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Author Topic: Sayaka's Adventure in Different Reality Chapter 3 : New Life (09/27/2018)  (Read 521 times)

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when one of top idol of japan found herself being thrown to another world that looks like world of a certain anime, she then founds out that not only she was in different place but she also founds out that her gender has been changed, and she meets this people from that world which oddly are resemble and looks almost exactly like her friends

how would her life will turns out after such shocking events

and how will she finds a way to go back to her real world?

Coming Soon

Hello readers this is FZA02 again, I was actually planning to write cross over fanfict (which you can check on 46groups fanfic boards) but….due to sudden announcement of kami-oshimen I decide to focus on this fanfic first,from now on yoroshiku onegaishimasu

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Re: The Adventure in Different Reality (Coming Soon)
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This looks interesting! ^_^

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The Adventure in Different Reality Prolog
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      Sayanee’s POV
“everyone good job for today and thank you” the staff and the members said to each other, we were just finished our national tour, furthermore this will be my last tour as member and captain of NMB48

“everyone good job, and take care on your way home, make sure you guys got plenty of rest” I said to them even though it sounds like an order

“yes, captain” they reply while prepare to going home

I as well start taking my belongings and I bid my farewell and was about to going home when I heard a voice calling me

“sayanee!” I turn around and looks at it, it was my junior oota yuuri, I saw her face crumpled and looks sad, oh come on

“come on, don’t give me that look, it’s not like that this will be my last activity on nmb right?” I said knowing well what makes her sad, she nod and give me a warm hug, I will surely miss this but hey, I still got a lots time before I leave the group

“okay, now just go home and take a rest okay, nmb needs you and ‘we’ need you” I said while patting her head gives an emphasis at the words ‘we’, somehow she understand and takes a leave, well not before patting my head in reply and give sweet “good night” words at me, I too take my leaves and ride train to get home, luckily I got in time for the last train

 “huft, at least this train is not crowded” I sigh while take out my one piece manga, recently I become fans of this manga thanks to particular akb 3rd generation member who is my senior as well

“somehow I think how fun and interesting to live like pirates, so free” I thought, well sure I love my job but I’m still a human and sometimes I get bored as well, sometimes I just want to live free

“straw hat pirates is sure like a fun family and ace is really nice brother” again I thought not that I complain about my family and nmb itself are also become my precious family it’s just I’m a little bit jealous though, it’s not like I hate my siblings, sure I adore my sisters (even if she contaminated to be yaoi fans) and I adore my brother as well even if they likes to pick on me like I’m just a little girl 

“to live in a world like that must be interesting” I said to myself, and that’s the last thing I thought before I heard some noises and before I knew it…. Everything become dark

To be Continued
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The Adventure in Different Reality Chapter 1 : The Beginning
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Chapter 1 : The Beginning

   Author’s pov
“uugh, what happeed to me”  sayaka slowly open her eyes while try to remember what happened before

“ah,you already awake. Are you okay sir?” a voice of girl greet sayaka, make the latter try to look at source of voice

“aah, yes I suppose” sayaka said while try to sit up “wh-where am I ?” sayaka ask  the girl, somehow her eyes still blurred

“you are in medical room in our ship don’t worry we won’t hurt you” the girl reply, seeing confused face in sayaka she then stood up “please wait here sir, I’m gonna tell captain first” and with that she closed the door leaving sayaka alone

    Sayaka POV
‘a ship? How can I be on a ship is that girl just messed up or what’ I thought and then I also remember that ‘did she just call me with ‘sir’’ what the heck is wrong, just at that time I realize my surroundings and indeed it’s look like a medical room in a ship and then i saw a mirror and I get up to look at there and what I saw really shocked me….

