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Author Topic: 444's K46 Fics - I Am Not A Stalker I Swear - Part 2 [OdaPon] (2018-05-11)  (Read 4879 times)

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A/N: Hello everyone!
I am slowly getting around to finishing up stories that I have started.
Just a note that this is a trilogy where each part is from a perspective of someone else.
So starting with part 1: Oda Nana, Suzumoto Miyu, and Kobayashi Yui.
As always, thank you for any comments. Enjoy!

I Am Not A Stalker I Swear - Part 2 [OdaPon]

“Dani~~~ Dani~~~ Dani~~~” I rhymed as I ran up to Oda Nana whose nickname is Dani.

Dani was reading a book at her desk with her glasses on. She looks so sophisticated when she wears her glasses. I really like that about her. There are quite a number of things that I really like about Dani, but I will not bore you with that.

Dani did not respond to me when I ran up to her, so I decided to do what I usually do. I sat on Dani’s lap, facing her, while pushing her book closer to her. It was my surefire way of getting Dani to respond to me.

Dani sighed, “What do you want Suzumoto Miyu?”

I pouted, “You don’t have to be so distant. Calling me by my full name is not allowed.”

Dani rolled her eyes, “I am trying to read here. Do you mind?”

“Can’t you just read with me here?” I asked.

Dani rolled her eyes while sighing, “Fine, do whatever you want. Just don't get in the way of my reading.”

“Okay~~~” I hummed happily.

I really like being near Dani. Even if she acts cold to me, so long as she does not push me away, I will be happy. That is just one of the many things I like about Dani; she will not push me away even if I am being really annoying.

This may be weird, but there is only one thing that makes me love Dani. I love Dani because she follows Kobayashi Yui, who everyone calls Yuipon, around. You may think it is weird that I only love Dani because she loves another girl, but something about that is a part of what attracts me to Dani.

“Miyu, class is starting,” Dani said as she interrupted my train of thought.

I looked at my watch, “Ah! It is! Time for me to leave~~~”

I got up from Dani’s lap and walked over to my desk. The teacher walked in a moment later and started the class. It was so boring in class, but I at least get to see Dani be infatuated with Yuipon; I love it.

It is so obvious that Dani is staring at Yuipon. She does not even try to hide the fact. I wish she stared at me like that, but I guess that is why I stare at her like that.

Both of our loves are unrequited; at least I think they are. Yuipon usually runs away when she sees Dani walking towards her. It is kind of sad, but it is entertaining to watch from the side.

Oh? Yuipon caught Dani redhandedly staring at her. Dani is in so much trouble now~~~ Maybe Yuipon will give her the cold shoulder and then Dani can finally realize how much I love her. I can only hope so anyways.

Ehhh?! Yuipon turned around while… blushing? Wha-a-a-at does this mean? I can still clearly see the side of Yuipon’s face. She is definitely still blushing. Please do not mean what I think it does. Oh kami! If you are listening to me, please tell me that this is all just a figment of my imagination.

I could not focus on the rest of the class. How could I? Yuipon had been blushing ever since making eye contact with Dani. I was getting kind of worried about what it all meant.

The end of class and the end of the day eventually arrived. I stood up to begin my daily routine home. Yuipon probably does not know this, but Dani follows her home every day. How do I know this? It is because I follow Dani home too.

I got up to leave, but I noticed that Dani was lost in thought. A minute passed before I decided to walk up to Dani. Just as I was about to tap on Dani’s shoulder, she suddenly stood up and quickly left the room. I quickly followed behind her.

Most of our trips home were very quiet: Yuipon got home safe, Yuipon did not notice Dani following her, Dani did not notice me following her, and Dani did not have to beat up anyone. You did not hear me wrong; Dani has actually beaten up some people while following Yuipon.

I still remember the first time it happened. This was before I started to love Dani. I just happened to have been walking by when it happened. Yuipon was being harassed by some boys. I was going to fake yell that the cops were coming, but Dani reacted before I could.

Dani walked straight at the boy grabbing Yuipon’s wrist and punched him in the stomach. The sight was magnificent. The boy fell over but quickly stood back up. His expression turned to horror before he ran off. It was probably because Dani was about to punch him again.

It was because of that event that I came to love Dani. At first it was only admiration, but it slowly became what it is now: my distorted version of love. I still do not know why, and I will say it again, but I only love the Dani that follows Yuipon around. Again, do not ask why.

I still do not know how Yuipon has not noticed Dani following her home. Dani was very bad at hiding behind objects. She made it quite obvious that there was someone behind the objects she hid behind. It was unlike me who hid perfectly in the shadows from Dani’s eyes.

The end of Dani’s trip was when Yuipon walked into her house. Dani always waited behind this one specific light post as she waited. I always waited behind an adjacent post.

“I guess I will go home and update my blog,” I heard Dani said aloud before she turned around to leave.

A smile formed on my face as Dani was leaving. It was finally my turn to begin my trip. I walked out from the shadows of the light post before staring momentarily at Dani’s fleeing figure.


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This stalker chain is just too adorable

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