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Author Topic: UNEXPECTED || AtsuMina, KojiYuu, MaYuki, WMatsui || Chapter 6 Update! (053115)  (Read 20557 times)

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the story is very interesting, I like it ..............
wmatsui .........................
please up date soon,,,,,,,,, :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Hello minna-san! I'm so sorry for this long update :bow: :bow: :bow: I just finished midterms last week. So the days before I was preoccupied by the tasks and the new materials. I hope you still remember this fanfic ( for you who commented, this fanfic definitely marked so there is a chance you remember hehehe ) in this chapter I let you conclude who actually was Haruna, Acchan, Yuki, and Rena 8) If you are confused please give me a comment okay? sorry for grammatical errors and typos, hope you like it!
 :hip smile: :hip smile: :hip smile:

ps, thanks to you guys who say good luck for my test I said in the previous chapter. I get great result because of you guys, JoeYee, Yhuiii and ChibiRine-san! thank you very much~ :wub: Also, I'm very happy reading your comments *shed a tear with smile*  :wub: :wub: :wub:

@JoeYee: thank you so much for the spirit! XD XD yeah hehe Yuko is their leader :p once again thanks~ :wub:
@wmatsui fanfic: wah I'm happy!(≧∇≦)they didn't know because nobody tell them except Mayu. You can find more answer about it after reading this chapter! :D Thank you~
@Yhuiii: yep it is XD based on your emoji I think you like the genre? :D you're welcome and thanks for the spirit~ :wub:
@cisda83: hunters and vampires :roll: the answers of your questions will revealed soon! :D keep reading okay~ Thank you~
@arawche079: Thank you, I'm happy you think this is cool!!! :hip smile: here's the update~
@NightSky: Yeay! You know the genre already XD here's the update~ Thank you~
@ChibiRine: awww thank you! But let me apologize because I can't update this fic daily :bow: you know student :nervous okay I'm back so where's my bear hug? :lol: :lol: :lol: hm~ you have great intuition! About Nyannyan you'll find the answer in this chapter XD yatta, you like Yuko's role in this fic :hip smile:
@Ruka Kikuchi: I'm so happyyyyyy :wub: :wub: :wub: ohohoho you have great intuition too~ but you'll figure soon XD thank you~
@junrena: maji de, I'm so happy you like it :wub thank you~ :hip smile:

Chapter 5: The Facts That Have not Been Revealed

A week later at school
Normal POV

For four hunters, they look to perform usual activities but in themselves, they are wary and worried. Today Mayu came as usual and whispers began. Though she did not do anything, as usual. Yuko...she began to be known in other classes. Her friendly and easy-going attitude made many people happy to hang out with her. Maybe nobody noticed but Yuko actually kind of sad. She should not be close to Haruna after knowing her position and duties. She thinks it looks like the conversation with Haruna last week had become the first and the last. No need to painstakingly extract information for the 'mission' of her because she already knew the truth from Mayu.

One more day before the inauguration of the new president of the student council. Takamina was able to accept and release positions with sincerity. Among other hunters, she was the only one who underwent the most normal day like the previous days. Although already know the reality, her principle, as long as the enemy has not been proven to evil or wrong she will not take action. Then the last, Jurina, began to turn into a serious starting from today.

Yuko will has phsyical Education after the second hour of lesson. It seemed she was not powered to participate in the sport so she decided to permit. Moreover, sports material today is free big ball game. When the time has come marked by the ringing of the bell that rings loud, Yuko directly go to the auditorium and sat in the stands. "Ah Yuko-chan does not join today?" One of her friends named Mai—Got the same surname but not blood related, Oshima Mai—asked loudly from the field. Yuko facepalmed, she attracted the attention of students. Smiling Yuko nodded and replied that she did not feel well while a little bit screaming.

Not long after, came the PE teacher. Yuko idly watched her friends started playing basketball. Eventually boredom approached her. If only there was someone who could talk to...

"Hi Yuko! You also permit?"

Someone startled her to the point that she almost fell. She stroked her chest and when turned to people who talk to her...

That Kojima Haruna, the one she wants to get away from poked her shoulder. There was an awkward silence as their eyes met. Yuko lips involuntarily uttered a word broke the silence, rather stuttered. "Ny-Nyan nyan?"

"He? Nyan nyan?" Haruna tilted her head to the side a bit, her index finger on her lips. She is in her confused pose now.

The silence between them burst again. Yuko's eyes widened and her mouth was open as well. Again involuntarily, Yuko spoke but this time under her breath. She said, "This is the first time I saw a vampire who smiled like a cat..."

"Actually, I can hear you clearly, Yuko - chan ( ^ ω ^ ) "

"Is it True?" Yuko scratched her cheek that does not itch. "Yes, I permit this time because I was not powered today...what about you? "

"I was always permit if the material is free play sports."

Haruna's expression became morose after saying so. Yuko realized the change and it made ​​her curious but Yuko did not want to seem too curious and put in one's oar. So, here they were, sitting together in the auditorium with silence. The reflected sound ball, shoes squeaking, student shouts and whistles filled the room but they feel lonely.