My body aside from my face is completely changed I no longer wearing my casual outfit before but I’m on guy’s outfit, my hair become really short like a boy as short as my hair back then in 2012, get panicked I fell down to the floor while ran my hand through my body and realize that my chest become flat and….. I realize there’s something between my legs that I’m sure as hell it wasn’t there before I almost scream in my panicked before the door opened up and the girl from before come, too bad the room is a little bit dark and the sunlight from outside make me cannot see her face only her silhouette

“what happened to me ? where am I ? and who are you ?” I ask her, instead of answer she just giggling…what

“isn’t that too much questions anyway please go outside maybe captain and the others can tell you” she said while grab my hand and drag me out of the room just at that time I realize this girl is resemble someone i knew but before I figure it who it was we already stop in the middle of ship

“oi captain he’s here” the girl said and then leave to call the others, now I take a look at this “captain” who I assume a guy, he has brown short hair which quite familiar, wearing a red shirt and a straw hat is hanged on his back….wait, a strawhat?

“oh so you already awake weird stranger ?” he said while turn to face and when I saw him I surprised since I recognize him but before I said anything he introduce himself

“my name is okada nanao the captain of okada pirates you can call me nao though” he said while smile widely, I can’t hide my shock nana ? okada nana from akb team 4 ? but he seems different it’s look like he is the boy version but the name and appearance is the same even the voice is not different just a little bit manlier than usual

“naachan ?”  I ask him without realizing it

“huh? Who?” he ask me but then he looks pass me and yell “oi guys why don’t you introduce yourself to this guy”
At that time I just realize that there’s another guy here but it looks like he just wake up from his sleep, he has short black hair (not as short as the captain though) and wearing black kimono style outfit , he’s groaning when he stand up and look at me and…..wait those eyes it’s seems like..

“his name is kodama haruki he is the vice captain and best swordsman here” the captain said…. What ? so after male version of naachan and now male haruppi as well ?

“are you sure he is not spy from marine or another pirates” the one who resemble haruppi said while grab his katana and glare at me…. Oh shit

“no,no I’m not I swear I don’t even know you guys and I don’t even know why I’m here in the first place” I tried to explained to him well I don’t want to be killed by someone who looks like my friends

“guys you shouldn’t scared him like that he maybe just lost his memories” then there’s girl voice but I can tell it’s not the girl from before, I look at the source and realize she looks like akb member.. ah yes she is naachan’s teammates

“my name is Murayama yuiri and I’m…”

“she is our navigator in this ship, oh wait she is my navigator” the captain interrupted this yuiri girl which make the latter just pouted at the captain whom grinning back to her. Okay now who’s next ?

“oh there is also another male crew his name is kinoshita momoka he is…”

“the idiot and pervert cook” the swordsman finished his captain’s word… wait so momoka is here and as guy as well ? just then we hear a loud male voice from inside of ship
“what the fudge are you saying you idiot swordsman” I think it’s the cook’s voice

Just when I wondering the girl who took me here show up and when I can clearly see her face I totally in shocked….
“milky ?” I voiced my thought but fortunately not loud enough

“sorry for leave you here and.. well, my name is miyuki the doctor” the girl introduce herself while give the sweetest smile…. But I can’t hide my shock, she is miyuki, my partner in nmb and also my pairing the one I shared the center position is now here ?

“oh anyway you haven’t introduced yourself, who are you anyway” the captain’s voice break my thought, I turn at them

“m-my name is yamamoto sayaka and I’m not evil person and I don’t know where I am and how I can be here” I said quickly I hope they at least trust me and tell why I’m here, just then the swordsman answer

“we just found you yesterday floating on the sea unconscious alone”  eh ? floating on the sea ? alone ? but..

“I’m sorry but floating on the sea ? the last thing I remember I was on train on my way to going home” I try to explained to them

“train ? is that sea-train ?” the navigator ask, I just got confused but I’m sure it was on ordinary train

“uuh I don’t think so by the way where are we actually? “ I ask again and this time the captain reply with excitement in his eyes

“we are on the sea the part of grand line we are going to explore the world and find the legendary treasure called one piece” he said excitingly that’s when I figure out everything
The strawhat that the captain wears, the grand line and the legendary treasure don’t tell me…..I AM AT ONE PIECE WORLD

