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Author Topic: Anata No Tame Ni - Chapter 13 + Epilogue - FINALE (25.03.2015)  (Read 19351 times)

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Anata No Tame Ni [UmeYuu, KojiYuu, MariHaru, SaeYaka] Chapter 5 (25.01.2015)
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@Ruka Kikuchi:  umechan is so risky.. that's why she got caught XD  :luvluv2:

@arawche079:  yeah yeah. :hee:

@luvsidney:  :shy2: tehehe yes i will need the baka trio someday XD




it's been a long week without an update...

and now...

i'm back!


Chapter 5

(Yuko’s POV)

I can feel her cold, thin wrist. “Umeda-san, where do you think are you going?”


Her reply was so cold. It really confuses me… Why don’t I remember anything about her?

“What have you done to me last night? And for the second time… you did it a while ago…”

“A kiss.”

Why is she acting like this? Just a while ago she kissed me with her warm lips… and now she’ll act as cold as an ice.


She didn’t answer. Instead, she just looked at me.

Her gaze made my heart skip a beat. I don’t know why. It made me feel so weak – my grip on her slowly loosened until I totally let go of her wrist.

She hurriedly went out of my room, not looking back anymore.

The scenario last night made me sleepless. The thought of Umeda-san haunted me all night; it didn’t allow me to doze off even for a few minutes.

Will she come back here tonight?

“Yuuuuuuko! Ohayoooo!”

Sae and Sayaka just entered my room. I looked at them and smiled.

“Whoa! What happened to your eyes? Didn’t you sleep all night?” – Sae

I nodded.

“Doushite?” – Sayaka

The way Sayaka uttered that single word made me feel nostalgic. The word feels so familiar to me but really I can’t remember anything.

“Nee… Yuuko! Are you okay?” Sayaka asked with a concerned tone.

“Oh, y—yes.”

“You’re spacing out.” – Sae

“I’m a bit confused… It fancies me why I don’t remember anything about Umeda-san. Did I know her before?”

Sae and Sayaka stared at me. Then, they exchanged looks with one another.

“But you perfectly remember us?” Sayaka asked. I nodded as a sign of affirmation.

“And you remember Haruna, and Nonti, and Meetan?”

“Yeah, Haruna and the others… it’s only Umeda-san that I can’t remember.”

“Wow, that’s weird. You’re close with each other – so close that we thought you love her and she loves you…” – Sae

“You were even with her on the day of your accident.”

I’m forcing my mind to remember something but I really can’t.

“Don’t force yourself.” – Sayaka

“By the way, why did you suddenly thought of that?” – Sae

Her question made my heart beat faster. Again, I remembered last night’s memory and the feel of her warm lips…

“A—ano… She’s here last night.”

I looked down to hide my cheeks that are now tinted with a pink hue.

“Eh? Did you talk? Why did she come here?” – Sae

The rate of the beating of my heart seemed to double. I’m sure my cheeks are now red-colored.

“She just… uhm… wanted to see me. T—that’s all…”

“Oh, I see… Maybe she’s still blaming herself that’s why she distanced herself from all of us.” – Sayaka

“Blame her for what?”

“For your accident… Maybe because you’re with her when that happened that’s why she feels that she’s the guilty and responsible one…” Sayaka explained.

“Ah, sou ka.”

(Third Person POV)


“Ah, at last! A day off from work!” Mariko thought to herself while strolling down the side walk of a certain street in Harajuku. She was smiling from ear to ear.

“Ah! That looks so cool… I might check that ou—OUCH!”

Someone bumped into her and that person stumbled in front of her eyes. The sense of being a nurse arises over her feeling of annoyance.

“Are you okay?” She assisted the girl to stand up. The girl faced her.

“YOU?!” They both said in chorus the moment they’ve seen each other.

Mariko and Haruna glared at each other.

Then, Mariko noticed something on Haruna’s arms. “What’s that?”

She held her arm to see it closely. “Oh, it’s bleeding! Come on, here…”

She lightly dragged Haruna to sit down on an old bench. Good thing she’s a nurse… and she brings a first-aid kit with her… always!

She poured out the contents of her bag in her lap and started cleaning Haruna’s wound with alcohol.

“Ittai! Ittaaaaaaai!” Haruna closed her eyes because of the pain. Her reactions made Mariko smile. She moved her face close to Haruna’s wounded arm and gently blew on the wounded spot.

“Does it still hurt?” Haruna shook her head and gently opened her eyes. She blushed right after seeing what Mariko’s doing.

“Feeling better?”

Haruna nodded.

“You should’ve been more aware when you’re walking.” – Mariko

“Eh?! But you’re the one who bumped into me!”

“Yes, I’m looking at something far that time… but if you were paying attention, then you should’ve noticed that I was blocking your way… and you should’ve been able to dodge me.”

“B—but… both of us were supposed to do that same thing!”

They kept their quarrel for the next five minutes. It was Mariko who finally raised the white flag.

“Enough of that nonsense. I’m getting hungry… let’s eat?”

“Y—you’re asking me out?” It felt unbelievable for Haruna.

“If you don’t want to… then, I’ll go and eat alone.” She was in the act of leaving.


In the end, Haruna stood up and walked behind the troll queen.

Sayaka is this really okay?” – Sae

“We need to help Yuuko and Umechan, remember!” – Sayaka

The two girls are sitting somewhere near Ayaka’s house. They’re spying her out.

“But why are we doing this?” Sae asked.

“I have a hunch that Umechan knows something about Yuko’s oblivion of her…” Sayaka answered seriously.

To Be Continued.

again, sorry for the short updates... and the lame replies.

have been really busy with school..


need to do some documentaries and prepare for the midterm exams!


see you next time!

thanks for reading!

