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Author Topic: Sayaka's Adventure in Different Reality Chapter 5 : Navigator's Past (3/4)  (Read 3545 times)

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when one of top idol of japan found herself being thrown to another world that looks like world of a certain anime, she then founds out that not only she was in different place but she also founds out that her gender has been changed, and she meets this people from that world which oddly are resemble and looks almost exactly like her friends

how would her life will turns out after such shocking events

and how will she finds a way to go back to her real world?

Coming Soon

Hello readers this is FZA02 again, I was actually planning to write cross over fanfict (which you can check on 46groups fanfic boards) but….due to sudden announcement of kami-oshimen I decide to focus on this fanfic first,from now on yoroshiku onegaishimasu

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Re: The Adventure in Different Reality (Coming Soon)
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This looks interesting! ^_^

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The Adventure in Different Reality Prolog
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      Sayanee’s POV
“everyone good job for today and thank you” the staff and the members said to each other, we were just finished our national tour, furthermore this will be my last tour as member and captain of NMB48

“everyone good job, and take care on your way home, make sure you guys got plenty of rest” I said to them even though it sounds like an order

“yes, captain” they reply while prepare to going home

I as well start taking my belongings and I bid my farewell and was about to going home when I heard a voice calling me

“sayanee!” I turn around and looks at it, it was my junior oota yuuri, I saw her face crumpled and looks sad, oh come on

“come on, don’t give me that look, it’s not like that this will be my last activity on nmb right?” I said knowing well what makes her sad, she nod and give me a warm hug, I will surely miss this but hey, I still got a lots time before I leave the group

“okay, now just go home and take a rest okay, nmb needs you and ‘we’ need you” I said while patting her head gives an emphasis at the words ‘we’, somehow she understand and takes a leave, well not before patting my head in reply and give sweet “good night” words at me, I too take my leaves and ride train to get home, luckily I got in time for the last train

 “huft, at least this train is not crowded” I sigh while take out my one piece manga, recently I become fans of this manga thanks to particular akb 3rd generation member who is my senior as well

“somehow I think how fun and interesting to live like pirates, so free” I thought, well sure I love my job but I’m still a human and sometimes I get bored as well, sometimes I just want to live free

“straw hat pirates is sure like a fun family and ace is really nice brother” again I thought not that I complain about my family and nmb itself are also become my precious family it’s just I’m a little bit jealous though, it’s not like I hate my siblings, sure I adore my sisters (even if she contaminated to be yaoi fans) and I adore my brother as well even if they likes to pick on me like I’m just a little girl 

“to live in a world like that must be interesting” I said to myself, and that’s the last thing I thought before I heard some noises and before I knew it…. Everything become dark

To be Continued
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The Adventure in Different Reality Chapter 1 : The Beginning
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Chapter 1 : The Beginning

   Author’s pov
“uugh, what happeed to me”  sayaka slowly open her eyes while try to remember what happened before

“ah,you already awake. Are you okay sir?” a voice of girl greet sayaka, make the latter try to look at source of voice

“aah, yes I suppose” sayaka said while try to sit up “wh-where am I ?” sayaka ask  the girl, somehow her eyes still blurred

“you are in medical room in our ship don’t worry we won’t hurt you” the girl reply, seeing confused face in sayaka she then stood up “please wait here sir, I’m gonna tell captain first” and with that she closed the door leaving sayaka alone

    Sayaka POV
‘a ship? How can I be on a ship is that girl just messed up or what’ I thought and then I also remember that ‘did she just call me with ‘sir’’ what the heck is wrong, just at that time I realize my surroundings and indeed it’s look like a medical room in a ship and then i saw a mirror and I get up to look at there and what I saw really shocked me….

My body aside from my face is completely changed I no longer wearing my casual outfit before but I’m on guy’s outfit, my hair become really short like a boy as short as my hair back then in 2012, get panicked I fell down to the floor while ran my hand through my body and realize that my chest become flat and….. I realize there’s something between my legs that I’m sure as hell it wasn’t there before I almost scream in my panicked before the door opened up and the girl from before come, too bad the room is a little bit dark and the sunlight from outside make me cannot see her face only her silhouette

“what happened to me ? where am I ? and who are you ?” I ask her, instead of answer she just giggling…what

“isn’t that too much questions anyway please go outside maybe captain and the others can tell you” she said while grab my hand and drag me out of the room just at that time I realize this girl is resemble someone i knew but before I figure it who it was we already stop in the middle of ship

“oi captain he’s here” the girl said and then leave to call the others, now I take a look at this “captain” who I assume a guy, he has brown short hair which quite familiar, wearing a red shirt and a straw hat is hanged on his back….wait, a strawhat?

“oh so you already awake weird stranger ?” he said while turn to face and when I saw him I surprised since I recognize him but before I said anything he introduce himself

“my name is okada nanao the captain of okada pirates you can call me nao though” he said while smile widely, I can’t hide my shock nana ? okada nana from akb team 4 ? but he seems different it’s look like he is the boy version but the name and appearance is the same even the voice is not different just a little bit manlier than usual

“naachan ?”  I ask him without realizing it

“huh? Who?” he ask me but then he looks pass me and yell “oi guys why don’t you introduce yourself to this guy”
At that time I just realize that there’s another guy here but it looks like he just wake up from his sleep, he has short black hair (not as short as the captain though) and wearing black kimono style outfit , he’s groaning when he stand up and look at me and…..wait those eyes it’s seems like..

“his name is kodama haruki he is the vice captain and best swordsman here” the captain said…. What ? so after male version of naachan and now male haruppi as well ?

“are you sure he is not spy from marine or another pirates” the one who resemble haruppi said while grab his katana and glare at me…. Oh shit

“no,no I’m not I swear I don’t even know you guys and I don’t even know why I’m here in the first place” I tried to explained to him well I don’t want to be killed by someone who looks like my friends

“guys you shouldn’t scared him like that he maybe just lost his memories” then there’s girl voice but I can tell it’s not the girl from before, I look at the source and realize she looks like akb member.. ah yes she is naachan’s teammates

“my name is Murayama yuiri and I’m…”

“she is our navigator in this ship, oh wait she is my navigator” the captain interrupted this yuiri girl which make the latter just pouted at the captain whom grinning back to her. Okay now who’s next ?

“oh there is also another male crew his name is kinoshita momoka he is…”

“the idiot and pervert cook” the swordsman finished his captain’s word… wait so momoka is here and as guy as well ? just then we hear a loud male voice from inside of ship
“what the fudge are you saying you idiot swordsman” I think it’s the cook’s voice

Just when I wondering the girl who took me here show up and when I can clearly see her face I totally in shocked….
“milky ?” I voiced my thought but fortunately not loud enough

“sorry for leave you here and.. well, my name is miyuki the doctor” the girl introduce herself while give the sweetest smile…. But I can’t hide my shock, she is miyuki, my partner in nmb and also my pairing the one I shared the center position is now here ?

“oh anyway you haven’t introduced yourself, who are you anyway” the captain’s voice break my thought, I turn at them

“m-my name is yamamoto sayaka and I’m not evil person and I don’t know where I am and how I can be here” I said quickly I hope they at least trust me and tell why I’m here, just then the swordsman answer

“we just found you yesterday floating on the sea unconscious alone”  eh ? floating on the sea ? alone ? but..

“I’m sorry but floating on the sea ? the last thing I remember I was on train on my way to going home” I try to explained to them

“train ? is that sea-train ?” the navigator ask, I just got confused but I’m sure it was on ordinary train

“uuh I don’t think so by the way where are we actually? “ I ask again and this time the captain reply with excitement in his eyes

“we are on the sea the part of grand line we are going to explore the world and find the legendary treasure called one piece” he said excitingly that’s when I figure out everything
The strawhat that the captain wears, the grand line and the legendary treasure don’t tell me…..I AM AT ONE PIECE WORLD

Everything seems too weird for me 1st I was wake up in strange room 2nd I realize that I was turned into a boy and 3rd I was in pirate ship looking for the treasure called one piece and 4th all of the people here are resemble if not looks like another version of my friends!
I clutch my head due to information I’ve take and suddenly everything become dark once again

To be Continued


so actually the first 4 parts of this story were written back in 2017, i even write this one before naachan being appointed as stu48's captain so it's kind of coincidence, but due the happening now i change the prologue and the stories a bit to suit with current events (sayanee's graduation), and i actually didn't change naachan and haruppi's name at first but since their name sounds feminine i change it at least

all critique and suggestion are welcome, i'm still an amateur

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Re: The Adventure in Different Reality Chapter 2 : Become The Crew
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Chapter 2 : Becoming The Crew

Sayanee’s Pov

“ugh my head hurts”  I wake up after blacked out before, I opened my eyes slowly hoping that I will be in my room at my house but unfortunately, no. when I adjust my vision I still in the room I once before

“damn it, so it wasn’t dream” I sigh

Just when I was gonna thinking about what happened, the door suddenly open and to my surprise it’s not the girl who looks like milky who come but a man who looks like momoka, he brings a plate and water at his hand I guess it’s food for me
He must be the chef  I though to myself

“here’s for you, even if you are strangers we don’t want to have anyone starve to death on this ship” he said while give the plate to me

“t-thank you” I said while receive it, it looks delicious and really make me hungry so I start eat it and I have to admit it’s really delicious

The chef still stood there I realize that he observe from head to toe which kinda creep me out even if I know I am a boy now

“is something matter ?” I try to ask him

“nothing just a little bit disappointed…. That you are a guy” huh ? before I ask what he mean he then continue “I was hoping the one we saved yesterday is a girl actually like a beautiful ladies” he said

I nearly chocked at my food when I heard that damn it momoka I cursed him in my head even her male version is still a pervert, i hate to admit but I’m glad I was turned into a boy

“oh well gotta go back now see ya” he said while leave the room and closed the door

I continued my eating and after finished I put the plate on table nearby I have nothing to do since I don’t know what I should do so I just continued my thought before I get interrupted
Indeed I still can’t believe that I was in another world, being turned into a male and meet people who looks like my friends but I still don’t know what kind of world it is and why I was here that’s when it hit me… before I am here I was on train reading manga while silently hoping that I want to live in that manga world, I remember that I silently want to live like pirate and doing adventure and even I silently thinking if I was born as male so…. Is this happened because my wish ? but why the hell the people here are looks like my friends ? I then remembered that mayu-san from akb once talking about something like alternate universe or something if that’s true than I must be in one of them.. but how I can go ba—


A loud voice break my thought followed by sounds like screaming and sword clashing, I immediately I got up from the bed and ran outside and I already can guess what happen and when I come at the middle of the ship I know that my guess is right
We are under attack. A lots of pirates come aboard our ship while carrying their weapon, when I look for the captain and the rest I found them that they are fighting there but only the captain, the swordsman and the cook (I still can’t call them using their name) but oddly when I look for the girls they just stay calm and I mean freaking calm, the navigator just stand on the top while using binoculars to observe if any other ship come while the doctor… she just sit on the side of ship…sunbathing, just when I come closer to her, she notice me

“oh hey, sorry for the noises but don’t worry nao-kun and the others will take care for them” she said while grinning, I really get surprised how can this people keep calm like this, just as if she can read my mind she continues

“this thing happen sometimes and when we realize they are just small fry so we don’t care much, but if you want to help them it’s okay even if you don’t have to worry thought” she said the last words while pointing at her friends and that’s when I first observer those 3 boys fighting style

The captain, to my surprised can stretch his body like a rubber even bullet cannot hurt him, so he is rubber man huh, while the swordsman, he use 2 swords but I can say that he is bored like..really bored while the cook he use his foot to kick this people to the sea, I’m too focused on them and didn’t realize there’s one attacker come behind, luckily I knew it before he slashed me with his sword so I can dodge

Damn it I almost die I guess I have no choice but to fight as well I have to thanks all practice during filming majisuka gakuen that at least I can put it in action,
I kick that man in his stomach and give him upper cut on his jaw that totally knocked him down, just then 2 more guys appeared okay this will be a little bad I thought, one guy try to attack me but I managed to dodge, damn my reflex is good I thought, I then use my hand to chop his kneck to knock him down as well that’s when the other guy shoot me, I managed to evade it but it almost got my arm, i punch that guy in face then I grab his neck and smack him down right beside where the captain fighting

“you are good in fighting, I’m surprised” captain said to me

“well, luckily I just learned how to fight before come here”

“good, then let’s have fun together” he said, huh ? fun ? I just realize that all this time the captain actually laughing while fighting like he really does have fun, man I have no choice

I join the fight and knocked more guys down that’s when miss navigator shout

“there’s cannon come here from the front!!”

I take a look and indeed there’s a few cannon ball coming our way, taking initiative I run to the ship’s wheel, grabbed it and spin it to left fast that the ship become tilt but at least we managed to dodge the cannon and all the attacker are fell down to the sea, I managed to stable the ship so we can ran away from attacker’s ship, and when everything come back calm I finally fall to the floor

“gosh that’s just really dangerous” I sigh that’s when I heard the crew come at me

“I didn’t expect you to do that, that’s good” the doctor said

“you know even when you don’t turn us around I can cut those cannon thought” the swordsman said, huh ? so I just doing something useless ?

“don’t listen to him, thanks to you we minimalize damage and at least we can avoid any pointless and silly fight” said the navigator

“uu-uuh no, it’s okay I just doing it out of initiative”

“haha that’s a little bit fun but now I’m hungry oy momoka make us some food already, and you should come have with us too” the captain said happily

“okay, thank you”  I said while following to them to the dining room

After that the chef make a lot’s of foods for us I thought, it’s because we just have fight but the doctor said that it’s actually their usual meal and when I look at the other I realized that the captain and the swordsman are sure eat a lots so we start our meal which is this is the first time for me to have eat together with people I just met even if they are looks like my friends, during meals some of them throw questions to me

“so have you remembered what happened ?” the navigator ask

“no, I don’t I still can’t remember anything” I said

“how about..where are you coming from  ?” the doctor ask I was about to answer that I’m from Osaka but I remembered that if this is really alternate universe which in the form of one piece based world I’m sure they don’t know where is Osaka or any other cities and countries and explained it would be to hard so…

“I’m sorry I don’t even remembered where I coming from” that was all I can say, then there’s silent in the whole room while everyone continued eating

“hey I saw you fight, and I can say you are pretty good too, not to mention have good reflex as well are you once a pirate ?” the cook ask

“no,no I’m not I just happened to remember that I’ve learned how to fight before” I said

“well, it’s decided it then” the captain voice surprised us his tone is kind of serious this time something that I don’t even know he can

“from today onwards you’ll be the crew of this ship” he said but with grin across his face, I chocked at my food hard that I thought I’m gonna die “I’m sorry, but be the crew ?” I ask

“yes, you are good at fighting, you don’t know what to do and don’t have anything to go so how about join us ? “ he said excitingly, I thought about it maybe if I go adventure with them I will found the way to go back to my world not that adventuring is bad anyway beside isn’t this is what I wanted before I thought

“uuh, I don’t mind but what about…”

“if you think about us don’t worry” the navigator said interrupted me

“our captain is always doing what he wants anyway” the  cook adding

“this crew is like a family so please call us with our name” the doctor said with smile

“I don’t mind you joining us” the swordsman said “yamamoto sayaka isn’t it? I feel sympathy for your bad luck being as one of us” he finished with small smile

“yoshh it’s decided then, so now for our new crew member yamamoto sayaka CHEERS” the captain shout the last words while the other including me hold up our glasses

“CHEERS” everyone shouts in unison and that’s how I found myself being one of the pirates crew and start living new life with a lot of adventures and unpredictable things waiting ahead

To Be Continued

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Sayaka's Adventure in Different Reality Chapter 3 : New Life
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Chapter 3 : Begin of New Life

Sayaka POV

It’s already ten days since I’ve been the part of the okada pirates, it’s kinda awkward at first but as the time pass by I’m getting used to it, there’s no such rule or anything in this ship so everyone can doing anything what they want to do or what they are good at, basically I know almost nothing about ship and anything so I just lazying around in the ship if there’s no danger like iceberg or something, because I’m the one who take the wheel of the ship but of course I have to follow nao-san’s command (not that he give any anyway). Just like today I’m just lazying around the deck while the others just doing no better than me

The captain is sitting there at the head of ship (did I already said this ship have head of lion) wearing his hat covering his eyes I think he just asleep

Haru-san the swordsman is the same he is sleeping while sitting on floor in deck since the floor is covered with grass so it’s kind of comfortable

Momoka the cook just being his usual self try to act gentlemen (actually a bit pervert) to the ladies, yuiri-san usually just doesn’t give much response but miyuki is like enjoying the treatment. Somehow watching those two really remind me of my time in nmb when the real momoka is like to clinge on real milky while milky herself often clinging at me,

What the hell I just thought I sighed maybe I just missed nmb so much but that’s the more reason for me to be here with these people, I believe i’ll find the way to come back to my world.

’”it’s kind of bored, oy sayaka” haru-san suddenly call me he already wake up

“yes, what is it”

“I’m bored let’s have sparing match” he said. Huh ? did he just ask me to fight him ? before I can answer he already throw one of his katana at me

“show me how good you are at swordsmanship” he begin to attack, he try to slash me but I managed to the side and then he slashed me again so I draw the katana in my hand to block it..damn it this guy I cursed in my head before jump and attack him but he managed to block my attack and throw me to the side it
damn hurt
“stop it you two, don’t fighting in the ship” yuiri-san scold us

“oh come on we just training anyway” haruki-san said just when we heard nao-san’s voice.

“hey guys I found an island, small island” he exclaim. yuiri-san then use her goggles to looks at the island

“it’s a small island, I don’t think there is city but it seems that there is a village there, should we anchored there?”

“yeah, I think we should, we can get some supplies there and do little trip as well, come on”

“okay, cap”
I take us to the said small island and harboring our ship at the  port, we then go down and split up, momoka, yuiri-san and miyuki are going to looks for supplies while me, haruki-san and captain explore the village and talking with the people there, but oddly, the village were so quiet as if there is no one lives there.

“weird, I’m pretty sure I saw people before we arrive here, and now they were gone?”

“it looks like they are hiding from something isn’t it ?”

“yeah, but what could it be ?”
Suddenly we heard louds footsteps, too louds for human’s footsteps actually, and there is a group of bandits riding horses coming to our way.