Everything seems too weird for me 1st I was wake up in strange room 2nd I realize that I was turned into a boy and 3rd I was in pirate ship looking for the treasure called one piece and 4th all of the people here are resemble if not looks like another version of my friends!
I clutch my head due to information I’ve take and suddenly everything become dark once again

To be Continued


so actually the first 4 parts of this story were written back in 2017, i even write this one before naachan being appointed as stu48's captain so it's kind of coincidence, but due the happening now i change the prologue and the stories a bit to suit with current events (sayanee's graduation), and i actually didn't change naachan and haruppi's name at first but since their name sounds feminine i change it at least

all critique and suggestion are welcome, i'm still an amateur

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Re: The Adventure in Different Reality Chapter 2 : Become The Crew
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Chapter 2 : Becoming The Crew

Sayanee’s Pov

“ugh my head hurts”  I wake up after blacked out before, I opened my eyes slowly hoping that I will be in my room at my house but unfortunately, no. when I adjust my vision I still in the room I once before

“damn it, so it wasn’t dream” I sigh

Just when I was gonna thinking about what happened, the door suddenly open and to my surprise it’s not the girl who looks like milky who come but a man who looks like momoka, he brings a plate and water at his hand I guess it’s food for me
He must be the chef  I though to myself

“here’s for you, even if you are strangers we don’t want to have anyone starve to death on this ship” he said while give the plate to me

“t-thank you” I said while receive it, it looks delicious and really make me hungry so I start eat it and I have to admit it’s really delicious

The chef still stood there I realize that he observe from head to toe which kinda creep me out even if I know I am a boy now

“is something matter ?” I try to ask him

“nothing just a little bit disappointed…. That you are a guy” huh ? before I ask what he mean he then continue “I was hoping the one we saved yesterday is a girl actually like a beautiful ladies” he said

I nearly chocked at my food when I heard that damn it momoka I cursed him in my head even her male version is still a pervert, i hate to admit but I’m glad I was turned into a boy

“oh well gotta go back now see ya” he said while leave the room and closed the door

I continued my eating and after finished I put the plate on table nearby I have nothing to do since I don’t know what I should do so I just continued my thought before I get interrupted
Indeed I still can’t believe that I was in another world, being turned into a male and meet people who looks like my friends but I still don’t know what kind of world it is and why I was here that’s when it hit me… before I am here I was on train reading manga while silently hoping that I want to live in that manga world, I remember that I silently want to live like pirate and doing adventure and even I silently thinking if I was born as male so…. Is this happened because my wish ? but why the hell the people here are looks like my friends ? I then remembered that mayu-san from akb once talking about something like alternate universe or something if that’s true than I must be in one of them.. but how I can go ba—


A loud voice break my thought followed by sounds like screaming and sword clashing, I immediately I got up from the bed and ran outside and I already can guess what happen and when I come at the middle of the ship I know that my guess is right
We are under attack. A lots of pirates come aboard our ship while carrying their weapon, when I look for the captain and the rest I found them that they are fighting there but only the captain, the swordsman and the cook (I still can’t call them using their name) but oddly when I look for the girls they just stay calm and I mean freaking calm, the navigator just stand on the top while using binoculars to observe if any other ship come while the doctor… she just sit on the side of ship…sunbathing, just when I come closer to her, she notice me

“oh hey, sorry for the noises but don’t worry nao-kun and the others will take care for them” she said while grinning, I really get surprised how can this people keep calm like this, just as if she can read my mind she continues

“this thing happen sometimes and when we realize they are just small fry so we don’t care much, but if you want to help them it’s okay even if you don’t have to worry thought” she said the last words while pointing at her friends and that’s when I first observer those 3 boys fighting style

The captain, to my surprised can stretch his body like a rubber even bullet cannot hurt him, so he is rubber man huh, while the swordsman, he use 2 swords but I can say that he is bored like..really bored while the cook he use his foot to kick this people to the sea, I’m too focused on them and didn’t realize there’s one attacker come behind, luckily I knew it before he slashed me with his sword so I can dodge

