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Author Topic: Hear my voice, my destiny (Atsumina, MaYuki, SaeYaka+others) Ch4 UPDATE!! 26/04  (Read 8563 times)

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Hi~!  :hand: I'm back with new long fanfic!  XD
I hope you enjoy it!
Sorry for my poor English  :nervous :nervous :nervous

Hear my voice, my destiny


She dreamed of rain. Behind a gray wall of falling water could not see anything, only the dark tree trunks rose gloomily around. She stood in the middle of the forest, she was not alone. On all sides could be heard whispering, wheezing, rustling leaves. Wind howled fiercely. Howl passed into the roar. Huge black shadows slowly floated from the depths of impenetrable gloom, and again concealed. She was scared. She was cold. Water flowed through his hair and clothes in streams. She screamed, but no one heard, no one came. Only the quiet hiss and whistle was her answer. Then came a voice. Quiet, remote, a soothing and mesmerizing. So soft, even delicate. He was familiar to her, but she could not understand who it belongs to. He called her. She wanted to move to him, follow him, to hear him always. Voice was beckoning, enveloped her. Was calm and not scary. The rain gradually retreated before the voice. She moved slowly forward. A voice coming, it seemed, out of nowhere. Nobody and nothing isn't may touch her, she knew it. Now she has been protected, now impenetrable darkness parted before her and direct her. Voice became a conductor, he called. Louder and louder, closer and closer, she ran forward...
- Sister, - someone slightly shook her shoulder. - Sister, wake up.
She opened her eyes. Sleep instantly dispelled. Outside the window, drumming rain ...
- We arrived? - her ​​sleepy voice is too quiet, but her sister heard her.
- A few minutes ago, - sister corrected her pendant, who kink during a long journey. - He said to wake you up, until the servants will be take our luggage to the castle.
- He said nothing more? - She looked at the car window, admiring from the morning raining.
- He also told us to sit here until his butler will come to us, - sister reached out, kneading her numb shoulders and puffed out her cheeks. - This is how much we have to wait?
- Enough to be offended. Surely he has a reason to make us wait. The more we are no hurry ... - she closed her eyes and tried to remember the voice that so fondly called her name in dream.

A/N: Prologue is too short, but the chapters would be a bigger, I promise!
Guess the pairing! 8)

How do you?
Please comment!  :bow:
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Re: [New fic] Hear my voice, my destiny (Guess the pairing!)
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the prologur is interesting

keep it up

I cant wait to know how the story looks like

please update the first chapter soon
Love AKB

Love this Pairing
                                And more ^^

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Re: [New fic] Hear my voice, my destiny (Guess the pairing!)
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Maybe Saeyuki... or..Saeyaka!!! :inlove:

Either way, the guy is DEFINITELY Sae!!!!! :wub: :wub:

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Re: [New fic] Hear my voice, my destiny (Guess the pairing!)
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Interesting prologue

Can't wait to see the start of the story

Thank you for the interesting fic...

I hope it's MendolxAKB crossover.... and the main is Kai and Atsuko

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [New fic] Hear my voice, my destiny (Guess the pairing!)
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@Elo, @cisda83
Thank you for your feedbacks!  :bow:
Here is first chapter! In this chapter pairings will be clarified. But not all...  XD
Either way, the guy is DEFINITELY Sae!!!!! 
You're absolutely right!  :lol: :lol: :lol:
You know me very well  :lol: :lol: :lol:

Sorry for my English. :nervous It's my second language, so may be mistakes. Gomen-nasai  :bow:

So here is the first chapter! Enjoy!

Chapter 1.

- Come in, please, - the butler politely opened the castle's front door for them.

In the car, they hadn't wait for long. Almost immediately after her waking up the car door opened, and the butler asked them to follow him, saying that the young master is waiting for them inside.

Tanigawa Keisuke (the name of the butler) - 55-60 years old man with graying hair and deaf, but very pleasant voice - picked out of the castle two umbrellas and gave it to girls. So up to the castle, in spite of the rain, they got almost dry and not frozen.