"By the way, is Nyan nyan a nickname for me ? ( =゚ ω ゚)ノ" This time Haruna break the silence.

"Eh ? Σ (゚ Д ゚) when was I say Nyan nyan?"

Haruna's expression after hearing the question from Yuko is like this → ( ' · _ · ` ) . "Just now you said, Yuko - chan."

"Ohhh yeah I remember," Yuko's wide smile showed her typical squirrel teeth  "That name suits you but if you do not like I won't force you~"

They chatted happily thereafter. Happiness on the faces of two people who actually are enemies. They laughed and joked together like the time and place are theirs. Even Yuko said to herself that she did not seem to be able to avoid Haruna. Unfortunately it did not happen a long since something happened. Something that causes other change.

"Ah damn..."

Instantly the game stopped. The girls who play basketball distracted by the sound of something hard enough to be heard. Haruna without saying anything moved from the seat and walked away. Yuko who saw Haruna dismissed, grasping her wrist. " Nyan nyan, why did you even go? At least help me cleaning this bl—"

"Let me go!" Haruna violently removed her hand from Yuko's grip while turning her body. Her eyes bulged and...discolored. After successfully escape, she went very quickly. Student who accidentally threw the ball and hit Yuko ran to her.

With a worried face, she saw a bloody nose Yuko. "I'm so sorry! I did not mean to do it. Let me take you to the infirmary." Yuko could vaguely hear the other students booed Haruna because she went away instead of helping.

Arriving in the infirmary, Yuko's nose treated well. She also recommended to lie down and rest. During lying, her mind can not be separated from what just happened. Haruna's reaction made her sad. Haruna looked like the first time they met, cold and unfriendly, it was like she had two opposite personalities. Yuko thought which side is the true? Haruna's recent side made her feel  she did not deserve to be her friend. Actually, from the beginning they are not supposed to be friends because they are enemies but Yuko has this feeling which every time she spent with Haruna she will feel very happy. Conversely, if they didn't meet, Yuko will missed her. What kind of feeling it is?

Yuko clutched her chest tight with her eyes closed, she hoped to forget this incident and sleep. 'I am the leader of hunters group. I must insist to myself and forget Haruna. No matter how.' She thought. She did not realize when she closed her eyes, someone watched from infirmary window with a sad face.
"I'm sorry Yuko-chan. If only I could change fate, I'll change it for you..."
After school
Normal POV

"Tomorrow is inauguration, are you ready to bear the duties and obligations as president, Acchan?" Takamina sat on the student council president's desk while shaking her legs back and forth, while Acchan leaning next to a large window near the table. "Yes, of course. I'm trying to remember all the advice and lessons that you gave. Ne, pray for me. Hopefully I can carry out this responsibility okay?" Acchan smiled a little.

Outside can be seen that the big grey clouds covered the sky. Vaguely also can be heard rumbling in the distance, strong winds, and the sound of leaves rustling. Student council room was getting dark but did not make the two girls moved to turn on the lights. The quite large room was really quiet. Other student council members had gone home after know the weather is cloudy. Actually Takamina had been warned to stay away from Acchan but Takamina does not budge.

"Mou Minami don't be silent. Say something~ I do not like this quiet atmosphere..."

Takamina rubbed her chin, thinking what topic should be talking about. During this week she had received a lot of information like Acchan favorite foods, hobbies, favorite subject, and many more. No more thing that can be asked. Even Takamina had exchanged phone numbers and e-mail without need Mayu's help. There is one thing that came to mind but she hesitated to ask.

Acchan crossed her arms over her chest. "Why you don't say anything Minami? Are you okay?"

The sound of raindrops sounded louder and more. In an instant it rains the earth heavily interspersed with thunder. Somehow the rain was like giving courage to ask her question that she still doubt to ask it. She sure Aachan was a good person, thereby increasing her courage. "....may I ask you something?"

"Ask away." Acchan smiled and nodded.

Takamina stood up and approached Acchan. Her expression was serious. Acchan's smile disappeared replaced by a puzzled expression. "You..." Takamina started. "...are not a vampire, are you?"

The sound of thunder boomed after Takamina asked, pushed back the silence between them. There was actually a covert intention behind this question. That was she wanted to make sure of Mayu's words, the fact that she said at her home last week. Until now Acchan always nice to her so Mayu's words doubted her. Additionally Takamina is smart at reading a person's character from his/her movements or his/her eyes. Acchan did not look malicious in her view all this time.

Takamina POV

"Takamina-san, do you remember your childhood?" Mayu's question was hitting me. Never before had anyone ask my childhood. " you want to know?"

"Do not reverse the question. You just have to answer "yes" or "no" Takamina-san."

I swallowed hard and tried to remember what was requested by Mayu. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try to remember, it will not succeed. My grandparents said that I lost my memory since 10-year-old. They did not say why. They also did not tell the cause of death of my parents. They just told me that my parents died shortly after I lost memory. Every time I asked why they did not tell me the real cause, they always argue that there will be time.