“do you think they were up to something?” haruki-san said while readied his katanas

“maybe they want to had some fun” and there is nao-san cracking his knuckles

“shouldn’t we talk first ? maybe we’ll know what happen here” I suggest

“that’s if they want to talk”
Those bandits surrounding us and some of them got off from their horse

“who the hell are you?”

“we are the guardians of master and he doesn’t want any strangers at his place, so you shall leave or pay to us if you still want to live” they said

“as if we will obey his orders” haruki-san tempt this guys which make me put a stance (trust me I don’t like to fight)

“you asks for it, these people is useless, Kill Them!” these bandits start attacking us, including some that ride horses, luckily I was with these two so it doesn’t that difficult, haruki-san create air slashing attack and sent them to the air while nao-san jump and beat those who riding horses, and I beat some of them and smack them down I’m not as strong as these two and not used to fight so it’s still drain my stamina. It doesn’t take 2 minutes for us to beat these guys, they run away and we let them, some even are unconscious.

“okaayy what’s now then ?” suddenly the door of the houses there open and some people come to us

“are you guys defeat them, thank you please come in” one of them said invite us to what seems like a bar, there are a lots of people there and as we expect they were indeed hiding

“sir, what happen here and who are those people who attacked us ?” haru-san ask that old man

“they are the subordinate of the master, he is the one who rules this shingoku island and we can’t do nothing about it” he tells us that long ago this island is peaceful and everyone live happily but one day there came a group of bandits, it happen that they are so strong so they easily take over this village and their leader whose called as master is the most terrifying and strongest one in their group and he always force the citizens to give their worth every month and those who disobeying will be captured and prisoned

“that’s… terrible” I said

“huh, it’s sure does, do you know the leader’s identity ?” haru-san ask the elder

“no,sir we never know who he was since he always at his castle in top of mountain” the man answer

“okay, then” the captain tone surprised me since he always keep silent all this time “we will help you to defeat him, no , I will defeat him, sir but let us back to our ship first” nao-san said in his serious tone that kind of amazed me

“oh, thank you, thank you, you may go back but please be careful” the elder reminded us
After that we go back to our ship to tell the others and they agree to help, but not without some comment that sounds like “the captain put us in trouble again” or something like that

We go back to the cities to ask the people where this bandits’s hide out and after that we continue to the destination, to the top of mountain and we choose to go in 2 man group, haruki-san is with nao-san, yuiri-san with momoka and I’m with miyuki

“you know..” I started talking on our way, “I never knew captain can be really that serious sometimes and really want to help another people”, miyuki smile at me before reply

“he is actually kind hearted person, but sometimes indeed he acts like dork and childish, but deep down inside he is nice person” miyuki said and then she whispered “I let you know something, captain ……and haruki as well really like to fight, sometimes one of the reason they do something like this because they want to test their strength and try to become stronger”

I smiled at the last information I got from her “well, all of you looks strong actually, and I mean all of you”

“you also looks strong….saya-kun” she said while give ‘waruki’ smile at me, I was a bit startled for a moment especially that cute smile and that cute ‘saya-kun’ named

I try to lift my uneasiness and focus on our task “well, let’s do our task and hope the others doing their job well”

Before split up, we had a plan, me and miyuki will sneak in and looks for the hostages and prisoners, yuiri-san and momoka will sneak in from the other side of the building and searching for villager’s wealth and haruki-san and captain will create some distraction to help us (it was being commented by yuiri-san as ‘they just want to get problem and fighting’ which after hearing words from miyuki it kind of make sense)

“we are arrive” miyuki said, we were hiding near the front gate of the building, and waiting there when we saw nao-san and haruki-san come

Author’s Pov

““who are you ? no one is allowed to ent…..” the guards didn’t finish their word since nao and haruki quickly beat them

“let’s make some noise” haruki unplug his katanas

“don’t overdo it haruki, they are not a big ‘fish’”

“I know” and these two, captain and his vice go directly inside that building, loud voices can be heard, screamings and swords clashing and…..a childish laugh
Miyuki and sayaka use this chance to run inside and looking a way to find the hostages, luckily there is a still conscious bandit on their way so miyuki decide to interrogate him

“where is the prison of this building?

“……..not..gonna…tell you” that man was weak but still stubborn, sayaka almost want to force him but miyuki hold him

“I’ll ask for the last time where is the prison…sir?” miyuki said while doing her ‘fishing smile’ and to make it more works she offers bandages and medicine to the bandit, sayaka couldn’t help but to feel chill running down his spin

“down below the stairs….it should be there…..” the bandit said while try to grab those medicine, but miyuki take that back

“thank you for that” and then she and sayaka run to the pointed out location, sayaka couldn’t help but think waruki is waruki in his mind

At the other side of the building yuiri and momoka also snuck in and arrive at the storage room,

“look at this place, gold and money everywhere, pretty sure they got this from the villagers” yuiri said, while looking the whole room somehow she got big urge to just get this treasure and save it at their ship but she tried to hold herself



“let’s find nao and the others, we already finding where the treasures are and our job is done we need to get on”

“what about we move them first?”


“you know, we hide in somewhere saves just in case nao decide to break everything and then we return them back to the villagers”

“that was good idea you got there momoka”

“of course, my lady” momoka gives a wink which makes yuiri’s face crumpled and cringe “hei, why you always react like that to me and not to nao?”

“shut up momoka, don’t make me puke on you”

“weird girl….what about this, you go to nao and I’ll handle this alone?”

“you sure abou that?”

“yeah, it’s better than letting you snack some of this treasure”


“now, just go, they might need your assistance”, yuiri gives nod as a response and goes to find nao and inform him what they got

“now, should there is something beneath this floor right?” momoka then break the floor using his kick and found a large empty space beneath the floor “ow, nice”

At the meantime, sayaka and miyuki already reach the prison but they hiding from the bandit that guard that place
“I’ll take their attention, miyuki, you go and save the hostages”

“but saya-kun will you be alright? They are armed”

“don’t worry about me, I’ll be okay, just trust me, now….let’s go” sayaka then get out from the hiding. He sneak his way to the nearby guard and knock him out but unfortunately the other guards aware of his presence.

“try to catch me if you can, losers” he provoked them and run away and just as he hope, those guards run after him, thus giving chance for miyuki to sneak in to the prison and free the all the hostages, luckily the guard that being knocked by sayaka is the one who has the key so it makes easy for her to open the cage

“thank you, young lady, we are in debt at you and your friend”

“it’s okay, let’s get out of here, but maybe there is some bandits out there, is there anyone among you who can fight?”

“yes, some of us can”

“good, now follow me”

Meanwhile sayaka was running without knowing where he actually is, he just realize that he arrive at room that full with weapons, sayaka being cornered by two guards he instinctively grab a staff there

“huft, here we go” he then charge at them, one of the bandits try to slash him but sayaka evade it in time and use the staff he picked to hit the bandit’s arm and make him dropped his weapon, sayaka then spin around and hit that man’s ankle which make him fall to the floor,  the other guy try to ambush and slash sayaka from the back but luckily sayaka aware of it and block it with his staff, they push each other, and then sayaka saw a chance and move away and struck the bandit at his stomach, and then he gives another blow at his jaw which knock him out, the other bandit already get up again and ready to attack sayaka but before he can get near, sayaka launch himself and strike the bandit right at his throat and give final blow at his neck which effectively make him passed out
“fyuhh, all done here, I need to go back to miyuki and the others” sayaka then runs out of the room and directly goes back to where he was before

At that time haruki and nao were throwing every bandits on their way, making havoc as they want
“for a bandits they live in nice place, and have quite a lot of member too” haruki said while sending his enemies away with his attack “but they are weak tho”

“yeah, they are a lots but, it gives a challenge don’t you think” nao stretch both his hands backward using his power, and then used them to attack the enemies infront of him

“mmm actually not” both then combine their attacks and sent everything big wave creating dust around them, and  when the dust clear all these two can see are just the bandits on the floor, grunting and groaning in pain

“Nao!” a voice called out which is turned out to be yuiri,

“have you done with your job?”

“yeah, now momoka will take care of it”
Just then a figure coming from above them, a man with a mask covering almost his entire face except his left eye

“Who dare to disturb cyclone’s place?” he said, each of his hand have claws attached on them

“oh that…is me, are you the leader of these bandits?” nao reply while readied his stance

“yes, and I’m the absolute leader of this little village, soon I will spread my conquest and rule another island”

“with these weaklings ? you must be joking” haruki commented smugly, he doesn’t had any intention to fight, he just will let nao do the job
Suddenly sayaka comes running at them

“we are done there, miyuki already free the people”

“good job sayaka” yuiri said “you already lost here mr.cyclone”

“me? Lost? No, you are the one who already lost, get your damn drink out man!” he commanded, nao and the others saw as the bandits who still conscious take a injection from their pocket and inject it to their arms soon those bandits raise up again

“drugs ?” yuiri said “an injection drugs? Is that how you planning to take down an island? Those things could kill you”

“it’s a special drug made by me using only injection needle that could increase stamina, now Get Them!” the bandits then surrounding sayaka and the others who quickly preparing their fighting stance

“leave them to us capt, just take the head” haruki said while smirking

“this will be a long” sayaka sighed

And so the last battle begin
Nao charge at cyclone and using his stretched hand to punch that guy, cyclone able to block it but still being thrown by the impact, he then used wall behind him as stepping point and launch himself and attempt attack nao, nao can evade it but cyclone’s claw scratch him a bit, nao then kick cyclone when their distance was close and sent him away and break the walls

“you are strong, how about join me huh ? kid ?” he offers nana

“in your dream” the captain reply and continue to fight

Sayaka, haruki and yuiri are fighting cyclone’s subordinates, haruki start dash at the bandits and slash every bandits that come in his way, they attempt to attack him but haruki able to block all of their attack at the same time using his katana and deflect it before creating an air wave to send them to the air, sayaka also do the same while using the staff he picked earlier beat a few of the enemies while also try to evade every attacks that come at his direction, he rolling aside when one of the bandits try to attack him from behind, sayaka then kick his ankle and beat that guy.

Without their realizing a small black cloud appear above them and suddenly it struck those bandits with lightning.
“that was….nice yuiri-san, thank you” sayaka said to yuiri who did it using her modified staff

“you’re very welcome”

Suddenly a guy appear above them and when landing using his hands to spin around while kicking the bandits, it turns out it was momoka
“miss me guys?”   

“huh? We just very fine without you and now you just ruin my fun” haruki complained with his moking face as usual

“I’m not receiving any words from you, damn swordsman or I will kick your ass”

“you want to fight ? fine I’ll take you anytime” these two were busy arguing without care about enemy that coming infront of them but it was bad decision for those bandits to attack them since these two quickly beat them

“they were always arguing even thought they make nice combo” sayaka commenting a bit amused at his friends behavior

“don’t mind them, they always like that”

Meanwhile cyclone keeps his distance at nao while trying to find chance to attack him but nao’s reflex is good that he almost can evade his attack even though sometimes cyclone’s claw able to hurt him

Using their last chance cyclone using pillar as stepping stone to dash at nao, nao waiting while stretching his right leg above him, he count their distance and when at the right distance, nao launch his leg down and just when cyclone’s claw about to pierce his skin, his kick hit cyclone hard that make him passed out
Watching their leader down the remains bandits getting scared and run for their life and finally their fight is over

Sayaka’s POV

After the remains bandits run away nao come to us, we are happy that all of us okay even though we got little scars here and there but when we enjoyed our victory suddenly

“Sayaka watch out…” yuiri-san warned me I look behind me and there’s this one bandits ready to slash me, at this points I can’t evade so I use my arms to cover me, just when I ready to feel the pain….


I look infront of me and the bandit already down with a needle at his neck
“are you okay guys, sorry I’m late, I need to guard those people savely” it was miyuki who saved me, I really need to thank her after this


After the battle we managed to free the shingoku island, the bandits and their boss is being take care with the cops there who just being freed from prisoned, we stay there for a day and after finished restocking and doing another thing we set sails off

It was in dining room again everyone enjoy their meals now after big fight we have before especially captain who eats a lot of meat while haruki-san really drinks a lot as the rest of us just eat normally
“ne, saya-kun” miyuki suddenly calls me

“yes, what is it”

“what do you think now going adventure like this, is it fun ?” she ask with smile sweetly at me, I recalled back what happen, going on  island, meeting the people, fighting the bandits and almost get killed and finally success freed the island. I remembered the happy faces of the people when I answer with smile

“un, it’s dangerous but it’s fun”, she laugh at my answer “mm what’s wrong ?” I ask

“nothing it’s just……”

“you are slowly sounded like nao there” yuiri-san finished while pointing to now sleeping captain, while the rest of now laughing happily, but really it’s really fun

Hello there, sorry for long update, i got very busy in my college and sayanee's graduation's day are nearer which didn't help me at all haha thank you for those who read this
all critique, comments and suggestions are welcome

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Sayaka's Adventure in Different Reality Chapter 4 : The Unexpected (part 1)
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Chapter 4 : The Unexpected  (part 1)

Sayaka’s POV

It’s been a week since our adventure in shingoku island and we already back to our routine, I used it to make some notes about the crews and their real counterpart in my world, so my notes goes like this

1.   Okada nana (captain) : in this world he is male and being captain of pirates and the personality quite contradict with his real counterpart this version of naachan is quite playful, a little childish and somehow dumb however he is good at fight probably the best among us and have good leadership, strategies and have serious side even though it’s only shown in fight or dangerous situation,
2.   Kodama haruka (swordsman) : this male version of haruppi is almost totally different from the real haruppi, he is serious even though can be dork and lazy and I dare say he is a little bit cruel when it comes to enemy, but have good sense of thinking as well
3.   Murayama yuiri (navigator) : since I seldom meet her real counterpart I don’t know anything aside when she had chat with naachan in twitter before or from naachan stories and I think it doesn’t look like different with her counterpart here
4.   Kinoshita momoka (cook) : both of this person counterpart are still pervert, like to tease and go near the ladies, but he indeed is good cook something I doubt real momoka can do
5.   Miyuki (doctor) : something which is odd she doesn’t tell her full name but I can say that she doesn’t different much from the real miyuki, she is good doctor that’s it

After read the notes I can’t help but got a bad feeling that the next people we meet is surely will be another alternate version of 48G members even though deep inside I hope I was wrong.

After finished the note I put it in hidden place since I have feeling I’m gonna adding some more and continue my routine

This past days I have no choice but to train myself in order to get stronger and basically to prepare myself for something unpredictable in the future, good thing is I already getting used to live as boy, ever since I become the crew I slept in same room with the other male members and sometimes train together and not just once I saw the other especially nao, naked since he once infiltrate the bath when I was taking bath and now sometimes i will training shirtless without feeling embrassed if the other saw me (except if it’s miyuki since she always overreacting)

I go out to the deck and sawing nao and haruki-san fishing on the side of the ship, nao still had grinning face since he feels excited to get more fish (and from what I saw, he already got a lots) while haruki-san looks annoyed and bored, it as if he was forced to do this, well served them right for eating a lots more than the others, i decide to join them

“oh sayaka, can you replace me here?” haruki-san said while giving his fishing rod to me

“oh, sure thing” I then sit beside the captain and throw the bait and wait for a fish to bite it

“got a lot huh? Capt?”

“yepp, we can eat a lots of fish tonight” he said while making cheerful smile

“yeah, as if we can eat before you take them all by yourself” I joke at him and he just laugh, but something caught my attention

“wait what was that?” I try to take a better looks and…it was a small boat, and it looks like there’s a person there

“guys, there’s a boat on the sea, and it looks like there is someone in there”

“huh? What?” the others quickly coming near and yuiri-san using her binoculars, “it’s a girl!, there is a girl on that boat and she is alone we need to help her”

“huh? I can’t see it” nao try to take a look but…..

”uwaaa” due to his recklessness that guy falls to the sea instead

“that Idiot!!” yuiri-san panicked, I remembered that those who eat devil fruit which make them had some miraculous power, won’t be able to swim, including nao in this case

“Somebody, save him quick!” out of instinct I jump to the ocean, luckily I can swim or else I might end up drown myself, I can see nao try to get an air but end up just drowning deeper, fortunately I could grab his hand, pull him out of the water

“fuaah, thanks sayaka, I never liked  the taste of sea water” he said,

“no problem”  the others help us go back to the ship and yuiri greet us with a hard hit on nao’s head

“don’t do that again you idiot!” and nao just response with “I’m sorry” and puppy face
At that time haruki-san got up to the ship, I didn’t even know he was gone, he looks drenched and at his arms there is a girl unconscious,  she looks pale and somehow terrified

“m-miyuki, look after her……. Please” that was kind of surprise me, haruki-san use ‘please’ and the looks at his face is somehow very worried, it looks like I wasn’t the only one to get surprised by his attitude

“i- I understand, let me take her” haruki-san then let miyuki and yuiri-san bring that girl, at that time,  I look  at his hand and it looks like he grab something that seems to be a necklace but whose necklace, could it be it’s that girl’s, I thought, I wonder if haruki-san know that girl judging by his expression, the others maybe also think like that

“did you find something on that boat?” nao asks

“n-nothing, there is no sign about where she comes from, I guess we need to wait till she wakes up”

“we understand” all of us then go back for what we’ve done earlier except me and nao who didn’t resume our fishing.
Hours already pass by when miyuki just got out of the room, and then haruki-san asks her

“h-how is that girl condition ?” to be honest it looks so strange to saw this side of him

“she is fine although, something must be happen to her recently and I’m afraid she will get really panicked when she wake up” miyuki explained to us

“can-can i go inside and take a look at her ?” haruki-san ask and now I’m sure judging all the faces here I’m not the only one who got shocked with his behavior. Just what happened here ?