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Yeah~~~~!!! The baka couple appears la~~~~~ looking forward to all the baka things XDDDD

umechan act so cold to her love one... so sad T_T

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detectives twin towers XD go find umechan's secret and help her!!!

yuko still have a piece of memories that brings her to remember umechan! a ray of hope!!

thx for the update and goodluck with your studies! :3 i'm getting busy too nowadays lol why school why...

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Anata No Tame Ni [UmeYuu, KojiYuu, MariHaru, SaeYaka] Chapter 6 (08.02.2015)
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@luvsidney: i really need the baka couple to appear now!  :thumbsup thanks for reading!  :shy1:

@mikiseki: yeah yeah.. thank you.. good luck to us.  :lol: thanks for reading!  :shy2:

here's an update, minna-sama~

after so many days...

i finally had time to post an update.

college life is cruel.



Chapter 6


“I’m not sure though. But really… that’s what I’ m feeling.”

Their conversation was put to a stop when they saw Ayaka went out of her house.

“Why can’t we just ask her?” – Sae

“Do you think she’s going to give us an answer? I don’t think so.”

“Well… you’ve got a point there. Come on, she’s leaving now!”

Ayaka walked and the Twin Towers continued following her. They were trying their best to be careful and not to attract Ayaka’s attention. They even wore sunglasses and hoodies.

Ayaka entered a nearby department store and so these two did enter the same building.

(Umechan’s POV)

My refrigerator was emptied of its contents so I immediately went to the nearby department store to buy some food and other things.

It was weird. Is someone following me? I thought I felt some odd gazes staring at me. Is it real or just a fragment of my imagination? Or maybe I’m just thinking too much.

Where are those butter cookies?

I roamed the whole biscuits and cookies section, searching for my favorite butter cookies – our favorite. Oh, there it is! There stood still a single, solitary, and the last box of those delicious cookies.

I reached for it just at the same instance another pair of hands was reaching for it.

“Oh.” I looked at that person, only to find out that I know her. “Miorin.”

The small, cute girl smiled sweetly. “Ohayo gozaimasu, Umeda-san.”

My attention shifted from the butter cookies and now to Miorin. I’m really mystified and intrigued about her.

“You can have that…” I’m pertaining to the cookies.

“Eh? But how about you?”

“Oh, it’s alright… I’ll just buy one tomorrow.”

“Kyaah! Thank you so much, Umeda-san!” The loli hugged me tight. She then reached for the cookies.

“Yui neechan will be so happy once I got home!” Miorin exclaimed.

“She likes that, too?”

Miorin nodded. “This is her favorite food.” She looked at her watch.

“Yabai… She’ll be mad if I don’t leave now… Bye, Umeda-san!”

The cute Miorin ran to the counter to pay for the items she bought. She waved her hand while making her way to the exit. She even accidentally bumped into someone because of her eagerness to return home.

I continued roaming inside the store, looking for the things that I need to purchase.

(Sayaka’s POV)

Umechan was talking to some cute girl there, oh. The girl even hugged her… but I don’t think I know that girl.

“Waaa… Don’t you think it’s useless – what we’re doing?” Sae whimpered like a kid.

“I don’t think so.”

“Please let us walk around outside for a while, my legs are already hurting.”

Sae dragged me while going out of the store.

I wasn’t able to dodge the girl approaching us. She bumped into me… This is the girl whom Umechan was talking with a while ago.

“Sorry…” She laid her eyes on me…



I felt shivers down my spine.

My sweat turned cold.

I saw something…

And it was hideous.

I didn’t even realize that I already am sitting down on the cold floor. I heard Sae’s concerned voice.

“Sayaka! Sayaka! Are you alright?”

When she asked that, a stream of memories flowed on my mind. Memories that I never wanted to remember. Memories that I’m supposed to forgot a long time ago,

“Nee… Sayaka…” Sae’s face was full of a bothered and concerned look.

I began to cry. Sae lead me and sat me down on a sidewalk bench.

“Hey… what’s the matter?”

I don’t want to talk about that thing… “I can’t… Please… Take me home now…”

Sae assisted me and we took a ride home… She wants to stay with me, but for now… all I wanted was to be alone.

(Umechan’s POV)

It has been a hectic day today. After buying some groceries, I received a call from Sayuri. Arika-sama asked me to come over to her house and have a tea. She discussed a really important matter to me.

It was about how I would benefit once I found her sister. I found her story quite mystical… but I do believe her. Why shouldn’t i? Besides, her with craft, or magic – or whatever you would call it, brought Yuko’s health back…

I just arrived at my house and was about to turn the door open when I felt someone standing a few steps behind me. I slowly face the person.


“We need to talk.” She said in a really serious tone.

“Let’s go inside. It’s cold out here.”

She followed me and we entered my house.

“Do you want anything? Coffee? Tea?”

“I just wanted to know the truth.”

“What do you want to know?” I still provided for her a cup of hot and brewed coffee. I sat down on the couch that was in front of her.

“Why did Yuko suddenly forget everything about you?”

My jaw dropped when I heard her question. My whole body almost froze.

“I—I don’t know…” I was trying not to show any hint of hesitation in my answer, but I guess I failed. I felt how heavy Sae’s stare is.

“Please, Umechan… Tell me the truth… I need to hear it… for Sayaka… I need to know the truth…” Sae said with her shaky voice. Then all of a sudden, she burst into tears.

To Be Continued.

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OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO SAYAKA?!?!?!?! :shocked :shocked :shocked

Please update soon!!!! :bow: :bow: :bow:

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What happened!!!! Sayaka and miori? What is sayaka's memory? What happened!!!?  I urged to know!!!!!!!!!

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omg what's happening?! sayaka is related to umechan - yuko case???

mysterious miorin..

