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Author Topic: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 12 Finally UPDATED!  (Read 17922 times)

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 12 finally UPDATED!
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@ Chanaline: no.... You are not bothering me.... I hope u can comment like the others. About Mayuki moment..... :nervous in this chapter I can't guarantee about that....  :nervous and thx for reading

@ MayuxMatsuixMusic: heart exploded?  :shocked: I think I should make mayuki moment lesser.... Just kidding! Thx for reading and thx for liking my fanfic although it is lame  :nervous

@ chroumia: hahaha... Thx for reading...

@ Konoe: Wmatsui wanted to push Yuki harder but they forgot about Mayu. They wanted Yuki to confess but Yuki is afraid. Can't help.... Mayu gave too many hugs? Because I only can think the way to calm Yuki down. Sorry  :nervous and thx for reading.

@ Mikaellitsa: hahaha.... They sure will fall in love and thx for reading.

@ olive29: is it your first comment in this fanfic? I forgot....  :nervous looks like the kiss caught a lot of attention. Haha.... Maybe they will kiss more often later. And thx for reading.

Sorry for taking so long to post a new update. I didn't feel like post this.... :nervous actually I planned to post an one-shot first since this is ready first. Then I will post this first. Maybe later I will post the one shot. Oh.... And I have a new tumblr account. Took me long enough to know how to use... I am technology failure... And thx for waiting....


Chapter 11
It was a peaceful morning. No sound, no movement and more importantly NO school. This was a rare situation for me. I was sleeping on my bed and the sun already rose for a long time. I didn't care it as I only want was sleeping. 'Ding dong........' The doorbell suddenly rang. I didn't plan to wake up as I knew the person would go in no time or Yuki would get the bell. 'Ding dong.....' The person rang the bell again. I covered my ears with my pillow to block the sound from disturbing my sleep. 'Ding dong..... Ding dong..... Ding dong......' Where is Yuki? I woke up from my bed as I couldn't stand of the noise and went to open the door. I slightly cursed the person as she or he still rang the bell non-stop.

'What?!' I shouted at the person as he disturbed my sleep. I hated the one who disturb my sleep. 'Yui...... Don't you know today is the first day of summer vacation?' In front of me was a person in his butler suit, Yokoyama Yui. He is Kai's own butler. Very loyal and clever. Most importantly he was my senpai but graduated last year with his master. That meant he is 19 now.

'Good afternoon, Watanabe-sama. Long time we didn't meet. I didn't know you can change that much in a year. Looks like you have grown well as I can see some muscles here.' Then I only realized that I was only in my pants. I took off my shirt as I couldn't stand the heat in my room last night. 'And I do know that today is holiday for students but not for adults. And this is the reason. I came here.' He handed me a letter. It was a wedding invitation card.
To Watanabe Mayu,

You are invited to Takahashi Kai and Maeda Atsuko's wedding.

From Takahashi Kai.
After reading, I realized that he was not at the door entrance anymore and I could see some of the passerby were trying to take pictures especially girls. I slammed the door and went to living room as he was watching television there.

'You know.... You don't have to slam the door. And pls wear some shirt back. I don't plan to have some rumor for being with a shirtless guy in an empty house.' He said.

'The house is not empty as you said. The-------'

'Mayu...... Who the hell is that? For ringing the doorbell in the early morning.' Yuki interrupted me and said while she was still in her half awake and half asleep mode. We just stared at her until she was completely awake. The first thing that she said after she was completely awoke was 'Mayu? Where is your shirt?' She didnt even greet a person properly.

'Looks like Kashiwagi-sama is here. Paruru will be here in no time.' Yui said while still keeping his eye on Yuki. 'Mayu..... How dare are you to kidnap a girl and having 'that'?' Luckily, Yuki left the living room while he was talking halfway. Or else she would blushing madly again.

