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Author Topic: Bite Me! (Chapter 17) [YuiParu, SayaMilky, Mayuki, WMatsui] 6/28/16  (Read 51434 times)

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Note: This is a collab with me and Rukakikuchi! The main couples are SayaMilky and YuiParu!

Bite me



“Yokoyama Yui.”

The loud voice boomed in my ears as I had my head bowed down before him. I knelt in front of his throne, sitting above a flight of stairs, as he looked down on me.

“You have broken countless rules of the Senate and have disgraced your name as a member of the Vampire Estate. Tell me, is there a reason behind this rebellious behaviour of yours?” He glared with discomfort at me; I can feel his eyes piercing me like a knife.


“I expect you to clean up your act and start behaving properly if you do not wish to be killed.” He said.

“Yes sir.” I nodded softly, giving in to his orders. The male sent me away to my room.

I sat there at the window seat, opening the glass doors as I stared up at the full moon shining in the twinkling star filled sky. The cool breeze against my face reminded me of that time. Where I had no worries.

The time were all was good and right.

The time when I was with her.

“Haruka...” I called out her name unconsciously. My heart ached for her, I yearned for her, but such feelings were forbidden with my race, falling in love with a human is like committing treason to my people.

My body began to feel numb, just doing something as simple as thinking about her hurts. I clenched my fist as I inhaled, which was then followed by a slow and exhausted exhale.


That’s it. I’ve had enough of this. I can’t live without her, even an eternal life isn’t worth living if I’m not by her side.

I stood up and firmly placed my feet as I began packing the things I needed for the travel that was bound to come. After smoothly finishing what needed to be done, I inched myself closer to the window and looked back what used to my room. I took a deep breath...

And escaped.



I feel so peaceful. This place, it feels like home to me. Lying inside this small boat, floating along the calm river. And the sky is so clear, the moon is the only thing I see.

I was lying against someone’s lap, feeling their hand softly brush against my hair as it lulled me to sleep. She was humming this sweet lullaby to me, and I felt happy. I could look up and see her smile, a warm, yet sad smile.

“Don’t be sad.” I would say to her.

I would reach up to hold her cheek, and she would take her cold hand in mine, kissing my palm.

“Haruka, I promise I’ll always be by your side.”

“But, what if they find you? If they learn about us, what we are.”

“I won’t let that happen.” She knelt down and pressed her forehead against mine. “I’ll protect you, forever.”



“Yui, I...”

“Paruru! Wake up!”

I opened my eyes and saw my best friend hovered above me.


“How long are you gonna snooze for, seriously? We’re gonna be late!”

“Sorry...” I rubbed my eyes and stretched out my arms as I got up. I let out a loud yawn and went to change into my uniform.

Lately, I’ve been having the same dream every night. I was sitting in that same boat, with someone I felt as if I loved deeply. Rina always told me that I would sleep talk about it, but I never remember. Only her name.

“Let’s go! Let’s go!”

“Hai~” I grabbed my bag and headed out the dorm with her.

We always walk to school together from our dorm room. The path we take was always welcoming. The crisp autumn air and bright orange coloring the trees.

I looked over and saw Rina blowing into her hands as she rubbed them together. I giggled a bit, hiding it behind my scarf.

“Kawaei~” I heard a loud voice behind me and saw Anna walking over to the two of us.

“Yo, Annin!”

“Nee, nee, did you hear? We’re getting a new student.”

“Eh~? Really?”

“Who is she?”

“Well, I don’t know about her much, but apparently, she’s from this really fancy school for rich people.”

“So, basically, she’s like an elite scholar.”

“You have more competition, Kawaei~”

“Oi!” She pouted.

“What do you think she’ll be like, Paru?”

“Me? Hmm...” I looked upwards as I wondered about this question. I parted my lips and smiled softly. “Nice.”

“Hm, simple. Good.”

“Hehe, sorry. I’m just tired.”

“Another weird dream?”

“She was calling out for her in her sleep again. ‘Yui~! Yui~!’”

“It was not like that, Rina~.”

“Well, besides that, it’ll be interesting to meet her. I wonder if she’ll be in our class.”

“Yeah...” The conversation ended as we reached the school. We took off our shoes and put on are pairs of Uwabaki’s that are assigned to us and entered our first class.

