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Author Topic: A Bit Blind To Love - chap18 (AtsuMina) - 26/12/2011 [DROPPED]  (Read 92298 times)

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3 UPDATED Chapter Twelve...Ninja is dead!
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@Japanime1: Hahaha thank you!!! I have been reading your fanfic and absolutely love it! I'm a silent stalker on Stage48 and Nihongo but noticed your inputs in the takamina threads! Anyway about the Mendol filming! If time and motivation arrives than I will write out a fanfic of the movie!
AHA! Revealed reader GETS!! :twothumbs

Do you mean a separate fanfic for the Mendol movie? Or were you referring to future chapters? lol.
Now that I think about it, a separate fanfic focusing on the movie's storyline would be awesome. But then I'd be torn between "Naru"/Kai-Nami/Ray again...(O.O) Crap. Oh well, I'll be patient for that IF it happens. lol. :)

@Ch.13: B*stard still doesn't get it huh? Stay away from Atsuko!! D:

I could totally see the chase scene reenactment. Miichan. lmao.

PS: As per your request, consider me your golden counterpart. :japan: It's a good thing; first avatar set for a good cause.
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I read this a while ago... don't really remember in fact XD but yeah, was busy with school. It's been three days I've spent studying at school all night >_< I'm dead.
I just had to say thank for the update and LOL@"NO SHEX IN PUBLIC!!!!”
Oh btw way, of course I don't mind being your friend... but don't expect this to make me write more XD I just didn't have time this week... and tomorrow I can't either... and Sunday I have to study... and Monday welll.... back to school. So... yeah T__T

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@alexiel17: ahhhh my dearest Yadong! maybe I should actually write a bedscene but pm it out so younger people can't read it...when I say young I mean you! mwahahahahaha! jk jk no bedscene...however if you are nice to me you may get some kojiyuu lovel lovel!

Keichan san.... Are you serious?!  :mon closeup: (Maji?!) I'm not a kid anymore so pls. do PM me with some Kojiyuu Love Love!!!! * doing tantrums*  :tantrum: :tantrum:

Since you called me a Yadong, I should call you Pervja instead!! * still mad at you*...  :mon annoy:
Hmp....  :mon annoy: Do I really need to be nice to you for you to be able to create MY LIFE LONG REQUEST? ..... tsk tsk tsk...  :smhid :smhid Bribery... don't expect you could do those things...... *Gasp*  :mon wtf: :shocked Did you bribe the others so you'll create their wishes?  :shocked  (obviously, I'm just tripping around... hehehe  :lol: :lol: :lol: hope you're not mad... hehehe  :on lol: :sweat: )

Sorry, Pervja, I mean Keichan san... (hehehe, hadn't sleep well this past few days.. Do forgive me...  :kneelbow: :))

Umm.. Anyway, please make a  Kojiyuu fluff next chap,  pls...  :mon cute:

PS. Can the "guy" just suddenly disappear or something? I'm serious :hee: 
Umm... just keep on updating Keichan san  :shy2:
(Am I kind enough?!!!  :w00t: :w00t: Will you now create my love love  Kojiyuu, since I called you Keichan san.... ) oh pls. oh pls. oh pls...  :mon pray2:  :mon inluv:  :mon innocent:

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That guy deserves takamina hit him again  :tama-mad: lol
I like it update soon please

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Long time no see my dearest comrades!!!!  :cool1:
I have finally returned to Fanficland after facing horrible and terrible things such as work :mon study: work :mon study: and...
MORE WORK!!!!  :mon slapself: I am now officially....  :imdead:
Anyway I decided to write you all a quick chapter... mostly because of this guilty feeling that i have not updated in awhile!
Therefore... I have decided one way or another... give you some Keichan ^_^ lovel lovel!
@dark-atrox: Thanks for providing all your fanfics for editing...however you do know i want part 2 of the other one! lol and I wont you call that here...but facebook chat is open for anything!
@sorakamiya: First of all happy birthday the other day! Sorry I could not provide you an update on your bday so hopefully I make up for it now! You've updated so much since i've been gone!!! Ergh...I dont know if you still wanna change your avatar but click into profile at the top of the page and you'll find it..i'm bad at explaining i'm sorry!
@hott3stson3: Hehe! Thanks for enjoying the update! And yeah when I was typing it I actually made my dad pronounce Wife and thats what he said so it was quite hilarious! GO ASIAN PARENTS AND THEIR "ENGWISH"
@Japanime1: Thanks for becoming my golden comrade! NIHON FIGHTO!!! And yes I was considering typing up a separate maybe...3-shot of a Mendol Movie Script for you guys to read if I have time! And still reading your comments on other forums!
@bou-j525: Mwahahaha hello updated before me! Therefore... I guess... it means that when we become friends the speed of my updates will decrease! ahahahaha! But your fanfic...WHAAAAAAAAA! nearly killed read my comment! oh oh and thanks! you gave me my 100th Thanks! ^_^ Love you long time!
@alexiel17: Yadong freak... -gently pats your head- I'm giving you a chance to seek "revenge", but I have a feelings that after reading this you may actually not seek revenge...kinda gave you some kojiyuu fluff and what's the other thing....something along the lines of kinda partially fulfilling some yadongs lifelong dream....idk... hehehe
@kahem: Sorry for the slow update!!!!! Hopefully you like the new update thought.

