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Author Topic: Unnatural High: Haruka (Part 3)  (Read 4471 times)

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Re: Unnatural High: Sidechapter- H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N (NIGHT) Part 3
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"WHYYY!!" Screamed Miki, in despair.

"We were almost there" she continued.

"Time out". They all look at the source, Naachan, "Looks like we've got good news and bad news".

"What good news, it's all bad news".

"I agree with her".

"Bad news is there's still more, the good news is there's three left,worse news is they're strong".

"Worst news is it's Yuko and Gekikara". said Naanya

"Yup totally didn't see that".

Renacchi pointed her finger at Miki, "It's all Miki's  fault".
"What'd I do".

"You provoked the author".

"It's gonna turn out bad anyway, the author's got no skil- mmgrh". Renacchi had her hand on Miki’s mouth.

"Sorry, just continue the sto-oww". Miki stepped on her as a rebellion.

The author replied, "Bla bla bla bla bla, Got it".

There was also another bad news, Gekikara and Yuko found them, but Takadeka was not near them.

Gekikara was biting her nails, she then looked at all of them and stopped at Miki, letting out her famous laugh.

Renacchi clasp he hands, "Great, let's leave Miki to her”.

“R u Crazy”.

“Says the girl who's wearing crayons”. They stuck out their tongues at each other.

Gekikara and Yuko couldn't sit still watching both of them argue. They started to punch them . They were dumbfounded by the sudden attack. Totally forgot they were this strong.

“Ok, Miki and Renacchi are gonna take on Gekikara, you and I guys with Yuko.

“Why am I stuck with her” whined Miki. Renacchi closed both of her ears, hearing her.

“You both have the worst relationship” complained Naachan before running of to Yuko.

VS Yuko
The three of them tried to hit her at the same time. But, she moved so quickly, hitting and kicking, and in a few minutes, they were lying on the ground moaning. They didn't even get a scratch on her. Yuko wasn't tired yet, she put her hand on her neck and turned it left and right, popping it with a series of clicks in rapid succession. They managed to stand up, slowly while breathing heavily. They hold up their fists up till their shoulders.

"Don't hold back or I'm gonna break you" said Yuko. After finding out how strong she was, they decided to use some of their powers. Naanya using her strength and speed, Naachan transformed her arm into a bat and Yuiri helped from behind since she can't fight. Naanya rushed at Yuko, using her speed she made Yuko distracted by looking at her long enough for Yuiri to hit her on the back of her knees. Naanya speedily came over and kicked Yuko by the jaw. While her head was tossed to the back, Naachan hit her, her head going forward this time. After a few more fights between Yuko and wNana, they were on the ground. Taking it as a chance, Yuiri cast an incantation, she summoned chains from the ground and bind her.

VS Gekikara

Gekikara has her fingers on her teeth, ready to bite the fingernails and she was also doing her signature laugh. She was ready to punce on both Miki and Renacchi.

"Wait" said Miki and put her hands up to say "stop". Gekikara stopped biting her nails from curiosity.

"Can we reschedule this, if I'm late my mom's gonna kill us".

Renacchi looked at her in utter shock and blurted out "In this situation we're both gonna die". Gekikara threw something at them. They turned back to the fight.

"Now, where were we ?" Said Gekikara and with a flick of her hand, as if to say come on, towards them. After a few missed hits, they both had their backs to the wall, it was sort of a dead end. Gekikara approached Miki, Miki tried to throw a punch but her feet were pulled of violently, she was being dragged through the whole place. Gekikara had her back shown towards Renacchi. Renacchi tried to sneak up behind her, but Gekikara back-kicked her.

After being dragged for a few moments, Miki was thrown away.

"Should we attack her at the same time"

"I don't even think she's human". They decided to go with the plan anyway.

The other three finally arrived to both of them on the ground.

Miki had an idea, "Naachan can you change into a guitar".

Renacchi backed up her idea,"That's it Gekikara's past, she always go berserk on herself when she hears a guitar chord"

Naachan turned into a guitar. Miki picked her up and played a chord. Upon hearing it, she had a flashback to her childhood. She took a nearby sharp object and inflicted it on her thigh. Not hearing anything, being in her own world, Renacchi and Naanya were behind ready to knock her out. After Gekikara slowed down, they took the chance and hit her repeatedly, not giving her a chance to fight back. They needed to hurry since Yuiri has to set up the chains. Taking the perfect moment, she was finally taken down.

