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Author Topic: 444's K46 Fics - I Am Not A Stalker I Swear - Finale [OdaPon] (2018-08-11)  (Read 39346 times)

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What a beautiful ending!
I loved it.
Risa realized that the road she was following only hurt Aoi.
I'm glad you solved it. I hope that Minami does not give her a heart attack when she sees them enter together hand in hand.

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I'm so happy that they're finally together... that they made up. This was so good!

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That was so cute  :inlove:
Thank you for this story :D

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Re: 444's K46 Fics - Just Wait A Little Longer [HabuYuuka] (2018-03-02)
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@Minami-chan: I am glad to see that you liked it. I can't guarantee that Minami won't have a heart attack. All I can say is that Risa is going to have a tough time trying to get approval from the overprotective "sibling". XD

@Shinoki: I am also happy that they are together aga... well finally together. This is the only ship that Aoi has after all. :lol:

@Miniju: Risa is always cute when she's being lovey dovey. :wub:

A/N: Hello everyone! I am back from my writing break!
I know I am a bit late considering that it has already been half a month since Valentine's day, but I felt like writing a piece for it.
This time will feature the HabuYuuka pairing. It was one of the pairings I haven't written about yet, and the first one that came to mind when I was planning this.

Just Wait A Little Longer [HabuYuuka]

Sugai Yuuka was currently sitting on her girlfriend’s bed. She looked on as the taller girl sat in a bean bag chair with a controller in the girl’s hand. The taller girl was staring at the TV that was sitting against the wall while playing one of her video games. Yuuka was slowly feeling lonely.

“Habu-chan, do you know what day it is today?” Yuuka asked.

“Hmmm…” Habu Mizuho pondered for a second as her hands continued to tap the controller, “I can’t say that I do.”

Yuuka let out an internal sigh as she felt the feeling of disappointment creep up on her. Today was Valentine's day. The day that couples usually do something romantic together or reserve to spend time together. Neither of these things were what Yuuka was currently doing.

Yuuka was expecting to spend quality time together with Mizuho. The both of them led busy lives as university students. They barely had time for each other with the constant bombardment of assignments and tests. Valentine's day happened to be the only time that they were both available in the past few weeks.

“I need to go to the washroom,” Mizuho suddenly announced as she paused her game and left the room.

Yuuka fell back on the bed as she let out another sigh. This was the first Valentine's day that they were going to spend as a couple. She had high hopes for this day as Mizuho sent her romantic LINE messages every day for the past week. This turn of events made today feel like a complete disappointment for Yuuka.

Yuuka could still remember the day that Mizuho and her became a couple. Mizuho was the first to confess their feelings between the two of them. The confession was sudden. That is to say that it was unromantic, but that was something that could not have been avoided at the time.

For some inexplicable reason, Yuuka and Mizuho ended up going on a camping trip with just the two of them. They had been friends since middle school, so there was no reason for either of them to reject the idea of a camping trip. Their food supply dwindled during the trip, so they were forced to use the canoe that they brought along with them to fish. That was when Mizuho confessed to Yuuka. Of course, Yuuka reciprocated the feelings as she had a crush on Mizuho since they first met. Ironically, the very next day, Yuuka suffered from stomach aches the whole day as a result of eating accursed greens.

“I’m back,” Mizuho announced as she opened the door.

Yuuka sat up, “Welcome back,” she said with a refined smile on her face.

“Thanks, Yuuka,” Mizuho replied as she closed the door behind her.

Mizuho went back to her bean bag chair and resumed her video game. Yuuka let out another sigh for the umpteenth time. She once again fell back on the bed. She knew it was going to be a while before Mizuho finishes with her game.

“I will be back in a minute. I need to get something,” Mizuho suddenly said after one minute from when she returned to the room.

Yuuka sat up in surprise, “What? It has only been one minute since you came back.”

“It’s kind of urgent. I will be back in a few minutes,” Mizuho replied as she quickly left the room.

Yuuka fell back on the bed for the umpteenth time as she let out another sigh for the umpteenth time. Her patience was thinning as she felt the frustration build up in her. She pulled out her phone and opened her LINE application. There was one person who she knew that could help her in this situation.

Akanen, are you available right now?

A few seconds went by before Moriya Akane replied, “Hey Yuuka. Yeah, I’m free. Something wrong?


That doesn’t sound good, what happened?


Did you two get into a fight?

No, she is making me frustrated right now. It is Valentine’s day and we are in her room, but all she has been doing is playing video games. She should be spending time with me.

Yuuka… You should tell her that yourself. I know how proper you are outside of LINE, so I know you wouldn’t confront someone like that normally. But I think you should this time. Otherwise, you will just be miserable for the rest of the day.

Fine… I will try to confront her like you said… Forgot to ask, but what are you doing right now?

Manaka came over to my house.

What? Shouldn’t she be with Risa?

It’s complicated. Gotta go. I will tell you about it later. Good luck with Habu-chan.

Yuuka put her phone back into her pocket. She stared at the ceiling as she thought of what she was going to say to Mizuho. Akane was right in that Yuuka was not a confrontational kind of person. Her ojou-sama upbringing taught her to always be proper and elegant in all situations.

“I’m back,” Mizuho once again returned to the room.

Yuuka once again sat back up on the bed, “Welcome ba---” she noticed that Mizuho came back empty-handed, “Did you not say that you were going to get something urgent?”

Mizuho’s body suddenly froze. Her eyes darted left and right as a bead of sweat slid down the side of her face. She was obviously thinking of something to say, but nothing came to her mind. Yuuka was oblivious to all of this as Mizuho was facing away from her.

“Ah, I ended up doing something else. It was more important. Yes, more important. I will go get that other thing later,” Mizuho replied in a panic as she walked back to her bean bag chair.

Yuuka, yet again, let out another sigh. She began to stare at the back of the bean bag chair that Mizuho was sitting in. The words that she wanted to say finally came to her as she stood up. She walked over to where Mizuho was sitting and stopped in front of the girl.

You better stop playing this game right now or we are over!

That was the sentence that ran through Yuuka’s head, but all that came out was, “Have you finished playing your game yet?”

Mizuho paused her game as she looked up at Yuuka who was towering over her from the girl’s standing position, “I will be done in a minute.”

“You said that last time,” Yuuka replied with a glint of anger in her eyes.

Mizuho picked on the anger in the glare that her girlfriend was giving her, “Ah! I just remembered something,” she said as she stood up, “I will be back in a minute!” she quickly left the room.

Once the door close, something snapped inside of Yuuka.

“Who does that girl think she is?!” Yuuka grabbed the closest pillow that she could find.

“Making me wait and wait?!” Yuuka threw the pillow that was in her hand across the room.

“Today is Valentine’s day!” Yuuka grabbed the bean bag chair.

“She is supposed to be spending time with me not with you!!!” Yuuka threw the bean bag chair across the room. The controller that was lying in the bean bag chair flew out and landed beside the bed.

Yuuka saw the controller and walked over to it, “I have had enough with you!” she tried to kick the controller, but she missed her kick. Instead, she stubbed her toe into the side of the bed.

“Itai yo~~~” Yuuka cried out as she crouched down to hug her toe that she stubbed.

Mizuho walked in a moment later, “Yuuka, I’m ba---” she paused when she saw the state of her room, “What happened here?”

Yuuka stood up when she heard Mizuho’s voice. Mizuho and her made direct eye contact with each other. Yuuka glared at Mizuho with intense anger, which caused the other girl to shiver. She began to walk towards Mizuho.

“I have had enough of this! I am leaving!” Yuuka yelled as she walked by Mizuho.

“Yuuka! Wait!” Mizuho yelled behind Yuuka as she grabbed the other girl’s slender hand.

Yuuka tried to pull her hand away from Mizuho, “Let go of me!” she flailed her arms, but Mizuho had a strong grip on her wrist.

“Yuuka! Listen to me!” Mizuho pulled Yuuka into her embrace, which caused the shorter girl to stop resisting, “I know you are frustrated, but please. Just this once, can you wait a little longer?”

Mizuho looked deeply into Yuuka’s eyes. Yuuka could see the sincerity behinds the round orbs that stared at her. The anger that was flaming in Yuuka was quenched and replaced by a sense of embarrassment. The two girls were in a compromising position.

Yuuka quickly pushed Mizuho away from her, “Fine! Make it quick,” she said as she walked over to the bed and sat down.

Mizuho nodded, “I will be back,” she replied as the door closed behind her.

Yuuka calmed down once Mizuho left the room. She looked around the room. The room was in a state of disaster. A feeling of guilt and regret surfaced in Yuuka as she realized what her actions had caused. Yuuka pulled up her sleeves and began to clean up the mess that she caused. Mizuho returned to the room just as Yuuka finished cleaning up.

“Hey Yuuka, I’m ba---” Mizuho paused when she looked at the room, “Woah, it’s seems that you were busy, while I was gone.”

Yuuka smiled with a slight blush in her cheeks, “I have to apologize for earlier. I should not have become mad at you. I felt guilty about making a mess in your room, so I had to clean it up.”

Mizuho walked over to Yuuka and patted her on the head, “Don’t worry about that. I have finally finished. Let’s go,” she grabbed Yuuka’s hand and began to walk out of the room, pulling Yuuka along with her.

“Where are we going?” Yuuka asked.

“You will see,” Mizuho replied with a wide smile on her face.

Mizuho led Yuuka down the stairs. Yuuka watched the side of Mizuho’s face as she saw excitement on the taller girl’s face. Once the two girls reached the first floor, they made an immediate right and headed straight for the dining room. Yuuka was left speechless once she saw the spectacle in front of her.

The dining room was dimly lit by the two candles that stood on the table. The dining table was set up for two people. A white fabric covered the table, while utensils were laid out beside the two plates at either ends of the table. Plates of baked potato, corn, and various vegetables lied at the centre of the table around a large plate of meat. A vase with a large bouquet of red roses stood near the edge of the table.

“Did you make all of this?” Yuuka was finally able to speak.

Mizuho scratched the back of her head with one of her hands, “Yeah, I made all of this. Happy Valentine’s day, Yuuka. I’m sorry that I took so long. This was my first time making all of this.”

Yuuka pulled Mizuho into a light kissed and wrapped her hands behind the taller girl’s neck, “This is all so wonderful. Happy Valentine’s day. I love you, Habu-chan. However, I now feel terrible for getting mad at you earlier. I did not know this was what you were doing the whole time”

Mizuho giggled, “I love you too, Yuuka. Don’t worry about it, I should have just told you what I was doing. Anyways, we should eat now. The food is going to get cold.”

Yuuka nodded, “Un, let us eat,” she removed her arms from behind Mizuho’s neck.

Mizuho led Yuuka over to one of the chairs and pulled it back, “For you, m’lady,” she motioned Yuuka towards the chair.

Yuuka accepted the gesture, “How charming of you, prince Habu,” Mizuho pushed the chair in slightly as Yuuka sat down.

Mizuho could not help but blush, “Anything for you, my one and only ojou-sama.”

“How many roses are in this vase?” Yuuka asked as Mizuho walked over to the other seat.

“Exactly 99 red roses,” Mizuho replied as she sat down in her chair.

Yuuka thought for a moment before the meaning of the number of roses donned on her, “I did not realize that you could be so romantic.”

Mizuho shrugged lightly, “I didn’t spend all of that time playing visual novels for no reason.”

Mizuho began to plate both her plate and Yuuka’s plate with the food on the table.

“Wait a moment… Is this not kobe beef?!” Yuuka exclaimed after she realized what kind of meat Mizuho prepared.

“Is it not to your liking my hime-sama?” Mizuho jested.

“That is not the problem! Kobe beef is so expensive. You did not have to buy such an expensive piece of meat,” Yuuka retorted.

“I can’t skimp out on our first Valentine’s day dinner together,” Mizuho replied as she poured two glasses of red wine for the both of them.

“You even bought red wine?! This is the best day of my life!” Yuuka declared.

Mizuho chuckled, “I am glad to hear that,” she raised her glass, “To our first Valentine’s day together. I will love you till the day I die.”

Yuuka raised her glass as well, “Till death do us part.”
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Re: 444's K46 Fics - Just Wait A Little Longer [HabuYuuka] (2018-03-02)
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OK, why was Manaka with Akanen and not Risa, please answer me that. Also that's sweet that Habu made Yuuka dinner. <3

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Re: 444's K46 Fics - Just Wait A Little Longer [HabuYuuka] (2018-03-02)
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The greens. The accursed greens. XD I laughed at that part. HabuYuuka is cute~

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Re: 444's K46 Fics - Without You [YuukaNen] (2018-03-09)
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@MaYukiIsLife: Uhhh... That is a good question. I will have to get back to you on that one. :lol: Habu is sweet, but she should work quicker next time or Yuuka might blow up her room again. XD

@Shinoki: I am glad that someone found the reference to the accursed greens funny. :)

A/N: Hello everyone! It is finally time for a YuukaNen fic!
All I can say for this one is please don't hate me after reading it. :(
As always, thank you for any comments. Enjoy!

