If that time I didn’t met you, then this ice cold princess won’t change herself. But still all of our moments are recorded on your birthday. I wonder why it’s not mine. Nah, I’m just joking about that one. The reason why it have to be your birthday huh? There’s only one reason. Because you’re special for me, miyuki.

Even if I collect the reason for us to be together again, it has no meaning anymore. Because you’re not here anymore. I know that even if you die, I know that you’ll be always beside me. I know it. But why I can’t even sense your presence. I really miss you. I want to hug you. I want to share this tears with you. I want to share everything with you. I want us spend our time with our kid. Why can’t you just appear in front of me?

It’s a pity for me. Your birthday save too much memory for us. Should I tell them about the day I propose you? Should I tell them how happy you’re when that beautiful silver ring are place on your ring finger? If you don’t want then I’ll tell them about our wedding day. It’s the most precious day that I really have to write in my calendar. This day is too precious for me. This is the day that I really couldn’t forget. The day finally I can be with you without any nuisance from other people.

4 years ago

Finally. 5 years for me and miyuki to date. Our relation went really well for this 5 passed year. And today, finally I’m going to marry her. At first mom and dad disagree about this. Because they know that I still can’t endure my lust when I’m miyuki. But I never hurt her. Beside Antonio never appear anymore. Mom and dad let me marry miyuki when they really believe Antonio never appear anymore. I just know that miyuki also have an alter ego called ‘Coby’. I wonder why it have to be Coby. But I think Antonio know about Coby. Why I talk about coby? Does it really important for you guys?

“miyuki, are you finished?”
“I’m finished. Come in.”

When I enter miyuki’s dressing room, I could see her mother and her brother there. She looks so great using the dress that my mother make. Oh god, she’s the most beautiful angel that you send to me. I can’t believe it. “sayaka, what are you doing here? You should be at the hall now, right?” her mom ask. I just grin toward miyuki’s mom. “it’s okay. My mother ask me to look for miyuki first” I said. Her mother smile. “I’m going first, oka-sama. I have to be there before mom kill me.” I said as I live miyuki’s dressing room. Finally, she become mine now.

Around 15 minutes waiting, finally the wedding ceremony start. Oh god, this time I really feel nervous. This thing make me more nervous than fighting with a gang of Yankee. I’m lost in my mind when suddenly miyuki’s brother tapped my shoulder. “here she come.” He whispered to me. Good, miyuki makes my heart doing sport. That beautiful face with that white dress and the flower crown really make her perfect. She’s very different. “sayaka-san, hurry up.” I finally regain my consciousness when miyuto elbow my stomach. I can see miyuki giggling at me. “I’ll leave her under your care, sayaka.” My father-in-law said to me. I nod and walk toward the altar with miyuki. When we reach the altar, the priest start the prayers. I don’t know how long because I don’t even bring my watch.

Finally, after the prayers, the priest ask us the vow of our lifetime.  “are you, yamamoto sayaka, willing to accept watanabe miyuki as your wife and your companion of your life, both in sickness and health, in times of joy and sorrow, in a state of rich and poor?”
“yes, I’m willing.”
“are you, watanabe miyuki, willing to accept yamamoto sayaka as your wife and your companion of your life, both in sickness and health, in times of joy and sorrow, in a state of rich and poor?”
“yes I will.”
“you may now exchange the rings and place it on your partner’s ring finger.”

The priest give us the white gold rings that already given from the first head of yamamoto gumi untul the rest of his generation. I take one of the rings, slowly reach for her left hand, and put it on miyuki’s left ring finger. I smile at her when I already finish. Miyuki also does the same thing to me. She takes the ring, slowly reach my left hand, and put it on my left ring finger. She also smile to me when she finished. “by using this rings as the prove of your relation. You two are now bond to be together from today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, until death separate you. God blessed you. You may kiss now.”

Slowly but sure, I reach miyuki’s cheek and pull her closer to me. And finally I kiss her. Now, we can’t be separated anymore. I’m so happy.

End of flashback.