They all hurriedly went to the room where the mastermind was in. After searching, they finally found it. They didn't make a sound, to surprise attack the person. It didn't went as plan. In front of them was a tall, slender, beautiful cat-like girl.

"Are you the mastermind" asked Naachan, the unnofficial leader. The girl only smile and shake her head.

"That will be me" a voice from behind her was heard. The figure was hard to recognize at the distance. It came closer and the figure was beginning to resemble someone. They were all in shock seeing who it was.

"IT'S YOU?" They all said together.


Author: WOOOHOOO (Packing stuff in bag)
Miki:What are you happy about?
Author: I’m going on a family vacation duh.
Miki:Why were you late updating.

Author looks out window

Naanya:I think I know why
Author:You know
Naanya: Our graduation announcement
Author: It was so sudden
Miki:Well, have fun on your vacation

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Re: Unnatural High: Sidechapter- H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N (NIGHT) Part 4
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The said person was walking towards them.

Naachan stood in front of  them "Why are you doing this Takamina-san?"

"Aren't you forgetting someone more important." Said a voice from the other side of the room.

They all said, "Shinoda-sensei."

"I'm surprised you've made it this far." She looked at each of them and to Takamina. "Now for the last fight, Takamina-san." Takamina nodded.

The door behind them opened, revealing the people they defeated before. Takamina arched back her fist, instead of hitting them, she opened her fist for a handshake. "Congratulations you've passed the test."

It took them about 3 seconds before shouting. "TEST?!!"

Dance floor

"You all knew about this?" Yuiri asked all the involved people.

"It was Mariko's idea".

Mariko explained, "Just wanted to make sure that you can defeat us even when one of us turned evil."

Mariko also pointed out, "Although, Sakura wasn't part of the real plan." Everyone looked at Sakura who was munching on melonpan with Rena.

"I saw everyone on the ground, so I quickly did the same."

Naanya was a little annoyed with what she did, "Shut up, you're just jealous of  Maki who gets to kiss girls and they ain't mad about it."

She kissed Naanya again, "And it worked.". She smiled victoriously, back to melonpan

Naanya returned back to reality. "No it didn't and you stole it."
"Stole what?"

"My $&jsj*&*&." Everyone came closer to hear what she said. "My djsjjejd."

She took a deep breath in, and spoke as she let it out. "My f-first....kiss."

They all spat out their drinks. "FIRST KISS??" Naanya shyly nodded.

"Your first kiss is a girl." mocked Takamina.

Yuko was ‘trying’ to be helpful. “Don't be jealous Takamina, we know you haven't had your kiss yet."

"Oh and you did?."

"Just ask my Nyan Nyan, said Yuko while her face was halfway buried into Nyan Nyan's breast.

"Yuko, not while the others are here." Yuko gave Nyan Nyan a pout.

Curiosity got the best of Naachan, "Ano,who is she exactly?" she looked at Nyan Nyan

Takamina said ,"Oh, she's-"

"My waifu."

She ignored Yuko ,"She's the research assistant."

While they were chatting, Naanya noticed that some people were missing."Wait, where's Miki, Milky, Sasshi and Jurina?"

"PARTY PEOPLE." They heard someone shouted.  Jurina, Milky and Miki were on stage dancing, while Sasshi was wearing a happi coat with other people shouting, "FIRE, TIGER, CYBER,FIBER, DIVER, VIBER, JYA JYA...."

They all looked at them strangely. Takamina knew it was not worth sitting and watching, she asked them. "Well since we're already here."

Later,  Everyone was dancing.

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Re: Unnatural High: Sidechapter- H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N (NIGHT) Part 4
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Chapter 11:Unlikely Pair


Earlier before that.

It was the time they had a spar. Instead of solo battle, they will do it in teams. Takamina was their sensei in combat.

"Focus. You need to be in sync with your partner so you know how to attack enemies together". She explained to them.

First up Naanya and Miki VS Naachan and Yuiri. Both the teams put up a good fight, Naanya and Miki won. Since Renacchi didn’t have a partner, Takamina decided to put Renacchi and Miki on one team VS wNana. Renacchi and Miki unfortunately, didn't do really well. They didn't even give a scratch to their opponent .

After The Spar.

"You guys did great today but, Renacchi, Miki what went wrong?".

Renacchi complained, "What went wrong is making me partnering up with her" she pointed at Miki.

"Why are you blaming me for?".

"If you hadn't stepped in and tried to be a hero maybe we wouldn't clash together".