'She lived here. I didn't kidnap her and more importantly I didn't do anything to her. I think you should phone Paruru now as Yuki's aunt doesn't know Yuki live here.' I said. When I finished my words, Yuki came back with my t-shirt and Yui was busy to phone her lovely girlfriend. I meant Paruru. Paruru, Shimazaki Haruka is Yui's girlfriend and younger than Yui one year but graduated with Yui. What a clever girlfriend he has. I am not sure what is she doing now as I didn't hear much from her after she graduated. After gave me my sleeveless t-shirt, Yuki went to bath. So I decided to make us lunch as we haven't have our breakfast nor lunch. When I was about to go.......

'Where are you going?' Looked like Yui just ended the call with Paruru as he tugged his phone into his pocket.

'Prepare lunch.' I just answered shortly and prepare to go again.

'Oh.... You don't need to do that. You will have later.'

'Why?' I turned around and looked at him confusedly.

'Didn't you read the letter just now?' Asked he. I nodded and he continued where he left off. 'And we will bring you there later as Takahashi-sama asked us to do. Of course, we will make lunch for the------'

The doorbell rang and interrupted Yui. I went to open the door for the guest. When I opened the door, the first thing that I received was a slap. Because of the slap, Yui came out of the living room.

'Yo, Paruru....... What are you doing?' He asked his girlfriend and walked towards her.

'Who told you that you can kidnap an innocent girl?' Innocent girl? Did I kidnap one? When I was about to ask her, Yuki came out from the bathroom. When Paruru saw that, I just got another slap from her. 'How dare you?' She shouted angrily. I just gave her 'what the hell are you doing' face to her. She ignored it. Yui just giggled there.

'Did anything wrong?' Yuki asked surprisedly.

'Yuki-chan.... I am sorry.... I didn't know Mayu-kun will do something like that.' She said and walked toward Yuki. I closed the door. Yui didn't care about it and went back to the living room.

'Do something? What did he do?' Yuki asked confusedly. Paruru just gave her a sad face and suddenly hugged her friend. Yuki was surprised and looked at me with surprised. I just shrugged my shoulder.

'Ano...... Paruru.... Did anything just happen? Why did you act this way?' Yuki asked.

'What did you mean by did anything happen? Didn't Mayu do something to you?' 

'Something?' Yuki and I asked in the same time.

'Yes, something....' She said and made a eye contact with Yuki as she was trying to make Yuki understand what she was talking about. Suddenly, Yuki blushed madly.

'No... No.... I didn't have sex with Mayu. And Mayu didn't kidnap me. I lived here.' Yuki shouted while blushing and I could feel my cheek was hot.

'Eh??? But Yui said that he did.' She said. Yui laughed out loud in the living room. The three of us went to the living room and caught him and punished him. After a while, we got tired. We laid down on the floor and get some rest. Suddenly, Yui's phone rang. He picked up and answered the call. After ended the call, he told us to prepare some clothes and we were going out to the destination. When we arrived, we could only see a private luxury yacht standing in front of us.

'Eh? Why are we here?' Yuki asked confusedly. 'Don't tell me Acchan's wedding is here.'

'Of course not... We are going the island where Takahashi-sama's wedding will hold by this yacht.' Yui answered and guided us to get up to the boat. The first thing we saw was Rena, Jun, Yuko, Haruna, Rino and Lovetan chatting at the living room.

'Eh??? Really? I don't believe it.' Yuko stated out loud. The others except Rena and Jun were shaking their hand and denying the.... What are they deny again? When they saw us, they just greeted us and changed their subject. Why did I know? As it was too obvious.

'Yo.... Mayu and Yuki. Why did you take so long to come here?' Yuko asked, eye still on his phone as his phone just rang.

'Yup... Especially two of you stayed in the same house.' Jun said and walked towards me. When he was about to put his hand over my neck, he realized something. 'Mayu..... Why is your cheek bruised?'

'Hi guys.... Some drama just happened in my house. And I get two slap from someone.' I said calmly while Paruru just acted like she didn't know anything.

'Anyway guys..... Why are your bags still here? Didn't I tell you that you can choose any bedroom which is located at the second floor and put your stuff in?' Yui said while he was pointing at the bags on the dinning table.

'Well... You just have four rooms.' The three couples said in the same time.

'Then any problems?' Paruru asked and stood beside Yui.