Without You [YuukaNen]

The world around us keeps on moving forward. One thing leads to another thing which then leads to another thing. This cycle never stops and just keeps on repeating itself for eternity. Even when you want it to stop, just for a moment, it will just forcibly push you along with it.

The passage of time and the flow of the world are intertwined. They only move in one direction, forward. When you want the passage of time to stop, the flow of the world will force time to continue. When you want the flow of the world to stop, the passage of time will force the world to continue. Life becomes cruel when you want both the passage of time and the flow of the world to stop. I should know, I have experienced it in the past.

My walks to school were just never the same anymore. I walked down the same streets, saw the same people, and got on the same buses and trains; but there was something missing that used to be around me. The space to my left was empty. This space was reserved for you.

The people around me were moving forward. They enjoyed their time with the people around them. Laughing, running, gossiping; these were just some of the things they did. They were the complete opposite of me.

I wanted everything around me to stop. The world and time, all of it. It did not matter so long as they stopped for a moment. It would be even better if they rewound, but that was when life became the cruellest. Life becomes the constant reminder of your regrets, your sorrows, and the face of reality.

The classroom was never the same without you. My seat in the back of the class beside the window was the best spot in the classroom. The wind blew gently into the classroom beside me which always felt the nicest. It was where I could sleep behind my textbooks when I was tired without being caught by the teacher. But the most important thing of all, it was where I could watch you in front of me.

Your seat has always been right in front of mine. It was how we first became friends. We did not talk much when we first met, but I could never get my eyes off of you. You were so beautiful, so innocent, and so elegant. One day we just suddenly became friends.

My fondest moments of us at school were at our seats. We would pass notes to each other during class. The teacher scolded us a few times, but we always ignored him. The best moments were when you would turn around as morning classes ended and asked to eat lunch with me. We shared our bentos, conversations, homework, and so much more.

Those moments were far off in the past. Now, your seat lies empty. No one has touched your seat for a very long time now. The lack of your presence in your seat is a constant reminder of the cruelty of life. It was the reason that I wanted everything to rewind itself.

The top of your desk has been empty ever since, but today was different. There was a tall slender white vase sitting on top of your desk. Water filled the vase up to its lips. Six roses rested in the water. There were two light pink roses, two white roses, one red rose, and one black rose. I picked them out myself.

All that I could do during class was stare at the sight in front of me. The image of the vase sitting on the desk of your empty seat hurt so much. I became engrossed in the sight to the point that I did not notice the bell ringing to signal the start of lunch break. It was only when someone tapped my shoulder that I broke out of my trance.

“Hey Akane, are you feeling okay?” the voice of Shida Manaka asked me.

Manaka is one of our friends. The three of us became friends roughly at the same time that we became friends. She knew that I had feelings for you and supported me. The two of us devised plans to get you to notice my feelings, but none of them ever worked. In the end, all it took was a direct confession for me to find out that we shared the same feelings.

I replied with a surprised expression, “Ah, Manaka! Yeah, I’m fine. Why do you ask?”

“It seemed like you haven’t moved since lunch break started. I just wanted to see if you want to come eat lunch with us,” Manaka said with a slight smile on her face.

The smile on my face disappeared as Manaka’s words reminded me of you. My eyes wandered momentarily to your desk before returning to meet Manaka’s eyes. She noticed my eyes shift and turned around to look at your desk. Her expression went dark when she saw the vase on your desk.

“I am not hungry today,” was all that I could reply with.

Manaka nodded, and an awkward silence formed between us. The both of us did not know what to say to the other. I did not blame Manaka for reminding me of you, but I suddenly wanted to be alone at that moment. She probably sensed what I was thinking as she was about to leave, but the sudden appearance of someone else halted her in her tracks.

“Manaka!” Watanabe Risa yelled as she jumped at Manaka and began to kiss her neck.

Manaka started giggling, “Risa, stop. That tickles!”

Risa is one of our other friends. We only became friends with her after Manaka and her became a couple. It became clear to me that Manaka had feelings for Risa roughly a month after we became a couple. Looking from afar, I had the feeling that Risa shared the same feelings as Manaka.

The problem was that the two of them had a hard time letting out their feelings. I wanted to repay my debt to Manaka for helping me confess to you, so I devised a plan. The both of them came to the gym after I asked the both of them to help me with some school duties. They believed that the gym teacher wanted us to do an inventory of the gym storage. I locked the gym storage door once the both of them entered and then I walked away.

I came back an hour later to unlock the door. The first thing that Manaka did when she got out of the storage was punch me in the shoulder. I have to admit that it hurt quite a bit, but I saw love in her eyes. Risa walked out after Manaka and mouth a silent thank you before intertwining her hand with Manaka’s hand. My plan succeeded, and they have been a happy couple ever since.

I stared at the both of them as they continued to flirt in front of me. My heart ached as I remembered all of the intimate times we spent together. I was fondest of your gentle touch when you comforted me whenever I was feeling down. It always led to me pushing you down on your bed as our lips met. You never complained whenever I was a little rough with my love. In fact, it felt like we were the most connected when our love making became rough.

Manaka noticed the expression on my face and quickly pushed Risa away from her. Risa was about to protest, but Manaka silently signalled at your desk. Risa turned her head towards the desk and noticed the vase sitting on top of it. Her eyes shifted towards me, and she noticed the grim expression on my face. The smile on her face disappeared and was replaced with a horrified expression.

Risa realized what Manaka was trying to say. She looked down at the ground as the awkward silence from before she arrived returned. It was obvious from the look on her face that she was frustrated with herself. Her hands formed fists as they shook lightly. Manaka wrapped her hands around Risa’s fists which caused the other girl to relax her fists.

“I’m sorry,” Risa said in a low voice.

“It’s okay. Honestly, I’m fine,” I replied with a light smile on my face.

“I think we will take our leave then,” Manaka announced as she lightly pulled Risa’s arm.

“Okay. See you later,” I waved at them as they left.

The four of us used to eat lunch together all of the time. We would often just move our desks together to form a square. It was a joyous time as we ate our lunches and flirted with our respective partner. Our classmates always joked that it looked like we were on double dates.

Normally, I would accept their invitation to eat lunch with them, but today was different. I could not pull myself to move away from my desk. The vase sitting on your desk compelled me to stay. There would be a feeling of guilt in my heart if I left it alone.

My walks home were just like my walks to school; they have changed. I still walked down the same streets, still saw the same people, and still got on the same buses and trains; but there was still the empty space to my left. It is the space that will always be reserved for you.

We used to walk home together. It was perfect as we lived in the same general area. There were many places that we went to instead of going home after school. We often went to cafes and pastry shops to enjoy their delights.

I could still remember the first time I found out that you lived near me. We were not a couple yet at the time, so I was not walking beside you. There was a small distance between us as you walked in front of me. My eyes could not leave your figure. The way you walked, the way you carried yourself while you walked, and the aura that surrounded you hinted to me that you were an ojou-sama. I was mesmerized by your beauty.

I was surprised when we first started dating. You came over to my house the day after I confessed to you. All I can remember was how bold you were. I thought you would have been timid coming to my room for the first time, but I was completely wrong. Once the door was closed, you pulled me into a deep kiss and then pushed me onto my bed. My image of you changed that day, but I loved the bold side of you.

This bed has not changed at all. The sheets, the pillows, and the blanket are all the same; even your scent still lingers on this bed. No matter how much I tried to wash it out, it always stuck to the bed. It made it impossible for me to ever forget about you or the time we spent here.

We spent countless hours sitting at my desk studying together. It was a bit small, but we managed with it. You would sit on my lap as you explained everything to me. I would not be able to focus and started kissing your neck. Sometimes you would push me away, but you would accept it the other times. My desk relatively stayed the same, but there was only one addition on top of my desk.

I held the picture frame that was standing beside my desk lamp in my hands. Droplets of water fell onto the glass that was protecting the picture behind it. Tears were falling from my eyes as I caressed the picture frame glass. My heart ached every time I looked at the picture. It was a picture that I took of you on our first date.

I wiped the tears from my eyes as I tried to stop them from falling again. I made a promise that I would not cry on this day. I placed the picture frame down on my desk and made my way over to my closet. I grabbed a white one piece out of my closet and changed out of my uniform. I then walked out of my house and began walking down the street.

My destination was a flower shop that was a short distance away from my house. The aroma of the different arrangements of flowers entered my nose the moment I walked through the entrance. I wandered through the store to look at the arrangements as the front of the store was empty. The clerk appeared from the back of the store just as I finished looking at the last arrangement that was on display.

“Sorry, about that. Irrashaimase--- Ah, Akanen! How have you been? I haven’t seen you in a while,” Habu Mizuho, who was the store clerk, greeted me.

“Habu-chan?! I didn't know you worked here. I have been doing great. How about you?” I replied surprised to see the familiar face.

Mizuho was one of the friends that you introduced me to. You told me that she was a childhood friend of yours. Apparently, she moved away before high school started, so she could not attend the same school as us. We hanged out with her every once in a while.

“I’m doing fine as well. What are you doing here?” Mizuho asked.

“I came to pick up an arrangement,” I replied.

“Let me go check in the back. It will just be a moment,” Mizuho replied as she disappeared from the front of the store.

Mizuho is a good friend. Being that she was your childhood friend, she knew everything about you. I went to her when I needed to know more about you. It was just before Valentine’s day that we became a couple, and I did not know what to get you. Mizuho told me that you really loved horses, so I got you a horse shaped pendant for Valentine’s day. She also helped me out with several other occasions.

“Here is your arrangement!” Mizuho yelled from behind the store as she came out with the arrangement in her hands, “It’s beautiful isn’t it?”

“Yeah…” my voice trailed off.

Silence filled the store as Mizuho and I stared at the arrangement. The arrangement was made up of a mixture of white lilies, white and pink carnations, and white chrysanthemums. They all combined together to form the shape of a horse. It was supposed to be in the image of your favourite horse, but the colours did not match.

“It’s been a year hasn’t it?” Mizuho asked in a solemn tone.

“Yeah… One year…” my voice trailed off.

“Are you going to visit her now?”

“That’s my plan.”

“Do you mind telling her that I miss her and that I’m sorry that I can’t visit today?”

“I will tell her for you, don’t worry.”

“Thanks, Akanen.”

I paid for the arrangement and began walking towards the exit. An idea suddenly popped up in my head, and I turned around and walked back to the counter. I passed a piece of paper with some words on it to Mizuho. She nodded and went to get the items I requested. She returned a moment later with the items in her hands. As a way to contribute to the arrangement, Mizuho gave me the items free of charge. I thanked her and then left the store.

My next destination was only a few blocks away from the flower shop. Each and every single step felt heavier as I made my way down the street. My heart sank deeper and deeper in the same way that my feet felt heavier. Willpower was the only thing that kept me from turning around and walking in the opposite direction.

My hands began to shake as I saw my destination over the horizon. There was a clear reason for my hands to be shaking at this moment. There was an ominous silence that filled the air as I approached the arch in the distance. Before I knew it, I had arrived at my destination.

“Keyakizaka Cemetery…” I whispered the name on the plate attached to the arch in front of me.

I walked through the arch and was immediately greeted by the caretaker who happened to walk by. He seemed like a nice old man and I greeted him back before we went our separate ways. There was a pitstop that had to be made before I could find where I wanted to go. I grabbed a wooden bucket and wooden ladle from the fountain located near the entrance of the cemetery in the hand that was not carrying the flower arrangement. I made sure to collect some water from the fountain with the bucket before continuing forward.

I began walking through the central avenue of graves. There was an endless sea of tombstones that lined the pathway. Some of the tombstones seemed like they have not seen a visitor in some time. It was obvious which tombstones had visitors recently. What the recently visited tombstones had in common was that there was an arrangement of flowers left in front of them.

The whole walk was silent save for the wind that was gentle blowing the leaves of the trees around me. There was no other soul that I could see within my field of sight. It was probably for the best as I looked like a complete wreck as I was walking.

My legs were shaking violently as I walked. The bucket in my hand was swaying awkwardly as my hands were shaking. The expression on my face was probably even worse. My heart was pounding rapidly. I could not keep my composure as I knew that I was going to see my destination in the next minute.