Anyway Sorry to all my secret readers for the lack of update lately!
Hopefully this chapter makes up for it!!!! ^_~

Chapter Fourteen

I’m nervous… Although the girls tried to calm me down I’m nervous… maybe nervous is an understatement… I’m absolutely petrified. Usually I’m calm and collected… emotionless some may say… actually they just call me an airhead… I’m standing in my kitchen making hot chocolate as a cute little squirrel kneels on my couch, wriggling her bum in the air as she looks at the photos atop of my cupboard. She looks so happy… I don’t want to hurt her or make her sad… actually maybe I just don’t want her to become a psycho girlfriend who comes to the studio and abuses all my male colleagues.

“Kekekekekeke!” I look up and watch as her little feet begin to kick around nonstop.

“Neh! What are you laughing at?” I continue stirring the mugs of hot chocolate. Turning around she grins at me delightfully. Her eyes forming happy little crescent moons.

“Nyan Nyan! You’re so cute in that photo!!!”

“Which one?” I pick up the mugs and walk over to the living room, settling them down on the coffee table.  Picking up the photo frame the small squirrel gently leans back and buries her small body against mine on the couch. Although I’m the more feminine one, Yuko seems to enjoy being engulfed by my body. She moves around so she’s sitting in between my legs and leans back against me. Pointing to the photo in her hand she turns her head up to look at me smiling.

“Look Nyan Nyan! You have the cutest smile ever!”

Smiling happily at her I wrap my arms around my cute little squirrel. Rubbing my nose into her hair and smelling her sweet citrus perfume scent.

“I look like an idiot in that photo! Do you think I’m cute when I look like a dork?” I pout at her. Holding onto one of my hands she slowly intertwines our fingers and waves our hands in the air.

“Well… I’m a dork as well so we’re perfect together…” She kisses my hand gently. “Of course we’re aren’t as dorky as Takamina though!” Gently laughing together I look as my dorky squirrel begins to chuckle like an absolutely moron whilst putting on a retarded face.

“NEH!!!” I begin to push her away as she refuses to budge. Putting down the photo frame she turns around and climbs on top of me. Securing her arms around my neck. With her face inches away from mine I blush furiously. Closing the gap slowly she gently kisses my lips and rubs her nose against mine.

“I love you Nyan Nyan” Rubbing my nose back against hers I feel my arms tightening around her waist. Truth is, although I’ve always resisted her before we started dating, it was the insecure feelings of losing her that kept me distancing myself from her. Due to my lack of response she moved away from me. Leaning back on my lap she stared at me whilst a lone tear trickles down my face. Wiping away the small droplet she furrows her eyebrows and gently kisses my forehead then rests her chin against my shoulder. “What’s wrong Nyan Nyan?” She gently kisses my ear in reassurance. Feeling the pressure engulfing my heart in pain I let out a soft whisper of insecurity.

“I’m scared of losing you…” I feel as her body jolts in surprise of my response. She never expected me to be so fragile. Tightening her grip around me she rubs her cheek against mine.

“Scared of losing me? You mean scared you can’t get rid of me right?” She gently chuckles making me let out a slight giggle myself. “You aren’t going to lose me! I’m too in love with you. Soon you’ll be trying to get rid of me. Most likely with a broomstick! Or…maybe you’ll secure your house with millions of balloons and needles and pop them all whenever I come to your house! BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!” I push her away and begin to slap her arm whilst laughing.

“Baka!!” Holding onto my hands she smiles at me cheerfully.

