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Author Topic: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-23) NOGIBINGO! + POLL  (Read 17060 times)

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-16) NHK KOUHAKU (I)
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I say EYE TRANSPLANT. Oh wait, Maru was hit by a car....  :panic: :panic:

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-16) NHK KOUHAKU (I)
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Well all i can say is NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
By the way all i can say is i dont have a favorite arc coz i love the whole story and thats all 😂😂😂

[Shimazaki Haruka/Paruru]
[YuiParu Pair]
[WMatsui Pair]
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-16) NHK KOUHAKU (I)
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*Laughs Evilly*

Maru/Rosalie chan! If you die...

*Demonic voice*


 :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

When I drag your soul to Hell I will force feed you pizza. ALL THE PIZZA IN THE WORLD!!! And when you grow so fat from all of that like a Sumo wrestler, I will drench you in Tabasco and spit roast you very slowly.

Then eat U even slower!

And when you think its all over...


 :lol: :lol: XD :lol: XD

*reverts to normal voice*

Pls be better! Get well pls! 

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*Back 2 Demon voice*

Because... I have one less torture partner to PLAY with...

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-16) NHK KOUHAKU (I)
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and then Maru's ghost will have a final talk with Paruru

"I'm sorry... Haruka."



And here I thought it was the last chapter. :lol: I dunno why but when I'm reading this chapter, I can't stop smiling. I think it's because there's a tragedic scene in there whooooo I love it  XD

But, even tho I voted to have tragedic end... please no, I take it back haha I need to see them happy.  :cry:

Once again, thank you very(x1000) much bud! Maybe on your next post, I'll be posting your request... I still haven't think of a theme, probably a torture scene.. JUST KIDDING HAHA welp, I'll be looking forward to your next chap!

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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-19) NHK KOUHAKU (II)
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Hello people! I've read all your comments! Thank you for all of them! :) Sorry I might not be able to reply to you one by one but everything is precious to me. Thank you so much Also.. sorry for the late update.. Here it is~

Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

KONNICHIWA, Hoshino Maru-desu.

The hospital staffs are having a hard time driving the press people away. They are flocking on the lobby which obstructs the operation of the hospital. Security back up has been called to calm them down and somehow push them outside.

I know this is quite sudden. I believe you are also surprised… Most probably not just surprised, I believe there are people who started scorning me because of this decision.

The operating room’s label is lit, clearly saying that a surgery is currently on process. The doctors who are involved on the operation are in much tension. The patient has a faint pulse. The breathing is terribly slow. They have to immediately stop the severe bleeding or else complications might arise.

What should I say? How should I say this? Where should I start?
Actually, I know that this day will come. I thought that I have enough time to prepare for this but the truth is I was also caught off guard. I learned to enjoy everything. I appreciate how the Japanese people have accepted me, how you all supported me… I’m grateful for all the favor that you have given me. I… I will never forget all the scenery that you have showed me.

Sayanee and the others arrived at the hospital by a management’s car because they didn’t fit inside the ambulance. They entered through the fire exit to avoid the press. They rushed to the OR where they saw Yui and Paruru waiting outside of it.

Paru couldn’t stop crying. Her tears are uncontrollable. Yui is trying so hard to be strong as she helps Paru with her inhaler. Their coats are tainted with blood.

As I have said last night, I won’t be participating to the performance in Kouhaku. I’m sorry that you won’t be able to see me wearing a skirt again. *Remember to laugh at this part!* I know it’s crazy to decline that privilege especially when people are the one who put me there. If it was the management I think I could run away from them like I always do.

Shinobu and Togasaki also arrived. The lady felt aghast after seeing the blood on Paru’s clothes. She jolted towards the girl and hugged her. Paru cried even more. She felt like her eyes already dried up but she couldn’t stop herself from weeping.

Togasaki found support on the wall as his knees lose strength. He covered his eyes. He was shocked to the point of shedding tears.

This sudden presscon isn’t about me getting absorbed to AKB. I won’t be part of any upcoming sister group as well. The truth is you won’t be seeing me next year too... or in the future... ever again...

A doctor went out of the OR which add up more to the anxiety level. Shinobu clung to the doctor.

“Doctor, how is our Maru-chan? Tell us that she’s doing fine!” she begged but the doctor’s face cannot be described.

“She lost a lot of blood. She needs transfusion. Is there anyone here who is type A?”

Paruru stood up from her seat. “I’m type A.” she said while still crying. “Please save Hoshi!”

The doctor saw the inhaler that she’s using which made him shake his head.

“I’m sorry. I don’t think you are in the shape to donate your blood.” The doctor worriedly said. “We need someone who is healthy—“

“Please! It’s okay! Just save Hoshi!”

Sakura tapped Paruru’s shoulder. She looked at the girl with a determined face then turned to the doctor. “I am also type A. I am generally in a good health condition. I want to donate my blood!”

The doctor looked at her and he looked quite convinced. “Hurry, she needs to receive blood before it’s too late!”

Sakura ran inside with the doctor. Everyone was left praying for good news.

I’m sorry to say that I have to leave the country. I have to go back to Korea. It’s not that I don’t want to stay in Japan. I love Japan! Almost everything that I love is here! AKB, Nogizaka, Keyakizaka… It’s hard for me to leave when I’m currently enjoying everything.

I have to go back because of health issues. My body is getting to a point where I won’t be able to move freely. I won’t even be able to use my beloved camera anymore. I won’t be able to do the things that I love and enjoy doing. I won’t be able to see my friends again… the people I love. I won’t be able to see all the wonderful scenery you have all made me see.

An hour has passed and there’s not a single news from the OR. Milky turned to find refuge to Sayaka. She can’t handle her emotions anymore. If only she just stayed at Maru’s side for the time being this thing wouldn’t happen. She already had suspicions but she didn’t trust them. If only she didn’t believe the pretentions of Maru… If only…

I can’t explain any further about my health but I will be okay. I don’t want everyone to worry about me. I don’t have a deadly disease. It’s just that something really important will be taken away from me.