I examined other classmates that were standing and talking to other. I was always one to stick in my own group of friends, I wasn’t very out going. I escorted myself to my seat and casually sat down. My seat was next to a wide window that gave me a view of the bright sun.

I stayed still in my seat as my teacher quickly walked in with his normal frown and grouchy looking expression. Students who were sitting stood up, the kids who were already standing payed sudden attention to the teacher as all of us bowed, syncing together.

“Alright everyone… Before we get started with class, we have a new student joining our school.”

This wasn’t new news to me at all, I was excited but not so much that I could scream.

“Now please, come in.”

“Hai.” I heard the frail voice as a young girl walked in.

My eyes widened when I saw her face.

No way…

“I’m Yokoyama Yui. It’s nice to meet all of you.”

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Re: Bite Me! (prologue) [YuiParu]
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YuiParu!!!! *-* waiting for more!!

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Re: Bite Me! (prologue) [YuiParu]
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Waiting for dat SayaMilky, just saying ;)

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Re: Bite Me! (prologue) [YuiParu]
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Chapter 1


What? Why is she here? The girl from my dreams. I stood in disbelief as I didn’t dare blink my eyes. My body turned stiff.

She’s real?

“Okay, Yokoyama-san, your seat will be beside of Shimazaki-san. Is that okay?”

Our eyes met, and I immediately saw a spark in her eyes. As if she recognized me as well.

“Ah… yes.”

I shyly sat there as she came over and took her place beside my desk. She quietly stared at the teacher as he began his lesson.

I was honestly so bored in this class but since she is here, it’s hard to be that way. The atmosphere grew incredibly awkward and uncomfortable for me. I wanted to speak to her, but I knew the teacher would scold me.

Once class had ended, I was about to speak when she suddenly stood up and turned to look at me.

“Shimazaki-san, correct?”


“I would like it if you gave me a tour around the school.”

I furrowed my eyebrows in a curious way before nodding my head and standing up from my chair. I lead her out to the hallway and looked around to see which place I should show off first.

As we walked down the hall, I rose my voice.

“So, I heard you transferred from this private college. What’s it like?”

“My private school?”

“Yes. Anna was talking about it, she’s on the student council. She said that you used to go to this fancy college.”

“I wouldn’t say it was fancy… but...”


“They were strict with me. Always.”

They? Who are “they”? Students? One of the teachers?

“They never let me leave. They always had to keep extra eyes on me. They said it was because I’m special but all of that is just...”

She fell silent. I turned to look at her, and she just avoided my gaze.

“So, how did you enroll here?”

“I ran away, and then applied here myself.”

“Wow… that’s kinda impressive. Scary, but impressive. You’re really smart, aren’t you?”

“What’s the library like here?” she changed the subject suddenly. This made me slightly suspicious about her.

“It’s alright, I don’t necessarily go in there too often… It’s filled with lots of old books.”

“Souka… I like old books.”

I turned and saw a slight smile on her face.



“Ah..!” I rubbed my temple slightly as I felt a sharp pain in my head.

“Are you okay?” She said with a worried tone.

“Yeah… it’s probably because I overslept. I’ll be okay.”

“Oh.. okay.”

I sighed and forced a smile. “Now then, shall we continue?”

“Ah, sure.”



“Come here, baby~”

I pulled the young man close to me, ruffling up his hair a bit as I stared into his eyes, placing him deeper under my spell.

“You’ve been so sweet, you deserve a lil’ reward~”


“Hold still,” I turned around and pinned him to the brick wall. “I promise, this won’t hurt a bit.”

I watched him close his eyes in bliss as I unleashed my fangs and bit down into his neck, sucking his blood. I kept feeding on him, drinking until he went limp and was dried out.

As I released myself from him, I wiped the extra blood off my lips and licked it off my thumb.

“Younger men are best, after all...”


I sighed as I heard my Master mind-messaging me and I turned around to see him on the other side of the alley.

“Yes, Tadashi-sama?”

“What is your report on Yokoyama? Did you find her?”

“Apparently, she ran off to hide in this school not too far from here.”

“Good girl.” He walked over and handed me a picture of some girl.

“Who’s this?”

“She’s your target.”