"I tried signaling you that I was gonna attack, but maybe your ego filled head didn't see it".


"Why? Cause you're the Queen Bee and we have to submit to your highness's orders, guess again, we're outside of school".

"Miki st-".

"Or maybe now that you're a vampire, the top of the food chain, or that you're so rich, because you bought your way into school, we will suddenly fo-".

'PLAK' Renacchi slapped her.

"Don't talk like you know me. YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME".

Rena was picking up her things and walked away. "Rena where're you going?" This was the only time they used her real name.

"I quit". She responded.

This time it was Miki’s turn. "Miki", Naachan's eyes were practically begging.

"I also quit".

Shinoda, who came just in time for the argument, had her eyes open in amusement."Wow, the clown's got bite, didn't know she had it in her".

Naachan, being the leader that she is, decided to chase after them.

Mariko stopped her, "No, let them solve it themselves".

Next day at school

They were practically avoiding each other. Yuiri was a bit worried with the tension between them. "Are you sure we're doing the right thing?"

Naachan replied "Mariko said it, don't worry about it too much." Eventhough, she too, was also worried.

After school,

Kojimako sensed that something was not right between the girls. She decided to report it back to the Shadowking.

Shadow realm

"I see, it seems that we gained the windows of opportunity to increase our army". Said the   Shadow King who then laughed.

"Go now, except for you Mako, they know you in that school, I have plans for you and you". He pointed at her and another Shadow Queen.

Everyone except for Renacchi and Miki were at home. The both of them decided to go outside to release some stress. While they were both walking down a dark place, they sensed something wasn't right. Both of them started running away. Something was chasing them. They didn't stop until they bumped into something. They bumped into each other.

"Were you the one chasing me?" Asked an obviously annoyed Renacchi.

"What makes you think I have time chasing you?"

"Because you're capable of it"

"No, I think you're the one chasing me"

"Now you're accusing me?"

"It's only fair"

"Ara..ara . So they're the ones spoken of" They heard a voice. They looked and saw two hooded figures.

"I expected a little more than these... brats"

The both of them yelled, "WHO ARE YOU CALLING BRATS"

After calming down, Renacchi asked them,"Who are you?"

"I thought by now, you should already know 'what' we are."

"Shadows" answered Miki

"Don't lump us together with those lowly ones"

"We're the king's most trusted ones"

Knowing what they meant, "Queens"

"You've proven to be smart, what's your name?"

"Kato Rena" She said straight away.

Unlike Renacchi, Miki hesitated, "Nishino Miki"

"It's rude of us not to introduce ourselves to Kato-san and Nishino-san" The one with the twintail asked her partner.

The one with the twintail opened her hood and said ,"I'm Watanabe Mayu"

"I'm Kashiwagi Yuki" said the one, letting down her hood. "Now that we've introduced ourselves, be prepared".

The queens threw quite a lot of punches, continuing they're previous partnership, they were both bruised but healed quickly.

Renacchi grabbed Miki's collar, "STOP GETTING IN MY WAY"

"Why don't you first read my signals". Miki looked at the Queens. Renacchi understood what she meant and nodded to her.

This time they were trying to hit Mayu, but it was a feint. They quickly switched sides and finally managed a hit on them and with their strengths. But the Queens didn't stumbled back.

Mayu looked at her partner. "They're stronger now"

"Let's head back for now and report it"

Miki looked at them running away, "What? Now you're scared to fight back?"

Renacchi heard something. "Miki send an SOS to them". She did as she was told and called Naachan.

"Naachan, Renacchi told m-”

“MIKI WATCH OUT!!” Renacchi yelled. Both of them were hit by something.

'Miki? Miki?' Asked the person on the other side of the phone.

Miki woke up and looked around, she found everyone there, near her. "Where am I?"

She heard someone,"You're at the headquarter's health facility". It was Takamina.

She explained the girls, "Both of you were poisoned". their eyes were open wide.

"Thankfully we have the cure and we were quick enough before it spread"

"Who did this to you guys?" asked Naachan.

"The... Queens"

"WHAT?! YOU COULD'VE DIED" Takamina yelled at them.

"Don't worry, we gave quite a punch at them that they ran away" Miki proudly said.

"The poison you've got was only a warning"

Renacchi finally said something. "Kashiwagi Yuki and Watanabe Mayu were the Queens"

Hearing a familiar name, Jurina came closer to Renacchi. "Mayu, Watanabe Mayu? What did she look like? Was it like an anime-like cyborg girl?