Jurina is sitting on the floor, staring on an empty space. Her fists balled. How couldn’t she notice it? Maru showed all the symptoms. She had a role in a drama before where she became blind. How come she didn’t notice anything? She could’ve done something… She could’ve watched over her even more…

I don’t know what will happen to me once that is taken away from me. Everything that I love doing…I will be leaving them behind… I should go somewhere I am secured that I won’t be hurt hence this farewell speech.

Haruppi is sitting beside Jurina. She doesn’t like the idea that she cannot do anything. She knows that the only thing she has to do is wait and hope that everything would turn out just fine. She is Maru’s oshimen but she felt like all this time she is the one being supported. She feels like she really hasn’t done anything that helped Maru. No… She would never ever accept if everything will end here.

Farewell speech? I guess we can all consider this as one. I will be leaving tonight. I won’t even be able to watch Kouhaku live. I’m really sorry. I hope you can all forgive me.

*note: If they won’t shut the hell up, tell them this:
I’m going blind. My left eye is already invalid. My right eye is also getting more blurry every day. There is no cure. Are you still not satisfied?

LoL. Of course don’t tell them that. That’s too impolite. You are MMG, self. You are the Mysterious Masked Girl. Your exit should be mysterious as well!

The light of the OR sign turned off. The same doctor came out of the room which made everyone stand up. He removed his mask and then heaved a sigh.

“Blood transfusion is a success. The patient doesn’t seem to reject the blood.”

A faint smile was finally seen at the faces of the ones waiting. It has been a long while since a smile surfaced from the group.

“We managed to properly close the wound on her head but the blow is just too severe to the point that she almost got small fracture on her skull. I’m afraid that her brain could’ve received some trauma. All we can do now is to wait for her to wake up.

The patient is going to be moved at the ICU so we can monitor her properly. This is not just a mere accident. We might lose her if we don’t monitor her carefully.”

Thank you so much for everything. I really had a wonderful time. Somehow… In this world of bright, shining idols…. a dull person like me… Somehow… I mixed in.

The door of the OR opened and the doctor asked them to make way. They were appalled when they saw Maru’s state. Her right arm is covered with bandage as it has been fractured. Her head is also wrapped with a faint stain of blood to the bondage.

A nurse is helping her with air through a manual pump until she arrives on the ICU where she will be given her own oxygen tank. Everyone lost their strength after seeing that picture.

Sakura was also transferred to a regular room. Jurina greeted her for a job well-done but the younger girl answered her with tears instead of words. Jurina hugged her and told her to rest which she really needs.

“Shinobu-san…” Paruru called out. “What should we do now?”

Shinobu’s heart broke even more. She gave Haruka a tight hug and hushed her. “Don’t worry, dear. Maru-chan will be okay. She will be okay…”

That’s all. Hoshino Maru, signing off.

THE CCTV footage of the incident has already been presented by the media and is now being used by the police for further investigation. The video is also circulating in the web.

Just looking at how she was acting before the incident took place they can already deduce that something is wrong with her. She was walking on the yellow tiles and she tried to search for it after she got pushed. It’s too evident that she couldn’t see.

She tripped on the edge of the sidewalk which threw her to the road where she was hit by a rushing car. Her body lifted up after the impact and her head collided to the windshield. If the driver didn’t manage to hit the break anytime sooner, she might’ve suffered even more.

Her farewell speech was retrieved on the scene of the accident. She was holding it when she got hit and dropped it after she lost consciousness. The content of the speech was also revealed to the public even the part that she stroke out.

All of Japan’s heart broke. The girl was battling with this dilemma but she worked hard just to entertain them, make them smile and laugh. She worked almost non-stop to bring joy to their lives knowing that she will lose her sight one day. She kept on delivering wonderful pictures while struggling so hard in holding the remaining light.

With this, some people are speculating that the management didn’t really care of her situation but still used her to promote AKB and to earn more profit. They clamored for explanation from the management remains silent until now.

31st of December, 2016
1:30 AM.

Almost twelve hours have already passed but Maru is still fast asleep.

Hiroko and her family arrived at the hospital. The family was rendered speechless after seeing Maru’s condition on the ICU. Ae-ri cried in front of the window because no one is allowed to get inside yet.

“Stupid, stupid, STUPID!” she shouted as she cries. “I already told you to come back early but you insisted to stay! Look what happened to you now!”

Ae-ri’s attention was caught by Paruru whom Hiroko is consoling. She marched towards her with her fists balled.

“YOU!” She shouted at Paruru. Hiroko immediately covered the girl away from her. “If it is not because of you Mi-nam would’ve already gone home three months ago! If only you—“

“Ae-ri please!” Hiroko cut her out. “It’s not Paruru-chan’s fault. This is no one’s fault! No one wanted this to happen!”

Ae-ri’s face crumpled. She sat on the floor and cried even more. Paruru also wept more at what she has heard. The idea that she might be someone to be blame consumed her. Milky, who was left to watch Maru with her, joined the hug. The others left the hospital with heavy hearts to attend the 58th Japan Record Awards. Paru is supposed to be there but the girl couldn’t leave Maru behind.

“Listen, Paruru-chan…” Hiroko called. “You don’t have to blame yourself. It is Neko-chan’s choice to stay here for you. You are a very important person for her.”

“Hiroko-san is right.” Milky seconded. She wiped the tears away from Paruru’s face. “I know how much Waru-kun loves you. She would really hate it if she gets to know that you are blaming yourself.”

Supposedly, it should only be Ae-ri that will pick Maru up but due to the accident, both of her parents also came with her. Choon-soo couldn’t even push himself to take a look at Maru. He stood somewhere far and was talking to someone on the phone before he disappeared to take some air.
The accident became headlines of all the newspaper in Japan. No one knows how to properly react. All they can do is wait.


The hospital finally allowed them to enter the ICU to talk to Maru. She hasn’t woken up even once so the doctor declared that she’s in a comatose. Someone talking to her can be a great help for her to regain consciousness.

Everyone made way for Paruru to get in first. The girl didn’t even have a taste of sleep for the past hours. She went inside the room wearing a hospital gown and hairnet. Just right after she made her first step in, tears conquered her eyes once more.

She weakly sat on the chair on the left side of Hoshi. She slowly reached for her hand and tried to smile. She held her hand near her cheeks. It was a little bit cold but she didn’t mind. Hoshi originally has cold hands.