The memory from 4 years ago surely being the best memory ever. I still remember about it miyuki. Two week after we got married, we went to France for our honey moon. And we do our first night there. Hearing your beautiful moan every time I landed my lips on your body, it makes me really missing you. Your sweet voice that keep on teasing me and sing me when I can’t sleep, your body that craving for my touch, I miss it. I really miss everything about you. Only you that can make the ice in my heart melt, when I’m inside the crowd.

But now everything start to change, I’m starting to change to be my old self again. There’s no one that can prevent Antonio to appear. If you’re here now, maybe you and our kid could prevent Antonio from coming out. But now you’re gone. You left me because of your stupid ex, miyuki. I ever told you, don’t trust him. Don’t date with him. But you said everything will be okay as long as I’m beside you. But it never happened. You won’t leave me forever if I’m with you right. I really miss those day when you’re still alive.

You left me because of those jerks. All of them seems to be scum in my eyes. I wonder why you want to date them while you already have me beside you. Is it because of Coby? Is it because you want to search for your alter ego’s partner? I know that you already found it. But why you date them? I know that you already forgive them for what they have done to you. But not for me, miyuki. They know that I don’t want to lose you. But still they separate us. I won’t forgive them miyuki. And today, everyone remind me about your death, miyuki. I still can’t accept the fact that you already gone from this world. If only I was more concerned with you than my job, then that accident won’t happen and you won’t leave me alone with our kid in this world.

3 years ago

Ah, today, finally it’s our first anniversary as a wed couple. September 19th. This date really save a lot of memory for me, miyuki, and our kid. Oh yeah. Now, miyuki is pregnant around 8th month maybe. Actually today, miyuki is having her routine pregnancy checkup. But unfortunately I can’t accompany her today. So I ask miyuto to take miyuki for her checkup. My work today is being doubled by my father because I skip my work for almost 3 months and my father replace me. So today, if I skip again, maybe dad will kick me out from my house.

“hey, miyuki. I’m sorry if I can’t be with you.”
“it’s okay, saya-chan. As long as you stay here, finished your work, and waiting for me to be home, I’ll be fine for sure.”
“but, I’m not sure. I don’t know why. But I feel something is going to happen to someone in our family.”
“sayaka, it’s really obvious that every single parents will get worry when her or his wife is going to have their checkup. Don’t worry. I’ll be fast.” Miyuki said as she take a little peck on my lips.
“promise me you’ll be save? Promise you won’t leave me alone?”
‘I promise. I’m going. Take care of your health and work. Don’t forget to have your lunch.”
“please be save. I love you.”

After that, I watch miyuki from my office’s windows until she’s out from the gate and enter my car that miyuto drives on. I take out my phone and type some number on the panel. There’s a gap of time before the person that I call finally answer.

“can you keep an eye on the car that miyuki rode on?”
“she’s using my car with miyuto.”
“to the usual hospital.”
“I have a bad feelings about this.”
“thanks. I’m counting on you.”

Then I hung up the call. Oh god, please don’t let miyuki to be hurt. I really need her to be with me and our kid that soon is coming to world. I threw this negative thinking and replace it with a positive one so that I could focus on my work. I wonder about our kid. A boy or a girl. If our kid is a girl, then I will name her sakumi, while if it is a boy, I will name him sakuya.

3 hours already pass. But still there’s no information that come from my cousin. I become more worried this time. Oh come on. still there’s no any information from my cousin about my wife? The negative thought that I try to throw away is popping again. I tried to focus on my work. So that I have time to be alone with miyuki. I only continue my work about 30 minutes because my cousin call me. When I pick up the call, I can tell that something must be happening to miyuto or no miyuki and our child.

“haruna, what happened?”
“what happen to miyuki and miyuto?”
“miyuki’s ex crashed his car to your car purposely.”
“who is it?”
“kinoshita momoka.”
“take miyuki and miyuto to the hospital as fast as you can.”
“miyuki is going to give birth now. The crashing make the baby surprised and it caused the contraction now. Hurry up and come to my private hospital.”
“I’m coming there.”