“Hee~ looks like an easy kill.” I licked my lips, just imagining how sweet her blood would taste. “She’s a virgin, right?”

“Yes. Her blood is still pure.”

“Good. I wanna get her before someone else does.”

Back to Yui…


“And, this is the library.”

As she pointed around, and explained every section of books I couldn’t help but smile.

She’s so cute.

“Why don’t you look around a bit, find something you like?”

“I will.”

I walked around each rack that was holding books and stopped in my track, I sensed something...rather familiar in way.

I looked around the library to find no one I knew besides Haruka, as I waited a minute and turned back around I was immediately hit, the wind was knocked out of me, I couldn’t grab my breath.

“Yui, what’s wr-” I heard Haruka’s voice, but then I saw a figure come up behind her and cover her mouth. She whispered in her ear and she fell into a deep sleep.

“Haruka!” I grabbed Haruka before she could collapse to the floor and looked to see a familiar face. “Miyuki...”

“Miss me, Yuihan?”

“Why are you here?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I came for her,” she said, pointing to Haruka. “She gives off such a sweet scent. She’s the perfect catch.”

I clutched onto her tighter and held her close to me.

“I won’t let you touch her.”

Miyuki gave me a dark glare, which I returned.


Her voice rang in my ears again, my eyes darting towards her face. That cute sleeping face, which brings me back, to those times. Those memories that make me weak…

“Ah, I see. You’ve fallen for her, huh?”


“You fell in love with a human!”

“Miyuki, you cannot tell Tadashi about this.”

Miyuki’s eyes widened as she made a sarcastic facial expression. “Why?!”

“Because, just...don’t!”

“I’m basically breaking rules with you, if I hold this secret then I might die to! I don’t want to die!”



I felt tears burning in the back of my eyes. I can’t hold it anymore. I cried, bowing in front of her.


“Hey, what do you think you’re doing here?!” A teacher suddenly came in. “You don’t go here!”

“Uh-oh, gotta go~” She giggled before running out.


Thank God…

I stared down at Haruka, still sleeping in my embrace. It’s been so long since it’s been like this.

The teacher that had shouted came walking towards.

“No sleeping when school is open. Wake her before I scold you two.”

I nodded lightly as I glanced back down at Haruka. I wasn’t able to do such a thing to her, it was impossible for me.

If only I could reverse time…


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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 1) [YuiParu]
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Chapter 2


I hear crying. Someone… someone is crying. I opened my eyes and saw her face, tears streaming down from her eyes. I tried to speak again, to touch her face, wipe away her tears, but my body is so heavy.

“Yui...” My voice called out weakly. Her tears fell onto my face.

My chest, it hurts… I feel so sad, my heart is breaking. Like it’s bleeding, but still beating.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry, Haruka.”

Why? Why are you sorry? You didn’t do anything…


“Yui, I...”


I felt myself become pulled back into reality and I saw Yui above me. I was in the infirmary, lying in the bed.

“What happened?”

“You fainted.”

Ah, I see. Because I’m so tired…

“Nee, Yui...” I said. “Can I ask something weird?”

“Sure. I don’t mind.”

“Have we met before? When I first saw you, I had this feeling that we’ve met somewhere before.”


“I knew it was too weird to ask.”

“No.” She answered softly, making me look up. “Actually, I feel the same way. It was this feeling of deja vu.”


“Maybe we did meet some time before, long ago...”

A long, long time ago…

“Yui, I...”


I felt her finger press against mine and she rubbed her thumb on my cheek. She was wiping off a tear.


“You were crying in your sleep. You must’ve had a bad dream.”

Strange, I’m not much of a cryer… Maybe I did have a nightmare. I rarely remember any of my dreams. I always forget them when I wake up.

All I feel is… a lingering, sad pain in my heart.

“Just rest here for a bit. I’ll tell the teacher you’re resting here.”

I nodded as she walked off. I watched her back as she walked out of the room and shut the door…

And I felt the pain again.



“So, Miss Watanabe, can you please explain to me what you’re doing here?”

I kicked my feet as I sat down in front of the principal’s chair.

“I want to know how a student who has not applied for this school was able to slip in undetected so easily.”

“I wanted to see Yuihan.”

“Ah, Yokoyama?”

“Hai. I’m from the same school she transferred from.”

