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Author Topic: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | LAST SP (?)  (Read 50880 times)

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | SPECIAL CHAPTER
« Reply #340 on: June 14, 2017, 12:20:35 PM »
Hello everyone~~
I am glad that you liked the special chapter. It was the same size as a normal chapter. I didn't expect that I would be able to write this in just one sitting. I don't know what happened to me. XD

Readers: We want to read the unsafe one!!!
Me: I thought that was already unsafe.
Also me:

Seriously, I already thought that this is already a bit unsafe but I think I got it wrong. XD I was already a bit embarrassed while writing this. I am not really good in writing kissing scenes and stuffs more than that. HAHA.

This happened after Haruka's graduation--27th of December. They stayed together until morning of the 29th when the NHK's Dream Senbatsu was later announced at night. There is still the 28th. If I get the drive to write something about them then I will try to make another special chapter for the them. :)

Actually, the song that I used in the latest chapter is a really sad song. The chorus goes like this:

Nothing comes even close
To half of you
It can’t fill me
It doesn’t fill me up, yeah
Just half
If only I had just half of you
Then I wouldn’t feel like this

A grim reminder that even though everything that you have read in the special chapter might sound sweet and dreamy, in the end the two of them didn't end up being together.  :err:

Okay, I've said a lot of already. XD Let me see what I can write about the 28th.
Oh, about my Tumblr, I don't really post much there. I use the same username there. shortcut48 not shortcut-48. :)

That's all~ See you on Wish's next chapter~~~~  :heart:
I love girls in short cut...

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | SPECIAL CHAPTER
« Reply #341 on: June 19, 2017, 09:12:14 AM »
I am very new to this fandom and well.. I do not have a particular oshi yet. So I'm looking forward meeting them thru your work! Ganbaru, shortcut48 - sensei  :heart: :heart: :heart: :twothumbs

I have read this part and now moving on to the second page... 16 pages to go!  XD
Uza... Uza... Uza... EKISAITINGU!!!
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | SPECIAL CHAPTER
« Reply #342 on: July 09, 2017, 08:01:06 AM »
WAAAH So I have to search for the reply button here. Gomen~
I have posted the fanfic-fanart I did of Maru-sama under The Waste of a Wish thread of Cut-san but sensei asked me to also post it here. I'm really excited, glad and thrilled to know that Cut-san liked it (I'm actually in near-tears when he pm-ed me). So thank you Cut-san  :twothumbs Keep on writing awesome AKB48 fics! Yeah~!

Uza... Uza... Uza... EKISAITINGU!!!
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | SPECIAL CHAPTER
« Reply #343 on: July 09, 2017, 09:04:52 AM »
I'm not sure if I should really post this but with all of Cut-san's nudge and maybe a roundhouse kick, he actually managed to convince me. Lmao. ( I really live from Cut-sensei's praises  XD )
So I made this with an actual blushing face --- from embarassment, and a borrowed courage from Sakuratan's tiger, Maru~nyan. I hope you'll like my gift to Cut-san, a crackfic of his fanfic XD

Warning: Out of Character-ness ahead!

Maybe Paruru Sometimes Fakes Being A Ponkotsu (or that One Time She Actually Did)

Shimazaki Haruka slammed the door shut of her room without bothering to look at it, pulling her coat and thrashing them with her bag on a nearby armchair, dragging her feet to the bed and slump her tired body on it. When she had settled on her plush bed, she heaved a deep sigh and tried to massage her temples with her fingers to stop the growing headache throbbing in her head.
She had a bad day. Well… she actually had worse but this day just didn't turn out how she wanted it to be. She curled on her side, closed her eyes and mulled over her thoughts and instantly she can see a blurred outline of a girl she kept on thinking about.
Scruffy shortcut hair… that always seem to sway with the wind, brown piercing eyes that hides behind her hideous big round glasses and a surgical mask she always seems to produce whenever she's in public.
Hoshino Maru…
She wanted to see her.
She actually did see her just 10 minutes ago when they separated ways to their own apartments, but it wasn't enough. Paru huffed an irritated sigh and started to fiddle with her iPhone.
"Hoshi, aitai ni…" she whispered, her voice coming out desperate than she intended it to be.

Is this what she's actually feeling --- too desperate for company? Is she that lonely? She could call Yui… Her fingers hovered above Yui's contact name for a while but she just can't find the will to tap on it. Just a single brush of her finger but no, her thumb had decided it for her and now she's staring at the picture of a masked girl in her LINE app.
She badly wanted to talk with her. But as she thought of it more, she can't seem find words to say to her Hoshi…
"Yabai!" She shot up on her bed, sitting up stiffly. The sudden alertness made her feel dizzy and her phone fell out of her grasps. But still, the realization of calling Hoshi as hers has sent red lights blink across her vision haphazardly. She thought it out a little longer, testing the words across her mind.
My Hoshi.
She blinked.
Maybe followed with more flutters of her extended eye lashes but…
It doesn't sound bad. It was… kind of endearing.
It actually made her smile. Heat rises to her cheeks and she giggled giddily like a child alone in her bedroom.
"My Hoshi…” Paru whispered testing her endearment on her tongue. She clasps her hands across her lips as if she was being caught by someone. She even looked around her and when she was sure that she's indeed alone, she whispered the words more, until it can't be even called a whisper anymore.
"Hoshi, Hoshi, my Hoshi. My Hoshi. Mine. Just my Hoshi!" She chanted like a prayer. She even fisted her hands, they bounced in the air, building up with enthusiasm from the magic words.

It was spell like and it tickled her heart in a good way. Happiness swelled inside her like she never felt like it before. And as she says it more and more, foggy images of her Hoshi flashes in and out across her room. Her Hoshi’s usual stoic face, when her eyebrows scrunched cutely when she’s concentrating, the sharp glaze she wears when she gets angry, the clouded darkness in her eyes when she’s sad and her favorite among all is the warm smile and her melted chocolate eyes that seems to make her heart go doki-doki wildly in her chest.
"My Hoshi!" Paru says with more determination. Courage bubbling inside her as she says it louder, with flirty giggles in between, and with her growing courage, she firmly decided that YES, I AM GOING TO SEND A MESSAGE TO MY HOSHI. So she reached out for her phone which was nearly at the edge of her bed and smiled warmly, not to mention very excitedly, at the screen but what she sees made her eyes turn into large saucers and her tongue that had been very active a while ago was suddenly hanging limply and uselessly inside her gaping mouth.
On the screen was Maru's face, looking at her wearing a mix of an amused and a not so impressed expression.




"Haruka….", As soon as Paruru heard her Hoshi's voice, she sapped out from her momentarily dazeness to look at her Hoshi's teasing face. "I like it when you call me that." Her Hoshi said with a smirk, voice raspy with an added static from the phone, and playfully winked at her.
She must have replayed her The Scream face as she hastily end the video call and bury herself in her now declared deathbed under the fort of her pillows.
Paruru started to shake her head as the reality of her clumsiness just replayed on her mind over and over again with the enhanced HD version of her Hoshi's winking smirking face which managed to make her go red from her toes to the tips of her hair.
"Why did this have to happen?!?!?!!!!" She wails throughout the night.

The next day….


"What is this?" Milky asked as she spotted Maru's amused expression behind her usual get-up. "Did something good happen, Waru-kun?" She smiled at Maru so sickening sweet trying to fish for more info.
"Ha-ha,” Maru just giggled. She actually giggled which made Milky and Sayaka's eyebrows shot up to their hairlines in an instant. "Well… something did actually happen." She turned her gaze to Paruru who had been wearing a stoic face since they met in the morning. "Right, Haruka?"
The two, Sayaka and Milky, turned to stare at Paruru, for answers but was met up by a calm, peaceful and zen-like expression of their normally salty friend.
"Hmm? Really? Wakaranai." Paruru quietly said and turned her back to them as she pretended to rummage her things in her bag.
"Ehh?! Nani? Nani? Tell us! Onegai…" Milky pulled up a puppy-dog face but was instantly shot down by Maru's shrug and bemused laughing face. “Ehhh~?!”
Behind the three is Paruru, sweating buckets with red -tipped ears, concentrating with all her might, acting being a ponkotsu.