I know it. This is the bad feeling that I’ve been having since earlier. Sad, worry, happy, mad. This 4 feelings are mixed inside my heart. I’m sad because something happened to my wife and my kid. I’m worry because something might happen to my little family, I’m happy because finally my little angel is going to come to this world, and I’m mad because of the scum that I almost kill 9 years ago, purposely crashed his car to my car that my wife and my brother-in-law rode on. I take my Ferrari’s key and headed to haruna’s hospital with my parents. I’m really worried of miyuki and my kid’s condition now. I don’t care if I drive my car passing my car’s maximum speed. All I really want is just miyuki and my kid’s safety. Around 30 minutes finally I arrive to haruna’s hospital. 

I run, run, run, and run until I can find miyuto in front of operation room. “miyuto… how’s miyuki?” I ask to miyuto as I reach his body to hug him. “nii-sama, I’m sorry. I really can’t take care of nee-sama for you.” From the way he speaks, I can tell that he must be crying now. Miyuki is her only and precious sister after all. I pat his back to calm him. Even if my worried expression is all over place. Miyuki is the most precious gem for me. And my kid, is the most precious treasure that I’m going to have. Please don’t separate me from the two of them. Suddenly, the surgery room’s lame is turned off. This can only means that the surgery is already over right. Haruna come out from the room. “I manage to stop the bleeding. But, she lost too much blood. And I don’t even think that she can safe.” Haruna said to us immediately. It took more time for me to understand what haruna said. And, when I finally can understand, I drop my body to the floor.

“for now, I’m going to enter the surgery room again. I’m going to take out your kid. We just have to pray for her.” Haruna said as she enter the room again. My tears poured down when I realized that miyuki is on the verge of death. And there’s a possibility that she’s going to die and leave me alone inside this world.

“miyuto, let me ask you something.” I said after wiping the tears that poured down from me eyes and stand with this feet.
“yes, nii-sama. Just ask me as you like.”
“do you remember the number of the car’s number plate?”
“I do. The number is N 434 M.”
“I’ll make sure that I’ll kill her this time.”

As soon as I said that, I can hear the voice from a crying baby. Finally. I can hear my kid’s crying sound. Finally my angels is born. But I just remember that haruna still working inside there to save miyuki. 30 minutes has passed, but still haruna hasn’t got out from the surgery room. God, please save her. Please same my girl. Just when I’m about to cry again, haruna gpt put from the surgery room and stand in front of me. With that mixed expression, haruna hug me. I don’t know what happen inside the surgery room. Is miyuki save or not?this thought keep haunting me. I finally know the answer when suddenly haruna cry on my shoulder. No way. No, no, no. it can’t be. She can’t leave me alone. She can’t leave our little family that I’m going to start. Please. “let me see her.” I begged to haruna.

Haruna take me inside the surgery room. “she’s still alive. But soon, she’ll go.” Haruna said when we already stand in front of the surgery bed. “can you leave me alone?” I ask to haruna. Without saying anything, she leave me alone with miyuki inside the surgery room. Please don’t take her away from me. I really need her to be with me. I really need her to watch the growth of our kid. She’s the one that saying that she won’t leave me no matter what happen.

“miyuki, I know you can hear me.”
“I can hear you sayaka-chan.” Surely seeing her like this really make me weak
“you’re strong. As expected. You give birth to our child. And I know that you’ll be save to.”
“I already do what I supposed to give you.”
“you already promise that you won’t go anywhere. You promise that you won’t leave me alone.”
‘I’m sorry, sayaka. I really have to leave you alone with our baby.”
“no, I bet our baby want you to stay with me.”
“sayaka, don’t be like that. How can I leave if you stay like this?”
“then don’t leave me.”
“I’m sorry, sayaka-chan.”