*between sad and happy with the cliffhanger* *i'll just wait for your update*

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Anata No Tame Ni [UmeYuu, KojiYuu, MariHaru, SaeYaka] Chapter 7 (16.02.2015)
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@Ruka Kikuchi: here's what happened to Sayaka~ sorry for the long wait~  :depressed:

@luvsidney: the following chapter states Sayaka's memory~ sorry for waiting..  :gyaaah:

@mikiseki: i don't think sayaka's memory is related to their case... but still everything happens for a purpose~  :on asmo:

to all silent readers there~ HI!  :on gay:

i'm really sorry for the long wait... at last, i have updated!

enjoy this guys~


Chapter 7

Seeing Saechan crying like that gave me a guilty feeling. Little droplets of rain started falling – I can see it through the window.

“What’s wrong, Sae?”

I approached her and sat beside her.


“What happened to Sayaka? Come on, calm yourself. Nothing will happen if you let your emotions overcome you…”

I softly pat on her back to comfort her… The rain started pouring heavily…

Soon after that, she regained her normal composure back.

“So… Now… Can you tell me what happened?”

“It was… weird, you know. Sayaka and I were spying you early this morning… Then, you went to the department store. I started to get bored—“

“Spying me? What for?” I cut her words.

“Because Sayaka thought that you know something about Yuko’s oblivion…”

I was speechless. All this time, Sayaka has noticed. Sae continued on her story.

“We were about to go out of the store then she bumped into the girl you had conversed with… Then all of the sudden, she started acting weird…”

“Wait… Wait… Weird? In what way?”

“She’s crying… and shivering… and she wanted to be alone. It was really weird… By the way, who’s that girl?”

“She’s Miorin… Anyway, where’s Sayaka now?”

Sae and I decided to see Sayaka. It was bothering and confusing the hell out of me.

It wasn’t a long drive and we arrived at her flat shortly.

“It is locked.” I said as I tried turning the doorknob.

“Don’t worry… I brought a spare key.”

Sae unlocked and slowly opened the door. It was unusually quiet. As we walked up to her room, we started hearing sobs. It gets louder as we walked nearer…

Sae opened the door…



Tell me this is not happening…

We saw Sayaka crouched on the corner of her room –crying. It was a scene of total devastation. Everything was a mess. There are even shattered pieces of mirror on the floor. What happened to her? Is this really because of Miorin?

Sae ran towards Sayaka. She embraced her tightly. I just stood there, frozen from disbelief.

(Sayaka’s POV)

Within my hazy vision and the last strand of my sanity, I saw a silhouette of two persons. Soon after that, all I can see was jet black darkness. Did I just close my eyes or did I faint? My body is almost numb, but my mind is active.

Then, I felt something warm enveloping my body.


I’m sure that it was Sae’s voice. Somehow her warmth has been passed on to my body.

I’m dead scared.

I want to hug her back but I just can’t feel my arms.

After a minute or two, I felt the soft mattress beneath my back. I opened my eyes and saw both Ayaka and Sae staring at me.

“Thank God, you’re awake!” – Ayaka

“How are you feeling now?” – Sae


“Can you… tell us what happened?” Ayaka asked me.

It was not difficult to remember what happened a while ago. It was perfectly fresh in my mind. “I bumped into someone… When our gazes met, I saw something… a memory of my past.”

“What particular memory?” – Sae

For a moment, I can’t find the words to say. I really hate that memory… that part of my past.

“It was when I was young… when I last spent my vacation in the Philippines.”

“And that was… when you were 13, right?” – Sae

I nodded and told them the story of that certain memory.


The old man and I were left alone on his house. The house was quite far from the main gate. He said he’ll walk me up to the gate.

We are casually talking while we walked. Then, he laid his arm on my shoulder. I was young back then… so I never saw such things with malice.

Then all of a sudden, I felt his hand roaming lower… down to my developing chest. He gently groped them.

It lasted for a minute or two before we totally reached the main gate.

I was really shocked and afraid of what he has done. I mean I really don’t know what to do. I didn’t tell my parents about that incident. It was really traumatic to me. I was so young back then to have a problem like that. So when we returned to Japan, I decided never to return back to my other home again.

I will never forget that.

I will never forget that impure man.


Sympathy was written all over Ayaka and Sae’s face.

“Why… didn’t you—“ Sae hugged me while her warm tears flowed down her cheeks.

“It’s alright… I’ll be alright someday…”

Somehow… Saechan makes me feel alright.

(Umechan’s POV)

“By the way… you didn’t answer my question a while ago… Do you know why Yuuko has forgotten about you?” – Sae

I answered with a nod and told them about my pact with Arika-sama.


“Yuuko must know about this.” – Sae

“No… Besides she will never remember me again… unless I find Arika-sama’s sister.”

“Then we’ll help you find her.”

“Really? Thank you… but please don’t tell Yuko yet.”

The two girls promised to help me and to keep this as a secret.

“Demo… Umechan… Who is that girl I bumped into a while ago?” Sayaka asked me.

“Ichikawa Miori…”

“Her eyes… made me remember… my memory.”


Oh no…

After hearing Sayaka’s story, I’ve had a realization.

I remembered what Arika-sama shared to me this afternoon…

“I saw a prophecy in my dream… Our mother said that… my little sister… is the key for your friend to remember you again. She has the power to… make you remember.”

Sayaka remembered her memory when Miorin – could it be that… Ichikawa Miori… is Arika-sama’s long-lost sister?

To Be Continued.

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Eh.....? :shocked

Uso.... poor Sayaka.... :cry:

Wait...... OOOOOOOH!!! :O :O :O

Umechan!!! :w00t:

Yes!!! We got something!!!

Please update soon! :bow: :bow: :bow:

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OH NO......... sayaka has been harassed!! oh~~~~~~~ i want see sae's comfort~~~~ heehee in evil way hahaha~
but why? sayaka and sae seems not tgt yet.. am i right?
miorin is a girl who can make ppl remember their past? so mystery!!!