I was struck by the presence of a hand on my shoulder. It is Mayu's hand. Expressionless face that never erased from her face staring at me now. I knew she was waiting for my answer. "I..." I put my hand on my forehead. "I do not remember..."

I could see Mayu nodded slightly. She looked down a few seconds before looked back at me. "So, are you ready to hear another reality?"

Part of me was still not ready but others have a strong desire to know. I ended up with a confident nod.

"Your parents died in a car accident on the way to Yuko-chan's house to attend a meeting between the top hunters family, namely Oshima, Watanabe, Takahashi, and Matsui. You were allowed to participate as well because you were whining to follow. Fortunately, you could be saved from the accident but ended with the loss of your memory. The accident was intentional by one of our enemies, she wanted to kill the entire Takahashi descent...and...she is attending the same school with us." Mayu paused, she made sure from her eyes if I was ready to hear the rest. I nodded again.
"The girl did revenge on your parents over what is done by your great-grandfather to him. And she is....."
I held my breath after hearing one's name mentioned by Mayu. Eyes widened and heart beat rapidly.


Acchan laughed. "What are you talking about Minami? Where did you get the imagination like that?" She walked toward the only door in the room, still laughing. Takamina's gaze following her movements. Arriving at the front door, Acchan turned and smiled. "You've got the answer?"

"....I'm not sure because you answered without yes or no." Acchan back and this time she turned toward the door. Sound of 'click' can be heard even though Takamina could barely hear it caused by rain and thunder sounds. Acchan turned a little but her face covered by her hair shadow. Only a smirk that could be seen.

"I'm not a vampire," Acchan turned fully to Takamina but her smile and her smirk disappeared. Even her expression turned cold now.

"I'm human," she walked over to Takamina. Stop when they distance were a bit far. "....But it used to be in my previous life, I think?"

The lightning boomed back, its light illuminates the room in an instant. The light showed something in Takamina's widened eyes

"This is the right time." Acchan said with a tone that is changing and self completely different.
Mayu POV

I rubbed my forehead while lying in bed. I had a dizziness now. If this is the situation I would not be able to concentrate on homework so I decided to go out for some fresh air, all to refresh the mind of the day's events that made me think about it a lot. Moon shaped round perfectly displayed in the night sky. The street was quiet, only the sound of rustling leaves and the cicadas accompany my without-destination trip. I'm not surprised by this quiet atmosphere because it was already 10pm. I got goose bumps when the cold wind hit my body which is already far from home. After a few minutes I decided to turn left to rest on the bridge of the river. Apparently I've been preceded by someone.

She was hit by the moonlight. She sat on the edge of the bridge and looked up at the sky. My ears caught the faint sound coming out of her mouth. My body runs by itself closer to the person, hiding behind a tree of medium size at the end of the bridge. What's she doing here??? I tried to listen carefully and put my ear well.

".... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... ..... ... .... .... .... .... .... "

Sentence that I it only imagination? Instantly my body stiff, my eyes wide open, my hands clenched, sweat began to wet my t-shirt despite the cold wind constantly blows. My stomach twisted and rocked like that made me feel nauseous. Dizziness that strikes my head instead of being lost even more sick. Memory that I eagerly wanted to forget, wanted to erase from my brain came back. I feel myself passing the time. I went back to the time when I was a kid. All that I see now was erased and then only myself in the place I lived for 6 years.


I am lonely ...
Isn't there someone who can accompany me?

Only together with moon I accompanied. The moon and the sky had become my friends from the past, they know all my secrets and all my feelings when I told them. Sometimes I feel sad if a dark cloud covered them. Fortunately tonight moon appeared along with thousands of stars that sparkled like jewels. So much that my eyes lit up. I leaned on the balcony of the room, hoping there is shooting star. In the news today is not preached there will be shooting star but that does not mean there is no possibility that this evening there will be a shooting star right?

Because I'm positive, my prayer is granted by God! I saw a line of light that moves from the top fell sideways down quickly. Immediately I closed my eyes and prayed. I want a friend who can accompany me, there by my side in joy and sorrow, and our friendship last forever.

When I opened my eyes there was nothing, just the moon and the stars still look the same. Of course, where possible a direct request was granted after opening my eyes. It is impossible. I just have to wait, that's all. Night was getting late so I decided to go back to the room and sleep. I turned around and...gee so surprising! I jumped because of the presence of a person. The girl seemed a teenager, has long and wavy hair, white skin and beautiful eyes. I was too scared to speak and move so I just stood petrified with wide eyes. That girl seemed to understand that I was shocked so she started the conversation first.


Very short...I was afraid to talk moreover no smile on her face at all. Though she is beautiful, very unfortunate...she stepped forward one step. Now we were only approximately 10 cm. I blinked a few times before she spoke again. "I'm your friend. God sent me immediately after you finish praying because you're a special child."

"I'm...special?" She nodded. "If so..what's your name? Where do you live? How old are you? How did you get here?"

She chuckled then looked up to the stars and moon. "You ask a lot, huh? My name is Yuki. Age  18 years old. About where I live and how I could be here, it's not important. Let's not talk about it."