Damn it I almost die I guess I have no choice but to fight as well I have to thanks all practice during filming majisuka gakuen that at least I can put it in action,
I kick that man in his stomach and give him upper cut on his jaw that totally knocked him down, just then 2 more guys appeared okay this will be a little bad I thought, one guy try to attack me but I managed to dodge, damn my reflex is good I thought, I then use my hand to chop his kneck to knock him down as well that’s when the other guy shoot me, I managed to evade it but it almost got my arm, i punch that guy in face then I grab his neck and smack him down right beside where the captain fighting

“you are good in fighting, I’m surprised” captain said to me

“well, luckily I just learned how to fight before come here”

“good, then let’s have fun together” he said, huh ? fun ? I just realize that all this time the captain actually laughing while fighting like he really does have fun, man I have no choice

I join the fight and knocked more guys down that’s when miss navigator shout

“there’s cannon come here from the front!!”

I take a look and indeed there’s a few cannon ball coming our way, taking initiative I run to the ship’s wheel, grabbed it and spin it to left fast that the ship become tilt but at least we managed to dodge the cannon and all the attacker are fell down to the sea, I managed to stable the ship so we can ran away from attacker’s ship, and when everything come back calm I finally fall to the floor

“gosh that’s just really dangerous” I sigh that’s when I heard the crew come at me

“I didn’t expect you to do that, that’s good” the doctor said

“you know even when you don’t turn us around I can cut those cannon thought” the swordsman said, huh ? so I just doing something useless ?

“don’t listen to him, thanks to you we minimalize damage and at least we can avoid any pointless and silly fight” said the navigator

“uu-uuh no, it’s okay I just doing it out of initiative”

“haha that’s a little bit fun but now I’m hungry oy momoka make us some food already, and you should come have with us too” the captain said happily

“okay, thank you”  I said while following to them to the dining room

After that the chef make a lot’s of foods for us I thought, it’s because we just have fight but the doctor said that it’s actually their usual meal and when I look at the other I realized that the captain and the swordsman are sure eat a lots so we start our meal which is this is the first time for me to have eat together with people I just met even if they are looks like my friends, during meals some of them throw questions to me

“so have you remembered what happened ?” the navigator ask

“no, I don’t I still can’t remember anything” I said

“how about..where are you coming from  ?” the doctor ask I was about to answer that I’m from Osaka but I remembered that if this is really alternate universe which in the form of one piece based world I’m sure they don’t know where is Osaka or any other cities and countries and explained it would be to hard so…

“I’m sorry I don’t even remembered where I coming from” that was all I can say, then there’s silent in the whole room while everyone continued eating

“hey I saw you fight, and I can say you are pretty good too, not to mention have good reflex as well are you once a pirate ?” the cook ask

“no,no I’m not I just happened to remember that I’ve learned how to fight before” I said

“well, it’s decided it then” the captain voice surprised us his tone is kind of serious this time something that I don’t even know he can

“from today onwards you’ll be the crew of this ship” he said but with grin across his face, I chocked at my food hard that I thought I’m gonna die “I’m sorry, but be the crew ?” I ask

“yes, you are good at fighting, you don’t know what to do and don’t have anything to go so how about join us ? “ he said excitingly, I thought about it maybe if I go adventure with them I will found the way to go back to my world not that adventuring is bad anyway beside isn’t this is what I wanted before I thought

“uuh, I don’t mind but what about…”

“if you think about us don’t worry” the navigator said interrupted me

“our captain is always doing what he wants anyway” the  cook adding

“this crew is like a family so please call us with our name” the doctor said with smile

“I don’t mind you joining us” the swordsman said “yamamoto sayaka isn’t it? I feel sympathy for your bad luck being as one of us” he finished with small smile

“yoshh it’s decided then, so now for our new crew member yamamoto sayaka CHEERS” the captain shout the last words while the other including me hold up our glasses

“CHEERS” everyone shouts in unison and that’s how I found myself being one of the pirates crew and start living new life with a lot of adventures and unpredictable things waiting ahead