The first thing that girls saw, entering the castle - a huge hall. It is in these halls, in their view, and conducted medieval balls. Immediately catches the eye a wide staircase, up to which it was possible to go to the second floor.

- Impressive, is not it? - Sisters at first did not realize who it said, and where the person was, until they saw the entrance to one of the arched corridors. There stood a dark-haired young man, dressed like one of those medieval vampires, of whom sisters loved to read. - Welcome to the Miyazawa's family estate!

- Miyazawa-sama, - the butler bowed. - I thought you'll wait in the living room.

- Thank you, Tanigawa, - a young man came up to the numbed girls. - Further I cope by myself. You can go.

- As you wish, young master, - with these words the old butler was gone.

- So, - the young man turned to the sisters. - Are not you tired after the trip, Maeda-san, Kashiwagi-san?

- No, Miyazawa-sama, not tired. That's right, sister? - Maeda Atsuko looked at his sister, Kashiwagi Yuki.

- That's right, sister, - Yuki looked at him and bowed to him. - Thank you for what you have decided to take care of us until our full age.

- I'll be happy "to take care" for the two of you, - the young man smiled, but then his joyous smile turned into a sad smile. - I have great respect for your father, so his last request to me ...

He did not finish the sentence, looking at his wristwatch.

- Oh, dinner will be soon, - he took a step towards the stairs. - Come, I'll show you to your rooms.

Atsuko and Yuki, saying nothing, went after him.


- Ne, Sae, not you think that they can find out our secret!?

After Sae showed the girls to their rooms, he went to his office and called his trusted friends.

And now the two of them were sitting in the Miyazawa's office and tried to convince him that to take custody of the two sisters was a bad idea.

One of them, small stature blond man, the right hand of the head of Miyazawa household . He quickly walked around the room and somehow angry. Sae already accustomed to small oddities of his "relative" and paid no attention to his exclamations.

Second - black-haired boy, who you can give 14-15 years - sitting on a black leather couch and quietly read the book. His relaxed appearance could fool anyone, but his older "brother" seen his willingness at the slightest danger to pull the sword out of the scabbard.

In the end, the anger of first guy has dried up, and it just fell into the nearest chair.

- Satisfied? - blond man nodded. - And now down to business. What do you think?

- Sae, not you think that they can find out our secret? - A short guy again asked the same thing, only more quietly.

- Find out or not ... Why guess? Just go with the flow, and then - come what may, - Sae closed his eyes and leaned back in the chair on which he sat.

- Why did you do it?

- Their father left a bequest in which he asked me to take care of them ... Despite the fact that he was not like us, he was my friend ...

- Don't you think that your wife would be jealous? - blond man grinned. - Two such charming young girl in the house ...

- Takahashi, how many times I tell you? I love only her, and she knows it perfectly ... - Sae looked suspiciously at his "relative". - You're acting like a jealous little wife now...

- What? - Takahashi jumped to his feet, lost his temper.

- Come on, - Miyazawa laughed. - You think I'm serious?

- You ...

- Maybe it's enough already? - The guy who was sitting on the sofa, closed the book and looked at his older "brothers". - Takahashi, enough to be angry with Sae. Sae, stop josh Takahashi. Seems that you like it.

He stood up and walked over to them.

- We are not here to discuss the jealous of Sae's wife, - he sighed. - You have a reason for called us, right, Sae?

- Watanabe rights, - Miyazawa went to a huge window and looked at the gloomy landscape. - I want you both to monitor these girls.

- Eeeee!? This is wrong! - Takahashi again began to resent.

- At this time he is right. Why we need to monitor them?

- This is an order, and the orders are not discussed, - Sae turned to them. - Takahashi, monitor the older sister - Maeda Atsuko. Watanabe, a younger sister - Kashiwagi Yuki - yours. Every day you will report to me. Got it?

- Yes! - military bearing has done its job - the two began to obey orders.

- One more thing. They do not have to go to the left wing of the castle. Another your task - don't let them go to this place, - Sae turned back to the window. - You may go.

After Takahashi and Watanabe shut the door, Sae rubbing his temple and sighed.

- Now we must be more careful ... Otherwise, our end will come ...

Hai, this is the first chapter!  :yep: You like it?