“As long as the smile is back on my Nyan Nyan’s face I’m willing to be a stupid idiot any day!” As my cheeks gently redden I lean forward and kiss her gently.
“I love you too Yuko my stupid idiot.” Grinning proudly like an absolute loser she puts her hands on her hips.

“OSHIMA YUKO!!! NYAN NYAN’S SHEXY SQUIRREL SAVES THE DAY AGAIN! MWAHAHAHAH!!!” Laughing uncontrollably like a dork the squirrel is pushed off the taller girl onto the ground. “ITAI!!”


“Neh….Nyan Nyan” She slowly climbs back onto the other girls lap. Cuddling her prized princess tightly and kissing the girls lips nonstop stop.

“Yuko!!! Stop it!!”

“Hehe okay okay but only under one condition!”


“Tell me what’s wrong?” Turning away from the shorter girl she pretends that she doesn’t have a clue what she’s referring to.

“I don’t know what you mean”

“So.. I guess you just want me to continue kissing you then!” Smirking before forming her lips into a giant ugly kiss she begins pulling the other girl closer to her whilst kissing the air like a goldfish making kissing noises.

“ERGH!!! Okay okay stop it you creep!!!”

Smiling proudly yet again the squirrel sets her hands back on her hips.

“OSHIMA YUKO WINS! K.O!” She then raises her arms in the air and turns around slowly whilst making a noise similar to that of a fake screaming crowd “KKRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGH!!!”

The taller girl instantly slaps the squirrels forehead.


“Itai!” Wincing in pain she gently smiles before cuddling the other girl again. “Seriously what’s wrong?”

Looking at the squirrel she pouts sadly.

“We got our movie script today…”

Startled, Yuko recollects herself and straightens herself up to look serious.

“So…” Playing with the taller girls hair gently. “What’s the story line…”

“I… might…be…” Yuko gulps down the lump in her throat from the tension. “…with…Jiro… or Katsuyuki…”

“WHAT?!?!?!”  Slowly Yuko’s body slumps to the side as she plays dead on the side of the coach.

“YUKO!!!” Shaking the squirrel’s body, Haruna pouts sadly. “I knew I shouldn’t have told you” She crosses her arms and leans against the back of the couch. Whisking up off the side of the couch immediately the squirrels cuddles into her Nyan Nyan.

“I have to protect you!” Rubbing her face into the crook of the taller girls neck. “The perverts are going to try and physically assault your utters!”


“Hehehe… well you know utters…”

“You hentai!!!” Immediately the taller girl begins pinching the perverted squirrel.


“Stupid pervert!”



“W-Well it’s true! ITAI!”

“How is it true!”


“Fine!” Crossing her arms she glares at the smaller girl. “Explain.”

“Wellllllllllllllllllllllllll… um… You know…. Okay okay…no hitting until I’m done…”

“Hurry up…”

“Okay. Well… you know utters…produce milk… and so do boobs…”

“I’m no pregnant…” Her glare increases.

“Well well I’m not finished…”

“Well get to the point!”

“Okay… wellcowsneedtosuckonuttersforenergyandyourboobsarelikeuttersbecausewhenitouchthemigetenergyfromthem!”

“OH MY GOD!!!” Sensing life threatening danger the squirrel immediately grabs the latter girls boobs and squeezes them.

“OSHIMA YUKO POWER UP!” She then quickly jumps off the taller girls lap and sprints towards the bedroom.

“COME BACK HERE OSHIMA YUKO!!!!” Sprinting after the squirrel she slams the door open before the squirrel can securely lock it.

“N-n-n-nyan Nyan! S-s-s-stop…y-y-you d-don’t wait w-w-wrinkles f-from f-f-frooooooooARGHHHH!”

The squirrel was immediately attacked by her Nyan Nyan. Although she was being furiously hit and wrestled on the bed a small smile spread across the squirrel face. The truth was her Nyan Nyan was straddling her and wrestling her down. The wholly utters rubbing against her face every now and then. Before she could stop herself she gently whispers out two words…

“…Rough shex…” Movement above her suddenly stops. She looks up at the angry face above her… “Shit…”

“HENTAI!” A shadow begins to cast over the little child. The last thing the squirrel sees before darkness engulfs her vision and pain sweeps across her left cheek is the movement of the latter girls right utter…

Oshima Yuko, born a pervert, died a pervert.


