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Author Topic: AKBINGO! The Gaming Chronicles  (Read 5618 times)

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AKBINGO! The Gaming Chronicles
« on: October 06, 2016, 04:49:46 PM »
The AKB48 girls went up to set one day to see that there's a separate room next to the usual stage filled with PC's, PS4's and the Wii's.

"Eh? What's going on?" Mayuyu asked.

One of the staffers walked up to the girls and waved hello.

"Girls! We are having a new segment for AKBINGO girls. Akimotosan did a market study and a good number of AKB fans love to play video games. He thinks we can increase the shows ratings by having you girls play with and against each other with these." the staffer pointed to the gaming consoles.

"Eh? Well it looks so high tech." Paruru commented.

"Hey Mayuyu, I'm going to beat you in Mario Kart." Jurina boasted.

"Oh please, beat me in Tekken or I get to hug your pillow for a week." Mayuyu challenged back.

"I'll try, I never played video games before." Sakura shyly said.

"Ganbatte! I can't wait to show you how good are my soccer playing skills in FIFA." Yuihan said.


I'm back bitches! And I got a new series up where AKB girls play video games!

Suggestions are welcome below

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Re: AKBINGO! The Gaming Chronicles
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Keep up the good work.

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Re: AKBINGO! The Gaming Chronicles
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interesing, can't wait to see the update (≧▽≦)

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Re: AKBINGO! The Gaming Chronicles
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2016, 05:36:46 AM »
1# - Payday 2

“So this is the First World Bank?” Yuihan asked as she looked up to the towering structure of the First World Bank. One of the classic levels in Payday 2. Since she was the leader of AKB she decided to take the character of Dallas who wears a clown like mask with an America print on the upper part of the mask.

“Yeah and we are going to rob it!” Mayu said who was wearing full body armor and was sporting the character Rust who wears a clown mask adorned in a devil like revelry.

“I hope we can pull this off.” Sakuratan said. Her character was Clover who is one of the female characters of Payday and her clown mask has several four leaf clovers imprinted in the mask.

“Hai! Let’s do this!” Jurina said. She controls a character named Sokol but instead of wearing his signature mask, she was wearing a velociraptor mask instead.

“Eh!?! Jurina? Where did you get that mask?” Yuihan asked.

“I just found it in the ‘Buy Mask’ menu and this one comes for free.” Jurina said.


The four girls entered the bank where over 2 dozen people were inside.

“Okay, we need to find the Bank Manager and get his key card so we can get the drill and the thermite so we can get in the vault and steal money. Let’s split up.” Yuihan said.

Yui and Mayu went to the eastern side of the bank while Sakura and Jurina went to the western side.

Mayu climbed upstairs where she found a board room where several important looking people were inside doing important people things.
“I found the manager.” Said Mayu’s character Rust.

Mayu was now prompted to go near the manager and walked up next to a large fat man in a suit.

“Excuse me, may I have your key card? ~” Mayu tried to use her idol charm to convince the manager to give his keycard to her.

But the Manager NPC only reacted with a large question mark on top of his head and a meter that slowly reached from blue to red followed by the Manager and the other NPC’s around him to have a large red exclamation mark on top of their heads.

“Central! There’s a robbery!” said a nearby guard.

“Crap we set off the alarm! Go loud!” Yuihan said as she put on her mask.


After subduing the manager and getting his key card to get the drill. The AKB girls are now huddled together next to the door that will take them to the vault.

“Baka-Mayuyu! Your wearing that big armor. No wonder they detected you.” Jurina said.

“Gomen!” Mayu apologized.


“You will never take us alive!” Jurina said.

The girls soon noticed that dozens of heavily armed cops are now mobilizing in the front door.

“We got a badass police force incoming!” said Bain, a character in Payday 2 who tells the girls about their missions.

(Listen to Payday 2- Locke and Load from 1:00)

The AKB48 girls soon noticed that the music has begun to escalate in beats.

“Yuihan, I’m scared…” Sakura said as she aimed her gun at the police men.

“Don’t worry Sakura we will get through this. Just stay with us and we should all be fine.” Yuihan said not noticing that there was a red dot sight hovering around her head.

“Don’t die!” Bain said as the game went into ‘Police Assault’ mode.

Yuihan was about to aim her gun when the red dot sight turned into a well-placed sniper bullet shot and instantly downed her.

“YUIHAN!” Everyone yelled.


“The door is magnetically locked and the drill won’t go any further unless it’s turned off.” Bain said.

“Damnit! The drill jammed again!” Jurina said.

“Sakura, we need to defend the drill. You need to run across the bank and turn off the magnetic seal.” Yuihan said.