“Hoshi…” she called, choking because of the emotions raging out. “This is the reason why you broke up with me, right? You don’t want me to quit everything just to take care of you, don’t you? You know that your eyes will give up one day, right?”

Paru kissed her hand and held it tighter. She took one deep breath. “Yes… It is my dream to be a professional actress but… but… all of it will be nothing if I lose you. I’m happy when I’m with you. I’m contented just by staying by your side… You don’t know how much I feel assured just by having you near me...

Please don’t leave me behind… I love you… I really do… I really, really, really love you…”

Paru wiped her tears away but replacements are fast. “We still have plans, remember? We are going to my hometown… We are going to Korea… Do you remember them? Don’t be unfair… Wake up please.”

There isn’t any response from Maru; not even a single movement.

“Tonight I will be attending Kouhaku.” Paru sighed. “I know you won’t like it if I miss the event because of you but I don’t know… I don’t know if I could do well… I don’t know if I could even smile at the camera… I don’t know if I can take you off my mind…

But I will do my best… I will try… And after it I will come back here fast. By that time, I hope I would be able to see you awake and then tease me with my performance again… Then I will puff my cheeks like usual and you will find it cute and brush my face with your palm…”

Paru laughed bitterly with those thoughts. “Wait for me, Hoshi… okay?”

She stood from her seat and gave Maru a warm kiss on the cheek. After that she went out wiping her tears, trying to wear her game face on.

As soon as Paru went out of the ICU… A drop of tear rolled down the patient’s right cheek.


THE HEAVY backstage atmosphere can’t be lifted up. AKB will be up to perform after three more performances. The rehearsal didn’t go on smoothly as expected. It feels like everyone’s minds are not on the hall.

The dressing room is filled with awkward silence which is not a spirit of AKB. Some tried to entertain themselves by watching the performances happening on stage but most can’t have their hearts tamed.

Paruru is sitting in one corner with Yuihan trying to keep her company. They are trying to concentrate on their upcoming performance.

Shinobu suddenly barged in the dressing room with her phone on her hand. The look in her face took everyone by surprise. She immediately looked for the speaker that they use for dressing room rehearsals and attached her phone there.

“It’s okay, it’s all set!” She shouted on her phone as if in a state of panic. “You can speak now!”

A faint snicker was heard from the speaker. “T-Thank you, Shinobu-san…”

“Maru-san!” The girls called for her name. There’s no mistake on it. The voice might be cracked but they are sure about it—It is Maru! Paru raised her head from sulking right after hearing Hoshi’s voice.

“M-Minna… How is it going?” Maru coughed a little. “I-I’m back… Did I make you all worry?”

Shouts of joy were heard from the girls. Some even cried because of so much gladness. They can finally breathe well.

“Aniki!” Jurina shouted. “Get out of there fast! You still have time to come here and join us!”

“Bakayarou.” The girls laughed at that response. Her voice might be a little weak but it is the signature style of Maru. “How could I go there if I am attached to these machines? Have you seen my right arm as well?”

“Are you okay now, Maru-san?” Haruppi worriedly asked. “You’re not in danger now, right?”

Maru laughed once again. “What is danger to someone immortal like me? Don’t worry, Haruppi-san. All I have to do is to stay in the hospital for a while and I will be good as new.”

Everyone felt relieved after hearing that statement.

“A-Anyway… Sakura, thank you for donating blood to me. I hope I won’t turn into a zombie after this.”

Sakura smiled but then she was moved to tears. She turned to Sayanee and found refuge to her. Jurina’s eyes widened in shock. “Why are you hugging Saya-CHIN and not me!??”

A roll of laughter covered the room once again. It doesn’t seem like it was like a funeral place just a while ago.

“Just get yourself treated there, kiddo. We will be waiting for your full recovery so I can beat you and send you back to the hospital.” Sayanee commented while popping her knuckles.

“Uh oh… You know that your chin is my kryptonite, Shakure King. Only your chin can kill me!”

“Yeah, yeah. Get ready! Yuihan here will surely beat the hell out of you!”

“You bet!” Yui shouted from the corner. “I will use Sayaka’s chin to kill you!”

The laughter went on once again and then there was silence from Maru. They heard her sigh for a few times before she continued talking.

“Haruka…” she called in a longing voice. Everyone turned to Paruru sitting on the corner. Her eyes are wide opened, ears are in full attention.





(Happy end.)


THE POWERFUL performance of RIVER just finished and the instrumental for FLYING GET came in. The huge screen on the back turned on and is ready to announce the top 16. Milky is watching in the audience area with Maru’s camera on her hands.

“Here it is Mi-nam!” Ae-ri said. She’s on the ICU with Maru. The girl is lying on her bed with her eyes closed but is fully conscious. Ae-ri is watching the broadcast through her phone. “Top 16 will be announced now.”

Maru stayed quiet and just waited to whatever Ae-ri is going to relay her. The pain on her head is too much, she couldn’t even speak.

“16th Minegishi Minami… 15th Shiroma Miru… 14th Kitahara Rie… 13th Suda Akari… 12th Oya Shizuka… 11th Matsui Jurina…”

Maru’s hand that Ae-ri is holding twitched after hearing Jurina’s name. She then heard her murmured, “Too early…” Ae-ri tightened her hold to Maru’s hand and went on with relaying the results.

“10th Ichikawa Miori… 9th Kashiwagi Yuki… 8th Yokoyama Yui…. 7th Kojima Haruna… 6th Yoshida Akari…”

Maru responded with a faint “OHH” after hearing Yoshida’s name. She just beat a lot of heavy names.

“5th Miyawaki Sakura… 4th Watanabe Mayu…” Ae-ri bit her lips after seeing the next name. “Your girl got 3rd place…”

“H-Haruka… Omedetou…”

“2nd place is Sashihara Rino…” A tear escaped from Ae-ri’s eyes. She could slowly feel Maru’s grasp slowly letting go. “1st place is Yamamoto Sayaka.”

“S-Shakure King became the Queen...” Maru playfully said.

She heard the members congratulating Sayanee for her magnificent win over the whole 48G. Sayanee thanked everyone with a shaky voice, still shocked that she got the highest rank. Kimi wa Melody started playing and they started to sing the chorus of the song.