On the other side of town another couple was also alone in a house in the bedroom. However in this case, the pervert wasn’t the shorter girl. Instead the shorter girl was the soon-to-be-victim of the taller girl…

“I’m sooooooo tired!!!” The smaller girl falls back against the bed. Climbing onto the bed next to the smaller girl with a innocent grin on her face the taller girl gently leans over and kisses the other girl. Feeling the soft lips, the little captain opens her eyes to see the soft face of her girlfriend only inches away. Slowly she brings up her hands and strokes the other girls cheek whilst reciprocating the soft touch of the marshmellow like lips. Pulling away slowly the taller girl rests her head against the crook of the smaller girl’s neck. Her soft breath bringing tingling sensations to the shorter girls exposed neck. Pulling each other into a soft embrace the shorter girl kisses the other girl’s forehead. “You must be tired as well.”

“Not that tired…” The taller girl pushes up and leans on the palm of her hand whilst looking at the other girl. Feeling the girl moving off her, the shorter girl moves up and rests on her palm to stare back at the taller girl. With her free hand the taller girl begins to trace along the thread lines of the blanket. Moving her hand forward the shorter girl gently pokes at the other girls moving finger.

“What do you want to do then?”

Pouting, Atsuko looks down and watches her finger as it traces the pattern on the blanket.

“Even if I told you… you wouldn’t agree to do it…”

Seeing the sad pout Takamina grabs the other girls finger reassuringly.

“Of course I would!”

Smiling ecstatically, Atsuko immediately looks up and leans towards her girlfriend.


Sensing Atsuko’s extreme change of mood, Takamina ponders through her thoughts before realising the consequences.

“If it’s within reason…”

Pouting again Acchan moves away and begins to draw patterns with her finger again.

“I knew you wouldn’t say yes…”

Leaning forward Takamina gently kisses the girl’s lip.

“You know I’m shy…”

Looking up Atsuko pushes forward on top of the other girl and kisses her back.

“But… no one’s home… and no one’s coming home…”

“How do you know?”

“Well I told you my family’s out of town…”

“Yeah…but the puppies will hear!”

“Nehhhhhh! Puppies want to see their mama and papa happy!”

Giggling gently the shorter girl kisses the taller girl.

“When did I become a parent?”

“Since we started dating…” The taller girl pouts “Or are we not dating?”

“O-of course we’re dating!” As a smile reappears on Acchan’s face she moves closer to Takamina.

“So… can we do what couples do?”

“W-w-we are…”

“Can we do what intimate couples do…”


Moving forward Acchan gently nibbles on her girlfriends ear before gently whispering.

“Please… I’ll be gentle.”

Takamina feels as her face flushes red and a tingle spread across her body. Suddenly, the other girl’s soft lips begin to slowly nibble her earlobe.

“Mmm…” A gentle moan escapes the shorter girls lips before she quickly covers her mouth. Smiling widely, Acchan gently nibbles the girls neck.

“You like that don’t you…”

As the shorter girl’s eyes roll back she gently nods. Moving down slowly and placing gently kisses along Takamina’s neck and collar bone the taller suddenly begins to suck gently on a small exposed area of the shorter girls chest. Shooting up immediately, Takamina quickly recollects herself whilst covering the hickey on her chest.


Moving forward the taller girl cuddles the other girl whilst kissing her gently. She knew that the other girl was scared. She knew that she had to slowly make her move, even though the other girl seemed to want her as much as she wanted Takamina. As she felt her girlfriend enter her mouth with her small probing tongue and pulled the girl closer. Such intimacy despite the small tongue battle going on in each other’s mouth. Small moans escaping each other’s mouth. Hands wandering across each other’s soft skin. Acchan gently slid her hand up Takamina’s shirt as the other girl’s hand skimmed up her soft thigh. Moving on top and gently straddling Takamina, Acchan felt another wave of déjà vu. How many times have they been in this exact position… This time she’ll make sure it’ll get further than the other times. Pulling apart to catch their breath they starred intimately into each other’s eyes before the shorter girl gently rests her forehead against the other girl’s chest. Feeling the smalls breaths seeping through her shirt the taller girl tightens her hold onto the fragile body underneath her. Looking at the girl gently resting against her she smiles and kisses her forehead.

“Wait here…”

Gently pushing herself off the captain she runs out of the room. The captain stares blankly at the door before her cute girlfriend re-enters the room hiding something behind her back.

“What are you hiding?”

“Mmm… guess!”



“Hmm… clue?”

“Something… white”

“That’s a bad clue!”

“Fine! Something…fun!”