'Yes we at least need five room as we have five couples here.' Rino said while still playing with his PSP while Haruna was watching him playing the game.

'Don't worry about Paruru and me as we are going to sleep in the sailing room. There is a couch in the sailing room.' Yui said.

'And the other problem is you only have a master bed in each room. You at least need a separate bed for one room.' Rena stated.

'Why?' Yui and Paruru stopped their work and looked at them confusedly.

'Or else Yuki and Mayu will have to share the same bedroom. And BED.' Lovetan said while emphasizing the last word. Yuki and I just blushed heavily. I couldn't even imagine that Yuki and I would sleep on the same bed. It would just made me nosebleed.

'Any problem? They could even have sexual intercourse without us knowing....' Yui said. With that, it was completely let my brain broke down.

'Mayu? Mayu? Mayu? MAYU!!!!!!!' Yuko shouted my name while my brain still couldn't help me to interpret. 'Are you okay? Did anything happen? Why are you having nose bleeding?' Then I only realized that I was nose bleeding while having some dirty thoughts. Yuki kept her eye wide and kept hitting me.

'What are you thinking? Watanabe Mayu!' Yuki shouted and embarrassed at the fact. While the others had their confused looks as this was the first time I was having this kind of reaction. From hitting me changed to tickle me. I couldn't help and laughed out loud. I shouted for help but I just received silence and stare. After a long time.....

'Okay... Yuki aren't you feel tired already? Tickling him for half an hour.' Yuki stopped as she also felt exhausted. 'Okay.... Now just took your bag and go to your room. Mayu and Yuki are going to sleep in the same room as no one want to change. No complain. Go now!' With that, we took our bags and went to our room. When we were unpacking our beg, the ship started to sail. After finish prepared, we went to have our lunch and started to swim. I didn't join them as I couldn't stand the heat and sun. I stayed at the living room. It was so boring. When Yui passed by, I asked him for some manga. He gave me some but shoujo manga. Mostly would about love. I don't really like it as it was boring. But I still read them.

At night, the others except Yui, Paruru and I were cleaning themselves while I was still reading the manga as I still hadn't finish yet. I didn't know that there were a lots of volume. Yui was in the sailing room which located at the the highest floor while Paruru was preparing dinner in the kitchen.

'Hey! The dinner is ready.' Paruru shouted while she was placing the last dish on the dining table. Feeling lazy, I still stayed at the same position. The others went to the dinning room already except Yui.

'Where is Mayu?' Yuki asked. 'Still laying on the couch in the living room? I will go and get him.' With that, she went to the living room and dragged me to the dining room. I sat beside her and started eating.

'Yuki.... How is your exam?' Haruna asked.

'Ummm.... I improved.... I am in the forth place in this exam.' Yuki said

'And you were worried about your exam.... I don't understand why.' Rena said.

'But you are in the third place. Last exam, I got the place. Shouldn't I worry about my result?' Yuki asked. Rena just ignored her and continued her meal.

'How about you, Mayu, Jun?' Yuko asked. I didn't reply as I knew Jun will boast his mark again.

'I got the first place and Mayu second.' Jun answered while pouting. 'But just 0.5% difference. Mayu, you really improved a lot.' I just smirked at him. He just gave me -_- look.

'Cute!' Rena suddenly said it out loud while poking Jun's cheek. The scene sudden remind me that Yuki also said the same word when she saw my pouting face. I blushed. While I was in my thought, Rena suddenly said something. 'Shouldn't the two of you be happy. Your result and our are 350 marks difference. How can the third place and the second place have some much difference?'

'How about you, Rino and Lovetan?' Yuko asked again.

'Tenth place.' Rino said and Lovetan just shrugged. Lovetan didn't really care her result and because of this, some of Rino's fans were angry at her. They think that Rino should have a clever girlfriend. But they didn't know that Lovetan was actually smart but lazy.

'Anyway, what are you doing this afternoon, Mayu?' Jun suddenly asked.

'Reading the shoujo manga that Yui recommend.' I answered.

