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Author Topic: FALLEN ANGEL (JuriSaku) CHAPTER 1/? 31/08/2017  (Read 325 times)

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FALLEN ANGEL (JuriSaku) CHAPTER 1/? 31/08/2017
« on: August 31, 2017, 05:16:35 AM »
So somehow I ended up getting aboard in this ship, what can I say, they do look cute together. This is an idea that’s been in my mind for a while, still don’t know how it will turn out yet and as I am focus in my other fanfic, I will late a while to update, but here is a peek, hope you like it  :) :)


A vague memory, of those you can’t even tell if it was a bad dream or if it did happened. A memory that repeats in your dreams as if it wanted to tell you something. Fire, a scorching fire destroying everything around without mercy not even for the youngest; cries all over the place calling her name and her breathing was irregular, her eyes moving from one place to another full with a fear that paralyzed her whole body. Water, the shouts seemed to disappear in the distance; peace, that was what she was finding in the bottom of the lake, the fire now just seemed like stars watching her from above as her body sank more and more. Was she dying? Probably, but the pain was gone as her eyes began to close. A person, this one was swimming desperately in her direction. She couldn’t see its face as everything was blurry and her mind forced her to sleep, and then arms clung tightly around her weak body.

“Sakura” A familiar voice was calling out her name, but she just wanted to remain in the strong arms, only there she could feel safe “Sakura” Someone began to shake her body “The class its already over Sakura, is lunch break” The peace was replaced by noise and now she felt the stiff chair instead of the smoothing water as her consciousness began to awake as she opened her eyes.

She had to blink a couple of times so her eyes got used to the light. She lift her body from the desk and let her muscles breath whilst she stretch, sleep the two hours of math always left her body numb, but she’ll prefer that rather than listed to her teacher’s life problems instead of dictate the class, maybe he should had study philosophy instead of pure mathematics.     

“Good morning Mion” After a long yawn she grated her friend Mukaichi Mion, whom looked at her with an accusing gaze.

“I wish I could have that ability of yours of sleeping at any place and moment” Said the shorter girl with a disapproval tone “I just hope you don’t complain over your grades”

“If a student doesn’t have a good performance on exams, is because the teacher’s inability to transmitting correctly the lesson” She defend herself to what the other girl arched an eyebrow, amazed by Sakura’s ability to get away with it “Would you come with me to the cafeteria? I forgot my lunch at home”

“I wonder if there is something to which you pay enough attention to not forget it” Commented Mion recalling the four times she had to introduce herself to Sakura before she could remember her name.

After fighting shoulder to shoulder with other students at the cafeteria’s shop, Sakura barely managed to buy a mango juice and a yakisoba bread, and it’s not like they are her favorites, but she will rather eat them than starving the rest of the classes “Please remember me not to forget my bento at home” Sakura complain to her friend after the first bite, the very single moment she enjoys from school now was ruin, maybe she should had stayed at home, but that was probably worst. 

“Do you want me to send you a text every morning?” Asked Mion sarcastically, even though it won’t surprise her if Sakura was really thinking about that possibility. 

“That would really help me” Sakura affirmed after feeling the cold liquid from the mango juice going across her throat tediously “Have you noticed the unusual darkness in the sky, despite we are half through July” Sakura pointed out as she fixed her gaze in the dark clouds through the window, usually they will prefer to eat outside away from the noise and the people, but the dark clouds threatened with a torrential rain at any moment.

“It’s been like that since two days already. It even came out in the news, but meteorologists can’t find any reason” Explain Mion whilst she took a small cherry tomato into her mouth.

“I think I prefer this instead than feel I could melt each time I step outside” Both continue with irrelevant conversations. Sakura could tell that Mion was probably the only person she truly feel comfortable, despite she didn’t had any trouble socializing with her other classmates, Sakura couldn’t help but feel annoyed and overwhelmed after talking with some ten minutes straight.

Sakura let her body felt over the desk and closed her eyes for a couple of minutes, allowing the gentle breeze caress her face and play with her hair. Her mind was dealing with various troubles and she just wanted to forget them for some minutes “You know… my grandfather is coming back today” Sakura found herself saying after a deep sight and lifting her body to lay her cheeks over the palm of her hands.

Mion didn’t gave an immediate answer. She just kept her eyes locked in Sakura’s for a minute, probably trying to found out a clue of what was her friend thinking, but once again, Sakura’s eyes were completely empty, as if her soul were completely hallow “You can stay at mine if you want” She suggested once she drank the last sip from her juice. Mion was aware of the Miyawaki’s situation, and she wanted to let her friend know that she could count on her at any time.

A slight smile lean out in the corner of Sakura’s lips, although she wanted to accept immediately, she couldn’t. On one hand at some point she would have to step on those four walls and confront her grandfather, and on the other hand, she had always hate to be a bother for the others, always looking to solve her own troubles alone.