Cut-san, I edited it with my very bestestbut I'm not very good in English to know what to edit here *internally screams*

MatsuiLee, I heard all abt yah. Thank you for anticipating this very weird crackfic of Cut-san's fic. XD
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | GUEST FIC [07-09]
« Reply #344 on: July 09, 2017, 04:11:53 PM »
OMG!!! That was so cute!!!!  :imdead: :on gay:
I couldn't stop smiling at what happened near the end  :onioncheer: :nya: :shy2: :on woohoo:

Hahaha. Poor Paruru. So embarrassing. XD
Still, I like how Maru was just enjoying hearing her "Hime" calling out her name. XD

It was a short, cute fic porkofdoom-san.
Look forward to other works of yours, if you have~  :stuffed: :whistle:

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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | GUEST FIC [07-09]
« Reply #345 on: July 10, 2017, 03:14:35 PM »
Hello everyone, sorry if TTM keeps on re-spawning from time to time. Haha. I just want to share to you this gift that I received from porkofdoom-san. I really, really liked it and I thought that you should all read this as well so I asked her to post it in this thread. I hope you all enjoyed it. She's seriously a good writer, right?

TTM remains alive because of you all, my dear readers. I am really glad that the story was able to move people in its own ways. So, here is the response fic for the gift that I received (Maru fanart and the fanfic). I wrote this in pure joy~ XD I can't think of a good title tho so please bear with this. I connected this with the fic's timeline. The happenings after this made me come up with the title. ^^ Anyway, here it is~

Who Said Maru Isn't Honest Enough With Her Feelings?

THE HASHTAG #MMGUnmasked is still topping the Twitter trend list even after two hours of what Japan can call the revelation of the year. The infamous Mysterious Masked Girl also known as the Idol Protector, Hoshino Maru, has revealed her face in front of the whole nation, the whole world rather, through a powerful dance number of AKB48’s UZA.

Her face has been revealed in the public. Something that she never wished to happen but here is Hoshino Maru standing in front of her apartment’s door, staring blankly at the doorknob, having her mind caught up into something else.

She feels strange. She thought that after revealing herself like this, she would hurry and go lock herself in her apartment by installing all the possible locks she can put on her door so that she won’t be able to be bothered by the outside world anymore. She has already listed the foods that she would order online to stock up in her fridge on this time of embarrassment since she isn’t really used of showing her face in public, as Sayanee describes it—annoying.

“Erase her from your mind. Erase her from your mind.” Maru mumbles to herself as she shakes her head with such intensity that could make any normal human dizzy. She stopped with her foolish actions and slammed the door with her fist.

The problem? She just couldn’t erase Shimazaki Haruka on her mind, especially the face that the girl made when she met with her in the backstage. That lovely smile Paru flashed on her when she said “Okaerii… Hoshi.” just keeps on replaying in her mind.

She got a lot more things to worry about. She got a bigger problem than this but why is she thinking more of Haruka and that backstage scene? She’s really losing her mind.

Maru reached out to her doorknob but stopped midway. Paru’s face flashed again in her mind. The Queen of Salty Reactions doesn’t seem to be in a good shape. She remembered how Paru stopped her before they part their ways, looking as if she wanted to say something but she couldn’t put it into words so she basically just gave up and went on her way.

“I should go visit her.” Maru thought aloud and then consulted her phone for the time. “There is still time, maybe we could hang out for a little bit.”

Maru’s fists balled as she nodded to her own idea. She couldn’t deny to herself that she missed Paruru while she’s away.  She marched towards the elevator of her apartment and hurriedly went to the exit. She dropped by the nearest convenience store first to buy something for Paru. “Some light snack may do.” she thought. Maybe they could watch some movie or anything. She just badly wants to see Paruru again and have her smile to her like that.

Yui might kill her for this plan of making Paruru sleep late but she just couldn’t lay herself to rest if she won’t see the girl’s face tonight.

Having everything that she needs, Maru went out of the convenience store. The clerk was mesmerized at the sight of her that she almost dropped the snacks while putting it inside the bag. Maru realized that she isn’t even wearing a mask so she ran out like a skilled shinobi.

Taking a deep breath, she went on with her journey to Paru’s apartment but she wasn’t even walking a meter when her phone rang. Her heart skipped a beat, seeing who it is.

“Haruka…?” She panicked. It’s a video call. She hurriedly fixed her messy hair before finally answering it. “Hey—“

Maru stiffened when she saw nothing but a dark screen. She is sure that the other line’s camera is on but there was no Paruru in the screen at all. A knot was formed by her eyebrows as she put her phone’s screen nearer so she could see clearer.

“What’s up with this girl?” She thought. Since she is about to go there anyway, she was going to drop the call when—

“My Hoshi…” Maru’s insides cramped up like she got kicked by a horse when she heard that whisper. There’s no mistake with it. It is only Paruru that calls her with that name but… what on earth is she doing?

Maru waited. The reign of the awkward silence kills her. She wanted to speak but she held her mouth into a halt, probably waiting for more interesting stuffs to happen.

Then she heard it again, that cute voice calling her hers. It’s getting louder, gaining more confidence and has gotten variations.

"Hoshi, Hoshi, my Hoshi. My Hoshi. Mine. Just my Hoshi!" she heard Paruru chant her name as if she is performing some divination. It kept on going like that. It feels like it isn’t Paruru at all. Where on earth did she get the voice to shout like that?

Maru’s eyes are glued on the dark screen and her lips couldn’t stop from grinning. She looked to her left and to her right to see if there is somebody seeing the way she smiles. People might mistake her for being a weird girl or worse they might think that she is watching something that she shouldn’t watch.

Maru covered her cheeks with her arm. She could clearly feel it burning like crazy. She’s just hearing Shimazaki Haruka, her AKB oshimen, claiming that she is hers as if no one is allowed to get her away from her. She wanted to laugh but she is worried that Haruka might hear her and misunderstand her. She’s blushing terribly; her heart is pumping triple time. She feels like she discovered a new source of energy and that is non-other than Shimazaki Haruka… and it is addicting!

Maru panicked once again when she noticed movements with the phone. The chant already stopped about some seconds ago. She immediately fixed herself, raised her imaginary glasses, a habit that she hasn’t discarded yet even after getting permanent lenses. She’s getting ready on how she is going to face Paruru. She tried to stop herself from smiling but it was pointless.

She heard a gasp from Paruru when the girl finally saw her on the screen. The girl’s face turned bright red. She thought that the call lagged but it was Paruru who froze in real life. The grin went back to Maru’s face as the thought of teasing her entered her mind.

“Haruka…” she called, she smiled showing her dimples. "I like it when you call me that." And then she winked. Probably that’s the first time in her life that she did that.

The call ended in a flash right after that. The last thing that Maru saw was the recreation of Paruru’s The Scream face and that was really interesting. If only she could record everything that happened, it would be fun to watch it again and again.

Maru slid her phone back to her pocket and then looked up in the sky. She marveled at the showcase of the stars and then closed her eyes to get some deep breath. Again, she smiled foolishly.

“Wait for me, Hime-sama. Your Hoshi is coming over.”

She then chuckled to herself and started running.


***Because we all know... before YuiParu became official... Maru is just loose with her feelings towards Haruka.... Although she didn't know she's already in love during that time...***

Thanks again porkofdoom-san (POD). Thanks for your Maru art and the fic. You really made me happy~

I love girls in short cut...

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | GUEST FIC [07-09]
« Reply #346 on: July 10, 2017, 03:55:52 PM »
 :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1:
 :nya: :nya: :nya: :wriggly: :wriggly: :wriggly:
 :shy2: :tama-bigheart: :shy2: :tama-bigheart: :shy2:

I know you just uploaded this. But the moment I read it, I had to reply.

Both you and porkofdoom-san are awesome and skilled writers.
I can't wait for a collab from the both of you ( if it were to happen. XD )

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | GUEST FIC [07-09]
« Reply #347 on: July 10, 2017, 04:13:32 PM »
Me: Oooohhhh... An update *clicks TTM thread*
Me: *GAWKS at shortcut48-sama's user name*
Me: *GRINNING GIDDILY while reading shortcut48-sama's RESPONSE FIC.

Also me: Cut-san, why do u do this to me XD Thank u for writing Maru's thoughts, she's being a tease here and it rarely happens XD This is gold, absolutely perfect. Now I can't help wondering what happens after!!!! (When Maru is absolutely being naughty there ;) )

Goto24-san, a collab?!?!?! Omg, i think that's a level higher from what i can do... But... *blushes with sparkly eyes* can't help imagine abt it. Lmao! What do u think Cut-san? XD

Also thank you for the others who appreciate the shortfic I've made. It's been a while since I've written a fic and i'm a baby chick in this fandom and maybe I'll try to write more lol ( ill depend on Cut-san's fic as reference, he has been a great help sending me some links on what to watch. I was really mindblown with the hypnosis episode) and waaaa~ im so excited for his next Wish update, which will be HAPPENING TOMORROW!!!! *vibrates with excitement on my seat* lol!!!