"Um...okay. If it turns out you're a bad person you will regret had stepped your foot here Yuki-san. You did not even tell your family name." She's smiling now. I admit she was beautiful.

"I'm not Mayu-chan~"

"Yes, all right. According to me you do not look 18 years old. What do you deceive me?"

"You are indeed asking a lot ne..." She sighed and crossed her arms over her chest. "I'm really 18 years old. Rather than wasting time with this kind of chatter how about we play a game? Let's have fun."

Since then, every night Yuki came into my room, accompanied me, play with me, or sometimes we looked at the moon and stars and then dissolved in a comfortable silence. I do not care about her origin. Yuki has become an important figure of friends that I wanted. My parents did not know this. I did not tell them because I hate them. They are always busy with work, saying that it was all they did for me, but what's the point of it all if they were never with me? My request is simple, I just want them there and spend time together with me as parents naturally. Besides, I never had a chance to tell them because they are very rarely at home.

2 months passed quickly. Yuki and I became close in a short period. Although she is 12 years older than me that was not a problem. It's funny, it was like I had a sister. The cause of my loneliness was also because I am an only child. If only I had a brother or sister, I'm not going to complain about loneliness. Maybe my parents do not want to be bothered with the presence of many children...well let's put it aside. One day my parents came home from Italy. Considerable business affairs to attend. My father brought various items and food from there. Surprisingly, they hugged me very tightly even allow me to sleep with them. My personal maid said they would stay for a few days. It was rare. I didn't meet Yuki that night.

The next day, I went through the usual activities. The difference was I look more cheerful. At school I only had a few close friends, they are very happy to see me happy. After school I followed the tutorial. I want time to pass quickly so I can return home. Again, my request was granted. Time really passed quickly.

I came home from tutoring can not wait to see Yuki. Strangely my driver did not pick even though I've called him many times so I decided to go home by bus. This is the first time I ride public transportation. Tense but fun. When I arrived at the fence I'm confused...where are the usual security guards? Oh it's night already they must be eating dinner. I opened the gate and closed it and walked to the main door of my house. From here I saw the door was already open so I ran because I wanted to quickly get in my room. It just when I got to the door I stopped.

What happened???
Why do they all look like that???
Can you see me???
Can you hear me scream???

I grabbed my own hair, kneeling on the cold porcelain floor. The tears did not stop flowing from my eyes. My lips did not stop stutter. I think I want to die alone. The same fate as them. Father, mother, maids, butlers, and other workers in this house all died horribly. There are several parts of their body detached from their bodies, blood splattered everywhere, bodies lying pale and stiff, faces with eyes still wide open...

I could not see all of this.
My cries not subside even louder.
My legs seemed to turn into jelly, I could not stand up and went to my parents.

Eventually I could not go on this way I thought. My inner-self supported me to get up. First and slowly I looked up and what I see? A sentence that is tearing my heart. My inner wrenching. The sentence reads:


Not the content of the sentence that made me very hurt but knowing the writer who do all this. My hands touched the words that is written with the blood on the wall. Under Watanabe Mayu words there is a piece of paper taped with a nail contains a sentence. That's where I found the writer's name and a description.

I cried again after reading it. Not counted how long I cried, how much I shed tears and repeating events until dawn comes. I really want to die but....I still have my revenge to do to the writer.


"What are you doing here?"

I gasped because of her unexpected presence. Damn, remember it again, your memories with traitor childhood friend. I turned around and put a face without expression. My hands still clenched but she does not realize it. "Yuki...I should the one who asked that. Fast as always huh?"

All of a sudden the wind is very strong which makes my hair blocking my vision. Dimly, I could still see Yuki but when I blink I felt a pain on my back. The wind has stopped blowing and after my hair fell back, I can see clearly what is happening.

My back hit a tree.
Yuki gripped my wrist as she put it on the trunk.
Yuki's face very close even I could feel her breath blowing.
She shot piercing gaze into my eyes.

"I want to take my promised compensation after I won our game, Mayu. That 'it'."

I struggled to loose my hands from her grip. "Wait! Before that I want to ask you. What you said, is it true?"
Yuki just looked at me. This heart beat faster and faster as time goes by. She thrust her face until our noses almost touching. Anyway...I was not able to put a poker face because of this action. I bit my bottom lip and looked down. Anyone help me! Instead of stopping, she just continued to thrust her face slowly. This is bad!

"What will you do now?" I glanced at her a little bit and could see she smiled crookedly. With a very fast movement and unpredictable, Yuki attacked my neck. I gasped because of the sudden attack. Pain radiating from the neck to the meat. The dizziness I felt get worse. I felt my energy absorbed. The world was spinning, my views began to blur. Blurred by tears gathered in my eyelids.

Less than five minutes Yuki sucked my blood. She went as fast as her feet took her away, like lightning. I looked at the moon with a blank face. My tears flowed a drop, then two drops...not because of the pain but I still don't believe Yuki did that to me. My balance started to disappear but before I fall someone catches me and sustain me. I slowly looked up to see the face of my savior who have sustained me.

Turns out it was Ikoma.

"Mayu-san are you alright?!"