“Well, Miss Watanabe, our school board is very strict, so I will have to have a talk with someone from--”



I leaned over and raised my eyebrows in a seductive manner as I placed my hand on the male’s shoulder.

“You don’t have to do such a thing, it’s not really needed after all.”


“Really, you don’t have to go through so much trouble just for me~.”

The old male stared into my eyes, becoming hypnotized.

“Now say that you agree and that you shouldn’t do something that’s so idiotic.”

“I agree...and I shouldn’t do something so idiotic.” He murmured in a dazed fashion.

“Good, I’m glad we have this situation under control.” I pulled away and stood up straight. The male blinked and had a fairly confused expression.

I looked over at the left wall and puffed out my cheeks.

“ that I think about it...wouldn’t it be fun to go back to school? More blood for me... right?” I glanced back at the principal and smiled, sitting on his desk with one leg crossed over the other.

“Do you think you can add me into your group of students, principal-san?”

“O-of course! Will do! your first day starts tomorrow… P-please be here...Miss Watanabe.”

Such a pervy old man…

“One last thing…”
I leaned towards the male’s neck and parted my lips, showing my sharp fangs. He stayed in a daze as I dug my teeth into his neck, as blood poured out, it painted my mouth.

His blood is so sour…

After that, I started touring my new school by myself.

This is perfect. Not only will I be able to get close to Shimazaki, I’ll also have a wide range of slaves to toy with.

Who shall be my first victim~?

Just then, I small sound made my ear twitch. The sound of guitar strings. I looked inside one of the classrooms and saw someone tuning their guitar and playing a small melody. I saw their face and grinned a bit.

A cute boy~. Perfect!

I knocked on the side of the door cutely and entered the classroom. The boy looked at me and smiled.

“Oh, hey. You new?”

I didn’t say anything and walked slowly over to him, swinging my feet a bit with my hands behind my back.


“You’re good. You like playing your guitar?”

“Oh, yeah. This guitar is my prized possession. I never do a show without it. Maa, this is my electric guitar, but it’s not like my acoustics. The Light Music club’s performing tomorrow, so you should definitely--”

“Shh...” I pressed my finger against his lips and grabbed his tie, wrapping it around my hand and pulling him closer. “You talk too much, sweetie~”

I stared deeply into his eyes as I drew him into my hypnotic spell.

“Do you think you can do something? For me?” I said in a cute voice.

Then, he blushed a bit and… pushed me away?

Wait, is he resisting me?

“You’re really close. Guess that means you’re friendly. Haha.”


That’s weird. It didn’t work. Then, one more time…

“C’mon, baby~” I pushed him against the wall and stroke his face slowly, tracing his jawline and down to his neck. “I don’t think you can refuse me, right?”


“You just can’t say no~.”

“Wh-what are you talking about?”

I backed away from him, confused. I don’t smell anything strange in his blood. He’s completely unaffected.

How?! How is he resisting my charm?!

“Oi, there you are!”


“C’mon, we need to practice!”

“Ah, sorry.” He said as he separated from me. He took his guitar and grouped with the other girls, but before leaving, he turned back to me and said, “Hey, it was nice meeting you. I hope you come to the concert tomorrow, okay?”

“Okay. I’ll do that….” I said a bit sulking.

“Cool. Bye~.”

I pouted angrily as he left, my cheeks puffing out as I stomped my foot.

“Stupid boy!” I shouted. “How DARE he resist my cuteness!”


The Light Music club had a performance on the schools stage tomorrow, and I was nervous, but doing what I love most was what calmed me down.

“Sayaka, be a little more confident when you play, other than that, you're amazing!” The leader of the music club called out.


I sat back in my chair as I looked over the tabs that needed to be played in our first song.

“So, Yamamoto, who was that girl you were talking to?”

“I don’t know. Must be a new student.”

“It looked like she was flirting with you.”

“Eh? Flirting?”

Hm… now that I think about it, she was acting funny, like she was flirty and cute. Maybe she thinks I’m a guy.

“Well, anyways, we should practice.”

“Un...” I tuned up my guitar and looked through my notebook, filled with lyrics of songs I wrote myself. “She said she wanted me to do something for her… Maybe she wants me to perform a song for her.”

“That would be nice.”