“s-sure, but don’t disturb her, and tell me if something happen, okay?” miyuki said which followed by nod, it seems that she also wondering what happen but decide to not asks haruki-san anything

“i- I understand,” he reply and then slowly enter the room while the rest of us just watch in curiousity

“do you think that haruki know that girl?” miyuki asks out of blue

“I don’t know about that, but it’s not impossible” I reply

“let’s just wait for that girl to wake up, I’m sure we’ll get the answer” yuiri-san said and the rest of us just nod in agreement

No one’s Pov

He stood there watching a girl laying in bed unconscious, Haruki come closer to the sleeping girl, worried and guilty all written on his face
“so it’s really you..” he said while his trembling hand slowly touch the girl’s face and caressed her while the other still holding something…. It was necklace

“what happened to you ? all this time I thought I lost you ?......” that’s what he said while a single tear drop from his eyes. Suddenly, feeling he can’t take it,
haruki bends down and kiss the girl in her forehead

“I’m sorry to leave you but…. now I will protect you…” was the last thing haruki said before take a last glance at the girl and leave the room


After that day haruki become quieter than usual, he doesn’t pick a fight with momoka again like he used to, he spent his time in ship’s gym training to distract himself while once in a while he will take a look at still unconscious girl they saved before

Almost everyone worried about their vice-captain but never ask to him directly even the captain think that they better waiting that girl to wake up since they believe that the girl is somewhat have connection with the swordsman, until one day…….

“wh-where am i?” the girl finally wake up, and her eyes looking around the unfamiliar room, try to digest where she is, she try to get up when she notice an infuse where placed at her hand

“are you okay,? Here drink this” the girl looks at the voice and saw miyuki handing her a glass of water which actually a herbal medicine to make the girl feels better, she looks shocked at first and somehow frightened before take the glass, that take miyuki’s attention

“don’t worry, we won’t hurt you, we found you few days ago so we decide to help you” miyuki said

“t-thank you” the girl said before take a sip, she then asks “h-how do I get here?”

“we found you alone on a boat, unconscious then we take you here, you are on our ship, we are okada pirates”

“p-pirates?!” the girl’s face somehow frightened once again it seems that she have bad memories about pirates, miyuki quickly calm her

“don’t worry we are not evil, you can rest more, your body was dehydrated” miyuki said “I’ll leave you alone so you can calm yourself, I’ll be right back” and then the doctor goes out from the room, while the girl who watching since before slowly lying herself in bed

Outside of the medical room miyuki meets with haruki
“how is she?”

“she already but she still needs more rest, I guess she will be alright soon”

“okay, thank you miyuki”

“you’re welcome, do you want to see her?”

“…no, as you said she maybe need rest more”

“okay then,” miyuki then goes to her room while haruki just stay still outside of the medical room, he was contemplating if he should saw that girl but he decide not to.


“I wonder what happen between haruki and that girl” yuiri said while she looking at the sea infront of her, while nao just resting himself near her at the deck

“well, we can’t do anything until that girl wakes up or one of them tell us”

“you’re right, but somehow i wonder what is it that makes him change like that?” nao looks at yuiri from the corner of his eyes after hearing those

“it seems you really care about haruki” he said.

“of course he is our friends and your vice, nao” yuiri looks at nao but the captain looks at another direction “what are you thinking?”


Sayaka looks at those two from foremast which also for the lockout place and haruki’s training room above the deck, somehow he give very tint smile at how nao’s antic
“I guess I found something similar between them with their another counterpart” he said and then continue to his training “I should get myself some weapon at the next island”


After dinner all of the crew continued their own activity, momoka still in the kitchen cleaning the dishes while making dessert in case some of them need snack in the midnight, miyuki checks on that girl who’s still sleeping, yuiri goes to her observation room the continued drawing maps of islands they’ve been visited, haruki goes to train, while sayaka and nao spent their time on the deck

“you seems a bit bothered capt” he start the conversation

“it’s nothing, I just excited what kind of island we will see, a new adventure that is” sayaka without realizing gives small smile at that childish antics

“yeah, you’re right, I might as well need a weapon”

“weapon? I thought you are fine with fighting bare handed”

“no, I’m not, it gets pretty hard especially when dealing with a lots of enemies, and I’m not as strong as you or the others” nao laughed which confusing sayaka “what?”

“you sounds like you ready to fight anytime”

Sayaka a bit paused hearing that, he just realized he really didn’t act like an the idol Yamamoto Sayaka a bit, he is more like the new pirate man Yamamoto Sayaka I guess I start to forget how it feels being idol or maybe just too carried away gosh I even almost forget how it feels for being a woman he though while sighing

“yeah maybe I just get influenced by you guys” he said

“maybe you could asks the others about it, as far as I can remember yuiri had some unused weapon”

“really? Thank you then, I’ll ask her later”


It was midnight and everyone already goes to sleeps except for haruki who is in his lockout duty, he just sitting on the deck before he choose to check on the girl and when he open the door he saw something happen to the girl

Her body is trembling while she start to sweating it seems she have nightmare. Sakura starts moving in her sleeps while mumbling “please don’t hurt my family, please ,….someone…please save me”

Haruki immediately run to the girl,, he holds her hand and whispering on her ears

“sakura calm down, I’m here, it’s me haruki..calm down” he said softly,just then sakura jerks and wake up from her sleeps. She almost panicked when she saw a man standing so close to him but before she be able to scream, haruki place his hand on sakura’s mouth

“sshh, don’t be afraid, sakura, it’s me….. I’m haruki” haruki said.when he saw sakura getting calm down he remove his hand but sakura get shocked a memory suddenly flashed in her mind

“I promise I will protect you and I will always love you no matter what” a boy said loudly

“are you promise ?” ask the girl

“um, I promise” the boy reply

“thank you…haruki” said the girl

“…ki…haruki..” sakura said that name slowly

“yes, it’s me kodama haruki.. you are save now saku-“ before he can finished his word he feels a body hug him. Yes sakura hug him tightly, she can even stand now

“haruki…haruki…haruki” sakura calls him again and again while crying on haruki’s shoulder. Haruki hugs her back and caressed sakura’s hair

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry , I should protect you like my promise to you but I failed it, I’m sor—“ that was the second time haruki can’t finished his word after he feel a lips pressed against his. sakura kissed haruki which make him shut up. Haruki shocked at first but then slowly he return the kiss. Both of them then break kiss while pressing their forehead to each other

“I should be the one to say sorry because I leave you” sakura said

“sshhh it’s okay, at least now you are with me, you are save now for I will protect you” haruki assured her

“ un, thank you haruki” was the last thing she said before they kiss once again, a kiss of two long lost lovers whom been separated for years

“you must haven’t eat yet, wait here and I’ll bring something for you” he said but sakura didn’t release her hug “sakura?”

“I’ll follow you, i already fine, and I don’t want to be alone”

“alright, come with me” haruki brought sakura to the dinning room, he didn’t bother to tell sakura about the ship, he knew she will know it the next day, so after find something to eat (thanks to momoka who prepared something on the fridge) haruki accompanied sakura beside him, none of them are talking, haruki just let her be and wait until the girl to finished eating and ready to tell herself what actually happen even though that could waiting for tomorrow, after she done, haruki takes her back to medical room

“you still need more rest sakura, we can tell the others tomorrow” he said, he was about to leave but sakura grab his hands, sawing her face haruki sigh

“alright, I’ll stay here, I will wait until you are sleep okay?”

“thank you haruki” sakura then lay down at bed and after some minutes she drift to sleep

“sleep tight…….princess” haruki whispering softly before kiss sakura’s forehead,


No one’s Pov

The next day, when sayaka goes to check on sakura, he was little surprised to find she is sleeping with haruki sitting next right beside her, also sleeping while holding her hands. Even though he doesn’t know anything about their relationship, sayaka somewhat feels happy to them. So he decide to not disturb those two

 After sayaka leave them, haruki slowly awake from his sleep, just then he realize that he still holding sakura’s hand, he also notice how peaceful sakura’s sleeping face but just when he’s about to touch her, she suddenly wake up

“good morning, sakura” haruki said with very soft tone that probably can make momoka mock him all day if he hear it

“why did you stay here all night long?” sakura asks confusedly, she thought haruki will comeback to his room but here he is looks like he just wake up besides her

“did you sleeping on chair while looking after me?”

Haruki just gives small smirk before grab sakura’s chin

“yes, I did, so don’t asks anymore or I will kiss you” sakura’s face redden with that statement that so unlike haruki at all, haruki then offer his hand “let’s go to dining room and meet the others.” But no answer instead somehow sakura’s face become a bit sad and gloomy

“sakura?” haruki bent down and patting her head, she then looks at him somehow troubled

“sakura.. would you tell us what happened to you… or at least let me know” haruki ask her still in his calm voice. sakura looks down at the ground before she answer

“I-I think I’ll tell you all once I meet your friends as well” she said

“well, then let’s meet them besides……they need to meet my beautiful fiancée” haruki said the last word with smile on his face makes sakura blushed,

“ah almost forget I want to give you this” haruki said while give her a necklace, that was the necklace that being the symbols of their relationship ever since they were kid

“haruki, how did you find this. I thought I lost it” sakura said, tears in her eyes

“I found it on the boat that carry and…” he said while pointing to his neck where the same looking necklace are worn by him “it’s really precious for you. For us” he said while wears the necklace in his hands at the girl’s neck

“un, thank you haruki” sakura said

“ow, come on don’t cry let’s meet the others”

The two then goes to dining room and when they arrive they saw all the crews already gathered there

“woah you already healthy ? I’m happy you join us” said miyuki while grinning and give the swordsman a wink that looks like said ‘I think I know what you did’

“ah, that unconscious girl ? come in you can join us, I’m surprised haruki invite someone to join here” said the captain bluntly make the girl and the swordsman blush slightly

“come in there’s still a place for you to join and….” Sayaka cuts his word notice that the two figure are holding hands, he then continue “I’m glad you are okay” he said  just then a voice interrupted

“hellooo, beautiful lady, can I do something for you?” there goes the pervert cook as usual but before momoka can get nearer a Click voice is heard. It was haruki who start to draw his sword while give death glare to the cook while sakura hide behind him. She is a bit afraid with this cook even though the others welcome her warmly. Momoka notice haruki’s glare and he gave up
“ugh fine. Do whatever you want shitty swordsman” he said while going back to prepare the food for the crews

Sayaka’s Pov

Haruki-san and this girl now join in our table to breakfast and after the food is ready we start eating peacefu--- er normally yeah just like nao just being usual. Eating almost every meat here while sometimes getting scolded by yuiri-san and of course miyuki and I also protest him but haruki-san and momoka doesn’t fight today maybe because that girl make his mood become better. After we finished suddenly haruki-san cleared his throat and getting our attention

“I have something to tell you” he said, and all of us pay attention to him “I want to introduce you to someone here” he gestures to the girl besides him who just low her head a bit, she looks a bit nervous

“she is miyawaki sakura, a childhood friend of mine and also…….” He takes a glance at her before shocked us “she is my fiancée”

An EEEEEHHHHH was heard in our room because, well, who would have thought that seemingly cold and serious person like haruki-san already have fiancée even though I’m not that surprised after what I saw this morning but still we were still in surprised to learn this new fact

“wait a freaking minute” it was momoka who said it while grabbed haruki-san’s collar “why the hell someone as cold as you get a beautiful fiancée and not even one of us know, you shitty swordsman” he said

“well, because I’m not a pervert like you” he reply shortly, he seems doesn’t care with momoka’s action “besides there’s a story about it that I want to tell you right now” he added. All of us really pay attention to what haruki-san will tell us

“sakura and I are born in some place called as ‘the land of knights’ and due culture there we were being engaged to one another ever since we were kid, besides we already really close from the beginning, we are really happy since that day until …. She disappeared” he stopped and glance to sakura-san

“disappeared, but why ?” I ask them but this time it was the girl who answered

“ I was kidnapped by a group of pirates and held in their prison but before something bad happen the pirates were engaged in a battle and the ship sink I was able to find a boat and save myself I was floating in the sea until one day when I wake up I was being saved by an sailor man, he then adopted me since he and his wife don’t have kid, we are living in a city, we living happily until…..” She stopped, haruki-san place his hands on hers

“on one night there are group of pirates attack our city, they demanding that we surrender but then they sees us as burden and began to slaughtered us…. My adoptive parents…..they die protecting me at that day…” sakura-san began to sob “we were about to leave the island using a boat, but those pirates knew and attack us, and in the end I was the only one who survived” haruki-san place sakura’s head on his should while giving an assuring pat on her back

“you said that both of you are from the land of knight ?” nao said while looking at haruki-san “but that’s not where I met you, what are you doing after sakura disappears” he ask his swordsman. Haruki-san just give sad smile while answer

“after I learn that sakura get kidnapped, I try to look for her and I leave that island alone and then when I learn the fact that the group of pirates who kidnapped her already lost and killed in a fight, I almost give up and that’s when I decide to be a pirate hunter, for some time until I meet you capt” he said and smile to nao while still holding sakura-san

“I’m sorry to ask this sakura-san but… are you know who’s the one attacking your island ?” I ask the still crying girl, but she start to slow down and after she calm down answer

“I don’t know… but the only things I can get is they called their leader as 'Black'” she said

“well, then we shall find the one behind this. What about we go to the land of knight now” I suggested the others.

“sorry to tell you this but land of knight was in other part of grand line, in other words it will took time to go to there, a lots of time” yuiri said

“then should we go to this girl's city? If those bastard were still there we can take revenge right away” nao said, the rest of us including haruki-san were silent for a while but in the end we are all agreed.

“sakura-san, can you guide us there?” yuiri asks her, sakura-san looks worried but haruki-san assures her that everything will be alright. Yuiri then bring sakura-san to her navigator room

And so here we are going to go to an island where sakura’s coming from, to find anyone who will responsible for that mass murder, from corner of my eyes I saw haruki-san draw one of his katana and the looks on his eyes is really murderous

“I’m going to kill them all” was all that I could hear coming from him

While I can’t help but feel chill running down my spine, somehow I think this will be dangerous compare to our journey on shingoku island

To Be Continued


P.S : sorry if haruppi seems so out of character

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Chapter 4 : The Unexpected  (part 2/2)

Sayaka Pov

We choose to turn wheel in order to go sakura-san’s city, yuiri asks sakura-san to guide as and gives us the direction, after hearing the stories yuiri and miyuki try to be as nice as they could and makes sakura-san comfortable with us, while haruki-san keeps an eye at her and always accompany her. And it seems it will took days for us before go there

“why I feel unease sometimes?” I said out loud unconsciously

“what’s wrong saya-kun,?” without even looking, I knew it was miyuki not just because I can quickly recognize the voice but also because she is the only one that
calls me like that

“u-uh, nothing miyuki. Just maybe a bit tired since I got less sleep sometimes” I lied, I don’t want to said about my uneasiness to this girl

“want me to check you up?”

“n-no, I’m fine thank you,” I feel my face heat up without reason, i don’t know why I still can’t deal with miyuki seriously, and maybe being separated from her for a long time really makes it worse.

“hmm, are you sure you are fine?” she said still with that gummy smile plastered at her face

“yeah, yeah, I’m alright, now didn’t you have something to do ?”

“ah right, I want to take night shower~” she then goes back to her room and leave me at last, I sighed without I realize, really dealt with miyuki is never been easy

“why are you sighing sayaka?” a voice asks me and I look at the person

“nothing capt, just a bit tired and maybe nervous”

“hmm, let’s just prepare and wait for what will happen, maybe we could have fun there haha” he said while grinning

“yeah, you maybe right.”

“anyway have you asks yuiri about weapon that you need?”

“aah, no, I haven’t, I’ll ask her later I guess”

Then I go to yuiri’s room and knock at her door
“come in” a voice reply and then I open the door

“what’s wrong sayaka?”

“oh, it’s just captain told me that you had some unused weapon so I want to ask if I may borrow it, I need some weapon”

“oh, what kind of weapon do you want?”

“hmm, something that will be useful to fight more than one person and if necessary it won’t kill them”

“ah, I had that wait a second” she then goes to check at her treasure chest and then comeback with a long iron staff “I think this is what you need” she said while handing that to me

“thank you yuiri-san, I believe this is really suits me, I’ll use it treat this carefully”

“it’s fine, you can own it from now on, besides I don’t use that weapon anymore”

“alright, thank you so much” I got out and go to foremast, I decide to give a try to this thing

“let’s give a try to this thing” I said and begin my training using my new staff given by yuiri-san


It’s been 2 days after sakura-san wakes up when we feel that we are nearer at sakura-san’s city, it was already night there
“I see it!, the island. We already near” yuiri-san said, while looking from her binoculars we were preparing for landing before she continued “wait, it seems that we are not alone there”

“captain, I suggest we should take a turn and harbor at the other side of the island, it will be saver that way” haruki-san suggest

“I understand, let’s set anchor at the other side, we need to get there quietly!”


We successfully anchored at the other side of the island, all of us are in full cautious.

“what if we split up, some will stay here and guard the ship while the other sneak into the city” I suggest, the others was thinking before they agreed

“but who will go then?” miyuki asks, yuiri-san on the other hand was contemplating something before start to talk

“what if, sakura, nao, sayaka and I go to check on them, sakura will be our guider. While the others including haruki stay here?”

“wait, why don’t you want me to go to the city with sakura?” haruki-san protested

“it’s because we can’t afford you to lose control and destroy them”

“oh, come on I won’t do that” he try to complain but momoka suddenly talk

“you won’t? ha, we knew if you join them you’re just going to mess up damn swordsman”

“say that once again, and I will cut you filthy cook” and then these two start arguing again after a few days

“guys, will you stop bantering at time like this” I try to stop them, well, at least haruki-san seems listen

“okay then I understand, but please be sure she will save”

“we will”

The 4 of us goes to city in disguise, I bring my new weapon just in case sakura-san guide us to the city and what we saw definitely something horrible
There are a lots of building that destroyed, some looks like has been burned before and what’s worse is that my nose pick some strange smell

“wh-what is this smell?” I said, I look at the others and I saw sakura-san looks so horrified, yuiri-san holding her while nao puts on his serious face

“it’s…blood” I widen my eyes upon realization, and looks around more with the others and indeed, not just once I saw corpses inside that destroyed buildings, I don’t know if the others saw it as well, but I didn’t say anything because I’m afraid sakura-san will terrified even more

“wait, let’s hide first, I saw some people coming” nao suddenly voice out and we quickly hide between that remain

“you know I wonder what the captain want? I mean there is nothing to do here” we heard a voice talk captain ? they are pirates?

“yeah, the captain already set sails yesterday, while we have to keep in this place.”