My body suddenly stopped when I saw your tombstone, “Yuuka…”

I suddenly started running towards your tombstone. I could hardly care less that I almost spilt all of the water in the bucket in my hand. Once I stood in front of your grave, I could feel my emotions overrun me. I placed the bucket and flower arrangement in my hands down on the ground so that I could wipe away the tears that were forming in my eyes.

“Hey, Yuuka. It has been a long time hasn’t it?”

I stood in silence for a moment as I stared at your tombstone. I could remember the time that you were buried here one year ago. All of our friends attended your funeral. Even a few of our classmates were able to visit briefly. It was a solemn moment for all of us as you had prematurely passed away.

I vividly remember the day that you passed away. We were on a date in Shibuya that day. I was so excited to celebrate your victory at your horse riding tournament the day prior. We were crossing the street on our green light when a car suddenly came speeding at us. All I remember feeling was your hand pushing me from behind. The next thing I knew was that your lifeless body was lying on the ground a few metres away.

“Yuuka… I’m so sorry. If it wasn’t for me you would still be alive today,” tears began to fall from my eyes.

We had already planned our future together. We had planned that both of us would go to the same university after graduating from high school. We would then graduate from university together. Then we would get jobs and start living together. Eventually, we might have started our own little family before growing old together.

I regained my composure as I wiped the tears from my eyes for the second time today, “I’m sorry Yuuka. I promised that I would not cry in front of you today,” there were still a few sniffs mixed in with my speech.

I grabbed the bucket that I had placed down on the ground earlier with one hand, while I grabbed the ladle with my other hand. I approached your tombstone and began to pour water over your grave with the ladle. I made sure that every square inch of your grave was washed. After all, it was probably your first proper shower in close to a year now.

Once the bucket was empty, I took a few steps back to get a proper look at your grave. I placed the bucket and ladle back down beside the flower arrangement and grabbed it as a replacement for the bucket. I removed the extra items and laid them down beside the bucket. I walked closer to your tombstone and placed the arrangement against the centre of the stone, and then I returned back to where the bucket rested.

“Hey Yuuka… It’s been a year hasn’t it? Habu-chan says that she misses you and that she is sorry she couldn’t make it today. Can you believe it? She’s working at a flower shop right now. It was kind of a shocking sight to be honest. I thought she would be at home watching anime or playing videos games. I guess this is what happens when you haven’t seen someone in a long time…”

I sniffled a few times as I felt tears well up in my eyes, “How have you been? I know it must have been lonely this past year. I have been doing fine myself actually. Manaka and Risa are still being flirty as ever.”

My voice became slightly brighter, “You have to hear this though. Those two went on a trip without me! I can’t believe them. They took a trip to a ryokan in Niigata prefecture. I know they wanted some time alone, but they could have at least asked if I wanted to go.” I laughed lightly as I showed you a bright smile.

The air filled with silence as I stared at your tombstone silently. There was an aching pain in my chest as I stood there. I could feel the emotions well up in my heart. I tried to keep the bright smile on my face, but it began to falter as the tears started to fall from my eyes. I fell to my knees as all of my emotions suddenly lashed out at once.

“Yuuka!!!” I began to cry uncontrollably, “I miss you so much! I want to be by your side! I want to hear you talk again! I want to feel your warmth! I want to feel your touch! I want to see the person that I promised to be with for the rest of my life!”

My vision became blurry as the tears kept on flowing out, “Why did you have to leave me? I am nothing without you! You made me whole! You were the only one who accepted everything about me! I can’t live without you!”

“It hurts so much! Every day, I can’t stop thinking of you! Everything around me reminds me of you! I can’t get you out of my mind! Your scent, your image, everything! I can never forget you!”

“You are the only person who I truly loved. You made me understand what love truly meant. How good it felt to love and be loved. How I could throw away everything to protect the person I loved. How simple actions can make me go crazy for the person I love. How spending time together could build a bond. And of course, how much it hurts to not be able to see the person I love the most in this world ever again.”

“I love you, Sugai Yuuka!!!”

I let out all of tears as I stayed in my kneeling position. It felt like all of my pent-up emotions were being washed out of my body. A few minutes passed by before I finally regained my composure. I turned around and reached for the extra items lying beside me. I crawled over to your grave and placed the items in front of the flower arrangement.

“I’m sorry, Yuuka. I promised myself that I wouldn’t cry today, but I couldn’t help it,” a light smile formed on my face, “Sometimes, I wish I could be by your side, wherever you are. But I promised I would live on, for the both of us.”

I stood up from my kneeling position. With the bucket in my hand, I began to leave. Before the the top of your tombstone disappeared over the horizon, I turned around to get one final look at your grave. The horse flower arrangement rested against your tombstone, while a pair of red and white roses sat in front of it. I took out the horse shaped pendant that I gave you on Valentine’s day out of my pocket and lifted it towards the sky.

“We will always be together.”
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Re: 444's K46 Fics - Without You [YuukaNen] (2018-03-09)
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Nooooooooooooooooooooo  :cry: It was too sad for my heart  :cry:

I hope you will write more YuukaNen  :deco:

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Re: 444's K46 Fics - Without You [YuukaNen] (2018-03-09)
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This Yuukanen is soooo sad!
Thankts you very much for continuing your OS

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I'm crying. YuukaNen.... their happiness. Yuuka.... ahhhh.... For a moment, I had the hope that maybe you'd make a twist where Yuuka's not actually dead, but she is... This was too sad. (but it was also really good)

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@Miniju: It was too sad for me to write. :cry: Maybe I will write more YuukaNen in the future, but they do show up in this fic. :)

@Minami-chan: It's sad, but at least we can be rest assured that Akanen still loves Yuuka. Thank you for the comment.

@Shinoki: That actually would have been an impressive plot twist at the end, but I didn't think of it. :(

A/N: Hello everyone! This week I present to you all a new RisaNeru multi parter I started writing.
This one actually took me quite a while to write, so I don't know how often I will update it. This piece also happens to be the longest individual piece I have ever written.
The current plan is for this to be 5 parts, but I may split it up further if I get too lazy to write long parts.
I will probably release an OS next week though.
As always, thank you for any comments. Enjoy!

I Thought We Were Friends - Part 1 [RisaNeru]

*beep* *beep* *beep*

The sound of an alarm clock woke the girl that was sleeping in her bed. She was still sleepy as she had gone to sleep late last night. The warmth of her bed did not help her situation at all. She groaned as the alarm continued to blare in her room.

*beep* *beep* *beep*

“Five more minutes,” the girl groaned as she turned her body away from the alarm clock.

*beep* *beep* *beep*

“Hai, hai, hai, I get it,” the girl snoozed her alarm as she turned towards it and looked at the time on her cell phone, “It’s 7:45 AM. I still have time.”

The girl placed her cell phone back down on her bedside table and covered her whole body and head with her blanket. The warmth coming from her blanket soothed the girl’s body. Just as she was about to fall asleep again, it finally donned on her what time it was.

The girl’s eyes opened wide in shock under the blanket. The girl sat up violently in her bed, pulling her blanket away from her upper body, “7:45 AM?! I’m going to be late for school!”

The girl jumped out of her bed and ran straight to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and finished her morning routine as quickly as possible. She then ran back to her room. There was a stray sock lying in the middle of the floor, which the girl happened to step on and slipped. Her room was sent into a frenzy as objects flew from drawers, shelves, and tables. The girl unfortunately landed on her back.

“Ugh… Where am I?” the girl was dazed by her fall.

The girl’s cell phone happened to fly up into the air during the commotion and landed in the girl’s hand after the girl fell on her back. The girl looked at the time on the cell phone before her eyes widened in surprise, “7:59 AM?! Yabai! Yabai! Yabai!”

The girl jumped up onto her feet and ran over to her closet. She grabbed her uniform out of her closet and then dressed herself. She made sure to fix her long hair and grabbed her school bag before running down the stairs. She made one final pitstop in the kitchen.

“Ittekimasu!” she yelled to her mother as she grabbed a piece of toast from the dining table and placed it in her mouth.

“Itterassh--- Wait! You forgot your lunch!” the girl’s mom yelled after the girl, but her daughter had already run out of the door.

The girl began to run down the street. The path from the girl’s house to the school involved many twists and turns in the road. Naturally, the girl would normally wake up earlier, so she could leisurely walk to school. Today was an exception for the girl.

“Mou! I’m already late! I will have to take a shortcut!” the girl yelled aloud as she deviated from her normal path to school.

On another road not too far from the girl, another girl was also running to school. This girl had short hair and was wearing the same uniform as the long hair girl. Her appearance looked disheveled as she also woke up late like the other girl. Coincidentally, this girl also had a piece of toast in her mouth.

“Ahhh! Why didn’t my alarm clock go off this morning?!” the short hair girl yelled as she continued to run down the street.

The two girls were running down different roads, but their paths met at an intersection. They were oblivious to the presence of the other as there were houses blocking their view. All that mattered to them at that moment was getting to school. In a matter of moments, the two of them crossed paths.

“I am late!” both girls yelled at the same time.


The two girls ran straight into each other. Their bags that they were holding and the pieces of toasts in their mouths flew up into the air. The long hair girl fell on her behind, while the short hair girl stumbled backwards. Their bags landed on either side of the road.

“Mata?!” the long hair girl exclaimed as the two pieces of toasts landed on her eyes, “Oi! When did it become night time?!”

The short hair girl, who had regained her balanced already, giggled, “It’s still early morning you know.”

The long hair girl was surprised by the new voice, “Huh? Who's there?” the two pieces of toasts covering her eyes began to slide off her face.

The long hair girl was welcomed by the view of the short hair girl standing close to her. Her heart skipped a beat as she took in the beauty of the girl in front of her. She became lost in admiration for the girl. A wide grin appeared on her face.

The short hair girl did not seem to have noticed the grin that appeared on the long hair girl’s face. She began to walk over to the other girl. Her heart rate increased momentarily when she got a clear view of the girl. The expression on her face remained calm as she kept her composure.

“Kirei…” the long hair girl subconscious whispered under her voice.

“Sorry?” the short hair girl could not hear what the long hair girl had said.

“Ah! It’s nothing,”

“Hmm… Okay. Here, grab my hand,” the short hair girl extended her hand out to the long hair girl.

“Thanks,” the long hair girl accepted the gesture and pulled herself to a standing position, “What is your name?”

“Watanabe Risa, you?” Risa replied and asked with a smile on her face.

“Nagahama Neru,” Neru responded with a normal smile.

“That’s a nice name. Nice meeting you.”


Neru and Risa collected their bags from the side of the road. Both of them dusted off their bags and clothes before pulling out their cell phones. They checked the time before looking at each other. A shocked expression appeared on both of their faces.

“WE ARE LATE!!!” they both shouted before beginning to run to school, together.


Neru let out a yawn. She was walking to school on Monday morning. The memories of when she and Risa first met ran through her head. That was the middle of first year of middle school. It was now the middle of the second year of high school. The past four years have been a joyous time for the two of them as they progressed through their school careers together.

Neru made sure to wake up on time this morning. She staggered along as she swayed from left to right as she walked down the street. Ever since Neru started high school, she has been in a state of perpetual fatigue. At some point, she thought that she had some sort of chronic disease, but she quickly dismissed her condition as a part of life.

Neru’s constant state of fatigue made it hard for her to wake up in the morning. To be perfectly honest, it was hard for Neru to wake up at any time of the day once she fell asleep. She had to make sure that she set up multiple alarms in the morning just to wake up, but a majority of the alarms went in one ear and out the other, failing to wake her. If not for her mother, Neru would be constantly late for school.

The need to wake up earlier stemmed from the path that Neru took to get to school. It was a long path that required Neru to make a turn every other corner, but it was calm and tranquil. The shortcut that Neru used on the morning that she met Risa was treacherous. It was too dangerous for the fatigue filled body of Neru in the morning.

Neru was perfectly fine with this arrangement as she let her body autopilot as she dozed off. She of course was still in control of her body and was fully aware of her surroundings, but she stayed in a suspended mode to conserve energy. The only time that she expended extra energy was when someone she was acquainted with appeared beside her.

As Neru approached an intersection, she began to pull out her cell phone to check the time, but she stopped her movement when she suddenly heard a loud sound coming to her side. She turned her head towards the source of the sound and her body suddenly kicked itself into high gear. Risa was running down the street towards Neru with a bag in one of her hands and a piece of toast in her mouth. A panicked expression was on her face.

“Why are you running?” Neru yelled towards Risa.

Risa did not respond until she got closer to Neru, “Start running!” she then ran past Neru.

Neru tilted her head to the side with a confused expression on her face, “Why?” she was forced to shout to the fleeing Risa.