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Anata No Tame Ni [UmeYuu, KojiYuu, MariHaru, SaeYaka] Chapter 8 (20.02.2015)
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@Ruka Kikuchi: waaah senpai... forgive me for what happened to Sayaka  :banghead: thanks for reading!   :hee:

@luvsidney: tehehe... this chapter is for you luvsidney-san!  :luvluv2: yes, Sae and Sayaka are not yet together... yeah, that's Miorin's special ability.  :on lol: thanks for reading!  :luvluv1:

hi to all silent readers out there!

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Chapter 8

(Sae’s POV)

Ayaka and I went out of Sayaka’s room. She told me that she needs to go now and talk to Takarano-san. Looks like this incident brought light to the mystery…

“I—I’ll be going now… Saechan, will you mind staying here for tonight to look for Sayaka?” Umechan asked me with a concerned tone.

“I definitely will.” I smiled at her, hoping that it’ll bring her a sense of relief.

She hurriedly left.

It was not long before I joined Sayaka inside her room. She was sitting on her bed with a pillow on her lap.

“Do you feel better now?”

Sayaka nodded and looked at me blankly. I—I just can’t resist the urge to hug her. So, that’s what I did. She was slightly startled.


“If ever I’ll have a chance to set my hands on that impure man… It’ll be my pleasure to kill him – strangle him to death or slowly watch him die by a gruesome torture – for laying his filthy hands on you.”

I hugged her tighter – wanting her to feel my sincerity and my hidden love for her.

“Don’t be so silly, baka.” Her arms were wrapped around my body and soon enough, her sobs were heard again.

“Hey… Sayaka-chan… What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I—I’m just – nothing.” She stuttered, unsure of what to say.

I didn’t know why but my heart beats faster and faster. I broke from the embrace and looked at her eyes that were red from crying.

I gently wiped the tears from the shore of her eyes. “I don’t like seeing you cry… A weak character doesn’t seem to fit you, Sayaka.”

“But… I’m never always strong…” She looked down.

“I know.” I held her face and made her look at me. “So every time that you feel weak, just call me and I’ll be your strength.”

She had a hard time hiding her red cheeks. That feeling made me happy, too.

“I—I want you to know something, Sae.”

She said to me, all of a sudden. Those words made me really curious though. I didn’t expect the next thing she did…


It felt like I was drowning in a swarm of heavenly clouds. My heart almost stopped the moment I felt her soft – yes, really soft… and warm lips.

Feeling the need of air, both of us broke from the kiss. We just looked at each other’s eyes. Even without saying anything, I knew that both of us understood what both feel.

“I love you.”

Hearing her say those words… it was priceless.

Those three words that I long to hear from her lips.

“I love you, too… Sayaka.”

(Umechan’s POV)

I took a cab and went to Arika-sama’s house. Various thoughts ran through my mind. What if Miorin is Arika-sama’s long-lost sister? Can she bring back Yuko’s memory of me? I’m hoping that she really is the one we’ve been looking for.

The supposed-to-be normal travel time took more time than usual because of the rain. When I arrived at Arika-sama’s house, I immediately rang the doorbell.

“Oh, Umeda-san.”

“Shiori… Can I possibly talk to Arika-sama this time?”

“Arika-sama? She’s not here… and will be away for a few days because of business matters.”

“She didn’t tell me that she’s leaving…”

“It was a sudden decision though.”

The news made me feel a bit sad. I want to see Yuuko again. I want her to remember me again… but I guess… that would take time.

“I’ll call you as soon as Arika-sama came back.”

“Where is she, by the way?”

“Vienna, Austria.”

“Oh… okay. Thank you, Shiori-san.”

I took my leave. Oh… I hope Arika-sama would return as soon as possible. I missed Yuko so bad.

The next morning…

I received a text from Nurse Shinoda. She said Yuko will be discharged from the hospital today. I want to see her… I need to see her. But… how can I?

After she had caught me stealing a kiss from her… how can I see her?

That would be awkward.

Oh. I can ask Sae and Sayaka to cover me up later.

So… I went to Sayaka’s apartment.

I knocked at the door a few more times before it finally swung open.


A yawning Sae welcomed me.

“What do you think are you… wearing?”

She suddenly noticed her appearance.

“Eh?” She blushed seeing her own image.

She was wearing one of Sayaka’s loose shirts. It hung down up to about 4 inches above her knee. Her hair was tousled. I suddenly got the feeling that last night something happened here… but I just erased those filthy thoughts from my mind. I can’t afford thinking about things like that.

On the other hand, Sayaka came out of the bath room, her body still wrapped by a towel. She was surprised seeing me here.

“Umechan! What brought you here? We’ll talk… I’ll just wear some clothes.”

Wait… I can feel something weird between those two… But isn’t it weird to ask things like that – NO! Erase. Erase. Erase all those filthy thoughts…

“Nee, Umechan…”

Sae brought me back to reality when she handed me a cup of coffee. At least she managed to straighten her hair up now.

“What brought you here?”

Sayaka just came out of her room.

“Yuuko will be discharged from the hospital today… I just want to see her… but I can’t do it alone so…” Sae cut off my words.

“Sure! We’ll help you!” Sae said. Sayaka nodded in affirmation.

I can really feel something weird… just by seeing how those two looked at each other. A smirk appeared on my face.

“So, let’s go?”

We traveled and not too long, we arrived at the hospital.

Room 048.

Sae and Sayaka opened the door.


It was only Mariko who was inside.

“You were late… They left a while ago… Just maybe… 20 minutes ago… If I’m not mistaken.”

I looked at Sae and Sayaka with downcast eyes.

“Don’t worry… we’ll look for her. Let’s go now.”

I bade goodbye to Nurse Shinoda and the three of us left – searching for Yuuko’s whereabouts.

To Be Continued.

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Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dasuki saeyaka they are confessed!!!!!!! And having an evil night tgt!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehehe very love to imagine that heehee

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Anata No Tame Ni [UmeYuu, KojiYuu, MariHaru, SaeYaka] Chapter 9 (24.02.2015)
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@Ruka Kikuchi: tehehe. the image made me LOL.  :lol:  :hiakhiakhiak:

@luvsidney: evil night... i like that!  :on lol:

so here's an update, minna-san~



Chapter 9

(Yuko’s POV)

Yay! Today is the day! At last, I’ll be discharged from the hospital.