“Don’t worry. I just wanted to let you know. We won’t be able to go back at home together for a while” Sakura smile, but no more than melancholy fill it. Mion didn’t tried to convince her, she knew her friend, that’s why she knew the better thing to do was to give her space and respect her decisions.

Soon the bell rang again indicating the beginning of the second period. After a long time Sakura really wished the classes could last longer, because she knew that after the last bell rang, she would have to face the Miyawaki’s Family head. The noon had already fall, and despite she wish to stay a little longer in school or just go to some cafe or hang out with Mion, that afternoon a black car the same as a men with a same color suit was waiting for her outside the school.

“I’ll see you tomorrow” Sakura said goodbye resigned to Mion, whom just waved back her hand.

“Madam” The tall man greeted her with a bow to then open the car’s door for her.

It was truly amazing how the presence of a single person could disrupt the atmosphere of a place. Was the first thing which came to Sakura’s mind once she entered to the four walls she was living in. If she already hated to be there, with her grandfather’s arrival it was unbearable. She could even see in the worker’s faces the tension they were under.

“Your grandfather is waiting for you on the dining room. He ask you to please do not take long” Informed her the maid whom accompanied her from the entrance.

“Understood” The door closed behind her leaving her finally alone in her room. Sakura throw her bag to a corner of the room. Once she approached her bed she found a beautiful yet modest pale pink dress, probably a present from his latest travel and she supposed she should wear it for the dinner with him.   

She didn’t intended to take long, the faster it stared the faster it would be over. Sakura went down the stairs to the first floor. Each and every single worker were perfectly lined up to aside of the great table where were sit just two persons waiting for her.

Her grandmother smile warmly at her, but then again she couldn’t help but feel her chest tightening despite her grandmother kindness. Sakura really had tried, she really did but her own demons have been ruling her being, and she doesn’t have any strength left to fight them. Meanwhile the man sitting beside the older woman was completely stoic, completely impenetrable, the young girl couldn’t hold her gaze for too long with him, she never can. It was dense and oppressive, as if he wanted to conquer her whole being, at the same time she felt being judge each time she reflect in his eyes, cursing her for what happened. Not waiting any longer she took a sit in front of them, that night she will definitely have nightmares.   


Sakura found herself laying on her mother’s lap, it had already been a while since her mind couldn’t decide between fall asleep or keep on enjoying the caresses her mother gave while stroking her hair; but were the same caress that were tempting her to give up to the drowsiness. She couldn’t wait to arrive at home. She was completely exhausted after had being played the whole day with her cousins at her grandfather’s house. She love Sundays as that means visit her grandparents.

When she was in the edge of the unconsciousness, her father’s voice filled the air from the driver seat, at some point he had turned on the radio and his melodic and soothing voice sang to the unison. Neither too strong nor too low, simply in the appropriated tone to end up relaxing her body and fall fully asleep.

She couldn’t tell how long she slept but she deduced it wasn’t too long because they remain in the lonely hallway. But it was a rugged thunder what woke her up abruptly, although there wasn’t any sing of rain and the sky was cloudless. It was then when she directed her eyes to where the strong bang had come from. Sakura notice that something seemed to be falling at an incredible speed across the sky and falling some meters away from them.     

The sudden break of the car was the next thing that happened, and from that moment everything went black. The impact with which the object fell was strong enough to overturn the car, which seemed to be the only one around. But before completely losing consciousness, Sakura managed to fuzzily see two dim figures that didn’t belong to neither of her parents standing in the middle of the road, and began to walk in their direction. 


Her eyes opened widely as she woke up, a drop of sweat outline her face and her chest rose and fell frantically, a piercing sound hammered inside her head and the frightened feeling still lingered. Once again that dream chasing her, the one that reminds her how weak and fragile she can be. Her hand searched in the dark for her cellphone on the bedside table, once she found it she realize it was 3 am, and she knew she won’t get any more sleep for that night.

Acknowledging this Sakura stood up from the soft mattress and walked to her bathroom. The light fill the place and her eyes dazzle for an instant as she get used to the bright. Her eyes fixed in her reflection in the mirror noticing the slight cut in her lower lip, she had said more than she should had in last night’s dinner, even though she refuse to shed a single tear.

At that time she just needed to take a breath, to be out from that place even if it was just for a couple of minutes. Being extremely stealthy Sakura sneak out from her room, there shouldn’t be anyone around despite the guards from outside, luckily she has an allied who always helped her with her secret flights.

“Sae-san Sae-san” Sakura called in her lowest voice behind one of the doors she knew the guard would be. Sae-san was the only woman among the guards, but without any question she was the most skilful and competent.

“Miss Sakura, why are you awake at this hour?” Answered the short hair woman from the other side of the door.