To Be Continued

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Sayaka's Adventure in Different Reality Chapter 3 : New Life
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Chapter 3 : Begin of New Life

Sayaka POV

It’s already ten days since I’ve been the part of the okada pirates, it’s kinda awkward at first but as the time pass by I’m getting used to it, there’s no such rule or anything in this ship so everyone can doing anything what they want to do or what they are good at, basically I know almost nothing about ship and anything so I just lazying around in the ship if there’s no danger like iceberg or something, because I’m the one who take the wheel of the ship but of course I have to follow nao-san’s command (not that he give any anyway). Just like today I’m just lazying around the deck while the others just doing no better than me

The captain is sitting there at the head of ship (did I already said this ship have head of lion) wearing his hat covering his eyes I think he just asleep

Haru-san the swordsman is the same he is sleeping while sitting on floor in deck since the floor is covered with grass so it’s kind of comfortable

Momoka the cook just being his usual self try to act gentlemen (actually a bit pervert) to the ladies, yuiri-san usually just doesn’t give much response but miyuki is like enjoying the treatment. Somehow watching those two really remind me of my time in nmb when the real momoka is like to clinge on real milky while milky herself often clinging at me,

What the hell I just thought I sighed maybe I just missed nmb so much but that’s the more reason for me to be here with these people, I believe i’ll find the way to come back to my world.

’”it’s kind of bored, oy sayaka” haru-san suddenly call me he already wake up

“yes, what is it”

“I’m bored let’s have sparing match” he said. Huh ? did he just ask me to fight him ? before I can answer he already throw one of his katana at me

“show me how good you are at swordsmanship” he begin to attack, he try to slash me but I managed to the side and then he slashed me again so I draw the katana in my hand to block it..damn it this guy I cursed in my head before jump and attack him but he managed to block my attack and throw me to the side it
damn hurt
“stop it you two, don’t fighting in the ship” yuiri-san scold us

“oh come on we just training anyway” haruki-san said just when we heard nao-san’s voice.

“hey guys I found an island, small island” he exclaim. yuiri-san then use her goggles to looks at the island

“it’s a small island, I don’t think there is city but it seems that there is a village there, should we anchored there?”

“yeah, I think we should, we can get some supplies there and do little trip as well, come on”

“okay, cap”
I take us to the said small island and harboring our ship at the  port, we then go down and split up, momoka, yuiri-san and miyuki are going to looks for supplies while me, haruki-san and captain explore the village and talking with the people there, but oddly, the village were so quiet as if there is no one lives there.

“weird, I’m pretty sure I saw people before we arrive here, and now they were gone?”

“it looks like they are hiding from something isn’t it ?”

“yeah, but what could it be ?”
Suddenly we heard louds footsteps, too louds for human’s footsteps actually, and there is a group of bandits riding horses coming to our way.

“do you think they were up to something?” haruki-san said while readied his katanas

“maybe they want to had some fun” and there is nao-san cracking his knuckles

“shouldn’t we talk first ? maybe we’ll know what happen here” I suggest

“that’s if they want to talk”
Those bandits surrounding us and some of them got off from their horse

“who the hell are you?”

“we are the guardians of master and he doesn’t want any strangers at his place, so you shall leave or pay to us if you still want to live” they said

“as if we will obey his orders” haruki-san tempt this guys which make me put a stance (trust me I don’t like to fight)

“you asks for it, these people is useless, Kill Them!” these bandits start attacking us, including some that ride horses, luckily I was with these two so it doesn’t that difficult, haruki-san create air slashing attack and sent them to the air while nao-san jump and beat those who riding horses, and I beat some of them and smack them down I’m not as strong as these two and not used to fight so it’s still drain my stamina. It doesn’t take 2 minutes for us to beat these guys, they run away and we let them, some even are unconscious.