“we just need to continue moving all the worth we found before we set sails tomorrow afternoon”

“yeah you’re right”

After that we heard those people already go away. And we get out from our hiding

“did you hear that?” yuiri-san said “they’re gonna leave tomorrow I guess our time won’t be long”

“tomorrow huh? We can attack them tomorrow when they let their guards down, from now on we need to get on and looking where they hiding” nao said, he looks serious at this

“I guess we can continued this tomorrow, if we continued this now, it won’t be any good” nao and I looks a bit confused before yuiri-san whisper something at him and he understand

“okay now let’s go back”

We go back to our ship and when we arrive, haruki-san welcomed sakura-san with a hug to calm that horrified girl while we tell the others what we got

“tomorrow afternoon  we’ll surprise them at that time” nao said, “we are going to sneak in at the city before they leave and surprise them at the harbor”

“Roger that”


The next day just as what we planned we sneak in again at the city this time we go in 2 group coming from 2 directions, momoka and miyuki take the ship to the harbor quietly while the rest go to the harbor from the city and sneak in between every building that we see

“is this all?” I saw some man are talking while put down a few box

“no, there is some more this city sure not that rich but it’s better to take everything right, none of the civilians are still alive anyway”
I put my hands on my mouth this people…damn it, at the corner of my eyes I looks at sakura-san and haruki-san at the other building both have anger in their eyes, sakura had bow and arrows in her possession, suddenly we saw a man bring chart

“what the hell are you doing bring them here?” the other protest

“I just think we can throw them to the sea, it will be bad if the government know about this incident, they will hunt us” them? Don’t tell me….

“that won’t happen our captain already being accepted as warlord government will do nothing nothing about it” at the corner of my eyes I saw yuiri-san shocked a bit when she heard the word warlord¸

“just leave that corpse here and let them rust and decompose hahaha” one of them laugh and I really can feel that all of us who heard it get angry at that, nao seems understand the situation and give signal now it’s the time

Nao gives signal to begin their plan, haruki quickly jumps to the air and dashed at the enemy, shocking them

“You, Bastard” haruki yells while slashing three people who stand in his ways, the others pirates get alerted some get off from their ship and begin to attacks back, they try to shot him but nao quickly dash and use his stretching ability to kick some of them to the sea, yuiri-san accompany sakura-san move forward while struck them using lightning coming from her staff while sakura-san beat them use her bow, while I dash at them wielding my staff and hit some of them at their head

And then momoka and miyuki shows up with our ship, and come nearer until someone stand in our way, a guy wielding giant sword and round shield

“I, el marquis will be your opponent” he said, we take precautions and hold back a bit but haruki-san quickly dash at attack him, both of their weapon clashed,

while the rest of us still beat up their crew, our ship try to get nearer but the enemy’s ship begin to attack with their cannon, ironically we only have one cannon to attack back

“this is bad, our ship will be damaged” yuiri-san began to panic, she stormed of while using her staff to struck enemy’s attack with lighning bolt, suddenly the enemy firing smoke bomb and startled us all, and they use that to escape

“as if I will let you” nao try to stop them but he was grabbed by marquis and thrown to the building near him “damn it”

I run at marquis and targeting his elbow and hit it which successfully thrown his shield
Haruki-san uses that chance to giving finishing blow and slash him and take him down

“we let them escape”

“at least we win” we saw the enemy already far before something shocked us

Their ship suddenly gets cut in half with an instant and slowly drowning to the sea

“w-what was that?” I said, all of us get startled, yuiri-san uses her binoculars to looks at them

“s-someone, there is someone there in a strange looking boat” she exclaimed

Haruki-san takes the binoculars and look, his angry face suddenly turn into shock “that can’t be”

Slowly we saw a small ship, so small that it only for one person, comes up and goes nearer to us

“Momoka, bring our ship away from here Quick!!” haruki-san suddenly scream, startled us but momoka quickly understanding the situation and obey

But it was a bit late, that mysterious figure, take his sword from his scabbard and swing it, creating an big wave that almost got our ship, it didn’t but still throwing our ship and make it hit big rock

I try to take a better look when he comes nearer, he is a man wearing black hakama and gi while a coat hung at his shoulder his hair is short and looks not that neat, wait a minutes that hair and that face looks so familiar he wields a medieval black sword that looks so demonic

All of us back off, except nao and haruki-san

“who is he?”

“he is that person….” Haruki-san reply with very desire to fight voice “the strongest swordsman”

“t-t-that bastard why he destroy my ship” the marquis said while panting it seems haruki-san didn’t kill him, the person arrive and he get of from his boat and walking  to the land “you bastard, why you destroy my ship?”

“I destroy it because I’m bored and they were in my way,” he finally said a words “where is your boss?”

“h-he already set sails yesterday”

“too bad” that man said and without anyone realize he slashed marquis and kill him right away none of us even can’t see what he did before

“h-hey..don’t tell me..” I got shocked because finally knew who he is, that face and that voice that can’t be

“one of the 4 strongest pirates and the greatest swordsman in the world Matsui Ren”  haruki-san shouts which earned his attention he already in his battle stance but his words totally makes me lost of words

Matsui? Ren ? Rena?

“who are you ?”

“I’m swordsman that coming looking for you”

“oo, what for?”

“to become The Greatest” haruki-san reply with smirk “fight me” haruki-san dash at this matsui ren and try to attack but he got blocked by his scabbard before getting kicked


“don’t come!” he said “this is my fight” haruki-san said while readied his stance using only one katana

Haruki-san continued to attack ren which is dodged by the latter, getting frustrated he attack with full power which is cuts the wall behind ren, but ren didn’t move much he then kick haruki-san and effectively throw him away

“kid, what’s your name?”

“Kodama Haruki, and I’ll be next greatest swordsman after I beat you” haruki-san reply with very strong determination in his eyes

“hmm, well then, I shall give you an honor to get defeated by my demon swords” ren grabbed his sword and takes a chance


With a very high speed both of them charged at each other and stopped after passing each other, all of us can’t do nothing but standing in worry
Suddenly we hear a scattered voice and when we look at it, it’s haruki-san’s sword that scattered to pieces and blood dripping from his mouth, just when we thought he will collapse he stood and turn around and open his arms wide as if ready for attack

“what are you doing kid? “ ren ask him

“don’t you already know ? a scar in the back is a shame for every swordsman “ haruki-san said with smirk. But why he is smirking ?

“heh,interesting ,very well then.” Was all ren said before he ended the fight




He give diagonal slash to haruki-san body. Blood immediately spread out and

“HARUKII” sakura screams on top of her lungs sawing haruki-san collapse to the ground. Just as if cue, all of us run to him

“those won’t kill him don’t worry I still spare his life” ren said that in calm voice. And indeed to our relieve when we move to check haruki-san, he still alive and what’s more amazing he still conscious

“haruki,…hang..on…”sakura cried while put haruk-san’s head in her lap while miyuki began her best to stop his blood

“I….lose…” haruki-san said I sense regret in his voice and… tears?. Just then we heard ren move to us and said

“I admire your guts to beat me but you are still weak, so live and become stronger and once you are strong enough come to me I’ll be waiting for you, come and surpass me…Kodama Haruka” ren said with big confidence in his tone, I saw that he is smile but before we able to do anything he turn around

“heh…I……” is haruki-san can said before he passed out

“harukiii!” sakura calls him in fear while crying

“don’t worry, he just passed out but we need to take care of him because he lost too much blood” miyuki said try to calm panicked sakura. miyuki, sakura and momoka bring haruki-san to the ship to get treated while I still standing there with nao

Matsui rena? As an enemy ? and the strongest? I thought to myself while start to feeling goosebump at my body to imagining fighting my own my friends. He was about to leave before nao stop him

“Wait, what did you had to do with those people?” he quickly asks

“hmm, I had something to dealt with their boss” was all that he said before go to his boat again and start sail, seriously how even that boat works that fast on this sea?

“we need to get back to the ship” nao said to me

“nao” yuiri-san calls him


“the ship seems got damaged from earlier what should we do?” she explain with tears in her eyes

“don’t worry we can fix it a little for at least another island and get it repaired okay”

“I understand”

“hei capt, what should we do with them?” I said, nao halt on his way and turn to the cart that we believed are full with people,…dead people

“we’ll bury them in proper way after this” I nodded in agreement, and follow him


We already bury all those deceased, including sakura-san’s adoptive parents, we didn’t tell her about it though, she is still in worries about haruki-san’s condition. So we give proper burial for them all just only few us that knows about.

“what will we do now nao?” momoka said after we bury the last civilians “should we wait for haruki to wakes up or…?” momoka feels worry about haruki-san, something unfamiliar to see

“we’ll continued our journey, as soon as possible, we don’t know how long our ship can hold on before it’s condition getting worse” he said, yeah our ship got damaged due to previous happening and it’s better to find harbor and shipwright as soon as possible

We are walking back to our ship, when suddenly we saw yuiri-san looks like as if she just saw a ghost
“what happened yuiri?” nao quickly comes at her

“no, nothing, there is nothing” she said but she still looks terrified

“guys, let’s get back to ship and prepare, we’ll going set sails tonight” nao said and we quickly go back to ship and prepared

I saw nao still trying to comfort yuiri-san and asks her what happen but the navigator keeps denying anything.

Just what happen actually

Author’s Pov

After haruki’s wounds get treat he still unconscious, but miyuki said that he will be alright much to the relieve of the crew and sakura, she herself choose to stay beside haruki waiting him to wake up and take care of his bandages, worried really shown in her face, she just lost her adoptive family not a long ago and now her long lost lover and fiancée are lying unconscious with wounds across his body

Sayaka comes in to infirmary and as he guessed sakura are still there besides haruka while her hand hold haruki’s

Sayaka’s Pov

Have nothing to do, I choose to visit sakura-san and haruki-san in infirmary, I found her sleeping, and there is no way I wake her up so I just sit on available chair there just like guarding them,

since I don’t know what to do and out of curiosity I get haruki-san’s katanas and take a look at them, one of them are completely scattered, but the other is still in good conditions I remember that during the final attack he just use one katana, he probably know that he would lose and his sword would be broken so he save the other one, just at that time I heard grunting voice, it was haruki-san who wake up, he notice sakura is sleeping there holding his hands, and then he noticed
that I was in the room and ask

“how long is she here?”

“ever since we got you to this room she insist to stay besides you, she worried about you” I answer, haruki-san then try to sit up “don’t move to much your wounds still not completely healed yet”

“it’s fine….. that man… he did it on purpose”

“what do you mean ?” I ask him, he then ran his hand at his wounds across his bandaged body

“he slashed me from top right to left, and even didn’t hit my vital organ…. He didn’t kill me”

“sou ka, matsui ren, huh? He is really…..” I didn’t continued my words since I don’t know what to say about that man,

“what’s wrong?”

“no,nothing. Well. I should leave then, I guess sakura-san will be happy if she knows you are okay” I bid my farewell to him and smile at him knowing these two need some time alone

“yeah,….thank you” haruki-san said, I then give him thumb up and get out of the room

Author’s Pov

Haruki was still looking at his sleeping fiancé, while his hand holding hers and slowly caressed her hair, not a long after then he saw that his fiancé slowly wake up, her eyes widen when she sees haruki.

“haa..harukii….” sakura said while hugging her fiancé not that hard though since he still have injury, tears start forming in her eyes “haruki…I’m so worried….” She begins to sob

“don’t worry, I’m okay now and I won’t leave you, okay ?” he assured while still pat her head

“but…but.. I’m afraid if haruki…”sakura didn’t finished her words since she begin to cry on haruki’s shoulder, still hugging him

“ssshhh it’s okay, I’m here and I won’t leave you” he assured, sakura start to calming down while still hug haruki, just then out of initiative, haruki kiss her, sakura get surprised at first but she replied that kiss. They parted after that and pressing their forehead to each other, enjoying each other’s presence


“yuiri, tell me what happen, I don’t know why you keep silent like this” nao still try to ask his navigator if something happened to her in the island  but the navigator didn’t reply, see no results nao gives in

“nao, preparation is ready, oh haruki-san also already awake” sayaka comes and inform them

“good, now let’s sail and leave this place as quickly as possible”

“Roger that”

On the island

“I found you. Murayama Yuiri”

To be continue

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Sayaka's Adventure in Different Reality Chapter 5 : Navigator's Past (1/?)
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Chapter 5 : Navigator's Past (part 1)

Sayaka’s POV

It’s been a two weeks ever since we departed from the sakura’s city, haruki almost fully recovered which is something amazing for normal human and now we have sakura as new member on our ships much to haruki’s request, and she is doing fine. She is friendly and gets close with yuiri and miyuki and become more open up with the rest of us (but of course she is become closest with haruki alone) and since she is born from the kingdom of warriors, sakura is good in battle especially when It comes to long range weapon, like bows and even cannon (she doesn’t like using gun though, except if she doesn’t have any choices)
Ever since our big adventures before, I become worried with yuiri, she become quieter than usual and even didn’t bother to scold nao as usual (except if he disturb her then she will beat him which is odd since nao is rubber man), I don’t know if the others notice it as well, but I think miyuki is know something about this, so I decided to ask her

“so you are worried with her ?” she ask me back rather than reply

“well, it’s just that she becomes so quiet and I can’t help to worry, we are all friends anyway”, I said but miyuki just giggling

“is something wrong ?”

“nothing, saya-kun, it’s just… you are the second person to ask me about that” the 2nd?

“who is the first ?” I ask miyuki again

“it’s captain, he ask me ever since a few days ago, he is also one of few who quickly realize about yuiri’s behavior”she answered

“is that so” I’m not that surprised actually since I knew that even if our captain is sometimes idiot but he cares a lots about his friend…especially yuiri “so tell me, what actually happen about her”

“I’m sorry saya-kun it’s just…’s just not my right to tell” miyuki said


“just to let you know that …. It’s about yuiri’s past I believe” she added. Before leave me and enter her room

Yuiri’s past ? I don’t know anything about it actually but, I’m sure it’s something serious, but miyuki is right, it’s not ours to interfere and we just hope that our captain will do something about it or we just wait until yuiri herself explain everything.

 A few days later, we’ve arrived at the “lucky seven” island, we stop there, park our ship in the hidden area of the island and go to the city of the island to restock and find someone to modify our ship for the next journey,

When we are walking around the town, haruki suddenly stop
“what’s wrong haruki ?”

“nothing, it’s just I feel like we’ve been followed” he said oh my, just when I thought when everything become peaceful, here come another trouble, just at that moment I saw yuiri tense up, but soon enough she regain her composure

“I think we need to be careful, and it will be best if we don’t show our identity” I suggest that being responded with a nod from the others
After such a long time walking and searching in the town we come to the harbor, there we talk to the owner of the place

“oh, costumer what can I do for you ?”

“we need, someone to repair and modify our ship, is there the best shipwright here” captain said

“of course,this island is well known for it’s shipwright, now can we inspect your ship ?”

After that me,haruki and miyuki going back to our ship and move it to the inspection place, after we arrive there the head of the shipwright named thomas inspect it even to the points he dive to look at the bottom, and when he finished….. we sense something bad just by saw his shocked face

“so can our ship being repaired ?” miyuki said while give her fishy smile just like the real miyuki, I thought, but to my surprise that fishing technique cannot move Thomas-san

“I’m sorry…” he said, “this ship is….is beyond repairement even if we repaired, in the end she will be broken once again and maybe sink on the ocean, we recommend you to change your ship”

We got shocked to hear that news, nao even grab Thomas-san in the collar

“are you serious, there’s something that you can do right, isn’t you all the best shipwright in great line” he said while gritting his teeth

“ if you won’t take my advice and want to sink in the ocean with the ship then fine, there’s nothing we can do with her condition” Thomas-san seems pissed off but he then looks to our ship and continued

“this ship is really amazing, I can’t believe she can sail across the seas that far just like what’ve you said, but she already reach the limit now, we can do nothing but let her rest in peace, to be honest this is one of the best ship I’ve seen”, hearing that explanation nao release him and just look in the floor

“we will give you time” his words bring us back to reality “we will wait 2 days for your decision since it must be hard for you, if by 2 days you haven’t made any decision then you have no choice but to accept our decisions, do you understand ?”

We give a nod even though we still in shock, but do we have another choice ?, the shipwrights then leave us to discussing about this matter

“ L-let’s discuss it on the inside” miyuki suggest, which we agreed, all of us go inside the ship and gathered at the dining room,

“s-so, what you guys think, we don’t left so much choice” nao, begin, all of us begin to silence, include me and sakura who just recently join in

“i- I don’t want to change ship to be honest, this ship has bring us from beginning to this far but…. I guess that old man was right, this is the time for us to let her go” he continued

“ there must be someway” yuiri suddenly voice out, “ I don’t believe we should leave her, there must be some way to repair her,”

“bu-but yuu-chan that shipwright already said that it’s impossible to repair it right ? “ nao said, wait a minute did he just call her yuu-chan ?

“but still nao, this ship already accompanied us since the beginning there’s no way we can forsake her just like that” yuiri start to argue,

“calm down you two” haruki try to interrupt before it become worse, “this is already night, I think it’s better if we take a rest know, and discuss it tomorrow when our mind already refreshed” he suggest, which all of us agree, except yuiri

“ no matter what, If you still want to change the ship then fine, I don’t want to be your navigator!!” that shouts shocked us all, she then runs away

“Wait…Yuiri!!” nao try to chase her, but somehow being stopped by milky

“let me talk to her, if something bad happen, I’ll tell you immediately” she said, nao nodded and miyuki left to chase yuiri. Leave the rest of us,

“ L-let’s follow them” nao said, all of us followed them, back to town, and I can’t help but feel like something really bad will happen

“unn, what’s happening to yuiri actually, capt?” I try to ask nao,

“she have some memories about this ship, about the person who give us this ship and—“ before nao can finish his sentences we saw a red flare, momoka realize it’s from miyuki so we hurry to go there,

When we arrive we saw miyuki being thrown to the wall, while yuiri is being caught by group of hooded people, this made the captain get angry and jump right to them while I help miyuki

“Let them go!” nao shouts while immediately launch himself to attack them, but to our shocked some of those people block him

“ okada pirates, huh ? what a coincidence” that person said, make us even more shocked, the captain back up to us

“who the hell are you and what are you doing to yuiri” nao said angrily

“hoo, you mean this girl” the other said while grab yuiri’s hair, the voice is looks like girl “I’m just bring her back”

“who the hell are you ?”