I just can't help it Cut-san, i keep smiling just by reading your response fic. Again, arigatou gozaimashita! *does japanese bow*
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | GUEST FIC [07-09]
« Reply #348 on: July 10, 2017, 04:46:38 PM »
Both the paru ver and the maru ver are very  kawaii!!!   :nya: :nya: :nya:

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | GUEST FIC [07-09]
« Reply #349 on: July 14, 2017, 03:54:31 AM »
i think i got diabetes after reading this, @porkofdoom-san and cut-sama, you two are doing really great.

oh by the way somehow i start picking some maru's habit about wearing mask and attitude, maybe i'm too engrossed with her, hehe :grin: :grin:

but really if maru is really exist i would add her as in my kami-oshimen's list

thank you for this amazing chapters both of you keep it up

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | GUEST FIC [07-09]
« Reply #350 on: July 16, 2017, 08:30:57 AM »
Dear Shortcut48-san,

I know that this comment is waaaaaay too late--and right now I am running late for a club practice as well.
But, I finally finished the last chapter. So, it is only fair to leave a comment to say:

Thank you very much for TTM. Hontou ni hontou ni arigatou gozaimashita.

I don't like roller coasters. I never do. I always dread the possibility of riding one and I eternally regretted that one time I did, right after the ride ended. Thus, I always avoid them.

And, let me tell you that your story was one hell of a roller coaster. I did not plan to ride on it, but I got shoved by the crowd and followed along until I got sucked into the queue. With all that sharp turns until the very end, if it truly was a roller coaster in a real life, I would have died of a heart attack from riding it, before it even reached its maximum height. Truth be told, I felt like I did die a few times along the way of reading it. The number of times that it broke my heart was countless. It really felt like I was trapped in hell where, every time my heart shattered to pieces, you fixed it all back together in a blink, only to break it over and over again. Really. I should have just hated you since a long time ago. I really should have.

But, I also cannot deny that you are one wicked author. I sure felt like I learned a lot from reading your work. But, I don't think that I will ever be able to write as outstandingly as you. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I truly wished that somehow, the 48G management will find your fic, presented it to Aki-P, and he would say "Ooh, it's interesting! Let's make a drama about this!" Then I imagined that they will hire Amber Liu from f(x) to play Maru--I don't know why, somehow I started imagined her as Maru lately.

So, congratulations! And please kindly take all that I wrote here as a huge compliment. I really meant to give it as that.

I really have to go now, but let me just say that Maru is stupid. I may never be able to forgive her for deciding to be euthanized--even after all the heartbreak she gave to Paruru and everyone else. I imagined myself in their position and I still couldn't understand her decision. My hope was definitely lifted up when it turned out that she survived and just went into hiding. Deciding to really leave this world because she could not see or walk anymore was really unnecessary. I am sure that the lost of vision and being paralyzed will cause a huge stress and burden. But, even until the very end, I cannot understand why death will be a better alternative. Sure, Paruru would want to take care of her. But, if she continue on living, I am sure that they will find a way to balance the woman's career and their relationship. I was just rooting for that. But, no. She kept on believing that it was for the best (while I kept on cursing and thinking that Paruru should be the one who decided what was best for herself).

Anyway, I am glad that you started a completely new fic altogether with an alive Maru in the other thread. I guess, since you are using different names and some kind of an alternate universe, some will really be able to see it as a different life--the next life--in which Maru (along with some others) are really born as a guy to fulfill her promise. But, for me, it just help me to really consider that TTM is just a drama--something like MG, Cabasuka, Koi Kojo, or that scandal-detective thing they had around last year's SSK. It was one hell of a drama but it means that everything that happened was just some scripted things. And your new fic is another drama where they are all casts once again. So, Maru is still alive and well, and YuiParu is still going strong--although I know neither of those are real either, I want to leave it to just that.

Oops, I really really am going to be late now. All right then. I'm signing off.

*Sigh. What was I even thinking posting this kind of comment on your thread*


p.s.: I apologize for not clicking the thank you buttons anymore. I was rushing to finish reading the whole thread. But, you know that I thank you for each and every one of the updates from the bottom of my heart.

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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | ANNIV SP [TTM x RV]
« Reply #351 on: September 29, 2017, 06:07:49 PM »
Hello, shortcut48 here to deliver you some special arc for the anniversary of Things That Mix.I thank everyone for your warm response to the fic. I got a lot of people to talk to online because of this. Until now my heart is grateful for such response you have given me. There are people who has been constantly greeting me ‘good morning’ and people who welcomes me back home even though it’s just through chat. My heart is filled with gladness.

This special chapter can be considered an alternate ending for the fic but for me it is more of a ‘what if’. I mean, the only ending for me is the original one but since people are asking me what would happen if my ending didn’t take place, I took time to write one.

This will revolve around Maru and Haruka’s life as a couple in the entertainment world. I guess those who have read the fic doesn’t need orientation but since I featured another group here and even used it in the hashtag, I should make some explanation.

The original name of the fic is Things That Mix and it is a story about a certain girl’s adventure after meeting one of the members of Japan’s largest idol group, AKB48. I don’t want to spoil more because it will be unfair to those who waited for a chapter to be uploaded each week. You can check the story if you have time. (Shameless plugging) XD

Both parties might get lost along the way but if you know both groups then you will be in advantage. :) I’m currently into this KPop group that I added because one of the members remind me of someone. Hahahaha.

Anyway, this foreword is getting really long. No hate please. Why am I saying this? You will find out when you read it. XD Well, I’m used with it since my fanfic writing style is unconventional (as someone told me).

Here it is~ 잘 부탁드립니다~

Things That Mix | Plus RED


MILKY couldn’t help but to laugh at the girl in front of her. She couldn’t believe that she would receive a call from this girl out of all the people out there. It’s a good thing that she is in Tokyo or else she might have to fly all the way from Osaka just to meet Paruru. Judging the tone of her voice when she called, it felt like the girl is in a deep stress.

“Stop with that grumpy face. I thought you already quit doing that.” Milky said with a wide grin on her face. “Waru-kun didn’t wish for it to happen. She was setup by some cruel producers again.”

Paruru sighed. She leaned her back to the sofa and blew her fringe up. “But why on this time? I did my best for this day to be vacant.”

“Hmmm…” Milky leaned forward and placed her chin on top of her palm. “I know it is really better to celebrate your anniversary at the exact date but we can’t help it with this situation. She’s stuck with those Korean girls. Wait, what’s the name of their group again?”

“Red Velvet.”

Paruru sighed for the nth time. Red Velvet is a KPop girl group under SM Entertainment. These girls are gaining more and more popularity not only in Korea but in the rest of the world and is considered a power group. The girls are currently in Japan to film for their reality show called ‘Level Up! Project’ and also to make some appeal to the Japanese people.

And since Maru got quite a reputation in Japan despite being a Korean, she was chosen to do the promotion and filming with them. Her name is already popping out of people’s minds when the word ‘idol’ is heard and now they are going to test her with foreign ones.

“Sounds delicious.” Milky joked. “I’ve seen them in the news earlier. All of them look really beautiful!”

Paruru nodded. She actually already made a research about the group. Her girlfriend is stuck with them for three days and two nights so of course she would want to know about them.

They are composed of five girls and two of them are part of the Most Beautiful Face in the World list that Paruru is at for four consecutive years. They dance with great synchronization and everyone has superb singing voices. They all got good educational backgrounds as well.

“They all look so perfect.” Paruru blurted out of nowhere.

“Hey, hey~” Milky jumped to her side. “Are you getting worried that Waru-kun might end up liking one of them? Was it because of the dance video uploaded yesterday?”

Paruru didn’t answer but her face tells it all. She’s worried that her Hoshi might get fished by one of them. Milky gave her a light push on her shoulders to wake her up from whatever she’s dreaming.

“Are you seriously thinking of that? Do you think her feelings will be easily shaken just like that?” Milky shook her head slowly. “You guys have been dating for a year and are living at the same house. You’ve been through a lot of things. Do you think that will crumble just like that?”

“It’s not like that. Her last message to me is that her phone is going to be confiscated because she keeps updating and checking me out.”

“Don’t you trust her? It’s just work.” Milky also leaned at the sofa. “Have you heard anything from her when you were tweeting about that masked rider? Did you hear her complain when you were so lovey dovey with Hirose Suzu-chan during your Line Live?”

It’s true. She didn’t hear anything from Maru. Even though her actions may spark jealousy, Maru doesn’t seem to bother even though her tweets isn’t in line with work anymore. Maru is being professional and here she is worrying about her being with other girls.

“I heard that Hoshi’s first meeting with them will be aired today.”

It’s already Maru’s second night with Red Velvet and the scene of their meeting will be aired at the show where Maru is a regular. Since there is still time before the show, the two get some snacks from Maru’s fridge.

When it is about time for the show, they went back to the living room and sat in front of the huge monitor. Jurina video-called and waited for the show to start with them. The puppy is also curious about the show and how Paruru will react.