"Jurina?". Renacchi was surprised.

"Sorry, I need some air" She went out the room.

"Jurina", Rena ran after her.

A person who works there, possibly a nurse said to them."All visitors should leave"

Mariko pushed them out of the room. "Come on, you've got school tomorrow"

Mariko looked back at the injured girls,"I'll call your pare-"

"Don't even bother, it's not like they care anyway" Renacchi stopped her.

Miki woke up from her sleep, probably a side effect of the cure. She woke up and found Renacchi not in her bed. She looked around the room and her eyes found a beautiful figure that is shining under the moonlight, looking out the window.

"Renacchi" she said.

The said person looked at her, eyes filled with sadness. Miki got up from her bed and sat next to her.

"Can't sleep?"

Renacchi didn't respond at all. The air was filled with awkwardness until Renacchi opened her mouth.

"I always hated you."

"You don't need to remind me."

"I hated you cause I'm jealous of you."

"Are you sure you weren't hit on the head?" Miki searched for any injury on her head.

Renacchi took her hand and hold it. She 'tried' to look at her.

"I'm jealous that you can do whatever you want, I'm jealous that you're actually smart, I- I-." Rennachi was starting to choke up but, she managed to continue. "I'm jealous that you have a family and real friends that cares about you.... and everything you said before about me was tru-."

Miki pulled Renacchi in for a hug then whispered to her. "You are smart and you do have people that cares about you."

She pulled away from Miki."You're lying, you-."

"We're a team, so that means we're your friends and most importantly we're a family that never leaves anyone behind."

Renacchi, let out all the tears she held back."Don't cry, you're most beautiful when you make fun of me and smile knowing you got to me with teases that are not hur-." Renacchi suddenly pulled her in for a kiss.

"What was that for?"

"As a thank you for understanding me."

A few days later, they were having another sparring contest. Renacchi and Miki came out victorious.

"What happened to you guys? Last time, you were at each other's neck, now  you're like, connecting via bluetooth." Takamina questioned them.


"You don't have to tell me that failed."

Renacchi smiled."Well, a pet has to follow it's master." She looked at Miki. They all looked at them weirdly.

Everyone except for Renacchi and Miki were almost at home. The two of them were still in the room.

Remembering what Renacchi said earlier, Miki asked. "What did you mean by pet?"

"Since I kissed you it means I marked you as my pet, and I'm your owner."

"I don-".

Renacchi kissed her,

"I command you to shut up and obey me". Miki looked into Renacchi’s eyes and nodded. They continued to kiss, this time, longer.

Author: Miki whe-

Sees Miki and Renacchi making out in the corner

Author:What have I done. (Feeling lonely)

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Re: Unnatural High: Double Update + Poll
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Chapter 12: Haruka (Part 1).

Sakura’s P.O.V

AAAAH!!! Screams,fire, smoke everywhere. Seeing all this seems familiar. I’ve been through it before. Yes, It’s the village…Haruka. I need to find her. I tried to move but I can’t. I’m stuck. I coughed. The smoke is getting heavier. I dropped to the ground. I…I…Can’t…breathe. I’m losing strength. I can’t feel anything. Before everything faded away, I saw a figure coming closer.

I opened my eyes. I’m in an unfamiliar room. It’s brightly lighted. “Is this heaven” Am I still alive?

“No, but you’re close”. I heard a familiar voice. It was someone very familiar.

“Haruka” Without hesitation, I ran to hug her as tightly as I can. “I found you”

I felt her smiling.“Why are you hugging me sho tightly? Can’t breathe, Sakura”. She answered in her playful tone.

“It feels like you’ll go away if I do, Haruppi”. And I don’t want to feel the pain of losing you, again.

She pulled away from me. She take my hands, letting me touch her cheeks. “See, I’m not going anywhere”

I let one of my hands down and also my obvious tears. “Then where were you? What is this place and don’t tell me it’s a dream” Okay, now I sound whiny.

“It’s not a dream” She said, half laughing. “It’s my heart”. Now, I’m really confused.

“Okay, where’s the ‘real’ you”. Her smile faded. Her face was filled with conflict. “Haruppi? Are you okay?” She nodded.

“Let’s catch up?” She avoided my question. “What have you’ve been up to?”. She puts on a fake smile.

“I asked you a question, where ‘are’ you?”. She looked serious. The room we’re in started to get darker.