Freedom, at last! Freedom!

Mom and Dad arrived shortly. Nyan Nyan is also with them.

“Are you ready, dear?” My mother asked me.

“I’m more than excited, mom.” I said energetically.

My mother packed up my things while my father handled the payment of the hospital bills. Nyan Nyan and I went out of the room.

“Ano… Yuuchan…”

I looked at her. She looked away.

“Will you mind if we spend this day together… somewhere?”

I was shocked by her question. She wasn’t usually like this. Inside my heart I knew that I was happy and it made me smile, though.

“Nee… Yuuchan, are you listening?” My lack of response made her look at me.

I answered her with a nod. “I’m just happy…”

I can see her blushing even though she tried her best to hide it.

I saw Nurse Shinoda and my father walking back towards the room.

“We’d better get going…” I said as I grabbed her hand.

“Mom! Haruna and I are just going somewhere!”

“O—okay, dear… Take care.”

We left the hospital.

“Where are we going now, Nyan?”

“Uhm… I wanted to go to the new amusement park but your mom told me not to let you get so tired so… let’s go to the arcade then!”


The arcade house was not really far from the hospital so we decided to just walk up to there. I missed this feeling… of walking with someone else… It feels quite nostalgic.

I glanced at Nyan who walks behind me. She was as beautiful as ever… She noticed that I was staring at her so she looked back at me and smiled.

That smile of hers was even more beautiful – so beautiful that it made my heart skip a beat.

Soon enough, we reached the place. We are lucky that there were not much people inside. A good deal of 15 persons was here.

We played various player-versus-player video games…


“Oh, looks like someone’s already hungry…” She said. “Come on, let’s eat!”

We left the arcade and went to eat at a nearby, small restaurant.

Soon after our lunch was eaten, we decided to go to the park near the river.

The gentle breeze of the afternoon was revitalizing… It was weird but I found myself thinking about… Umeda-san. I haven’t seen her since last time – when I caught her off-guard.


Nyan Nyan’s voice brought me back to reality.

“You are spacing out, eh. You aren’t even listening to me!” She pouted her lips.

She’s so cute. I can’t resist so I pinched her cheek.


“I’m sorry… You are just so cute…” I let out a chuckle. “By the way, what were so saying earlier?”

“I am asking you if you want to ride a boat… for a small tour in the river.”

“That’s a great idea!”

Again, I grabbed her hand and quickly drag her there.

“Not so fast, Yuuchan!”

I just laughed at her remark.

(Umechan’s POV)

As soon as we left the hospital to find Yuko’s whereabouts, we have decided to look for her in their house.


Sae and Sayaka got the hint… They left me alone outside, somewhere not so far from their house but also not so near. I just don’t have the courage to talk to her parents when it was me who caused an almost-death experience to their only child.

I watched the two girls walk away. I can’t help but to remember that accident…

In a span of few minutes, the twin towers came out of Yuko’s house.

“Yuuko’s not there… Her mom said she was with Haruna… and that she doesn’t know where they went…” – Sayaka

“Oh…” I felt something painful inside my chest. “Let’s just go home…”

“You’re just going to give up like that?!” – Sae

“B—but… what can I do? Arika-sama is not yet here—“ Sae cut off my dejected speech by slapping my face.

“Sae! What was that for?!” Sayaka restrained Sae.

“If you truly love her… If you truly want to be with Yuuko… Then, fight for her!”

My slapped face hurts but what Sae said was basically true. I deserve what she did to me.

“Sae! Please stop already.”

Sayaka acted as our referee.

“Umechan…” Sayaka was about to touch me.

“No… I’m fine, Sayaka… Besides… Sae was right. Thank you for waking me up.” I bowed before Sae.

“U—Umechan.” – Sayaka

“It would always be my pleasure to wake you up, Umechan… Now, go… and find Yuko.” Sae said with a smile.

“But… how can I?”

“I have an idea.” Sayaka said.

(Yuko’s POV)

I received a phone call from Sayaka. It seems that they went to the hospital to check me out but found my room empty. They even asked where I am… Oh, they’ll be surprising me here! Hohoho.

Nyan and I managed to rent a small boat and fit ourselves in there.

“Girls, would you need someone to assist you?” The manager the boat rental asked us.

“Ano… we can do it by ourselves.” – Haruna

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, we are sure.” I said. The man went away.

We are about to start rowing the boat when…


Only a few meters away from us…

S—someone accidentally fell into the river.

The people near her started to panic.

I didn’t know why but I can feel my heart beating so fast.

I didn’t know why but it felt like I want to save that person… even though I’m not sure who that is… Maybe I don’t even know her…

“Yuuchan!” Haruna was startled by my actions…

But I didn’t know why…

I didn’t know why I jumped into the river.

I need to save her.

I didn’t know why I swam so fast just to reach her.

And when I was near and she was just an inch away…

I saw who she is.

“Umeda-san…” I thought to myself as I held her body and brought her out of the water.

To Be Continued.


that's it. hope you enjoyed.  :on lol:

it's weird... i find myself longing to read an UmeMii fic. it's rare, though. I don't know if I can make one...  :stoned:

thanks for reading, guys~


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It's not umechan....teshou? Oh I am curious!!!!  u make me so curious what sayaka's idea!!!!! And dun tell me that kojipa like yuko this moment or she just want to escape from mariko?

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@luvsidney: well... it is umechan who fell into the river.  XD haruna... you'll find out what haruna really feels in the coming chapters.  :on lol: forgive me, i don't want to spoil anyone.  :gyaaah:

here's an update~

sorry for the long wait, minna-sama~  :kneelbow:



Chapter 10

(Umechan’s POV)

“Umeda-san! Umeda-san!” I was awakened by that voice… and someone’s shaking me up. I opened my eyes and saw that person I was longing for – her eyes full of concern. “Yukatta!”