“Sasuga, Sayanee.”

“Haha. I just wanna make her feel welcome.” I tuned my guitar again and strummed it, creating a beautiful note. “Nice~”

“Alright, shall we get started?”


“1, 2, 3, 4!”

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 2) [YuiParu]
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no word...its just so..*squeal and fangirling* :inlove: :cathappy:

please update soon!! :bow: :bow: :drool:

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 2) [YuiParu]
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 :drool: Milky....

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 2) [YuiParu]
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:heart: l Completed: Fire and Ice l Black Chocolate l My eternal blue rose l Dishonored l The Black Rose l Fruits of a Rose l Remnants l :heart:
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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 2) [YuiParu]
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Just started reading this and I must say, I find this interesting. ^-^)~
hallo ... ds is ket

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 2) [YuiParu]
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Chapter 3


The next day, I quickly recovered without a problem. I sat at my desk in a comfortable fashion as I leaned forward to rest my head.

“Do you feel better?” I looked up, only to find Yui sitting down at her seat.


“That’s good.” She smiled.

“Paruru!” Rina came running to my side, her facial expression was quite excited.

“Did you hear! Were getting another new student!” She slammed her hands on my desk, causing me to flinch slightly.

“No...where was she from?”

“Yui’s old school! Can you believe it?!”

Yui widened her eyes as she sat stiff in her seat. She stared at the desk as her mouth fell open. Yui looked up at Rina and gave her pleading eyes.

“Do you know what she looks like?”

“Hmm... kind of dark hair, she’s really cute and short, so I heard.”

Yui sat in confusion, I could see it in her eyes. Our class teacher came strolling in as we all stood from our seats and bowed, greeting him like normal.

“Today...we have a new student here, her name is-”

“Watanabe Miyuki!” The girl named Watanabe came walking in with a hyper attitude as she had a huge grin on her face. Many boys muttered a few things like “Sugoi!” or “Kawai!”

I glanced back at Yui only to find the corners of her mouth twitching in nervousness. Even though I would probably get in trouble, I needed to talk to her.

“Yui, are you okay?”


“You don’t look like it, I can ask the teacher if you can go to the infirmary, really!”

“I’m really fine…” she looked over at me and forced a fake smile. Even though I knew it was fake, I didn’t want to irritate her any longer .

“You can sit in front of Yokoyama-san.” The teacher pointed in a empty seat.

“Perfect~!” Watanabe smirked as she took her place in front of Yui. She spun around and looked at Yui.


“Aren’t you glad I’m here for good, it’s like we are best friends again!” She smiled and glanced at me, something about her eyes just made crumble in on the inside. “Ah!”


“Are you possibly Shimazaki Haruka? Your so pretty!”

“Un, thank you!” I smiled fragilely as I looked back at Yui. I really hope she’ll be okay.

As class ended I noticed how Yui was in a hurry and dragged Miyuki out of the room, the odd thing was that Miyuki was waving bye at me.

Should I follow? Or continue on with my day?


She’s such a sly person, doing something like this, I stayed in this state until class was over. I stood up from my seat and immediately clenched onto Miyuki, pulling her to the nearest place in the school that was completely bare.

“What do you think you're doing?”

“It’s just for fun! I miss being in highschool, remember the old days when we were young and careless...well...I still am...I don’t know about b-”

“Cut it out!” I intertwined my arms and stood on one foot.

“You’re really here for Haruka aren’t you?”

“No! Oh goodness, n- okay yea your right, so?”

“So?! I told you to keep us a secret, did you run back and tell Tadashi?”


I frowned even more as I pressed my face into my hand with frustration, while exhaling.

“Miyuki...please...please keep me and Haruka a secret...I’ll do anything for you, I’ll be your slave, I’ll go get you people to feast on, anything! Just please don’t tell him!”

I bowed to her with slight tears in my ears and I smashed hands together. Miyuki stared at me in disbelief, probably cause I never did this to her before.

“Okay, I’ll keep your secret...In the mean time, I’ll think of something for you to do.” She smiled

“Bye bye~” Miyuki waved as I lifted myself and watched her walk away.

She’s up to something...

I must have been late to my next class while discussing with Miyuki, even know it’s bad, I didn’t go because I would be scolded.