“he is kojima mako and his underlings “ miyuki said while still panting, this earn shocked from nao, while i being clueless “mako ?” I ask in whisper

“he is a warlord, basically a pirate that works for government, they can do whatever they want, and government won’t bat an eye….they just dropped their honor to become government’s dog” haruki explain

“hei!hei call him as dog is bad, “ the one with hat says, “let us introduce ourself, my name is tomu, the leader of this team, the short girl here is mion, the blonde hair is mogi, the tall girl here is miru and the black hair guy is yuria.” He said while all of them open their hoodie and reveal their face, damn I already expect to meet this kind of people again but not as enemy,

“as you know that, this girl you know as yuiri still indebted to me, so i want her back again” mako guy explain, but nao suddenly attack him

“As if I let that happen” but mako evade him and kick him till he hit and break the wall behind, all of us shocked, till haruki-san and momoka try to attack him but get prevented by the two others guy.

“if you want to fight, then I’ll play with you a little, rookie” mako said, and suddenly all of them went to forest, all of us quickly chase them

“you are really persistent don’t you” mako said when he sees us, he enacted his hands and suddenly the trees around us start to, it’s not moving but their parts are flying to us

I used my iron staff to block them while momoka kick some of the woods, but a big wood suddenly flying towards me, luckily haruki cuts it immediately.
3 of us launch ourselves towards mako but we got interrupted by his underlings, haruki is stopped by yura who is a swordsman as well, momoka is stopped by mogi and I was stopped by tomu, the 3 of us immediately jump back, we need to keep these people busy so nao can goes right to mako

Authors POV

3 of the boys got stopped by mako’s underling, and thus the battle between them begin, while nao used the chance to chase mako and yuiri. Miyuki and sakura were about to follow him but he orders them to stay still

(nao’s side)

“give back yuiri!!” nao screams while uses his leg to give slashing kick to mako, the latter just evaded

“huh?, who are you to command me? I’m just take back what is mine” he smirk will uses his mysterious power again, suddenly piles of wood flying toward nao which he evaded and even destroy some of them

“what the hell are you talking about you damn raccoon” hearing nao’s word smirk in mako’s face disappeared, instead a look of anger shows up

“raccoon ? how dare you mock me as raccoon?” mako makes a lots of woods flying toward nao and suddenly as nao evaded the woods, mako suddenly appear besides him and try attack him, nao quickly jump back but mako’s claws succeed wounds him.

Nao who got injured just grab his wounds in attempt to reduce the pain, blood is dripping out from his wound, nao then jump high and stretched his hand back wards and give a fast punch to mako, and to nao’s shocked mako just blocked with his arm

“is that all you got rookies, let me show you the difference between us” mako said as he jump in front of nao and give strong kick which sent the latter flying back wards

(haruki’s side)

“so you are a swordsman huh, you guys are interesting?” says the man name yuria infront of him

“so what ? I don’t know that mako have swordsman as his dog” haruki reply while clashing their swords

“dog ? I’m not his dog, you rookies, we are just doing our duty” yuria said while try to slash haruki repeatedly, haruki being cornered can do nothing but focus to defense himself

“duty huh? Whatever reason it is you are still his dog” he reply and use his attack to create a spiral wind, yuria evaded it

(momoka’s side)

“what the hell are you planning with our friend? “ momoka asks the guy named mogi infront of him both are using their physical strength without any weapon

“as we said, we just going to take her back, our boss have another plan for her”

“what ?” momoka try to kick him, but to his surprise mogi jump to the air….no it’s more like he can walk in the air as if there is invisible stairs up there, momoka uses a tree besides him to jump high and attempt kick mogi but he got blocked with the latter’s arm

(sayaka’s side)

Sayaka get cornered by his enemy a guy with hat who called him-self tomu, sayaka is not as strong as the other guys in the crew while tomu is mako’s right hand man

“is that all you got kid? You can’t even block my attack, “ tomu said, sayaka try to attack him once again which he evaded, he then try to kick sayaka who blocked with his staff but still got thrown away

“I suppose this will be your end, heh “ tomu were about to punch sayaka but a boomerang suddenly fly towards him who evaded, the boomerang than return back to miyuki

“ I won’t let you do that” it was miyuki while bring something like a giant needle with it’s head are open, she then proceed to help sayaka

“what are those miyuki?”

“this is my new weapon I just make it recently, it can unleash some poison actually ” she said while try to throw it to tomu but missed “what are you guys want to do with our friends?”

“friend ? we just take her back to mako you know nothing else, but mako maybe have something in his mind” tomu said while smirking

“cih, you guys just his dogs aren’t you” sayaka try to provoke him

“dog ? no, we just doing our duty as what the real boss said”

“real boss?”

“yeah, but you don’t need to know that as you will die now” tomu charged at miyuki in attempt to kill but..


Tomu got surprised he got blocked, it was sayaka who did it, he can’t even blocked his attack before but now something is different

“i…wont…let you…do as you please”

Tomu got shocked with sudden pressure that come from sayaka, he then jump back, while sayaka just lowering his arm but his expression and aura are really different, tomu widened his eyes as if he was looking at some demon, he can feel sweat in his head, while miyuki noticed sayaka’s change but don’t know anything as well

All the battles were put in halt when suddenly nao flying towards them, the others catch him and they were in shocked to see a wide scar on their captain, just at that moment a portal are open up and mako along with his 2 girl underling come down with yuiri in their hand

Sakura who just watch intensely since before quickly take her bow and launch it at the girl who comes down the last named mion, the latter were about to closed the portal when an arrow are heading towards her, she can evaded it but the arrow just scratch her cheek, she then looks angrily at sakura who just make a stoic face

“ara-ara, our mion just got hurt” the other gang just teased her, mion didn’t bother to answer

“we will go back now, it’s wasting our time to fight again these people” mako said

 The short girl suddenly reenact her hand and suddenly a portal is opened,

Nao, try to attack once again, but again, he is thrown to a tree nearby “you are so persistent” mako suddenly moves at him fast and stab him

“Nao!!” yuiri screams sawing this. that mako move so fast they can’t even saw his move, luckily he seems use use his fingers…no, more like claws to stab nao so the wound isn’t that big, nao still can stand up

“give…back…yuiri..!” he said in anger

“you really want her back ?... how sad…she doesn’t seems so right yuiri-chan” mako reply, the other crew got confused with this

“p-p-please…let me be with them…don’t look for me….please...go from here” yuiri said …her eyes…there are tears and on her eyes.

“yu-yuiri what do you mean ?” nao try to move closer but he once again get kicked.

“time to go” tomu said they then enter the portal that being opened by mion and before all of them disappear yuiri say some word

“naa-kun…I’m sorry” and then the portal closed, nao try to jump at it but it was too late

“yu-yuiri….YUIRIIII!!” he screams while punching the ground. Blood continue to drip from his wounds all of the crew immediately rush to calm him down but suddenly….he collapsed

All of the crew go back to the ship, to tent the injured captain, and to discuss about big problem they are having right now, miyuki then tells them about yuiri

“yuiri is actually grew up in a big town, along with her father, a former marines, they live in peacefully until a group of pirate lead by this man named mako came and uses his status as warlord and force everyone to obey him and conquer that island, he then found yuiri and his father, yuiri ever since child likes to drawing a map and learn about weather and the sea. So mako tooks liking toward her and force her.. her father didn’t let that happen thought..he try to save yuiri but…..”miyuki then paused and sigh

“but..what happen to him “ sayaka ask

“he was…held as hostages so yuiri won’t reject the offer, and start working as mako’s servant for years, they will give her books about island and force yuiri to draw maps based on it, and they won’t let her out of her room or even get proper treatment”

“that was cruel” sayaka commented

“yeah, and…just a moment ago, when they tried to take yuiri…they said that her father is already dead, he died without her daughter besides him,” miyuki finished, and the rest of the crew got silence

“w-wait “ sayaka’s said “if she was being hostages so how she can become the crew of this group.?” He asks miyuki

“I met her a long ago,” a voice answers sayaka’s question, it was nao who already got up

“c-captain..your wounds ?” miyuki worried

“it’s fine,.” He simply said before continue explaining “it was a big coincidence, at that time I was only with haruki alone using 2 small boat since it’s the beginning of my journey, at that time we were stuck at an island so we harbor there, and met her and miyuki”

“his father actually managed to get a ship so yuiri and some of the people from their home could run away…but sadly her father get captured...the people that come with yuiri are settle down in the island we met back then” miyuki continued his captain’s story, she start grinning at the memories

“it was coincidence really, these two save me from thugs who chase me, and manage to convince me and yuiri to join them, so we continued using this ship…till now” she finished,

They got silence for a while, thinking what to do until sakura start talking

“b-but, why, why yuiri-san tell us to not chase her, and get away ?” she asks, no one answer her since they don’t know either until miyuki spoke

“she is worried about us, someone who can become a warlord mostly are strong, besides dealing with them is very dangerous since they have government as back up” miyuki said, nao who at first listen to their words starts get angry

“warlord or not, we can’t let them get one of us, I will defeat every warlords or even emperors whoever dare to hurt any of us” he said while clenching his fist “ i won’t let them do as they want”

“ but we don’t even know where he is now, to track him down will take time captain” miyuki reasoning that’s the moment the door suddenly open

“I – I will help” it was the shipwright Thomas-san “I’m sorry if I overheard your conversation I watch that fight those people in the who’s with mako, they…. They were used to be part of the shipwright here until they betrayed us and kill our leader”

“EH” all of the crew got shocked by his sudden coming and information, but Thomas-san is not yet finished

“besides, they-they also brought my daughter with them “

“What ?” the crew become more shocked than before,

“so-so that’s why if you want to go after them, I and my friends will gladly will help you”

The crew are still processing what’s happen to make a decision but the captain quickly respond

“it’s decide then, we will help you to take revenge in return you guys will help us to take back our friend”

“th-thank you, i’ll inform this to the others, please meet me tomorrow for discussing this with the other” and with that Thomas leave them,

Nao then turned to his still surprised friends and give smile, “what ? I already said that I will defeat him and save yuiri right ?”

Haruki just facepalm while sigh “really stubborn captain, but I agree with you, besides I have to defeat that funny looking swordsman guy as well” he said

“I think it will be best if we use our remain time to find something about them, maybe I’ll look at yuiri-san file she probably has something” sakura suddenly suggest the others, she then continued “besides i just have a feeling that some of them are devil fruit users” she said

“you’re right, we have to use our time as good as possible” sayaka agree, he already have bad feelings about their next meeting with them but he try to be optimistic

“yeah I agree…but since it’s already almost midnight” miyuki said while yawn “we should take a rest first, the next days will be hard” all of them agree goes to our dorm to sleep

After a few times useless attempt to sleep, sayaka give up since his mind are full of thought, when he looked at the other boys haruki and momoka already asleep, but then he also notice that captain is gone, feeling curious he decide to go out to the deck and saw nao there, sitting in the head of the ship.
sayaka go near him while watching him just look at the sea and the stars, he seems in deep thought, but he suddenly notice sayaka, a looks of surprise and curious shown in his face

“you are still awake sayaka?” nao ask him, his curious-childish expression are back

“look who’s talking here,” he reply,

“you seems full of thought, what’s the matter?” nao ask again he seems a little serious but still smile to lighten up the mood

“well, I just have thought about what will waiting for us the next few days” sayaka pause when he notice something isn’t right “wait that’s actually my question to you” he remarks, nao just laught at that

“i’m okay, I just….. I just worried, that’s all” nao said, his smile turn to a sad smile

“you worried about her, don’t you? “ sayaka asks, which the captain slowly nodded

“is it that obvious ?” nao asks back to sayaka who nodded at him

“you know, the first time I knew you, I was thinking that you just childish and a little bit dense but funny and strong captain” sayaka begin to talk, nao laugh at how he described him “but  you know especially after today you looks so serious and really determined, which is very rare of you”

“well, not gonna disappointed you, but I’m not that dense you know” nao  said while chuckling

“I know, I know, I’m sorry to think like that, but…you just never show this serious, determined and calculated side of yours except when you are fighting or….when it is comes to her” sayaka explained

“hmmm…to think about it you are right, I just really care towards her…towards yuiri” nao said, he seems a little bit bitter to says that name,
The two boys continued to stay there just enjoying winds and the view of the sea, that’s until sayaka decided something and break the silence

“hei capt, can I tell you something?”, judging by sayaka’s tone, nao knew it was serious topics

“what is it?”

“I – I – actually come from different world, I’m not originally part of this world” sayaka finally tells him

“What?” nao really taken aback hearing that, he knew sayaka is serious even though it’s seems unbelievable

“it’s true, remember when you said, you guys found me floating on the sea alone, the last thing I remembered I was on a train on my way to go home before suddenly everything goes dark, even..i- I was actually a girl in my original world, that’s why I completely shocked when I realize I was a boy here and what’s more……you guys….you guys are looks exactly like my friends” sayaka continued, while nao listens carefully, seeing how serious sayaka is, he then said

“tell me more..about your world…your friends..and stuff” nao said, sayaka knew that the captain trust him and believe in his word, so for the next hours sayaka tell him about his life, about akb48 and it’s sisters group, about Idols and what more about 48G’s members and how most of the people he met in this world have strong resembles with them.

“so…in your world all of us here and even some that we already met are girls and ….what is it? Idols? … that sounds interesting” nao said, “so.. how you will come back to your world?” he asks

“ I – I don’t know, that’s why I choose to join you, I think if I can help you to get that hidden treasure and to goes to the end of this journey maybe… I will find the way to get my world”

“hmm, sou ka? To think about it you are the only one who joins this crew without any clear reason, so if that’s the reason it’s fine” the captain smile “we will gladly help you”

“reason huh?.....what’s the others reason to join this crew capt?”

“hmm let’s see, haruki, he wants to be the world’s strongest swordsman which is mean he has to defeat matsui ren we met before, sakura.. as you know she wants to accompany haruki to achieve his dream and she wants to go back to her homeland. Momoka, he wants to be world’s best chef and he must find the greatest receipt and ingredient, miyuki, she wants to be great doctor to cure any single disease and wounds. Yuiri……she wants to be the greatest navigator and wants to reach the end of the world”  nao’s tone become sadder when he mentions his beloved navigator, somehow this remind sayaka about the real okada nana

“you know what capt. You and ..yuiri.. are really not that difference from the another version in my world” sayaka said while give faint smile

“hmm, what do you mean?”

“well, my world’s counterpart of you also really adore and protective toward my world’s yuiri as well, just like…..just like you”

“haha, I guess it’s like a fate, for the two of us to be like that” the captain said, “I will save her, I will save her and defeat that mako for sure” a seriousness and determining looks shown on nao’s face. Somehow seeing their captain aren’t gloomy anymore, relief sayaka

“well, I’ll go back to our dorm now, you should too capt, we’ve had a long days waiting for us”

“you go first, I’ll go back later”, and with that sayaka goes back to the dorm and sleep

While nao who’s still on the ship thinking about his fight earlier, his power almost have no use against an enemy who can transformed into a humanoid animal, and even can control a wood nearby

“I have to find a way to get him, maybe my punch is too light” he said to himself while punching air infront of him, his memory recalls before yuiri get disappear, sad and worried is all written on her face but what nao can see is fear on his navigator face, remembering all of those make his blood boil

“blood ?” suddenly nao stops punching the air, “that’s it, I think I can do that” nao said in delight as if he find a great news
For next hours nao practiced his techniques he knows, to beat mako he should be a lot stronger, it seems he already forgets to sleep and training is what is on his mind

It was an hour before even dawn, when someone come out from the dorms, and goes to the deck only to be surprised by a sleeping figure there

“really,.. He said he will go back but he sleeps here instead” it was sayaka, he then goes to his dorm and goes back with a blanket and use it to cover his captain, at that time sayaka realize that his captain’s forehead is drenched with sweat

“it seems he train himself until sleep because of fatigue,…. Well, now I should do the same” he said, then climbing up to the lockout place which is also become haruki’s training place, upon entering he prepares some wooden-man target and even target-bag before he grabs his iron staff

Sayaka remembers it was also yuiri who give that weapon, it was previously used by yuiri before she got her current weapon, sayaka then grabs some ballast to put weight on his arms and legs something he didn’t do before, sayaka tooks last glance at the sleeping captain on the deck before  taking off his shirts and readied the staff on his hand “now let’s get some practice”

Everyone on the ships already awake, and gathers at dinning room to get breakfast before going to meet the shipwrights to discuss their plan, at that moment miyuki notice something is missing

“wait, where is saya-kun?” she asks, before sakura added “and where is nao-san?”

“i saw sayaka few hours ago, he go out with a blanket, probably he is at lockout place” haruki answers calmly while sipping his green tea “as for captain, he didn’t comeback since last night, probably he falls asleep on the deck”

“I’ll go to call them” miyuki said before get up and went to the deck and just like what haruki said, she found the sleeping captain there.

“he really sleeps here” she said, miyuki notices the blanket which cover nao, knowing her captain well miyuki knows nao won’t bring something like that because he just can sleep anywhere without care, so she figure out it was sayaka who give him that “what a nice guy”

Miyuki bent down to wake nao up, and as she already guess it’s pretty hard, she almost want to smack him to wake him up since yuiri often doing that, but she thought it would be bad if she did that so she just do the only thing that cross her mind

“Nao WAKE UP OR THERE’S NO FOOD FOR YOU” she screams in her captain’s ear and just as she said ‘food’ nao’s head immediately stood up

“what ?” fatigue and sleepy clearly shown in his voice,

“in dinning room hurry up before haruki eat your share” right at the moment she finish her word, nao dashing up to dining room, somehow it makes her chuckle

“really…what a childish captain” she said before goes up to lockout room to tell sayaka

“saya-kun..are you there?” she knocks on the door, but even after waiting there’s no answer, miyuki was about to knock again when a loud broken voice can be heard, so instead of knocking, miyuki just open up the door

“saya-kun what’s happ---“ miyuki stops her words at what she saw, there was a lots of wooden piece scatters on the floor, and there is a bold wooden dummy with a big hole on it, but what’s more distracting for miyuki is the fact that sayaka was infront of her drenched in sweat….shirtless

“ surprise me, why are you suddenly brag in?’ sayaka just casually asks while take a towel to wipe out his sweats, he seems didn’t notice what’s on miyuki’s mind

“i—i---I..i just, I heard a loud cracking voice…so..i” miyuki curse herself for stuttering, her face already burning while somehow noted how lucky she is “I---I .. just …want to tell you…. that breakfast is ready”

“oh okay, I’ll go back after cleaning myself, you can eat first” he said while put his shirt on, sawing miyuki didn’t move an inch, make sayaka confused “miyuki are you alright ? you seems red?”