She showed me thattrademark smile of hers.

“Ayaka-chan, are you… alright?” Haruna was beside her, also checking me out.

“Y—yeah.” I answered weakly. I tried to stand up… feeling her arms assisting me. “What exactly happened? I just remember falling—“

“Yeah, you fell on the river… and you were rescued—“ – Yuuko

“By whom?”

Yuko immediately blushed after hearing my question. She remained silent, unable to answer. It was Haruna who answered, “It was Yuuchan who jumped and saved you…”

“Oh.” It was my turn to blush. Soon, I noticed the fact that both our clothes were still wet. “T—thank you. I—I’ll be going now!”

As my thoughts were scrambled and my head felt so heavy, I did my best to pretend that I was more than fine.

“W—wait!” Yuuko held my hand. “You can’t go home with your clothes still dripping… I called Sayaka and asked to bring us some clothes.”


Haruna went out to answer the phone call.

“By the way, where are we?”

“Inside the emergency station… here at the park… I’m wondering… how did you fall into the river?”

Yuko looked at me with her brown eyes. Suddenly, it felt awkward… I can’t seem to answer her simple question.

What luck – Haruna entered the room.

“Yuuchan, I need to go home now… My mom called me, she told me that my sister is currently giving birth…” – Haruna

“Okay. Take care, Nyan Nyan… and congratulations to your sister…” Yuko said while smiling at her.

“B—but what about you?” Haruna hesitates at the door.

“”Don’t worry, Nyan! Umeda-san is still here…”

“Okay… Good bye!” Haruna looked at me before totally leaving the two of us.

And then, we were alone. No one dares to break the silence that stealthily consumes us.

I don’t know what I am feeling. I’m happy because I’m with her… but inside my heart, I’m still longing for her. She seems unreachable even when she’s only a few feet away from me.

All of a sudden, the scenario of the night on the hospital came into my mind… It was so rude of me to have just left her without saying sorry for my actions…

“Ano… Yuuko…” For the nth time today, I felt her gaze falling straight at me.

I looked down to avoid it. “I—I just want to say—“

But before I could finish my sentence, the door swung open and there stood the twin towers.

“We just pass by to bring you these…” Sayaka handed us the paper bag containing the extra clothes.” So, we’ll be going now!”

“W—wait for me!”

“But we need to go now, Umechan!” – Sayaka

“You can spend the rest of the day with Yuko…” Sae teased then winked.

The tall girls left us again. Yuko walked towards the door and locked it.


Why did Yuko lock the door?!

“Umeda-san…” While she was walking towards me, she continuously fixes her hair. Then she began unbuttoning her tops…


Did she just… begin unbuttoning… her shirt?

“Nee… Umeda-san…”

I diverted my gaze away from her.

“Can you please hand me the paper bag?”


“Won’t you be changing clothes now?” She asked me with an innocent face that she doesn’t normally show. I was just thinking too much.

“Oh, I will. Is it okay… if we’re both here?”

“I don’t mind if you see me naked… Besides we’re both girls… But if you’re conservative then,  I’ll go outside and let you—“

“No… it’s fine… It isn’t a big deal…”

“Well then… that’s great!”

I handed Yuko her clothes and faced the other way to start undressing.

I have just put on a new pair of undergarments when I felt someone staring at me…

I looked at Yuko and found her eyes staring at me…


I immediately put on my shirt and pants…


As soon as I was finished, I asked Yuko if we’ll be going now. She told me she doesn’t want to go home yet… because it’s still early. She asked me if I’m free for today… and if we can spend the rest of the day together… just like what Sae suggested a while ago.

How can I reject her offer? When in fact, I’m secretly wishing for that to happen…

“Nyan said that there’s a new amusement park here… Do you know where it is?”

“Yeah… We can ride a cab… But it’s not really that far…”

“Let’s just walk downtown.”

She grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the sidewalk.

We began walking… and talking.

Somehow, walking with her downtown brings memories back… But she won’t remember anything about our memories…

“Nee… Umeda-san. Your vital statistics is 79-58-82, right?”

“Eh?!” >////<

But she just chuckled.

“That’s the reason why you’re staring at me a while ago?”

“Yeah, I’m visually measuring it…”

You’re still not changing, Yuuko… I miss you…

“By the way… what were you saying earlier?”

“Oh, that… I just want to say sorry… when I kissed you… It was so rude of me.”

“Don’t worry… Let’s just forget about that.”


Forget about that?

No… I don’t want you to forget about that.” Unaware, I have said my thoughts in a pale whisper.


I’m glad she didn’t catch my words.

“N—nothing. Never mind.”

“Oh! I remembered… that I also need to say sorry…”

“What for?”

Then she pointed at my lips.

“My lips? Why?”

If CPR counts as a kiss… then… I need to say sorry.” She smirked at me.

It made my heartbeat faster. I don’t even know what to say! Even my palms are sweating now.

“Thank you, Yuuko… for saving me. And I don’t think CPR is a form of a kiss.”

At last… we reached the entrance of the amusement park.

There aren’t many people here today… but there were two persons who caught my eye.

From a distance… somewhere inside the park… I saw Yui-dono… and she was with her sister, Miorin!

To Be Continued.

that's it...

thanks for reading, minna-sama!

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Very good reason for Yuko to kiss umechan XDDDDDDDD I love ur idea haha the twin tower are evil haha making umechan fall into the pond must their baka idea!!! I think ^^"

Miorin appeared!!! Oh, hope that there is some breakthrough of yuko's memory in next chapter~~~

umechan and yuko are too cute when they act pervert and embarrass hei hei ^^"

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@luvsidney: yeah yeah...  :thumbsup i hope yuko remembers umechan... soon.  :ding: UmeYuu daisuki  :shy1: :shy1: :shy1:

hello to all silent readers out there!  :luvluv2:

here's an update... sorry it took me a week to post this...

well... enjoy!