'Shoujo manga? You read? Did I hear wrong?' Rino asked.

'No you didn't. It is quite boring at first but getting interesting now. I can tell why girls like it so much now. It is really addictive. Uhmmmm.... This vegetable is bad.' I said while I was munching my food.

'So do you feel the way that the character's feel now?' Jun asked while smirking.

'Sorry then. I didn't feel anything.' I said with my poker face.

'Didn't feel the way to someone?' Rino asked.

'Lol.... How can I feel something like that. I am not you. Can fall in love easily.' I said.

'Sorry... I have to go now. Sorry....' Yuki suddenly stood up and walked away. I asked her what happened but she just ignored me. After she went away, I could feel the girls' glare . It was really creep me out. I gave them an awkward smile. Suddenly Rena stood up and shouted: 'How can you smile that easily!?' And I received a slap again. After slapping me, she went out and the other girls also gave me a slap and went out with her. I think they were going to find Yuki. Then, I went back to continue eating my dinner. I thought I would have a peaceful dinner but I was wrong. The guys started to complain.

'Mayu! How can you eat here peacefully? Shouldn't you go out and chase Yuki back? ' Jun asked and sat beside me. I didn't answer him and continued to finish my dinner.

'Hey.... Mayu.... Did you hear Jun?' Yuko said and forced me to turn to him. 'Don't tell me that you don't like Yuki!' He shouted but I just gave him a confused look. Then he continued when he left off. 'You didn't know that Yuki love you?' I just gave him a shocked look.

'Lol.... Mayu don't play..... We are serious here.' Rino said.

'And I am serious too. What do you mean by Yuki love me?' I asked them. They just gave me a confused and shocked looks.

'You didn't know? I thought you knew about it.' Jun said with a surprise tone.

'And it is obvious that you have the same interest towards Yuki.' Rino said.

'Very funny. I didn't like Yuki. I thought Yuki as a friend. And I don't know that Yuki loves me at all.' I said out loud. I didn't aware that the girls were standing at the entrance. When I saw them, I only realized how my words hurt Yuki. I could also see the tears dropping down from her eyes. When I was about to move but I just received a slap from her.

'Watanabe Mayu! Who told you that you can play with my feelings like that? Who will like you! No one!' She said and her tears fell down continuously. And after that, she ran back to our room. I wanted to grab her hand and pulled her into a hug. But I just couldn't do it. The girls just gave me a glare and walked away. After the girls walked away, I could feel my cheek in pain again as Yuko punched me right on my face.

'I didn't know that you.... You are like this.... Watanabe Mayu. I am disappointed.' Yuko said with a disbelieved eyes and walked back to his room.

'I didn't think that the kiss between you and Yuki.... You could feel nothing. I thought you were smart but I am wrong. You are more denser than Yuki!' Jun shouted.

'I am sorry..... I did------' I didn't even finished my sentence as I got punch from Jun but this was different. He kept punching me.

'Sorry? You told me sorry after you hurt a girl. What are you thinking? Watanabe Mayu!' He shouted angrily. Rino tried to stop him but he failed. Suddenly, Yui came and stopped Jun, calmed Jun down. Yui was stronger and smarter after all. After that, Jun went back to his room. Rino just gave me a disgust look and walked away. I slowly removed myself from the floor as I could feel the pain around me. And sat on the couch. Yui went to the kitchen and brought our some ice and put them on the bruised spot. After helping me to put the last bandage on my cheek, he asked me what happened. Then I only realized that he and Paruru were not at there when the fight happened. I told him and he just face palmed.

'Are you that dense? You couldn't even realize your love to Yuki.' He said

'Are you kidding? How can I love her? When I don't know and more importantly I just thought her as a friend.'

'You really are dense.' He signed before he continued. 'Don't you feel jealous when someone is trying to flirt with her or something? Don't you feel warm and happy when she is around? Don't you feel hurt when she is flirting with someone else? Don't you feel reckless when she is not around? Don't you feel that you want her beside you all the time?' 