“okaayy what’s now then ?” suddenly the door of the houses there open and some people come to us

“are you guys defeat them, thank you please come in” one of them said invite us to what seems like a bar, there are a lots of people there and as we expect they were indeed hiding

“sir, what happen here and who are those people who attacked us ?” haru-san ask that old man

“they are the subordinate of the master, he is the one who rules this shingoku island and we can’t do nothing about it” he tells us that long ago this island is peaceful and everyone live happily but one day there came a group of bandits, it happen that they are so strong so they easily take over this village and their leader whose called as master is the most terrifying and strongest one in their group and he always force the citizens to give their worth every month and those who disobeying will be captured and prisoned

“that’s… terrible” I said

“huh, it’s sure does, do you know the leader’s identity ?” haru-san ask the elder

“no,sir we never know who he was since he always at his castle in top of mountain” the man answer

“okay, then” the captain tone surprised me since he always keep silent all this time “we will help you to defeat him, no , I will defeat him, sir but let us back to our ship first” nao-san said in his serious tone that kind of amazed me

“oh, thank you, thank you, you may go back but please be careful” the elder reminded us
After that we go back to our ship to tell the others and they agree to help, but not without some comment that sounds like “the captain put us in trouble again” or something like that

We go back to the cities to ask the people where this bandits’s hide out and after that we continue to the destination, to the top of mountain and we choose to go in 2 man group, haruki-san is with nao-san, yuiri-san with momoka and I’m with miyuki

“you know..” I started talking on our way, “I never knew captain can be really that serious sometimes and really want to help another people”, miyuki smile at me before reply

“he is actually kind hearted person, but sometimes indeed he acts like dork and childish, but deep down inside he is nice person” miyuki said and then she whispered “I let you know something, captain ……and haruki as well really like to fight, sometimes one of the reason they do something like this because they want to test their strength and try to become stronger”

I smiled at the last information I got from her “well, all of you looks strong actually, and I mean all of you”

“you also looks strong….saya-kun” she said while give ‘waruki’ smile at me, I was a bit startled for a moment especially that cute smile and that cute ‘saya-kun’ named

I try to lift my uneasiness and focus on our task “well, let’s do our task and hope the others doing their job well”

Before split up, we had a plan, me and miyuki will sneak in and looks for the hostages and prisoners, yuiri-san and momoka will sneak in from the other side of the building and searching for villager’s wealth and haruki-san and captain will create some distraction to help us (it was being commented by yuiri-san as ‘they just want to get problem and fighting’ which after hearing words from miyuki it kind of make sense)

“we are arrive” miyuki said, we were hiding near the front gate of the building, and waiting there when we saw nao-san and haruki-san come

Author’s Pov

““who are you ? no one is allowed to ent…..” the guards didn’t finish their word since nao and haruki quickly beat them

“let’s make some noise” haruki unplug his katanas

“don’t overdo it haruki, they are not a big ‘fish’”

“I know” and these two, captain and his vice go directly inside that building, loud voices can be heard, screamings and swords clashing and…..a childish laugh
Miyuki and sayaka use this chance to run inside and looking a way to find the hostages, luckily there is a still conscious bandit on their way so miyuki decide to interrogate him

“where is the prison of this building?

“……..not..gonna…tell you” that man was weak but still stubborn, sayaka almost want to force him but miyuki hold him

“I’ll ask for the last time where is the prison…sir?” miyuki said while doing her ‘fishing smile’ and to make it more works she offers bandages and medicine to the bandit, sayaka couldn’t help but to feel chill running down his spin

“down below the stairs….it should be there…..” the bandit said while try to grab those medicine, but miyuki take that back

“thank you for that” and then she and sayaka run to the pointed out location, sayaka couldn’t help but think waruki is waruki in his mind

At the other side of the building yuiri and momoka also snuck in and arrive at the storage room,

“look at this place, gold and money everywhere, pretty sure they got this from the villagers” yuiri said, while looking the whole room somehow she got big urge to just get this treasure and save it at their ship but she tried to hold herself



“let’s find nao and the others, we already finding where the treasures are and our job is done we need to get on”

“what about we move them first?”