“Attention, all students, please gather in the auditorium for performance by the Light Music club. All students, please gather in the auditorium.”


That stupid boy. How dare he, resisting my charm like that? What the hell is wrong with him? Either he has some vampire blood in him… or he’s gay.

Well, forget him. I still have plenty of slaves to choose from. All sorts of boys to eat out of my hands and serve me.

“All students, please gather in the auditorium for Light Music club performance.”

Ah, speak of the Devil…

I walked over to the auditorium with a crowd of teenagers surrounding me.

As I entered the auditorium, I immediately spot that odd boy messing with his guitar, since I don’t know his name, I’ll just call him odd boy for now.

More and more kids flooded in as they stared up at the light music group.

“This better be good~!” I murmured, as my eyes locked onto the boy.

“Okay! please enjoy our first song!” The boy yelled, he has a pretty light voice for a guy.

They began playing and I instantly found my heart struck with the beautiful sounds that were being emitted from the stage, this guy must get a lot of girls following him around.

My eyes flickered as they continued with their performance, more and more songs were played, more and more people were happy with them. A smile was placed on my face unintentionally as they finished their performance and spoke out there thanks. 

Now was my chance…

I ran towards the stage as the boy was still getting his things packed into his case.

“Wait! wait!” I shouted as I ran closer to him.


“Your performance was amazing! I liked it!” I said with a cute facial expression.

“Ah, thanks. You’re Watanabe...Miyuki, right? Transfer student.”

“Hai. And you’re Yamamoto-kun.”


I took his hand and pulled him closer to me.

“Why were you so mean to me, Yamamoto-kun? You didn’t compliment me at all~”

“I… Huh?”

“Tell me I’m cute~.” I said in a cute tone, trying to work my hypnotic powers on him.

“Uh...” He blushed suddenly, and held my shoulders again. “Ah, is that how it is?”


“Uwaa~ I guess I was right. Sorry.”

What is he talking about? Does he not like me? What’s his deal?!

“Oh, yeah, that’s right.” He suddenly ran off and opened one of his cases, taking out a wooden guitar.

“What are you--?”

“Shh.” He pressed his finger against my lips, silencing me with a smile. “I want you to hear this.”


He started playing his guitar in front of me. I stood there, silent. A bit entrance by his music.

This is the first time I’ve ever felt like this… Is this.. love?

He started singing…

yoru no jidou kouen JANGURU JIMU no ue
daremo mitenai kara SUKAATO de noboru

kodomo no koro wa takaku omoeta
ichiban teppen ni koshikaketa kedo
sonna ni kowaku kanjinai no wa
watashi ga otona dakara

koi nanka mendou da
itsumono jibun ja naku naru
modokashikute mune no dokoka ga
doyon doyon to hanareteiru

kare nanka iranai yo
hitorikiri de iinda
koko ni kite ano hi no hoshi ga
ima mo zutto te no todokanai
basho ni aru nara

He finished his song with a deep exhale as he released tension, it felt like my heart stopped. My cheeks felt hot… Was I blushing?

Considering the way he’s giggling a bit, I must be.

“You’re cute, Miyuki.”

“I-I...” I didn’t make him say it. But why..?

“Hey, sorry about our earlier meeting. I didn’t get to explain things and it got… awkward.”

“Un...” Why? Why am I just..?

“Come ‘ere.” He suddenly came up and hugged me, making my heart beat faster. “Hey, we can be friends, right? Nothing awkward about that, right?”


I closed my eyes, returning the hug… And….

Wait… Are these..?

Yamamoto… is a girl?


“There you are!”

“Ah, sorry,” Sayaka suddenly broke the hug and left me. The warm sensation, the sweet, slow heartbeat coming from her…

It was gone.

“Sorry, Miyuki. I gotta head back. See ya later.”

As she left, I suddenly fell to my knees. I held my chest, feeling how hard it was pounding.

My first, true love… The first person who’s been able to weaken me, resist my charms, and steal my heart… is a girl.

“I’ve fallen… for a girl?”


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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 3) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
« Reply #10 on: November 29, 2014, 08:39:30 PM »
OMG, some SayaMilky....  :shocked:  :heart: You know me Ruka... Really well...

