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Author Topic: The Sweetest Taste (TomoTomo fanfic) - COMPLETED  (Read 33911 times)

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Re: [TomoTomo] The Sweetest Taste FINAL CHAPTER! 04/30/14
« Reply #140 on: May 02, 2014, 03:25:42 AM »
Ahhhhh... Finally finished T^T. I like the ending so much... Thank you for writing this fic.  :D

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Re: [TomoTomo] The Sweetest Taste FINAL CHAPTER! 04/30/14
« Reply #141 on: May 02, 2014, 01:10:33 PM »

The story is the best

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Re: [TomoTomo] The Sweetest Taste FINAL CHAPTER! 04/30/14
« Reply #142 on: May 02, 2014, 03:07:02 PM »
Thank for your Tomotomo fic so much. I hope I'll be read your new Tomotomo fic soon  :inlove:
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Re: [TomoTomo] The Sweetest Taste FINAL CHAPTER! 04/30/14
« Reply #143 on: May 07, 2014, 05:32:23 PM »'s over....glad I came back when it was over....I don't think I could have survived the wait for the last chapter. It was good. I especially liked you putting Love Wars in! I think it's a bit weird, though- to have identical twins and not be related at all. Looking forward to your next fic, whatever it is.

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Re: [TomoTomo] The Sweetest Taste FINAL CHAPTER! 04/30/14
« Reply #144 on: December 22, 2014, 02:07:49 PM »
wahahaha!! nice.....nice Very nice story Fantastic :)

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Re: [TomoTomo] The Sweetest Taste FINAL CHAPTER! 04/30/14
« Reply #145 on: December 24, 2014, 10:46:08 AM »

TOMOTOMO is  :heart: :heart:

this is really an awesome yet cute fanfic~

arigato  gozaimasu author-san  :on slopkiss:


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Re: [TomoTomo] The Sweetest Taste FINAL CHAPTER! 04/30/14
« Reply #146 on: December 26, 2014, 12:44:28 PM »
minna! hisashiburi and happy holidays!!! :twothumbs
whew! i guess it's now time to add this tomotomo extra chapter :nervous

@crosteks & ametakarano: thanks for reading my tomotomo fic recently..
you guys gave me a little push there! lol :grin:
@songbac: here's the extra chapter i told you... i'll try to make a come back for real soon :sweatdrop:

again thank you very much and enjoy reading guys! :)

The Sweetest Taste
Extra Chapter

Few months later.....


"Irrashaimase!" I welcomed the next customer in line.

My cafe suddenly became famous because of the wedding cake I made for Tomo. And since it was the wedding of the year, most of the people who attended were elite and top of the class. They all liked the cake and the news immediately reached the media. And now the long lines of my cafe's customers are never stopping.

The next customer went infront. She's a small lady and she's wearing sunglasses. She puts it down and gave me a huge smile. I immediately recognized her.

"Yuko! You came again! Let me guess, you're here for your favorite cake?"

"Yes, for take out please, Tomochin." She answered showing her cute dimples.

"Coming right up! You've been a frequent customer lately here, ne?" I said as I clicked her order.

"Since I've tasted that awesome wedding cake, I can't stop craving for more. I didn't know it was you who made that!"

"Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. Uhm, sorry if I'm not myself that day. Maybe you were thinking that I looked like a walking zombie or something."

"Daijoubu... but well... if you really insist to make it up, then... can you add a little slice of that strawberry shortcake?" She whispered shyly.

"But first, may I know to whom this is for?" I teased a bit.

"I wanted to share this with someone most dearest to me. You exactly know that I can't make a cake as delicious as this. Do you remember back in highschool? No matter how many times you tried to teach me, I still sucked in cooking!"

"Well maybe, cooking's just not your forte." I giggled. "But look at you now. Who would thought you'll become Oshima Yuko, Japan's top idol!"

"Thanks. You never changed, Tomochin. You're still that friend I knew back then."

"So... is that someone I know?"

She just smiled and nodded. I guess I already have a hint who that person is. And then I saw another customer entering the cafe.

"Ne, Yuko. If you have to excuse me, there's more customers I need to attend to. Tomo will give your cake shortly."

"Oh, sure sure. Thanks, Tomochin!" She answered as I left her with Tomo at the counter.