I grab her hand as soon as she said that word. Her grip is weakened. She’s going to leave me anytime soon. I laugh at my pitiful self. “sayaka-chan, I guess it’s time for me to leave.” I shook my head while my tears poured down again. Miyuki still smile even though she’s going to leave this world for real. “miyuki, please don’t.” she sign me to move closer toward her. Once I get closer to her face, her lips captured mine. This is going to be the last for me to taste this lips. “by the way, I win our bet. I love you” With that one last sentence and smile, she finally leave this world. “then it’s good, miyuki.” Again, my tears poured down again. This is the last time for me to hear her sweet voice, to see her sweet smile, to feel the warm lips above mine, and to feel her warm spread through my body. She won the bet. Our baby name is yamamoto sakuya. I decided it.

End of flashback

It’s really hurt to remember that memory miyuki. It’s the most hurt thing that I ever feel. I…I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel lost. Even though I know that I have sakuya beside me, but still I feel something empty beside me. I take my guitar that I place beside your grave. I start to strum a song that every night I played to make sakuya sleep or when I’m missing you. Like I said miyuki. you guys are really look alike.

hito wa naze kono hoshi ni umareta no darou
nante kangaeru yoru wa
yariba no nai kodoku ni kararenagara
seijaku wo samayou yo

tsuki mo michite wa kakete yuku
kokoro wo utsushita kagami

konna kurai yoru wa nani mo mienai sora
kokoro ga mane shite wa yami mo fukaku naru
matataku ma ni boku no ichibu ni narishimikomu
nukedasenakute tsugi ni sashikonde kuru hikari wo matsu no

taiyou mo itsushika moetsukiru mono to
dareka ga iidashita kedo
moetsukinai mirai ni kibou moteba
kokyuu nado tayasukute

yurari kieyuku utakata
hakanasa inochi ga gotoku

konna kurai yoru wa nani mo mienai sora
kokoro ga mane shite wa yami mo fukaku naru
matataku ma ni boku no ichibu ni narishimikomu
nukedashitakute mada mienai hikari ni kono te wo nobasu

dore hodo ni kurai yoru sora ni ukanda tsuki ga
fumidasu ashimoto wo kasuka ni terashi
kodoku ga shibaru kokoro mo kanata ni tokihanatsu
onaji tsukiyo no hikaritayori ni iki wo shite iru dare mo


as soon as sing that song, suddenly I can hear a really familiar song from in front of me. Deg! Suddenly my heart beating fast. It can’t be. I close my eyes to make me believe that this is all false. She already gone. She doesn’t exist in this world anymore. As I open my eyes, I can see that her figure is standing in front of me with a beautiful white dress and a beautiful smile. And then she start to sing again.

Boku wa inai natsu no sunahama
Kimi wa dare to umi wo miru no?

Kiatsu ga sagaruto sugu ni wakaru nda
Naze ka setsunai

Ikutsu no taifuu ga toorisugita nara
Kimi e no omoi wa kieru no darou?

Boku wa inai kimi no chikaku ni
Sakebu you ni nami ga uchiyoseru
Atsui taiyou wa dare ni teritsukeru?
Kashi booto no tento no mae
Itsumo no basho na no ni

Riyuu narabete mo kotae ni naranai
Koi wa owatta

Yuuei kinshi no akai hata no you ni
Furimuku koto sae jisei shite iru

Boku wa inai subete maboroshi
Kyonen yori mo samui natsurashii
Aoi umi wa ima mo kawarazu ni
Hashagi sugita ai no hibi wo
Kirakira utsushiteru

Doko de natsu wo sugosu darou
Ano hi katta tiishatsu
Chigau biichi de onaji umi wo miteiru kamo shirenai

Boku wa inai kimi no chikaku ni
Itsumonaraba kisu wo shiteta no ni
Kimi wa inai subete maboroshi
Yume no owari ii kikaseteiru
Koi wa hakanakute yosete kaesu nami
Kimi to boku no suihei-sen
Yuuhi ga damarikomu

I let out a small smile while my tears poured down again. You come closer to me, from that water. When you’re just around 2 feet in front of me, I pull you so that I can hug you. I can touch you. I can feel your warmth spread around my body. I really want to release this feelings to you. When I broke the hug, I capture your lips. It’s still the same from the last time I taste this lips. Around 3 minutes finally I broke the kiss, because my lungs command for oxygen. “you’re still the same, sayaka. Aggressive as always.” You said when I broke our kiss. I just smile.