'I didn't feel jealous or anything because she didn't even see some other guys as she has trauma. I did feel warm and happy when she was around. I always wonder why did I feel something difference when I am around her. It felt like butterfly in my stomach. About when she is not around, I did feel something in my heart is empty and lonely. Why I feel that way? Did I really fall in love just like you guys said?' Yui just smirked and walked away. Before he went back to his room, he stopped and said.

'I can't help you. Neither of them can help you. You must figure out what you feel by yourself. And you are really like Takahashi-sama when come to love. As dense as him.' I just stared at his back until he completely lost of sight. I started to think all again and imagined what if one day, Yuki really went to see someone. Can I stand it? Can I accept the fact that she actually has a boyfriend? The answer is I can't even imagined her not beside me. It really messed up my mind.

To be continued

Sorry for making them fight... I have to let Mayu to realize his feeling. I am sorry.

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 11 UPDATED!
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Mayu is really a BAKA !!!  :smhid

Go get your Yuki, Mayu !!!

Yuki belongs to you !!  :angry:

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 11 UPDATED!
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MAYU YOU IDIOT!!! Why are you super dense and stubborn that you don't love Yuki?! :angry:

Poor Yuki. She had to hear that. :cry:

Mayu deserved those punches.

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 11 UPDATED!
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Poor Mayu, got slap a lot for one day

Mayu why are u just sit there. Go chase after Yuki

And realize ur love to Yuki already

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 11 UPDATED!
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Haha... *breaking heart*

Yuki no!!! :cry: Mayu you're so idiot!!

Now Yuki Will make you jealous(maybe)!!!!

Read the shojo manga OMG :angry: the answer is inside :catglare:
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 11 UPDATED!
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my heart exploded again!!!

pls call the ambulance!!!

just kidding xD
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 11 UPDATED!
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I thanked the update but didn't read it LOL what happened there?  :nervous okay must read now...
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 11 UPDATED!
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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 11 UPDATED!
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poor mayu, has received more hits in one day than in all his life  :shocked

please.... updated soon.... thanks
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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 11 UPDATED!
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I'm dead due to heart exploded. :imdead:

Jus joking.

My first time comment on ur fic. XD


Pls updated soon.  :bow:

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 12 Finally UPDATED!
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@ Zhen: ambulance! Wait... You just kidding? *signed in relieve* and thx for liking it and think it is awesome. I really appreciate that. Thx for reading and commenting. And pls comment again. I would appreciate it.

@ DKA48: sorry  :bow:I just realized that I let Mayu be everyone's punch bag. But still thx for reading and commenting. If I am not wrong this is your first comment right?

@ geki geki: forgetting?  :cry: it is hurt to know that! hahahaha!!!! Just kidding! I am really sorry for not updating in a long time. Thx for commenting and reading.

@ imteedee: eh?! You haven't read yet!  :cry: then I will only thx you for thanking! Lol! Just kidding! Anyway thx for commenting.

@ MayuxMatsuixMusic: ambulance again! Someone need help! Hahaha! Thx for reading and commenting.

@ Chanaline: hahaha! Mayu is genius but he still will be stupid sometimes! Thx for commenting and reading!

@ kirozoro: yup I agreed! Stupid Mayu! What are you doing! Thx for reading and commenting.

@ Konoe: Mayu deserve for the punch?  :scared:Poor Mayu! Poor Mayu! Then I will let him get hit more often! Hahaha! Just kidding! But Mayu is really super dense! Can't help. I am sorry for letting Yuki hear. Thx for reading and commenting!

@ olive29: olive-chan about the question that you ask in my another fanfic. It would be all of your fanfic! Pls update them soon! 
:bow: okay! Mayu will get his Yuki back but just in a matter of time! Thx for reading and commenting!

I am sorry that I am taking too long to update! Works and studies  :badluck: *running away* anyway pls enjoy it!

Chapter 12
It had been 3 days that we had arrived at the Takahashi's island. The wedding was going to hold tonight. So most of us were quite busy to prepare for the wedding. Beside that, the others still ignored me like I didn't present. Even Acchan, the senpai who I respected the most also ignored me when she heard about the news. I tried everything in order to solve the problem but I got ignored by everyone, especially Yuki. Whenever I talked to Yuki, she would walk away or ignore me like I am the thin air. It was painful to me. Luckily, Yui and Kai would help me to soothe my pain but it still pain when Yuki acted like that.