“But that means I have to run across to the middle of the bank where all the police are.” Sakura tried to object.

“Your character can run the fastest unlike you. Just run across the bank and turn off the seal.” Yui ordered while shooting her gun at several police men.

“Go! Hurry!” Mayu shouted.

Sakura reluctantly stood up and ran across the bank. When she got to the middle of the building where most of the police were she underwent fire from them. Shotgun shells, 9 millimeter and NATO rounds sprayed at her but none of them hit her. When she got to the computer room where a computer can turn off the magnetic seal preventing the drill from punching through the vault room’s door.
She turned off the seal and then quickly ran back across the bank.

“There she is! Get her!” said one of the SWAT people.
Sakura simply ran through the main lobby while praying that no bullet would hit her.

She successfully ran back to her friends who were just about to finish drilling the vault door.

 “Hooray you did it!” Yuihan smiled.

“I was nervous about you.” Jurina commented

“Let’s do it again!” Sakura laughed.


The girls are now in the room where the vault containing the money is in. They had to put some liquid thermite on top of the vault through an adjacent room. The girl’s are currently fighting back the police assault who were rushing towards them with some hiding behind bullet proof shields for cover.

“I am out of ammo!” Jurina yelled as she noticed her gun was no longer shooting bullets but instead giving silent clicks.

“I dropped an ammo bag near the vault. Go get it quickly.” Yuihan said.

Jurina walked away from her friends and to a waiting ammo bag that was sitting idly by behind a pillar. She crouched down to get some ammo but she began to hear a sound that she has never heard before. It sounded like a fire alarm that was slowly getting louder. She turned around only to be in the receiving end of a devastating drop kick knocking her down.

She saw a man in black wearing spy like gear and a night vision goggles to match was the one who kicked her down. The man pulled out a police baton from his pocket and began to beat Jurina with his baton.

“Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!” said the man.

“AAAAHHH!!!! Help!” Jurina yelled. She was helpless as the man repeatedly beat her with a stick.

And just as she began to lose all hope, the man in black was shot from a well place shotgun blast from the head.

“Suck my fat dick Cloaker f*ck” Mayu’s character, Rust said.

“Mayuyu! Language!” Jurina said.

“It wasn’t me, it  was the Ojousama I am playing with.” Mayu defended herself.

“Look out behind you!” Jurina pointed.

Mayu turned around and found a police man who was wearing blue Riot Gear and was aiming at her. She quickly shot the man with her shotgun.

“Got the bitch-ass taser.” Rust/Mayu’s character said.

“Next time, your playing someone else.” Jurina said.


 Having finally gotten inside the vault and swept all the money out. The girls ran towards their escape vehicle underground in the parking area. They were being chased by hundreds of cops and the escape vehicle was so close when suddenly the loud crashing of a door being kicked was heard.

“It’s Bulldozer time!” said a large man in a Juggernaut like suit.

The Bulldozer began to shoot his shotgun at the girls who quickly took cover behind the wall.

“You need to get this money out of here! You go ahead, I will hold them off!” Yuihan said.

“Yui...” Mayu said.

“Just go!” Yui yelled.

Mayu, Jurina and Sakura ran towards the escape vehicle leaving Yuihan to fend off the massive wave of policemen and the Bulldozer that accompanied them. They then began to place the loot safely in the car.
While in the middle of the loot securing process...

“Dallas is in custody.” said Bain. That sentence sent shivers down the girl’s spine as their Soukantoku has been captured by the police.

“Oh no! Yuihan!” Sakura said.

“We need to go now!” Jurina said as she went to the game’s exit zone highlighted by a white box that the girl’s need to stand in to complete the heist.


(Back in the real world)

“And they did it!” said the AKBINGO MC

“Hooray! I can’t believe that I am saying this but congratulations for robbing a bank!” Haruna Kojima congratulated the girls.

“Yeah! Free money!” Jurina raised the roof with her hands.

“Let’s celebrate!” Mayuyu cheered.

The girls were about to celebrate when Yuihan stood up and raised her hand causing everyone including the AKBINGO crew to focus on her.

“But first!” Yuihan stopped everyone from shouting. “Does anyone got any plans on how are they going to break me out of jail?” she added which caused the AKB girls and the AKBINGO TV crew to erupt in laughter.

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Re: AKBINGO! The Gaming Chronicles
« Reply #4 on: October 09, 2016, 03:38:21 PM »
OMG I can't believe AKB just robbed a bank! XD

Hmm... make em do Mario Kart next!

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Re: AKBINGO! The Gaming Chronicles
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Sneak Peek:

"No! Get away! I don't want a handshake!" Mion said as she backed her self into a corner as the crazed killee walked closer to her.