“I’m really proud of you. You manage to be the single parents for our kid.” You said again. I just smile. For a moment, a memory when sakuya suddenly said that he want to meet her mother to me, is popping out.
“sakuya is missing you, do you know it?”
“I also miss him. I never met him.”
“why don’t you just come back to this world?”
“I can’t sayaka. For this 3 years, I really want to see you. But I know I can’t. and today, finally I can meet you.”
“please miyuki. I really want you to be part of my life again.”
“don’t be like that, sayaka. Because soon, I’ll be part of you again.”
“otou-sama!!” sakuya’s shouting voice really make me surprised.
“he’s very cute, isn’t he?”
“he’s just like you miyuki.”
“I guess, my time is over now. I’m going first sayaka.”

After that one last sentence, her last word darted right above mine. And then she disappear into the piercing light of the sunset with a smile. I smile too. Finally after years, my wish is granted by the god. “otou-sama, is that mom?” sakuya asked when I carry his body to my arms. “yes. She’s beautiful right?” sakuya nod. I just smile and take my guitar, while turning my back toward the beach that I always visit. I guess this is a real goodbye until you come to my world again, miyuki. I love you.

~ finished ~

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Mr. Genius and Ms. Fisher
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Mr. Genius and Ms. Fisher

Watanabe miyuki, that’s my name. As you guys know, I have a brother name watanabe sayaka. If you guys want to know about me more, you guys better read my story that I’m going to tell you. Do you want to know why my brother act really cold when he close with girl but not with me? Let me tell you, my brother has a sister complex. It means that he love me. But unfortunately, I don’t like him. To be exact, I don’t want to love him. But still, he always treasure me the most. I know that my best friend, yoshida akari, has a feeling toward my brother so I decided to make niisan forget about me and have a normal relation with akari.

Why I can be so calm about this thing? Because I don’t want to make a sin toward God for loving my own brother. I already promise to God about it. It’s been month since niisan move on and dating with akari. Now, I’m entering 3rd grade of high school. It was really like hell when I entered my first and second years. And this year is my third year to be the student council president. Gosh, that takahashi-sensei is killing me. Akari already move to America because of her mother’s work. Well, sayaka-niisan also follow her though. This year, I’m going to choose my own vice president. I don’t want the person I don’t know that takahashi-sensei choose become my vice.

And 1 month already pass, but still I haven’t got my vice president. Urgh, the limit is only until next week. And yet, there’s no one that I can trust to be my vice. “Watanabe-san, Fukumoto-sensei is asking your attendance for today’s class.” I sigh. Lately, I’ve been skipping almost all of my class. And I know if niisan know about this, he’ll be mad with me. I nod toward my class rep. I stood from my chair and walk toward my class. It feels like hell, ever since akari move to America.

I knock the door 3 times. And not too long after I knock, Fukumoto-sensei let me enter the class. Everyone is looking at me like there’s something urgent just happened. I give them my questioning look. “sit first, watanabe-san. I’m going to explain it for you.” Fukumoto-sensei said. I nod, and head to my chair that located at the most right corner of the class. “Actually, there’s a new student from Las Vegas today.” fukumoto-sensei said. What the. I just sigh. “just hurry up. I really have to do my work from student council.” And finally I blurt it out. I really don’t want to stay in this class. A day without akari is boring. The new student must be here in a few minute and after it, I’ll go back to student council’s office.

Then I can hear a knock. Fukumoto-sensei give the permission for the student to come in. it’s a boy. And his face really looks alike with who? I guess I ever saw that face, but who? Ah yeah, he really looks alike with niisan. But who’s that boy? I could hear he’s introducing himself in front of the student. “I’m a transferred student from las Vegas.” He’s quite fluent on his dialect. After a while, he finally said his name. “my name is yamamoto sakuya.” yamamoto sakuya, what a nice name.