'Mayu! Kai-sama! The breakfast is ready! You can come now!' Paruru shouted as I was helping Kai to prepare in the garden. I finally knew what Paruru was doing now. She was the maid of Takahashi's family and Acchan's own maid. Why? Because she was going to marry to Yui. I was quite surprised when I heard that. But it is still happy new than mine, right?

 We rushed out to the dining room because we didn't eat our dinner as a punishment for losing the game that they chose. When we arrived, we saw the others were eating already. I sat at an empty seat beside Yuki. As usual, she stood up and walked away. I am really a bad guy, ain't I?

'You can sit here and eat peacefully. I will go to the garden.' I said painfully and walked back to the garden.

This garden was the only place where I only belong because in this few days, I had though about a lot of things in this garden especially Yuki. I found out that I really love her. The feeling that I always had was love but I terrified to get into a relationship. I always though about: Was I able to let her happy? Could I promise that I would only love her? Things could be happen. Fate could bring us together and could make us apart. I was scared to get hurt. When I was in my own world, someone tapped my shoulder. I looked back at the person and saw Kai.

'Why don't you just tell her already? You already found out, didn't you?' He said and sat in front of me. I just smiled sadly at him. 'You are a coward like Yuko when come to love.' He looked at me again and signed again. 'Again the same question?'

'Yup.... I am sorry if I am annoying.... But I just want to figure out this.'

'Fate could bring you to them also could apart you from them. But if you don't give up, nothing could apart you and the one you love. And of course, you must love her deep enough.' After saying that, he went back to the dining room. I just sat at the same position and though about it again.

'So could you understand now?' Someone suddenly said. I startled a bit when someone just came out of sudden and talked. 

'Yui! don't scared me like that?' I asked him.

'So can you understand?' I just silenced. 'You are really a slow learner when come to love. Mayu-sama. Slower than Kai-sama.'

'Yui.... How do you know Paruru is the one that you want?' I blurted out of sudden. He just gave me a weird stare. 'If you don't want to tell, I am okay with it.'

'Sometimes, you should listen to your heart instead your mind.' He ruffled my hair and back to the kitchen. They always left me hanging here. They told me that I should think by myself instead of giving me a full answer. It was a better way to make things clearer. But I think instead of make things clearer, they made it worst. When I was going to my own world again, I saw Yuko standing beside the garden gate and smirked at me but not long after, he went away.

At night, the wedding party started. It was like any other wedding ceremony: vowing with each other, exchanging ring and kissing. It was all the same. It should be a happy moment for all of us but I couldn't help but to watch over Yuki from the starting of the ceremony. She was surrounded by unknown guys. I tried hard to glare at them but they would just ignore me. I wanted to walk towards her but I scared that she would be sad to see me. So, I kept watching her from far away and didn't notice that someone was tapping my shoulder.

'If you scared that much, why don't you just help her to get out of that state?' Suddenly, someone said beside me while looking at Yuki. I was shocked and looked at the person. It was Yuko, Jun and Rino standing beside me crossing their arm around my head except Rino.

'Don't scare me like that! And I though that you guys were angry at me. What happened?' I asked confusedly.

'Yes we did but not now as we knew that you have feelings toward her too.' Yuko said.

'Still haven't confess to her yet?' Jun asked. I just shake my head. 'You are slow like Yuko.'

'Hey! I am here you know!' Yuko said with a bit louder sound.

'That's why! The two of you are brothers because both of you are cowards!' Rino said while giggled a bit. Jun was giggling as we didn't want to disturb the others for having fun. Yuko blushed and hit their head.

'Where are your lovely girlfriends? Don't you scare that the other guys try to flirt with them?' I asked in an annoyed tone.