“It’s 7:50 AM! We are going to be late!” Risa’s voice became smaller as she ran into the distance.

Neru’s confused expression instantly turned into a shocked expression upon hearing Risa’s reply, “What?!”

Neru began running in the same direction as Risa. They ran for a small distance, but it seemed like the distance between the both of them increased by a quarter of a kilometre. Risa was a faster runner than Neru, so it was natural that the distance between them would progressively widen as they continued to run. Neru became frustrated as it seemed like Risa was slowly moving out of her reach.

“Risa! Wait for me!” Neru desperately yelled behind Risa.

Risa turned her head toward Neru with a conflicted expression on her face, “Agh! Neru you need to run faster! I can’t slow down! Otherwise one of us won’t be able to make it in time to explain to Sensei!”

“It’s fine if Sensei gets mad! Just slow down a bit!” Neru yelled back as she started to run out of air.

Risa turned her head back in front of her, “Neru, I’m sorry!”

Not too far in front of Risa and Neru, Sugai Yuuka and Moriya Akane were walking to school together. They were childhood friends from as far back as they could remember, so it was natural for them to be walking together. The two of them belonged to the student council. In reality, Akane was the president of the student council while Yuuka was her vice president. Their current conversation naturally gravitated towards student council related businesses.

Yuuka brought up an important topic of student council work that had to be completed today, “The kendo club is requesting for new shoji to be installed in their training dojo, and they also made a request for a new set of shinai.”

Akane gave Yuuka a confused look, “What did they do THIS time?” she made sure to stress the second last word of her question.

Yuuka lightly giggled to which Akane did not notice, “According to the kendo club’s report, Momoko-chan broke a few of their shinai during practice, and the broken pieces of shinai flew into and teared the shoji.”

Showing an expression of frustration, Akane let out a sigh as she began to rub her temples with her hands, “Not that girl again. Takayama-senpai really needs to keep that girl on a leash. Maybe we can get Shiraishi-senpai to help. She could probably do something about her ‘child’.”

Yuuka let out another giggle which Akane noticed this time, “What's the matter with you?”

“Nothing, I just think this is a little funny. That is all,” Yuuka tried to maintain her composure, but a smile was showing on her face.

“You think this is funny?!” Akane exclaimed as she thought her vice president was laughing at the situation, “This is the 8th time this month. Last month it was 6 times. The month before that was 5 times. And don’t get me started on the month before that one.”

Yuuka could not contain herself and she began to laugh, which only furthered to anger Akane, “Yuuka! Take this seriously!”

“I apologize, but,” Yuuka wiped the tear that formed in one of her eyes from laughing, “I am not laughing at the kendo club situation that we are having. I am laughing at you.”

Akane was taken aback by Yuuka’s words, “What do you mean by that?”

“What I mean is that I was laughing at your reaction about the kendo club’s request. You become cute when you are stressed,” Yuuka replied with a wide grin on her face.

Akane’s cheeks became crimson red from Yuuka’s words, “Wh-wh-what did you say?”

Yuuka broke out into more laughter, “Your reaction to my teasing is also cute,” she winked at Akane.

Akane turned her head away from Yuuka upon hearing the girl’s reply, “Sh-sh-shut up, Yuuka.”

“Awww. You do not have to be embarrassed. Your serious hard-working personality is what I love about you...” Yuuka’s voice trailed off at the end of her sentence.

Akane’s eyes widened in surprise when she heard Yuuka’s words. Her heart skipped a beat as her mind could not believe what it had just heard. There was a loud pounding sound that came from Akane’s chest as her heart rate suddenly accelerated. The denial set in as Akane tried to dismiss Yuuka’s words as simple teasing.

Akane was scared to look at Yuuka’s face, but the courage that built up in her at that moment forced her to turn her head. When Akane turned her head to look at Yuuka, she was greeted with the brightest and sincerest smile that she had ever seen in her whole entire life. The world around Akane almost became dark as her heart almost stopped because of the smile on the girl in front of her, but she suddenly saw a figure running towards them from the side road that they were walking past.

Akane grabbed Yuuka’s hand to pull her to a stop, “Isn’t that Risa?” she pointed towards the running Risa.

Yuuka turned her head to look at where Akane was pointing at, “Hmmm? You are right. That looks like Risa. Why is she running?”

“I don’t know, but she looks panicked,” Akane replied to Yuuka as Risa passed by them.

“Risa! Wait for me!” Neru suddenly came into listening distance for Yuuka and Akane to hear her yell after the fleeing figure.

“And that’s Neru,” Akane commented with a confused look on her face.

“They are rather rowdy for a Monday morning. Are they not?” Yuuka commented as she giggled at the two of their classmates whose figures were becoming smaller in the distance.

“Yeah, but it’s not like this isn’t normal for them,” Akane chuckled.

“You are right about that one,” Yuuka replied as she turned her head back towards Akane.

Yuuka suddenly became quiet as she looked down towards the ground. A red blush appeared on her face, which Akane noticed. Akane traced Yuuka’s eyeline as she tried to figure out what the other girl was looking at. At the end of Yuuka’s eyeline, Akane found her own hand entangled with Yuuka’s hand.

Akane quickly separated her hand from Yuuka’s hand, “Ah! Sorry about that.”

“Do not worry about it,” Yuuka replied with a shy voice.

A moment of awkward silence transpired between the two of them before Yuuka’s normal expression returned.

“Returning to our original discussion, what are we going to do about the kendo club?” Yuuka asked with a cheerful tone of voice.

Akane let out a loud sigh, “We can figure that out later. But I swear. The kendo club will be the end of me at this rate.”

Yuuka and Akane’s conversation became inaudible once Risa and Neru turned the corner. Risa was still further ahead than Neru. The distance between them increased to half a kilometre. Neru desperately followed behind Risa as the air inside of her was almost depleted.

“Risa no baka,” Neru muttered under her breath as a single tear fell from her eyes.

After a few more minutes of running, Risa and Neru finally arrived at school. The students that they ran past in the entrance way gave the pair a confused look. Risa arrived at the classroom first and violently pulled the door open.

“Sensei! Gomenasai for being la---” Risa paused her apology when she looks around the classroom.

Neru arrived outside of the classroom and bumped into Risa because she could not feel her legs, “Oi, Risa! Why are you standing in the doorway for?”

“There’s no one here,” Risa replied in her normal calm voice.

“What do you mean?” Neru began to look into the classroom from behind Risa, “How can there be no---”

Risa and Neru were looking at an empty classroom. Neru pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and looked at the time. The clock on Neru’s cell phone showed “7:15 AM”. A burst of anger ran through Neru once she realized what time it was.

“Risa!” Neru yelled loudly behind Risa which caused the other girl to turn around in surprise, “It’s only 7:15 AM! We aren’t late at all!”

“What?!” Risa pulled out her cell phone to check the time and was surprised by what she saw, “How is that possible?! Earlier, my phone said it was 7:45 AM!”

Neru let out a sigh, “Risa how did you manage this? Agh, I can’t even feel my feet anymore. I’m going back to sleep. Wake me up once Sensei comes to start class,” she walked past Risa and walked to her desk. She placed her bag down, sat down, and closed her eyes.

Risa remained in the doorway of the classroom as she watched Neru stumble as the girl walked over to her desk. She let out a sigh before walking over to her own desk that was beside Neru’s desk. She placed her bag down, sat down, and looked over at the sleeping figure of Neru. A feeling of guilt formed in Risa’s chest as she watched the peaceful face of the sleeping Neru.

“I am such an idiot.”


Just as Neru had requested, Risa woke her up once the teacher walked in. Neru groggily stood up as the class representative, Yonetani Minami, proceeded through the regular pre-class routine. The whole class stood up and bowed to the teacher before sitting back down.

“Good morning class, we will be learning about politics today. Turn to page 394 of your book,” Tsuchida Teruyuki, the homeroom teacher, began his morning class lecture.

Only one minute passed before Neru’s head began to sway to her left and then to her right. Neru’s seat was beside the classroom window. Today happened to be a cool spring day with a gentle breeze. The classroom windows happened to be open which allowed for the breeze to enter the classroom. Neru was completely enjoying the breeze as she felt the energy drain from her body.

Neru shifted in her chair slightly to get into a better position to take a nap. Her head slouched forward slightly before quickly bouncing upright. This bobbing pattern repeated several times before Neru’s head finally stayed down. The girl tried to stay awake, but she fell under the spell of the sleep realm.

Risa watched Neru’s whole ordeal from her seat. She giggled as she watched Neru try to stay awake. After the other girl fell asleep, Risa watched the peaceful side expression of Neru’s sleeping face. It was a similar look to the expression that Neru had on her face when she was sleeping earlier.

Neru is really cute when she is sleeping,” Risa thought to herself.

Risa felt a pang in her heart when the thought about Neru went through her head. She looked down as she moved one of her hands over her heart. The vibration of Risa’s heart pumping rapidly transferred to her hand that was on her chest. This was the first time that Risa had ever felt this kind of emotion. It was a foreign feeling for the girl who always appeared to be emotionless to others.

What is this feeling?” Risa asked herself.

Risa was alerted by Neru’s sudden movement before she had a chance to think about what she had just felt. Neru grumbled as she once again shifted in her chair to get into a better position for napping. This time the girl was already asleep, so her movements were rather clumsy compared to earlier. Risa could not contain herself and let out a chuckle as she watched Neru shifting her body around in her chair.

I better wake Neru up,” Risa thought to herself as she prodded the sleeping Neru.

Neru groaned quietly while deflecting Risa’s hand that was prodding her, which only prompted the other girl to continue prodding her. After Risa prodded Neru several times, Neru finally yielded and opened her eyes to see who was disturbing her beloved napping time. Once she realized that it was Risa who was bothering her, Neru returned back to her sleeping position. This only served to annoy Risa who was trying to wake up Neru.

“Oi! Neru! Wake up,” Risa whispered to Neru while kicking the other girl’s leg.

Neru let out a loud yelp before her body rebooted itself. Her consciousness resurfaced and processed what had just happened. The classroom became silent as Tsuchida stopped his lecture and turned around to look at Neru. The class followed suit and turned to look at their classmate that disrupted the lecture.

“Nagahama-san, is something the matter?” Tsuchida asked with a look of annoyance from being interrupted during his lecture.

“Sorry?” Neru asked with a fake confused look on her face.

“You made a sound just now,” Tsuchida explained.

Neru tilted her head to the side, “I did?”

Tsuchida let out a sigh as he continued his lecture, “Just keep the noise to a minimum during class.”

Neru let out a sigh before glaring at Risa. A bead of sweat fell from Risa’s forehead as she received the glare from Neru. Risa sensed the strength of a tiger behind Neru’s eyes as the fear in Risa grew. The feeling of fear only dissipated once the tiger aura disappeared from Neru’s eyes; it was replaced by a feeling of caution due to the tanuki aura that formed in Neru’s eyes, signaling something even worse.

Neru was a smart girl. Her intelligence far exceeded beyond that of everyone in the class except for Yonetani. Neru and Yonetani formed the top two of the class in terms of grades. Their rivalry stemmed all the way back to the first year of middle school.

Yonetani was comfortable being the top of the class throughout elementary school. After the first test of middle school, she was devastated by the results; Neru had beaten Yonetani by one point. It was ever since that time that Yonetani vowed to defeat Neru, and it was also at that time that their rivalry blossomed.

By some stroke of fortune, the two girls were always in the same class. Their rivalry still continues to this day, but the whole drama was one sided. Neru never had any interest in competing with Yonetani, but the latter was convinced that the former was trying to defeat her. Yonetani became obsessed with dethroning Neru from the top of the class.

Yonetani was always furious when she saw Neru sleeping during classes. Neru showed little interest in studying, but she was always at the top of the class. Yonetani constantly questioned how Neru was able to beat her when she has to study all day just to maintain her position. To put it in more simple terms: Yonetani was jealous of Neru.

Neru’s strengths did not only lie in her intelligence; it also lied in her ability to be cunning when she wishes to be. What surprised other people was that Neru was completely unaware of her cunning nature. The precursor to Neru’s cunning nature surfacing is the tanuki-esque smile that appears on her face and the tanuki-esque aura that appears behind her eyes. Risa was well acquainted with Neru’s cunning nature.

“Ne, ne, Risa,” Neru whispered and motioned Risa to lean in closer towards her for them to speak.

“What is it, Neru?” Risa whispered back while gulping out of prior experience with Neru’s tanuki persona.

“Do you want to go eat yakiniku after school? I will pay,” Neru asked with a smirk on her face.