“I know it’s late, but I just can’t sleep. Please allow me to go to the park from the next block. I promise I won’t late” Sakura begged. She could heard a deep sight from the tall woman. Sakura knew she may was asking for too much, and if someone finds out Sae had helped her to escape the guard would probably lost more than just her work. But the young lady utterly needed to get away from her life for a moment “Please” She asked one more time. 

“Ok. But please do not late more than an hour” At the end Sakura managed to convinced her and the door before her opened, reviling the handsome woman dress in a black suit “Keep in mind you can’t do this so often, and a lot less when your grandfather is around”

“I know that” Sakura answered quickly, but the fact he was here was exactly the main reason she felt the urge to go out from the house “I owe you one” Finally she speed up her pace, feeling free for the first time in a while until she reached the park that was near her grandparent’s house.     

Sakura loved the solitude in which the night was immerse. There was a charm in the darkness that she couldn’t help but feel dragged. Her sense managed to appreciate each sound of the nature, the same as delight her eyes with the sight of the full moon in its maximum splendor. But it was in the same solitude that her thoughts hunt her without any mercy, rather the memories from that fateful night in which her soul died and lose everything, including herself. 

Sakura was alarmed when in the middle of the silence, footsteps from someone else disturbed the pace, footsteps that seemed to be approaching her more and more. Quickly she lifted her gaze and scanned the place looking for the other presence. Despite Sakura knew she should ran out immediately from the place, it was impossible not to be awestruck by the figure that was a few meters away.

Black eyes crossed with hers making her whole body shiver and paralyzed her conscience. A graceful and slender figure fascinate Sakura’s sight. As the girl walk closer Sakura managed to see in detail the fine features from the girl’s face that were perfectly adorned by a shoulder length jet black hair.       

The stranger, without saying a single word took a sit in front of her. Both stood in silence just staring at each other directly in the eyes. Sakura tried to figure out the mystery from the girl’s eyes, but she couldn’t help but gave in to the darkness and soon she found herself being its prisoner. The truth is that she didn’t mind to stay like that the whole night.

“Aren’t you cold?” A deep voice tickle her ears and her eyes diverged to the thin lips. Sakura’s mind was in somewhere else, under a spell she didn’t wanted to come out “Can you talk?” The other girl had to snap her to bring her mind from the daze. Finally in her five sense Sakura realized the situation she was in, alone with a completely stranger around the four in the morning, and it doesn’t matter how alluring the girl was, it wasn’t normal neither safe.

“I’m fine” She answered sharply, but in fact she could notice the air suddenly become frizzing. Her brows furrowed when the girl that seemed around her age didn’t do more than stare at her, which oddly made her feel uncomfortable, not the same way her grandfather’s made her uncomfortable, it was a strange feeling in her chest that she couldn’t describe. But as much as her instincts and common sense scream it at her, she didn’t feel in danger even if she should.

“I won’t hurt you, you don’t have to worry” Said the girl as if she were reading her mind.

“What are you doing here at this hour? I haven’t seen you before” The place in which Sakura lives is a close unit, reason why she knows all the residents as there wasn’t a lot because of the high prices.

“I just moved yesterday night, and I’m doing just the same as you” The serenity in her voice was mesmerizing “Besides…” All of a sudden the girl lean without any hesitate, so much that Sakura almost could feel her hot breath mixing with hers “I thought I heard you crying” Her low voice took Sakura sense into a one way trip, leaving her completely bewildered. Sakura didn’t dare to move an inch. She found herself chain to the girl’s mercy, who after a couple of seconds stood up “It was good to see to you, angel” The next thing Sakura knew was that the girl was already gone, leaving a dumbfounded Sakura behind.

Some minutes after she was already back at her house, her mind kept on repeating over and over again the few minutes she spent with the stranger. Sakura couldn’t help but remember those deep eyes that took her breath away, but for some strange reason something inside her felt like if she already had met them before. That piercing stare and hypnotic stare felt familiar, but maybe her mind was playing games on her once again, she will never forget someone like that. Once she was already in her room and laying in the bed, in the quietness of the night in which the silent and calmness rule, and even after several minutes had went by since the meeting, her heart kept on beating wildly and her mind can only think in one thing. Who is that girl?

Once again Sakura found herself already in her desk at school. She had arrived thirty minutes before the bell rang, as she prefer to die of boredom there rather than in the house. So as soon as the first ray of sun appeared in the horizon, she took her stuffs and made her way to school, having the luck from her side as neither of her grandparents had woke up, and there were really few workers around.  Sakura wasn’t surprise when she stood inside the classroom and there were only two students, probably they had club activities in the morning, which will explain their exhausted faces. 

Without much to do she lay in her desk, due to her small insomnia problem she had barely slept a few hours and she could already feel the repercussions of this; some minutes more of sleep sound really tempting and she will definitely need them if she wanted to survive the rest of the day, but also she could skip a couple of classes. As she considered her options she soon fall asleep. 