“i-i-I’m okay..just go back quickly” miyuki said before run out of the room.

“she is weird” sayaka noted, only when he buttoning his shirt he realizes “did she just saw me shirtless that’s why she acts like that?” blush creeps up at his face, but he then chuckling “just like the real miyuki” he said

After going down, sayaka immediately goes to clean himself, and then goes to the dining room and meet the others,

“took you so long huh? Look..nao seems can passed out anytime soon” haruki said while pointing at nao who rest his head on the table and looks hungry

“well, I already tell miyuki that you can start first”

“really ? miyuki didn’t tell us anything “ haruki answers, just then miyuki replies

“I’m sorry I kind of forget it” she said with a smile but she still cannot look at sayaka in the eyes

“well, so let’s get eat” just when momoka said that word, nao immediately stood up and eat as much as he can, which actually a normal sight for the others (even for sakura whom just recently join the crew), when everyone seems relax, sakura suddenly starts to speak

“actually, last night I look at yuiri-san’s file,..and I found some letter there” her words pick the other’s interest

“letter ?”

“yeah, but most of it has already burnt or cut, but here, there is some name I found on the latter” she place the piece of paper on the table so the other could read it

“S.S.K huh ?..sounds weird even for a group names” momoka commented

“they must be the mako’s underling we met before” haruki said, which is sakura noded

“yes, and I think since they are warlord’s underling and based on what we seen before maybe all of them are devil fruits eater”

“hmm, if that’s the case we should fight them at a ship or near sea so we can drown them” haruki calmly said which even sayaka don’t know if he was being serious or just joking

“we should go to meet those shipwrights immediately” the captain suddenly spoke, he already finished eating “we need to discuss this thing and getting back yuiri as fast as possible”

“yeah you’re right, we should go now” momoka said and after everyone finished they go to town together.
they arrive at harbor we visit yesterday, there is someone who already awaits them and leads them to meet all of the shipwrights there

“we’ve been waiting for you, okada groups” it was Thomas whom speaks “well let’s starts with proper introduction..i’m Thomas the current leader of the shipwrights here and also the mayor of this island”

“this people is part of shipwright here and they are also good in combat” he then give signal for nao and the others to sit in big round table, a big map has been open there

“we got information about where they will go, it’s in Kojima park, it’s located about 2 days if we go by ships”

“pffft what a silly name huh?” haruhi snicker

“ano- Thomas-san by any chance do you know something about S.S.K ?” sakura suddenly asks, hearing that name, some of the people there look worried

“S.S.K? I heard that it’s special group of kojima mako’s underling,” Thomas pause for a while “I never expect those innocent looking people are part of warlord’s subordinate”

“2 days, huh?” nao suddenly commented, he then stand up “is there any other way to go there faster, I don’t think we can afford more times my navigator is—“ nao stopped after a hand lay on his shoulder it was miyuki who signaled him to calm down

“I know it, they brought my daughter remember and I also want to save her as fast as I could, on the original plan we were going to use a sea-train” the mayor said, earning a curious look from sayaka


“yes, this city have sea train, so we can go there faster, if there’s no obstacle we only need half day”

“good, then let’s go there, we can continued this on the train right?” nao suggest

“yes, you’re right, now please follow me”


“so this is the sea train we are going to use?” momoka asks after they arrive at the said train, it was more looks like steam train, with a cute but unique design on the head, the head of the train looks like a cupid are readied to hit the target with her arrow

“it’s so cute” miyuki commented, sayaka himself can’t help but to agree with her

“actually, the one who design this is my daughter, her name is Miyu, she is very talented person and despite being a girl she is a creative and create a lots of things including this sea train” Thomas explain much to the straw hat’s surprise

“so why they take your daughter, Thomas-san?” momoka suddenly asks, he is a gentleman and he can’t stand to hear a girl being taken by a group of criminal, Appeareantly his question bring a silence from Thomas, the poor old man looks like if he is thinking something really serious and after a while pondering to tell them or not he gives an answer that almost shock the group

“my daughter-due to her talent to create a lots of things including weapon,... I’m afraid that they will use her to help them create the powerful weapon that can destroy a country or an island”

 “we can’t let them do that!, we shall save her” momoka’s spirit was on fire, but some of the crew just give facepalm instead, haruki then place his hand on momoka’s shoulder

“that was a good spirit perverted cook, but don’t forget our main goal is to save our navigator” haruki said calmly while have sigh, but it seems momoka can’t take that word

“who the hell,  you called as perverted, you stupid swordsman”

“who else is the perverted here or should I give you a mirror” these two just face each other while look like they are ready to beat up each other, they didn’t seem want to stop until someone knocked both of their head

Bump Bump

“this is not the time to fighting each other, you two, just focus on our goal and save them both” it was sayaka who knocked them with his staff a vein popped in his head

After calming down a bit, all of them got up to the train and start their mission to fight the warlord, kojima mako

“just you wait yuiri, I will definitely save you”  nao said to himself in really confidence voice



i put kojima mako as male on this story, you could check on one of akbingo's danso episode (to be honest i don't like her danso but it fit for a villain image on my mind hahahaXD) the other girl that they talking about is takeuchi miyu if you wondering

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Sayaka's Adventure in Different Reality Chapter 5 : Navigator's Past (2/?)
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Chapter 5 : Navigator's Past (part 2)

Author’s Pov

Everyone already on the train to the way to kojima mako’s hideout, Thomas then brought their attention

“listen up, Kojima park is a heavy guarded place, we have to be careful and make some strategy” Thomas order them, and they all gathered up

“our main goal is to get our friends who being held there back, and it will be no use to fight against the warlord” he continued, suddenly nao interrupted him

“I think it will be better for you guys to avoid them, but it will be pointless if we can’t defeat them right ? so let me and my friends here to deal with them” he said,

“but, can you win ? I’m sure you already know their strength right ? shouldn’t we avoid any conflict ?” Thomas said, hearing that nao seemed pissed off
“what’s the point then ? that bastard held my navigator and I’m sure he will keep her by his side, to free her I have to defeat him..” nao paused for a moment before continued “besides, nobody will get away after hurting my crew”

“….i understand, then we will leave it up to you” Thomas then turn to his men “but still even if we leave mako and his underlings to okada, we also have to fight, there will be a lots of guard there” he said.he then shows us the map of our target

“we will act as decoy, we will create havoc from one side, wait until every guards there come to us, once the way is clear you guys just quickly goes to their main
place, there will be some guards there as well but I hope it won’t be much problem for you” he explain

“I understand” nao said while nodded.

“their place have some floors probably each members will be waiting. Mako probably stay in the top room” Thomas adding

“leave his underling to us, capt, you take the ‘head’!” now haruki said, he is indeed the vice captain here.

“that’s was my plan from the start” nao once again nodded in agreement, after the discussion is over, he leaves the room.

“where are you going capt?” sayaka asks him

“I’m going to practice my move” he said energetically, sayaka couldn’t help but to smile at that antics

Sayaka’s Pov

All of us were preparing ourselves for the next battle that we will face, when suddenly an alert sounds can be heard

“emergency, a big sea fish are in our way, if we don’t do something we will probably crash!”

“what!?” everyone were in shocked for this unpredictable thing, it seems nature try to make fun of us, at that moment we heard nao’s voice

“I already saw it, it’s not a big deal and we don’t need to stop….haruki, cut it!”


Haruki then get out and stand at top of the first carriage, it was rain outside but he doesn’t seem to care
“in the name of every egoism of the world….one swords style : lion’s fang !!”


The big fish in front of us suddenly cuts in two, that’s great, that thing even bigger than this train, I turn to watch Thomas and the others reaction and I saw all of their jaw hanging…..what a nice expression to see

“…I’m surprised why that monster is not the leader of your group” one of them said

Suddenly a big shark come out from our rights, it jumps and attempt to attack us and it is so big

“don’t you stand in our way!!” before everyone can reacts, momoka jumps and kicks that shark and send it back to the sea, he then landing on the top of carriages

“you should thank me for saving your life, you damn swordsman”

“as if I need your help from a pervert like you, I can cut it without you help”

“what did you say?”

“what? You don’t hear it clearly”

Really those two always time to bickering about a lots of things, me, miyuki and sakura just sighed at that scene.

“why we got attack by these things anyway?” miyuki asks

“it looks like we are near” suddenly nao, stand besides us.

“how did you know ?”

“just feeling”

And he is right, in the distance we can see and island with a big palace like building there, sakura uses her binoculars to see it

“that building is on the side of the island and it looks like they have a cannon fortress on the each side to guard that building, it will be a little difficult to approach them directly with it” she said,

The rain become heavier and it makes the surrounding darker, our train uses light from the it’s head

“wait a minute!” haruki suddenly shout “turn off the lights! Quick”

“what’s wrong haruki?” sakura asks

“we can use this situation and weather to ambush them and give surprise attack, just don’t turn the light and don’t make any light so we can’t be seen”

“roger that!”

“does this train have cannon or something to attack?” sakura asks Thomas

“yeah, the head actually can be used as cannon”

“perfect!” she exclaimed “once we are closer we can use that to destroy those cannon first before the fire at us”

We are only stared at them especially me, sakura may not looks like it but she is quite good thinkers, with her and haruki in our side it sure helps a lots as expected of someone whose from land of knights

The train is getting closer and closer to our target, as we are prepare ourselves in full anticipation, I grab my staff in ready, nervousness somehow start creeps on me, silently think that I shouldn’t be here, but I know if I wasn’t with them probably I won’t be able to comeback, I take a short glimpse at someone who looks exactly with my partner back then in nmb, miyuki. She looks brave and ready, taking a deep breath I reassuring myself that we all will survive this.

“don’t worry…saya-kun” I heard a soft voice, miyuki looks at me while placing her palm at my back.”we can save our friend and get out from this place”
Hearing that words does put a smile on my face, as I look forwards, I know that I’m ready.As our distance becomes closer, all 5 of us standing at the front carriages.

“prepare the cannon!” sakura commands the shipwrights, and suddenly the head from the train open up and there is a cannon from the arrow statue, sakura then decides to aim it herself,

“Everyone get ready!!” nao gives us command and all of the people grab their weapon

“sakura, fire on my mark!”

“roger, captain”

It was when the distance between our train and the fortress is close when finally it all begins



A canon from our train hit the fortress precisely, what we don’t expect is that the damage is actually huge that it crumbled down the half of the fortress, smoke suddenly appears from the impact, at that moment I saw a figure fly past above me, and then suddenly the train stops, from between the smoke we can see a land below us
“Now, Let’s Go!” it was haruki’s shout followed by the roars of people who comes with us and all of us get down from the train.

Author’s pov

All of the people on the train jump down to the land and march together at the gate of kojima mako’s palace, led by the okada pirates all of them sure charge in
full spirit to free their friends until sakura realize something…..

“wait, where is nao-san?”

“huh?” they suddenly realize that their captain is not with them, but it’s too late to stop

“I saw a figure flying pass us before” haruki said while running to the gate and slash it to make a way for them

“don’t tell me….” Miyuki had sweat at her head when they enter the gate and saw a ruckus before them


“welp, there he is” sayaka point out, all of the people there had shocked face while watching nao beating up every soldier that stand in his way, he is fine though but that’s surely attract a lots of attention from the soldier and guards there

“What The Hell he is doing there!!!! Doesn’t he said he understand the plan?!!!!” Thomas shocked and his tone is so frustrated about his supposed ally’s unpredictable behavior

“e-er…I guess, he just forget it” miyuki try to explain with apologetic face and sweat at her head but at her mind she also cursing nao for messing up

“we don’t have time to chit chat” haruki shout “more enemy is come, nao maybe attract attention but we still can use our plan and divert them”

“i-I understand, let’s carry our plan then”

“we will take nao with us straight to the main base, we will leave those insect to you and your people” haruki then dashed forward with the rest of crew all while beating the soldiers and quickly grab nao and run to the main building

“Everyone Let’s Go” Thomas shout was followed by roar of his people and all of them start to battle the soldiers while also try enter the main building
(on the okada’s side)

“wait, why you drag me haruki?”

“you just messing up idiot, do you remember the plan?” instead of the swordsman it was momoka who answer him

“…what plan?”


“saya-kun, can I borrow your staff for a moment”

“miyuki?, um- sure what fo-“


A loud crack noise can be heard while nao just grab his aching head after getting hit by miyuki

“Don’t Forget Such important thing you idiot, if you messed up we might won’t be able to save them!!”

“okay, okay, I’m sorry I just too focused on saving yuiri that’s why I forget everything”

“really, what will happen to you without us” the others just give sigh at their captain’s antic just then suddenly we hear a voice

“so you are coming here, rookies” and with that a portal is open and a girl come out from it, it was one of mako’s underling, mion

“where is yuiri?”

“oh, you came from her? Don’t worry you won’t be able to get her, mako has her” she said while smirking “and now, I won’t let you pass”

“damn you” nao was about to take a battle position when he was interrupted by sakura

“nao-san, let me handle this, you guys just go on” she said her bow and arrows are ready in her hand

“you sure about this?”

“I’m sure haruki, now go with the others” and as if they saw the chance all of them run to the stairs

“I won’t let you” mion already open a portal and was about to stop them but suddenly an arrow fly pass her which make her stops

“your opponent…..” sakura said she then hung her bow at her shoulder since she is not going to used it, instead she draw two small dagger and ready her stance
“…is me!”

“fine, I still have grudge for hurting my pretty face, I shall teach you a lesson, rookie”

Meanwhile the others

“are you sure about that?” momoka asks his captain while still running to get to the next floor

“it’s just a hunch, probably by sawing all that then it’s right”

“okay then I think I know which one that I have to fight”

“good, now here we are” nao quickly kicks the door open and there they saw a figure has been waiting for them, he seems bored

“pirates are indeed don’t understand any manners, aren’t they?” he said while take his sword which more looks like a giant knife “now let’s make this quick and let me kill you all”

“an amateur like you? Don’t make me laugh” haruki steps up while take his katana out of the scabbard “I’ll dealt with him the rest of you just go”

“roger that” the others run to the stairs next to yuria but strangely he doesn’t bother to stop them

“it’s nice of you to let us pass”

“don’t be kidding, I let them because they won’t survive anyway, mako are strong and besides……the plan already decided”

“the plan?” haruki asks but got no answers instead yuria dash toward him and they start their battle

Back to nao and the others

“I guess haruki really cannot hold himself when he saw swordsman as enemy didn’t he?’ sayaka said

“I guess his meeting with matsui ren really affect him in such way”

“by the way, I guess after this is my turn” momoka suddenly said, and when they enter the next another person is there strangely sitting at top of big wardrobe while sipping a tea

“ah, welcome, looks like yura just let you go here didn’t he? That idiot” he said while putting his cup and get down “it will be bother to fight you all actually, can’t you just surrender?”

“Don’t be Kidding!!” momoka dash and kicked him but he got blocked

“my, un patient aren’t we?” mogi said while momoka just smirk,

“that’s as far as you can go” a lady with black long hair stand blocking them, she got long claws attached to her hands, she attacks the other 3, they could dodged before miyuki charged at her with her weapon, she gives signals to nao and sayaka to leave them but sayaka was a bit hesitant

“are you sure, you will be alright?”

“don’t underestimate me sayaka, I’m strong enough to handle this on my own”

“okay, we’ll leave them to you guys” nao dashed forward while sayaka takes a glance at miyuki before followed his captain, while running he prepared his staff because he knew, the next opponent will be his

“welcome, our guest” tomu greet them once they arrive, “I was wondering what is the noise down there, it seems like you are really persistent aren’t you?”

“where are they? Where is yuiri?” nao said while gritting his teeth

“they are upstairs with mako, he has them, don’t bother thought, I won’t let you go there” and with that he dashed at them and attack, luckily they are able to dodge just in time

Sawing a chance, sayaka jumps and try to hit him but he got blocked by his arms

“you again? I’ll make sure you won’t survive this boy” he said

“I’ll dealt with him, nao just go!!”

“are you sure sayaka?”

“just go damn it!!” sayaka said while half shouting, he doesn’t want nao to get stop here just to fight this guy infront of him

“I understand” nao marched but tomu,quickly snacth sayaka and goes to nao, nao who aware of this suddenly his body goes red and emits smokes and before anything happen he was already out from that room

“he is pretty fast now” tomu said after his attack miss, “still he won’t be able to win, just like you” he then turn to sayaka

“we never know unless we tried”

“well it doesn’t matter, even if you beat mako, you will never be able to escape alive anyway”

“what do you mean?”

“the plan is already decided” was all that tomu said before he charged at sayaka

On sakura’s side

“stop running away!” sakura start to get irritated, she wasn’t able to come near mion at all, the other girl’s power to create portals to disappear and suddenly come out of nowhere really pissed her off

“I’m not running away, it’s just you that cannot keep up with me” mion suddenly showed up behind sakura, and kicked sakura make her fall to the ground

‘I should have known that being warlord’s underling they are pretty strong physically’

Sakura immediately dash at mion whom back off, she doesn’t open a portal but keep maintaining distance with sakura, getting annoyed sakura take the arrow at her shoulder and throw it with her hand,

Despite not using her bow, sakura’s aim still pretty good, the arrow take mion by surprised and almost got her if she didn’t evade it in time, it only got a few hairs from her which make mion more furious

“first, you hurt my face and now my hair?! I will kill you” she said while dashing forward

Sakura who already waiting for this, get ready and when the distance are close she attack mion but to her dismay mion catch both of her arms

“do you think you can get me with that huh?”