"You don't accept some Fanservice from AKB's Ace?" Sasshi smiled onsanely as she raced her knife at Mion ready to slice her head open.

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Re: AKBINGO! The Gaming Chronicles
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#2 Halloween Special – Dead by Daylight

“Who wants to see H---K----T-----Forty EEEIIIGGGHHHTTTT!!!!!” Rino Sashihara said in an exaggerated high pitch voice.
She is playing as the ‘Killer’ in the game of Dead by Daylight. Her character was a large man wearing overalls who wore a skull like mask and a large machete named by the game ‘the Trapper’. He has the special ability of setting bear traps that if someone were to step on it will get trapped and injured.
She is currently trying to kill three girls today, Mion Mukaichi, Haruka Komiyama and Nana Okada.
“Quick we need to find the generators so we can escape.” Mion said as she ran off. But since Dead by Daylight doesn’t have a player indicator for the ‘Survivors’ Komiharu and Nana quickly lost track of Mion and were all separated and isolated, much to Sashiko’s convenience.
“Oh look I found a fan.” Sashiko smiled.
“Oh no! Who is the friend!?! Who is the friend?” Nana panicked. She began to hear her own heart beat pumping like drum and it beats like a constant thunder which signals that the killer is near.
Intense music began to play as Nana turned around and to her horror was a large seven-foot man carrying a machete and a bear trap in both of his hands.
“Hello!” Sasshi said as she struck the blade towards Nana causing blood to be spilled on the ground injuring her.
Nana ran covering her character’s wounds with her hand as the killer sadistically rubbed off the blood of his machete with his forearm.
“Oh... you’re going to get me…ALL RILED UP!” Sasshi smiled.
“No! Please! I will buy your merchandise! How much? Take my wallet!” Nana cried.


Nana breathed heavily as she hid behind a wall to lose sight of her pursuer. She sighed in relief when the heavy heart beating subsided and the sound of the video game world has become calm again. She noticed that a generator was just next to her.
In Dead by Daylight, the survivors need to fix the generators so they can power a large door that will open the exit of the map so they can all escape. She approached the generator and to her surprise she saw Komiharu’s character approached the generator too.
“Komi! Were you able to avoid Sasshi? She nearly got me.” Nana said.
“No, and I am glad you’re okay too Nana. But I haven’t seen Mion though.” Komiharu said.
“She must be here some-----“Nana was about to reply when she failed the generator’s ‘Skill Check’ causing the generator to explode and giving away their position.
“Crap! We need to…” Komiharu panicked but the two girls heard a scream that sent chills down their spines.

“AAAAHHHHH!!!!!” Shouted Mion for help.


"No! Get away! I don't want a handshake!" Mion said as she backed herself into a corner as the crazed killed walked closer to her.

"You don't accept some Fanservice from AKB's Ace?" Sasshi smiled insanely as she raced her knife at Mion ready to slice her head open.

“Get away from her!” Komiharu yelled as she flashed a flashlight towards Sasshi causing her to get stunned giving Mion the opportunity to escape.
After regaining herself for a few moments, Sasshi, in anger, turned around and began to chase after Nana.
“Get over here!” Sasshi said.
“No!” Nana said.


Nana found a closet to hide inside after quickly losing track of Sasshi. She could hear her own heartbeat as the killer came close.
“I am going to find you…” Sasshi laughed as Nana saw her through the looking hole of the closet.
“No you won’t.” Nana said through the mic of her headphones.
“When was the last time you slapped someone’s booty? Oh… It’s National Booty day today!” Sasshi replied.
“No it’s not!” Nana objected.
“It’s always booty day when you’re with AKB48.” Sasshi said.
The girls and the people outside watching them play burst into laughter when Sasshi said that. Then suddenly…

The doors of the closet violently swung open to reveal that Sasshi has finally found Nana.
“OPPAI DAISUKI!” Sasshi said as she grabbed Nana and hung the girl on her character’s large shoulders.
“Help! Sasshi is touching me! She’s touching me.” Nana cried.
“Hi! What’s your name? Nana? Thank you for being a fan! I will give you some extra special fanservice from me. You will get to be killed… BY ME!” Sasshi said as she shoved Nana to a nearby hook and attached her to it.
Nana could only helplessly stare in horror as several spider appendages surrounded her and pierced her body ultimately killing her.

“There’s no lottery tickets in the big theater in heaven and you can handshake everyone for as long as you want.” Nana said in the mic to light up the mood of the remaining two girls.