As for Tomo, she's back on her job as Kasai Co. Ltd. company director. But during her off hours, she works part time here in the cafe to help me. After her sister's wedding event, we decided to finally live together. So I moved to her apartment since it was way spacious than mine.

I went to approach the new customer.

"Irrasahimase! Okyaku-sama, is there anything I can do for you?" I greeted her.

"T-Tomochin??" It was also an old friend.

"Aachan! What a pleasant surprise!"

"E-Eh... You own this place?" She looked around.

I nodded.

"Wow. I didn't know a friend of mine owns this very famous cafe in Tokyo!" She sounded happy.

"Nahh... you're the one who's famous here... Maeda Atsuko, Best Actress."

"I knew it! You made that famous wedding cake, didn't you?"

"Yes, I did." I answered.

"That was the best cake I have ever tasted! And I remember Yuko can't even stopped eating those!" She laughed.

"Speaking of Yuko, do you know that she always buy cake here? She's actually there at the counter's area." I said.

"Really?" She then looked for Yuko at the counter. "Another coincidence for the three of us, ne? The last time we met was during the Kasai wedding. Which reminds me... that girl over there, she was also at the wedding right?"

"Yes. She's the sister of the bride, Kasai Tomomi. My partner."

"Your business partner is a Kasai?" She asked.

"Well.. that, too. But what I mean is... she's my girlfriend."

"Wow. Just wow. I'm totally happy for you, Tomochin!"

"Thank you... so... Aachan. What made you visit here?"

"I'm actually meeting someone in your cafe."

"Oh! Is it..."

"It's my new partner in my upcoming movie." She cuts me off.

So, it was someone else. Aachan also had a girlfriend back in highschool and I thought they were inseparable.

"Alright then. Please feel comfortable around here, okay?" I said as I let her go to her table.


The day finally ended and I'm so much exhausted. I sat on the sofa to rest.

"To-mo-chin~! Too many customers today, chiyuu.." Tomo sat next to me and hugged me.

"Otsukare... Thanks for your help, Tomo. I'm sorry if I let you do this. Sayaka and Sae is on summer vacation. I know you have work and..."

"Ssshh..." She kissed my forehead. "Let your friends enjoy themselves alone. You know that I loved helping you out here. And besides, Akiko can perfectly handle everything in the office."

"You know what? Eventhough today is a very tiring day, I felt happy because I was able to see my old friends again." I told her.

"They seem nice, chiyuu. I didn't know you have celebrity friends."

"Yuko and Aachan were just ordinary highschoolers back then. I'm happy that they finally reached their dreams." I answered.

"Ne, Tomochin... Why don't we spend summer vacation at the place where you grew up? I wanted to see your hometown."

"Eh? But what about the cafe?"

"You always work so hard, and that's one of those many things I love about you. But you should take a rest sometimes. The cafe won't leave, chiyuu." She said.

We decided to temporarily close the cafe and left Tokyo. We traveled to my hometown and headed to my Aunt's place where I grew up.

"Auntie! Tadaima!" I hugged her.

"Okaerinasai, Tomochin! I'm glad you visit, my dear." She gladly welcomed me.

"Oh, I missed this place. Auntie this is Kasai Tomomi... my girlfriend." I introduced her.

"I'm glad to meet you, Ma'am." Tomo bowed with respect.

"What a lovely lady! Glad to finally meet you, too. Come inside, I prepared some snacks for the two of you."

"Tomo, this is Auntie's restaurant where I work part time during highschool. Auntie taught me a lot of cooking stuff here." I told Tomo.

"Tomochin, dear. I heard your cafe is now very famous in Tokyo. I am so proud of you. You finally reached your dreams of having your own restaurant." Auntie said.

"Thank you, Auntie. I reached my dreams with the help of my friends, my partner, and ofcourse because of you, Auntie.. I learned from the best!"

"Oh, my sweet Tomochin. You never changed. Your success is also because of your talent and hardwork." She said sincerely.

After we had our food, we went to Auntie's house to rest. She already had my old room cleaned up for us to stay in. Tomo saw some old photo album inside the room and opened it.

"Kawaii~ Tomochin! You look so cute wearing a maid cafe costume!" She said as she saw my old highschool photos.

"Hey, stop it. That's embarassing!"

"Sugoi~ So you're really friends with Oshima Yuko and Maeda Atsuko!"