I did not answer but asked. "Why...did you get here?"

"I-I followed you because I was worried, Mayu-san."

Everything went black. I hate myself. Just in front of Yuki I look weak. Only Yuki who can make me weak. I didn't know what happen after this.
In a secluded mansion
10 pm



"How dare you?! Stop there!"




In front of a door in the room, someone was panting and sweating, she relies on her knees, trying to stabilize her breath and looked down. The person looked up when a flash of light caught her attention. In front of her stood a figure that is opening the window so that light can enter the room. Slowly the person stood with her legs back and straightened her clothes. An object inserted in her back pocket achieved by her hand. Her legs forwarded one step..two steps..and continuously until the person in front of her is near. It was at the exact point where the heart is.

"You've changed."

All seemed to stop unless their hearts are still beating. There is no movement between them, all silent and petrified. These are two magic words, aren't these? The speaker was the only one who can destroy this spell is not it? She turned around and people behind her returned to standby. A gun that shone in the moonlight pointed at her. Eyebrows are almost fused, gritted teeth, frowned lips, all plastered on the gun holder's face. The speaker wasn't afraid at all. Her legs took her closer to the gun holder. "You're not the one the same as you used to be. Do you still remember your promise?"

A slap landed on the beautiful face of the questioner. "You traitor! I can not believe I'm dating a killer like you! You have killed many people, right?!"

"Jurina..." The person who got slapped holds her redden cheek. "In the past, you said you love me. But now you slap me? Your promise is bullshit! Whereas I've been patient waiting for you.."


"I know you're confused. It seems Mayu forgot to tell you. Actually, I know that time she overheard us and I know she said she would give an answer to your question. Yes, Jun was yourself in the past. He promised to reborn into the world—"


The locked room door was smashed. The culprit showed herself after a few seconds. The figure was not Jurina expect will be here. The woman was not show surprised or angry expression. Just a plain face. She walked over but it makes Jurina back a few steps.
The woman was stopped right beside Rena. "We have uninvited guest don't we? Hey you have killed some guards. Don't you know the consequence due to come here alone? Reckless as usual huh, Jurina?"
"You...why are you here?"

To be continued
A/N: so~ minna-san do you get what the 'it' Yuki and Mayu talked about? :D also if you know who was the mysterious person in Yuko's part, you're great! :twothumbs I put some clues here for the next chapter hehehe, please tell me what you think~ see you soon! :hip smile:

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Ha! I was right! Jurina and Rena did know each other in a past life!

But, uh-oh, something big is going on! :shocked

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I don't believe I never read it after the first chapter XD

Sorry, but after I read all parts I'm really satisfy. You're super good at writing.

Now that all of them have each other's vampires on their side, what would they do? What about the hunting things? Who would be hunted down by who actually?

It's so much fun, please update soon! (∩_∩)

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I'm glad you felt encouraged/motivated. ≧∇≦
On to the update. Erkhem. Waitttt. SO much to absorb. ~_~
Okay, so Yuko is being very aware of Haruna, but she likes to talk to her. Haruna went away because of Yuko's bloody nose.
And then Takamina asking Atsuko about being a vampire.
And then, apparently Mayu and Yuki knew each other since they were kids. But poor Mayu having such a tragic past. 〒_〒
And lasty we have WMatsui, it's complicated. @@
Overall I would say good job. All the pairings are moving forward and I can't wait for your update but obviously I have to.
No pressure though, take your time to write. Thank you for the update. :glasses:
Mainly Kojiyuu shipper! But I also enjoy Atsumina, Wmatsui, Mayuki, Marimii, Tomotomo, Yuiparu, Sayamilky.
Well basically the mainstream pairings. :33

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  • WMatsui, Atsumina, Mayuki couple forever!!
I fell something big going to happen

So Jurina is Jun and all the girls that Mayu side knows are vampire

So dramatic

Update soon

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More!!!!!!! :kneelbow:

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this awesome! One of the best that I've read>< love the prologue,the suspense where we readers have to Keep guessing and figure what would come next XD awesome read! Good job author-san! Now I'm really interested in what achan is going to do to takamina.. And what's the history between the wmatsui? And probably how did the vampires all came together in the first place~ can't wait for the next update!:D

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What's going to happen to Kojiharu, Atsumina, Mayuki and Wmatsui next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Heeyyy minna-san so sorry I'm updating late :kneelbow: :kneelbow: I was occupied with assignments because tomorrow I will have my final tests  :on study: :on study: actually I'm not supposed to use laptop but for minna-san I sneaked to use when my home is empty :kekeke: :kekeke: okay enjoy this chapter, pardon my grammatical errors and typos. See you soon minna-san and wish me luck! Thanks for all the comments, thank you, and readers who read my fanfic :byebye: :byebye: by the way, please do the poll :)

Chapter 6: Expectation vs Reality

Takamina POV

Is Atsuko going to kill me?
She is getting closer to me slowly...
With that scary aura and cold eyes...