“oh, I really can”

And suddenly sakura launch a kick at mion’s jaw which definitely got her and push her backwards

On haruki’s side

“you are really pissing me off” haruki used his katana and create 2 flying slash attack at yuria but the other guy is able to block it with his double big knife

“huh? Is that all? Anyway that sword of yours look good, what if you give it to me” yuria said while doing what haruki did earlier but he just give it back double

“tch, don’t make me laugh” haruki defend himself again yuria’s attack, and divert some of them, he then dashed at yura and their swords collide

“for a rookie pirates, you doing good eh”

“and you are not bad swordsman for an amateur”

On momoka and miyuki’s side

“stop interrupt me, momoka” miyuki said at the cook since he is always on her way

“sorry, but I think I can handle them alone, just stay behind me”

“you can’t even hit a woman”

Momoka wasn’t able to reply since mogi is appear infront of him they quickly engage in battle on again, both are not the type to use any weapon so they fight using their physical power alone

“be careful where you are looking at!” the girl with glove claws comes at miyuki who jumps backwards, miyuki was about to stand up until she notices wound at her arms, and suddenly she feels throbbing pain

“miyuki, are you alright?”

“I’m okay,…..a poison?”

“too bad it only scratch your skin, I would not miss next time, and you won’t be able to move”

“as if you can do that easily”

Meanwhile nao


Nao being enraged, punch his way out to go to meet mako, and finally got on top of the building, and the final boss is waiting on his chair while yuiri being tied besides him

“so, you finally arrive, okada nao, quiet impressive for you to get here”

“if you touch any of my crew I will certainly hunt you, raccoon” mako’s forehead somehow knotted at that insult

“still pouty mouth as ever aren’t you, but don’t worry, I’ll enjoy my time torturing and killing you and all your friends in front of yuiri, isn’t that right yuiri?” he said
while touching her chin, yuiri didn’t say anything “besides, do you know how big the impact for you to dealt with warlord, government will hunt you down”

“I…..don’t Care!” nao once again emits smoke  from his body and without mako’s realize, nao hit him pretty hard that he breaks the wall, nao quickly grab yuiri

“let’s get out of here”

“n-nao” yuiri finally said something, but before they can get away, woods suddenly showed up around them

“you don’t really think that I would let you go that easily, aren’t you?” mako get back while darting dust at his clothes “and that attacks won’t be enough to defeat me.”

“yuiri, hide behind me, I’ll dealt with him” nao ready his stance, his body still emits thin smokes. Soon a lots of wood come down at them, nao carry yuiri bridal-style and evade them all, he then put yuiri in corner where he thinks it’s save and attack mako, with high speed punch, mako blocked it with his wood but the said wood soon destroyed, mako quickly dashed at nao who punch him, mako attempt to catch his hand but soon get thrown when nao give high kick at him

“fasting your own blood circulation to exceeds your limit huh,? Clever, I admit that but…” mako said, nao’s body now back to normal, soon mako’s hand turns to claws that similar to animal’s and his body gets bigger and somehow more animalistic “that won’t be enough to beat me”

Yuiri and nao witness their enemy’s transformation and now he looks like a humanoid animal

“human raccoon? That explain why you can summon wood,” nao suddenly said.

“stop calling me raccoon!” mako suddenly vanished and show up infront of nao and attacks him with his claws, nao can evade it but still the claws scratch his clothes, he then try to punch mako whom in turn catch his hand and throw him at the wall

“it seems your ability has time limit isn’t it?”, he then attacks nao once again and to his surprise nao block him with his palm, his body emits smoke once again,

“I won’t lose to you again, and will never will” he said while kick mako’s abdomen sent him across the room but mako quickly gain his stance

“remarkable I should take you in my notes as one of best opponent”

Nao dashed at mako and barraged him with punches, mako didn’t want to stay still also do the same, their fist clash againt each other in high speed. And ended up when their final fist punch each other’s face sent them flying across the room.

“Nao!!” yuiri finally able to free herself from being tied, but didn’t dare to interrupt the fight

Meanwhile at sayaka’s side

“you are a little bit better than before but still weak” tomu said to exhausted sayaka, bruises and wounds can be seen on him. He was in lost breath and so tired, he was practically almost no match for his opponent but he knows he should do something

“thank you for the compliment, but I still need to defeat you” sayaka tried to grip his staff tighter and an idea pop up on his head, he dashed at tomu and when the distance is close enough he hit his staff strong enough at the floor and create smoke due to broken floor, tomu didn’t expect it and suddenly sayaka uses most of his strength and hit tomu’s stomach with his staff and successfully sent tomu flying to the room and hit the wall

Just when sayaka wish that guy is down, tomu stood up beneath the broken bricks while clutching to his stomach

“pretty strong, why would you so persistent, once this placed is surrounded, both you and mako won’t even survive”, he said earning an confusion and shocked from sayaka

“w-what do you mean by surrounded?”

“mako’s no any longer useful for world government and there for they will catch him, too bad you are here right now but that means we will also eliminate you scum”

“y-you….so you are just traitor, you become mako’s underling to spy on him?”

“that’s our job PS-9”


“but for you, you won’t be able to see the event as I will end you now” now tomu’s body getting bigger and growing fur and his nose longer, and then his form now looks humanoid hyena even his hands grow a long claws and then he dashed at sayaka…

Back to sakura

“is that all you got?” mion said to sakura who almost passed out, she underestimate mion’s ability, mion’s speed is actually pretty fast that even without her portal she can give surprise attack at sakura, sakura seems irritated quickly draw her bow and arrows and attack mion, but to her dismay she opens portal which sucked her arrows, and suddenly her arrows come from sakura’s behind, luckily she can evade it


“what? I just give back what is yours” she said with smirks “give up already?”

“Never!” sakura once again fires her arrows from every side to mion, and just like before mion just open portal to the arrows and return them to sakura, but sakura seems didn’t care and keeps attacking

“why did you still persistent, you know that your strategy is useless?” mion asked to which sakura smirk

“we won’t know it until it’s done” she said after she runs out of arrow, sakura then take out her daggers and jumps at mion, who evaded, sakura who watched it smirk and suddenly, mion’s movement got stopped in mid air

“wh-what is this?” she panicked, she can feels herself being tied up, “what the hell did you have done?” she screams at sakura

“I already watch you since the first meeting, and I manage in time to modificate my arrow” she said while put her daggers back “as you see all of my arrow are being tied one another with very thin strings and I can move them with my bow” she said and indeed all of the strings that attached mion are connected to sakura’s bow “this is how my adopted parents used to get fish on the sea by using an hard-to-see strings to traps them, now since you weren’t able to move, you won’t get away again right? I guess it’s over” she said, sakura then proceed to leave but mion’s words suddenly stops her

“you won’t be able to survive this, rookie, once tomu got his hand on the dial and called the government, they will destroy this place along with you and mako”


“I don’t think there is a chance for you get out alive”

“so that’s it ? that’s why we don’t see any government officers at this place but you..?”

“yes, we got ordered to stop that useless bastard from our boss” mion’s said now smirking “think that you can get out alive?”

“….oh well, let’s see about that” sakura said calmly which confused mion, she then walks at her while grabbing her bow “now…you better sleep!!” she said while hit her bows at mion which ultimately make her lost consciousness

Sakura then cut all the strings from her arrow, the strings still tied mion on the ground while she take her arrows with her to go to the next floor


“this is start to get boring, are you tired already?”  yura said mockingly, infront of him haruki try to catch his breath, his stamina got drained after a lots of clash with opponent infront of him, especially since yura also eat devil fruit which make his body hard as rock (and he literally can change himself into rock that looks like golem) “I guess, my expectations are too much” he said again

“will you shut your mouth for a bit? It’s get pretty annoying” haruki said while readied his stance, there were injuries here and there but he doesn’t mind at all

“you were even just defending yourself all the time”

“well, defense is also good strategy in battle especially if you had unpenetrable defenses”

“un penetrable? Don’t make me laugh” haruki charges at yura, but instead of hardening his skin yura jumped to the air and then create a spiral attack, haruki blocks it but he get pushed back the sounds of swords clashing can be heard, before he got cornered haruki uses his strength to blow away yura.

“I guess this battle will soon over” yura said but haruki keeps silent, he then only uses 1 sword and place it in it’s scabbard and grip it with both hands, he doesn’t seems to move at all and stay still

“it seems you already out of strength huh?, so now this…will be over” yura with his body hardened charge at haruki “feels the pain being crush now rookie”
Just when the distance was close haruki open his eyes and……


Yura knocked out after being slashed by haruki, his attack even create spiral wind which blown yura to the air with blood dripping out before he hit the ground…hard

“in order to be the strongest swordsman, stone, steel or even a diamond shall not stand in my way” haruki said before put his sword back in it’s place
Just at that moment sakura comes at the room and saw him, haruki notices it and saw some wounds at sakura’s body

“are you alright? You got hurt” he asks

“speaks for yourself you even got worse injuries than me.” Sakura didn’t happy at her fiancée’s question just suddenly rumbling, haruki smiles at her

“it looks like both of us got a very irritating opponent” he said both of them then went to the next room

At momoka and miyuki’s side

“you won’t be able to win, “ mogi said while kick momoka straight down to the floor, make the latter spit out a blood

“Momoka!” miyuki panick not knowing her enemy in front of her and the long hair woman whose appear to be called miru attack her with her claws


“you shouldn’t ignore the enemy in front of you, pathetic woman”

“damn it, miyuki are you alright?” momoka start getting up and help his comrades

“yeah… we need to get this done so we can follow sayaka” the doctor said while get up and readied her stance

“your friend won’t be able to survive”


“I tell you this, tomu is a beast, he won’t spare anyone’s life and won’t hesitate to kill someone quickly, not like us that guy doesn’t like to play, your friend maybe already dead now” miru said with smirk but miyuki can tell that this woman infront of her is not joking at all

Miyuki grab her weapon tightly her heart grows worry to her friends, especially sayaka but right now she doesn’t have any choice but to believe them “they…they will win saya-kun is not weak and my captain will beat mako”

“huh, let’s see about that” and both side charged at each other
Momoka ponders for a second while take a glance to his friend

“I actually save this but, to make things quick I have no choice” and momoka spin with only use one leg to stand, he spin so fast that his leg start sparkling and when he stops his leg seems endulge with fire,

“to cook meat in quickest way is to fry it” and momoka charge at mogi and kick him using his burned leg, mogi able to block it but he slowly feels that his arms burned, not enough with that momoka spin once again to move at mogi’s behind and with his full power attack at his opponent’s neck effectively knocked him down

“I’m done with this one”

Meanwhile sayaka

“really really weak, are you ?” tomu said mockingly his claws now were stabbing sayaka’s stomach a lots of bloods dripping from him, tomu then grap sayaka’s neck, the latter was being hold off the ground, and blood can be seen dripping from sayaka’s mouth, his hands are hanging at his side still gripping his staf, but his consciousness was already at it’s peak

“I guess, it will be over for you now” tomu said once again, sayaka’s eyes can’t be seen due to his hair but tomu feels that life start to dripping away “heh, after I done with you, your friends will be able to see your corpse, but then soon I will sent them to the same place with you”


forgot to tell, this is basically sayaka's current weapon (if you're tokusatsu fans, i'm sure you know who's this thing belong to) and this staff's both edge can be shorten so it's easy to bring anywhere
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Sayaka's Adventure in Different Reality Chapter 5 : Navigator's Past (3/?)
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Chapter 5 : Navigator's Past (part 3)

Author’s pov

Is this the end for me? Sayaka internally asks himself, he is almost passed out and he was grabbed by his opponent at his neck, his body already sprayed with blood due to being thrown to the wall and even get stabbed by no other than tomu,

Sorry guys, I’m not helping at all, sorry capt you will need to deal with this man

It looks like…..i won’t be able….. to go back…

“after I done with you, your friends will be able to see your corpse, but don’t worry I will sent them to the same place as you” tomu said while start choking sayaka’s neck “we will kill all the people you love”

The people….that I love?... suddenly sayaka’s mind flashing image of people he knows both in this world or the real world, yuihan…akarin….miyuki….AKB….NMB…and then it stops at the image of a certain girl and at that….sayaka’s eyes widen and suddenly


“AARRGGHH” those wasn’t sayaka’s scream but it was tomu, after sayaka uses his staff to break tomu’s arm and free him from his grip

“what the hell!” tomu grab his arm and winch in pain and looks at sayaka and his eyes widen in shock

In front of him sayaka, whose appear to almost dead before, standing, his eyes got covered with his hair but something is different….his aura leaking and it feels dangerous.

“don’t you ever…touch…my FRIENDS!”  an energy unleash from sayaka creating strong wind  which shock the entire building, this also grab the attention from the others

At the sakura and haruki

“what the hell was that?” haruki stops at his moves and looks at his surrounding “ I feel something strange, and I don’t think I like it”

Behind him sakura also stops “this feels like an earthquake but….why I somehow worries “

“let’s go sakura, whatever happen we need to get on”


At momoka and miyuki’s side

“what is that? An earthquake?” momoka said in surprised at the happening, their opponent also halt at the moment

“what the hell is this?” miru confusedly looks at her surrounding, Meanwhile miyuki can’t help but also feels extremely worries, “saya-kun?”

At nao and mako’s side

“what the hell is happening, did you do something?” nao asks mako while still try to attack him,

“I don’t do anything, idiot” mako answers while countering nao and keeps attacking each other, but somehow mako has another thought ‘this feeling, could be…no that’s should be impossible

Back to sayaka
The wind forces still surrounding sayaka makes his hair flowing up, his stare seems so cold, infront of him, tomu who’s still in shock start to regain his composure “hehe, I thought that kind of story are just rumor and rare but here it is, I saw it with my own eyes…..this will be interesting” tomu readied his stance and dashed forward, he attacks sayaka and aim at his head but to his surprise, sayaka only tilt his head


“too slow” and with one hand, he grabbed tomu and smack him to the ground in such a big force, that makes the latter spit out blood, not enough with that sayaka pick him and toss him to the wall

“what’s with that force, it feels like he is someone different” tomu said to himself, “very well then” tomu then uses his full power, and dash at sayaka, his speeds is so fast that suddenly shows up infront of sayaka, tomu uses his palm to give shockwave that throw sayaka to the wall behind and almost break it, his staff fall to the ground

To tomu’s shock sayaka comeback from the dust, and still able to walk as if it doesn’t had effect on him, sayaka without even pick his staff, dash at tomu and give really strong punch at his stomach that make the latter fall to his knees

Sayaka then give roundhouse kick to tomu which throw him aside, unlike when he fought sayaka before, this time tomu could feel sayaka’s power feels so different

Coughing a lots blood tomu try to stand up, somehow he already thinks if he will be defeated, so he take out some weird device from his pocket

“you might be able to win but I assure you won’t be able to escape from this place alive, once I give signal with this the government will surround this island and destroy everything here” he said while smirking, sayaka halt for a moment but then he pick his staff again and point it to tomu

“you won’t scare me, say good bye to life now!!” tomu said he was about to press the button but unknown to tomu sayaka suddenly come right infront of his eyes and with his strength hit tomu’s jaw with the staff sent him flying, when he hit the ground sayaka casually walk and stand above him with his staff pointing at tomu

“you-…who the hell are you?” tomu said between his breath, sayaka grab his staff above with both of his hand

“My name………is Antonio” and with that sayaka hit tomu with his full power
Sayaka’s attack damage is pretty big that it broke the floor beneath him


At momoka and miyuki’s place

“goddamn it, you still haven’t done with your business?!” that was a loud comment from haruki when he and sakura arrives and saw their friends still fighting their opponents, well it’s just miyuki actually but momoka wasn’t able to help because his ‘gentlemen won’t hurt girls’ rule

 “miyuki-san” sakura calls, while grab her bow, ready to help

“don’t worry sakura-chan, I can handle this on my own, just rest assure”

“ow, I won’t mind you teams up, child can’t never go against adults” miru, the woman with claws suddenly jump to the air and try to attack them but suddenly….


The ceiling above them fall down, and it cause a lots of smokes around them, both party stops their fight due to the disturbance and coughing

“*cough* what’s happening*cough” momoka said now he is kind of pissed with a lots happening that he doesn’t understand

When the dust and smoke are cleared all of their eyes widen, between the smoke a figure stand up, who’s no other than sayaka himself and beneath him another figure which is the right hand man of mako, tomu laid unconscious with very visible wounds on his body

“no way, that’s impossible for tomu to get defeated” miru said in shock, she has no idea how the strongest of them after mako can be defeated by a mere pirates like sayaka

“i-is that sayaka-san?” sakura said when she able to see between the smoke, besides her, haruki thinks how different sayaka seems than usual

“saya-kun?” miyuki said in low voice, she is relieved to know that sayaka is okay even though she herself also can’t believe he is able to defeat his opponent like that, but miyuki’s smile soon faded when he notice wounds and blood on sayaka’s body

Just as if his consciousness comeback, sayaka’s body suddenly jolted before he uses his staff to help him standing, he looks at the unconscious tomu and to his friends in panting before said “i…won” and suddenly his body fall down to the ground

“sayaka/saya-kun” the others quickly run to sayaka to help him. Miyuki and sakura try to tends sayaka’s injuries not knowing to them miru, walks to tomu and picks a dial

“it seems that he was defeated before able to execute the plan” she said earning attention of the others

“wait, that was..”

“say good bye to your life, kids!!” and then miru press the dial, which send signal to the government to come to their place, a loud sirene voice can be heard echoing through the whole island

“god damn it” momoka curse at the situation becoming even worse, while miru laughing

“damn you, stops laughing!” getting irritated sakura fires a few arrows at miru whom evaded them all and jump to the air

“you won’t be able to get out of this island, rookies” without her realizing, someone is already above her

“didn’t you told me to watch my enemies infront of my eyes?” it was miyuki while grabbing her big boomerang and hit it at miru right at her neck before finished It by throwing a needle to put her into unconsciousness

“fyuuh that was tiring, thank you sakura-chan”

“now, what should we do? Shall we go to the captain or we just waiting him somewhere while also tending to sayaka?” momoka asks them, no one gives quick answer, they know nao won’t like his fight being interfered but they also worry about yuiri’s safety, but suddenly the girl they think of showed up

“Yuiri!!” miyuki calls and hug her upon seeing their friend coming, yuiri reply to the hug

“I’m sorry for causing trouble” she said while crying

“it’s okay, you are our friends we’ll always helping each other” momoka reply while pat yuiri’s back, somehow afraid if the captain will beat him if he dares to touch the navigator (he probably takes lesson from sakura-haruki pair)

“what’s important now, how is nao?”