How do you?
Please comment!  :bow:

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Re: Hear my voice, my destiny Ch1 UPDATE!!
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Hi, Lost Heaven-san :)
I've just read your new fic
And it was great :twothumbs :twothumbs
I wonder what Sae was
Can't wait to see chapter 2
Mayuki and Atsumina :inlove:
Are Mayu and Takamina danso in here? :?
Hope you'll update soon :D
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Working on translating an awesome Kojiyuu fanfic, right now ☆〜(ゝ。∂) :mon beam:

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This'll be awesome!!!

Sae, Takamina, and Mayuyu are all handsome vampire boys! :inlove:

Something tells me Sae's wife is you-know-who~~~ :P

Acchan and Yukirin in this huge castle!!! And what's at the left wing?? :shocked

Love this! Can't wait for an update!!! :heart: :twothumbs

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sae is married with you know who

and the secret interesting mystery

atsumina and mayuki is beginning

let the play start

hehe please keep it up you are writing about my favourite pairings
Love AKB

Love this Pairing
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kukuku. this fic is interesting. please update soon!  :cow:

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Yeah... Atsumina and Mayuki....

I like these pairings.... Thank you

Quite funny the interaction between Sae and Minami...

What are the 1st name of Takahashi and Watanabe here in this story?

I can't wait to see more

Thank you for the lovely update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Wooooooh Interesting! Atsumina and Mayuki interesting!! :twothumbs

I think it is going to be funny :P

Thank you continue!
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Secret? Wife? I can't wait to figure out hehe

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yeah atsumina!
Follow me

Surprise Gift ║ Kai x Atsuko

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Hi, leEwẬy-san  :hand: :hand:
Yes, Mayu, Takamina, Sae and several members are danso in this fanfic.  XD So don't be surprised  :P
I'm glad you decided to read my fanfic.  :w00t: Hope you like it!  :roll:

I love to read your comments!  :heart: They are so good cheer up!  :lol:
And your fanfiction, I also love to read. *sukisukisuki* I'm glad you decided to write the second season of "Fire and Ice".  :wub: :twothumbs

I'm glad you read this fanfic! Hope you like it!  :roll:
I also hope that I shall write this fic to the end.  :D

Names of Takahashi and Watanabe in this fanfic?  :?
Soon find out ... I love the intrigue ...  XD XD XD :lol: :twisted:

Yes, wife and secret  XD

@den_takacchan, Chanaline, Haruko
Hope you like this story!  :roll:

And more...
@TTLuver497, Elo

Something tells me Sae's wife is you-know-who~~~
sae is married with you know who
Voldemort :? :? :? Haha, just joking  :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thank you for your comments!  :bow: :bow: :bow: They are very important to me!

And here is a second chapter! Douzo! Yoroshiku!

Chapter 2.

She was back in the woods. Again the voice guided her to God knows where. Again, she could not figure out who it belongs to.

She walked among the tall pines and firs, enjoying the smell of pine needles. Somewhere not far lone bird singing, but she listened to a voice. But he was not approached, as if the voice is also moving.

Finally, she saw a black dot in the distance, a faint resemblance to the silhouette of the person.

- Wait! - She ran, trying to find out who owns this voice. - Wait a minute, please!

But the point is not approaching. As if it was running in place.

- Tell me who you are! - She tripped and fell, hitting his knees hurt.

- Not time yet ... - voice whispered close to her ear and flew away, blown by the wind.


Atsuko woke up because tangled in a blanket and fell from the bed to the floor. This often happened to her, so she was not even surprised.

Sitting on the floor, Acchan again looked his room.

She liked the color of her room - green and beige. As if she was at home in Tokyo. But still, something was missing.
Something elusive ...

She went out to the balcony, which she discovered yesterday after she came out of the Yuki's room after the usual evening conversations.

Downstairs was a forest of some unknown trees. Acchan could not even determine what kind of tree, in spite of his love to nature and biology lessons.

Maeda took a deep breath, savoring the smell, which gave the trees. She put her hands on the railing of the balcony and looked at the blue sky, where the sun was already in full.