As she was a few centimetres away from me, she stopped with thunder boomed loudly again. I swallowed hard. A bit scared because my life will soon end. Yes, Atsuko is a vampire. She was the murderer of my parents too. I still couldn't believe it. It seems the feeling I felt when I first met her, which is she smiled to me but she sent chill down my spine, that was a sign that she is a killer at the same time blood-sucker creature. I recognize her as the girl who often flashed in my mind. That's why she looks familiar because I remember before I blacked out I saw someone squatting on my car left window. That time my car crashed, caused the right side fell to below, the left side on top. She covered the light. She smirked. She has a very strong power. Can you imagine a beautiful girl push your car with bare hands? She did that to us.

"Since you're the last generation of your family because you are not married yet, I give you one last request. It is rare to see such a kind vampire like me so you better not waste this chance." She spoke. Her gaze was sharp but smirk plastered on her face. Did she plan to do something to me? That smirk is evil.

"Kill yourself in front of me."

The rain little by little stop dropping. "That is not include as request," She chuckled. "You can only ask a request but no harming me."

Now I don't get any difficulty to swallow my saliva anymore. I exhaled my breath peacefully though my heart beating faster than normal caused by nervousness. She placed her hands on her hips, waiting for some words to come out of my mouth. Her scary aura and cold eyes disappeared. Unfortunately her face shows no expression. I walked toward her get near. As I feel our distance already close enough, I took her hand and pulled it up. To where my lips on. "Please dating with me, Atsuko."

I kissed the back of her hand tenderly. From the corner of my eye I could see her face shows surprising expression yet it nodded.

Normal POV
10 PM

Takamina and Atsuko can be seen walking home together. Since they started dating a few hours ago, Takamina played the role as a good and gentle girlfriend toward Atsuko. She walk her home to her house after they went to a cafe and spent time knowing each other better until late, despite she knew how dangerous it is. Her mansion was located deep in the forest. When Takamina saw it, she got goose bumps because the aura of the house is creepy. Outside it looks abandoned but inside it is not. It is strange...why there were some people or the correct were some vampires lying helplessly on the main hall of the mansion? They hissed in pain while holding their hurt part of body. There were also some broken things. Atsuko walked to one of the vampires. The vampire who got approached, got up with all his might then bowed. "Welcome home, Maeda-sama."

While Atsuko and the vampire talked about some things, Takamina wandering around the house. There is a door near stairs, she heard somebody's voices behind the door. She wanted to open it but hesitate. Apparently somebody inside the room are talking about surprising matter. Without she realized, she is eavesdropping their conversation. Shockingly a name she knows mentioned between their talks. She immediately backed and ran to Atsuko when she heard footsteps getting near to the door. Three persons came out of the room. Two of them she recognized as students in Akiba Academy. On the other hand, the foreign person who is standing between flashed a warm smile to her and Atsuko.

"You already got home my daughter? Oh you bring a guest here." She walked to Takamina and held her hand for a shake. "What's your name, my dear? I'm Shinoda Mariko, Atsuko's mother."

Takamina shook hands with her and told her name. She tilted her head to the right side a bit, looking for one person she recognizes. "Jurina, what are you doing here?"

Jurina pouted cutely. "Mariko is my auntie..." Before Jurina could continue her words, she was cut by Mariko's laughter. "Jurina came here to be a hunter~ she wanted to kill Rena but I stopped her midway and ordered her to forward the message I told. By the way, you know already that we are vampires except you two, right Takahashi-san?"

As a reply Takamina nodded. Actually she is quite confused of why and how Jurina's aunt is a vampire??? From the corner of Takamina's eyes can be seen Mariko is giggling silently. Takamina doesn't know what should be talked anymore so she decided to leave. Jurina went along with her. Takamina bid goodbye to them politely. On the way, they are busy with their own thoughts but Jurina is a person who hates silence so she spoke up. "Why did you come there? And how did you know there is a mansion there?"

Jurina's question slapped her hard. Does she have to tell the truth? Before she could say anything her phone ringing. The caller is Yuko. Takamina picked it up and asked what brings her to call her. She said four hunters must gather in Mayu's house tonight to talk about some important things. In the other line can be heard Mayu says come asap. Takamina hung the phone after she agreed. She told Jurina about it but she complained she wants to go home. No other option makes the midget glared then pull her along to Mayu's house. Lucky she seems forget about her question, Takamina thought. As they reached Mayu's house, Ikoma greeted them in the main door. Inside, Yuko was holding a microphone, Mayu did so though she does not look interested with what displayed on the flat screen TV and just sat on the sofa. The music player blasted a famous song by a female idol group. Yuko sang their song happily.

"We have arrived." Takamina waved her hand to Mayu.

"Okay make yourselves in home. Ikoma, make some drinks and snacks for them."

"Hai, ojou-sama."

While Yuko is busy with the song, these three only silent and hear she sings. The fact is she is pretty good at singing. Yuko realized she is having fun alone. "Hey! Why you guys keep quiet? Come on join me singing!"

"What is the important things we want to talk about?" Takamina impatiently folded her arms and asked.

"Well. Actually there is nothing to talk about..." She smiled awkwardly. "I just want us to become close each other. As we had known ourselves as four strongest hunters, I want bond between us get strong. This will help us work easily together."