Risa’s eyes lit up like a fire upon the mention of yakiniku. Her neutral expression was instantly filled with excitement with the prospect of being able to eat yakiniku after school. After all, yakiniku was Risa’s favourite food, and any mention of the delectable caused the girl to lose her composure. This fact was something that Neru was well aware of.

“Of course! Where are we going?” Risa asked with pure excitement and a slightly louder voice than before.

“Hmmm… Do you know of a good restaurant?” Neru asked in a quieter voice.

“Oh, I know! There’s this really good restaurant that I heard about in Ikebukuro. We should go there,” Risa was nearly drooling at the images of yakiniku that popped into her head.

“Ahhh, really? Then we should go there,” Neru agreed while nodding her head with her smirk turning into a mischievous smile.

“Then it’s decided,” Risa declared slightly louder than before.

“Watanabe Risa!” Tsuchida suddenly yelled Risa’s name.

“Hai?!” Risa stood up in a panic.

“Can you answer the question I just asked?” Tsuchida asked impatiently.

“Sorry?” Risa was confused by Tsuchida’s question.

“The question. Can-you-answer-it?” Tsuchida enunciated each word of his question.

Risa looked around the classroom to try and figure out what the question was that Tsuchida had asked. She was completely distracted by her conversation with Neru that she did not even hear Tsuchida ask a question. A bead of sweat rolled down the side of Risa’s forehead as she knew that her time was running out. Her apparent saviour came in the form of Neru, which her eyes ultimately wandered towards as a final option.

“The answer is ‘42’,” Neru mouthed silently with a neutral expression.

“Sensei! The answer is ‘42’!” Risa answered with utmost confidence.

The classroom broke out into laughter once they heard Risa’s answer. Risa looked around the classroom, confused. She was unaware of the reason that her answer caused an uproar in the classroom. Risa looked towards Tsuchida to receive an answer to her confusion, but Tsuchida was shaking his head in disappointment.

“Watanabe-san, that answer could have worked in a math class, but this is a politics class. If you were paying attention, you might have remembered me mention that at the beginning of class,” Tsuchida said with an expression of pain from having a headache.

Risa played back the beginning of class in her head. Her face became red when she remembered that Tsuchida had mentioned that today was going to be a lecture on politics. The embarrassed Risa sat back down in her seat, while Neru was trying to contain her laughter. Neru could not contain her laughter for long before bursting out in laughter, bringing attention to herself.

“Nagahama-san, as you seem to think this is funny, can you answer the question?” Tsuchida asked Neru. He was expecting Neru to be unable to answer the question as he saw her talking to Risa earlier.

“Yes, Sensei,” Neru stood up before answering Tsuchida’s question, “Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is the 57th Prime Minister of Japan. He defeated his opponent Shigeru Ishiba, who was the former Minister of Defense, for the LDP presidency on September 26, 2012. President Abe went on to lead the LDP in a landslide victory in the 2012 general election and assumed office on December 26, 2012. His party also won the 2014 general election and, more recently, the 2017 general election.”

“That is correct, Nagahama-san. You may sit,” Tsuchida declared with a look of surprise on his face.

“Thank you,” Neru replied while taking her seat.

The rest of the class was not surprised that Neru was able to answer the question. It was a common occurrence for Neru to answer questions when it seemed like she was not paying attention in class. Risa was not surprised by this outcome, but she was mad at Neru for the fake answer that was provided to her by Neru. Anger filled Risa as she watched Neru sit back down in her seat.

“Neruuu!!!” Risa whispered in an aggressive tone to Neru.

 Neru turned towards Risa with an innocent smile on her face, “Yes, Risa?”

“Don’t you ‘yes’ me. You know what you did,” Risa stated.

Neru tilted her head to the side and put a finger on her lip as if she was pondering about the statement, “I don’t know what you are talking, Risa. Can you enlighten me?”

“You gave me the wrong answer and embarrassed me in front of the whole class,” Risa’s voice was filled with rage.

Neru’s fake pondering expression suddenly turned into a sinister smile, “Of course I did. That’s revenge for making me run for no reason this morning. If you had just waited for me like I had asked you to, I wouldn’t have had the urge to seek revenge.” Neru stuck her tongue out at Risa.

“Wah?!” Risa asked, flabbergasted.

“And now I will go back to sleep. Don’t you dare try to wake me up until lunch. Oyasumi,” Neru threatened Risa before putting her head back on her desk.

Neru fell asleep before Risa had the chance to protest. Risa contemplated waking Neru up again but refrained from doing so. She was well aware of how scary Neru could be when someone disturbs her sleep without the girl’s permission. It was something that Risa did not want to experience again. Risa suddenly remembered something that was of the utmost importance to her at this moment.

“Agh! Neru, you better not have lied about the yakiniku!” Risa declared.


The end of class quickly approached and transpired. After Risa’s embarrassing incident at the beginning of class, Neru slept like a log for the remainder of the lecture. Fearing the repercussions of waking Neru up for a second time, Risa decided to listen to the remainder of the lecture. She was completely exhausted by the end of the class.

“Uwa! Thank you, President Abe, for making this class even more boring~~~” Risa complained as she sprawled her upper body on her desk.

Risa twisted her head towards the windows of the classroom. She was greeted by the view of Neru’s sleeping face as the girl was lying her head, facing Risa, on her outstretched arm on her desk. Risa’s heart once again skipped a beat from the sight of Neru sleeping. It was the same feeling that Risa had earlier at the beginning of class.

I can never get enough of her sleeping face, but,” Risa’s cheek reddens slightly before she shook her head, “I should probably wake her up for lunch.

Risa stood up from her seat before walking a few steps to reach Neru’s desk. A feeling of guilt ran through Risa’s body as she contemplated not waking up Neru from the girl’s slumber. As much as she wanted to keep on watching Neru’s sleeping face forever, Risa knew that Neru’s wrath would be scarier if she did not wake the girl up for lunch. Risa finally began the long process of waking Neru up.

“Ne, Neru. Wake up,” Risa said as she nudged the sleeping Neru.

Neru grumbled, “Just give me five more minutes.”

“No, Neru. You have to wake up now. It’s lunch break right now,” Risa sighed as she continued to nudge Neru.

“No… Grab the fish… It’s going to slip back into the water…” Neru whispered as her face distorted slightly.

“Neru, come on. Wake up already,” Risa said as she nudged Neru slightly harder.

“The attic… I turned it into a room for you...” Neru whispered in a happy tone of voice as a smile formed on her face.

“I guess I will have to do that then…” Risa whispered to herself as she leaned in closer to Neru’s ear, “I love you,” she whispered as her cheeks turned a crimson red colour.

Neru’s eyes opened in surprise as she shot up from her seat, “I’m awake!”

Neru looked around the classroom in confusion. A few pairs of confused eyes fell on Neru because of her outburst. Neru finally processed what she had done, and a light red colour formed on her cheeks. Her eyes finally turned to meet Risa whose cheeks were still a crimson red.

Neru tilted her head to the side, “Risa? Why are you blushing?”

“N-n-no reason at all!” Risa waved her hand in front of her face, flustered.

“Hmmm. Sou? Is it lunch time?” Neru asked, oblivious to her classmates who were already eating their lunches.

“Yeah,” Risa replied in her calm voice as her cheeks returned to their normal colour.

Neru sat back down, “Alright, then let’s eat as well,” she reached into her bag to grab her lunch.

Risa suddenly slammed her hands on top of Neru’s desk, “But I have a question first.”

Neru jumped in surprise, “Risa! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?!” She turned her head towards Risa and was greeted by a serious expression on the other girl’s face.

“Were you lying about going to yakiniku?” Risa asked in a serious tone.

Neru blinked a few times before realizing what Risa was talking about, “No, I may have used that to trick you, but I wasn’t lying.”

“But were you lying about paying?” Risa retorted.

Neru shook her head, “No, I said I would pay, didn’t I?”

A smile suddenly beamed on Risa’s face upon hearing those words from Neru. Risa turned around and grabbed her lunch from her bag. She then pulled her chair from her desk and placed it beside Neru’s desk. She placed her lunch down on the desk before sitting down.

Risa clapped her hands in front of her, “Itadakimasu,” she said before beginning to eat her lunch with a bright smile on her face.

Risa is really cute when she smiles. It would be better if she smiled more often. People would stop misunderstanding the cool aura that she gives off. That aura of her’s makes people think she doesn’t care about others. But, Risa can be quite caring when you get to know her,” Neru thought to herself before clapping her hands in front of her, “Itadakimasu.”

Lunch break was when Risa and Neru did various things. The most obvious thing among them being that they ate lunch together. However, Risa took full advantage of this time on countless occasions to ask Neru for help right before a test. Neru obviously obliged to the whims of the cool girl, but it was to no avail as it did not change the outcome of the test for Risa.

Neru dreaded the lunch breaks where Risa was absent. Per the usual, Neru would fall asleep right before lunch break. The only person in the class who could wake Neru up was Risa. The class learned their lesson and gave up on waking Neru up during lunch break. This left Neru to sleep through lunch break and only waking up right as afternoon classes began. Neru was then forced to suffer the consequences of missing lunch break, alone.

Risa and Neru spent most of their lunch breaks chatting away together about various subjects. They often enjoyed sitting at Neru’s desk due to the breeze that would flow in through the window beside Neru’s desk. The classroom was their preferred location for lunch, but sometimes they preferred to be in a more private setting. The pair would occasionally switch their lunch eating location to the school roof where very few students visited.

The structures on the school roof provided perfect shade for Risa and Neru to sit under. They would sit side by side against one of the structures’ walls and ate their lunches. More often than not, they ate in silence and enjoyed the scenery that they could see from the roof together. There were multiple times where Neru would fall asleep against Risa’s shoulder. Risa avoided waking Neru up in those instances, and instead would lean her head against the shorter girl’s head that was resting on her shoulder. Neru was always ignorant of the happenings that occurred around her during those times.

Today, the pair spent their lunch break talking about music. Even though they were complete opposites in terms of personality, they both enjoyed the same kind of music: idol music. Their current favourite group was AKB48. Risa, surprisingly, was actually the person who made Neru interested in the group. They also liked discussing other genres of music and possible alternatives for their favourite group.

“I am just saying. ‘Glass wo Ware!’ would be an interesting song title,” Risa said as she sipped on her juice container.

“I agree with you, but I think ‘Mou Mori e’---” Neru began to say but cut her sentence short when she saw two figures walking towards them from different directions.

Akane and Yuuka were walking separately towards the pair that was discussing music. Akane had her sights on Risa, while Yuuka had her sights on Neru. The both of them arrived to Neru’s desk at roughly the same time. It was at that moment that they finally noticed the presence of the other. They gave a hostile glare at each other before looking away from each other. Neru could sense the hostility that had formed between the pair and had a bad feeling about it.

“Do you guys need anything?” Risa asked, oblivious to the hostility between the two girls standing in front of her.

“Risa, can we talk?”, Akane asked Risa.
“Neru, may I have a moment of your time?”, Yuuka asked Neru simultaneously as Akane spoke to Risa.

Neru shifted her eyes between the student council pair. The hostility between the two increased when they both spoke at the same time. The usually calm Akane was showing an expression anger mixed with regret on her face, while the ojou-sama Yuuka was showing an expression of anger and hostility on her face. Neru could tell that there was a major problem forming between the, believed to be, perfect pair.

“Risa, we may have to postpone our yakiniku outing,” Neru declared to Risa.

Risa turned towards Neru with a horrified expression, “What?!”

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RisaNeru!! I love them. Ahaha, they're such a cute pair.
I wonder what happened with YuukaNen...

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Continue the fic plis, it's really great!
Neru's state of fatigue is not normal ... unless she's studying nights, but I do not think so.

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That was cute :3

*waiting patiently for the next update*

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Re: 444's K46 Fics - I Am Not A Stalker I Swear [OdaPon] (2018-03-23)
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@Shinoki: Yay for cute RisaNeru! You will have to wait until the next part to find out more about YuukaNen. :(

@Minami-chan: Glad to hear you like it. I will continue it when I have the time. :( I don't know about Neru's state of fatigue. Maybe it's normal for her or maybe it's not. Even I don't know. :lol:
@Miniju: Super cute. :) But unfortunately you will have to wait longer for the next update. :(

A/N: Hello everyone!
Unfortunately, I will be busy for the next 2 or so weeks, so I won't be able to update the RisaNeru multi parter I just started, but I can still write shorts. :)
So this time I am back with an OdaPon short.
I am not sure if I will make this into a mini trilogy or not, but there are plans.
Hopefully, someone will notice what this is based on.
Special thank you to the person who gave me the idea of writing this. :)
As always, thank you for any comments. Enjoy!