You’re a melody, a melody
A nostalgic harmony, a harmony
Instead of telling you how I felt
I held back the pain in my chest

You’re my melody, melody
But I can only remember the chorus
Those heartrending, sparkling days of my youth
Are coming back to me once again

Have you looked back and remembered too, I wonder
The hit song from those days
That was always playing

Then Sayanee’s solo came up next.

You’re a melody, a melody
A nostalgic harmony, a harmony
Instead of telling you how I felt
I held back the pain in my chest

Maru, then, opened her mouth and tried to sing.

This melody, melody
I’m sure somewhere you’ll
Be humming it too

One day you’ll be humming it too

That melody from long ago

She might not sound like she’s singing it because of her hard breathing but she gave her heart singing that small part of the song. She felt like she has just performed with them again which really makes her happy at the very least.

Maru smiled—a genuine, happy smile. She felt like the pain on her head and her whole body is slowly vanishing. Everything somehow felt so light and it suddenly went warm.

The scene of a familiar bus stop suddenly flashed on her mind. She found herself staring at the confused, lost girl trying to read the bus routes. At just one look she recognized who the pretty girl is but she just went to observe her for some time.

She remembered… She tried to sing on top of her voice just to get that girl’s attention. She didn’t know how she should approach her anyway so she tried to let her know her presence by singing the song that girl first stood as the center. Eien Pressure was not even the song playing through her earphones that time-- it was Kimi wa Melody.

It was the first time after a long period of time she wanted to be noticed. She badly wanted to be noticed by that beautiful girl in the bus stop.

Then, as expected, that guigui guy came to sight. Maru already knows what is going to happen so she prepared herself for action. She was about to rush to them but a bus stopped right in front of her. Looking at it, it is the bus she was supposed to ride at that day—the bus heading to her school.

The door of the bus opened but she is stuck to where she is. She looked at the girl who is being disturbed by the annoying guy then back to the bus. The driver is patiently looking at her.

“What are you waiting for?” The driver suddenly asked her. “You have been waiting for this time to come, right? This is your ultimate goal.”

Maru stared at the driver with her mouth wide open. She looked back at the girl and their eyes met. She is clearly asking for her help.

“B-But I need to help—“

“She doesn’t need you. Someone else will come to help her.” The driver signed for her to hop in. “Are you going to miss this chance and just wait for the next bus?”

Maru took a deep breath. She looked back to the damsel and then to the bus then back to the girl a lot of times. She then balled her fists and made a decision.

Ae-ri was escorted outside by some of the nurses where she started crying bitterly. The whole ICU turned into what seems to be chaos when nurses and doctors flocked inside. Vital statistics are all down.

An hour has passed and the girls came running. Chasing their breaths, they went straight to the ICU; all hoping that they would be greeted by a badly injured tsundere with a mischievous smile on her face.

Milky is excited to show Maru the pictures she has taken. It was her request for her to document Paruru’s last Kouhaku through the lens of her camera. She’s quite confident of her shots and she wants to see Maru smiling while looking at the pictures she took.

Wide smiles are pasted on their faces. If only Paruru could teleport she would’ve already done that. She has decided. She will quit everything and be with Hoshi forever. She will never, ever let go of her again. She will make sure that she will always be by her side no matter what the situation is. It doesn’t matter if Maru wouldn’t be able to get her sight back. Her mind is fixed in being with her star forever.


The bus has already left.

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-19) NHK KOUHAKU (II)
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hey, cut-san sry if this my first comment.

i really really loved your fic, i like how you create that plit twist.

are the ending is near?

thx for your wonderful fic.

i`m wait for your next update.

sory if my english is suck.

 :) :) :)

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-19) NHK KOUHAKU (II)
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And, what do you mean by "the bus has already left" !?!?! I have a bad feeling bout this :cry: :cry:
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-19) NHK KOUHAKU (II)
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-19) NHK KOUHAKU (II)
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OMG! I almost cry when I read the latest chapter... I can totally feel the pain of HARUKA...Thank you so much for your great work, I really hope this story won't end soon because I'm totally in love with it... But reading your fanfic, I'm slowly converted into Haruka's fan... Really thank you so much

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-19) NHK KOUHAKU (II)
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The bus has already left. this means :smirk:
Seems that the end is near. :3

So sakura's blood just wasted. Gr8 m8.  :D

~Ja nee (^^)/

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-19) NHK KOUHAKU (II)
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@misaamasane-san, yes... The ending is very near. :) Thank you so much for reading this fic. I've been waiting to hear from you for a very long time. Thanks for always hitting the THANKS button. I'm glad that you like it.

@yukine-san and Genkikid-san, There is no mistake in this chapter. I can't say more but please look forward for the rest of the story. Thank you so much!

@RenaHaruka-san, you are the one from Tumblr, am I right? :) Thank you for reading the fic. I'm also glad that you are becoming Haruka's fan through this fic. She is really a unique person. :)

@Yokomichi-san, Hello~ Thank you also for reading~ ^^ Don't worry, Sakura's blood will turn Maru into a zombie and she will turn to a kissing monster as well. :) Sorry for the lame joke. XD
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-19) NHK KOUHAKU (II)
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@Yokomichi-san, Hello~ Thank you also for reading~ ^^ Don't worry, Sakura's blood will turn Maru into a zombie and she will turn to a kissing monster as well. :) Sorry for the lame joke. XD

No problem, I've always reading your story. You really did a great job writing this Fic. About what i said about Sakura's blood. That's reminds me of Crow's blood. XD Don't worry i loled too much reading your reply.

Ja i still need to go in a secret place that no one can never know. Kudos to you.
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-19) NHK KOUHAKU (II)
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@Yokomichi-san, Hello~ Thank you also for reading~ ^^ Don't worry, Sakura's blood will turn Maru into a zombie and she will turn to a kissing monster as well. :) Sorry for the lame joke. XD

No problem, I've always reading your story. You really did a great job writing this Fic. About what i said about Sakura's blood. That's reminds me of Crow's blood. XD Don't worry i loled too much reading your reply.

Ja i still need to go in a secret place that no one can never know. Kudos to you.