“That is not helping…” Mion said as she fixed a generator.
As she fixed the generator she began to hear the all too familiar heart beating.
“Hello my little Minion!” Sasshi smiled.
Mion dashed away from Sasshiko starting a chase.
“Akimoto should have kicked you out of AKB when he had the chance.” Mion cried.
“Maybe if you buy her photobook maybe she will stop pounding you.” Nana said in the mic.
“Yes! Buy a PB, Buy a PB, Buy a PB!!!” Sasshi said.
“I got no more money Sasshi please!” Mion pleaded.
“Come on! I’ll give you a handshake for free! You and me! You and Sasshi!” Sasshi said as she grabbed the legs of Mion as she was about to hop over a fence. She tossed her to her shoulder and carried her to a nearby hook where she was forced into.
She screamed for help as she struggled to break herself free from the cold, sharp and steely prison.
“Komi! Komi!” Mion said as she saw her friend come close to her and helped her off the hook.
“Thank You!” Mion said in relief.
“Thank You? Did you say ‘Thank You’?” Sasshi said.
“Oh why did you say that Mion you Baka!” Komiharu said as she ran away back into the forest as Mion’s hearbeat began to play again.
“I was so jealous when you get to center in Tsubasa wa Iranai.” Sasshi said.
Mion turned around but couldn’t find the killer everywhere. She froze in her spot as she couldn’t muster the courage to move. Then she felt the cold hand touch her.

“Its… play time….”

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” Mion screamed as Sasshiko sliced and diced her to pieces.


Komiharu saw in her UI that she was the last girl left in the game and she needs to escape from Sasshi or she will be killed.
“Guys! I don’t know what to do!” Komiharu cried.
“Calm down! Listen to me. There’s a trap door hidden somewhere in the map and it opens when there is only one survivor left.” Nana said.
“Where is it?” Komi asked.
“I don’t really know since it spawns randomly. You got to find it.” Nana said.
“Hurry don’t let Sasshi get you!” Mion said.
“But I really do want to go to Idol Heaven.” Komi protested.
She received an awkward silence from her two best friends for a few seconds.
“JUST RUN!” Nana shouted.


Komiharu panted and heaved as she ran around the map in a desperate search for the trap door that she can escape to, all while being hot in the heels by Sasshi.
“Are you heading to the Magic Kingdom?” Sasshi said.
“No, No, No, Nope!” Komiharu replied.
“Oh… You should. You don’t want to disappoint your sempai? Come on! Let’s go to Space Mountain bitch!” Sasshiko laughed.
The intense music that is played when someone is chased by the Killer became more tense and scarier as drum beats and sharp noises became louder and louder signaling that the Killer was now just a few inches away from Komi.
Haruka saw a wooden pallet that leaned over a wall in between a tight gap that only one person at a time can past through it and instinctively ran past the pallet and pulled it down. She timed the pallet pull well as Sasshi collided the wooden pallet stunning her.
“Get over here!” Sasshi yelled.
“Komi! There it is! In front of you!” Nana said in the radio.
Haruka looked forward and to her relief she saw the trap door hidden near some grass. She eagerly ran towards it. But then suddenly, her character screamed and knelt down as she soon realized that her leg was caught in one of the Trapper’s Bear Traps.
“Oh… I made some… Precautions when the last person is standing. Hehehe.” Sasshi laughed sinisterly.
Haruka saw a bar on her computer screen that said “Hit Right and Left click repeatedly to escape.”. As she rapidly clicked her mouse, she could hear her heart beat again as Sasshi walked menacingly towards her.
“Hurry!” Mion shouted.
Haruka clicked her mouse faster until the bar filled up and her character managed to release herself from the trap and crawled away.
“She’s nearing you! Crawl!” Nana yelled.
Haruka, now inches away from escape and crawled with the last bit of strength she had left to the trap door and just as she was about to get caught by Sasshi, she threw herself inside.


“You did it!” Nana and Mion cheered.
Komiharu threw away her headphones and pushed herself away from the computer. She smiled to the camera as the AKB girls and the BINGO! staff congratulated her.
“Well I am definitely going to survive a horror movie.” Komiharu smiled.
She turned around to see that Sasshi was standing all alone with her hair covering her face.
“Sasshi?” Komiharu asked as she approached the girl.
“Am I pretty?” Sasshiko revealed her face to show that she placed some make up over her that made her resemble the infamous Kuchisake Onna complete with a scissors that she raised up like a knife ready to strike.
“Oh crap!” Komiharu turned tail and ran leaving the AKBINGo TV Crew to film her being chased by Sasshiko as the credits to the show rolled.

