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Author Topic: Be Like Jabronisaur Day XIII (July 16, 2022)  (Read 251 times)

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Be Like Jabronisaur Day XIII (July 16, 2022)
« on: July 16, 2022, 08:15:48 AM »
Be Like Jabronisaur Day XIII (July 16, 2022)
~Good Deeds, Spreading Love, Be Positive~


YO JABBY! 13 Years and we keep going strong for you, already halfway into 2022. Tampa took a break but hey, Tommy Brady is back and the Bolts almost made it 3 straight cups.

On this day, we pour a little liquor for our Homie. we STRIVE to be like Jab. Forever and Always. YOU TOO can take a bit of time to care for one another. Do a Good Deed. I know you do. Every single fucking Day. But this day, is just a beautiful reminder of this Beautiful Man. Tim Marks. AKA JABRONISAUR!!

Just the other day, all I did was hold the door for a lady. Then I stepped to the sidewalk and saw a phone and thought she dropped it and I asked her and she said no so I returned to the front desk of the bank and held the door again as we left and she said YOU TELL YO MAMA SHE RAISED A GOOD BOY Yo Man, That's how we do. I love my Momma. I love the people I surround myself with and that is without a shadow of a doubt all the experiences I have had with JPH!P just being part of this group has made me a better person to shed the loser attitude and negativity and live to serve the peoples!! Qualities that I have learned from the GREAT Tim Marks aka Jabornisaur. My best friend, who knows how long we have on this great earth but never waste a moment. Take those chances, make those phone calls and reach out to someone. COVID IS OVER! OR DEAL WITH IT LOL the day of getting back to "normal" is coming and I can't wait to meet everyone again and new faces too. Yeah, the noobs WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME and just feel at home. Don't hesitate to reach out even though I am in total Neck Beard Nest mode. Meanwhile, check out past Be Like Jab days:

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For those new to the community, check out his vast history @ :hipheart:

His memory lives on through all of us. In his posts and our interactions in the threads all over :hipheart: And through tributes such as:

We lost Jabronisaur on July 16, 2009 - right after our successful meet up at Anime Expo, where JPHiP pimped like no other, gathering 30+ in a room at a time, meeting dozens more along the way. At the forefront, was Jabronisaur whom as a member of the Crack Staff, broke down barriers and mingled with fans from all over the world and net - making them feel like family. He exemplified what it was to be a HiPster, and made us so proud he was just one of our homies.

WHAT IT IS Start July 16, 2021 AND throughout the YEAR let us look back at THE MAN! THE LIFE! What memories we have from Anime Expo 2009 and throughout the forum and radio.

Post in this thread on how you BE LIKE JAB, share your personal memories about Jab, if you just want to know who he is and what he meant to JPH!P. How we can all be better HiPstaz LiKE JAB!

on our facebook: on twitter @JPHiP and all over social media #Jabronisaur #BeLikeJab

We at :hipheart: are truly honoured to be in contact with his family and friends and hear their stories to further prove we are truly blessed to have known such an awesome guy.

Our goal is to have the spirit of Jabronisaur live on forever with every good deed we do, to carry on what Jab built here at JPHiP, a community that is positive and caring every single day. Sometimes the smallest act of kindness can make the biggest difference.

To me, the hear his voice tickle the airwaves is a testament to him being the creative comic genius personality that he is, kind and endearing.


RADIO SHOW!!! Again, as per tradition we will do re-broadcast of Jab's radio show BEWARE OF THE JABBER JOCKY!! SO TUNE ON IN!!!! At approximately 6:30 PM EST JPHiP RADIO the next 20 hours PLUS will be dedicated to Jabronisaur's radio show Beware the JabberJocky! filled with Video Game and Anime OSTs and his brand of humour and softspoken DJing.

check out the thread:


One Love. FAM

WE WILL Be taking over the airwaves all week long for reruns of BEWARE OF THE JABBERJOCKY!! I love that we have been streaming live all these years, all the JPH!P World Tours and everyone gathering around to chat and share in the LOVE!! Here's to many more World Tours and toasts to our homies up in the sky!!

SO TUNE IN !! :jphip:

Thank you and continue to support all of JAb`s ventures. His dad`s books. His buddy`s comics!! AND Check out this stuffs all over the forum!!! :hip smile:

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