Oh shit well i noticed that you said that Maru will return as a Zombie. So that's means she's dead. Another Kudos to you.  :D

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-19) NHK KOUHAKU (II)
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@shortcut48,  your story caught my attention  :lol:
When you ask what arc for favorite,  it's like i must leave comment.
If this story end,  i personally wait for your another fic :)

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-19) NHK KOUHAKU (II)
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As always Cut-san, Subarashi!!

The wait was worth it.

But man. That's some deep metaphor.

Near the ending. Will it be that ending or the other?

Hahahaha. Can't wait for Thursday.

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-19) NHK KOUHAKU (II)
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@misaamasane-san, thank you. I have plans of writing more fics after this because there's a surge of ideas coming in but many things are happening in RL. I don’t know if I continue writing for a long run but let's see. Thank you! :D

@Goto24-san, update for Thursday is already prepared. ^^
After this Thursday's update, I realized that there are already two chapters left. Thank you everyone for spending some time at my first fic(hopefully this won't be the last.) I hope you are having an amazing ride. We are near to our last stop! I hope I can give you one more surge of emotion for the last time. (I don’t even know if I am managing to give that feeling to all of you.)

Thank you for giving Maru a chance.

See you tomorrow~ ^^
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-19) NHK KOUHAKU (II)
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You got a new reader here!
I really like your story.  :)
I can really relate to the story. XD
So there's two chapter left. That's sad but i'm not the author so i will respect your decision.  :)
I read the whole story this morning and seems your having a problem right? About how to resize the pictures here's the solution. And about the hyperlink i will send a PM to you :)

Resize the pic:

[img width= height= ]http://url here[/img]


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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-19) NHK KOUHAKU (II)
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@Craig List-san, thanks for telling me the solutions. Someone already told me about it but I'm still lazy to edit stuffs but still thank you for the infos.  :)
And wow... You managed to keep up with the story in just a day? That's amazing. I mean... You didn't get bored with reading it seriously? There are like 52 chapters including the drabbles. I'm just amazed on how fast you kept up without getting bored. That's something!  :shocked
Anyway, thank you for reading the fic~ welcome aboard~ ^^ Nice username tho. I wonder what you are selling now. (JK intended) haha.
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-19) NHK KOUHAKU (II)
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@Craig List-san, thanks for telling me the solutions. Someone already told me about it but I'm still lazy to edit stuffs but still thank you for the infos.  :)
And wow... You managed to keep up with the story in just a day? That's amazing. I mean... You didn't get bored with reading it seriously? There are like 52 chapters including the drabbles. I'm just amazed on how fast you kept up without getting bored. That's something!  :shocked
Anyway, thank you for reading the fic~ welcome aboard~ ^^ Nice username tho. I wonder what you are selling now. (JK intended) haha.

Ah! My bad. XD Yeah. I'm a fast reader that's why. I always finish reading a fanfic for just 1 day. XD. About getting bored reading your story. Nope, reading is my hobby so i don't get easily bored.  :lol: Thanks for welcoming me.  :lol: Hahaha i don't even know why i used Craiglist name. Maybe i'm bored thinking a nickname.  :lol:

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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 03-23) NOGIBINGO!
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic


THE studio was filled with amazement after they saw who is going to be pranked. Coming in the look that she has become famous for, a hoodie and a mask, Hoshino Maru entered what it seemed to be a waiting room.

The guy, who was with her, asked her to sit and wait for him to come back. He said he will go and call the director of the show where Maru is going to take part of. Before even entering the said room, it is very clear that Maru is so cautious. She was looking at each side and corner of the room, making sure that there are no hidden cameras around.

The staffs of Nogibingo already predicted that her camera sensors will be on high alert that’s why they made sure that all the cameras are perfectly hidden. Maru finally sat down after her camera sensors failed to detect anything. She removed her mask  then ruined her hair before fixing it again. That action garnered a big reaction from the girls in the studio.

“What’s up with that reaction?” Ijiri Okada, the MC of the show, asked the girls. “Why are you giggling like you have seen some ikemen?”

“She reeks of ikemen aura!” Ikoma Rina a.k.a Yama no Ojiisan, argued. She even rose to her feet. “Even if she doesn’t do danso you would just like to jump by her side and be protected by her.”

The other members agreed to her argument with a synchronized nod. They raised more arguments which made Ijiri gave up. The delusions of the girls are just right off the roof. He just facepalmed and asked everyone to continue watching.

They let Maru spent a good 20 minutes at the room alone with the hope that she would let her guard down and she did! They watched her reach for her phone and launch her LINE. It seems like she is waiting for some sort of message but there isn’t anything arriving. She released a vexed sigh. She then just switched to her Twitter and checked updates of the on-going Sports Festival.

After getting bored of reading updates, she leaned to the table and closed her eyes.


Everyone on the studio jerked after hearing her murmured. They looked at each other as if asking if they heard the same thing.

“Minna-san, Hoshino-san just muttered ‘Haruka’ under her breath!” Ijiri-san announced. “What is the meaning of that?”

“Is there by any chance that she is pertaining to Shimazaki Haruka-san?” Akimoto Manatsu blurted out. “I heard that they have some sort of special bond.”

There were nods from the girls but Wada Maya disagreed. “I don’t think she is pertaining to Shimazaki-san.” She stated. “I think she is thinking about her oshimen, Kodama Haruka-san.”

“Tashikani!” Ijiri exclaimed after hearing Maya’s point. “Both are possibilities. They got quite a good love triangle at the last episode of AKBingo, right?”

The girls responded with enthusiasm. They started chatting about what happened to the legendary Danso date. Once again, Ijiri slapped his forehead.

“Why are we even talking about her on a high tension like this? Her suddenly uttering a name of a girl is weird, isn’t it?” Ijiri sighed then laughed. “Anyway, while we are lowering more of Hoshino-san’s guard, have you all noticed all the missing members?”

The girls looked around and they finally realized something.

“Maiyan, Ikuchan and Naachan are missing!” Takayama Kazumi shouted which caused a fuss among the girls. “We saw them at the dressing room earlier. Where are they?”

Ijiri-san stood up like he is about to drop something really, really important. The scene on the monitor suddenly changed into a live footage from another room. The three missing girls are seen to be chatting carelessly. They are clueless about the cameras hidden.