“you know, we hide in somewhere saves just in case nao decide to break everything and then we return them back to the villagers”

“that was good idea you got there momoka”

“of course, my lady” momoka gives a wink which makes yuiri’s face crumpled and cringe “hei, why you always react like that to me and not to nao?”

“shut up momoka, don’t make me puke on you”

“weird girl….what about this, you go to nao and I’ll handle this alone?”

“you sure abou that?”

“yeah, it’s better than letting you snack some of this treasure”


“now, just go, they might need your assistance”, yuiri gives nod as a response and goes to find nao and inform him what they got

“now, should there is something beneath this floor right?” momoka then break the floor using his kick and found a large empty space beneath the floor “ow, nice”

At the meantime, sayaka and miyuki already reach the prison but they hiding from the bandit that guard that place
“I’ll take their attention, miyuki, you go and save the hostages”

“but saya-kun will you be alright? They are armed”

“don’t worry about me, I’ll be okay, just trust me, now….let’s go” sayaka then get out from the hiding. He sneak his way to the nearby guard and knock him out but unfortunately the other guards aware of his presence.

“try to catch me if you can, losers” he provoked them and run away and just as he hope, those guards run after him, thus giving chance for miyuki to sneak in to the prison and free the all the hostages, luckily the guard that being knocked by sayaka is the one who has the key so it makes easy for her to open the cage

“thank you, young lady, we are in debt at you and your friend”

“it’s okay, let’s get out of here, but maybe there is some bandits out there, is there anyone among you who can fight?”

“yes, some of us can”

“good, now follow me”

Meanwhile sayaka was running without knowing where he actually is, he just realize that he arrive at room that full with weapons, sayaka being cornered by two guards he instinctively grab a staff there

“huft, here we go” he then charge at them, one of the bandits try to slash him but sayaka evade it in time and use the staff he picked to hit the bandit’s arm and make him dropped his weapon, sayaka then spin around and hit that man’s ankle which make him fall to the floor,  the other guy try to ambush and slash sayaka from the back but luckily sayaka aware of it and block it with his staff, they push each other, and then sayaka saw a chance and move away and struck the bandit at his stomach, and then he gives another blow at his jaw which knock him out, the other bandit already get up again and ready to attack sayaka but before he can get near, sayaka launch himself and strike the bandit right at his throat and give final blow at his neck which effectively make him passed out
“fyuhh, all done here, I need to go back to miyuki and the others” sayaka then runs out of the room and directly goes back to where he was before

At that time haruki and nao were throwing every bandits on their way, making havoc as they want
“for a bandits they live in nice place, and have quite a lot of member too” haruki said while sending his enemies away with his attack “but they are weak tho”

“yeah, they are a lots but, it gives a challenge don’t you think” nao stretch both his hands backward using his power, and then used them to attack the enemies infront of him

“mmm actually not” both then combine their attacks and sent everything big wave creating dust around them, and  when the dust clear all these two can see are just the bandits on the floor, grunting and groaning in pain

“Nao!” a voice called out which is turned out to be yuiri,

“have you done with your job?”

“yeah, now momoka will take care of it”
Just then a figure coming from above them, a man with a mask covering almost his entire face except his left eye

“Who dare to disturb cyclone’s place?” he said, each of his hand have claws attached on them

“oh that…is me, are you the leader of these bandits?” nao reply while readied his stance

“yes, and I’m the absolute leader of this little village, soon I will spread my conquest and rule another island”

“with these weaklings ? you must be joking” haruki commented smugly, he doesn’t had any intention to fight, he just will let nao do the job
Suddenly sayaka comes running at them

“we are done there, miyuki already free the people”

“good job sayaka” yuiri said “you already lost here mr.cyclone”

“me? Lost? No, you are the one who already lost, get your damn drink out man!” he commanded, nao and the others saw as the bandits who still conscious take a injection from their pocket and inject it to their arms soon those bandits raise up again

“drugs ?” yuiri said “an injection drugs? Is that how you planning to take down an island? Those things could kill you”