It seems that I got an interest on that boy. Not to mention that he’s very handsome. I stand from my chair and decided to leave the class. I walk toward his direction and whisper some word toward him. “your face really resembles with my brother’s. It seems that your charm make me has some interest toward you.” That’s what I said to him. And then I kiss his left cheek. Oh my god, my fishier personality still hasn’t disappeared. “make this boy come to my room later.” After that I could see his blushing face and everyone start to whistle my action earlier. When I already got out from my class, I can feel that my heart skipped a beat.

I walk down the school corridor that will lead me toward the student council’s office. I keep walking until I can see my destination. The student council’s office. When I enter the room, I can see that there’s a few member inside. I just enter my room and have a rest inside there. Well, I’m the daughter from the owner of this school. So I’m free to do what I really want. I take out my phone and decided to have a video call my brother. After I open the application, I search for my brother’s contact. And when I found it, I decided to call him.

Around 5 seconds, he finally pick up the call. “niisan.” I call him. I wonder what he does there.
“what is it, princess?”
“I’m bored.”
“me too. Today my lecturer doesn’t come so I have a free class. But it’s quite boring.”
“I’m too lazy to enter Fukumoto-sensei’s class. It’s boring.”
“geez, you don’t have to raise your voice.”
“miyuki, Fukumoto-sensei is our aunt. Do you remember that?”
“I do.”
“then, why you skipped her class?”
“like I said, I was bored. There’s no akari and I don’t have any other friend inside my class.”
“you know what? Niisan really miss you.”
“miyu also miss you, niisan.”
“haaaa. Niisan really want to apologize to you.”
“about what?”
“niisan still can’t get over you.”
“why can’t you just accept akari with all of your heart. Niisan already promise to miyu that you will get over that feelings.”
“niisan really sorry, miyu.”
“you can’t love me, niisan. Miyu can’t love niisan. Miyu already got someone special.”
“I know it miyu. Then, who’s the lucky boy?”
“it’s a new student from Las Vegas.”
“what’s his name?”
“yamamoto sakuya. He really looks alike with you niisan.”
“then he must be handsome.”
“I’ll-“ my sentence stopped when I heard a knock from my room’s door.
“miyu will send you his profile later. Bye, love you niisan. Please be quick on your study.”

After that I hung up and close my phone. Then another knock can be heard again. “come in.” I said from inside. Ah, it’s the new student. “a-ano, watanabe-san?” he call my name. It’s really cute. “don’t call me that formal, sakuya-kun. Just call me milky like every student does.” I said to him. His face turn red in an instant. I still haven’t do anything to seduce him. He walk closer toward my table. I hand him a member form. I decide that he will become my vice president. “when you join student council, your school facility will be given by student council. And you will also get a very different uniform from student council.” What I said is kind of true. My parent’s school really serve a lot of facilities. Like a uniform like the one I’m wearing. All school facilities are given by the student councils.

“if you want to refuse, it’s okay. But if you want to join, you know where to find me.” I end my sentence with a wink that I usually give when I try to fish someone that I like.
“i-I’ll join the student council.” He said before thinking twice. But it’s okay. As long as he is here, then it’ll be okay.

I give him a pen to fill the form. I just wait for him while looking at his side face. His serious expression make him really handsome. I just realize that he is wearing glasses and he has a messy hair too. He really look alike with niisan. “ano, watanabe-san, I already fill the form.” He said. I really hate people that call me by using my surname. It feels too formal. “like I said, sakuya-kun. Just call me milky. That’s my nickname.” He just scratch the back of his head. I take the form that he already fill and walk toward my room’s door.

Once I open it, I search for someone that really close with me among the student council member and not only that she’s the girlfriend from my cousin. Ah there she is. “fuuko.” I call her name. yagura fuuko to be exact. She came to me with a smile. “what is it milky-san?” she ask. I give her the form that sakuya-kun already fill. Like know what I mean, she nod to me. “don’t forget to tell takahashi-sensei that sakuya-kun will become my vice.” I said which make her smile. She come closer to me and said, “he is a very special person for you right?” of course yes. I take a look behind me, ten I smile. “just go, fuuko.” I said while pushing her away from the door.