Progressively the noise around her began to increase with the passing of minutes caused by the students who arrived. Among them was included Mukaichi Mion, who after sighting her friend soundly sleep over her desk, couldn’t help but to sight deeply, but keeping in mind Sakura’s situation at home, that the girl hadn’t sleep much last night didn’t sound unusual. But the class will soon begging and Sakura will be in serious problems if the teacher found her sleeping again. 

“Sakura wake up” Mion tried shaking her friend by the shoulder, but she didn’t get any response. Mion should begin to ask for a dollar each time she has to wake up Sakura, as it is one of the most complicated things she know “Sakura Sakura Sakura” She began to repeat over and over again.

Suddenly her friend straightened her body abruptly. Sakura’s breathing was hectic and with her eyes while open, but the most odd was the slight blush in Sakura’s cheeks. Never in her whole life or at least the time she has befriend Sakura, Mion saw the girl blushing, not even when the most gorgeous person flatter her “What kind of dream did you just had?” She couldn’t help but think out loud.

Sakura felt the hot blood rushing to her cheeks when she heard her friend’s voice. Soon she covered her face to hide her redden cheeks, but probably her ears were the same “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I didn’t dream a thing” She lied shamelessly just to hide her tremendous embarrassment.     

The stranger had sneaked into her dreams, recalling once again the same situation, but with a different ending, one in which involve a high level of approaching than just her ear. Sakura still could feel as if she had lived it in the flesh, the soft yet electrifying touch over her cheek, pulling her closer just before she woke up in the middle of the classroom. It was so real that it was hard to believe it was a dream.

“That can’t be true” Teased her Mion with a big grin. She just knew too well Sakura to tell easily this kind of behavior was far from normal.   

To Sakura’s luck, the bell rang just in time to save her, and knowing her teacher she won’t late too much before step into the room, with a  glare so dark as if she were blaming her students for all her misfortune “You better go to your seat” Said Sakura once she had settle down her emotions. 

Not even a minute went by since the bell rang when the women of around fifty years old open the door and walked in. Her eyes that were hide behind her glasses looked over attentively to some papers. Strange, was the first thought Sakura had. Miss Harada never left something for the last minute, always being really methodical at everything she does, and that includes acknowledge perfectly the news she must announce at the beginning of the classes. Clearly anyone could see in her annoyed appearance that something had brought her out from her small world in which everything is impeccably organized.         

Once in her seat, the teacher began with the morning news, as who was in charge to clean the room once the day was over, assignments that must be done and in general the same bored rutting of every day. But one single thing was different; somehow the women seemed to be in a rush. Miss Harada loves details, she always takes her time (even more than she should) to go through the information, but oddly this time she just limit herself to say just the necessary, maybe she has something more important to do.

“Ehhh… with that being said” Her fingers rubbed her temples and her eyes closed. What kind of news can manage to distract the strictest teacher this morning, and even the rest of the students had noticed it, but the woman hadn’t even tried to cease the murmuring that annoyed her so much “I know is unexpected and despite we are in the second half of the year, today a new student will join” With these the murmuring became indiscriminate noise as everyone talked with the person beside making guesses, after all, what kind of person change of school at this time of the year “Please come in” 

The door slide open, giving a step to a young girl walking nonchalantly yet elegantly. Soon the voices were appeased but in the corner of the room Sakura’s heart went crazy, her whole body as her eyes lay over the stranger from last night. The atmosphere change drastically, everything seemed to vibrate under the new girl’s glare. Now that she sees her in the sun light the girl looked even more alluring, her skin was pale as if reject the sun, contrasting beautifully with her jet black hair, her eyes weren’t black but deep brown. Undoubtedly Sakura had never met a person with such strong presence.     

No one dare to utter the sightless noise neither even move, it was like if everyone were under a spell, fascinate inspecting each corner of the girl’s attractive look, whom despite of have male features, she didn’t fail in delight with delicate feminine features as well, it was the perfect collide from the two worlds, as if she could be a demon but an angel at the same time, redefining the meaning of beauty.

“She is Matsui Jurina” The teacher present her. Matsui Jurina, for some reason her name tickle her tongue. The slender girl bowed, each movement was made with so much grace that left Sakura’s eyes fascinated.

“It’s a pleasure, I hope we can get along” Once again she felt like shudder under her deep and melodic voice, making Sakura feel as if she were speaking just for her.

Nothing good can came up with Matsui Jurina’s arrival to her life, because with a simple exchange of glare, Sakura could already told the girl was her own hecatomb who will destroy everything she thought she were, as for the first time in her life, Sakura felt intrigue by a person.

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very interesting.
I hope you continue.

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very interesting.
I hope you continue.

I agree! I really like it so far! ^_^

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