“One of them will take part of the dokkiri that will be done for Hoshino-san!” The MC declared which made everyone gasp. “But they know nothing of what is going to happen. The participant will be decided now!”

As if on cue, the main director of the show came in with an unfamiliar guy. The girls stood up to greet them and the unknown guy was then introduced as a new assistant program director. Just by looking at the way the guy is dressed, it looks like he is a modest type of person and couldn’t do any harm. He looks cool on the same time as well.

The director of the show asked them to pick someone to do some video plugging for Nogibingo on the other room with the other director. The girls looked at each other, it seems like no one is up to do the request of their director.

“Let’s decide by Janken then.” Ikuta Erika innocently suggested. “The one who will lose will do the promotion.” The cute suggestion was then accepted by the two other girls and they did Janken in front of their director.

“Those girls!” Ijiri laughed at the sight of the girls doing Janken. “They should at least send the winner. It really looks like they don’t like to plug for the show.”

After three ties, Maiyan looked at her fist realizing that she has lost the mini janken tournament. The two girls playfully waved at her as she was going out with the other guy, laughing at her ‘misfortune’.

The two girls were then directed to the studio where they were welcomed by the on-going taping. Naachan and Ikuchan both looked dumbfounded.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Ikuchan asked while looking around. “When did you guys start filming?”

“You just survived a big ordeal, girls.” Ijiri-san confusingly said.

“What are you talking about, Ijiri-san? Where are they going to take Maiyan?” Naachan asked as she went to her seat.

The monitor was split into half. The other side was for Maiyan walking with the false director while the other side is for Maru. The two pointed at the monitor after recognizing the other girl.

“That girl…?” Ikuchan asked; her eyes wide in surprise.

“Sou! Today’s episode is “NOGI MISSION: Unveil the Truth Behind Hoshino Maru—UNMASK MMG!”

The camera took one quick slide to show the girls but they are still in the state of confusion.

“How is this unmasking going to take place anyway?” Wakatsuki Yumi asked.

“I’m glad that you asked that…” Ijiri took a deep breath. “With Hoshino-san being the talk of the town lately, we only have a very little knowledge about her. We all know that she loves saving the girls from AKB from different misfortunes but will she be willing to do the same for the girls from AKB’s rival group?”

“Ahh… That seems like a great plan…” Ikoma-chan commented while nodding her head like an ojiisan. “Is her kindness only for AKB or what? Like that, right?”

“Sou! And then we picked a clueless accomplice from you which was decided by a half-hearted janken earlier. That is Shiraishi Mai-san!”

They looked at the monitor and they saw Maiyan having some small talk with the guy while on their way to that room. She is clueless that something will surprise the hell out of her in a few moments.

“The plan is Shiraishi-san will be led into a room where that fake new AD will push her into a corner and then reveal himself as Shiraishi-san’s big fan! He will then begin forcing himself to the girl.”

“Ehhhh!?” The girls shouted in unison. “That will definitely scare Maiyan! Isn’t that going too far?”

“Don’t worry, that guy is wearing gloves so there will never be a real skin contact!”

“That’s not the point Ijiri-san!”

The MC just laughed at their worried faces. “And then that room will be the room where Hoshino-san is currently waiting right now! Saa, let’s see what kind of reaction she will make. Will she save Shiraishi or let her be!!!?”

“This feels like a scene from a movie or drama.” Hashimoto Nanami commented. She doesn’t seem convinced that something cool might happen but she eagerly watch the happenings.

Everyone is at the edge of their seats, leaning towards the monitor.

Maiyan and the guy are finally in front of the room where Maru is in. The guy suddenly stopped walking which made Maiyan curious. She was about to ask her if there is something bothering him but the guy just held her and pushed her inside the room without saying anything.

The guy immediately followed her inside and then locked the door. He pushed the shocked Maiyan into the corner behind the door. He is holding both her arms against the wall.

“W-W-Wait!” Maiyan struggled to free herself. “What is the meaning of this?”

Everyone gasped at what they are watching. Naachan and Ikuchan hugged each other. Did they just save themselves from this situation through janken?

“I’m a big fan of yours, Shiraishi-san.” The guy murmured under his breath. “Seeing you this close… I can’t handle myself anymore.”

The girls shrieked. They are on their feet now. The whole scene is just making them cringe.

“Someone save her!”

“What is Hoshino-san doing anyway!?”

“Don’t tell me she isn’t going to save Maiyan!!?”

The camera went to focus on Maru. Everyone laughed at the expression pasted on her face. Her mouth is wide open as if she couldn’t believe that something like this is happening in front of her. She then pointed to herself and then mouthed, ‘But I am here…’

The studio cracked into laughter after reading her lips.

“Tashikani!” Ijiri-san laughed. “She is there but they don’t even notice her. The look on her face clearly asks if they think she is air!”

Maiyan continued to struggle until she saw Maru. Her eyes sparkled as if she saw a lifeguard that will save her. But, Maru remained looking at them, frozen to where she is sitting. After being thawed, she reached for her phone on the table and take photos of the assault.

The smirk on her face made Maiyan worry even more. “Don’t tell me she is going to use the pictures against me?” she thought. The studio is also puzzled on what Maru is doing. Why is she even taking pictures of it?

“Is that all? She’s just going to take pictures? She isn’t going to save her?” Kazumin protested.

Maru stood up without making any sound. She makes sure that the guy will not notice her as she moves. She went closer to them and snapped even more pictures. This time, it is obvious that she is making her presence known.

“How about put your faces nearer?”

The guy jumped from his place and let go of Maiyan’s right arm. He looked at Maru with a surprised face but it looks like he isn’t going to back off. He saw the phone on Maru’s hand and he started to agitate.

“Who the hell are you!? Why are you taking pictures!?”

“Kowai, kowai, KOWAI!” The girls shrieked once more.

Maru kept her phone back to her pocket and smirked. She stared at the guy with eyes piercing the soul. The guy was taken aback.

“Evidence…” Maru taunted him. “Now, I won’t mind if you set her free right now.”

The guy tried to put up a farce. “What? Who are you to talk to me like that? You are just a girl!”