The show called IdolM@sters started. (A/N: Sorry for this rip-off title from an anime. XD) It is a show dedicated to introducing different idol groups. It is hosted by four legendary entertainers plus Maru. Since Maru is called the ‘Idol Protector’ she immediately got picked as a regular of the show. To be featured in this show is something that most idol groups are striving for.

The main MC, Ariyoshi Hiroiki, welcomed everyone at the beginning of the show. On the usual stools are the other show regulars who aren’t just anybody. They are big names in show business; Ijiri Okada, Goto Terumoto and Tsuchida Teruyuki. Having Maru included in this lineup is really something.

“As you can see one of the stools is empty.” Ariyoshi stated. “Our Tsun-kun isn’t able to join us with today’s show. She’s currently filming another show with an idol group from Korea called Red Velvet.”

“Tsun-kun is with Korean girls?” Goto repeated with a surprised face. “That kid is skipping this show for another show!?”

“I bet she’s happy that she isn’t lined up with ojii-sans today.” Ijiri commented.

“At least we will have a chance to make the hearts of our guests skip a beat now.” Tsuchida entered the conversation. “Everyone who comes here always have their eyes on Tsun-kun.”

“Probably because we all look like perverted ojii-sans.” Ijiri commented which made everyone in the studio laugh. The ojii-sans hung their heads low at the truth.

“Anyway…” Ariyoshi tried to control his laughter. “Before we head on to our main guests for tonight. We received a VTR of what’s going on with our Tsun-kun and Red Velvet. Let’s watch it first! VTR dozo~!”

Paruru leaned forward, nervous to see what really happened. Jurina is still noisy even she’s not there.

The VTR started with the Red Velvet members greeting the viewers and introducing their selves one by one. This was taken yesterday morning and is already edited and subtitled. The production team is no joke.

Red Velvet’s Wendy served as the MC for them. She explained the first mission they received for the show.

“Here in Japan, there is a Korean girl who is called the honorary daughter of Japan.” Wendy read the script and the other four members are listening attentively to her. “She got famous after being involved with AKB48, they are Japan’s or rather the world’s largest idol group. She is known as the Idol Protector as she literally saves them during critical times.”

“How does she look like?” Joy asked, her curiosity piqued by how Maru was introduced. “She sounds like some sort of a hero.”

A picture of Maru was then shown to them by the staff and they made a chorus of ‘ooh’. It was a picture of Maru with her signature fierce look and grey hoodie holding a camera.

“She looks amazing.” Wendy commented. “How should I say this? Something is—”

“It’s her aura!” the youngest, Yeri, finished their group’s best singer’s sentence. “Her eyes just draw you to her.”

“It’s like Seulgi-eonni’s eyes.”

That comment of Joy brought everyone’s attention to Seulgi. The other members somehow disagreed with her.

“Seulgi-eonni’s eyes might look fierce but she is a bear. When I say bear, it’s a teddy bear.” Yeri seems like she is in full Satan mode today.

The place was then filled with laughter. Seulgi gave Yeri a light slap on her shoulder but she couldn’t help but to laugh with that joke.

“It’s not what I meant!” Joy answered in defense. “I mean both of their eyes are captivating!”

“I agree. I agree.” Finally Irene, the leader of the group and their lead rapper, spoke. “Seulgi’s eyes are really something and I agree that Maru-ssi’s eyes are breathtaking.”

“See?” Joy looked proudly at Yeri after she got the support from their leader. The Tom and Jerry of the group has already started with their banters. This is something that the staff of Level Up! Project has been missing since their trip in Thailand.

“So…” Irene flipped her hair and crossed her legs. “What will be our mission regarding Hoshino Maru-ssi?”

“Well…” Wendy moved on to the next part of the script. “The mission is we have to test first if Maru-ssi is a real idol protector even to foreign idols like us.”


The members then looked at the staff with faces obviously asking them how they should do the confirmation. The PD called someone and introduced the said person to the girls but he was not shown to the camera. That person is said to be Maru’s manager.

“This person with us knows the exact schedule of Hoshino Maru-ssi.” The PD started. “Maru-ssi is currently in a train bound to Akihabara and it is currently her rest day. She is set to buy a gift.”

“Gift?” Milky looked at Paruru whose eyes are glued on the television screen. “She must be buying a gift for your anniversary.”

“It obviously is.” Jurina seconded followed by a sound of slurping. The puppy is currently eating an instant cup noodle. “I believe she’s going to buy a gift for you.”

Paru blushed a little at what her friends said. If it is true that Maru was about to buy a gift for her then Maru didn’t really forgot about their anniversary.

“See? Don’t worry!” Milky assured her. “You are irreplaceable to Waru-kun’s heart.”

“Are we going to invade her private time?” Seulgi, the bear-crush and the dancing machine of the group, asked with her eyes widened. “She will definitely hate us!”

“Are you sure it is a good idea?” Irene asked. These two are the ones included in the 100 Most Beautiful Women of 2016. Irene debuted at the list in 71st place while Seulgi went up from 71st place to 29th place. This is one of the reasons why Red Velvet is called a group of visuals.

“We already got the consent from Maru-ssi’s agency.” The PD continued with the explanation.

“She will hate us.” Joy crossed her arms. “If you will do this to me I will definitely hate you all. She might not be wearing makeup and all!”

“Maru-ssi is okay to come out to television without makeup. She’s more comfortable without it.”

The girls were dumbfounded after hearing that. Going out without makeup in Korea is like a grave offense. The staff suddenly got worried about time. If they don’t hurry up they might miss Maru and this rare chance.

“I’m sorry to say this all of a sudden but we have to hurry and pick a member that will go out and meet Maru-ssi outside of the train station.”

“Wait, what!?” The girls started to look at each other. What is with this sudden task? They couldn’t speak at all. They couldn’t believe that the first task would be this hard.

“We are now going to choose the member that she will hate first.” Yeri laughed while the others looked like the sky fell down on them. They don’t want to be hated by someone Japan loves. If Maru hates them a whole nation will be there to hate them as well.

“We have to choose someone who is good in acting because we are going to reenact something that happened in real life.”

“Reenact something?” Paru repeated, her heart started to tremble.

It was shown that the girls are in a big dilemma on who to choose. They believe Yeri is going to mess up the moment she steps out. Maru might find her a creep for her nonstop laugh and first task will be a failure. Wendy isn’t a good candidate as well since she easily gets nervous at times like this and she has an awful luck with games.

Joy raised her hand to volunteer but Yeri pulled her arm back down. They believe that Joy would go with her sexy appeal and attack Maru like that. Joy doesn’t seem like she fits the role as well so the members crossed her name out even though she likes to do it.

The face of the group and the lead dancer were left and since they were really running out of time, they decided everything with a janken match. Irene jumped in joy after winning by using paper. Seulgi was then called by the staff on a side to explain how things are going to happen. She then set off outside with the members watching her through surveillance cameras.

“It’ll be okay.” Irene assured everyone. “Seulgi’s acting is good.”

“If you think about it, if you go out there Eonni you’ll stand out so much because you are so beautiful.” There goes Wendy with her praises.

Irene just laughed at her because other people might take that compliment badly. “What are you even saying?”

The girls got a cue that Maru’s train has already arrived and Seulgi is already on standby. They suddenly got nervous as the monitor is split into two. One is focused on Seulgi while the other panel is focused on the exit of the train station.

“What scene are we reenacting in the first place?” Yeri asked.

Paru, Milky and Jurina gasped after the PD revealed what they are going to do. Paru’s grasp to the pillow tightened after hearing that news.

“We are going to reenact Maru-ssi’s first meeting with her bestfriend Shimazaki Haruka.” The PD explained in a cold voice. “The said girl was a member of AKB48 and is now active as an actress here in Japan. Most of their fans somehow sees them as a couple.”

“Ah… So they are being shipped?” Irene asked. “You guys are really planning to make the whole Japan to hate us, don’t you?”

“Here she is!”

Everyone went back to the monitor. Maru is seen coming out of the train station wearing her favorite disguise—surgical mask and round glasses. Although those glasses are without any lens since she had a successful eye transplant, she just couldn’t get rid of her trademark glasses. And also since a lot of people have been copying her style, she still considers it the best way to hide her identity in public.

Who would come out with just a shirt on a cold day? Maru. Yes, it is Maru. She’s unexpectedly wearing a loose baseball shirt and paired with black jeans. She made her way out of the train station looking like a badass having her hands on her pocket.

“The rowdy hair makes her shine more.” Wendy commented which made the rest nod in agreement.

Seulgi got a cue and was told to do everything by the script given to her. She looks really nervous but the staffs thought that her nervousness might add up to make her acting more realistic.