(Sorry for l8 update, had some school to work with)

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Re: AKBINGO! The Gaming Chronicles
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Lol. They got a taste of Sasshi's rage.
I love girls in short cut...

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Re: AKBINGO! The Gaming Chronicles
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"Erika! shoot that gardening noob!" Hackata48 said to her.

"Jawohl." Erika affirmed. Her sniper aimed his crosshairs at Anna's mortar team.

"Blyat!" Aanya said.
"Hirari! Lay on a Sherman on that puppy!"EliteSKT ordered as he was busy building a bunker with his British Infantry Section.

"Fire!" Hirari ordered her home country's tank.

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Re: AKBINGO! The Gaming Chronicles
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Sorry if its taking awhile to make my next chapter.

I got some school that delayed me but within the new month of December I will present you the next.

In the meantime I'm gonna meet Team 8 soon so check my Instagram out.

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Re: AKBINGO! The Gaming Chronicles
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#3 -Company of Heroes 2

Ikuta Erika stared at the flagpole in the capture point she was staring on with an eager look as the flag of the Wehrmacht flew strongly on top.

“We have claimed this territory for the Fatherland!” Said Erika’s Pioneer unit.

“Done Hackata Sempai!” Ikuta smiled.

“Good! Now get the others and head to ‘Top’” Hackata48, one of the guests in today’s AKBINGO episode.
Under the suggestion of AKS, they have decided to let the AKB girls and some of the Nogizaka girls play a ‘friendly’ game of Company of Heroes 2.

The game has many but easy to follow rules. The Capture Points give resources to the team that captured it while the Victory Points must be taken and held in order for the enemy team to lose. She, Shiraishi Mai and a man who works for the newly made MNL48 sister group called Rainier ‘Hackata48’ (Because I play this and this is my fic so my rules! But you all know how crazy I am). They composed Team Axis which Hackata48 play Oberkommando West while the Nogizaka girls play as the Wehrmacht (You will understand the difference when you check the wiki. Trust me)

“Stop gardening around Mai with that MG! I want the bottom locked down until you can get more Grenadiers.” Hackata48 ordered.

Mai quickly stepped on the Victory point and placed her heavy machine gun in place and faced it towards the enemies’ direction.

“Be careful, the gardening Ruskie might try a Conscript Rush on you.” Hackata warned.

---------------Somewhere near the middle of the map (mostly leaning on Team AKB’s side)------

“Conscript Rush!” Anna Murashige yelled as she ordered a blob of 4 Soviet Conscripts to run towards the Victory Point. The Half-Russian member of HKT48 played her motherland’s (actually father’s since it’s her dad that’s Russian) faction of the Soviet Union, Team Allies consisted of her as the Soviets, Rina Hirata as the Americans and the Guest from MNL48 staff PapaBogs who plays as the British (based off of a person I know ;)).

She and her soldiers ran uphill only to be met with a hail of machine gun fire coming from Mai’s MG34 Team.

“I am getting tired of this shit!” Said one of Aanya’s Conscripts. His squad began to tuck down to the ground and refused to move despite her clicking the men to move.

“We need support!” Aanya cried.

“Got it you lot!” PapaBogs replied. His Royal Engineer’s had just finished building a Mortar Pool and ordered it to fire at the MG34 near the victory point.

The Mortar Barrage devastated Mai’s HMG Team instantly killing all of the members by the time it finished.

“Now move!” PapaBogs said.

No longer suppressed by the enemy MG, Aanya finally regained control of her Conscripts and ordered them to push towards the now empty Victory Point.

“Forward Oorah!” Aanya said.

------------------Meanwhile at a Victory Point------------------

“Damn that gardening Mortars! I am gonna make some armor and give them a taste of their own medicine!” Hackata48 cursed.
He is currently in a clash in between the middle Victory Point with Hirari’s American Forces.

“Die American swine!” Said Hackata’s Veteran Volksgrenadier. He had just recently invested some of his munition’s resources to upgrade his unit with STG-44 assault rifles and tear apart Hirari’s American Riflemen.

“Why does the Germans get AK47’s? No fair!” Hirari Complained as she ordered her soldiers to take cover.

“It’s STG-44’s Yankee! Now die!” Hackata laughed as he sprayed bullets at Hirari’s soldiers.

The Japanese American continued to push forward towards Hackata’s Position and got into grenade throwing range. She ordered the pineapple to be throw at their cover but as soon as the grenade was thrown, the Oberkommando Volksgrenadiers retreated and ran away from them. And the grenade harmlessly blew up.

“Well that was easy! We did---- AAAAAGGGHHH!!!!!!” Hirari was about to celebrate when one of Ikuta Erika’s Halftracks rushed towards them and suddenly spewed out fire from its roof instantly killing her Riflemen.