“White and fun… cards?”


“Manga book!”

“Is a manga book white!!”

“Hehe…the pages are!” The taller girl pouts gently. “Okay another clue!”


Placing a finger on her bottom lip the shorter girl begins to ponder through her thoughts as the taller girl begins to walk closer to the bed.

“Edible…edible…AH! I know!” Acchan smiles hoping that the Takamina had guessed it. “Your puppy!”

“NE!!” Simultaneously she screams whilst hitting her girlfriend with her free hand! “You want to eat our babies!!!” Chuckling loudly Takamina pulls the unbalance girl towards her on the bed and cuddles her close to kiss her gently before pulling the object out from behind Acchan’s back.

“Whipped cream…” She looks at it puzzled. “What’s this for?” Looking at Acchan confused she suddenly blushes red as Acchan gently winks at her. Dropping the whipped cream on the bed she begins to jitter around, fidgeting like crazy. Her cheeks beetroot red, her heart beating furiously and her imagination gone wild. Lucky enough the other girl cuddles her close and kisses her to calm her down.

“Shh takababy…” Calming down Takamina turns and looks at Acchan as the other girl shakes up the can of whipped cream before squirting it on the shorter girls nose. Giggling gently Acchan slowly licks it off. “Let’s have some Takacchan dessert…” She slowly squirts a line of whipped on her collarbone before smiling at her girlfriend. “Your turn Minami…”


 :mon noodle: DINNERTIME!!!! I gotta go cook!  If any of your are currently like this >>> :mon bleed2: (Most likely Yadong Freak...)
Definitely not my fault! Anyway I don't know what to do with the next chapter so some feedback and input is appreciated....actually Yadong freak and dark-atrox i got a feeling i know what you! Anyway I don't know when i'll be able to provide you with another update! Sincerely sorry!
Until next time...  :mon love:

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I'm not nosebleeding but blushing and biting my lip to not smile, it's embarassing in the tramway  XD
I also swallowed through the wrong pipe and coughed hard after (so lame I know  :nervous)

Whatever a great  :twothumbs I like the way you write the couples moment ^^

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As always~! Yuko is so FUNNY~!!  :on lol:

Thanks for updating~  :on GJ:

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I have just been catching up on this story. This is such a fun story to read!  :)

Yuko just never learns!  :lol:

And naghty Acchan! Just how is Takamina going to respond...

Can't wait for more!  :)

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Yuko is awesome  :grin: Like... LOL YUKO YOU WIN AT LIFE XD XD XD
And about TakAcchan... seriously... Acchan just put weird ideas in my mind... not good... NOT GOOD AT ALL  :roll:  :doh: But it was still cute  :heart:

Glad to see you're back  :) Now... when will the ninja come back too  :cry:
by the way...
it means that when we become friends the speed of my updates will decrease!
XD Thank for updating and congrats for your 100th "thanks" ^^

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Keichan  :onioncheer: :nya: :on gay:

I was dying of longing  :farofflook:

I love this fic, I get mad when you do not update lol

I'm happy you updated  :pen_whirl:

Thanks for update  :on GJ:

ps :  :imdead:

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Keichan I love your Kojiyuu
I feel a bit embarrassed while reading this  Yuko my only one and perverted oshi I'm so proud of you
When Acchan was giving the clues I'm like isn't it too early for that?
But then it was a whipped cream after all I'm obviously thinking of the other thing
Nice nice nice chapter

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Yeah!!! U Updated!!!!
 :wub: :wub: :inlove: :inlove:
Ah...Takaachan and Kojiyuu love
I was actually having very vivid image of what each couples where doing~
Call me a pervert, but i was born a pervert and i will now die from a nosebleed as a pervert xD  :P :P :lol: :lol:
Yeah!! Go Go Go Asian Parents English Power!!!

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LOL, read this one too :lol: Ahem! someone's becoming an H here  ;)
Lil more and then BAM! you'll finally become one.... :twothumbs
Don't left ur readers hanging... :lol: Go for it, Banzai  :yep: LOL

PS: really want to kill jerk-face, thanks for the fics
it cheers me up ;) ;) ;)
and hey, drop me a message when ur OL in FB ;)