Maru was about to turn right but suddenly a girl who is too focused on her phone bumped on her. The members gasped at their first contact, everyone is leaning forward, hoping that they won’t miss a thing.

“S-Sumimasen.” Seulgi bowed at Maru for forgiveness. She then went on, looking to her left and to her right. Maru just shrugged her shoulders and then continued walking but then—

“어떡하지? 다들 어디 갔어?” (What should I do? Where did everybody go?)

Maru suddenly stopped walking after hearing the girl spoke Korean. She looked back at Seulgi who still can’t figure out where she is. The girl even tried to ask other people to make her acting realistic but she pretends that she can’t speak Japanese at all.

The members watched Maru released a sigh and they couldn’t handle the excitement at all.

“Is she going to save Seulgi? Is she!?” Irene asked in a high tone.

“Save Seulgi-eonni, Maru-ssi~!” Yeri prayed; her hands clasped together.

But then Maru combed her fringe backwards and went back to her track. Seulgi noticed that Maru is already going away so she prepared for the next scenario.

“Nee-chan, aren’t you cute?” A middle-aged Japanese guy who is also a part of the staff came to Seulgi and started to bother her. The members grew more anxious because Maru doesn’t seem to care at all. “You have some time? Let’s go somewhere to play.”

Seulgi was taken aback when the guy tried to shove his face to her. She tried to avoid him but the guy kept on following her. It was supposed to be acting but she started to feel really afraid—scared that Maru won’t even lend her a help.

“죄송합니다. 일본말 못 합니다.” (I’m sorry. I can’t speak Japanese.) Her voice started to shake.

“Oh! Korean! Much better! I’m getting tired of Japanese girls so let’s hang—“

The Japanese guy was suddenly silenced when Seulgi was suddenly pulled away from him. The next thing he saw was Seulgi almost hugging Maru. Maru had her arm arched on Seulgi’s shoulder. She held the girl closer to her which made the members giggle.

Maru just looked sharply at the guy but it was enough to make him step backwards.

“Ha!” Ijiri suddenly shouted. “I understand that feeling! Whenever Tsun-kun looks at me like that I really feel afraid.”

“Maa… 늦어서 미안해. 가자.” (I’m sorry I’m late. Let’s go.) (A/N: This form of speech is really informal and is only used when talking to friends or someone younger.)

After that Maru started to walk, grabbing Seulgi by the hand, bumping the Japanese guy before leaving. The members watching the scene rejoiced at the rescue of Seulgi. They just proved that Maru is really an Idol Protector not only to Japanese idols but to Korean idols as well.

On the other hand is the formation of some ridiculously big pillars of salt in Maru’s house.

“Why do I feel that this already happened to me before?” Maru murmured to herself but the mic attached to Seulgi managed to capture what she just said. She then stopped walking and then turned to the girl behind her.

“This is the first time I see Seulgi-eonni this flustered!” Yeri commented while laughing.

“괜찮아요?” (Are you alright?) Maru asked politely since it is their first meeting.

**from this point italicized words will be words spoken in Korean. I’m tired retyping things.

“I’m alright. Thank you so much.” Seulgi looked at her hand that is still being held by Maru. The other girl somehow got what she is inferring, she let go of Seulgi and then reached for her phone in her pocket to check the time.

“You got lost?” Maru asked. “Have you tried to contact the people that you’re with?”

Seulgi nodded. Somehow she couldn’t look straight to Maru’s eyes. “They say they are at the AKB48 café but I couldn’t find the place.”

“You have to be extra careful when travelling overseas.” Maru sighed, a picture of a certain girl flashed in her mind. “I will help you get at the café. It’s just near here.”

“I have to go get Hime-sama’s gift so let’s finish this fast.” Maru murmured again. She stretched her hand to Seulgi who got surprised with the sudden act. “There are so many people. Let’s just make sure that you won’t get lost again. And for your information…”

Maru pulled her mask down for a moment revealing her cute yet cool face, making everyone that is watching lose their selves. “I’m also a girl so don’t worry.”

“So cool!” Goto stressed out. “If I were a girl I would love that move as well.”

“We should learn from Tsun-kun on how to pick up girls.” Tsuchida followed up.

“Tsun-kun is just so perfect at this I want to beat her up.” Ariyoshi commented making everyone laugh.

“You might get beaten up if you lay your hand on her.” Ijiri laughed.

Seulgi reached for Maru’s hand and the latter wore her mask back. She led Seulgi to the café only to be alarmed by the cameras pointing at her. There are other four girls waiting in front of the café who are waving at them.

“What the hell is this?” Maru asked. She suddenly felt Seulgi’s hand slipped away from her grasp. The girl suddenly appeared in front of her and smiled apologetically before joining the other girls.

Maru was called by the PD to come closer. She’s still dumbfounded by the sudden happenings and her reaction is really gold.

When she’s finally in the same frame as the girls, Irene counted and they did their greeting.

“Happiness~ We are Red Velvet.” And they bowed. Maru just looked at them and then to the surroundings. They are certainly gaining attention from the crowd. She saw her manager among the staffs and she immediately pointed at him.

“What the hell is happening here, Kato-san?” she asked. “Was that a setup?”

Her manager rushed to her and gave her a paper. She read it and immediately slapped her forehead after. A copy of the said paper was then shown. It was a letter from Akimoto Yasushi whom he wrote personally and is even stamped with his seal saying that he allows Maru to work with Red Velvet for the following days.

“No, please. Not this time.” Maru sighed as she tried to read the letter once again. “Not this time.”

The atmosphere suddenly became dense after Maru read the letter. Nobody from the staff dared to speak a single word while Maru is in a deep thought. She looked back at her phone to check the time. She was supposed to pick Paruru up who just pulled out an all nighter with filming.

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be rude but I got a very important schedule for today and tomorrow—Man…” Knowing that these people came from overseas, she just couldn’t tell them to cancel their plans. She would ruin a whole production team and it won’t be good news for her agency.

“Excuse me, let me just talk to someone.”

Maru then went away for a moment, she was talking to someone over the phone and the members are just looking at her. All of them look anxious.

“Did we just ruin her schedule?” Irene whispered to the staff but no one answered her. She bit her thumbnail then looked back at Maru who seems to be explaining to her boss. She looks so stressed out and disappointed as well.

“So Waru-kun called you immediately?” Milky asked which was answered by a nod from Paru. “See? She’s thinking about you. Let’s move on from making a copy of your first memory with Waru-kun.”

“No one would like to have an important memory be copied.”

“Jurina-chan!” Milky puffed her cheeks. She was trying to cool Paruru down but here is the pup adding more oil to the fire. It should be her job to tease Paruru since she is Warukii but why is Jurina the one doing it?

Maru came back with her masked removed. It seemed like she sweated so hard after that conversation. She said that she’ll be joining the show but her mind seems to be in another dimension. After some orientation from the staff of the show, they continued with filming and she was properly introduced as the guest of the show.

“I am Hoshino Maru. It’s my pleasure to work with you all. I’ll be in your care.” She greeted with a stiff smile on her face. The members still look anxious. The VTR then showed their faces one by one starting from the RV girls and then Maru with subtitles saying,

“With Hoshino Maru’s schedule ruined by Red Velvet, how are they going to get the approval of the idolm@ster? We will find out at Red Velvet’s fan meeting tomorrow! Details about Maru living with the girls are being updated to Red Velvet’s official instagram account. Follow them now!”

The VTR ended and went back to Ariyoshi. The four veterans clapped as if they are very proud of their Tsun-kun. They really liked how professional she acted even though she seemed like she have a very important schedule. During that time, twitter is being bombarded by the hashtags #MaruXRedVelvet #MaruSeulgi #WhoIsHimeSama. Everyone is wondering who is Maru’s princess.

A cue card was then raised saying that they will have a sneak peek with what’s happening with their Tsun-kun live from Red Velvet’s dorm. The current happening in villa where they are in then flashed in the screen. Paruru was quick to look for her Hoshi only to see her having fun with the girls. Maru is smiling widely as if she’s just with her usual friends.

They are on the living room of the villa and are sitting on the floor. They seem to be playing some sort of game. The ojii-sans were surprised to see such a side of their Tsun-kun having fun like a kid. They haven’t seen Maru like this in the studio.

Sitting on both sides of Maru are Irene and Seulgi. The inevitable closeness between Maru and Seulgi is something that nobody can ignore. The Korean idol is almost leaning on Maru’s legs and the distance between them is so small. They were seen to be looking at each other several times at that short time. There are moments that Seulgi would be teased by the other members and she would just lean to Maru without being flustered at all.

Paruru then turned off the television without finishing the sneak peek. Milky and Jurina weren’t able to say anything because Paruru has completely turned into Salt. She stood up from her seat and went to the kitchen.