“it’s a special drug made by me using only injection needle that could increase stamina, now Get Them!” the bandits then surrounding sayaka and the others who quickly preparing their fighting stance

“leave them to us capt, just take the head” haruki said while smirking

“this will be a long” sayaka sighed

And so the last battle begin
Nao charge at cyclone and using his stretched hand to punch that guy, cyclone able to block it but still being thrown by the impact, he then used wall behind him as stepping point and launch himself and attempt attack nao, nao can evade it but cyclone’s claw scratch him a bit, nao then kick cyclone when their distance was close and sent him away and break the walls

“you are strong, how about join me huh ? kid ?” he offers nana

“in your dream” the captain reply and continue to fight

Sayaka, haruki and yuiri are fighting cyclone’s subordinates, haruki start dash at the bandits and slash every bandits that come in his way, they attempt to attack him but haruki able to block all of their attack at the same time using his katana and deflect it before creating an air wave to send them to the air, sayaka also do the same while using the staff he picked earlier beat a few of the enemies while also try to evade every attacks that come at his direction, he rolling aside when one of the bandits try to attack him from behind, sayaka then kick his ankle and beat that guy.

Without their realizing a small black cloud appear above them and suddenly it struck those bandits with lightning.
“that was….nice yuiri-san, thank you” sayaka said to yuiri who did it using her modified staff

“you’re very welcome”

Suddenly a guy appear above them and when landing using his hands to spin around while kicking the bandits, it turns out it was momoka
“miss me guys?”   

“huh? We just very fine without you and now you just ruin my fun” haruki complained with his moking face as usual

“I’m not receiving any words from you, damn swordsman or I will kick your ass”

“you want to fight ? fine I’ll take you anytime” these two were busy arguing without care about enemy that coming infront of them but it was bad decision for those bandits to attack them since these two quickly beat them

“they were always arguing even thought they make nice combo” sayaka commenting a bit amused at his friends behavior

“don’t mind them, they always like that”

Meanwhile cyclone keeps his distance at nao while trying to find chance to attack him but nao’s reflex is good that he almost can evade his attack even though sometimes cyclone’s claw able to hurt him

Using their last chance cyclone using pillar as stepping stone to dash at nao, nao waiting while stretching his right leg above him, he count their distance and when at the right distance, nao launch his leg down and just when cyclone’s claw about to pierce his skin, his kick hit cyclone hard that make him passed out
Watching their leader down the remains bandits getting scared and run for their life and finally their fight is over

Sayaka’s POV

After the remains bandits run away nao come to us, we are happy that all of us okay even though we got little scars here and there but when we enjoyed our victory suddenly

“Sayaka watch out…” yuiri-san warned me I look behind me and there’s this one bandits ready to slash me, at this points I can’t evade so I use my arms to cover me, just when I ready to feel the pain….


I look infront of me and the bandit already down with a needle at his neck
“are you okay guys, sorry I’m late, I need to guard those people savely” it was miyuki who saved me, I really need to thank her after this


After the battle we managed to free the shingoku island, the bandits and their boss is being take care with the cops there who just being freed from prisoned, we stay there for a day and after finished restocking and doing another thing we set sails off

It was in dining room again everyone enjoy their meals now after big fight we have before especially captain who eats a lot of meat while haruki-san really drinks a lot as the rest of us just eat normally
“ne, saya-kun” miyuki suddenly calls me

“yes, what is it”

“what do you think now going adventure like this, is it fun ?” she ask with smile sweetly at me, I recalled back what happen, going on  island, meeting the people, fighting the bandits and almost get killed and finally success freed the island. I remembered the happy faces of the people when I answer with smile

“un, it’s dangerous but it’s fun”, she laugh at my answer “mm what’s wrong ?” I ask

“nothing it’s just……”

“you are slowly sounded like nao there” yuiri-san finished while pointing to now sleeping captain, while the rest of now laughing happily, but really it’s really fun

Hello there, sorry for long update, i got very busy in my college and sayanee's graduation's day are nearer which didn't help me at all haha thank you for those who read this
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