She flipped another page and saw Shotaro and me together. I noticed her facial expression changes a little.

"Ne, Tomochin?"


"Can you tour me to your school?"


The next day we went to my Alma Mater. My school is not that far. It's just a walking distance from Auntie's restaurant.

"This is where I attended highschool." I said as we reached the school's front gate.

"Let's go inside, chiyuu!"

"What?! But it's closed!!!" I resisted.

"Boo~ It's not like we're going to steal
or something. Come on, Tomochin!" She ran inside.

"Tomo, wait up!!!"

We sneaked inside and walked around. Most of the rooms were locked. But when we reached the Cooking Club's room, we noticed that it's open.

"How nostalgic... this was my club room..." Old memories suddenly flowed inside my mind as I enter the room.

"I bet your highschool life was fun." Tomo spoke as she looked around.

"Yes, it was. I had great friends like Yuko, Aachan, Philip and..."

"And Shotaro..." She continued.

"Hey... what's with that kind of face, Tomo? You're the one who insisted to go here in the first place..."

"Yeah, I really wanted to go here because I wanted to get to know more about you... your past and everything else... but..."

She paused and sat on one vacant table looking away from me.

"It feels a little sad on my part somehow. Shotaro was lucky, he got to spend those times with you. How I'd wished that I already met you those days."


"You know that I don't have much friends since I spent my childhood alone. Mao-neechan was my only friend. If only I can turn back time, maybe I'd choose to live here and be friends with you. We'd be able to spend everyday together. We'll go to school together, eat together, study together, go home together, and do lots of other things together."

"But we're together now, aren't we? Tomo, look... past is not that important to me anymore. What's important to me is you. You're my present... and hopefully would be my future, too."

I reached out for her and wrapped my arms around her.

"We may not have met before, but still God gave us the chance to cross each other's path. And now nothing else matters to me but you. So stop worrying about other things, okay?" I patted her head.

Tomo hugged me back tightly and planted a kiss on my temple. "I love you, Tomochin... Thank you."

"I know and I love you, too." I responded. "Speaking of the past, I'm just wondering... If we happened to meet during highschool.. do you think you'd still fall in love with me?" I asked out of curiousity.

"Ofcourse, I would! And I'd make sure that I'd be keeping you away from Shotaro! I'd definitely make you fall head over heels for me!"

"Too much confidence, huh?" I giggled.

"And also maybe... we'll do some naughty things in this room during breaks or after classes when no one's around... then our bodies would feel more excited thinking that the teachers might find out and..."

"Stop there! Tomo, you pervert!!!" I felt blood rushed to my face. She never fail to turn me on whenever she wants to.

"E-Eh~ But I really think that would be really exciting though, chiyuu..." She cutely pouted. "Hey, Tomochin... No one's here right now... do you want to... hmm..."

"KASAI TOMOMI!!! I'm warning you!!!"

"Haha! I got you there! Hooow cuuute~ Tomochin's face is soooo red~" She's teasing me again!

"Actually, Tomo. I guess it was still a relief that we didn't meet that early."

"Why is that so?" She asked confused.

"Maybe God already saw what's coming and said that it's better for us not to... or else I won't possibly able to resist such a young sexy girlfriend..." I smiled at her.

"Oh, looks who's blushing now..." It's my turn to tease her a little.

"Tomochin, baka..." She said in a low voice.

"So, let's go home?" I asked and offered my hand.

"Un!" She nodded.

She grabbed my hand and I lead her the way out. We left the school and walked back to my Auntie's house holding each other's hands like a highschool couple in love. And it felt so great to be with her like this.

"Tomochin, let's get married." She blurted out as we continue to walk down the road.

"E-Eh? How many times have I heard that from you already?"

"But I won't stop asking you until you say yes, chiyuu..."

"I knew we'd get there someday, Tomo."

"Fine... so how about we do lots of honeymoons first?" She teasingly suggested.

"Sounds perfect." I answered her.


thanks for reading! :)
til next time~ bye! :heart:

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Re: [TomoTomo] The Sweetest Taste: Extra Chapter! 12/26/2014
« Reply #147 on: December 26, 2014, 01:21:14 PM »

Nice epilogue! TomoTomo so sweet~ >w<

I luv it! Can't wait to see more from you! ;)

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