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3: Ninja puts fic on Hiatus... gomen! v_v;
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whohoh.... i love the pervert part!! but i'm not a pervert...^^
 plss... update soon... i can't wait anymore...
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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3: Rawr...needs to stop working!
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 :mon woo: CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am back with a quick chapter for you all! Sorry for my MIAness! Life has been hectic! Anyway I don't think i've had this many replies at one WAH! Arigato!!!!!!
@kahem: Lol reading your post made me LOL! hehe um...before you read this please make sure you aren't on the tram way!!! ahaha
@RenaChii: Mwahaha NP!  :mon determined: Just writing what I think Yuko would be like irl! Hopefully there is enough Yuko moments for you in this update!
@kaoru-chan: Hehehehe thanks for taking your time to catch up on my pic!!!  :mon thumb: I will try my best to make this entertaining in different ways rather than just lovel lovel!
@bouchan: Argh Bouchan....SH was epic!!!!! but yes yes finally the mystery has been solved! and blaming you for my lack of ninjaness seems to be the way to go! However i'll update a quick chapter just cos i was entertained by SH! lol but yeah i'll be off on a busy schedule again!
@Airidokichan:Hehe I am sorry I took so long to update this! I'm glad you enjoyed NDS-kun though!  :mon baby: hope this short update makes you happy and you havent been dying of longing again!
@riama:ahahaha...  :mon duh: ... :mon speechless: yes...yes...early.... :mon lurk:
@hott3stson3: ahahaha YAH! ASIAN POWER! hahaha you admitted to being a pervert unlike Yadong Freak...she's in denial! ahaha glad you enjoyed my update!
@hentaichan: Haha and you are an idiot! However as your know I respect you! hence....BAM! lol however it does not mean that I am a H! I do it in a sensible way unlike you! lol and happy that you are feeling better after jerk-face! lol hope work isnt killing you!
@khryz0421: Ahahaha thanks for loving the pervert parts? Ahaha  :mon sweat: maybe I need to cut down after this.... lol but I noticed your edited your post! You wanted some Mariko so I added some into this chapter for you!! Hope you enjoy it!
@FoFchan: via pmness! thanks for your help! I just gotta do it now...too lazy....but ninja is on stand by! So....when you starting your new EXTRA long fic?!??! :mon beam:
@Everyone else!: Thanks for silently reading! Thanks for the Thanks! and dearest authors thanks for keeping me entertained with your fanfics despite the fact I didnt update mine! Anywho let's get this started!

Chapter Fifteen

The shorter stares at the white line of whipped cream on her girlfriends smooth skin. Slowly approaching her she gently nibbles and licks the streak of creamy delight off. Her girlfriend’s hot breath tingly against her ear as a small moan escapes her still cream-stained lips. Her eyelids flutter, pupils moving to the back of her head. A new sensation for the younger girl. She never knew whipped cream could feel so blissful against her skin. Goosebumps spreading across her skin, caused by the delicate touch of the other girl’s marshmellow lips. Her arms snaking around the shorter girls neck pulling her close to feel the kinetic warmth created by their shivering body. Looking down she watches as the older girl laps up the last remaining blob of cream. Fearing that the end of such a pleasurable experience was near she quickly grabbed for the loose can beside her and squirts the cream along her lips. Bending lower she gently kissed the shorter girl, earning a ruffled chuckle from the latter as the cream smeared across their faces. Simple licks and kisses turned into fierce tongue battles and elegant moans of pleasure. Synchronised movements, gentle skin caressing against contrasting assets, their groping hands and needy legs intertwine. As fabric is thrown like confetti across the room, the subtle sounds of inner fireworks engulf the passionate atmosphere inside the twilight room. Love… fascinating, tiring, intoxicating, but most of all… unexplainable. This moment was tantalising to the core. She just needed her more than she ever knew. This feeling was absolutely indescribable and she was immensely soaking up this moment. Devouring it like there’s no tomorrow. Breathless panting, sweat soaked sheets, heated air caused by insatiable body friction. Tonight they had finally become one…


Waking up in the silence of the morning sunrise, the shorter girl curled her lips into a smile as she watched the sun rays gently kissed her lovers soft skin. Moving closer to elicit body warmth against the latter’s naked body. She gently pulled the white sheets up to cover herself before wrapping her arms around the sleepy girl’s body.

Feeling the soft touch of the shorter girl’s arm, a smile spread across the taller girl’s face as her eyes gently fluttered open, mirroring the loving brown orbs staring at her. Pulling the other girl close and gently resting her nose against her lover’s she gently kissed the soft lips which blessed her skin the night before.

“I love you.”

“I love you more.”