“nao is still fighting, I managed to get out with his help,” yuiri then remembers something “we..we need to help her, I know someone who is also being captured, we need to help her out”

“someone got imprison? That’s maybe the daughter of tom-san”

“she was being locked in the very basement of the castle, there is a hidden shortcut to go there.”

“okay then but what abo-“

“go save her” a weak voice cut momoka’s words, sayaka just got up and using his staff to help him stand, that was suprising how he can still get up with the wounds in his body, if it were normal human they would put in comatose

“b-but saya-kun, your wounds!”

“it’s okay, miyuki, I’m fine besides it already stop bleeding and also we can’t afford to lose anymore time before something happens to this island, remember we are not the only one that come here” sayaka’s words makes miyuki speechless, she was about to protest about his condition but giving sayaka was right, she decide to follow the plan

“I think it’s also best if we split up, I will go to help tom-san and the others just in case something happen, the rest of you go with yuiri” haruki suggested which followed by nod from everyone

“I’ll go with you” sakura insisted “somebody need to watch your back”

“well, if you insist my lady”

“I’ll stay here” sayaka suddenly said earning surprised and confused looks from his friends “I need to stay here and assist nao if something happen”

“b-but saya-kun, your wounds…..” miyuki worriedly protest “it’s almost impossible for you to fight in that stance….”

“and nao won’t like his fight being interfered” momoka finished her sentence

“I know that’s why I’ll stay here, I might treat my wounds a bit more and I’ll only assist nao only when it’s necessary besides someone needs to inform them about their plan” he said while pointing to unconscious tomu


“nao and that mako…..the government will got him and I think we might used that”

“wh-what do you mean exactly?” momoka scratch his head not knowing what does sayaka said

“hmm, I’m not sure but…..just trust me okay”

“okay, we understand” miyuki gives up at that guy’s stubbornness while give him some of medicine and bandages

“okay, now it’s settle, yuiri take them there….Let’s go!” haruki takes command and yuiri obey and lead them to the other place on the castle in order to free another hostage.

Yuiri leads them to a secrets tunnels to go the girl’s place which make their way, faster and doesn’t need to go their previous track, meanwhile haruki and sakura take things the other way, instead of going to their roads earlier, they just jump from the room straight out of the building, they used their katana and daggers to slow their fall by sticking them to the building

When haruki and sakura arrives the chaos become worse than before, it seems somehow a lots of people wearing marine’s uniform come out of nowhere and are almost outnumbered tom’s people

“can you do this sakura?”

“un, don’t worry I still got plenty energy to fight”

“okay now let’s go!” and the two people from the knight kingdom charged together at the enemies, they should help tom-san to hold these enemies and buy time for their friends to free tom’s daughter and nao to defeat his opponent right now and it will be better if they can get out of the island before the government came, haruki uses his katana and sent the enemies to air, while sakura fires her arrows at enemies that approaching and then used her daggers to fight them

“what are you two doing here? How’s the others?” tom-san show up and asks

“except for nao who still fighting mako, we are fine, my friends were searching for your daughter, so stay still and fight”

“thank you”

Meanwhile nao and mako were not done with their fight, nao are actually out of breath, his new technique’s side effect already take tool on him, mako realized it, he dash and attack nao which sent him to the wall


“your technique are practically just harming yourself, fastening blood circulation to past your body’s limit hmm, I admit that’s clever but also foolish”

“will you just shut up already, at least I can free yuiri from you and my friends must be already defeating your underlings” nao stand up and smirk, he is attempt to provoke his enemy “all that left was you”

Mako seems still calm “I had to admit you were really surprising, but still….” He then summon woods at the area “I still got my pride and with pride I won’t let you run away”

“so am I, I still need to beat you after what you done to my crew” nao readied his stance while mako just give smirks at him, mako then attack with his woods that aiming at nao, nao in turn jumps and try to evade each one of them, he then land on one of them and used it to dash at mako while stretching his hand, nao try to hit mako who defend himself by summon a wood in front of him, the wood were destroyed, nao kick him but mako able to block it and grab nao and throw him across the room

“this is going nowhere” mako said, while approaching nao, suddenly nao jumps and kick his jaw, pushed him back a bit but mako used this chance to place his palm at nao and create an air shock wave that shock nao and make him spit out bloods

“I should use that since the beginning” mako remarks, nao on the other hand fall to his knees but he still refuse to give up and still able to gets up, suddenly smokes emits from his body once again and with incredible speed punched mako with using his stretching ability

“I admit it, you are strong” mako said

“so are you, heh”

At the same time yuiri, momoka and miyuki running on their way to the basement of the castle to save another hostage which could be tom’s daughter, luckily their injury from previous fight were not fatal and yuiri also in fine condition and she also bring her weapon with her

“let’s go this way” they find another turn which led them to stairs, they keep going to the way until they arrive infront a closed door

“is it the place?” miyuki asks yuiri who nodded at the question

“didn’t looks like a prison to me” momoka commented at the door infront

“it seems she is an important hostage because they give her a room to stay which I admit looks normal but she wasn’t allowed to go out of this place”

“well, then…” momoka step front “we need to get her out” and just that he kicks the door and destroy it and shows what’s inside

The room were actually pretty normal and didn’t looks like a prison even though it’s small and a bit secluded, and there was a girl that sitting at her bed, her pretty face looks shocked at three people that suddenly brag in (and literally destroy the door of the room)

“……..beautiful” momoka said unconsciously which earned a knock in the head by miyuki

“you are miyu right? Tom-san’s daughter, we are here to help you get out of this place”

The girl which named miyu was a bit surprised to hear that “”

“yeah, we’ll help you, your father and his men were outside of this castle”

“my..father?” the girl suddenly get up her face seems worried but also somewhat happy “please…please bring me to him”

“alright, don’t worry we will get you out from here and reunited you, bring anything that you need and we’ll go there” the girl then open a chest and take out a clothed long object and hung it on her shoulder and then open a drawer and take out a paper that looks like a blue print and hide it at her dress

“I’m ready”

“good, let’s go” and the girl with the three ‘intruders’ go out from the basement

At the time, sayaka just finished on bandaging his wounds and apply some medicine on it to reduce the pain when he moves, from all the crew he was indeed the most wounded, sayaka himself has no idea he was still conscious and even still able move with his wounds

“I never knew I got this much endurance” he said, while looking at his unconscious enemies, he used some of the bandages to tied their hands and feet, looking at them he sigh

“who would have thought….that my friends will be enemies like this” he said while looking at miru “miyuki really did shock her, it seems” sayaka than stand while grabbing his staff  “I guess this won’t be the last time to fight someone that looks like my friends” he said, silently hoping he was wrong even though deep inside he knows that his guess will be right “I hope none of the future enemies that looks like ‘her’”


A loud exploding sounds suddenly can be heard and the building feels shaking, sayaka then looks at the outside and his breath stopped for a second, he can see a lots of warship with big cannons are approaching the island

“oh my God” sayaka’s eyes widen in horror, he then uses all of his strength to run to the top floor….to nao and mako’s battle place

“damn it, why won’t you go down?” nao said, while he was already on the floor, his body almost cannot get up due too much usage of his technique, he still conscious though but he already tired as hell and mako still standing, mako himself is not in good condition, he was already limping and his mouth dripping blood

“you’re not bad for a rookies,”

Nao try to stand up when an exploding sound can be heard, both stops their attempt to attack and looks outside from their room

“damn it, did you call back up?” nao suddenly get angry at what he sees

“I’m not, and they are not back up....” mako suddenly feels silent for a moment “don’t tell me they were-“

The door of the room flung open after sayaka breaks it, he then come in while runs out of breath

“sayaka, what happen?” nao asks, sayaka still catch his breath and then instead of looking at nao, he turn to mako instead

“your underlings betray you….they…they calls the government to destroy this island, along with all of us, and their target…..was you”

“What?!” both of them were startled

“that explains why they attack this castle” mako said while slowly walking to the windows “damn it!”

Meanwhile yuiri and the others were halt at their way when the castle were shaking and exploding sounds can be heard
“we were attacked?” momoka said in whispers

“it seems so….we need to get out faster before the castle collapsed and this island got surrounded” yuiri said and they run to get out of their way.

“are you gonna run away?”

“run? No, we will continued this later” mako reply and then he jumps outside the castle, right down to people that still fighting down there, some of them are glad their master is coming while the others put on defense since he is an enemy, mako then looks at his troops
“if you still want to live, leave this island and don’t comeback NOW!!” he shouts which shocks everyone including haruki and sakura who was there

“kojima-sama what do you mean?”

“kojima mako-sama how can we leave you here?”

There were a lots of protest from his troops but mako didn’t answers them,  suddenly a few cannonball coming at them which create a big havoc at that place, everybody, both sides were in panic including tom and his men

“what the hell is happening here?”

“the government will destroy this whole place, we need to leave this place quickly” haruki explain

“bu-but what about my daughter, I can’t leave her”

“I know it, just trust my friend, they will bring your daughter safely! What’s more important is, we need to save your people or there will be more victims” haruki said in irritated tone

“Papa ?” a girl voice can be heard which got haruki and tom’s attention, and there he saw his daughter, miyu run to him, soon she jumps and hug tom tightly

“oh God, miyu, I’m really worried about you, I miss you daughter”

“I miss you too papa, I’m so happy for finally can see you again”

Tom let go his hug and turn to three people that save his daughter “I really thank you a lots for saving my daughter” he said while doing ojigi

“it’s okay it’s our promise to help her out” miyuki said

“emm..guys” momoka voice out while looking at the incoming attack from marine’s ship “I hate to break this sweet reunion but we need to get out of this island quickly”

“i already command my men to prepare the train, they will bring it to nearest area from here”

“wait, where’s nao?” momoka’s words bring them to panic again and yuiri are looking at their captain.

“that’s him along with sayaka as well” haruki points out to nao who using his stretched arm to swing down with sayaka grabbing his shoulder

“nao” yuiri try to call him, suddenly a cannonball are aim at yuiri, and she was frozen at her place

“yuiriii!!” nao try his best to save the navigator as fast as he can


The cannon explode after it hit something right above yuiri, and everyone’s eyes widen when they realize a wall of wood just protecting yuiri from that explotion, mako…is protecting her, even nao and sayaka whom just landing there can’t believe at what they see

“yuiri are you alright?” nao and sayaka quickly come to their friends that already gather together with tom and his men, yuiri just nod at nao’s question

“you save yuiri?” now he turn to mako “you abducted her before and get her to work with you and now you save her? Why?”

“don’t be silly, I don’t abduct her without any reason, her father still owe me some debt and if you asks why I protect her, it’s because I already promised someone to do so”

“promise someone?” now yuiri got confused at the answer, sure she knows about what her father did and his relation with mako but mako just said that he were promising someone

“she was a close friend to you….and to me as well” mako then reverts himself back to human form “I already promised….to naanya”

“n-…naanya?” yuiri got silent for a moment before a memories of her childhood running through her mind

“y-yuiri, are you alright ?” nao asks in panic

“naanya? Naanya?” she then remembers that she used to have a best friend, a pretty and kind girl named owada nana which yuiri calls naanya, but it was long ago, and she hasn’t seen her best friend since ages “ I remember her, I remember naanya,” she said while takes step up to mako “w-what happened to her, tell me!!”

Mako just give un amused face at him “what happened to her? Oh I don’t know much but if you want me to tell the truth……she is dead, and it was because your father!” he said half shouting, a cannon explode once again in the background but they doesn’t seem to care

“Wha-, why my father?”

“you spent too much time with her that your father thinks she gives bad influences to you” mako stops for a while, he seems try to keeps calm “until one day I meet her, she told me she was being exiled, and we become friends but fate is cruel, she was suffering from chronic illness and before she passed away she asks me to protect you from your greedy father”

“no,no,no, that’s not true. My father won’t do something like that, and naanya……”

“if you didn’t trust me, I don’t care at least I already fulfill my promise” mako then turn his back and facing to the direction of the incoming marine’s warship “hey, straw hat boy”


“your hat seems so familiar, well you can say I know who’s the previous owner, and wearing that seems that you are worthy” mako said while change back to his humanoid-raccoon form and move all the woods around him “our fight wasn’t done, so you better get out and stay alive” mako takes a bit glance at sayaka before
continued “you’ve got terrifying bodyguard by the way”

“wh-what are you trying to do?” nao, yuiri and even the others were surprised by mako’s action, suddenly they heard a voice of train that comes nearby, there, tom’s men already on the train and let out a rope ladder for everyone left to get in

“let’s go tom-san, we need to get out quickly” said one of the man, miyuki and sakura quickly assist the rest of the people to get in including tom and his daughter while haruki and momoka try to hold all the cannons that are coming, there are two ships that already anchored at the island and a lots of marine soldiers come out and attack them

“damn it, at this rate, it will be too hard to handle them all” momoka curse while beating up the soldiers infront of him “it will take too much time”

“are you afraid, pervert cook?” haruki suddenly said while slashing every soldiers that come at him “don’t tell me you had no confidence against this small fry”

“Shut Up!!”

“Guys, quit fighting, come and hop in the train” miyuki screams after she got the rest to the train “yuiri, nao and saya-kun, you guys too, quick” nao gives signals to sayaka to take yuiri with him on the train, leaving him and mako

“are you going to sacrifice yourself?” nao asks the opponent in front of him

“sacrifice? Huh? Don’t make me laugh why should I sacrifice for my enemies, besides….they won’t kill me” he said “I’m just going to give them some lesson for destroying my beautiful island” mako begins to launch his woods at nearby ships, successfully damaging them

“well, then, I shall give you a little gratitude then” nao said while take a stance “I actually save this for you but…..well, I just can do this for once” and with that nao jumps high and begin blow his thumb, suddenly his arm become so big like hand of giant

“Take this!!” and nao launch his giant fist right at one of ship which completely destroy it, he then take back his fist and landing back to the ground except….his whole body shrink to a size of a kid

“damn, the effect kind of annoy me” he said while looking at himself, he heard a claps from mako

“congratulations you just make the government will surely have their attention at you after you just destroy a ship with an vice admiral level officer on it, besides the ruckus that you make at this island of course” he said while walking to nao, his friends at the train already afraid if he will attack him

“now, just get out of my sight” mako said while grabbing nao and throw him to the train, his friends catch him right away

“You!!” nao angrily shouts at his opponent, while the train begins to move away from the other side of the island

“our match is Not Finished Yet!!” mako half shouting while preparing woods around him and make a barriers, “now, will you stops from bombarding this place? Marine”

“now it’s our chance, let’s go” tom gives command to his men and the train leave the island, there were some ships that still fire cannons at them, haruki slash the cannon while momoka kicks it to the sea, sakura also helps by shooting the cannon ball with her arrow

“please use this” tom’s daughter miyu suddenly shows up carrying a big gun that’s looks more like a bazooka

“eh, I don’t know that we have this” sakura said

“i- I just made it, you can use it, I’m sure it’s fine”, sakura nodding and take the big gun and aim it at one of the ships and then fire it


To anyone’s surprised the big gun’s damage is pretty big that one shot from it is able to give damage big enough to stop a ship and destroy 30% percent of it, even sakura herself can help but to be amazed at the damage while the other men just jaw-dropped

“w-wow” was all that sakura said, but miyu were panic

“oh my god, I don’t know it will cause that much, sorry”

“n-no, no it’s okay”

“man, I want to help too, but my body cannot move damn it” nao curse while laying down, his body already back to it’s original size, suddenly he feels himself being lift, momoka and haruki grab each side of nao’s body and spread it like a web due to his rubber power, and they used to contain all the cannon balls that coming at them

“1, 2,3 …..Go” momoka and haruki shouts at the same time while using nao as thrower for the cannon balls back to the marine’s ship

“thank you captain, you save us”

“you really a great captain” they said, with big grin on their face to the almost passed out nao

“you guys really are the worst” knot formed at sayaka’s head sawing his friends ridiculous act.

“use the full power of the train” tom order his men, the train goes faster, marine’s warship cannot follow them anymore and everything becomes calmer, the train were already very far from mako’s island and now are heading back home.

Sayaka pov

We already get far from mako’s island, all my friends and I were watching as mako’s island start disappear from our view, none of marine’s ships is visible, it means that we already successful in our escape and it also…the end of our battle there

“okada-pirates” I heard tom-san calls us all, we then turn to him and tom-san and his daughter doing ojigi at us “I really really thank you for your help in saving my daughter, we are really grateful”

“no, it’s okay, in fact we also need to thank you because without you and your men’s help we won’t be able to save our friend” momoka said, representing us.

“as my gratitude I hope you want to stay on lucky seven for a while before set sail, I already talks to my daughter she might be able to help you with your ship” that news brings relieve to us all, it means that we don’t have to worry about our ship when we continued our journey

“thank you so much tom-san and…miyu isn’t it?” yuiri said which smile plastered on her face, now it seems there won’t be problem within our crew

While all are rejoicing I looks at nao who just place his back at the wall, he’s just sitting on the side along with haruki, nao seems watching yuiri all the time while sometimes looking back at the place we just leave from, I then proceed to join them

“what you guys doing here, just being sider ?”

“well, I’m glad she is okay” nao said while taking glance at yuiri and then he sighed “besides, he seems interesting person”

“sorry, who?”

“mako, he is formidable opponent but he also saves yuiri, I want to see him again someday” he said and with such confidence tone  continued “I still need to beat his sorry-ass”

I chuckled at that sight, he doesn’t change I see, just then I hear haruki said something

“I wonder who he was referring to as ‘nao’s terrifying bodyguard’, don’t you think that as well sayaka?”

“a-ah, yeah I wonder, but maybe it was between you and momoka haha”


Then I slightly remember that before saying those words, mako was looking at me, I won’t believe he was referring to me but…..i also had one problem…how did I manage to defeat his right hand man at that time, it’s a bit blur but last time I remember tomu almost kill me and said something for hurting my friends and everything seems very blur to remember, but there was one last thing I remember…one named to be exact…Antonio.

I sighed while looking at my hand and my staff, it seems I won’t get the answer quickly, so for now on, I will just keep going with my journey with my friends, okada-pirates.

to be continued

forgive my writing skills,

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