After yesterday's rain was a little chilly, so Acchan shivered and remembered that she went to the balcony only in her pajamas. She giggled, jokingly cursing her carelessness and forgetfulness.

Atsuko was just about to return to the room, when she noticed that at her feet lies a small piece of paper.

- What is it? - She knelt down and lifted the sheet, unfolded it.

There are not very accurate (rather boyish) handwriting was written: "I ​​look forward to our meeting. I want to know who you really are. Will soon meet ... "

Acchan gasped, frightened, and her back creep, when she read the signature of the sender.

"Your invisible shadow ..."


Yuki woke up, feeling the touch of the sun.

Yesterday she and Atsuko talked late into the night, discussing everything in the world as always.

After her sister went to her room, Yuki still long just lay on the bed, remembering her dream.

Waking up, Yuki did not immediately remembered that she and her sister now live with friend of their father in huge castle.

Kashiwagi looked at the clock, standing on the bedside table. Nine am ... Usually at this time she and her sister were going on their bikes to school, feeling like a headwind whistling in my ears, and laughing at the next joke.

Yuki did not want to admit herself, but she has already miss ... Her carefree life, loving parents, school, classmates and friends ... Even pesky physics teacher ... She looked at her mobile, which lies next to the clock. White, with flashing buttons when you press them.

Kashiwagi picked up the phone in her hands and looked at the picture of Purikura on its cover. She, Atsuko, their friends ... It seemed like it was so long ago ...

"I'll call Kuumin and meet somewhere" - she thought. - "Not. It is better to send her a message. "

She opened the cover of the phone and has rapidly print a message.

「Subject: Meeting

Kuumin, long time no see! Let's meet? I think that we have a lot to tell to each other ^ _ ^.


As usual, the friend's answer is not long in coming. Yuki always thought that Kuumin not separated from the phone for a minute.

「Wow!  :heart: Where and when?」

Yuki chuckled. Short answers are Kuumin's trademark.

「I think the next day after school in our place.  :heart: Call Churi and tell to Shawako about the meeting. Oh yes! And don't forget Non-chan! She will be happy!」

Yuki put down the phone and got out of bed.

Going to the window, loosely disguised by reds curtains, she saw that it was not the window, but a glass door. Opened her, Kashiwagi came to a small balcony, all wreathed with unknown plants.

The sun was shining in full, and with funny grimace, she closed her eyes and lifted her face for warm rays. Standing a little so, she heard the children's delighted laughter somewhere below.

Approaching the edge of the balcony and putting his hands on the railing, Yuki looked down. What she saw surprised her to the core - huge garden, well-kept, various sparkling shades of flowers planted there. Looking a little further, she saw the maze! Real, living maze! Yuki had never seen anything like it, even in the mansions of the richest people in Japan, to which she and her father, mother, and Atsuko went to the receptions.

She is enjoying the splendor and not heard that someone opened the balcony door and went to her.

Having felt a hand on his shoulder, Yuki jumped with fright, but turned to see only her older sister.

- Acchan! - Her heart was racing. - Do not try to frighten me more so!

Yuki looked at her sister. Today she was in a dress that their father presented to her last birthday. It emphasizing her beauty.

- Wow! - Sister also could not look away from the scenic view, extends downward. - Lucky you with the room! From my balcony visible to only the woods ...

Yuki closed her eyes again, allowing herself to relax a little.

- Eh? Who is it? - Acchan voice brought her back to reality.

Opening her eyes, she saw that two small children who looked about two or three years old run out of the labyrinth.

- This means that I heard their voices! - Yuki tried better to consider them, but the children were moving so fast that it was not possible.

Out of the corner of her eye she caught another figure in the maze. A girl in a light white tunic and white breeches walked slowly, apparently enjoying the good weather.

The children saw her, something shouted and ran to her. She sat down on her haunches, said something and smiled.

- She's beautiful ... - Atsuko looked at it with undisguised interest. - I wonder who they are?

- We have not seen them yesterday in the castle, right? - Yuki looked at her sister.

- Yes, - Maeda nodded. - I'll have to ask Miyazawa-sama.

She stood still a little lost in thought, then looked up at Yuki.