Chapter 11

This is the perfect chance! If Miorin made Sayaka remember a particular memory… then, it may be possible to make Yuko remember me again with her ability!

I grabbed Yuko’s arm and dragged her towards the sisters.

“Onee-sama… Umechan!” Miorin said while pointing at me.

“Hi, Miorin! Hello, Yui-dono!” I bowed before them. Yuko did the same thing.

“What a coincidence seeing you here, Umeda.” Yui-dono said.

“Yeah, I’m with my friend… She is Oshima Yuko.”

Introductions and a little chat were made. I’m certain that Yuko and Miorin were having eye contacts… but nothing happens to Yuko!

And then, Yui-dono received a phone call from her producer. “May we excuse ourselves? We need to go somewhere else now…”

The Lolita sisters left Yuko and me…

“Umeda-san… Let’s try that game!” Yuko suggested while dragging me to a shooting game stall.

As if I can say no… =___=

B—But why did nothing happen to Yuko when she and Miorin talked?

Why did it make Sayaka remember a particular memory… but doesn’t apply to Yuko?

It confuses me…

Maybe Miorin really is not Arika-sama’s sister…

I let out a sigh.

“Nee… Umeda-san! Dai-jou-bu-de~su-ka?” – Yuko

“Ah! H—hai hai.”

“I want a stuffed toy… but it seems that I’m lacking a bit of luck! Would you want to try it, too?”

She was smiling.

Oh, come on! >////<

I looked at the displayed toys, and there’s one who caught my eye. A cute stuffed squirrel – just like Yuko… I want to get that one!

“I think I’ll give it a try.” She handed me the toy gun and I positioned it, aiming at the right angle to hit that toy.

One, two, three. I pressed the trigger and…

“Yeheeeeey! You got it!” Yuko cheered like crazy.

The employee handed me the stuffed squirrel.

Kyaah~ It’s so cute!

“Here…” I lend my hand towards Yuko, offering her the cute toy.


“You can have it…” I smiled at her, encouraging her to accept it.

“For real? That’s for me?” She asked me with an innocence that can rarely be seen in her eyes.

I answered her with a nod. “That’s really for you… Look closely – it resembles you!”

“Hmph!” She pouted like a kid. I just chuckled at her childish actions. It made her look more adorable! “Umeda-san… Hidoi!”

The rest of the day was spent just roaming around, eating sweets, and trying different games and rides.

The sun is about to set… but I don’t want this day to end…

“Let’s ride the Ferris Wheel!” I suggested and she agreed happily.

The time is just right. Lots of people, especially the moms and the kids left the park before dusk. Yuko and I easily occupied a vacant cart in the Ferris wheel.

The operator ensured that it is properly locked and then the ride started.

As we are slowly elevating, the city comes into full view while the sun is setting.

What a sight to see!

“Wow!” Yuko commented.

“The city is more beautiful when seen up here.”

“We’re so high!”

She switched seats and sat beside me.

While pointing at somewhere, she said, “Look! There’s the hospital, and the park is over there! My house might be… oh, there!”

I looked at where she points at. “Umeda-san, where’s yours?”

“I guess… it’s over there.” I pointed at a spot not far from where she points at.

“I wonder… if I had gone there before…” She faced me.

Yes, you sure did, Yuuko…

I was speechless… I don’t know what to say.

“Umeda-san…” She looked outside again. “I wish I can remember you…”

My heart thumped in a frenzied beat.

Is this real… or am I dreaming?

She wants to remember me… I want her to remember me, too…

“I’m hoping that you will… soon.”

(Haruna’s POV)

I went to the hospital where my sister is… It was the same hospital Yuuchan was in before.

My mother recently told me that the operation was already done… and that I should go straight to Room 44…

And… here I am!

I knocked and when I’m about to turn the knob, someone from the inside opened the door.

“Oh! Haruna-san?”

I almost forgot… she works here…

“H—hisashiburi, Mariko-san…”

Why am I feeling nervous?

“Ano… Excuse me… I have to go…”

And in an instance… she was gone.

After the hearty chat was exchanged between my family and me, she entered the room again with another nurse.

She told my sister that the other nurse will be her nurse for the next hours. She introduced the nurse to us. Then, she left the room again…

Maybe, her work shift has ended…

I didn’t understand why but… I wanted to… see her.

I went out of the room in the hopes that I would see her…

Why am I… feeling like this?

I know that I like Yuko… since before…

But every time Mariko-san is near me… I just feel something different…

I feel a sense of happiness… and safety…

Have you ever felt that moment when you were hoping to see someone… and there she was? For every step she takes… closer and closer…you’ll feel the increasing intensity of your heart beat…

“M—mariko-san…” I called out her name.

“Hi, Haruna-san… I—I’ll be going home now.” She wasn’t looking at me… and she tried to left in a hurry…

“Wait! Can we… talk?”

“Talk about what? I’m in a hurry, you see…” She answered coldly.

“Are you… ignoring me?”

No… Why did that question slipped from my mouth?

She looked at me with a poker face…

Is she upset?

“What made you think like that?”


“You’re so dense, Haruna-san…”


“Never mind…”

Then, she was in the act of leaving. So, I stopped her…

“Wait… Don’t go.” I gripped her wrist.

“Please let go of me… You’re just making things hard for me.”

Those words stung my heart.

I let go of her and watched her walk away…

(Yui-dono’s POV)


Why did I feel a sort of a trace of magic when I saw Oshima Yuko?

It was weird… Only one clan in this city can perform those types of magic – the Takarano clan.

I got to find out why I’m feeling like that…


“Hai, onee-sama?”

“I need your help. Please find out everything about Oshima Yuko…”

“Who is she?”