I Am Not A Stalker I Swear [OdaPon]

Kobayashi Yui, also known as Yuipon, is just so cute. I could just stare at her all class if I wanted to. She is the perfect human being. It was as if an angel had descended down from the heavens. She blesses us with her mere presence. There are no flaws in this girl.

Ah! I should probably introduce myself. My name is Oda Nana, but everyone just calls me ‘Dani’. It was a nickname given to me by my parents: Shida Manaka and Watanabe Risa. I cannot really say that my parents are exactly normal. After all, the way they met was not exactly ordinary.

When I was 11 years old, my mother told me about how my parents met. It turns out that my mother happened to have met my father on the subway and basically became a stalker after that. My father, being as observant as ever, quickly picked up on my mother’s stalker tendencies. Much to my surprise, it was my father who made the first move and not my mother. It kind of made sense now that I am 17 years old and have observed my parents’ interactions for the past 6 years.

I was disinterested in the story when I was 11 years old. The main reason being that my parents put in way too much extra information that my 11-year-old ears did not want to hear. However, I became obsessed with the story a few years later. I even let my parents tell me about all the intimate things they did together.

It was embarrassing at first to hear my parent explain everything in explicit detail, but I got used to hearing my parents talk about it. Honestly, that story is probably what corrupted me. People have called me a stalker in the past. I think I get it from my mother, and I get my rashness from my father.

Anyways, back to the main story. I run a personal blog called ‘Pon Inspection’. My blog posts are of pictures of Yuipon that I take in secret with a caption attached to them. I made this blog to show my admiration for Yuipon and as a joke. But it garnered massive support, and I have continued posting to the blog with passion.

I think some of my other classmates have caught on to my blog. Yonetani Minami came up to me one day and asked me about the blog. I shooed her away, but I think she knows. It does not matter though. So long as Yuipon does not find out about the blog, I will be fine.

Although, Yuipon has been very cautious around me recently. Every time we make eye contact in the hallway, as of late, she looks down and scurries away before I get the chance to say anything. It is as if she has been avoiding me recently every chance that she gets. I hope no one has tipped her off about my blog.

The only chance that I get to look at her recently has been during class. She cannot run away from me in the middle of class. I have been able to sneak in a few pictures for my blog, but they are not anything spectacular. Maybe I should just try to confront her. Hmm… But that might be a bad idea.

Oh crap! Yuipon looked behind her and caught me staring at her. What should I do now? If I just act natural she will not notice anything unusual. I give her a smile, but she turned around in response. How sad, but I swear I saw her blush right before she turned around. I must be imagining things, but if I am not, it was so cute. I should consider writing a blog post on it.

Ahhh! Yuipon just dropped her pencil. Oh my god! The way she picks up her pencil is just so perfect. I need to take a picture of this. Maybe I should caption it with ‘Yuipon majestically picking up her pencil’. It has a nice ring to it.

Oh yeah! I guess I should probably explain where this story all began. The day it all started is etched into my brain. Not only because it was the first time I ever saw Yuipon, but it is also because it was the day my innate stalker spirit came to full light. I still blame my mother for that.

Anyways, it was the first day of my high school career. All the first years, myself included, sat in the gymnasium like most first years would. I was not really interested in the ceremony, but then the first-year representative stepped up to the podium. Oh-my-god! It was like an angel had descended on that gymnasium.

Yuipon was standing in front of the podium in all her perfectness. I just could not believe my eyes. How could such a perfect person exist? Oddly enough, my cell phone was already in my hand. Fortunately for me, I was sitting in the back of the gymnasium because I unconsciously took a picture of Yuipon. That picture was used for my first blog post.

Wait a minute… Where did everyone go? Why am I sitting in the classroom alone? Oh crap! Class ended while I was explaining the origins of this story. I need to hurry up and catch up to Yuipon!

Ever since I first laid my eyes on Yuipon, I have been following her home almost every single day. And before you ask, I only do it, so I can protect her from harm. This world is very dangerous you know.

There have been a few times in the past where some boys tried to pick up Yuipon. Oh boy was I furious. It was obvious that Yuipon was not interested. Why would she be? Anyways, the first time, those boys were so persistent that I had to take matters into my own hands.

At that time, I walked up to the boy grabbing Yuipon’s wrist and punched him in the stomach. I am not naturally a strong person, but I guess my strength increased when I saw those boys bother Yuipon. The boy I punch quickly got on to his feet and fled after seeing me about to punch him again.

That was the first time I ever interacted with Yuipon. She thanked me in a quiet voice and quickly ran off. I made sure to take a picture as she left. My second blog post.

Fortunately, today's walk home was very tranquil. No one bothered Yuipon, and I did not have to beat up any boys. It was a perfect day, I would say. Just another day of Yuipon not knowing that I am protecting her from the shadows.

Literally, I followed her home in the shadows. I was currently standing behind a light post near Yuipon’s house. It was my duty to make sure that she entered her house safely. Only then could I leave.

“I guess I will go home and update my blog,” I said aloud as I turned around to walk home. Obviously, I left after Yuipon walked into her house.

Unbeknownst to me, a figure appeared from behind the light post adjacent to the one that I was hiding behind after I left.


A/N: Just in case some people don't know, it was @Shinoki who suggested this a while back. Thanks again @Shinoki. :)

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A/N: Hello everyone!
It has been a while since I posted anything.
I have been busy as of late, so I don't have that much time to write anything.
As always, thank you for any comments. Enjoy!

Our Confessions Were Unromantic, Weren’t They? [TechiPippi]

Two girls were walking together around the local mall. They had no destination in mind and were just wandering mindlessly. The girls were having an outing with each other as their other friends were too busy with other obligations to join them. There was an awkward silence between the both of them.

All around them were couples walking around while holding each other’s hands. The younger of the two girls was envious of the couples around them. She wanted to hold the older girl’s hand in her own hand, but she could not. After all, they were only friends.

I should take advantage of this opportunity,” the younger girl, Hirate Yurina, thought to herself.

“Um… Manaka, is there anything that you want to do?” Yurina asked the older girl.

“Hm… Not really. Is there anything that you want to do?” the older girl, Shida Manaka, replied.

“Not really,” Yurina replied.

“Okay, I guess we can just continue walking around then,” Manaka declared.

“Un,” Yurina nodded slightly.

The two of them continued their aimless wandering. Yurina’s heart was beating faster than normal. She was conscious of the small gap between her and Manaka. All she wanted to do was grab Manaka’s hand, but she controlled herself from doing so.

Why don't I have the guts like Akane does? She would’ve taken Yuuka’s hand if they were in this kind of situation,” Yurina thought to herself as she internally let out a sigh.

Even though there was an age gap between Yurina and Manaka, the both of them ended up becoming friends. Yurina met Manaka through her childhood friend: Nagahama Neru. Manaka and Neru became friends through school. Neru indirectly introduced Yurina to Manaka through a friendly gathering of her friends for her birthday one year.

Manaka and Yurina ended up alone at Neru’s birthday party. They naturally gravitated towards each other when they noticed that the other was all alone. The two of them hit it off once they began speaking. Although they did not have much in common, they both enjoyed the other’s company.

They traded LINEs before the end of the party and have met each other countless times thereafter through outings between Neru’s group of friends. Yurina gravitated towards Manaka’s side whenever they were out on any outings. She naturally developed feelings for Manaka over time. Yurina has kept her feelings for Manaka a secret because she was unsure of how the older girl felt about her.

Today’s outing was actually Manaka’s idea. Although she intended for Neru and some of their other friends to join them, it ended up just being the two of them. Yurina could not have been any happier when she found out that it would only be the two of them. She could not contain her excitement and ended up getting only a few hours of sleep.

This outing was the first time that they have ever been alone together ever since they met. Yurina wanted this day to go perfectly, but the dark bags under her eyes made it look like she was disinterested in the outing. She cursed herself in the morning, before meeting up with Manaka, for her current condition. Even without the dark bags under her eyes, Yurina forgot one thing: a plan.

The two girls were used to having someone lead them around when they went on outings. They forgot that it was only the two of them on the outing which was what led to the current situation. Yurina became lost in her thoughts as she tried to conjure a plan as quickly as possible. A few ideas popped into Yurina’s head when she thought of things that she wanted to do with Manaka.

“Ne, Manaka, do you want to wat---” Yurina began to say before turning her head towards Manaka. Much to Yurina’s surprise, Manaka was nowhere to be seen. Yurina began to look around for her lost companion.

Manaka was standing outside of a jewellery store. She was staring through the store window at a ring sitting on a pedestal for display. The ring was nothing extravagant, but it resonated with Manaka. The ring band was made of 18k gold. A sapphire adorned the ring as the centre stone. A piece of emerald and garnet were embedded into the centre stone to form the image of a zelkova tree.

This ring is really nice. It would be even nicer… if she got this ring… for me, but that won’t happen. Ahhh! What am I doing with this opportunity? We haven’t been alone together since we first met, but all we are doing is walking around this mall,” Manaka thought to herself as she stared at the ring. She became engrossed in her thoughts after wishing for a specific person to buy the ring for her.

“Manaka! This is where you were!” Yurina yelled as she walked up to Manaka outside of the jewellery store.

“Hey Techi, what’s up?” Manaka casually asked Yurina as she shifted her focus away from the ring.

“Don’t ‘what’s up’ me. You suddenly disappeared. I turned around and you were nowhere to be seen. It took me forever to find out,” Yurina replied with a pout.

Pouting doesn’t fit with Techi’s character, but it is still really cute,” Manaka thought to herself.

“Anyways, I know what we could do,” Yurina said.

“What?” Manaka asked with a bored expression on her face.

“Let’s go watch a movie!” Yurina revealed with an excited tone of voice.

“Fine,” Manaka replied.

With a plan in mind, the two girls began to walk in the direction of their destination. The whole walk was silent as neither of them spoke a word. Yurina was still too conscious of the distance between Manaka and her which caused her to be unable to speak a word. Manaka, on the other hand, was lost in her thoughts and did not notice that there was silence between the two of them.

The two of them eventually arrived at the cinema. Manaka purchased the tickets for the both of them, leaving out the fact to Yurina that they were going to watch a horror movie. She knew very well that Yurina was scared to watch horror movies as the girl was easily frightened. Manaka wanted to take full advantage of that fact.

The both of them entered the lobby before splitting up. Yurina went to buy popcorn and drinks for the both of them at the concession stand, while Manaka went to look for the theater room that was showing their movie. Yurina was forced to wait in line at the concession stand, while Manaka easily found the theater room.

Once Yurina was finally able to purchase popcorn and drinks from the concession stand, she looked around for Manaka. She found the girl standing not too far away from the entrance of the lobby. The girl looked lost in thought when Yurina walked up to Manaka. Yurina broke Manaka out of her thoughts by giving her a bag of popcorn and drink before the both of them walked into the theater room. Unfortunately for Yurina, she did not look at the sign that was located above the doors to realize what movie they were going to watch.

“Ne Manaka, what movie are we watching?” Yurina asked Manaka as the both of them found seats.

“It’s a surprise. Just wait and see,” Manaka replied with a grin on her face.

“Whatever you say,” Yurina said with suspicion.

The lights in the theater began to dim down as the movie started. Yurina was enjoying her popcorn as the opening scene of the movie looked normal. A group of friends were having a great time while camping. Nothing looked out of the normal to Yurina. She was relieved that it was not a horror movie.

It only took 10 minutes before Yurina realized that she was wrong about the movie. On screen was the mangled body of one of the friends. Yurina unconsciously grabbed and tightened her grip around Manaka’s hand. She knew at that moment that she was not going to enjoy the rest of the movie.

Manaka was surprised by the sudden touch of a foreign person until she realized it was Yurina’s hand. She looked over at Yurina who had a terrified expression on her face. Manaka smiled as she felt like she was the only one who could see a different side of the normally expressionless girl. She squeezed Yurina’s hand as she continued to watch the movie, while Yurina was too terrified to even notice Manaka’s action.

A few minutes later, Manaka suddenly felt arms wrapping around her body as she heard a scream coming from next to her. She looked down at her shoulder to see Yurina’s head buried in her shoulder. The girl was obviously frightened, but all Manaka could do was smile. It was not a sadistic smile, but it was a smile of happiness.

Manaka wanted the both of them to be closer, but, being that she has a cool personality, it was not something easy for her to do. Their current position was the closest the two of them have ever gotten to each other since they first met. The closest they have gotten before this was accidentally touching hands when they reached both for something. Manaka was enjoying every moment of this, but she felt guilty about scaring the younger girl.

Yurina was so scared by the movie that she did not realize that she was burying her face into Manaka’s shoulder. It took a few minutes of being in the position before Yurina realized what she was doing. She was momentarily embarrassed before a smile formed on her face. This was Yurina’s first time being this close to Manaka. She was not normally bold enough to link arms with Manaka, so she was enjoying every moment of her reaction to the movie.