- Sister, are you going to stand here in a nightgown? Let's go, pick your outfit for today!

Acchan grabbed his sister's hand and dragged her back into the room.

Hai! This is the Chapter 2! It's quite boring, I'm sorry  :bow:
Sorry for my poor English  :bow: :bow:
How do you? Please comment!

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Ooh~ this is getting good. :deco:

They're almost about to meet! :cathappy:

Glad your excited for "Fire and Ice 2." I'm already working on it, and I also made a special spin-off chapter(two part).

BTW, Voldemort is called "He who must not be named," not "You-know-who"!!! :rofl:

Also, glad to hear my comments cheer you up. :twothumbs

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At first I was kinda confused but after a while read carefully I've understood it, perhap :sweatdrop:
I wonder the kids and the girl was who :?
"Your invisible shadow ..."
Is it Takamina or another person? :huhuh
Lots of questions but this chapter is not boring, after all :D
Anyway, update soon please :bow:
Working on translating an awesome Kojiyuu fanfic, right now ☆〜(ゝ。∂) :mon beam:

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Wah... nightmare.... Yuki?

Eh... stalker... Atsuko?

Who are these small children?

These two people that came to meet up with the children are Takahashi and Watanabe?

Atsuko seems to be interested in them....

I want to know when they meet each other partners...? or how?

Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next

Thank you for the great update

 :heart: :love: :inlove: :wub:

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I'm glad you read this fanfic  :deco:
Excuse me I don't know that.  :cry: :bow:  In the Russian translation Voldemort called not only "He who must not be named", but also "You-know-who"... :yep: It is necessary, perhaps, to read a book in English, is it?  :nervous

@ leEwẬy
At first I was kinda confused but after a while read carefully I've understood it, perhap
You do not understand because of my mistakes? I'm sorry  :bow:
Is it Takamina or another person?
Lots of questions but this chapter is not boring, after all
All answers to questions will be in the story. All the mysteries gradually unfold.  XD

Thank you for what you read!  :bow:
Everything that happens in this fanfic, interrelated. Since this is only the beginning, much is unclear.  :nervous XD XD

Thank you for your comments!   :bow: :bow: :bow:   They are very important to me!
And here is a third chapter! Douzo! Yoroshiku!
I apologize for my grammar mistakes!  :bow:

Chapter 3.

- Yuki ... - Atsuko sat on the younger sister's bed . - With you happened anything strange recently?

- Strange? - Kashiwagi, searching for something in her suitcase, turned sharply and looked at her. - Meaning?

- Well ... - Acchan shook her head. - Like that.

Maeda handed to sister the letter that she found in the morning. Yukirin read it and stood up abruptly:

- Invisible shadow?! - She looked at her sister with wide eyes. - What does this mean? Where did you get this?

- I found this this morning at the balcony ... Maybe it's someone's joke?

- Then obviously a joke turned out unsuccessful, - Yuki angry. - If I find the person who did it ...

- "Death sentence"? - Acchan giggled. - Stop being angry. At such moments you get darker. And I do not like it, you know.

- I'm sorry ... - Kashiwagi sat next to her sister. - If it a stalker, you need to be careful.

- Of course, - Acchan rested her head on Yukirin's shoulder. - You know I'm always careful.

- Here therefore I also worry! - Yuki corrected the strap of her dress. - If you die ... I do not know what I'll do ... I can not live without you ...

- Yuki ... - Acchan put her hand on her sister's hand. - I can not leave you ... We're twins, right?

- Yes, - Kashiwagi nodded. - We are always together ... No matter what ...

They both fell silent, thinking about something else. Atsuko thought about stalker and younger sister. Yuki is trying to understand the meaning of her dreams.

Silence would have lasted even longer, but Acchan as if waking up, jumped out of bed, with nearly pushed Yukirin to floor:

- We have to be in the living room!


After their breakfast (the two of them have breakfast in the Yuki's room) butler showed them the location of the room and reported that, "Miyazawa-sama will be waiting for you here at half past eleven."

Girls were already late because of their thoughts, so when they came into the living room, they are not surprised to see there the owner of the castle.