The last sentence echoed at the back of Maru’s mind. She then smiled widely to the guy who is towering over her. “Yes, you are right. I am just a girl. Thankfully, I am not as filthy as you.”

The girls are cheering loudly for Maru and Ijiri-san couldn’t help but laugh at what is happening. It seems like he is starting to agree that Maru is reeking with ikemen aura.

“Let go of her and you will not get hurt.”

“What if I don’t—“

Everyone’s jaw dropped at the next happening. Maru kicked him at the leg which made him let go of Maiyan. That move also made their heights even and then Maru gave him some strong headbutt, sending him to the ground.

“Let’s go.” Maiyan heard Maru uttered those words before she felt a hand held her and took her outside of the room. Maru is walking fast, she almost couldn’t catch up with her pace. Her heart is beating so fast. Did what just happen really happened?

She just stared at Maru’s back. What’s weirder is she doesn’t mind being taken away by her.

The girls on the studio followed Ijiri-san with the ‘Dokkiri Success’ placard on his hands. They are hurried so they can catch up with Maru and Maiyan. They met the two at some hallway.

Maru’s jaw dropped when she saw the Nogi girls on the other side of the hallway waving at them. She can also see Ijiri-san holding the cursed placard and cameramen starting getting out of nowhere. She looked at the girl behind her and immediately let go of her, thinking that she is an accomplice.

She brushed her face with her palm, she’s aware that she is turning red because of embarrassment. The gang went near them with teasing smiles on their faces and all together they shouted ‘Dokkiri Success!’ Maru covered her face and leaned to the wall. Right at that moment she wanted to be absorbed by the cold wall.

It is the first time that she met Nogizaka46 but their first meeting all turned out to be in a form of a dokkiri. Very nice. Then they went back to the studio to continue recording. It took a time before Maru agreed to join the taping. She really doesn’t like the idea of dokkiri.

The recording resumes with her and Maiyan standing beside the MC for the interview. She couldn’t even raise her head. Everything that she has done a while ago doesn’t stop flashing back to her mind. The embarrassment is just in a different level.

“The answer to the question is YES! Hoshino Maru-san saved Shiraishi Mai-san from the attack!”

The girls clapped and cheered. A loud “That’s cool!” comment can be heard from Ikoma-chan and it seems like everyone is agreeing with her. Maru sighed. So that is what it is all about, huh?

“Shiraishi-san, what can you say about everything that happened?”

Maiyan also heaved a sigh and tried to smile. She still has a bit of a shock from the assault.

“That’s so cruel!” She stressed out. “Suddenly being pushed in a room like that… Do you know how I really wanted to cry right at that moment? When I saw Hoshino-san in the room I thought that I will be saved right away but she took pictures first.”

“Those pictures are for evidence, right?” The MC asked which was answered by a faint nod from Maru. “Can you show it to us?”

Maru agreed and she showed them the pictures. The girls are all marveled about the quality of the pictures. They feel like they were not stolen pictures. She kept swiping until a stolen picture of Paruru was shown. She immediately turned her phone’s screen off and kept her phone. She got teased by Ijiri-san and the girls for having that stolen picture. This scene was not aired due to Maru’s wish. She really begged for it to be cut.

The guy who assaulted Maiyan came in and the girls shrieked at the sight of him. He is holding his forehead at his entrance. Maru immediately went to him and deeply apologized for kicking and head butting him. His leg was bruised and he even had a bump on his head.

He is then revealed to be a theater actor hence his convincing acting a while ago.

“How was the experience of being sent to a ground by a girl?” Ijiri-san asked.

The guy put his hands on his waist and sighed. “Subarashi-desu!” He answered with delight in his face. Everyone couldn’t believe what he just answered. “I don’t mind being hit by Hoshino-san again!”

Ijiri-san spanked him on the head which made everyone laugh. “How about that? Do you want me to hit you again, you big masochist!”

The studio was then filled with laughter after. The dokkiri segment was then put to an end and it they took a break. Maru immediately ran somewhere and some of the staff members chased after her. The members were left talking with Maiyan about her experience. The actor apologized to her before exiting the studio.

She couldn’t say anything more. Maru really caught her off-guard. Right now Maru looks like a knight in shining hoodie to her.

Maru thought that her embarrassment would end there but she got it all wrong.


MARU entered the studio back wearing a white t-shirt and purple shorts. It is  the Physical Education uniform of Nogizaka. The girls also changed to those costumes. It has been a long time since they wore them again.

The guest, wearing her unamused face, is standing by Ijiri-san. She doesn’t know how she would react to all of this. This is just her second time in a variety show so she still doesn’t know how to handle things. Above all of it, she is working with people that she only met for the first time. How could they expect her to do well with this situation? She wasn’t even oriented. All this BINGO shows are giving her traumas.

She also feels a little weird with all the girls looking at her adorably. She feels like she is a rare animal being presented to a group of young girls in a field trip.

“Gachinko Dark Room Guessing Game!”

Maru’s eyes widened when she heard Ijiri-san’s title call. She heard the girls protesting about the segment. She searched her manager among the staff to get clarifications of what is happening but the guy just gestured at her to go with the flow.

“Now, with our special guest, Hoshino Maru-san, we are bringing back this popular segment! Are you, girls, ready?”

That question was answered with some violent NOs especially from Ikoma-chan. She hates this segment so much.

“Since Hoshino-san here seems like she is not afraid of anything, the show has come up with a plan to investigate about the things she dislikes. If she could conquer the dark then we can already consider her a perfect human being!”

“Yayayayaya…” Maru heavily shook her head. “Isn’t that too much? Being considered perfect just like that?”

“Are you afraid of the dark, Hoshino-san?”

“NO!” She gulped after letting that one word out. She didn’t know what come up to her but her lips moved on its own. “W-Why should I be afraid of the dark?” She crossed her arms to put a convincing act. “I’m not really afraid of it so—“

“So you are up to the challenge, right?” Ijiri-san challengingly asked. “We are counting on that courage of yours, Hoshino-san.”

Maru suddenly felt dizzy after all the happenings. She slapped her forehead as a punishment for saying no. The Nogi-chans are all laughing at her because she is obviously doesn’t like the idea of getting inside that pitch-black room. She may say that she isn’t afraid but her actions don’t lie.