The movie ended with Yurina still having her head buried in Manaka’s shoulder. Although Yurina was able to calm down part way through the movie, she quickly returned to Manaka’s shoulder where she stayed for the remainder of the movie. Neither of them had any complaints about the position, but neither of them wanted to say anything about it. The both of them returned to their normal expressions once they exited the theater room and returned to the lobby.

“Um… Sorry about what happened earlier. I’m not good with horror movies,” Yurina said shyly.

“Don’t worry about it. I didn’t realize what kind of movie we were watching when I bought the tickets,” Manaka responded as she made up an excuse.

The two girls threw out the remainder of their popcorn and drinks as they walked out of the cinema. They began to walk down the street and continued on their earlier aimless wandering. Yurina tried to think of some ideas of activities that they could do, but she ran out of ideas. It was Manaka who suddenly came up with an idea.

“Techi, do you want to go eat dinner? I want to apologize for earlier, so I will pay for you,” Manaka asked.

Yurina pondered on the idea for a moment before nodding her head, “Sure, that sounds like a good idea.”

The two of them began to discuss what they were going to eat as they continued to walk down the street. Neither of them had an appetite for anything specific at the moment, and neither of them wanted to choose for the other. They ended up playing a few rounds of janken to decide who would decide for them, but they ended in a draw after 20 rounds. In the end, they both decided that going to eat ramen was the quickest dinner option they could think of.

The girls’ changed directions as they found a ramen shop in the opposite direction of where they were heading on their phones. They discussed their favourite type of ramen as they happily continued on their new path. Their path was halted as they arrived at an intersection right before the ramen shop. There was no one waiting with them to cross the intersection.

Manaka and Yurina waited for the red hand to turn into a green person before being able to cross the intersection. They both looked in both directions and began to cross the crosswalk once they were certain it was safe to proceed. Yurina was slightly quicker than Manaka and stepped out into the crosswalk before Manaka did. Manaka was only one step behind Yurina.

Manaka suddenly saw a car’s headlight in her peripheral vision because she was one step behind Yurina. She turned to look at the car that was only 25 metres away from her and Yurina. Manaka’s expression instantly changed when she realized that the car was not slowing down. Making a quick decision, Manaka lunged at Yurina and pushed her out of the way. She replaced Yurina as the centre and reduced the impact area of the other girl.

“Techi!!!” Manaka yelled as she pushed Yurina out of the way of the oncoming car.

Manaka and Yurina were sent flying across the concrete as the car hit the both of them. Yurina was sent a short distance away from the crosswalk, while Manaka was sent a significantly further distance away than Yurina. Their bodies laid motionless as the impact had rendered both of them unconscious. However, Yurina was able to recover her consciousness momentarily.

Yurina opened her eyes slightly and looked at the scene around her. She was dazed and confused as she lied on the cold concrete, but her eyes shot open in shock upon processing the scene in front of her. Yurina’s heart wrenched and tears threatened to fall from her eyes upon seeing Manaka’s body lying motionlessly on the cold concrete a few metres away from her. Yurina felt frustrated as she felt her body not responding to her commands. She was only able to muster enough strength to reach her hand out towards Manaka.

“Manaka!!!” Yurina yelled before once again losing consciousness.


Yurina opened her eyes to a blurry vision. Her eyes refocused and she made out the details of a white ceiling above her. The beeping sounds of medical devices entered her ears as her senses began to pick up the environment around her one item at a time.

Yurina felt the warmth of a blanket covering her body as she realized she was lying in a bed. She tried to sit up, but her body collapsed as her strength suddenly vanished. It was only at that moment did she realize that there were tubes connected to her arm.

Yurina tried to remember the events that led up to her current situation, but a throbbing headache prevented her from doing so. She had a feeling that it was something important, but the pain consumed her mind. A loud sound filled the room as a door was wildly pushed open, relieving Yurina temporarily from her pain.

“Yurina-chan!!!” Neru yelled as she ran into the room. She jumped at the girl which caused her to collapse backwards onto the bed under the sudden action of her friend.

Watanabe Risa walked in a moment after. She was sighing at her girlfriend’s action. It only lasted momentarily as her expression became worried as she saw Yurina’s condition.

“How are you feeling?” Risa asked in her calm voice.

Yurina struggled to speak, “I-I… don't… know… It hurts… everywhere… Help… me…” she felt the air getting squeezed out of her as Neru refused to let go of Yurina.

Risa shook her head as she approached the bed, “Neru, get-off-of-Techi!!!” she yelled as she yanked Neru off of Yurina.

Yurina took in a deep breath of air after being saved by Risa, “Thanks Risa.”

“No problem, this idiot can be overbearing sometimes,” Risa replied with her poison tongue.

Neru patted Risa’s head, “Awww, don't be jealous, Risa. I will give you more attention later.”

Risa swatted Neru’s hand away from her head, “I’m not jealous!” she yelled as her cheeks became slightly red.

Neru giggled momentarily before facing Yurina with a serious expression, “Yurina-chan, do you remember what happened?”

Yurina shook her head, “I can't remember… It hurts when I try to remember.”

“Nothing at all?” Neru asked.

Yurina thought for a moment, “Well… I was out on an outing… Went to watch a movie… Was crossing the street when…” she suddenly remembered, “MANAKA! Where is she?! Is she okay?!”

Neru looked at Risa, receiving a nod from the girl, and turned back to Yurina, “She is still alive…”

Yurina let out a sigh of relief, “That’s good to hear.”

“But…” Neru paused, unsure of how to proceed.

Yurina looked at Neru with a confused expression, “‘But’, what?” she paused to wait for a response but received a silent response, “Neru, tell me, what happened to Manaka.”

Risa spoke up, “It is probably best for you to see for yourself.”

Risa and Neru helped Yurina into a wheelchair when a nurse passed by the room. The nurse made sure that all the medical equipment that Yurina required was secured to the wheelchair before allowing the trio to leave the room. Neru walked behind the wheelchair and pushed it along, while Risa followed behind them.

The walk was silent. The air around the trio was dreaded. Yurina could feel that Risa and Neru were hiding something from her. She wanted to pry the information out of them, but she was scared of what she was going to find out. She felt uneasy about the situation, but it was probably better for her to find out with her own eyes.

The trio walked through countless hallways and passed by countless signs indicating which wing of the hospital they were in. Starting from Yurina’s room, they would have been forced to walk through the more severe units of the hospital, but they were able to avoid them by taking a longer route. They eventually passed by one final door and sign before the lights became dimmed.

Intensive care unit…” Yurina read to herself as they passed the sign.

Yurina’s heart sank when she read the sign. Her thoughts were in denial as she tried to reason with herself about what happened to Manaka. The most dire possibilities were what Yurina wanted to avoid thinking about. She convinced herself that it was just a lie. It must have been some simple mistake.

The squeaky wheels of the wheelchair echoed in the hallway as not a single soul outside of the trio were present. They walked for a long time. Every step that was taken and every squeak that was made caused Yurina to feel uneasy about the situation.

Why are we going so far? Manaka, where are you? Please be okay...” Yurina pleaded in her thoughts.

Neru suddenly brought the wheelchair to a stop, “We have arrived…” she turned around to avoid looking through the glass window of the room in front of them, “Manaka is there…”

Yurina turned her head to look through the glass window. Her eyes opened wide in shock as she felt her heart shatter into a million pieces. The world around her felt like it had stopped. Tears threatened to fall from her eyes.

Manaka was lying in a bed with several medical devices attached to different parts of her body. She was unconscious, but the fog that formed in the breathing mask attached to her mouth indicated that she was still alive. The familiar vitals machine stood beside the bed, monitoring Manaka’s health.

Yurina suddenly lunged towards Manaka, knocking over her wheelchair and surprising Risa and Neru. The glass window separates her from Manaka. All Yurina could do was watch as Manaka lied unconscious. Tears began to fall from her eyes as she loathed that she could do nothing to help the girl that she loved.

“Manaka!!!” Yurina suddenly yelled.


A week had passed by since Yurina was admitted to the hospital. She was released after the doctors deemed that she had recovered enough to be released. The doctors told her that she would require frequent checkups for the next month to monitor her health. Yurina was happy that she was released, but at the same time, a part of her remained depressed.

Manaka still had not woken up when Yurina was released from the hospital. Her condition was stable, and the doctors said that there was a low chance that her health would deteriorate. But that did not keep Yurina from being depressed.

Yurina’s mental state was obvious to those around her. The friends she had at school and her teachers were worried for her. They tried to cheer Yurina up, but she rejected them coldly. Her heart was in a dark place.

Yurina’s heart felt heavy when she walked into the hospital for a checkup. Her feet felt heavy as she forced herself to drag her feet forward. Every step sent a needle into Yurina’s heart as she headed to the intensive care unit before her checkup.

Risa and Neru were already waiting in the hallway when Yurina arrived. The couple were concerned for their friend and came to visit often. The trio greeted each other when they all noticed each other.

An awkward silence filled the air while they stared at Manaka through the glass window. No one wanted to utter a word, especially Yurina. Although Risa and Neru tried to convince her otherwise, Yurina continued to blame herself for Manaka’s condition. She was always hard on herself when things went wrong, and this situation was no exception.

Yurina loathed that she was awake, and Manaka was unconscious. She loathed that she walked while Manka could not. She loathed that she felt this way. But most importantly, she loathed that she was pushed out of the way by Manaka.

“This is all my fault,” Yurina began to say, breaking the awkward silence, “I should be the one lying in that bed; not Manaka,” her head dropped down as she tried to hide the tears that were forming in her eyes.

Risa’s feet appeared in Yurina’s view as she continued to hide her face. Yurina looked up at Risa and was greeted by Risa’s hand slapping her. Yurina and Neru were both surprised by Risa’s sudden action.

“Risa?!” Neru yelled in confusion.

“How dare you?” Risa asked before pausing.

“What do you mean?” Yurina asked in confusion, while she rubbed her cheek that met Risa’s hand.

 “How dare you say that?! If Manaka had the choice of going back and changing what happened, she would have still pushed you out of the way!” Risa explained with an angry expression on her face.

“What do you mean?” Yurina asked confused.

“Are you that dense?!” Risa asked mockingly before calming down, “Manaka would do anything to protect the person that she loves. If you still don't understand then I will spell it out for you. Manaka loves you, and she would never regret getting hurt for you.”

Yurina’s eyes opened in shock after hearing Risa’s revelation. She never knew that the one she loved shared the same feelings as her. Her cheeks turned red as everything became clear to her.

Risa’s expression softens once she saw the younger girl’s reaction. Her job was done, but there was still one more push she had to do.

“What are you going to do now?” Risa asked Yurina in a softer tone of voice.

“I need to go see Manaka,” Yurina replied before running off to enter Manaka’s room.

Neru walked closer to Risa and leaned her head on the girl’s shoulder, “I didn't know you cared that much about our friends. It's one of the many reasons I fell in love with you.”

“S-s-shut up,” Risa said as she turned her head with a blush on her face.

Neru giggled, “There, there, tsundere queen,” she teased Risa as she patted the girl on the head.

The door to the room was just around the corner. Yurina took a moment to breathe before putting her hand on the handle. Her hand was shaking, but her resolve to see Manaka made her push down on the handle. Much to her surprise, the door was unlocked.

Yurina closed the door behind her as she entered the room. Her hand was still on the handle as she faced the door. She took deep breaths to calm her nerves. Moments passed before she finally turned around to face Manaka.

Looking at the scene in front of Yurina cause her heart to ache. She fought back tears as she calmly walked over to Manaka’s bedside. She pulled over a chair from the side of the room and sat down.

“Manaka…” Techi softly whispered.

Yurina looked down at Manaka. The fragile state of the girl made Yurina want to cradle the girl in her embrace, but she knew that it would do more harm than good. In the end, she had to settle with holding Manaka’s hand.

Yurina squeezed Manka’s hand slightly. She let out a sigh of relief as she felt warmth in her hand. Her heart became at ease as she knew that the girl was still alive.

“Manaka I am sorry…” Yurina began to say as she hung her head low while still holding on to Manaka’s hand, “You wouldn’t be in this situation if I was paying more attention.”

A tear began to roll down Yurina’s face, “I was so excited when I found out that it would only be the two of us on the outing. It was the first time that we would be alone ever since we first met.”

A stream of tears began to pour out of Yurina’s eyes, “We were so sure that it would be safe to the cross the street. If only I had walked slower; if only I wasn't so distracted by the outing; if only I hadn't hidden my feelings; then maybe this would have never happened. These feelings I have kept hidden for so long. I was scared to tell you about them, but maybe it is time to tell you. What I am trying to say is that I love you Manaka.”