“I’ll go make some salad,” was all that she said. Her heart is clenching so hard. The picture of Hoshi having fun with another girl who is almost perfect in every aspect can’t be erased from her mind. They are so close and Maru doesn’t seem like she’s thinking of her. It hurts… and she doesn’t like this feeling at all.


Who told you that the Special Arc would be fluffy and all?
I love girls in short cut...

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | ANNIV SP [TTM x RV]
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Dude my sister was listening and watching Red Velvet as I was reading this and it hurt... xD I blame my sister for getting me into Red Velvet and she blames me for getting her into SKE xD

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | ANNIV SP [TTM x RV]
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Whooo!! From all the korean girlgroup out there you chose RV!! And I like it. And you picked Seulgi to be the victim!! And I love it!!  :luvluv1:
My mind have just started getting back to korean girlgroup recently (after being so into the 48&46 group for the past 2 years and a SONE years before)  and I've been spazzing over Seulgi. And you pick such a right time to include RV and make Seulgi as a victim of this game.

P.s.: Isn't Seulgi the one in the  71st rank and Irene is the one with the higher rank? If I remember it right from watching weekly idol and knowing brother, Seul is in the 71st rank

“Are you sure it is a good idea?” Irene asked. These two are the ones included in the 100 Most Beautiful Women of 2016. Irene debuted at the list in 71st place while Seulgi went up from 71st place to 29th place. This is one of the reasons why Red Velvet is called a group of visuals.

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | ANNIV SP [TTM x RV]
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@MayukiIsLife-san, I wonder what song she was listening while you were reading this. I guess that's the Law of Equivalent Exchange. XD

@Genkikid-san, Somehow I always get the timing correctly. XD I also like Seulgi but I'm more into Irene. XD
Maybe you watched the episodes before the 2016 list was revealed. In 2015, Seulgi ranked 71st then she went up to 29th in 2016 while Irene got on the list for the first time, replacing Seulgi in the 71st place. Let's see what will happen in this year's list. Still hoping to see Paruru on the list.
I love girls in short cut...

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | ANNIV SP [TTM x RV]
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@MayukiIsLife-san, I wonder what song she was listening while you were reading this. I guess that's the Law of Equivalent Exchange. XD

Pretty sure it was Red Flavor lol Still wondering how Wendy's colour's blue but her fruit's orange... (You can see who my fav is in Red Velvet lol)

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | ANNIV SP [TTM x RV]
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woa maru-kun is back glad to read this special chapter,
i'm not a big fans of korean music so i don't know much beside cn blue (don't hate me)

i don't know if it's just me but since i saw keyakizaka's cm video with techi in her ikemen mode, i kind of imagine that it was maru since....yeah ikemen looks, glasses, short hair and piercing glare

i'll wait for the next update and honestly i really miss "father-son" moment of maru-kun and saya-papa

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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | ANNIV SP [TTM x RV] (II)
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@MayukiIsLife-san, there are mysteries in this life which we can never explain just like that. XD

@FZA02-san, it's okay. I;m not much into it anyway. I'm just stuck in a place where I couldn't help but to hear it.
Haha. That Techi ikemen... I really like that. XD  Don't worry about Maru-kun and Saya-papa. ^^

@Genkikid-san, just in case you haven't read my reply yet, I replied to you on my last post.

Here is the next chapter~ Dozo~

Things That Mix | Plus RED


First Day with RV

MARU and Red Velvet arrived at the villa where they will be lodging for three days and two nights. She still doesn’t seem like she’s in the mood. She didn’t speak even once in the van which really made everyone tense.

Her conversation with Haruka feels like it didn’t end well.

“I’m sorry, Haruka. Right now I really don’t know what to do. I’m in a very tight situation. I will ask your manager to just take you home instead of me. I’m sorry. I promise I’ll make up after I come back. I’m sorry, Hime-sama. I’m really sorry.”

She wasn’t able to hear anything from Paruru for some time which made her worry so much. She could hear the disappointment from that silence.

“We can’t help it. Just come back safe and don’t forget to take your vitamins, okay?” Paruru said, her voice is filled with longing. They both had given their best to empty their schedule just for their anniversary but what now? They weren’t able to spend the past days together because of their tight work schedules.

“I’m sorry, baby. I’m really going to do my best to get back to you quickly. See you soon.”

Paru traced frustration from the voice of her girlfriend but she couldn’t do anything at all but to say that she’ll wait. She heard Maru sighed and then a term of silence from the girl. It seemed like she was about to say something but she didn’t say it at all.

“See you, Haruka…”

“Uhm… See you later, Hoshi.”

That’s all and the phone call ended. She wanted to say ‘I love you’ but they aren’t the type of couple that drowns each other with those words. If you have Salt or Tsundere Maru as your girlfriend, expecting for that sentence every moment of your relationship will be a waste of a wish.

The ReVel girls are currently roaming around the villa. It has been a tradition of the show to look around the lodging first before going on with the task. Everyone is so excited on how first class their villa is this time as well. This place is much better than the place they used in Thailand so all their remarks is everything leveled up.

Maru was surprised on how crazy the girls can be. They are like young children playing around with each other especially Joy and Yeri. They are already picking their rooms up even though they know that it will be decided through a game.

They were called back in the living room to have the game started. Maru also joined them but a smile is yet to been on her face.

“What are we going to play?” Yeri asked who doesn’t seem to bother about Maru’s mood. She’s active as always.

“Since you just met Maru-ssi here, we are going to play a guessing game about her. And whoever answers the question correctly will have the power to choose her room.”

The explanation of the PD seemed absurd. How should they know about Maru in their first meeting? The questions should not be tough!

“These are just basic information about Maru-ssi and we might have talked about it while we were in the café so your memories will be tested.”

“I hate this.” Joy sighed. “I watched the episode in Thailand and Irene-eonni was so good in the quiz. I believe she would be the first one to choose her room.”

Irene just looked at her and smiled meaningfully. Joy dropped her head with that victorious smile from their competitive leader.

“How many people will be there in one room?” Seulgi asked. Last time in Thailand it was two persons each room but since Joy managed to join in Japan, the room assignments will surely differ.

“The same. Two people per room.”

“Oh?” Irene looked at the others. “Someone will be alone in a room?”

The PD shook her head which made them nervous. Her head turning to Maru made them even more anxious. Maru was taken aback when the attention transferred to her. She wanted to disappear right at that moment.

“The room that will be picked by only one person will be Maru-ssi’s room as well.”

The members looked at each other with their jaws hanging. Maru sighed and shrunk at her seat. “Don’t look so disappointed. I don’t like this awkward situation as well.”

The girls immediately closed their mouths. They didn’t mean to offend Maru with their actions.

“Let’s start.”

That signal from the PD made them sit straight. Maru is just patiently watching them.

“Give one of Maru-ssi’s nicknames in Japan.”

“I got quite a lot.” Maru thought to herself.

“Answer!” Irene raised her hand so fast, the other members and Maru were mesmerized. “M-Maru-sama!”


Irene rejoiced in her correct answer. The girls asked her how did she know that and she said that she heard the people outside murmuring and she heard that Maru was being addressed as Maru-sama. She just assumed but she got it right.

Before Irene leave to pick a room, the PD explained about Maru’s nicknames.

“She was first called online as Mysterious Masked Girl or MMG since she was wearing a mask on her first appearance on television. She got a lot of attention because of her eyes and how certain members are so into her. Then she was called the Idol Protector after saving a lot of AKB girls from a situation.”

“Man… you don’t have to say stuffs like I’m a big deal.” Maru shrunk at her seat due to embarrassment.

“I wonder what kind situations are those.” Joy asked and then looked at Maru.

“Well I—“

“Just like what happened earlier with Seulgi, she saved Shimazaki Haruka-ssi when the girl got lost in Korea during a trip. Then she saved Watanabe Miyuki-ssi from alleged fan harassment. There was also an instance that she saved Shiraishi Mai-ssi after being attacked by a PD but it was just a prank. She also saved Kodama Haruka-ssi in an event where the girl was being attacked by antis. All of those girls are famous idols.”

“That’s really something!” Wendy marveled. “You can now add Seulgi on your list.”

“Maru-ssi’s most heroic act was when she saved Miyawaki Sakura-ssi from a handshake event stabbing incident. She subdued the attacker with her bare hands but she got cuts all over her arms and a cut on her face.”

The girls looked at her as if on cue, they couldn’t believe what they just heard. Maru scratched her head in embarrassment.

“Look, every normal people would do what I did. It’s natural to go and help someone.”

“But you could’ve died —“

“Okay Irene. It’s time to choose your room.”