There were two pairs that went inside the dark room before her turn. All the happening inside sent the members to the floor laughing but Maru doesn’t seem like she is entertained at the very least. She couldn’t even see which is funny. All she knows is she is going to mess things up and that is 100% sure.

It was finally her turn and she couldn’t get herself to move. She was also paired with the Negative Idol, Saito Asuka, which made it harder for her because she doesn’t know how she should approach her.

“She isn’t really afraid of the dark, right?” Maiyan chat with the others while Maru and Asuka are on their way to the room. “She fearlessly saved me from the attack… This would destroy her cool aura if she would run because of fear.”

Ikuchan and Naachan who are sitting in both of her sides agreed with her.

“It’s not that she became known for being a fragile girl, she gained attention because in spite of that cute face she eludes a very cool aura. It is those two factors that magnets people towards her.” Ikuchan commented.

“If she cried because of the dark this will be very interesting.” Ikoma-chan stated while rubbing her chin. The other girls looked at her suspiciously.

“Look who is talking.”

Maru and Ashuu are already in front of the room. Maru paused for a moment to take some deep breathing and to condition herself. She slapped herself a few times as if she is waking herself from something. Asuka found it a little funny and couldn’t help but to chuckle. Maru looked at her with an angry puppy face which made her laugh even more.

She held Maru through her shirt and together they went in. Maru is already moving like a robot even before her vision was engulfed by the darkness. Her throat is dry and no matter how she tries to hydrate it, it would dry soon. Darkness is her archenemy.

She tried to calm herself. She knows that Asuka is holding her by the shirt and she is just beside her. She isn’t alone. This is just a show. Nothing bad will happen to her.

They started moving in accordance to the directions of Ijiri-san. In the middle of the room was a statue of a big man. This is their target to guess but there are a lot of surprises prepared for them.

Suddenly, there were things falling from the different sides of the room. The two froze to where they were standing and tried to look around even though they know they couldn’t see anything. Maru’s heart started to pump double time.

“Don’t add this kind of sounds, come on!” she murmured to herself with a shaky voice but everyone heard her because of the mic attached to her. Everyone laugh at the display of fright. Maru slowly reached for Asuka’s hand behind her and held it tightly. This surprised not just the girl but everyone inside the studio.

“Sorry Saito-san, just for this moment… Let’s just finish this thing fast so we can get out of here.”

The girls clapped after hearing that line. They praised the coolness of Maru despite the fear.

The sound went on once again. It sounds like a sound of someone rampaging, giving shivers to Maru’s spine. Her body started to tremble and Asuka can clearly feel it. She could also hear Maru’s loud breathing which is a little worrying.

Memories kept on flashing at Maru’s mind. The darkness… The rampaging sounds… This just summarizes her childhood. When she was young, her mother would keep her inside the wardrobe whenever her father would berserk. She would stay in the darkness for a long period of time, hearing only shouts and things hitting the ground.

When the rampage is over, she would come out of the wardrobe only to see her mother almost beaten to death. This brewed all the anger she has against her father. There was even an instance where she was beaten by her father and was just left inside the storage room. Her head was bleeding that time… It was dark… It was cold… She thought that it was already the end…

Everything was coming back to her. She tried to wake herself up from all the flashbacks by slapping her face. She tried focusing on the instructions of the MC so she could free herself from this.

She bumped to the mannequin in front of her and she suddenly crumbled on the floor. The studio, clueless of what is really happening to her, just laughed at what they are seeing. The thought that she bumped to her father in the middle of that dark room covered her mind she couldn’t even move.

Asuka tried to assist her but Maru failed to response to her calls. They heard Ijiri-san asking if they already have a guess.

“M-M-My dad!” The studio rolled into laughter after that answer. That laughter somehow woke Maru from the trance. She shook her head to keep herself together. Ashurin helped her to stand up. Maru took one deep breath and balled her fists.

“It’s a freakin’ mannequin!!!” she shouted and then punched the statue right in front of her. The lights then turned on which blinded them for a few seconds. She saw the mannequin lying on the ground reminding her of her crime. Thankfully, Asuka was there to talk to her and remove her eyes from the mannequin.

“We did it Hoshino-san!” The negative idol is suddenly... cheerful? This sight somehow surprised Maru. The smile on her face somehow warms her heart. “We somehow finished the challenge!”

Maru bowed her head and gave out a faint smile. “W-We made it…” That happy smile of the idol just reminded her of the most important woman in her life. She pulled her into a hug which startled everyone.

“We made it…”

That’s all and the girl lost consciousness. Ashurin managed to support her before the staffs rushed to assist her. Her nose was bleeding which made everyone panic but she regained consciousness soon after and managed to finish the recording.




THE VTR ended and the Nogizaka girls applauded. They gave a few comments and the recording was put into a close. It was one crazy trip to the past as they have said. The recording was a tribute for a friend who already left.

They were already in the dressing room when the topic was suddenly brought out again.

“Who would’ve thought that she is fighting against bad memories that time? We were like mean people laughing at her misfortune back then…” Ikoma-chan commented then released a sigh.

Maiyan tried to lighten up the mood with a snicker. “I even teased her a lot of times because of what happened. It was really funny until you find out the reason why she was acting like that.”

“Hoshino-san is really a cool girl…” Asuka suddenly joined the conversation. “I really wish that I could get to know her more and be close with her.”

The members were all surprised after hearing that from someone whose heart is close for new people.

Ikuchan, who is sitting by the table, heaved a deep breath. “It has been a year already, huh? Time sure flies fast.”

There was a short reign of silence before Naachan broke it.

“I wish she continued doing this job. She makes a lot of people smile…” She tried to smile widely. “But yeah… People have different paths to take… Different fates...”

“Paruru-san seems like she is also doing good at that place. There is nothing to worry about…” That was Ikoma-chan talking with a convincing tone.

“Hmmmm…” Ikuchan thought aloud. “If we had the chance to give Hoshino-san a name as well, what do you guys think we should give her?”

Everyone tried to think of a name but there is only one name that will fit her and will remind her of Nogizaka as well.

“I got an idea…” Maiyan raised her hand. “How about Kibou?”

I love girls in short cut that's why I cut my hair short so I can love myself. *wink*

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