Yurina sobbed lightly as a silence filled the room. All that could be heard in the room was Yurina’s sobbing and the periodic beeping coming from the medical machines. Yurina felt like her confession fell on deaf ears. It made her happy to have finally confessed all of her feelings, but at the same time, she felt disappointed.

Yurina’s sobbing continued until Manaka’s hand suddenly twitched which caused Yurina’s eyes to widen in surprise. Yurina slowly looked up at the bed. She was greeted by Manaka’s eyes half-openly staring at her.

“Hey… there… Techi…” Manaka said in a weak voice as she took breaths in between words which caused her breathing mask to fog up.

“Manaka?” Yurina asked in disbelief before more tears came out of her eyes, “I am so glad you are okay! Never do something so dangerous again! Promise me, okay?”

“I… can’t… promise… anything… because… I-love-you,” Manaka confessed with a blush forming on her cheeks.

Yurina's heart skipped a beat upon hearing Manaka’s confession. Even though she was already aware of the other girl’s feelings, it was blissful to hear the words come directly from the girl. Yurina wiped the tears away from her eyes before her mouth curved up into a smile.

“I wish I knew about your feelings earlier. All of this time, I was so scared to confess my feelings to you. I thought you would have rejected me, and it would have ruined our friendship. But I’m so happy to know that you shared the same feelings,” Yurina confessed.

“Did… Risa… tell… you?” Manaka asked.

Yurina’s eyes widen in surprise, “How did you know?”

Manaka responded by tilting her head to the side. Yurina followed her line of sight and saw Risa and Neru staring at them through the glass window. Neru was forming a heart shape with her hands, while Risa stood beside her with a satisfied look on her face.

Yurina giggled, “I guess she did.”

A silence filled the air as both Yurina and Manaka stared at each other without uttering a word. Neither of them knew what to say to each other. They were both content with just being able to see each other again.

“Manaka? Can you promise me something?” Yurina asked, breaking the silence.
“What… is… it?” Manaka asked.

“Promise me... that we will... always be together after you get out of the hospital,” Yurina stated with red cheeks.

“I… promise,” Manaka replied with a smile that was difficult to see through her breathing mask.

Yurina put out her pinky towards Manaka for them to form a promise. Manaka giggled to herself at the younger girl’s action. She weakly moved her pinky out to reach for Yurina’s pinky, but her arm suddenly dropped to the bed.

The several medical devices in the room suddenly started beeping and flashing red lights. Yurina stood up in surprise and looked over towards the bed. Manaka was clutching towards her chest as she writhed in pain.

A doctor and group of nurses suddenly ran into the room. They began to surround Manaka and pushed Yurina out of the way in the process. The doctor was giving out orders to the nurses while checking Manaka’s condition.

“Patient is going into cardiac arrest! Bring me the defibrillator!” the doctor ordered a nurse.

“Here it is, doctor!” a nurse came running back with a defibrillator.

“Manaka!” Yurina yelled as she tried to walk towards Manaka before being stopped by another nurse.

“Miss, you will need to wait outside,” the nurse said as she pushed Yurina towards the door.

“Clear!” the doctor yelled before applying a shock to Manaka’s body.

“Doctor! Her vitals are dropping!” the nurse monitoring the medical devices yelled.

“I am applying another shock! Clear!” the doctor once again yelled before applying another shock to Manaka’s body.

“Manaka!” Yurina yelled as she tried to resist the nurse who was pushing her out of the room.

“Miss! You have to leave, now!” the nurse yelled as she pushed Yurina harder.

“Doctor! We are losing her!” the monitoring nurse informed the doctor.

“No!” the doctor yelled.

“No… Manaka? Manaka?! Manaka!” Yurina screamed as the beeping from the vital monitor machine became flat.


Two months had passed since the car accident had occurred. Yurina was sitting down on a bench on the roof of a building. She was looking up at the sky, while the gentle spring breeze brushed against her face.

“I wonder what she is doing right now…” Yurina said while looking at the small box that was in her hand.

The tranquil moment was interrupted when the access door to the roof was suddenly opened. Yurina turned around to look at who had come up to the roof. A smile formed on her face when she recognized who it was.

“Techi… Why did you make me meet you up here? You already know about my condition…” Manaka asked as she rolled her wheelchair towards Yurina. There was a dissatisfied look on Manaka’s face.

“I’m sorry…” Yurina replied. She lowered her head and began to sulk at Manaka’s reaction.

Manaka giggled as her expression softened, “I’m just kidding. I took the elevator up here,” she said as she stopped her wheelchair beside the bench that Yurina was sitting on.

Yurina looked up at Manaka and began to blush. A radiant smile was on Manaka’s face that could have blinded anyone who saw it. Yurina turned away to hide her blushing cheeks from Manaka.

“What did you want to talk to me about?” Manaka asked.

“Ano…” Yurina fiddled with the small box in her hand before turning back towards Manaka, “I wanted to give this to you…” she said as she held the small box out to Manaka.

Manaka accepted the box, “What is in it?”

“Just open it…” Yurina replied shyly.

Manaka removed the lid from the small box. Her eyes widen in surprise when she looked at the object inside of the box. It was the ring that she was looking at two months ago in front of the jewellery store. Manaka took the ring out of the box and placed it on her pinky; it was a perfect fit.

“This is the ring I wanted! How did you know?” Manaka asked as she looked at the ring on her finger.

“You were looking at the ring so intently when I found you outside of the jewellery store. So… I just guessed that you wanted it, so I bought it for you,” Yurina paused momentarily, “It’s also our one-month anniversary…”

Manaka reached over to Yurina and pulled her in for a hug, “Thank you, Yurina! I feel bad now. I don’t have anything to give to you…”

Yurina squirmed in Manaka grip from embarrassment at being hugged, “D-d-don’t worry about it! Can you let go of me?!”

“Ah! Right, sorry about that,” Manaka said as she let go of Yurina.

Yurina coughed while regaining her composure, “Our confessions ended up being really unromantic. I really wanted to confess to you in a different situation. Maybe after a candlelit dinner on the harbour front, but that obviously didn't happen. So, I decided to get this ring for you…” she began to blush again.

Manaka giggled, “I didn’t realize that the infamous emotionless girl could be so romantic.”

“Hey! What’s with that nickname?” Yurina asked with a pout.

“I was just kid---” Manaka began to say before being interrupted by Yurina raising her pinky up in between the two of them.

“Promise…” Yurina mumbled.

“What?” Manaka asked in confusion.

Yurina’s blush deepened, “Promise… that we will… always-be-together-from-now-on,” she quickly said.

A smile formed on Manaka’s face, “Yeah, I promise.”

Manaka linked her pinky with Yurina’s pinky that was in front of her. The both of them smiled at their new-found promise. The ring that was on Manaka’s pinky shone brightly between where their pinkies met.

“We will always be together from now on.”
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I died a little bit. This was amazing. I walked in expecting fluff, but like getting hit by a car, well, they got hit by a car. I kind of panicked a little bit, worrying over if those two would be okay. Ahhh, I'm glad that they're okay and together now.

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Aww... The end was so soft :3  I loved it!

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Now I know how you guys feel everytime I injure Akanen or Yuuka in a YuukaNen shot  :nervous

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@Shinoki: I was expecting fluff too, but I wanted to write something that wasn't fluff as well. So this is the product of that. I am always happy when the ships stay together. :)

@Miniju: The good news is that Manaka is still alive to make it soft. :wub:

@MaYukiIsLife: I think I am slowly going that slippery slope. :cry:

A/N: Hello everyone!
I am back with a HabuKoike oneshot.
This was actually a request from a reader.
This ended up being more lighthearted than I expected, but that's writing for you.
As always, thank you for any comments. Enjoy!

The Titan and The Penguin [HabuKoike]

There once lived a titan in the Keyaki Forest by the name of Habu Mizuho. Most legends would tell you that titans are gigantic vicious creatures that prey on other smaller creatures, but that is not true at all. Well, it is partially true. Just like any other species, there are titans that do fit the bad description that is painted in legends, but that is not true for Mizuho.

Mizuho was a kind spirit who could do no harm to the other creatures of the forest. But, the other creatures did not see it that way. They were scared of Mizuho for her appearance and would run away when they saw her. Mizuho felt hurt by this and lived on her own in a secluded part of the forest, away from the other creatures.

One day, Mizuho was collecting wood for her home. She crouched down to pick up a tree branch, but a drop of water landed on the branch. More droplet fell until Mizuho realized that she was crying.

“Why do all the other creatures hate me?” Mizuho wondered as she sobbed.

Mizuho sat down on the ground and hugged her knees, while she continued to cry with her head down. She felt lonely and unwanted. No one showed her love, not even her parents. To be exact, she did not know who her parents were.

The furthest that Mizuho could remember was when she woke up in the forest alone as a child. She did not know how she arrived in the forest, but fate must have brought her there. She had been alone ever since she woke up in the forest.

“Why are you crying?” a voice suddenly asked.

Mizuho looked up to see a penguin standing in front of her, “Go away. Aren't you afraid of me?” she looked back down to continue crying.

“Why would I be scared of you?” the penguin asked.

“Because I am a scary bad titian. If you know what's good for you then you will leave me alone,” Mizuho replied.

“But I’m not afraid. I know you won't hurt me,” the penguin stated.

Mizuho was surprised by what the penguin had said. It was the first time someone did not run away upon seeing her.

“How do you know that? Haven't you heard of the legends?” Mizuho asked to confirm her suspicions.

“I have heard them before, but I know you are different. I pass by this place pretty often. I have seen how kind you can be,” the penguin replied.

Mizuho looked up at the penguin, “You are the first creature to have ever said that to me. You aren't like the other creatures who inhabit this forest. What is your name?”

“It’s Koike Minami, you?” the penguin replied with a smile.

Mizuho smiled, “I’m Habu Mizuho.”

“It’s nice to meet you Mizuho. Let's be friends,” Minami said as she put out her flipper for Mizuho to shake.

“That would be nice,” Mizuho said as she shook Minami’s flipper.


“And that, Aoi, is how your father and I met,” Minami said to Harada Aoi, her daughter, to finish the story.

“Ehhh? That's it? So boring~~~” Aoi whined.

Mizuho walked in to the room, “Honey, there’s more to the story than that.”


Ever since the day they met, Mizuho and Minami were inseparable. They always did everything together. The two of them became close friends.

Mizuho found out that Minami shared a similar backstory as her. It was a tragic tale of betrayal within the colony that Minami came from. She was the only survivor of the tragedy and has been alone ever since.

Minami was happy that she was finally able to find someone that she could trust. Mizuho swore to herself that she would protect her from harm. Minami probably did not know this, but Mizuho had developed feelings for the penguin.

The two of them lived life peacefully until tragedy befell them one day. Minami had moved in with Mizuho, so it was a surprise to the titan that her penguin friend was nowhere to be seen when she woke up one morning. Naturally, Mizuho began to panic.

Mizuho began to frantically search the surrounding area. She feared for the safety of her only friend. She almost fell into despair until she heard two creatures nearby. She hid herself to listen into their conversation.

“Did you hear about the latest capture? I heard it was the penguin that has been sighted being friendly with that titan,” one of the creatures said.

“Yeah, I heard about that. I am surprised that the titan didn't eat the penguin already,” the other creature commented as they laughed.

The blood running through Mizuho’s body started to boil. She could not believe what she had just heard. She tried to calm herself down, but the rage flowing through her blew up.

“How. Dare. Those. CREATURES!!!” Mizuho yelled as she let out a scream.

Mizuho began to run towards the creatures’ city at the centre of the forest. It consisted of multiple walls to separate the city into smaller zones. They were massively high as if built to protect against titans.

Mizuho ran straight into the outer wall of the city which sent a shockwave across the area. A massive crack formed in the wall, but it did not cause the wall to collapse. Mizuho began to climb the wall. As she reached the top of the wall, music began to pla---


“Mizuho! Don’t bring your anime stuff into the story!” Minami yelled as she pouted.

“My bad,” Mizuho replied with a hand behind her head.

“That,” Aoi began to say, “Was. So. Cool! Do you have any other stories, daddy?”

Mizuho pondered for a second, “Are there any stories you want to hear about?” she asked.

“Hmm…” Aoi thought for a moment before an innocent smile formed on her face, “How did you and mommy make me?” Aoi asked.

Minami’s face became completely red when she heard Aoi’s question. Mizuho giggled at her wife’s reaction and placed a hand on Aoi's shoulder.

“That's a story for another day.”

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