On the other side of Tokyo…








“Mwahaha I knew she wouldn’t do anything…although I wouldn’t mind her groping me!” She smiles proudly to herself whilst jiggling her assets…


“Oh Shit...” Yuko eyes widen at the sound of the key successfully opening the bathroom door…


“What’s wrong with Yuko?” Mayu quietly questioned Sae. Glancing across Sae notices Yuko rubbing her boobs obsessively. Instantly she turns and covers Mayu’s eyes.


Glancing across, Yuko looks at Sae with a strained faced.

“But they hurt! Nyan Nya~”

“STOP! We don’t want to know!”

Pouting Yuko slowly walked into the dance studio where her Nyan Nyan was sitting on the opposite side. Immediately she felt the glaring eyes of her girlfriend, making her backtrack a few steps.

Seeing Yuko’s uneasiness Miichan immediately up to the squirrel and flicked her boobs.

“ITAI!!” Yuko immediately slapped Miichan’s hand away.

“Haha what’s wrong Yuko? You usually enjoy us poking them!”

Glaring at Miichan, Yuko then trotted over to Sayaka for sympathy.

“Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaa~” Dramatically landing into her captains arms she holds onto her for dear life. “The pain…the pain is horrible!”

Laughing sheepishly and gently rubbing the shorter girls head, ruffling her hair she smiles brightly at the squirrel.

“Yuko is about time Kojima fought back! It’ll teach you to not grope everyone all the time! I might get less complaints of sexual harassment from the girls!”

Pouting at her captain she pushes away and lands on top of the couch. Sulking whilst she continues to gently knead her battle wounds. She gently whispers whilst she continually glances at her girlfriend.

“It’s not my fault I love her so much…”

As the squirrel gently sighs and rests on the couch another couple enter the room quietly talking to each other.

“Acchan!!!!!!” Miichan pushes Takamina away from the taller girl making her stumble forward and fall to the ground.

“Minami!” Acchan immediately lunges forward to pick up the shorter girl. However to her dismay Miichan jumps in front of her again.

“I’m here at your service waifu!” Acchan looks up and stares at the smiling face, whilst the short captain stares up at the loud girl from her crime scene down
below in disbelief.

“Majide…” She immediately slumps on the ground like a dead corpse as Miichan grabs Acchan’s hands and swings them around whilst pulling her towards Haruna and Mariko who were now chatting on the stool.

“Hey Haruna and Wrinkly-Sama!” Mariko immediately glares at Miichan whilst Haruna laughs lightly. “Ergh stop glaring! I can see your wrinkles….” Mariko immediately looks at her with a dead pan expression.

“What’s up?” Haruna quickly says in order to remove the deadly atmosphere created by her fellow busu member.

“Acchan and I are going on a lunch date! Wanna join?”

Takamina immediately opens her eyes and scrambles off the ground. Racing towards the small group she wraps her arms around her girlfriend, lifting her up off the ground and moving her on the opposite of her protectively.

“Atsuko is having lunch with me today!”

“Erghhhhhhhhhhh! Chibi captain is finally taking charge of her love life…” Mariko gently smirks towards the midget.

“Well…” Holding onto Acchan’s hand tightly. “We already decided earlier to have a private lunch date together! So I’m sorry but that’s final!”

“ERGH! WAIFU!!!! HOW COULD YOU CHEAT ON ME INFRONT OF MY EYES!” Pretending to cry Miichan rested her head against Nyan Nyan’s chest.

“It’s ok Miichan. We can have lunch togeth~”

Before she could finish a squirrel immediately came to life and pushed a dramatic Miichan off her Nyan Nyan and reclaimed her rightful spot on the soft bra supported cushions. Before the taller girl could push the squirrel off, a soft voice silenced her movements.

“Nyan Nyan we’re going on a romantic lunch together today ok? Okay. That’s great. I love you”

Softening her expressions Haruna looked down at the cute squirrel in her arms.

“Romantic date?”

Looking up Yuko gently smiled.

“Mmmhmm. I’ll take you on a real date!”


“ERGH!!!! NOT YOU AS WELL!” Prancing around melodramatically Miichan pretends to collapse on her knees looking up at the ceiling with an outstretched arm she wails. “Oh father above…my wife and concubine are leaving me! Who will truly love me for me and not…” She quickly covers her body. “…my perfectly shaped body and intelligence” The two groups of lovebirds immediately pace away from the fallen girl leaving her with the older comrade. Looking over towards Mariko she sighs deeply and shrugs. “I know you like younger girls… but I’m sorry this body will never be yours…”


With her ass sticking in the air, arms limp to her side, and a white froth spilling from her mouth, a young girl lays quiet for the first time. Standing behind her is a tall beautiful model, a smile filled with such satisfaction and wickedness across her face, as she holds onto her latest magazine which is nicely rolled up.
“Best $10 I’ve spent in my life…” She begins to walk away proudly before a soft muffled voice enters her ears.