“W-Wait, wait! May I listen to the upcoming questions?” Irene suddenly showing curiosity over one person surprised the staff but she has to go now and pick a room. Irene left, shouting to the other girls to not pick the room that she will pick.

Maru was surprised. “Did she just say…”

“Let’s start with the next question PD-nim!”

“Let’s go, go, go!”

Maru looked around with her eyes clearly asking what is happening. “What happened with these girls?”

(BGM: )

The next question was about Maru’s favorite color but the girls almost said every color before Joy finally answered correctly. She went upstairs and picked a room. She almost jumped in joy to see that Irene wasn’t in the room that she picked.

The year Maru was born was the next question and Wendy, with so much happiness since she wasn’t able to choose a room in Thailand, got it correctly after shouting the year which she was also born. Maru is of the same age as Wendy and Seulgi.

Yeri and Seulgi were left. They shared the same room in Thailand but both of them thinks that they should be in separate room this time.

“Can I say something?” Yeri raised her hand. “You see, Seulgi-eonni here… I think she’s inlove.”

Seulgi’s eyes widened after that sudden statement from Yeri. What’s happening with this kid?

“After she was saved by Maru-ssi, she couldn’t help but steal glances of her. It’s the first time that I see Seulgi-eonni having her attention to one person like this. While we were in the van she was whispering to me about how cool Maru-ssi is non-stop—“

Yeri wasn’t able to finish her statement when Seulgi covered her mouth. She then looked at Maru who was also looking at her that time. She immediately avoided her gaze and looked at the PD.

“It’s not true! T-T-This girl is crazy!” The usually composed Seulgi stammered.

Yeri freed herself from the grasp of the bear. “It seems like that she really wants to share the same room with Maru-ssi so I will destroy her dream!”

“Yerim-ah!” Seulgi pressed her lips together but Yeri just tucked her tongue out.

The two was then silenced when they heard someone laugh. They looked at the source and it was Maru, finally smiling at them.

“You can’t call sharing a room with me a dream. I’m sure your fans will either envy or hate me.”

The two suddenly jumped from their seats and shouted in joy. The members who are already upstairs heard the noise but they couldn’t go down because of that’s what they were told.

“What is Maru-ssi’s favorite Korean dis—“

“Answer! Samgyupsal!”

The whole staff and crew were surprised at the quickness of Yeri but not just that, she got the answer correctly. She jumped from her seat and high-fived Maru. Maru didn’t even expect that she would high-fived her; she was a bit hesitant to respond to it but in the end she did. Somehow Yeri’s hyper activeness helps in opening Maru up.

“All I have to do now is choose a room that isn’t chosen yet.” Yeri talked to the cameraman as she made her way up. “I want to share the room with Maru-ssi. She seems like a very kind person. I want to know her more.”

Little Satan then barged into the room of her pick but her hopes dropped when she saw Wendy and Irene already in the room. The two turned to her with disappointment.

“Sorry, room is full.” Wendy said while already fixing her things.

Irene opened the curtains which blinded everyone inside. “Of course I’m going to choose the room with sufficient sunlight. You girls should already know that.”

“This can’t be! I need to find the room that isn’t picked!” Yeri then ran towards the next room that she also like but…

“Sooyoung-eonni!” Yeri fell to her feet when she found Joy inside the next room. “It can’t be~!”

“Sorry…” Joy giggled. “You’ll have to deal with me for two nights, Yeri.”

This just means…

Seulgi went up with Maru tailing her. She went to pick a room and surprisingly the room that she picked was the one that was not chosen by the other girls. A brighter bear smile was then flashed on her face as she ran to Maru who was waiting outside.

“Maru-ssi!” She called. “This room is empty!”


“MaruParu is over! Maru-sama found another girl!”

“Seriously, that Red Velvet girl is hot!”

“I ship MaruParu but I think it will be better for Maru-sama to find another girl if ever she and Paruru are really dating. You see, Paruru tweets about her co-star and fangirls without hesitation.”

“I agree with your comment.”

“I guess they are just best friends. Nothing really special. Paruru won’t post about that guy if she is dating with Maru-sama. That would be so inappropriate!”

“Paruru-chan’s tweets really break my MaruParu heart.”

“You can’t expect someone who loves ikemen to like a girl. I know Maru-sama is cool and all but she’s still a girl.”

“Maru-sama looks so inlove to Paruru tho.”

“Have you guys seen the interview with them last time? Maru-sama was not able to speak at all while Paru-chan was talking so enthusiastically about her co-star.”

“Maru-sama please don’t look at any other girl!!!”

“Let her be. Paruru is obviously not into her anymore. Let Maru-sama find her own ‘happiness’.”

“Maybe Paruru-chan is just feeling responsible for her. You know, she got into an accident and her past was really terrible. Maybe Paru-chan just felt like she has to take care of Maru-sama and that’s all.”

“It’s done people. The ship has sunken. It was fun while it lasted.”

“Let’s just enjoy Red Velvet’s Instagram feed. Everything looks entertaining!


WHEN everyone is already settled with their rooms, they got their free time while the staffs prepare food for them. Maru volunteered to help with the preparations. She was told that it was okay to rest she insisted. The PD was surprised on how the girls seem to be curious about Maru so she called them out for a short interview.

“First impression?” Wendy asked, her eyes bulging. “You’re asking about our first impression of her? She is really m—“

“Mysterious!” Yeri finished Wendy’s sentence. “I didn’t know that someone like her exists. You said she is Korean but her name is Japanese. Even though she is a girl she looks really cool! She’s famous here but look at her joining the staff in preparation! There are a lot of question marks in my head right now!”

“Is she really like this?” Joy asked. “She is a little scary but she seems really kind.”

“Maru-ssi is known for being humble. Until now she isn’t aware of how popular she is.” The PD explained. “But yeah… She’s already popular while she was still in Korea.”

“Huh!?” The girls looked at each other. They never heard of the name Hoshino Maru while they were in Korea. Did they miss something? Was she popular during their trainee days? Or were they that busy that they aren’t updated to news.

“What do you mean, PD-nim? Joy leaned to the table. They are all ready to hear the story.

“Have you ever heard of the infamous name Baek Hye-joon?

“It feels like I heard that name somewhere.” Seulgi repeated the name again and again.

“Don’t tell me that’s Maru-ssi’s real name.” Irene stated. As expected she catches what the PD was meaning to say instantly. “But it sounds like a name for a guy—wait! Don’t tell me she is that Baek Hye-joon!?”

The members flooded Irene with questions. She told them to calm down before trying to tell what she knows.

“If my hunch is correct then she is the heir of that huge financial company that went bankrupt. It was revealed that what everyone thought to be a boy was a girl. I think that news came out last year.”

“You are right. Maru-ssi is indeed Baek Hye-joon of the infamous Baek clan. Her identity was revealed after a documentary about her came out last year. She was in a state of comatose while the documentary aired. Actually, telling the whole story would take much of your time so it is your decision if you want to know more about her.

There are a lot of articles about her online. You can just search for her name and everything will pop out. But, I just have one request from all of you.”

Their hearts started to beat faster. This episode of Level Up! Project is more nerve-wracking than going into a haunted mansion.

“It would be nice to not call her with her true name. It would surely destroy her mood.”


LUNCH time ended and Maru got surprisingly close to Yeri. It seems like she came to like how evil the younger girl could be. She doesn’t care about age gap. She just wants to have fun just like a kid. It’s a refreshing vibe.

The filming then resumed. They were gathered in the living room again to start another game. Again, Maru sat on the solo couch while the girls sat on the long one.

“At the last game we got to know about Maru-ssi but it seems like Maru-ssi here doesn’t know much about Red Velvet. We’ll use this time for you to introduce yourselves and appeal to her.”

The main objective of this game is for them to appeal to the Japanese people as well. They aren’t just introducing their selves to Maru but to the whole Japan as well. They have to leave a huge impact and something that this girl would not forget.

And since the girls became Maru encyclopedia after all the research they did while on break, they got more cautious with Maru’s feelings. Somehow the feeling of admiration grew even more. But they are also aware that Maru might not like it that they are treating her well because of what they knew about her so they decided to act like they don’t know anything.

“I’m Irene and I am the leader of the group.” Irene started with the introduction. “My original name is Bae Joohyun and I am from Daegu. I’m also the eldest of the group so you can call me eonni if you want.”

Maru smiled which somehow surprised them. “Calling you eonni would be so awkward. I’m sorry but I don’t really use those kinds of label with people older than me with just few years. I never used eonni in my entire life.”

Getting the point that Maru was raised as a boy, Irene suddenly fell quiet.

**eonni is used by girls to address older girls.

“Sorry about that but I didn’t mean to be rude.” Maru scratched her cheek. “But your name is really lovely. Your parents gave you a wonderful name, Joohyun-ssi.