“Ha Ha! Nice one Erika! Now give Hirari a nice Texan Barbeque with some Oktoberfest Sausages!” Hackata said.
Erika quickly took over Hack’s position with a respectable defense of an MG, an AT Gun and two squads of grenadiers.Mai’s Forces were slowly being pushed back by the enemy advances of Aanya’s Conscript rush who were supported by a few of PapaBogs’ men.

“Help! There’s too many of them!” Mai Cried as she retreated back to base.

“For Mother Russia!” Aanya screamed as they cut down as many of her soldiers as possible before they were stopped when they reached the German’s Command base where they were met with a hail of MG fire. She ordered her men to move away and see if they can make a few gains when they had just pushed this deep into the enemy’s side of the map.
She noticed that there was a lone Capture Point that gives away Munitions and ordered her men to go there.

“No wait its most like---“PapaBogs was about to warn Aanya when all of her men were blasted with anti-personnel mines.

“Kaboom!” Hackata cheered. He had anticipated a hard breakthrough from Team 48 due to Mai’s ineptness in video gaming and told Erika to booby trap the victory points near Erika’s side of the map with mines.

“Hey I am a Vet 2 now.” Erika said.

“You deserved that. Mai, get some men and get that Victory Point or I will Garden your Puppy so hard, your eyeballs will pop out!” Hackata yelled.

“Garden my Puppy?” Mai asked in confusion.

“He is mad at you, make it up to him.” PapaBogs said.

“Hai…” Mai clicked on her base and deployed more soldiers.

-----------------At Team AKB’s Headquarters--------------------

All three of the Allied Commanders had just retreated back to their base and were recovering them loses. Their recent attack on the combine German might of Team Nogizaka was proven to be too much for them to handle or at least just PapaBogs and Hirari to Handle since Aanya barely listens to them.

“That Hackata guy sure is good at this game.” Hirari said.

“Yeah, that’s why I am here to help even out the odds. Where’s Aanya?” PapaBogs asked.

“Cyka Blyat! Rush B!” Aanya said. She was still rushing her Conscripts towards the middle Victory Point. And what got PapaBogs rather worried was that throughout the entire game was she only deploying Conscripts and only Conscripts and she sent them to die by the droves.

“Aanya?” Hirari asked her friend.

“Yes, Comrade Hillary?” Aanya replied.

“Maybe you should deploy someone else to defeat them.” Hirari calmly suggested.

“But my men need to die for Mother Russia and kill the Fascist invaders!” Aanya said.

“Well at this rate they will probably going just make a mountain of corpses of your men.” PapaBogs said.

“Nonsense, they will drown in my comrades’ blood and I will eat a nice bowl of Borscht when they do.” Aanya proudly boasted.

“Hold on! Anna, just imagine this, if your soldiers die then the Nazi’s will invade your house and will never let you eat Borscht again.” PapaBogs said.

“Kya! No! I don’t want that.” Aanya cried.

“And when they get to your house. Erika and Mai will steal your candy collection!” Hirari added.

“NNNOOO!!!! What do I do?” Aanya said.

“You’re getting your booty kicked by an MG34 Team, make a Mortar Team and order them to shoot a barrage at their position.” PapaBogs said.

“Okay, one Mortar Team deploying.” Aanya said. She clicked on her HQ and ordered the production of a Soviet Mortar Team.

------------Meanwhile at the Middle Victory Point-------------------

Intense fighting was well underway between the Germans and the Allies as Mai and Erika fought off hordes of soldiers to defend the Victory Point with their lives. Hackata48 has told them to hold the line at all costs as he is “Going to bring out ‘the King’ and end this fight.”

Maiyan has doubled her efforts on holding the line with concentrated machine gunfire while Erika supports her with infantry.

“Keep it up! ‘the King’ is coming in a minute. HOLD THE LINE!” Rainier cheered.

“Die Communist Pigs!” said the Wehrmacht HMG Team as it gunned down the rushing Russians.

“Blyat!” Anna yelled as her men got suppressed again. She quickly ordered a Mortar Team to get into position and called a Mortar Barrage on the enemy Machine Gun Team.

“Oh, no it’s those guys again! Help!” Maiyan said as her men began to take explosions from Team 48’s artillery.

 "Erika! shoot that gardening noob!" Hackata48 said to her.

"Jawohl." Erika affirmed. Her sniper aimed his crosshairs at Anna's mortar team.

"Blyat!" Aanya yelled a swear again as her Mortar Team took a Headshot from the German Sniper.
 Seeing that the fight has become a slug fest with no clear decisive winner. PapaBogs ordered his British Crocodile Tanks forward to attack.