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 3) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
« Reply #11 on: November 29, 2014, 08:43:32 PM »
OMG, some SayaMilky....  :shocked:  :heart: You know me Ruka... Really well...


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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 3) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
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you falling in love for a tomboy girl

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 3) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
« Reply #13 on: November 30, 2014, 05:11:06 AM »
Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  :shocked :shocked :shocked

Sayamilky and Yuiparu...  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Waiting for your next update..  :) :) :)
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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 3) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
« Reply #14 on: November 30, 2014, 06:29:08 AM »
Probably my two favorite pairings in YuiParu and SayaMilky. And I'm really loving the story so far.

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 3) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
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plase update soon~!!! :inlove: :inlove: :wub: :w00t: :drool:

my favorite pair~!!!:hip smile: :deco: :cathappy:

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 3) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
« Reply #16 on: December 01, 2014, 02:43:53 AM »
Chapter 4


I have to find out what Miyuki’s intentions are...this is driving me crazy.

“Yui...what’s wrong?” Haruka spoke out as her facial expression changed from excited to quite worried.

“Eh? Ah! I’m fine” I giggled softly as I was pulled out of my deep thought.

“Mm...I never got to ask you this, but, were you popular at your old school?” I furrowed my eyebrows at this question, always trying to come up with lies were difficult.

“Hmm...uh….yea...I guess you could say that…”

“What’s it like….to be like that?” I could see something in Haruka’s eyes that reminded me of her old made me feel a burning sensation inside.



“Because a lot of people want to talk to you.” I’m giving stupid answers to a question I don’t even know how to answer!

“Ah…” she nodded as if I was becoming awkward…

Oh god please help me!

“Um...have you ever had a boyfriend?” I widened my eyes at this question, looking away. I guess I can’t help it…

“No..” I softly whispered as we continued to sit on the green grass. Lunch had just begun.

“I see… Hey Yui! You should come over and spend the night!”

Spend the night?! I really don’t think I would be able to sleep!

“Uh….ummm… I..ah…..sure.”

“Great! we can walk home together!”

Haruka smiled at me fragiley and stood up from her previous spot.

I never could forget that innocent smile even if I tried to…

My heart was beating so fast, my body felt like it was in flames, she had such an alluring charm without even knowing so.

She’s amazing…


I still can’t forget the beautiful song that was sung, the song that traveled out of her lips and pierced my heart!

I was in a daze and I couldn’t even remove myself from it. I wandered around the halls as I carried my lunch that was full of things I don’t eat, preferably called human food.

“Miyuki!” A loud voice was heard behind me as I spun around to find Sayaka.

“Ah! Sayaka!” I opened my arms and quickly jumped towards Sayaka, dropping my bag as I did. I wrapped my arms around her and tightly squeezed.

“Eh?” She softly murmured as I was still wrapped around her. “Woah, what’s gotten into you?”

“I missed you.”

“Ah sou?”

She’s blushing again. I wonder if she does like me.

I wonder if I try again, it’ll work… I just need to take a different approach to this since she’s a female.

“I don’t like being lonely.” I said cutely, swinging both of her hands in mine. “Promise you’ll always stay by my side. Okay, Sayaka?”


I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her.

“I really… like you, Sayaka.”

I sniffed her neck a bit, capturing her scent. She smelled so sweet.

“Ah! T-thank y-you. I like you, too, Miyuki.” I heard her say. I smiled and was ready to bite her, but… “You’re a good friend.”



“Yea...what’s wrong with being friends?”

“N-nothing!” I pulled away and smiled like a innocent young girl. Did I really just become friend zoned?

“Good! Let’s go have lunch in the club room.” She smiled with a wide smile and softly chuckled, softly pulling me along as she walked.

She just friend zoned me!?!


She’s blushing a lot, just by me holding her hand. I wonder if she does like me for real…

No, that can’t be it. We’re both girls… it’s impossible.

I was continuing to become more uncomfortable as she flirted more and more. As if she wanted me to...

“Sayaka?” I looked to over to find one of my band members wide eyed in confusion. I blushed as my face turned red.

“It’s not what you think, honest!”


“Then what is it?”

“It’s just, uh...”

I looked over and saw Miyuki sulking in the corner of the clubroom. She didn’t even touch her food, she was just staring out the window and sighing.

I sighed and put down my guitar. “Hold on, guys...”