All of them stay silent but their minds think of the words. Yuko continued. "Just a day I want us to try to live together. Why I pick Mayu's house as the place to do that? Because her house only lived by her and Ikoma so we can have fun without worry about parents at the same time make plans and discuss. Tonight we are all stay here. Don't worry about tomorrow because Ikoma had brought your uniforms and books for tomorrow. If this succeded we will live here continuously as it is an order from my father. Any question or opinion?" None of them replied just shook their heads. Yuko flashed a satisfied smile then bring the heat back. Jurina and Takamina joined her and sang various kinds of songs. In the end they danced together like the night is theirs. At first Mayu refused but Jurina pulled her to the floor. All of them laughed and enjoyed the night until late. After exhausted, they laid their bodies on the carpet. Slowly drifted to slumber.
The next day
6 AM

On Yuko's way to her respective class, she met with her, Haruna. Out of sudden she became clumsy when Haruna's pair of eyes look at her. Quickly Yuko evades her gaze from hers and fastened her track. She kept repeating that Haruna hates her and they won't be friends forever since they are enemies.

School is still quiet. Perhaps only a few students had come, included Yuko and Haruna. This is the first time Yuko met Haruna in early morning. Well because today she woke up at 5 she decided to go to school early. Mayu, Jurina, and Takamina was still in their dreamlands that time.

"Wait, Yuko-chan!"

Haruna shouted from behind makes Yuko's body stiffened. Footsteps from Haruna's shoes were getting loud and in a blink of an eye, a hand landed on her shoulder. Caused her to jolt. Yuko doesn't want to turn back, her heartbeat increased and soon she was out of breath. Mixed feelings filling her heart and mind.

"Ano..." Haruna started. She lowered her head. It attracts Yuko to look at her. What happened with her? She looks gloomy. "What happened, Nyan nyan?"

"I don't hate you."

The cat-like face girl statement gave question mark above Yuko's head. "Wait. Why did you say that? I didn't even say or do anything." In her mind, Haruna suddenly said this not because she looked away. Makes no sense. It seems she can read her mind or she does can?

"Yes I can read minds."

"Eh seriously?! If so, my intuition was right. Wow that's cool. Does every vampire has this special ability?"

Haruna shook her head. "I'm sorry for yesterday, Yuko-chan. It's just..."

"I'm all ears Nyan nyan." Yuko showed an assured smile.

Haruna tells her problem and the reason why she acted cold toward people, didn't want anybody to be her seatmate, and yesterday she went away without a word as the incident happened. Her reason is because she is a young vampire who has difficulty to control her urge to drink blood. She also told the truth that...she can smell Yuko's blood scent very strong. She simply doesn't want to hurt people that's why she is avoiding them. Hearing that, Yuko knew Haruna is not a bad vampire. She is glad somehow. Wait why am I feel glad? She thought while bump her head with her palm. "So, Yuko-chan, you're the very first person I ever tell this. If I act cold that is my other personality to hold my I ask for a favor?"

"I see. What is it?"

Haruna fidgeting but in cute way. "Thinking is not my thing. Uhm...can you help me prevent myself from acting cold? I can't find any way because..every time I think I will not get it..."

Yuko burst into laugh after heard it. This cute cold pretty girl actually is innocent. Immediately she nodded and smiled so wide. Both of them know another now-revealed-again secret thus the misunderstanding between them is gone. They went to class together after that, hand in hand, smile plastered. Yuko once again felt glad because she is one step closer to Haruna.
1 PM

"Wow that Kashiwagi Yuki had become popular since the last time we had Physical Education!"
"She is sure fast. No wonder athletic club chasing her eagerly."

Mayu was sitting on her seat queitly, plugging her earphone and listening to orchestra music in recess time is her habit. She wants to grab a novel on her school bag but there is something and turns out it was a piece of paper. The content is about Yuki wanted to talk to her, face to face and only two of them in rooftop. She even promised there won't be any fight, just simply want to talk. Mayu thinking of it for a while, rubbing her chin. Finally her mind produced an answer. She takes her phone and starts to message her hunter mates. After finished, she looked out of the window, looked at Yuki who was running in the field trying to get free from athletic club members. I won't fall into the same hole, Yuki. We know already that I hate you and you hate me so we can never talk."

8 PM

"Hey why are you two look down? Something interesting below?" Jurina asked worriedly. They are going to attack the mansion because Mayu ordered to do so. Those three are gathering in Jurina's house this time to pack some weapons including protection equipments. For an hour they are gathering, Takamina and Yuko didn't say anything at all. Of course the youngest among them felt worried because she already consider them as sisters.

Takamina stopped her activity and looked to Jurina. "....why you look so calm whereas you will attack your own aunt? Are you a cold-hearted person, Jurina?!" Takamina grabbed her collar fiercely. Yuko immediately try to separate them. It was quite hard but she could make it anyway.

"Jeeezzzz what kind of team is this?! If you can't control your anger it's no good, Takamina. Why are you being sensitive in sudden?" Yuko sighed. "Now tell me what do you want to tell so there is no more fight like this. I hate it."