“…I didn’t…. know…. that magazines were… available… in the…. prehistoric era…” A smirk filled the fallen soldiers face before the Gladiator above her swings down her decapitator one last time.


“Where are we going?” A cheery girl asked whilst happily wrapping her arms around her girlfriends arm.

“Going to the cake shop in Shibuya!”

“Mmm cake…” She gently kisses the other girls cheek. “Wasn’t last night’s cream enough for you?”

Blushing furiously the shorter girl stops and looks around before nibbling the taller girl’s neck making the latter gently moan.

“That was dessert, we’re having lunch now”

“So…can we have dessert again later tonight?”

“Hehe yes…” That taller girl grins widely…. “Normal dessert!” …She immediately pouts. “We can’t do it again! We’re still recovering!”

“I recover immediately whenever your kiss me!”

“Hehe pervert… but we still can’t!”

“Why?... You didn’t enjoy it? I’m not good?”


“I knew I wasn’t good!”


“Really?” The taller girl smiles happily as the shorter girl blushes.

“Y-yeah…BUT we can’t! Your family is back tonight remember?”

“Oh yeah… Is your family home?”


“Hehe I’m just teasing!! But you’re so cute!” She gently kisses the shorter girls cheek. “Come on let’s go I’m sooooooooo hungry!” The taller girl pulls her girlfriend close against her before they begin walking towards the train station.


YAH! That is all! Sorry I have to get back to doing work! I didn't go into detail ahaha but I think I don't feel that comfortable and I also believe there are some younger readers and I dont wanna be blamed for a generation of is enough (hehehe alexiel....)  Anyway hope you enjoy the update! Sorry it was short but i dont have much time to write i'm extremely sorry! thanks for everyone support and I hope that I can write more for you guys soon!
Until Next time...Please clean up nosebleeds and please look after yourselves!
Keichan ^_~

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3: WAH WAH WAH UPDATE TIME!
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what!!!! i'm just starting to write a comment and you updated already!!! oh my!!!
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i'm catching up!!!  :panic: :panic:
gonna comment again later!!!

*phew* i'm done!  :D
Yuko is really funny!  :rofl: BOOOOOOOOOOOBBBBBIIIIIIIIEES!  :rofl:

TakAcchan finaly made it!  :wub:

v“ERGH!!!! NOT YOU AS WELL!” Prancing around melodramatically Miichan pretends to collapse on her knees looking up at the ceiling with an outstretched arm she wails. “Oh father above…my wife and concubine are leaving me! Who will truly love me for me and not…” She quickly covers her body. “…my perfectly shaped body and intelligence” The two groups of lovebirds immediately pace away from the fallen girl leaving her with the older comrade. Looking over towards Mariko she sighs deeply and shrugs. “I know you like younger girls… but I’m sorry this body will never be yours…”
LOL! Miichan and Mariko is super cute!!!!

thanks for updating!!!
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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3: WAH WAH WAH UPDATE TIME!
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I like it ! :D

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3: WAH WAH WAH UPDATE TIME!
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 :shocked :shocked :shocked woooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: keichaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.... finally u update... thanks2....  :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup

and the sory is great as well... nice...  :thumbsup i really like how u write it....  :thumbsup :thumbsup

keep update ninja's.....  :grin: :grin:

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3: WAH WAH WAH UPDATE TIME!
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This time I'm on the metro, I'm smilling and blushing but thank god no embarassing accident like last time XD
The creme part made wow
Kojiyuu are so funny
Poor Miichan, she must find a girlfriend too ^^

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Re: A Bit Blind To Love <3: WAH WAH WAH UPDATE TIME!
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Yey! An update!  :twothumbs
Miichan and Mariko pairing always cracks me up whenever they're paired up together in fics.  :lol:
Their dysfunctional pairing is just  :lol:  :lol:
And kojiyuu too!   :lol:
Thanks for the funny update!
I needed that.  XD

And me create a new extra long fic? Hmm. Don't know about that.  :nervous
Anyway, I will wait patiently until the ninja fully returns.  XD

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