I walked over and sat beside Miyuki, trying to get her attention.

“What’s wrong?”


“C’mon, talk to me. We’re friends, right?”

“Are we…? Really?”

“Of course. You’ve had a friend before, right? Surely...” I went silent as I saw her sad eyes. “Wait… you’ve never had a friend?”

“No… or, maybe..? I don’t know...” She covered up her face in embarrassment.

“Masaka… Did you mean all that, Miyuki? When you said you liked me?”

“I… I don’t know… Oh, this is so confusing..!”


“I just want to know… what it is I’m feeling right now. I’ve never felt like this.. with anyone. Especially even a girl… You’re so much different. I didn’t have to do anything… You just… You did all that by yourself. Saying such nice things and being so sweet...”

Wait… was she wanting me to do those things just because she said so? Is that why she was flirting?

“Sayaka… you’re...” She leaned closer and hugged me. “You’re pure...”


I patted her head gently, trying to comfort her.

“Thank you.”


“Don’t worry. I’ll help you figure out all this, Miyuki.”

“Really..?” She looked up at me, tears in her eyes. She looked so cute.


“Sayaka… thank you.”


I glanced around my last classroom, class had just finished, and I need to meet up with Yui. I told her wait for me outside, and hopefully she is. I gathered my things and ran out, being in a hurry I bumped into a few people here and but was forgiven as I ran by.

“Yui!” I shouted as I began panting heavily.


“How long have you been waiting?”

“Not long.”

I blushed when she suddenly grabbed my hand, smiling at me.

“Let’s go.”

“Okay.” I smiled kindly as my happiness reached its boiling point, something about her just made me want to cry in happiness every time I see her. My heart pounded against my chest, I stared at our interlocked hands as we walked towards my house.

Don’t let go, don’t release my hand until it’s actually needed. We reached my home, quickly opening the door and racing up to my room.

“Hey Yui, did you tell your parents about you coming?” I glanced over at her as I was walking over to my bed to sit. She looked pretty out of it as she stood in my doorway.



“Eh? Ah… yea, hehe. I did, they said it was fine..” I couldn’t help but to laugh at her ditsy actions.

“Yokatta~” Haruka stretched out her arms and looked around. “This is a nice dorm.”

“Thank you.”

Just then, something caught me…

No, not now. I can’t do that now. What if she.. hates me..?

“Yui, are you okay?”

“U-un… I’m alright.”

“O-okay…” I smiled awkwardly, furrowing my eyebrows as we sat in silence, in an effort to try and stop this awkwardness, I patted beside me, inviting Yui to sit next to me, she did as I ask.

There was this heart pounding feeling again, this feeling that I couldn’t shake away. I looked up at Yui as she looked at me, syncing together, that….that same look I used to receive in my dreams, I began receiving bits and parts of my dreams again.

She continued to look at me with adorable eyes as I suddenly found myself being drawn closer to her. I couldn’t resist her, she was too much for me to handle.

Yui’s face immediately became mortified and red as she placed her soft, warm palms on my shoulders.

“Ah!? W-w-what are you doing?!”

I realized what I was unintentionally trying to do, snapping out of it as I pulled back on myself.

“Gomen! Gomen!” I shook my head as my own face grew as red a tomato. Yui widened her eyes even more as she looked away, covering her face.

Only if I continued to move closer to her lips...

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 4) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
« Reply #17 on: December 01, 2014, 04:05:23 AM »
Been reading all the time and just managed to comment on this (‾⌣‾)♉

Can't hold myself anymore..
YuiParu and SayaMilky just TOO CUTE!!!!! (>̯┌┐<)

Omg YuiParu almost kisu...!!!
SayaMilky being all sweet like that~ (≧▽≦)づ♥

So interesting~!
Looking forward to the further happening XD
Thankyou author-san :D

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 4) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
« Reply #18 on: December 01, 2014, 05:38:03 AM »
I just love the sayamilky couple

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Re: Bite Me! (Chapter 4) [YuiParu and SayaMilky]
« Reply #19 on: December 01, 2014, 11:52:40 AM »
kyaa~!!! whatever happened?! :inlove: :inlove:

update~!!! :bow: :bow: :inlove: :inlove: :deco: :cathappy:

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