He was sitting on one of the chairs near the fireplace and attentively reading a book in a black cover.

When Yuki and Atsuko entered the room, Sae closed the book and stood up.

- Miyazawa-sama, we apologize for the delay! - After girls apologizing Sae laughed and said with a smile:

- You now look like two naughty secondary school's student... But you already senior pupils, if I remember correctly, right? - Sae looked at the clock above the fireplace. - By the way, you're not too late. So no need to apologize.

After that, he pointed to the sofa, standing near the coffee table.

- Have a seat.

Yukirin and Acchan sat down and began to look at Sae. Today he was wearing jeans and a white shirt, unbuttoned at the top two buttons.

"Ikemen~" - flashed in the Yuki and Atsuko's mind.

- So ... - Sae sat back in place. - Today, I want you to meet someone. They will soon have to be here, and yet ...

His words interrupted by a knock at the door.

- Yes, come in! - Sae stood up. - Here they are ...

Rang out barely audible creak of hinges, the door opened, and two guys entered in the living room. They came to the Miyazawa and shook hands with him and began to speak something to him softly.

At the same time, Yuki and Atsuko, whispering, trying to guess who they are.

- Maybe it's Miyazawa-sama's colleagues?

- Colleagues? - Yuki chuckled. - One - midget, in addition also blond, and the second one is not yet fifteen years old.

- Then a friends? Or relatives? Or younger brothers? - Acchan enumerates all the possible options.

- They did not look like!

- Girls! - They whisper stopped Sae's voice. - Let me introduce you to your bodyguards.

- Bodyguards? - on their faces was such a surprise that the blonde smiled, and the second guy chuckled. Sae, it seems, did not noticed it.

- Yes, the bodyguards. These places are not safe, so I thought it necessary to put to you a bodyguard. So, - he turned to the boys, who standing next to him. - Themselves introduce yourself or I try?

- Themselves, - blond man chuckled and took a step toward the girls. - Takahashi Minami, 21. But better call me Kai.

- Why is that? - Yukirin mentally slapped herself on the forehead. Her sister TOO curious.

- It's none of your... - Kai tried to speak, but Sae interrupted:

- In order not be confused with my younger sister, - and Miyazawa grinned, while Takahashi blushed.

- You again?

- Takahashi, stop, - the second guy came forward. - Tell Sae everything you think of him, a little bit later.

He turned to the girls:

- I ask for forgiveness. Kai always too hot-tempered.

- It's okay, we understand, - Yuki nodded, confirming the sister's words.

- My name is Watanabe Mayu. I think you take me for fourteen years, based on my exterior? I hasten to disabuse you - the look has a lot to hide. I'm 18, I'm the same age as yours.

"He heard us?" - In the Yuki's mind swept panic thought.

Acchan got up from the couch, and bowed to guys.

- Maeda Atsuko, 18. You can call me Acchan. I hope I'm not annoy you.

Yukirin stood next to her sister.

- Kashiwagi Yuki, 18. You can call me Yukirin. I hope you take care of us.

Mayu smiled slightly, and Kai nodded.

- Maeda-san, your bodyguard will be Kai. Kashiwagi-san, your bodyguard will be Mayu. From today, they will follow you anywhere, with any questions also appeal to them. I think you will get along well with ... - Sae did not finish the phrase, as in the corridor came a terrible clatter, and the next moment the door opened and the into living room flew two small hurricanes.

- PAPA!!! - With this exclamation hurricanes ran to Sai and tried to jump on it, but one of them fell to the floor and hit his head on the leg of a table.

- Ouch! It hurts! - fallen hurricane was very beautiful black-haired boy with big dark brown eyes. He got up, still rubbing his bruised by right hand, left hand slightly, as if in jest, hit the leg of a table. - Bad leg!

- Brother! - Second hurricane (was a girl) ran to the fallen boy and grabbed his arm. - Very painful?

The boy immediately wiped his tears, straightened his back and said proudly:

- That did not hurt! I'm a man! Girls should cry! - Then he turned to Sae. - That's right, papa?

Sae went to the boy and his sister and placed his hands on their heads and patted them, causing the girl laughed.