"Hirari! Lay on a Sherman on that puppy!" PapaBogs ordered as he was busy building a bunker with his British Infantry Section.

"Fire!" Hirari ordered her home country's tank.

The Sherman Tanks with support from The Crocodile Tanks who soaked up most of the damaged from the AT Guns that were set up by Maiyan. The AT Shells were deflected every time the PAK Guns of the Wehrmacht shot at them. It seems that the Nogizaka girls will get (literally) run over by the Allied Tank advance when suddenly…

“The King has returned!” Hackata48 said as he rolled in the German army’s greatest tank, the King Tiger Tank.

“Oh crap Rrrr---“ PapaBogs was about to call retreat when his Crocodile Tank was instantly destroyed by the powerful 88mm KwK 43 L/71 cannon of the King Tiger.

Hirari tried to shoot a few rounds of her Sherman Tanks into the Tiger but the shells were deflected off in a twisted sense of
irony for Team 48.

“Ha! They're scratching your paint job Helmut!” said the Tiger Tank Crew.

The Tiger began to pursue the fleeing Allies as he mercilessly guns them down.

“Ha! Nothing can stop me!” Hackata48 laughed as he moved forward. He was at the enemy side of the map tangling with fleeing Allied soldiers when suddenly a large bang from the underbelly of the King Tiger exploded.

“What the heck?” Hackata48 reacted. His Tank showed the Damage Icon above his tank that it’s engine was disabled.

“Oh, that mine I placed earlier with my engineers… it exploded.” Anna said.

“OMG, kill him!” Hirari said as she ordered her soldiers with Bazookas and AT Guns to fire.”

Gordon Freeman Narrator: And at this moment, Hackata knew, He fucked up.

The King Tiger received a barrage of AT fire from rockets to grenades from the second winded Allies which cause the tank to explode in a fiery inferno.

“Tiger gone Kaput!” were the last words of the King Tiger before it died.

“Oh no! They are coming back!” Erika alarmingly said.

“Girls, we got one more card to play, hold the line one more time. I am gonna call in the REALLY BIG GUNS!” Hackata48 said.

“But we are low on men!” Maiyan said.

“Exactly.” Hackata48 replied.

The Allied Infantry of Team48 rushed again towards the Victory Point of Team 46 in a huge blob of bodies firing at them. The weary defenders tried fight back the horde of AKB48 soldiers but they lacked the firepower to take them all down.

“Assault Barrage preparing to fire.”  Said the German Army’s announcer. Flares were crashed down to the ground as if signaling for something.

“Assault Barrage?” All of the Japanese girls asked.

“PREPARE FOR A MASSIVE DOSE OF DAKKA GARDENERS!!!!” Hackata48 happily yelled as a powerful barrage of artillery fire pounded the Victory Point devastating both German and Allied forces alike. The bombings annihilated everyone in the vicinity of the Victory Point leaving behind large craters of what were the impact points of the artillery barrage. The soldiers who managed to survive the blast’s initial impact cried in pain.

“My legs! I can’t feel my legs!”

“Please! Don’t leave me!”

“Mama! Mama! MAMA!”

“Crap, we both need only to hold the Victory Point for one more second to win!” PapaBogs said.

“Hai! Hurry get some men and quick!” Hirari told Anna.

“Team 46! What he said, grab a man and go!” Hackata48 ordered.

The Allied team mobilized a squad per person, PapaBogs got a Royal Engineer Squad, Hirari called in a Rifleman Squad while Anna called in a Penal Battalion.

For the Axis Team, Hackata48 called a OKW Obersoldaten squad, Erika mobilized a Sniper and Maiyan summoned a Pioneer Squad.
“Reacquisition Upgrades!” Both PapaBogs and Hackata48 said. They equipped themselves with flamethrowers and automatic weapons and moved towards the victory point.

The Assault Barrage that Hackata48 called earlier also had fired rounds of smoke shells that covered the Victory Point with a thick smoke. Both sides locked and loaded their weapons as the smoke slowly dissipated.

“Forward.” Erika said.

“Hai!” Hackata48 and Maiyan said.

“For God and Country!” PapaBogs cheered.

“Oorah!” Hirari and Anna said.

They slowly made their way towards the Victory Point. It was a steep hill and no side was sure if they could reach the top and take that Point before the other does.

“Final Push!” Hackata shouted as he was ready himself for Ragnarok.

“I can hear them!” Maiyan said.

“Kill them all!” Anna said as the two-sides clashed at the top of the hill.