“E-Eh?” Irene’s eyes suddenly widened. Did someone just call her with her real name? Mostly it is just within their group that she would hear someone call her with her name, it is always Irene. She never thought that being called by someone else with her real name sounds this nice.

The introduction then went on until they reached the youngest, Yeri. As expected, normal introductions wouldn’t make an impact so they went on with what they planned. The girls suddenly started a special live only for Maru. They performed their top songs to introduce to her the theme of their group.

Having them dance in front of her made everything awkward for Maru. She doesn’t know how she should react. The girls noticed it and they retreated and went to a hurdle. The four original members then went to the kitchen to get their stuff.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let me present you the not so fresh members of Red Velvet coming from the red side…” That was Yeri acting as the MC. She’s searching a certain song in her phone. The other girls then came running while carrying chairs.

“What are you saying that we aren’t fresh!?” Joy frowned at Yeri before she puts her chair in the right position. Little Satan just laughed and went on with her majestic MC-ing.

“Since Maru-ssi is used with girl group’s dance, as I’ve said earlier we are going to present you one of the sides of Red Velvet which is the red side. This might be a bad idea dancing it after eating but yes, these girls are going to do it! Here is Red Velvet’s Be Natural!”

(Red Velvet – )

The song started playing and Maru’s eyes bulged right after the girls started dancing. It is such a sexy dance and the song gives off the right mood into it. They saw Maru blushed heavily which made them content. This is the main purpose of the song anyway. Something oozing with sexiness that even girls’ hearts will flutter.

Maru couldn’t even look directly at them. She has seen stuffs like this during AKB lives but she just couldn’t look. “What if Haruka sees this? She won’t be pleased with this.”

She remembered how Paruru became so disappointed when Moriya Akane of Keyakizaka46 was so clingy to her when Keyaki appeared in IdolM@ster. She was so upset that Maru almost lost her mind just to please her.

Then she also remembered; why is she being cautious like this? Paruru doesn’t mind getting close with her guy co-stars. This is just work. She is just working just like what Paruru is doing. There’s nothing wrong with it, isn’t it?

Maru got even more flustered when she was pulled by Joy and let her stand in the middle. She was seen sweating a lot while Yeri is enjoying taking a video of the happenings through Seulgi’s phone. Maru had her hands in akimbo and took a deep breath. She brushed her fringe upwards to help her compose herself.

“Can’t help it then.” Maru took another breath and then started doing the rap part of the song. The girls almost stopped with their dance, surprised of the sudden collaboration they are having with Maru. They were also shocked on how she knew their song.

The rap was originally done by a male idol but Maru is doing it now. She isn’t showing any facial expression near to what the rapper did. She was looking at the girls one by one as she raps. She gives them a look and then smirks. Right after the rap ended, Maru ran to her seat and hid her face with her shirt.

The girls managed to finish the song and then they ran to Maru just bombard her with questions.

“How did you know that song?”

“You just did the rap part! Daebak!”

“I thought you have zero knowledge about us?”

Maru covered her ears from the continues arrival of questions.

“How did I know?  I was in Korea when that song was really popular. I heard it almost everywhere I went to the point that I managed to memorize even the rap. I’ve heard most of your song. You girls are such a big thing in Korea!” Maru explained innocently, trying to bury herself in the seat because the girls are so near her.

“Honestly speaking, I think Korean idol groups really have a lot of fans overseas so you don’t really need a rating from me. It will be bad for you to base everything on others’ opinions. Just like I am always saying on the show I’m in, you girls create your own path and I don’t have any part with it so I admire all of the hardwork idols do.”

The girls jumped in joy in the fact that Maru knows their song. It seems like they aren’t listening to what she was talking about. Maru slapped her forehead. She remembered Ae-ri with the hyperactivity of this group.

“Let me just get some water.” She excused herself and then went to the kitchen. Her head is seriously aching but a smile curved up her lips. Somehow the ice between them already broke, isn’t it? Little did she know that a clip of the video was already uploaded by Yeri.

“IT WAS A part of the segment. I didn’t really want to do that but the girls just—“

“But you like it didn’t you?” Paruru asked with a sarcastic tone. “I don’t know who that girl was but she looks really beautiful. Congratulations.”

Maru felt like her phone is leaking with salt. “Why are you even thinking like that? It’s not—“

“Maru-ssi, can you come here for a moment?” That was the PD who is looking impatient.

“I’m sorry, Haruka. I’m being called back now.”

“Are you having another dance party?”

Paruru’s flat expression of jealousy made Maru even dizzier. She sighed.

“I’m sorry. But you don’t really have anything to worry about. I assure you that. I’ll be going back to work. Don’t stay up late.”

That’s all and Maru ended the call. She felt like Paruru won’t listen to her explanation at all. Her kidneys might fail if Paruru finds out that she would be sleeping on the same bed with one of the members. She just went to where the PD and the staffs are. She just wants to finish everything and go home.

“Anything I can do?” Maru asked before she took the vacant seat. “Is this for tomorrow’s activities?”

“Yes. It is about that but first and foremost, we want to say sorry about the careless action of Yeri. We didn’t know that she really enjoys seeing you and Seulgi together to the point that she uploaded a clip of Seulgi dancing in front of you in the official instagram account. We are really sorry.”

Maru sighed. The damage has been done. Paruru has already seen the clip. There’s nothing she could do but to answer, “It’s okay.”

“But Maru-ssi, we also have another thing to say sorry about.”

“Eh?” Maru’s eyes widened. “What do you mean?”

“We’ve seen that you were into your phone most of the time while reviewing the tapes. I know that you were surprised about this but work is still work. We would like you to focus more on the show.”

“I’m sorry. I was just—“

“We’re sorry but we have to confiscate your phone.”

Maru’s jaw dropped. She was silent for a moment as if she’s having a hard time processing what she has heard. She brushed her hair and tugged it a little.

“Great. Let me just send one more message.”

And she did send a LINE message to Paruru. She didn’t wait for a reply and just surrendered the phone to her manager. Somehow it got annoying again.

After that, the orientation about tomorrow’s activity was then done. Maru just agreed with everything that they were talking about and then climbed upstairs with heavy shoulders. She found Seulgi in their room who just finished showering. The girl greeted her with a smile but she just went straight to the bathroom to refresh herself as well.

Her hair is already dried up when she went out so she went straight to bed. If only there’s a couch then she would just choose to sleep there. Seulgi stopped with her exercise to take a look at Maru. She’s worried about her sudden gloominess.

“Did something happen, Maru-ssi?” Seulgi asked as she made her way to her side of the bed. Maru felt Seulgi’s weight on the bed but she didn’t respond to her. “By any chance, don’t you like to share the room with me? Do you want me to ask Joohyun-eonni instead or Yeri? I know I’m a no jam so—“

“Silly, it’s not like that.” Maru suddenly spoke followed by her eyes opening, looking straight at the beautiful girl in front of her. “Let’s just sleep so tomorrow will come soon.”

“But you don’t seem excited for tomorrow.” Seulgi worriedly commented.

Maru sighed. She remembered the task given to her by the staff and as someone who chose the path of entertaining people she has to execute it well. She took another look at Seulgi who is also looking at her with a worried face.

She couldn’t deny it. The girl is indeed beautiful. She got her own charm and her eyes are stunning as hell. She thought that she’s a fierce lady but after observing her, Seulgi is just like an innocent child who smiles widely and brightly. She got a strong sexy aura when performing but her cuteness is revealed when the song has already stopped playing.

“Let’s just sleep. I have to go back fast to Haruka.” Maru then closed her eyes and turned to the other direction.

“Eh? Haruka? Who is Haruka? Maru-ssi—“

Seulgi was silenced when Maru suddenly turned to her and pulled her to lie down on the bed. It was crazy but her heart almost stopped beating at that moment. She is currently jailed in Maru’s embrace. She looked up at the other girl only to find out that her eyes are still close.

“I’m really sleepy so…” Her next words became gibberish. That’s when Seulgi realized that she has already fallen asleep. She reached for the remote and turned off the lights. She was thankful that it is just within her reach or else she has to break this embrace just for it.

Seulgi then tried to put herself in a more comfortable position but Maru suddenly tightened her hug to her. She could feel her cheeks burning. Seulgi couldn’t explain the attraction she felt right after she was saved by Maru earlier. She was into an important errand and could just leave her behind but she chose to come and save her.

She was about to return the hug when…


Maru suddenly murmured which made her stop midway. Her heat suddenly sank; looking at Maru’s sleeping face calms her but….

“Who on earth is Haruka?”


Next chapter might be up after I come back from my trip hopefully together with a chapter for WISH. See you around~
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