- Papa, stop it!

- P ... papa!? - Atsuko and Yuki recovered from the shock and could say something.

Miyazawa looked at them:

- Forgive me for not warned, - he smiled broadly. - And you couldn't think, perhaps, that I have kids.

- Yeah ... I look at you, so I can't say that you're a adult man, - Kai not miss the opportunity to poke fun his friend. - Most likely, I will say that Watanabe married.

- Uncle Kai, don't say that to papa, - Sae's daughter ran to the blonde man and took his hand. - You do not want me to be angry?

Kai sat down and smiled at the girl:

- Well, well, princess ... You can not get angry, you do not want to turn into an old witch?

Mayu, who was standing nearby, could not resist and gave cuff on the nape to Takahashi:

- Enough talk nonsense, she will then have nightmares!

- Sorry, sorry ...

- I'm sorry for our behavior! - Yukirin jumped up from the sofa and bowed. - We could not think that you ...

- Because I'm look so young? It's okay, I do not much older than you and Atsuko. You're probably used to, that people have children in the 30-40 years old, but our family is not so, - he adjusted the cuff of shirt. - But this is too confusing, so I'll tell you about that later. And now, I think it's time you get to know my children.

He walked over to his son and pushed him a little bit:

- Come on, - and he sat in a chair by the fireplace. Mayu and Kai went to the window.

Boy straighten up, cleared his throat and spoke:

- Miyazawa Ruka, the heir of the Miyazawa family . Nice to meet you!

When the boy bowed, Yuki noticed silver strands in his coal-black hair.

"This is strange ... Did someone may have such hair color?" - until Yuki thought, the girl ran to her brother and with a cute smile she said:

- Miyazawa Anna, but you can call me Aanya, - she curtsied. After that, she went to the girls who sitting on the couch. - Onee-chan tachi, who are you?

Ruka also ran up to them, and suddenly his eyes wide and he exclaimed:

- Sister, it's Yukirin and Acchan!

- Eeee!? - Yuki and Atsuko were amazed - they had never seen these children closely, and they already know their names.

Ruka, seeing their surprise, quickly added:

- I heard you this morning, when my sister and I walked.

- Ruka, - Aanya tugged brother by the jackets sleeve. - So, this is our older sisters?

- Sisters? - Acchan barely audible whisper it, but Sae heard it.

- Yes, you are now part of our family ... - Miyazawa suddenly remembered something. - By the way, Ruka, Aanya, where is your mother?

The door to the room opened again, and Yuki with Atsuko saw the girl that was with the Ruka and Aanya morning in the garden.

- I'm here. Sorry I'm late, - she bowed to Yuki and Atsuko. After that, she went to Sae. - Ume-chan with Yuttan again quarreled. I had to make peace their.

- As always ... - Kai spoke up.

- Have you already here? - She turned to the guys who standing at the window. - Kai, you as always sarcastic.

After that, she went to Yuki and Atsuko:

- Hopefully, Ruka and Anna is not too noisy?

- No, no! They are very cute kids, - Acchan smiled. - I want to have kids like they in future ...

And Acchan taken to the country of dreams. Yuki bit hit her on the arm, returning Maeda to reality.

- Kashiwagi-san, Maeda-san, let me introduce you to my wife. Miyazawa Sayaka.

- I am very glad to see you in our house. Sae a lot spoke about you. Nice to meet you.

- We are also very pleased!

- Here are all met, that's nice. I think you will meet with the rest in later. And now I must leave you - work, work and work again! - with these words Sae left the room.

- I think we're going too. Have a nice day! - Sayaka came to the door. - Ruka, Aanya, let's go.

The children followed her.

After the door closed behind them, Yukirin and Acchan left alone with theirs bodyguards.

In the next chapter "Hear my voice, my destiny":

- Yukirin and Acchan sent to the city to meet with their friends! Of course, accompanied by Kai and Mayu;

- Arrived Sayaka's sisters and returning from nowhere Sae's sisters;

- Ruka's hair color - strange or normal?

Please wait for the next chapter!

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I don't understand chapter 2 not because your mistakes :on drink:
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