I walk toward my table again. “you can go out now, saya-kun. But don’t forget to come here when school time already over okay.” he nod and smile.
“thanks for inviting me to student council and for your trust for me to be your vice president, milky.”

Deg! My heart really skipped a bit when I hear his soothing voice. He is perfect for me. He bow to me then leave me alone in my room. I sit in my chair while touching my chest. Usually I can make boys fall to my charm, but now, he’s the one that make me fall for him. Finally my heart calmed after a few minutes. Inside my room, there’s an intercom that will connect to the speaker outside. I press the button and ask for my secretary to send sakuya-kun’s e-profile to me. A few second later, sakuya-kun’s e-profile were sent to my I-pad. I open it and a little smile.

Name: Yamamoto Sakuya
Birthplace: Namba, Osaka, Japan
Birthdate: July 14th 1998
Blood type: b
Height: 188 cm
Education: Osaka private boy school, Osaka private boy high school, Osaka elementary school
Family: 1st child from 3 siblings
History: - Parents divorced, stay with mother
-   Born name is kashiwagi sakuya, changed into Yamamoto sakuya
-   Always get the 1st rank on elementary, middle high, and high school.
-   First rank for every test, ever join math, science, and robot students Olympic.
-   First rank on national exam for elementary and middle high.

This is new for me. I really have to treasure him. And also, I got a new rival. But after I reread it again, I don’t want niisan to know about sakuya. Interesting. I wonder how my day will go if he stay beside me. He’s quite genius.

It’s been 6 months since sakuya-kun move to my parent’s school. And it’s been 6 months for us to get close, do you know guys? Last month when my birthday come, he gave me a smartphone that he designed by himself, isn’t he really genius? Well, I felt really secure when I’m with him. He is always beside me every time I go away. When I walk at the school’s corridor, he is always beside me, when I’m at the cafeteria then he would be there too. Every place where I am, then he will be there too. Even some student start gossiping that I’m dating with sakuya-kun, but most of the student refuse to trust it. Because it’s true, I still don’t have any relation with sakuya-kun.

“ne, ne, saya-kun.”
“what is it, milky?”
“next week, it’s already midterm exam right?”
“it is. What about it?”
“want to make a challenge?”
“we have to get the 1st rank from all student in this school.”
“why you suddenly ask it?”
“well, because we’re rival in the class, our rank is always the same, I really want to test it. Also, there’s a prize for the winner.”
“what is it?”
“if you lose, you have to take me to the USJ. And if you win, I’ll give you something special.”
“that something special is?”
“I’ll let you know when the rank is being announce.”

I don’t think that I will win on this challenge. Because from the start, I know that he already win. I just want to play along with him. And about the challenge’s prize, I’m a little bit serious though. My lips form a little smile. Then my phone rung. “you can stand beside me, sakuya-kun.” I said to him. He nod and I pick up the call. It’s a video call to be exact.

“hi, princess.”
“what is it, niisan? I’m in a middle of meeting now.”
“meeting with who?”
“my vice president and my secretary.”
“is He your vice president?”
“how if I say yes?”
“niisan already told you to choose someone better, miyu.”
“but you don’t have any right to tell me that and that should be me to tell you about it, niisan.”
“you already dare to speak like that to me, miyu.”
“hell, I do. It’s your fault at the first, niisan.”
“don’t you dare to speak me with that word, miyuki.”
“how about your feelings toward me? I hope you already throw it away.”
“what niisan? Don’t you dare to call me if you still can’t forget me.”
“and why are you so close with that boy? Do you even forget about our promise? Coby still live in you, which means that you fish that boy so that he could enter your trap.”
“watch your word, watanabe sayaka. It’s true that Coby still live inside me. But it doesn’t mean that I use her to be my lure. Coby is my friend. She only appear when I ask her to.”
“lost your word?”
“forget that feelings or I’ll never let you see akari again.”