“I shouldn’t have br-”

“What about Nana? Don’t you wa-”

“Even in this time, you still worry about her more than me” In an instance the room turned dark. She looks different, I’ve never seen this side of her.

“Ha…Haruka” I hold her hand as she turned her back to me.

“Why didn’t you save me? Why did you leave me”
“I prom-”

“And we’re back to the promise, you will always remember that more than me” Her eyes filled with rage and evil. “I shouldn’t have trusted you” She came closer, with murderous aura.

I slapped her. “Haruka snap out of it, this isn’t you” I shook her. She pushed me back, forcefully. She realized that she pushed me. The look on her face is Haruka’s not a stranger’s.

The room started to get brighter. “I’m sorry”. She hugged me saying it hundreds more time. She finally pulled away. “You need to go back”

“Haruka come back with me”

“I can’t go back. They’ll use the chance”

“I’ll protect you. Let’s go” I grabbed her.

She didn’t move. “You don’t understand” She pulled her hand away. “Go back and don’t go near me, if you see me”. She kissed me and pushed me lightly to side. She held her head in pain and dropped on her knees

“HARUKA!!!” I tried to go to her, but there’s like a force field stopping me.

“NO!” She held up her hand to stop me. “I can’t control it anymore, they know now”.

Everything is fading away. “HARUKA!!”. I saw her writhing in pain as a figure that looked like her came closer.

“HARUKA!!” I yelled as I opened my eyes. What happened? I looked around I was in my room. Was it a dream? No, it wasn’t, she wouldn’t lie to me.

She’s in trouble, I felt it, since she’s my soulmate. More importantly, why did she said those words to me?

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Re: Unnatural High: Haruka (Part 1)
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Chapter 12: Haruka Part 2

It was Saturday Morning, Naanya and Sakura were having breakfast. Pancakes, blueberries, strawberry shake and some meat (9 tailed fox’s daily needs or energy) Naanya was eating as usual while the latter was deep in their own thoughts. She was thinking about what happened last night.
Sakura’s P.O.V

Where could she be? Why didn’t she want to be found? And who are ‘they’? “Ra…Ra…Sakura…” I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at the person who called me.

“What’s wrong?” She asked me in between chews. I need to be careful around her. “I…I was just figuring out what’s for dinner”. Hope that’s convincing enough. I looked at her. Nope, she raised her brows. MISSION FAILED.

She opened her mouth, “Huh, really?”. I nodded confidently (hesitantly). She continued, “Cause last time I checked, I was in charge of cooking tonight”. I ‘accidently’ dropped my chopsticks. What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? Aha! Got it. I picked the chopsticks and went back to my seat. “I thought of giving you a break since you’re busy with the shadows and all that”.

Awkward Silence

“Didn’t you said that you wanted to buy some clothes?” Don’t look at her in the eyes. I took a peek- WE MADE EYE CONTACT! She’s trying to talk, “Are you sure you’re not keeping a secret from me?” I shook my head and get up to her. “Cause if you do I’ll-” I put my finger on her lips. “There’s no secret”. She slapped my hand away. “You better make sure, I don’t want another secret wrestling stuff”.

“We were short on money”

“That doesn’t give you an excuse to wear tight spandex”. If you’ve seen my body….no words. “You’re not wolverine”. That means all heroes look good in it, like deadpool, (dat ass doe).

“I found a new job”

“It doesn’t make any difference”

“I’m not wearing spandex” Regretfully.

“But you’re a hostess”

“No, I’m Same”. She looked pissed and ran upstairs. “Be ready in 2 hours” I yelled at the staircase.

At Shibuya

“Dame, Sakura! You'll only make me distracted.” Was what Naanya last said to me, before going in to shop for clothes. Can't believe she think I'm a distraction.


 I got a message from Naanya.

Sakura, I'm gonna b a lil late, u go home first.

Uwaa, she abandoned me T_T "I'm like TT". Wait a minute. I felt a lightbulb and gears working. Like I'm gonna go home first. Let's see. I look around for some shops. Oooh, A melonpan bakery. I think I'll go buy a box of it. If she asked for some, I'm not gonna give it. Hahaha, I'm such a genius. I pushed the door in front of me and took a step in.. Ahhh, this smell, this melonpan aroma.