Takamina exhaled breath and then cleared her throat. "First what I want to ask already asked. Second, where is Mayu? She ordered us to attack the mansion yet she doesn't show herself. Don't you think maybe her phone was hijacked? Third, I..."

"Say it out loud Takamina. Nobody will not bite or hurt you or your height decreased." Yuko grinned.

"The heck you even joke at this time." Takamina tried hard to prevent herself from laughing. For a few seconds she looked down again. "Okay, I can't do this..."

Silence spread around them but it doesn't happen long because Jurina gasped. Both of them looked at her, puzzled. Jurina smiled playfully and approached Takamina, circling her neck with one of her arm. "Ne, Yuko-chan do you want to know the reason why Takamina can't do this?"

Quickly Yuko nodded. "Yes tell me!"

Jurina took a glimpse to Takamina who is cursing herself. Once more Jurina smiled playfully. "Well, our midget is dating with the new president of student council~"


In other hand...
Akiba Academy
8 PM

Tonight the moon was shaped crescent. There is not much light shinning and if you go to school at this time maybe you will get scared. Of course it is an exception for Watanabe Mayu. She entered the school confidently, walked past the quiet and dark hall, climbed the creepy stairs. Nothing wrong happened. The last thing she have to do is open the door to the rooftop. She didn't do it right away but took out her phone from her hoodie pocket. She dialed someone's number and wait impatiently for the person to pick it up fast.

"Ikoma, where are you now?"

"I'm in the kitchen now, ojou-sama. Where are you now? Do I have to pick you up?"

"No you don't have too. Listen, don't worry about where I am now. I can protect myself well. Don't wait for me."

"Hai ojou-sama. If you need something just call me. Take care."

Mayu ended the call. The door opened afterward causing the wind to burst into Mayu's direction. Carefully she took the first step as she she saw Yuki across her, her back facing her, and she looked up the cloudy sky. Yuki was aware of Mayu's presence thus she turned around.

"Finally you come." Yuki approached her.

"Say to the point."

The wind blowed hard. Somehow the scene reminded Mayu about yesterday's event. The wound already healed though but a new memory that she hates come again. Another bad memory with her is killing her inside. She clenched her fists and tried her best to be calm. The taller girl seems arranging words. Successfully it makes Mayu lost her temper because she really hates waiting. "I take my leave now."

Before Mayu could turn back, Yuki shatched her arm. "Mayu, don't leave. It's hard to tell it because I'm afraid you won't believe me but what I want to tell is in all honesty."


Yuki looked deeply into Mayu's eyes. "I have my reason why I killed your parents.....First reason, I was demanded to do it by the head of vampires. Second reason, I never wanted to do it but I can't decline because he will kill me and kill your family including you more sadistically. Third reason, why I can't die yet because I have an important mission which is to make humans and vampires work together and not being enemy each other. The now head of vampires is evil, Mayu. My savior wants to get rid of him plus unite all the clans of vampire, she needs me for that. Currently there are two strongest clan, the name are based on the location where they stay. They are clan Akihabara and Nogizaka. Both of them can't stop fighting and want to be the strongest. If it's still happen, the chance for our goal to be possible is small. Why I tell you this? Because we need hunters' help to make it real. Please, Mayu tell this to your friends."

"Wow that sure a lot." Mayu laughed sarcastically. "I don't think I can help you and why should I. Why should I help a traitor?"

"I didn't choose to lose our friendship. You know, you're precious to me."

"Are you kidding me? Of course you chose it! You chose to keep alive for that stupid mission than your friendship! Now you regret it? What a shame you filthy creature!"

Mayu didn't realize her words make the vampire girl anger increase. Her eyes have changed color at the same time the moon covered by the clouds. Fangs have grown long and Yuki gritted her teeth. With fast motion she want to push Mayu onto the wall but someone bumped on her to stop her. The person came flying. Yuki and the mysterious person were rolling on the floor.  Fortunately for Yuki she kicked the person that cause the person backed away. Mayu was shocked to see the person she never expect to be here and...with those eyes glowing red.


To be comtinued...

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But I love this fic  :deco:

Please update author-san,,, :bow:

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It's been long time,  and again author had been disappeared from the world,  oh please com out and update the fic,  I really miss you and I love yuki character

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Ah... more secret....

Would Mayu help Yuki?

Who is Ikoma?

What's going to happen with the hunters and the vampires next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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But it was a really good hit, don't worry haha!!!

Your story really live up the expectation from the title  :twothumbs Really unexpected indeed but reading this a GREAT experience~

Can't wait for more my friend ^_^

Mayu Yuko Takamina and Jyu as hunters while NyanNyan Acchan Yuki and Rena as vampires!!! Sooooooo awesome! Love how the story was so mysterious at first yet it gave a bit of hints here and there slowly xD I didn't guess what it was initially but now that I know it's a vampy-hunter romance-like? mystery genre story, I absolutely can't wait for more and more!

Oh, talking about vampires, when am I going to update my fic? Hahaha :lol:

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