Then I hung up the call. I lean my back at the chair back. I sigh. Until when he will stay become like that. “I’m sorry to make you hear about it.” I said. He just smile while patting my head. “that makes you stronger, milky. You and your brother is not at fault. He just need time to accept someone new.” I smile after what he said. I wrap my hands on his waist. I just want to hug him, nothing more. Only he can understand me. I can feel that he’s pulling me closer to his body. His warmth really make me calmed. “thanks for understand me.” He just pat my head. I know that niisan don’t like sakuya-kun, but he also don’t have any right to be jealous. I broke the hug and smile. “you can go now, sakuya-kun.” I said to him. He nod then leave the room. It’s time to back to work.

One week ago was my midterm exam period. And finally today, the rank announcement will be held today. It feels more nervous than usual. I walk toward the field while smiling. Some students that don’t know about me are looking at me while facing their underestimating face. They don’t know about who they’re facing with. A few second after I arrive at the field, the headmaster come. Ah yeah. I have to search for my vice. After I walk around, finally I can find him. “are you ready?” he ask me. I give him a smile. After that, we join our student council member.

We didn’t pay too much attention to what the headmaster said. We also don’t know how much time that we already spent. The teacher doesn’t mad when they know the student council member are talking and not paying attention to what the headmaster said. Because they know that student council is more troublesome when they face us. Not because student council have member that can kick the teacher out from this school. Not because of that. But, it’s because of me. There’s Coby that can control and make people suffer inside me. “guys it’s already top ten.” I just sit at my place with sakuya beside me. I don’t really care when the top ten is announced. “as always, our president, don’t even have any interest toward the ranking.” I just smile to what my cousin said.

“and now for the top ten. The student that rank in the 10th place is…from the student council, ruby class. Shiroma kiru. The total score is 789.” He smile. I flick his head. “your rank is down, kiru.” He just giggle while every student’s eyes are looking at the direction where student council member are sitting at.
“the next rank is the 9th place. The student that rank in the 9th place is…from the student council, amethyst class. yagura fuuko. The total score is 792, 5.”

Well my favorite member inside student council are ranked in the 10th and 9th place. But still, I don’t have any interest to it. Top ten passed, top 5 also already passed. And this time’s top 10 and 5 are filled by the student council, which make me really happy. Now it’s time for showing who watanabe miyuki really is. The student that rank in the 3rd place is my secretary, shibuya nagisa. And now finally, the 2nd rank.

“the next rank is the 2nd place. The student that rank in the 2nd place is…from the student council, sapphire class. Watanabe miyuki. The total score is 997.9.” I smile toward him. I already lose right. I told you guys before.
“and now finally the 1st place. The student that rank in the 1st place is…from the student council, sapphire class. Yamamoto sakuya. The total score is 998.” Wow the difference form our score only 0.1. That’s really cool. I look at the students that earlier looking at me with their underestimating eyes. I smile while giving them the real underestimating look. Everyone said that it’s very scary to look at the Ms. Fisher that suddenly smirk.

The student dismissed from the field. I grab sakuya-kun’s hand and intertwine our finger together. I stop in front of the school gate. “I already promise to give you something special, right?” I ask to sakuya-kun. He nod. I stand in front of him. He frown while looking at me. He realize that I don’t even bring anything. I laugh. “the present is right in front of you, sakuya-kun.” He still can’t understand what my word is. I move closer toward him and whisper something.

“the prize is me, sakuya. I’ll become your girlfriend.” When I remove my face from his ear, I can see that he’s blushing. His face are all red. I laugh and take a little peck from his lips. “what? You’ll become my girlfriend?” he ask again. I nod. He hug me. Finally, I can relaxed. There’s no shadow from niisan that still have feelings for me. Finally there’s someone that can take care of me. Thanks god. Thanks for sending this perfect and genius boy for me.

~ FIN ~

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