(Cue epic music: )

Guns firing and scream filled the air as the soldiers shot as at the opponents to capture the Victory Point. Erika’s Sniper managed to get a few shots from each of the soldiers before being gunned down by PapaBog’s Engineers.

The British Forces player ordered his Engineers to take cover by a group of Sandbags but Hackata48 quickly reflexed himself by throwing a grenade at the sandbags just as the soldiers were about to get to cover. The grenade exploded killing all but one of the royal engineers who fired back at the Obersoldaten and managed to shoot down one of them before a burst of an STG 44 Assault Rifle killed him.

With PapaBogs out of the fight, Maiyan’s Pioneers used their flamethrower to burn Hirari and Anna’s men with scorching hot flames. Most of Team 48’s soldiers were burnt alive by the flamethrower.

Anna’s Penal Battalion, who also happens to be equipped with a flamethrower decided to fight fire with fire… literally. The Soviet Flamethrower wielder used his weapon against the Wehrmacht Flamethrower and they both turned to each other and set themselves alight. They both exploded in a fire ball that caught several of the other’s in the blast killing them.

Now only a handful of men were left to take the hill and claim Victory for their team. The surviving Riflemen and Penal Battalion threw grenades and Satchel charges towards the Germans hoping to catch them all in the blast. The surviving Wehrmacht and OKW quickly ran away in opposite directions with Maiyan heading towards a hole to take cover and Hackata48 towards a sandbag position, but the blast was too large to dodge and it killed of all but one of the Obersoldaten.

Maiyan fired back to at Team 48 with her MP40 killing Anna’s Penal Battalion but nearly lost her unit when Hirari’s Riflemen fired back with their BAR’s and M1 Grands.

“DIE!” Hackata48 yelled as he moved away from cover and fired his STG 44 at Hirari and managed to kill of one of the riflemen before being gunned down by the last of Team 48’s soldiers.

With only one man left on each team, all eyes were on them as they crawled out of their cover and approached each other ready to fire their guns when suddenly…

------------------(Back in the Real World)-------------------
“Eh?!?! The computer died?” Maiyan exclaimed.
“I was about to win? What happened.” Hirari also said.
All of their computers mysteriously blacked without no exclamation.
“So, who won?” PapaBogs asked.
“I did!” Exclaimed a man who had suddenly busted through the broadcasting floor. He wore a black shirt saying “I hate AKB48”.
“What the heck? Who brought you hear?” said the host of AKBINGO.
“I did! I did it so I can sabotage AKB48 because look at all of you? You’re just a bunch of wannabe washed up girls with no talent!” said the Anti-fan.
“Wannabee washed up?” Hackata grinned in anger.
“No talent?” PapaBogs face frowned.

“Why you!” All of the girls angrily joined in.

Hackata48 went to the nearby fire exit and smashed the glass box guarding the axe.

“Kill him!” Hackata48 yelled.

All of the AKB48 girls and Nogizaka46 girls and PapaBogs stood up and chased the man.
They chased him all the way down to the Fuji TV Reception Hall at the ground floor where a large group of over a thousand Anti-fans had gathered ready to attack them.

“Oh no! There’s more of them!” Mayuyu cried.

“Don’t worry, you do not stand alone.” Said a voice behind her. Everyone looked back and saw that an equally large group of AKB48 fans gathered, from the Fanfic writers Ruka Kikuchi, Shortcut48, MayukiISLife to the local Japanese fans equipped with their lightsticks and even there rather flamboyant but good hearted fan from Belgium named Jean-Francois Istasse who is a senator for his country’s government. The voice behind Mayu happened to be a returned Takamina who also called in all of the graduated members of AKB48 behind her too.

“You guys… thank you…” Mayu smiled with tears of joy.

“Now, let’s show them what AKB48 is made of!” Takamina said as she pumped up the crowd of the united AKB and Nogizaka fans to fight the Anti’s.

“CHARGE OORAH!” Hackata 48 raised his axe as he lead the spearhead

The battle of Fuji TV Tower was an epic battle between fans of AKB48 and a group of Anti-Fans who had teamed up to attempt to bring them down once and for all. The battle had caused over 1500 injuries on both sides but ultimately AKB48 stood triumphant (or at least until the police broke up the fight).

In the end… the true heroes were AKB48 and their loyal fans who fought for their fandom and fellow brothers and sisters in the face of overwhelming opposition and won.

AN: The fight basically played out like the video I showed you. (Warning: The awesomeness may cause some viewers to become pregnant with a badass baby.)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Plus for next year’s chronicles, I will add now Graduated Members to the games that AKB will play 

If you got suggestions, leave them on the comments below.


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Poll made!

Tell me what games do you want me to cover next?

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