“Umeda’s friend… The one we saw in the amusement park a while ago… I need to know everything about her.”

To Be Continued.

comments, criticisms are highly appreciated.  :hee:

the story's nearing its ending though...  :farofflook:

thanks for reading!  :byebye:

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yabai yabai yabai~~~~~~ like umechan has done careless things!!!!!!! oh no~~~~~~!!!

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hi everyone!


@luvsidney: what careless things do you mean?  :dunno:

here's an update!


sorry if I've been inactive for days...

we've been really busy at school.

but I'm back now!

enjoy this~

Chapter 12

“That’s what happened, Arika-sama…” I said after retelling to Arika-sama what happened to Sayaka.

When she had arrived back here at Japan, Shiori immediately called me… and here we are… talking about the mysterious ability of Miorin.

“You mean, Miorin, the one who always accompany Yui?”

I nodded as a sign of affirmation.

“But she doesn’t look like a 22-year old girl… Do you know how old she is?” Arika-sama, again, asked me.

“That I don’t know… but if she made Sayaka remember her past, why didn’t it affect Yuko in any way?”

“I don’t know, either. I haven’t known any of those sisters personally… but I’m sure that our family is the sole clan here that knows magic… So, Miorin’s identity confuses me.”

We were in the middle of a deafening silence when my phone rang. Sayaka’s calling me…

I excused myself and immediately answered the phone call.

“Moshi moshi…”

(Umechan… is Yuko with you?)

“No… why are you asking?”

(Her mother called me… asking me if Yuko’s with us… I thought she was with you… so I called you up.)

“Maybe she’s with Haruna… Have you dialed her number already?”

(We tried to… but seems like she’s busy… Her phone’s unattended.)

A chill ran down my spine. After that phone call with Sayaka, I bid good bye to Arika-sama and set off to find Yuko… again. I need to see her and make sure she’s safe…

(Haruna’s POV)

Things had been quite awkward here at the hospital… Mariko seems to be ignoring me… but why?

We haven’t talked again…

Please let go of me. You’re just making things hard for me.

What does she mean by that? I can’t understand…

I was near the hospital exit when I realized that I left my phone up there in my sister’s room. So, I decided to go back and get it.

It was a quick travel… I opened the door and… surprisingly, my phone’s not the only thing to be found there.

Without saying anything, I passed by her…

I grabbed my phone… and was about to leave…

She was looking at me, I was looking at her.

My sister was asleep so she wasn’t aware of what’s happening…

For the second time, I was just about to pass by her without saying anything… but she didn’t let me.

She didn’t let me leave… She held my hand… with her warm hands. It was a wonderful feeling – the feel of her warm hands on mine. It seems like it has made my supposed-to-be cold heart melt…

But… I need to act tough… or else she’ll notice that I—

“We need to talk.” She coldly said and then she dragged me away… and we walked up to the rooftop.

Her sudden actions confused me… “What?” I said. She wasn’t letting go of my hand.

But she didn’t answer… She swiftly moved, and in an instance, I was there… comfortable snuggled in her embrace.

“M—Mariko… why?” The rate of my heart beat increases as each second passes by.

“Tell me… Don’t you feel anything?” She asked in a monotonic voice.

“I—I can’t understand you—“ But she cut me off when she let go of me.

“Just be true… and speak of what your heart feels… I need to know… Who am I to you?”

It was a breathless moment. I was afraid that if I tell her everything… she might just reject me… But how can I speak of the truth when I’m afraid… I guess there’s no point in turning back.

“You are… special to me.” I looked at the ground, waiting for a reply from her.

But a good deal of time passed and there wasn’t any… I—I felt rejected… My warm tears rolled down my cheeks… It was hard but I tried looking at her…

And in front of my eyes… she was standing… with tears streaming down her face…

She was crying but she was smiling, too… It was too damn confusing…

Then, she started walking towards me. Her light footsteps contradict my heavy thumping heart. “Haruna…”

Hearing her say my name was a heavenly feeling.

“This might be crazy… but I know that I am in love with you…”

And those words coming out of her lips made my emotions burst… I ran to hug her which she immediately returned to me.

“I’m sorry if I ignored you these past few days… You know I’m trying to forget about my feelings for you… but it was unsuccessful… The more I run away, the more I can’t.” She said in the sincerest tine I’ve heard from her.

Because of my lack of words, I just hugged her tighter and let more of my tears to flow.

“Why are you so quiet?”

“N—nothing. I’m just happy…”

She let go of me and smiled at me with her gorgeously, lovely face. “I love you, Nurse Mariko.” I said as I held her hand.

Intertwining our fingers, we made our way back inside. “I love you more, Haruna…”

(Umechan’s POV)


It was different – my heart beat. I was nervous… Where are you, Yuuko?

I hope she was really with Haruna…

I dialed Haruna’s number again and this time, she answered the call.

At last!

“Hello… Haruna, is Yuko with you?”

(Yuuchan? No… I’m at the hospital.)


“Okay, bye.” With my shaky hands, the call was ended.

“Yuu—ko… Where are you?”

And as if an answer to my question, a familiar vehicle stopped just in front of me.

The door of the expensive limousine opened and there came out the ant queen with her four gay assistants.

“Umeda-san, there’s something I need to tell you… and there’s a place that we need to visit.” Arika-sama was trying her best to act calm but the way her eyes speak failed her pretentious attempt.

We got inside the limousine and she immediately opened up the conversation.

“I received a mysterious letter today… It says, ‘Looking for her? If you want to see her again… go to this address…’ and an address was written at the bottom of the paper…”

“Is the sender pertaining to… your sister?”

“I can’t be sure of that… that’s why I thought it would be better to just go to the address written.”

For a moment, neither anyone of us talked…

“I—I’m getting nervous, Umeda-san…” Arika-sama said in an unusually shrilly voice…

To Be Continued.

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next update will be the final chapter of this story!



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