'There! They are eating there! Don't you worried about Yuki?' Jun said while he was pointing at the direction where their girlfriends were. When I looked back at Yuki, I found out that she was not at there already. I tried to look over the place where she stood before but none of sight. Getting worried, I quickly went to find her. I ran everywhere but still didn't see her. I could feel my heart thumping loudly and cold sweat kept escaping.

'You should listen to your heart instead your mind.' The sentences suddenly hit my head. The sentences that Yui told me. I started running to the place that my heart told me but I was not sure that if she would be there. After running for a long time, I finally reached there. I was panting so hard. But I just couldn't stop there. After catching some breath, I looked around and saw a figure sitting and leaning her back on the tree trunk while seeing the beautiful night sky. I walked towards her and conformed my institution. It was her, Yuki, staring at night sky.

'Yuki!' I called her. She looked back at me. Then I saw her tears escaping from her eyes. Couldn't stand her crying i run towards her and didn't hesitate to hug her. Of course. She tried to push me away but I hugged her even tighter. It had been a long time, I didn't feel her warmth. Now I felt it again. It was really warm and secured. After she sobbing for a while, she finally calmed down. I released her and sat beside her while holding her hand. It really made me relaxed in this kind of atmosphere.

'Mayu... You shouldn't show this much of affection when you don't like the girl. It will make the girl confused.' She said while resting her head on my shoulder.

'And who is the girl who will like me?' Trying to make fun with her but it turned out the atmosphere suddenly turned to heavy. She stood up and stared at the sky.

Before she will leave me alone again, I grabbed her hand and pulled her to me. I kissed her hard on her lip, trying to show her that I love her. I could feel her slightly trembled with the sudden kiss. I caressed her cheek. After for a while, I finally felt that she returned the kiss. I was really happy. We kissed passionately. we broke our kiss due to the lack of air. I closed my eye as I could feel the heat rushed to my cheek while catching some breath.

'What... What is the kiss for?' She asked while catching some breath.

'I... I love you.' I said while blushing without my heart shake. Just like Yui said, maybe I should listen to my heart more often.


'Don't give me 'Eh'! Someone just confessed to you.' I shouted, felt embarrassed, used my hand to cover my face.

'I am sorry.' She said while looking at the grass.

'Why? I am the one who should say sorry. If I am not that dense you will not get hurt with what I said. I am sorry. But if you don't mind, can I ask a question?' I asked and intertwined our hands. She nodded. 'My heart had a room. He is asking you that do you want to stay in that room?'

'What kind of question is that? Isn't it that I am in your heart now? Or do you have a lot of room in your heart?'

'No! No.... I only have one room in my heart and it is always available for you! And only you!'

'But... I don't want to....' I was surprised with her answer. I didn't know that in a short time, her heart will be closed.

'I want to stay in your heart and your side forever. Can I?' I smiled with relief at her answer. She was looking at the ground, don't dare to look at me. I cupped her cheek up and connected our forehead. 

'Yes you can my dear princess.' With that, I leaned in and kissed her on her lip.

Finally they are together! Maybe I should end this already?

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 11 UPDATED!
« Reply #51 on: February 20, 2014, 11:45:15 AM »
Make it longer please !! Wanna see them after being together www :3

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 12 Finally UPDATED!
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i prefer to finish it maybe on the next 2 chapter LOL


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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 12 Finally UPDATED!
« Reply #53 on: February 20, 2014, 12:37:08 PM »
finally such a long time

mayuki saikou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

more kiss!!! XD

no!!!!!!!! continue~~~~~

just continue until they die XD

update :bow:

mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 12 Finally UPDATED!
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I think I'm getting diabetes. SO MUCH SWEETNESS.
BUT I LIKE IT.  :nya:  :shy2:

MORE KISS.  :luvluv1:

I want to see them after they get together.  :tama-laff:

Update soon.  :bow:

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 12 Finally UPDATED!
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Kya!!! Mayuki are finally together

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Re: The feeling (Mayuki and others) Chapter 12 Finally UPDATED!
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Yes! What took you so long baka Mayu?

If you are really planning on ending this soon depends if you still have ideas left for Mayuki's life as lovers. But I would love to read that for more fanservice. :D

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