“Are? Sakura?” I searched for the one who called me. “Rena, what are you doing here?” “My stock ran out yesterday, I'm here to re-stock it”. “I’d never knew you were into melonpan” “I’m a melonpan enthusiast and also a sucker for trains,and for Jurina, she’s third. Now that she mentioned it,there’s no puppy near her.“I don't see Jurina.” She had the same smile as Naanya, before she left me. “I had to leave her at home, she always make a fuss whenever I come here.” I opened my mouth slightly, I was confused. She explained, “Jurina thinks that I love melonpan more than her.” I can see why. "I understand how she feels, being abandoned".

She looked at me weirdly and I fill her in on the details, about Naanya. We looked at each other back and forth. Sakura asked me,“Nee, let’s start an alliance”. Could it be? “MELONPAN ALLIANCE?” We both said. We both shook hands on it as an agreement.

She than paid for her stock and just patted me on the back before going back home. Abandoned… again. But don’t think about it when there’s melonpan around you. Let's see, I looked around for the selections, One or two packs? Nah, I'll just take the whole box.

After purchasing it, I went out the bakery. I took out one melonpan. Mmm,mmm. "I've got melonpa-----AN!!" Someone stumbled in front of me. It was a short haired girl. She said sorry with a lisp. I took accidently took a whiff of a familiar scent, as the girl ran away. I ran to find the girl that smelled like her. No, this is Haruka. She's the only one with that scent. It is true, she's still alive. I caught the scent again. This time it's mixed with .……Shadows.

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Re: Unnatural High: Haruka (Part 2)
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This is not a chapter. I'm asking your opinion if Naanya should have a twin brother. Because I got an inspiration from recent post from her Stage48 page. There was a post about him. (Honda Kyoya, winner of Ikemen competition). Should make a twin for her?


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Re: Unnatural High: Opinion (Not an update)
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Sounds cool! Go for it! :D

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Re: Unnatural High: Opinion (Not an update)
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@Ruka Kikuchi: Thanks, it may take a few chapters until he arrives.


Chapter 12: Haruka Part 3

"Haruka". I reached out my hands to her but she shot chi balls at me. I couldn't avoid it, she's stronger than me. It hit me on my stomach. I stumbled back on my knees. She came closer to me and knelt down to meet me eye to eye. She smirked at me and cupped my face, "I'm sorry but, there's no one like her in here".
She pointed at her chest. She gets up on her feet.

She proceeded to raise her right knee and planted it to my face. I fell on my back. A bit blurry about my surroundings. She firmly put her left foot on my chest. "Can't believe she fell in love with you". 'She?'. I grabbed her left leg to ask her who is ‘She?’. She just smiled and was about to step on me.

"Who's there?". The officers that were on patrol stopped by. They asked me if I was okay. I told them not to worry. After they left, only then I realized the strong presence is no longer here. Haruka’s presence. I looked at my surroundings. She's gone and somehow changed. Something's not right.

At home

After the encounter, I went straight home. I opened the door and was welcomed by an annoyed Naanya. “Okaeri Saku...ra? What happened to you? Was it wrestling?”

“No, nothin's wrong.”

My mind is occupied by what happened to come up with an excuse. I could only think of Haruka...there must be something. Could she be one? No, shadow puppets are not that strong. Queen? That's even worse.

I glanced at Naanya. I can't tell her and the others just yet. Not till I'm sure that she's one of them. I was busy with my thoughts that I didn’t notice that Naanya was calling me. Her eyes filled with worry, and her face like a tanuki. She wanted to ask what’s wrong but I brushed her off. Have enough of surprise in one day and went upstairs to take a bath.

Milky's P.O.V


As usual, everyone were training except for two. Ever since Miki vs Renacchi’s accident, they were like puppy and its master. Renacchi’s choice in soul mate could’ve been done better.“Mou Renacchi, stop flirting around.”. She turned her head from her pet to glare at me. “You're just jealous”.

“No, I have guys head over heels for me.”

“Do you love them back?”

No. “Of course I do”.

“What about someone your in love with?”

“I do and I'm meeting her tonight.” Since, she’s talking to me, I might as well tease her. I smirked as I got an idea. I just have throw the bait first.“You're curious…? How sweet of you to care for your master.” Let’s wait for the bite.

“First of all, I'm not curious and second you were never my master.” Gotcha, I muttered under my breath.

“Then what am I? A sister? A mother figure?”. I just have to reel you in.

“None of those, you're just a stranger who changed my life.” Guess that I do matter.

“That sounds like a master.” I raised my brow while smiling.

“Ughh, whatever rocks your world”. She walks out. Finally, she left her pet and went of alone.

Near My Apartment

“Milky!” I heard someone yelled my name. That must be her. “Over here .... “.

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